David Miscavige the Coward

The liar is inevitably a coward and the coward inevitably a liar.

– L Ron Hubbard

A tremendous amount of International Association of Scientologists fees are being expended daily to run a black PR operation against me personally as well as a 110 day operation designed to impede me directly and make the lives of Mosey and I a living hell.  Miscavige is enforcing the OSA bible Public Relations Series 18 to the tee.  Except, as in all things Miscavige touches, he is doing so in the reverse.   Hubbard explains the intention of the Black Propagandist in PR Series 18 as follows:

The world is full of madmen. The basic characteristic of extreme madness is perpetual attack, attacks on anything, attacks on persons or things which contain no menace.  Extreme, not petty crime is at the root of such an impulse.

The attacker has an evil purpose in life.  He is a thing of death, not life.  And his harvest is a death harvest.  Such a person feels he cannot feel safe unless everything else is dead.  His evil purpose takes many forms and expressions. The end product is the same – death.

At bottom, David Miscavige is a coward.

If you’d go to the St Petersburg Times video interview of me, and watch the segment titled Reverse Dianetics at http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/rathbun.shtml, you will learn that Miscavige did not have the courage to  confront me man to man before I left (even with whatever security contingent he chose to bring with him, against me alone).  He promised he would meet on my demand to discuss his practice of Black Dianetics at International Headquarters – several appointments, several no shows on his part.  I patiently awaited the promised meeting for ten months.

Now, after I spend two years attempting to reverse the Black Dianetics he has laid in he spends twenty thousand dollars a day to send “security pros”, and Kool Aide drinkers (whom he pays handsomely)  to attempt to make our lives a living hell here – barking out Miscavige’s venomous lies on our driveway and throughout our neighborhood, filming into our home up to 21 times a day for 110 days.

And Miscavige, necessarily, has them tell blatant lies as to their very identities and purposes that virtually nobody watching believes.

For example,  Ralph S Gomez, the “security pro” making big bucks for supervising the voyeurs has identified himself as the Assistant Producer for a documentary company, telling the media, law enforcement, and everyone in our community that line.

Well, the following is a verbatim conversation I had, which Monique witnessed and I duly recorded, with Mr Gomez on 23 June 2011, day 68 of his assignment. This is what the “assistant producer” had learned in more than two months on the job. The one time I caught the coward alone, outside his little pack, during these 110 days.

GOMEZ:  It ain’t worth it, man, what you are going through.  Fix whatever you did.

RATHBUN: Why don’t you find out before you go trailing someone all around town?  Why don’t you find out what it is all about?

GOMEZ: I don’t understand it.

RATHBUN:  Then why are you doing it?  If you don’t understand it, then why are you doing it?

GOMEZ: All this wouldn’t be happening for no reason.  I mean just fix it, man, fix it. IF THIS WAS HAPPENING TO ME, I’D FLIP OUT.

Well, five and one half weeks later, we’re still standing and Miscavige is still trying:  living, perpetuating, buying others to forward LIES.

Ralph S Gomez and the Cultettes

And Miscavige, by now you well know my answer to your offer for me to “fix it” with you and have you and your agents withdrawn.  I am fixing it.  But, apparently you are operating on another definition of “fix” than I am.

Ralph Gomez, other “professional” cult whores, Kool Aid Drinkers, and others feigning ignorance as to what this is all about, our friends at Indipendologo have summed it up real simple for you.  For a concise, accurate brief on Miscavige’s cowardice – note well the skirts he hides behind as he flees from the truth – please have a look at the video produced by  DRITTONEIDENTI (means straightinhisteeth) and posted by the founder of  the Italian independence movement Gary Baldi.  The video appears at the end of the post at this link, http://indipendologo.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/il-leader-dei-leader-parte-1/

The final irony is this.   Although it may not appear so to those not intimately involved, and though you all might find it hard to believe in light of events of the past quarter year,  I have got David Miscavige exactly where I want him.

Stay tuned.

281 responses to “David Miscavige the Coward

  1. Wow! Fantastic post and Fantastic video!
    It seems to me, the Int Execs in Cooper’s video are caught between a rock and a hard place. They must know what they are facing in Miscavige but, must feel he has such a strangle hold on the church, there is nothing they can do about it. They must be forced to defend him in attempts (in their minds) to save the church, if they can, from going down. I’d bet there are public that feel the same way, too.

  2. Marty and Mosey, I’m so sorry that David Miscavige is doing this to you. It is really awful. There must be more that the City can do to protect you. Close off the street to through traffic, ticket them for not obeying traffic laws (driving on the right side of the street/parking illegally) and loitering. The most recent “documentary” segments make it clear that they are not filming any sort of credible documentary. How they portray your neighbors is beyond tasteless. Carry an air horn and blast it when they get too close. Publish an open letter to Miscavige in the local paper detailing the harassment and demanding Miscavige end his siege, with signatures from as many people in Ingleside as you can, including City officials.

  3. Sara Finning

    So, even if Marty is this kingpin SP, isn’t the policy on every A – E that the ONLY TERMINAL is IJC? Not OSA operatives, not PIs, not every Tom Dick and Harry who has known Marty over the years.

  4. Miscavige – Keep going.
    Marty, Mike, Amy and Steve will not be bought off like so many cowards who went before them.
    For all my friends whose lives have been destroyed by the cult and have yet to wake up from the nightmare – my fight is for YOU whether you ‘appreciate’ my help right now or not (because you are so much more powerful than you realize right now and you can do something about it):

  5. I’m staying tuned!

  6. That bit on “The attacker has an evil purpose in life. He is a thing of death, not life” ought to be on more pronounced type I reckoned for a second or two Marty. And
    can you think of any body who as had it as bad as me in this mad house game since 1960 especially?. My “mother” had pych electrocution after she had tried to abort me some numerous times this LT. The ECTs turned her literally into Callibos like from the latest film Clash Of The Titans.

    I had a bit of a realization this afternoon on “fix”. I thought what’s the dice on homo bot actually fixing barriers there rather than applying the expected meaning of service. Crabs in a bucket. The real meaning of service comes back to one suddenly when poping round the corner to the shop or starbucks though. But then perhaps we are familiar with what to expect there. We know what service means then. Mind you I suppose bots could do worse. It is planet Earth.

    Got David Miscavage exactly where we want him. Then I look forward to the next episode. You seem confident of this.

  7. A bunch of frustrated students put Hosni Mubarak on trial in Egypt and working on his death sentence now. Who made them the experts all of a sudden? Marty, you are very brave but too civilized, no offense. God gave us all kinds of Constitutional amendments to use in our everyday life. I propose not to waste such a great opportunity and organize a boo’ing/lynching event. Anybody who can make it, would just assemble outside your house, get a TV crew and some reporters there, verbally abuse Ralph Ass Gomez insinuating his alleged participation in a child pornography ring among his numerous other alleged felonies, drive his girlfriends to tears (they look like they are almost there already), get the cops and the FBI over (and maybe National Guards too if we have enough ribs and Diet Coke for everybody), put some demands forward, bring up the Credo of the Church, sign a Human Rights petition to Obama and the United Nations on camera, give some interviews to reporters, put it all on utube–you know, things like that. Tahrir Square!

  8. Michael Fairman

    Yes, Marty, I do believe you have Miscavige exactly where you want him.
    His carryings on over the last months indicate that.

    You’ve turned on the light in their kitchen and the roaches are scurrying.
    The big kahuna roach still thinks he is hidden and can’t be seen. Not true

    There was an ad in the ’40’s and ’50’s for a bug killer in a plunger spray can device called “Flit” Their slogan was “Quick, Henry, the Flit!”

    Your name ain’ t Henry, but it’s evident that your can is poised to spray

  9. Marty:
    I am showing your website to every one who dares to look, and, Oh Boy, people are leaving in droves, and this is something Miscabage can not accept or confront. His confront level is very low, because he knows he is destroying people for his own benefit, which is money. Just wait Marty.
    Sadam Hussein who consider himself untouchable ended very bad, Mubarak in Egypt will be tried soon; therefore, history has shown over and over again how the dictators and out of ethics people ended. Let’s wait and see how Miscabage will end.

  10. JohnInAustin

    Keep fighting the good fight–you are an Inspiration to us all!

    BTW, the Italian phrase “per non dimenticare” at the beginning & end of video means, “Not to forger”…in other words, ‘We will NEVER forget!’

    Marty & Co., the whole world is watching and cheering you guys (and dolls) on!

    Big Love,

    John in Austin

  11. “Although it may not appear so to those not intimately involved, and though you all might find it hard to believe in light of events of the past quarter year, I have got David Miscavige exactly where I want him.”

    As I mentioned in the previous post, sounds like Chancellorsville, Part 2, coming up. I sense the flankers are going to be out-flanked.

    Press on….press on.

  12. That is interesting Sam cause I reckon the Virgin Mary was there also as King Arthurs half sister. That is only my own personal conviction.
    Angels have two faces I have been told but perhaps not necesarily in Arthurs favour.

  13. Tom Gallagher

    Godspeed Marty.

  14. It’s actually true…You do have him exactly where you want him.
    His ferociousness tells me it’s all REACTIVE and those 4 guys in the golf cart are slaves. So sad they actually think what they’re doing is right!
    Wow, just thugs, that’s all they are.

  15. On the thread just previous to this one, Mike Rinder posted quotes from two LRH tapes. Please refer to those. They are as ‘clean as a wolf’s tooth’.

    In the light of those two quotes, this here Opening Piece and the most recent offering on savescientology.com’s blog section , David Miscavige’s Day of Reckoning, it would seem Dave is out done. Finished. A reckoning cometh. Irrevocably. relentlessly. Unavoidably.

  16. Laura — Perfect summation of the classic “rock and a hard place.” But I must say, the outright lying about Miscavige’s violence was the straw that broke my back. I had never lied like that on TV before and I disliked it intensely.

    Really, the alternate to defending Miscavige and attacking anyone who dares expose him is NOT the Hole, humiliation, smack downs and squirrel executive C/Sed sec checking — it is actually walking away to freedom (minus any family members, but freedom nevertheless).

    So, its really a rock and a wonderful place — and it is a reflection of the cowed and ill, degraded associates that are in POB’s circle of sycophants that they dont have the courage to walk away.

  17. Wonderful wonderful DRITTONEIDENTI!
    Here is the video;

  18. Thanks for the video Gary Baldi. Those wind-up robots speaking on behalf of POB remind me again of why it is so important to expose and eradicate the influence of this little monster.

    Those people used to have an ounce of integrity. They used to have a backbone. They used to be competent and capable. Being too close to this black hole of suppression has destroyed them. It’s most visible on those in the closest orbit — but his corrosive, destructive malaise is spreading out through his tentacles of control and you see people further and further away from his direct lines who are now empty shells, robotically following the dictates of a madman.

    Look at Joanne Wheaton. I imagine she was once a normal person. Now she makes a public fool of herself, doing something she has been *told* to do yet she has NO personal knowledge. She is lying every day to the media, law enforcement and citizens in IOB — for what? Money? Fame? Glory?

    How is she going to feel when the little house of cards those idiots are living in is blown over and they are left hanging, bare assed in the woods?

    But this is what the Miscavige Cult of Personality creates. KoolAid drinking zombies, who with a glassy eyed stare, walk over cliffs because they are told this is how you reach spiritual salvation.

    Though they are evil, operating in the valence of their puppet master, they are also pitiful. Broken people. Who for the most part had a very good underlying purpose to help themselves and others.

