Public Safety Announcement

This is a public safety announcement primarily directed at the person micro-managing the South Texas Siege (now it its 120th day), the self annointed Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center, self proclaimed “ecclesiastical leader of Scientology” David Miscavige.

Your hired thug Ralph S Gomez almost ran over my dog Chiquita for the second time today.

You are hereby put on notice (since we know from reliable sources you read this blog multiple times per day, this is the most effective form of notice possible) that by the law of averages, your continued abberant behavior in our humble town of 651 good souls is putting lives at risk.

While you reportedly watch the rushes (daily footage) which is uploaded to Los Angeles until the early morning hours each night, apparently you are either not noticing or are actively encourageing the reckless and dangerous behavior of your agents as evidenced in the following clip:

Please note that Ralph S Gomez is so busy sticking his iphone camera in visitors’s faces, in order to satisfy your aim to intimidate, he nearly killed my dog Chiquita. Even when called out on it by Monique, he continues pointing the camera back as he weaves his golf cart onto the wrong side of the street. Monique, me and other IOB residents have witnessed Gomez and his side kick Joanne Wheaton on many occasions making reckless moves on IOB streets in efforts to ambush and film while driving an otherwise harmless golf cart.

Miscavige, the corner that sits one house away from your operations headquarters is often frequented by elementary school aged children who live nearby and play there.  Your heretic buster squads’ practice of rushing out of the house you leased them on Bayshore Circle, piling into the golf cart like firemen off to a fire, and frantically rounding onto Bayshore Drive so as to get in front of Monique and/or I every time we go to the store, or take a walk along the beach is a hazard to the safety of the lives of children and oncoming drivers.  Many times we’ve witnessed Gomez or Wheaton fixing their cameras on us or our friends and neighbors while nearly driving their golf cart into oncoming traffic, parked cars, dogs, and people.

You are now on notice.  Should someone get hurt, law enforcement and the courts will know that your injury inflicting was done with malice aforethought.

Grow up.

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  1. Impartial English Girl

    Glad that Chiquita is OK. This makes me LIVID. And I almost NEVER get angry. What these idiots are doing is bad enough – but endangering lives (be they human or canine) with their reckless stupidity is nothing short of disgusting. At least Chiquita has enough co-ordination skills to know to hop out of the way of an oncoming Nut-Buggy (aka The Ship of Fools). A small child does NOT possess those skills – I shudder to imagine what could have happened if a little tot had run out into the path of the buggy (which isn’t exactly the noisiest of vehicles) after a stray football.

    These clowns are an accident waiting to happen. And neither Mr. or Mrs. Rathbun, nor any guests they may be accommodating will be in any way to blame for the harm caused by DM’s goons.

    Keep smiling and stay strong.

    IEG xxx

  2. martyrathbun09


    The video doesn’t show how close Gomez got to running over Chiquita. I was the visitor Gomez had to capture on his IPhone while zooming by at top golf cart speed. As I have not been an infrequent visitor, have been filmed before, and the already have my licence plate number, being parked in your driveway, this was nothing more than an attempt to harass and intimidate. I visit you as nothing more than a friend, this has nothing to do with Scientology counseling or such. Their efforts are obviously solely attempts to break you. Pretty pathetic actually. Yes DM, grow up.

    I am a witness to the above and am willing to go on record fo such.

    Mike Laws

  3. Marty, please get the law involved. It is time.

  4. “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

  5. I’m glad Chiquita is OK – she certainly has more brains and gumption than the whole Squirrel Busters team combined.

    This is a terrible thought, and I hope I’m wrong, but perhaps the near-misses on Chiquita are no accident at all, Mark.

  6. *%&#$!*

  7. lol marty the esmb has now been given an area to which all discussions regarding yourself should be posted

    you old troll 🙂

  8. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, we are discussing this on Facebook on the Indie Scientologist chat room. We got to take some action. Call the police or something. We have been witnessing this for very long now.
    This is TORTURE to me to see!

    Hey YOU people who support Miscavige’s Kingdom, realize this IS NOT Scientology! If you think this is SCIENTOLOGY, answer up to me as to WHY HCOBS DON’T APPLY PER MISCAVIGE’S ORDERS.


    and harass those who support KSW

    I have evidence!

    Do you DARE COMMUNICATE? Do you?

  9. OMG, Marty and Mosey, I pray for the safety of your little dog. I have 2 little dogs, about the size of your little darling. If something happened to my little sweethearts, I don’t know what I would do. Please file a police report. Driving on the wrong side of the street is called reckless endangerment. Does someone have to get hurt or killed before the police take this seriously? I hope not, I really hope not.

  10. George M. White

    He is going VERY fast in the golf cart. In Sun City, Florida there is a speed
    limit for golf carts on the road. He will hit someone, according to probabilities, if he does not slow down. Suggest you notify the town of his speeding. In Sun City, Florida, the authorities are ruthless in enforcing limits on golf carts and the fines are stiff.
    This regulation in Sun City followed numerous accidents and crashes.
    In addition, you cannot drive a golf cart in Sun City and operate an
    electronic device.
    It is difficult to imagine the magnitude of the ill-will flowing out of Miscavige
    and his gang.

    Much loving-kindness,

  11. Hi Marty,
    I see thier irresponsibility and their insanty continues unabated.

    Is it really true that miscavige reads this blog?

    If so, this communication is for you, David Miscavige, self-proclaimed pope of the church of scientology:

    On page 92 of the Intro Demonstration Process book there is a process that you might find fascinating. Look at this very closely. Please examine and answer via this blog:

    “Tell me something you have DONE to somebody.”

    I’m waiting for the answer.


  12. Lombar Hisst

    Here in Europe you cannot drive a automobile while operating in any way a cellular phone. The administrative fines for this infringement are very stiff. How is it in Texas ?

  13. +1 ….and for the safety of your cute cat Tinkerbell.

  14. I watched the video over on YouTube. I watched some more of Bill Lahy. Then saw one saying Scn in under a minute. Curious watched it , found it was the 2 goons on stage, dwarf and cruise hugging and saluting each other like a coupla clowns. I logged in to leave a dislike and negative comment about how idiotic the two clowns looked and how tc had requested a cheap SUV like dm’s, asked wasn’t he rich enough yet? – he had to cheat the IRS of $ by asking dwarf for a cheap tax free SUV on CofS religious exemption, That CofS is no longer a church since dwarf dm eliminated the seven boards of trustees – LRH’s set up that gained the religion status and do you know what? It wouldn’t post. You CANNOT post a dislike. It is locked!! YouTube have it Locked! F…..s There is no freedom of speech over there.

    If I am doing it wrong and there IS a way to post a DISLIKE I will be interested to know… anyone?

  15. George M. White

    Also, there are very high speed bumps in Sun City Center to slow down the golf carts. Suggest you put up a speed bump if you can get permission.

  16. If they mess with Chiquita; they are messing with me.

    Solve this at a Mexican stile at once Marty; please?


    Just joking

  17. Dear Dave LOL,

    Your response seems an unfitting response to Marty’s dog almost being run over by a Golf Cart full of arrogant idiots who are also endangering the lives and property of his neighbors as well their children.

    These “squirrel busters” (actually facilitators) should be busted for creating a public nuisance and stalking.

    Their false flag of doing a documentary is wearing kinda thin.

    This is nothing but harassment.

    The same sorta thing that contributed to the GO’s demise under Operation Freak Out.

    (Probably if they had of just gone after the Government and left PC alone they would have been looked on as rebel folk heroes)

    The same sorta of criminal activity that the coup claimed they abolished the GO for.

    Funny what happens when you introduce not-is into a situation.

    Isn’t OSA?

    Seems you guys are carrying forward all the worst aspects of the GO.

    This is nothing but:

    Sanctimonious hypocrisy.

    Probably the reason you get away with this crap is that Governments and elitists no longer fear you like they once feared the GO.

    In other words you guys are nothing but a cheap imitation buncha of GO wannabes. The same vindictiveness with half the intelligence.

    GO Lite.

    Though I doubt if you’ll get away with this type of antisocial and psychotic behavior forever.

    Even with someone like Abelson covering your sorry asses.

    Think about that.

    While you’re reading this blog

  18. Put dm on a meter and ask him about LRH and you will get a Rockslam you can´t kill.

    Prediction: The dwarf will change the definition of a Rockslam too…

  19. That is a shame they almost ran over Chiquita. It is a shame if any animal is harmed. It is not a noble deed to do so. It is a 5th Dynamic overt. Luckily they did not run over your dog, but one of the neighbors pets may not be so protected in which case the Squirrel Busters will have some real exlpaining to do {this is not to say they are welcome in the neighborhood there anyway} they had just better have a real explanation that was caught on video.

