Why the Obsession?

Some have pondered lately why the Miscavige obsession with Casablanca.   I have some ideas to share on that score. 

First please review a portion of an essay I posted on 26 September 2009, Independent Scientologists community:

I am fairly certain that if a decent percentage of independent Scientologists stand up, identify themselves, and freely associate with like-minded friends in the light of day at least three things will happen:

a. Many individual lives will regain meaning. Many more lives still will reap the gains from each of us who independently and freely use Scientology with no other motivation than to help others reach higher states of beingness.

b. Scientology (the subject and community) will experience a renaissance within society at large.

c. Miscavige’s church will be forced to either radically reform by reversing its suppressive operating basis or face its inevitable demise (note the intransitive is used; it is not because of anything that you or I will do to it that will cause it other than being there comfortably – it will be a self-inflicted fate).

At this point, at this Ethics stage,  I am advocating  that independent thinking Scientologists think hard about being proud of exercising their independence. That they make themselves known and use the title “Scientologist” without shame or embarrassment. That they create community with other independent Scientologists and make it that much safer for those people to get their strength up and flourish. To the extent we tip toe around imaginary egg shells, we are PTS. We cripple our own ability to as-is. If we walk tall, we rehabilitate one another’s abilities to as-is. The Lord knows that this world could use some more of that.

People who have been following this blog for some time understand that this is a message I have often repeated: when enough real Scientologists stand up and be heard as Independents, Miscavige’s resources will be spread so thin trying to intimidate them that his actions will be so ineffectual that the world will see there is nothing to fear from Radical Corporate Scientology. 

It is my contention that such a tipping point has been achieved.  I think most overtly announced Independent Scientologists  recognize that, even if the society at large – certain press and law enforcement agencies included – is lagging a bit behind.

In the light of that, Miscavige’s current plan is quite rational for a psychotic motivated by intent to enslave and destroy everybody else in order to survive.  His think goes something like this:

“If we can’t scare them into compliance or shivering fear any more and we can’t control any more resources to keep trying, why, we concentrate all resources on ruining utterly the guy who told them to stand up the first place.  Then you’ll see them scattering like cockroaches.”

I personally believe Miscavige is rushing headlong toward the second option in point “c” of the essay excerpt above in frantically executing his current thinking.

There is one thing I am certain of.   That is, if more people stand up, step up and be counted it will make the thwarting of Miscavige’s current planning, and realization of the goals set forth in the essay, a heck of a lot easier.

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  1. Very well put, Marty! Hey, I stand up to be counted. A Scientologist is someone who uses Scientology to help themselves and others. That totally implies doingness. I am a Scientologist on both counts. That definition does not really allow for Scientologists to be divided into Independent and Dependent Scientologists. That is a ridiculous classification because it does not fit the definition and it makes no sense if taken to extreme, i.e. is DM an Dependent or Independent Scientologist? He is just not a Scientologist. I am and I let that be known here, on my web site and in my everyday life.

  2. Marty, I am sure there are things we do not agree on but on the matter of standing up and being counted as a voice for the independent practice of Scientology, you have my complete backing.

    I realized some time ago that it was not enough to develop a practice helping those who have been damaged by the cult of Miscavige. I feel that my code of honor requires me to speak out against the practices that continue to enslave those who sought spiritual freedom through the study of Scientology philosophy.

    When we see OT8s behaving as degraded beings at the command of an overtly suppressive self appointed Chairman of the Board, we are actually witnessing slavery in action.

    To stand by and pretend that it has nothing to do with us, is an abandonment of our responsibilities as trained auditors and as human beings with a conscience.

    We will continue to offer help to COS refugees and to expose the insanity of corporate Scientology on possiblyhelpfuladvice.com as long as our help is needed.

    David St Lawrence

  3. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Marty — Thank you. This is so clear and I agree with you 100%.

  4. Yvonne Schick

    If I could “come out” again, I would. I am as proud of that decision as any I have made in my life. I lost a few friends and I continue to postulate that as a temporary situation since I think most are smart enough to eventually see the light and restore our relationships. I have no doubt that I have not only taken suppression off my personal lines but, more importantly, that I have also made a contribution to the third dynamic group dedicated to the free expression and use of any spiritual technology. If any reader is debating what an announcement will cause in their life, I am happy to give you more details of what happened for us. yschick (at) aol.com. I have answered anonymous emails if you are concerned about me knowing who you are.

  5. Marty,

    You nailed it.

    Your unforgivable crime in POB’s eyes is spreading the word that there is nothing to fear from the madman on the applebox. You are shouting that there is a midget pulling the levers behind the curtain, that the Wizard of Oz does not hold great power at all…

    All he can do is send out his OT Ass lynch mob to try to silence the Town Crier. Big fail.

    POB has to lash out. He doesnt have enough robots to lash out at everyone, so he figures “cut off the head” — but like everything else, he misestimates this too. Its beyond his ability to control now, as even if he could silence you (not gonna happen), there are so many who have stood up and so much media coverage (and a lot more to come) and so many websites and books that his fate is sealed.

    But, he will, like a cornered rat, continue to lash out. That is all he knows how to do.

  6. There is one other factor: They are trying to suppress witnesses to felonies.

    By harassing you and others, they are making a very clear statement to others that are still in, “Don’t let this happen to you: keep your mouth shut”.

    I’m fairly certain that as long as you stay quiet, they leave you alone (or at least alone to the point that they will still “remind” you of what they can do to make your life miserable)

    It’s intimidation due to fear on Davey Boy’s part. Bullies are always afraid, because they know they deserve to get punished. They want to feel safe, so the only way they can feel safe is if they have others too intimidated to fight back.

    ANd you’re not intimidated, Marty. That’s why he’s flipping out.

  7. Chad Braunersrither

    It’s all good to say “stand up and say your a scientologist” but to most of the world your looked at with amusement thanks to TC and to some extent LRH. I was watching a fee videos that candy Swanson put on Facebook and they are pretty enlightening concerning the general publics perception of Scientology or scientologists. Maybe I new word needs to be coined. At least a serious survey needs to be done. I’m sure irreparable damage has been done. (don’t kill the guy who talks about the elephant in the room)

  8. The church had a centralized power, and so it could and was taken over. But independent field or free zone are different. There is no visible structure. leadership – yes, but not based on the power of control. That means to me that aiming at the leader of Independent Scientologists is pointless. The new leader will always emerge. If people follow you out of respect on their own determinism they are not a bunch of robots that will know no longer where to go, even if dm succeeded in “ruining utterly the guy…”, which I don’t think he will. To BE the Independent Scientologist in the unfriendly field requires some courage. And to carry on Scientology out here is an OT activity, no shit. So, DM – there is nothing for you to worry about, you’ve lost the battle, sitt back and relax, have some Hennessy – maybe it will help you to calm down!

  9. petermarkowski

    Marty, I stand by you and by the Independent Scientologists community. Regards, Peter Markowski from Zürich, Switzerland.

  10. My name is Bryan Ubaghs. I’m free.

    And now a message from Mr. Bob Marley:

    Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
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    Preacher man, don’t tell me,
    Heaven is under the earth.
    I know you don’t know
    What life is really worth.
    It’s not all that glitters is gold;
    ‘Alf the story has never been told:
    So now you see the light, eh!
    Stand up for your rights. come on!

    Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
    Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!
    Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
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    Most people think,
    Great god will come from the skies,
    Take away everything
    And make everybody feel high.
    But if you know what life is worth,
    You will look for yours on earth:
    And now you see the light,
    You stand up for your rights. jah!
    [ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/b/bob+marley/get+up+stand+up_20021743.html ]
    Get up, stand up! (jah, jah! )
    Stand up for your rights! (oh-hoo! )
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    Get up, stand up! (keep on struggling on! )
    Don’t give up the fight! (yeah! )

    We sick an’ tired of-a your ism-skism game –
    Dyin’ ‘n’ goin’ to heaven in-a Jesus’ name, lord.
    We know when we understand:
    Almighty god is a living man.
    You can fool some people sometimes,
    But you can’t fool all the people all the time.
    So now we see the light (what you gonna do?),
    We gonna stand up for our rights! (yeah, yeah, yeah! )

    So you better:
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    Stand up for your rights!
    Get up, stand up!
    Don’t give up the fight! /fadeout/

  11. Ok, I am being lazy. I am not going searching for the quote from Tommy The Tard.

    Tommy “Kook Cake” Davis.

    He said that their is basically NO Scientology outside of the churches structure. He basically said you can not be a Scientologist unless you are part of Mismanages church.

    Does anyone else NOT have a problem with this?

    I mean its like the Cathoholic Church saying you can not be Catholic if you don’t come to the Vatican for approval.

    This is infucking sane.

    How do these people believe this shit?

    How do people, not go “you gotta be fucking kidding me” Fuck you and your so called church for trying to tell me as a free thinking adult, that the only way to be a scientologist is to pay for courses through THIS church.

    That right there says in black and white that it is a corporate enterprise out for profit and not a so called church.

    I am just trying to understand how there is anyone standing in that church.

    Why aren’t there more Beghes and more Hagis et al.

    How do seemingly practical people, like some of the people and celebs find themselves associating with these people?

    I even understand if you associate with them for a good career move.

    If it gets the fat guy on Earl, which i have never seen, but I’ve seen the guy talking to the wise beard man and the guy is not a big actor except for girth and the guy looks at mark bunker and doesn’t bat an eye when mark sakes him if ANYONE should be abussing someone.

    The guy is so committed as a scientologist and he is so scared of being blackballed BY Scientologist, he wont even allow for common sense and practicality.

    Bunker asked him almost point blank—IF it is true some guy is abusing people in the church physically SHOULD he be punished and accountable?

    He wouldn’t even say what most people would consider a DUH, no shit question.

    Im sorry if i am confusing people.

    As an outsider looking in.

    I do not get it.

    Marty you still owe me for the computer i spit up on after seeing the car wash video, my attorney will be in touch.

    Make the check payable to BED MAN in OKC

  12. Hi Marty and friends – just wanted to say that I enjoyed the car wash immensley. It is so interesting to watch DM drones when they receive the unexpected. The thing I am confused about is why those of you who have left the organization still follow Scientology. If you review LRH’s life story, you will see that he concocted Scientology from a mixture of religion, psychology/hypnotism, and science fiction/black magic. I mean it is really crazy sounding stuff after OT2. His association with Jack Parsons/Aleister Crowley is certainly worth examination. Not trolling here…just did not see a way to email you directly.
    One thing I am certain of is that David Miscavige is a person who needs to be brought to trial and eventual justice. Corporate Scientology is absolutely a money making scheme that has ruined the lives of many. I hope that your goal for Casablanca does not include making piles of money.
    Best regards.

  13. I think you’re right!
    Of course that suppressive psycho-logic is wrong – as usual. Nobody’s scattering. Quite the opposite!

  14. I don’t see how a person this aware of the technology of Dianetics and Scientology living in today’s world cannot help but automatically apply the information to their lives. It is such a stable datum in this universe of confusion and chaos all around us. Most of the time when I go out into the world I just see black masses around people of case they are stuck in and unaware of. It is not really possible to know why that is and not try to help. I do what I can. TR’s, not being a keyed in ass myself, keeping any O/W’s I may acquire (if that happens 🙂 ) taken responsiblity for. And on the other not, David Miscavige’s fascination with Casablanca is uncanny. Is DM a little nuts or something that he thinks he found the WHO behind the problems of the world in a little town in Texas? I left that church a long time ago, because they were doing to me in other ways what they now do to Marty every day and somehow, I say somehow, this equates to them that they are bettering the world. A = A = A = A. I would like to meet more Independent Scientologists one day. Right now I am busy on my 3D keeping my stats up and my 1d keeping my head up, and as far as my 2D is concerned, well there is always room for improvement! 🙂

  15. You said, Tatiana! Agreed on all points, except I personally think that he should just blow to a non-extradition island somewhere and drink his Hennessy over there.

  16. Marty, I totally agree.

    POB is still stuck in the Medieval practice called “head on a pike” – Scientology (glossary): A person’s head removed and put on a pike (a weapon formerly used by foot soldiers consisting of a metal spearhead on a long wooden shaft). Used figuratively to mean an example of discipline.

    POB probably arrived at this using his reverse eval tech – the eval is custom fitted to the “why” he already arrived at in his imagined golden age. None of these “solutions” resolve as the reality is that POB’s actions are just unusual solutions to the existing pure LRH Tech and Admin he’s never honestly done courses in!

