Casablanca Update

Casablanca turns out to be an apt name for our modest abode.  There is never a dull moment.  People scheduled months in advance are likely to meet the most fascinating folks who come through on an emergency basis.   While what people face on the other side of the Wall contain similar elements, each being and the story he or she lives and the challenges they face are unique. 

In the the past three weeks alone we have hosted four people who have informed me about being approached by OSA agents to infiltrate and disrupt our lives.  Four people in three weeks.  Four people who refused,  and made their way half way across the country to tell me about it. Now, if the subjects of four failed attempts have made it to my place in a three week span, how many attempted infiltrations and disruptions do you think OSA operatives have attempted in the past two years?   

What does all this mean?

It means David Miscavige is afraid.  Very afraid.

One of the would-be operatives was told “all you gotta do is throw Rathbun under the bus.”

I’ve got news for Miscavige, direct, not via his jive ass Western Union Messenger boys:

We don’t do bus tires. 

I’ve commented before about what it is Miscavige fears so intensely.  A lot of people have commented recently that it must be the FBI or some other government Ogre.  Again, I’ll lodge my respectful disagreement.  If you really understand this cat, I think you will find that what he fears is what it is we are about – freeing beings. 

While all this cloak and dagger dramatization plays out – making what we do more interesting and entertaining – the following is what we do.  Here are just the latest two:

Problems Release:
I realized there is no such thing as a problem.  Solving a problem comes from lack
of abundance and usually results in more problems. In fact, most people are 
defined by their problems or lack of….”trivial” or “unstoppable.”
I realized that I have always been the source of my problems.
My biggest cognition was being able to fully look at how I am constantly
trying to change people instead of ‘as-ising’ them and accepting them
as they are.  One can have a communication in order to have agreement
with someone, but one can not keep an agreement for someone else.  
I choose to be unstoppable in the face of ‘no-agreement.’
I also realized that procrastination has been the biggest source
of what I once considered problems.  I was not taking action by either 
not fully looking at the problem or choosing to simply not address the problem.
Resistance and procrastination seem to be the source that holds something as 
a ‘problem.’ I am free from problems!  
Now I get to look at what I am committed to……Period.  I am free!
– Unstoppable
Dear Marty and Mosey,

I don’t know where to begin to start thanking you for this past week. I knew I was gaining valuable insights in a short time thanks to your direction, Marty, and the auditing process, but it wasn’t until I arrived home that I’m starting to realize how profound they really are. The closest I can come to describing it is that I’m seeing everything with new eyes – my position in life, my relationships, my home – everything has been effected in a positive way.  I look forward to the days and weeks to come as I see even more revelations unfold. I can say without hesitation that those were the most significant days I have yet experienced in my life.

To be able to experience auditing in a safe and welcoming and compassionate environment enhanced the process to such a degree that I can’t imagine doing it any other way. Mosey, thank you for all the little touches that made me feel so welcome – and for the wonderful meals (although I may regret them tomorrow when I finally get back to the gym   🙂 ).You are both wonderful examples of the promise that LRH conceived all those years ago. I feel fortunate to have met you both and I consider you among the best of my friends. Please know that if you should ever need a place to stay or if there is anything at all that we can do for you, please know we will welcome the opportunity. 

I wish you the best in your own journeys. We’ll stay in touch.

– A Friend

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  1. Marty,

    You are so right …..”freeing and freed beings” …that is what scares little leader the most.

    Just in the last days friends who have been in the S.O. a lifetime confirmed to me that line of attack run the most against you inside the trap is not what you do in the media or with legal (when this logically should be OSA’s biggest concern), the black PR focus regarding you is tech delivery.

    And there is nothing better to counter that than the wins of the beings you freed and are freeing, such as the wins you published today and the ones I could witness first hand.

    FREE and FREED theta are wonderful things.

  2. Beautiful! 😀 Congrats to your PCs/PreOTs 1st.
    Their wins are the best bug spray in the universe!

  3. Love the photo of Chaquita gazing into the future!! Great shot!

    Thanks for sharing this with us Marty. Don’t know how you get all the things done that you are doing and still manage to deliver flawless auditing and shining releases and results! Keep up the good work!

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  5. Cudos to you Marty for grace under pressure, and especially not raising to the constant bullbaiting to reveal confidential information in breach of the auditor’s code.

  6. Wow what a great write-up. Friend, you said it all….Marty and Mosey are the BEST!!!! It is truly a wonder that they have created. people can be who they truly are!!!! magnificent!!!!! I can certainly attest to the beautiful, warm, friendly and just down right loving environment. I think about it on a daily basis. Hugs to you Marty, Mosey, Chiquita (you are the Queen!) and tinkerbelle. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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  8. Marty-

    Thanks for the beautiful update. I just happened upon a quote this morning that I find apropos to the overall situation and condition:

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Thank you for all you, Mosey, Mike and everyone else are doing to set things straight.

    ML, Tom Gallagher

  9. Theo Sismanides

    I think this is very sane Marty. How you are handling this whole thing. We are moving a little higher indeed! Looking forward to helping when I can. I am grateful for what you are doing buddy! Great success stories!

  10. I was really horrified that there were people in the church still on their Purif after 10 years.

    I can’t comment on Miscavige because I have never met the man. But it is quite obvious, someone high up in the SO does have a shivering fear of beings going free as you say Marty.

    I could never imagine a Buddhist leader not allowing his parishioners to meditate. Imagine how insane that would look?

    Its really no different if you look at it from that angle

  11. Marty,
    I sincerely thank you for being here. DM, just as despots and tyrants in the middle east, will fear any person able to observe, able to think for themselves, and able to be a free being. I just read this morning about mercenaries being hired from other countries because their own troops are thinking twice about killing their fellow countryman. The same will happen with DM.

    He cannot turn true Scientologists. He will use lawyers, PI’s, and buy false witnesses. In the end it will be for naught. The truth will prevail. The truth that once you step onto the road to truth there is no getting off. He can hide the entrance and put up pretty signs to lead some astray. Once past that and on the road to truth – game over.

    Even though I post under a name I, nor my spouse, nor many of my friends support in any way the current church and its insane attack against make belief paper enemies. We are not their enemy. The paper reports in files in HCO are not enemies. It is significance. Not even valid significance.

    As shown recently by those posting; the suppression of the very people funding and supporting you is observable. There is no way to use PR and make it go away or pretend it doesn’t exist.

    We are moving on up a little higher. That puts a smile on my face daily. I posted this video before but this really is a great study of Marty, a man who has proven his friendship and allegiance to the game LRH wanted us to play and to win at. Thank you!

  12. Marty and Mosey,

    Two reactions: First, this post makes me laugh out loud. Ha! What idiots.

    Second, it makes me realize I miss you both. So here’s a monster hug to each of you.

    Just Me

  13. I see the simplicity in the above comm regarding David Miscavige.
    He simply wants people unhappy and weak so that they can’t “destroy” him.

    Funny how someone can be so paranoid. And it’s all in his own, little head. His worst enemy is his own warped mind.

  14. That is simply the coolest posting I’ve read in a while. Loved the success stories. What great wins. Great picture too.

    I think you’re right about the dwarf’s greatest fear: freeing beings. You can’t get any more evil. Anything else – FBI, getting raided, losing their 501c3 status, paying refunds – all secondary.
    Imagine, only for a second, having to be DM. He’s got to live with himself 24/7/365. That’s a fate I wouldn’t wish on anybody.

  15. The only thing one can really be upbraided for is “no results.”
    Keep up the good work M & M, et. al.

  16. Wonderful success stories. They remind me of the reason that DM gave when he shut down the popular staff co-audit on the base: “The staff deserve only the best auditing and the solution is to man up Qual and train auditors to audit the staff.”
    Sounds okay on the face of it. But did it happen? Not on your life. If staff did get in session, 99% of the time it was to find out their crimes.
    Never underestimate the diabolical cleverness of David Miscavige.

  17. Whew!!! What success stories. This is exactly what it is all about. Nothing more, nothing less.

  18. Jeff Hawkins recently did a post called “Reality Check” on his “Leaving Scientology” blog. The post shows a picture of the latest Flag magazine called Source. Flag sends out this magazine every 8 to 12 weeks and in it they list their major completions since their last issue. The list of completions is VERY short.

    When you realize that Flag makes more income and delivers more service than all of radical Scientology combined, the outpoint is HUGE.

    Flag has over 1,000 full time Sea Org members, hundreds of outer org trainees, hundreds of Field Staff Members (FSMs), they are paid millions every week by parishioners who want service, they have hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate and in 2 to 3 months time they have only a handful of major completions!

    Someone is working VERY hard to keep the place confused and unproductive and the Bridge blocked. You guessed it – it’s little David Miscavige.

  19. This is spot on. Casablanca is modest and comfortable, but the ARC is through the roof and the wins are beyond compare in ANY current “Scientology Delivery Facility”. The particle flow is high, and the focus is on delivery, not fighting “cur dogs”. Here is an excerpt from an LRH tape (Certainty of Standard Tech) on the Class VII course: “Out tech results in out ethics, then out ethics has to be put in heavily in order to hold the line to get tech back in. If tech were perfect ethics would be unnecessary.

    On the other side of the issue, I read an assessment of Gadaffi in one of the WikiLeaks cables that read as follows: ” Gaddafi is the architect of his own gilded cage and cannot yet relinquish day-to-day decisionmaking, even if he wants to.”

    Seems to me that these self-appointed “rulers for life” are cut from the same cloth. Screw ’em. They got nothing to do with going free. Or freeing others.

  20. Nice Marty. Those success stories remind me of the Success Stories from the mid-70’s when Scientology was actually on a roll under the guidance of the master himself. Now it appears it is alive and well again in Texas.

