David Miscavige Espionage Alert

Reliable sources have informed me that Miscavige has acknowledged to OSA (Office of Special Affairs, Corporate Scientology’s espionage network) that the overt harassment campaign was an EPIC FAIL.  Of course, he is blaming it on OSA’s “imbecile” execution while writing out of history that he was the one that ordered it and micromanaged into headlines from North America to Europe.

Partly in order to divert attention from himself, he has been demanding that all potential covert intelligence sources be activated and re-activated, YESTERDAY.

This all makes perfect sense watching from the outside.  Just prior to April 17, when the South Texas Siege began, we had just devined an 18 month operation by OSA to put an old associate into our home.    I informed the operative that I had determined whom she was working for.  Within days the Ass Busters showed up in full regalia and until recently showed up to our driveway daily.  While they still drive by and leer from the distance the daily driveway performances have ceased.

And within 48 hours of that cessation  I received reports from four close friends that they have suddenly received reaches from people they either suspected as OSA agents, or knew to be OSA agents – whom  they have heard nothing of for the past several months.

The reaches were so lockstep timing-wise and in methodology, Mike Rinder and I came to the same certain conclusion: the intelligence I received concerning Miscavige’s latest pendulum swing change of axis is about as accurate as it gets. We’ve been there before.   The magnitude of effect of the cumulative public exposure on Miscavige’s overt harassment campaign finally hits him.  He goes apoplectic on OSA for creating such bad public relations, notwithstanding the fact that he ordered and micromanaged every aspect of it – down to writing scripts for the Ass Busters to shout in front of my home.  He comes up with some LRH Guardian advice from the heart of the cold war about intelligence (covert ops) being the most effective means of combating enemies, and screams “what the f*** happened to all the intel operatives you said you had nearly into Marty’s f****** house?”  OSA scurries like rats activating every operative it ever briefed and attempted to get into my circle of friends since time immemorial.  And, simply carrying on with what we do, the sudden shift of axis is so obvious as to be almost comical.

I don’t expect anyone to take my analysis as gospel.  But, I share it to give a heads up to folk so that you are not caught unawares, and in the hopes you might share any other such indicators this past week so as to fuel our incredible multiple viewpoint system of defense.

Remember the Price of Freedom.

98 responses to “David Miscavige Espionage Alert

  1. I was contacted just today by someone who briefly knew me in the past to check up “how I was doing” and by the way, “where do you stand with the Church and how are your conditions going?”

    The person who wrote me is not an acknowledged OSA affiliate (that I know of) but the coincidence is interesting…

  2. martyrathbun09

    Knowing you and your history I put this contact smack dab into the bullpen.

  3. LOL, Ass Busters…. EPIC FAIL indeed!

    Congrats on weathering the storm of insane handling so far. And here’s hoping you, Mosey, MikeR et al have seen the worst of it.

  4. Marty
    Got it. thanks for the timely heads-up (see my email to you).
    It will be interesting to see how this operation back-fires in exactly the same way that all of Miscaviges nutty ideas have back-fired.
    What would happen if the OSA agents got into communication for real with the Indies?
    DM are you sure you want to go there? If OSA Scientologists start communicating with Indie Scientologists they may cognite that we’re all on the same team after all and go looking for the real SP. If you had any hope of pulling this off you should have banned OSA personnel from reading the blogs. They know who we are now so much of your black PR will have been proven false already. They don’t want to fight other Scientologists any more than we do. Only you want us to fight so no-one will spot Mona Lisa in the background.
    They’re reading this right now… Wonder what they think of it all… 😀
    Grabbing a bag of popcorn and waiting for a new EPIC FAIL.

  5. martyrathbun09

    The worst has yet to come; but at least we can see it before it arrives.

  6. Remember DM.
    OSA staff are Sea Org Members. They are loyal to LRH not you. As soon as they discover that they are not working for LRH anymore by pitting Scientologist against Scientologist they won’t be too understanding about what you have done to all of us.
    Tick tock tick tock…

  7. What is important to remember is that a “good OSA operative” can be the person you least suspect.

    Newly arriving back INTO your life – you welcome them with open, naive arms. So happy that they TOO have seen the light. They will know how to talk the talk and agree with what you find objectionable.

    They have come to TURN YOU or to LEARN what the inner group of independents are doing.

    My suggestion is: Take the higher ground. READ and LEARN even more.
    Follow an earlier lead from Marty — READ.

