Walking in Another Man’s Shoes by Michael Fairman


The old saying goes that one can’t really begin to understand what difficulties a man or woman is going through until one walks in his or her shoes. That “stroll” took place for Joy and me on Tuesday, August 23, 2011, in Orange County California.


On the previous day, I received a call from Marty Rathbun, asking me if I was still wearing my “racing driver” hat. I told him no, I was pretty calmed down from my extreme driving habits, thanks to him. It was an intriguing question and I told him I wasn’t wearing that hat anymore, “Why?” His answer was even more intriguing.


Marty told me he was coming to Southern California on a mission of mercy and needed to escape from the constant harassment by Miscavige’s goons and their vehicles in order to accomplish that mission in peace. If there were a welcoming party, we would have to lose David Lubow and his hired thugs in the rush hour traffic. Were I and my car up to the task? I told him my car was, and asked if I could bring Joy along and then we’d both be up to the task. He said he would welcome her.


Joy decided to drive her muscle car and we arrived at John Wayne Airport about half an hour before Marty’s arrival. There were a few people scattered around the baggage claim area, but no blue-shirted morons. We both had cameras and I had a fuzzy bear hat with pom pom ties to do a little “Squirrel Buster” ditty if they or any church zombies showed up. Joy spotted two men hanging around, she thought might be “them”. But they turned out to be benign — ordinary passengers.


Then a burley, powerful looking man in his sixties walked by, pot-bellied and wearing a short grey beard, He had on a baseball cap and a wire curled out of his ear. He was very solid, granite-like, and his body language and expression definitely said “retired law enforcement”. Pointing to him, I whispered to Joy, “There’s one!.” He moved away to another part of the terminal and began chatting with a slim woman in her mid twenties, who was wearing a striped polo shit, had a back pack on her shoulders and carried a bowling bag. Joy then said, “He’s talking into the lapel of his shirt!”. We had found our PI’s.


Marty arrived scanning the terminal as he moved down an escalator, but the beard and the bowling bag had disappeared. We wanted to rush Marty to our car and get away, but he stopped when we hit the street. After hearing our description of the burley guy he knew “they” were around and wanted to see what developed.


Sure enough a few minutes later, the bearded one and the young woman arrived. Marty recognized him as Bill aka “Bubba” a retired cop (served as “enforcer” to Jim Lynch last LA trip), and they began to talk. Joy began to film and after I donned my fuzzy bear pom pom hat, I also began to film them. The gist of the exchange was that Marty wanted to know if he was going to merely be followed, or followed and ambushed by vans full of lunatics at every stop like last trip to LA. Bubba said he didn’t know. Marty asked that we work out a deal so that the “church” P.I.’s don’t go terrorizing and endangering innocent bystanders. He told the PI that if they just want to know where he is going he can tell the guy in exchange for not having to put lives at risk on SoCal freeways and streets. The PI said he would check with his boss, whom Marty got the PI to identify as Lubow, and proceeded to chat into his lapel. Then the PI indicated he was having communications problems with Lubow. The PI and his assistant. whoever she was, went one way and the three of us headed to the parking structure to get our car. When we got to the vehicle, Marty saw Bubba’s running shoes, visible behind an SUV not five cars away from where we were parked. As Marty walked up to the vehicle, the ex-cop was reporting into his I-Spy gear. Marty asked him if Lubow agreed to make a deal so as to protect the general public. Bubba indicated Lubow declined. Marty then said, “I’d like to talk to Lubow.” Bubba asked Lubow then relayed that Lubow wasn’t willing to talk. Marty indicated to Bubba that Lubow is a coward, and obviously afraid of Marty. Bubba tried to suppress a chuckle, but didn’t do so well at it.


Marty slid into the driver’s seat of Joy’s car and we started out of the parking structure onto the roadway to exit the airport. Looking into the rearview mirror, he told us that there were four PI vehicles already behind us.

 Since Marty had grown up in the area, he knew the lay of the land, and began a series of evasive driving maneuvers to lose what were now six cars following us. For the next hour or so, Marty, driving according to the rules of the road tried to evade the six vehicles. Unable to lose them because Lubow and his cronies would run red lights, make u-turns in the middle of heavy traffic on major boulevards, abruptly switch lanes, which endangered the drivers around them, we finally pulled into a gas station, immediately followed by Lubow in his SUV.


Marty got out of car and video camera in hand, walked up to Lubow, and asked him why he and his cronies were following us. Lebow refused to answer, and when Marty persisted with his question, Lubow made like a cornered rat and moved his vehicle backward hitting Marty in the arm and chest with the left side view mirror. Marty shouted at Lubow to stop as he had hit him. Lubow then put the car into “forward” and moved the car door into Marty’s chest. Marty had had enough and called the Santa Ana police, reporting what had just happened. Joy and I both witnessed Marty being hit and, and now this was far from fun and games. It was deadly serious shit.


Several minutes after the phone call to the cops, another vehicle pulled into the gas station. It was Bubba. Marty explained that the ex-cop probably had “friends” in the Santa Ana force (since Marty had earlier gotten Bubba to admit he was a former Orange County Sheriff deputy) and a series of lies spewed by Lubow and Bubba was probably about to take place, starting with Bubba being a witness – when Bubba showed up to the scene several minutes after the incident in question.


A few minutes later an officer roared up on his chopper, and when he dismounted, Marty began to explain what had happened. As this was going on a female officer pulled her patrol car into the gas station, followed immediately by another female officer in her patrol car. Marty continued to explain to the three officers  the series of events  from the encounter at the terminal to Lubow hitting him and also what had been going on in Texas and elsewhere. He pulled up the Caller Times article on a phone, and read the three officers Lubow’s quote of how he is going to make Marty’s life a hell and run him out of every town he puts down stakes. He predicted Bubba would lie and say he witnessed the incident when in fact he was nowhere in the vicinity it occurred.


Then the motorcycle cop went over to Lubow and got his “story”. Marty, Joy and I attempted to put the pieces together for the two female officers. Several minutes later the male officer returned to our group informing us that Lubow’s story was quite different from Marty’s, and that Bubba corroborated Lubow’s assertion that he did not intentionally hit Mary with his vehicle. So much for the law and even less for the truth. The three officers insisted they could do nothing unless Marty had filed a restraining order on Lubow and the others. The futility of explaining why that wouldn’t work for a one week stay (including that he only knew one legal name – Lubow – and he knew the church would just replace him and it would immediately be business as usual, that he did not have a spare morning to fool around in court, etc) sailed completely over the officers heads, leaving Marty Joy and myself frustrated.


The officers “suggested” that we all disperse. Once on the road, we were again followed by the vehicles all the way to Laguna Beach, where Marty had a dinner appointment with an old high school classmate who he hadn’t seen in over 35 years. Marty’s purpose for coming to California, his mission of mercy, was to take place the next day.


Marty, his friend, the friend’s fiancee, Joy and I enjoyed a welcome respite in the Mexican restaurant overlooking the Pacific; and we we were treated to a narrative by Marty’s friend that had the mouths of Joy and myself hanging open for almost two hours. But all the while, knowing that Lubow and the others were outside waiting, gave dinner an eerie pall.


After dinner Marty developed an escape strategy. In the restaurant parking lot we placed both our cars closely parallel to each other. Hidden from most of the lot, we quickly dumpred Marty’s bags into his friend’s car and made like he was getting into ours, but he slipped into the other one. They drove off and we followed. They were supposed to lead us to the 405 Freeway but they made a series of quick turns and we immediately lost them. I was driving our car, and I guess it being dark, I probably appeared to them to be Marty, because four of them were right behind us. We were also lost in the hills of Laguna Beach. We pulled over and and got our bearings to the 5 Freeway. All the while the four PI vehicles were behind us.


Marty called to say that he had lost them — no one following. But the four were trailing us to Los Angeles.  


We arrived in Studio City near our home at about 10:45 pm. We had to pick up our daughter Sky at her dance studio at 11:30, so we drove to our favorite yogurt shop. Sure enough. Lubow and the others pulled up and sat there surveilling us. It was evident that all were busily chatting with each other and we surmised with the POB. We can only guess at how colorful that communication cycle must have been. After finishing her yogurt, Joy walked up to Lubow’s car and gestured to him. He would not roll down his window or look at her. Then she asked in mock amazement, “Where’s Marty? He’s not with us.” Lubow continued to look away.


This episode of was nearly over, and still having some time before we had to pick up Sky, we drove to the North Hollywood police station. There we found a sympathetic officer to whom we told out story. She was appalled at what had gone down and gave us detailed information of how to file a restraining order on Lubow. In fact when we first mentioned his name to her, she seemed to know it, and when we got into the details of the day, she nodded, that yes, she had heard of him.


After finishing with the police, we picked up Sky and went home without further incident.


Marty’s reason for being in California, on his own dime, was to help family members, non-Scientologists, get through the imminent death of a loved one. He was there to console and ease the pain of their impending loss. This is essentially what Miscavige and his Gestapo-like crew were attempting to disrupt.


Thousand of dollars of parishioner’s money was spent that day and all week long — to do what? To stop Marty from helping a bereaved family? That would never happen. Just as hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent in Texas will never stop him from helping those who seek him out. And the millions Miscavige will spend will never stop all of us from exposing the cancer that is now the Church of Scientology.


Isn’t it absolutely clear what positions on the tone scale, each of these men occupy and and in which direction each is moving?


To all of you who post on this blog: to all of you who read it and remain hidden: to all of you who still believe Miscavige holds the key to your eternity: to all of you who still believe in the efficacy of Scientology but are having doubts about Miscavige: and to those of you who continue to take shots at Marty and believe he deserves what he is getting because of his past, PLEASE TAKE HEED.


Some, like Mike Rinder walk the path of incessant confrontation in their own shoes. But I do not believe that anyone, not one of you, has experienced what Marty experiences on a daily basis. Joy and I walked in his shoes for just six hours of one day. And that left us feeling angry, bitter, and frustrated at the injustice, cruelty, and absolute insanity of what Miscavige is perpetrating in the name of religion. No one in a free society should have to endure what Marty and Mosey have endured over these past months. It has to stop. Not only for them but potentially for all of us.


Those who have been manipulated, intimidated, or bought into silence will not stop it . It is apparent at this time that neither the media nor the government has a firm will to stop it. Only we can. ALL those who have voices must be heard. It has gone beyond amusing videos and making “Squirrel Buster” jokes, Joy and I learned this week first hand that this is very serious and dangerous business. Probably more serious and dangerous than we know. We, all of US, are an intelligent, determined force and we must use our collective power to end this. Many are already engaged, Every single one of us must be.

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  1. Great write up, Michael. Restraining orders are definitely in order.

  2. Theo Sismanides

    Dear Michael and Joy,

    Thank you very much for getting into Marty’s shoes and assisting him. I know the situation is dangerous and that a lot of people don’t know how serious this can be.

    Me too I urge all by standers to make up their mind now and come out in the open and denounce Miscavige and his minions who “run” the church.

    I agree Michael that only WE can do it.

    Thank you again.

  3. My condolences to the family.

  4. Michael and Joy,

    Thank you for being there for Marty. Your account of that day was very clear and did convey the insanity that Leblow and his minions dish out. They are not the least bit effective in what they do. They can’t even follow Marty. They don’t even care if they are effective because they are not paid on bonuses, as LRH points out, but get paid just to harrass. Man, that’s easy money. A monkey can do that job. So their product is harrassment, and so they don’t get any exchangeable product.

    You are right that the more people stand up and say “NO!” the faster this will end and we can get back to our business of going up the bridge to total freedom. No one is safe until they stand up and fight for freedom.

    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. – Benjamin Franklin,

    ML Tom

  5. Michael and Joy, Thank you for your integrity.


  6. George M. White

    This is a wake up call. Thanks for the details. Miscavige is out of control.
    I don’t know anything about Miscavige’s daily routine or how he travels but I would welcome the opportunity to film him when he does make a public appearance. In addition, if there is a slight breach of security, I would like to get a message to him about my offer to orient him on the subject of religion.
    In my opinion, the only way to relieve the pressure on Marty is to paint a vivid public picture of his personality that gets national attention.

    Much loving-kindness,

  7. Michael, Joy and the rest of the So-Cal Team,
    Thank you for having his back! I know he is in good hands! It is much appreciated! Love Mosey

  8. Michael and Joy,

    Your support and integrity is commendable and very much appreciated. You are stand up people who I am very proud to call friends.

    What you say about walking on someone’s shoes is very true — a lot of well intentioned people on this blog offer all sorts of advice to Marty on how he should handle the situation, much of which doesnt match reality because they havent been there. It’s like the police constantly saying “get a restraining order” and knowing the time and money it will require to end up with an order against an individual and then have that individual replaced by another and another and another. But one gets tired of trying to explain this over and over.

    What IS helpful is action — like you did. And Ivan did. And Karen did. And many others.

    But while not too many have walked in the shoes of confronting the PI/Freedom/SQuiB mosquitos, almost everyone who frequents this blog HAS walked in their own shoes for an even more important experience: the twisting perversion of LRH tech in the CofM. And THAT is what should be the most powerful motivating force of all.

    Again, thank you for your support. You are the guys you want to have in the trenches alongside you.

  9. Thank you Michael for the detailed write up and for being there to help (And Joy!)
    I’m not surprised but it’s still shocking.

  10. Sometimes people end up hiding from themselves in a way.
    In his mind I assume there is no doubt that people are “after him”- that there are undercover agents behind every corner trying to spy on him and people trying to “get him”.