    But, it is also true that Miscavige and his minions will keep making mistakes, lying and committing crimes, each day adding to the rope that will ultimately be their demise. And they think they’re really smart and have beat the system. Problem is, you can’t beat the overt-motivator sequence no matter how much money you have.

  19. Ron actually used the term “Flit” in a lecture, and I had to look it up. Yep, the CofM squirrels are dancing like the flit has hit the fan!

  20. Marty, you and Mosey are playing a hell of a game of “rope-a-dope.” These guys are going way over the line, and are doing it daily. Thanks, man.

  21. ARC is superior force.
    So the botox sadist will NEVER win.

  22. one of those who see

    Hi Mike,
    Regarding the “wind up robots.” They have forgotten what Scientology is all about. Freedom.
    From PDC lecture Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic by LRH “…There isn’t a mathematics that can embrace the subject of Scientology, because it is an invented mathematics. It’s an invented mathematics that accepts gradient scales and absolutes are unobtainable. And it is a method of thinking about things and is just as true as it is workable and no truer and is not, in itself, an arbitrary, fascistic police force to make sure that we all think right thoughts. It’s a servant of the mind – a servomechanism of the mind; it is not a master of the mind. Scientology will decline and become useless to Man on the day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don’t think it won’t do that. It has every capability in it of doing that…”
    I just want to hug LRH for that quote! So important.

    So, this is what the old man says about Scientology and yet these people have elected DM as God and follow blindly. Watching Norman on A/Cooper was particularly upsetting. I felt I was watching a great man who has lost himself.

  23. Tony DePhillips

    Great video Gary!!
    Marty, thanks for keepin on , keeping on. If you start feeling it in the wallet too much let us know and we can regg some donos from the people here. We won’t let you die on the vine bro!

  24. The photo of Ralph sans sunglasses shows dead eyes, with evil overtones. These guys are the walking dead and don’t realize that’s what the POB’s “eternity” is all about!

    The video put together by Gari Baldi is very well done and one just has to just simply look to notice the truth and the total liars!

  25. As has been mentioned before – DM will fail as truth is not on his side. Mr. Gomez and crew see that a bit more every day. They only have to compare Marty’s conversations and actions to those they are receiving from DM via his cutout.


  26. “Problem is, you can’t beat the overt-motivator sequence no matter how much money you have.”
    Mike… beautiful. Truth stripped to the bear bones.

  27. Arrgg! bare bones! realized it even as I hit the ‘send’ button!

  28. martyrathbun09

    The Wilderness, except I ain’t planning any midnight strolls to check out the pickets.

  29. mrinder,
    Yes! Integrity is a beautiful thing! 🙂

  30. WOW …
    It looks like you have changed into a much higher gear.
    Keep the heat up.

    Thanks for your great work Marty & Mike.
    I believe you Marty, you know what you are doing, you have a strategy and you are just executing it.

    1. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected
    2. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back
    3. David Miscavige & followings shall be brought to justice
    4. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as intended and designed by LRH: http://www.savescientology.com

    By the way Dave* boy:
    Where is HEBERT Jentzsch – my President of the CoS?
    Where is DIANA Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH?
    Where is SHELLY Miscavige – your dear wife?
    Dave* = Pope on a Box (applebox)

  31. Gary Baldi & The Independologo Staff

    Again I thank you guys for all you do. Thank you to all those who frequent and post on your blog. You guys truly fight for TRUTH and FREEDOM. It is good to have you all with us in this battle.

    Eric S /Caminatore del vento

  32. Tony Dephillips

    “Between a rock and a wonderful place.”
    Perfect and true.
    Well said Mike.

  33. Which “international justice chiefs” ???

    I saw them change year by year by year which equals that they were no stable terminals. I saw what they dared to call their “products” which equals that they were incompetent ********s.

    Conclusion: the post of International Justice Chief is a camouflaged hole (= someone SEEMS to hold the post), in other words the true purpose of that post is NOT DONE and thus the post is basically vacant since considerable time.

    (According to early LRH tech it may be easier to confront 2 similar things. So I suggest to also confront that the post of “senior c/s int” is another camouflaged hole. Its basic purpose of implementing LRH tech on an international echelon has been altered to being a mouthpiece for the COBra).

  34. A tragic yet beautiful summation.

  35. Sam: “Marty, Mike, Amy and Steve will not be bought off like so many cowards who went before them.”

    Right, no everyone is so f*****g cheap like those Clearwater officials and lawyers featured in this recent blog article :


  36. Yvonne Schick

    Slightly off the thread, the Austin American-Statesman published a review of Janet Reitman’s book last Sunday. I sent a letter to the editor thanking them and adding my personal opinion about the leadership of the church. Letter was published today. Hope that causes a little heartburn for the local DSA and the POS.

  37. The mind of Miscavige is very fixed.
    It is what we call in the tech world as “stuck in an incident”
    He is on a freeway going in one direction and under no circumstances can it reverse direction.
    He operates FROM.
    He operates FROM and OUT of the Incident he is STUCK IN.

    It is a one-way form of operation ~~

    HIT back, use FORCE, OVERWHELM, THUGGERY, SADISM, BRUTALITY, CRUELTY emanating from FROM his stuck point.
    In his delusion, he equates that he is MORE powerful, because he can use MORE FORCE.

    Hence the beaten down, cowed remnants of INT Base. Smashed and pulverized, unable to think beyond surviving the next day, the next week.
    Another anti-social characteristic::::
    Everything around Miscavige is ENFORCED.
    Enforced confession, Enforcing others to enforce a confession from someone else. Enforced schedules, Enforced sleep deprivation. Enforced lock down, Enforced silence to speak up against him. Enforced production,
    Enforced ability to be a punching bag for his beatings.

    Indeed there are similarities between previous identities in history that solely used the most overwhelming FORCE and BRUTALITY to reign as TOP DOG.
    Al Capone of the Chicago mob is an example. Others feared his THUGGERY and RUTHLESSNESS and bowed to his reins.
    One could state that David Miscavige is the Al Capone of Religious Heads.
    There is no FREE THETA left in Miscavige’s case.
    When there is no free theta left, the person is insane.
    Insanity does not mean brilliant or stupid, competent or incompetent. Famous insane (psychotics) like Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible, Stalin and Hitler were all quite brilliant yet would up destroying everything in sight including their own people. They had a destructive basic purpose.
    (C/S Series 22 ~~ LRH)

  38. Marty, those little photos you are posting of Miscavige are stunning in effect. They show Dave to be what he really is: A beady-eyed cretinous little man in a tuxedo. His mouth is skewed to one side, thus suggesting perhaps a mild stroke, or, as some have offered, a clinical misadventure with botox. It could of course have been both.

    Dave’s 110+ day “Siege of IOB” is something only a Cult Leader would do. No one else would finance such a lavishly wasteful campaign that only makes his Cult look increasingly asinine with each passing day.

    Gomez is saying it ain’t worth it. But what this rocket scientist doesn’t realize is that the Squirrel Buster campaign is one of the most laughably self-destructive ops ever conducted by OSA. It is worth it because the entire world gets to see what the Scientology Cult will do when it is painted into a corner. What the Cult does is what it has always done: It harasses people. The Cult’s only real power is harassment in various forms. Gomez is now part of this Cult harassment. IMO, Gomez is bothered because he has become a slimy Cult PI. He is dirty, and, he is trapped by the money.

    Apparently, the EP of New OT VIII these days is to ride around in a golf cart or a paddle boat or while making a public spectacle out of one’s self. This is just as well, for it proves that David Miscavige is insane and likes to have his OT Ambassadors follow his lead into insanity.

    One could advise OSA that the “Squirrel Busters” operation is a foolish, ill-advised public spectacle that makes the Church the laughingstock of the internet, but the Church will never get it. The Church is limited by the intellectual and spiritual horizon of a Dramatizing Interior Decorator who never finished high school.

    That the Squirrel Busters tried to mock Marty’s home and neighbors shows the hand of the Dramatizing Interior Decorator at his pathetic worst. Dave really does think that people are impressed by MEST. He doesn’t understand that the tragicomic meltdown of the Scientology Cult is far more interesting for the public to watch and follow than anything the Cult has to say. In any case, all the Cult ever says is the same thing: “Blah, blah, blah, lies, lies, expansion by orders of magnitude, the biggest breakthrough ever, but then again, straight up and vertical something or other…”

    Watching the Cult of Scientology implode has become a new internet fascination, it is the online equivalent of watching a slow motion train wreck — and it is all free. Miscavige does not make a dime and yet he offers the internet his endless and bizarre brand of Cult entertainment.

    That the Squirrel Busters are Dave’s “A Game” shows just how intellectually challenged this beady-eyed cretinous little man in a tuxedo really is.


  39. Davey forced out the most highly trained and trusted LRH terminals in 82/3. He could do that only by lying through his teeth and legal enforcement based on lies and falsifications. It’s his MO from the very beginning and never changed; he’s stuck and will only lie and force more to cover his ass.

    Do you know if Mayo and Robertson took the upper OT levels along to keep them away from Davey’s wrecking crew? It looks like Ron’s Org has developed quite some additional levels but that could be squirrel (or not?). http://www.ronsorg.com/english/billrobertsonenglish.htm

    I know that our old senior C/S left St. David’s Catastrophedral in 2003 and took a quarter of the Amsterdam public with him to practice standard tech in Ron’s Org.

  40. Marty,

    Should my life become a “living hell” I can only wish it is one with the friends and support given you.

    With all your flaws and foibles, the admiration directed towards you stems from your integrity. The admiration is yours.

    With all DM’s pretense of perfection, all the admiration that flows towards him is based in a complexity of lies. All of his admiration arrives on a via. The lies get the admiration, not the being.


  41. Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

  42. Very well done !

    Slowly but surely, step by step the world will notice what’s going on in that cult. The Reitman book was a remarkable contribution to that.

  43. I simply cannot process why someone, who is a leader of an organization, can lie, cheat, steal and brainwash people instead of using his position to help people. I cannot fathom why someone who is a leader of people would ever demean people or physically abuse them. I just don’t understand why he commands such hatred for people and such a paranoid, chaotic personality that manufactures threats and wastes money on seeing his delusions through. I can’t wrap my head around someone who would willingly align themselves with a person like this and prop them up. So destructive, so manipulative, so small and petty. This boggles my mind. Then I realize that when people drink the Kool-Aid, they give up logical and independent thought, giving themselves completely into the black game DM is cheating to win, lying to maintain, and manipulating in order to fulfill his darkest paranoid fears. His position was stolen from the people LRH wanted to lead, ever since then he has abused his power and made the people who blow the whistle on him suffer through hell. My father said: “A thief in the night will one day have to face the dawn.” He is right.

  44. Marty … you caught Gomez alone and failed to beat the shit out of him? What a shame, what a missed opportunity. I suspect one good ass kicking laid on one of those goons, with plausible deniability, i.e., no witnesses, would have solved your problems with these hooples.


  45. “Nothing is so pleasant to the unformed or partially developed mind as the exercise of power or dominion over others. The desire to rule for selfish gratification has been the curse of the world. For countless ages kings and lords have drenched the earth with blood in their battles to extend their do-minions…. not to seek more life for all, but to get more power for themselves.” -Wallace Wattles, The Science Of Getting Rich

  46. In the words of one OSA operative, they “operate above the overt-motivator sequence”. Well, good luck with that one, guys.

  47. Wow Karen, RIGHT ON!!!! 🙂

  48. one of those who see

    Love that you made this very important point. “Everything around Miscavige is ENFORCED.”

