South Texas Justice

San Patricio County rejects charge against former Scientology official Rathbun:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Mosey and I thank all of you who helped from the bottom of our hearts.   As you may have divined by now, the investigation is only now beginning…so the energy will be well used.
           For background and most comprehensive, updated coverage go to editor in chief of Village Voice Tony Ortega’s blog, including these final thoughts by Mr. O:
FINAL THOUGHTS ON THIS INCIDENT: Let’s not forget what Scientology tried to do here. There was a lot of discussion in our comments section and elsewhere about whether Marty Rathbun “deserved” to be hauled away and prosecuted based on what he did in the past with the Church of Scientology.But let’s keep an eye on what really happened here: Although the “Squirrel Busters” pretended to be a film crew made up of Scientologists who had no connection with the official church, it was established in two different ways that this was a goon squad sent by and directed by the official Church of Scientology and its longtime private investigator.

As a result of that operation, Scientology got a man taken to jail over “literally a scratch,” as the prosecutor put it, and likely would have had Rathbun locked up over a weekend if not for the quick action of a jail officer who knew what was going on. How did a church accomplish the arrest and this cynical manipulation of the local justice system? Through a classic Scientology tactic of shopping for a judge who was ignorant of the nearly unbelievable background — that a religious organization, for the last 5 MONTHS has besieged a man’s house because he dares practice his own religion in his own way. Twice now, that church has, through the use of private investigators and attorneys, tried to get the man arrested and prosecuted over trivial reactions to their daily provocations, in what are psychological operations intended to engender those kinds of reactions.

Only because of reporters like Mark Collette and because of Rathbun’s own efforts in his blog are some key locals — including sheriff’s deputies and county attorney David Aken — aware of what’s really going on, preventing Scientology from the kinds of similar operations it has pulled elsewhere.

You can be sure that David Miscavige and Scientology are not going to stop their cynical tactics in South Texas. Rathbun, by simply professing his own brand of independent Scientology and reaching deep into the official church to entice longtime members to come out, is too much of a threat to Miscavige for him to give up after only two tries to get Rathbun prosecuted.

But never, I think, have Scientology’s legal tactics been so nakedly exposed as they are happening. Why this isn’t a national story, with a CNN crew hanging around to film the Squirrel Busters, is a complete mystery to me. — Tony O.


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  1. BAM!

  2. Hey Marty,

    How did they know:
    The Squirrel Busters say they are not affiliated with the organized church, though documents show they have exchanged correspondence with the church’s legal director.

    How did they prove this?

    ANd it wasn’t Mismanage himself directly was it? Surely that chicken shit cult leader, had someone else act as a buffer.

    So who was the contact person they speak of that connected them to the Cult of Corporate Scientology.?

  3. good. It’s on the record.

  4. Common sense prevails.

  5. Impartial English Girl

    Yayyy!!! Great news – and makes DM look more stupid than ever. I rejoice at this development; truly I do.

    Alas, however, I now need have recourse to the law myself. I am considering legal action, in the strongest possible terms, against the reporter and/or one of his sources*. For I believe my sides have split from alternately laughing and choking with hysterics at their quote: “The Squirrel Busters say they are not affiliated with the organized church…” ….. hahahaha…no, please stop… hahahahahaa… ow it hurts…. hahahahaaahahahahahaaaaa… no, oh no…. hahahahahaaaaaa… 😀

    I am glad that justice has prevailed for Mr. Rathbun. A scratch from removing someone’s glasses, for GOODNESS’ sake!!!

    IEG xx

    *a joke.

  6. Don’t mess with Texas!

    These little SBs need to go to ethics and read HCOPL Viewpoint and have a little realization that Texans don’t like their women messed with. They may provoke Marty to take off a pair of sunglasses from a complete idiot in order to protect his woman’s honor, but they’re also going to seriously piss off the magistrates, judges and prosecutors that don’t want SB types around their women and children.

  7. Hell Yeah! 😀 So glad to hear it!

  8. Felicitas Foster

    Congratulations!!! Looks like there are still some sane people around that can OBSERVE and put facts in the right perspective.

  9. Marty, it is time to get a restraining order… if only for Mosey’s sake. I’m sure the local police would appreciate it.

  10. Great news, seems Ol lady justice is not totally blind, deaf and dumb! Now perhaps she’ll try to find out who’s obstructing her?

  11. Happy?

    This will set a precedence.

    People you can freely remove Marty’s coke bottle glasses and smash them the ground. LOL


    P.S. Take the bock off Marty, be a man. I can still get around to post, cant you see? You can email me and give me a valid reason, for the block, and I will go away. Don’t give me crap, about you being Judge, Jury, and the executioner.

  12. Sanity prevails! Bravo!

  13. Marty’s still not in jail so I guess we can expect the Sociopath I/C (POB) to order operations at IOB to be stepped up. What a lunatic loser.

  14. martyrathbun09

    MODERATORS NOTE: Just this one. I wanted Miscavige to have his say.

  15. Another epic failure for the COS and David Miscarriage. What a total putz! Way to keep your cool Marty et al., as I would have surely gone bonkers on those idiots with some “Italian” justice. And believe me – that’s not pretty. Hang in there as the scales are constantly tipping in your favor.

  16. Ya, David and you are the perp being tried and you are found guilty by your peers! WE INDIES are the judge and jury, Marty is just the anvil and therefore the executioner!

    ML Tom

  17. Sanity prevails! Well done, San Patricio County justice!

  18. Think you mean ‘precedent.’

  19. From the way this reads it’s apparent Dave’s already drunk.

  20. George M. White

    Great news!
    Now the real work can begin. Miscavige must be stopped from using tax dollars to support his evil habits. I, for one, will begin to seek additional forms of help. This one hit home. Suppose Miscavige decided that he wanted to try to stop me from Buddhist meditation. Mr. Miscavige you have exceeded the bounds of judicial tolerance on this one.
    Much loving-kindness,

  21. Thanks for the good news Marty.

    As expected, POB just got splattered with shit again. His orders are just not working out real well these days…. Everything he tells his minions to do seems to end up in a backfire.

    And as I said in an earlier post — now Allen Cartwright has stroked himself a Hole in One, the RCS is square in the middle of the shit storm they have been trying to avoid…

    POB truly is The Master of Disaster. He could fuck up a two car funeral.

    Anyway, glad the County Attorney has a level head. He couldnt find jurors to convict you in that county in a million years, POB and his SquiBs have made sure of that. All the money they have spent bought YOU immunity.

  22. Negative past karmic seeds burned — Marty

    Negative NEW karmic seeds created — miscavige and minions

    Happy productive purposeful life – Marty

    Miserable suffering by intending harm to others – miscavige and minions


  23. Hey Davie, looks like San Patricio County isn’t up for sale.

  24. Four months of hundreds of thousands 501c deductibles wasted on harassment and provocation. And what did it yield… one grabbed microphone and one scratch… and an alleged scratch at that! To get a complain filed even after 4 months of incessant provocation they still had to lie. Who in his right mind would ever file for a scratch……that’s so Davey; knock out physically all management and file for the first scratch….made up scratch….he incurs. Way to go Davey, can you sink any lower?

  25. Last week I posted that it was going to suck to be DM in the near future. That time is here.

    Despite the squandering of hundreds of thousands of dollars to shut Marty down, DM and his golf cart street creepers have 0 product to show for it. Their latest attempt – a total failure. PC’s are still free to come and go, and Marty is free to audit them. He can still speak to whomever he wishes, and speak out against what he feels is wrong or right.

    The efforts to stop him are a BIG FAT FLOP. I wonder how many Clears and Class VIII’s could have been created with that money?

    The VFP of the current management seems to be “Failed attempts to stop free speech and exposure of our crimes”. In that sense, DM and his crew are in Power.

    “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”
    ― Marcus Aurelius

  26. FK(up),

    Are you kidding? Lubow is paying you for this feeble crap?

    No wonder you can afford that $65,000 car! Used to be that the budget had SOME limitations on it. But, cost is no object I suppose when it comes to defending the honor and reputation of the Pope on a Box…. What a guy. And you are making a wonderful impression as his representative here. Good going.

  27. Good move. It is interesting to hear what FK (and probably others…DM?) learns from this episode. He doesn’t get why the case was dropped.

  28. As more and more people “inside” the church read this crap. They will wonder….why the hell do they care what Marty is doing?

    Did a grown man who has been outside another mans house, in a city he doesn’t even live in—hell in a FREAKING AREA OR THE COUNTRY/STATE the guys doesn’t even live in–actually has the baby balls to stand in front of said Mans domicile and then try to swear out a complaint to a justice of the peace……for a scratch? I mean really, you talk about providing free comedy. Geroge Carlin and Bill Hicks wish they had comedy material likes this to use in their act.

    It is literally unbelievable what is gong on. And I believe whole whole heatedly, that these kooks and goofballs are helping to destroy the church even faster.

    All Marty is doing is collecting more and more and more evidence and they are giving it to the news media and web on a silver platter.

