Grade II Completion


To touch the end of time

To walk with the sublime

To dance to the mystique


I stand here with you cheek to cheek

Mystified and pure

I feel the gift of life, no longer insecure

By the light of your eyes

By the strength of your field

I saw beyond my mind into a different hemisphere


Granted the mercy I chose

From the heavens I rose

Beyond birth and death 

Beyond pain and suffering 

Beyond the need to need 


I stepped to the side

Looked as I lied

Put down the blade

And began to pray

With a tear and a sigh

For I am no longer a lie


I blew to the sky

A kiss of goodbye

No longer will reside 

The victim must die


The vicious cycle erased

We began to embrace

Our leather and lace


85 responses to “Grade II Completion

  1. Beautiful!

  2. And that’s what it’s all about!

  3. Yvonne Schick

    Very beautiful and inspiring. My appreciation to this auditor and pc for working together to shift the theta/entheta ratio on planet earth that much more. This is what a Sunday morning should be. We, individually and as a group, are flourishing and prospering.

  4. The practice of not-isness reduces understanding.

    The practice of as-isness results in a poem such as this.


  5. Watching Eyes

    Absolutely lovely poem. Beautifully said. Congratulations to whoever it is that completed Grade II.

    Kind of like a new life, isn’t it, without that baggage! Well done to the PC and the auditor.

  6. I N C R E D I B L E !

  7. Felicitas Foster

    It is so beautiful – thanks. Looks like a great win. 🙂

  8. Congratulations on reaching the EP of grade II. Unlike in the church, where grade II is everywhere on the “bridge”, you can now move onward and upward. I wish you the best.

  9. Scott Campbell

    Wonderful and beautifully expressed wins. Congratulations!

  10. Great SS!

    (Would be nice if the coconut dwarf was grade II release and acted as one)

  11. We are so lucky to have this group and this blog. It’s theta and reminds me so much of how it used to be a long long long time ago in our group.
    it IS about the wins and it is about someone getting happier – more aware – and more able – it’s JUST THAT and nothing more.

  12. Wow!

  13. Congratulations on the completion & beautiful poem to both PC and Auditor. The last words reminded me of this one song:

  14. Very sweet and theta Thanks for sharing and the poem lovely !!!!

  15. What a wonderful win and success! I look forward to the day when this is commonplace. The bridge to higher states available and many travel up it.

    I was reminded of these words:

    J. Allen

    “Every day is a fresh beginning;
    Every morn is the world made new,
    Ye who are weary of sorrow and sinning,
    Here is a beautiful hope for you,
    A hope for me and a hope for you.”

    “Thought in the mind hath made us, What we are
    By thought was wrought and built. If a man’s mind
    Hath evil thoughts, pain comes on him as comes
    The wheel the ox behind….

    ..If one endure
    In purity of thought, joy follows him
    As his own shadow—sure.”

  16. Congratulations to both auditor and PC for creating more light and dispelling the darkness that attempts to surround us.

  17. Congrats and well done!
    I suppose you the pc is still “under the radar” or did I miss something?
    Regardless, the poem was inspiring and really it’s what we are all about.

    The observation that grade II is now smeared all over the grade chart is quite correct, one never leaves it in the wild and crazy Church of Dave.

  18. Way to go! Very nice.

  19. Congratulations! Beautiful.

  20. This is the level of the Security Checks starting when doing Grades. It makes me laugh that a person can complete Grade II in an Org and the church will still view the person as a possible security risk. It is very defeative because it announces an ability gained by the person from auditing and then consequently denied to them by the church for reasons that the Grade might not be have been done correctly or the person finishing the Grade may be a security risk. I am really glad this person completed their Grade II outside the church so as not to be invalidated from flubby church ethics and tech, not to mention admin. Nice poem too.

  21. Another Layer

    Grace under fire! Thank you, auditor and pc, for this Sunday morning illumination, this beautiful contemplation, this shift of dimension point.

  22. Old auditor,

    Well said! I agree!

  23. Yes, good point well spoken.

  24. It doesn’t matter who was the auditor or who was the PC. Today the world was made just a little more sane. It just occurred to me that having security checks when one finally arrives at the OT levels is such an invalidation to the person who has had all of the auditing it takes to get there. Either church management is intentionally trying to undo the benefits and gains of honest auditing or it truly believes it’s own application of Ron’s Tech is faulty and the sec checks are a last ditch attempt to catch the problems and fix them before the person is exposed to out gradient material. I would love to believe the latter but I’m afraid the truth lies in the former. (I’ve always been an optimist!)

