L’Indipendologo Chronicles

The good folks at L’Indipendologo have created two educational summations on some testimonies that remind us why Independence is necessary.  I think they are worth watching as the rudiments sometimes bear repetition.

Rinder summation:


Rathbun summation:


For more information on the Italian Freedom Fighters:   http://indipendologo.wordpress.com/

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  1. Marty and Mike look like movie stars.

    I think it is becoming real to a lot of people that DM piggy backed on you guys for decades always taking the stage and applause for all that went right.

    The magic has escaped from his wand , and the red carpet shrivels beneath his feet. He hides now behind public people into making amends, elderly people and females. Hiring people with no tech at all to solve his PR flaps who end up flapping on him. Nobody but nobody, in his immediate environment has the power to be at cause over any of it. In fact, to remain in good stead they all have to be the effect of it.

    DM has become the Richard Nixon of Scientology.

    And Marty and Mike have become the Martin Luthers.

    You just never know how a game is going to end and that is what makes it a game. The best thing about this game called Scientology, is that everyone does find out who they really are.

  2. Wow! Thank you L’Indipendologo.

    This compilation says everything that needs to be said.


  3. Wonderful videos. Thank you L’indipendologo!!

    All I can say is how happy I am that both Marty and Mike decided to take those scary but courageous steps to not just leave but to publicly come forward in such an open way; using the very skills they honed while in the church to now expose the travesty that calls itself scientology.

    Proving that every step of our lives are never wasted if we just awaken to the inherent goodness within and take everything learned and observed and use it for humanities survival.

    Moreover, how heartwarming it is to see how happy, vibrant and well they both look.

    I’m delighted to call you both my friends!


  4. These videos are superb. They tell the story. They give the truth.

    I must say Mike — you look like total crap in the early footage. It is amazing how gaunt, hollow-eyed, sickly and pale we all looked while at the Int base. When I got to talk to you in person recently, it was fantastic to see you looking alive, well slept, healthy and happy.
    And on Marty’s video — for many who have no reality on the Int base, or ever had contact with or met David Miscavige, Marty gives the picture — an accurate picture, of what was going on, and is undoubtedly still going on.
    I am a firm believer in what Marty says about it taking several years for a person who leaves to decompress and destimulate. For me, leaving in 2005, it took 4 years. I left that place as a complete shadow of myself — introverted, caved in, confused and uncertain about even my own knowingness. I spent a couple of years just extroverting and trying to look out, and trying to find a place in the new world I found myself in. The next couple of years involved a bunch of self evaluation — even down to the point of am I even a Scientologist, do I believe in the tech, have I experienced wins, and so on.
    At the point when I decided I was a Scientologist, but I felt that Int management in no way represented for me, what Scientology is, nor what LRH intended it to be — I found Marty online with his new web page, which then became a blog.
    When Marty and Mike, and Tom Devocht and others, started to connect the dots on what was going on at Int, who was behind it, and how it had gotten as bad as it has, was when things finally started to make sense to me. When you work at Int for over 13 years, the amount of wrong whys, wrong who’s and wrong targets make the environment completely enturbulated and confusing.
    What Marty and Mike have done, in recent years, is indicate the correct who, the correct whys and the correct targets. And that blows charge. And it makes sense. And it opens the door to actually handling this situation and saving our religion.
    I recently started putting together some digital magazines with collections of significant postings from Marty’s blog, so that we can get the truth out more broadly. Spread the seeds to truth, and use that to both de-PTS people and help people with their own decompression journey.
    I will post the links for these digital magazines just below, and please do share them with anyone and everyone you can think of. They are my tributes to both Marty and Mike, as I am indebted to them both.

  5. Here are the links:

    THE DESTRUCTION OF ORGS AND THE RISE OF THE IAS: http://issuu.com/independentscientologists/docs/destruction_final?viewMode=magazine


    There are at least 5 more in the series… coming soon. Subscribe for free.

  6. Good to review again!… and again…. and again. I realize the tremendous courage it takes for Marty and Mike to stand up and admit to participation in the past conduct of the church. I admire them even more for the fact that they now allow public scrutiny of their past actions, and for their willingness to suffer through the insanities the Church , on DMs orders, is perpetrating on them and others on a regular basis.
    I salute them.

  7. Alex Castillo

    Garybaldi and los Italianos:

    I would like to say that your blog is FAVOLOSO! ECCELLENTE! Not only that, but it is a great contribution to Mike and marty’s efforts to bring order into the horrific chaos that IL NANO has turned Scientology into. Keep it up!
    Continue to DIRE LA VERITA concerning POB’s crimes against Scientology and it’s parishioners. I postulate that other countries will follow, if they haven’t already.
    Not long now IL NANO. I can smell it. Your goose is just about cooked!

    I hope other countries follow. Not long now, IL NANO!

  8. Alex Castillo

    PS: excuse the repetitions. They were not intended.

  9. Tom Gallagher

    Dear Marty and Mike,

    I want to thank the Italian Independents for these very appropriate video tributes to you both. They well serve as a reminder to the issues at hand and an acknowledgement to you and the other trailblazers who have shown the light of truth on the sordid affairs behind the barbed wire .

    They also prompted a little chuckle this morning as I imagined the Hitlerian Psycho-runt spilling his first drink all over his custom silk kimono all the while frothing from his bent little mouth while watching them as well. Couldn’t happen to a ‘nicer’ guy.

  10. Thank you to L’Indipendologo! Very, very well compiled videos. And yes, it was very good to cover the rudiments again.

    I LOVED the image of the train pushing on through any and all barriers as a representation of Marty and his determination to get the truth out, no matter the consequences. Even if that wasn’t the idea, it’s what I got, and that is Marty, and it warmed my heart.

  11. Wow! I know it’s been said before, but damn Mike, you certainly have gotten the life back into you! Phew! 🙂
    L’Indipendologos~Awesome video compilations! Thank you.
    And again, Marty, your blog is the great de-PTSer for anybody at any level in Scientology. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  12. Mike looks so much better now!

    Both you guys have kept it up for over two years.

    I think in some quarters of criticdom, (especially those critics who have been fair-gamed by the Church while you guys were running it) the only way you could have re-gained their trust is by becoming some of the world’s most effective critics yourselves, and kept at it.

    Well you certainly have done that.

