The Scientology Reformation

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice recently posted an article on a new book, A History of a New Religion by Hugh B. Urban.   I recommend the article, and when I receive and read the book I’ll probably recommend it too based on Tony’s review.

I think it is significant that the two latest books on the subject of Scientology by outsiders, both journalistic and scholarly, fully acknowledge the Scientology Reformation.

I also think it is significant that Urban acknowledged what I have repeated from the beginning of the Reformation; that is, that the more Miscavige focuses on me and my friends the less heat will be dished to others.  And the result here, and I believe with Reitman too, is that Scientology is receiving the most fair and mature treatment by outsiders it has received in its history.  In no small measure due to Miscavige being too pre-occupied to turn everyone investigating the subject into an enemy of Scientology.

Very well done to everyone who has stood up and stepped up.

And a special thanks to Chuck Beatty who has spent considerable time educating scholars on the bigger picture over the past several years.

I reckon we ought to carry on.

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  1. martyrathbun09

    Sounds like we’re fixin’ to have a reckonin’. Where’s Cowboy Poet when we need him?

  2. Martin Padfield

    Absolutely old chap. Keep calm and carry on!

  3. I reckon so too.
    Reporting in for bullet-deflection duty 😀
    UK Indies, pirates, bums and non anti-LRH Anons – contact Martin Padfield or myself if you want to join in the October festivities.
    If you’ve contacted me in the past week or two I’ll get back to you! I’ve been very very busy 😉
    Greebly I got you on Skype – just trying to set aside a time.
    Email: for personal contact data.
    Shhhhhhhh! Don’t tell OSA UK! – we need to make sure this is a super secret covert op!…. 😀

  4. Reformation is only achieved by many voices taking care of the subject. After that an organized group that stops the 3rd dinamic aberration of false data and crazy interpretations of the subject.

    Chuck have helped a lot on this subject. As well as many other experienced ex SO staff members and public (Jeff, Jason, Amy, Jackson, Mike, WBM; and many others). Whether they consider themselves as Scientologist or not is not important. The important fact (IMHO) is that they are brave people that are making the difference stating the real scene that many of us can´t be aware of.
    To the public and normal staff (non SO staff) the picture posted by CofS is one of a lot of success and high statistics. One can see the contrary facts but when a veteran comes and validates what you are looking is like a releasing experience; a real 3rd dinamic auditing.
    That´s what we are doing here.

    And as a final point:
    Who of us needs a Scientology reformation inside CofS?
    If the people inside want real Scientology all they need to do is come this side.
    We have here outside one Scientology that has no need of reformation because has got rid of arbitraries.


    Big time.

    Let me indicate you that…

    (An undetected past point of liberation due to unaware of the fact)


  5. Wish I could be there! Sounds like a whole lot of fun!

  6. This is excellent and definitely a change for the better!

  7. Christie, did you send me an email last night with 4 attachments?

  8. one of those who see

    From the article: “”I think we could be witnessing a reformation,” Urban says, in agreement. “The survival of Scientology may depend on it. If they keep fighting wars on the Internet, it’s not a very productive thing for their future. What Rathbun is doing seems like it might have more life to it.”

    So cool to see this observation in print from an objective observer.

  9. Something’s definitely having an effect, not only in the COST, but in those outside and prying in…
    It’s great promo for Scn as the body of knowledge it is, not as the “cultic religion” it’s been so far for many. I think persistence has been key on this…

  10. I’m sittin’ here grinnin’. The reformation is definitely in full swing and gaining momentum every day.
    It is very simple in my humble opinion. People are free to practice their religion without interference and in whatever manner they choose as long as they do not harm others. If they want to practice exactly what LRH wrote as they understand it, so be it. If they want to modify it a little or a lot according to their own insight, do it in or out of DM’s org, they have the freedom to do that. Others are also free to express their opinion about the value of those practices, modified or not.
    LRH put it right there in The Way to Happiness. “Respect the religious beliefs of others. Tolerance is a good cornerstone on which to build human relationships. When one views the slaughter and suffering caused by religious intolerance [can you say squirrel busters] throughtout all the history of man and into modern times, once can see that intolerance is a very nonsurvival activity. … Any advice one might give another on this subject is safest when it simply asserts the right to believe as one chooses. One is at liberty to hold up his own beliefs for acceptance. One is at risk when he seeks to assault the beliefs of others, much more so when he attacks and seeks to harm others because of their religious convictions.”

