Independents Day 2011


What do Sam Houston and Davy Crockett have to do with Independents Day 2011?

I happened to research these fellows during my history study days in 05-06; when we lived in Houston, Texas. That included accepted histories and alternate histories – including verbal histories, Black histories, Mexican histories and Native American histories.

Crockett and Houston were US Congressmen representing the state of Tennessee. (Houston later became Governor). Both left Tennessee for Texas when the reaction to their counter-cultural ideas got too thick. Both defied President Andrew Jackson’s policy to renege on treaties with Native Americans.

Both loved people, were bigger than life and were great story tellers.

Davy and Sam were both colorful characters in the war for Texas independence from Mexico. Both publicly swore allegiance to independence, offering their heads as targets to the then formidable Mexican army.

Crockett died at the massacre at the Alamo (in San Antonio) at the hands of a ruthless general and dictator Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Because the massacre was so complete, and Crockett’s legend so splendid, many different and contradictory histories of how he died for Texas independence arose.

Unlike Crockett, Houston chose not to dig in in South Texas and get massacred by General Santa Anna’s superior numbers and superior arms. After the massacres of the Alamo and Goliad, Santa Anna devoted the rest of his campaign in Texas to hunting down Sam Houston and what remained of the Texas army (really a militia). For some time Houston moved his men north, never engaging – instead dodging, bobbing and weaving. The media and politicians began to get on Sam, calling him a coward and worse. His own men began to grouse about retreating all the time. With several officers openly complaining, it looked as if a mutiny might arise.

Finally, Santa Anna believed he had Houston and his men cornered with their backs against the San Jacinto River, just east of present day Houston Texas. Houston decided the confrontation with the Mexicans would occur there. Most of his aggressive (near mutinous) officers voted that Houston’s army dig in and await the Mexican attack – a sound strategy being outnumbered and out gunned. Houston overrode them and planned a direct attack during the Mexican troops’ siesta time.

It so happened that Santa Anna was in no big hurry to attack Houston. He was a supremely arrogant man. He was as ruthless as they come, as he had proven at the Alamo and at Goliad. He was quite comfortable in his giant base tent, complete with grand piano, fine wines, and a rather stunning woman. Emily was an “escaped” slave from a nearby plantation bordering Galveston Bay. Her deep brown eyes were said to have the power of hypnotism over men. Well, old Santa Anna was shacked up with Emily the night before. And by Siesta time he had still not even arose from his partying the night before. Seems Emily knocked the wind right out of his sails.

Houston rallied his out-numbered and out-armed men behind the rallying cry “Remember the Alamo!” An appeal to replicate the courage of the likes of Davy Crockett and at a baser level an appeal for revenge.

Houston’s men attacked so forcefully the superior Mexican troops were shocked and were immediately dispersed. Santa Anna personally retreated so quickly he did not even have time to put his pants on. In a nineteen minute battle the Texans killed 700 Mexicans and capture more than 700 more. Only nine Texans died in the battle. The next day Santa Anna was captured several miles away, found cowering under an oak tree still in his underwear.

Now, there are many legends and myths about the Yellow Rose of Texas. Some say Emily was the original Yellow Rose of Texas (including quite conservative historian James Michener).

How important Emily was to all this is a matter of speculation. And if she were so important to the outcome, it tends to take away from the legend of Sam Houston. But, nobody ever explained how Emily found her way from a secure plantation and into the tent of General Santa Anna.

Nor has anyone explained how Sam Houston, who had done nothing but retreat for months suddenly and with great certainty decided to attack Santa Anna’s superior forces head-on against the advice of his fight-hungry lieutenants.

I got a hunch that old Sam got all sudden for a reason – a secret only he, and maybe a few close friends sworn to secrecy knew. Maybe it had something to do with his love of people and whiskey and the gin joints he frequented where the objects of his loves mixed. Houston went on to become the First President of the Republic of Texas, and later a US Senator for Texas and finally Governor of Texas when she joined the Union. He stepped out of politics after his stand to resist group agreement to have Texas join the Confederacy was met with violence.

Put the Yellow Rose controversy aside for a moment. Just look at the story as a whole. Perhaps you might see some parallels with our own Independence movement.

I’d like to say that we strategically chose the location for the 2011 Independents Day celebration in honor of Crockett and Houston. But that would be a lie.

Nonetheless, I think it is kind of fitting that our Second Annual event will be held right smack dab between the Davy Crockett National Forest and the Sam Houston National Forest. In the lush Texas piny woods region between Dallas and Houston. At Independents Ranch, forty acres on the shore of Lake Livingston.

Fort Independence


Lake View

lake access

the Way to happiness


While we are fortunate to have plenty of space and privacy, Independents ranch is only an hour and half drive from Bush International Airport in Houston. Transport from the airport will be provided.

Our hosts will be the Independence stalwarts Shannon and Hiro Kimoto. Independents Day Founder Christie King Collbran will work with Shannon to make all this happen with the clockwork of our first annual event. The Texas welcoming committee, growing by the day, is headed by Yvonne and Ken Schick, Catherine Von Ach, KayProctor (of Austin), Steve “Thoughtful” Hall (of Dallas), Mike Laws (Beaumont/Port Arthur), my man Boz from Midland,  along with us truly from deep South Texas.

Shannon and Christie will be sending out invitations to a list of folk whom they have determined have effectively publicly declared allegiance to Independence. Please do not feel slighted if your name was not included. They culled the names from the blog – and it can sometimes be confusing what with the handles people use. If you don’t hear from them in the next week, simply email them at:

Don’t miss your chance to put your Texan on. Don’t be shy. It seems like just about everyone’s got a bit Texan in ’em:

251 responses to “Independents Day 2011

  1. Great bit of history.

    Beautiful spot for the Indy get-together!

  2. I’d like to come but it means taking OSA hired detective back home. Thanks, but no…

  3. How great is THIS!!!

    Am I to assume correctly that it will over the 4th of July weekend?


  4. martyrathbun09


  5. Hot Diggity Dog!

  6. And a bit of ‘proper’ Texan….

  7. martyrathbun09

    There’ll be plenty of SRV, believe me.

  8. Should be a wonderful time. The location looks terriffic.
    By the way, Sam Houston and Davy Crockett were also Freemasons.

  9. Tony Dephillips

    Yeeee Hawwww!!!

  10. Am I invited? 🙂

  11. As important as I *think* I am (to myself) I don’t worry about a PIs following me home. I’m going to guess there are going to be at least 50 indies here.

    And OSA doesn’t have 50 PIs. The PIs will be behind the trees, in the lake (using a snorkle), trailing the rental cars etc to the property, at the airport to see who is arriving.

    BUT, following me home? Never going to happen. Besides — I live in a semi-gated community. Security would never let them in. And if they did, they would get lost and the bears would get them.

    So — I’ve answered your objection – which I got the feeling was simply testing the waters …

    What’s your next objection?


  12. Lovely post, stirs the soul. Such homage to great beings is always met with a twinkle in the eye by those with adventurous hearts. To align such a history of Texas with Independance of the current Scientology scene is a great analogy.
    I may just be a ‘name’ on a board and elusive, maybe even dangerous but I like to think I align somewhat with Sam Houston. I’ve made the Tech mine and may appear to hover in shadows – not really, I’ve never been hassled twice by the same out ethics terminals that exist in name only to Scientology. I may not be American; I don’t even reside in the northern hemisphere but I always be a lethal adversary to those that pervert the Tech.
    Enjoy your Independance Day, but remember there are others a long, long way away that also, ‘remember the Alamo’.

  13. Marty, exact dates of the “P A R T Y” — I see July 1 is a Friday — July 4th is a Tuesday.

    The date that the party commences is ?????