    The resources to turn the big ship around such as management and execs, functioning marketing, PR, tech delivery which gets results, functioning HCO’s and Quals, live Div 6 people and Bridge flow have been offloaded/gotten rid of or musical chaired soley for 9th Dynamic considerations.

    Perhaps we value our heads more and thus stay hidden from the pikemen. However at this point and due to our efforts, those are gone as well. By reports it seems that the active PI harrassment numbers are down as well, following the Idle Orgs examples. The benefits of coming out in this point of time far outweighs most status quos of the hidden and the PTSness of that state under control of the SPOB, suppressive pope on a box. Scientology is a lot about Freedom and staying hidden certainly isn’t about being free.

  17. MCS:

    “The thing I am confused about is why those of you who have left the organization still follow Scientology.”

    That’s an easy one: it works when you understand and apply it. Simple as that. More relevant than LRH’s life story is LRH’s works. Many people study them and find they work. It’s not mysterious.

    But you are spot on that the Vulture Culture of corporate Scientology is a travesty and Miscavige is a sick joke.

  18. Completely agree Marty.

    There are literally thousands of you folks out there that can stand up and be counted. Think about what Mike Rinder said above regarding Miscaviages power: “All he can do is send out his OT Ass lynch mob to try to silence the Town Crier. Big fail.” And remember – this is DMs biggest attack!! FAIL!!

    Therefore there is NOTHING TO FEAR EXCEPT FEAR ITSELF. Everyone come on out! It’s safe here. Really. Honest. And Linda and I audited more than 12 hours last week! Half of that was on new public. It’s a blast!!

    ML Tom

  19. Barney Rubble

    I guess I have spread the word in my own case, my own way..for now.

  20. Marty ~~I
    It was good to review your essay written in 2009.
    It is always good to have positives re-enforced and to consolidate existing gains.
    Here is a summary of Miscavology.

    +++++ Attack my enemies. Attack anyone who reveals more on my conduct.
    Make enemies, Make more and more enemies. Make existing enemies into deeper enemies by Fair Gaming them. Where salacious crimes cannot be found, invent them out of whole cloth and create malicious tabloid websites and post them. Ensure confidential pc folder data trickles through.

    +++++++Use every criminal tactic to destroy the enemy UTTERLY. Use high powered Lawyers to FIND some complaint so that LAW enforcement can be used to “Arrest” the Enemy. Bullbait and goad the enemy in order to set them up. Continue to plunder the pockets of existing parishioners for high priced lawyers and Private Investigators.

    +++++++ When caught red handed in criminal acts, attack like a wild animal those revealing the dirty deeds. To hell with a religious image, use thuggery , Smear campaigns, and above all avoid using Sea Org missioniares who have done Mission school ~~ hey, they might communicate one on one with Marty and Mike ! Use goofy volunteers who would dumpster dive and disobey every rule in the book of mission school. Use Non So and pretend they are Interstate California ~~Texas~~~Florida, interstate harassment dedicated volunteers with no debriefs to Los Angeles to Office of COB.

    +++++++ As internal Radical Scientology implodes and idle orgs crash straight down and vertical (report after report of empty Orgs) and the PR of Radical Scientology sinks straight down vertically ~~~

    * Spin incredulous tales such as aerobic canal dinghy dancing Ed Bryan is suffering “elder abuse” because Mike Rinder led him to security.
    * Blame it on everyone else, incompetent juniors, stupid moronic OSA INT staff, Psychiatric pharmaceuticals paying off Anonymous, St Pete Times favoring apostates, Anderson Cooper and John Sweeney being non-journalists and only trying to harm etc etc etc.
    * Continue to rake in the bucks dishonestly. New promo asks for $$$ for International libraries in obscure countries where no one can even verify they even HAVE a library…..
    * Fill the vacuum with made-up power statistics. Continue to assert expansion is out the roof. Real Estate acquisition is out the roof.
    * Brag about the highest-ever numbers in the Ideal Org fraud.
    * Forget about any time track, any decades of contribution, of long term Scientologists ~~ they are new ENEMY
    * Ruthlessly overnight SP anyone who rumbles the slightest disagreement against the POPE and declare them and hide the SP declare in a locked cabinet in HCO and discreetly show as a hidden data line.
    * Continue to get standing ovations by Scientologists about stunning planetary wins that are so awesome, so electrifying, so awe-inspiring that delirious applause reassures COB of his wonder and unbeatable leadership.

  21. Chris Johnson

    I just wish there was a little more granularity in declaring yourself a Scientologist, like the way Christianity does it. With that religion, you can be a Catholic, Southern Baptist, Lutheran, etc. But you’re still a Christian, right? And people generally get a sense of what each flavor of Christianity is about. In my imaginative mind, I know that Catholics have a pedophilia problem, Southern Baptists have amazing music and Lutherans make for quiet neighbors. No big deal, right? They all believe Jeebuz is the son of God and that’s the core consideration. People do sometimes switch branches and find a church flavor that better suits them, right?

    Radical Corporate Scientology is like the Westboro Baptist Church. They are extremists. Doesn’t matter if you’re picketing a funeral, or trashing Oprah’s couch. Either way, you’re an extremist douchebag. I want no part of that madness. I want to affiliate with some kind of Lutheran Scientologist Movement and not Freezone weirdos either. But no matter what, I will never be subservient to some tiny Plastic Pope with a screwed-down hairdo.

    Quite honestly- I still don’t understand why Marty or someone associated with him hasn’t incorporated a freestanding Church as a legal entity. I’d join, donate and gladly call myself a Independent Ingleside Scientologist, or whatever the chosen name was. I don’t think that Radical Corporate Scientology could stop it, and if they tried it would likely be the straw that broke the camels back. Would they be stupid enough to picket a legal Church that was founded by Minister Marty Rathbun?

    Oh, absolutely! Right into the briar patch they’d jump. They’re totally retarded like that. It would be epic to watch the spectacle unfold!


  22. Marty, 100% in agreement. Anyone out there not coming forward supports this criminal organization. You know who you are. You cannot just DO NOTHING and think it will go away. Get into action and take a stand.SUPPRESSION KLLS!

  23. MCS:

    The history of Hubbard, what he did or didn’t do isn’t very important to many of us. It is akin to an Iceberg in that what’s on the surface which is readily visible is much smaller than what’s below the water.

    The application of what he discovered in his researches results in remarkable and very rewarding gains to each of us. This is below the waterline and one needs to dive into the subject in order to see it. These gains are really subjective in nature and based on one’s opinions and measuring sticks.

    It is definitely not about the money in Casablanca or other Indie facilities, as told to the media by the Wilsons and Michael Fairman recently. There is no imported Italian marble, fancy stone tile, stainless steel kitchen and gold-leaf at Casablanca either – it is simply clean, comfortable and cozy.

  24. You gotta love K#1 when she goes sudden!

  25. Way to go, Peter!

  26. And it’s not just independents that are standing up. Anonymous activists are becoming less anonymous, and critics of corporate Scientology (like me) are looking the Orgs right in the eye and saying “bring it!”

  27. Yes, you have. There are a lot of “behind the scenes” people contributing to the motion like you do Barney.

    Just as a side note: I always think of one of my favorite movies, “Night Shift” when I see your name. Classic line: “Oh, that Barney Rubble. What an actor.”

  28. May I suggest to each person who is ready to indeed stand up (now is the time) send your name to me at indie500@nyms.net to place your name on the Indie 500 list on Scientology-cult.com. http://www.scientology-cult.com/declarations-of-independence/268-the-indie-500.html

    The project started in about Feb 2010 when Dan Koon and I were talking about starting a list of Indies and he jokingly called it the Indie 500 list. I thought it was a great idea and got it going. Every week since then, the number of OTs, auditors and veteran Scientologists coming forward as Independents has continued to grow.

    Along with your name, I want to list pertinent credentials to demonstrate that we are (in most cases) veteran Scientologists who know what the crap we’re talking about. So send me your name along with the following: the year you became a Scientologist, case level, training level, years on staff, and anything else to demonstrate that you know what Scientology is.


  29. Sinar, I’d say however there really isn’t anything wrong with putting a head on a pike when it is needed. The problem is, DM never got the right head — his own. We are helping him with that.

  30. I agree. Silenced by a group? Silenced by a dictator? This would be unacceptable to me.

  31. Scientology is about APPLICATION. You can’t compare it to Christianity. WHO APPLIES IT THE SOURCE WAY IS A SCIENTOLOGIST. To be a Scientologist, you have to do more than just listening to music or to go to church for an hour on Sunday.


  32. He prefers aged and expensive single malt Scotch, not Hennessy Cognac, which is essentially brandy from the Cognac area of France. Scotch has also higher percentage of alcohol compared to brandy for your info.

  33. Lawrence,

    I agree with you.

    Applying Scientology to yourself and others is where it’s at.

    The more Scientology is applied in the field the sooner this government endorsed and approved monopoly on the subject will be broken.

  34. Eileen Clark

    Again, you say it straight and true. Agree wholeheartedly.

    Lurkers by now must have learned enough about what is truly going on in corporate dmonology to DO something positive and effective about it. How about starting with saying NO!! Not just slinking away quietly and hoping that nobody will notice. Be brave. Be courageous. Be true to yourself and your dynamics. It is a hard truth to confront, but doing anything else is a lie, cowardly and results in great damage to the dynamics. If you think you can get away with that, then I really feel for you, because that way there be monsters, pain and unhappiness.

    Come on, join us, it’s really free out here.

  35. Gee Mr. “Common Sense”,

    Seems like a like an oxy*moron* to me.

    Maybe you should have reviewed this site before posting here.

    And if actual *Common Sense* would have prevailed you wouldn’t be posting this drivel on a *pro-Scientology* blog but would have gone to ARS or ESMB or OCBMB where views like yours are welcome.

    Obviously you have never studied the actual subject and are basing your ill informed opinion if you can call it such on Miller’s book which is littered with inaccuracies and outright lies.

    I’ve researched many of Crowely’s works and Parson’s writings and I can tell you that there is no comparison between Magick, Thelma, the OTO and the technology Scientology.

    If you can find one.

    I suggest you kindly post it here so we all can see.

    By the way Ron’s sources of inspiration for his work are listed at the beginning of Science of Survival.

  36. Michael Keaton classic funny! 🙂

  37. ++++++1111111111


  38. True Steve,
    But if that’s the only thing he is doing compounded by no delivery of services to public; cash without the delivery?

  39. MCS, why do we still follow Scientology? Because it works. Pure and simple. There are lots of stories out there about LRH’s life (mostly false), but it’s beside the point. He developed something that nobody on this planet was able to for thousands of years that actually worked 100% when applied standardly. If it DIDN’T work, do you think all the people on this blog would even bother talking about it? We all know it works (from personal experience) and do not like the fact that a madman has taken over and has been working diligently to destroy Hubbard’s work that has helped so many. You might want to meet a few Scientologists who have been around a long time and benefited from Scientology. Ask them what it has done for them. I guarantee you will get a WIDE range of answers. For me, it did a myriad of things, including getting off drugs (permanently – I haven’t touched a drug in over 30 years). It’s nothing like all the other “rehab” facilities where over 90% “relapse”. And there are thousands of other Scientologists who can say the same thing. It also helped me become more literate. It helped me get rid of migraine headaches (that I had frequently). I haven’t had a headache in over 20 years. The list goes on and on and on infinitum. So the bottom line is that I KNOW it works. And so do thousands of others. That’s why we are here.

  40. Craig Jensen

    David Miscavige will never quiet the truth.

    I, for one, am standing up to be counted as one that sees the truth.

    Craig Jenson
    Las Vegas, Nevada.

  41. +1 Pierre

  42. Chris, this might help you to understand. Scientology is not a “belief”. It is an APPLIED philosophy. You have to study it and APPLY it. Then see for yourself. Not just sit and believe whatever is written. And it works 100% when applied STANDARDLY. There is no room for alteration. It’s more like a science. Whereas Chrisitianity is a “belief” and has many different factions with their “versions”. There are no versions in Scientology. However, under the so called leadership of David Miscavage, there are now VERSIONS (basically altered technology that does not work). His version is screwing people up, rather than helping them. He is destroying a workable technology. THAT is what this whole blog is about Chris.