  49. Pete — This is what they WANT. Their orders are to drive him into lashing out/losing it. Certainly it is the natural inclination everyone watching this theater of the absurd has, but no matter how satisfying it may be,it will not solve the problem. Their undoing will not be what Marty does. Their demise will be of their own creation.

  50. Meishayuri — there ARE Suppressive People on this planet. Miscavige throws the label around willy-nilly.

    It really should not be a big surprise that LRH attracted major SPs. Or that Scientology would be the target of a REAL, died in the wool SP. A modern day Hitler, Dillinger, Capone. One who cleverly hides his true intentions behind his pronouncements of wondrous acts to serve mankind and help his fellow man that are in fact bald-faced lies supported by nothing more than distorted mirrors and poisonous smoke.

    If anyone really studied and understood the PTS/SP course, Miscavige sticks out as a major grade SP and his cowering and ill associates and people fooled by his 1.1 smarmy public persona all make sense.

  51. Brilliant series of posts, Marty.

    Brilliant observaton on “enforced,” Karen.

    Enforced NED,
    Enforced Rudiments.
    Enforced Objectives
    Enforced PTS items
    Enforced non-clear evaluations
    Enforced Staff contracts
    Enforced event attendence
    Enforced IAS briefings
    Enforced disconnection
    Enforced reading of books one already comprehends

    Yes, in Miscavige’s implant station, suppressives are totally free to enforce just about anything that makes money for POB

  52. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  53. Alexander Solschenizyn was a dissident in communist Russia. He said :
    “You can recognize a marxist system by its protection of criminals and by portraying the political opponent as a criminal.”

    Thus, Co$ has become a communist organization. And LRH detested communism.

  54. Well its only DM him that will loose and yes I agree he is stuck in his suppressive Game , buts its only him that will loose.I guess his wish is that you give in and surcome, and hope meanwhile he trys to drive you around the bend.or some one hopes you go loopy !!! . Only that he is the one thats loopy and acting out his own dramatizaing in public , andshoing his insanity by this operation and living his own insanity live in front of ever one .Not even the money he falsely is using for his own benefit buys that .
    I don’t quiet know why Marthy and his wife tolerate the insanity of Dm ‘s operation on their property or allow it to carrying on, or what are the porblems to stop it all together or his neigbours allowing it. ( Please fill those in that don’t have this to better understand the situation ) Because if its documented, why of earth aren’t the authroities on the job of removing the operation all together for invade of privacy and the addittance of harrassment , and making your’s and yr wifes life hell etc etc.
    What actually public support gives the church in this none what so ever Can’t Some form of campaign in the way of handing out leaflets of this operation and showing the sitaution and get it into staff eevr where and hands of public where ever possible to make them aware to show exactly what their leader is up to with such tatics, to further awaken those in stuck mode stuck with DM and who are around within.

  55. Gomez, Wheaton, Bryan, Allender and Co. are chum tossed in the water. LaBlow/Abelson/CofM/POB buy them as bait. They brief them on what to do and say to try and get Marty to bite.

    What is most amusing is that this, and Minervozo from Freedumb and the PI’s with hockey masks “escorting” us around are a reflection of what would drive POB insane. If he even thought someone was following him he would have an armored guard procession escorting him to “protect” him as he is terrified someone is going to target him. He is scared shitless of doing any media — it would be his worst nightmare to be caught by a reporter with a camera who asked him questions. He is totally paranoid about protestors being anywhere near him, and elaborate measures are taken to ensure he never crosses paths with anyone.

    He is convinced that he can buy the bait that will get Marty to bite, just like you buy worms at the bait store.

    I guarantee these worms are offered a big, fat bonus if they get Marty to take their bait — because it would give POB something to use to Dead Agent Marty. Telling everyone he is a “Squirrel” with no Certs when it is well known he was Tom Cruise and many other celebrity’s auditor, just doesnt work out too well… He wants Marty to commit an act of violence — anything will do — as that will then “prove” that it isnt Miscavige who is the source of the culture of violence in his “church” but it was really Marty.

    Them worms have been squirming on the hook for a long time now. They are looking pretty tired and dead.

    But the good thing about the worms being there — there is a direct line attached to the fisherman.

  56. Tom Gallagher

    Here’s a video I stumbled across that appears to be the runt punk done in animated clay. It’s appropriately titled “Little Man Syndrome”. Enjoy!

  57. Fellow Traveller

    Incitingly genius.

    Bruce Pratt

  58. Marty,

    Got him right where you want…. stay tuned..

    I love it. And, I will stay tuned!

    I think DM believes he is the Scientology Wizard of Oz that can pull the strings and levers behind the curtain and no one will know he is directing the show. But, sooner or later a little dog like Toto will pull that curtain aside… Nobody is cleaver enough to fool everybody all the time… Tick Tock, Tick Tock,

  59. To add a bit of information to what Mike posted, I have excerpted some of a classic reference on people like DM. This is the stuff of real survival.

    Begin fair use quote:


    But the bulk of such people exhibit no outward signs of insanity. They appear quite rational. They can be very convincing.

    Man in his anxieties is prone to witch hunts. All one has to do is designate “people wearing black caps” as the villains and one can start a slaughter of people in black caps. This characteristic makes it very easy for the antisocial personality to bring about a chaotic or dangerous environment. Man is not naturally brave or calm in his human state. And he is not necessarily villainous.

    Even the antisocial personality, in his warped way, is quite certain that he is acting for the best and commonly sees himself as the only good person around, doing all for the good of everyon

    Unless we can detect the social personality and hold him safe from undue restraint and detect also the antisocial and restrain him, our society will go on suffering from insanity, criminality and war, and man and civilization will not endure. Of all our technical skills, such differentiation ranks the highest since, failing, no other skill can continue, as the base on which it operates-civilization-will not be here to continue it.

    I hope this helps.

    Bruce Pratt

  60. Mike,
    Knowing how Dave fishes, no takes of the bait is driving him absolutely bonkers. He can’t stand it. No gratification. No effect. No command. He’s losing his mind more and more obviously.

    He can’t fish.

  61. martyrathbun09

    That is but one purpose and a very minor aspect of all this.

  62. “We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem!”

    “They’ve got us right where we want them. We can fire in any direction now!”



  63. A phrase I have been hearing lately…
    Marty has POB’s “balls to the wall”! He is getting boxed in and doesn’t even see it.
    Wake up POB cause Marty knows how to play the game much better than you do. Hell, he used to cover your ass when you were in trouble. I am not a Scientologist and I get it. Maybe it’s better POB doesn’t wake up. Maybe it’s better if he just gets his ass kicked mentally. He needs to be taught a lesson. Money can’t buy you common sense or the other 1000 things wrong with you!! Marty, you and Mosey are brilliant!

  64. Mike Rinder: “it would be his worst nightmare to be caught by a reporter with a camera who asked him questions. He is totally paranoid about protesters being anywhere near him, and elaborate measures are taken to ensure he never crosses paths with anyone.”

    One of the most basic tenets of Scientology is “the world begins with TR 0” as LRH stated in the 1950ies.

    So the COBra dramatizes getting the “basics” in on all others – while they are completely out on himself !

  65. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    +1 !!!

    Thank you, Gary Baldi and all of the Independent Italians!

    Love and ARC,
    Gary (the villager with “Torce ardenti!” for piccolo davey)

  66. GOMEZ: All this wouldn’t be happening for no reason. I mean just fix it, man, fix it. IF THIS WAS HAPPENING TO ME, I’D FLIP OUT.

    I’d take that as an Acknowledgement/Admission that Gomez is fully aware you are being harassed and attempts made to drive you over the Edge by Scientology Inc. and/or their supporters.

    And Miscavige, by now you well know my answer to your offer for me to “fix it” with you and have you and your agents withdrawn. I am fixing it. But, apparently you are operating on another definition of “fix” than I am.

    Making any kind of Deal with Miscavige still as Scientology Inc.’s only Supreme Commander does not amount to “fixing anything”, since it first requires:

    A.) Miscavige to resign from Scientology Inc., or be SP declared.

    B.) New Management re-instituting standard LRH Practices.

    C.) Investigation of RTC/SCN Abuses/Crimes and Public Declaration to that Extent.

    D.) All Books to be opened for public Inspection for any & all donations, and returning any Funds obtained under hyped and false pretenses.

    E.) General Amnesty for those so wronged, along with public Apology.

    … and many, many more.

    It appears any “fixing” is in DM’s (Management’s) ballpark.

  67. Pete Sagi,

    Me thinks Marty is too high on the tone scale to be sucked into that game. He is after far bigger fish than a robot.

    Of course I know you were joking and it is fun to contemplate.


  68. I don’t agree with you all the time, Mark, but DM is a coward. He doesn’t confront you.

    He doesn’t come to your place and he doesn’t even sue you with all the cash that he is having.

    What would you do if he’s ring your door bell. He never will but what would you do?

  69. Another Layer

    + 1

  70. They have a mafia wannabe look about them, the really unglamorous kind- the lackies-I mean they’re in a golfcart for chrissakes

  71. Tony DePhillips

    Sometimes bullies get taught lessons.

  72. Dramatizing…Yes. Interior…Interiorized, Yes. Decorator…No. If he paid a lot of money he may have thought he got the “Best of the Best”. He is too far from aesthetics to “decorate” anything of value! (“Create” is NOT part of his universe!)

    Dramatizing Interiorized Dictator…Yes!!!

  73. Nice letter Yvonne!

    Thanks for the link AL…

  74. Understanding this data is key to getting out this mess and staying out.

  75. Barney Rubble

    I for the first time since 2009 saw again the Tampa Bay/St. Pete Times video blog of Marty’s testimonials, because of this specific posting today. I distinctly remember when I first saw them it had a shock and awe effect on me. Now after in a more calm state reviewing them in a new unit of time, got me really re-thinking this whole process out and it is indeed a process. Thanks Marty for posting this it’s like going to the earlier beginning chain of bring down Mr. Miscaviges demise of insanity. Thx!

  76. Wow, quite the thread on a very important topic.
    When order or truth is put in, watch the confusion come up and start to blow off, Something like a roller coaster ride and dodge’m cars combined in this case.
    His present time overts won’t clear until the earlier really nasty ones start to see the sunlight.
    If I was C/Sing the sec check I’d go for questions re LRH – his signature and his death – fruitful field there I reckon…

  77. Truly heart-wrencing; robots, indeed:

    We are programmed just to do
    Anything you want us to

  78. Dm and anyone left in this cult, including his BFF look like complete morons. The press on this is great.Hey DM did you see the news today?…they will be coming for you next!

  79. Considering his own tone level band, and failing to understand tones higher than his, surely DM would expect his departing CofM members to fear arriving on Marty’s doorstep. NOT!

  80. Mike, I finally realized the reason that the sychophants don’t have the courage to walk away is simply because they are below 2.0 on the tone scale. There is no courage down there. Also, at lower tone levels they can’t spot outpoints and therefore cannot confront evil. It also explains the sheeple mentality. People below 2.0 are easy to control. Witness Germany under Hitler. Hitler was at 1.5 and easily controlled the masses that were in the 1.0 to 1.1 band. Much like the average tone level of society today.

  81. “Problem is, you can’t beat the overt-motivator sequence no matter how much money you have.” BINGO Mike!

  82. “If anyone really studied and understood the PTS/SP course, Miscavige sticks out as a major grade SP and his cowering and ill associates and people fooled by his 1.1 smarmy public persona all make sense.”
    Again, spot on Mike.

  83. +1 Mike

  84. For those of you still in the C of M (and reading this blog) I thought I would post some definitions of an SP for you to look at in a new unit of time. Maybe, just maybe, it will help you to have a cognition.

    SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, 1. he’s solving a present time problem which hasn’t in actual fact existed for the last many trillenia in most cases, and yet he is taking the actions in present time which solve that problem. The guy’s totally stuck in present time, that is the whole anatomy of psychosis. (SH Spec 61, 6505C18) 2. a person who rewards only down statistics and never rewards an up statistic. He goofs up or vilifies any effort to help anybody and particularly knifes with violence anything calculated to make human beings more powerful or intelligent. A suppressive automatically and immediately will curve any betterment activity into something evil or bad. (SH Spec 73, 6608C02) 3. a person who doesn’t get case gain because of continuing overts. [crimes] (SH Spec 67, 6509C21) 4. the person is in a mad, howling situation of some yesteryear and is “handling it” by committing overt acts today. I say condition of yesteryear but this case thinks it’s today. (HCO PL 5 Apr 65) 5. an SP is a no-confront case because, not being in his own valence he has no viewpoint from which to erase anything. That is all an SP is. (HCO PL 20 Oct 67) 6. those who are destructively antisocial. (HCO PL 30 Aug 70) 7. a person with certain behavior characteristics and who suppresses other people in his vicinity and those other people when he suppresses them become PTS or potential trouble sources. (SH Spec 78, 6608C25) 8. is one that actively seeks to suppress or damage Scn or a Scientologist by suppressive acts. (ISE, p. 48) 9. a person who has had a counter-postulate to the pc you are handling. (SH Spec 68, 6510C14) Abbr. SP

    — Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary
    © 1983 L. Ron Hubbard

    Also, read this:
    HCO BULLETIN OF 12 March 1968


    In the presence of suppression, one makes mistakes.

    People making mistakes or doing stupid things is evidence that an SP exists in that vicinity.

    L. Ron Hubbard

  85. Rory Medford

    Keep on moving up Marty!!! DM is seething out of every orifice. He will continue to bombard you in every way as he hides behind his crumbling empire. He has no balls!!!

    He is a super power coward!!!!

  86. Scott Campbell


    You have FIX.

    Miscavige has IDEE FIXE.

  87. Popes of Pond Scum like David Miscavige and Warren Jeffs are vulnerable due to their extreme crimes just like LRH said and Marty noted. Day by day, DM’s day of reckoning marches closer. – Steve

  88. EXACTLY Sara. It’s a huge outpoint. But then we all know now how POB cannot and will not apply policy. We also know that Marty scares the shit ouf of him, and therefore “policy doesn’t matter”. LOL! Keep on truckin’ Davey! You are making a complete fool of yourself.

  89. From a trial in Texas. Seems this statement would apply to the C of M current scene. Just fill in the blank:

    Prosecutors said the case had nothing to do with _______ church or his beliefs. “You have heard the defendant make repeated arguments about religious freedoms,” Nichols told jurors. “Make no mistake, this case is not about any people, this case is not about any religion. It is about one individual, _______ _______, and his actions.”

    I’m staying tuned to see this come to past.

    Ron Minor

  90. Count, I see that as a wrong why. The outpoints were stacking up back in 1982. Those who left back then to a great extent similarly labelled those who remained. I see the why of their remaining more in the area of PTSness, blackmail and threat of loss of connections.

  91. First time poster here ….. but I have been reading here for some time.

    I really should say “we” …. as the moniker implies ….. I am …. one of five …. we are all currently “members in good standing” of the (Radical) C of S (… garf … bleech … explosive vomit …)

    Three of us are presently [B][U]fully[/U] awake[/B] ….. the fourth is just beginning to wipe the sleep from their eyes …. and the fifth slumbers still …. [I]even if just for a little while longer ….[/I]

    First – thanks to all here who are fighting to save Scientology from the clutches of the evil little dwarf and uphold LRH’s legacy.

    We [B]WILL PREVAIL[/B] in this matter – simply because the little dwarf has [B]no real power[/B] stop to us …. [I]nada …. zippo …. zilch ….[/I]


    There isn’t a day that I read here (and elsewhere) that I don’t laugh my ass off at [B]you[/B] – you have raised the bar in terms of redefining, in the common vernacular ….[B]’tard[/B] …. to heights previously not envisioned, and utterly undreamt of …… by man, woman …. or even the common slug.

    Congrats ….. that’s quite an accomplishment.


    I have very little doubt that you have little Miss Cabbage exactly where you want her … [I]err … I mean “him” ….. (it ?)[/I]

    And VWD on the well-placed body blows recently delivered …. I’m quite sure that the coming head shots will not disappoint.


    My apologies to you for this bullshit directed at you – as you well know: it ain’t Scientology.

    And finally, to the cowering pygmy of Hemet:

    That’s five more – count ’em – [B]in the exit lane[/B] …. [B]headin’ for the door[/B] ….. [I]and lemme tell ya – you could be in for real treat with (at least) one of ’em ….[/I]

    Chew on that for awhile …. ya little dikwad ….

  92. I was listening to some Santana and a verse from ‘Mother’s Daughter’ seems to fit. The rest of the song doesn’t but here is the verse:

    “Got no time for foolin’ with you baby
    Your stupid game is about to end.
    You played it out.
    Thought you had it made.
    And it looks like someone passed you by again.”

    Yep DM. This is for you.


  93. I love watching that video-but that kid is at least a head taller than Pope on a Box.

  94. “I would give up my left arm to hug LRH!” … That was so cool OOTWS..

  95. When brittle systems collapse, they collapse hard, quickly, and totally. The Soviet Union is the classic modern example. The Co$ will likely become another.

  96. “But I must say, the outright lying about Miscavige’s violence was the straw that broke my back. I had never lied like that on TV before and I disliked it intensely.”

    Especially if the violence was directed against you.

  97. In a way I feel sad for POB. He has effectively infinite money and resources to do whatever he wants to do. But, he is so uneducated and uncultured that he doesn’t know what he really could do with that cash, even if he were to simply just spend it on himself. Instead, he hangs out in his gilded cage, drinks decent if unspectacular scotch, and abuses a pitiful handful of true believers closest to him. You don’t need $1B for that. His ambitions do not scale to the titanic pile of money that he’s sitting on. He’s a walking illustration of how money alone can’t make you happy. He’d be happier if he had no money at all and instead just received some actual scientology from Marty, or anyone else.

  98. As appealing as it may sound, violence doesn’t solve anything, and just makes the initiator seem weak and unbalanced. Better for Marty to keep his temper and be an adult.

  99. Back when I was sitting on the fense and not entirely sure who to believe, I was swayed by Tommy Davis’ bold faced lie about Disconnection. If Mr. Davis could lie so calmly about a Policy that is in the Ethics book for all to see, what else are Church officials lying about. Church management, I decided, was 1.1. They lie out of fear because they know they have done wrong.

  100. +1

    Give ’em hell Marty.

    The shi- is getting extremely weird. Sooner or later the Squirrel Busters will be blamed and chastised for NOT stopping you, and Gomez and company will likely find themselves wishing you had flipped out.

    What comes around, goes around.

  101. Hmmm …. it would seem that I have managed to make a dog’s breakfast out of my attempt at formatting …. apologies for the clutter ….

  102. That golfcart picture is priceless! Mafia yes. Looks like pretended serenity – I see fear/terror behind the facade.

  103. I agree, even remember, back in 82, when it all started to go wrong, a certain pride about one’s own greatness of sticking to one’s guns, defending the cause, the tech, no matter what madness one was facing.

  104. You nailed it so hard Mike!

    Yet it goes back a ways, I know personally first hand…let me explain.
    So I jump right into Scientology two feet first in 1990, right between Christmas and New Years on the 29th. Dec. Straight onto Staff.
    Never read a book, I just connected with LRH on the ‘Intro to Scientology’ vid borrowed from the Library.
    Hard; Fast; Fun times…. Got right to the bottom of things…SS0 …pouring through everything this Edmonton Org had to offer. I was watching all the Tech films …. Because I was very early for muster many times, and figure how to load them into the Projector… Did my Purif… Twined with Students on their Objectives Training… I was going out of my body on this.. Incredible shit. Come Month four the OES needed to leave…blow; to handle his REAL life. ($$) (read: too much money sent to POB) He gave me his Hat, (dump) I took it willingly, with ED approval. Can you imagine how stupid this is?? OES! Sure… You know me…well not really… Let’s go on it gets better.
    At Month six or so My Real life is fucked! ($$) Need to handle it….so I blow. (But I didn’t even know what the hell that was….the EDs doughter, her Dir of Comm shows me the PL. The consiquence of this Blow says I don’t qual for being in HCO no more… I hope ya all forgive me for that lol)
    I get my life together and it’s Christmas again. I walk into the Org to say Hi and what do you know… Dear Looser has the OES/FEBC push full on. If there was anything I learnt the Org NEEDED OES/FEBC trained Personal. So I am there, a hot body, still alive, brain-washed and Recrutted. I landed in LA for ITO Training charmingly on my anniversary 29 Dec. 1991
    I get there, and of course, the LRH Host is like “What the helll are you doing here??” SS 0 and all?? Policy is pretty clear on this, but what do I know…all Outer Org Students have to be a least SS II etc.
    (Honestly, WTF? Why the insane mad rush???) All I know is; “Here I am Let’s get this (shit show!) on the road.” I had five times the intention of any of these 200 other Outer Org Students sent from all over the World. Not a chance.
    I petitioned a month in LA. Got no where. (unplugged toilets and sinks for the other Students all on my own…felt so sad for them, crammed like sardeines in old blue. Some six or nine bunks to a room. What an incredible brain-washing joke looking back.)
    It’s incredible, but I have no good reason to go home. Someone hears about me, my name, and thinks I should go to Flag, if I’m so gun-ho… to do Class VIII Training. OKAY.
    So now I’m at Flag. Now it gets interesting. Where I want to be for personal reasons, this is what? A year and one Month? Raw as fuck to FLAG. SS 0. Hmmm….
    Well I can tell you I had a lot of fun. For the very reason my Org lost track of me and no one at Flag knew what I was Really doing there. And I am such a hurendous snoop!! (I was still on the personal prg. what is this all about? And what is THIS all about?)
    You see, LRH isnt confusing, I got that easily. Maybe because when you have a chance to breath you think more clearly. And maybe LRH managed things in Trends as he imagined them longterm, which were on his terms.
    And he was very ahead of himself, for sure. Okay, let me go on…
    The LRH Host for Outer Org Students Flag rejected me for all the same reasons in LA. So I Petitioned again for the quals needed and thus I am the fewest of all all Outer Org Staff to ever get Flag Trained SS I and II.
    And I have to be on Work-Study to do this, so like the dirty-shirt I am, Im in there like a “dirty-shirt” very “dirty” like. Which is to say, I snoop. Most think I’m SO. I look public. Few know I am basically lost. In work study, I had Hats like Treasure. Filing. I sucked at that. Seen John Travota’s file and others which was neat 🙂 moved to here and there and when pressure hit a Great Student who was all qual ‘d for his Proper Training, yet stuck in the Galley as a stressed work-student, I agreed to switch with him. (I was still all bogged in a Petition for Full Training, like WTF let’s get the show on the road…what good am I to the World??)! Well, let me tell ya, there is no better place to be then them there Comm lines then food! For those who don’t recall, there where only three of us cooking for everyone in the old Elk Lodge at that time. (its amazing what thetans can pull off in good true LRH spirit) Three of us cooked fairly well for 800+ daily. This was a test of my life if I ever had one. And I met everyone. Sometimes the COs would want to see Who was pulling off timely meals. It was me. Using simple LRH “bead factory” methods to straighten my partners, a Father and son team who where actually Public to get things done on time. Funny thing is
    OT VIIIs would like to “make things go right” come into the gally just to find, I refused to give them any control. (found that out real quick at Flag OT VIIIs are big and small. Some Big. Some small. Thus what am l?) Met many of our CL XIIs. They are the most wonderful. Everyone was quite wonderful. A World of Scientology would be quite wonderful. For sure.
    Then there is this point.