    You think most folks will get accomos in Huntsville? I don’t exactly where this is — Have add’l data you can share on that.

  14. Scott Campbell

    Thanks for this wonderful story, Marty. You’re a hell of a historian yourself.

    Tell Emily …Er, I mean Mosey that we are looking forward to meeting her!

    L, Scott

  15. That will be one rockin’ weekend!

  16. martyrathbun09

    Connect up with Shannon and Christie. They got it all puzzled out on the invite – listing places a lot closer than Huntsville.

  17. martyrathbun09

    Let’ take a vote. I’ll withhold mine for now, so as not to influence anyone.

  18. AnonOrange, I personally do not mind at all if you attend. I am feeling particularly ecumenical these days. Besides, you surely need to meet some cool Scientologists for a change. 🙂

    I, for one, will plan to be there. Yee-haw!!!!!

    And Tom, Jim, Mike and others … I’ll bring the right scotch this year.

    Just Me

  19. Marty,

    Thank you for sharing a great piece of Texas history. It reminds me once again that even a loosely organized rag-tag bunch hell bent on freedom will overcome the larger and better equipped forces that are simply minions of a suppressive leader.

    The setting for the Independence gathering looks perfect. Look forward to welcoming our friends to Texas.

    ml, Yvonne

  20. WH … do come on down!

  21. I want to be part of this, I hate that PIs will follow me but oh well the more we are the more PIs they will need and the more they will get bankrupt quickly. 🙂

  22. Texas friends and fellow Independents,
    Haven’t decided to saddle up or start the jet. I “know” many of you as my extended family so I think it would be great to just get together, have a beer, chat and enjoy the freedom. As Independents we know what it is to have the freedom to be, to do and to have. I think I will just have a great weekend in Tejas with the like minded group of feisty and independent thinkers – just as those that stood for freedom and held their position in the history of Texas! I am sure I will surprise many (in a good way.)

  23. Wow, looks great! Looking forward to it!

  24. Scott Campbell

    Well said, Yvonne. I couldn’t agree more.

    L, Scott

  25. Looking forward to another great party and seeing you all again!

  26. I actually might consider this. I am not, nor have I ever been a Scientologist. I’m not sure the value of going, but if there is interest in outreach… it maybe, possibly could perhaps serve some purpose. … 4th of July is hard, I am usually camping with a vengeance on my own property.

  27. Windhorse,
    This was in response to you specifically. I meant it for general post but got put under yours.

  28. JM,
    :-), a course ya wi’eel, lass. I may e’en tip a dram.

  29. She raises a valid point, Windhose. You might not know this, but the church sits on over a billion dollars. No, detectives will not be in the lake with snorkles, they rather pretend to be Independent and spy on us talking to us and pretending to be us.

  30. Jeanette — Errrr… I call under-bridge dweller.

    But in any event, dont be too concerned people. The PIs are exactly as scary or laughable as YOU think they are.

  31. Sure hope to see you there WH…

  32. My vote is yes. Anon Orange and I have had a wonderful conversation on the phone after he politely wrote to me, has helped me with important data re: Disconnection, the Ida Camden story, and has accomplished the task of getting Gold Staff to attend jury duty. Anyone who can get Gold Staff to do anything outside of the Int Base has my vote. He probably knows more about Hemet and Riverside, California (present time siuations) than any person on this blog, and is a constant activist for reform at the Int Base. Due to his proven up statistics. I am going to reward the upstat with my vote “yes”. I am hoping he will give us a briefing on the current activities of law enforcement in Riverside, as he appears to be in constant communication with them. I am looking forward to meeting you in Texas in July to say “Howdy, Pardner!”.
    ML, LM

  33. “I’m going to guess there are going to be at least 50 indies here.”

    Could be more…I just checked the Indie 500 list and Steve has updated it with almost 20 more names!

    Beautiful space, Marty!

  34. I am going to “pose” for the PI’s in cowboy hat, boots and jeans, WAVIN’ AND SMILIN’, AND ask them to send it to David Miscavige as soon as is logistically possible, with the message:


    YEE HAW!!!!!

  35. I barely remember it…

    ML Tom

  36. P.S. AND, if by chance any of them want to follow me home to Austin, they will end up in the parking lot of the Travis County Sheriffs’ Department, (named for William B. Travis, a Texas hero,) who will be happy to put some bracelets on them, (made of Cold, Chrome Steel), and invite them inside for a chat about why they are stalkin’ poor little ol’ Lady Min.

  37. Love your spunk, girl!

  38. Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB

    Confidential * Top Secret *


    0. Bribe someone at National Security Agency to get us that Geo-ID tracking software so we can use their photos to find out exactly where the party is going to be held.

    2. Install and triple-check tree microphones.

    3. Pull most of the nails out of boards on the dock so it’ll collapse when people stand on it.

    4. Get ahold that PI who does cloud seeding, guaranteeing rain or your money back.

    5. Withdraw approval on those hokey PI bear suits.

    6. Saw half inch off one leg on each of the outdoor chairs and tables so they wobble annoyingly.

    7. Put wanted ad in Freedom Classified to recruit double agent in time enough to get invited to the party.

    8. Blackmail local police so they cooperate on our dirty tricks plans.

    9. Buy off local media to run Black Op Story on party.


    Powerful Ghost Cult Meets Secretly in the Woods to Plan Out World Transformation!

    10. Send volunteer caterer to sneak MDMA powder into a special drink made with Cal-Mag, vodka, cherry juice and an olive. Call it ‘Marty-Mag’ so more people will drink it.

    11. Arrange midnight raid with Mobile Tranny Hookers, the ones that video everything and keep updating via Twitter.

    12. Offer bonuses as follows:
    $1000 – Most Damaging Video
    $500 – Most Damaging Still Photo
    $250 – Full KR on any High Crimes witnessed
    $100 – Full KR on any newly discovered Disconnection Policy Violations

    13. See if we can get high enough levels of radio frequency interference generated in the area to upset their music.

    Capt’n Dave Miscoverage
    See Hee Oh
    Realty Transformation Corporation

  39. What’s the LRH saying? I think it’s “Exlude others at your own peril”.

    Seems like a cool chunk of philosophy.

  40. AnonOrange, I vote yes. I’ve always loved oranges and you’ve shown your true colors. Love

  41. Marty, Last independents party I was in the hospital. This time I’m coming even if I’m daid! I really need a little mass with my significance. Can’t wait to meet everyone in the flesh. I owe some big hugs. Love

  42. I call under the bridge dweller again….

  43. Free Spirit — if you are worried about PI’s, dont make the trip. We had fun with them last year 🙂 There will be way too many people there for them to keep track of. A great time will be had by all who do attend — of that there is no doubt!

  44. Yeehaa Sargio! Cannot wait to see you in da flesh! Mike

  45. If you see some very suspicious looking deer with very human like feet skulking behind the trees…don’t shoot. Just take them some food and wish them well.

  46. I’m on the other side of the planet so I can’t attend 😦

    But I’d vote yes too. He doesn’t come across as the kind of guy who’d come along to make trouble and push an agenda. He seems more like the kinda guy who’d jump into the trenches and pitch in.

    I think the last thing we want for Independents is some kind of club and admission process. Let all honest well-intentioned folk come along and they can decide to leave or stay of their own accord.

  47. JG – you’re right! There are many of us hoping to get an invite who are not using our names on this board. I just might be one of those pesky OSA spies, or Just Me or or or …

    Glad you pointed this out. I don’t think Christie can figure out who to invite … You’ve solved the problem … She’s only going to invite herself, Mike and Marty and Mosey.