    Here are a few WONDERFUL books in my opinion — not very long:

    Bhagavad Gita : translation by Stephen Mitchell (a poem about brothers fighting brothers, in part)

    The Pocket Thomas Merton: Trappist Contemplative Catholic Monk –

    Tao Te Ching

    Dhammapada: Sayings of the Buddha

    With your own understanding of LRH along with these very wise and basic books — an OSA op will dissolve back INTO their own kindness, fueled by your kindness.

    And then — dm will once again have to change his paradigm. With enough shifts, often and persistently created by the independents, he will EVENTUALLY come face to face with himself. And then he too can change.

    It is up to each of us to remain true to ourselves, to our dreams for each other and mankind – which does include that very dark and utterly lost soul – Miscavige


  8. George M. White

    Mr. Miscavige,
    Three simple words repeated three times:


    Much loving-kindness,

  9. George M. White

    Much Metta,

  10. Thanks for the heads up Marty. I smell a RAT!
    I wonder if JA got thrown under the bus for his big BULLY BUSTER’S FLOP!!!!!

  11. Sam, that’s the bottom line.

  12. “See, if you would have done what I said the way I said to you &^@%# this would be wrapped already!”
    I get the picture bright and clear.
    Duly alerted.

  13. Free and Clear

    One thing about OSA Operatives is that they pretend to be sympathetic, they “see outpoints too”, and they say they have “read marty’s blog”. However when you start talking to them you notice that they “opps” seem to have “missed” that article, and “didn’t see” that other article, in fact there are no articles that they do recall because they are lying their asses off about having even looked at Marty’s blog. Anyone who is the real deal has read Marty’s blog and is able to discuss various articles and agree with you on specific incidents and events that have been reported. OSA agents on the other hand have clearly been threatened with extremely dire consequences if they so much as glance at Marty’s blog and they have no clue what is in it other than a few vague generalities. This also fits with the nature of OSA helpers. OSA operatives have extremely low confront levels. They can’t even think for a second that something might be wrong with their “status quo”. They have their “eyes” squeezed tightly shut. They are praying that it will all go away, they are helping make it all go away. Very deep down they know something is terribly wrong. But their confront is so low that they will never face it. They are the “new breed of scientologist”, raised in the church of pay to play, donate to the IAS and your sins will be not forgiven, but rather ignored and we will let you see the secret scriptures even though you are a lowly scumbag. This is the perfect culture for spying and ratting people out. Anyhow, just a comment that may help. To make them authentic they would have to read the blog, and we all know where that would lead- lots of OSA operatives spying on OSA and reporting to the Indies!

  14. The Pure Heart

    In the beginning there was the Pure Heart: Truth, Integrity, Loyalty, Trust, Honesty, Beauty, Honor, Pride, Faith, Friendship, Love, Fidelity, Harmony, Joy, Ideals, and a True Game. We all know these things.

    How were these things lost? By turning every one of them into a control mechanism by the slave masters. They thought for their benefit – but in actuality only ending up in the degradation of all including themselves. Now “everybody knows” these things are traps.

    Every life begins with a Pure Heart. Every child “learns better”.

    Every religion, movement, crusade and cause célèbre attracts people with the promise of the Pure Heart. The promise may be true in the beginning but in the end it is used to trap.

    We are evolving to the Free Heart. That is a Pure Heart with wisdom. We cannot renounce the Pure Heart. It is the soul of beingness – what makes existence glorious. But only with a crystal clear understanding of the intentions and actions of the slave masters can we be free. The heart of wisdom is to understand when the concepts of the Pure Heart are being used to enslave and when they are free. And that is the truly Free Heart.

  15. Sue for Peace?

    Uh, count me in too.


  16. martyrathbun09

    You’ve gone right to the heart of Miscavige’s unsolvable problem. They are intentionally mal-briefed because to fully brief them might lose them. We saw indication that even the Ass Busters were not allowed to see posts and videos on my blog about themselves.

  17. This postulates that OSA operatives and their agents still have the ability to think independently, which is probably a long stretch. When a person thinks dependently, he can only accept and reject data according to the tenets of the source of his dependent thinking. A dependent thinker does not evaluate the information, his programming evaluates it.

    Not to generalize.

  18. Yeah, I didn’t want to think so, but then I saw your blog and the timing was scary, so I would have to agree with you.

  19. Was it a boy named “Sue” petitioning for peace on a pitiable pauper’s propensity for promised permission?

  20. Would the move from overt hostility to covert hostility be indicative of anything?

  21. We have located a just released OSA training video for covert operatives.
    This was produced and directed by the stimulus-response pygmy creature holed-up in Hemet.