  43. If you confront the Black Panther on the stairs you’ll probably find out it’s the neigbors cat!!!

  44. Dear Carol, I came forward many months ago and I still uphold the right of anyone to decide for themselves what is the right thing for them to do in the circumstances they are in. You cannot order a person to do what is ethical for you. At the very least, it is simply a way of making yourself right and the others wrong. I don’t believe that is what you are trying to accomplish.

  45. petermarkowski

    🙂 , Thanks

  46. MCS, if your body was weak and flabby you could do pushups and jumping jacks to get it in shape. If your mind was weak and flabby you could do crossword puzzles and conjugate Latin verbs to get it in shape. But if YOU are weak and flabby, what to do? That is where Scientology can help. If you can get the idea that there is a part of you that has nothing to do with your body and very little to do with your mind, you will understand why we study and apply Scientology. The philosophy of Scientology is just another philosophy, like many others that are around. But the practical aspects can be considered as exercises that address the most central part of YOU.

  47. As a gay man, I can attest that what you’re saying is absolutely true. If you look at the unbelievable progress gay men and lesbians have made in the last 40 years, you’ll see that the turning point was the focus on COMING OUT. It’s difficult and painful at first, but it’s also absolutely crucial.

    Once the assholes see that you exist — in their cities, in their workplaces, in their families, in numbers –, it becomes harder to focus their hate on some abstract concept (“queers” or “squirrels,” or “SP’s”: take your pick). Coming out is also fantastically liberating in all kinds of ways. You may lose friends, but you find out who your true friends are. You also lose the feeling of hiding, sneaking, lying to yourself and others. And best of all, you gain a community among which you can be your full self.

    There used to be a saying that if every gay person suddenly turned blue, there would be no discrimination anymore because we would be able to see that gays are everywhere, that they’re real people like everyone else. Now imagine the audience of one of those Scientology rallies and picture everyone with doubts or complaints turning blue. The Church would have to change overnight, or implode at last. You can make that happen.

  48. Very well said, Tatiana. When Anita and I first removed ourselves from the suppressive group called the Flag Land Base, our first major friend was Michael. His help was and still is, invaluable in terms of comm lines, support and encouragement.
    Another one of our favorite terminals was you. Your courage and ability in the internet arena (where we are pretty dense) has also been a god send.

    The idea that there is any “leader” of the independent field is silly. Marty is quite an opinion leader. He leads by example and has wonderful comm lines and “saved my life” a while back. Mike Rinder has likewise proven himself to be a wise, compassionate, tough and able terminal. Everything I thought he was when in the Co$, but much more so now that he’s able to just simply tell the truth.

    We are “fabian” because we are everywhere. We have strength and power in our basic agreements to apply the tech standardly and FOR the pc.

    Many of us have found that actually applying the code of honor, the code of a scientologist and the creed of the church…really applying it, not just lip service…gives us a strength and serenity that one could never achieve in the Co$, because miscavology doesn’t believe in any of that silly stuff. Miscavology only believes in money and control.


  49. And if it’s not the neigbors cat, a garden hose will work wonders on the squirrel busters.

  50. Michael Fairman

    If being an “ist” is important to one, than commit fully from that point of view to challenge the abuse and corruption that is going on. But the horrors being inflicted by Miscavige and his minions needs universal condemnation. I’ve seen it in the repeated comments from those in Anonymous and others who have never been in a Church of Scientology.. Marty’s work is necessary, and it is necessary that we support him, by all of us standing up; but not only from the point of view of an Independent Scientologist, but from the point of view of a rational and compassionate human being.

  51. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Peter!! VWD!!

  52. Tony DePhillips

    Of course you are right Marty.

    I think everyone basically agrees with your read on this. I wish that more would act on their knowingness.

  53. PoB doesn’t understand popular culture. He doesn’t understand why the “wog” world isn’t flocking to his Ideal Orgs. He doesn’t understand why his super celeb buddy TC isn’t pulling in millions of people to the Ideal Orgs. He has railed against the “psychs” but that’s gotten him nowhere. People blow at an increasing rate – including higher-ups in the cult. So who is the “who” that he can blame for this? Marty and Mike are convenient scapegoats.

    What’s sad and funny at the same time is that PoB has identified M&M as the “who” and is trying to “go after them” in some way, and the best he can do is have some sad, pathetic old folks on a golf cart go sit in front of Marty’s house with some video cameras. If there is any better demonstration of the sheer powerlessness of the cult, there it is.

  54. barney rubble

    Loved that movie. A good take of the LA scene in the early 80’s, and Michelle P was quite hot then in the day.

  55. Hi Peter,
    Cool and great to see someone else from Switzerland here!

  56. There is this amazing Flourish and Prosper aspect when coming out that just multiplies as the comm lines in the field expand to apply Scientology in all possible aspects.
    While the dwarf’s overts, withholds and MISSED withholds need to be blown out of the water to bring about direct or indirect changes and reform why, otherwise, even waste time on him. That time can be used to AUDIT and disseminate. Bring self and others uptone, aligning with the original Scientology purpose.

  57. and you definitely proved that there is no reason to fear the C.O.S and their OT’s, as they are clowns that can’t cause anything but create an illusion of dangerous environment that can be washed away with water in a second.
    Well done Marty !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Have a good day !

  58. by the way, i’ll come out soon into the open and let the sun shine.

  59. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    Marty. I stand up AND will help any other Scientologist who wants to stand up (especially in the area of Portugal and Spain) izharperlman@hotmail.com

  60. This is what it’s all about.

    “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of the divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” (Declaration of Independence – July 4, 1776)

    Ed Paulson
    35 yr. veteran. Class II, HSDC, HPCS, Ethics Specialist, Data Series Evaluator.

  61. Renata Lugli

    In the final analysis the importance of declaring Independence boils down to one thing: weakening DM’s power in the most direct way possible.
    For sure there are other means to achieve that, but they will take longer and do not go straight to the target. It is not only a 1th, 2nd or 3rd dynamic matter, it is mostly a 4th dynamic matter, and if one strongly believes In Scientology as the real chance to bring some sanity in this planet, than one has to go straight and with no hesitation toward the achievement of that goal. We cannot let this Planet in the hands of the SPs and the bank dominated mob
    So let’s neutralize the SPs and tranform the mob in single sane and able individuals.

  62. Marty, I agree with you 100% and my shoulder is to the wheel in any way I can, to accelerate what you describe in your 2009 essay.

    For those of you who are relatively new to this blog, there are a series of electronic magazines/journals being produced that republish a collection of significant postings since 2009. Each one covers a different subject, with the first being on Squirreling.

    You can see that here:

    http://static.issuu.com/webembed/viewers/style1/v1/IssuuViewer.swfOpen publication – Free publishingMore out-tech

    The beauty of these issues is that they can be easily shared through email, through Facebook, Twitter, you name it. You can embed them onto a website, you can download them, print them, you can subscribe to them (for free). Since this first was published 4 days ago there have already been over 2000 page views.

    There will be new issues out within a very short while on the subject of DM, on the destruction of families, rise of the IAS and so on. Even if you have been following this blog since Marty started it, it is stimulating to go back and reread these significant postings — and with all the links hyperactive, you can follow them straight through to the orginal post and all the associated comments.

    It is my intention to make these publications, and more, available to all — so that we can get the truth through the curtain of DM’s lies.

    Use them – share them – spread them everywhere.

    From little things… big things grow….

  63. Sara Finning

    But why the obsession? Seems to me the golf cart, bizarre hats, creepy woman visiting Mosey, dumpster diving came later. Think more basic is that he loves Marty. He considered Marty to be his equal, had his respect and considered him to be a friend and now Marty has split up with him….

  64. Steve,
    I love your Indie list.
    I disagree that individuals would need to be veteran Scientologists though. When I first met Mosey she had had very little formal ‘education’ as a Scientologist. And yet she demonstrated more Personal Integrity and a deeper love and understanding of the tech than many veterans who had been 20 years or more in the church.
    I agree that a person should ‘earn their stripes’ before they are qualified to call themselves a ‘Scientologist’ but for me that doesn’t equate to being a vet.
    We don’t need to specialize. Open the floodgates to all Scientologists new and old (IMHO and with deepest respect).
    Hell. I think Cat Daddy should be nominated as an honorary member – he may not consider himself a Scientologist but he sure behaves more like one than any Koolaide drinker I know 😉 – (no insult intended CD – LOL)

  65. Ooops. Just noted that you said (in most cases) – too late already sent my post! In that case I’d just like to say that I love your Indie List! I’m on it because it’s cooler to be and outer than an innie 😀

  66. In a nutshell:
    “If anyone were to promise to make others stronger or brighter, the Anti-Social Personality suffers the utmost agony of personal danger.”
    L Ron Hubbard
    Marty and Mike you are a beacon of light shining in the darkness of despair and ruin. You have helped us to find our way back to LRH and real Scientology and been a rock of sanity and a shining example of courage. You have helped unite lost souls into a strong and formidable group who are taking their lives and their religion back.
    You are making people stronger and brighter.
    It’s enough to drive any bona-fide SP berserk.

  67. Here’s another one:

  68. “Marty you still owe me for the computer i spit up on after seeing the car wash video, my attorney will be in touch.”
    You’ll have to get in line. He still owes me for the one he ruined last year.

  69. Come on lurkers… you know you want to do it 😉

  70. I agree 100 percent

  71. Not irreparable at all. Scn has been controversial from 1952-53. No one has to buy this, but Scn marks the second major milestone in all of the little we know of life. And I can tell you that nothing communicates like the truth. It is unstoppable, try as you might, kill as you might, imprison, torture, slaughter as you please, or simply deny and badmouth (or most coyly and subtly undermine) as you choose, the truth is unstoppable. Which is precisely why an SP gets so very bent out of shape – even an evil person bent on blind, unreasoning, destruction recognizes truth when it floats past his nose. Just one whiff, and he’s onto it. Healthier people recognize it, too. Just one look.

    Truth communicates better than a busty blonde in a bikini.

    But something must be done about truth (kinda like the blonde …). Scn presents an opportunity (no more) to enable perception and ability. It is entirely up to individuals to read, learn, understand, come to know it and use it (kinda like … oh, nevermind).

    Kill the guy who speaks the truth. Par for the course. One thing LRH managed to sort out was a solution to that little bit of problem. Many have fallen to it – some of the greatest souls in history have been killed for speaking just tiny pieces of it.

    Yet somehow it lives.

    Funny, huh?

    Excuisie-moi mon French, but there is no “new word needs to be coined.” Scientology will do just fine.

  72. Grüezi Peter,

    After Greta you’re the second Swiss independent !
    Hopp Schwiiz !!!!!!

  73. “don’t kill the guy who talks about the elephant in the room”
    Like it.

  74. “The thing I am confused about is why those of you who have left the organization still follow Scientology”
    As a matter of correction we don’t ‘follow’ Scientology we ‘apply’ it to our lives. There’s a difference.
    Those of us who continue to use Scientology in our daily lives do it because it works for us. It’s a personal choice. Fact of the matter is we weren’t applying Scientology when we were part of the organization; we deluded ourselves into thinking we were.
    NOW we are applying Scientology for real and I for one am having a ball watching LRH’s dream become a reality.
    Not real for you perhaps? But it is real for me and we can agree to disagree 🙂

  75. She’s formidable.

  76. I second that motion!

  77. Yo Peter, nice to meet you. I’m Jim Logan, from various viewpoints of dimension.

  78. MCS:
    Sharing ~ I’ve been out of the COS for over 27 years. In that time I tried more spiritual, ascension and metaphysical ‘osophy’s, ‘isms, ‘ologies etc. then you can shake a stick at. BUT the one thing that brought me back to standing up and saying I am a Scientologist, is NOTHING else has worked and improved my livingness like Scientology. So no matter what LRH, did or did not do ie. personal choices in his life or his own choices about life …. the majority of what he researched, wrote or developed by himself and with the help of others, stands up to the test …. IT WORKS. It’s like you can’t tell if a cake is good until you taste it.
    P.S. I really don’t care who thinks what about me. I am who I am, I know that I am ! In addition I am ethical and responsible, can’t control what others think … if you are running around worrying what others think you are not firmly rooted in the ‘knowing’ of you. Auditing helps.
    One other thought ….. anyone who is stuck in the CO$ only place to get your freedom …. HEY do you not have any of LRH’s books? Can you not read? DO you really think all those capable people who were once in the CO$, lost all of their abilities when they walked out the org door? That these people suddenly went stupid? NOPE they are all out in the independent field flourishing and prospering.
    Okay nuf said.