  11. “That’s one reason the movement has declined, is the absence of Hubbard. David Miscavige just doesn’t have the same charisma to run the show.”

    Boy, that’s an understatement. Perhaps that’s why Miscavige has his three hour-long implant events.

  12. I just elbowed the poet. He should be comin’ ’round the mountain when he comes.

    What with all that is going on here, Germany and the reform happening in a rapid manner in OZ, I think reform all around is a lot closer than we think it is. Exponential will be the word for it.

    ML Tom

  13. Oops – ‘Geebly’ I mean.

  14. The reformation is well in progress. We just completed our first, from the ground up, class V. She went home and immediately secured a couple of PCs so she can complete her internship requirements.

    The press seems to be well on thier way to a quality reformation. A lot of very accurate reporting in the news these days. More truth per page than in a 1,000 hours of miscavige/sherman drivel.

    How about a reformation of OSA? These guys are so off the wall they have resorted to a sting operation that we just found out about.

    It seems that someone monitors ours and other groups success stories. Say we have a success from a clear cycle with the initials J G in Iowa. OSA ops scurry around like mice after crumbs to locate, and call in for sec checking, everyone in the area with those initials.

    Seriously! This is actually happening.

    I can hear it now, “quick, find out who JG is. How dare they get wins and gains without our approval or our cut. Interrogate everyone. Leave no stone unturned.”

    I don’t know how much more desperate or creepy these guys can get. But I’m sure they haven’t hit bottom yet.


  15. Guess I’ll have to play hard to get—busier than a cat tryin to cover up sh*t on a hot tin roof!

  16. It’s working, Marty. It’s working.

  17. SDam, made me think of this album cover for Mike Heron’s solo debut album.

    Mike, along with Robin Williamson, founded the Incredible String Band.

    “Indie Scientologists – smiling men (and women) with bad reputations”!

  18. George M. White

    Hugh Urban impressed me as a very bright, sincere, professional member of the academic community taking an unbiased look at Scientology and its relationship to religion. He knows Eastern religions in depth and was close to Buddhist sources in India when he studied there.
    I look forward to reading his book.

  19. Thanks Marty.

    What I found to be interesting from Urban (as regards Columbus, his home town) in the VV article is:

    “They’re building a new Ideal Org in a former Time Warner building. It has capacity for 800 people, which seems a stretch. They told me downtown [at the current ‘org’], there are only about 100 families involved.”

    “It does seem exceedingly strange that Miscavige is pushing for new buildings around the world as every reliable source we can draw from indicates that church membership is actually very small and declining. Why new buildings when they don’t have the bodies to fill them?”

    Even the outsiders notice that there is a big gigantic crack in POB’s wall of PR. Perhaps more of the “100 families” might get it with a little help from the Indies!