    He probably spends a great deal of effort and time defending himself against this imagined danger- essentially what he does to others.

  11. Off the fence.

    Next time there are cops present, ask them if they can help you get a head start. Have them let you go and not let those following you go for 10 minutes, surely they can do that.


    You cannot escape the inevitable conclusion of your crimes. You are digging a hole for yourself that as each day goes by, becomes less and less likely you will be able to claw your way out of.

    You can mitigate your damage by growing a pair and walking away from the daily crimes you are comitting for money. Stop being a low class whore who will do anything as long as you are paid.

    Learn a lesson from Bert Leahy.

    You will sleep better at night.

  13. Michael and Joy,

    Thank you for writing this. It gives one pause and a sense of humility, as it helps further understand what Marty has to go through… for exposing the SP, and helping people. Thank you for taking action.

  14. OTF: Without having been there, I can pretty much assure you that only 2 of the 6 or 8 cars that were following them were in the gas station for the police to even talk to. The others were sitting at the side of the road in all directions waiting for them to drive off.

  15. George M. White

    True. It would make a great documentary.
    Much loving-kindness,

  16. Joy & Michael,

    Thanks for the well written update and for heeding the call & dropping everything to help a good friend needing help. It is an appalling scene when open harassment in broad daylight by highly paid POB goons who bend the truth, endangering public safety is accepted, tolerated by law enforcement who seem to have their hands tied.

    Though I’ve never walked in their shoes, I had & those who visited Casablanca in the last 4 months probably had, a taste, feel and smell of what Marty, Mosey, Mike, Christie go through to simply live their daily lives helping others to move on up higher. The stark evil emanating from POB and relayed by highly paid unscrupulous PI/SQuiB teams comes through in their more than twenty visits per day. It is a giant travesty that good law abiding citizens are not protected by those who’s job is to keep law and order in this great country from the evil David Miscavige, pope of PIs and their shysters through his bulging coffers.

    You are quite correct – it’s time for those to stand up if they’re not, and do more actions to form a posse to corral these bad hats and enable the white hats and people of good will to live and move on up higher. We will overcome! Not just someday, but sooner than later.

  17. I’m so dissappointed in our justice system. I had no idea that it and local law enfocement were so utterly paralyzed to act in any effective manner in the face of such blatantly obvious stalking and harrassment.

    I guess I’ve been ignorant, unfortunately. It really is all about how much money you have at your disposal isn’t it.

    Any restraining order would only really work if it were placed upon the whole of Scientology, which of course cannot happen.

    We need another big name to step up. How about DEBBIE COOK for instance.

    Hiding in present time means you’ll probably be hiding from things next lifetime and the one after that and the one after that and……

    To me, hiding equals worry, doubt, sickness and low self esteem. That is, if it is well beyond time for you to speak out and you are well aware of it, yet choose to “play it safe”.

    My name is Bryan Ubaghs and I approve of this ad.

  18. Mike,

    As usual, you write words of wisdom. There is enough evidence already all over the place to prove beyond any doubt that POB ultimate goal is to destroy Scientology. Do you guys follow the news regarding Scientology? Every day there are about 10 new videos posted on YouTube that just 10 years ago would have been considered major PR flaps. Every day there are several news reports that are either embarrassing or compromising for the church. It’s pretty clear POB does not care about bad PR.

    You want reform? POB told us how to do it:

    “Power is when people listen to you.”

    A return to standard Scientology and an end to any and all abuses, will occur when people don’t give a shit about what comes out of POB’s pie-hole, none of it.

    You may be aware of the truth and decided to withdraw your support to the church, and are now “under the radar.” I’m sure you have your reasons. But consider this: If you are still on their “call-in list,” if you are being contacted at all, you are still, in effect, listening to POB. You are still connected. And this connection to the SP and his group of bots cannot bring anything good to you.

    Will you come out of the dark into the light? The sunshine feels good indeed.

  19. A bit of a derail, kudos to the Exs in Oz who are pretty active in causing this;

  20. +100.

  21. Luis,

    Very good point, keeping it simple. You have nailed it, the area where the PoB lives. Your post brings to mind a time when POB was talking about power. This was during an MV years ago at the officer’s dining room at the Freewinds, one of those rare times when he was candid without a whole entourage present- bragging of how he took over from his seniors to ostensibly do what’s right, the thing to do. He definitely has a fixation on power and the application of the Simon Bolivar policy, exclusively.

  22. Off the fence.

    Geez, what an operation. What a waste of money. Hey, don’t you guys realize that Marty was the top tech terminal on the planet! Please, take a look around and see the quality of auditors who are now independent.
    These folks are not delivering off beat non-standard auditing, these guys are the top tech people, good decent people, wanting, and delivering the tech as standardly as possible. I too believe in stopping non standard squirrels. But to borrow a phrase, “you’re barking up the wrong tree”. There are enemies to fight on planet earth, they’re not too hard to find. If nothing else look at the effect you’re creating by having “Scientologists fighting Scientologists”. How do you think this appears to society? I know you’re fighting to keep it standard, but so are the independence.
    A different approach is in order.

  23. TheWidowDenk

    I respect, admire and support our persons of goodwill who wear the “boots.” To do otherwise means I would entertain the harassment, criminality, etc., of those who shuffle around in bedroom slippers. Rachel


  25. Michael and Joy, thank you for all you have done and are doing. You are correct, it is up to us…all of us to stop this insantity. Love Carol

  26. Michael Fairman

    I know that Jason Beghe and others have walked in Marty’s shoes and continually walk in their own. I omitted that in my narrative and want to set it right.

  27. Thanks for your detailed writeup, Michael. You stated :

    “Those who have been manipulated, intimidated, or bought into silence will not stop it . It is apparent at this time that neither the media nor the government has a firm will to stop it. Only we can.”

    So HOW can we stop it ?

    In my opinion this is a battle of a suppressive group (“you cannot do anything about it”) against Scientologists (“something can be done about it”).

    To do something about it you need a plan. There have been some suggestions, like reporting every stalking incident to the authorities, thus creating a paper trail. But I am not aware of a plan or a strategy that is followed.

    I think this is really a key battle : nobody has ever countered the SST (Scientology Stalking Tech) in a successful way. This is how GO or OSA could give anyone a hard time without reprisal. Once a remedy is found against SST the OSA operatives will have lost that power forever !

  28. Forget a restraining order, these guys are violating anti-stalking laws in multiple states. That’s a pretty straightforward crime that can be prosecuted.

  29. Impartial English Girl

    It just gets worse. A serious boundary was crossed when the Ingleside goons nearly ran over Chiquita – and now THESE goons almost hit Mr. Rathbun. This is heading in an extremely serious direction which can only end in one way and I seriously hope it doesn’t go that far.

    Good job no-one will ever have to walk in DM’s shoes – quite apart from the unsavoury prospect, no-one else could squeeze themselves into the covers for his little cloven hooves.

    Please take care everyone.

    IEG xx

  30. Impartial English Girl

    P.S. Mr. and Mrs. Fairman; you seem like such nice people. Best wishes, and hope you get your restraining order sorted out without too much hassle.
    IEG x

  31. Hello Michael,

    I’ve not commented for a while, attention on other things the past few months, but glad I checked in now. Unbelievable write-up, and all empathy for what Marty, his wife, Mike and others have been going through all this time; complety nuts and out-of-control. I can’t imagine any true religious organization or movement acting in this manner, at least not in this century.

    In all honesty, I’ve not been onlines for quite some time, and have not done half as much as others on the Bridge, so not sure how a public declaration would help, as most people would say, “who”?? I suspect this is the case with some others who follow the blog sporadically as well, so perhaps an unfair burden is upon those who are well known in the C of S, or who are showbiz celebs. I have a few acquaintances who are active, and if they ask me about the Bridge, I will tell them that I will continue outside, but can no longer support the C of S. Hopefully this will start them questioning.

    Speaking of “Gestapo” tactics, I saw “Valkyrie” for the first time last night, and it was so ironic to watch, one could not help but wish that Tom would wake up, see the analogy, and become a Von Stauffenberg for Scientology, as you and others have done. If he would only read this blog…


  32. The only problem “Off the Fence” is that these are not Scientologists but paid mercs.

    The funding for this operation as far as I understand is being laundered through Abelson’s office a heavy hitter in Hollywood who happens to be Tom Cruise’s lawyer.

    It is being run by a man by the name of David Labow or Labeau who operates like a spy or criminal under various alias.

    A Pellicano protege.

    (Again Pellicano was retained by guess who?)

    The only difference is that while Pellicano had some ….ethics problems. He was an authentic gum shoe while Lebow and his team are nothing but hired goons.

    Their job is to intimidate and harass their target.

    What is called cascading “surveillance” which isn’t really surveillance at all but in reality harassment and intimidation used to make the target react in some way.


    Sorry for your loss.

    I’m glad you slipped through the gauntlet.

  33. OTF:
    Ever heard the phrase,”preaching to the choir?”

    The majority of the people here at this blog… get it. “WE” understand the waste and futility of all that is going on.

    What YOU can do that would be very helpful, is to find those people still “on the fence” and deliver to them the speech you just gave above. TR-3 that thing until you get the VGI EP of “COB is really doing that? He really IS doing that! Look at that video! Holy crap!”

    Put the Friends of LRH website into as many hands as possible. Talk to public and staff, and keep your TR’s in, and the ARC right where it needs to be in order to be heard. USE THE TECH LRH GAVE YOU in order to get people to listen, then tell them again. Keep saying it until it sinks in past the PR, past the BS, past the brainwashing, really get yourself heard. Don’t take a namby-pamby “got it” ack. Make sure they don’t “got it.” Make sure they GET IT!


  34. Martin Padfield

    Michael and Joy: Thank you.

    I know it may be small consolation, but there ARE many of us who are doing more than writing, reading, watching. With little steps we do what we can, in our own names, and overtly where applicable.

    No one will ever forget in the coming months and years the courage of Marty and Mosey, Mike Rinder and many many others who have put their TR 0 in and confonted this evil toe to toe. Thank you to all others who are DOING, not just watching and waiting.

  35. Sara Finning

    Mike, a lot of well intentioned people offer perhaps obvious legal advice because it’s what should work. It should work that Marty/you/Monique/Christie [fill in the blank] should be able to call their local law enforcement and file a report, who in turn enforce the relevant criminal law. It should be that simple. Sure, I get it that perhaps A isn’t harassing you, but now B is filling his/her shoes by the same acts.

    Oh, and since when did law enforcement decide on one’s intent, in reference to Marty being told that Leblow didn’t intend to injure? I thought that was the whole point of trial by jury? Mens rea and all that?

  36. Bryan,

    I’m pleasantly surprised when Law Enforcement actually does its job and actually obeys the law itself while enforcing it in the best interest of those who they are supposed to defend and serve.

    In many cases it is not their fault.

    They try to enforce the law and some vested interest like the Intelligence Community for example tells them to look the other way in the interest of “National Security” or some other nebulous reason.

    Don’t be too hard on them.

    They have family and pensions to worry about.

    For the most part they are good people.but like us they are influenced by merchants of chaos or SPs who happen to get their bloody little hands on the levers of power.

    As far as Debbie Cook is concerned.

    Who needs her?

    She sold her soul to the devil a long time ago.

    You want big names?

    We’ve got Mary, Mike, Michael, Jason, Karen, me (just kidding on that one 🙂 ) Thoughtful Steve, Dan et al.

    (Anyone I missed take it up with the editorial department)

    Hell some of us are working on getting some of Ron’s kin on board!

    (I mean how crazy is that?)

    Anyways big names don’t really matter.

    A good example “Mr. Cruise”.

    He’s a “big name” that has probably done more damage to Scienology than any actual PR value he had.

    Besides this is how Miscavige and his amen corner think.

    They think if they get some big name celeb that people will be “driven into the org”.

    The only way that Tom Cruise will drive anyone into the org is in that special bus he had his friend Dave build him.

  37. obviously correct “Mary” to Marty.

    My “T” key sometimes sticks.

  38. Michael and Joy;
    Thanks for helping Marty out…Not easy being followed by cockroaches in SUV’s on California Freeways. This game is starting to get ugly….not sure where it’s heading…I’m not in hiding….I’m here for the duration…I would say to all who lurk, if you want LRH tech to be available for your kids & grand kids, it’s time to take a stand and be overt in defending this technology.

    I think we are coming to a fork in the road. One way is the Code of Honor and the other direction is your passport to hell. Your choice!!!

  39. Thanks to Michael and Joy for really helping out Marty. A brief respite is a respite nonetheless. You are right, I should be doing something. It’s wrong of me not to.

  40. Good points RJ,

    I kind of knew all of this already but sometimes one just needs to rant a bit, I guess.

    As a funny side note, the Seattle Org called up my dad last night and asked if he could come down and audit his old pc because “The org really needs his help.” My dad, of course, came out on this blog a couple months ago, so you can observe the blatant disorganization going on in the Idle Org. He told me that he handled the young, green staff member rather kindly and was then asked if he knew of any people who could use some auditing because the org “really needs them”.

  41. “They don’t even care if they are effective because they are not paid on bonuses, as LRH points out, but get paid just to harrass. Man, that’s easy money. A monkey can do that job.”

    But a man cannot. How do they live with themselves, knowing how degraded they have become?

  42. Tony DePhillips

    Dear Michael and Joy,
    Very well done for helping Marty. Michael, your story reads like a movie script. Maybe someday it can be made into one. The picture of Joy pulling up in her muscle car would be a great scene.
    I think Christian Bale would play a good Marty.
    What you say here is very true. This is not a game. We are dealing with a true psycho and the governments are for sale to the highest bidder. It is up to us whether or not anything will change. This is not the time to sit on the side lines.