  25. θTater/GaryLerner

    And the Truth will set you Free. Thank you for showing us your viewpoint.

  26. Thanks to the auditor, and the P.C. for keeping the faith, and making this world a better place.

  27. An artist expresses the ineffable and touches lightly.

    A beautiful Sunday service.

  28. Watchful Navigator

    Beautiful song. Beautiful completion poem.

  29. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful win! It also serves as a reminder for everyone what this fight is all about: freedom.

  30. That is a beautiful success story, indicative of a wonderful win.

    I’d like to change the subject if I may. I’m interested in conducting my own personal mission into time.

    I’d like to know if there are any old-timers who are following Marty’s blog here that were around and with Ron in 1956-58, or anyone who has ACCURATE knowledge about the personnel working with Ron during that time period.

    If anyone can help me out, please respond here, and we can take the conversation back channel as need be.


  31. Big sighs of peace & wonderfulness for both auditor & pc.

    Here is a face of mine ….

    Through all the lights of the Universe,
    Through all the walls of the world,
    And in the darkness of every corner,
    And over all summits that bind men in,
    I shine forth,
    I am hindered not,
    For I am there,
    ~ I AM FREE ~

    Pete Sanders, Jr. – Free Soul

    Happy Sunday y’all!

  32. Apologies …. face of mine. Not face.

  33. Props to ya Marty!

    These are the type of wins we like to see as auditors.

    It makes all that training worthwhile.

    To you the PC whoever you are.

    Very Well Done on getting through Grade II and I look forward to you going Clear and OT.

    By the way loved the poem 🙂



  34. lawrence- People are handled as security risks all the way up to OT 8. In an SPs world EVERONE is a threat. DM is STUCK in that moment of being overwhelmed by an SP and now going into the valence of an SP he must overwhelm. He is waaaaaay out of PT. reference is ” Search and Discovery Data-How a Suppressive becomes one”
    You have to be in PT and want others to win to get the beautiful win we are reading here.

  35. Your humble servant


    Thank you for delivering Scientology! Which you have done in the teeth of immense opposition, unbelievable distractions, and while doing so many
    other many worthwhile things at the same time, it is quite amazing. Congratulations to your pc who has written a beautiful and communicative poem.!

    This is what Ron was talking about when he spoke of auditors being the most valuable beings on the planet.

  36. A very beautiful poem! Both auditor and pc are to be congratulated for a job very, very well done. It brought tears to my eyes, instantly, on “For I am no longer a lie” . . . we should all strive for that, and the world is a better place because of it. Thank you both for the inspiration!

  37. +1

  38. What a great way to express one’s win on that level. It shows the unlimited creativity of a being when allowed to be who they are. Had you tried to freely express such a win in the Church, you would have been sent back to review and thouroughly invalidated.

  39. Michael Fairman

    What a wondrous poetic insight into the spirit of both pc and auditor!
    Congratulations to both

  40. Inspirational.
    Absolutely beautiful

  41. Beautiful win for PC and the auditor…I was thinking maybe you could print a few color copies of this page and hand them to the Ass Clowns in the golf cart. Maybe, just maybe one of them will have a cognition.

    p.s. Marty, is your PC Mosey?

  42. Simon Bolivar

    WWD, Wins are the best part of the game, today is a new day for many of us. You are a Scientologist.
    Glad to share with you more wins from italian ground. Two more solo 2 attest. 2 grade completions too. Many more are moving on up a little higher. Thank you

  43. Very True!

  44. Nice!
    Stretch your soul and enjoy your new found freedom.

    ONCE AGAIN. One would have to be pretty ignorant to take the body of knowledge and the delivery system that existed 1986-ish that makes these things possible and instead use them for maligning, harassing and in general rendering the whole subject matter and movement useless and a fraud.

  45. What a beautiful poem!
    What a beautiful day!
    Theta is more powerful, more penetrating, more pervasive and lasting than anything dmonology will ever produce.
    One by one we will succeed.
    Very well done to auditor and pc for another great win for us all to share.