  20. I guess we can expect a FreeDumb magazine in about six months maligning the professor.

  21. martyrathbun09


  22. martyrathbun09


  23. Are you saying I’ve got a bad rep? ;D

  24. Making auditors again???
    😀 😀 😀

  25. IMHO:
    The greatest discovery of Lrh was “the anatomy of the reactive Bank”. This was really a totally new thing. The whole Bridge up to OT 7 is “Dianetics” (except the Scientology Auditing beetween that will help the pc to confront his dianetics case) and the purpose is to get rid of the reactive mind on all 8 dynamics of an individual. I’m totally certain that a person who audits honestly up to OT 7 doesn’t have any ” Dianetics case” left and has all the abilities of the clear described in Book 1 and much more.
    If Lrh would be still around, he propably would rewrite ” Diantecs the modern Science of mental health” including all he found out about the time track and the structure of the reactive mind and adapt it to modern times and with the Internet it would propably be the biggest besteller ever written.
    Just think about that condoms were invented in 1963 and are since then used a lot and so the “free love” philosophy of the hippie generation came about. So today the pc’s don’t have all those funny abortion trials engramms anymore as described in book one.
    Dianetics is a Science, not a philsophy, neither a Religion and should just be common knowledge as any Science is. It belongs to mankind and nobody, organisation or whatever is aloud to have any monopoly on it. It’s free to use for anybody, as we are daily using our GPS devices that only function because of the discoveries of Einstein. Do I have to say each time thank you to Einstein because I found my way. No, I don’t even think about him. But he has his place in history.
    Lrh wanted once to update Dianetics with “Dianetics today” and where is that f….ing book ? Hey DM, where is it ?
    Somebody will have one day to write a new textbook about dianetics which includes all discoveries that Lrh made about it. This is a normal routine in any science. We can’t stick to book 1 for eternity. This Science evolved !!!!!
    And propably could even evolve more, as any science does !
    The biggest problem LRH had was that the establisment didn’t accept his discoveries and attacked him out of fear. The solution to the problem was for LRH to create the Church of Scientology and call Scientology, which is a philosophy a Religion and somehow include the science dianetics into that religion.
    I don’t know and I’m not apt to judge if this was the right thing to do. But fact is the solution became a problem, as now both subjects are a religion and a monopol of a real church with all engrams and implants of religion in full restimulation. I would never say ” I believe in Scientology and that’s my religion and please respect my beliefs” as today Scientogists do. This utterance is against any basic principle of Dianetics and Scientology and you know instantly that the guy that tells you this doesn’t know anything about it.
    What is the solution ? Confronting the real problem ! Establishment didn’t accept it and attacked it. We are now enough strong to handle it and I don’t think that is a problem today, as we have the most powerful ” General Sherman’s tanks” that exist and this it the Internet.
    If LRH would have had the Internet at his disposal, his ennemies wouldn’t have been able to stop him or get him into situations where he had to find temporary solutions, to keep the devils off his chest so he can continue to work.
    Propably the Sea Org was also such a “Solution” which then became a problem.
    In all respect to LRH. He did his Job. There is a better bridge then described in book one. What is happening today he has foreseen already in the fifties and now it’s up to us to finish his work and handle the establishment and get this knowledge into Society.

    I never looked at Scientology as a religion, even it’s about spirits and spiritual things. Those are realities as real as a chair is real. Thetans do exist. It even can be proved scientifically. So why should that be a religious belief ? If we believe in that we are thetans then we have the assumption that perhaps we are not, perhaps only meat ! Bingo !!!!!!
    And there you are where DM wants you. You only believe in Scientology. You don’t know as it is a religion. And so you are his disciples !!!!

    Any real philosophy has a spiritual part and isn’t called a religion.
    And as Hugh B. Urban says in his book who can define or decide about what a religion is.
    Let’s get to work.


  26. Tony DePhillips

    I like your style. 🙂

  27. George M. White


  28. Thanks for the good work and reformation is a great word to use.
    I was looking for something the other night and ran across some Briefing Course notes and it sat me back in the chair in wonder.
    It explained how one can look at the problems facing Scientology from a different perspective – the gradient of wins.
    How does one get someone else to have a win? Where do they sit of the gradient scale to accept an input of truth?
    There is so much of a flow of negativity lately around the subject with Miscavige stuck and sticking anyone under his influence in how bad it all is over the other side of the fence & the SPs are out to get us etc etc etc = a stuck negativity flow.
    A true reformation of the subject is how do we get people to get wins from it at a level which is in their reality. It is true that a win for some people is the destruction of an enemy, or something that aligns with an intention they have but the true door to Scientology leads in a direction of the lightness of being, seeing a way through, sharing smiles and laughter etc.
    Indeed there is much tech to explain it all such as the the Tone Scale, Problems of Work and a heap of other things but it boIls down to communicating with a “substance” in the line that reachs the other end with the result of an improvement of condition, not a stuck “you’re wrong, or no it’s not that way but this, blah blah blah. A too steep a gradient does that type of thing. Recognising the gradient in others is quite a skill.
    One of things a supervisor in the training aspect of Scientology must be constantly aware of is the more experinced student expecting others not at their level to understand things which while simple to them is out gradient for the other.
    It truly does take quite a caring for the other person not so enlightened to help them on a whatever level required which leads to them a win, and that is something we can all polish up on from time to time. Miscavige’s Church does the exactly the opposite.

  29. That’s great news!!!

  30. Aren’t you going to bury him?
    Buzzards got to eat to ya know.

  31. I’m liking that to.
    The term “cult” is less in use these days, except to reference what DM is running. As for the body of Scientology itself, the philosophy and practice of it, all the attention seems to be GREAT!

    Dozens of big name people, and hundreds of others who are being interviewed and putting a good, real, normal and high ARC “face” to the practice and philosophy that is Ron’s Scientology.