    Of course DMs afraid. He is just as afraid as Hitler was when he learned that the Russian Army was in Berlin. You know, that alarming feeling that you get when you realize that you may have really screwed the pooch badly and now you are going to be held accountable by people that are really pissed at you. When you realize your best BS isn’t going to work anymore because you are about to be stripped naked and one and all are going to see that you really weren’t a man after all; you were something hideous.

    Flourish and Prosper. That’s what the boss said to do and that is exactly what you are doing. God Bless to you Marty, Mosey.

    ML Tom

  21. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Marty & Casa Queen,

    Beautiful…. Just BEAUTIFUL!!


  22. Just in and so apropros in my mind at least…
    Boudreaux told Thibodeaux he was having trouble selling his truck, with 200,000 miles on it, for $1,500. Thibodeaux advised him to set the odometer back to 50,000 miles to make it easier to sell. A few days later, Thibodeaux asked Boudreaux if he had sold his truck.
    “No,” replied Boudreaux, “I decided to keep it. It has only 50,000 miles on it.”

  23. Wonderful Marty.

    Those successes are what it’s all about.

    And it’s interesting about the attempted plants. What is so laughable about it is that there is nothing to “infiltrate”! What you see is what you get. Everything is transparent and there’s nothing to hide. The inevitable plants who show up Independents Day will discover nothing other than a group of happy people with shared purposes enjoying themselves. There’s no big conspiracy to uncover. No hidden money to ferret out. No human trafficking going on. No inurement. No lavish expenditures on personal items of aggrandizement. But, the criminal mind doesn’t believe that. It MUST be true!!

    And meanwhile, the number of Independent Scientologists is growing by the day, and they are now experiencing REAL Scientology once more, including finding a whole world of friends who are just that — friends and not robots ready to report them to someone if they dare to think for themselves, or disconnect from them if they dare speak out of turn or doubt the utterances of some man….

    Pity the blind who are still being led by the blind.

  24. Wow Marty & Mosey,

    Beautiful success stories – great products! This is where it’s at.

    I have no doubt the independent field is pumping out more products (and I mean REAL products) than the church.

    As for Miscavige … he sees enemies everywhere. He knows he cannot trust anyone anymore. I would think his immediate staff are finding it more & more difficult to exist in that environment.

    He knows he has lost this game … the physical universe just takes a bit to catch up, but he knows it’s a done deal.

  25. ExIntStaffMember

    Miscavige HATES people and he HATES L. Ron Hubbard. I would venture to say he even HATES God. I agree with you, Marty. DM is very, very frightened of free beings. He only feels comfortable around FOLLOWERS and SLAVES, which by definition are the opposite of free beings.

  26. JM, right back at you!!!!

  27. ExIntStaffMember

    And I forgot to add, I see your point Marty as to why DM HATES the wins at Casablanca. These people are no longer FOLLOWERS and SLAVES and are no longer under his control. Now that must scare the hell out of him! Congratulations on the results you are producing, Marty.

  28. Absolutely wonderful, Marty, as well as what you do! My hat’s off to you (and Mosey, for someone has to take care of that man and the guests amidst the action) in a big way.

    OSA and “friends of OSA” reading this blog – wouldn’t you just LOVE to get some auditing? The kind of auditing that is just meant for YOU with no other purpose. Or a real friend you know you can trust. Look around where you are and if you really like what you see then you have found your place. If not, it is YOU who must decide to stay or not. And maybe we’ll met on this blog or in real life not too long from now. I hope for you that it will be soon.

  29. mark mckinstry


    Your post reminds me of the story about the prison with the door left open. Nobody inside can believe that there is a door, that it is open, and that you can walk outside unscathed.

    But once a few brave souls step out, and others see that they can do the same, the prison no longer exists.

    The warden is on the parapet watching the exodus, which is now a huge flow. That can’t be a good feeling.

    Well done for not only helping to open that door, but even more to provide a facility outside those walls where beings can go free.

    Hat’s off to you…..

  30. Kathy Braceland

    Spot on. Miscaviage is terrified of able, free beings. To stop that from occuring, he invalidated and altered the tech and denigrates anyone who knows and uses standard tech.

    Standard training and auditing is the ticket.

    KSW — “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

    We’re retaining and practicing our technology.

  31. The New Era really has begun, and the Old Era is over. Gone is the day of centralized Communist-style “Int Management.” Gone is the monopoly on the tech. We as Scientologists are free to use Scientology. I keep reiterating that what we are doing is a huge responsibility – taking ownership for the tech, and responsibility for it, and taking it away from usurpers.

    But we are not “taking it away” to “own it ourselves.” We are setting it free for all to use or not use as they see fit. Being somewhat old-school, I find that frightening. Real squirreling will occur, just because of the nature of Man.

    But, the alternative, as we have seen, is far worse. Because squirreling has already occurred, and worse, it is sanctified and blessed by “Int Management” (i.e. Mr. David Miscavige). So, we have the worst-case scenario in the church right now.

    We also have the best case scenario, born of this situation:

    Marty Rathbun is producing results in a “shack” by the Gulf in Texas, of all places. Training and auditing – standard training and auditing – is occurring, free and with no restrictions. By Marty, Trey, the list goes on and on, and is getting longer daily. Of course Mr. D and the Droids are going crazy!

    This is truly great. Very Well Done to Marty, “Unstoppable,” “A Friend,” and the four who refused to “play the sap” for OSA.

  32. Dear Marty & Mosey,
    Thank you for helping me and my friends to move a little higher every day.
    I love those success stories, keep them coming. 🙂

  33. Marty,
    Maybe DM’s also upset that you have taken the “Friendliest Place in the Whole World” title away from him and Flag.


  34. Tara,
    Loved it!!!!Laughing. I know a few Thibodaux and Boudreaux jokes myself. I still want to get in comm, I think we are pretty close to one another. I will explain why I have had to stay low profile as I have unfinished business with COS. Send me a note to

  35. It’s been like an AA meeting with all these folks “coming out” the last few days. Or maybe a Texas debutante party!
    It’s a pleasure to see however one would describe it.

    Carry That Load

    It’s been a bit much,
    Takin’ the orders and such.
    Seems the mark got missed,
    It slipped through your hands,
    Those pearls from sand.

    And then you asked,
    For my complete faith.
    But none of it provable,
    While your sermons saved face.

    So finally I ask,
    Does this get it done?
    Well, that just depends,
    On who calls the shots.
    Men making speeches?
    Or the rest of the lot?

    Myself I’ll take,
    The higher road.
    Leavin’ you to yours,
    You carry that load.

  36. Cindy Pinsonnault

    I was thinking the same thing when I read the successes. I haven’t seen or read anything like this in the church for a long time. These wins actually make a person feel that gains are there to be gotten. They are specific. You can tell they are real and not written to finish a checksheet. Real gains, real cognitions. Real freedom.

    What this does to a suppressive person is NOT something I want to spend a lot of time thinking about. This is THE WORST POSSIBLE BLOW TO THE ENEMY THAT COULD BE DELIVERED.

  37. Geez Marty- Chiquita looks like she’s having a session of her own. Getting a locational? What a HAPPY girl. And why shouldn’t she? She only hangs with one of the best! In addition to dm’s phobia of freed beings and thus independent thinking beings, I feel you ultimately pose the greatest threat to trademarks because your of your excellent delivery and results. I guess the more excellent service is being provided by Independents, the more fragile the justification for RTC ‘s existence becomes….IMHO.

  38. Freedom Fighter

    Great wins and great product, Marty!! Yet another of our inalienable rights that, when achieved, drives DM mad. However, “. . . no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights overtly or covertly.” — LRH, The Creed of the Church of Scientology

  39. Marty and Mosey you are an inspiration, you are a great team and your work helps millions of people.
    The IND auditors are becoming the review ans repair center to fix all the restimulation that DM’s Church is creating….
    So again thank you!!
    Lot of love to you two

    Silvia Kusada

  40. theo Sismanides

    Mike, yes people are getting real Scientology and all of us CAN get it. This is much different than 10 years ago when I left. Now we are in the open. This is super exciting. It’s like a Facebook thing (by the way I watched the movie, Social Network, it was awesome)… we are expanding like a Facebook thing, Mike! Cause after free communication comes… Scientology!!

  41. Michael Fairman

    Yet another “Ilsa” and “Victor” get on the plane carrying their true “letters of transit” to freedom. Bravo, “Rick”, Major Strasser” is kicked in the butt once again. For all of us who have journeyed to, and then from Casablanca, it has indeed been the beginning of beautiful friendships. So with the Marseillaise resounding in the background, all Independents, “March on, march on!”.

  42. Looks like you underestimated Davey’s diabolical cleverness. He never wanted to find any crimes; only a real auditor would. He is completely obsessed with cleaning cleans as introversion is by far the best way to get rid of independent thought and free beings.

  43. So just for grins to drive home the point:

    Definition of INALIENABLE
    : “incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred ”

    Someone done took away my inalienable right to utter or write upon the opinions of others.

    ML Tom



    Name: ______
    Service: ______
    Date: _______

    I have just completed __________. I’ve had so many wins I don’t know how to list them all. It was really fantastic no matter what I ever may say in the future if I should become a disgruntled apostate.

    My Golden Age of Tech auditor never flubbed a command once. His admin was perfect. Thank you.

    Thank you to the IAS for fighting a never-ending battle against an enemy who does not want us to go free. That’s why it’s important to donate all you can and increase your status to the next level now while there’s still time!

    Most of all I would like to thank COB, RTC for his relentless pursuit of perfection, his uncompromising demand for impossible target attainment, his unreasonable standards of unsurpassed quality and his stellar leader of leaders skill set. I know in my heart that he is personally responsible for rescuing Scientology from destruction, making the IRS cry uncle, and keeping it out of the reach of the squirrel, egotistical, megalomaniacal usurpers. Thank you COB, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, COB Sir, thank you. Sir.