    Even back then, every two weeks or so, we would be Orderd to cook just Beans and Rice. For everyone. Why? Because GI for Flag was down. So everyone, Outer Org Students and all where on Beans and Rice.

    Is that some kind of early Orintation or what? I knew this was BS right to the core. Everyone on Beans and Rice? Students hated it. It was wrong.
    It became so often the CL XII said enough! So we made them great meals, like Beef Ribs in the face of Beans and Rice for everyone else.
    I guess the stupidity of DM goes hard a long way back.

    The guy was truly a nut job way back, and I met him too. Always with his puppy dogs. Twice actually. You know a “suprize visit from COB” is NEVER a surprise at Flag. It’s leaked. (at that time it was) Long BEFORE his arrival we would be given a Order to White Glove everything. Do you have any idea what that means? Everyone would drop everything to do this and I kid you knot..This is the entire point. The Entire Flag Base would be White Gloved before he would even get there! I kid you knot.

    It wouldn’t matter really, he would shit on somebody. And there went so and so.

    That’s the truth. I knew. 800 people sounds like a lot. But it’s nothing when we are whispering about another.

    So above I should of added there are many in on this way back when? 1991
    Doing what?? Following LRH. As I was and am. BUT there is a catch.

    It is in what little I know, Trend Management. Straight out of the ethics Book I believe. Stats in falsified emergencies are as entraping as Chains.

    LRH Management for us; for him; and for our purposes and future…is wonderful gradual and constant Trend Managent.

    So pick your Battles and let him die trying.

    Last word. (sorry for any errors not going to proof read this)
    If you invite me to your party.
    I’ll bring you some fine beans and rice.

  105. scilonschools

    ” I am fixing it. But, apparently you are operating on another definition of “fix” than I am”

    I remember when we had to take our Tom cat to the Vets to be Fixed, messy very messy, but it was the socially responsible thing to do.
    ( I hear it is far cheaper without an anesthetic, but that seemed a little cruel)

  106. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Yvonnne!!

  107. Tony DePhillips

    I didn’t get the [/I], [/B], stuff. What was the meaning of that?

  108. In other web pages, [B] would mean”begin bold faced type” and [/B] would mean “end bold faced type”. [I] would mean italics.

    WordPress does not do things that way.

  109. There is actually an HCOB where LRH describes how to get above it but it is way above anything DM and co. could even be aware of.
    HCOB 22 December 1960 “O/W A Limited Theory”.
    I wonder what sort of crazy reaction one might get asking DM “How could you help a Scientologist?”

  110. On certain message boards, I in brackets (first without a slash and then with a slash) will put the text in italics. The B produces bold text. One of five, no dog’s breakfast to apologize for, the communication came through just fine.

  111. stopthemadnessatgaston

    I know what you were trying to do and did understand what you wrote. You almost had it except for using the wrong brackets. Here’s what you need to do:
    If you want to bold something, put the b inside these symbols. Same for italics etc. The symbols are located at the bottom of the keyboard, above the comma & period.

  112. One of five – welcome and thanks for your posts.

  113. Bruce,

    “Unless we can detect the social personality and hold him safe from undue restraint”

    I think an imbalance of importance is given anti-social personalities instead of social personalities. I don’t know if LRH ever tried to give a percentage to social personalities, but they seem to be as rare as their opposites. 2 1/2 percent?

    Being able to detect social personalities becomes just as crucial. And I’m not just talking about the average person who is willing to be nice, who is friendly, who will give a bit to charity and who will pitch in a bit to help. There are individuals in whose presence conditions just seem to improve, in whose presence others become happier, more successful, more healthy.

  114. “are a reflection of what would drive POB insane.”


    Does this imply he isn’t already insane?

  115. Why asking ?… He never will
    Pob (Pinocchio on the box) as no balls!

  116. Norman,
    I don’t fully understand what you’re saying but if it’s true for you I’m happy to go along 😀

  117. Perhaps you could clarify who ‘Arthur’ is in this scenario?

  118. You need to use instead of [ and ]. So to bold it is “” and “” like this.


  119. Honest people have rights.

    That is the DM’s main problem. So to be able to DENY them rights, they
    a) must be criminals; or
    b) not really be entitled to those rights; or
    c) those rights do not really exist.

    Honesty, being the road to sanity, is the bedrock of any “ethics”.
    DM, not having the personal wherewithal to travel that road, enforces “morals” of his own making. And changes them at whim.

    Typical of losers.

  120. Looks like an attempt to use boldand italics.

    / cancels commands like “b” or “i”, but the [ ] are wrong.

  121. One of five,
    Clutter in terms of what the heck your keyboard does when you push a button, is part and parcel of the technical rendition and means. Your message came through with an aesthetic wave, even because of the clutter maybe, but nevertheless – clear and well-received.

    Nice to see y’all poking your heads up over the cliff top. It’s a long climb sometimes, but the air is very clean as you see.

  122. Fellow Traveller

    Michael — Thanks.

    LRH did in the next sentence say “Of all our technical skills, such differentiation ranks the highest …”
    My emphasis.

    I figured that to mean that both sides are important. Suppression has played such a part in making life what it is, restimulation, GROUP THOUGHT, identification, and all that, that it does merit a bit of emphasis. That’s my opinion.

  123. top of the vale

    Speaking of cowardly activities, I would like to see some exposure regarding DM’s marriage and who he is currently engaging in ‘out of wedlock’ activities with. ‘Out 2D’ is a big NO NO in the Sea Org and a big button in most ethical communities. DM’s out 2D activities will have an enormous impact along with everything else he has demonstrated as a result of his cowardice.

  124. You must be talking about American Society not mine.

  125. Isn t Tommy Davis the IJC now ?

  126. David Lingenfelter

    Under Radar,

    Yes it was and it was strong. However I left due to looming forced disconnection from my wife and children who were in PAC while I was at Int.

    I’ve read that the forced disconnection was enforced with more vigor later in the 90’s (we left in 91). It was a method DM used to destroy the SO and public 2rd and 3nd Dynamics. It really reduced everyone’s tone level and put us married folks in some fear and desperation. Even before the disconnection took off it was difficult to get libs to see your family. These were often refused for arbitary reasons. I’m sure Jackson has many stories in this area.


  127. Hi Erwin,
    “Ron’s Orgs” deliver versions of higher levels which Bill claimed to have developed while in telepathic communication with LRH on a spaceship near the centre of the galaxy. They do not match my understanding of standard tech advocating such practices as running power processes on one’s breakfast.
    Caspar, the C/S you refer to, started a squirrel group called Spiritologie together with Andreas Butler who believes that he was LRH and that he developed Scientology and left LRH’s body in the mid 60s whereupon someone else took it over.

  128. Thanks for the enlightenment, Mike.

  129. Yes, that helps a lot! Thanks for posting that!

  130. These photos of Miscarriage show he’s utterly FIXATED on the teleprompters. All Hell would break loose if he had to communicate on his own! I know someone who accidentally kicked the power cord in LA during a televised event when Miscarriage was “speaking”. He was sent directly to the RPF and last I heard (6 years later) he’s still there. Wouldn’t that be the shit if it happened LIVE?

  131. This helped a lot. Thank you so much.

  132. Wot?
    You mean like if someone accidentally tripped over a cable during a live event or something?
    Yeah. That would be terrible.

  133. Welcome to all five of you!
    And I love your spirit of play 🙂

  134. Another Layer

    Thanks, Ralph – my perception as well. I’d say the groundwork was being laid in the late 70s, accelerating in the years following the move to the Complex in 1977. Perhaps part of this change had to do with proximity … when the orgs were spread out, there was more autonomy … each org had its own character, warts and all. When we consolidated, there was less distance between local orgs and management. There was also less of a feeling of the org being “my org” and more of the building belonging to someone else, with us as tenants. Subtle, but an erosion of confidence nonetheless.

  135. Got it …… I think ….

    Thanks to all who responded for the technical help …. and/or the welcome !

  136. I find the following article very interesting. It’s lists Karen Pouw as the spokeswoman of the church – “I also did not get a call back from Karen Pouw, church spokeswoman.” (Tony Ortega). Does this mean that Tommy Davis has been officially replaced now??? Davey! What have you done to Tommy and Jessica?
    Karen! Have you been promoted? Oh good! We’ll be seeing a lot of you in the future. My ex-husband and I will have a lot to catch up on 😀
    Welcome to post! I look forward to viewing your Non-E.

  137. Brian Culkin

    May the force be with you Marty

  138. one of those who see

    Brian! Perfect! “Do or do not, there is no try.” “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter” “I don’t believe it. That is why you fail.”
    I love this blog!

  139. Hi Sam. The Virgin Mary was King Arthurs half sister later. She as been no failure in making it to Queen or monarch type roles. Queen Olympia, see the book Dianetics hard back page 288 was her also.
    You remember that Hubbard CD on the “Silver Rocket” and the repeating personalities?
    This as you say is true for me.

  140. Same,
    Re bare…. It’s OK. We knew that. Happens to me, too.

  141. Ooops, Sam! Just happened again.

  142. Dave,

    I was half joking … what could they do if caught off camera by Marty totally alone? All Marty would have to do is either claim self defense or deny having any part in it. Personally, I wish I could personally go off on this guy myself.

    The situation reminds me of this guy in high school … a total runt, but a strong one, on the wrestling team, who enjoyed picking on me and a few others. He would step on your heel in the hallway, get you while you weren’t looking with a medicine ball in the gym, smack you upside the head out of nowhere, finger flick your ear, etc. I complained to the gym teacher, who told me that “I would just have to deal with it personally.” I didn’t know what he had in mind, or realize what was happening at the time, but the gym teacher actually arranged the opportunity for me … he had this guy in the gym, sitting in the bleachers alone, studying. He sent me back in the gym from outside to run some stupid errand, which he never did. When I went back in the gym, the runt looked all worried, and asked defensively “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE????????” He was clearly afraid. It never occured to me to just go up and beat the shit out of him, that isn’t my style, it was totally outside of the way that I thought at the time, but, seeing the fear in his eyes, I said, with casual sarcasm, “Oh, the gym teacher sent me back in here to beat the shit out of you.” I was so thick that I didn’t realize that, in fact, was EXACTLY why the gym teacher sent me back in. This guy was nearly shitting in his pants, begging me not to hit him, and promising never to play any of his tricks on me again. I said “Relax, I was sent in to get another volley ball.”

    After a few days, this runt bully was at it again with me … and everytime he pulled one of his pranks, there were several of his buddies to back him up. Finally, I complained to a friend of mine who was a former victim. He told me that the only possible thing to do was to catch him with none of his friends arounds and get him first, which I did … I got behind him in the hallway and put my foot up his backside, literally, and good and hard. He was actually in tears, overcome with anger, flailing wildly, when he followed me into the chem room. I was laughing as I fended off his wild swings with my briefcase. It was hilarious at that point, because I knew that it would be the last time I was bothered by him.

    I was in an advanced chem class with nothing but nerds, and the teacher, a Hungarian refugee from a concentration camp, proceeded to scold me, telling me how I should be ashamed that I “stooped to his level.” Personally, I wasn’t ashamed, I needed the bullying to end.