  79. Go Tom, VWG

  80. Steve,
    The RIGHT head on a pike (and in the actual subject/policy a quiet reparation, off to the side) is salutary.

    Salutary:a salutary experience or warning is one that has a good effect although it is unpleasant. (MacMillan’s Online Dictionary).

  81. And now for a musical interlude which may appeal to some …

  82. Pierre,
    I think Chris is expressing the idea, in KSW as well, that ‘thetans without banks have different responses’.

    At least that’s my take on it. There’s plenty of opportunity for plenty of action, in many, many guises. The truth is the truth, and application of that truth helps the being discover their own Ultimate Truth.

  83. Exactly! Scientology does not need a church, really. The body of knowledge needs a library to be placed in. Internet can do most of it. The books made can be sold in regular stores. And it needs the practitioners who will apply it, teach it and qual check & correct out-ness. Div 4, 5 and 6 is all we need, really. And any ethics matter can be resolved by an auditor or Qual. What do we need a corporate church for? Is it all about who gets the money for the books sold?

  84. The Church of Scientology has been targeting former members who speak out against its abuses ever since Hubbard wrote Fair Game and Critics of Scientology in the mid 1960’s.

    Isn’t Poodle Boy trying to silence you and everybody else who speaks out because LRH said that’s the tech of how you handle critics?

  85. What’s this fixation about “making oodles of money?” One should not benefit from one’s labors? One should not have abundance?

    The criticism that LRH made lots of money from Scientology leaves me scratching my head. This kind of proscription is sheer nonsense. He was very industrious, providing a product that lots of people would give everything the owned for. Unlike a certain cretan, LRH never asked for everything you owned.

    It’s as silly as begrudging someone’s happiness. “He was such a selfish bastard; he only did it because it made him happy.” snivel, drool, sniff.

    Utter crap.

    I personally hope that Marty makes as much money as he chooses. I hope the same for each and every one of you. If you produce something others want, you deserve the reward; you deserve the exchange.

    If money is a reflection or symbol for one’s success, then I wish you all as much success as you can tolerate.

  86. When authorities came to ruin utterly the one who had enough integrity to rise, disagree and speak the truth, history answered by carrying that person forward on her shoulders.

    It is impossible to ruin a person with integrity. Impossible.

    Only surrendering one’s integrity truly brings ruin.

    Surrendering your integrity may allow you to keep a car or job or whatever, but what is the gain if you’ve lost yourself?

    Marty plays foil to the dwarf. And the contrast begs comparison. A crime that is unforgivable. For more reasons than are given here.


  87. Carcha,
    Well observed, and stated.

  88. Moneca,
    Wow, that’s a wonderful post.

  89. martyrathbun09

    I truly appreciate this. With 30 anti websites and ads for them appearing on google when one searchs my name, and Miscavige’s millions poured into buying google and service provider rankings, I truly appreciate this. Thanks Lana. You get it.

  90. Marty,
    I think he’s always had a thing for you and I don’t mean that humorously. Who wouldn’t? You’re likeable, effective, good strategist, fearless—an asset kind of guy.
    Crazy as he might have been back then, he knew whose shoulders he might crawl up on whenever the water got too high. (Think of a rat on ship)

    These days? The advanced insane do not have much of a record for being great thinkers. He’s like a one legged man at an ass kickin contest: real busy and not scoring many points. And he’s not going to change what he’s doing now—that amount of reasoning left long ago.
    The Cof$ beast is teetering, blood is blowing out its nostrils, and it is about to hit the ground.
    Stand back.

    Your strategy is and was suburb. It reminds me of Bin Laden’s stated intention: to spread the US forces around the globe thereby draining its resources. One goofball holding a Taliban flag and we spend $500,000 within 20 minutes–and that’s just the money.
    I say the credit goes to the general—and yes, I suppose that’s why you’re a target. You’re taking the fire.
    There were others before you but as Elliot Ness said at the end of the movie, The Untouchables, “I just happened to be there when the wheel turned.”
    True enough but everyone knows it takes Atlas’s shoulders into the wheel sometimes to make it turn.

    It’s pretty tough to beat that kind of quality in a person.

  91. Thanks, Marty for another timely post. Well said, and I totally agree.

    Being there and communicating is our key to survival, as individuals and families and groups, and so on.

    Not being there and not communicating is at the very bottom of the tone scale.

    Fortunately for us, (or me, at any rate) is that LRH turned up, and amongst other things, suggested that getting in comm with people might improve my perception of them. Heck, he even isolated the comm formula and wrote a whole book about it. How cool is that! I’ve never read any other book on the subject that describes comm so well.

    As for LRH himself, he compiled a list of topics a student aught to learn in studying Scientology, which include the statements:

    “That the total empire to which a Scientologist aspires is the empire of wisdom.”


    “That L. Ron Hubbard is a human being.”

    HASI Training Program July 15 1954 Tech Vol II (76 Ed) pg 67

    Today’s church on the other hand, is run by a little pissing-in-the-wind Nero who betrays his SP traits in cutting comm lines, invalidating terminals and spreading lies.


  92. Tatiana,
    If you haven’t already, see the website savescientology.com.

    There you will find LRH’s intention for the corporate aspects of Scientology. His Estate Plan is brilliant. It was put in place to provide the exact remedy for any such as David Miscavige who might usurp the subject for their own ends.

    In the Trust LRH established, MANKIND, is the beneficiary.

  93. Craig,
    I’m right beside you. Nice to see you there.

  94. Good answer, Sam.

    Sort of like: “I don’t understand why those of you who left the Carpenter’s Union still use hammers.”


    Because I’m hanging a picture.

    Because I’m building a deck.

    Because I’m fabricating a dog house.

    Weird non sequitur of logic.

    “I don’t understand why those of you who stopped being doctors still use antiseptics and band aides.”

    Oh well.

    Or… or… “I don’t understand why those of you who are no longer prostitutes still have sex.”

    Maybe because we like it but don’t like being degraded.

    Oh, the comparisons just keep rolling in.

  95. I suggest a campaign “I am Independent Scientologist, one of many!”. We should pick the date – 4th of July, for example, and get prepared: make a hat or t-shirt with Independent Scientology symbol or sign. When the day comes, we can all put on our hats, or badges, or whatever we made – we put it on to make ourselves visible. I can imaging how happy I will be to see in the crowd on the city streets those, publicly wearing the sign. It makes me happy now to imaging, how we are going to feel recognizing and waving “hello!” to each other. That will be quite a day! 🙂

  96. Watching Eyes

    Anyone out there not coming forward supports this criminal organization.
    That statement is such a sweeping generality I have to comment on it. I can guarantee you it’s a wrong indication for many who read it. Like Lynne said, everyone has to decide for themselves and a person can’t do something because it’s ethical for someone else.

    Do you really think I support that criminal organization? You’re going to tell me about suppression killing? Me, who watched the person closest in the world to me go farther & farther down-tone while auditing on OT 7 for the second time around when it wasn’t needed? Me, who watched that person seemingly lose all earlier gains? Me, who watched him die?

    My name & story will be posted when I feel like it, not a minute sooner. To date, OSA as no hint of who I am. I purposely don’t give them any hints because I like keeping them at effect. Of course now, they can go through their “list of the dead” and try to figure it out. Yawn.

  97. It is like one of those old philosophical propositions that proves itself in reverse.

    Marty speaks effective truth = people listen = Miscavige must do everything he can to shut him up.

    Miscavige is doing everything he can to shut up Marty = people are listening = he speaks effective truth.

    There is no greater proof of the effectiveness of his words than what is happening right now at Casablanca.

    It is a fact of life. If more people stood up and went public with effective truth there would be so many targets that Corporate Radical Scientology could and would do nothing.

  98. Sara,
    The mechanics are covered by the ‘Two-Terminal’ nature of this universe we agree to. The Base of those Two Terminals is described in various places, the Philadelphia lectures being one.

    A term coined by LRH to describe this Two Terminal with Base phenomena as it relates to the spiritual being, the mind and the impulses you are wondering about, is Goals Problem Mass – GPM.

    DM is in one of these things. Marty is merely one of the ‘reliable items’ – one of the characters in DM’s drama. It isn’t actually Marty that DM sees though. He has mis-identified him with the actual ‘terminal’ that DM is fighting from some long ago incident that Dave is desperately trying to ‘hold off’.

    Not willing to view life from that point that DM detests, DM’s space shrinks back and that detested viewpoint gets bigger in his estimation, until DM’s space was non-existent and that which he was resisting ‘took over’. Then DM became it.

    Marty, among just about every other (including TC) are merely tokens of the beingness DM is resisting – that which he fought off, and lost. That which he became.

  99. Thank you for the link, Jim! I will check it out. That is what I thought originally – there must had been the way to organize the inflow of profit to benefit the all. I thought that that was what church had supposed to be doing and that was what it mainly existed for. To use the incoming money to publish new books, to get new buildings & supply and support the SO and new groups. But I learned that it has happened to be right the opposite. I am going to follow your link now. Thank you again! And I hope, you like your website: http://community.freezone-tech.info/courseroom/ 🙂

  100. No Allen that isn’t why Poodle Boy does this. Besides, pulling the MWH is the best remedy to silence a random, carping, 1.1 critic, when his criticism is not borne out in fact, but is merely…well, you’ve read that bulletin – Justifications, from 21 Jan 60. THAT is the fundamental.

    The admin procedures to do this on those dramatizing wantonly the phenomena described in the above HCOB, ‘ out there’ and not ‘in-session’ are what those issues you refer to are about. ‘Fair Game’ was CANCELLED. Why?

    Because, as anything else in this subject, it didn’t work. It is NOT part of the subject. Neither is counting down backwards to get reverie. But then, you know this.

    Held Down Sevens – those are very real, and apropos your ‘comment’ (the spectator sport of ‘troll’ is alive and well.)

  101. Nicely stated.

  102. I understand your post Marty but I’ll use gradients to do it.
    I will never give agreement to DM’s cult and haven’t for 12 years.
    But all the great movements over the centuries have had beings with anonymity in order to further the cause. I personally don’t think it’s smart to just ALL come out yet. There is still a lot to be done and if everyone’s identity is known……not sure that’s the best idea right now. But I get what you’re saying and for you and many others it’s the right thing. But there are no absolutes and it has to feel right TO ME.

  103. Marty,
    Do you have a computer tech friend that might be able to set up a poll for you on this blog? Make it so that everyone can vote on it once, and set the question up to declare their independence from the church. Everyone who has gone independent can vote as such. Kool-aid drinkers can vote otherwise, but only have one vote, of course. Then have a third choice of “under the radar” and the last one of “undecided.”

    Any Scientologist still on-lines, but with any sense of integrity will likely take one of the last two. It is my guess that THESE numbers are the true tell. DM would come unglued seeing a poll that he cannot control, educating people on a REAL STATISTIC that shows more people are out than are in. Or at least WANT to be out, rather than in.

    It would drive him bonkers. It would also give those on the edge the courage to Know they are not alone, and bolster their inner-strength to stand up walk out.

    Just a thought.

  104. Yes, no inval is intended toward new Scientologists (and of course by “Indie Scientologist” we simply mean a genuine or real Scientologist — vs. those who support and condone the criminality and abuse of the CoS, which they are simply group members belonging to a suppressive group and are thus somewhat suppressive themselves until they wake up and come to their senses). Supporting the CoS is a suppressive act, not because I say so, but because it is.

    In many cases, those currently in the CoS were tricked or lied to, or joined (like me) before the CoS became a suppressive cesspool. I can only imagine how great it would be to become a Scientologist today through the Indie movement with personal integrity intact.

    I mainly just want to show that these names aren’t just “anyone” but the cream of the crop.

  105. HCO Policy Letter of 21 October 1968 “CANCELLATION OF FAIR GAME” states “This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP.”

    Only the DECLARING of someone as “fair game”, and its written appearance in an ethics order, was cancelled. The treatment and handling of an SP, as written by LRH, was never cancelled.

    Miscavige definitely considers Marty, and you, and me, as “SP”s. And what he is doing is handling an “SP” with the treatment and handling that LRH ordered in his writings. He is doing everything he can to SILENCE us.