    ITs gonna be like a wild fire……..

    A fibonacci sequence of events and patterns.

    1 will tell 1 will tell 2 will tell 4 will tell 16 will tell ……..

    Exodus isn’t just a book in the bible.

    You imbeciles are seriously the funniest thing I have seen in some time.

    A grown man actually tried to get a real man put in jail over a scratch.

    Hey goober, know what a real man does when a guy touches him? He kicks the living shit out of him. But, not you. You go little school boy to the nearest teacher and narc on him.

    Well after your recent felonious attempt at deciding the justice system, you have not only given the Feds more to look at and question people about….but you have also, put YOURSELF at risk of going to jail, where guess what?

    Those guys don’t like sissy tattletales and narcs.

    So I hope you stock up on plenty of KY.

    Cause baby, when you get to jail, you will be about as popular as Boy George at a Klan Rally.

  29. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I edited out one parenthetical phrase and the last sentence. Gotta keep it clean – this is a family friendly site.

  30. George M. White


    + 10 to the eighteenth power (number of eons Miscavige will spend in
    the lowest realm possible.)

    Much loving-kindness,

  31. martyrathbun09

    The Buddhists are on fire today.

  32. Nah, it’s the exact High School drop out, J&D camara boy, flunked auditor, implant valence of someone we know from somewhere.

  33. Absolutley NOT. YOu had better not take the best show on the internet off the air.

    You leave those SQBs alone.

    PLEASE, allow them to continue to stalk and harass you.

    If you even try and get a restringing order against these kooks, Ill pay to fight it myself!!!!!

    This shits better than Modern Family, plus its REAL reality TV.

    Sorry, You and Mosey are going through this yourselves on a daily basis.

    But, try not to be so selfish and all “ME ME ME”. You have others out here to think about.

    And if you get a restraining order, tell me sir, how would i have ever got a chance to see the following:

    Goofball, with a Web Cam attached to his forehead?

    Kook lady on your steps, that looked about as stable as Pam and Tommy Lees relationship.

    The Cooling off of the Kooks standing just outside you driveway.

    The Fat Ass Middle American, with the beard, barely keeping a Golf Cart afloat.

    The dingbats paddle boating next to your house—that is my f***ing favorite and is absolutely PRICELESS.

    Think of someone other than yourself Marty…and say NO to a restringing order!

    The world demands it!

  34. Centurion: In fact, all that money has bought ONE thing. Immunity for Marty. As the County Attorney has twice acknowledged — there isnt a panel of jurors in San Patricio County that would convict Marty Rathbun for acts against the carpetbagging golf cart creepers. All that parishioner money wasn’t entirely wasted….

  35. Wow, What an amazing and thoughtful person this lady is.

    Be a man? From someone associated with THIS group of kooks.

    Yes, please Marty, PLEASE allow this gal to post some more. We need more comic relief on this web page.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us hear more from Nostradumbass.

  36. I hope that the $1K collected by Judge Guerrero as a result of her 6 hour roundtrip from Sinton on Friday gets totally refunded, due to no charges being brought up by the prosecutor.

  37. Now that brought a chuckle that really, really felt good.

    Marty and Mosey, you’re on a roll. Wahoo!

  38. Marty,

    This is becoming very reminiscent of Gandhi; everything POB does backfires in the worst possible way (for him). The suppressive, oppressive regime just can’t stand up to the truth backed up by passive resistance of the most determined kind. I use the word passive simply in its non-violent connotation, there is nothing passive about what you are doing, but you are a wonderful mirror that reflect what Radical Corporate Scientology is truly up to.

    POB should read history, the very best result he could have ever hoped for was to leave you and Mike well alone, unfortunately he can’t, he is like br’er fox and the tar pit, only the GPM is his tar.

    I know that many are contributing but you and Mike, along with your families, are taking the brunt. And I know you guys know you are appreciated, but it bears repeating all the same.


  39. Hey, Joke on a Box! It’s funny when law enforcement officials are higher-toned and far more interested in real ethics and proper justice than yourself.

    You are in a Cocoon of Ignorance and “wogs” can see right through it.

    Your Squirrel Retards have provided law enforcement officials with hours of video evidence that Marty is the one being harrassed and abused.

    When you act from revenge, when you act from a need to cover up your crimes, it will result in an…EPIC FAILURE!

    Go Team Rathbun! Or should I say, Team Indie!

  40. Sorry but THAT made me crack upp—when you think about the famous picture of the Buddhist protest, the one that won the Pulitzer….

    so maybe poor choice of words…or maybe perfect ironic choice of words—you make the call


  41. Sanity prevails. Now to get the silliness off your record and the false report about great bodily harm into his record.

  42. you edit whatever you need to sir…i already forgot what it was anyway!!!!

    We will meet and shake hands one day marty and we will share that warm pint!

  43. Like Bill Clinton would say, “I feel your pain”.

  44. Yes, but thank goodness not a case of outer immolation, but one of inner inspriation. The prior was not a pretty site.

  45. So is Ferris Khan really LaBlow or is it the tiny tyrant MisCabbage him- self?

  46. martyrathbun09

    Cold for me.

  47. Good one IEG

    Made me laugh myself


    Congrats to Mosey and Marty.


  49. Hats off to David Aken for his swift action and for seeing thru the bs complaint. I hope he is seriously pissed off at his office being abused in that way. The action of Jim Moore and those behind him are a crime against the good people of San Patricio County. I hope they demand justice.

  50. George M. White

    It made me laugh as well. I thought of two “fire” references in the Pali Canon.
    1. The Buddha said we should seek nibanna “as if our turban was on fire.”
    2. He also easily converted 1,000 fire worshipers because they saw the connection between fire and craving and had insight into the Four Noble Truths

    Actually, I have traced the history of the Buddhist monk who burned himself during the Viet Nam war. It is from a much later teaching which is not Source. It was about 700 years after the Buddha that the first self-immolation happened.

    But you are correct. This Buddhist is on fire. It just hit me that as an “old OTVIII”, he could decide to try to mess with me. That will not happen.

    Much loving-kindness,

  51. Marty and Mosey – good news! So glad to hear!

  52. Very well done to Marty, Mosey, everyone here who helped and to the good people of IOB.

    Not so well done to the lawyers who aided and abeted in what appears to be their complicity in false arrest and false imprisonment and the violation of Mr. Rathbun’s first amedment rights to practice his chosen religion as he sees fit.

    And to all you OSA bots who are still defending this outrageous behavior, please stand back, take a deep breath, re-evaluate the facts and have a big cognition.

    It is David Miscavige who is the squirrel. It is David Miscavige who is committing the crimes on a daily basis. It is David Miscavige who is the real suppressive person who is degrading, demeaning and destroying the technology and repute of Scientology. Look again at your PTS/SP materials. Hiding behind his pretty buildings and impressing you all with his “upstats,” David Miscavige is no “white hat.” He is no victim of suppressives trying to destroy a man of good will. David Miscavige IS the SUPPRESSIVE PERSON.

  53. Yaaaaah!!!!! Lets party!

  54. Marty’s useless! He’s a no-body! He’s a DB! He has no effect! He has no friends! There are no Indies! They’re making it all up! It’s just him!….
    If that’s the case DM, then what’s the problem? You should have taken him out years ago.
    From ESTO hat….
    Hey! Miscavige! Where’s the product????????
    LOL tooooooooooo funny. The Emperor has no clothes!

  55. And now, DM is the “little Boy who cried “Wolf!”

    As if they have been ineffective upto now, NOW Marty could literally take the face off of one of the SB’s… on video… and the D.A. would say “it’s obviously staged, with hired actors and make-up.”

    Congrats, Davey. You put a BULLSEYE on your very own “arm” of justice in Texas. Congratulations to you! And the many “fine O.T.’s” for the effects they have created a thousand miles away! That is the true test of an executive, is it not? The ability to create an effect at a distance? Well… you’ve certainly proven your (in)ability this time!

    Poor cat… don’t kick it too hard!
    Oh… and Davey??
    “… and the horse you rode in on!”

  56. Sunshine & blue skies!

  57. Reading on this blog that, “The Buddhists are on fire today” and “POB would fuck up a two car funeral”, I’m finding it difficult to breath with ice tea shooting out my nose.

    Marty, its great to learn there is some sanity in the Texas judicial system.

    This is redemption INDY style.

  58. Who is the Lombar Hisst ?

    This Norman Jim Moore looks at the “Prelude Video” pretty 1.1 to me. Although I am a church member, but since he was not in the mission of the church at Marty, I can probably allow this critical statement about him, right?

  59. FTA
    “County Attorney David Aken said his office determined no jury would convict Rathbun after seeing the way in which the complainant and his film crew had been videotaping Rathbun’s life for the last 155 days.”

    Told you so. =)

    The position of these clowns is getting more tenuous with each passing minute. Somebody had better come to the conclusion that 1) you guys aren’t going anywhere, 2) you are going to keep doing exactly what you are doing, 3) the community and the local law enforcement is totally adverse to their shenanigans, and 4) spending thousands of dollars a day on a bunch of poorly trained and ineffective goons is a complete waste of money.