    John Q. Public

    PS: Thank you again COB for your Ideal Org program that bought us this nifty new huge building we can expand into for years to come. You didn’t let arbitrary LRH policy stop you from achieving your target. Now, THAT’S OT! Well done and thank you, COB, Sir.

  45. Meanwhile, I am proud to be “One of the Usual Suspects.”

  46. Very nice continuation of the other metaphor, Michael!

  47. Michael, that could have only come from a consummate actor as yourself. What a wonderful metaphore you created there. Marty is definitely the Rick of Casablaca. the Bogart of his generation. Bravo Michael, Bravo.

    “Victor” and “Ilsa” were freed together in the name of love.

    ML Tom

  48. Coming back home by bus from NYC we were shown a movie. Avatar.

    I had never seen it.

    Loved it.

    The Corporate Bad Guy (played by Vonnie Ribisi) reminded me of dm. Unable to SEE, the CBG laughs at Sigourney Weaver’s explanation of the interrelation of the Na’vi with the Trees and other life. The energetic connection.

    He scoffs at her – saying THEY ARE JUST TREES.

    How untrue as we learn while watching the movie. There is energy exchange and an enormous sharing of memories and life energy between ALL forms of life on Pandora.

    Chiquita seems to be focusing on life in the gulf and saying:

    I SEE YOU!!

    And through this blog — we all SEE each other.

    dm can’t see his own hand, much less those around him or those who have left.

    We are “just trees” to him.

    Never a good position to be in. One which creates abject fear.


  49. Marty,

    A mutual friend once said

    “It is my opinion and knowledge that auditors are among the upper tenth of the upper twentieth of intelligent human beings”

    You have earned many times over the right to be on that list.
    Thank you for helping your fellows.
    Thank you for auditing.


  50. Once again, closer to the truth than a joke.

    I especially like the groveling part!!

  51. DM
    You’re going to need a REALLY BIG bus!

  52. Joe, I well remember, as SNR C/S, I got Qual into a game to beat the HGC in WDAHs. It took a few weeks and we did it. 104 Staff WDAHs with the HGC in the mid-90’s. Did we get praised? Hell no, the SHTF and Qual was assigned Lower Conditions along with the HGC. What a mess! All from an ED (CO) that was formerly posted at Int.

    It never made sense until I read about incomprehensibilities, or something, out of Dianetics 55! (the old version)

    Oh well, live and learn…

  53. Are you familiar with “The Taming of the Shrew” where the guy keeps taking away vital things from the woman while he tells her it’s not good enough for her? Broke her spirit. Hmmmm…..

  54. DM is afraid of Clears and OTs.
    Here’s the reference he forgot to have removed from the Golden Age of Squirrel PTS/SP course:
    HCOB 10 May 1982 OT LEVELS
    “Psychotics deal with doing people in. Their whole mission in life is destruction.
    They inveigh against lower level gains and seek to discredit them since these run contrary to their aberrated purpose.
    But when it gets to Clears and OT levels, psychos go berserk!
    They are, as it happens, terrified of punishment for their own crimes.
    The thought of someone being sensible or powerful enough to punish them (they way they would do) is more than they can stand.
    You can, with the utmost certainty, identify a criminal psychotic by the way he vilifies or degrades or seeks to stop Clears and OTs from coming into existence.
    It is lost on him that immorality and crime in others stem from the very things he is doing to them.
    So look well at psychs and antireligious campaigners. They are speaking from their own blackened souls. And they speak from terror.
    That people when they grow saner are less inclined to vengeance is an argument they cannot assimilate. They know if they had the power to torture and kill everyone they would do so.
    Thus the psyches with their rantings and electric shocks wear their own brand clearly marked on them by their own conduct in life.
    Recognize them for what they are – psychotic criminals – and handle them accordingly.
    Don’t let them stop man from going free.”
    L. Ron Hubbard

  55. Great success to read them.

    Now as for the attempted efforts to get people to make false reports about Marty….it reminds me of a scene from “Hoffa”. You will remember the scene in the men’s room when a fed tries to get a Hoffa associate, played by Danny DeVito, to testify against Hoffa. His reaction:

    You want me to give up Jimmy Hoffa? You want ME to give up Jimmy Hoffa????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………….you piece of s–t!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You got NOTHING, or you wouldn’t be HERE…….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Just insert “Marty Rathbun” in place of “Jimmy Hoffa”, and you would have my response to any OSA monkey who comes calling .

    Sic Semper Tyrannis

  56. Wow – not only are these wonderfully heart-warming wins but also so practical– instant application in the physical universe to become more and more cause in life. I love it when people have these wins and as I have said before the essence of Scientology is its practicality.

  57. What was the excuse he used for getting rid of co-audits in the org?
    Haven’t heard of anyone co-auditing their bridge in a long while. Come to think of it I don’t know of too many people making it up through Bridge s in the HGCs either. Most often I hear that a person is off the Bridge saving up money to do their next action or getting a lengthy (and expensive) ‘repair’ or ‘set up action’.
    Imagine if they could simply co-audit.
    Imagine if they could receive fast, effective, standard training to do so.
    Imagine just how much effort has to be exerted to completely stop any possible Bridge progress and still manage to rake in millions.

  58. Raul Batista eat your little cold troll heart out.

    David Miscavige Claire Swazey was in your Event filming your failure

  59. Tony Dephillips

    Great success stories.
    Marty, you da MAN!!
    You remind me of the LRH story where he runs around wearing all the hats on the ship and made people buy their hats back.
    Can’t wait to get dome more auditing from you.
    Tell Mosey and Chiquitta I said hello.

  60. OTDT
    This one is particularly brilliant.

  61. Laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing!

  62. That’s one’s easy. Flag is a scary place these days.

  63. plainoldthetan

    “If tech were perfect ethics would be unnecessary. ”

    I don’t know if this is an LRH quote but it certainly seems like a desirable Ideal scene to me.

  64. My gosh, y’all. I wanna cry. Back in ’95, just prior to exiting CoS Austin, I got into it with my E.D. and there was going to be NO seeing eye to eye. No reference, no KSW, no tech, no nothing… just a whole lotta make wrong! Which is ironic considering the grade she just attested to.

    For 5.. count ’em, FIVE… 1, 2,3,4, 5 freaking YEARS I was in L.A. learning everything there was to know about LRH Admin. I DID the Data Series. I KNOW what an outpoint is. And here I was, no one listening… no one caring what I had to say.

    And now, here we are. And you guys are throwing around LRH refernences left and right! The CORRECT referneces! For the correct OUT-POINTS! My God… you are actually applying THE TECH! HERE! ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!!!

    Bless you all. I’m not crazy after all. I have to remind myself every now and then. Having everyone singing Ron’s praises, and Marty’s for doing what Ron told him to do… brings sanity to a world that was once left in shambles.

    Keep up the good work. Everyone. Code of Honor… keep it up!

  65. Right on!

  66. Hey Marty,
    Do you ever find that your face will sometimes hurt? you know… from smiling too much?

    Take another win. 😉

  67. Yea, Bozz! (APPLAUSE!!!!)

  68. GH, once again I agree with you. Monopolies do not work, period. Squirrelling and alter-is are deadly, no question about it. And, in a “free market”, there will inevitably be those who will think they know better than Ron and will attempt to deliver debased “tech” to their public.

    However, there is a corrective mechanism in this, as in all free markets: squirrel tech does not produce results. Only standard tech does. With the internet, the public will be able to read reviews of various auditors and field practices just like they can when investigating any other subject or product. They will gravitate towards the practitioners of standard tech and run from those who deliver poor results to their public.

    Even if it comes to pass that DM is deposed/jailed/hung/electrocuted by copper rods, whatever, the correct Board structures reinstated, and the Church somehow survives, I doubt it will ever be able to regain its monopoly status. The cat is way too far out of the bag for that to happen.

    Nor should we ever tolerate another monopoly of the subject no matter what its internal structure. That would be an invitation to a repeat disaster somewhere down the line. A thriving independent field, filled with skilled auditors and public who will never again permit the hijacking of LRH’s legacy, will be the most effective check & balance against a similar abuse of power ever taking place again.

  69. Marty, you are the epitome of a Scientologist.

    At a time when I felt all hope was lost, you and others spoke out and gave me back Scientology. I will be eternally grateful for all of the people who stretched their necks up high and told the truth in the SP Times.

    It was the catalyst that differentiated Scientology from the church and I was able to shift from being embarrassed about what the church had become to being in awe once again about the power and beauty of the tech.

    Thank you to you and to all of you out there who are delivering and doing what you do best. It really feels great to be connected with such compassionate and able beings. You guys really rock!

  70. Fantastic wins – keep them coming! Applying the principles of TWTH will always put you in a state of expansion. lets all continue to flourish and prosper!

  71. I love your posts Bozz!

  72. Nice Sam, I forgot that one. But it is spot on. This is what Davey is all about.


    ML Tom

  73. Tara, I miss you!!!!!
    Love Carol

  74. Spot on reference!

  75. mrinder, that blind leading the blind statement will go down with DM when those who have been blinded see again! I remember when he first said it and I thought wow the only blind one I see is you!

  76. True satire echos truth, and this template looks just like the “wins” I’ve seen emailed to me lately!

  77. one of those who see

    Great post today. Will write more later. But, first had to say thank you to unstoppable as you wrote “My biggest cognition was being able to fully look at how I am constantly trying to change people instead of ‘as-ising’ them and accepting them as they are.” This helped me with a problem of mine! So I guess I got a win off of your win! So thanks to our Auditor – Marty LOL

  78. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Well, that’s what any SP wants… and why any SP is afraid, Very Afraid…

  79. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Yes, the very good work, the VERY AMAZING good work. Take it from one who knows.
    Love you guys… and girls =)

  80. A friend of mine told me a story that really shows how insane Miscavige gets at even the thought of staff co-auditing.