    After all the blow up occurs, and the dust settles, and things move on down the road a little higher 😉 … I see the practice of Scientology being just what Ron postulated it to be: Auditors hanging out their sign, people getting processed, moving up the Bridge, life getting better and better.

    Not bad!

  32. Maybe you’re like Mae West:

    When you’re bad, you’re “… even better!” 😀

    HA! I crack me up. And so do you, Sam!

  33. News Flash:
    Utzi Butzi 007 the super spy has really his tail beetween his legs and the guy is running:
    – myspace account gone
    – Facebook account gone
    – Reference list of his happy customers on gone. They could find out he is a Scientologist, sorry I meant he is 007.
    – All pictures of wogs in his picture gallery gone. Only pictures of Scientologists left.
    This is pts tech applied 100%.
    Tomorrow he’ll preach of how Scientology i expanding in Switzerland and that he has no faer of sps…
    From a technical viewpoint I can’t understand it. How is pts and to whom ?

  34. You ask “Why new buildings when they don’t have the bodies to fill them?”

    They’re not crazy, at least not financially. The math is simple: let’s say they get some celebrity to donate $10 million through IAS. They buy a $15 million building, using $3 million of the $10 million gift as the down payment on a building, and channel $7 million of the $10 million to current needs of keeping the corporate organization going to fund all those stalking campaigns in the face of dwindling course registrations. They then have mortgage payments of perhaps $600k per year on the remaining $12 million of the mortgage on the building. They pay that off next year using a percentage of other donations coming in from IAS. They have a year or more to go out and find other donors to cover next year’s mortgage payments…

    Of course, if they run out of donors the whole thing, which is essentially a pyramid scheme, blows up — but they’re betting (potentially correctly) that their focus on buying older buildings at rock-bottom prices could yield gains if they have to sell once the economy turns up. So they’re probably thinking that if they can just hang on to the current regime for a few more years, they’ll be OK… of course, the supply of rich fools to donate megabucks is the weak point of the whole exercise.

    But why are BUILDINGS the major focus, instead of funneling IAS “whale” money into programs such as new-and-improved e-meter technology? Because the “high roller” IAS donors are undoubtedly just as ego-driven as donors that give to universities. If you donate $10 million to most universities they’ll name a building after you — and you can impress your friends that your name will be immortalized in “The Seymour P. and Doris M. Glotzenfelder Center for Advanced Xylophone Studies.” Same principle applies here, even if they don’t actually write your name on the building — the IAS donor gets all warm and fuzzy when DM tells all the other rich IAS donors that YOUR money made the East Bumpalong North Dakota Ideal Org complex possible. And you’ll beam with pride at the gala unveiling event in East Bumpalong North Dakota where DM gives an oh-so-smooth presentation talking about all the major triumphs that the organization has been achieving.

    So this is the best way economically to keep the big IAS donors happy given the collapse of the core business, and thus keeping those donations rolling in until they can figure out what they’re doing wrong in the main business of “clearing the planet.”

    John P.

  35. Plus gone are the field practices that fed the let’s & missions. They all got killed off in the early 80’s.

    I think we all should be looking at polishing those cans, doing some Div 6 actions, charging the meters, buying some legal folders & paper, let everyone who you are & what you do (come out of non e). Let’s see did I forget anything?

    Oh, BTW pr your services on Free & Able.

    Ok ,,, start.

  36. Oh gee . Orgs & missions.

  37. John,

    These buiuldings are all paid for up front cash. No mortgages needed.

    The real beauty of his scheme is twofold:

    1. He collects money he doesnt need to deliver any exchange for. No staff need to be paid out of it. No overhead whatsoever. And he then purchases a building that he owns (NOT the local church)

    2. The new (empty) buildings “prove” the massive expansion occuring under POB’s leadership as he has convinced everyone that this is the measure of his (and their) success.

    It’s quite genius.

    It just has NOTHING to do with clearing the planet — which is what he is SUPPOSED to be accomplishing.

  38. LDW
    “It seems that someone monitors ours and other groups success stories. Say we have a success from a clear cycle with the initials J G in Iowa. OSA ops scurry around like mice after crumbs to locate, and call in for sec checking, everyone in the area with those initials.”

    InterestingI This might explain why OSA has never attacked me.
    I’ve posted almost all FZ SS’s in many areas.