    Years later, when I got into Scientology, I learned that “communication was the universal solvent.” I cognited that what I did by putting my boot up his backside was communicate. For some people, that is simply the particle of interchange that they are able to understand. This includes some adults, or, if you like, childish fools in adult bodies, such as the guy that is harrassing Marty. I suspect that he would fully understand a good hard punch in the mouth and perhaps not much else.


  143. Oh, I forget. Nice to hear from you.

  144. Flytrike,
    Love your TR3 of these postulates, but would you please correct the spelling of HEBER’s name? It is HEBER Jentzsch …not Herbert. It’s a biblical name and is significant for his unique family history.

    (And by the way, Heber’s absence on the scene is a big reason why I went “down the rabbit hole,” as I think Sapere Aude first said. Heber is one of my favorite people ever, and a dear, dear friend. How anyone could be so ridiculing and cruel to someone like Heber, just tells you how evil he must be.)

  145. One of Five — any relation to Seven of Nine?

    Good entry. Nice style. Good syntax. Awesome diction. Stick around, come back (with friends?) puhleeze?

    That formatting thing, well, I am sure you’re gonna figgur somethin’ out.

    Bruce Pratt

  146. “The final irony is this. Although it may not appear so to those not intimately involved, and though you all might find it hard to believe in light of events of the past quarter year, I have got David Miscavige exactly where I want him.”

    I must say Marty, you certainly do know your enemy. What is truly amazing to me is just how well you manipulate him from a blog. And how he apparently fails to see he is being manipulated. Makes me laugh. Maybe he truly believes the shoe is on the other foot and he has the upper hand. If he ignored you entirely he would be better off. Apparently that is not possible for him to do. That in itself speaks of insanity.

    “The overt or covert but always complex and continuous determination to harm or destroy.”

    It couldn’t be more evident than on the pages of this blog.

    Is it any wonder more and more people are leaving?

    Nicely done.

  147. There is no Org Board. It seems to be similar to a “Hey You” Org Board with no stability of position at all. That makes sense because that would leave people powerless and confused- unable to act with self determinism.

  148. LOL – it’s contagious!

  149. Ha. Those are invisible. That makes it harder to describe.

    I’m not sure what they are called. Less than/greater than?
    On my keyboard they are on the same keys as “,” and “.”

    the html formatting needs to be framed in those instead of the brackets.

  150. Hi Antoine !
    You Betcha !

  151. JL,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    You wrote: “Nice to see y’all poking your heads up over the cliff top. It’s a long climb sometimes, but the air is very clean as you see.”

    Very true.

    Kinda an amusing anecdote about that ….. the three of us all came to Marty’s blog, other sources of info, and eventually, a realization of the truth that all was not well within “official” Scientology, pretty much completely independently of one another, sans any communication about it amongst us …. the tendency that certain things must not ever be communicated about, but a fleeting holdover from previous darker days …

    The point where we all became aware that each other had taken similar paths, and arrived at similar realities on the matter, was quite theta indeed.

    Going up the Bridge To Total Enslavement™ within the Radical C of S while compromising your own reality, being willing to sully your own personal integrity and honor, desert and shun true friends: the entirety of your financial resources ….. both current and future …. not to mention your very soul …..

    True Independence and Freedom: Utterly Priceless

  152. High Ralph,
    Looks like handsome smear tactics are still extremely effective on a guy who has half emptied the Dutch vulture chapter long before we did. http://www.holysmoke.org/cos/cult-censored-netwerk-broadcast.htm

    Andreas Butler looks like a wacko not dissimilar to RS bots but Caspar is auditing in Ron’s Org in Germany http://www.freezoneauditors.org/auditor/profile/30/; did you see those success stories….. looks like real OT’s are made with real LRH Tech!

  153. TD,


    BTW, nice job on scoring the actual video footage of the dwarf munchkin’s smackdown during his tender, formative adolescent terrorism years ….

    I believe that I saw the right side of his face hit the concrete first …. which, in perpetual restimulation, might very well account for his tendency to talk out of the side of his mouth (… in addition to any Botox overload of course ….)

  154. “What comes around, goes around.”

    Karma my friend. Karma

  155. David must be outraged by the use of pictures of him.

  156. Sherb,
    Also, even earlier, what did he do that LRH should have known about? And What about MSH? Also, his mother’s horrible suicide – what proximate cause there?
    Then there are the whole track issues.
    It would be fascinating to know.

  157. I have got David Miscavige exactly where I want him.

    Chills Marty! Chills moving up and down my spine.

    Holy Crap!

    Nowhere to run to DAVEY, Nowhere to hi – ide!!

  158. His mother did not commit suicide, his mother in law did.

  159. Seems like a lot of things outrage David 🙂

  160. one of those who see

    Hi Erwin,
    Read the write up on Caspar. Wow! Quite the guy!! Well done to him for continuing to deliver the tech!!

  161. Heey David Miscavige : This is what I think ofyou.

    With greastest sincerity, Cornelius Antonius Martens.

  162. Tom Gallagher

    His mother was someone who undoubtedly knew him as something resembling “Rose Mary’s Baby”, i.e., cloven. From my experience on the Freewinds, at least his father did.

  163. Actually David Miscavige this song describes you best.

  164. aka Overt/Motivator sequence

  165. Tom Gallagher

    Regarding his mother-in-law, nice track record, huh?

  166. He’ll freely confess to all those and more alarming crimes without any sign of responsibilty.

  167. -8 Hiding
    -30 Can’t hide

  168. Michael, I see it as a continuum, a greyscale from 100% suppressive on one end, to 100% social on the other end. (Keeping in mind that “absolutes(may be) unobtainable in this universe.”)

    It’s question of basic motivations and intentions. The average person may display a mix of social and antisocial characteristics at times, but his/her basically social character is not obscured or perverted as it is in the SP.

    The goodness or social character of a person is basic as far as I’m concerned. So to me, at least 80% are “social personalities”, as they are not involved in the “complex and continuous effort to harm or destroy”. Maybe they are not high-horsepower people, and just want to be left alone to live their quiet little lives, but they are social nonetheless. The ones you speak of, who have a strong influence just by their presence, may just be very keyed-out and uptone folks and no doubt there are not as many of them, but I would think more than 2 1/2%. A lot of people put out a decent vibe, subdued though it may be.

  169. Thanks Tommy, wonderful product; you’ve done more for us than you’ll ever be rewarded for. Anyway, you’re probably in lock down now but you’re still our hero!

  170. Hi Marty!
    In a knew unit of time, i re-listen to all of the video!
    One word was always coming back to my mind: AUTHENTIC… still this guy is after all Pinocchio on the box did to you and your comrade!
    All of you guys around are big being… no doubt!
    I think this song expresses well the way you where,the last day in SO.

    The Alan Parsons Project- Games People Play

    Where do we go from here now that all of
    the children are growin’ up
    And how to we spend our lives if there’s
    no one to lend us a hand

    I don’t wanna live here no more
    I don’t wanna stay
    Ain’t gonna spend the rest of my life
    quietly fading away

    Games people play, you take it or you
    leave it
    Things that they say, honor brite
    If I promise you the moon and the stars
    would you believe it
    Games people play in the middle of the night…..

  171. Sorry for the typos!

  172. What is sad is that the little egomaniac is taking the name of Scientology and LRH with him. He will inevitably fall and then there will be a lot of work to re-establish what he damaged.

  173. Really nice letter Yvonne! I think that’s worth a little session on the copper grounding rods.

  174. Truthfully I still don’t follow but I get that it’s true for you – that’s what counts. Nice to hear from you too.

  175. Please, anyone can help me with this one?
    Where can i find when LRH says: When you put in some order, disorder emerged!

  176. Thank you for the correction.

  177. Norman was never that bright. LRH sent a messenger up to the bridge on the Apollo to ask him loudly “Norman! Why is it ok to be so stupid?” I think it was Jill Goodman.
    He is quite a weak being. I went to the Apollo in 1972. I had expected to find a group of totally competent beings in a very high level of ARC but what I encountered was a lot of people who were just about surviving in a difficult environment.
    I was 19 years old at the time and in my naivete expected perfection.
    After a few weeks I went to Suzette Hubbard who was HAS at the time and said I wanted to leave. She told me to do the doubt formula so I did.
    I went to the aft lounge and sat down reading it and working it out. While I was sitting there Norman, who was the Captain of the Apollo, came along and shouted at me. He said something like “You are in a lower condition! You should be working not sitting here loafing! Get to work”.
    I looked straight at him and said “I am doing my Doubt condition” and continued to look at him until he walked away.
    I finished my conditions and decided to stay. There were some wonderful beings on the Apollo stressed to their limits. It is hard to describe LRH to anyone who has not met that man. To be in his space was to experience an encompasssing aura of certainty that the goals of Scientology would be achieved.
    I left in 1982 when I saw that things were no longer under LRH’s control as did many others. Bill Robertson had perhaps 5% of the charisma of LRH and sucked many of those who left into his war against aliens.
    David Mayo had about 1% alone but took a good chunk of the rest with the aid of a few others who had held high positions.
    DM had about 0.00000000001% of the charisma and retained those who stayed.
    Many of the people now leaving never knew LRH and never knew Scientology as it was when he was there.
    DM is just not comparable to LRH. LRH was a man in Texan terms.
    DM is a worm in comparison.

  178. top of the vale

    Evidently the Dwarf knows nothing of Sun-tzu:


    It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

    For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.

    It is the rule in war, if ten times the enemy’s strength, surround them; if five times, attack them; if double, be able to divide them; if equal, engage them; if fewer, be able to evade them; if weaker, be able to avoid them.

    If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him.

    If he is in superior strength, evade him.

    If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him.

    Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.

    If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them.

    If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them.

    Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

    He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.

    In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact;

    to shatter and destroy it is not so good.

    So, too, it is better to recapture an army entire than to destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment or a company entire than to destroy them.

  179. Just one confession, one iddy bitty wrongness from his lips about himself would see his whole house of cards fall and blow away in the wind.
    The media would have a field day and every person he has ever wronged would jump on the band wagon. To hell with whatever he thinks, his 3rd Dynamic would rip him a new one – nice thought though and it’s just a matter of time anyway.

  180. Marty,
    When you are ready for a vacation from the madness and eyes, let me know. I have places they will never find, and ways to get you there they can never follow.

    You’ve been through, are going through, continue to tolerate … a lot.
    Anytime you need a break, call me! By the way, I’m picking up the tab. Just give me a call and the rest will happen.

    I haven’t been through what you are going through, but even I need a get-away once in a while!!! LOL

  181. Here’s a good Technical description. I believe there is an Admin one too but I like this one:
    “…The keynote of handling any area is to bring order. Every time you put some order into a pc or a group, or society, a little confusion blows off. Ignore the confusion. It is transitory. Order is not. It stays. Therefore the more order (not necessarily the more activity) you put into things the more continuance you have. This is new data, extremely important and should be carefully gone over again and again and applied. It is data that brings big wins in a society, a group or a pc. Bring a little order.
    Get the pc to see that he can bring order into his affairs. Ask him bluntly, “What order could you bring into your life?” And his case will start resolving. The highest ability of a thetan is to Bring Order. Therefore, orderly processing brings results, disorderly processing does not. All an ARC break is is disorder.
    What order, then, can a trained auditor bring into his area? Into his own life? Into his pc’s? Into his group? That is the question worth answering.
    The confusion that fies off when the order is entered in seems so important to many auditors that they Q and A with it. They stop pursuing order and start pursuing confusion. Never change from order to disorder just because confusion blows off. Let the confusion go. If you want it all gone just put more order into it. That’s why CCH works when properly used.”
    L. Ron Hubbard
    HCOB 6 January 1959

  182. There’s a string just begging to be pulled…

  183. There’s a string just begging to be pulled…

  184. (That should be posted under Tom Gallagher’s comment)

  185. martyrathbun09

    Since 1981 Norman Starkey has been nothing other than Miscavige’s Court Jester.