  43. Michael and Joy :

    Superb write up. Reading it was like seeing the mental image pictures in a movie and Surround sound, tires screeching, engines running, adrenal pumping. You made it easier for others to FEEL what Marty and Mike put up with from the Reptilian Predator. It is shameful, repugnant and distasteful because it is a revenge retaliation tactic from a “Religion.”

    Note that Marty is doing a Charity cycle of someone terminal reaching the end of their life. This is being done from benevolence at no charge, something the CHURCH would never do without $$$$$$$$


    The AMOUNT of CALLS to Law Enforcement on Scientology DIRTY TRICKS !

    Whew !
    In 48 hours

    1) LAPD visited with me and was called and debriefed at these goons “Squirrel Busters” including Miami arrested Ed Bryan showed up at my door.

    2)They visited with the ex-GOLD Staff Member who had also been audited by Marty on a charity cycle for no $$$$$$.
    LA Sheriffs were called and showed up and debriefed.

    3) Marc Headley is in Los Angeles and he posted on Facebook said ~~
    Marc Headley
    As I left a private residence early this afternoon, I noticed a Scilon PI waiting for me at the end of the driveway. He followed me aggressively for miles, running at least 2 red lights trying to keep up with me. I let him follow me to the local courthouse where I recruited some help. When I drove off from the courthouse, he had two motorcycle cops, two squad cars and two officers on foot surrounding his car. Did not see him for the rest of the day.

    4) The Motor cycle cop and the 2 female officers reported in article above by Michael Fairman.

    This is the amount of Law Enforcement used just in the Los Angeles area in 48 hours !


    The Church pays nothing towards Police budgets
    501C3. While the tax payer pays for Police energy, time, duty calls, and incidents maliciously created by the “Church.”


  44. Tony DePhillips

  45. No Church in the history of the United States has been reported to Law enforcement more than the “Church” of Scientology. It gets more complaints than the MAFIA


    I recall being briefed that within a period of 6 months, 300 separate complaints were filed with the FBI. Many to do with the atrocities at GOLD Base and other Sea Org bases.

    Hiding under the cloak of “religion” is an impediment to Law Enforcement.
    A business (would not get away with 1/100th of the abuse on its employees.) They get away with it screaming 1st amendment rights, whereas their conduct is anything BUT religious.

    This is the exact violation of the LAW:
    Here’s another crime that has been and is being committed:


    (Google Gang Stalking)

    646.9. (a) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or willfully and maliciously harasses another person and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family is guilty of the crime of stalking, punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year, or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment, or by imprisonment in the state prison.

    (e) For the purposes of this section, “harasses” means engages in a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at a specific person that seriously alarms, annoys, torments, or terrorizes the person, and that serves no legitimate purpose.

    (g) For the purposes of this section, “credible threat” means a verbal or written threat, including that performed through the use of an electronic communication device, or a threat implied by a pattern of conduct or a combination of verbal, written, or electronically communicated statements and conduct, made with the intent to place the person that is the target of the threat in reasonable fear for his or her safety or the safety of his or her family, and made with the apparent ability to carry out the threat so as to cause the person who is the target of the threat to reasonably fear for his or her safety or the safety of his or her family.

    It is not necessary to prove that the defendant had the intent to actually carry out the threat. The present incarceration of a person making the threat shall not be a bar to prosecution under this section. Constitutionally protected activity is not included within the meaning of “credible threat.”

  46. When you look at the reports on this blog alone, it amounts to a RICO case, which the Feds ought to look into as it seems to minimally involve extortion and obstruction of justice in several states by the POB Mafia:

    “RICO stands for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (18 U.S.C. § 1961), a law that increases the severity of penalties for crimes performed in conjunction with organized crime. The law states that any person or group who commits any two out of a list of 35 crimes (known as racketeering activity in the U.S. Code) within a decade and can be determined to have committed them with similar results or similar intentions can be charged with racketeering.

    “The maximum penalties for racketeering include a fine of up to $25,000 and up to 20 years in prison in addition to the forfeiture of all business interests and gains gleaned from the criminal activity. In addition, the case can be re-tried in civil court; plaintiffs are allowed to sue for triple damages. The law covers crimes such as bribery, extortion, money laundering, counterfeiting, gambling, murder, arson, robbery, kidnapping, harboring certain illegal aliens, obstruction of justice, slavery and others. ”
    from: http://criminal-law.freeadvice.com/criminal-law/criminal-law/rico-cases.htm

  47. Scott Campbell

    When touring in SoCal, who better to provide transportation than Michael “Parnelli Jones” Fairman and Joy “Danica Patrick” Greysen.

    These are two stalwarts that can always be counted on to be there for a fellow Indie.

    Well done Michael and Joy. May your good deeds return rewards to you 1000 times over!

  48. OMG!!!!

    That’s hilarious Bryan!

    Your dad shoulda said:

    “Yeah I’ll be right over.” 😉

    Just kidding.

    I’m sure he’s glad to be outta that den of inequity.

    I get calls too and pretty much handle with good roads and fair weather ‘cept when they bring up the Prince of Darkness and tell me what a stellar job he’s supposedly doing which is when I tell ’em they should Comm Ev the lil’ SOB.

    So far they haven’t taken my advice.


    I mean that is one Bill of Particulars I’d really love to see.

  49. Thanks Michael and Joy for your support. I think a good way to handle the sit is by expanding auditing and training so big that Marty needs a couple of city blocks for delivery alone and thus create some private space and thus distance from the goons and thus time to attend to things that matter.

  50. Michael, Good detailed report, thanks. Like most thugs, it’s just a matter of time before Miscavige and his groupies get their just reward. Isn’t it ironic – they make Marty out to be the SP, yet, clearly, they are about as suppressive as they get. Of course, like all SPs, they can’t see it, and never will, so let them dig their own hole.

  51. RJ, to be stalked by 6 cars is unheard of. I don’t even the President has this many Secret Service cars in tow when he hits the road. Just a few men here and there. David Miscavige is such a joke, he actually makes me laugh. Aren’t these church stalkers insane? By the true meaning of the word. Any new person to the church will walk out after hearing one word of this crap going on. It is affecting their busines as well to the tune of millions of dollars from dozens of potential parishioner’s every day that now use the internet to answer their questions about Scientology instead of the church. Aren’t you glad we spoke up? 🙂

  52. Sinar
    Great post.

  53. Michael Fairman

    Thank you for that post and all your help in the “fight for freedom”, from the suppression of David Miscavige and his “regime”.

    I just wanted to personally acknowledge all those who are “on the battle lines”.

    Suppression is a harmful intention or action against which one cannot fight back. (This can also include all forms of groups)
    If a person feels like they cannot, or “wouldn’t dare” oppose someone, or not dare do anything that that person would not like, or if he feels that he must be “careful of” what he says or does, or even if someone feels that he “has to” please someone or some group (propitiation), he is somewhat PTS to that person or group. These things are “suppressive” to him.

    The solution… HANDLE OR DISCONNECT from the suppressive person or group. To not do so puts a person at risk, and their continued association tends to make them “ill and cowed” in the portions of their lives where there is this undue influence.

    I find it very interesting that Marty, and a growing number of others, ARE FIGHTING BACK and are therefore not PTS, to that degree. In spite of anything and everything that David Miscavige throws at these beings, they continue to apply a “handling” or they “disconnect”. Because of David Miscavige’s “forced connection” (by way of continual harassment) Marty, et al, are in the position of continually having to “handle” the suppressor(s).
    Day by day they become stronger because of this.

    Any inflow (motivator) can be seen either as a tool or a barrier in the advancement of one’s Dynamics. I see Marty and several other stellar beings turning David Miscavige’s dramatization of his insanity into a flow toward increased sanity. The very energy that David Miscavige is using to suppress these beings, is being used to overcome him and the effects of his suppression.

    It is simply incredible to watch, and to be taking some, ( even if lesser) part in.

    Thank you to everyone who has joined this battle, in whatever fashion, to overthrow David Miscavige and his Suppressive Regime. May you grow stronger by the day for your honor and integrity, and your willingness to fight back.

    And for all those who would be “freedom Fighters”….I offer this….
    (I have posted this before but I would like to post it again for you all)

    Keep The God Alive

    Wake the mighty God within.
    Rouse the sleeping giant.
    Raze the keep that holds you fast,
    And from its ashes rise!

    Throw off those weighty shackles.
    Walk proudly through the land.
    And always,
    Whatever else,

    Eric S

  54. Tony DePhillips

    I think it could be very easy to lose the a-holes. I can think of several ways.

  55. Thomas,
    Everyone is important! When a person is in a jam and needs help, it often comes from sources one would never imagine. Look at Bert Leahy. Bert didn’t even know Marty but, his good heart prompted him to do the right thing. He has made a huge difference!
    No one reading this blog should ever underestimate their importance. The fact that you are here reading and looking already puts you light years ahead of many. 🙂

  56. Thanks Michael. Unbelievable and eye-opening report. Disgusting account.
    It is obvious that there is no reasoning with these people as they have no conscience, which is, incidentally, the definition of a sociopath. You can call them SPs if you want. I call them dangerous and evil. They operate solely and soullessly on a concept of win at all costs and make the adversary lose at all costs. They have no concept of right and wrong-they can’t conceive of it. They are true criminals.
    From all my experiences with people over my 50+ years, Mark Rathbun has the greatest ability to confront and handle evil of anyone I have ever come across. Whoever is number 2 in that ability still lags miles behind Marty. He also is probably the most tenacious motherfucker I have ever come across, too. These qualities, along with an extraordinary ability to endure hardship and pain, make me certain that no matter how dirty these criminals may play, MARTY WILL PREVAIL. He is just too good at this game. Go rent “Rambo” or perhaps “Billy Jack” if you want a clearer understanding of what I mean.
    Yes, of course I am concerned for Marty. But not that concerned….

  57. Mosey,
    Thank you for being the Power Lady that you are. I, for one, will NOT let anything happen to Marty and you. Serious actions are taken as we speak, I am positive there will be a DEAD END road for Miscavige and his minion very very soon.
    Stay strong!

  58. Karen, excellent. And not to sidetrack, but just as humor, stalking {i.e. a stalker’s tone level} is the norm for OSA goon types. That is why they are OSA goons. To you, to me, to others not in the church that are classified by the church as less aware WOG or SP types, this seems outrageous and illegal conduct. But to them {the church or non church members hired to harass us} it is the norm. It is normal for them to act nuts and this is how they are known. That is rather morbid and frightening. But not me. To me normal is big slice of pizza and a huge something to drink. 🙂 If I had been in the Subway shop that day in L.A. and they served pizza, Noelle North probably would have told me choke on it. But, as I said. That would be normal for her too! 🙂


  59. Laura Ann,

    Yes, I see your point, and thank you! : ) It’s true, one never knows the effect one can have. Amazing that Bert had the integrity to say no, I won’t be a part of this, once he had the data, unlike some others more famous (example already given). I hope I can have a positive effect in my small circle, and that these will spread out like ripples in a pond…

  60. I’d say ‘TIME OUT FOR TAO”. Review Marty’s blog July 28, 2011.

    An important fork has been reached. The attack is getting physical. Maybe a revenge for the ‘car wash’. Who knows. Marty got hit not just once but twice. While hitting Marty’s arm with the mirror could be attributed to out-TR 0, driving the car door into Marty’s chest certainly WAS intentional. I’d not buy it any other way.
    This HAS TO BE addressed with the law and meanwhile, yes, we need to flourish & prosper and increase our ranks under or above the radar and be loud and make noise to stop these assholes from thinking they can get away with anything with their Ser Facy ‘rightness’.

  61. Jim, unless Marty files for a restraining order *first* any criminal complaint will not be taken seriously. Another step to take would be to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Public Safety/Private Security Bureau.

    Private Investigators have freedom from many ‘stalking laws’ (rightly or wrongly), but, in this case the PI is engaged in deliberate *harassment*, which is not legal by any reading of the law. And, the evidence is readily available.

    A complaint to the Dept. would very likely bring his license into question and would cost *nothing*.

  62. It’s a very serious game, but it’s still a game. It’s *always* a game. The second you stop thinking that it’s a game is the second that you lose.

  63. What struck me in a few comments above is how people are able to see the SP (DM) thru the eyes and actions of the disciples he sends out in his image, i.e, Jim Lynch, freedumb mag, trying to interview Ivan Garcia, absolutely creepy with intent to cause harm, then the PI’s today attempting to bash Marty, the entourage policing Marty’s neighborhood, et al. These are DM’s disciples and it gives us here in the field and public eyes just how intense and evil the suppression is. Consider this dichotomy and imagine some other religious leader commanding the same stunts, that religion would not be long for the world or if, would be limping along as is the CofM. And for any of you reasonable types trying to “explain” this bad behavior, don’t, it’s planned, just as the 3 swings of the FN is designed to destroy auditors and pc’s alike. Consider Greg Moore, top tech terminal and C/S at OC Org that helped OC go St Hill size, went to FSO and could never get thru his CL 8 C/S internship, returned in shame, this is just one in the line of hundreds of casualties of DM’s regime. Might as well compare him to Hitler, albeit Hitler killed bodies, DM is destroying much more, bodies come and go, but this tech is a brief breath in eternity that is being covertly but surely altered and destroyed. This goes deeper I suspect, due to DM’s 501(c)(3) violations, further destruction could result and really the only hope of people going free will be in the independent field, which DM is trying his hardest to destroy and he’s lost control over! His hopes of destroying LRH & Scn are turning into ashes at his finger tips. This a desparate man who will resort to ever increasing desparate measures. Marty don’t be alone and carry a camera with you always and record everything.