    My friend was the CO PDO (Planetary Dissemination Org) and she was writing a program to get more training being sold. She included a target in the program to get staff co-audits started in the orgs. She felt that if the staff had their own wins training and auditing they would be more likely to get the public to train and become auditors.

    When Miscavige saw the target in the program he went into a rage and removed her from post. Need I say more…..

  81. It’s called an enforced *can’t have* and is a common trick of SPs (by that I mean actual SPs) along with an enforced *have* of some kind such as having to have “Ideal Orgs” in order to drive in public or some shiny new edifice in order to deliver Super Power or “The staff deserve only the best auditing and the solution is to man up Qual and train auditors to audit the staff.”

    They all seem “reasonable”.

    Like the “reasonable solution” that becomes the problem of “man(ning) up Qual” so staff can receive the “best auditing” which is just a perfectionist ser fac like trying to make a “perfect” auditor by drilling them into complete robotism. The obvious goal of the “Golden Age of Tech”.

    Personally I don’t think Miscavige has any real intellect (as far as I’m concerned his intellect much like his physical stature is diminutive) beyond the fact that he “(u)ses sly means of controlling others,” as covered in the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation under Section Q “Command over Environment”.

    However I never viewed Miscavige as *the SP*. He’s just the most obvious and probably just one of several or more as covered in the various issues on S&Ds.

    I’ve audited dozens of successful PTSRDs and never seen a case that recovered after only finding and auditing out one SP.

    That said the “Church of Scientology” has definitely become a Suppressive Group by virtue of the fact that their main objective seems to be to *stop* or prevent auditing from occurring for some reason that could be ringed with red ink and probably cause a meter to Rock Slam violently.

    I remember when auditing in the field of the LA area rivaled that of all the Orgs combined.

    So what did the new “Auditor (de)Activation Chief” of IHELP a Chaz Kember (scion of former AG Jane Kember whose approval of GO 1361 was the key reason that Mary Sue became an indictable “Coconspirator”) do?

    He sent out a directive informing all Field Auditors who hadn’t completed the “Golden Age of Tech” or submitted a video to IHELP to cease auditing.

    This one order and its enforcement acted like a virtual neutron bomb and turned the once thriving LA Field into a virtual dead zone under the False Flag of “getting tech in”.

    You see the reason that many public were evading the Orgs was because they had had their fill of Golden Age “tech” and wanted some real auditing instead.

    Much like the PCs and Pre OTs who come to Marty’s shack.

    I means significant wins like these are what you should expect on the Lower Grades.

    PCs should be getting wins beyond their “wildest expectations” and having latent cognitions in life from being audited.

    This is the “miracles as usual” results that any good auditor is supposed to be getting.

    Yet you pick up a copy of “Source” or “Advance” and you only see such wins at the highest levels of OT.

    What’s up with that?

    I mean it’s nice that the new OT feels more like themselves but that win should have occurred on ARCSW or Life Repair *not* OT 8!

    Wins like the ones Marty is getting at lower levels is what it’s all about!

    The Orgs should be doing these things but they’re too busy building ostentatious “Ideal Orgs” and monstrosities like the “Super Power Building” or having public donate endless amounts of lucre to the IAS and other 501ciii entities that in fact divert money away from *Training* and *Processing*.

    The only two things that will eventually bring about a cleared planet.

    According to Ron the main stats of any Org should be Auditors trained and PCs and Pre OTs audited.

    Yet I’m pretty sure unless it’s purely by accident that very little actual auditing or training is occurring in any “Scientology” Org right now because that isn’t their main intention any longer.

    The fact is the fixation of the Reverse Technology Center has always been to stop auditing.

    In the beginning when I worked with the “Squirrel Busters” it was specifically to stop squirrel auditing now it has transmogrified to *all* auditing.

    They are dramatizing what Ron talks about in the lecture “A Talk to Saint Hill Ethics Officers” where they have become fixated on stopping things.

    Not just “squirrel” auditing but all auditing in general.

    Not only that but they have snapped terminals with the Suppressive Valances of Scientology’s past long dead enemies.

    The irony is the actual rundown that would have prevented this identification “Super Power” has basically been sabotaged.

    Not only that but the Level OT IX Orders of Magnitude that would have brought a being up to a point of being able to perceive the folly of all these diversions such as “Ideal Orgs” and would have brought an end to endless donations still sits up there in some vault near Petrolia collecting dust.

    Again ironically if this level had been released earlier it might have solved the problem of Saint Hill sized Orgs that “management” was supposedly trying to solve by withholding its release.

    Anyway I’ve rambled on enough but I just wanted to convey a few points that have become real to me in the last while and Marty’s last posting elicited another stream of consciousness comment.

    I’ll close this tirade by saying Marty you’re doing a excellent job.

  82. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Erwin and Sir R,
    That has been the name of the game, hasn’t it?
    I had my first (and only) Court of Ethics as an HGC auditor when I was F/Ning after my very best, very upstat, week as an auditor. I don’t want to give the PCs’ details here, but I helped someone realize the biggest miracle in his life that I had seen to that date.
    Unfortunately, my other products that week were a Grade I completion on a key staff member who suddenly had no problems and started handling her life and the org like no tomorrow, and a Div 6er who was very well and happy. So, guess what? With the HGC in a State of Emergency as it was almost my entire time there [no PCs], my non Div 4 WDAH didn’t count. My WDAH in Affluence wasn’t worth the paper it was graphed on and I was treated as if I false reported. (I had always reported WDAH as WDAH before that time, even though we had often been assigned and audited staff or Div 6 pc’s since Div 4 pc’s were apparently so scarce.)

    Introversion? Uh, yeah. Killed F/N? Ya think? Dwindling spiral as an auditor from that point forward? You bet ya!

    Veeerrry clever, D.Monology, at least for a while. When I recovered and was able to do a little more auditing, I got to F/N daily again as my PCs F/N’d after each of their sessions… until all that F/Ning was sabotaged again… But that’s another story.

    There I go being “too independent” again.

    This is a Big Thank You M & M, et al, and all you crazy people being “too independent” like crazy little me. And Big Congrats to the newest benefactors of the best auditing on the planet!

  83. Sam,
    An excuse is not really needed! Just “Out Tech” as a generality in the vein of the “blind is leading the blind”. The entire building was renovated as it had been originally a “spa” with saunas. A TTC was formed up with Vince Trent as the IC, John Peeler was one of the members and through time, everyone was busted, most TTCers for J&D. All are out of the SO except one guy Winston Mellor who was busted to the galley and now works in Audio.

  84. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Gotta love the Cajun! Gee, if I could take 50 years off of me then I’d be 50 all over again! 😀

  85. Mrs. Friend of Ron


  86. This is a very strange message. You are posting with a name very similar to another person who regularly posts on this blog but with a slight misspelling of that name. The icon associated with the person we regularly read is different. This message has many English grammatical and syntactical irregularities that are atypical of the person whom we usually read. I don’t think I will go to that video because I am not sure of the purpose of this message.
    What’s up with this?

  87. Sam,

    I remember the first Org that put the Kibosh on me co-auditing.

    Before this I had coaudited all my lower Grade Chart actions plus OT Preps either while on the Levels at a Class IV org or at SH.

    I even had a co-audit going with another HGC auditor at the AO.

    So I went to the so called “Mecca of Technical Perfection” to do my VI internship and I wanted to co-audit because I was in the middle of an FPRD form of some kind and I was told by the so called “MAA” that I was too out ethics to co-audit at Flag.

    You know like WTF?

    I wasn’t too “out ethics” enough to audit paying FCCIs at ya know 300 bucks an hour but I was somehow too “out ethics” to coaudit.

    Go figure?????

  88. He says something like that on the VIII lectures and in the HCOB of 68 called “Out Tech”.

    No surprise that all this constant ethics putting in without getting *Tech in* is pretty much suppressive.

    Much like he says in the lecture ‘A Talk to Review Auditors’.

    Forget about tech in any of the orgs.

    Most public were on endless ethics “handlings” before I blew that Koolaid stand.

    I’ve seen cases being run on “Ethics by Dynamics” and “Exchange by Dynamics” over and over again.

    Who knows hoping they might get it right this time or something.

    Not to mention half a dozen 3 May Pls and 2 Aprils.

    They take as Dan Sherman would say absurdity to new heights.

    I guess it’s a nice illusion to think after you’ve done lowers for the hundredth time that the squirrel tech they call “Standard Tech” will somehow magically work on you.

  89. Fellow Traveller

    Qual Nijaette… swings and it’s a perfectly clean cut.
    Bruce Pratt

  90. Fellow Traveller

    Timbuk 3 – The Future’s So Bright

    That’s what I’m tinkin’.

    Bruce Pratt

  91. Fellow Traveller

    in case that link above ain’t correct…..

  92. Wow! Lenore, you are good! I spotted the oddity in the comm and the link is no good, not like SA to post a link that way…but I totally missed the misspelled name and icon. Good catch!

    I am glad you are with the Independents!

  93. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    No good turn goes unpunished in DM’s Hell-to-End-All-Hells Thetan-Laundering Church!

    Gary (a villager looking to hang davey out to dry)

  94. Totally gross handling of such an upstat! Obviously you commited the heinous crime of freeing beings. No wonder they made you an ethics target!

  95. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Your points are right on the nail. The wins that I got from my auditing were all mind-blowing to say the least. Life Repair through the Original OT Levels (I-8) and New OT-8, PDC, KTL, etc… were what I felt were wonderful! I can’t believe that those kinds of wins are not being delivered DAILY. LRH would KSW someone to non-existence if he discovered what David Miscavige is doing to his Tech.

    RJ, Thanks for being a hammer! 🙂 And Marty, thanks for being the toolbox!! I look forward to meeting you and Mosey and the Tejas gang someday soon!