  46. A truly divine poem that beautifully showcases this pc’s wins. Congratulations to both pc and auditor.

  47. Jethro Bodine

    Security checks, i.e. “OT eligibility”, for the OT levels were put in there by LRH. No individual level on the Bridge, not even Grade 2, produces a “completely trustworthy person”. The EP of Grade 2 is “relief from the hostilities and suffering of life”, and it can do just that. Even just a good, thorough sec check can give a person a lot of relief. However, one area where DM has squirreled the Bridge is by requiring sec checks WHILE ON OT 7 every six months, even if the person is doing well and doesn’t require them. The six month checks with their mandatory sec checks are a big money maker for Flag, which is where a lot of DM’s personal money comes from (which is all he seems to care about).

    Mark Bunker did a video interview with OT 7s Greg and Debra Barnes, who got declared SP for questioning the sec checks while on the level:

    “While they were doing Scientology’s confidential upper OT level VII the Barnes were shown a technical bulletin (C/S series 73RB) that Scientology’s new management claimed was written by Hubbard. The bulletin stated that the security checks (also called “refreshers”) they and all persons auditing on OTVII were being forced to undergo each six months contradicted what Hubbard himself had directed about such processes. They also realized that C/S series 73RA was 12 pages long whereas the bulletin they were reading was only 5 pages long.”

  48. one of those who see

    OMG! So beautiful. Tears in my eyes. This is the Scientology I love. Ron, do you see this? Do you see what is happening? You were right that “It will all come out all right.”
    Well done to Auditor and PC. Hugs.

  49. one of those who see

    Very well said, CP!

  50. Just beautiful! Well done to both PC and auditor! Moving on up a little higher. This is what it is all about.

  51. Graduation over the internet …. can’t help but smile. .. and nobody there to reg me to have “similar wins quickly”.

  52. Beautiful.
    Thanks, Marty, for the best comm line on the planet.

  53. It is possible that it may very well be impossible to produce a completely trustworthy person from a simple Grade II. But Debra Barnes certainly comes close in my book, and always has since day one. I was once beat up inside the church by 2 staff members while a third watched because I went there and wanted to know how much was left in my account (not knowing the 3rd person that watched [the registrar] had already cleaned out my account so he could go out and have cheeseburgers. I sure hope he got some case gain out of them cheeseburgers and fries with my auditing money, is all I can say.

  54. Freedom Fighter

    Beautiful! Congratulations!

  55. I think the story of the beating would be better if accompanied by specifics (which org, what date and which staff members?). Otherwise, to me, the story comes across as unreal and possibly delusional. I can believe that your auditing account was pillaged and put into, for example, books, so that the reg could get a commission. And if so, it’s disgraceful. However, even though I now believe the stories of abuse at int I find it hard to credit mass beatings at a service org. You just asked for your money.

  56. martyrathbun09

    No, someone else.

  57. Very Well Done Simon!

    Keep ’em coming.

    I’m working on repairing a 7 EP getting another through an endless OT III and another through a NED DRD.

    I’ll let you all know when I get a wrap on any of these.

    As the Ol’man said once:

    “It beats playing video games” 🙂

  58. You may want to query Phil Spickler on that.
    There is a contact link on that page.

    VVWD on the Grade II completion! Just goes to show you can’t stop Truth.

  59. Amen!

    Brudder Jimmy 🙂

  60. Nice SS, always good to hear things like that.
    Well timed too Marty, that last thread was developing a mind of its own…

  61. Komra Moriko

    I am so happy to read this! I am happy for PC and auditor. And I am also happy that the experience this PC shared may help people who are not Scientologists come to a greater understanding of the true value of Scientology technology and philosophy.

  62. one of those who see

    Beautiful, true comment.

  63. one of those who see

    Wonderful news SB!! Bravo!!

  64. Lawrence, that doesn’t make sense at all. How can a reg clean out your account? There is NO cash. It is simply a folder with your account status written on a piece of paper (receipts are also in the folder). So HOW can a reg spend a piece of paper on cheeseburgers???

  65. Well done auditor and PC! Beautiful poem 🙂

  66. Sorry, this should have been threaded in as a reply to Lawrence above.

  67. Marty, I told you this once before in Facebook PM and I still mean it: as long as you are auditing and making PCs/Pre-OTs happy now that’s all I care about.