    Thanks for weighing on JackGrabber …


  48. Are you kidding? Miss the possibility of having throngs of PIs following me … No one has followed me since I turned – yikes 60 …

    Of course I’m coming – I’ll get a kick out of seeing some of my homies from CC from Flag and from my years as a public. Can’t wait to see a few surprised faces!!

    It will be wonderful!

    Dusting off my Stetson!


  49. WH: Thanks, so glad I made the short list! 🙂

  50. Splog — sorry to hear you won’t be able to make it (they do have planes, even from South Africa I heard… 🙂 ) cos we would really love to have some more representation from the Southern Hemisphere. Mike Laws and I are going to be badly outnumbered…

  51. Good on them for wishing to keep the treaties with the native americans.

    Betrayal is a common factor here and much of the reason for this forum.

    Below the most bitter and powerful protest song I’ve heard. I cry
    every time I hear it.

    Have a great Independents Day

  52. Thanks Jack Grabber for ruining the celebration for me. Now I can’t come apparently. This is so senseless. I don’t understand if the PIs with snorkles won’t be in the lake, but instead will be pretending to be us, won’t their snorkles still be a dead giveaway? I hope we can resolve this matter of the snorkling PIs walking among us, because I was hoping to attend.

  53. Steve — I will be wearing my snorkel at all times so as to confuse the PIs into thinking I am one of them and hopefully getting some good intelligence from them. Between now and then I will be intensively studying back issues of Mad Magazine “Spy Vs. Spy” to ensure I am sharp as a tack for this assignment.

  54. We had 65 attendees last year. And there are way more Independents that have joined since then. 🙂

  55. Free Spirit,
    I don’t think anyone will follow us home. I say stay in the spirit of play. All who can attend should. It will greatly increase our ARC for all who are like minded. Here’s a video of how I feel about it.

  56. AnonOrange | February 20, 2011 at 6:34 pm | Reply Am I invited?

    As long as that is burnt orange, as in “Hook ’em, Horns.”


    Count me in!

  58. Then it’s settled. If all Independents arrive wearing a snorkle, they will be hastily admitted since any PI moles walking among us on the welcoming committee will simply think they have been sent reinforcements.
    I know I speak for Jack Grabber when I say: at this time I would like to formally thank Leonardo da Vinci for inventing the snorkle and thereby freeing Independent Scientologists from the curse of detestable PIs walking among us.

  59. HaHa … just what I was going to post

    Yes Windhorse .. many of us not using our real names although we are known by a few people here.

    That’s an awful short list – a heckuva lot of beer for 4 people 🙂

  60. Jackgrabber, Oh please send in the clowns. I would love to meet me a real live OSA agent. I’ve heard so much about them. I think instead of snorkels maybe we should look for bandages on their feet.

  61. Ya, last year the PI tried to run over our fireworks. BFD.

    ML Tom

  62. Ya Sarge. Can’t wait.

    ML Tom

  63. Fellow Traveller

    Bruce Pratt

  64. My sentiments exactly. When we meet him at the airport, he will be presented with his burnt orange University of Texas Longhorns T-shirt, and will only be allowed to refer to himself as BurntOrangeAnon for the duration of the party. It is appropriate, as he would definitely be receiving his “burnt” notice, (goldenrod, not orange), if he were in the Church, and after the party he will definitely not be Anon anymore!
    YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Fellow Traveller

    But not badly represented…. 🙂
    Bruce Pratt

  66. AnonOrange – I’m cool with anyone who wants to come – but it’s ultimately up to the party committee …

    I say Bill Yaude , Gavin, Tommy Davis, et al should come. Ive got a few words for Yaude. Although i’m less likely to be magnanimous to Jen Linson, Kathy Rinder and the other women – there is nothing nastier than a cat fight and JM and I might feel compelled to slap those beyaches up side the ‘ead.

  67. Sarge: I’m really forward to meeting you – you’ve always been such a kind although occasionally sudden voice on this blog!


  68. Here is a much simpler solution to the snorkle problem: simply stock the lake with water moccasins. Solved!

  69. Baddaboom!

  70. Oh, I dunno … those Inchwives scare me!

  71. Fellow Traveller

    Ok. I am now confused. Not hard to do. Anyhow, I don’t know whether snorkels are required or if this is a fund raising event, because I’d buy ticket(s) for a nasty cat fight and or beyache slap fest.

    Bruce Pratt

  72. JM: Yeah, right!

  73. “inchwives”, lol. That could stick. And they are scary.

  74. How beautiful! I think it will be fantastic!
    Look forward…. to the fun!!

  75. I am at this moment printing out mailing labels for all Independents. Guys, you can expect delivery of your snorkels by UPS on Wednesday morning. Swim fins optional.


    to be there !

    ::::::Looking forward to my invite:::::::

  77. And don’t laugh and point at their snorkels.

  78. OK, so you should assign Power of Attorney to someone to take your preserved but dead carcass to the gig if you should find yourself daid by Independents Day.

    Like…in a wheel barrow or on a bed of roses prepped for Viking Funeral.

  79. Fellow Traveller

    Auspicious symmetry — the former independent republic of Texas is the location for a growing republic of independent scientologists.

    I tip my hat to all y’all and bow in gratitude.

    Bruce Pratt

  80. “Just Me | February 20, 2011 at 11:26 pm | Reply

    Oh, I dunno … those Inchwives scare me! ”

    I thought some of them were cute!

    Hopefully I don’t scare them.

    Apart from being a ” Squirrel”, I expect I’m politically incorrect.

    I’m working on that.

  81. I prefer leather moccasins. The water ones keep falling off my feet.

  82. Hey!!!

    What about me?????

  83. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!


    Either that or they’s gotta around to linin’ their boots with Kevlar.

  84. The objective is to make people fear they will be followed by PI’s.

  85. I plan to travel by water, like Aquaman. I will simply emerge from the lake and attend the celebration.

  86. I think you guys have it all wrong. The PIs won’t be in snorkels. They’ll be showing up in the lake in those two-man submarines that are built out of cardboard. You know, the kind that you used to be able to buy from the back of LIFE magazine for $10? You could also buy spanish fly from that magazine to secretly attract the ladies. So, that’s my prediction on how to spot the PIs – they’ll show up in two-man submarines and will smell like spanish fly. It should be pretty easy to spot them. These PIs simply don’t have the cunning to be a “double-naught spy” like yours truly, Jethro Bodine:

  87. Count me in too! I’ll be there. Right near my old neck of the woods!!

  88. I have a dorsal fin … I hope that will be considered proper attire.

  89. OTDT
    I guessing Sarge wont need no stinkin’ body. All a thetan is gonna need to do is look for the brightest theta spot in the universe and you’ll have found the right spot.

  90. Mike, I’ve wanted to meet you and Christie for over two years now. I can’t wait to see you in the flesh either. Love

  91. Independent Scientologist Directive
    Party Pre-Invitation

    To: Chairman of the Board, RTC – David Miscavige

    Dear David,

    In the spirit of games and by the Power of Pan-Determism you are hereby invited to attend the Independents Day party in July 2011.