    Gary (yeah, you know… the villager with a gripe and a torch for davey)


  96. PoT,

    It’s an LRH quote from the 3rd tape on the Cl VIII Course called “Certainty of Standard Tech”. I highly recommend going through those tapes, as it does describe an Ideal Scene for Tech in Orgs. Not surprisingly, the VIII course was never GATTED, and DM in fact closed the Class VIII courserooms worldwide.

  97. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Of course WTF! Reverse Logic is what SPs live by. It doesn’t make any sense except to DM and his minions-(Is that french for little onions?). You know that I’d be preaching to the choir to say that DM’s tone level is sub-prime. 🙂

  98. I agree good catch Leonore.

    They (OSA and some of the critics) used to hijack screen names all the time.

    It was hard to spot unless you knew the actual screen names email address.

    What I’d like to know is who hijacked our friend SA and why?

    SA it’s time to give these OSA upstarts a good ass kicking.

    GO style 🙂

  99. Leonore,
    My wireless keyboard went nuts. The post has combinations of 3 different items I was writing. Original paragraphs of the PC success stories was left out and bits from others in. My copy and past garbled it all. I won’t try and repost. Even the youtube line altered itself. I replaced the batteries, reset the keyboard wifi, and now all is well. I was at work and just now saw the mess.

    When I saw my icon I was about to send a note to Marty and asked who altered my name. Then read my post and your note. Sorry for any confusion. The real Sapere Aude is alive and well. The following link is clean and works. I love that song – one my Independent songs to play.

    This is the song “You can still be free”.

    Leonore, thanks much for watching my backside. You can be my winglady anytime!

  100. Scott Campbell

    Just got home and saw this. Knew it was wonky as soon as I read: “As shown recently by those posting; the suppression of the very people funding and supporting you is observable.”

    Sapere Aude would never write such a covert stab at Marty.


  101. Scott Campbell


    Hey man, we should reel in ‘Ol Vince T. I always liked him.

  102. Scott Campbell


    You gotta realize something. After untold thousands of lifetimes as a termite – being pissed on, shat upon and trod underfoot of elephants, now is Davey boy’s time to shine!

    He’s just cuttin’ them elephants down to size!

  103. Scott Campbell

    Love it.

  104. Scott Campbell


    I got just one question.

    Is this why I haven’t received my Independents Day invitation yet?


    P. S. Fantastic wins baby! Keep on rockin’.

  105. Man,

    I’m amazed Chaz went along with this. I’ve known him for many years, since he was a kid – he was pretty decent over in the UK – laid back & a real great sense of humour.

    Sad to hear

  106. Scott Campbell

    Still bizarre…

  107. Leonore and Karen B.

    Thank you both. Part of my original post was some LRH that I feel is only being applied by the Independent field. We are stronger as a group. These wins are what it is all about.

    From Ability Issue 83 Mid October 1958

    “The very truth that we know, its simplicity and ease of grasp, the very honesty with which we approach our task are probably the largest barriers we have to overcome. Man has been defrauded so often, persuaded so wrongly and has returned to the same old rut so inevitably and in such a defeated frame of mind that he is not able to grasp easily the firm and friendly hand which is being reached toward him.
    It will take more people, more auditors, better understanding on all our parts to get this task anywhere near done.” LRH

  108. Scott Campbell

    Fanatstic Sam! Great reference.

  109. Dear Friend of Ron,

    While I agree that FREED BEINGS does scare DM, I am partial to the idea of the SUB-PRODUCT. Money Money Money.

    Corporate GREED. He wants $$$$$$$ flowing in every minute of every day in abundance.

    Monique Yingling, John Connally, David Lubow, Elliott Abelson and the 100 other Lawyers Internationally and all the 100 PIs domestic and internationally….. these things cost Money !!!!$$$$$$$

    Anyone DM perceives getting services whether even for little to no money or not, takes away from his MIND SET ~~ that only HE and the “Church” can hold your eternity in HIS GRASP.

    I see deep money motivation as in GREED. Just read what recent victims of Barracuda REG cycles have revealed. The appetite for $$$$
    and more $$$$$ and more $$$$ is insatiable.

    He needs to live like a Rock Star and that costs money. Parishioners are there for one reason, to SUCK out maximum dollar year in and year out.
    Maximum Dollar for minimum Exchange.

    Will that be Cash ? Check ? Credit Card ?

  110. Wonderful success stories. So great to see actual success stories again. True delivery of LRH’s tech results in them time and time again. Thanks for posting them here and sharing with one and all.
    I concur 100% that Dear Leader is totally in fear of freed beings. That is his ogre — straight out of the PTS/SP HCOBs & PLs. no-bouts-a-doubt-it.

  111. RJ,
    I am here. I don’t think OSA would bother with me. I have been off lines for years and don’t live in an OSA friendly environment. One side lives a 145 lb Akita and the other an almost as big Great Dane. Have my neighbors have CCW permits. Now, they might try and hijack electronics but even that would be hard. This was my internal screwup and I fixed it. Hell, I even wondered who stole my name when I started to read after work.

    I know which side my friends are on. Thanks to all of you for watching. As to an ass kicking – I think I have quoted enough law and enough LRH to make some think twice. I have been to court over 200 times and lost 4. I have friends in high places. Hell, with my current friends I don’t think they would even let me in their HGC. Any harassment my way and it will be charges for Hate Crimes filed. I am free to practice as I want my religious beliefs.

    And Scott, the draft comment was corrected to refer to recent postings by Lynn, Bert, etc – about the Scientologists who were funding and supporting IAS, C of S, etc and still stabbed in the back as soon as support is withdrawn. That is the Suppression being referenced.

    My apology to all for any scare. Now, lets get back to the wins Marty is getting on his public. I don’t wish to pull the subject off the original post Marty put up.

    If you guys have questions you can reach me at:

  112. Tony Dephillips

    That is sick and parr for the course with demonology. He specializes in killing off upstat OTs.

  113. Agreed. I spent 20 minutes on google trying to find how someone can hijack my avatar/gravator before I figured out what had happened. I didn’t read what was posted just saw my “name” and icon were changed and thought – what the hell… Anyway, all back in PT now. By the way, you really need to stop smoking. I drop in to say hello and you are at the store. Chatted with Karry and will see ya another time.

  114. Scott Campbell

    Exactly Kathy.

    WE’RE the one’s doing it.

  115. QS,

    Never met Chaz just knew about the family connection.

    How the hell he got into the SO is beyond me because his mother had known connections to SA Intel through her father.

    Anyway some of these kids who get power go from being Dr Jekyll to being Mr. or Ms. Hyde PDQ. Look at Tommy boy.

  116. Well okay SA.

    Just a false alarm but you gotta admit big guy there is cause for concern at times.

    Nice to see that you are you 🙂

    Being one of our most trusted members with some of the coolest quotes from the Ol’man and all that.

    Slightly disappointed that you didn’t eat one of those OSA brats for lunch.

    Maybe next time 😉

    Marty nails it again with Standard Tech well Delivered. I am so proud of Him. It’s like LRH is around again, circa 1968, and Tech is going-in…not in volume mind you, but the potential, the potential is terrifying to the SP types. Why? Because its good and Standard. That’s why. And is a threat.
    As Mat points out, a Bridge blocked is a blocked Bridge. It is not a “No Bridge” situation.

    I’ve been off in a number of other research ventures myself, and if I can slip something in sideways here…(thank you Mat) as I feel it should be…
    On one hand DM has only a temporary grip on the delusional dramatization of a successful suppression of true Scientology. On the other hand, or upper hand, you might say suppression of this Planet is nothing new, right? It’s a very very old Hat. The delusion of their success, who ever they may be, the powers that be (TPTB) call em. Are following what we know all too well to be silly suppressive whole-track phenomenon that isn’t necessarily grounded in any reality or truth, whatsoever. Nor is it Our destiny nor Our fate.
    (Sorry to spill my guts out like a fool. But I can’t help it. Where’s Jesus when you need him? What did he say, if you find someone in the ditch, help them out! Didn’t he say that?? Only a very un-pts person would do that. LRH took it further, to paraphrase, he said ‘let’s not fill our orgs with poeple suck in the ditch, let’s get them all un-pts so NO ONE is stuck in the ditch!’ Simple.

    As you see the whole picture, a picture deprived the poor souls who are suppressive, I assure you, they are blind. Eventually it gets crystal clear, and it’s like playing with a… with all respect, a dog. A curd dog. (I been watching the the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan on National Geographic 🙂 You get the idea? In just a few mere hours, a mad dog, is a friend.

    As LRH said some forty years ago; “the economic lid is about to come off the pot, that is already at a high boil”. For those aware, truly
    take heed. We will be tested. I believe that lid came off IMO in 2008, and an excellent briefing of the seen can be found following Porter Stansberry here:
    (or Google his name) It is simply vital to me that my friends here, all of you, are the least harmed. Because, SPs don’t quit.. You know it. They are just bastards. With that out of the way…

    Now, it gets interesting! The word IS out… with the recent visit of China to America. Last January. China, of all people, are not liking what is going on…and they are fully aware of it. They really are. It’s simple. Henry Kissinger said it like a true SP, (or let’s give him a bit of credit he is w/ a type of PTS condition. sorta cronic) Here he is on Charlie Rose stating “[China] ..should be certain on the direction we want to go”. 10:55-15:00 then later (and don’t you go pts yourself between this fascinating SP dialog, … skip to 34:oo-35:27. He’s talking trash!! Man!
    How do I know this?? Well you know it too. It’s an ..intentional.. imbalance of power or call it Wealth. The MO of suppressives wouldn’t you say? Every-bit of it intentional. Just look around the world…