    Until a couple of days ago never heard of such actions best I recall.
    Most have been people long out.

    However in recent times we have an exodus of people newly out.
    [ thank you Marty, LDW and friends etc] Guess thats why such activity.

  39. Dude, nothing gets by you.

  40. Depends on who you ask! 🙂

    Mike and Robin were scientologists and OTs back in the 1970s, and even back then, through that album cover Mike was making an oblique reference to Scientologists being viewed askance by some.

    Go Reformation Go!

  41. Something short I wrote a couple of years ago for a real nice lady. So far, she hasn’t left him so it must be workin…

    When this dusty trail is finally ridden,
    when the final chapters to this book are written.
    There’ll be some broken pieces and some parts.
    That’s when he’ll need a Queen of Hearts.
    Be there.

  42. You’re absolutely right.

    I stand corrected about the mortgage thing — Given my experience in finance, I automatically assumed that they’d mortgage buildings rather than pay 100% cash up front. A mortgage gives you extra “juice” to make things happen faster and on a larger scale through the magic of financial leverage. The scheme still works if you buy the buildings outright, but on a much slower scale.

    The crux of it is exactly what you said in point #1 — he doesn’t need to deliver any *tangible* value (like giving the donor the gift of being clear) for the donation that bought the building. He delivers the *intangible* ego boost that you, Mr. Big Shot Donor, made this incredible result possible. I think we’re in complete agreement here.

    And I agree (but I didn’t mention explicitly in my original post) that the whole point of the exercise is to move the ownership of the building away from IAS or other source of the donation via some complicated corporate shell game. Ownership ends up in a dummy company somewhere in the overall organization where DM and perhaps a few others personally benefit if the wheels come off of this little operation, and the overall organization is left holding the bag. And it would take years for the lawyers to sue their way through multiple levels of dummy companies to recover anything of value. If you study any of the big white collar crime capers and the guys at the top always manage to skim off assets and protect themselves before the end comes.

    John P.

  43. Excellent post.

  44. Regarding this book, a friend of mine told me a couple of weeks ago that she was reading it and the author used a word at least 13 times that she couldn’t find in a dictionary and it was driving her crazy. It was “bricoleur.”
    It sounded French to me so I googled a french-english dictionary and found it. It refers to “do it yourself” in a sometimes disparaging way. “Hubbard was a spiritual bricoleur” probably refers to the self-help or do-it-yourself aspect of Dianetics and Self Analysis.
    If this helps anyone with the book, or you have a better definition, feel free to let me know.

  45. one of those who see

    Hi Les!! Well done!!! Another Auditor freeing beings!!! This so great.
    OSA calling in every Scientologist with the initials JG in Iowa for sec checking is an absolute riot!!! Keystone cops. Ofcourse there is a horror to it too. But, today I choose to laugh.

  46. 🙂 CB Poet!

  47. David has charisma of a sort – similar to that of Hitler – his rallies got lengthy too.
    From my understanding charisma is something that can be learnt like swimming. Creating a charisma school would be easy for anyone who understood the 1st and 2nd ACC materials but it would draw in the wrongly motivated.
    Charisma exists at many levels of the tone scale – LRH’s was way uptone – DM’s is sub-zero.

  48. I agree.

  49. Should have been 2 attachments.

  50. I love that the media is actually reporting on this correctly. There sure is a lot of T/A action these days. Wonder what DM is thinking. Probably – “It’s all coming down!!”
    LOL – Loving it. 😀

  51. I have to disagree on one point. As I see things there are at least 13 OT levels above OT8 that involve confronting ever increasingly charged engrams.
    As far as I am concerned DMSMH is the Bible of Scientology. I Method 2 word cleared it.
    There are a few minor errors which LRH corrected in lectures soon afterwards but DMSMH is an extremely accurate description of the human condition and its resolution.