    I have the feeling that this nonsense, culminating in the false arrest and the reaction of the court only serves to steel your and Mosey’s resolve to help people. What you guys are doing is so positive to the people who come to visit you and I have to think that in this case, it looks like good is going to triumph over evil – a rare thing in the world today.

    Hope to see you guys very soon. Tell Mosey the lemonade’s on me.


  60. Great selection. Certainly reflects my mood.

  61. top of the vale


  62. Eff it, Jagerbombs til we vomit!

    Then a Percoset and a joint for the hangover….

    Damn i miss my youth

  63. Mike — “POB truly is The Master of Disaster. He could fuck up a two car funeral.” Absolutely hilarious!!

  64. Marty and Mosey,

    I was relieved by the positive news. The initial arrest bothered me tremendously, both for you and the pure corruption of the legal system. Understanding now that another JP and police department was duped, recognized this themselves, and corrected within 4 days restores my faith in good people and public servants of the great state of Texas.

    I am certain with this, private email are flying around between all the judges and staff around Texas letting them know of this con.


  65. Excellent news! VWD! It is really, really great that Justice is prevailing in Texas.

    This proved to be very enlightening:

    1. Proof of the link between Corporate Squirrel-dom and the Squirrel Boosters.
    2. Proof of Corporate Squirrel-dom’s insane methods.
    3. Continuing proof that there is no Scientology in Corporate Squirrel-dom. Getting expelled from a group like that is like getting expelled from the Klan.

    A real man defends his lady, and a real man does not go to the law for a scratch. But I guess the product of the CofM is Thetan Castration.

  66. This is good news Marty! Not that it was ever in any doubt – no rational person could ever look at the evidence and conclude anything else – but it is good to see that the County Attorney quickly realised what was going on.

    As usual, these SquiBs have shot themselves in the foot. It is clear to everyone who cares to look (but unfortunately not the members of a certain extremist ‘church’) that this is exactly what they have been trying to do all along – harass and stalk until they get a reaction at which point they will go bawwing to the cops claiming that they are victims. Well actually they ARE victims – victims of their own stupidity, but that’s another story.

    All they have achieved is conclusively demonstrate that their sole purpose is to bully and harass anyone who dares to oppose them and prove what a bunch of pathetic, brain-dead and suppressive losers they are.

    Well done OSA, another FAIL. You are keeping your batting average at 100%.

    However, I’m still waiting for the appropriate authorities to man up and arrest these goons for stalking, harassment and other violations of human rights and then follow the trail back to the source.

    Tick-tock Davey boy, tick-tock.


  67. bedmanokc, some might say that a ‘real’ man doesn’t resolve conflicts with violence. If someone touches him he might turn the other cheek.

    Or perhaps initiate a two-way communication cycle making full use of his knowledge of the ARC triangle and tone scale and utilising the skills gained while doing TRs in order to resolve any conflict before it becomes violent.

    Just a thought…

  68. I have to add, that the Church of Squirrel-dom is proving to be the antithesis of Scientology. It all rolls up to the POB himself.

    DM’s “leadership” is incompetent:

    1. He can’t keep good people.
    2. He castrates the good people who have not left.
    3. He lies to his constituents in the form of false stats.
    4. He has idiotic programs, such as the “Ideal Org” program – a incredible waste of money and time, saddling the orgs with insurmountable debt and future commitments, and is the exact OPPOSITE of what LRH did and would do, or what ANY competent leader would do.
    5. He re-edits the books and calls it a “break-through,” which, now that I have most of my books and have personally compared editions, proves to be a hoax. The “BASICS” are a hoax.
    6. He squirrels training line-ups that have given real products, and then cancels all certs forcing people to do this crap.
    7. He squirrels the tech. Redefines F/Ns, the Dynamics, the purpose of confessionals, and the definition of Clear. Reverses the product of OT.
    8. He condones – yea, personally manages – the most egregious and stupid anti-independent campaigns, insults the good people of Texas, and insults the world’s intelligence, and then has the audacity to call the product “Freedom Magazine.”

    And he does ALL of the above badly, screwing up every step of the way, and getting worse by the minute.

    As I write this up, it looks like an old time over-the-top Golden Rod. The difference is, this is true, and is actually understated.

    Your mind and your beingness are too important to put into the hands of any group that follows Miscavige. Period.

  69. This is great news! Ortega writes a great article: clear, factual and his final thoughts on the matter:
    “But never, I think, have Scientology’s legal tactics been so nakedly exposed as they are happening. Why this isn’t a national story, with a CNN crew hanging around to film the Squirrel Busters, is a complete mystery to me. — Tony O.” — must be on everybody’s mind.

  70. Excellent news for Marty. Bad news for OSA libs!

  71. Next thing you know the dwarf will be saying Marty has bought off the county officials. Now that will be hilarious. Wait a minute, maybe he’s already said that.

    note to dwarf: Take the money and go. Just leave.

  72. I find it interesting that they copied a CoS attorney when they claim to be a documentary crew that is not linked to CoS. The fact that they are linked is unable to be strongly disavowed by anyone that has more than two neurons firing in their brain. The old adage rings true: Give your enemy enough rope and they will hang themselves.

    I am so glad that this has been publicized, however CNN and other news organizations not covering it is not surprising. i thoroughly agree with Marty when he said American media doesn’t have balls. They all need to grow a pair and cover this, but they won’t. They exist in fear of the CoS and its tactics in dealing with errant news reporters willing to cover the truth about them.

    I am glad everything worked out for you, Marty. I am also glad that some people are standing up and paying attention.

  73. +1 Very clear-headed. And thanks as well to the officers who rounded up the JoP.

  74. ingrid, agreed partytime!!!!!

  75. Norman James Moore oh well, a chance for DM to give you some of that violent abuse Marty didn’t give you! and after that alot of urinals to lick clean and ditches to dig!!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  76. +1 for TR 1. Beautiful.

  77. Fabulous!

  78. The battle is not going well for DM. Even when he eventually gets put on charges himself he still won’t realise that – know your enemy…

  79. What’s sad, is that these “OTs” who are gooning for DM and harrassing Marty, are degrading themselves, and going against the very essence of the levels they have achieved. It’s sad because OT = truth, and these cats don´t have a clue.

  80. Marty, congratulations. I am so glad and relieved. If they ever did that to me or tried to again…holy mackeral…let me say this… that would be the exact kind of conduct I simply will not tolerate. 🙂 Carry on sir. They tried. They tried. But they couldn’t do it. Just like a potato chip. One too many of those makes a person fat! 🙂

  81. George M. White

    T Paine,
    “the very best result he could have ever hoped for was to leave you and Mike well alone”

    Yes,Yes,Yes. Agree, Agree, Agree

  82. George M. White


  83. Perfetto, maestro!

  84. Tony DePhillips

    Congratulations Marty!
    dm is a sissy.

  85. Martin Padfield

    Yes. And I strongly suspect one of the intended purposes of this latest farce was to be able to announce to the ever-dwindling flock of sheeple on October 14th that “the chief squirrel is behind bars!” oh, the irony. The Mother of all Squirrels will no doubt be behind bars before long. And THAT will be worthy of a standing O.

  86. Love You All!!

    The principles on which the USA are founded — honor, integrity, human decency —- are alive and well in Texas and in the hearts of so many citizens! So proud to be able to say hello on this blog to all the decent people involved. And to salute a real folk hero: Marty Rathbun!! And his wife. And to the good people and law and order of Ingleside, Texas.

    CNN is missing a real story, but that’s the way it goes. Those with vision are first and few. The world is catching up.

    The sleezeball “Squirrel Busters” and their leader who have been harassing and stalking the Rathbuns and others for months are accountable (once again) for abuse of law enforcement. Accountable for wasting time and resources —is there a greater disrespect for the law? than manipulating well-meaning government officials and cops in trivial orchestrated crime like this?

  87. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson

    Marty and Mike,

    Excellent indeed!

    I say…. High fives, fist bumps, a hoo rah, a quick moon walk across the room ending with a BOOO YA!

    Oh and a quick two step in ostrich skin books with Cowboy Poet!

    Dave MISCAVIGE, there’s stuff still under your nails from all the corn you plucked unnecessarily!

    A good to you all!!

    — Jackson

  88. Haydn,
    Great analogy, totally agree on the GPM, with serfacs kicking in big time that the copper rods and enemas, copious amounts of good aged Scotch doesn’t handle.

  89. Just an extra salute to the grace of Marty Rathbun and his wife as this was going down and I watched the video … It was so *wrong* watching and knowing the police were being used as puppets by the Church of Scientology, it hurt.

    This con job on the legal system perpetrated by the Miscavige Squirrel Busters was an outrage to the very heart of Right and Fair. But also, as I watched Rathbun go through the personal injustice to him with courage and trying to understand, and his wife watching, never was it more clear that truth and right do prevail and will prevail. And it’s because of a voice, a heart, a conscience. No matter what.