    Well done.


  13. Great video! Very simply stated truth. Compare that to one of the Miscavige jive ass videos. Compare the pictures of Mike when he was a prisoner at the “churches” international base in Hemet CA. to the pictures of him after he escaped.

    There is a reason for all the information control within Scientology. If the members of organized Scientology could look for themselves then they could think for themselves and then they would leave its control.

    The Sea Organization is psychotic and criminal. Miscavige is its poster boy and key suppressive.

  14. Rory Medford

    Keeping forging ahead. The real train wreck for DM and SCN has yet to hit the tracks. DM continues to foster enemies and many more train wrecks. What will DM’s final destination be?

    Where will SCN end up in 5, 10, 15 years from now?

    Will the independent field put back some grace and good PR for SCN?

    Time will tell but DM is a really bad dude if you CLOSELY follow his history and his behaviors.

    Look don’t listen!! Its the best advice LRH can give people.

    Its priceless!

  15. Bang!! Explosive as fireworks. Both vid’s are a great summation of specifics, facts and a running record of the true story. We are not anti Scientology nor anti LRH. Not to mean we agree with everything but we are not anti. We are anti the enforced lie. The pretend church which has in a de facto mode taken the forward moving organization and derailed into a side show.

    The truth is that the basic truths written years ago by LRH were to help create within us a vision of a better world. He then gave technology and further writing’s to help us move along that vision to bring into an existence a true better life. But it was meant to be our own personal life – not a clone of some fixed idea and not a perfect cog in the machine.

    We are individual people with our own dynamics, goals and purposes. We were never supposed to be a perfect player in some other determined game. These videos depict the sad state that the current leadership has degraded into.

    I thank all who helped created these vids. I thank Mike, Marty and all others who have spoken out with the truth to bring about an as-isness of a very aberrated situation. All of us have gains and increased freedom due to the actions of many of you. I thank Lana for the wonderful summaries.

    I look forward to the end of this charade and distraction to living life. I believe in the basic goodness of man. I know that once the suppression is removed we will all continue moving on up a little higher. We have been on this journey for a long time. There have been despots, tyrants and evil beings who have attempted to interfere in this journey all along. We have persevered and we will again this time.

    Linda H, OSA Int – please take this too heart. Take a breath and imaging that LRH was standing before you. Could you tell him with a clean heart, and maintain your TRs, that this invented “war” is good for the image, the goal and the purpose of Scientology and all that he had done. Many before you have had the moral dilemna of doing what is right or doing what is safe. I am not your enemy.

    Only you and other’s on the inside can help end this with the least damage to the structures you have helped build. It is crumbling around you for following orders, illegal and cross as left in the volumes written by the founder. The truth will continue rolling forward like a train gaining momentum and you are inside a card board box on the tracks and think you can’t be touched. The truth will win and the only hope you have is to recognize the truth and do what you can to be on the side of truth.

    The least you and other’s could do is stop supporting the suppression of the subject of Scientology, those who are Scientologist’s following what LRH wrote and those who want mankind to move forward in a more sane war. You might want to review how well those around Hitler in the bunker at the end moved forward from that point. Being the final phalanx in a battle – especially one which shouldn’t have happened in the first place – when you are on the losing side is ugly. Nobody on the losing side win’s. Only the true, honest and ethical will win in this current incident, no matter how long it takes. Truth is timeless and NOTHING can beat it. All lies are an alteration and just persist in your own universe.

    Ah, the feeling of sunshine and truth. I am enjoying this day as I believe my friends are also.

  16. Marty- a great post. Back to basics.

    And the video makers L’INDIPENDOLOGO- Very nicely done, punches up the outpoints well. I really liked the train imagery.

    Who would have ever thought that after Ron crashed through the barriers to life, that crashing through the suppressive elements of a church gone mad would even be necessary.

    Lana M

    Very nicely done Digital mags. A terrific piece of work. I would like to print it out and mail them around.

  17. Wonderful job Garybaldi and the folks at L’Indipendologo! Both videos are excellent compilations of the last couple years, and really tell the stories.

    You’ve also made it very easy to change the subtitles to different languages, so those who can translate into German, French, Russian, etc. should be able to so easily.

    So the word can really get out! Thank you for everything.

  18. No worries on the repetitions Alex. It’s a pleasure to hear from you.

    Have you seen savescientology.com and the blog there with the recent Action Plan to deal with the issues with DM? Check it out. There are things to be done by all Scientologists, in ‘good standing’ or otherwise, to see that LRH’s intention for the ACTUAL governance of Scientology are put in place and the usurper is put in his place.

  19. Allen “Alanzo” Stanfield wrote:

    “(especially those critics who have been fair-gamed by the Church while you guys were running it) ”

    There is that nasty little propaganda message again: the same old poison you have been spewing over on ESMB (until you got banned) ever since Mike and Marty came out publicly against Davie McSavage, but wrapped in a sweet chocolate coating so you could fool the moderators into letting it through.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  20. Excellent vids. Cheers to the Italian freedom fighters.

    Every bit of truth exposed blows charge on the mass that the Co$ is engulfed in. Invaluable. Thank you. And thanks to everyone who has had the courage to state their observation of the truth.

    If only partially viewed, its intensity, at least, will decrease.

    Thus we see that failure to discover Truth brings about stupidity.
    Thus we see that the discovery of Truth would bring about an As-is-ness by actual experiment.
    Thus we see that an ultimate truth would have no time, place, form or event.
    Thus, then, we perceive that we can achieve a persistence only when we mask a truth.
    Lying is an alteration of time, place, event, or form.
    Lying becomes Alter-is-ness, becomes Stupidity.
    (The blackness of cases is an accumulation of the case’s own or another’s lies.)
    Anything which persists must avoid As-is-ness. Thus, anything, to persist, must contain a lie.”

    If you want to know just how black and stupid one can get, just watch the videos of the clowns in a golf cart outside Marty’s house.

    Les Warren

  21. Renaissance Man

    Like the wailin sound,
    from a steel guitar.
    Your world bespeaks,
    of a lucky star.
    You take your place,
    your walk in life.
    As on a mission,
    like a whetted knife.

    Like a long black coat,
    from days of old.
    You command the street,
    yet are a homeless soul.
    And at this moment,
    in this glimpse of time.
    You set the mark,
    by paradigm.