  22. Generalize away 🙂
    We were all there once and now we’re here. So yes. I think they do have the ability to think independently and I like to give my old friends the benefit of the doubt. If we can make it, so can they.
    Incidentally I know a large number of ex-OSA staff who are now in the independent field…

  23. I don’t think it’s that black and white OUAT. My guess is that plenty of these OSA agents are one or two cogs away from snapping out of it. They are, after all, aware of far more of what is going on “out in the world” than most Scientologists.

    So Sam, I think you’re right on the money. I wouldn’t be surprised if plenty of them start waking up in the near future … even if we don’t hear or know about it right away. So keep communicating … even if you have to still hold certain details close to your chest.

  24. My guess is that as soon as the cameras-on-the-head video came out … Miscavige blew a gasket and started micro-managing the whole thing (of course, it’s also very possible that DM master-minded the entire cameras-on-the-head video and then blamed others, which sounds more like his MO).

  25. “They are the ‘new breed of scientologist’, raised in the church of pay to play, donate to the IAS and your sins will be not forgiven, but rather ignored and we will let you see the secret scriptures even though you are a lowly scumbag.”

    Wow, Free and Clear, what a perfect and succinct description of what has become of the Church of Scientology. Dreadfully accurate. You do indeed speak sooth.

  26. There is another covert ops that was delineated on this blog some months back on the OSA Program revealed: infiltrate and engender Third Party.

    That plays out by putting in play those who might be a li’l shaky in terms of ‘results’ from the CofS i.e., those willing and either knowingly or unknowingly ‘sent’ to get some training or auditing from an independent Scientology practitioner and are there to either disrupt those practitioners or
    set up the KSW sit of ‘don’t get results with what they THINK is Standard Tech’ and so go off into unusual solutions.

    The point being to alter workable procedure and thus ‘prove’ the field is ‘squirrelling’.

    It it is Scientology, then it is in the spoken or written words of L. Ron Hubbard. Study Tech applied will bring the meaning and method home. There is no substitute for understanding.

    This comment isn’t meant to get anybody’s knickers knotted about the guy next door, just to keep an eye out for that one that seems to be just a tad…well, you get the idea. Chances are they won’t allow or participate in any application and if they do, it will be altered from LRH materials.

    That’s my 2 pence on the matter.

  27. NW indies are a pretty tight group. We have a strict measuring stick, by which, we let new folks into our group via a multiple viewpoint voting system.

    We ain’t fallin’ for nothin’.

    All it really takes, however, is two-way-comm with a person and you can smell a rat a mile away.

    Thanks for the heads-up Marty.

  28. The next inversion of the Desire, Enforce, Inhibit phenom. Smaller and smaller the space gets until…yikes!! A total effect at “I’m a particle”.


  29. Marty — I think it would be more accurate to say: ” to brief them might lose them, to fully brief them would lose them.”

    The ONLY briefing they can get is:

    “He is an SP. He is a squirrel. Everything he says is a lie. There is no point reading any of it. At all costs, do not listen to anything he says. We love COB. We hate Marty”[Steve/Mike/Jason/Luis/Tony/Karen/Tizi etc etc etc.] (Note, the only dichotomy that works is COB/Marty/S/J/M/L. etc as “We love LRH, so does Marty” doesnt compute too well). You have to be positioned as the OpTerm to POB. Therefore you are an SP and a squirrel, therefore POB is “with LRH.”

    It would not surprise me if they have Chinese School drills these days set to Randy Newman’s “We Love LA”:

    “We love COB”
    “Who do we love?”
    “Loud and lively! Who do we love?”

    Oh, what a thought….

  30. GMW,
    At this stage maybe:

    Carefully Dave, on that last one. Not what you expect at all 🙂

  31. Groups never cognite ahead of group think.

    Only individuals do.

    Everyone here came here because of his own personal realizations – no matter how stubborn he/she had adhered to group think earlier.

    Things like as-is-ness, cognitions and the choice of a new way of life do happen – sometimes quite unexpectedly !

  32. Led by James Byrne… lol

    “This is a bow rack”. “What is it?” ………..

  33. So now everyone new who contacts you is suspect? I would guess that would be a good effect in DM’s mind.

    I wondered why suddenly after years of no interest in me I’m getting Facebook friend requests.

    What’s there to hide? You’re doing well – communicating when no one else is. I too think that this reaching out could be a good thing.

  34. AWF: WOW!!


  35. ..and pointing with his swagger stick to a life-size, retouched, photoshopped picture of the great Dear leader himself:
    “Who is this?” tap tap “COB,” “Who is it?”
    “And what is this?” “An applebox, what is it?”