  20. Dave,
    I well remember in the early 90’s, sitting in the middle villas office where I then worked, in the evening after the summer sun had set, and seeing the LEC van, pull out from HCO (having just dropped off the mail from LA) and accidently drive over your dog Chelsea.
    The lights were not on outside the villas, it was hot, and Chelsea, being an old dog, was lying asleep on the asphalt — barely visible.
    It was an accident. The individual driving did not have a bad bone in his body. He would never drive over any animal intentionally — but you accused him of such.
    You deported the individual responsible. His career and reputation in the SO was forever destroyed by you.

    I remember it well.

    And so do you.

    Don’t just add another overt on the chain. These are your overts.

  21. Same where I am located .Its against the law . althow people try and misuse, regardless safety of others.I was unable to open the link your referring to on this public notice to DM . Seem’s in the Uk for me at least unable to open link. I hope you have this documeted like all other issues of harrassment caused by Dms operations. Becoming insane more and more.

  22. oh dear

    I’d checked here earlier, then saw this new post mentioned on esmb, with a comment that the thread should be moved to the dedicated-to-marty area. i just thought it was worth a mention

    i’m sorry such a short message made you so mad. i cordially invite you to check out the website linked in my David Ceptimous LOL monkier – it’s very left field, it’s mine, now tell me i’m the osa

    also would you like to help out on ?

  23. Today morning I started chewing on a seed from a local fruit I wanted to plant…after biting it too hard I realized that the potential of that seed to become a tree and possibly feed us years of fruit was gone in an instant. I felt bad, and it was just a freakin’ seed!
    I think that Chiquita needs a larger partner, possibly a Great Dane (I have one myself) or a Rottweiler…I’m sure their anti-life antics and recklessness will be deterred with a little ass-biting from one…!

  24. Marty,

    A continuation of the same sort of reckless disregard for the law displayed by LaBlow and Co on the streets of Florida and California. The safety of people using public roads is less important to these idiots than making sure they don’t miss an opportunity to harass.

    It’s astonishing how these people lose touch with reality. The world, the law, lives of others, feelings of others — all are unimportant. The ONLY thing important in their minds is blindly following the dictates of POB.

    And its amazing how fast someone like Ralph Kramden can fall under the spell and seem to lose (if he had any to begin with) anny decency and go into the valence of the robots that hire and run them (and they in turn are in the “winning” valence — POB).

    These people are truly a menace to society.

  25. Impartial English Girl

    Mr. Hobson – those were precisely my first thoughts. I do hope that Chiquita wasn’t an unsuccessful “Fair Game” target of DM’s. Jazz-dog would be distraught if anything untoward happened to his trans-Atlantic heart-throb. And DM seriously would NOT wish to face an angry Jazz with vengeance on his mind.

    I have never yet visited the USA, though I have many American friends. But if ANYONE gets physically hurt as a result of this business, I shall cast aside my terror of flying to stand alongside everyone to kick ass and take names.

    Anyone heard from Tommy Davis or Shelly Miscavige just lately…? Hmmmn. Thought not.

    IEG x

  26. Doesn’t LRH state that pointing overts on others was a crime? Did you forget? I’m not saying you did an overt though…catch 22

  27. Mike,

    How much do you think they are getting paid to do this shit?

  28. I am appalled by the idiocy of this person. Clearly, on the footage you provided, this man driving the golf cart has become a nuisance and reckless driver. He says something like, “I’ll never hit your dog”. At that speed that he is going, it is clear that he could hit the dog and narrowly missed hitting her. I think it’s time to take the footage of him nearly missing cars, missing little Chiquita, and other reckless driving to the city’s ruling body and have him cited for reckless driving. Every time he would do it, or someone else on the team would do it, I would record it and happily send it to the proper authorities. It’s only fair and right to protect fellow residents of Ingleside on the Bay from these nuisance drivers as one day soon they will cause an accident to occur. Someone could get hurt or killed.

    Just sayin’, if they hurt little Chiquita, I don’t think much will save them from the fury of people.



  29. When I was a kid I loved the freedom of walking and riding my bike on our street w/o the worry of some psycho squirrel busters standing around babbling like idiots non stop or psychotically driving down the street. There are children that live there and these kids and parents are probably too scared to let their children play freely in their own neighborhood. There has to be laws against this sort of thing protecting ordinary citizens from the savage actions of a madman called Miscaviage ordering this. His contempt of fellow man is disqusting and really shows what type of a beast he is. He may hate Marty et al however innocent children and pets should not be punished and put at risk!! If there is not a law about this then one should be pushed thru.

  30. You want to take action?

    -Spread these videos of the “Squirrel Busters” far and wide to all of your former Scientologist friends who are still in the CoS. Post the videos on their FB pages, send links to their emails, send them to every Org you can find an email address to, make photocopies of pics with descriptions of them on it and hand them out to people as they go into your local org. TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH and make sure that those Public who are still in know What Their Donations Buy.

    -Do the above to local WISE businesses, and those that WISE targets such as doctors, podiatrists, dentists and chiropractors to “salt the earth” of WISE business prospects.

    -Donate to Marty to keep up his cash reserves for things like water bills and the attorney fees that are inevitably coming.

    -Go to Ingleside to get your Scientology training there

    -Write letters to your local, state and Federal government representatives outlining the abuses of the CoS and requesting action be taken on human trafficking abuses, criminal harassment, and a review of their IRS tax exempt status.

    -Write letters to the editor of your local paper outlining the abuses of the CoS and requesting government action.

    There are plenty of efforts both inside and outside of Scientology that YOU can take-many of which right from where you’re sitting reading this. Don’t expect Marty to do this by himself. Don’t make Anonymous clean up Scientology from the outside. BE AT CAUSE YOURSELF.

  31. In CA you get a ticket for driving and talking on the cell phone, this idiot is not only driving but recording on video what is going on around him. Complete public safety hazard. Morons breaking the law, Miscaviage thinks he’s above the law and can do whatever he pleases, wrong dick donia, think again….you’ll get yours!

  32. +1 and countless zeros!

  33. martyrathbun09


  34. martyrathbun09

    Joanne Wheaton ALONE is being paid more per week to harass us than Mosey and I combined are making per week. Wheaton alone.

  35. martyrathbun09

    WB, it is overts that are acknowledged. Miscavige has never acknowledged that he has ever done anything wrong – and he ruins lives by the dozen daily.

  36. martyrathbun09

    We love you IEG

  37. martyrathbun09

    Mike, don’t forget LA. Lablow personally was pulled over by three different law enforcement agencies for reckless driving just while following us for a few days.

  38. $1000 per week for the OT Asses. $2000 per week for the Chief Goon Ralph Kramden.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Actually FOUR, when you add the incident where he used his vehicle as a missile and rammed the back of the car we were in.

  40. Sue Happy, Paralegal

    The hood of the golf car reads Marina 21. Send a letter, and a copy of this tape, to the owners of this rental place, via certified mail, and inform them of your documentation.

    They will be culpable in the event their equipment causes harm or damage ESPECIALLY AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN INFORMED OF THE RECKLESS MANNER IN WHICH IT IS CURRENTLY BEING OPERATED.

    In closing; I would like to send a shout out by saying; “Hi Dave!”

  41. Mike, what is the POB? What does that mean? I could try to figure out what it might stand for {I am familiar with the terms OTA, Kool-Aid and a couple of other ones} but not this one. Please tell me what the POB stands for {and possibly help anyone else that may not be familiar with that term yet}.

  42. 120 days of siege. Harassment, stalking, willfully attempting intimidation over and over with reckless driving and malicious intent.
    It is possible that some do not see the Malicious intent.
    The very fact that this conduct repeats itself day in and day out over and over and over for 120 days and counting shows the malice aforethought.
    It is not a random 1x or 2x snipe but daily, over a period of hours and is an utterly donkey ding-dong nutty operation.

    This is why Tony Ortega named the Squirrel Busters as an entity helping causing the demise of Radical Taliban Scientology.
    +++++This siege conduct shows how Fair Game is alive and well
    +++++This siege conduct shows how retaliation and vindictiveness emanate from the “Pope” of Scientology
    +++++This siege conduct is repeatedly reckless, malevolent and portraying a highly toxic view of the “Church”.
    ~~and sadly his inner circle of toadies most likely tell DM how utterly Brilliant, how masterful and ingenious this operation is.

    It will come to an end. The question is, does it have to end badly ? ~ Ron Paul US House of Rep. (Texas)

  43. Off the fence.

    This attitude of speedy recklessness kind of reminds me of the wicked witch of the west, especially while still in Kansas riding her bike recklessly with poor condemned Toto in the basket. So whether it be bicycle, broom, or golf cart, same tone.

  44. Geeze did you see this?

  45. Ralph Hilton

    LRH said that making others wrong for overts was not a good idea.
    DM is already wrong so whats the overt?