    TPTB’s infiltration of every aspect of our lives in some kind of bizarre plan to suppress everyone on the Planet INCLUDING CHINA; via taxes/debts and what have you, all for some kind of World Dominance, is all coming to an interesting end, truly. That I believe, has now and for some time now, included the suppression of good old Scientology. DM is a spineless shrimp, always has been, and like every Bully I’ve ever known, is certainly a coward, who would of or could of, NEVER confronted TPTB. Which I believe was LRH’s true and soul purpose and mission of the SO!
    Here’s a more solid briefing, in full detail on China and what actually may be ahead:
    [audio src="" /]
    (the audio at 90 minutes is long yet most enlightening, I hope you enjoy it, it’s epic. And is just one source to support the trend…of all Federal Reserve Notes or Debts of all Nations, wiped clean! Yes, you heard right. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Somebody says it’s predicted in the Bible, as the ‘Year of jubilee’)

    But it gets even better!!
    (I told you I am sideways on this one… Such breaking news should be “front Page” No? (I disagree)).
    I’ve been following also, rather closely, a site originally set up for ‘Whistle Blowers’ who are now in their 4th or 5th year of healthy operation. You may of heard of them, two very close friends; Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan. Their site hit a power range in short order, and just stayed there…doing remarkable work!
    The site, originally known as became very interesting to me after I discover a letter from a “Dane Tops” who blew the lid off Scientology in the ’80s. (Perhaps the early beginnings of the Independent Field) The link bellow is not my point; but it’s a great letter!!
    What is so fascinating to me right now is that as of Feb. 11th 2011 Kerry states on her blog that Bill’s recent work has gone, in another sense… “sideways”. Holy smokes!! Billy lost his mind?? She claims due to his intimate involvement with a mysterious person known simply as “Charles”. That he “lost it”.
    Now “Charles” debut on Jan. 1, 2011, stating on Bill’s site that he was told to “handle” both Kerry and Bill as a “serious threat” or problem for those, whoever, the TPTB. That’s right! “Charles” comes from the very very top. Remarkable.
    The Powers That Be are considered to be 33 men of a “gifted” blood-line bla bla bla…Who actually “control” the World. Or should I say Suppress it.
    So pressure was applied to both Kerry and Bill, and as a result, Bill Ryan launched his own site an independent Project known today as Project Avalon, (a great strategic move LRH used with the purchase of Saint Hill, excellent type of check-mate) and as Charles put it, now he had “two problems instead of one”. LOL! So what is the problem?? Why of course, Bill is a very well Trained Auditor of 30 years (I didn’t know that!!! That is what I am so excited about) and he won “Charles” over to sit down with him and Blow-the-whistle! Now THAT is what I call an LRH Legacy.

    You see, we are going to handle this Planet, one way or another.
    Do you see the Threat now? How serious it is when the Tech gets out??
    Let me tell ya, nothing LRH did was in vain. None of it. What a power house.

    Background: When I first herd of “Charles” and his amazing story, Bill Ryan posted his interview vid on 1.1.11 on his site. Then nothing for a near month, I thought he was dead. So certainly, me thinks, Kerry would be saying something (!?) …well He’s not “dead” but by the tone of Her letter regarding him she thinks he is. lol
    She’s simply not a Scientology. (yet she is)

    All of this is here, scroll part way down Ryans’ site, as it exists for now, to the original vid dated 1.1.11 of Bill Ryan and “Charles”.
    Kerry’s Letter stating her position, that tickles the shit out of me regarding Bill, is a bit hard to navigate too, but it’s there; under
    February 11, 2011
    ‘The Perils of Resistance or How Do You Talk to a Murderer?’

    fuk it. cut and paste is a dream..

    lov you all,

    February 11, 2011

    I wrote the following several weeks ago and sent it to Bill. I wanted him to be aware of my pov of what he is doing. I have held off publishing it until now because I did not want it to appear I was attacking him. Whereas, I love Bill as a friend and comrade in this struggle, the present situation calls for a deeper look into the psychology of why they chose him for their ‘operation’ and what vulnerabilities they are targeting. There is no doubt that this is an operation most likely coming out of Tavistock or at the very least being closely monitored by them. This is written in hopes of revealing a bit of the truth behind the “image” some have simply because it is so needed at this time when many are being led astray, in my view.

    The Perils of Resistance or How Do You Talk to a Murderer?

    My formal reply to the recent Commentary video statement from Bill Ryan of Project Avalon

    The latest Commentary and “Interview” with Charles, the assassin/fixer turned representative and protector of Bill Ryan is frought with problems. Which is why my latest response was to cite the film “Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”. The key to the dilemma here is understanding what Bill Ryan is doing in relation to the job of an interviewer and investigative reporter. The problem is that he is neither. His approach to Charles and the 33 has been to perform a service. In his chosen role, he has placed himself in the position of becoming the ideal “student” and “auditor” rolled into one.

    What do I mean by auditor? Because Bill has spent around 30 years studying and being audited as part of his immersion into Scientology — by way of a break-off group called Ron’s Org. this is what he has learned to do. He has never studied to be a journalist… Nor has he actually studied to be a leader of a revolution of any kind. And this is crucial to understanding how he approached his role when Charles and the 33 approached him. It is necessary to also state that “they” would have accurately assessed that this is his background and therefore know exactly how he would perform.

    Why is this a problem? Because as an ideal “student” and “auditor” Bill sees his role as not one to question except to further elucidate or explain what it is “they” or his interview subject is trying to convey. That’s it. In his view, he is there to “learn” and “understand” what is being said.

    And this, is what he therefore thinks anyone who interviews him (or anyone else for that matter) should also do, by the way. He is not there, in his own view, to really question or analyze from the perspective of a journalist… an investigative journalist… His job, as he sees it, is simply there to absorb and report. He becomes, for the purposes of his time with Charles and by default therefore with the 33–a blank slate. And this is the reason for my sarcasm.

    Instead of bringing the vast amount of background and knowledge he has to the table in dialog and interchange with Charles, he shelves that in favor of making himself pliable and comforting. In other words, an auditor. You could view an auditor as being similar to a therapist. They will listen, not interrupt or even really participate actively in any way…other than to help the person reveal what it is they want to say. They facilitate. They encourage even.

    Why is this a problem? Because that is not what, in my view, is needed here. Whereas, one could certainly make a case that Charles and indeed the 33 could use all the therapy they can get… The role of Project Camelot and presumably, by default Project Avalon (Bill’s Half)… is not just to bring information to the people but to analyze new information in light of what is already “known”. And to question in order to get to the bottom of a mystery.

    And this is where Bill and I depart ways. Because for Bill, listening sympathetically and reporting information is something he does well and what he has been taught to do. But this is not sufficient for the task at hand. Why? Because in this arena, where humans are put into a situation where in essence the jailhouse guards and self-appointed rulers are suddenly accessible to dialog, his approach falls drastically short of anything the least bit satisfying to the needs of the situation. There is no sense in any of Bill’s material with relation to Charles… that he is able to compare and contrast with say, our previous witness testimony, historical knowledge, or show any sense of being able to spot an inherent contradiction in the material, when faced with the facile (and highly questionable) statements from Charles in respect to the 33 and their supposed position and point of view.

    This is not helpful to solving our problem or indeed to saving the 2/3rds of the human race from the planned GENOCIDE. Yes, boys and girls, what the viewer knows (or at least a good portion of our enlightened audience knows) is that Charles represents the group that has (if they are who they say they are and not just 33 very rich, deluded, old white men) the button in their hand to throw the switch to eliminate 2/3rds of the human race. GENOCIDE in a scale beyond what even your average run-of-the-mill genocide involves.

    And here we have Bill, sweetly placing himself into his role as polite and mannered “auditor” and unquestioning student. Doesn’t this strike you as a bit odd? Certainly Houston, we have a problem. Because planet Earth is at the brink and the men at the controls are very likely jumping for joy, because they have just ‘acquired’ their target (to use a military term)… one of the leaders in the resistance. Alas, my partner in Camelot, an organization that has been at the forefront of the information revolution and awakening for the masses. We are the resistance. Our job is to save the world. In my view, if this were a Terminator movie, then we are Sarah Connors and her son. We are supposed to be, yes, Mulder and Scully of the X-Files. In my view, our mission is to be among those that lead the investigation discover humanity’s destiny, not just to file it away on a shelf, but to use that information to reveal the Controllers, OZ behind the curtain and in so doing, disempower them.

    And this is why we have been a threat and why we now have a big problem. In getting alongside them by way of Charles, Bill has become their scribe. Just as the mainstream media has become the scribe of the Controllers… Workers in their massive publicity machine, informing the masses of their intentions, and even, rationalizing those intentions using the Illuminati’s own rationale for what they intend to do. Which is again, massacre over time,… fully 2/3rds of the population this planet.

    So why is he doing this? Has he lost his mind, has he been programmed? I imagine, knowing him as well as I do, that he thinks he is being clever. In placing himself in this subservient and pliable role he is learning their methods and information in order to later turn around and use it against them. This is most likely his plan, if he has bothered to have one.

    Unfortunately, it won’t work… In fact, it has already failed. Why? Because in allowing himself to be co-opted he has furthered their agenda.

    It may be that he hopes, that in becoming their docile apprentice he will be granted access to their secret abode, and then be granted audience to them, at which time he will try to argue for the lives of the 2/3rds of the human race. Unfortunately, his chances of success are nil. Why is that?

    Well, this goes back to who exactly these 33 are… to of course bloodlines.
    Most likely, these 33 are the descendants of the original Reptilian-Human Hybrids that came to this planet from the Sirius galaxy… planet Sirius B, if I understand it correctly. And their plan has always been to take over planet Earth and to dominate it and rule according to the principles of their forefathers… more a reptilian agenda than a human one.

    And there is no way, they are going to move off that agenda, without a fight.
    And this is why, we need Bill to remember his mission, remember what he has learned as part of years of investigation as half of Project Camelot and to continue to help lead the Resistance to the Controllers.

    And maybe, even in time, to learn what being an investigative reporter really entails and next time he is approached by a witness or assassin from the dark side, manage to reveal the information while at the same time keeping the context in mind and asking the good questions that reveal the method behind the madness and not to be co-opted or cross the fine line between inquiry and agreement.