  90. “The Emperor has no clothes!”

    Please Sam, some of us are eating

  91. Thanks. Good, we are getting mighty thirsty.

  92. Italian and TYexans are not so different, beleive me 🙂

  93. They don’t care about wasting resources because they don’t pay any taxes to keep the resources there. They use police, court systems, planned parenthood, welfare, and any other social resources, all the tax payers provide. They freeload off a “wog” society with a complete sense of entitlement. While David Miscavige lives like a rock star . He is not a “volunteer” he is on executive payroll! He is not there on the same terms as one other Sea Org Member Also David has listed ITALY as a primary residence on certain financial documents. We haven’t seen that villa yet!

  94. Forward this to the D.A. Marty:

    You’ve got a witness from WAAAAY back!

  95. Slightly off Topic, but looks like the CoM are losing their legal eagle touch!!

    “Israel court orders foreclosure of Jaffa’s Scientology building
    Foreclosure follows petition by N.N. Salati Engineering and Projects Management, which last week filed a NIS 7.6 million suit against Gur Finkelstein and the Scientology movement.”

  96. Final thoughts on the matter from Tony Ortega at the Village Voice, included in his updated, ongoing coverage:
    FINAL THOUGHTS ON THIS INCIDENT: Let’s not forget what Scientology tried to do here. There was a lot of discussion in our comments section and elsewhere about whether Marty Rathbun “deserved” to be hauled away and prosecuted based on what he did in the past with the Church of Scientology.
    But let’s keep an eye on what really happened here: Although the “Squirrel Busters” pretended to be a film crew made up of Scientologists who had no connection with the official church, it was established in two different ways that this was a goon squad sent by and directed by the official Church of Scientology and its longtime private investigator.

    As a result of that operation, Scientology got a man taken to jail over “literally a scratch,” as the prosecutor put it, and likely would have had Rathbun locked up over a weekend if not for the quick action of a jail officer who knew what was going on. How did a church accomplish the arrest and this cynical manipulation of the local justice system? Through a classic Scientology tactic of shopping for a judge who was ignorant of the nearly unbelievable background — that a religious organization, for the last 5 MONTHS has besieged a man’s house because he dares practice his own religion in his own way. Twice now, that church has, through the use of private investigators and attorneys, tried to get the man arrested and prosecuted over trivial reactions to their daily provocations, in what are psychological operations intended to engender those kinds of reactions.

    Only because of reporters like Mark Collette and because of Rathbun’s own efforts in his blog are some key locals — including sheriff’s deputies and county attorney David Aken — aware of what’s really going on, preventing Scientology from the kinds of similar operations it has pulled elsewhere.

    You can be sure that David Miscavige and Scientology are not going to stop their cynical tactics in South Texas. Rathbun, by simply professing his own brand of independent Scientology and reaching deep into the official church to entice longtime members to come out, is too much of a threat to Miscavige for him to give up after only two tries to get Rathbun prosecuted.

    But never, I think, have Scientology’s legal tactics been so nakedly exposed as they are happening. Why this isn’t a national story, with a CNN crew hanging around to film the Squirrel Busters, is a complete mystery to me. — Tony O.

  97. Charlie Sheen, thinks these losers need to check themselves and get a grip on reality and to stop making asses of themselves in public.

  98. ExIntStaffMember

    Very well done, Marty! Now that the charges are dropped, I would like to weigh in with others who suggested that it is time for a restraining order on SBP. These creeps are going after your WIFE with the full intention of provoking you, and it is really time to put space between you and such sickos.

  99. one of those who see

    Thetan Castration – quite accurate!

  100. I agree you are not man just because you fight. I am 36 so I don’t fight even close to the way I did in my youth. Thats just part of growing up–that and not wanting jail time or a law suit.

    But, I wil say this. Sometimes, there reasons to go.

    Someone insults your wife/kid/family.

    Someone spits in your face.

    Racist or homophobic comments combined with a verbal threat.

    Well, those are just a few reasons “to go”.

    So no, you don’t have to fight to be a man, but like the song goes….sometimes you gotta fight, when you’re a man!

  101. Awesome news! Great to see all those safe points in the community. Ingleside is looking more favorable every day. It’d be nice if other counties would hold their position just as Ingleside has.

  102. I don’t understand this post by bedmanokc.

    Firstly, the pronoun ‘they’ is used three times, but it isn’t clear who ‘they’ are. In grammar terms, the pronouns have no antecedents.

    Secondly, this question about Miscaviage: “ANd it wasn’t Mismanage himself directly was it?” makes no sense to me.

  103. Yeah I know. I had to handle a stuck picture too. Sorry! Stick a thong on that image!

  104. “Is like getting released from the clan.”

    Uhhh, thanks for that

    Grass, you owe me one New Macbook Pro.

    The MT Dew I just spit all over it, definitely decreased its resale value.

    Thanks, You P**** Head

  105. This is a very good news !
    Justice takes its place.

  106. OMG-The finance police-One of the first HUGE indicators of dms suppression. I remember them well. I recall the term crims(criminals) being used to address the ED and execs to extort money out of them. It ‘s very scary that the methods dm used to overwhelm were so effective-just go in and be a bully.

  107. I will join the chorus of congratulations here, to Marty, Mosey, the good people of south Texas, the Indies, and all other lurkers, well-wishers and interested third parties.

    I am not sure what the ‘blow-back’ is going to be for this Epic Failure, but I do know that DM’s ser facs are wound tighter than a rattlesnake about to strike. So I would like to take a moment to reflect on the True Price of Freedom …and to note that it is “willingness” to fight back, not actual blows. Stay alert..have fun…be safe.

  108. Tony Dephillips

    You’re a crack up. Lol!!

  109. The fact that you were there in Int and I don’t know everything you DID there, has made you invaluable in the action of eliminating the real SP. You are outsmarting him. You have made him transparent. You know him.

  110. You know what really amazes me about this stuff. First let me just say, I don’t approve of corporate Scientology at all. In my opinion there is no real side to be on in that game. But, these Finance Police squads pick an Org to beat up that is really not so out-ethics by comparison let’s say to the Church of Scientology of New York which is nearly 100% crime! Not to count the satellite missions around the New York Org that have already went out of business. How come the finance police don’t ever go after REAL church troublemakers, like one’s that steal and read and never return LRH’s mail to people or issue fake invoices to public for donations that go into the regges wallet and not the public account? Why not be real about it? Hence, why I believe they are all full of s**t, I don’t care how much experience they have.

  111. Tony Dephillips

    Another funny one from the Bedman.
    Lol!! You can’t make this shit up.

  112. That is a great way to look at it, Mike.

    DM, thank you for your contributions to the independent field of Scientology. It was very nice of you to make it possible to forever keep Marty out of the reach of corrupt prosecution from your quarter. Thank you for applying Danger, in a kind of reverse fashion. Then again, screwing wround with technical application is your forte, so I am sure you feel right at home with this latest accomplishment.

    Enjoy your Scotch while you can. What you will be drinking in prison will be somewhat more akin to a stale milkshake.

    Like I said, it will suck being you.

  113. Thank you one and all. (Tiny Tim comes to mind here.)

    All y’all, or more than I can name, including law enforcement, judiciary, media, as well as stalwarts of the reformation have given a most excellent demonstration of what the Precepts in the Way to Happiness look like when lived.

    Damned rejuvenating I tell ya.

    Bruce Pratt

  114. Is the little guy in the photo you are referring to trying to tell David Miscavige that he is still “number one” ?

  115. Could, and would, this individual agree to testify against the criminal tyrant (David Mestcavage) that is leading the CoS today?

  116. Macho guy just ordered an anti aging lamp.

  117. Hey, did the OSA know DM is safe housing in Italy? Sounds like he has a plan B! What will you say when he blows? Send a declare out in a mailing and start an amnesty inviting the public to come in and confess THEIR sins?

  118. Dearest Ferris,

    Scoreboard baby. You are a pathtetic loser and worse blog poster. You just drove another 5 active OTs away from Dave’s worls. Congratulations.

  119. FK,

    Pretty disjointed, non-sequitur comm if you ask me. Poor sentence structure as well. Go study semantics, grammar and writing and come back in 5 years.

  120. Cheers Carol!

  121. Google “Ferris Khan Scientologist” to learn more about him~~~

    Hey, the most important thing is “Congratulations, Marty !!!”
    The Force is With you.

  122. I like your style, Marty. You hang it all out there on principle and consequences be damned.

    Meanwhile, “Captain Caution” (DM) goes down with the ship.

  123. Just so the readers of the blog understand ~~

    Both posters George M White and Windhorse went up to OTVIII completion before moving to Buddhism.

  124. Tony DePhillips

    Good come back. 🙂

  125. Don Larson is still around.
    There must be write ups in the ethics and pc files of people DM has attacked.
    The question is “is there an invest still being done by law enforcement?”