  64. Marty, since the terrorists always seem to know where you are and where you are going why don’t you just announce your travel plans here on your blog. That way all of the independents who live where you are going to be can come and meet you to run interference and effectively block any vehicles from following you and make the lives of the spooks a living hell. Maybe you need to start traveling with an entourage. Maybe you should hold press conferences whenever you come to LA or Clearwater or any other major city. Invite the press to follow along to bear witness to the insanity. It seems like they are just going to continue doing what they are doing unless you and all the independents change the game. Just some wacky ideas for you to consider.

  65. Thank you to everyone who acknowledged Michael and me. I personally feel embarrassed to take any acknowledgement for anything we did on Tuesday, as, no matter how hard it may have seemed at the time – IT IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT MARTY, MOSEY, MIKE AND CHRISTIE GO THROUGH EVERY SINGLE DAY. And what’s more, it is infinitesimal compared to the harm DM has intentionally caused to all of us spiritually, mentally, and financially. He is attempting to destroy our hope of mankind’s goodness, our faith in LRH, and our love for eachother by turning us against one another.
    We did NOTHING in comparison to what actually needs to be done. Please understand this. I am not fishing for futher praise by saying this – I am trying to impress upon you how MUCH needs to be done to arrest this growing cancer.
    If a town were being infested with insects, the town would rise up together to fight back with enough force to regain a healthful balance. If a cancer were growing in your body and it was allowed to grow unchecked, it would smother your healthy organs and kill your body.
    The fact that it is hard or that there are no obvious immediate solutions is simply lame and NOT going to kill the cancer.
    We must come together and create a workable, immediate, real solution to the fact that DM and his megalomania is being ALLOWED to run rampant and no one is really effectively stopping him. His disease is spreading and we, as a group are sitting in front of our computers watching the show unfold.
    The disease needs to be arrested and smothered. There are enough intelligent people on this blog that we should be able to come up with a strategy to stop the blatant spread of this disease, this plague. We all know it is not ok in ANY society. We all know that everyone outside the church whom we have described this behavior to are aghast. We all know that if we put our hearts and minds together and realized the magnitude of this crime, we would find a way to rise up and shine the light of truth on what is really going on…
    Maybe we all need to wake up and GET that this is more important than our jobs, our social activities, even our friends and family. Ron says our integrity is more important than our immediate lives. There were moments in the car where I was actually scared for my life as we were trying to escape. And it’s more than about your personal integrity. It is about standing up to an evil that is not only blatantly violating our human rights, but it is trying to steal our religous freedoms from us. I don’t know about each one of you, but I devoted 25 years to a way of life that I believed in with all my heart. I want to be free to continue to believe what I believe and practice my spiritual path – whatever it may be- for myself, my children, my children’s children, etc. I also want to defend my right as an American citizen, to live peacefully and free with the law on my side.
    It is VITAL that we solve this and put an end to this heinous injustice.
    We ALL need to brainstorm how we solve this – once and for all. NOW is the time. We don’t need to wait until someone gets seriously injured or killed before we rise together and solve this. Maybe we all bombard every newspaper we can think of with letters. Maybe we contact the local media OFTEN and repeatedly describe what is occurring…maybe we can form groups or commitees in our local areas work on it, maybe, maybe, maybe… I’m sure everyone of you could come up with at least 10 ideas. We MUST come together and make this a priority until we are winning this war. There is no reason we should not. We are the OTs. WE are the OTs for God’s sake…

  66. Yes, Mike, that’s EXACTLY what happened.

  67. And BTW, Marty was hit in the CHEST by the mirror as well as the door by LeBow’s vehicle. He was physically knocked backwards both times. It was horrifying. I was standing right next to him.

  68. top of the vale

    How to Get a Restraining Order

    A restraining order can help end an abusive relationship safely. Sometimes called a protective order, a restraining order is a court order that makes it illegal for an abusive partner to harm you, come near you or contact you.

    Although the details vary by state, there are two basic requirements for getting a restraining order:

    Showing a certain relationship between you and the abuser
    Showing abuse in your relationship

    By law, restraining orders are free in all 50 states.

    A restraining order can’t guarantee your safety or change your abuser, but it can help keep you safe during a difficult time. In fact, after you get a restraining order, your abusive partner could face criminal penalties for violating it.

  69. Bill, that’s a great idea!!

  70. Please don’t forget to lend a bit of support to those in the indy field who
    ARE getting the show on the road despite any and all objections by POB and the church of miscavology.

    Trey, Ingrid, Jim Logan…dozens more are setting up academies and auditing people on a regular basis. Not to mention Marty who still manages to get great products despite such obnoxious interference.

    We just completed our first class V. That’s a girl from nowhere to being a competent class V. And she is getting rave wins on her pcs. She’ll be going back to her home country in a couple of weeks and we’ll guide her into running a successful practice.

    Pour the coals on real delivery. Soon miscavige will have to send PIs out to watch thousands of us. Picture that:)

    Les Warren

  71. Agreed, this is an excellent writeup Michael!

    HCO Manual of Justice “sparing no expense” to use PIs and lawyers to harass and intimidate, are the only possible antiquated (and should be retired, “blue penciled” LRH calls it, in OEC Volume 2 policy). (Thanks to John Peeler for reminding internet readers how that HCO Manual of Justice is being used to justify PI tactics.)

    Michael and Joy and Monique, and all who help Marty, you guys are on the cutting edge of confronting and exposing what MOST needs stopping in official Scientology’s irrational behavior.

    There will be NO improvement in official Scientology’s reputation until it moves away from these PI and volunteer Scientologist intimidation tactics. New religion scholars just scratch their heads and wonder why the heck does official Scientology do this kind of stuff, and they wonder why doesn’t official Scientology notice this only sullies their reputation.

    Thanks to all who help Marty live his life in peace.

    Thankyou very much Michael and Joy Fairman!

  72. Michael Fairman

    + infinity — The tigress speaks!

  73. CR:

    “These are DM’s disciples….” might not be correct.

    These are more like unscrupulous guns for cash-hire rather than disciples which have a follower type of connotation. Note that those who do need money but have personal integrity won’t do the pure evil actions that POB down the line- Warren & OSA and shysters directs to do.

    Those that are contributing and have contributed to the POB for evil slush funds and don’t ask for it back – This is where your money goes to. The rogues gallery of those contributing to evil is posted on the latest Impact magazine under bogus fancy statuses.

    4 sets of PIs x $2K per week = $16K (not including expenses of airfare, cars, gas, electronics & cameras, food, lodging, etc.)

  74. Great idea Bill, I would definitely volunteer!

  75. To people on the outside this doesn’t look possible. Why not just ignore them, or you must be giving them something. However, the daily grind of the pressure of this is weighted and paralyzing. Just the other day I had an intense conversation about this and was told, oh people make too much about this. Imagine for a moment your every move is tracked, your shadow is not alone, you have the invasion of the most private nuisance you can stomach, and who is there for you?

    Outsiders say; you brought this on yourself, you joined and this is the cards you are dealt. Some Law Enforcement do not understand the magnitude of this intrusion and violation of your personal rights. Often they shrug it off as a school yard bully aspect.

    I have lived it in a different setting and then with this organization. If you knew me in person you would never imagine this could happen to me. But it did! Proud to say I am living my life now as a complete peaceful person is the greatest gift. But every once in a while I wonder if I will ever have to employ the use of “real protection” again.

    I hope this stops, somewhere, somehow it needs to stop.

  76. You wrote: “DM is destroying much more, bodies come and go, but this tech is a brief breath in eternity that is being covertly but surely altered and destroyed.”
    This is why DM is evil in the extreme. He is trying to ruin this one brief moment in time for us to go free while engrandizing himself. That is the pinnacle of hedonistic self-absorption. His karma will be very hard for him to ever overcome.

  77. Scott Campbell

    I would add “Gladiator” to that list:

  78. Thank you K#1,

    At this point what is really a big disappointment for me are the Feds. Many of us Exs went out of our way to interview with a couple of agents and got others we know to talk to them some time ago. Larry Wright was correct in his article on the subject.

    The actions of the Evil Pope on a box gets worse and now involves public safety on the streets of LA with those idiots running red lights. Hopefully some of those intersections have cameras on them. The term FBI to me now just means past TV shows, historical bad guys on the top ten and fictional and ET stuff. At least Elliot Ness got the bad guys.

  79. Michael and Joy, my hat is off to both of you. Your write up cuts to the core.

    Miscavige and his minions have disgraced the usefulness of the tech and the man who mocked it up. They grow more and more psycho and more and more dangerous every day.

    Personally I’m at the point where I am very concerned for Marty’s safety.

    I believe there isn’t a jury in the country who wouldn’t love to give miscavige his just deserts. Whether or not Marty already has a workable plan, I agree with your intention for the rest of us to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    Here are some obvious facts:
    -Marty is a whistleblower and he is being persecuted by the fraudulent corporation that he’s exposing.
    -The video and documentary evidence is overwhelming in its accuracy and volume. It shows clearly not only that he’s being persecuted for the whistleblowing, but also for his choice to become an independent practitioner of his chosen religion, and to deny authority to a corrupt and malicious leader.

    I’m just tossing ideas around, but the following from a web site I was looking at sounds rather interesting in terms of a potential plan of action:

    Kreindler & Associates’ law practice is dedicated exclusively to representing whistle blowers who are willing to take a stand against unscrupulous corporations that are ripping off federal and state governments. Whether the fraud involves Medicare, military procurement or another government function, we pride ourselves on the level of support and assistance we give to our clients.


    Highmark Pays Over $4.5MM to settle Whistleblower Suit


    Government Intervenes in Lawsuit Against Technology Company


    Caremark Settles Suit for $137 Million


    Houston TV Station Reports on False Claims Act


    Court Lambasts Medco for Discovery Practices


    Medco on a losing streak in court


    Good tax news for qui tam whistleblowers

    Quest Diagnostics Pays $11.35MM to Settle Qui Tam Suit

    Judge Rebuffs Medco’s Effort to Dismiss Case

    Highmark Seeks Stay to Discuss Settlement

    Defrauding the government is nothing less than picking the pocket of every taxpayer in America. Resisting corporate greed and arrogance, whistleblowers are modern-day Davids pitting themselves against Goliath. In the hands of a whistleblower and good counsel, the False Claims Act and related statutes are the great equalizers.

    The federal False Claims Act (and its state counterparts) gives a person the right to file a lawsuit to recover money from companies that are cheating the government. The suit is filed confidentially – under seal – without any notice to the defendant. Such cases are also known as qui tam suits.

    At Kreindler & Associates, we know that being a whistleblower is stressful business. Standing up for what is right is often a lonely and difficult task. Rather than being treated as the heros that they are, whistle blowers are often persecuted by those engaged in fraud and by those too afraid to take a stand against wrongdoing. That’s why we provide an unparalleled level of service and support for our whistle blower clients. The firm’s offices are located in Houston and west of Philadelphia, but our practice is national in scope, and we file cases throughout the country.

    If you are fighting the good fight in trying to do what’s right or just want to find out more about how the False Claims Act stops the government from being cheated, we invite you to explore our website or contact us directly.”

    Personally, I think it’s quite possible that miscavige is defrauding the federal government to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars for non-religious activities that are being claimed for tax exemption.

    Just an idea

  80. Outfinanced and outnumbered, and still Marty and company outmaneuvered his opponent and carried the day. A famous general said, “Always mystify, mislead and confuse the enemy”.

    It amazes me how DM continues to misjudge his opponent at every move, using his vastly superior resources to constantly fail at stopping anything he is trying to stop. Failure – utter failure. He has gotten no products for his expenditures.

    Thank you, Mr Fairman, for sharing and for helping.

  81. Lablow lives in fear of you and Marty every minute of his life. I looked directly at him the other, first time meeting me, and told him ” you Mother F****cker criminal will pay for this very soon”, he looked at me and said “who are you I have never seen you”.
    Well, now he knows who I am and won’t put up with his bullshit.
    Lablow, we are growing in numbers and you will be confronted with many more each day. Hope you can deal with it.

  82. Michael Fairman

    Gigi, that may have been your experience with people on the outside, but it definitely has not been mine. At least a dozen people to whom I’ve told what is happening, understand its viciousness and lawlessness. They also know something about the history of the church and its recent cult-like behavior. No one person has said these are the cards I have been dealt.
    And I know for a fact that certain members of the LAPD are NOT shrugging this off. “Hoping” this stops is not the attitude that will stop it. It will take EVERYONE, who believes what is going on to be DEAD WRONG, to implement what Joy has suggested in the above comments, and the persistence that Marty, Mosey, Mike, Christie and others have shown. THAT will stop it.

  83. Luis — thankyou and 100% agreed.

  84. Thankyou Truth. Glad you are with us!

  85. No surprise Joy. It’s SOP.

  86. Joy — I agree with your comment except one thing. There is no cause to be embarrassed — be deservedly proud.

  87. +1 Jason

  88. Mike & Mark: I have linked this article in the Indie Scientologists Facebook group.

    I am not a lawyer, but I checked the California Penal Code online. As far as I can tell, Lubow committed a felony assault on Mark Rathbun:

    “245. (a) (1) Any person who commits an assault upon the person of
    another with a deadly weapon or instrument other than a firearm or by
    any means of force likely to produce great bodily injury shall be
    punished by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four
    years, or in a county jail for not exceeding one year, or by a fine
    not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by both the fine and

    In this context, a vehicle is a “deadly weapon”.