    Everyone would love to see you and communicate with you. By your attendance, you will be pleading guilty by proxy to all that you have been truthfully accused of, including but not limited to the following:

    *Altering the Tech.
    *Shoving that FN crap down everyone’s throats.
    *Punching, slapping, choking, kicking people for reasons less than self-defense.
    *Violating the laws of the ARC Triangle in your interactions with others.
    *Degrading staff.
    *Holding ass-kissing up as a virtue.
    *Using stupid acronyms in texting to curse out and degrade others.
    *Mishandling parishioners’ money.
    *Trying to prove you are better than others.
    *Trying too hard to impress others by wearing those stupid looking T-shirts that are too tight.
    *Wasting parishioners’ money on senseless PI capers.
    *Tarnishing Scientology’s reputation through your stupid and suppressive actions.
    *Arrogantly tearing down LRH’s residence.
    *Implementing stupid programs that invalidate, unmock and torture people, like ‘Golden Age of Tech’ and ‘Golden Age of Knowledge’.
    *Shouldering LRH aside in your stupid printed publications that aggrandize rich people in tuxedos and gowns because of the size of their donations.
    *Falsifying stats at your stupid Video Implant Events.
    *Manufacturing Robot Auditors.
    *Sucking the theta out of the souls of Int Execs.
    *Failing to apply the basics of Scientology.
    *Keeping the prices for services too high.
    *Wasting money on big ‘impressive’ buildings that orgs cannot really afford.
    *Coming up with that stupid wrong why, ‘The Blind Leading the Blind’.
    *Thinking your biceps mean anything.
    *Using Tommy Davis, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, Ray Mitthoff, Norman Starkey, Marc Yager, Mark Ingbar, Guillaume Leserve, and others to lie lie lie lie lie lie lie for you.
    *Hypno-Duping Tom Cruise while you court him with parishioners’ money.

    This offer may be withdrawn at any time. So take advantage of it now.

    You will be forgiven for your crimes.

    Start off newly with a clean slate.

    If you cannot attend for some reason, then you could donate the majority of your own personal funds to the Independent Movement as a flow in the right direction.

    You are expected to sign and fax in the following simple document prior to the party:

    “I, David Miscavige, do hereby apologize for being a suppressive ‘leader’, duping others into believing that I’m really powerful and all-knowing and super-competent. The truth is that I’m a fake, a bully, a NCG, an SP, MEST-oriented big mouth who rides on the backs of others.”

    “I am very sorry. I screwed up. I would like to fix it somehow.”


    David Miscavige

  92. SRV just might be back. Check out this kid. I was watching an interview where the reporter asked how such a young child could have the “life experience” to play the blues like this. Hmm. Whoever the kid was previously, he sure can play.

  93. Gosh, I hope my wife and I get an invite. It would be totally wonderful to put some faces to the people I have come to know here.

    As far as sorting out trolls and PIs, They would stand out like a …. well … troll or PI if they weren’t having a good time, and if they were having a good time, they might just wonder for a moment, why anybody would want to harm these amazing people.

    And having PIs follow us home.. well.. er… I always kinda wanted my own “following”. But to have my own personal PI….now that would be “special”!
    First you are given some unsolicited gold(enrod), and then your own PIs to play with. Well one sure cannot say you got nothing for all your years of dedication and support.

    Besides they might provide some distraction for our resident bears.
    (I must confess I have been ignoring them a bit lately and they are probably ripe for a good “wrestle”.)


  94. Hi (jumping and waving hands). Don’t forget us.

    We’re close and would LOVE an invitation.

    Mercy and David Lingenfelter

  95. WH,
    Did you say thongs of PIs? Yes, that would make sense, to better glide through the water, snorkle up, thong…well nevermind.

  96. Anon Orange (ya glad I didn’t say banana),
    As long as you were only orange, I be OK on you making an appearance. ALL orange (ya glad I didn’t say banana).

  97. OTDT,
    You are an amazingly creative fella. Nice.

  98. “having PIs follow us home.. well.. er… I always kinda wanted my own “following”. But to have my own personal PI….now that would be “special”!”

    First it’s kinda spooky and scary that you’ve discovered you’ve “grown a tail”.

    Followed by extreme paranoia.

    Then your ego gets over inflated for a while because finally you have an entourage!!!

    And then after that you wonder to yourself:

    “What idiot would waste so much time and spend so much money??????

    “Haven’t they got anything better to do???

    “Like …….

    “Get a life!!!!!!!!!”

    On the lighter side:

  99. Scott Campbell


    What are you doing?

    Why let everyone know the reference material for espionage technology that the Church spies use?

    You’re just making things harder for everyone.

    Notice DM’s instruction of the black spy at the beginning…

  100. Sapere:

    Beer is certainly something that helps to keep one sessionable no doubt.

    Being a personal trainer I never drink.

    So, I guess this party would not be for me, but I still think it is great you guys can party this way and then quote LRH tech to people.

  101. parachute is my preferred mode of transport. Do they make them for small children?

  102. We are expecting our 2nd child in June. I hope he is early. I would love to make the trip down there and meet all the wonderful people that post on this board. Is there fishing and camping at that lake? is it okay to tent camp around there?

  103. There ya go again Raul …

    Quote: “So, I guess this party would not be for me, but I still think it is great you guys can party this way and then quote LRH tech to people.”

    You have a very odd way of wording things – troll-like

  104. theystolemychurch

    I will come as Lady of the Lake… So I don’t need a snorkel!

  105. Honey, please lighten up. You will feel a lot better. Life is to be enjoyed, so do, please splurge on it.

  106. OTDT:

    An acquaintance of mine that is still in the Church of Scientology spoke to me recently. I still have the trust of some. He is afraid to go to Flag to start his new OT VI because of the new Security Checks lineup that has been issued by DM before one now starts those levels.

    Whereas I am not auditing him or violating the auditor’s code by telling you this, he has a W/H, a big one, I know what it is, and it is not so much that I know, it is a high crime in the Introduction to Scientology Ethics book. For this reason he has avoided getting any auditing since 1986 when he completed New OT V. I will not say his name.

    If the tech is so corrupted, and this guy is still not blown, why would he be afraid to continue up the Bridge at Flag. Because he will be expelled if properly audited.

    What is more corrupt his situation or the way the church would handle it. I know the man PERSONALLY because he has been a client of mine on Long Island.

  107. theystolemychurch

    We really want an invite! Christie, you know our daughters! They grew up with you and Mike Rinder you should remember me from the Goodwill and Games in Seattle! Will send a private email from daughter including my email.

    Marty I am sorry that I never met you…or Mosey, but I want to!!!

    50 people… I don’t think so… I am thinking over 500 and y’all should plan that way!

  108. Scott Campbell


    Awesome video.

    Can’t wait to see you, brother.


  109. Scott Campbell

    An old favorite…

  110. Raul,
    This is a celebration party, not a session. There is no LRH tech about anyone having a beer at a celebration. Back in the day there was beer, wine and cheese served at LRH’s birthday party. If you are this sour about a celebration (guess you don’t eat out or go to weddings with cake, etc either) then I don’t think any of us are going to miss you.

    The application of LRH is about living life, not petty quibble over someone having a beer and celebrating. Good luck at whatever else you do, your ARC level doesn’t seem to be as high as your evaluation of yourself as a personal trainer. By that I mean you seem to not be able to have the fact that we are going to get together and have fun!

  111. Ok I made up my mind, I’m coming screw my family and the PIs I want to meet some wonderful thetans 🙂

  112. OK, Raul. I’m noticing something here. The longer you hang around here, the more downtone you get. And you know what they say — if it’s not helping, try something different.

    Dude, I think you need to go somewhere else. It sure ain’t working here.