    For what you make,
    is what you get.
    Is the only point,
    that you suggest.
    So make your life,
    and lift your head.
    Let your restless soul,
    make spirits spread.

    Upon a sky,
    that never sets.
    Upon a pledge,
    that ne’er forgets.
    You are the one,
    that walks alone.
    This is your place,
    this is your home.

  22. VERY WELL DONE on the production of these videos. VWD to Marty and Mike and Christie and all involved. Let the truth set you free!

  23. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 1.

  24. Tony Dephillips

    Incredible Lana. Thanks for doing this.

  25. Am I alone in feeling disheartened after watching these videos? I just think of all of those people that we put trust in covering for David Miscavige’s illegal actions and participating in such immoral activities.

  26. http://www2.tbo.com/news/breaking-news/2011/aug/24/3/scientology-faces-hearing-on-fines-over-new-hq-ar-252622/

    Unrelated, but moreso important to why the CO$ needs reform. It will be interesting to see what happens at the hearing. I heard the IRS had someone in the audience. hmmm

  27. Those were some very impressive videos are Italian friends put together and the new mag is totally cool as well.

    It’s all good!

    Some of us feel there is more to the story and more could be written about the external influences that affected the Church as well.

    There is so much more that can be said about *the planned demolition and destruction of the organization* that took decades of hard work and planning.

    For instance the authoritarian power structure that replaced organizational safeguards and checks and balances that became a cesspool that bred a bacteria like Miscavige.

    Ron had warned us many times what would happen if we placed our faith in the “leadership” but few of us listened.

    He also warned us about those who would seize the technology of Dianetics and Scientology and pervert it to their own ends.

    Again that warning seems to have falling on deaf ears.

    We are where we are right now because at one time or another we failed to act or by following an illegal or destructive order given under the false flag of “authority”.

    Ron’s Essays on Management and Authoritarianism should be our guide.

    Also “the war” he predicted that would happen if ‘LRH Relationship to Orgs’ was violated is upon us now.

    The only way we’ll win is by keeping our spirit of play and insouciance.

  28. Eileen Clark

    spot on…
    “You just never know how a game is going to end and that is what
    makes it a game. The best thing about this game called Scientology, is
    that everyone does find out who they really are.”

    Lurkers…do YOU know who you really are? Are you loyal to LRH or to the rabid maniac who took over LRH’s life’s work and is systematically altering and destroying the good repute of both LRH and true Scientology? Should be an easy choice, if you are truly honest and self-determined. Stay PTS and under the thumb of psychotic suppression or take the road to freedom as laid out by LRH. Duh???

  29. Now thats some gangsta shit right there.
    Nice one.

  30. I watched the video about Mike (haven’t downloaded all of the one on Marty yet). And the truth shines through. I like this part:

    Sweeney: Was I being paranoid?
    mrinder: No, you were being followed.

    How much more A to B can one get?

    The Australian interviewer asks a valid question: “You say you were lying then. Well, how do we know you are not lying now?”

    The thing about truth and lies is that they are both easy to see for what they are. A decent inspection of what Mike was saying back then is seen to be lies rather easily. A decent inspection of what Mike is saying now adds up and can be verified independently.

    A truly excellent video.


  31. I enjoyed both videos. Good job!

  32. Eileen Clark

    Thank you for this. I sometimes lose sight of what a person has to go through personally, their own kind of hell, trying to sort through all the confusions and lies. I need to be gentler with those who are still stuck to the lies, but who are attempting to sort out what is truth, just as I was.
    It takes a huge courageous step to announce publicly when you do come to the end, face the truth, as you know what will result and need to be willing to experience it, all of it.

    Those of you who were at Int had it the worst, but it had trickled down to FLB and into PAC. As one who was always a bit out of step with blindly following orders, I had my own experiences. However, looking back without blinders I can always spot my own decisions to “go along with it, be quiet and get through the crap in order to do my job.” That one is a killer, the hook that gets so many to keep their heads down and keep going. They are not be blamed for doing that. It is just wrong to keep doing it once you know more of the true picture. That is actual self-betrayal. The rest is betrayal to LRH and that way does lie many monsters.

    Also, thanks for the mag postings, they are great tools. I recognize the work that went into them. Good job.

  33. Eileen Clark


  34. Eileen Clark

    Gary Baldi,
    Great videos!!! Thank you for making them. That you also entitle them as tributes is going to make der midget gag over his scotch, which is perfect.

    Marty and Mike,
    You are both honorable men. You have my respect and admiration. Thank you for all that you do to shine the light of truth upon the face of POB and his actions.

  35. Very good. The reinteration of stable datums is a good move, it cements the battlelines and without doubt the only battle here is one of Truth.
    The Church’s only defense is that if anyone disagees with them they are liers; yet after 30 years of Miscavige rule Scientology itself has been lost. The first casualty was democracy and human rights, the rest is told in the thousands of stories of ex members – are they all liers? Even the ones who dedicated their lives to the Organisation and sacrificed the most wonderful gift life provides, – youth, vitality and hope, all liers too?
    It seems such a simple thing to ask that someone check statistics and final products from the Organisations of Scientology. Where is the laughter, where are the freedoms that technology is reputed to produce? They are real and are available, just not from a Miscavige dominated arena.
    In the end we will all have to review our own actions regarding the destruction and loss of Scientology within the organisation LRH set up. And boy, don’t opinions change when your body gets old and starts failing, the time to wake up is now.
    Just love Jimi’s music.

  36. Ahhh, the Italians did it again, as always at the forefront.
    Very well done on the videos and reinforcing the message to join the winning side, truth!

  37. What does the Old Man say? ‘Actions precede appearance’. What you two M+M are doing now becomes you greatly……

  38. Do you think there was something untruthful or factually inaccurate about my post?

    Was there something I wasn’t supposed to say or think in it?

    Was there something others shouldn’t say or think in it?


  39. Well said Michael. I truly hope the Alanzo poison doesn’t grow here either. He’s a bad news terminal.

  40. The true Mike Rinder, in present time, is a sharp, shining, ethical and driven individual who probably scares the piss out of POB.

    As POB is fully out-of-valence-evil, he probably saw Mike as far more “normal” and “safe” in his out-of-valence, unhappy church days.

    Thank God M & M are free now, doing what they’re doing!