  52. Marty, I am going to respectfully disagree with one thing that you said. I do not think the Reitman book was in any way “scholarly.” Now I did learn a LOT from the last two thirds of the book. But the first third which dealt with LRH and his work was a completely sloppy piece of “reporting.” One can certainly disagree with LRH’s work and ideas, but AT LEAST present it and give the man his due, that he didn’t just put together a “new religion” – he presented a complete philosophical/spiritual viewpoint, which was extremely detailed. The Reitman book was about “Scientology” and yet there was no real description of the reactive mind. I could have written a very understandable description in a page or two. She did not even go over what a clear was per DMSMH, which got the public so excited. While commenting at length on LRH’s 2D activities and his vacationing during the early 50s, she mentioned in ONE line that during this time he was working on Science of Survival, and that was it!!! Nothing really about the Tone Scale or LRH’s ideas on how to approach a case on a gradient basis, both of which were the whole point of this very important book. She COMPLETELY left out LRH’s work on standardizing auditing and really, virtually EVERYTHING he presented re: Scientology. I don’t agree with a lot of what Ron did re: the 3rd Dynamic, but the man did a TON of real WORK. And if one is going to do a book on Scientology, then at least give the man his due and present his most important IDEAS. And go over how auditing works at least. I don’t expect this to be done in great depth, but really an intelligent presentation of these and other key ideas could have been covered in a VERY interesting and informative fifty pages or so (or less). Having said that, I found the last two thirds of the book extremely interesting and informative. The stuff about Miscavige and the internal politics was fascinating, but the discussion of the McPherson case I found to be the key part of the book (for me, as a long time staff member). Besides just the personal tragedy of course, this case presented almost everything that is wrong with the COS. The lack of competance and know how, the lack of responsibility and just simple decency and compassion was stunning. Add to it the criminal exchange involved to the highest order – this long time Scientologist who just wanted to get better, was charged fifty thousand dollars in her last year of life to basically BE KILLED! That was a necessary story for me to read and I think every present and ex Scientologist needs to read it as well. I look forward to this new book.

  53. Here’s a bit more from Wikipedia:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A bricolage sculpture by Frank Vagnone
    For other uses, see Bricolage (disambiguation).

    Bricolage (play /ˌbriːkɵˈlɑːʒ/ or /ˌbrɪkɵˈlɑːʒ/) is a term used in several disciplines, among them the visual arts, to refer to the construction or creation of a work from a diverse range of things that happen to be available, or a work created by such a process. The term is borrowed from the French word bricolage, from the verb bricoler, the core meaning in French being, “fiddle, tinker” and, by extension, “to make creative and resourceful use of whatever materials are at hand (regardless of their original purpose)”. In contemporary French the word is the equivalent of the English do it yourself, and is seen on large shed retail outlets throughout France. A person who engages in bricolage is a bricoleur.

  54. @Lynne: In France there are whole stores devoted to “bricolage” which to them is really the “art of the hobby”…something much more interesting and invested than what we would think of as a Hobbyist. Based on what the article relates about this book, I’m guessing that the author intends “bricoleur” as a compliment, that LRH wasn’t just creating this new philosophy to make money out of it, but because he genuinely enjoyed the process!

    Big Love,

    John in Austin

  55. The term “Bricoleur” actually took quite an investment of time to understand.
    Having looked up quite a few references, I would give the definition of a bricoleur as someone who can take information from multidisciplinary sources and combine them together into a workable synthesis which is something that LRH excelled at.
    Perhaps I could rephase it as some who can take the most brightly colored bricks of many and by combining them build a greater thing.

  56. Not to go off point here, but James Boswell mentions using condoms in his 1762 London Journals. Free Love didn’t start in the 60s either – much of the modern bohemian life in the USA started in the 1920s, but there were such movements that pre-dated that time. But the crisis re: trust in government hit a new high in the 1960s when it was clear to many young people that they had been lied to for a long, long time by those in power and were now being forced to go to SE Asia to die for a VERY corrupt cause. This was part of the Cold War of course and this whole “alternative lifetsytle” factor which came up in those days as a response to what was going on no doubt was a BIG factor in the popularity of Scientology. Not for me though. I started college in 1968 and I got into Scientology simply because the idea of not having a reactive mind was extremely appealing to me.

  57. Interesting – This is probably the def used in this book:

    Jack of all trades.

  58. one of those who see

    Thanks! That will be helpful! Love this blog

  59. Just read your first two sentences: I never said Reitman’s book was scholarly. Come again.

  60. It’s more someone who assembles something from a diverse variety of components.

  61. Miscavige is a little boy throwing a fit in the middle of the playground.

  62. Tony DePhillips

    The Reformation IS happening.
    If agreement is Reality then there is a huge reformation already underway.
    Books are being published by non-Scientoloogists stating that there is a Reformation. People are waking up more and more everyday, in and outside of Scientology. It really is just a matter of time.
    Lil’ Dave’s world is shrinking every day. He lost the battle of Ingleside. He is losing everything slowly but surely.
    We just have to wait until he admits defeat..
    He’s pretty ser-facy so it might still be awhile yet.