    Just Me

  113. Independent Scientology Directive

    Rules to Follow if David Miscavige Shows Up at Party

    1. No hitting him.

    2. No more than one person at a time allowed to throw pie in DM’s face.

    3. Only one Crazy FN joke per person allowed.

    4. No chasing DM through the woods.

    5. No holding DM underwater.

    6. Let DM win Scotch drinking contest to show goodwill.

    7. No regging DM for donations.

    8. Special award for the person that gets DM to fly in rest of Senior Execs from the Hole.

    9. Try to avoid subject of Battlefield Earth movie.

    10. Keep offering DM beans and rice as joke.

    11. What Is Greatness award ceremony to be held on last day, with DM as MC.

    12. Bicep comparison contest on eve of July 3rd.

    13. Best DM joke contest after bicep comparison.

    14. First person to get DM to agree to receive Power Processing wins Reg of the Century award.

    15. Push DM to have TC fly in.

    16. Prizes for getting DM to cry.

    17. No choking him.

    18. No slapping him.

    19. No punching him.

    20. Tripping, Chinese Haircuts, Indian Wrist Burns, Noogies, Wedgies and Three Stooge Eye Pokes/Head Bops are allowed.

    DM Host I/C

  114. Sapere:

    Thank you. This is probably the nicest thing anyone here has ever said.

    It surprises me, YOU. I read the things that you write. You seem as though you are a walking encyclopedia of LRH tech. And that is not a 1.1 comment. You are one of the few people here I have noticed that is able to immediately state exact LRH references.

    I was just expecting a little more out of you, than to stoop to alcohol consumption.

    If you want my opinion, which I am sure is of immense value, why don’t you plan a nature hike on your Independence Day celebration, or a bicycle trip to ACCENT things.

    I think it is great you guys get together and stay friends, I just can’t be a part of it.

  115. AnonOrange – After being personally assaulted by none other than the infamous Danny Dunigan, you should meet some real Scientologists who aren’t total losers. Not everyone is an a-hole like Danny. Besides, I’m sure you’ll hear some good stories about Danny.

    BTW, how’s your case going by the way? I saw the depositions that the Angry Gay Pope did with Moxonand posted on his site, and am not sure if those hurt or helped your lawsuit. It definitely seems like Moxon was asking a lot of irrelvant questions just to get dirt, but then again we all know how slimey Moxon is.

  116. Oh, I get it now. Troll. Ha!

  117. And Sapere, I READ the things that you write, I do not usually if ever comment on them. Why? Because it is obvious you are little more knowledgeable of LRH tech than me.

    Now, that means I have low ARC?

    I know you will have a good time. And I know you will.

  118. Here’s more good news! Another well-known Hollywood celebrity is OUT – and has posted a Press Release to that effect:


    Here’s her bio and resume on IMDB-

  119. I know who you are! 🙂
    Yes, it’s going to be a BIG party. Everything is BIGGER in Texas. 🙂

  120. Do you have an objection to other people communicating the best way they know how on this BLOG with other people?

    Are you that standard in the way people communicate?

  121. Raul,
    The ARC reference is the reality of the situation – it is a celebration. A beer is not going to harm me. Unless you have a fairly obscure liver issue of the phase 1 and phase 2 detox pathways, severe diabetic, or an unrecovered alcoholic, a small amount of alcohol is no big issue. As to nature I get that all the time. This is a chance to get together with like minded terminals, meet, talk and enjoy. We aren’t there to make our body healthier. We are there to exchange communication and understandings and have a great time as a group celebrating our independence!

  122. Tony DePhillips

    Luna, are you talking about shrinkage?

  123. Tony DePhillips

    Suspicions confirmed. Your comm reminds me a lot of OT VIII’s post awhile back before we blew that jerk out of the water.
    You gotta love yourself first and that doesn’t seem to be workin for ya.

  124. Pardon me Marty, but I feel I must ask these two people {one of them} the same question again?

    Are you opposed to other people sharing their thoughts and ideas with other people? It seems like it. These comments crop up all over this BLOG, someone says something, and is OSA, is a Troll, is 1.1., has an agenda.

    Is it OK for people just to say what is on their mind to other people as best they can, without objections.

    Are the two of you the most expert communicators that ever were or do you just normally criticize things other people without any regard whatsoever to what was actually said.

    I am not surpised at all that Marty lets our comments through.

    I am proud of him.

  125. Tom,
    I know most of us can’t wait but the date is in the future. Until then we have some nice entertainment. I know Jimbo will like this but I think most of you will. Tell Spanky I haven’t seen her since we had coffee and a chat down the street from the AOLA years ago. Looking forward to meeting all of you.

  126. Tony DePhillips

    I am cool with you coming as long as you are coming to have a good time and not to mess things up for us.

  127. Kathy Braceland

    Nice story on Davy and Sam. Now there’s a story I would like to hear around the campfire. I love the photo’s. I’m thinkin’ there are a few fish in that lake with my name on them….

  128. According to a poston ESMB, Karla was in the ‘Dianetics’ dvd released last year and the tech film “TR-16 Ultimate Beingness”

    The poster also said “I remember her doing Div 6 workshops on “How to get into the Industry” at Celebrity Centre Int.”

    Another DVD and Tech film that will have to be recalled and re-done?

  129. OTDT,

    Please add – for me, –
    “Pretending LRH annointed you as his successor,” and
    “Pretending certifications and levels not achieved.”

    Thank you to all who have stepped forward for LRH and for Mankind, and I wish all ya’ll a great time!


  130. theystolemychurch

    Oh, thank you! We are already working on our plans to be there! Let me know what I could do to help on anything!

  131. OTDT,

    Please add: DM leads off playing “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. (As he will be blind-folded, this will facilitate the Tripping we are allowed to do, as well as some of the other good-natured little pranks on your “allowed” list)

  132. theystolemychurch

    Raul, Uhh, are you wearing a dm thong here on your profile? What’s up with that?

    Shouldn’t it be black leather?

  133. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Will you design some aesthetic snorkles for us all to choose from?

  134. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Ah well, I reckon most of us will be too busy 2-steppin’ and boot scootin’ to worry about restraining ourselves from harming any ‘special guests’
    A little line dancing could bring anyone up the Tone Scale! =)

  135. You too much Marty. I have gotten a history lesson about Texas and Sam Houston. I think everyone has a little Texas in them.

  136. TROLL. Your comment in response to OTDT has NOTHING to do with what he said. Your comment is just more bullshit 1.1 commentary on the tech. The fact that you persist in commenting despite so may asking you to leave or making it known your comments are unwelcome says just one thing: TROLL.

  137. martyrathbun09

    Raul, I’m gonna ask you again not to use that icon.

  138. martyrathbun09

    Karla is good peeps.

  139. That’s hot off the press! Karla, if you’re reading this blog, congratulations! Now you really are free. The days of people attaching themselves to your wallet, your time, your space and your free will are over.

  140. martyrathbun09

    Raul, you are dealing with very intelligent people here. I read the comm JM’s is commenting on. Here’s my take. You are playing dangerously close to the SP Scientology Inc line. You are effectively outing somebody who has presumably shared a confidence with you that could get him into trouble. How many stalled OT VI’s are client’s of Raul Batista’s body sculpting pratice on Long Island? On top of that, it served no purpose in terms of educating anyone about anything relevant to the topic at hand. I’m asking myself, what’s up with that?

  141. martyrathbun09

    I’ll add to my last comment that I know for a fact OSA has been working on a program for eighteen months which has the objective of trying to make me look as arbitrary and ruthless as Miscavige. It calls for flooding my blog with trolls, being very 1.1, inviting me to out them and ban them. That is to be followed by a hue and cry about Marty being no different than Miscavige, paranoia and all. So, with that context, all the “oh, whoa to me” business is sort of suspicious too.

  142. Santa Anna would have surrendered without a shot fired if Karla Zamudio had been in that tent instead of Emily.
    She’s cuter than a new born baby calf!