    In the spirit of the resistance,


  118. Thanks Big G,

    I wouldn’t trade any of the wins on training and auditing for a million bucks.

    It’s all good 🙂

  119. Guys, this should be Left out a 4.

  120. Loved to read this, Bozz!
    I had very similar frustrations around 1993-95 in Stockholm, as my commlines was cut and LRH was kicked out. Now there’s hope.

  121. Sapere Aude,
    Thanks for the clarification. Guess I started it all, but it was odd. Your screen name has literary and historical meaning, so the misspelling caught my eye & led to other speculations. I’ve done similar. Back to topic at hand… the successes at Casablanca.

  122. I love you RJ.
    Would you please write a book?

    Just yanking yur chain, you got books in you…
    But this day an age, anything goes…another fuken book…
    There are too many books.
    You can do a site, or your own blog, with lots of fans…

    You know a book I love? Steven king’s On Writing…

    Didn’t help me. But it was a great book! awesome read

  123. RJ,
    Good rambling, and all very apropos. I stayed with you to the end! I totally agree with your observations here. Glad you took time to write them.

  124. Isn’t it great! All of us are there because we just love each others company. True wonderful beings. How true and simple is that? And not a one of us would fail to help another out of the ditch, on our way. Perfectly normal.
    Let it spread.

  125. “and handle them accordingly.” …was LRH beyond his time? Who was he talking to??

    We are going to live to watch this man, arrested with a full armament of force.

    mark my words

  126. Loved the wins!
    I don’t know why, but that’s really the greatest thing to me.
    I skipped my Bridge, like so many of us, so others can have wins.
    and I’m happy as shit for that!
    keep winning!!

  127. By the way,
    what you do in your area has an effect not only in that area.
    Some days ago I had a cog about being alone here and disconnected. Later that day I asked for company. Had some “arrivals”. And later had quite a cog on something. I know this sounds nuts for those of different realities. I do not care. The heat is on and increasing. Thanks.

  128. Spot on RJ,

    In my little neck of the woods we had a small Franchise which went Mission and then qualed for Class IV Org status. The mission at the time had 2 Class VIIIs (one an VIII C/S & HSST and the other a Class VI C/S). We also had about a dozen Class IV auditors in the HGC. Tech was spot on, BIS was climbing steadily.

    As a sup at the time, we weren’t consumed with stats – we wanted winning PCs, and in the Academy, students who could actually apply what they learned – real products. Two of the main datums I went by was ‘flaps in the field = out tech’ and the ‘upbraided for no results’. It seemed simple – good products who got what they came in for resulted in re-signs and expansion, and the noise/flaps were non-existant.

    With the advent of Class IV Org status, the G.O. set up shop and slowly but surely started ripping off good staff from the org. Locked doors, secret G.O.only policy, word clearing the Art of War amongst others, and anything going on within the Org was now became the norm.

    Needless to say, the flaps exploded – newspapers, magazines, local attacks from ex-missionholders, etc … it was nuts.. As a sup I was racking my brains trying to figure out how I was screwing up. Academy stats were in affluence but there were still these flaps.

    Then a 3-p Invest went on and pegged the most productive Div 6 Reg – a real good guy – that shut down Div 6’s stats, and of course the line-up for the Academy in Div IV was decimated. One by one, key terminals within the org were goldenrod-ed, witch hunts started – hell, we would walk in each day to see new goldenrods and wondered when our number would be up.

    In the end, the HGC was shut down – two auditors left. My students at the time were coming to me wondering what the heck was going on so I had a major meeting in the Academy to re-assure them that we were there to turn out auditors would continue despite what was going on elsewhere. All went fine for a week and then the Qual Sec and the Academy were targeted and the terminals put on to GO lines for trumped up charges.

    And the rest is history … a once productive org decimated, dozens of staff turned criminal in the GO, or simply left and the students left in droves. Devastating for me and so many others. Even now, decades later, that Org has never recovered to even a tenth of the original.

    It made me realize that despite the academy having a high quality of tech, criminal activity and other ‘tech’ can really affect an area and still pull it down.

    The current flaps have everything to do with the same criminal mindset of OSA and Management. From a PR aspect, they have blown it big time – it will take years to overcome and in my thinking, the only way to really move away from that black cloud is with the Independent movement – to really distiguish us as different from the ‘Church’ in what we preach & practice.

    The ‘Church’ has now nailed their own coffin shut with real alteration of the tech in play and the result is people staying away in droves. The public expects real Scientology, not some goof’s idea of what LRH said or re-written Codes, Axioms, HCOBs, etc. They expect great wins … not just ‘feeling better’. Aside from that, the lock-ups, beatings, abortions, financial crimes, fraud, etc. create one nasty scene.

    Rational people shun criminals. Rational people expect to be treated with respect, importance & decency; not as a bottomless pit of money.

    The sooner Miscavige, his cronies and that criminal mindset are gone, the better.

  129. TroubleShooter

    Sapere Aude or Sapre Aud

    You’re presto chango – not so quicko believedio

  130. TroubleShooter

    Just when I think I’ve confronted the length and breadth of cob’s evil I see a posting like yours Mat and the hair stands up on the back of my neck.

    Right now my picture of cob is of a foaming at the mouth nut case whose pulled off the biggest coup of all. He makes the Ben Ali’s, Mubaraks and Ghadafis of the world look like sissy girls.

    Just venting. . .

  131. martyrathbun09

    TS, sorry, one line removed.

  132. TroubleShooter

    No problem Marty. Good morning to ya, have another great one. Your production of pc wins is very inspiring. It keeps the purpose alive for me.

  133. TroubleShooter

    haahaaa I just realized what the line was – better off removed as the humor may have been mis-used. It WAS a “circle-in-red” line wasn’t it!

  134. Marty your HAPPY & WINNING PC’s says it all….This is what it’s all about 🙂 🙂 🙂

  135. Kerry? Gleason?


  136. Yes Sam. Thanks for posting. This reference says it all! Hallelujah!!

  137. Marty & Mosey, all I can think of to say after reading these most awesome wins from your pcs is this; thank you for opening up your home, thank you for applying LRH tech the way he intended it, thank you for actually providing the succor that the Orgs were supposed to provide, and thank you for providing this forum.

    Hope to meet you guys (and Miss Chiquita) at Casablanca someday soon.

  138. (Confiscated from DM’s ‘Shred’ file…)

    Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB
    Private Correspondence


    To: The Devil

    Dear Satan,
    I hope this letter finds you angry and well in all the glory of your fire and brimstone and that all your horrible plans of deceit and unhappiness are bringing you the satisfaction you have been counting on.

    Which leads me to the reason for this letter…I’ve considering breaking my contract with you and as strange as it may seem, I just wanted to be honest with you and let you know straight up the reasons for these unusual thoughts.

    I’m having doubts as to whether my future stay in Hell is really going to be all that it’s cracked up to be. I know that you personally promised me that I’d eventually be gifted with all the true powers of the OT levels and that you’d pretty much be hands off when it came to running things up here, but I can’t help but notice how you’ve started interfering more and more, leaving me to reconsider just how trustworthy you really are.

    I mean, Holy #$&@!, last summer when I was in Florida I thought, “Damn! If it’s THIS hot here now, what in the Hell is HELL going to be like?” HOT AS HELL!! That’s what!!! I don’t think I’ll be able to tolerate that, what with constantly being burned with flames and tortured with pain and all that.

    Sure, I’ve been enjoying all the perks of this wonderful lifestyle our contract has afforded me, like the spiffy clothes, the shiny neat stacks of precious metals in my safe, the jet setting around like a big whig corporate rock star, the forced adulation and mandatory standing ovations, the tight relationships with my coveted unsuspecting friends like Tom, the magic of being able to slap, punch, choke, kick and humiliate others at will and remain unscathed, the freedom to interfere with, intrude upon and control people’s sex lives, the amazing gift of being able to take everybody’s money, throwing those know-it-all too-big-for-their-britches executives in the dirty lake, and all that cool stuff.

    Yes, I’m probably going to miss all that, especially that secret project you gave me of changing their stupid tech all around so it doesn’t work, right before their noses without hardly a peep of objection. I gotta hand it to you on that one, simply brilliant.

    However, I’m sure you’ve been following recent events and have taken notice that now I’M UNDER INVESTIGATION BY THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF FRICKIN’ INVESTIGATION!!!!

    This was NOT part of the deal! I was supposed to have remained unscathed throughout all of this. But NO! You had to get all tricky and cute and start messing with me with all these blogs and newspaper series and slanderous You Tube videos and now…THE GODDAMN #%@$! F B I !!!

    Damn you all to Hell, Beelzabub, why couldn’t you have just kept your word, like you said you would?!?

    The truth is I want out! I haven’t gotten one bit of stupid case gain anyway since trying all this Scientology crap, so aside from a swagger, some nifty clothes, a few videos, couple of cars, chunks of gold and the small amount of so-so satisfaction that I’ve been able to eek out from dominating others, I’m starting to see that maybe this gig is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    What have I got to look forward to? Being dragged through a public trial and pilloried in front of my peers and dethroned and humiliated and thrown in the slammer where my much larger roommate will force his affections on me and subject me to unspeakable acts against my will? You of all people should know how I feel about that type of relationship! Ill-fitting prison garb? Disgusting food hardly fit for the RPFs RPF!? What’ll happen to my damn hair? Yeah that’s right…those dull prison clippers will hack my do up real nice. Thanks a lot.

    What’ll I do when I get out in ten years? Contact Marty Rathbun for a session to run out having been turned into a Queen in prison? Submit to one of those gawdawful Sec Checks? Do you realize how long that would take? With the vast extent of MY O/Ws? I’ll be broke, how the hell will I be able to afford that? You know damn well they’re going to discover and impound all my secret Swiss accounts and confiscate the rest of my ill-gotten gains. What are you going to do, send me checks every month? Yeah, like THAT check’ll be in the mail, right?