  126. As the RoadRunner said, ……..”Beep, beep!”.

  127. Dear Graham,
    Really good to see you on this board !
    My new and good friend.

  128. Yes, maaaa’m!!!

  129. Marty – great news. It just infuriates me to no end that Miscavige thinks his scheming will work. I guess he will never accept the fact that decent people see through his deceitful plot and will not go along with it.

  130. It seem that Rome (Radical Scn church in PT) is burning and this time there is a pope there (on a box) and all he can do is keep throwing fuel on the fire. Well . . . Who wants a marshmellow? We can make smores!

  131. Beautiful salute! I say we ALL salute the PoB, right now!!! ;D

  132. Marty,

    Was there any video footage of this so-called “assault”?

  133. I agree with Tony Oretega’s comment about why isn’t CNN there reporting on this whole thing in IOB. For a news agency or media outlet to report on the squirrel busters and what they are doing in Texas is “news”. It would be very hard for the church to get any traction on going legal on the CNN’s or the Fox news for reporting current affairs. You wouldn’t have to discuss anything else about the church, just report the facts of what is going on in front of Marty’s house.

  134. +1 Nice scoop!


    Scroll about 1/2 way down and you’ll even see a photo of Ferris. The only thing I find rather incredible is …

    Could the person posting as Ferris really BE Ferris. I mean, does he think no one has heard of google.

    Oh right — in dmland no one talks to each other, networks, uses google OR THINKS!!

    And yes — the force is with Marty.

    Love you, Karen #1


  136. I, and many others here, have great respect and appreciation for the local friends who have supported Marty and Mosey with such Texas goodness. Thanks to all of you…

  137. “Both posters George M White and Windhorse went up to OTVIII completion before moving to Buddhism.”

    I wonder why they would do that.

    In my opinion, Buddhism has been around for thousands of years, If Buddhism was the truth path and an answer to man’s problems, don’t you think it would have accomplished that a long time ago?

  138. martyrathbun09

    Ever wonder what comes after OT VIII?

  139. It appears that he should probably go for the earlier option “Scenic, SD ” and then try to get Marty to go there once he owns the town.(from an earlier blog post)

  140. Awesome! Congratulations Marty!

  141. This is as bad as Jenny Linson ser facing on Gloria Vanderbuilt’s son (Anderson Cooper) on national television in front of his millions of fans. He have her a platform to speak out and she accused him of being rude!

  142. Good news! “They” can create such Dev’t.

  143. And a good day to you too Jackson. 🙂

  144. More Beating.

  145. How did it work out for you to beat Marc Headley, David?

  146. Maybe along these lines?

  147. Jackie Gleeson – remember him? Great pool player, had his own TV show in the 70s had a great saying, “how sweet it is…”
    Well done Marty, good to hear.
    Jackie also had a saying for DM – “to the moon Alice, to the moon,” but you would have had to have seen his show to know what that means, POW!!
    Ah, misguided youth, what a blast.

  148. Tony DePhillips

    It struck me as funny that the “church” sends me these ASI mags and they are trying to create good PR for LRH. At the same time you have a madman creating huge BAD PR for LRH. How can anyone unfamiliar with the wins available from the tech think that LRH is a benevolent, good man, when you have a nutjob like muddcabbage acting like an insane freak for all to see??? Pretty amazing.

  149. Mark and Mosey,

    It is truly wonderful to see you two have so much community support. Those Texans know *good people* when they see ’em. And they sure know nasty varmints when they see ’em too.

    Davie McSavage will never comprehend that the Bad Guys in Black Hats will have zero chance of achieving “PR Area Control” in a community of People of Good Will such as yours.

    The backup you have from an entire community speaks far louder about you than all of McSavage’s Black PR put together.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  150. George and TP ..while that would be the wise and prudent course of action taken by a leader of CofS with good sense…..given the events we have witnessed unfold in either the recent past or over a longer period it is clear this is not POBs operating basis. Anyone as thoroughly ignorant of the consequences of altering Standard Tech ,Standard Admin and Standard Ethics as laid down by LRH cannot be counted upon to take any sort of sensable course of action. Especially when POBs RTC purpose includes KSW . It’s pretty clear . A squirrel leader which POB has proven himself to be will use unusual ,unworkable solutions resulting in worsening condtions ( a well documented track exists for this). I just realized that perhaps POB should be replaced with SOB (Squirrel On a Box) as it is closer to the truth. I would say we can expect the continuation of bizarre “handlings” and “solutions” as SOP from SOB.
    Well done on your results Marty. I’m sending you a dono to go buy more rope for the real squirrel to hang himself with.

  151. Wow, Ferris.

    Just read about what you did to Mark Fisher. I had to drop you a note and say what a complete sack of shit you are. How anybody could sidle up to someone, learn their innermost secrets, and maintain a “friendship” over ten years just floors me. You have no humanity, no integrity, and no class. I’d call you scum, but scum probably has more of a conscience than you.

    Enjoy the rest of your shallow and ignoble existence, and I hope you get indicted along with the rest of your criminal buddies.

  152. FK is one messed up puppy. Sadly very sick.

    Never would have known to what lengths this person had gone & what levels he has stooped to ,,,, read Mark Fisher’s story.

  153. Sorry, bro – One thing Jobs hasn’t done is make these things Dew-proof!

  154. Dude, don’t be an ass. Let Them Be.

  155. For anyone who missed the earlier reports re Finkelstein . He is POBs kind of guy

  156. Amen!

  157. Thanks for the link, WH.

    Ferris the Two-faced, Ferris the Snake-tongued, Ferris Betrayer, Ferris the Con.

  158. Floating Needle


  159. Thanks Mike,
    You just made my day trying to visualize the “2 car funeral”.
    I really needed a good laugh after learning that my email got hacked into today. I can only hope that nobody was stupid enough to send me 2,500 Euros to ‘get me back home from Spain…..’

  160. Yes – that whole era was just awful. I was on the verge of laying low to see how it blew over when Chris Stevens took over and transformed the BC at ASHO F. One thing that I get now that I did not get then is that the SO is part of Scientology, and that they needed to be held accountable for the Tech just like anyone else. Not that they would submit to NSO scrutiny – but, in retrospect, screw them.

    The attitude that SO members were the TRUE Scientologists above any and all observation and analysis by anyone else was a key contributor to allowing DM and his lads to do what they did. The idea that any critique or observation of outpoints was ALWAYS the result of overts and withholds was the start of the squirreling of the tech by the crew that we have in place now.

    And then we had Wendall Reynolds and Don Larson and the insane “Finance Police” – what a crock! Then we had the infighting between DM and the Broekers. And then Leserve came along – who was he?

    I noted that the SO was not Scientology when I was on staff in 1977, but being a kid, did not run with it. When I joined staff in 1977, I was a HSDC grad and Class IV, with a number of hours under my belt, and I also Grade IV at a time when everyone, it seemed, was stuck on the Drug Rundown. So, I knew the tech worked. The SO staff I worked with – people like Bitty Blythe, Tonya Burden, Mark Yeager, and others, all kids at the time, were NOT trained in the tech, and I wondered why the cuss they were there? They really did not know the tech – so why were they dedicating themselves to it, and why were they dramatizing this Nazi valence and getting away with it?

    But, my attitude at the time was “The SO is their gig, not mine, and what they do is up to them.” The problem was that the SO was my gig – even though I was not in it. Why? Because they are Scientologists, and they are representing my religion, and because the crazy BS they were doing reflected on me, and more importantly, reflected on the tech.

    The SO is/was not inherently bad. I have nothing but admiration for virtually all SO members, I really do, and always did. But, the culture of the SO was the perfect breeding ground for DM to take control and do what he did, because there ARE NO SAFEGUARDS IN THE SO, and there IS NO OVERSIGHT OF THE CHURCH. The whole of Scn management and SO management DEPENDS on management being UNABERRATED. It was designed for case-less OTs to run. You get people in there with cases like DM, and you get hell – and there were plenty of people in the SO who could NOT follow the policy on NO CASE ON POST.

    The Church is dead. The SO is dead. Revenimus, yes, but that means US, not the lifeless body of the SO. The future is US, doing Scientology, and not playing “Finance Police” games, or “musical chairs.”

  161. Hiya Tony,
    Perhaps it’s good cop, bad cop?
    Or maybe they are trying to give mass on exactly what a GPM is?
    Or maybe – trying to define insanity with logic… (there’s a very good reason why insane things are called insane.)
    Then again, maybe in years to come we will look back at this and realise we were witnessing the birth of a whole new concept of unexistingness. I can imagine the psyches of the future will model certain things after DM, (what a great scam). The POB syndrome.

  162. Very good…

  163. GOD is with you, Marty & Mosey. Keep winning!!!!
    DM BUSTED again and again.

  164. Marty & Mosey,
    Long live Texas -your local law terminals- for taking sane decisions!
    Glad to hear you got out unscathed.
    It just rallies more people to your/our cause and that’s a big Plus point.
    Another battle won.