  46. Ralph Hilton

    I think Marty is compiling a documentary. Just siting there mostly quietly and letting them hang themselves.
    Before long he will have enough evidence to fry DM’s butt and then its game over. They are too stupid to realize it.

  47. Lawrence (and anyone else).

    POB stands for Pope on a Box.


    — Miscavige likes to call himself the “Pope” of Scientology (a more senior Pope to the one in Rome he believes) as its good positioning as everyone knows the Pope is BMOC Earth, but more important, he is infallible and speaks as if he is the voice of God.
    — Miscavige is short.
    — So he can see over the podium, he is given to standing on “appleboxes” which are wooden boxes used on movie sets to raise actors in a scene. They resemble boxes that apples come in. It’s an old Hollywood term, well known to those who were at Gold.

    Thus, Miscavige is a Pope on an applebox, or “Pope on a Box” for short. Sort of a play on “Soap on a Rope” or “Meal in a Box”.

  48. Hence the term POB. Thank you.

  49. Agreed…I was referring to Lana’s comment though…

  50. I saw it. In spite of the obvious legal implications of what the church may owe the city of Clearwater, it may still be legal for the city to reduce the penalty if the church is in some kind of final compliance with the city’s codes. Reduce, OK possibly, but forgive them of the debt? Absolutely not! Pay, just like anybody else.

  51. They dont want to pay a $250 a day fine when they are spending $1000 per day on surveillance and PIs in Clearwater alone.

    And they collected 3 times as much money as the building cost ($450,000 may be a lot to anyone else in Clearwater, but its about 0.5% of what they collected for the building and KEEP ON COLLECTING).

  52. do you seriously think that DM knows or cares what’s inside Scn Books – other than a profit for him that is?

  53. More than disregard for the law is the disregard for humanity and life that is so disturbing. They have been paid to do a job that is so ridiculous and suppressive that they can’t possibly be in PT. They should not be driving or operating any kind of equipment, as they are active liabilities.

  54. Lawrence-unbelievable timing-I am in the middle of writing up a little lexicon of Indie terms on my blog-I know there are new people coming out all the time.

  55. Came out of session and first checked Marty’s blog. Read this disturbing post.

    Next I switched on the TV to check other news and came across the movie Hotel Rwanda. I’ve seen it before of course but always force my self to watch it again whenever I come across it. I have to force myself to watch it because I find it so upsetting. It is such a disturbing account of what happens when you start to characterize other people and groups as beneath you, inferior or unworthy. The genocide Rwanda trouble was, first and foremost, justified by depicting the opposing African tribes as “cockroaches”. One million men, women and children were stamped out as a result. Very similar of course to how the Nazis justified getting rid of millions of Jews, gypsies and other ethnic minorities and how ethnic cleansing was justified in what used to be Yugoslavia.

    There are many other examples in history of course both home and abroad and a number of current examples. Not least of which is how you are depicted and treated if you disagree with the dictates of Chairman Miscavige. I know this first hand. I know how my wife and I were treated when we said we wouldn’t follow his orders back in 2005 and later in LA in 2006. And I know what has been done to others. What is done may or may not compare with other examples, depending on your reality, particularly spiritual reality, but I would also like to point out that the destruction is not over yet. But whatever is done to you by Miscavige or his henchmen, its is clear you are first systematically depicted as CI (counter intention) or disaffected or a DB (degraded being) or an SP (suppressive person) or a squirrel, the latest in a long list of such labels that attempt to depict you as inferior. Perhaps they should do away with them all and say what they really mean – cockroach – because they are not using these terms with any intention of helping anyone. They use them as character assassination, a precursor to and justification for more serious actions against the persons they target.

    It is an old story and it never ends well unless enough people say no!

  56. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. One of my favoite movies and for the very same reasons. Somehow I find the Wycleff Jean soundtrack song very soothing. It centers me. It is expresses the mountain I try to keep my eyes on – not always successfully.
    And if America is the United States of America
    then why can’t Africa be the United States of Africa
    And if England is the United Kingdom
    then why can’t African unite all their kingdoms
    and become the United Kingdom of Africa.
    Hey, isn’t this why we all got involved in Scientology in the first place: to end war, rather than to unethically collect and use war chests?

  57. martyrathbun09

    I understand. But Lana’s got my back and I got her’s.

  58. WogBuster: let’s see you cite the Hubbard issue wherein he says what you claim ?

    Furthermore, it would be impossible to publish Court of Ethics or Committee of Evidence Findings and Recommendations, if you were correct.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  59. Oh, that’s sounds like a *GREAT* idea!

    I’m sure those fuckwits had to sign a rental agreement wherein they promised to operate the vehicles safely and within the laws of Texas.

    BTW, are those things licensed for operation on public roads ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  60. DM is getting antsy.
    This means increased danger being created in order to obtain “results”.

    Get a pressure washer, Marty. You know….something that really stings as they do their next high-speed pass. Let them A=A on the fact that going fast equals physical pain. That, I am sure they will understand!

    Or, get the law into it in a new unit of time. The danger to Chiquita and humans is real now and Gomez obviously doesn’t give a flying fuck. It’s clearly on video.

  61. martyrathbun09

    And another thing you hit on Haydn. The Nazi’s first marginalized the Jewish people. Marginalized, an interesting word. “To relegate or confine to a lower or outer limit or edge, as of social standing.” Free Online Dictionary. I invite people to visit the Holocast Museum – Washington or LA. Learn about the gradients the Nazis used to head toward the final solution of exterminating Jewish People. It began with marginalizing them.

  62. Touche’
    ML, Midge

  63. I checked out your blog DCLOL 🙂

    You got some good coverage on the scene going.

    The main part of the message actually wasn’t for you but OSA.

    I just thought your response was inappropriate then I went off on a rant about OSA conflating the two.

    Sorry didn’t mean to tar you with the same brush as GO lite.

  64. plainoldthetan

    Mike: I disklike helping guys spout supposed LRH quotes without knowing their references, and I don’t know why you were asking for them, but LRH says the greatest overt act is making others guilty of overt acts (and similarly worded statements) in these lectures in the State of Man Congress:


    I *think* this is what WogBuster is referring to, since I don’t know the reference(s) he claims to be citing. Maybe someone else does.

  65. T. Paine. Your insights are treasures.

    Yes, you are right, that is exactly what he wants everyone to believe — anyone who doesnt agree with him is a cockroach. Show no mercy, just stamp them out as they do not deserve to walk on the same planet as the almighty POB, Lord of the Flies. And the most enthusiastic cockroach stampers are anointed by the Pope and stand tall amongst the KoolAid drinkers.

  66. Tory Christman

    When I first escaped out, it was in July of 2000. By September I was back here in Burbank, CA and OSA were onto me doing their little, nasty, pesky things that Jesse Prince explained to me are called, “Psychological Warfair: They are TRYING to drive you (me, Tory) Insane”.

    So I got the cops in on it. I told them what they do is SO petty, it’s offensive to file a complaint, but because I **KNOW** this IS what they do (with that intention) I got their agreement to file a report *each* time.
    Granted, it’s a pain in the ass…but it IS a paper trail, legal recording of their actions.
    Also, I got my community in on it. Once they spray painted half of my rear view mirror and it fell off while driving home from work.
    I drove right to Pep boys near where I worked—-who I’d educated this one guy on what was going down. I got him and asked: “Was this done by a gang, or by C of $?”
    He? “C of $”. Me: “How do you know”.
    He: “Because you have a great radio, a gang would have taken, they did not. You also have other things IN your car a gang would have taken. Because they did not, that’s why I say it’s C of $”.
    I suggest you file complaints, if you have not already, each time, each day.

    Re your dog? I’d educate the Animal Rights in your area about your Dog.
    Get THEM on C of $ abuses. Bring the community into this. It’s great education on abusive CULTS and it’s THE last thing that organization wants is more bad PR. (I know, that’s ironic to even say, knowing all the shit they do, daily).

    What I say here goes for anyone reading this, who has “Fair Game” used on them. Keep a legal log of their actions. Take photos…and get security cameras around your homes. Davey boy? You know you are toast. Tick Tock, Tick tock, TIME is on OUR Side!!!!
    Keep up the **great*** work 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  67. This utter disregard for the well being of others is nothing new for this church it repeats itself time and again, PC’s are overrun on purpose, tech is altered to harm PCs with the intention of increasing auditing hours. Staff are ill fed, beaten, poorly housed and harrassed to “produce”. Public is fleeced at every opportunity and even the cities they opperate in are threatened and denied just compensation for their interactions with “the church”. To whit, Chiguita doesn’t stand a chance.

  68. You are absolutely right. It started slowly and built to the “final solution”. In the early 1930s the Nazis began by removing relatively minor rights and running the initial steps of marginalization, such as: “Jews aren’t allowed to sit on park benches because they are second class citizens.” Signs were put up to that effect.