    I remember how happy I was to be helping train OT VII’s and VIII’s to be auditors on the SHSBC at ASHO Foundation. Many of those good folks we had back in 1991-1994 truly seemed like Angels to me. I really felt like I was doing God’s work as SHSBC Course Admin and Tech Training Films I/C under Chris Montgomery (nee’ Stevens).

    Until the Int Command Team Mission arrived in 1993 to crush all the upstats, it was perhaps the happiest period of this lifetime. Perhaps the opportunity to do so will come to me again. I do not think I will ever again be truly happy until I trained and logging WDAH’s, myself.

    All those people who want to give you hell for what you did then need to knock it off and get with the program.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  68. VWD ! this is energy for my mind !
    Good news from Italian Indie Field this week ! :
    2 New people on Purif RD
    2 GR 0 Attest
    1 ARC S/W Attest
    3 Solo II Attest
    1 come back to SoloNots
    Me and Simon Bolivar on OT2 !

    See you soon for other good news !
    Francesco Minelli

  69. Pure Theta……
    Of course, you knew as it was being written,
    didn’t you??
    Brilliant Marty really brilliant!!

  70. The regges wife was also the Org Treasurer and the HGC C/S. The donations (cash) were just put in his pocket (the reg) and taken home and spent. I was given invoices as proof of payment, but the org was never given copies of the invoices for their records so the money could be applied to auditing later for which I was regged.

  71. So true. Thanks for the reference.

  72. George M. White

    Wonderful! Congrats!

    “And so in the delightful realm
    Those flying in the air attend”.

    (A,iii,43) Buddha Gotama


  73. GetTheConcept

    Sounds like you had less than $10 on your account, depending on when this happened and where inflation was at at the time, and depending on whether the reg also had fries and Coke.

  74. After thinking about this point a bit, I realized that the only reason people are “security risks” at any level in the Church is that the management is corrupt.

    If a person is moral, then they will oppose criminality.

    If the management is criminal, then they cannot trust moral people.

    And if the people are criminals, management still cannot fully trust them. After all, they’re still criminals.

    The only way that a criminal management can trust people is if:

    1) they have skewed their reality so that logic dictates that the moral thing to do is to support management. I.E. “The world is corrupt and spreads lies about CoS because they don’t want people to go free. Therefore, the moral thing to do is to support the Church and ignore the critics.”

    2) they have enough threat against against them to make them think twice about contradicting them.

    It’s still not as effective as, say, earning people’s trust and dedication by actually being moral and effective as a force for good. Such an organization would not need threats or lies to coerce the loyalty of its parishioners, and would actually respond positively to legitimate criticism.

    (But why change now? Right, OSA?)

  75. martyrathbun09

    Michael, I believe the way to get there is to recognize those who recognize the power of the technology and encourage them rather than picking fights with them.

  76. TroubleShooter

    Freedom from the hostilities and sufferings of life…very nice.

    What a wonderful product to contribute to, make possible and achieve.

    This rehabs when I concluded that it was safe to get off O/Ws! To be unburdened by and inspect the behavior precipitated real change to be made in my viewpoint of life. It cleared the fog so I could see the landscape and head to the horizon.

    Well done to the auditor or VWD I guess you could say.

  77. Congratulations! This is exactly what I am so looking forward to.
    What a pleasure for the auditor to get such a beautiful product. You are making things go right, no matter what. My admiration to you both!

  78. Nice poem and I really enjoyed it.
    Congratulations on your grade 2.

  79. It was more than $10.00 but aside from the theft the money was never put back AND I was no longer living and working in New York City so it was not as convenient as was for me when I made the donations to stop by the org. So it was a golden opportunity for some deranged staff member to practice ethics on people. It is truly disgusting. AND…OSA started sending me faxes after I made a big issue about it and the faxes were OTHER invoices but not the ones in questions. Someone from OSA had the nerve to ask me “Are these the one?”. True, the lady from OSA was polite about it, but if I had copies of the invoices why should they have such a hard time verifying where the money was? See my point? Guillaume Lesevere never even answered me back. It’s a long story. Read my diary:

    The whole story is there. That is why I PUT that diary there! 🙂

  80. …… just beautiful …..

    Congrats on a job Very Well Done ….. to PC …. Auditor ….. and support staff.

    Thanks for sharing it !

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