  186. I won’t get into discussion here as its inappropriate. I consider Caspar to be a serious nutcase. Real OTs can be made with LRH tech, I agree on that point.
    OTs are not made fighting aliens telepathically or otherwise.
    If people have had wins fighting aliens and post success stories about it then they are doing something other than Scientology.
    Many people have had wins playing World of Warcraft.

  187. Tony DePhillips

    1 of 5.

  188. Tony DePhillips

    Good one B!!

  189. Michael Fairman

    And then there was that Chinese student who, standing alone, stopped an armada of tanks. Sun-tzu’s strategic and tactical manuevers are certainly powerful. The power of idea postulated by the spirit has no limit.

  190. Wow Sam!
    First time i see this one.
    I found one in the ethics book to (Order Versus Disorder)
    Big Smack X and thank you!

  191. Bruce,

    I don’t disagree about the importance of understanding and handling suppression. LRH said the accent was on ability. For a reason. I don’t think he spent a lot of time worrying about suppression because he was so capable of seeing and drawing out the good in others.

    Sometimes, we hear comments like, “Why didn’t LRH see what a suppressive so and so was?” And I think the answer is that the person was not such a suppressive in his presence. He had the dominant vibe, so to speak.

    I think existence would truly be a hell if the dominant influence were suppressives, but the social personalities inspire the rest of us and balance out the crap. Our lives improve because we are drawn to the message and influence of social personalities. And to the degree we do this, life becomes better.

    To merely spend time fighting anti-social personalities and giving credence and importance to anti-social personalities would make life miserable. And they would have won.

    Importance and value are assigned meanings. The degree of importance is merely how much attention and energy we give to that meaning. Money is a reflection or representation of value and energy. What we occupy our time with is a reflection of what we value–actually, rather than theoretically.

    I won’t bore you with the technical aspects of perception and reality and opposition, but you can “look” right through evil and suppression and it becomes meaningless, without influence. For a thetan, putting up those subtle and not so subtle ridges is what gives perceptions mass and power.

    Humans are designed to be the effect of perceptions and experience. But this does not necessarily apply to a thetan.

    Got to run. Got to respond to Valkov.


  192. Tom Gallagher

    IMG: Yes?!?! ????????!!!!?????

    (Overheard among grumbles and discussions and snorks…….) Finally…..

    “Hereby!!!! His next Moniker is: Pee WEEEweeee…………………….”

    And then there were some more guttural grunts. Directed through and from Him.

    A tradition.

  193. Thanks for the link, Chris.

  194. Tony DePhillips


  195. Valkov,

    You are right. There is a continuum here.

    But, when discussing individuals, we have to ask, “is there a difference?” And what is that difference? Are we all basically the same? Or is there a qualitative and quantitative difference? Not only as we manifest as humans, but as our native state as a thetan.

    Some speculate that we all emerge from a common source of theta or godhead. We are all from the One, and thus all manifestations of that One, thus all the same ultimately.

    I can’t answer that. As far back as I go, I do not discover a moment of “birth” as a thetan. I do not discover a moment of emerging from a oneness. I discover implants and ideologies that postulate this.

    What I do find is that I am qualitatively and quantitatively different from other beings. Neither extremely high nor extremely low on most areas. And I’m talking about all beings, not just those occupying bodies here on Earth.

    Despite apparent differences, Earth experience tends to homogenize beings.

    To assume that we are all ultimately as capable as one another is to postulate that DM ultimately has the capacity of LRH. Or that Sarah Palin ultimately has the intelligence of Newton or Einstein. Or that American Idol rejects will one day sing like the best singers that ever walked this planet. Just won’t happen. Just won’t.

    My experience down the track, clear to native state is that thetans are different, qualitatively and quantitatively. Higher end thetans embrace the differences and value all thetans.

    In my experience, some beings, even in native state, seem to be inclined toward suppression, toward making others wrong and trying to dominate. There’s just this petty quality in some beings that’s exaggerated, this sense of self importance that gets compulsively mocked up.

    I don’t consider myself to be a social personality though I have some of those traits. Nor do I consider myself to be anti-social, though I have some of those traits also.

    But, I can somewhat recognize the difference. And I can recognize that some beings seem to be by nature more inclined quantitatively and qualitatively to be predominantly one or the other. And those who are closing onto being purely evil or purely good are rare.

    (And despite what some may claim, DM is a piker when it comes to being evil–both quantitatively and qualitatively.)

    Just as I’m not a musician but can appreciate the talents of and skill levels of different musicians, I can recognize beauty and value in social personalities. We have a girl from Germany visiting us right now. She has a purity of space that’s simply stunning. I told her that she was an old being from a race of beings from whom the myth of angels originated.

    There have been races of beings, just as there are races of humans. I don’t know why. Even LRH talked about this.

    Some of this stuff probably exists in what LRH meant in “orders of magnitude.” Where is the individual awareness in the spectrum of all awareness? How does the awareness of an ant compare to a body compared to human mind compared to a thetan controlling a body, compared to a thetan operating outside this universe?

    All arguments depend on where one decides to gather data on a scale of relevant data. At the upper end, all the data is created, so what’s the argument. No game. At the bottom is “I am right and you are wrong” to the millionth power, compressed into a density which inhibits all motion. The more fixated we get on some data, the less we are able to perceive the relevance of other data.

    So, granting my fixations, I often miss far, far more than I get.

    Oh well, time’s up. Need to work on socializing. Need to bask in the presence of my friend from Germany.

  196. Well put and my perception exactly.

  197. Those Brain Busted lethargic have a zombies look!…What the hell POB did to them?

    At least, in this video, they run.

  198. Tony DePhillips

  199. Tony DePhillips

    Sorry for the off topic comment, but is anyone else happy that the USA is getting downgraded by the S&P? I sure am! It is the correct condition assignment. Step in the right direction.

  200. Brian Culkin

    Absolutely Michael.

    Bobby Sands, the IRA revolutionary that died in a British prison of starvation on a hunger strike as a political prisoner while protesting England and their abusive policies against the Irish people once said the following:

    “The British have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn’t want to be broken.”

    We have seen this phenomena countless times in human history. A soul is lit on fire and nothing, I mean nothing will stop it. Its a beautiful thing to see. A human soul activated with its true purpose.

    From my understanding, L11 actually deals with this exact phenomena.

    Wow- the church is just pouring kerosine on Marty Rathbun’s soul, making it burn brighter and brighter. This blog is not stopping. Too much theta. Too much purpose. Too much spiritual fire. Game is over dude. Wake up.

  201. Michael Fairman

    Barbara Ayash cashed my check, It will be interesting to see if a note follows.

  202. Yes, I can feel a change. Maybe the politicians will do the right thing and take some real steps to handle the problem. That would be a nice change- maybe a “bypass habits and normal routines”?

  203. Tony DePhillips

    Now that guy has guts.

  204. excellent once again!

  205. top of the vale

    You are a good man, Michael.

  206. Sam,

    Thanks for the welcome – glad to be here !

    ….. lookin’ forward to playin’ the game and contributing to the motion …..

  207. Tony Dephillips

    You got it Chris.
    I like Chris much better than DFB. 🙂

  208. Bruce,


    Cousin Seven is a somewhat distant relation …. if not by actual blood, then surely by reason of both of us having been assimilated by, and becoming part of, The Collective … and then later separating and breaking free from The Hive Mind …. (….. in her case they were known as The Borg ….. in my case, they are now known as The Radical Church of Miscavology …. but no matter what ya wanna call ’em, it’s seem to be pretty much all the same crew at this point ….)

    And while Cousin Seven kept some of her implants, I have decided to relinquish all of mine … and forego any futures ones ….

    As far as hangin’ …. it will be my pleasure …… and, in keeping with the theme of “the-more-playmates-the-better”, I will see if I can prevail on two of five drop by and say hello sometime over the weekend.

  209. Lots of responses to this one, but my input is just that the chain started earlier. He only GOT to be the head of the organization by lying and cheating and stealing. He stole his power and position from those LRH actually intended to put in through lies and intimidation. Of course, havin OBTAINED his power in that way, he could only be expected to use / abuse his power using the exact same methods.

  210. + another 1

  211. Michael Fairman


  212. WD response, Yvonne 🙂

  213. OOTWS, That struck me because even when you start off wanting to do something it gets enforced & taken away from your own control and volition.

  214. Right Mr. Fancy. It’s basic HTML. To do bold on a webpage it would be to start, and then to end.

  215. Maybe he’s in Obama’s valence with the teleprompter. LOL!

  216. Wow. Thanks for posting this quote Sam. Never seen it before either. I love it 🙂

  217. You’re welcome Sinar

  218. Oops. I thought that would be in color. I guess I don’t know how WordPress works.

  219. + 1

    …. appreciate the technical reference.


    Are you by any chance related to Don Parman ?

  220. DM had about 0.00000000001% of the charisma of LRH.
    Many of the people now leaving never knew LRH and never knew Scientology as it was when he was there.

    DM is just not comparable to LRH.

    LRH was a man in Texan terms.

    DM is a worm in comparison.

    Thank you Ralph for this.
    Exactly how I perceive it too.

  221. By the way Dave* boy:
    Where is HEBER Jentzsch – my President of the CoS?
    Where is DIANA Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH?
    Where is SHELLY Miscavige – your dear wife?
    * Dave = Pope on a Box (applebox) **

    ** sorry guys for adding this little adjunct
    but it is just tooooooooooo funny and a great metaphor. 🙂

    Thank you Leonore for the correction and the further info.

  222. “If he ignored you entirely he would be better off. ”


    Hey Davey Boy, here’s a ProTip: When you react to what someone is saying, that indicates that there is some truth to it. The stronger you react to what Marty says, the more people realize that there is truth to what Marty is saying.

    Personally, I might be a paying Scientologist right now, but I had looked at all the ridiculous lawsuits that you hit your critics with. I realized that you never sued anyone for libel or defamation-you sued them for copyright infringement and the like. In other words, YOU SUED THEM FOR TELLING THE TRUTH AND SHOWED YOUR HAND, DUMBASS!

    But if you want the rest of the world to see that those allegations of cult-like behavior are true by perpetrating MORE cult-like behavior, keep it up. Can’t wait to see your tiny ass in prison orange!

  223. What society do you live in thats above 1.1 on the tone scale? I want to move there.

  224. You’re fully entitled to your opinion and if you don’t discuss it, I can only guess the reason for that. I am curious though, where did the nutcase who happens to rank high on the Indy 500 and single-handedly freed 70 Scientologists in 2003, thwarting the iron PR hands of Marty and Mike, write about fighting aliens?

  225. Michael,
    Theta ball… with a twinkle of mischief 😀

  226. One, not at all. Looking forward for the rest of you to come out. 🙂

  227. Joe Pendleton

    That is largely true froom my observation, Count. And after the crimes committed by the COS in the 70s (Operation Freak-Out against Paullette Cooper, Operation Snow White in stealing Federal docs, etc) look how Ron and Mary Sue ended up (and you can also include how LRH handled his own children and what SO members had to endure whenever they displeased him). LRH ended up as really a pathetic old man, in terrible mental and physical shape, hiding out from those he imagined were after him, way out in the sticks, cutting all his comm lines except for three or four household servants (the Broekers, etc) and allowing David Miscavige, of all people, to be his comm line out into the world of Scientology. Why was Miscavige able to dominate and fool LRH? Please don’t tell me that Miscavige wasn’t empowered and enabled. Because I may be somewhat stupid, but I’m not THAT stupid. “The practice of not-isness redeuces understanding.” *and if any of you insist that LRH was PTS to Miscavige, you’re probably right, but read LRH’s own data on how a powerful being would allow himself to get into that position. He after all, “wrote the book.”