  36. Ulf Ronquist who use to be an oldtime deep covert spy back in Europe who has lived in the states for many years, is currently living in Coeur d’alene ID / Spokane WA area. When I found this out several months ago I wondered what the heck he was up to so far from LA. He has even changed his name to something like Ron Wolfe. (not 100% sure but something like this)

  37. George M. White

    Had to go the dictionary for that one.
    “Let him Beetlejuice out of there”

  38. George M. White

    I had to go to the dictionary. Looks like History of England 1816-1846.

  39. It would seem the best chance of actually turning an OSA agent is to get through to them with real comm. They are presenting you with a valence. That valence is not in real communication. How do you get through to the real person?

    Perhaps a question making them take a real look at who they really are would work, such as, “I am concerned about you, how are you really doing these days?” Or even more general, such as “Does it look to you like this planet is being cleaned up?–what do you think we should do about it?” Make them think. That might break the circuit. But don’t flip them into the plus and minus about DM and Indies–that’s right back into the circuit. –just a couple thoughts, I’m sure every one of us can think on our feet to get in real comm when it’s at all possible.

  40. Mushroom Scientololgists. Raised in the dark on a diet of bullshit.

  41. Lovin’ it!

  42. Great point you have, of asking them about the content of the indie stuff they say they’ve read–that would break down the mask pretty quickly.

  43. I don’t know about any voting system, but a sure sign for me of an OSA dup is anyone trying to stir up controversy concerning Marty. I say this for a reason – keep vigilant.

  44. Thanks for the tip. That falls into the NW group territory so it’s good to know.

  45. One thing to be vary careful of is any requests for copies of Scientology materials. One of the ops these guys get into is trying to set people up for copyright violation suits.

  46. JL,
    You have named it! Thank you.

  47. Do DM’s tactics remind anyone else of a Hognose Snake?

    When threatened, hognose snakes will flatten their necks and raise their heads off the ground, like a cobra, and hiss. They may sometimes feign strikes, but are not apt to bite. This behaviour has earned them several nicknames, such as “puff adder”, “blowing adder”, “flathead”, “spreadhead”, “spreading adder” or “hissing adder”. Note, though, the nickname “puff adder” is only a nickname, and is not scientifically correct. There is a highly venomous viper from Africa called the puff adder, Bitis arietans.

    If this threat display does not work to deter a would-be predator, hognose snakes will often roll onto their back and play dead, going so far as to emit a foul musk and fecal matter from their cloaca and let their tongue hang out of their mouth, sometimes accompanied by small droplets of blood. If they are rolled upright while in this state, they will often roll back as if insisting they really are dead. It has been observed that the snake, while appearing to be dead, will still watch the animal that caused the death pose. The snake will ‘resurrect’ sooner if the threat is looking away from it than if the threat is looking at the snake

  48. A particle?! I just love particles. All the singing and dancing and drinking. All the dangling. Of which, I know of one particle, so completely inverted that his particle is far, far to tiny to dangle.

  49. True. True. And true.
    However, in a story line, one must always create a little doubt. Will the hero overcome insurmountable odds?
    If we leave these readers with nothing to question the story line dies and they stop reading.
    Not too mention, if you tell these blokes they “can’t,” maybe they’ll just get the gumption to “can.”

  50. Here’s hoping to Matt Warlicker blowing (declared me an SP). I will warmly welcome him to the independent movement and real Scientology.

  51. The problem is, these brainwashed DMbots can apparently be VERY good actors. How are you supposed to tell the difference between someone who REALLY wants to get out, and someone who just wants to infiltrate? Seems to be an unanswerable question.

  52. DM has a mind?

    No one said that everyone new who contacts you should be suspect.

    Of course there is nothing to hide, but who wants a sleazy slime working for OSA in their personal life, feeding information to a psychopath?

  53. Marty, how come no one has ever thought of putting someone on the inside the other way around. Someone like me who has never had ANYTHING to do with Scientology one way or another, and let the DMbots take them under their wing. Eventually this person would become “irate” about this SP who is trying to ruin something that has changed their life, and maybe get lucky enough to be included into the loop of “Get Marty”. Just a suggestion, but I think it might work, although honestly I don’t know how the whole thing works, so maybe I’m just suggesting a pipe dream.

  54. Margaret,

    I love black and white. Black and white movies. Black and white photography. “The Magnificent Andersons.” Ansel Adams. Such power in the simplicity.