  63. Maybe finally DM got the point that he’s a feeder system to you!

  64. Yea, trust me…a LOT of activity.

    Your work in getting out wins of pcs and pre OTs over the years has not gone unnoticed.

    I think what we should do now is put bogus initials on those success stories of folks who don’t want the recognition just yet. That should keep a few more OSA Bots busy chasing their furry tails.

    What still astounds me is how they can read all these successes and still keep doing what they are doing and ignore the hard, cold truth of the situation. Quite the little mystery they must have whirling and buzzing in their bizzy little brains.


  65. Chuck,
    I had a related thought while reading the comments: Maybe Miscavige is building all those Ideal Orgs so that the Reformation can move in? – some day 😉

    (an outside observer with no relationship to the Co$ and the reformation)

  66. Marty, your second paragraph on the post was “I think it is significant that the two latest books on the subject of Scientology by outsiders, both journalistic and scholarly, fully acknowledge the Scientology Reformation.”

  67. Joe: One book is journalistic and one scholarly, not two books that are each journalistic and scholarly…. Reitman is the journalistic (not scholarly) Urban is the scholarly (and not journalistic).

  68. that which you resists persists

    as long as DM fights and focuses so much on rinder and rathbun so will they persist

    doesnt DM know that technology?

  69. When brittle, decaying systems collapse, they collapse hard and fast, sometimes unexpectedly. For example, see the USSR.

  70. Ralph, what have you observed specifically that have led you to the conclusion that there are 13 OT levels above OT8? Wouldn’t one be free from engrams by OT8?

  71. Thanks Mike.

  72. Jethro-I hated those events. My hair stands on end when I think of them. The biggest reason the movement has declined is out Tech!. Sure Ron had charisma, but it was a very workable tech that kept me around and I know it was so for alot of others.

  73. I’m bad I’m bad…….

  74. Hugs
    No wait don’t hug anyone!
    Too late they spotted it.

  75. There is one other level to this discussion but it is better to talk about it in person.

  76. Les-They can’t see the wins because they figure others are lying like they are about their own wins.

  77. Marty leveraged the power of the Internet to give 007 a megaton sized ethics handling. And 007 is now crumbling. Another one who just realized he’s on the wrong side of history, hence his scramble to erase his misdeeds.

    Can you imagine the handlers of rubes like 007? They must live in a horrible dark spiral wondering who is the next to blow.

  78. I think that this blog has not only given the subject of Scientology a better treatment in the press and among scholars, it changed the Church attitude of suing everybody, making it save for people to speak up and media to publish, not to mention the huge amounts of relieve and understanding it brought Scientologists reading it.

  79. OSA is not run by Scientologists. It’s run by the bank, pun intended, by those who are most afraid of free beings who can find out. They see a free being as the worst threat to their petty little existence as they take the O/M game into extremes (look what the press is doing to them). But they don’t dare to take on people like you, they prey on those fragile, small, just winning and somewhat insecure pc’s they can invalidate to their hearths content with the most outrageous lies .

  80. A new auditor. Fantastic news! And no GAT-shit fiasco!

  81. Sorry wanted to talk about the birth control pill !!! 🙂

  82. You smartie, you. 🙂

  83. Niko,
    “There is no effort on the part of Scientology to own
    or have the allegiance of billions and billions and billions of people
    or to have thousands and thousands of tons of masonry piled up,
    with Scientology written across the top of it,
    or to have certain governments of Earth giving allegiance
    to Scientology or something of the sort.
    This is very, very dull indeed.
    The empire of Scientology is 100 percent the empire of wisdom;
    there is no other empire envisioned.”
    (Consideration, mechanics and the theory behind Instruction – 20 July 1954- Phoenix Lectures)
    by L. Ron Hubbard

  84. Rory,
    No. He doesn’t. So, he dramatizes it. Over and over and over and over until you’ve got what you see an ‘inversion of an inversion’ an aberrated aberration.

  85. Good to hear, Les. Congratulations to you all.

  86. You might be interested in some very, very valuable advice:

  87. one of those who see

    JIm, Important, Important quote. Will grab my transcript.


  88. I hope that the ones still in “reform”their mind.

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