  69. don’t worry, i’ve had run-ins with the admin crew of wwp, and they have a lot more venom than a mildy angry post.. think osa-online and you’re about there

    anyways about the squirrel busters blog – helpers are more than merely welcome, plz email me

    just to be transparent though, anyone actually responding – i totally intend to email marty to see if you’re ok before i go giving out admin logins for something that will annoy the osa/dm so much


  70. By answering for him, you have ruined a test to see whether he actually knew what he was talking about or was just trolling Lana.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist.

  71. Someone told me about this earlier today, the first thing I thought was about kids in the neighborhood (not just the local doggies and kitties). As someone mentioned above, kids aren’t as adept at dodging idiots in golf carts as dogs and cats are. The SQuiBs should know that if they hurt someone in their desperate desire to harass Marty into the ground that I, for one, will be like a pitbull on the pantleg of justice. And, given what a bunch of Keystone Kops these guys have been, I am concerned that injury will be sooner rather than later.

    Maybe your website needs a counter, Marty? “XXX days since the Squirrel Busters invaded Ingleside-on-the-Bay?”

  72. martyrathbun09

    Jesse was right on that score: it is psy ops all the way. WIth the use of twenty to thirty years of one’s heartfelt confessions, their psy ops can make the US special forces look like a nursery school class.

  73. Last I heard, he and his wife were living way under the radar in Alaska. Really, really nice folks, both of them.

  74. Good list Mr F. I’m active on 3 out of 6 on this list. Other 3 will be attended to in due course. Acions, not words, is what’s needed. Writing pithy quotes on this blog and others is fine, and yes, the pen is mightier than the sword. But the the Battle of Britain was won by by few hundred brave airmen flying planes – not sitting around at Biggin Hill discussing the evilness of Hitler. We ALL need to step it up even more. Let’s wrap this up and move on.

  75. Great song.
    I fight marginalization in some way every single day over here raising kids in the “Deep South” and I refuse to go into agreement with it. They have their public schools and we have Catholic or private schools. Bullshit. That public school is mine and I demand it delivers what it promises to us all. I do my part to make it happen and support it in every way I can.
    When I say we all have to make it, I mean ALL. There is no them.

  76. Andrew Organ

    Hey, Ralph S Gomez! One day soon, I can see you saying – “It was just a job, I didn’t know..” or you, simply trying to stay low some place out of the public eye. Neither will be pleasant, if you are still in touch with inner self and wonder even a little what you got yourself into. It’s the Internet age. There are more choices available. What it’s going to be, Ralph? Wish you well, truly.

    Le Stat (Andrew Organ)

  77. Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs), also known as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), and golf carts are regulated by state and federal laws. Registered, titled and insured NEVs may be legally driven at a maximum speed of 35 mph on public roads with a posted speed limit of 45 mph or less, unless a city or county ordinance prohibits their operation.

    For Driver License requirements to operate any of these vehicles, contact your local law enforcement agency.

    A city can pass a local ordinance allowing for use of golf carts on additional roads. The road must be within the boundaries of the city and with a speed limit of 35 mph or lower.

    In these cases, the golf cart must be insured and have the following minimum equipment:

    tail lamps,
    parking brake,
    mirrors, and
    a slow-moving vehicle emblem.
    The state, a county, or a city may prohibit golf cart operation on all or part of a public road in the interest of safety.

  78. Also
    Texas Transportation Code – Section 502.0071. Golf Carts

    § 502.0071. GOLF CARTS. An owner of a golf cart is not
    required to register the golf cart if:
    (1) the operation of the golf cart occurs in the
    daytime, as defined by Section 541.401; and
    (2) the operation:
    (A) does not exceed a distance of two miles from
    the point of origin to the destination if driven to and from a golf
    (B) occurs entirely within a master planned
    community with a uniform set of restrictive covenants that has had a
    plat approved by a county or a municipality; or
    (C) occurs on a public or private beach.

    Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1320, § 1, eff. Sept. 1, 2003.

  79. He also said the price of Freedom was constant alertness and the willingness to fight back. That works for everyone. DM is accustomed to using an anti tech on slaves or on people he thinks he has higher knowledge than. He is not used to suppressing free Scientologists that fight back. This is an animal of a different nature. The justice tech was never meant to be used against free people that are in ethics with clean intentions. It will not restimulate people like that. And it does not suppress people like that. In this arena, in these conditions, DM has lost his power.
    If he was bright enough he would see he is in danger and at least bypass normal habits and routines. He obviously can’t think with the ethics tech, which means he will keep heading south.

  80. Texas Transportation Code
    § 545.401. RECKLESS DRIVING; OFFENSE. (a) A person
    commits an offense if the person drives a vehicle in wilful or
    wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.
    (b) An offense under this section is a misdemeanor
    punishable by:
    (1) a fine not to exceed $200;
    (2) confinement in county jail for not more than 30
    days; or
    (3) both the fine and the confinement.
    (c) Notwithstanding Section 542.001, this section applies
    (1) a private access way or parking area provided for a
    client or patron by a business, other than a private residential
    property or the property of a garage or parking lot for which a
    charge is made for the storing or parking of motor vehicles; and
    (2) a highway or other public place.
    (d) Notwithstanding Section 542.004, this section applies
    to a person, a team, or motor vehicles and other equipment engaged
    in work on a highway surface.

    Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 165, § 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1995.

    The above is a criminal violation of the law, not civil.

  81. Worse, DM is out there running around demanding people buy buildings when he can’t finish his own building project and is getting fined daily for it! It is like the tale of the greedy dog who drops his bone when he sees his reflection in the pond and goes chasing after the bone he saw from his reflection. He is wasting money away with incompetence. As Chairman of Board he should be replaced for negligence with Church interests. It is so blatant at this point I think he wants someone to take him out. He is asking people for 40,000.00 penalty to open a mission the church would get 10% from while he sits on incomplete cycles that cost the church.
    David get real! You have f*%&$d up a simple desk job, that is what your job is, it is a simple desk job, with more resources than 95% of other desk employees have for help. Staff so dedicated they work for free and billions at your disposal and you cannot make a desk job go right!

  82. Theo Sismanides

    Hello Mr. Fancy,

    Undoubtedly your recommendations are really good. Not to argue about them. But you do not know me and i do not know you. I have served in the Sea Org for 9 years and since back in Greece I did 6 TV shows and shut up the media talking stupid things about Scientology. No more shows on TV about it. And twice here on my initiative I called 2 auditors to audit 4-5 people from us. Lately got a Scientologist to hook up with me and the Indie environment. Though this mind sound little to one, I personally for some years now except this last auditing have stopped doing all those things that you mention for one very valid reason:

    This is NOT gonna cut it.

    What IS gonna cut it and I am very willing to participate and kiss asses
    is for Indies to take POSTS literally and start firing.

    I didn’t spend my years in the Sea Org studying LRH in the Corridors of Leb Hall to end up doing this. I know better. The Admin Tech (and the Mission Tech for those who can appreciate it) is KEY.

    I am very unwilling to work and work and work to keep myself “working”.

    I am more than willing to participate and kick asses in a movement and organized movement by Scientologists. Give me that post and i do it. But give ALSO others OTHER POSTS on an Org Board I know works like hell.

    Tell me to go out like a Don Quixote and I refuse.

    Though some kind of org board is being formed, unofficially, until we get to know the real value of Admin you are not going to find me fighting Dragons with a sword. Not anymore. This body is 51 now and has more brains than muscles.

    So let me tell you that though i sound like a recalcitrant Greek, I do not even consider myself a Greek Thetan but just a Thetan who happened to be born in this place.

    And let me inform you that even yesterday i put into communication Aida Thomas with the Indie Scientologist blog and witness is Mike Hobson who was there. And helped her and Pascal Dorion get in comm.

    So I do things when I see that others share Responsibility. This is why I am here.

    But it doesn’t mean that i can be a soldier carrying only a weapon. Not either that I can be the General. But I am not going to fall into the fire just like that this time.

    I did it in the Sea Org 11 years ago to be betrayed by every member under oath to Standard Tech… what an irony… am I fool to do it now in this mess?

    And if you think that all this is pompous and above one’s head I assure you a whole bunch of people DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT know their Org Board and what it is all about.

    Including very top guys. Do I say they are squirrels or so? No. I try to hat and not hit. And mainly lead a life of a free being. I have sent letters, I have done things on FB, I participate less but when I see real essence I am IN.

    So, want to talk about POSTS, ok let’s do this. I am more than willing. And they don’t have to be paid, we are not an Org. But we are not a bunch of InDependents completely and utterly. We are a group of Independents or a nothing. A team member has a tendency to know… bla bla bla.. maybe you are familiar with this quote.