    Human awareness often boils down to perception, and perception often boils down to meanings assigned. What meanings do we assign to what we encounter? If the OSA agents keep assigning the same meanings to Marty, Independents, DM, CofS, etc. I doubt they will change. Doesn’t matter how well-meaning or intelligent they are. If they change the meanings they assign (cognition) then of course they will change.

    Stay tuned for next weeks thrilling episode: “OSA Agent’s Crushing Cognition” Will Steven the OSA bot come to realize the programming enforced by the egregious Dr. Miscarriage has left him completely enslaved? With supreme will, our hero fights back. Racing for the door, he triggers the flying monkeys alarm.

    Gasp! Gasp! Gasp!

    So much drama.

  55. Gosh wondered where he got too ?

  56. Great info and makes total sense. Thanks.

  57. Shrieks and gales laughter!

  58. Marty, you confirmed an earlier suspicion that I had when I was approached by an “old friend” a few months ago. They wanted to be in comm, knowing that I’d been declared and said they would be their own advisor. Although it could have been a genuine reach they just had too many connections to spies for the church. I just now compared the date of the contact to when the ass clowns arrived. What do you know…it was the same time period! I’m glad I sent that rat home without a bite!

  59. Oh Goodie…

    Now we all get to hone up on our “spotting, confront of, and handling moles drill.” It is so good of David Miscavige to supply us with “real life” situations.

    One thing I am reminded of, at this time, is a story told to me by a person who was being “mined for data” (going through his trash actually, in this case) and said that he took the opportunity to plant false leads, some leading back to terminals still actively forwarding DM’s agenda. Sounded like a fun game to me. Could prove highly workable too, because if enough insanity is brought to bear on these terminals (by DM et al), they might just wake up and see that we are telling the truth.

    The drill has started…. Time to have some fun.

    PS: The purpose of this drill is to learn to spot, confront, and handle (bring to understanding or neutralize) operatives put on your lines. Note, there is no attempt to harm the operative. Bringing a being up-tone, if possible, is always superior to driving them down-tone, to the future of your dynamics.

    Eric S

  60. The Indies group on FB has had a lot of trolling action today as well.

  61. There are two reasons you don’t want to do that.:

    1. You’d be wasting weeks and months and lots of money on a cult.
    2. In OSA, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand does. You might be told “go to this site and handle the critics”, or you’d get last-minute phone calls saying to go “watch this guy and take photographs of him”, but you would certainly not be included in the grand scheme of things. That is all micromanaged by Miscavige.

  62. Thanks Ralph, Good point.

  63. Eric,

    Just for grins, I used to tell certain individuals specifically made up data to see how long it took to get back to me. Something no one else would originate because it was a complete fabrication. Always with the caveat, “don’t tell anyone else. It’s just between us because I trust you.” Sometimes, I would get the information back within an hour. (God, people like to tell me stuff.)

  64. Do we get to dunk suspects to see who…?

  65. Excellent questions, Lynne.
    They need to break free from the circuits.

  66. Dan,

    You know how there are the existing sectioned off “routes” at the bottom of the Grade Chart, that lead onto the Bridge.

    And there are sidebar boxes on the sides of the Grade Chart, for actions that can be done at various times on the Bridge.

    Well, there’s need for a new sidebar “route” box/section called:

    “Internet Route” to the independent Scientologists’ movement.
    Google “independent Scientology” and discover a hassle free community of ex official Scientologists!

  67. Yes, it’s true, I asked to be friends with Indies on FB.
    I’m not a troll, or OSA. How can you believe that?
    If someone drops in a private pipeline that so-and-so is OSA, how’s it ever going to be disproved? It’s something of an anomaly, but yes, in this universe, lies persist, truth doesn’t.
    How do we know if someone from OSA isn’t already established in the Indies and isn’t ‘putting the word out’ in order to destabalise a reformation?

    Fact is, DM is never going to give up, he’s a nutter.
    Covert ops are going into overdrive, I don’t doubt that for a second, especially given the bad hit he’s just received in Germany, and now yet another flap in Oz, and the epic fail of the SB squad.

    Coming up is the IAS event at St Hill, that I’d do almost anything to derail.
    I have absolutely no respect for the church. And as for anyone claiming they are winning in the church, well, without wishing to be invalidative, but here goes, how can you win with out-tech? You’r deluding yourself if you’re depending on the Examiner to tell you when, ‘Your needle is floating.’