  165. Rob Williamson

    I have no respect for Mike&Marty, and, if they became ethical, owned up, manned up, took responsibility, I would rapidly change my mind and cheer them. The main problem is, they think they applied the Doubt formula by leaving organized $CN but are still true believers, haven’t differentiated and continue to practice a criminal activity. They’re too deep into it. Did anyone see his “Letter from Jail”? Now we have Marty R. = MartyR.

  166. CNN is too busy covering the Tea Party sinking the Teatanic and they couldn’t care less about Misc-cabbage as it won’t reflect on their republican polls.

    But there are many other news outlets who still loves some juicy controversy and if they just get provided with the right material they would publish. Lots of reporters are looking for the “next headline” so don’t feel discouraged just because CNN won’t cover.

  167. that is funny as hell. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen on the blog. You had me going, thinking you were filing suit, and then … I had to restrain myself so as not to wake up the kid. I just read it again, and I think I pulled a muscle trying to suppress the laughter, so your papers will be served next week!

  168. Something to contemplate.

    I viewed Don Larsen’s webpage. An incredibly talented being. A graduate of Juilliard no less.

    This seems to have been more of a common theme back in the day. Highly educated and artistic individuals becoming involved in Scientology.

    I could not imagine a Juilliard graduate coming within 100 meters of a church today.

    Scientology, in its present state and current leadership, has become the “anti-intellectual religion.”

    Sad- because we all know the value of the philosophy and its real value is shown when it is used to understand other systems of thought.

    What a sad state!

    And now…… the Squirrel Busters

    { Sigh }

  169. There’s actual merits in having Davey’s mini me’s post here; it makes people think and start searching. Others will strengthen themselves in recognizing and confronting entheta and for others it provides fun game.

  170. Right, the middle finger salute!

  171. Seeing Yvonne write ‘ROTFLMFAO’ – priceless.
    Double ROTFLMAO.
    Ferris – Haven’t got a clue what you’re rambling on about but do carry on. As boring as it was to read the drivel you posted it’s fun to watch the Indies having a good laugh at your expense.

  172. Dry Sara. LOL.

  173. George M. White

    The Buddha was reluctant to teach because he knew that his truth was very subtle. In fact, the Buddha predicted that attention to the ancient path would decline. The actual Buddhist path is one of renunciation so it appears on the surface that no one is really getting benefit because the most devout are always in meditation. In actual fact, the meditative state is handling the human mental condition. Scientology takes a different approach by handling charge and engrams. Scientology also has an underlying concept of material survival. In the Buddha’s teaching, which is the middle way, the illusions and delusions of the physical world are dealt with not by narrative or physical states but by handling dependent, mental conditions. The path involves virtue and the eradication of unwholesome kamma from the past. All that I can say, is that I have experienced both – Scientology and Buddhist meditation. Since no states beyond OTVIII have been released for over 25 years, I discovered the ancient path. It requires concentration and paractice. I am one of the happiest people in the world as a result of the extensive study of the Buddha’s teaching. I slso respect Scientology and LRH’s teaching. If new OT levels are ever released I will take a hard look at them.
    Much loving-kindness,

  174. Thanks Windhorse.
    That’s vital public information.
    Have you told Mark Fisher the whole story from your side of things yet? I’d kind of like to hear how you justify what you did to him too.

  175. Aww c’mon Ferris!
    Isn’t this just payback because Marty told Mark that you were the plant on his lines reporting back to DM? Don’t be such a cry-baby!

  176. atcause:
    “If Buddhism was the truth path and an answer to man’s problems, don’t you think it would have accomplished that a long time ago?”
    You could say the same thing about Scientology!
    You’re right that Buddhism has been around a lot longer than Scientology. Maybe there’s a good reason for that. And you don’t see buddhists backstabbing each other or getting into fights with their fellow beings do you? LRH borrowed wisdom from all religions – I see no reason not to do the same – it isn’t heresy.
    I get that Scientology is your path. It is mine too. But windhorse and George have consistently demonstrated tolerance, acceptance and respect for the religious beliefs of others. We should do the same.
    And if you truly believe that Scientology works then perhaps two OT VIIIs should be given the benefit of the doubt?

  177. I get it 😉

  178. PS.
    What’s true for you is what’s true for you. I don’t think that the Buddhists are trying to take that away from you in any way or forward the idea that theirs is a better path. Just a different (or perhaps even higher) one. Who knows? It will be a grand adventure each of us finding out for ourselves what lies at the end of the yellow brick road. Each on our own paths.

  179. Oh no! I think I’m turning into a Buddhist! LOL 😉

  180. No doubt. 🙂
    I’m looking forward to seeing that event. Anyone planning to record it?

  181. Turn the other cheek?
    I don’t want to get smacked twice! LOL

  182. Martin Padfield

    Va-VOOM indeed! Man, I love being an SP.

  183. Martin Padfield

    You meet the best people, life is never dull – that’s what I meant.

  184. Oh yeah, with the human rights logos all over the envelopes.
    Oblivious and hallucinatory. Well, shit happens. Let’s stop rubbernecking and create a new civilization!

  185. David Miscavige has just created a train wreck. Yeah we all saw it. So easily forgotten……….. If you really want to push his buttons just disrespect his efforts to destroy.

  186. You OSA staff just make it possible for him to keep on keeping on.
    Really I don’t know how you ever became so comfortably numb.
    I thought I had issues but you guys have out created me.

    For the love of God allow yourselves to have a feeling beyond compliance.

  187. We are only REACHING 24/7.

  188. Not for US. We are free. FOR YOU.

  189. dave Miscarriage PROPAGANDA:

  190. Ahh-fiction to promote fiction.

    I like how they said at the end, “WINNING”.

    Yeah-just like Charlie Sheen…

  191. martyrathbun09

    I suggest you watch the videos of my press conference in Germany available in full at The German government apparently understands and agrees with rights recognized almost the world over in 2011; apparently you don’t. And apparently you have read next to nothing of the more than 1,200 pages of posts on this blog because I have made it quite clear I believe in nothing.

  192. “I have no respect for Mike&Marty” – I guess that makes us even.

    Do I know you? You appear to think you know me.

    And just for the record: It’s OK, I dont care whether you change your mind and cheer us on. I’ll manage without your “support.”

  193. This is an example of the kindness and expansive viewpoint of Brian Culkin.

    I knew of Don Larson when I was public at Flag. He was maligned for years because of the finance police, blamed for the collapse of the Mission Network etc.

    I didn’t realize but my own bias against Don Larson prevented me from clicking on the link provided by nomnom. But when Brian mentioned Don was a Julliard Graduate — well, wow.

    It’s important that we are willing to look at people newly. To always be willing to say, amazing, I didn’t know that and how wonderful someone is able to move forward, change, regain their footing and have a good life.

    It’s folly to think we “stay the same” — I need to work on my knee-jerk prejudices more 🙂


  194. “San Patricio County rejects charge against former Scientology official Rathbun:”
    Dear DM, this is what happens when you shoot at the wrong target. LMAO!

    Face it midget, YOU squirreled the tech and now accuse Marty of what you have done yourself. Us trained Scientologists know what you are. Give up before you implode. Your day of reckoning is right around the corner. Boo!

  195. You know him Mike IF it’s the same Rob Williamson who was staff at Flag during the late 70’s (might have been there earlier but I wasn’t). He was married to someone, forget her name, in the CMO at Flag. Nice looking guy.

    They both blew sometime around 1980 I think.

    He’s a nice guy – not sure why he’s taking on the persona of antagonist but perhaps he was hurt by Corporate Scn.

    That’s usually why people turn ickky — from their own pain and act aggressively because of it.


  196. George M. White

    So well written. Your words bring joy.
    I had a dream that David Miscavige left his palace and became a wandering Buddhist monk with a begging bowl. As restitution for his past kamma, he had to cross Afghanistan in a bright saffron robe.

    The Buddha was extremely tolerant of other religions and taught us the same. There is a famous story that after he converted a disciple of another teacher, he sent the disciple back to study his former teacher untill the convert was certain that he wanted to follow the Buddha.

    Much loving-kindness,

  197. I too salute the local officers and officials for their appropriate application of justice. Thank you!

  198. George M. White

    Thanks for the link. I don’t think the money will protect him in the end.

  199. Rob Williamson aka “WindyWriting” is perhaps the loudest and most consistently vicious Ron Hubbard basher on Mick Wenlock’s XSO Yahoo Group email list. Any of us who don’t agree that Ron Hubbard was the devil himself are demeaned by Rob as “Hubbardites”. This guy has more posts to XSO Yahoo Group under both “windywriting” and “robwsn” than any other single poster and all of it consistently negative.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  200. I know what comes after OT VIII at Flag!!! It’s re-do OT VII (with 2-3 intensives of FPRD every 6 months), get a new elig to go back to the Freewinds (3-4 intensives), do a revised version of OT VIII, find out that all your training certs are canceled – so retrain from the bottom up, find out all your books need to be thrown away – so buy all new ones, go to the bottom of the Bridge to do 150 hours of Objectives, find out that you really aren’t Clear, you are Clear, you aren’t Clear …… until you are so spun you didn’t realize you made the registrar at Flag a signatory on what’s left of your bank account. What’s worse is you just got a phone call ordering you to Flag for a “Loyalty Check” to ensure you are staying
    beat down enough to still stay connected to your children who now work as slave labor for Miscavige.