    You can’t call every hint that a Scientologist will apply the writings of L Ron Hubbard a “troll”, Jim. Especially when it is exactly on topic, per Marty’s post.

    It’s a legitimate question that I asked. Should Independent Scientologists question the writings of L Ron Hubbard when they see them in action by OSA and David Miscavige, or not?

    Is harassing outspoken critics until they are SILENCED a sane way to handle them?

  106. Carcha wrote: “Not irreparable at all.”

    Totally agree Carcha. “Public opinion” is as fickle as the next Oprah interview (or whoever her replacement will be). 🙂 But seriously, it will take some work, but a fully authentic and committed-to-the-full-truth reform would turn things around mighty fast imho.

  107. Marty,
    OSA/DM is on a campaign recently to use false emails to direct to any of various of these sites.

    1.1, covert hostility in full play.

    Geez OSA/DM, Science of Survival. Doh!!

  108. P.S.
    After all, it beat him (the being that is somewhere around that li’l body, on the applebox), so it must be a ‘winning’ valence.

  109. Maybe this has already been said above–I’m short on time and didn’t read everything yet. I’m not a scientologist but I admire your standing up against such an evil psychotic. Why don’t you start a list of us who side with you? There are many of us who would take up your fight with you for the sake of bringing down the terrible leader (who by the way looks like a psychotic Howdy Doody) and freeing the slaves still within. By the way, your video yesterday was absolutely side splitting.

  110. Nice Dean.

    ML Tom

  111. Lynne,
    I get what you’re saying but I think it’s a reasonable viewpoint.
    ‘The circumstances they are in’ means they’re in a trap already because there are ‘circumstances’ they can’t think they can do anything about (and that is just plain old-fashioned PTSness and non-confront whichever way you slice it).
    It isn’t an issue of ‘being right’ or ‘making others wrong’. It’s a point of caring enough to get the individual though the stops and barriers to get the service that’s going to rehabilitate him. 🙂
    Waiting until the ‘circumstances’ improve is a Q & A with what needs to be done to resolve the situation fully. I know. I did it myself.
    (IMHO and based on my own personal experiences)

  112. OMG. Hasn’t that old ‘Fair Game’ horse been beat to death yet???

  113. +1 What Cindy said! This is a great post! It came at a good time for me. I’m proud that I stood up and that I live what I know to be right to the best of my abilities. Thanks Marty for creating this forum and opportunity!

  114. Alex Castillo

    Hi Steve, I have just applied to add my name to the Indi 500, and have included the data you ask for. I would be honored if I was accepted, even though I am not active Scientology-wise.


    Alex Castillo

  115. Lana,
    Beautiful product !
    Thank you

  116. Alex Castillo

    Oops. Should have been “Indie”, not “Indi”.

  117. Theo sismanides

    Hi Peter! Thanks for standing up against suppression. And ANYONE else who did who i may have missed since on vacation with family and following this blog thru my phone…

    It is evident that the target has been Marty since for 2 years now he has been instrumental with this blog in getting many Scientologists to declare their Indepedence.

    So i personally feel i owe not just to Marty but all those restless Indies who dont fear to put their neck out.

    And now that Marty is attacked the best answer is to stand up and take sides and say “i am Joe Blow and i am with the Indies”!!!!

  118. Welcome Peter!

  119. Thank you, Sinar. The more alcohol the better as it shortens the route from where he is to the cirrhosis of the liver.

  120. I can pass on some good “bully advice” my Mom gave me as a little boy heading off to school in New York.
    “Bullies are cowards who try to pick out the easiest and weakest. If confronted with a bully get in the first shot and hurt the bully as much as possible. Even if you get beat up that one time, it will be over. If you don’t fight back the bully will continue to pick you out and you’ll live in fear of that bully.” Then my Mom would hold out her hand and have me punch it over and over while being instructed to make a tight fist and put my shoulder into it.
    The other thing she said to me as I was about to head out the door with my little Fred Flintstone lunch box was “If you ever see a brother or a sister in a fight, no matter how big or how many people are involved and you don’t jump in – don’t come home.”
    As I look back at the bullies I knew, one for one their lives became “train wrecks”. I see the same thing happening with Miscavige.

  121. That is an awesome shift of the viewpoint. The datum is well-known but difficult to recognize among all the fighting, bitterness and problems. You are quite a being, Sara Finning, thank you. Not sure how this could be used but I know that before as-is’ness first comes acceptance of what is. Therefore, any part of the truth is vital.

  122. Yeah Jim, they send several a day, from “recognized names” at unrecognized email addresses. It’s the only way they can get anyone to possibly look at their sites. But the only people they are sending the emails to are people who have already told them to pound sand — and if they saw what was on their sites would laugh at their childishness and cringe at their repeated use of pc folder data and in the end add one more straw to the broken camel’s back of why they want nothing to do with POB’s ever diminishing empire of greed.

  123. Great job Lana!

    Thank you for your work in putting this together, it is a wonderfully useful tool!

  124. TroubleShooter

    Marty, I understand and agree.
    Carol, I disagree.
    Lynne and Sam, thank you for granting that beingness.
    Mike, I reading it.

    I’m not swapping one dominating group viewpoint for another. I’m ME and only ME is the best person to decide for me what, when and how I move forward. There was a post recently about how deadly SERIOUS it is in the church. I think that THIS was one of the single most used manipulation in regging. You’re warriors or wimps, titan or kitten, pirate and bum or the nothing. The huge sums of money out of the rich or wealthy or smaller fortunes and sums from those living paycheck to paycheck for something OTHER than their Bridge was HOW SERIOUS IT IS!!!!! The leverage was IT’S SO GODDAMNED SERIOUS.

    Carol, I don’t know if you’ll understand this or not but the zealot-like attitude you have is reminiscent of the width of the minds in so many still IN the church and believing what they’re hearing – narrow. That attitude makes a hell of a lot of people wrong for what they are doing to survive. You don’t know me. You don’t know what I am or am not doing. Yet you want to push that because you don’t know me that somehow makes less of me in this endeavor.

    Granting beingness is not the same as being reasonable. If I were to be asked this key qn “What did you run into that you had to invent something to do something about?” I think my answer would be I ran into domination that tried to force me into a valence that wasn’t me. I’m not trying to be or not be anything now – it’s just me and for the first time in oh my I would have to locate on an e-meter I feel happy to be. No attention stuck on what anyone else thinks while caring deeply about what all of them think.

    I can only speak for myself but your attitude Carol is not helping me move any closer to declaration of disconnection from the insidiously evil and destructive force who has ruined the church. Marty is enlightening, putting his viewpoint out there with a light touch and it’s much easier to have.

    Marty, your communication isn’t falling on deaf ears. I DO understand. I’m doing what I can as I can based on who I am which is just me. We’ll meet up. My road meets up to y’alls. In the meantime, you know how to reach me…

  125. Marty and Mike are both being “Fair Gamed”, right here in 2011.

    I have to say though that they are handling it like total pros – better than anyone I have ever seen Fair Gamed by the Church of Scientology.

  126. David Lingenfelter

    Judging by all the email identity theft being commited by the Co$ recently it seems they are becoming less concerned with staying legal.

    Caged animal is rattling the bars and is so out of PT that he doesn’t see the bars are not there. This also applies to his robotic followers. Their ‘solution’ is not working nor will ever work as the problem trying to be solved is not in present time.


  127. Not smart? Still a lot to be done? I would love to hear you explain what exactly.

  128. Welcome Peter! Another Fighter for Freedom! 🙂


  129. I (personally) wouldn’t say this applies to you WE
    You’re very ‘forward’ even if we don’t know what your name is 🙂

  130. And I’m so sorry you had to watch a loved one die. It must have hurt beyond words knowing it was a loss that could have been prevented.

  131. Totally WELL SAID! No matter what you think of LRH or Scientology, if you apply it per LRH’s instructions, you will get the results. I can attest to that AND have attested to that. Look, Do, Be.

  132. I’ll bite:
    “Should Independent Scientologists question the writings of L Ron Hubbard when they see them in action by OSA and David Miscavige, or not?”
    1. It is up to each and every INDIVIDUAL Scientologist.
    2. What people do or do not believe or question is not any of your goddam business. What is this? A new breed of thought police? Are you trying to tell us what we should or shouldn’t believe in in order to be a member of this group?
    With all due respect – screw you!

  133. Mike,
    Yeah, they send this stuff to me. Now, since I’m on their goofus sites and have read the gibberish and nonsense they wrote, for the life of me I can’t figure how these guys intend to ‘work’ me by directing me to more of the same on others?!

    There is a point where aberration becomes aberrated, the inversion, inverts even further till the convolution is just ‘Dave’ and his ilk folded back on themselves. Holy cats.

  134. Allen,
    In common with others who beat this drum, over, and over, and over …the ‘treatment and handling’ part is what you are either ignoring, are ignorant of or just plain refuse to look at or acknowledge (that’s a whole other thing.)

    The ‘treatment and handling’ is what? Here, here is a clue: A TO E, POWER PROCESSES (at that time and long since developed with more).

    So the ‘treatment and handling’ IS the same. You do A-E, you get a specific Power Process. There are Search and Discovery lists, in particular the L&N on S&D ‘S’ (stop).

    Fair Game IS CANCELLED. It has been since 19 friggin’ 68. A-E is NOT, neither is Power, neither is S&D, neither is OT III, or NOTs.
    Holy shit Allan, get a freakin’ grip on this.

  135. Yeah, sort of like “I left the Cof$ and have stopped going exterior.” Bwhahahahahah… POOF! Θ:)—hehehe

  136. 32 hate Marty (and Rinder) sites. (Plus more I suspect, if I wanted to continue searching.) They become instantly recognizable as fake after the first 5. They are full of obscenities and hate speech. When you search Marty Rathbun, it is this site that pops up at the top.

  137. It sure is. We bought a box full of the hard copies and have handed most of them out already. The quality of presentation and content are superb.

    I don’t know of a better way to FDS people than hand them one of these books and then direct them to the friendsoflrh.org website for accurate stats.

    The truth will set you free.


  138. Sam,
    Waaaaaay past death. Which makes one wonder about Allen. Is this more of the spectator sport of ‘trolling’, is he that ignorant of the materials, is he…well, does he fall into the various categories of KSW er what?

    Here’s a new category, maybe he just ain’t got game and this wild pitch at minus velocity has gone to the trash barrel in the dug out, along with all the sunflower seed shells.


    I’ll give Al another shot on this one. I mean he at least knew it was Vinnie on the Herbie Hancock tune. That says something. There’s the ‘crack in the door’. Getting tighter and tighter and tighter and tighter…

  139. Watching Eyes, I worked as OSA volunteer for quite a while. They are not interested in small fish as you and I. They don’t consider us of big interest and influence.

    They just go after the big fish, the opinion leaders as Marty and Mike Rinder. They are the pillars of the independent movement. The COB knows that when those two withdraw, the movement will decline dramatically. You and I, we can’t replace them because we no opinion leaders. OSA calls us “nobodies”. So, even if they’d know your name, they likely don’t feel the need to “deal with us”.

    I can tell you that most of the +200 Indies (some long term Scientologists and former executives) who made a statement against Miscavology live peaceful without anybody bothering them.


  140. Lana, Thank you! This is wonderful. Very easy to read.
    I read through a few of the articles and was very interested in reading about the Golden Age of Tech. This is where Scientology and I parted. I have not done any training after the release of those new courses, which I felt made the training rote and robotic. Missing was the struggle to understand and then apply the technology correctly to attain positive results. Gone was the auditor listening and having a good enough grasp of the technology to understand the next step to take. And this was also true for the course supervisors. Hamstrung, the course supervisors were not required to listen to their students and ensure that they connected what they were learning to real situations in their own lives.

  141. Yvonne Schick

    Dan, I love the way you put this.

  142. Yvonne Schick

    Yes we do!

  143. TS: I hear you.

    I do not think Carol, or anyone else here is attempting to invalidate anyone who doesnt use their real name (yet), because everyone who reads this blog understands that the very nature of what they protest — the control and enforced disconnection — creates situations that make it impossible for some to be overt. If you are going to lose your job by speaking up, it’s probably not a good thing to do. But I would also recommend that if you are in that sort of situation, it is a tenuous one and you should probably be making plans to try and change it. If you are going to lose your family, that’s tough too.