    Then, after suffering through that last horrible leg of the remainder of my stupid life, I’ll have HELL to look forward to!?!! Where I’ll be expected to BURN IN PAIN AND AGONY, TORMENTED FOREVER? Marvelous.

    I want out and I want out now. I can hardly believe I was stupid enough to buy into this scheme to begin with. I never shoulda hit that PC back in Saint Hill. Never never never. I should have cleared up those MU’s like my mother told me. Instead, I betrayed her and my father and my brother and all my friends and peers and all the Church parishioners AND L. Ron Hubbard. It shames me to the core to think of what depths of black, slimy, putrid deviousness I have sunk to. Blinded by my own arrogance and false self-importance and power and money and fame and false adulation. You never told me I’d wind up feeling this crappy about the whole thing.

    I just want to know, how do I route out of this scene properly? Or do I simply have to blow like the others with any intelligence and integrity left in their souls have already done?

    In closing, let me just say that I respect your power, your cunning, and the station you’ve gotten to in life and the command you’ve achieved over death. But with all due respect, I feel duped and misled and I don’t know how much longer I can continue this charade. I’m sure there is away we can work this out that will be amicable for the both of us. I’ll look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

    Until then I remain,
    Truly Yours,

    Davey Miscavige
    Soon-to-be-former COB
    RTC, C of S

  139. Me thinks your letters could make a great mini series!!!! The humor, the wit, the sarcasm – amidst the bald faced truth. Really great writing – thanks!

  140. Kathy Braceland

    Nice recount Quicksilver. You sure had a rockin’ academy…it was packed!! You were a superb sup and your students were flying! I’m sure glad you’re here.

  141. Those damn Reptilians!

  142. Scott,
    Just show up! And if the house is a rockin’, don’t bother knockin’… just come on in! 🙂

  143. Ah, Michael, your beautiful artistic spirit enriches this blog.

  144. Kye, I’ll give it another shot. You have to accept my email or something like that on your end when you use hush mail.

  145. Gee … thanks Kathy!

    I hope my recount was fairly accurate.

    You were an excellent Qual Sec. too, one I could count on for a quick reference or a good kick in the pants.

    I know our hearts & intentions were in the right place … and still are.

    Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  146. Hi Matt,

    So true on few completions compared to delivery terminals at Flag. I received Source Mag (Issue 213) this week which shows a listing of 26 OT completions (OT I, II, III, IV, V, VII). There is a listing of 18 OTVI (training) completions. Along with this mag was a Flag promo called “Fag OT News” which states under a heading called FACTS: “3 OTs made every day”. If the mag comes out every 8 weeks, they should be listing 180 OTs made. Flag is lying in their own printed mailings – well, I guess that is what that big printing facility in Denver should be called – a lie factory.


  147. Please is there any way you can extract all your posts and place them under an OTDT heading or something? These gems need to be preserved and accessed easily. You humor is positively wicked!

  148. Hey Marty,

    It’s no wonder Miscavige hates you. You defy him, you expose him, you free beings and you don’t beat up your p/c’s in the process.

    Wow! Really, how do you live with yourself?

    There isn’t much more hated by an S/P than competence. Everything DM is not.

    Laughing at my own joke!

    Nicely done.

  149. Bert Schippers

    Wow, what a story of true Scientology being destroyed! It’s still hard to fathom how thoroughly this was done.

  150. Brilliant!!!!

    OTDT 🙂

  151. Thanks Antoine.

    Actually did write a book and working on another.

    King’s a great writer.

    His writing on writing is pretty interesting.

    Another author I found helpful was Ron:

  152. Thanks Leonore,

    It was one of those stream of consciousness moments almost akin to “automatic writing” 😉

    If only the chapters of my book came as easily.

    Anyway spent most of my ill spent youth in Scientology and much of my adulthood. So its a topic I have some familiarity with.

  153. I agree QS,

    Personally I think Mary Sue made a mistake by turning the GO over to Jane Kember who immediately turned it into a clique of some kind similar to what Miscavige has done with the Sea Org.

    In fact it’s my belief that by failing to do a full Board of Investigation and a full accounting of what happened to the GO that it has acted like a group engram the Organization continues to dramatize.

  154. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 1!!!

  155. Plainoldthetan and Tom

    Ahhhhh… I don’t happen to let “ethics” off that easy.

    Here’s how I see the role of “ethics”:
    Per definition: “2. ethics actually consist, as we can define them now in Dn, of rationality toward the highest level of survival for the individual, the future race, the group, mankind, and the other dynamics taken collectively. Ethics are reason. The highest ethic level would be long-term survival concepts with minimal destruction, along any of the dynamics. (SOS p. 128) ” and: “6. that which is enforced by oneself, his belief in his own honor, and good reason, an optimum solution along the eight dynamics. (PDC 37)

    By my understandings of these definitions, “ethics” not only assists one on following the path, (use of “reason”), but also specifies the “Goal” of the dynamics; Presumably YOUR dynamics. (“an optimum solution along the eight dynamics.”)
    To me, Tech has a role of removing aberrations and faulty considerations, and bringing the being up to a point of “cause” on his dynamics.
    The role of “Admin”, as I see it, is to create a “plan” for achieving your goals for the Dynamics, and “Policies” that will assist you in making it.
    The way I see it , these three, Ethics,Tech, and Admin, are inseparable in that they all have the same “goal”, and to the degree that one is “in”, all three will be “in”. I feel that one is perhaps as “OT” as these three are aligned and “in”. In my opinion, handling ones case is only one aspect of “OT”.
    Just my 2 cents.


  156. RJ

    Yes… Totally.

    But those “handlings” are not “ethics”. They are more akin to “punishment by invalidation of your dynamics”, or perhaps, “suppression by Dynamic”, or how about ” Not-isness by dynamic”.

    Ethics, as I understand it, is one of the coolest, most theta acknowledging, totally validating subjects I can imagine. It is no surprise it is being turned against those who would seek “Optimum survival across the dynamics”.

    Scientology Inc. does not apply “reason”. They apply force and suppression, anything to get a being to abandon his own valence (his dynamics) so that he becomes malleable. Somewhat like a spider that bites it’s prey to disable it and stop it from struggling and then systematically suck the life out of it.

    When you are bringing life and dynamic back to people, as is demonstrated here with Marty and others, you will find no “home” in the Church of Scientology.


  157. Mike
    “Pity the blind who are still being led by the blind.”

    How true. And if that were all it was it would be bad enough, but it is more like …the blind being led by a vindictive antisocial person, who uses the guise of “help” to lead the blind in such a wise as to have them run into things and fall into pits and traps. And then proclaim loudly, for all to hear, ” see, I told you it was dangerous out here”. And; ” If you weren’t such a f’ing , out ethics DB, you would have prevented that!” ” You pulled it in on yourself.”

    Ahhh…but for the smell of DMs butt roasting in the morning.

    (Gary, bring on the torches!)


  158. Scott Campbell

    Right on, right on right on…

  159. Scott Campbell

    Chattin’ up my wife when I’m not home, eh?

    Between you and Tony badgering me about drinkin’ and smokin’ I might turn out to be a right regular upstanding citizen someday.


  160. I’ll drink to that!


    You happen to have any of those stogies lyin’ around.

    Ya know the Habana Havanas.

    Gotta love ’em with some good Brandy.


    Who wants to be one of those veggie eating, non smoking, no drinking upstanding citizens who are trying to emulate der führer or something?

  161. Kerry Cassidy WH,

  162. Greed is 1 of the seven deadly sins.

    Americans socïety has been fooled to believe greed is the same as ambition.

  163. I started reading about this economic doom & gloom in 8/08 and this 90 minute recording is the absolutely best news ever!!!!!! I blew down many TA divisions, I swear. Unbelievable good news, good riddance to the FRN.

  164. Can you please update us on where the global settlements stand?

  165. Hi crdbot,
    On your question, “can I keep you abreast of the global settlements fund”? This is very difficult to do, everything is changing so rapidly…it’s almost a no. One link I like, some of the folks who are doing this, very much by their conference calls and such;
    (It’s a huge site and just reorganized so its evolving and quite confusing, so pace yourself, the archives are there tho)

    Part a short story with you… in 1990 when I snooped around the Qual Library of my local Org it was still a Library. It was a typical part-of-life library, were I found odd books you know? Things you didn’t see anywhere. Like ‘Non Dare Call It Conspiracy’ a book that lead me into the rest, and soon I found RJ67. It’s wasn’t a CULT… It was a Library!

    Well anyway. You can tell I need a blog. (Sorry Marty)

    The thing that charmed-the-hell-out-of-me about LRH tho was he didn’t give a rat shit if you didn’t like things, like Alice in Wonderland or whatever. Or any of the other oddities. They were you say, a lot of strange shit in an Academy. Right? People starring at each other?!
    That can probably fix me up right now! I pulled right out of my body on my those Objectives. My twin was a student, shocked the shit out of him too.
    Flag is another story, exactly to the year, I was across the contry following a great lead, and that is a great thing! (Funny part about it, is people learn from each other, and that is the only way. …that is the only way. I mean, that is it, there is no other way we learn. It’s the stupidest thing. Everyone has to learn from each other and that’s worse then ecconomics. lol! It’s worse then anything. You know?? “When all hell breaks loose”, who’s your friends?? or What do I know?? It wasn’t like that with LRH, everyone was a friend. And it IS like that. The hate in this world can vanish in a snap.

    So back to were i was, I’m down at Flag now, I was cooking the best I possibly could, slop with a Chief and his Son in the old Elk Lodge. Just the three of us. 800 Staff and Students we were cooking for, basically starving. What a shit hole! Everyone was on paper plates and plastic forks. Why? Because the dishwasher completely rotted the upper floor, right out of the place!! Man those where good struggling times.
    …down the rabbit hole and you find no rabbit.

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