    And thanks to our Italian friends!

  41. +1
    Lana, Thanks also for sharing your experience after leaving. It helps greatly, those who are going through the same thing or thinking about it.

  42. Marty, Mike, all the people who spoke out here, in the SP Times and generally. Thank you soooo much for what you have done! Special thanks to the ex-int and SO staff, many of whom dedicated most of their lives to helping people like me. The extent of what you all went through will never be fully understood by those who didn’t go through it themselves. I never intended to move along in Scientology on the backs of great people like you. You can imagine how utterly horrible I felt when I realized what had been done. It struck me like a hot poker through my heart. It was my final wake up call.
    Thank goodness for L’Indipendologo for putting these fabulous videos together for others to see. The more truth, the better.
    Marty said, David Miscavige’s purpose is to make people less free and more like what HE percieves proper behavior to be. I agree with this 100%.
    Mike said, he felt like he had been freed. I agree Mike, 100%
    Thank you all for helping me take my life back! love, Laura Wilson

  43. Nothing at all, Allen. It’s just that once an individual has freely confessed to a misdeed, and has taken full responsibility for that misdeed, and especially when they have done so in quite a public manner, most of us just move on. The fact of your rather carping criticism and refusal to let it go in these circumstances indicates two things. One is a similar overt of your own. Second is that it makes you appear rather suppressive yourself.
    Example: I understand you used to crap in your diapers. Not quite sure I can trust to have you over for dinner.

  44. Very well done videos with their special effects, soundtracks and editing Gary Baldi! (Perhaps the only minor improvement would be consistent sound levels as a suggestion and not complaint).

    It is important to get the info from M&M out to those who haven’t listened as yet and this is a good TR3!

  45. great videos, keep up the good work. great web site- I check it 3x a week!

  46. Here is the latest magazine — just published today — on the destruction of families. Next up — coming out this weekend — is the one on David Miscavige. You will love the cover Davey!

  47. LOL!

    Excellent example, LDW, and I see what you mean. Also, I am grateful to you for sticking to the ideas of my post, rather than attacking me personally.

    Even though you may not believe me, your interpretation of my bringing up those critics, though, was not a carping criticism of Marty and Mike. It was an identification of a certain “public” who have had a hard time trusting them.

    I brought it up to say that their *actions* over the last two years have raised that trust among that particular “public”. I meant to say that Marty and Mike have been more and more accepted by them because of all they have achieved over the last two years.

    I already know that I can never win here. What I write, no matter how polite, will only be interpreted as “1.1” or “poison”. That’s how a lot of Scientologists have been trained to react to people who present ideas that have been forbidden, or with whom they disagree. It’s an unfortunate fact.

    But it isn’t going to stop me from communicating what I feel is important.

    So anyway, thanks for staying on the topic and addressing my points directly.

    Allen Stanfield

  48. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks for a beautiful night…….

  49. Tony Dephillips

    Excellent Cowboy Poet.
    : )

  50. Lana +10
    Great work, including the magazines..

  51. “I do not know how to teach philosophy without becoming a disturber of established religion.’

    Baruch Spinoza

  52. +1000.
    Laura, I like how you think and communicate. No rational person likes to be used, abused or contribute to the same. You said these concepts and feelings is so well. Thank you.

  53. Tony DePhillips

    Awesome videos!! You Italians ROCK!!
    Marty and Mike you guys Rock too!! Thanks for keeping the flames of hope alive.

  54. channel 8 in clearwater watch the news!!!!!

  55. Tony DePhillips

    This clip is a bit dramatic, but communicates in many ways.
    Thanks Marty and Mike and Steve and Amy and Mat, Mosey and Christie and all the other freedom fighters out there.

  56. Great videos.

    Especially helpful for for those new to the site … just starting their journey out.

    The Truth RD videos in the St Pete TImes were my first foray into looking.

    When I found this site, the 2 other sites tremendously helpful in speeding up the decompression were Jeff Hawkins, Leaving Scientology and Friends of LRH.

    I see Jeff’s site is no longer linked from here. His essays were incredibly powerful not only for me, but for those still in and questioning. I selected certain ones that spoke to what they had originated.

  57. Congratulations Gary and the Italian Independents.
    Very well done.
    Super editing and good hard whistleblowing.

    The Lies that stream out of Tommy Davis and Norman Starkey et al just boggle the mind.

    I personally know of 25 different people who were struck, punched, beaten, slapped or violently attacked by David Miscavige. Some of them have not revealed their story of thuggery on the web due to family connections within (disconnection) or job firings….

    There are so many hundreds or reports on all of this on the web, so the sensible thing to do ~~would be for Miscavige to do a national broadcast emphatically setting the record straight.

    But of course he can’t. It is one thing to send in a bunch of lying affidavits to media. It is quite another thing to lie on camera (which is a document) that can be used in future litigation.

    So Miscavige has trapped himself in a box. He cannot do any further media. There will be no further NIGHTLINE shows. There is not a journalist in the world who would not ask immediately to confirm or deny the beatings.

    If you Google the phrase “David Miscavige beatings” you will get 27,300 hits in .19 seconds.

    If you Google the phrase “David Miscavige abuse” you will get 72,400 hits in .23 seconds.

    So the Internet has put it on record loud and clear and the lying to deny such is feeble and weak.

    Because I go on and on and on about the ABUSE (which is a hot button for me on Humans, on Animals, on any life form) I continue to get back channel Emails of the horror stories.

    The cult of Miscavology destroys its own. Its like a Frankenstein Monster internally created to destroy.

    Marty and Mike have endured over the top SADISTIC abuse for whistle blowing. But there Guardian Angels looking after them

    Miscavige has $1000 an hour Lawyers covering his dirty deeds.

    It will come to an end. The question is, does it have to end badly ? – Ron Paul US Congressman.

  58. Thanks for posting both of these vidoes Marty. The one of Mike is great. I agree that what is going on inside the church these days is not what anyone really needs or wants in life, is the reason the church has the problems that it does and is where the church’s problems stem from. Not from the outside world, but from inside the church. Thanks Mike. I have thought this for years. I would have spoke up sooner but at the time I first realized the church was a bunch of criminals, there was no internet and no one to tell it to. Thanks again. I really liked the video of Mike. I could sit and talk for hours about how what is going on inside the church is what is causing their problems. Love it.