    Yes we are Individuals but NOT solely Individual Independents. We are a Group of Independents who at the same time are Individuals and Independent people.

    Let’s get on Post! There you find me participating and kicking ass. You think this is minor ? Look around you and tell me if you see anything making progress in Mankind?

    We have even lost a big portion of our main Theta Body. The big organization. And this is why I am with Marty because he does not leave this reckless leader lead anymore unchecked. This IS my hat and I will unite Pierre Ethier with Aida Thomas with Max Hauri in Switzerland, a great Freezoner with you name it.

    There is no time for petty ARC Xs. If you want to help me write those letters OK let’s do it both of us. I am completely bored and unwilling to be independently alone. It is not Authority I am seeking, it is Order. And there is Enough DisOrder here to make me say, oh hell… why move from your position for so little. Move To Move A Mountain, yes! not to shuffle papers.

    I move THETANS mr. Fancy.

    And on this comment it would be nice if you posted by real name. We said that many times. This is Action No 1. Make oneself known against Suppression.

    google Theo Sismanides and see the first link that comes up! After 11 years that passed. When Marty and others where still in the so called Mgmt. And I was screaming about High Crimes more than Evident. Do you see me here now next to Marty? Yes. So I have some Judgement left. Read the posts please.

    So I ‘d rather MOVE THETANS and mainly those Indies who CAN understand better than go around and chase people up.

    We are the ONES, no other. And I am unwilling to be the ONE. this Org Board will be formed one way or another. It’s imperative need now and we better do it before it’s too late.

  83. Theo Sismanides

    lol, I wrote kiss asses which obviously should read kick asses, LOL!

  84. I could not have stated that more eloquently !

  85. Theo Sismanides

    So Mr. Fancy you gave me a good opportunity to say few things.
    And one last thing. How do you think LRH put Scientology there?
    Just with an auditor and a letter reg next to him? He put it there with 3 Prongs, Ethics, Admin and Mission (Sea Org) Tech.

    Remember this for the rest of the Indies, not just Theo. You spread that word now.

  86. Finally I have grasped what Joanne’s OT certificate means :

    Operating Threatener 😮

  87. Theo Sismanides

    Haydn, my hat is off to you guys for keeping the flame of Freedom of the Spirit. Spiritual beings treated as cockroaches! So wisely written!

  88. Theo Sismanides

    Wise words Marty, wise words… Inclusion and NOT exclusion is THE key here! Let’s work on it, all of us together!

  89. Marty, I hope this situation will be settled in a good way for you very soon.

  90. The horrible nasty evil SP Anonymous people and the the nasty evil SP Scions working together to suck out the poison that has infected basic human compassion and decency?
    Whatever next???

  91. He cares enough to alter, twist or remove any LRH policy that does not align with what he is trying to do.
    It will work for a while but sooner or later even the most diehard Miscavige loyalists will wake up to the fact that the pretender to the throne has left nothing but destruction and chaos in his wake since his hostile takeover of the church. The Idle Morgues may be pretty but they will only dazzle the remaining sheep into blindness for a little while longer…
    Can we see your posting order DM? The one LRH wrote leaving you in charge? Ooops my mistake – it doesn’t exist – funny because Ron always used to insist that if it isn’t written it isn’t true. Surely LRH had time to clarify exactly how the church was going to be run by his best friend Davey while he was floating off happily from his perfectly healthy body?
    DM – You are not LRH and you could never hope to aspire to such.
    It isn’t just about the money is it? It’s about idolatry, obedience and blind worship. It’s about sucking the admiration of LRH for yourself. Kind of sad really – that you need approval from bodies to survive.
    Sick sick SICK man.

  92. I opened it from the UK without any problems You may need to update your software or try another browser.

  93. You’ve both got LRH’s back and I’ve got yours.

  94. I know the reference but it doesn’t matter anyway.
    DM doesn’t have any overts…. anyone care to cite the references that talk about that?…

  95. “I’m not saying you did an overt though”
    Yes you are. Your ‘comm’ to Lana (using LRH to make your point) was a deliberate attempt to introvert her into thinking she had done something wrong.
    Let’s call a spade a spade eh? If you’re going to make a point have the courage of your convictions to stand by what you are saying (and don’t hide behind LRH).

  96. Wow. With so much money to throw around you’d think there would be enough to pay and feed staff members properly wouldn’t you?

  97. Real staff members. Who work hard. Not idiots riding around on a golf cart all day with NO products…

  98. Would you look at that! A simple and sane solution.
    It’s obvious which ‘side’ has managed to advance beyond the IQ of a 5 year old.
    Hi Dave!

  99. The Neapolitan Mastiff, sometimes mistakenly identified as a toy member of the African Rhinoceros family (but without the horn), is actually a very loyal, dignified, and (fortunately) very tolerant large breed dog with surpassingly excellent TRs 0-2 (does not like to repeat itself, and does not handle originations). Average weight is 150lbs for the male, but more is usual. Three feet at the whithers, er, shoulders. Oh, they love water – bay, hose, or sprinkler. The Romans bred them as war dogs, probably effective against attacking chariot personnel.

    Some nice pics can be seen at oldworldmastinos[dot]com.

  100. “It will come to an end. The question is, does it have to end badly ?”
    Good question. I guess that would be up to the individual members of OSA who are reading this blog and doing DM’s dirty work for him.
    Remember what happened to the Guardian Office?
    Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    – Albert Einstein

  101. The sad thing is that EVERY SINGLE ‘enthusiastic cockroach stamper’ that I know personally feels bad about stamping! Most have even apologized prior to the stamping or expressed deep regret or personal sadness about what they ‘have’ to do. Wouldn’t you say that constitutes a HUGE overt on the first dynamic?
    However, a small percentage seem to relish and enjoy it. It’s a small percentage.. at a rough guess I would say it’s only about 2 1/2 percent.
    And one person appears to positively revel in the utter thrill and enjoyment of the game…

  102. Totally agreed Dan. They are lovely people! Hope to see them again one day!

  103. I don’t care what Jesse was right or wrong about.
    As far as I’m concerned he’s part of the problem not part of the solution because he is still playing the op-term blame game against people who are working to bring about peace and reconciliation.

  104. Thanks Marty …. loved the song. You remind me of a piece of music I truly love, which always seem to fill me with sense of overcoming and knowing all is possible, theme music from the movie “The Power of One”. I don’t know how to post a link to it and don’t know if it is on Youtube … but if it is, take a listen if you get a moment.

  105. Joe Pendleton

    Marty, I’m gonna suggest that it’s time for Chiquita to get a big brother…..a big dog…..a REALLY big dog….that doesn’t look too friendly……that can and will intimidate and protect his family…..if you dig my drift.

  106. Here is the link to the to the Youtube Power of One video by Teddy Pendergrass. I just listened to it and bawled my eyes out.
    It talks about the power of’ one’ to bring the people together. Marty you have done that and for this I am eternally grateful. As I am grateful to every person who declares his independence and does what he/she can to raise the level of awareness of all people.

  107. Seal Team 6 = Collateral Damage.

    Stupidity knows no bounds. It’s a sobering thought when you have children in amongst all that. Is there a retired adult who can secure that one area when the kids aren’t at school?
    Just for a day or two. Don’t worry about the kids–they’ll pull outta there in a few days to get away from that “Martian Adult”! Then perhaps to a safer place.

  108. Sue Smart too!

  109. Tom Gallagher

    Marty & Mosey-

    This latest episode with Shorty’s red-tagged emissaries attempting to run over your sweet little Chiquita has really gone too far.

    The Machiavellian Midget has given a whole new meaning to ‘freedom’:
    Freedom from conscience. Ugh!

  110. 120 days of documented active harassment but DM never hit or beat up anybody at the Int Base, no to the contrary, when he finally found out years later that abuses were happening on the Int Base, the benign, caring and passionate leader personally put an end to it.

  111. Prediction 2: You can’t find Davey; he’s hiding.
    Prediction 3: You can’t get him off of his grounding rods.
    Prediction 4: You won’t get him out of his golfcart.
    Prediction 5: You can’t find cans small enough.
    Prediction 6: He won’t register.
    Prediction 7: The needle bends around the pins.
    Prediction 8: The pins break.
    Prediction 9: The meter explodes.
    Prediction 10: All Davey’s veins pop.

  112. Azul Celeste

    Furious! Totally agree with Tara and IEG! Freaking contemtible.

  113. Reckless driving. They are creating an unsafe hazard on your street. Just because they haven’t actually hit a child or a pet, doesn’t mean that they are not breaking the law. Call the police. Make them cite these idiots. Get an injunction to keep them out of your neighborhood. They are a gang and engaged in criminal acts done for the benefit of the gang. Imagine if these were young, Hispanic youth. The police would be all over them like butter on toast.