    Anyone with Lawyer kung fu want to comment ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  89. Freedom Fighter

    +1 and congratulations to both staff and the newly minted CLV!!! Wahoo!!! VWD!!!

  90. Dear Sinar,

    The FEDS have a reputation of moving at the speed of a turtle.
    But I am sure you are familiar with the phrase
    Give somebody enough rope to hang themselves.

    Marty and Mike are strategists.(long range) Miscavige is tactical. (short range)

    It will come to an end. The question is does it have end badly ?t
    Congressman Ron Paul

  91. Tony Dephillips

    I meant it’s not a game in the way spectators watch a video game. Of course all life is a game, some are spectators and some are participants.
    I think most people knew what I was talking about.

  92. And here is where organization comes into the picture.

    In my opinion, to make this work we would need an “in-charge”, in each area affected, to handle the logistics, comm lines, etc. Without organization nothing will actually happen. People will be willing, but without organization it will never occur.

    So… I am willing to be the “in-charge” for my area, Vancouver, Canada. Anyone who wants to be part of this strategy, in my area, is welcome to get in comm with me. (or we can chose another IC (in-charge) if we choose) E-mail at: windwalker8008(at)gmail.com
    I know, I know, not a huge big offer at this point, as this area is not a “hot spot” at this time, but should it ever be needed it is now in place.

    Anyone else willing to take on their areas?

    Eric S

  93. Tony DePhillips

    Then the idea of palying “three card monty” with cars and sneaking Marty off and lose the losers would be a breeze.

  94. Tony DePhillips

  95. Ralph Hilton

    Lablow is money motivated. That is all. It has no fear of Marty. It is not really a thetan but a psychotic gibbering wreck that sells its soul for money.
    The people here are mostly aware of themselves as theta beings.
    The minions of DM and DM are simply not. They are unaware dramatizing reanimated corpses.
    It is a serious mistake to expect such to behave as thetans.
    They are below death on the tone scale.
    Fear is far too high on the tone scale for an entity like Lablow to aspire to.
    Fear at least means a small degree of awareness that there is a threat in the environment. Lablow is not high enough on the tone scale to experience even death.
    DM has reduced the organizations of Scientology to below death on the tone scale.
    When faced with such as DM and his minions I consider it best to just treat them as psychotic entities. They are below emotion.

  96. Thanks WW,
    for anyone who wishes to HANDLE I would like to bring to attention HCO B 29 Dec 1978R, The Suppressed Person RD, A Magical New Rundown. “This rundown is to repair the relationship.” LRH has released it pretty soon after developing NOTs and it can be given to any case level. There is no hint that the rues for auditing of OTs are not followed.
    A person universe can change and the universe of a person who has dished out and dishes out THAT much suppression better does.

  97. Joy


    Very good… Now to see if we can make it happen…

    OK, I have some ideas to offer.
    SO….do we want these out here on the blog, or would it be better to compile them somewhere where they are available for anyone who wishes to initiate or assist in one or more of them?
    Again… Organization… So….do we have someone willing to IC this project? You perhaps Joy?

    (and here am I gently slipping into an ESTO (ESTablishment Officer) hat).
    Theo.. Wanna play on this one?

    To really make an effective shoulder to shoulder effort work, it seems we need to “organize”. Dang… I’m sure I’ve heard that before somewhere. We ought to be able to keep it light and mobile, but it does seem valuable, at this point.

    Eric S

  98. Tony DePhillips

    Marty and Mike,
    Can we have a post on this topic of brainstorming for a solution to end the madness? Then we could all throw out suggestions and then act on them in a coordinated way.

  99. Damn… I’m blowing charge like crazy here.
    Gotten all misty a couple of times in the last few minutes just imagining the possibilities.
    There I go again…have to wait till the “mist” clears a bit…….
    OK I just recalled a purpose I had to “establish” a smooth running, up tone, and prospering organization. I am actually only mini hatted as an ESTO, full hatted as an Org Officer, but the purpose is being “rehabbed” as I write.

    I am willing to be an ESTO for an “Internet Indie Org” if that is needed and wanted. ( see… who do I even ask? Is there an ED in the house?)

    And there I was, all set to pretty much throw the whole concept of being part of a “Scientology” organization out the window as a bad idea.
    I know we can do this. ( and here it comes…) We just need to get organized!

    Eric S

  100. F’ing A. Thanks, Michael for writing this up so well and to you and Joy for helping out our friend.

    Thanks again, Marty and Mosey, for putting up with this crap without going postal, and for literally keeping the faith.

  101. Marty and Mosey – My condolences for the family secondary.

    Michael and Joy – Thank you for helping our friends.

    Lubow – Based on your actions and whoring to DM I know you don’t have a clean past. Expect to be exposed. Yep!

    David Lingenfelter

  102. Joy and Michael
    Thank you for what you are doing every day and for asking others to step up to the plate.
    For those who are ‘watching’ please take note of Michael’s message. Don’t be a spectator – it is far better to be cause than effect:

    “Spectatorism is very great in our modern society.
    Because some people cannot conceive of causing anything, they just watch it. They don’t do anything. They are not PARTICIPANTS. They are spectators.
    You see this in magazines. Hee hee hee articles about how odd this is or that is. No understanding of it. It’s just odd and one watches it in a detached sort of way.
    Below this is somebody who doesn’t even notice. Such a person has to come up scale just to be a spectator….”
    “…What we need are more PARTICIPANTS, more teammates.
    The degree you can be cause in handling the targets and needs of the group determines right away how far you’ve come up the line….”
    “…I don’t care what your grade is. You are alive. Your true ability depends on the degree you can exercise the definition of OT over your post in forwarding the purposes of the group.”
    L Ron Hubbard
    HOPL 14 January 1969 SPECTATORISM

    If you are a lurker hiding in the dark reading others are doing to bring about an end to the suppression of YOUR religion then well done for being brave enough to read forbidden and dangerous ‘entheta’ material. Now I add my voice to Michael’s (and Ron’s) and respectfully request that you get off your bottom and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  103. Here’s another one:

    “…If I cannot teach you to land on your own two feet on your post, I’ve surely failed You’ve got to be willing to be hanged for mistakes and not tremble for fear of making them. Be right on a majority of decisions, and don’t be wrong on any important ones. But if you are you’ll only be hanged. How come your neck is so precious when mine isn’t?

    Yes, it’s important what you decide. Yes, it’s the survival of your area at stake if you’re wrong. But why be timid about it? The whole place will wither and die where you are if you aren’t causative. The man or girl on the post is the one who puts life in it.”

    L. Ron Hubbard
    HCO PL 22 May 59, Issue III, Central Organization Efficiency

    ‘Nuff said!

  104. Off the fence.

    I understand. However in this case I am not preaching to the choir, I’m preaching to those who are attacking the independents who believe they’re following LRH in regards to squirrels. It’s not as much a matter of choosing one or the other side, as it is to possibly have a bit more of a pan determined viewpoint of independents rather than just that of opp. terms. And that most Scientologists in the church, and most Scientologists who are independent, are after the same thing. Standard tech.

  105. Brian Culkin

  106. Great, looks like Davey’s gonna have to choose between paying bills or PI’s.

  107. scilonschools

    Thank you MR Fairman, you are right it must be stopped, a bully unchecked knows no bounds.
    When R Reagan referred to Col Gadaffi as the ‘Mad Dog of the Desert” we now know he was not joking, if that had been addressed then so many lives and so much suffering could have been avoided and not just for the Libyan people! (think of the Pam Am Lockerbie bombing)

    So often things like this get put into the ‘somebody elses problem’ catagory, as Indies there is unique knowlewdge of human behavior through LRH’s written legacy, it must be acted upon!!

  108. scilonschools

    And R Reagan made that observation over 25 years ago, three months prior to LRH’s departure (to give a memory jogg!)


  109. There ya go! Excellent point, Senorita Numero Uno.

    Need a White Paper on that with real and easily understandable numbers. Understandable at a glance.
    Dispersed enough, it will eventually get into the right hands. Gotta make it easy for them though, ya know what I mean? Regretfully, I don’t think they’re gonna go through this blog; a lot of people are lazy and I think the percentage might be a touch higher in government careers.
    So you go through it for them (along with created graphs showing how many child abductions etc. might not occur if they had that $) Then it ends up in the hands of some young prosecutor/whatever who needs and wants to make a name for themselves. Or someone who is concerned about cutting expenses. Or both.

    Sometimes ya gotta make a little luck. Intelligence and ideas can out manuever money any day of the week. Fact is, considering POB, it aint even hardly fair.

    You got a nice tan going there…lookin fly!
    Any time, Amigo, you know I can lose em!

  110. Intelligence and ideas DILIGENTLY EXECUTED…

  111. Once it gets going though, it grinds on endlessly and can’t hardly be stopped. Like stopping an aircraft carrier.
    “The wheels of justice grind slowly but they do grind.”

  112. Chump change.
    But an indication of public sentiment.

  113. Yes! Except its called Three Card Marty! Brought that title up some time back but it was bit misinterupted. There’s a similiarity when one considers how POB gets played.
    It’s a poem one day…it’ll be a hoot.

  114. Hi Joy,
    Love your fire within as well as the start of old time Flag graduations and your decision to end Davey’s rule. You know you’re an OT and that the decision comes first, then you go look for the mechanics and work toward the desired effect.

    You (and hubby) have lots of free theta and smartly applied can convert entheta wholesale. Of course, like any solution, you first have to increase the problem as introversion on existing problems is exactly what the enemy wants and what keeps a thetan very busy for a very long time.

    It appears that we already found the WHO but as the side show continuous for over 2 years now, we haven’t found (or at least are not acting on) the WHY which would open the door to a handling.

    The basic of a real answer starts in the lines above but needs quite some additional work out. I can help with that but because of rather sensitive data and high stakes it’s better done on back lines. You may contact me at erwincroughs@hotmail.com

  115. Yeah, well, I got a whole differnt application out of the policy than he did. I think that lad might have some MUs or not enough inherent brain power to be able to apply it.

  116. “Misinterpreted”…too early in the morning for me.

  117. You are probably correct and certainly a pot big enough to be seriously engaging to them. Where’s that White Paper when ya need it?

  118. “DM contnues…”
    It is amazing—yet he keeps coming back for more. It truely is Three Card Marty. Marty doesn’t have to do anything, just sits there and let’s him screw himself.
    Footbullets, Hell, how about headbullets?
    Arrogant stupidity. Never seen such a perfect example of it but then I’ve never been around emperors, popes or royalty.

  119. Mr. Fairman,
    Thank you, Sir.

  120. George M. White

    Well stated. I see it in the same way. It is the kamma of the situation.
    It is the intention that counts.
    Very well stated indeed!
    The situation needs attention and that is why I have changed my operating basis.

    Much loving-kindness,

  121. George M. White

    $1,000,000,000 Scio Reserve fund divided by $400,000 = 2,500 buildings.
    That makes $1,000,000,000 look very small and very impermanent indeed.

    Much loving-kindness,

  122. Theo Sismanides

    Luis, thanks you nailed it as Sinar says. Now it’s the time to disconnect loudly and deliver an effective blow to the enemy. Conditions and conditions formulas apply.

  123. Tony — I think every post about Lablow/Freedumb/SQuiBs is just that.

    The situation doesnt require much brainstorming or suggestions that Marty a) “report it to law enforcement” b) “go to the FBI” c) “sue them for civil rights violations” d) “ignore htem and they will go away.” I am quite confident that Marty has a very keen awareness of the possible avenues to pursue.

    There are two things needed to speed the progress of winning this war. People and money.

    PEOPLE: The more people there are who are willing to take a stand, the faster the end will come. There will always be a progression from “quietly not supporting” to “not supporting and talking to others who might feel the same” to “not supporting and actively trying to get others to see the light” to “overtly not supporting and announcing to the church” to “overtly resigning from the church” to “doing whatever I can to make the situation known” to “rallying others to make the situation known” to “leading the charge.” There will always be more people quietly not supporting than leading the charge. It is a gradient scale and the numbers become less as you move through the stages. But as more come into the “quietly not supporting” category then more move along the gradients.

    Everyone has seen the uprisings that have occurred in Arab nations over the last year. In all of these countries there have been opponents to the suppressive regimes for a long time and those regimes did a pretty good job of stamping them out. But by doing so the disaffection in the general population kept growing. ANd then the internet and the media added to the groundswell. And soon there were more people willing to stand in the streets and protest. And then more of them were willing to participate in the overthrow. But in Libya specifically there was also an infusion of weapons and support from outside the country (and probably more covertly in other nations). Which brings me to the second thing, money.

    MONEY: As everyone knows, money buys the church lawyers, lobbyists and PIs. The lawyers and lobbyists are what influence law enforcement not to act (add to that hiring ex cops in the jurisdiction where you plan to carry out your dirty deeds and you can push the edge of the law until it bulges out like a ruptured hernia and still get away with it). To bring a lawsuit, you need to pay lawyers (there isnt a competent lawyer in the US that will take on the CofM on contingency for the sort of civil rights/RICO cases that arise out of these facts). Even bringing a TRO action — they ARE free. Except within 15 days there is a hearing on a permanent injunction, and the church will bring in high priced lawyers, lying witnesses and a full blown trial.

    Marty has a way for anyone to donate right on the top of the blog.