  228. The past 5 years have proven that whenever Europe questions the American Corporate Empire, the banksters threaten economic suicide which would take the world along. This could be a dastard warning not to investigate the cause of global terrorism.

  229. Joe Pendleton

    As far as lying goes, I’m not sure where Marty and Mike were in the SO ranks when Miscavige&Co put on that absolutely ridiculous LRH death event, but notice how even in Scientology (where we are supposed to know better) the sheeple, including highly trained and processed folks, went into agreement with this nutty fairy tale (a lie, in other words). And you wonder why Heber, Yager, Guillaume and others are in the condition they are now in? Sorry guys. You built the prison and now you’re in it. Beings will never be able to confront and handle the lies, unless they first recognize that the lies exist.

  230. I hope she responds but I have little illusion. Implanted down stats who set a good example of no exchange have a hard time generating other flows than their compulsive one way inflow.

  231. Leonore,

    The better half and I can recall a time when Heber would come around to the org (an outer one) …. and play guitar and sing after service hours (at staff meeting maybe ?), with the staff joining in ….. anyone could talk to him. He has the ability to grant that much beingness … and make it that safe.

    Much later, he and his wife at the time, Jane, once came upon a friend and I whist while we were walking down the street near PAC (we were both org staff – but in a non-SO org), while they were driving in a car one weekend morning, with children IIRC. Jane knew who were both were, but neither one of us was very high up on the food chain.

    They pulled over, stopped the car, rolled down the window, and just talked to us …. for maybe 5 or 10 minutes, telling of us their plans for their family time, and asking us what we were up to, what we’re doing on our off time, and asking how we were doing …. with genuine interest and caring. And then, before they left, thanked us for what we were doing (at the time, as staff)

    …… is it even possible to imagine the dwarf weasel in hiding doing such a thing ?

  232. Joe Pendleton

    Yes, Tony, he does. That’s what we needed in Scientology in the 80s and 90s, but didn’t have. Not one person had the guts and confront to stand up to Miscavige during the apalling 1982 SF Mission Holder’s Conference. And then apparently, not one high ranking SO member ever called him out on his insane behavior in the years following. And not one person hit him back, following his violent attacks. Miscavige is lucky I wasn’t one of his juniors, because had he touched me, I would have bashed his head in, and I think he would have suffered permanent damage. He would have taken”early retirement” as “COB.” In 1981, when I was a CS, the ED of my org, put his hands on me to get me out of the HGC admin room (maybe he thought I was sowing discontent among the auditors who were there – I don’t remember). This guy was actually a friend of mine, so he just got a “love tap” from me on his shoulder and a stern warning not to touch me again (one female auditor watching this was suitably impressed and I think my ethics presence shot up mile high with her). Do I have to add that he never touched me again, and was much more “polite” to me during our next comm cycle. Now anyone who knows me,knows I’m a non-violent person who believes in in-ARC communication. But there IS an appropriate affinity level and an appropriate reality level to use when another person uses inappropriate force. And now we see the outcome of decades of all the people that worked for Miscavige ALLOWING him to act the way he did. Yes, responsibility must be taken. What Marty and Mike and others are doing today, though, is NOT too little, too late. There’s no “time limit” on responsibility. Never regret yesterday, life is in you today and you make your own tommorrow.

  233. Amen, brother.

    Now, let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees.

  234. You’re quite welcome.

    And thank you for the welcome 🙂

  235. Wow …… it’s late at night to the wee hours (depending on where one is in the US) ….. and there are 682 guests currently online at scientology-cult.com …. dunno for sure ….. but I think that the most I’ve ever seen personally.

  236. …… and in the short space of a couple of hours the above nearly doubles to 1247

  237. I actually have met the actor who plays Pee Wee Herman. He’s a stand up guy. Really nice and friendly.

  238. We have had Miscavige the Cheater and Miscavige the Coward. I would love coverage of Miscavige the Crasher. I have heard anecdotes of his sweeping through Europe and crashing the stats of booming orgs in his wake. I have seen how “uplines” orders have crashed the making of auditors and Clears in Class V orgs. But I know that I don’t have the data on the full extent of it. As staff, I was too often false fed “and THAT’S what I call taking planetary expansion to a whole new level!” Downwards? Hey, Marty, maybe we all could still use some FDSing.

  239. Tony DePhillips

  240. Tony DePhillips

    I love that laugh!

  241. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Joe,
    Good comment.
    I think everyone had/has responsibility for fixing this. Marty and Mike are leading the way, along with a cast of others.
    Joe, were you friends with OTDT? If so, do you know whay happened to him?

  242. Tony DePhillips

    Say what?

  243. Come to Holland…..

  244. martyrathbun09

    Think about it: they wouldn’t do it to Wall Street pigs when they were using the US citizens as their own private casino chips, but they’ll do it to the United States of America. Games of greed – greed, THE deadliest anti-virtue throughout world history, bar none, imho.

  245. Actually, a good-sized segment of Church of Scientology broke away almost immediately and most of those went to join the Independent Field / Freezone at that time.

    No generality is true – not even this one.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  246. This is why I am a silver bug. IMHO there is no better defense against these financial terrorists.

  247. Agreed about the Greed indeed.

    It’s so hard to know what is true anymore. For all we know, Standard and Poors is in bed with the GOP and this credit rating reduction is simply a ploy to make Obama look bad enough not to get re-elected.

    I’m not even an Obama fan. I’m more of a Ron Paul fan because he actually tells the truth.

    But, while channel-surfing, I did happen upon our favorite koolaid reporter, Greta Van Sustren on Fox, discussing with Sara Palin, how the economy is all “Obama’s fault”. Palin actually stated that the Tea Party is “thrilled” that this happened on Obama’s watch (paraphrase).

    Blind, deaf and dumb.

  248. Michael Fairman

    There could be an entire series in the making — “THE DAVE MAGS!”

  249. martyrathbun09


  250. martyrathbun09

    A casualty. Blown by an OSA agent. When I subsequently blew that agent, the front door theatrics began – and have been going for 112 days since. Wait for 113, may be a Lulu.

  251. Ron Paul fan

  252. Antoine
    I like it !!!!

  253. One has to admire Dr. Paul for his willingness to not only speak the truth – no matter how unpleasant it may be – even while standing essentially alone (for the most part) amongst his “peers” (so-called) in Congress, but also for the absolutely dogged determination he displays in doing so ….

    He’s been doing it for a long time – and has been utterly unrelenting.

  254. I’m assuming that the actual format used would be … (… wait for it …) … COMIC BOOK ?

  255. +1 Meritorious.

  256. OnceUponaTime

    Michael, Good one… but I will bet we haven’t seen the worst of it yet.

    Eric S

  257. In 2007 the EU prevented a nuclear war with Iran by pressuring Bush with potential war crimes like torture. That war was a high weapon industry priority, so in 2008 the banksters started the greatest economic crisis since the 30’s.

    In 2009 the EU announced an investigation that exposed the greatest health care (Big Pharma) fraud in history. http://alethonews.wordpress.com/2009/12/31/european-parliament-to-investigate-who-and-%E2%80%9Cpandemic%E2%80%9D-scandal/
    So in 2010 the banksters withdrew investments from Europe to cause a relative stable economy to shake. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_European_sovereign_debt_crisis
    Not because we performed bad but because it dropped S & P ratings and poor countries had to pay insurmountable interests (apart from other banking fraud).

    Now we attack Murdock for his war mongering (and potentially expose illegal acts of Homeland Security) so they drop their own ratings because if America becomes a liability, the rates will go up thus debts skyrocket, can’t be repaid and we’ll have another global crisis.

    So we’ll have to fight the banksters again to turn this threat into our favour.

  258. Thank you!! That’ll do it now. 🙂

  259. Long ago Heber did SO tours to the outer orgs with his guitar – led sing-alongs and told stories – always citing source – citing the Code of Honor and other basics that gave Scientology roots. Heber and first wife Yvonne were quite close to LRH. Heber was responsible for hundreds or even thousands making progress on the bridge, joining Sea Org, actively participating in Scientology.

    Later, Heber was a GO PR spokesperson, and with his aura of great friendliness and ARC, his ability to grant beingness and talk to anyone, his sincerity, and his love for LRH, Heber made many, many friends for Scientology, and he defused many a sticky PR situation. He should have been Kha Khan for what he did. He was once one of the most recognizable, most admired Scientologists in the world. He was beloved by many, and his personal contributions were huge.

    From the stories of the humiliations done to Heber in later years, I can only surmise that David Miscavige hated Heber because Heber was an upstat and was close to LRH. This alone tells ALL one needs to know about David Miscavige.

    Heber was one of the nicest people I EVER met.

    Thanks for sharing your story.


  260. Bert Schippers

    No…I am not happy about that. The US$ is a “reserve currency” (look up on wikipedia), the world’s most primarily held reserve currency. The downgrade is a major step in the direction of destroying the US….if not the world’s economy….for the one worlders to take more control. Conspiracy theory? Maybe, but I doubt it unfortunately.

  261. 8) Let’s start with David Miscavige the Corrupter, next followed by David Miscavige the Confuser.

  262. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks Erwin,
    I’m tracking with you now.
    I agree Marty, greed is probably the worst of the deadly sins.
    Just look at muddcabbage.
    How about : Dm the greedy?

  263. Antoine, I loved reading this. Thank you! 🙂

  264. Bobby Sands, the IRA revolutionary that died in a British prison of starvation on a hunger strike as a political prisoner while protesting England and their abusive policies against the Irish people…”

    Politics aside, the guy was an active member of a group that murdered a hell of a lot of innocent people. He was in prison because he had been convicted of a crime (possession of a firearm). I totally understand that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter but I thought it only fair to add some data here. He was no Gandhi by any means.

  265. You’re welcome meishayuri 🙂

  266. “LRH ended up as really a pathetic old man, in terrible mental and physical shape, hiding out from those he imagined were after him”
    Wow! Where the fuck are you getting your info from Joe? LMAO!!!

  267. I miss my daily laughing therapy.

  268. Don’t worry Bert, EU will fight the war that America lost.

  269. Come to think of it, EU is fighting the same and only dozen enemies that have always fought LRH and in whose network of wholesale suppression Davey constitutes just a small cog. I think we’re in good company as the EU has already proven able to prevent a nuclear war, a global amphetamine addiction, a target pandemic and an economic meltdown. They’re the ones getting the Balkan war criminals to justice, reigning in Bush atrocities, kicking out Big Pharma, calling out Murdock, arresting S&P, countering the oil monopoly by spearheading a green revolution, etc.

  270. Miscavige may be trying to spin himself a cocoon where he can live unenturbulated by anons, ex-members, media reps, dissatisfied customers, the truth, and the reality of what’s happening to Scientology, Inc. at present.

    Alas, the reality still seeps through, despite his precautions. Like the tiny sign raised up on a long, long pole, so it peeks over the top of the tarps in Scientology’s video. It was opposite his podium, he couldn’t avoid seeing it. It simply said, “COMM EV DM”

  271. Watchful Navigator

    Very helpful analysis for me, Karen – thanks.

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