  59. Mike & Marty, your bravery & courage never ceases to amaze me! You are up front and center, while the little man hides behind his ever dwindling entourage. The Dali Lama & other clean leaders are not afraid to come out right front and center, who have nothing to hide, if DM was so righteous, then he should be able to come out right front and center but he can’t as the whistle blowers speak sooth. It’s easier for him to have others lie for him while he hides.

  60. “Also “the war” he predicted that would happen if ‘LRH Relationship to Orgs’ was violated is upon us now.”

    Where did he write of this, I’d like to read more?

  61. A little off topic, but relevant to much of the general discussion here concerning POB’s constant stream of bs (and the ill will his vulture culture manages to generate in society around them):



    Also on local TV news. Starting with “They STILL dont have a Grand Opening date set.”

  62. Tony DePhillips

  63. Lana, outstanding job!!!! great on the mags. Lots of care went into that creation. Thank you.

    Your story is so compelling. I am sure that many who have left are just beginning to find out who they are. Love Carol

  64. Well hell it’s about time!!!!

  65. Lana~The magazines are incredible. Thank you!

  66. Allen – Dude, you did it again!

  67. See 3rd paragraph from the last regarding “a war”:

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    Issue VI
    Gen Non-Remimeo
    LRH Communicator Hat
    HCO Area Sec Hat
    Exec Sec Hats

    (Begin fair use)

    Anyone on high executive and Accounts lines should understand these things thoroughly and LRH Communicators should point them out.
    Only when these relationships are misunderstood do we get in trouble.
    Our growth depends on our staying out of trouble, getting our lines in and keeping corporate structure straight.
    And understanding these separate identities or titles and functions and using them.
    It is doubtful if this situation will change. As orgs grow, my assistants grow also and become more competent and refer less to me and work on delegated authority. My work is lighter the bigger we get so eventually I will hold only titles with no actions or duties. This can be continued easily and so there is no need to reduce identities to
    simplify lines. And there wouldn’t even be a need to reorganize if I wasn’t there in the flesh at all. All I need to do is work out a succession of assistants to make the activities continue. There is no succession of myself to be worked out in any identity regardless of what happens to me simply because I did the original work and as it is done there is no
    reason to have a succession for it as it is itself.

    My identities are therefore woven in to the pattern so they don’t have to be altered to keep things going. LRH an individual becomes an estate. The rest is by appointment from “LRH Executive Director” with that title activated by the Int AdCouncil or board but still used as a title but not of a person. The “Office of LRH” is part of org structure.
    And before long even LRH “a board member” will be needless to be filled in the flesh by delegated signature of LRH.
    This is not only today then, but tomorrow as well and the above identities are firm as identities whether I am here or not. Even today 99% of my functions are done by delegated authority. The 1% left is heavy enough for 20 men but it is getting lighter each year and so can be seen to be only a post in a few years and so it can continue. Trying to
    fill up the post is all that would cause “a war”, so leave it activated as itself, none assigned to it, assistance to it by established formula. We won’t vanish if I as a person vanish. And these identities never were me anyway so they can survive. It is a part of basic org structure. My post title is used ten thousand times a day on matters I never will hear of,
    so why should I hear of any in the long run as only the delegation of authority is in action anyway.
    So whatever happens to me as a person leave these LRH identities on the org board unfilled and all will be well. If you try to fill them catastrophe will result. Only how authority is delegated by “LRH Executive Director” in my absence needs to be worked out and that will be published.
    Somebody some day will say “this is illegal”. By then be sure the orgs say what is legal or not.
    LRH:ml.rd Copyright @ 1966 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

    (End Fair Use)

  68. Allen “Alanzo” Stanfield wrote:
    “I already know that I can never win here. What I write, no matter how polite, will only be interpreted as “1.1″ or “poison”. That’s how a lot of Scientologists have been trained to react to people who present ideas that have been forbidden, or with whom they disagree. It’s an unfortunate fact.”

    Now you make a negative PR smear attack against all Scientologists. It’s an unfortunate fact.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologists.

  69. Mike,

    420 grand is chump change compared to how much that eye sore boondoggle cost to construct.

    What a useless piece of expensive and extravagant MEST!

    I know Ron suggested Central Headquarters in his lecture Genus of Dianetics and Scientology.

    But I’m sure in this case he’d make an exception 🙂

  70. Currently German

    The video summations cannott be viewed from Germany due to “missing music rights”.

  71. A piece of advice for Linda H. and other OSA staff following this blog–close your eyes, take the plunge and just blow. It won’t hurt. It is like getting off the first gnarly withhold you ever gave up in session–you think it is going to hurt but then poof, it is gone and you feel freer. That is a first dynamic situation. Blowing is that same feeling of freedom but in three dimensions and on the third dynamic. “Routing out” is like a slow painful death of a being. Blowing is like an exteriorization. I wanted to route out for several years and my originations were ignored and I just kept getting more sec checks and FPRD, about which I was not interested. It was never going to go anywhere and I would still be there nearly 8 years later. But one morning I simply blew. It was like exteriorizing with no baggage but full awareness of what was happening and what I was doing. It was liberating.
    In one of the O/W bulletins from around 1960 called Blow Offs, LRH writes that one leaves only because of his or her O/Ws. But there is a line in there that is overlooked and you know the one I am referring to–“conditions can get so bad that one has no choice but to leave.” (probably misquoted slightly but that is the precise concept)
    The determination of when “so bad” is reached is a personal, subjective one. If you, sitting there late one night at your desk, facing an overwhelming, impossible-to-comply-with stream of nonsense orders from your seniors, ever thought to yourself “maybe I should get out of here,” then you have crossed your own “so bad” line and it is time to act on HCOB BLOW OFFs and B-L-O-W! It is the standard, red-on-white thing to do.
    So, get on-Source and blow. There are people all over the world who will help you, but you probably won’t need it. You’ll see. Your abilities are far greater than David Miscavige ever permitted you to believe.