    But there are those out there who dont have work or family related issues to contend with — they are simply in fear of the bogeyman, and I think the words of those who promote “stand up and be counted” are really directed to them. There is strength in numbers. And for the most part, POB doesnt have resources beyond the cannon fodder he keeps sending at Marty.

    Everyone has to make the determination of how to deal with the situation they confront based on THEIR circumstances and their personal integrity.

    Treat Carol and others here as encouraging others that its OK to jump in the pool, but if you cant swim and dont have your life preserver available, get yourself equipped and set up and join the fun. It’s liberating and cools you off tremendously when you take the plunge.

  144. Thank you, Mike Rinder. The pool is sooo inviting and those life preservers are being put in place.

  145. Geez Allen, are you actually Jim Lynch? “Should Independent Scientologists question the writings of L Ron Hubbard when they see them in action by OSA and David Miscavige, or not?”

    Amazing. You should report for the New Freedumb Mag. Or, maybe you do already. Jimen, Alim, Jallen aka, well, all sorts of things.

  146. Yvonne Schick

    Tears in my eyes.

  147. One solution does not fit all situations for all people and all situations in their life.

    By merely withholding their ARC for that group, it is much depowered – at least as I understand The Tech.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  148. GetTheConcept

    Yes, she was, but it was Shelly Long in that movie.

  149. It was in a NY morgue & Shelly Long… 🙂

  150. Allen,
    I think everyone on God’s green earth should “keep his own counsel and make his own decesions”.
    It’s worked well for me!

  151. And allowing others to do so is a harmonious way to live life.

  152. That’s because “Fair Game” is a label Alanzo.

    “By FAIR GAME is meant, may not be further protected by the codes and disciplines of Scientology or the rights of a Scientologist.”

    That and SP at one time were interchangeable.

    Someone who was declared “Fair Game” or declared an SP and expelled “may not be further protected by the codes and disciplines of Scientology or the rights of a Scientologist.”

    From the Oxford American:

    “a person or thing that is considered a reasonable target for criticism, exploitation, or attack”

    Earlier than that it meant actual game on sovereign land that wasn’t protected by the Government or the crown.

    It is a *label*.

    For instance if a village council labeled you an idiot it would be merely labeling you as such.

    No further action would be taken.

    It would be up to the villagers themselves to respond to this proclamation.

    BTW *labeling* someone “Fair Game” is not limited to Scientology:


    Really are most critics so ignorant of history and word origins that they have such unfamiliarity with the actual word and what it actually means?

    And that labeling a person such and the actions taken by others are two different things.

    Again as Jim said correctly that declaring someone “Fair Game” was CANCELED because as Ron correctly says the term was considered bad PR.

    Also around the same time Disconnection was canceled as well under the reform codes.

    Yet the Church still continues to force people to disconnect.

    So despite this they continue to act as if anyone who disagrees with them has been *labeled* Fair Game and force people to disconnect despite the fact that it is a violation of policy.

    To use an example in tech.

    At one time they used to continue audit PCs past floating needles until Ron came up with rehab tech.

    Now they violate those HCOBs and Policy letters related to releases because according to some squirrel that people give way too much credence to over there an F/N is no longer an F/N.

    The tech just like the policy on Fair Game was corrected on this point was *corrected* yet there are those who continue to declare people fair game just as they continue to overrun processes.

    Can you see the difference here or are you still stuck on the track like the organization is?

  153. Bozz,

    Steve already has a poll on his site at the bottom right hand of his page:

    Opinion poll
    Is David Miscavige a crook?
    100% YES
    Probably yes
    I don’t know
    Probably not
    Absolutely not

  154. Much the same terms and conditions I’ve come to.
    Someone send this woman some outstanding cake!

  155. Sha-Zam!

  156. @Mat That is some good advice! My mom always told me…”not to make fun of retards”…which I later philosophized to heart personally as, “don’t make sick people sicker”. Sadly, however, knocking a Bully out is probably the best medicine you can give him. Those sick around him and the retards who “support” him get well or better after the blow. Even the Bully comes to respect you. How fucked is that?

    Mr. Fancy
    You write;
    “By harassing you and others, they are making a very clear statement to others that are still in, “Don’t let this happen to you: keep your mouth shut”.
    “It’s intimidation due to fear…”

    So very very true… It reminds me of a FedEx ad….that shows as a parody what exactly retarded-kool-aid-drinking “integrity” looks like…These people sick puppies that’s for sure! Loyal to Miscarriage and NOT LRH, willing themselves blind in senseless fear, as you say, as if that were “ethical”!? WTF…..and for years and years…

  157. Sara,
    Perhaps Marty’s comments from a couple of days ago might explain:

    martyrathbun09 | August 16, 2011 at 2:17 pm | Reply
    You got it. Undisclosed ones that are being missed in a serious sort of way (most notably the big one of stabbing L Ron Hubbard in the back with malice aforethought), which welds one attention to those points on the track. Extensively covered in Grade II technology. Check out that post on the Ship event a month or so again. Eighties all the way, down to his Bob Barker beingness and ridiculous penguin suit.

  158. Yes, Marty,

    You have spotted Darth David’s tired strategy (strike the shepard, disperse the flock) with ease. However, as I have mentioned so many times before, you have knowledge of the opponent, and our numbers will only swell over time as dedicated Scientologists instinctively move away from supression and rally to LRH tech as practiced in liberated hands.

    DM, to my knowledge, is not succeeding in returning people back to Corporate Scientological slavery, and the incoming number is dwindling.

    I can only see this pointing to DM’s downfall. History shows organizations that subvert the public good are not long for this earth.

    As for coming out, I certainly want to, but I presently need com lines that unfortuantely are consuming koolaid, and the loss of contact would be very harmful to my present business. However, I know the time will come, and I look forward to it with great relish.

    Press on. Press on.

  159. Hi Craig. I know your name well.

  160. Is that really the Craig Jensen?
    Wow, that would really be something……
    Welcome to truth, Craig.
    Davey, you owe this man probably half your savings;
    Have an nice day!
    Oh, by the way, he has quite some friends you owe as well.
    Did I already say: have an nice day – I’m having one!

  161. Ya mean… Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned type of thing? 🙂

  162. Alanzo,
    Please quit playing that broken record to death!

  163. Very well stated, Mike.

  164. plainoldthetan

    In my narrow-minded view, TC’s damage to the Church of Scientology was instigated and orchestrated by DM. The Rule of the Weak Valence applies in the misbegotten linkage between them. (lecture 5911C12).

    To me, the chain of logic is pretty simple.

    C/S Series 22 PSYCHOSIS says:

    The easiest ways for a C/S to detect the insane are:

    1. Pretending to do a post or duties, the real consistent result is destructive to the group in terms of breakage, lost items, injured business, etc.

    2. The case is no-case-gain or roller coaster and is covered under “PTS symptoms”.

    3. They are chronically physically ill.

    4. They have a deep but carefully masked hatred of anyone who seeks to help them.

    5. The result of their “help” is actually injurious.

    6. They often seek transfers or wish to leave.

    7. They are involved in warfare, with conflicts around them which are invisible to others. One wonders how they can be so involved or get so involved in so much hostility.

    Hence, David Miscavige is insane.

    DM “helped” Tom Cruise, using self-assumed force and authority, yet from a position of weakness. He had to give special “gifts” to Tom Cruise, for example, which is low-toned. (Propitiative.)

    This kind of “help” invokes the Rule of the Weak Valence, where the person being “helped” goes into the valence of the weakling.

    The “weakling” then goes on Oprah and manifests DM’s valence.

    Everyone starts calling TC “insane”.

    DM can take the stat for achieving his product(“injured business”).

  165. Hi Alex, You’re on there now. It’s a pretty impressive list. Someone should do a little tally to see how many ex-SO, ex-Int base, how many OTs, etc. we have on there and the total years of Scientology experience represented on the list. It’s pretty good company we’re in.

    I’d also be happy to add any missing credentials for those who are already on the list, but lack additional details.

  166. LRH was not the only spiritual writer who ever penned things that should probably have never been written. Unfortunately, when a writing is deemed to be “scripture” its more dubious passages take on an ominous tone — particularly when applied by insane zealots who prefer Violence to Reason.

    The Christian New Testament is controversial in certain respects. For instance, the New Testament seeks to protects families — except when Jesus decides that your family members are, err, suppressive and that disconnection is needed. As Jesus said:

    “Don’t think I’ve come to make life cozy. I’ve come to cut — make a sharp knife-cut between son and father, daughter and mother, bride and mother-in-law—cut through these cozy domestic arrangements and free you for God. Well-meaning family members can be your worst enemies. If you prefer father or mother over me, you don’t deserve me. If you prefer son or daughter over me, you don’t deserve me.”
    Ref: Matthew 10:34-37, The Message

    Jesus actually said this and you can check it out for yourself. However, modern Christian churches ignore this horrific verse and do not break up families – this although Jesus demanded it. Jesus did not want “well-meaning family members” getting in the way of a person’s commitment to him. Christians, however, selectively apply scripture like all other religions.

    My point here is that many religious movements have brutal scriptures that force believers to separate themselves from non-believers. Scientology is hardly unique in this regard. This does not excuse its SP Doctrine, Disconnection, etc. but it does argue that religious groups have to moderate or become fringe groups that encounter the moral outrage of Culture and demands for reform. Groups in this position either reform or become increasingly radicalized and isolated.

    It is a clear choice: Abandon scripture that does not work or be stuck defending and enforcing bad scripture.

    Another example: Christian Evangelicals are hobbled and laughed at when they argue that the Earth is only 6,000 years old.
    The scientific evidence clearly shows the age of the Earth at 4.54 billion years: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_the_Earth

    The more extreme Evangelicals are stuck arguing that Father Adam rode around on dinosaurs and that God once made the Sun go backwards in the sky.

    Operation Snow White was a fork in the road for CoS in which it could have chosen to institute reforms, Instead, CoS made itself worse. One of the more esoteric teachings of Jesus is instructive in this regard:

    “When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation.”
    Matthew 12:43-45

    There was a supposed housecleaning in CoS after Snow White in which GO was dismantled. However, the “Demon of GO” went out of CoS only to reenter disguised as the “reformer” David Miscavige. After his phony housecleaning of CoS, DM brought in seven other demons with him:

    1. Most of the old GO crew who were imprisoned in Snow White.
    2. The Finance Police who destroyed missions.
    3. The IAS and its “money in exchange for statuses” regging.
    4. Golden Age of Tech alterations
    5. Ideal Org scam
    6. A Culture of Brutality in Sea Org
    7. Three needle swing torture

    Obviously, more “demons” entered the Cult of Scientology via its Antichrist David Miscavige.

    The general argument from mainstream Christians is that the passage of time has obsoleted diabolical Bible verses. If this is the argument, then who picks and chooses what parts of the Bible may be ignored and what parts must be obeyed?

    One answer is Martin Luther’s argument for the Priesthood of the Believer. If this concept is broadly applied, then one can argue that religious freedom is about all believers being free to accept or reject the various doctrines of their belief system.

    Christians and Jews freely pick and choose from their scriptures, so why can’t Scientologists? It seems to me that the Indies are exercising a form of Luther’s concept of the Priesthood of the Believer when they choose to not empower doctrines that are not workable and in fact destroy people.

    This exercise of individualism happens when any religious movement schisms. True, my arguments do not satisfy some critics, but then again some critics have a double standard going on in which Mercy and Compassion are only shown to those who agree with them: It is okay if your God of Love once lost his temper and drowned the entire human race save Noah and his family. However, anyone who uses an E-Meter is a heretic to be burned at the stake!

    The Church of Scientology is unique in that it has used religious brutality in uncommon and uncommonly expensive ways; most religions do not pursue outspoken former members or prominent critics and journalists with such pure hatred and an incredibly expensive private intelligence bureau.

    Religious history argues that Scientology will continue to schism and that moderates will selectively apply scripture like all other religions. Matthew 10:34-37 is part of Christianity’s “SP Doctrine,” is still a part of Holy Writ, and has been consigned to the dustbin in the everyday life of Christianity. I hope this happens with those parts of Scientology scripture that have proven to be unworkable.