    From recent personal experience, I can confirm that the auditor is way more interested in the meter than live comm. DM’s tech is about mechanics, not theta. We are the ‘masses’ who need to have our ethics put in. The meter is there to prove we’re wrong.

    Personally, I don’t think there is any point in salvaging the church. Just changing the leadership after 30 years of BS is going to make everything alright, now? I’m all for the savescientology.com letter, and their efforts. They’re good people. I’ve sent my letter in the hope that the whole empire of DM can be dismantled. Every bit of it. Take them to court? Yes!

    Write them a letter of disconnection? You’ve got to be kidding me!

    So what do these statements make me, a liar?

    What chance has any Indie got if he doesn’t already belong in an indie clique?

    The trolls are out on FB? Is this a generalisation?

    I could just crawl away and hope somebody else saves the day. Somebody who knows better than me. Make me into a no-responsibility case with their by-pass.

    Yes, eternal vigilence is right. But we’re not exactly going to encourage Indies to come out if it’s out of the frying pan and straight into a paranoia pit.

    I’ve put my cards on the table. Anyone want to show theirs?

    Love, Rich

  68. You know, I troll right back, with ARC.

    I send out high ARC good roads good weather Facbook Friends requests, to old Scientology friends and people I admired, and just say totally neutral good things to them.

    I highly doubt LRH would stop good roads and good weather communication from “SPs”.

    This official Scientology disconnection wall is just wrong, I just refuse to let it prevent me from sending “theta” comm to old Scientologists who I know to be in good standing.

    I just use Facebook friends request, to send them short nice good roads thoughts and memories.

  69. Rich — You can be part of my “indie clique” (whatever it may be?0 any time.

    I especially liked your summation of the tech in the RCS: “… the auditor is way more interested in the meter than live comm. DM’s tech is about mechanics, not theta. We are the ‘masses’ who need to have our ethics put in. The meter is there to prove we’re wrong.”

    I dont believe *my* clique is a paranoia clique. I pretty much listen to what anyone has to say, and pay attention to what they do. I dont think there is any need for witch hunts, but by the same token, you dont want snakes in your bed. It’s possible to have a wide circle of friends and maintain open comm lines while seeing the vipers for what they are.

  70. Nice Chuck. And I often wonder why you say you are not a Scientologist. You are more of a Scientologist than a lot of people I have met who announce it loudly with a rhinestone pin on their lapel from the International Association of Shills.

  71. Sam, you make a great point because as soon as someone gets in comm of course the reality and affinity corners of the triangle also increase. Out of the blue I got an email from an old friend recently (who is on 7) inquiring about my goals in Scientology now. I do think it is important to keep our own affinity high as well as communicate with reality (it doesn’t do much good to give an old acquaintance comm that isn’t “haveable” in their universe – actually it’s very tricky, because I don’t want to compromise my viewpoint and yet I don’t want to make the other go immediately into “defense mode” either and just decide I’m “disaffected” and thus justify ignoring my comm). The wierd thing is that this friend has a great comm cycle usually, but at least a week goes by between replies to me – and I have the VERY strange feeling that my comm is being “CSd.” You know, someone ELSE is reading and advising on the comm. Maybe I’ve just become completely paranoid in me old age.

  72. Marty ~~

    I had a frantic off the wall call for “immediate auditing” URGENT URGENT now now mow from no one less than outright OSA bots.
    I gotta tell you about one of the weirdest comm cycles ever……

    Then I received another Facebook message in the last 24 hours to take someone else in “dire need” for a session. This person tried to set me up the very first week I came out on your blog. She proposed an illegal act on David Miscavge ~~ and wanted me to agree to it and be in cahoots with illegality to set me up for “conspiracy”.

    Everything you have revealed here completely aligns with what I experienced in the last 24/48 hours.

    I have said this before…..

    Do they think we are born on Banana Boats ? or as Mike says:::
    Do they think we just fell off the Turnip truck?

    OSA BOTS reading this::::



    2) Why do I continue to make a fool of myself toadying to Miscavige ?

  73. Michael

    Yes… Excellent. that is a fun “tactic”. No real harm done but you learn something.

    I caught a talk , years back, of a guy who was advising on how to stop annoyance and telemarketer phone calls. One of the things that he did was to alter has name slightly when he gave it out to banks, businesses, etc.,and remember who he gave that name to. Usually he was promised that his name would not be shared, but often he would get it back from some other “source”. He, of course, knew that it had been passed on, and by whom. Often, when confronted, they denied having done so.

    There are all sorts of fun possibilities.

    On another matter…. I want to thank you for the great ack of a few posts back. Things are moving along at a pretty good pace here just now, and I wanted to be sure you knew that I got it.