  72. Mike, I was talking about this very point with a Swedish indie yesterday and the release event came to me in living color: the grand opening will occur around New Years and be a complete nightmare for the Int base and FSO and anyone else DM can drag into his nightmare. Henning will design 100 foot ornate gold on gold phalluses for the stage. Gold will be up for weeks shooting videos of the super sexy machinery for the Perception Rundown part of Super Power, the alleged Super Power Delivery Team will wave like idiots from the stairs in the building atrium beamed into the auditorium on close circuit TV and after the event the crowd will race into the building for their latest fleecing–er, donation cycle. The FSO will make gazillions that night and the buzz will fly around the Scientology world.
    The next morning at 9:00 am, those same 17 year old Hungarians (shown the night before in a long shot to hide their teenage pimples) just recruited for the Flag Super Power Delivery Team will be at roll call–very unstudentable now because they were up until 3:00 for the Grand Shearing–er, Opening– for another day of struggling with their Welcome to the Sea Org tapes IN ENGLISH prior to starting their Student Hat, Pro TRs, Pro Upper Indoc TRs, Pro Metering, Acadaemy Levels 0 – 4, NED, Grad V plus Internships, Super Power auditor training, giving and receiving the rundown plus internships. Meanwhile the shorn sheep–er, I mean the Craig Jensens of the world–mill around in the lobby once again with their dicks in their hands.
    It is great NOT to be a part of the sham.

  73. Tony DePhillips

    Ok Allen.
    I acknowledge that you are the smartest most perfect person that has ever existed and that you are so vastly superior to me and anyone else that I cannot fathom the level of your genius.
    Your ser facs are very impressive also.
    What is right about how you communicate?

  74. Actually he did: Blow up headquarters when MEST becomes important.

  75. Looks like Clearwater ended one of the mega regscams, SP building, by forcing a grand opening.

  76. And what have your actions been in all of this theater except to comment on the roles of others? If you had taken any major role anywhere or stuck your neck out to influence anything in a major way, you might be known for your actions as well. It’s just bad form when ones such as you and I, who have had very minor roles in this theater, judge people who played very major roles. Alanzo you and I, have had “extra” roles . Get REAL! You are criticizing people who carried the whole game on their back, and still do. How easy is that? Man up or shut up. Your main role in all of this has been to be a big bawl baby. Not that I even love you any less for that.

  77. + 1000, Dan, “Your abilities are far greater than David Miscavige ever permitted you to believe.” – Priceless!

  78. Dan, that is sooooooooo true, and so universally missed. I soldiered on for years after my personal line had been crossed, thinking I was doing the right thing by staying and trying to sort things out.

    Well done!

  79. dankoon,
    I love your comment! I’m going to go find that reference and read it. Being responsible for your condition can include removing yourself from a suppressive environment and conditions. 🙂

  80. This is a great example of the phrase “Just because you’re paranoid does not mean that someone isn’t out to get you.” John was paranoid, and someone was out to get him! The church!

  81. I said “a lot of Scientologists”. You even copied that.

    If there is one thing I know, waking up and realizing that you have devoted your life to a cult is a devastating experience. I very much understand the pain on this blog, and I very much recognize what Marty and Mike are doing to try to heal that.

    And I value it very much.

    I’m never going to allow myself be silenced and enslaved, ever again.

    Allen Stanfield
    Independent Person

  82. Dan,
    “One can treat people so well that they grow ashamed of themselves, knowing
    they don’t deserve it, that a blow-off is precipitated, and certainly one can treat people so badly that they have no choice but to leave, but these are extreme conditions and in between these we have the majority of departures”
    LRH Bulletin 31 December 59, BLOW OFFS.

    To force a being into a scene that is contra-survival, when he wants to get outside of it, to regroup (theta-MEST Theory from S.O.S.) and with his wits cleared persist to handle that scene, is a key point of inval of DM and his ilk.

    This whole issue of ‘blow offs’ is USED by DM to interiorize others, physically and mentally, into an untenable situation. A key point of this HCOB, is the aspect that those beings who do blow off from undisclosed transgressions, do not continue to work to resolve the situation. Those that do, obviously can still reach for the area. In other words, they didn’t ‘blow’, they just got a better vantage point, and cleared their head of the suppression and then right back at the area.

    Leaving a suppressive environment is a SANE act. That DM uses this HCOB to introvert and introspect others with false indication that they have hidden crimes and that’s why they want to get free of his SP dramo, is absurd.

    Just like Dave to take one part of a reference or one single reference and mis-interpret it so as to use it in reverse.

    Blow? Hell no. Get yourself free of the entheta, destimulate, get your havingness up and with yourself dusted off and feeling brighter, confront and handle this guy – THAT is sanity. THAT is Scientology.

  83. Currently German

    Mike Rinder summation now working. Great video.
    Marty summation still blocked.

  84. Allen, read over your comments and see if that’s the proper way to treat the very one subject and the most capable beings on this planet to bring freedom. Compare them to the 1000’s of comments of beings on their way up. Then, if you can sit down and be honest to yourself, why don’t you write down what you feel are overts against Scientology and Scientologists. As soon as you get your first cognitions, throw them away; I don’t have to read them, nobody does. Just come clean to yourself and see if it makes life a little better. Then see if there’s anything you can do to contribute to the very blog that’s most effective in freeing beings. Good luck on your road up.

  85. Dan — Your description is perfect. Anyone who has been behind the scenes knows just how true this is. Its the toxic smoke and distorted mirrors show….

  86. Dan — That is a wonderful post. You are so damned right its scary! 🙂

    As you have often told me, you may be one of the most gullible people in the world when it comes to trusting those around you — but let me add my 2c: you are one of the smartest and kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and when it comes to a real understanding of the tech, you are unsurpassed.

  87. If you look at the stats of the freedom that Scientology and Scientologists have actually brought to the world – with a cold eye – I think you’ll see that they are declining, and have been for a while.

    I understand that the Independent Scientology movement aims to change that trend, and I support this. But don’t start talking to me about my overts when there are so many overts committed by Scientology that still to remain to be corrected. That introversion technique no longer works on me.

    And anyway, wasn’t it a high crime at one time to accuse someone of having overts outside of session? Why did LRH create that rule, and why is that so often ignored on this blog?

    Allen Stanfield
    Independent Person

  88. OK, this back and forth has just become a sideshow. This is the last post here on the subject of whether Allen Stanfield is right or wrong. This is not to say that Allen or Mike H or Erwin or Tony et al cannot post on other subjects. And if Allen’s future posts are deemed to be throwing the blog off track, then they will be trashed, just as anyone else’s would be.