    So, here is my analysis of what is needed and what can be done (and I know how much this rings of the “IAS” — but it kind of makes sense as the supposed purpose of the IAS is to guarantee the survival of Scientology):

    1. Get more active than you are — whereever you stand on the gradient described above work to move to the next level (no pins or gaudy trophies will be provided and you will not get a photo op with POB). If you can, make yourself known, stand up and work to get others to step out of the bubble and into the sunlight of real Scientology.

    2. Send money to the “True Scientology Legal Fund” also known as the donate button on Marty’s blog. I am certain any money sent to this will be properly used to bring or defend legal actions that will advance the cause of restoring the subject of Scientology and prying the scaly claws of POB from the neck of our religion.

    My 2c.

  124. Your humble servant

    How about we all take some action on this and do something that is easy to do and likely to be effective: Several people, most recently Karen #1 here, have pointed out that is quite illegal to stalk people in Texas with the intent to make their lives miserable, regardless of the pretense–such as shooting a documentary. Write to the District Attorney of San Patricio County, Texas, where Marty’s home is located, and tell him that ongoing crimes of stalking have been occurring for many months in Ingleside on the Bay. Give him as many details on it as you like and ask him to investigate and to prosecute. Let him know that the stalking is very well documented. Refer to Texas criminal statutes 646.9(a), above.
    While it may be true that the District Attorney is more likely to be impressed by and take action upon letters from those who live in Texas, especially those who live in or near San Patricio County, nevertheless letters from anyone, anywhere, will help.
    Those who have said here in the past that Lubow and company are carefully “staying within the law” are mistaken. They have been acting in concert to comment the felony of stalking day after day for many months.
    Fortunately, we do not now live in a completely lawless society, and the District Attorney is actually obligated by the duties of his office to pay due attention to reports of criminal activity, and to investigate and prosecute where he believes that is warranted. Possibly he is already investigating, but I wouldn’t count on it. Your letters are needed to bring about action. There is no reason to let this unbelievable parade of illegal stalking activities to continue unchecked any longer,
    Write the District Attorney a letter, even it is only a short one, although mention of at least some specifics would be helpful. His name is Patrick Flanigan. His address is Office of the District Attorney, 400 W. Sinton, Sinton, TX 78387.
    If we can bring about action to stop this stalking in just one jurisdiction, it will make it much easier to stop the practice everywhere. San Patricio, Texas, is the most logical and easiest place to start. It will also do the most to restore some peace to Marty’s and Monique’s life.

  125. LDW,

    very well done ! Applying KSW is the purpose of Scn, and the Independents are far far better regarding that than the “church”,

    What I had written above was about dealing with our external enemy ( OSA ).

  126. Marty, this has changed from being a joke into something quite dangerous. As Mike has commented on this blog many times, the orders for these actions is coming straight from DM himself. At this point, it’s clear. DM doesn’t care about public safety or even potential “collateral damage.” His mission is to take you down, pure and simple.

    There is no negotiating with these people and no “truces” that can be made. The police can’t do anything to help other than to investigate some assault that is committed against you or an innocent bystander after the fact.

    That is, with one exception; you need to file restraining orders against David Lebow, et al, as soon as possible. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest police station to fill out the appropriate paperwork make that happen. Then you are on unassailable legal ground to call the police everytime one of these losers shows up within whatever the legal boundaries.

    Clearly the stalking laws are there to benefit people such as yourself that are clearly victims of harassment.

    You will also make the cop’s jobs infinitely easier. They have plenty of experience enforcing restraining orders and they don’t have to investigate he/said they/said everytimes there’s a call to them. It simply becomes a matter of you presenting them the order and them arresting the people who violated it. Look how effectively the Church was able to use this strategy against AGP and others.

    Also, the “Squirrel Busters” happened on to one particularly effective piece of tech; the helmet cams. I highly recommend that you get one of these as well. It’s going to prove invaluable in documentating the “Squirrel Buster’s” future violations of the order (I’m assuming they’ll violate it. The alternative is that they just go away. Either way, it’s a win/win).

    Lastly, if Indepent’s are so inclined, I would also suggest getting a bodyguard, preferably one with experience in the Special Forces or the Isreali Defense Forces. I’m not kidding. A bodyguard is going to be able to provide for your personal safety as well as have experience in handling violatile situations.

  127. Tony DePhillips

    It would be Three card Marty. As in where is Marty?? Now you see him , now you don’t!!

  128. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Mike.
    Sounds right to me!!
    I am going to push the donate button if one hundred others push the button in the next fifteen minutes!! LOL!! Now THAT sounds like an IAS event !
    But seriously, I am going to donate and whoever else can, that would help alot.
    I had a dream that dm’s botox injections went horribly wrong and his lips swole up to the size of 2 inch wide liver strips and everyone who saw him was laughing at him!! It was hillarious!!

  129. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Sinar!!

    This is friggin amazing!! I hope they go bankrupt in Australia and then maybe that will spread to the USA. The “church” says the staff are volunteers!!?? Backpay would be awsome for those staff that deserve it!!

  130. Tom Gallagher


    There was a post today on Tony Ortega’s blog that bolsters your comments, especially with regards to ‘people’. Someone tagged as Cherub wrote:

    “Tony — less then about 5% of x-SCN get involved in talking about current church stuff. Most of us have quietly and intensely moved on with on with our lives. I was a major exec in the 60s-70s but when I silently left in 1998, I didnt have the usual and predominant family problem (most of my family is/was in SCN) because I adroitly avoided a declare — despite (maybe in spite) of being next to some of the most sensitive info. I just became intentionally invisible. But I want to congratulate you on these series of articles, how much it means I am sure to the thousands and thousands of us who are quietly leading other lives — it brings peace to many. And has our heartfelt thanks and gratitude that finally someone in the major press arena has decided to shine a spotlight on the criminality of your subject. In the “old” days of the late 60s-70s you and your offices would have been fried from many different angles, both physical and legal. It is a testament to the fatigue and vanishing purse of that organization, which cannot any longer attack everything in sight which it considers its enemy, having buryed itself in the miasma of its own fear and loathing 🙂 And believe me, all those who speak out against the villainy are each and every one, heroes to thousands. Thank God for the Internet and people like yourself — else none of us would have been able to compare notes and realize WE were not the insane ones — LOL”

    I’ll summarize this comment: We need more Heroes.

  131. (Dear Moderator, I found some bad typos after the fact and am reposting this here, sorry for the inconvenience but could this later version be posted up on the blog instead of the original one?)

    It can become difficult to join a group that is, strictly speaking, not an organized group. But it would seem that it actually easily could be. A group by definition is a bunch of individuals uniting under a common purpose or with a common goal. It is very evident that the common purpose among the vast majority of people posting on this blog is extremely common and mutual.

    However, many, like myself, are under the radar. I see from comments that these are sometimes looked down upon by those who have exposed their views and identity. In a way I do understand this.

    This involves many factors and disconnection to existing friends and family are often brought up as reasons. For me it is a bit different. Having recently routed out of the SO, at least in my case, I had to start life all over with no $, nothing set up and not very many to turn to. Those I could turn to were members of the Church and due to these members of the Church I was able to get started along some new path at all. I had almost no non-church connections and financially it would have been a catastrophe to just disconnect from the few connections I had in a fierce financial climate and little familiarity of the outside world after many, many years of total isolation from the outside world.

    The current church, no matter their intent (or DM’s intent) is an organized group with functions and org boards including even such things as Michael Fairman laid out in such gruesome detail (among many, many others on this blog.)

    Not sure how to go about organizing a group that is mainly connected through an internet blog (or websites) but if there are any originations along this line it may help those, like me, who are under the radar to be able to come forward. Someone above mentioned volunteering in such an organization, maybe as EstO or OO, or some such. Any further originations would be very welcome.

    Marty has enough on his hands to organize this I believe. He is already running a website as well as auditing. Maybe I’m wrong in this, but I believe if all who regularly participate in this blog formed an actual organization with functions, posts and an org board, we not only would be truly helping both Marty and the Independent movement, but also create the foundation for an organized group which under-the-radar people could join and get better help coping with whatever circumstances keeping them under the radar.

    Maybe this comment should have its own thread, but at least I figured I’ll throw the concept out there.

    Btw, Michael and Joy, and Marty and Mosey (though I don’t know Mosey personally) You are truly inspiring and the reason why I returned to this website so often after my initial encounter with it. Thank you!

  132. Michael Fairman you have balls of steel (Anon compliment)

    Any Indy that wants to chill in Europe I have space to put you up,

  133. This is a MONUMENTAL point. When it comes to pay, people are promised 2 1/2 hours a day of enhancement. That is a bill owed by the Church to all of us. They owe me six years of 2 1/2 hours day of enhancement (because they didn’t give it to me when I worked there.) Also, what “volunteer” is restrained by security guards and barbed wire? Told they cannot go home to sleep? Told they must get an abortion? Told where to live and how to live and what to wear? You imagine you are volunteering until you arrive to work and you find out very quickly there is no voluntary motion within your existence. You are ordered when to work, where to work, where to live etc etc. There is NOTHING voluntary about that.

  134. That’s right Karen! Freeloaders! Liabilities to the Church, Scientologists, and the community. That’s what a low condition they are in.

  135. Actually, Ron shoulda just said, “yeah send the PC on over to my place and I’ll audit him” … interesting flap when the DSA discovers that one.

  136. Hey Raul I hear you. I too wish the call to arms or to rally round the flag would be an immediate response and drive DM off his throne, but per observation it’s not a one size fits all response unfortunately. This ‘under the radar’ term has overtones and I hope doesn’t develop into a ‘you’re either with us or agin us’ type senaro.
    This whole situation sickens any sane individual. I’ve been sick with it for over 20 years, lost friends, family members, my savings & financial security and a good chunk of my health along the way, my crime; being a good sup and a Scientologist. The org and upline terminals grew more and more vicious over the years for reasons which only now are obvious and apparent. It’s there to see for those who care to actually look that there’s a Suppresive Person in power within the Church. His legacy in getting there did untold damage to those who in their prime had put everything on the line. Now with age, failing bodies and calls for help ignored for years it is little wonder there is hesitancy. I just hope there can be some sort of control or awareness over the kangaroo court judical response the bank throws about.
    I for one keep the tech alive in my area of influence best I can and what is happening to Marty, his family and friends is despicable and criminal. There is no doubt a battle is going on. There is also the war against sanity, one in which we are all involved in, even if you don’t know it.
    Yes a group holding up the tech would be nice especially where one can feel safe. It’s been a long hard slog to get back on my feet again and every inch of ground needs defending, I’m tired, but in the end it’s the saving or creating of the auditor’s viewpoint that this war is going to be won or lost on.

  137. Hi Joy,

    I agree with you 100%. There is only one strategy that can be a public one – one that DM himself can read and do nothing about. And that strategy is that each person who reads and follows this blog does the following:
    0. Fill out and send in a letter of support for an external audit of CST. Details are here: http://www.savescientology.com/actionplan1.pdf
    1. Look at what existing resources you have. By this I mean skill sets, or experience, comm lines, money, networks in legal, or media, or otherwise, or simply time. Everyone has something.
    2. Work out a simple way to use that resource to forward the message of truth about what is going on. If you have time — write to newspapers. If you have comm lines, use them. If you are a good writer, write some articles detailing what is going on, etc. For me, I know how to create electronic magazines – so I use this as a vehicle to get word out and in 2 weeks we have had 16,886 page views and 1300 readers!
    3. Use your skill or resource to spread the truth and bring pressure to this situation. DM cannot stop all of us working to get the word out.
    4. Meanwhile, further strategies lie beneath the surface – not for this forum..
    It can be done — just requires all shoulders to the wheel.

  138. It would be interesting to see a jury decide if it is “religious” for miscavige to pay his well trained auditors $50 per week while paying his psycho PI’s $1,000 per week or more.

    It would be interesting for the average staff member to really confront what they are being paid vs what miscavige and his cronies are being paid. It would be interesting for the average staff member to know the real why behind that situation.

  139. I heard it this way, CP:
    “The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind *fine*”.

    Looking forward to seeing DM and his PI goons ground into a fine powder!

  140. WOW and WOW again – suck on that one Davey, the Aussies strike hard and where it hurts. The Ombudsman for those who don’t know is a member of Parliament whose job is to oversee complaints made to them by members of the public and is generally used as a last resort when the system fails people with legitimate complaints against the Government or areas where it’s the Govt’s responsibility, such as enforcement of laws, wrong doings, corruption etc. They indeed hold enough power to right the wrong doings of organisations such as the Church of Scientology – to mess with the Ombudsman’s rulings is to court disaster and legal ramifications from the highest level of the judicial system.
    If this is legally sound it will have massive repercussions for the Church.

  141. Hi Sherb. Regarding your comment:

    “This ‘under the radar’ term has overtones and I hope doesn’t develop into a ‘you’re either with us or agin us’ type senaro.”

    The vast majority of folks I know who are independent scientologists, apply this little piece of tech called the ARC triangle. Seems like you use this helpful tool as well from most of the posts I’ve seen from you.

    So, my “opinion” is that many people who are uder the radar should get off their butts, do a thorough doubt formula including a public announcement to both sides regarding what they found in terms of intentions, activities and stats. But that’s just my “opinion.” And my Affinity and Comm don’t drop because someone disagrees with my opinion.

    Personally, where I do get just a bit testy is when the person I’m talking to simply refuses to actually DO the dang formula at all and just wanders around in the mystery of it all rather than having the balls to find out the truth. But even then, the ARC triangle is king.