  167. Alan Stanfield

    So , despite your interpretation of this whole “fair Game” issue, I have to wonder… Is this the most important message that you took away from anything LRH ever said? (not even taking into consideration whether your understanding may be correct or not, or how it has been blatantly re-interpreted and misused by David Miscavige and others)

    OK. We got it. LRH has made mistakes. Most of us here will freely acknowledge that.
    Please don’t keep “reminding us” of this “for our own good”. (I invite you to look to how it might be affecting “YOUR own good”.)

    LRH also came up with some “workable technologies” to help better lives.

    And now the big questions….
    Which do you want to forward?
    Is that what your communication is actually helping to accomplish?

    I mean, if your honest intention is to help your fellow man, and yourself, live more fulfilling lives, why cling to something that contributes not one iota toward that forward progress? If it is not a useful tool toward “obtaining to optimum survival across the Dynamics” just throw the damn thing away and get on with your purpose.

    Eric S

  168. Change

    Seems you have already “stuck your toe in.” Feels good yes? Imagine swimming freely…. apparently you already have. Thanks for waving and saying “Hi”. I look forward to you joining us.

    Eric S

  169. plainoldthetan

    I’ve already posted elsewhere that the secret to emasculating Miscavige is contained in lecture 5211c07 (PDC, RD 12. p.59) “[Money] is the acquisition of force by another. Money is a representation of force. You can buy force with money.”

    To reduce Miscavige’s power, stop giving him money. ALL money.

    The public, whether they realize it or not, is anti-supporting Miscavige by not showing up at Idle Orgs for service. All we have to do is to get the OTAs and staff members and few remaining public to stop giving money.

    The reason Miscavige doesn’t present meaningful stats (Clears Made, First Service Starts, Div 6 to Majors, Auditors Made, Intensives Completed) is because we could figure out how much money is being made and how much “expansion” is really occurring from them.

    Make the church spend money on you (instead of take money from you) and you’ll help accellerate the process. Getting them to phone you 22 times to confirm for an event, sending back empty business reply envelopes (especially overseas) will encourage the inevitable.

  170. plainoldthetan

    Oh, yeah. At $20,000 a day, ceasing to give Miscavige money will result in the cessation of OT H8 harassment of Marty and Mike, too.

  171. It is unheard of RJ this Squirrel Busters thing. It is outrageous! Even descending on someone’s house like that even one time is bad PR for anybody. The thing that rubs me the wrong way is the way DM is back at Hemet {or perhaps at the clothier} on his cell coaching them to do this right. Does he think he is funny or something or does he just just have an overactive imagination for a youth? And I’m not joking about it neither because what a rotten thing to be doing to someone by any standard. Even Idi Amin had more class than that! 🙂

  172. Marty, as always an inlightening discussion. What I love about this site is it’s never dull, and takes us all over the tone scale! Thanks for your insight!

    To those of you who resorted to insults and made Carol’s comments a personal affront, look again. She is not your enemy or your who, and I must ask, what was missed?

    Those of us here who are using our own names can tell you, ‘coming out’ is a liberating experience and I applaude Carol’s courage for asking you to do the same, so you too can rejoice in the unburdening of PTSness.

    Being here & communicating, Much Love, Midge

  173. David Miscavige secretly admires you.

  174. Correction: “Marty, thanks for the enlighting discussion!

    ML, Midge

  175. Thanks to all of you for your candid responses. I posted this as an honest question and did not mean to be insulting. It is great that in America you have the right to practice whatever method of living works for you. If Scientology is your thing, go for it. It is true that I don’t understand how it works, mainly because I have no need for it. It seems like the people who comment here good people and are drastically different from Miscavige and company. I can’t get over how their eyes are so lifeless almost like they are in a state of hypnosis. You see the same lifeless stare in corporate scientologists everywhere. It easy to see how you end up with a Lisa Mcpherson case when these hypnotized drones are wandering around attempting to keep the flock in line.

    As far as the question of acquiring wealth as a result of religion. I have the same problem with Christian church pastors who drive fancy cars and live in big houses on the backs of the congregation. My idea of a credible minister is one who lives humbly and sees that worldly possessions are secondary to living a happy, healthy and productive life. This is my view and I realize that it is not an opinion that everyone shares.

    Marty – I hope that eventually you are able to get these psychos cleaned off of your street, so that you and your wife are able to live your lives in peace. In the meantime, I hope that your truck gets dirty every day and requires lots of washing. Best of luck to you all.

  176. Lana,

    Top notch work!

  177. Allen, one major point you’re missing is that who Miscavige “considers” an SP, and who really is an SP, are two entirely different animals. He “labels” some people as SPs, doesn’t mean they actually are SPs. It’s just a political move on his part, a way of 3Ping them.

    That’s a basic factor omitted from your chain of reasoning, that invalidates your argument right at it’s start.

    LRH covered all that in his basic HCOB about the traits and characteristics of the Antisocial and Social personalities.

  178. Haydn,

    I wonder if this conclusion considers fixation and obsession.

    I would imagine that no matter how many individuals stand up to be counted, Marty will forever be imagined by DM to be THE top opterm of his problem. Thus sucking up inordinate amounts of his energy and resources.

    And it’s a huge problem for any “ruler” when his best general/tactician turns on him. For one thing, the guy knows all of your tricks and strategies so he can draw you into traps and expose all your weak points to effective assaults.

    In theory, spreading energy distribution will lessen impact/force on a given point–like wearing snowshoes in snow. But DM is probably still going to operate off LRH’s idea of using Alexander’s strategy to penetrate through enemy lines to knock off the leader.

    Of course, this concentration of aim becomes problematic for the person with a gun. Someone puts a gun to your head only matters if the barrel remains true to aim and the person holding the gun can pull the trigger quickly enough. If you move just slightly, the barrel no longer is aimed at your head and you can take it away from the person. Who cares how many times he pulls the trigger if the bullets aren’t hitting anything. Marty just keeps moving slightly to the side and taking the gun away.

    Which brings up another `problem with concentrating forces against a given point. If the enemy decoys you into employing forces against a given point, then removes all resistance, you just keep moving through thin air and accomplishing nothing. And your flanks are suddenly exposed to counter-attack.

    What I’m probably getting to is that just having a bunch of random targets to absorb OSA’s resources leaves one susceptible to random outcomes. It’s better to intelligently deploy those targets with purpose. Purpose. And with strategies to handle the attacks leveled at them.

    Any good general or tactician wants predictable outcomes–even if the predictable outcome is chaos for that situation which hampers the enemy.

    The biggest advantage we have is that those left under Miscaviage suffer from the inability to apply the data series. Proof is in the pudding. All we’re getting from that quarter is dramatization rather than logical and precise deployment of resources.

    Oh well, food is served. Yum.


  179. Choice is always senior to condition. Choice is senior to situation. Choice is senior to opinion. Choice is senior to data.

    To say that one “must” lessens one.

    Taking away a being’s right to choose degrades that being.

    The exercise of “duty” without choice becomes slavery.

  180. J. Swift, I don’t agree with your interpretation of the Matthew quote. As the following article points out, it is often taken andinterpreted out of context, and takes on an entirely different flavor when read against it’s actual context:


    I read it’s actual intent and meaning as being similar to LRH’s lecture “The Road to Truth”, or to his writings on Integrity. The Matthew quote is, to me, all about Integrity, about not denying your own truth.

    By the way, you may be interested in Elaine Pagels excellent book “Beyond Belief” which is about early Christianity and specifically about how and why the specific Gospels were included in the Bible, while others were excluded from it when the official canon was established. She centers the discussion around the Gospel of Thomas, which was left out.

  181. martyrathbun09

    Carol is my dear friend.

  182. martyrathbun09


  183. Scott Campbell

    Problems, problems, problems…

  184. petermarkowski

    It was my first comment in an indi community, so thank you for the warm welcome. 🙂

    I think that everyone here just doesn’t agrees with suppression…

  185. TroubleShooter

    Thank you Mike. It’s all good. If present circumstances were different I’d break the radar. I’ve been working on the subproducts needed to jump in the deep end for some time now with good progress. To wish things were different would be like wishing the things that make my life worth living didn’t exist and so the production of those subproducts continues.

    Oh HELL YES if you don’t have the Scientology connected job or family threat thing looming over you then what the hell are you waiting for??!!!!

    Sorry Carol, I’m actually quite a friendly person. I’ve heard you are too, in fact the words were “you have a heart of gold”. 😉

  186. TS — Great. And you are right about Carol. I can assure you she has no ill-will towards you (and if she knew what I know, she would be your BFF).

  187. petermarkowski

    Hi Theo,
    I wonder what would happen if let’s say 30 of us went to Marty’s house and protest and tell those guys from “Squirrel Busters” to go.
    They probably were hugely surprised and maybe a bit confused by the theta.

  188. petermarkowski

    Hi Greta,
    Cool to meet you here. Please send me an email. (send.it@me.com) I‘d love to chat with you 🙂
    Grüessli Peter

  189. Barney Rubble

    I know, confused it with another movie with word Night in the title. Yes Night Shift was classic, one of Ron Howards first.

  190. petermarkowski

    :-). Grüezi LO !!!
    Proud to join the community ! And indeed, hopp Schwiiz !!!!!
    2 are better then 1, but that surprises me since I’ve seen a homepage from the Ron’s Org in Switzerland…

  191. Bravo! to you.
    I’m from Canada and I recently had comms with some people still in.(they don’t know I’m out for good,they think I’m arcbreak or just pts,etc)They think that what is happening now in the orgs is Wow!.They redo Purif,objectives,etc.They all have done it before and it was not when Ron was still there, so they are supposedely correcting what was done under
    “magnifico” Mesclavage(slave in french).WOW!

    We need to be efficient in our life in general and just flat out Flourish and Prosper and help each other.
    Marthy the pressure should lessen soon they are acting too stupid.

  192. I wouldn’t compare Miscavige to Idi Amin.

    At least Idi knew when to get the fuck outta Dodge.


    There’s David Miscavige pretending that he’s the “leader” of an incredible shrinking congregation.

    Pretty soon the only public he’ll have left are those adulating groupies like TC and the OTAs (those who haven’t been arrested and imprisoned) and the people still locked in the hole.

  193. “For more reasons than are given here.” Care to elaborate on that? I love the insights on many of your posts.

  194. Also, it can backfire. When a person feels too much “must” being directed at him, there’s an impulse to resist just so as not to feel degraded, by loss of choice, loss of self-determinism. I can’t state the reference but I recall LRH saying something pretty close to – a PTS takes orders from the SP, if only in opposites. And I do believe the principle applies to situations other than a PTS-SP one.

    When I find myself in that position, I find myself struggling to find a way to comply – even though it’s something I actually want to do – and still not feel like (or appear to be!) just an effect point. It seems that Marty and others here do a pretty admirable job of the right amount of push. Maybe it’s just plain good 8-C, good control.

  195. Wow, Moneca, loved your comment: “DO you really think all those capable people who were once in the CO$, lost all of their abilities when they walked out the org door? That these people suddenly went stupid? NOPE they are all out in the independent field flourishing and prospering. Okay nuf said.”

    Moneca, that is so true. We all have our various abilities, and the reverse is true, when we walked out the org door, and started realizing the true extent of the suppression, the abilities come back FULL FORCE AND 10’XD!!!!! We become UNSTUPID!! We wake up!! I don’t know if those who would suppress us realize this: all that power and ability comes back to haunt them 10’XD and beyond!!!

    I think this is the FACTOR that has been underestimated: the expansion of the abilities of these incomparable beings, when the stops are taken off!!!!!! The Church of Miscavology thinks it gives people the license to survive. But, in reality, we start Flourishing and Prospering AFTER we walk out the door! We don’t need no stinkin’ license!

    Catherine Von Ach

  196. marildi,

    Here’s a little secret: sometimes I go back and read what I wrote and have no idea what I meant. I have these streams of concepts that juxtapose in meaningful ways at the time I perceive them, and I do my best to translate those concepts into words. But sometimes, when I revisit the words I sometimes just can’t revisit the juxtaposed concepts.

    What I saw (theta perceptic) when I wrote this was the perfect integrity of a being. In such a state, creations, mock ups, images, considerations, postulates and opinions are of lesser value.

    You might say that perfect integrity is a perfect state of ethics.

    And a perfect state of ethics is a state without overts.

    As a beings moves away from perfect ethics, they lessens themselves. (excuse the male pronouns–I’ll go back and switch to plurals.) These act as overts against self and eventually others.