  143. martyrathbun09

    And you are fresher than just cut alfalfa…

  144. Marty,
    The reference to just cut alfalfa just made me smile. For us country folk the smell of fresh cut alfalfa is like one of life’s pleasure moments! Peaceful and serene. A great way to start the morning!

  145. Aren’t you the one that named Cat Daddy “Horn Doggie” for a similar comment?
    Woof, Woof!
    LOL, LM

  146. Raul,
    What’s he afraid of getting expelled for? He’s already served a 25 year self-imposed sentence of expulsion from auditing. He shouldn’t have to worry about his own church doing him in for confronting his O/Ws and taking responsibility for them.

    Your statement that he would be expelled “if properly audited” doesn’t make sense.

  147. Mike,

    My real name is not Jack Grabber. I’d like to come but YOU know anyone thinking that the cult is bankrupt by putting PIs on each Independent is clueless. A fresh donation by somebody always covers those expenses.

    Don’t think they would do the long Pat Broeker kind of surveillance on me but a quick one. I did some foolish things once and don’t want my landlord, girlfriend, neighbors and people I work with to know but they will when the cult passes out flyers and make calls. I was thinking of attending with a mask (no anon mask, another one) but I am fooling myself. They always find out.

    I’ll wait until summer to make a decision.

  148. Raul,
    PS: I gotta ask ya, what the hell is up with that bulging blue underwear picture? It’s stooopid.

  149. Hi Marty, Mosey, Mike, Christy
    We’re always looking for an excuse to come to Texas to visit our son, his lovely wife and our two adorable texas twin granddaughters. Hope we get an invite too!!!!! We’ve already made definite plans to be in the area. I will have a car, so if you need help with drivers, I’m at your service.

    I would like to make a comment on the exchange with Raul. Just my unsolicited opinion.

    This site was created by Marty, is maintained by Marty and friends, and belongs to no one other than them. We are all guests here.
    It’s our responsibility to grasp the R of the site and it’s authors and moderate our comm within that framework…not the other way around.

    Personally, when I see someone criticizing Marty on this site or trying to enforce an R on Marty as to how he should moderate it, my immediate reaction is, “geeze, whadda dick head.”

    So, again-just my opinion, if you find yourself being slapped around a little, you might want to take a step back and re-evaluate YOUR R, and try to communicate what you want to say with ARC, not via an unsolicited and usually unwelcome service facimile.

    Just saying.

  150. Marty, agreed. Is there really a Raul Batista body sculpting practice on Long Island? And if, does “Raul” know that posting here?

  151. TroubleShooter

    and another thing “Raul”

    In the event that you’re talking about an actual “friend” he has good reason NOT to go to Flag for his next Bridge steps and will be FAR better off going to the Independent field where so many NOTs auditors are continuing to follow their hearts like Marty is and deliver LRH tech.

    Not only will he be sec checked beyond until all regges have exhausted every resource he has but he will then be programmed to re-do his Bridge from before Clear on up (if he’s treated like every other OT I know who has gone to Flag to get onto VII and who has gone for those “refreshers” as cob calls them.

    Then the first or second day he’s there he will be sugarly greeted by the IAS regges where upon he’ll be asked if he has seen the issue the “Captain himself has issued” which states that no VII will be allowed to complete the level until they have become minimumly a patron.

    If all that isn’t enough then search this blog for all the data regarding the out-tech there is on VII (thank cob for that) if your “friend” ever makes it on to it. In about 15 minutes time 5 of us were able to name 37 OTs, mostly VIIs and VIIIs, who have died in the last two years. This is in the US. It is only a small number compared to what it actually is. This is the reason I never returned to Flag to do VII. I knew there was something seriously wrong years ago and it still is.

    and btw the exhibitionist icon you persist in using is a dead giveaway in your lack of sincerity.

  152. Sapere, in our org, we had root beer on LRH’s birthday. No kidding. But it was fun too. Loved the cheese. Big chunks of deli cheeses for all.

  153. My 2cents: one can only be effected as much as one let’s themself become effect. Life is in you today and you make your own tomorrows.

    I believe that this group will out create any stupid missions the CoS sends their way and it would be laughable. I could not imagine being the poor sap that gets picked to confront such a uptone, keyed out group of people.

    IT was scary comming out and going by my real name but I found that hiding was much harder. Plus, to me, it felt like hiding was giving the CoS exactly what they wanted.

    There is strength in numbers!

    Dylan Gill

  154. Sylvia, you’re beautiful!
    Congratulations on your OTVIII,
    keep up the good work!

  155. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I’ll bring the eucalyptus burl torches for that “just right” festive mood lighting (of course waterproof matches will be included).

  156. Don’t forget Jimmie Vaughan! He is Stevie’s brother and a legend in his own right. He plays a mean blues guitar. He is also an advocate for personal liberty. He lives in Austin. 1 SP

  157. I looooove rootbeer.

  158. Jack Grabber said;
    “I’ll wait until summer to make a decision.”
    Good idea. By then you either may have blown staff or honestly did a doubt formula and gone Independent. Imagine a life where you can be free and not one where you try to use fear and intimidation tactics on others. Thats no way to live. The fact that you use those tactics is a display that the fear you try to instill in others is one you live with and feel yourself. Seriously, try to imagine life outside the cult but still practicing scientology. Its liberating on all dynamics. At some level you know this. In the past it was the church or the wog world as a choice. Its not anymore. There is a new 3rd dynamic and there is room for you in it. Trying to undermine it is an overt as the group is made up of scientologists who use scientology. Its not made up of shrinks or others trying to control society and suppress mankind. Your being fed the WRONG TARGET. Walk away. Better yet, RUN.

  159. Hey Marty, Monique,, Mike, Christie, Hiro and Shannon, this is the freespirit who got an invite! Thank you!! Count me in. I couldn’t care less about intruders. As far as I am concerned they can be part of the entertainment. Bring ’em on!

  160. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “10. Send volunteer caterer to sneak MDMA powder into a special drink made with Cal-Mag, vodka, cherry juice and an olive. Call it ‘Marty-Mag’ so more people will drink it.”

    OTDT, Isn’t that the recipe for the Kool-Aide?

  161. Can’t wait to meet you!

  162. What a disappointment — I really thought your name was Jack Grabber! No need for a mask JG, a snorkel will do.

    As for waiting for summer, you have a Primary Target missing. You need an invitation. I heard they are reserved for those who have publicly announced their independence or have demonstrated their commitment. Cant very well send an invitation to “Jack Grabber”… Wouldn’t know Jack when he or she showed up (but I guess that wouldnt be too out of character as Tommy Two Tone always says we don’t know Jack).

    Good luck Jack. (Are you any relation to Jack Mehoff? It’s a name Gene Ingram used to use)

  163. Words of wisdom Les. Words of wisdom.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Anita.

  164. Les, just a note — based on Raul’s avatar, I think reference in any posting to being a “dick head” is a bit misplaced 😉

  165. I SECOND that. If someone is so concerned about allowing their voice to be heard they should go elsewhere or start their own. There’s lots of room for freedom of speech. ‘Nuf said.

  166. Loki — Your intentions, as always, are good. But I think you are wasting keystrokes treating Jack as a real person. I would bet behind that clever name lives a man under a bridge.

  167. Cant wait to see you again!

  168. My Dearest Lady Minn,
    With the exception of my own bride, Karla Zamudio is hotter than a June bride sitting bareback on a depot stove!
    How’s that?

  169. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Raul the Troll,

    Are you DM’s “personal trainer”? Do you shop for thongs together?
    Do you and DM drink from the same sippy kool-aide cup?

  170. Raul I understand what you are saying. You are looking at a complicated mess of relationships, fears and imposibilities. Your friend feels stuck and you by proxy too. I urge you to look at the people of the Middle- east.