  89. OK, this back and forth has just become a sideshow. This is the last post here on the subject of whether Allen Stanfield is right or wrong. This is not to say that Allen or Mike H or Erwin or Tony et al cannot post on other subjects. And if Allen’s future posts are deemed to be throwing the blog off track, then they will be trashed, just as anyone else’s would be.

  90. I am reposting this here from Bill Straass as he commented in response to the previous post and I believe it is important that it be seen, given who he is and his story.

    I was in the SO for 23 years and was booted out the minute the Freewinds found out that I had teste positive for HIV from a blood transfusion I received in the ship’s home port. I managed to survive which is covered in other posts and one this week on scncult .com. I was going to go to bonaire to run in the 5k on SO day like we did on the ship. Someone found out and I received a call from OSA WUS to come and see them. I told them that I just wanted to see my friends. The reply was “Ex S.O. members don’t have any friends. “So this is their thanks. You give your life to a group. You almost die twice for them. you get their stats up hundreds of times doing all-nighters when you are already half dead. You save them millions of dollars doing jobs that they would have to hire trained engineers to do. And just like that, you don’t have any friends. OK, maybe they are right. My friends are those who believe in the creed of the church, not those who hypocrites who just say they do.

    You can find Bill’s story at: http://www.scientology-cult.com/bill-straass/479-freewinds-off-purpose-off-course.html

  91. Laura Ann,
    Along this same line are the references of 28 Jan 60 The Key To All Cases – Responsibility and 4 Feb 60 Theory of Responsibility Processing.

    Here is a taste of what LRH has to say on this matter.

    What exactly does the E-Meter read? It reads the degree of mental mass surrounding the thetan in a body.

    A thetan accumulates mental mass, pictures, ridges, circuits, etc, to the degree that he misassigns responsibility. If he does something and then says that it was done by something or someone else then he has failed to assign cause rightly and, doing so, he is of course left with an apparently uncaused mental mass. This to us is the “bank”. To Freud it was the “unconscious”. To the psychiatrist it is lunacy. He therefore has as much bank as he has denied cause. As he is the only cause that could hang himself with a mass, the only misassigned cause therefore is self cause. Other people’s causation is not aberrative and does not hang up except to the degree that the pc is provoked to misassigning cause. Other people’s cause is therefore never audited.

    Here then we have the anatomy of the reactive mind. The common denominator of all these unwanted ridges, masses, pictures, engrams, etc, is RESPONSIBILITY.

    The discovery of the direct anatomy of RESPONSIBILITY is as follows:

    Able to admit causation.

    Able to withhold from.

    This you will recognize as old reach and withdraw and as the fundamental of every successful process. But now we can refine this into the exact process that accomplishes a removal of the reactive mind and re-establishment of causation and responsibility.

    A thetan will not restore his own ability until he is certain he can withhold from things. When he finds he cannot then he reduces his own power. He will not let himself be more powerful than he believes he can use power. When he gets mad he of course can control nothing, neither can he really direct anything. When he causes something that he thinks is bad, he next seeks to withhold. If he cannot withhold then he begins to compulsively cause things that are bad and you have overt acts happening.

    Fortunately for this universe no thetan will let himself go free unless he can operate without danger to others and the responsibility factor is way up on all dynamics.

    In view of this material and what is now known of responsibility and overts and what they do to case level, a new kind of justice comes into being, making it completely unnecessary to punish. You can know a person by his case level. Does it advance or doesn’t it? Does he elect others ogres when he himself has been doing things or does he show Scientology in himself?

    This is a brand new look and it can be made a brand new earth. We started the 1960s the right way as I think you will discover.

    end fair use quotation from the full works

    As you can see Laura the ability to withhold support, money, etc can be pro-survival and the ethical thing to do. It does a lot to explain why so my OT VII’s and VIII’s wake up to the fact they can no longer support this charade. It is a measure of the responsibility level you and others have come up to

  92. Sorry Mike.

    I did not mean to take the attention off the videos that are the main topic of this blog.

    They are important videos, and that topic is the one that is important.

  93. Allen — Thankyou. I just dont think a bunch of back and forth about who is right or wrong, is of much value to anyone other than those who are directly communicating. And that can be done on email if you want to continue arguing between yourselves. It really doesnt shed much light on the subject of this blog. That’s all.

  94. OK, Mike. Fair enough.

  95. Dan and Jim,
    Thanks for the references and giving the data in context. What you wrote, Dan, made me think of what other definition of “blow” would be apropos and fit those who took your advice and hit the road. What they will receive is per LRH “blow… the sudden dissipation of mass in the mind with an accompanying feeling of relief.” (Tech Dictionary)

    Dan you wrote this data so well it was stunning. Directly to the heart of the matter. Thank you both.

  96. Mike,

    I too met with this “Ex-Sea Org are lower than dirt.” Service Computation after my dismissal Christmas 1995, although I never had it even as remotely as rough as Bill. I reckon it’s just Black PR aimed at discrediting Ex-Sea Org so their reports of just how awful it was will be ignored by potential recruits.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  97. GetTheConcept

    I disagree with the comments saying that Allen was trying to covertly slip in a nasty propaganda message while coating it in sugar. Just the mere fact of referring to something someone has done in the past but now is taking responsibility for it, does not mean he is bringing it up to make the person wrong for his past deeds. The overall message was a compliment for Marty and Mike’s courageous actions.

  98. Thank you Karen, for making a very good point: “It is one thing to send in a bunch of lying affidavits to media. It is quite another thing to lie on camera (which is a document) that can be used in future litigation.”

    During the CNN show, “Scientology, A History of Violence”, Many victims of the physical violence appeared, attesting to the physical beatings by David Miscavige. David Miscavige refused to appear, sending all those lying affidavits in his place. along with lying persons, the four wives.

    However, Tommy Davis, the International Spokesperson for the Church of Scientology International, and Monique Yingling, David Miscavige’s personal attorney, DID APPEAR and DID BOTH STATE THERE WAS NO DISCONNECTION POLICY IN THE CHURCH, AND THAT ANY DISCONNECTION WAS ‘VOLUNTARY”. It is my understanding that this show was aired on U.S. TV and also aired in an INTERNATIONAL EDITION OF CNN, As we all know, these are blatant, bald-faced lies that are now PUBLIC DOCUMENTS, usable in courts of law, all around the world!