  201. Interesting. Does Buddha teach how to make illusions? What does it teach about Dynamics 4, 5 and 6?

  202. Addendum: The above Rob Williamson comment is a verbatim cut and paste from an exchange originally on Amy Scobee’s Facebook page which she deleted, but which was reposted by Robin Scott on *his* facebook page.

    Moderators: if the email address on the above message is not “”, then it was not actually posted by Rob Williamson but someone impersonating him (obvious guess would be an OSA minion).

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  203. atcause, you must have never read or heard of LRH’s book, Hymn of Asia, in which he very strongly links Scientology to Buddhism.

    please also note the lines “Censor not free speech And censor not free thought”

    (Marty, this is long, so feel free to truncate.)

    unofficial transcription – –

    I come to bring you
    all that Lord Buddha
    would have you know
    of life, Earth and Man.

    I come to you with
    I come to you with
    I come to teach you
    I come to help you.

    With complete attention

    With arduous study
    With interest and
    You will all
    In very few years
    Some in months
    Become Bodhi


    the wisdom
    That I have to
    say and you will
    Be Bodhi


    I give you
    Of such a kind
    That you can doubt.
    I ask no faith.
    For such I give
    Is Real enough.

    To suffer every doubt.
    Am I Metteyya?

    Everywhere you are

    I can be addressed
    But in our temples best
    Address me and you address
    Lord Buddha.
    Address Lord Buddha
    And you then address


    Be attentive now.
    You have preserved
    Only a bit
    of what
    Lord Buddha
    He said much more
    But then there came
    Men who said
    Other things
    And changed
    A piece of this
    A bit of that
    And so we strayed.

    Censor not free speech
    And censor not free thought
    But recall
    In all these
    Twenty-five centuries
    None came
    And spoke
    The Great Lessons Again
    Nor added to them
    Then to make
    You free.
    I speak then
    So you can agree.
    So speak and think
    Whatever you will
    But come again to
    these Lessons
    If you stray
    And become lost
    and slaves as you have been.
    With these
    And your agreement to
    We now can build
    The Eastern
    And the Western Worlds
    Into one great
    Brotherhood of Man.

    We can civilize
    the Barbarian
    We can make lawful
    the criminal

    We can make sane
    the insane
    We can ourselves
    be free.

    We can make just
    The ruler
    We can make
    Merciful the strong
    We can make well
    The sick
    We can make intelligent
    The dull person.

    We can make social
    The unsocial.

    We can make kind
    The cruel.
    We can reach
    Men’s minds
    And change them.


    I will undertake
    To give you Golden


    Two months of study
    For the bright
    Will place one’s
    Foot upon the way
    To help the rest.

    A week of help
    From such a student
    Can make a Bodhi
    Of the best.
    Gone are your
    decades of study
    To attain
    A Light.


    We enter into a
    Golden Age.
    We are Golden Men.
    We are the New Men
    The new spiritual
    Leaders of Earth.

    We will prosper
    To that degree
    That we work
    We will become
    Rich in peace
    And palaces to
    The degree that
    We maintain good order
    And reasonable conduct
    And preserve or even create
    The Sanity of Man.
    You have waited
    For Centuries Past
    For the Lessons
    Your freedom
    And Man’s freedom
    Your study
    And your


    —L. Ron Hubbard
    Hymn of Asia © 2000 L. Ron Hubbard Library

  204. Yes WH, I know that Rob Williamson. He was married to Jeannie who was my Supercargo. But its a pretty common name which is why I asked if I knew him.

  205. “The whole of Scn management and SO management DEPENDS on management being UNABERRATED. It was designed for case-less OTs to run. You get people in there with cases like DM, and you get hell ”

    Now that absolutely nails it!

  206. martyrathbun09

    Make no mistake, every act Don Larson engaged in against his better judgment, which were those used to blame him for the mission holder business, was directed – super micro management style by Miscavige.

  207. Pictures of 1982 Mission Holders Conference in San Francisco, including Miscavige declaring someone.
    There’s a thread on ESMB with SO ED 2104 INT The Mission Holders Conference.

    A dark day in the history of Scientology.

  208. Impartial English Girl

    Thanks Mr. Dobbs (see you in court 😉 ), and everyone who made a sweet reply- glad I could raise a smile out of something that, to begin with, wasn’t good at all! Makes me VERY happy if I can raise a little smile…

    You will be relieved to know that the surgeons were able to stitch my sides back together and Jazz-dog found one of my ol’ kidneys in his water-bowl – so all internal organs stuffed back in place and sides duly intact once more… 😉

    Much love,

    IEG xxx

  209. You omitted one important fact. You don’t have any respect for anyone.
    You want me start me up?

  210. Yes, yes! Outside the Co$.

    And so I embark on my reading projects: Common Sense, The Philosophy of Aristotle, The Prince, The Wealth of Nations.

  211. GMW,
    Thank you for this explanation – I love your comments!

  212. GH,
    Brilliant summary! Especially your observation: “It was designed for case-less OTs to run.” To that, I might add, “tech-trained.”
    Not a Sea Org example, but related … during my staff years, it was so obvious that the auditor-trained OTs on staff had a considerable leg up, in terms of just basic understanding, over those of us without. For one incredible year, there were three tech-trained staff in HCO (2 OTs, 1 Clear; Class 6, Class 4, HDA; all conversant with admin tech, too). HCO boomed, and the org began to stabilize and follow suit. However, a Sea Org mission came through and ripped apart our HCO (just like LRH said could happen; none of my KRs and Orders-Query of and other write-ups had any effect). Once the tech-trained guys and expeditors were reassigned outside HCO, it dwindled and didn’t revive. Neither did the org. So, you make a great point.
    Thank you.

  213. Link to CNN/Anderson Cooper’s feedback email:

  214. George M. White

    The Buddha does not encourage the use of illusions if the practice interferes with the attainment of Nibanna. One of his disciples was on record as very highly skilled in “higher powers”, but had already attained Sainthood. Thus he used them sparingly.
    The Buddha created the illusion of a young woman turning old and into dust in a few minutes. He used this to get the attention of a very beautiful
    woman who needed to see impermanence.
    Much loving-kindness,

  215. George M. White

    Thanks for posting Hymn of Asia.
    I like it very much.
    However, I must point out that the references are to Mahayana Buddhism which is a slightly different tradition from the one I practice which is Theravada or teaching of the elders.
    Much loving-kindness,

  216. George M. White

    As for dynamics 4, 5 6.
    The Pali Canon has a vast numer of references to ethical living for mankind. There is even a Buddhist economics which has been derived from the teachings. Animals play a very key role in Buddhism and the literature is indeed vast and covers the species in existence at the time.
    Buddhist physics is based on different but similar principles such as MEST. Movement or motion plays the central role in Buddhist physics.

    Much loving-kindness,

  217. George M. White

    You are very welcome! Nice to hear that someone is listening.
    Much loving-kindness,

  218. Why does something have to come after OT VIII?

    Where does it end?

    When do we stop chasing some never ending “higher level” and just start being and start living?

  219. I was under the impression that LRH researched Scientology because he found the existing answers in current religions, books and science, lacking.

  220. Here is a video of Rob Williamson’s Club:

  221. Thanks. Yes, if you listen to LRH lectures from the ’50s into the BC he invariably refers to “Scientologist” solely when talking about auditors. PCs are not/were not considered Scientologists. Not to start a war here, but really, reading the tech and understanding it are key to being a Scientologist. KSW point 1: “Having the correct technology” and 2: “Knowing the technology” do not refer to an org, but to each of us. You can’t really know the technology unless you are trained.

    The good news is, training is fun! (at least pre-GAT 🙂 )

    From KSW:
    “When people can’t get results from what they think is standard practice, they can be counted upon to squirrel to some degree. The most trouble in the past two years came from orgs where an executive in each could not assimilate straight Scientology under instruction in Scientology they were unable to define terms or demonstrate examples of principles.”

    (This may be a bit garbled due to OCR, but you get the point). Notice: he is talking about an executive in the org not being trained, and not knowing Scientology. This is a crime. This is also the story of the CofM. How in God’s name does the “Squirrel Busters” fit in with ANY actual principle of Scientology? It doesn’t even square with the cancelled Fair Game policy, for crying out loud!

    At the end of the day, the CMO was a bunch of untrained kids taking on the power of LRH and misusing it. These kids should have been made real auditors before being allowed on post, and they weren’t. These kids grew up arrogant and DM led the team. I was on the LRH Comm network at IHS back in ’77 and there was a definite power struggle even then.

    Training, coupled with excellent student auditing and co-auditing, is what saved me. When all is said and done, what happens in the chair is Scientology.

  222. “Scientology takes a different approach by handling charge and engrams. Scientology also has an underlying concept of material survival.”