    “with us or agin us” is not part of the theta equation. It’s a different game altogether.

  142. It’s getting more crazy not only they are bugging good people but they are also getting violent and more lying.They should be stopped and pay for their wrong doing.

    The person or people responsible for those actions should be ashamed of themselves.You are stupid!!Even if you make a lot of money out of it!!

    May reason triumph.

  143. Les-You took the words right out of my mouth-Marty is delivering auditing in a battlefield and I KNOW the products he is getting-he is reviving the dead and the wounded. Thank you Marty for keeping the boogymen away for me so I can audit in peace.

  144. Contact Jerry Brown’s office and ask for assistance from the Governor of CA. Jerry used to be the Attorney General for California. He is a good guy. Or contact the District Attorney of Los Angeles County and tell him what is going on. As a Californian, I am truely disappointed in this story, that you called on the local police for aid after someone used their car as a weapon and they wouldn’t protect you unless you had filed a restraining order. WTF??? WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR? SOMEONE TO GET KILLED????? Have the CA Attorney general’s office do something to prohibit the harrassment of people who chose to leave a religion – this is a issue of civil rights. Talk to your State senator or assembly person to pass legislation prohibiting the stalking of people because they have chosen to leave a religion. If it does no more that give greater publicity to what is happening, this will be good. Start speaking tours at CA Universities – Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles – to let young people know what is happening. Book tours! The students are curious and idealists, for the most part, and they will come and listen. They will confront the stalkers if they come too.

  145. Sherb,

    IMO this is legally very sound. The ombudsman was smart and did not overreach. He used what the church gave him as evidence and drew inevitabloe conclusions from that information that staff of the church are NOT volunteers (which is how the church was claiming they avoided the laws governing employees in Australia — including church employees). There is not even a hint of targeting the religious beliefs and practices in this decision, it is entirely based on what the church admits are its practices as compared to the law.

    Somewhat strangely, Australia has been at the forefront of worldwide Scientology actions bad and good: starting with the Australian Enquiry that led to UK, Sout Africa and a bunch of activities in the US, to the Australian High Court decision of 1983 that defined religion in a Scientology (church of the New Faith which is what the church there was called when Scientology was banned). That decision was used to gain religious recognition in many places around the world.

  146. Stalking, harassment, etc. mentioned in earlier posts are good points and should be pursued, but they miss the “main case” – the case that most easily fits the facts and reflects the seeming actual intent of the Squirrel Busters and their Miscavige administration case officers – to suppress Marty and others practice of their religion.

    In the U.S., as long as no defamation is involved, anyone likely has the right to speak against the ideas involved in what they believe to be a heresy (“squirreling”)

    But, when a person couples that speech with the announced intent to “bust” someone for their religious practice and they follow through on that “busting intent” with:

    1) Invasion of privacy, by around the clock monitoring of their activities;
    2) Intrusion on to their property, to aggressively challenge their free exercise of their religion;
    3) Attempts to interfere with the receipt of religious services (e.g., by trying to intercept Marty’s parishioners, on their way to receipt of religious services, or harassing them afterward),;
    4). And similar acts of interference,
    the perpetrator has gone beyond “the debate of ideas,” to “interference with another”s right to free practice of their religion.”

    Yes, we are against squirreling, but, legally, Marty and others have the right, granted by the Constitution and various other laws,, to the free exercise of whatever religious practice they wish, whether another believes those practices are heretical (squirrel) or not.

    Stalking, harassment, etc. may be part of the offenses involved and should be documented, in detail. But, here is the main offense – it most closely matches the intent and the actual, deepest violation – heck, the (so-called) Squirrel Busters have ADMITTED that they are out to “stop squirreling,” seemingly not realizing that is half a confession And, this offense is a KILLER, with much stronger penalties:

    “Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241
    Conspiracy Against Rights
    This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person . . . in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).

    Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years, or both; and if death results, OR if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years, or for life, or may be sentenced to death.”


  147. Yes, actions are afoot on many fronts.

    Marty, thank you for being the lighten rod, for taking the heat, and for your continuing exposes.

  148. +1 what Tara said. Stay safe!

  149. Lois, thanks for the brilliant simplicity of your summation:

    “There is enough evidence already all over the place to prove beyond any doubt that POB ultimate goal is to destroy Scientology.”

    THIS is a great PR line to take with those who support DM.

  150. Hi Sara,

    The police have to make decisions, on the spot, and, to that extent, you are right, they ARE acting a bit like a jury. BUT, they are only deciding what THEY are going to do. Nothing says that an injured person can’t file a complaint with the D.A.

    The issue is not whether or not the D.A. will act on the one complaint. The point is that 1.) you build up a FILE of official complaints, and 2. if you DON’T file a complaint, later, when you try to assert all this interference with your right to practice your religion, you can be challenged, “Well, if it was so serious, why didn’t you file a complaint?”

    Saying, “I did not think the D.A. would do anything,” even if true, comes off as pretty lame.

  151. Not to join the chorus of people “just giving advice,” but I have had active roles in bringing down oppressors:

    I’d get a complaint filed with the D.A. and the police in EACH case that has any substance. Minimally, it builds a file. After a while, the D.A. can start to look back for not acting in the face of repeated complaints. Plus, you avoid DAing yourself, unable to answer the question, “If the actions against you were so bad, why didn’t you file a complaint?”

  152. Good points. The proven tech and principles of tyrant removal:

    The oppressor builds the case against himself and does himself in (see C/S Series 22). The freedom fighters job is to:

    1. Keep his TRs in, and not give the oppressor motivators.
    2. DOCUMENT all offenses, in detail and with video,
    3. Keep a separate, daily time track. This gives the “big picture.”
    4. (in our case) Report the offenses to the local police and FBI via official reports and file formal complaints with the D.A.,
    5. Publicize all of the above, broadly, and use other techniques of Non-violent warfare (Gene Sharp has list 150+ techniques).

    Generally, this will make the oppressor crazy – it forces him out of his 1.1 cover, and he will start doing wilder and more illegal things.

    The Tone Arm is moving, so you continue 1-4. This REALLY makes the oppressor crazy (actually, he drops his social vernier of sanity), and he acts more extreme. In the civil rights movement, they killed our people. You apply 1-4 to that. His pillars of support see he is a criminal. Then, without support, since an SP can’t get products on his own, he is done.

  153. Lawrence,

    This is something most Scientologists in the Church will never hear or see since they are discouraged from surfin’ the ‘net.

    For their “own good” of course.

    Many are told that anything relating to Scientology is booby trapped with confidential data if they are below OT III.

    Anyone who is OT III or above and on NOTs is told it is an “overt” of some kind to read anything “critical” and it may jeopardize any access to higher OT Levels by making them “ineligible”.

    They are really an insulated and isolated bunch over there at the Church these days especially the SO with the exception of OSA who are totally aware of the flaps but are unwilling to take responsibility for them because they find it easier to blame it on someone else like Marty or something like some vast pharmaceutical conspiracy of some kind which is responsible for the Church’s downfall.

    Instead of the obvious reason as stated in KSW:


    I mean the major flaps started with the death of Lisa McPherson which coincided with the introduction of the Golden Age of Tech.

    Yet they are too STUPID to see a correlation between cause and effect.

    Any sane organization would have CANCELED it by now according to the HCOB/PL HOW TO DEFEAT VERBAL TECH, ORDERS ILLEGAL AND CROSS, POLICY, SOURCE OF and SENIORITY OF ORDERS seeing the death and upset this one action has caused.

    But oh no!

    Not only have they not canceled it but continue to enforce it as if expecting a different result.

    This is like the ignorant “auditor” (and I’ve seen one or two of these in my many years in Tech and Qual) who forces the PC to run a process even when it is not only not producing change but is spinning the PC in.

    Probably the one action of canceling the Golden Age of Tech would cause a resurgence.

    But noooooo the idiotic and moronic powers that be assume the hundreds if not thousands of highly trained technical terminals who have abandoned the organization because of this blatant STUPIDITY must be wrong.

    Because they are always “right”.

    It’s an Organizational SERVICE FACSIMILE. A “SAFE SOLUTION” that prevents the Organization and its public from actually LOOKING at what is actually going on.

    And just like any ser fac it prevents actual OBSERVATION and introduces DUB IN in place of the actual scene.

  154. Tory Christman

    Michael and Joy, Marty and All of you,
    Thank you, Michael, for such an excellent write up of your day with Marty…it truly shows what happened, and how horrific our “justice”
    system is.
    I began posting, 11 years ago, as I know people who have been raped by this “church”, literally, and figuratively. I was raped by them spiritually, and physically with medical abuse. I know WAY too many people who have died while “in”. I know (myself, personally) 7 young people who have taken their own lives while still “in”, and far too many who have suffered at the hands of the shrimp’s….. as have too many, here.

    YES! This ***must*** stop. It’s not real to me that no one has experienced what Marty has, but then I haven’t spent a day with him, so it’s hard for me to say. I have spent time with many who long, long ago had the courage to walk out of there, and many have suffered abuses that don’t need to be listed here, now. All I will say is “thank you” to EVERY SINGLE person who has taken the time to shine light on this insidious, “Mafia-like organization” as one Judge called C of $.

    Marty and Mosey, Michael and Joy and really all of you here, and others lurking too….thank you for ALL that you are doing. As Benjamin Franklin, in 1759 said:
    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Please continue to speak out. Every SINGLE voice frees more.
    My love, my thanks, Tory/Magoo

  155. Tory Christman

    PS::: And to you Lurkers still “in”…..having read this, how can
    you possibly keep your head’s in the sand, pretending you are
    helping a “church”??? C of $ is NOT a “church”..it IS a Mafia-Like
    organization,and frankly, by now most of you lurkers know it.

    Stop pretending. Your actions of support—are actually hurting people.
    Don’t think for a second they are not. Stand UP, Speak OUT …create
    Freedom for the people! The only people who live in darkness are too
    sick to face the light. Don’t forget that. If you cannot speak to us, you are in the darkness: Stop kidding yourselves. Take back *your* Life…and YES!
    I AM Speaking to YOU. 🙂

  156. rory medford

    anyone notice the C of S took down the truth be told link about Marty rathbun?

  157. Thanks for the clarification.
    Clever, stick to the law & defendants evidence only and see how they argue that in the High Court, where this is probably going, no PR admissable there.
    I also note that Scientology pays superannuation (Govt legislated retirement fund) for their “volunteers.” That alone seems to dictate employment as it’s the law you have to pay super to your employees. This is good news, at bare minimum it’s a PR nightmare for them and puts the Church activities (not beliefs) under the spotlight and debate at the legal/political level.
    Aussies I guess, when you fool with ’em hit first (for good or bad) and see what the’ve hit later.

  158. Ralph Hilton

    I have to say that during my 10 years in the Sea Org I took my 2.5 hours a day enhancement time at least 90% of the time.
    The SO was quite different when LRH held the reins.
    Around 1982 I felt dark clouds of entheta descending. I left.

  159. Ralph Hilton

    I knew her – we don’t.

  160. +1 Nice!

  161. Sam, thanks for the references, my favorites.

  162. CD, can you shed some light on why we have not seen any Anons doing any raids on the “Squirrel Bustahs” and what they’re doing in Ingleside-on-the Bay?

    This was the Anons original message to the Church of Scientology’s leadership:
    “We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.”

    Seems like since that bold announcement was made, Anonymous has crapped out and gone under the radar themselves….

    Why are none of them walking the talk in South Texas? That shit down there has been going on for over 4 months….

    They have as much right to be on the street near Marty’s house as the golf-carting Bustah fools…..and it might draw some welcome media attention to what has been happening down there…..

  163. Hello again, Zinjifar.

    Where did you get your lawyer degree again, and how long have you been a member of the bar, please ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  164. +1000.
    Exactly my opinion as well. Use the tech, do the formula. Then let the chips fall where they may. By doing the right formula for the condition you are in, YOU WILL MOVE UP TO THE NEXT ONE.

  165. Theo Sismanides

    This is good to hear guys, let us know if we can help in anything. thetamag@yahoo.gr

  166. Hi Cat Daddy,
    Hmmm…chilling in Europe for Indies. Sounds intriguing Tell me more.
    My email is anamarysmith@gmail.com

  167. Theo Sismanides

    Hahahaha, Ralph this was such a great analysis of such entities! You are so right, below emotion on effort on the tone scale… Only Effort and Force and work with those guys… you nailed them now Ralph!

  168. No, But I noticed while DM is funding the hyway madness in L.A. a Church was foreclosed on in Connecticut.


    Too bad some of the money being spent to harrass former members could not have been used to keep this Church going, open, constructing, or whatever it had the potential of doing.

  169. Thanks.
    Perhaps I was getting in a little ahead of myself but I don’t think I’ll ever have to ‘preach’ to the initiated, Those that are truly independant are just that and do what they do because it is the right thing to do. I’m with you completely with regarding the laziness of some (a lot of) thetans who seem to refuse application and don’t get off their asses, even for case gain.
    Geeze I did my doubt formula back in ’98 when I dropped Flag like a hot potato with the out tech they kept dishing up, time and time again. It was a very lonely period of my life after that, I was not very popular.
    It is indeed frustrating dealing with tech basics with people who should know better but my reality, from years of supervising is that self application of the tech is a relatively rare thing. It generally takes a fully hatted (or mostly hatted) org board before your average Joe does something and it requires the discipline of the academy, checksheets and the like plus hatted Ethics & Qual terminals to push the tech through to a complete cycle for a lot of people. The proof of what I say is in the fact the orgs were so relatively easily taken over and reduced to robots.
    I have seen a number of forums and boards reduce quickly to the common demoninator of force and it my opinion only but lazy thetans are easily persauded to screw things up.
    This board is gold.