    I came out publicly on this blog, on my son’s twentieth birthday, Nov 13th of last year, and stated I was an Independent Scientologist. This was prompted by my son’s disconnection, for the fourth time, and getting mad enough to speak publicly, due to not knowing where he was or what he was doing, and feeling that he was in Danger. Later that day, my sister called me to tell me he was O.K.

    On March 2nd of this year, on the 175th Anniversary of Texas Independence, i wrote a letter to David Miscavige, Tommy Davis and Monique Yingling, declaring my independence from the Church, AND detailing many incidents of disconnection, and sent PROOF that DISCONNECTION is enforced, and not voluntary, and that this goes on with MINOR CHILDREN, in violation of parental laws. I asked Monique Yingling what she would do if she couldn’t talk to her two sons. (One of her two sons is my son’s age, or close to it,) I also detailed an incident of David Miscavige’s own niece being the subject of enforced disconnection by the Church, as a Sea Org member. I also let them know I had an attorney, and that Disconnection could be prosecuted, in civil court.

    I did not get a reply, but I also have seen no evidence of Tommy Davis making any more “THERE IS NO DISCONNECTION” announcements. Somehow, i think that is the last we will see of that. Also, it appears that others are now acting as the International Spokesperson. I do not know for sure that my letter had an influence, but I know for certain that now that the Church has been put on notice that there are ways to prosecute Disconnection, there will be a lot more care taken on any public discussion of this subject by the Church. More than one attorney has told me that no entity less than a court of law, with an official declaration, has the right to cut across the rights of parents to visit their children; that these laws are senior to any rights of a church to practice shunning among its parishioners, due to the First Amendment.

    Yes, Freedom Fighters, SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT!!! and yes, the Pope On a Box, and his henchmen, and women, are now IN A BOX, a box of their own making.

    For Your Information, just in case any of you get discouraged that progress isn’t being made!

    Catherine Von Ach

  99. Re: Bill Straass
    I am speechless. AIDS is not a death sentence and hasn’t been for years. It would be valuable to know the name of the chiropractor in Sacramento who is spreading lies about AIDS treatment. He should have his license revoked. And who the hell is Dr. Denk…and why didn’t he refer his patient to proper treatment that would control the virus?

  100. Dan

    Very nice.

    You pointed out: “LRH writes that one leaves only because of his or her O/Ws.”

    Although I can see that that “datum” has merits, I do not consider it to be fully encompassing of the possibilities involved.

    I consider that if a being is relatively sane they will tend to notice and want to “handle” areas that they are doing damage to, OR that are, or have become, the source of damage to their Dynamics. One has to “get one’s ethics in” and “handle the out ethics situation” as dangerous to the forward progress of the pursuit of optimum survival across their Dynamics.

    Here’s an example:
    I do not consider that one generally “blows” from connection (disconnects) with a person or group that is suppressing them only because of overts against the “suppressive”. There are often overts there, but it is more likely the recognition that in one’s involvement with that person or activity they are committing “overts of magnitude” against other Dynamics.

    Another example would be someone “having an affair”. One would not necessarily “blow” that affair because of overts against the terminal one is having the affair with, although that is certainly possible. The cause of the “blow” is more likely to be major overts that they are committing against their other Dynamics.

    They would be discontinuing (blowing) (exteriorizing from, if you will) an “out ethics situation” in order to “get honest and straight”. It would be part of a Danger Condition Handling on their part.

    Anyway, I’m done for now…

    Eric S

  101. Actually it’s worse than that Dan,

    From the latest Intel I’ve had they have turned that long runway into Route 66.

    I knew someone who was on an SPRD training TIP who was a fully interned Grad V yet had redo all her training including Pro TRs and do the new (back then) “Hubbard” Pro Metering Course.

    Last I heard she had spent almost a year on Pro TRs and eventually washed out on the program.

    She’s not an exception.

    From what I understand pretty much *all* the 200 or so they recruited for Super Power TTC have been reassigned to other posts (so much for requiring a comm ev to remove someone from the TTC) routed out or blown.

    Not that it matters.

    I doubt if the current regime really has any intention of releasing Super Power.

    Just like they have no intention of releasing OT IX or any other level above OT VIII per RJ 39 because they’d have no way to justify this “Ideal Org” program or the Super Power Building expenditures.

    In my opinion the last thing they want is an actual functioning service facility.

    The big lie is that they are actually needed.

    Of course the elitists like Tom Cruise, Craig Jensen, Mat Feshbach et al feel that they are in order to appeal to the “best people” etc.

    My prediction is that the ownership of the SP Building and the FH will be transfered to Resorts International where it will serve as a resort and casino when the elitists decide to abandon Scientology in favor of the Skull and Bones or the Masons or something else that’ll make ’em feel so special.

  102. Awesome quote RJ. It’s really deep and well worth pondering and demoing in order to understand what LRH was envisioning there.

  103. I second that, Tony!

    CowboyPoet, this is one of your best!

  104. Lana these magazines are terrific, good job and thank you! Organizing the posts by topic is a very good idea, as the blog has grown to the size of the novel “War and Peace”!

  105. Thanks, Mike. The feeling is mutual. (BTW, I thought of you as I watched the week’s Aussie Rules highlight show. It seems to be popular in Sweden. They broadcast all kinds of unusual sports here, like airplane races.)

  106. Erwin,

    I’ll believe in the Grand Opening of the Super Power Building when I see it.

    They’ve been threatening to open up the Implant Station for over a decade now and nothings happened except more regging.

    Supposedly they were going to open up Heletrobus when Bush Constantine (I remember when a bunch of SO members were ga ga over this at ASHO) was reelected but that never happened.

    Guess he was too busy officiating the opening of Camp X Ray.

    So they held it off till they were hit with a big tax bill at which point they said Spawn of Satan was working out some interior decorating details.

    Guess he’s still leafin’ through “Home and Garden” or something because it still ain’t happened even with this 400 Grand levy.

    The chances of it ever opening are pretty slim.

  107. plainoldthetan

    However, Sue, Scientology has had an SPD (Scientology Policy Directive) in effect regarding the in-church handling of HIV/AIDS people for about 15 years. Does anyone have a copy of it?

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