    “The way out is the way through”

    – L. Ron Hubbard

  171. Yes that does sound like self-Determinism now does it Raul

  172. Oh … I’d totally missed seeing that. Didn’t notice it before.

  173. Great suggestion, Joe.

    Maybe add in a few dozen snapping turtles too!

  174. Point well made!

  175. RJ

    Ya.. he he
    It would be therapeutic to run that process to full EP. Don’t want to get stuck in the middle somewhere!

    It might also be interesting to observe first hand how they actually get their heads so far up their asses. No wonder they end up shooting themselves in their feet.


  176. Great clip, RJ

    PIs would add a bit of excitement to our lives. All we’ve had so far is a little disconnection Op courtesy of the IAS.

    Being tailed? Now *that’s* exciting!

    I just hope they can put up with economy-class food on a 7 hour flight.

  177. Raul, I for one will be smoking some Ganga and doing lines of coke – it is so relaxing! Then, I plan to argue with Marty and Mike about how much coke should be given to a PC before session. Really helps with the metabolism, don’t you think?

    At noon on Saturday there will be a round table discussion on “who did LRH come back as?”

    Then, we’ll all do some group processing where we try to bounce ping pong balls into our glasses of beer. Then, just to recreate old times at the Base and Int, we’ll get a big game of musical chairs going, with the losers getting tossed in the lake!

    For the finale, we’ll play pin the tail on the PI.

    Should be fun. Too bad you’ll miss it!

  178. freespirit – I recognize the true freepsirit when I see it. 🙂 Love ya.

  179. The Texas history is great but Rolling Stones history (see video at the end of Marty’s post) needs a bit of correction:

    That clip is not from 2007. It’s from 10-22-2006, Zilker Park, Austin.

    I know, I know – off topic, but still, factual accuracy is a hallmark of this blog & I just wanted to do my bit for all those Stones fans in Austin who have fond memories of that great, once-in- a-lifetime concert.

  180. Sapere Aude,
    You sure come up with an eclectic set of videos! Always something to stretch the imagination. Top Secret mystery & rhythm – I like. Thank you!
    PS. Love that you anchor the discussions with relevant LRH references and facts as well.

  181. Grasshopper, funny! I can’t wait to find out who you are.

  182. Exactly GH

    Then there’s the group chug-a-lug/singing The Factors contest:

    10 beer minimum and then see how many Factors you can get thru …

    ♫ Before the beginning was … hic … a Cause … ♫

    I think Tony won that last time … ratzzz!

  183. to: DM Host I/C aka OTDT
    from: Entertainment Committee Volunteer

    Sir: Do you think it would cross the line if we bring along one of those dunking machine contraptions that we could use on the “little one”? I can arrange for it will have a light trigger on the target/trip mechanism. (Everyone wins!)

    Then again perhaps we could use the fearless leader as a quasi-pinata. I promise we will only use plastic wiffle ball bats. I swear!

    Awaiting your approval, Tom

  184. You’ll be laughing all night long!

  185. An’ ah thought those Texas Lakes was already stocked with Wata Mocsins!

  186. Thanks Valkov,
    Karla, smart girl, I would like to see you on this blog and pitch in.
    VVWD en welcome to freedom, love to hear your story!

  187. theystolemychurch

    Yea, what’s up with that? I really do wonder about a guy that has to have his “stuff” hanging out… on the internet – no less… Can’t we just use WORDS?

  188. Windhose? is that another name for a snorkle?

  189. Leonore,
    I am happy you enjoy. My life has been eclectic. Wish you were going to be at the party – we could have a mini GO reunion. Well, we can in spirit of play. I used to play drums for years so percussion has always been my sweet spot. The Scottish Tatoo is like the world cup. I have books and recordings from there and someday I will watch in person. I also love the sea and the wilder quieter areas of the world. Thanks for traveling along this journey at my side. Till we meet – enjoy life and have a treat or two!

  190. Mike R.
    Check your email. I want your opinion on something.

  191. How about some Mexican Coke? You know, the kind with real sugar instead of corn syurp.

  192. Loved this! How true can that be! Every once in a while I see my friends who are on staff and they are in bad shape!

  193. Raul,
    Maybe he is afraid to go to Flag because he knows he will not get standard tech and is afraid that he will be OVERRUN to death by the out tech FN policy. AND it will cost a fortune!
    That would scare the hell out of me too!

  194. Here Here Les. That is a very good point.

  195. Might’ve been mentioned already but that crappy tabloid known as Star magazine has TC and the FBI probe on the cover. Amusing.

  196. I’ve already started shopping for just the right cowgirl hat, preferably one with bling. Also for those coordinating the party, I’m going to need my own personal PI who must bedazzle his snorkel so that I can easily find him when he surfaces from the lake. If my personal, bedazzled PI does not follow Brad and I to and from the party I will be very disappointed. Know that when photographing me from afar I prefer being shot from the left at a high angle.

    I’m willing to provide meals for my personal, bedazzled PI so he must enjoy martinis and seafood. If a prospective PI is reading this go ahead and email me your address so I can send you my license plate number, make and model of my rental car, along with where I’ll be staying.

  197. Good one, JM. “Inchwives” should definitely stick.

    If one is feeling less polite I would tender “binches” as an optional identifying pejorative.

  198. I have to ask you who is telling you that drinking alchohol is as bad as you are making it? The only alchohol reference I know of is the one regarding 24 hours before a session.

    Seems to me that it would be sill to have a policy like that if you were expected to NEVER drink alchohol.

    The only other reference I know is The Way to Happiness, precept #2, Be Temperate and that also does not forbid alchohol. Celebration does not equal excess!

    You should review the verbal tech checklist and see if you can sort out where this datum came from because you seem quite ridgy about the subject and are implying that a person who drinks isn’t applying the tech. I say that whatever you are operating on isn’t LRH.

  199. Sugar Plum Fairey

    You and your site are wisdom indeed. We enjoy not only the many lessons of history as the one above but all of the artistic music and display that others include – “A CULTURE IS BUILT ON ITS DREAMS AND ITS DREAMS ARE DREAMED BY ARTISTS – LRH”
    I know of no other blog that provides intelligence, art, wisdom and uptone communication. I long for the day to finally be out from ‘under’. I know I will be stronger on that day.

    As to Independence Day 2011, I have certainty that it will be enjoyable and memorable and unobstructed! Big thetans RULE ……and ROCK!!

  200. I read that article today! It talks about the FBI investigation, gives several quotes by JB that were in the New Yorker and says a “source” reveals Katie is very concerned about being dragged into FBI investigation. Per Star TC told her not to worry that he and the church did nothing wrong.

  201. Raul, Raul, Raul, you’re glib, you don’t know the history of thongchiatry…I do!

  202. That was so cool!

  203. I tried snorting coke one time…it was terrible…I couldn’t get the bottle out of my nose.

  204. Good grief, Saper Aude! What an AMAZING video. I was unprepared for such a treat. Thank you.

    Guys, IMHO it’s definitely worth 7 minutes of your life to watch this.


  205. S.A.,
    I promise I will have a beer (or similar spirited drink) and toast on Independence Day to all the Indies enjoying a deserved party.

    I can relate to the resonance between the rhythms of the sea and your love of percussion. No reason you shouldn’t be doing some ruffles and flourishes of your own in present time, by the way.
    In that context, here’s a link from me that I think you’ll enjoy (I don’t trust my embedding skills yet to post a video directly): ‘Till we meet…

  206. I hear the water in that lake is cold, Tony.

  207. … and having been spotted as 1.1, he drops the charade.