  170. Michael Fairman

    An open letter to you, Miscavige or to the flunkies who read this blog and report back to you:

    Last Tuesday, Marty, Joy and I were chased by your goons throughout Orange County for several hours. Joy and I were then followed by them from Laguna Beach to Studio City – 50 miles – with no product – Marty had evaded them. For the next two days, he continued to evade them – no products. On the other hand, Marty achieved and is achieving a number of his products. He consoled a dying woman and a grieving family; he has audited and is auditing, PC’s creating theta. What are you and your storm troopers achieving? That’s right – car chases and empty threats.

    Your PI’s came to my door twice today, but I didn’t waste my time answering because I was busy composing a letter. This letter is being sent to a particular organization so that you and the crimes you are committing against us, your critics, against your parishioners, and against the world-wide society, will be exposed. This will be a product.

    Every incident involving the Keystone Cops has been and will be reported to the proper police agencies. These are products

    Your PI’s or OTA robots have been to my door three times — FOR WHAT? They’ve been to Mariella’s,door, to Karen’s door, to Luis and Ivan’s door, there’s been a constant barrage at Marty and Mosey’s door, at Mike and Christie’s –FOR WHAT??? To proselytize your brand of Scientology? –I THINK NOT; to intimidate us into silence — NEVER HAPPEN; to frighten us into shrinking away into the shadows — THAT JUST ENERGIZES US AND MAKE US STRONGER! I know these are not the products you had in mind.

    We are on the side of life and livingness. You are not. Your actions and the actions of your sycophants and minions prove time and time again that you are not.

    There is a day of reckoning approaching for you, and that day accelerates each time you and your gang commits an overt. If there is an absolute certainty, that is it. And that will be our Valuable Final Product.

    Michael Fairman

  171. Excellent movies!!!!!!

  172. Michael, that was a lucid and briliant letter to OSA. Thank you!

    ML Tom

  173. PEOPLE and MONEY alone may help but are not basic and definitely not the WHY so they won’t get rid of a billion dollar empire. Donating money is not the smartest thing to do as it tends to disrupt the balance of flows and actually makes the individual back off the issue, handing responsibility to the receiving party. Witness the IAS donations towards the expansion of Big Pharma, prisoners, mental illness, etc, which wouldn’t have happened if every donator had taken personal responsibility for those issues.

    Delivery and non delivery of actual Scientology is more basic and will do a better job (though not completely). Marty is already doing a very good job and could expand operations from 50 WDH to at least 10.000 WDH a week, both in Clearwater and LA. The good part of those places is that they provide lots of pc’s and auditors, apart from the fact that shining products will be noticed publicly and actually promoted by the SQB.

  174. heather grace

    Australia is just a very theta country, Mike. 😀

  175. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    Mike Rinder said; “Somewhat strangely, Australia has been at the forefront of worldwide Scientology actions bad and good:” Shhh….., so far every time we kick a goal in Australia we see POB ratchet it up a notch on Marty. For Christ sake don’t tell the little weasel that we’re on the sharp end!

  176. Thanks Sherb,

    I also read your proceeding comments and answers later in the blog. I understand what you mean with “overtones” as everyone’s situation is unique to that individual and as someone else pointed out condition application must be done so as to move up and out of ones present condition.

    I’m doing my own final preparations to do just that and hopefully you’ll be able to do the same.

  177. +10,000

  178. Martin Padfield

    Wow. Thank the Lord I’m on “your side” Michael – I’d hate to be on your wrong side!

  179. HG: Of that there can be no doubt 🙂 Now, if it just wasnt so damned far away….

  180. You ARE da man…

  181. Excellent point, James.

    It seems like Dev-T right now. But you are absolutley right about the long-term building of a file, and documenting a history and pattern of behavior.

  182. Mr. Fairman,

    You are clearly a great writer as well as an actor.

    Well said, indeed!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  183. Thank you Michael and Joy and thank you Marty. Now, what is it exactly that we are supposed to do? Leave more comments or organize another chat group on the Facebook? I would like to get some actual responses to this question.

  184. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Not Your Personal Army?

  185. Michael Fairman

    Read the blog. There have been many suggestions

  186. Michael

    Ahhh Michael, a brisk slap in the face to start the day.
    I am assuming that your comment was thinly veiled “tongue-in-cheek. My guess is that it was lost on many.
    You will have seen lots of, “”this is what I would have done”, “This is what you should have done”, “well done on what you are doing”, “Lets get together and do something”, etc, but precious few who actually offered to DO anything themselves.
    I have to say, it has been a sobering experience to realize this.
    I also must admit here that, in my case, I was busily “pulling in” and/or creating “reasons why I couldn’t do much myself”, justifications, excuses, etc. Luckily I caught myself at it and decided I was not going to go that route this time.

    So… Straight answer…. There were a couple of suggestions above, of things that one could do personally that would be of help. Most require that you are currently experiencing abuses from the “church”. Others involve talking with those you know to try to get them to “see the light” about what is happening and withdraw their support from Miscavige’s regime. Another is “coming out” publicly or moving toward that. There is also “donating money to the cause”. These are all valuable actions.

    Here are some others…
    You could find a group near you (or be willing to relocate) and offer your help. You could possibly start a group yourself, or simply start auditing or training others, if you are trained to do so. You could give assists and such when they are needed.

    Personally, I was leaning toward helping to put together an “Internet Indie Org”. I put forward that I was willing to be an ESTO to forward the establishment of such a thing.

    You are welcome to contact me at windwalker8008(at)gmail.com if this is something that interests you or if you have other ideas or suggestions.

    “from small beginnings….”

    Eric S

  187. I never thought they were my personal army. I think they are like leaves blown by the wind.

  188. Thank you, Eric. I didn’t take Michael Fairman’s reply as a slap on the face, particularly, but it was not a productive reply. Michael Fairman openly DOES something and specifically he DID something recently as per his article. Most of us just talk, talk, talk. So well done to Michael Fairman.

    The possible actions that you are listing are of general nature. Those things, vital as they are, are not really what I was talking about. My comment was to a specific article about Lubow and those other idiots pestering Marty. That is something I would like to do something about right now and I was asking if anybody had any ideas. My ideas are two: either a protest rally at some central location against human rights abuses by the Church or an open petition to Obama regarding human rights abuses by the Church or, preferably, both and as high profile as possible.

  189. Tory Christman

    Very well said, Michael!

    Yes, please file police reports for *every* single “Fair Game” action.
    I started doing this, years ago right here in Burbank.
    The Burbank Police know who they are.

    Davey boy: You can run, but you CANNOT HIDE.

    Tick Tock, tick Tock::: time IS on our side!!! 🙂

    Love to you, Michael.


  190. Raul

    “Someone above mentioned volunteering in such an organization, maybe as EstO or OO, or some such.”

    That would be me.
    I posted the offer to help establish an Internet Indie Org, if possible.

    In an ESTO capacity, and having been around this blog for a while, I was not expecting anyone else to initiate this thing. In the capacity as an ESTO, I took that on as part of my function, and I was hoping that my offer would be taken up by others who had “hats” they were willing to wear, or at least entertain the concept of wearing, in such an organization. It is not an established form of Org, that I know of, so we would be pioneers. It would at least test our abilities to use “reason”, and our various forms of training, to see if we can create a viable and useful entity.

    I am not attempting to create “my” organization. I was more interested in forwarding the concept of a more “universal” Indie organization, involving those here who wanted to play that game. There are already various hats being held independently by some of the people who frequent this blog. It is possible that some of them want to be involved in a larger, coordinated entity. Perhaps the time is right for that.

    It would be totally OK with me if someone else with more hatting and experience, wanted to take the ESTO post. There are potentially several other “posts” that I would consider holding ( or sharing) in such an Org. I was offering myself as a “terminal” in order to see if we can get this thing off the ground, if, in fact, it really is needed and wanted at all, at this time. (non-E formula in play here)

    So…. The comm line is open… Anyone is welcome to E-mail at:


    with ANY suggestions, offers of help, questions, or whatever. It is going to take some communication to get this right.

    Eric S

  191. Mike,

    Could be they put Australia way the hell over there to keep out the riff-raff.

    May there always be an Australia!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  192. Michael

    OK, I think I am following you now. Sorry about the misunderstanding.
    I am going to let others answer your comm on this one, as I don’t actually even live in the US.

    Eric S

  193. Michael Fairman

    That wasn’t at meant as a slap on the face. I’m glad you didn’t take it that way. My “slapper” isn’t even working. It seemed there were many starting points from which to go, and you went. And if we continually brainstorm we’ll come up with more, that can be executed. Your ideas are great. We’ll begin to coordinate and get it going. And there is other movement as well.
    I’m wracking my own brains as soon as I can wring them out.

  194. Michael Fairman

    OK I gotta try to clear this up a bit here.

    Actually my comment “Ahhh Michael, a brisk slap in the face to start the day.” was a response to the other Michael’s comment.(under which I posted it)
    I took his comment, to be a bit of a tongue-in-cheek slap on the face to the earlier posters/postings in this thread. It seemed to me, at the time, that he was pointing out the scarcity of many specific suggestions, that were direct actions, to deal with the points you and Joy had made.
    (It seems I was guilty of looking at it from my own tone level at that time.) That does not seem to have been his intent at all, and I have apologized to him.

    In that light, Perhaps a re-read of my original post to him, may clear this up.

    Eric S

  195. http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2006/4/21/171516/867

    The above link gives a humorous story about a 1990s “enemy” of Scientology, who gives his success story on slipping Moxon PI tails.

    I think this relates to 1997 Scientology PI activity, and how “enemies” of Scientology successfully outwitted at least two young PIs, who likely didn’t get rehired after losing this bad “enemy” of Scientology!

  196. No problem, Michael, thanks for the comment. If you get anything specific that I can participate in, please drop me a line to michael@thetawtite.com. Thanks!

  197. Thanks for your inspiring words !

  198. Another Layer

    I wanted to mention that one term for this in law enforcement is “escalation.” Lubow, as Miscavige’s agent, has escalated from public vocal, visual threats and harassment (assaullt), to a number of batteries by this “harmful or offensive touching of another,” i.e., intentionally and repeatedly hitting Marty with his car. Escalation is of particular interest to law enforcement, particularly when it involves battery.

    Thank you, Michael and Joy, for detailing this escalation of Lubow/Miscavige. You have brought to light another harsh reality of the Miscavige Administration.

    Thank you, Marty, for leading by example.

  199. Another Layer

    Thanks, Sinar. What follows is off topic.

    Tommy Davis, you open your mouth and cannot but lie, lie, lie. From personal experience (I have examples from my time on staff which I will not go into now), you lie about staff pay, especially a “living wage”; you lie about staff hours, “volunteer” status, vacations and living conditions; you lie about the RPF. That’s just for starters.

    My years on staff were a valuable crucible, and I do not regret them. I was never under the impression that I was a volunteer, or a member of a religious order. I was working to better my understanding of Scientology (an applied religious philosophy written by LRH), and society, with a group of like-minded people, and to put in my exchange with LRH for restoring my life.

    Tommy Davis, you live in the death throes of the Miscavige Administration. Deep down, you know that your lies and frantic solidity are just comments to be disregarded, and they cannot touch my purpose or that of any other Scientologist. It’s time for you to start originating your OWN thoughts.

  200. Another Layer

    Thank you – got me thinking.

  201. Dang… I just noticed that I have a few too many “i’s in that e-mail addy. How about…

    Eric S

  202. Thanks Eric,

    Well I would be willing to cover some hat(s) as well. I am both trained in EstO and O/O, Marketing and PR, so pending in how this internet pioneer org develops I can cover some of those functions.

    Maybe you want to start a whole new thread where this is the main topic as these comments will sort of get lost amongst the main subject of this thread.

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  204. Raul

    Thank you. That is an encouraging response.

    I agree. I also think that another thread, or even forum, would be a good idea in order to develop this thing. Something will need to be worked out in that regard. In the meantime you know how to get in touch with me if you want any back lines comm.

    Eric S

  205. I think it might be a good thing if you all filed a complaint with the state board, everyone who has ever been involved with the PI’s in California and Texas can go here: http://www.bsis.ca.gov/industries_regulated/pi.shtml Here is the information to file complaints and with so many illegal encounters, police reports, I believe you might have a good chance of getting the entire agency’s licenses pulled, at least during an investigation. Good luck, because if this behavior continues someone innocent is going to die. What frightening actions at the behest of the COS, and it’s leader. It’s nothing more than common thuggery.

  206. Wel written Michael Fairman

  207. I am not a member of COS, but have followed this blog for several years. I am appalled at the treatment that so many have endured and I commend Marty and his family of friends for all you are doing to help those who are victims of this tiny madman and his small minded army of fools.

    I want you to know that there are so many who are with you in spirit as you walk this path and shine a cleansing light on this darkness. Human rights and even animal rights are being voilated! And Marty, please be careful. I agree with Greta, and believe that if there is a way to harm you I believe that the tiny tormentor wants it to happen.

    If there is a petition that can be signed and submitted to congress, I’m in. If I can contribute in some way to help you to live the peaceful life that all Americans are entitled to, I’m in.

    How sad that such evil is hiding behind the word “religion”.

    May your paths be lit with the energy and clarity of truth. It certainly appears that this is quickly reaching a tipping point so HANG ON!


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