  114. TheWidowDenk

    You know, way back in 1984, attempt was made to serve process on Dr. Denk at Shaw Health Center. He told me about this and, while my recollection of the story is hazy, I find what I recall interesting and pertinent to the discussion at hand. The process being served was something about LRH and I remember from previous online discussions, we did not have an “All Clear” for LRH at the time. I seem to recall Gene said the process server came in the front door of the Center and was not successful in serving him. Then came the time when he needed to leave the building. Remember, the parking lot was in the back of the building and that’s where Gene’s car was. So, to get Gene from the back of the building to his car without running into the process server, the staff encircled and escorted him. This was successful, the process was not served and LRH was protected.

    Shall we encircle?

  115. Wog buster,
    How about this; you sanctimonius carping peckerhead, why don’t you suck my arse. (Note: that’s in the declarative, not the interrogative.)

    There, you see, I’m not afraid to offend. The twisting of a truth to suit vicious ends is on the Tone Scale. Down. Below 2.0.

    You’ve done it here. Twisting the fact and the intent of Lana’s comm.

    Piss off.

  116. Sam,
    5 year olds are smarter. How about the IQ of a bag of hammers?

    Oh, yeah, HI DAVE!!, blog, Action Series 1: CST Independence. Dave there’s the writing. Yeah, yeah I know ‘what wall?’

    That’s OK. We see the wall, and the writing, you are about to.

  117. I would not assume that any near-miss between the Co$ golf cart and Chiquita was accidental.

  118. Whatever it takes, Theo. 😉

  119. Theo, you wear your hat, I’ll wear mine. Where our interests converge, I’m your ally. As long as you practice your faith without abusing others, you’ll have my support.

    If I thought revealing my real name would help, I would have done it long ago. As it is, most Scientologists would have no idea who I am anyways, so my identity does not really matter. I help where I can and disrupt where I can. I write letters where I can and I try to enlighten Scientologists that I am close to where I can. I donate where I can and I cost the CoS money where I can.

    I am one ant tugging on a dying mouse to get it closer to the nest. I don’t need an organization, as long as there are many other ants tugging on the same mouse, and we are all pulling in the same direction, more or less. Some tire out and others take their place.

  120. Scn Tech Dictionary def #6 is better: “6. the best definition of which I know would be: the person widely believes that the symbols are the thing.”

    Tricky at first, but believing the symbol of Scn is the practice of Scn, believing the symbol of OT VIII is the rationality itself, believing the job title is the actual functioning of the job; all these are (IMO) examples of believing the symbol is the thing itself. Or as Mr. Fancy correctly encouraged, believing symbolic support is sufficient. There is a lot of good work posted on WWP and even ESMB, as well as on websites linked to from those. But those within the Co$ need to overcome (their justifier and overt-motivator sequences), and do more to simply look at FACTS as opposed to SYMBOLS.

    The Scn definition of insanity cuts to the chase in that symbols of responsibility are not responsibility itself. One can say the same for knowledge and control. To confuse the symbol with the thing itself invites insanity, slow, creeping, corrupting, insanity.

    I’ll leave it for someone else here to point out that a Co$ member may not be allowed to read websites(!?) but he or she can certainly look up the definition of INSANITY “3. the obsessive adaptation of a solution to the exclusion of all other solutions in the absence of a problem.”

  121. I dunno, Sam. I’m hoping felony convictions for a wee, little man that so very, very much deserves them! >:-)

    Tick Tock…

  122. OMG — I just got my copy of the latest Impact mag.

    The depths of Miscavige’s delusion has reached a new low!

    The cover shows POB highlighted in golden light (like depictions of Joseph Smith or Jesus) addressing the adoring sheeple at the Freewinds — you can just make their grey visages (drained by the IAS vampires?) in the front row with Dan the Man Sherman and Sally Jensen (Craig seems to have been photoshoped out — POB never liked being associated with him when he can avoid it as Craig is “ex-GO”),

    Flicked through the other pages, there are 6 more full color page shots of POB, and ONE of L. Ron Hubbard.

    Reminds me of something a REAL Scientologist (who worked directly for LRH) said to one of the “new breed” of IAS Regges: “You ever hear of a guy called Hubbard? Scientology wasnt founded by by David Miscavige and Tom Cruise you know?”

    This cover tells any real Scientologist EVERYTHING they need to know. This is the Brave New World of Miscavology.

  123. I agree with that label – Psychological Operations. It is the closest that the 120 day siege of POB SQB ops that fits or makes any sense.

    Being unable to correctly apply LRH Tech, Ethics and Admin to good results in expansion and beings movin’ up, the POB has resorted to the reverse – applying Psych ops full time in IOB. This is in spite of getting his slush funds through the IAS (Int Ass of Suckers) to combat Psychs!

    POB’s alternative is to buy the Ablesons, Lubows, PIs, Wheatons and Ralph Kramdens, those without consciences or integrity, with high dollars and full dossiers (now not confidential personal data) to apply covert Psy Ops!

  124. Marty and Mosey,
    You need to call in the media, animal rights and any other group who can help you. Protect your selves and your community. This is war!

  125. That would be 2 1/2% of 20%, per Intro to Scn Ethics. I get sick of seeing people skip the math and say 2 1/2%. That’s an important piece of data.

    0.20 x 0.025 = 0.005 = 1/2%. One half of one percent of the population on average is an anti-social personality. That’s one out of every 200 people.

    I’m sorry this got appended to your post Sam. I do not mean to single you out at all … it’s just that your post happened to be the one to prompt me to post this. I would hate for you of all people to labor under a misconception.

  126. HGB Man,
    Now there’s an interesting point you’ve made. Recalling the “PR” masterpiece, written and directed by DM, this time represented by Tommy Davis and that wonderful ‘FREEDUMB’ site’s acknowledgement of the physical violence at the Int Base. They ACKNOWLEDGED IT.

    OK, now here’s the kicker. The PR Series calls for a ‘double curve’ the reply to such unseemly accusations as physical beatings and such. Sooooooo, Dave figuring a ‘double curve’ and that the meaning of ‘curve’ has been wrongly taken all these years, ‘double curves’ and what does he get? Well the Pope on a Box (an applebox) gets a CIRCLE!!!

    Of course he does, and it comes right back to him, whence it came.

    He’s brilliant AND compassionate (especially with li’l tiny birdies with li’l tiny troubles, that can’t fly and are there for him, he for them.)

  127. Mike,
    It occurs to me that for Dave to complete his mission he would have to go one past Pope on a Box (an apple box) and here’s how I think this can play out:

    OK, he’s now POB – the Pope. Now the Pope of the RCatholic faith is the Vicar of Christ – the representative of Christ – in Rome on the seat of St. Peter.

    That’s pretty ‘up there’ in the hierarchy of the RC church. I think Dave can go one step further and complete is R6 dramo and get himself crucified!!! With that he can go past mere ‘Vicar of Ron’ and actually ascend into Heaven and sit at the right hand of Ron!!!

    Somoma bitch if DM didn’t figure out a way to be better than POB!!

  128. I agree on the counter. Another true statement could be:

    time for the Co$ to complete their “super power” building: 13 years

    time for the SquiBs to complete their “documentation”: infinite

  129. barney rubble

    Pretty sick shit, Mike isn’t it. Somebody told me a trick- cover the page of DM’s body with your hand or a piece of paper and forcus on his eyes only, you will see some startling tone.

  130. Impartial English Girl

    Awww, that’s lovely – thank you. It is entirely mutual. 🙂 x

  131. Tom Gallagher


    Isn’t that publication you referred to actually “Implant” magazine?

  132. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Fancy, I cut out the Mr. lol

    Thanks a lot for the great ack… Sure we do wear hats.

    One thing though you say you don’t need an organization but the ants do the work. First, I think you will agree the metaphor is not so good. You agree for sure I guess… we are NOT and YOU are NOT an ant.

    We are THETANS. And have a TECH now. For 9 years I have been trained on this Tech of Organizations. Even the ants have a common purpose. A Team has a TEndency to know what the other team members… (don’t remember the whole quote) but coordinates thereby and therewith. It’s a great quote.. he says: now the trick is to be an individual and a member of the group at the same time. And some other thing. I try to find it.

    This IS organization. Even the ants have some organization instinctively. We have much more brains. Let’s use them wisely. I am happy we exchanged views here.

  133. Tory Christman

    Jesse Prince is my friend. Calling people names gets REALLY old, really fast. I tell others the same, who call Marty and Mike names. Ya gotta look at the whole picture of a person.
    Did you know Jesse Prince is suffering from Cancer? Is that really all you can say about the man? He left YEARS before the Net, all alone….was by himself for 5 years before Stacy and Bob found him. He spoke up then, he’s a key person who helped me when I first escaped out. He will *always* be my friend…… matter else he may or may not be doing.