  208. “Raul”,

    You’re pretty much *blown*.

    Why don’t you get yourself another handle and try again?

  209. How to accessorize with your own personal PI by Natalie Hagemo. 😉

  210. Thank you so much!! a very big hug to you!!

  211. Yes. Psychological violence… the fact that it is allowed and uses confirms that there is no much of a 7 dynamic inside and out the Church of $.
    Silvia Kusada

  212. Dear AssSniffer I mean AssGrabber I mean JackGrabber,
    You guys have had all year to come up with a 1.1 plan to stop the celebration and this is the best you could come up with? ouch. Oh ouch.

  213. “I am not surpised at all that Marty lets our comments through.”

    Raul, who exactly is “our” as used in your statement above?

  214. Me neither! 😉 Looking forward to coming out.

  215. “The application of LRH is about living life, not petty quibble over someone having a beer and celebrating.”

    Sapere Aude, that is such a cool statement. Just had to ack you for it.

  216. 🙂
    The Mexican Coke is better, though. Doesn’t have a screw-on cap.

  217. “I was just expecting a little more out of you, than to stoop to alcohol consumption.”

    Hey Batista,
    That is such a stoopid thing to say. Really. To object to having a beer and celebrating, you must be…like…


    What the hell’s wrong with you? Please, list on that a while would you? It’ll do you good. Really. You do know what that means, don’t you? To list on something? To list? List?

    Get an Emeter and grab the cans and start asking yourself dumb shit. See what the needle does. Now, ask yourself something worth answering, and see what the needle does.

    You do have experience with an e-meter, right?

    What is your native language? That actually could be part of the problem. That you really do not know English well. You do know what the slang 1.1 means though, I saw you used that a couple of times. Well, I’m not being 1.1 here in this paragraph.

    So, what it’s gonna be? You gonna fill everyone in on why you visited in on this blog with a bunch of whacky-hoo? Are you a troll? Or are you trolling for trolls? Are you a Scientologist? Anonymous? Hippopotamus? OSA-rottamus? What?

    What would you rather have, a Pre-frontal-labotomy or a Free-bottle-in-front-of-me?

    What’s the deal?

  218. One picture is worth a thousand words?

  219. No truer words spoken Val baby.


    It’s probably not his or possibly composite it’s “stuff” at all.

    More like something ripped off out of the Hane’s catalog to compensate for their or his sexual inadequacy.

  220. Leonore,
    Thank you – that was a wonderful link!

    I trust your embedding skills. Get the vid on youtube and right under the video picture is a box “embed” and a new box will open with part of it highlighted in gray. Beneath this box in gray click the 480×390 box (the size of the embed video). Then copy all of the gray highlighted code and paste in your blox comment just like you pasted the link you gave me. Voila! You will have embedded the video. You can do it.

  221. OTDT,

  222. Rumor has it there may be an award for the best decorated snorkel.

  223. Pretty darn good! You just made me blush — and that’s hard to do! LOL!

  224. S.A.,
    Thanks for the instant hat! I’ll give it a try next time. 🙂

  225. Bwhahahaha 😆 Loves me some Jethro.

  226. Totally cool!

  227. Me too. Me too!

  228. “…my man Boz from Midland”
    I’m not sure where that post is on the org board, but it feels like a pro$otion!
    At the ver least, it’s a helluva compliment!

    I can’t two-step, but I’m born/bred in Texas, so I’ll be sure tio supervise, baptize
    Non-Texans in the Brazos, pardon the Aggies for their transgression of going to the
    University, and escort down the road anyone with the “S” branded on their forehead.

    Buttering up the wife as we speak! Looking forward to meeting everyone in person!

  229. Boy did I butcher that post! Can’t wait to get rid of this bb and get an iphone again! LOL

  230. WTF! Check the logo on the right mine is different! I will use my real name since its obvious that some ass hole OSA agent it’s trying to steal my name. My real name is David Franchi, I know Tiziano Lugli and his family, my family used to be good friends with them as my dad was the minister at Tiziano’s wedding. I would love to come to participate to the independent’s day. My email that I’m using here is

  231. martyrathbun09

    Welcome! Any friend of the Italian Stallion is a friend of mine.

  232. In response to me stating that there is no way in hell that I would go back to the “Church” of Scn and that I had been in comm with various Indies, one of the newest OT VIIIs, Criss Farmer (ex-Snr C/S LA DAY, ex-SP), sent me the following:

    “My opinion is that they are the walking dead. I know many of them personally. Look at their personal lives. Look, don’t just listen.

    I hope you’ll re-consider & do A-E instead when you chill out. Judy says the same thing.

    ML, Criss”

    I don’t know which one of you zombies she “knows personally.”

    Suffice it to say that because of this comm and other “official” comm, I will be with all of you zombies come July! Remember the Alamo!!

  233. excellent that Steve could see the truth and not fell for the PR 😉

  234. 40 Yr Scientologist

    With apologies in advance to Christie, here’s a scene I would love to see at the party: (I put this together at Xtranormal)

    Best, 40 Yr

  235. David — Perfect! Looking forward to meeting you. Mike

  236. 40 Yr Scientologist

    Here is a more attractive link, same as the above:

  237. Wow SR!

    Talk about a bad case of as the psyches call it *projection*.

    Is Criss still auditing or is she now doing some kinda MLS scam or is she selling real estate or making pie in the sky promises about Idyllic Orgs magically filling up with new public?

    Like most of the so called trained “auditors” still remaining in the orgs these days.

    Doing their “basics” courses while their emeters corrode and collect dust.

  238. Well, she runs a field group. She apparently did not do too well in getting people up the Bridge, so she concentrates on getting kids off drugs.

    She opened up shop in Indiana. They kind of have their own little cult going on there in Anderson, IN and it reminds of Children of the Corn.

    The last time I saw her was a few years ago while I was at Flag on the CCRD Apprenticeship. She kept flunking the Flag Class IV Internship, then finally passed it at Ann Arbor.

  239. Hi David,
    Nice to meet you. By the way the other free spirit is not an OSA agent. She has been going by that title for over a year. She has it all in lower case and one word “freespirit”. So now we have TWO Free Spirits! Which is great. 🙂

  240. LOL good. That thought crossed my mind after I posted the comment. Anyways looking forward to meet all of you! Y’all sound like a wonderful group.

  241. SR,

    I knew a few “auditors” who took to auditing kids probably because they were easier to manipulate and control than adults (think Mace Kingsley) and audit endlessly on their parents goals for them at their endless expense.

    Children of the Corn.

    Good description 🙂

  242. Hey Marty, That sounds like a righteous shindig. Y’all keep the neighbors up partying on. And thatnks for the straight poop on Sam and Davy, they seem to have glossed over them a bit up in our neck of the woods. I seem to have come down with the history bug, must have caught it from my Pa.

  243. Is everyone that disagrees with Marty and the independent nation represented here on this blog a TROLL and likely an OSA agent??

  244. That’s funny 😉 Thanks for the laugh.

  245. Dear people, if Anonymous worried about OSA, we wouldn’t have any parties! I’ve been to some parties; one in Connecticut had a skulker peeking thru the fence during setup for the event. Ex-SO host tore him a new one verbally, through the fence, so they satisfied themselves by driving around the block all night. By allowing these people to instill fear, you give them more power over you.

    There is power in numbers. With all the other stuff going on, Scn, Inc. might spare a few operatives, but in a wide open rural setting like that, it would be easy to foil them, especially if there are people who pay attention to the little alarms all the squirrels and birds throw out when intruders are creeping around.

    Don’t pass an opportunity to have an excellent experience because of OSA. You’ll probably regret it the rest of your life.

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