    Play on…

    Eric S

  74. Free and Clear — Awesome post!!! And awesome comments including Dan’s, lol. Dan you along with Mike and Marty are three of the wittiest persons I have ever known.

  75. Marty, I have seen today a vast increase of entheta coming from OSA operatives on the Indie Scientologist facebook group today. They basically got smashed because a few vigilant Indies were paying close attention and one of them was caught red handed writing as two different people. So definitely, what you and Mike have surmised is 100% accurate from what I am seeing. The informants are being mobilized to do something, anything!! Stir up as much bullshit as possible now, now, now. They are desperate to be able to report a handling before the end of the night on the daily report line up to DM. But thanks to people like Samantha, Laura, Sinar, Karen, and Michael Fairman the alleged agents were mauled rather badly and the thread was taken down. Desperate indeed. But desperate don’t play dat.

  76. Thanks, Mike – top bloke!

  77. Rich — are you in direct communication with Sam? If not, you should be….

  78. Steve — You ain’t heard nothing yet. They are in an all out meltdown frenzy today. More news of POB shooting himself in the crotch will be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

  79. Mike, I’m wondering if the Germany trip had something to do with it. What do you think?

  80. +1 — Chuck, is a real freedom fighter.

  81. I think POB got out of the wrong side of his coffin this morning, or his custom made slippers had a fur ball in them or his quail eggs were overly poached in caviar juice or some other major catastrophe (no doubt orchestrated by some SP that had gotten on his lines) just put him in a bad mood.

    So, he kicked the nearest cat, smashed his head into the marble fireplace in his bathroom and then dictated some orders to Linda, just like Marty described.

    There are lots of things exploding straight up and vertical (seems more appropriate than “sky high”) and I think its the cumulative effect.

    The pressure is building. The copper rods arent cutting it and neither are the coffee enemas, so there’s got to be an outlet…. *issue some orders, that always calms me down*

  82. Yes, OSA is getting hysterical. I can vividly imagine the extent of recent RPF assignments, lower conditions and demotions in OSA network. RPF is good. A lot of Indies come straight from the RPF.

  83. Hey Marty,

    Can I come stay with you? I have no visible means of support and I’m super curious about what your “strategy” is…

    Whaddya say buddy?

  84. Eric,

    Yeah, I’ve tried that strategy with businesses also. Crazy fun watching stuff evolve. But an administrative headache: “now where did I put that piece of scrap paper with my list of slightly altered names?”

    I figured you got the ack, one way or other, either by internet or theta-net. Some beings I just feel more in tune with.

  85. The solution to this particular problem is simply squash any “You is OSA” witch hunters with extreme prejudice. It simply is not necessary to know whom is or is not an OSA Minion when it comes to forum posters or blog commenters.

    Uphold the pure Truth, with as much documentation as possible. The Truth, strongly presented, will turn away the real OSA minions in the same fashion as a crucifix turns a vampire.

    That is my take. Your Mileage May Vary.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  86. In my experience, Chuck Beatty is only interested in the Truth — good, bad, ugly or indifferent. That is why I like him, and I concur with Mike Rinder: for an Ex-Scientologist, he is *STILL* a better Scientologist than most any given Churchie. That has got to be one hell of a condemnation for McSavage’s faithful flock.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  87. Rich,

    Truth is, most of us are nutters in one way or another. If we weren’t we’d be operating in another universe entirely. Indies are no exception. I’ve seen some of the oddest attacks on people who weren’t trolls or whatever.

    I think that just as heroism can really only appear in the face of danger, your integrity will manifest strongly only when tested. Maybe I’m just a romantic, but I like it when hell is breaking loose, when the particles are flying, when the accusations are zinging off the walls. What a thrill!

    To me, being the self-centered shit that I am, this whole situation is merely an invitation to exercise our pan-determinism. Just because someone walks in with one opinion of you doesn’t mean they have to leave with that opinion. Just because a person enters the game with one goal/attitude/perception doesn’t mean they can’t leave without another.

    It’s all about the ability to cause, the capacity for change.

    Since we all be thetans, the game that seems to be going on really is not the game that is going on. If it were, it would as-is. And we’d all float away free.

    So, those are some of my cards. Of course, I’ve got decks and decks up my sleeve, down my pants, buried in the yard and hidden under every table in the casino. Not because I’m cheating at the games, just because I like cards.

    At least, “cards” as defined in your last paragraph.

    Dem cards is the thing of truth and revelation. Thus, auditing is a card game. On all dynamics.