    Causing another to lose integrity is a huge overt. Probably greater than any other. Causing self to lose integrity is a huge overt. It’s not just a simple little miscue but an open invitation to slide down the dwindling spiral.

    Because we have invested so much importance in matter, energy, space, time, ideas, considerations, values, forms, constructs, ideologies, goals and on and on, we tend to move away from personal integrity and assign value to those investments. The body is more important. The mind is more important. My corvette is more important. My job is more important. Scientology is more important. Democracy/freedom is more important.

    But what have we invested, really? We have invested part of ourselves as a being. Which is why we can perceive these things. Our substance, which has a natural integrity coupled with our awareness has been “invested” in something else. We have lost our integrity and become a lie to that degree.

    And after trillions of years, the numbers of things we have imbued with our life force and integrity becomes numerically staggering. And each one has robber us slightly or greatly of our integrity

    One of the things about auditing and cognitions is that our integrity begins to slowly remanifest. Each cognition reveals a bit more of truth, a bit more understanding, a bit more of what we are–and our integrity returns.

    The greatest crime that DM is committing is robbing those who trust him of a chance to regain integrity. He not only ruins those chances to have cognitions which return integrity, he openly opposes anyone actually having integrity.

    Why? Because integrity cannot exist without knowledge, responsibility and control. Control. To surrender control to another being scares the hell out of him. Mostly because deep down, he has lost his integrity and with it all sense of control.

    He’s had to fully invest himself in another valence to have a sense of control. Beings in their own valences are perfectly willing to grant others ARC, KRC and all other higher states of beingness. There is no conflict of control. There is no fear about another having control.

    Sane beings want others to have control of their existence. It’s only when integrity is lost and insanity enters the picture when beings start to worry about others having control.

    And the dwarf is quite insane. His crimes are like hydrogen exploding from a star- -just this never-ending, sparkling, unthinking destruction of others. And others see this energy and can fail to recognize how much harm comes from it. It’s easy to mistake this dramatization as “charismatic” or “dedicated” or any number of admirable qualities.

    And the energy he feels from his criminality gives him a sense of control and power.

    I mostly feel sorry for the guy because he has lost himself so profoundly. What he passes off as integrity is a sham, a huge lie. He basically sold his soul for the pretense of power. But, sadly for him, it isn’t really his power. “His” power must come from his basic nature as a being, from his own integrity, from his own KRC.

    And all these things are crimes, not only against Marty and members still in the church, but against himself. He’s consuming himself and will one day go supernova as a being, collapsing under the weight of his overts.

    One of the reasons he see overts everywhere is that his entire power structure is based in continuously dramatized overts. He can’t see anything else because that’s all he’s got going. He’s operating behind this screen of energy that is nothing but overts.

    He can’t see the beauty in life and other beings. He can’t experience the aesthetics of others. He can’t feel the joy in watching another learn and grow and understand. He is just presently incapable of experiencing the things that make being a thetan so worthwhile.

    As I said, I feel this great sadness for him as a being. I don’t want to lose my personal integrity by investing myself in revenge. I would rather invest my “self” in things theta.

    I don’t know if this made sense. Maybe tomorrow I will come back and read it and wonder just what in the hell I was talking about. But, for right now, I can clearly perceive as a thetan what I fumble to express in words.

  197. marildi,

    yeah, I’ve experienced that reversal thing. I can become a real contrarian when I feel someone trying to control me. Just part of my nasty streak.

    On the other hand, being an effect point poses an interesting dilemma.
    How did the effect point come about? Obviously by a cause. And if you trace any effect back to cause you’ll find that Prime Cause IS Prime Effect. In other words, the effect point is simultaneously a cause point. But with a rapid alter-is of the condition/viewpoint.

    Instead of assuming the “effect point” you can assume the “cause point” that co-exists there and contribute to its “motion” (though no motion need exist there.) You are just co-creating the thing.

    Not because you have to, just because you can. And because it’s interesting.

    And when you operate at a level of co-creation all sorts of curious theta perceptics come into play.

    And “play” is paramount. Playing the game removes all sorts of mass and ignorance that accompanies being played as part of the game.

  198. Allen,

    Marty and Mike are being terrorized by a madman how doesn’t have two rational brain cells to click together. Said madman also just happens to be in a position to slip in policy references in inappropriate places as if this somehow gives him license to do it.

    I don’t understand why you continually keep coming round to this point.

    The entire fair game policy is wrong, Ron was mistaken, it was a dumb move in the beginning and never got better. Now it’s canceled. I myself never used it, hopefully never will, and I don’t give two hoots about any green on white on the matter, I still ain’t gonna do it. There, I said it. Now let’s please move on to something more constructive like helping a bunch of folks lead happy lives. ‘Cause this bullshit about fair game sure ain’t helping.

  199. Yes, makes most anyone “a real contrarian” I would say, not just us nasty-streak folk. But I could have guessed you would look at it from the higher or broader standpoint. I try to think of things like this (eventually, that is :-)) with a concept sort of like – it’s not “over there,” it’s right here. But that more “technical” idea of assuming the cause point side of the coin says it well, something like getting control of the automaticity. I’m gonna approach it with that in mind next time – and pay attention to those “curious theta perceptics” while I’m at it.

    “Not because you have to, just because you can.” Like that! That and the “play” idea definitely bring in my indicators.

  200. Wow, I had so many wows reading this. Really eloquent. I don’t mean to be too gushy but I was truly moved. And for the first time I actually felt compassion for DM. Great sadness, just like you said.

    As for the applicability of all you said to each of us, you definitely gave me some things to think about. And whether I totally duplicated you or not, at my own reality level, I don’t think you could have done a better job of expressing what you “clearly perceived as a thetan.” It seems that our only answer is to go in the direction of – out of the MEST universe, because how else could a being avoid the “investments,” at least not all of them. But I guess that’s the whole idea of Scn…

    Thanks so much for your “investment” (he he) in time and thought. I knew there was something to your saying “for more reasons than given here” and you did not disappoint. 🙂

  201. marildi,

    Actually, you deserve a bit of thanks. As a comparison, say you’re driving down the freeway and see a “Scenic Lookout –2 miles” sign. You glance over, get a vague idea of what there is to see and are tempted to keep going. After all, you’ve got so much to do. Time is important.

    “Let’s stop,” your friend says.

    “Okay,” you say reluctantly, not wanting to disappoint. But, you really don’t feel like taking the time.

    You pull into the lot, park the car, get out begrudgingly and look at beauty stretching for miles and miles and miles. For the next two hours, you and your friend sit, rapt by valleys, mountains, rivers, clouds, constantly changing as the Sun gives portrait to the Earth.

    As peace settles over you, the important matters dragging you forward lose their grip. You have discovered something about yourself and life that exceeds the value of all you have done and accomplished in the last year.

    Sometimes, we just need to stop and observe, stop and experience. And, had you not asked, I would not have bothered to look a little deeper at what I had glanced at in the initial post.

    And even though I was typing pretty much as quickly as I could, I was examining vistas of data and experience. Steams of information, putting down only highlights of what I saw. I had cog after cog after cog, which I would not have had if you had not asked.

    One of the coincidental cogs I had dealt with speeds of energy progression. LRH dealt with randomity as a source of pain in his earlier axioms. Too much or too little randomity of motion is felt as pain and unconsciousness.

    I think this universe moves at a rate of progression which hampers theta perception. You have to sort of sit removed from the normal flow of daily traffic to have theta insights. Mystics and such have long used meditation or similar procedures to accomplish this. Buddha reputedly had to remove himself several times a day to meditate.

    Then he would come out, communicate his insights and everyone would be happy. Well, almost everyone. His message exceeded the common reality, so was a dangerous venture. You have to establish altitude to be allowed to exceed another’s reality.

    The Guru says, all of our madness is caused by demons inhabiting our bodies. What a wise man.

    The washerwoman says that all of our madness is caused by demons inhabiting our bodies. What a crazy woman.

    Difference in altitude granted establishes the difference in response.

    The value of what LRH or anyone else has to say depends a great deal on the altitude you’ve granted on that particular day.

    When one sees what others do not, it sometimes makes social sense to keep one’s mouth shut. Exceeding another’s reality without being granted the altitude to be the source of a new paradigm just ARC breaks people in general. And communication lines wither.

    As a ready example, I don’t think my feelings about DM meet the accepted paradigm here. Communication withers and ARC disappears.

    So, even though I appreciate your asking, and I love answering, I thought I should add that caveat. And add that I’m not in the business of gaining altitude over anyone, so any “wows” you might feel in reading anything I write simply makes me happy for you rather than overly pleased with myself.

    Communicating with others is always an honor and a privilege. An honor to me that they grant me the privilege. When in doubt…

  202. So glad I asked – doubly so now. And btw, I enjoy your writing in itself. You turn some nice phrases, as they say. Like, “the Sun gives portrait to Earth” and “vistas of data and experience, streams of information.” (I’ve been interested in writing lately so you’re just gonna have to take a bit more of my wows – besides, you’re like a magnet for communication. :-))

    Appreciated your thoughts about altitude. “You have to establish altitude to be allowed to exceed another’s reality” – good datum. It reminded me of something I was thinking about not long ago, how magical it is to “grant becomingness.” It’s not the same as granting beingness, allowing someone to “be” what he is, but to “become” what he can when you grant it. Maybe this is actually a construct somewhere in Scientology, I don’t know. But it’s pretty interesting. And the idea of granting altitude seems like an example of that same phenomenon.

    I did kind of notice that you don’t necessarily fit the paradigm as regards DM, but I’m sure you more than make up for it by your belief in Marty and tremendous support of him, which is pretty clear. And the more important thing, by far. Your shining the light on him the way you do just makes him easier to “see” and more appreciated, I would say.

    Okay, Michael, cheers!

  203. Craig, are you the Craig Jensen that owns the software company?

  204. You said: “I think this universe moves at a rate of progression which hampers theta perception. You have to sort of sit removed from the normal flow of daily traffic to have theta insights. Mystics and such have long used meditation or similar procedures to accomplish this. Buddha reputedly had to remove himself several times a day to meditate.
    I am so glad that you highlighted this phenomena – it has been observably true for me in my solo auditing career, and the is a need for us to step aside from the day to day life activities to be a little philosophical every now and then in order to have the cogs that we need to have to regain our spirituality.
    THANKS – great post.

  205. Thanks for the compliment. marildi.

    Your second paragraph gave me a head-slapping moment. “Granting becomingness.” Love it. It’s one of those obvious simplicities that make us go, “Ah! Why didn’t I think of that?”

    You might enjoy a book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” Stephen R. Covey. He’s a christian with incredible insights.

    As for Marty, he’s taken on a huge responsibility for which so many others have failed. His success is important to me, so I support him by posting (though doing so takes time from other important things) and donating now and then.

    I respect him enough to try to kick the pedestal out from under him now and then. Like LRH, Marty has his glaring faults, but hey, why I’m not in prison or dead is beyond the imagination of those who grew up with me.

    If I were to praise Caesar, it would with wry smile be said.
    Where goes the lord’s wine, when the sun lays it’s head?
    Where goes his fine meals when he rises from bed?
    Praise finds its value when from life we’ve both fled.

  206. Axiomatic,

    Ain’t life a gas? Isn’t knowing how to know a blast?

    As for regaining my spirituality, I often wake up with a hangover, looking for my spirituality with all the diligence and care necessary, only to discover I slept in it.

    How embarrassing.

  207. Cool.

    I’ve found that we learn most readily what we know alreadily. You seem to be doing a fantastic job of discovering what you’re hiding from yourself.

  208. Dispicable conduct on the part of any religion. 🙂

  209. So cool that you appreciated my observation. I just can’t believe the magic that can happen with “granting becomingness.”

    Hey, the book you mentioned is one my sister also highly recommends – I’m gonna have to read it.

    And I totally agree that Marty’s success is important, on a scale that might be something like what we originally envisioned for Scientology. And why not, that would just stand to reason.

    Now, as for your “Shakespeare re-visited,” I don’t know what to say… It could really be Shakespeare for all I know, but I take it you wrote those lines. Anyway, I sure got an aesthetic flow there. 🙂

  210. Thanks so much! I’m taking that as both granting beingness and granting becomingness. 😀

  211. Maybe now that you’re out, with Marty’s help of course, you can learn to spell your own last name. Best of luck.

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