  134. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Marty. I think this is a key piece of information that should be explained by you in greater detail, if you will. I know you show it daily….however the behind the scenes actually running programs are what many people do not get.

    What you mentioned: “With the use of 20-30 years of one’s heartfelt confessions, their psy ops can make the US special forces look like a nursery school”.
    I know quite well what you mean. I explain it to people on a regular basis, which is why I KNOW many others do not know *exactly* what you mean.
    If you will, please go into this more…it is a KEY reason people get suckered into staying, imnsho. ((They buy the black ops run on people like you, Mike, people here, declared “SP’s”, Anonymous, Critics, myself, etc)).

    You’ve written about it before (Black PR, etc) However, please keep in mind most people do not go back and read older threads. I know OSA counts on that….and new people are leaving, or popping on to lurk, daily. I’m sure there are different examples you’ve experienced in this area that you could bring up–that would be helpful to ALL.

    My two cents…thanks for all that you do, and thank you to ALL others, too.

  135. plainoldthetan

    Carcha: In my (old, unMiscavigized, 1989) Introduction to Scientology Ethics book on page 112 it says “As they only comprise twenty percent of the population and as only two and a half percent are truly dangerous, we see that with a very small amount of effort we could considerably better the state of society.” Is this the quote from ISE you’re saying requires the calculator be dragged out. Or is it ambiguous as to whether the calculator needs to be dragged out? Or do you have another reference in mind?

  136. plainoldthetan

    Auuuugh! Sorry Mike.

  137. Hymie, he had better hurry. Gaddafi went down today, basically. Came to power around the same time as DM, ran his sphere of influence basically the same way DM has run his. Finally, enough people got tired of his crap and now he is on the way out. Justice is being done in Libya. He is being forced out. At one point, DM will be forced out.

  138. Mike,
    Sally and Craig Jensen are BOTH ex-GO. POB probably has several “reasons” for not wanting to be around Craig

    I agree that the adoration or POB is disgusting for the IAS mag (and for all other promo as far as that is concerned.) Adoration is probably the wrong word – enforced exhaltation of the “pope” is closer to the truth.

    So many similarities in behavior and delusion here to the past. DM has granted himself the title and function of Vorsitzender (chairman) of the Board of RTC. There was in the not too distant past one who granted himself a title and function of Vorsitzender (chairman) of the NSDAP. That person was later referenced with the “Fuhrer” word which meant leader and after WWII that common German word for leader had become an epithet of a particular evil being.

    The Brave New World of Miscavology is but an illusion. Once it is fully viewed, just as an engram, it ceases to have power over those who have looked. The “apparent” power is only applicable to the blind who either dare not or cannot look.

  139. plainoldthetan

    HCO B 22 October 1970 II NO OVERTS” CASES. HCO B 6 June 1984 II
    “MURDER ROUTINE”. Book of Case Remedies, Remedy AK. But I’ll bet you already knew those.

  140. I’m working on it Mr. Fancy…

  141. Standing by your woman Jim?
    I do so love you!

  142. Carcha
    I am fully aware that it is 2 1/2 percent of the 20 percent. We’re talking about the same thing.
    But yes, you are correct in stating that there is a general misconception that the 2 1/2 percent refers to the entire population as opposed to a percentage of the dramatizing PTSes (who are also behaving in an anti-social manner per the same reference that you cite – another oft overlooked fact in the general glibness of the situation).

  143. martyrathbun09

    You’d have to ask Mike. Miscavige largely stayed away from me on this front so that when things backfired he could call in the IG to clean up the mess. I have a lot to say about far larger ops that were saved for far larger fish than you are aware of. Will be in the first book.

  144. Has Ralph Gomez a History in hurting Animals ?

  145. Jim,

    Then again, on the dramo from POB, from the CS series; EVIL PURPOSES AND FALSE PR, HCO BULLETIN OF 17 JUNE 1984

    An additional point in the behavior of people with evil purposes has been found: They often cover their evil purposes up and usually with PR statements. These are actually false reports of one kind or another. The dominating behavior action is false reports and neglect of the real situation. Under all of that can generally be found an evil purpose.

  146. Tory,

    Completely with you on this. Marty is a friend of mine, as is Sam and Jesse and many other controversial figures.. I worked under Jesse for 6 or so years in RTC. As a Child SO member, he gave me some exposure to the outside world, and was the first person that showed me I could be a real success. I have a large personal appreciation for the man beyond his whistle-blowing activities. I do not agree with everything Jesse says, but that doesn’t change my friendship. I do not agree with everything Marty says, and I think he appreciates a real friend with different viewpoints for intellectual debate. Everyone does.

    I am planning a trip up to visit Jesse in the next few weeks, once he stabilizes from the next round of Chemo. When I was visiting Marty this weekend to give him and Mosey some moral support from the Squirrel buster antics, I told him I was planning to visit Jesse. He told me that was great, he’d like to do the same, and to give his love to Jesse.

    We spent so much time in such a screwed up environment with such horrible suppression prodding us to do some really horrible things, it bothers me when any one struggling to build a new life and do something to right past wrongs is blatantly criticized. It is not us and then, it is us, we are all to a degree one on this planet earth, arrogant divisiveness is what helped create this mess. The individual is nothing and the group, my group is everything is what most of us are escaping from. Compassion for our fellow will make us better human beings, no matter what they do.

    I am working to become a more genuinely compassionate human being.

  147. Those with strong stomachs who want to download this 20Meg Magazine can do so (link from WWP):

  148. You meant well. No hard feelings. 🙂

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  149. John P.Ralston

    We can get Chiquita a pair of Burdizzo Castration Forceps with no Local Anesthesia.Sock in the mouth for noise reduction.Remove C O B’s peanuts not Walnuts.Glad she is ok Marty.SPCA can be called too if she gets hurt or killed by these morons…You dont mess with people pets!!! I know been around Vets and people that care for animals that have been hurt by sadistic people on that golf cart..That dog has just as much right a way or more.She has a home there and people that love her…

  150. Michael — you do well on the compassion front already. Far better than most. And your kindness and assistance to people is often unannounced and therefore unkown. You are a good friend to anyone that knows you.

  151. Sue Happy, Paralegal

    ♥ I love you, Cowboy ♥

  152. SA: You hit the nail on the head — “The Brave New World of Miscavology is but an illusion. Once it is fully viewed, just as an engram, it ceases to have power over those who have looked. The “apparent” power is only applicable to the blind who either dare not or cannot look.”

    Honestly, you gotta see this magazine cover, it is an astonishing level of arrogance. And its been photoshopped to try to make POB look as “brilliant” and “glowing” as possible. If you look in What Is Scientology at the paintings of LRH’s life, you will see this technique used — light around the head of a single figure makes that person stand out as something special. It is a technique that POB himself directed Kerrie Francis to use when doing the paintings for WIS.

  153. Mike: Very heartfelt.

    Please tell Jesse that I will include him in my “prayers”


  154. 😉 amongst others

  155. +100 on Mike Laws

    ML Tom

  156. Prediction 11: After Davey’s veins pop, we party!

  157. Tory,
    I didn’t call him any names I expressed my viewpoint.
    I absolutely know he is your friend and I absolutely know you will stand up for him and defend him. Just as I will defend mine.
    No I did not know he is suffering from cancer and I feel for both of you. It must be very hard.
    I am glad he will always be your friend and it speaks volumes about you that you will stand up and defend him.
    I have issues with him because I am defending my own friends also and I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t say something about it.
    I admire you greatly and I’m glad Jesse has such a good friend.

  158. $1,000 per week for the minor goons and $2,000 for the head goon eh?

    Obviously one would have to have a pretty low sense of self-worth to prostitute oneself in this way, but still…

    Seriously though, this is absolutely disgusting. There are hundreds of staff working their guts out trying to do real Scientology who are lucky to get enough money to eat properly let alone anything like the amount these idiots are getting.

    Just shows you where the priorities of the CoS are now when delivering Scientology and ensuring the staff are paid, is way below harassing someone who wants to deliver standard Scientology, but outside of the insanities of the cult.


  159. Just had a horrible thought.

    What if the plan (or at least one of the plans) IS to run Chiquita over?

    Clearly they are trying everything they can think of to provoke you and get a reaction. I’d imagine that anyone would be really upset if they saw their pet dog get run down by some F**kwit.

    These goons would probably claim that it was a total accident and in fact that it was YOUR fault for letting your dog run in the street and now they were going to call the animal welfare people, etc etc.

    Maybe it might be best if Chiquita was persuaded not to run around on the road, at least until it is clear of golf carts being driven irresponsibly?

  160. Tom,

    I’ll see your +100 on Mike Laws being a good friend and raise you +200. And BTW you are a very cool dude yourself.