    Your deal, Stud.

  88. Hey, hey, hey. What if we all turned double agents? No triple agents. No, triple double agents, reeling in the OSA agents, convincing them how much we hate all things independent, describing our love of following command intention to the letter, so that we are taken back to their flag. And when they aren’t looking, we can all jump up and do an impromptu dance number. Just thousands of triple0double agents filling the auditorium, listening to the triumphs of COB, and breaking out in a celebratory dance to a tune to be picked later. Then marching out in a conga line.

    Talk about some whizz-bang fun! Wow! Ain’t that cool, Beav?

  89. Yes, I’ve received these same kinds of ploys. The dictionary defines “agent provocateur” as “a person who induces others to break the law so that they can be convicted.” I had a fellow contact me saying he was not a Scientologist, but he wanted to help me out. He said he was going to be in Clearwater and so he volunteered to infiltrate the Fort Harrison. “Just say the word” he said — yeah right. If I said the word they would have had me arrested.

  90. Chuck Beatty is special and is my friend.
    He knows he is a Class XII of Admin P/Ls.
    He reminds me often that is an athiest
    but I know he is spiritual 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  91. I received a reach to connect up from a former “friend” in Scientology this week.

    I reached out to the person a couple of years ago to say hello and ask long-pressing questions about the real activities of the “church”. I communicated my questions about phenomena that blared as
    gross outpoints: * growing number of members who are inhibited/suppressed from trying to make corrections; * global public ill-will in the world media toward a subject I know to be benign and helpful when simply practiced; * security breaches while good people were being milked for tens and hundreds of thou$and$ on ‘confessionals’ for “security” (what security?); * abyssal, consistent failures at communication by an organization that sells Communication Courses as their basic service; no warmth (care; aggressive use of weather and political catastrophes to promote the brand “$cientology” with bright yellow Volunteer Minister shirts who are not doing what they’re doing when they are doing it (they are selling and posing/manipulating reality first and foremost); *observed fraud and crush cycles perpetrated by Church members, staff and “registrars” to strip members of all their money and assets, thus pressuring members to violate the very finance policies and ethics conditions technology that exists in actual Scientology; *deaths, murders, suicides (look them up)

    Yes, I expected honest, comprehensive answers that provided reality-based understanding to real issue that were my dividing point with the “Church.” My friend, trained and understanding, who professed care in the past, responded back then: a cold, rote reply. No Hello, how are you, how have you been? Just a chilly note with party line: “the Church is winning, the Church is making inroads to governments.”

    Now, this week — two years later — out of the blue, the person sent me a strangely rote invite to connect . It’s not difficult to recognize that brand empty of true warmth, empty of the life of sincerity, devoid of true affinity and understanding.

    I’m glad I recognize how true friends behave. Friendship is a verb, and it is the most sacred, precious wealth.

    I can think of no greater waste than giving credence to the shallow strategies of OSA (The Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs, MIscavige-puppeted buffoons). The dishonesty of their operations are worthy of a mental health inquiry by society. OSA consistently violates the codes of conduct, honor and values to which they pretend to ascribe — knowingly and willingly. The codes that OSA violates go beyond the Creed of Scientology; it is a violation of universal human decency.

    Thank you for this blog, to all stepping forth, to the people of Ingleside, to people with integrity. for the tapes and writings that document and platform the dramatized inner workings of the supposed “ecclesiastical leader” of a “religion” … people in golf carts and sinking paddle boats are the tip of the iceberg of obsessive machinations of a sick organization, run by a sick mind that classically is pitting itself against the world and targeting humankind as enemies.

    People around the world are mostly really very wonderful. They deserve and respond to the truth of Scientology when it can help them, and are repulsed by the harmful, deceitful agenda of the cultified version.

    While Scientology Cult is kicking cats, there are many big meows rumbling around the world. Meow meow meow. Blaming the wrong targets again.

    Meanwhile, it’s wonderful to catty on applying, learning and benefiting from the applicable practices of plain old Scientology, of plain old help and good will, and enjoy the wonder and miracles in action of life and people in society. Man is basically good.

  92. Well, something has started as I was notified today someone tried to hack my personal email and Facebook account from an unregistered IP address. I guess OSA is getting awfully desperate to gain information.

    Of course the hack didn’t succeed, and even if it did, they would find nothing of interest… Having been on the inside I know their tactics but I can strongly advice people who want to protect their communications to adjust their security settings of their email accounts to something not easily hacked from an unknown (unregistered) IP address.

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