  161. It takes one to know one MJR, as the old saying goes.

  162. Marty and Mosey,

    UNBELIEVABLE!! Ralph Gomez almost hitting Chiquita and “SMILING” all the way!?!?!?!?!!! and driving while trying to video?! WTF is the matter with that desiccated douche-bag? Is he totally Squirrely? Marty, I don’t know how you and Mosey can not beat that idiot down. Yeah, it’s not polite to hurt people, but he is not real people. He’s just like John Assender:

    Ok, I’m ranting. But it’s very hard to not get angry at the lengths that DM pushes his stupid C/Skrs to feed his calcified-heart ego.

    I’m betting some neighbor will upgrade their dog-size to (as others here have suggested) to Rottweiler/Mastiff in order to “regulate” local traffic laws.

    Gary (just a villager with a torch for davey m. AND ralph g. )

  163. Let me try—“A team has the tendency to know what the other team members are doing and thinking, and coordinates thereby and therewith. And that is the definition of a team. Now the trick is to be an individual and be a member of the team at the same time. [The trick?] is to just come up tone until you can do it.” I couldn’t find it but that is what I remember after 22 years, been gone for over 5.

    Theo, I loved your posts on this subject but there is one problem we will be facing. A LOT of people have been exposed to NOTHING BUT Squirrel admin and mission tech and policies. Even though the green on white is right there in front of ya it took how long for us to figure it out and split. Just the ethics policies themselves have been sooooooo misapplied, and of course any proper org board tech has been covertly thrown out all the way down to the service orgs many years ago. Anyone coming in after that got who-knows-what as indoctrination to “policy,” and they either didn’t catch it or let it slide.

    I just want to throw out there right now and put on the record, that if we have spats here in Indie territory we do really need to resort to word clearing and false data stripping and find the real issues that apply for policy, just as we would jump into the cramming chair for tech errors.

    Also there is some cut-off point where policy was no longer LRH’s and got messed with by the Chief Squirrel himself. (Squirrel on a Box?) 🙂

    I am not directing this towards you, Theo, but your ideas triggered these ideas for me and I wanted to share them.

    How many times has an Ethics Officer been “ordered” to deal with someone a certain way when his training tells him something different? How many times has some senior “handled” his/her juniors whatever way they pleased and tried to imply it was policy? How many times has a senior been frustrated with a junior and neither of them get the junior’s butt into Qual to get smarter and more effective? And maybe the senior too? How many times has any Qual in any org at all been way too small to do its job for all the staff it was responsible for?

    Like you said Hat Don’t Hit is where it’s at. The intentions and purposes here are to make it work, not try to kill off (figuratively) your junior or fellow staff member if they want to take up something with you or ask a question. (Except for bots of course–they don’t talk and they don’t listen. They just spout off.)

    Maybe I am speaking too soon, but I just wanted to say that a lot of us have been through pretty horrendous things in the name of “policy” and even “tech” and pulling it back a little–the light touch–will keep us all in communication towards some sensible new Indie organization that works. Meaning it gets pcs audited and students trained to audit and has a properly-sized support network behind that to keep it going and protect it.

    I really like putting something there in our future that will be able to handle the huge inflow of people and create safe places for them when the walls come tumbling down.

  164. Powerful message. Received.
    Over to those who still justify the vilification of decent people, you, too, can change your direction.

    Marty, that was beautiful, thank you.

  165. I think you’re both saying the same thing…

  166. Timing is everything! 🙂 And that is an excellent idea.

  167. Eileen Clark

    Sally Jensen is also ex-GO, what’s the diff? I recall seeing Craig in other public photos on the Freewind and IAS Int events. Why would he be x’d out of this one? Rhetorical maybe, but it does make me wonder.

  168. Sally was FAR less prominent. Craig was DG Legal US or something.

  169. Eileen Clark

    Marty & Mosey,
    I am sure you are on top of this one, too. But, I am sorry you had to be subjected to such insane, criminal behavior.

    However, it is a new level of insanity on the part of dm Squibs to be so inured to what they do in the name of “protecting Scientology (der midget)”. They are reflecting the state dm must be in now. That they did this in L.A. and are now doing it in your neighborhood with such risk to the safety of children and pets is very telling.

    Tick Tock…time’s running out for POB and slaves.

  170. Tory Christman

    Thank you very much. I understand…this is a VERY odd world
    we live in, but at the bottom of the day, no matter who is “With” who
    or not……..I see it as we are ALL on the same page, basically. Certainly
    we who were “in” and are now out. Who we are connected with, each of us may or may not have disagreements with. I still say, as my Dad taught me (Pro Football Quarterback for Chicago Cardinals and in American Football Hall of Fame): Keep your Eye on the Ball! 🙂
    Stood true then, stands true now. Love to ALL Tory/Magoo

  171. Tory Christman

    “Saved for far larger fish than you are aware of”? You really know how to make a girl feel special, Marty. 😆 ((J/K=Just kidding, sort of)) I’m sure there are larger things than I’m aware of, and I look forward to reading all about it.

    Just so you know…….OSA broke into my house TODAY and did something that I’m publicly stating is *not* OK, and yes, has been reported to the Burbank Police Dept.

    Davey Boy? You can RUN,
    but you CANNOT HIDE. Tick tock, Tick tock, Time is on *our* side.
    Be well, and stay strong 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  172. Obnosis — More of the spectacular, straight up and vertical expansion that POB keeps crowing about…

    Another one of his brilliant building purchases like Harlem, Kansas City, Orange County, Portland, Inglewood, Bulawayo etc

    And somehow strangely reminiscent of the Super Power building fiasco. Great fanfare surrounding the annnouncement, then inactivity and city governments being pushed beyond their limit with non-compliance on carrying out the building that has been permitted.

    POB’s lies just keep on rolling.

  173. you got it perfect dear sam.

  174. Craig was also higher up the chain of those directly supporting MSH and I don’t think this is something easily forgotten or forgiven by the current “pope”. Craig was DGL US for a while. Craig is also taller than POB.

    Actually I think Craig is in the photo behind the pillar to the left of Sally and a couple of pages later with the gray hair seated beside Sally.

    I believe if it was not for the money and power they represent POB would have nothing to do with them. He will tolerate them only as long as he can get something from them. Once used they will be cast aside to the curb.

  175. Tory Christman

    Right on, Mike—well said, and thank you for your care.

    It’s interesting to ride the waves of various groups, and I find it
    extremely interesting. Each group (Or non-group, as in Anonymous)
    have different things they bring to the table–all excellent.

    The ONLY group who doesn’t is really (no surprise) the
    “church” of $cientology. I hope I can go see Jesse, too.
    Thanks to ALL here. TLC

  176. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    And I’m ridding shot gun!

  177. It is and we are and I take your advice under consideration
    Love to ALL… even Jesse 😉

  178. Shes got one. All 150 lb of him was down there over the weekend. Unfortunately the squirrel busters did not leave the comfort of their golf cart to play.

  179. Thanks for clarifying that you do know it is 1/2%.

    Perhaps of equal interest would be an analysis of the 80% social personality population, and why it is so easily mislead.

  180. Alex Castillo

    I have just downloaded what was suggested in the previous subject and because the whole thing is so insane, I think my brains got scrambled and this is all I can remember from it:


    I hope I didn’t misduplicate the words I read because I have already deleted the download.
    Interesting piece of glossy paper.


  181. Mr. Laws: I reckon even the pit bulls won’t mess with *you*. 🙂

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  182. Actually it is a good thing to spell this out every now and then, so Google can index it… 🙂

  183. Hi Marty,
    I believe there is a strong case building here about religious harassment. You are simply practicing your religion in the quiet of your own home and the Church of Scientology has had people out in front of your home and/or in the water on a paddle boat (!) for 120 frickin days stalking you and your wife, recording your every move, interupting your lives, your friend’s lives and your neighbor’ lives, almost running over your dog, etc., etc., etc.
    This is just not right and should not be allowed to go on for anyone.
    It is discrimination based on your religious beliefs and your right of freedom of speech.

  184. May I suggest you buy web cams to film what they are doing, give a copy to the local law enforcement, city and county, and then to the attorney generals office and the state troopers. After 120 days of this, it’s nothing more than harassment of your right to practice as you and your visitors choose. It’s an easy and effective way to prove what is happening with enough for law enforcement to charge them, you can also ask neighbors with better views to allow you to put up wireless cameras to help get them out of the ‘hood. Have every put up signage stating there is video surveillance to make the area safer to get around anything the defense might use to get the video thrown out of court. My dog is named Chiquita too and I’d die if someone ran over her, plus the danger to local children seems to be of no consequence to people who are supposedly dedicated to clearing the planet and making it a better place. Dead children are not a good thing. Let the police help you by helping them with actual evidence. Good luck.

    Someone is going to get killed and more than likely it will be some innocent person. COB has only proved what a pretender he really is, no one legit would behave this way.

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