    With all due respect sir, Scientology does a little more than that.

    Scientology re-familiars you with your own original considerations when you came into this universe.

    It is those original considerations that are the bases of reality. Something exist, because you and I CONSIDER that it does exist. Scientology also explains the original consideration when you and I came into this universe, which was “not know”. All truth in this universe is AGREED upon truth.

    If Buddhism had all the answers then why did LRH feel the need to do research into Dianetics & Scientology?

    My personal path to Scientology was the opposite.

    Back in the 80’s, I tried the “Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō” practice of Buddhism introduced to me by a friend who was also a Psychologist.

    Mind you I tried it very briefly and maybe I was doing it wrong and not long enough, but I didn’t see where it was doing much for me. At least not that I was conscience of. Maybe it does wonders for other people and will do wonders for those who have not tried it yet but I can’t say it did for me. Sorry, just being honest about my experience.

    Buddhism did introduce one truth to me, which was the idea of past lives and therefore one must take some responsibility one’s current condition. That was a new idea to me at the time.

  223. “You could say the same thing about Scientology!”

    Scientology has been around for less than 60 years, Buddhism for thousands, I think we need to give Scientology more time to prove itself.

    “You’re right that Buddhism has been around a lot longer than Scientology. Maybe there’s a good reason for that.”

    So has Catholicism but that doesn’t mean it’s the answer either.

    Just because a lie has been around for a long long time, doesn’t suddenly make it true. Just because something has been around a long long time doesn’t mean it is true, mis-conceptions and lies can survive the years and eons and be past down just like truth.

    “And you don’t see buddhists backstabbing each other or getting into fights with their fellow beings do you?”

    I haven’t seen any real Scientologist engage in such activity. You may be mixing up the actions and behavior of people connected to the church of scientology as being real scientologist.

    I can’t tell you how Buddhist act because I don’t know any.

  224. You’d do well to read and try a bit of the Creed.

  225. You took a shot at two wonderful people and by the sounds of your last sentence perhaps now you’ll show them more respect.

  226. Marty, what Creed are you refering too?

    What is it that you feel I should read?

    I’ve listened to hundreds of LRH’s lectures, many times over and I’m pretty certain what prompted him into his research into Dianetics & Scientology. He found what was on this planet, lacking.

    If Buddhism had all the answer, LRH would have just followed it and not worked on any further researched into the mind, the spirit or this universe.

    I’m not trying to upset anyone, just trying to say what’s in my heart that I feel is true.

  227. martyrathbun09

    Dude, tolerance man.

  228. The only Rob Williamson i know was married to Sarah, they lived in Graffham uk before moving to Devon. a few years ago.
    His father owned one of the boats used in ‘Pirates of the Carabean’

  229. Hi Marty,
    Don’t know if you want to post this here or some where else but wanted to add this to the mix!

    I have been sitting watching and listening and even commenting (under an alias) now and then on this whole deterioration of corp Scientlogy for a couple years now. I realize I may tend to understand things faster than the average person but here’s my question….Why can’t the long term old Scientologists see that the corp structure is way off of LRH’s writings?

    Maybe because I have always relied on source and always ask for a reference when asked to blindly follow something, I saw things earlier than some. I have for the past 15 years been asking for references to numerous things (without being given any mind you) and writing the outnesses up and then quietly been ignored or just not responded to. I suspected something wasn’t right but couldn’t pinpoint what until a few years ago. So how come so many others I went up the bridge with don’t seem to be able to see these glaring outpoints?

    I mean come on, to tell you what you can and can’t read, who you can and can’t befriend, to pay for a building before you pay for services, to be written up if you don’t attend an event, to not have your own opinion or even allow one to question about something without the corp telling you it’s okay….can’t these guys see this isn’t right? I mean okay, maybe they don’t really grasp the whole situation (because they haven’t been ‘allowed’ to read the internet) but even if there is one thing that is out shouldn’t that raise a red flag with them? And then what about these growing lists of “secret and undocumented declares” (that I can now say I have been told that I am listed on) that are based on heresay and other such bs? Don’t they think this is an UNUSUALLY high percentage of OTs and non OTs on this list? I mean after all, was the church so far south that they didn’t discover all these people were suppressive before they let them do their OT levels and other services? This whole thing smacks of McCarthyism, right down to loyalty oaths/checks!!

    My bottom line has always been LRH and what he says, not what someone tells me he says but looking at the actual reference and figuring it out myself. Now the recent activities against many Independent LRH followers (as opposed to corp lemmings) makes me want to YELL “Really??? Didn’t this behavior end when we got out of grade school?” And “What reference are you operating off of to condone these actions??” Of course anyone with half a brain knows corp Scientology isn’t following any such LRH policy these days.

    Just thrilled not to be part of that group any more!


  230. Hi Dickie,

    Welcoime to the bright side of the street. Great to see you here under your own name.

    Hope you guys are well.


  231. George M. White

    “if Buddhism had all the answers then why did LRH feel the need to do research into Dianetics & Scientology?”

    When LRH did his research in the 50-60’s, the existing translations of the Pali Canon from the late 1800’s were inadequate. Also, LRH encountered a form of Mahayana Buddhism which broke away from the original teaching.
    Dianetics and Scientology are modern forms of religion which use terms which have been developed in the sciences and other religions.
    I am talking about the “ancient path” which was taught by the Buddha.
    There were religions similar to Scientology in existence at the time of the Buddha but you would hardly reconnize them because of cultural differences.
    The essence of Buddhism cannot be taught in the absence of what is called “right view”. It took me years to strip away wrong view which a process a lot like false data stripping. LRH was inspired by the destruction of WWII to give manking a helping hand and he did.
    The Buddha’s ancient path is one of renunciation.
    My persoanl path is also unique. I was a Buddhist from 1968 till 1973.
    I tried Scientology from 1972-1989 having reached OTVIII. I returned to Buddhism in 1989 and I am one of the happiest beings on this planet

    Much loving-kindness,

  232. George M. White

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the tone scale outlines OT levels after OTVIII.
    Actually, you are pointing to Nibbana which is cessation.
    Much loving-kindness,

  233. George M. White

    “Just because a lie has been around for a long long time, doesn’t suddenly make it true. Just because something has been around a long long time doesn’t mean it is true, mis-conceptions and lies can survive the years and eons and be past down just like truth.”

    Those were words similar to the Buddha’s in the Kalama Sutta in which he
    instructed the people to not accept lies just because they were part of tradition.
    Actually, the Buddha uses the term which poorly translates as ‘ignorance’.
    This is why I said that translations were inadequate in the 50’s 60’s.
    Much loving-kindness,

  234. Great Marty!
    It was a long time that I hadn’t seen a battle like this. Let me tell you that I hope that finally a new era is opening its doors. Our best thanks for what you’re doing for independent Scientologists.
    “An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law. ” M.L.K.

  235. Important update to be emailed!!

    Question: How does a UK court deal with an OT’s fabricated harassment claim that might fail under cross examination in court?
    Answer: You invoke a piece of legislation designed to protect victims of violent rape, that allows the prosecution to choose their own scilon solicitor to do the cross examination!!
    UK courts home to CoM justice!!
    True story paperwork ‘in post’ 

  236. Yeah about time isn’t it! We are doing stellar these days, thanks for asking.

  237. Marty, I wasn’t trying to take a shot anybody. I’m sorry that you interpreted my statements that way.

    I have nothing against them as people. I’m just expressing how I feel about Scientology.

  238. Yeah, but George, with all due respect my friend, if you had “ceased”, you would not have “moved on” to Buddhism. You went to Buddhism because you were still looking, that isn’t cessation.

    Much loving-kindness,


  239. “I tried Scientology from 1972-1989 having reached OTVIII”

    That’s the during the Miscavige reign isn’t it?

    Isnt’ that the same church of scientology that said Lisa McPherson was a “Clear”.

    Was Lisa McPherson really a Clear?

  240. First, no it wasn’t. Second, you have inspired a new post, coming soon, on Corporate Scientology’s losing the tech of service facsimile handling.

  241. 1.1 and inspiration for upcoming post on Corporate Scientology’s lost tech of Service Facsimile handling.

  242. No you are not “just” doing that at all.

  243. Dickie, you make excellent points. But too logical for the average Joe. My opinion (after many years of observation) is that HCOB Alter-Is and Degraded Beings applies to the situation.

    “Degraded beings are about eighteen to one over Big Beings in the human race (minimum ratio). So those who keep things going are few.” – LRH

  244. Marty, Can I ask you a question if I may?

    If I was to go onto a Buddhism web site implying that I “moved on” from Buddhism to Scientology, how do you think the Buddhists on that web site would feel about that implication? How do you think they would respond to that attempt to make them wrong about the religion they chose or to make them feel that their religion was “not where it’s at” or on a lower level?

    By implying that he moved on to Buddhism, it implies that Buddhism is on a higher level than Scientology, implying that Scientology isn’t where it’s at but Buddhism is. I felt offended by that, especially since this is a Scientology based blog.

  245. martyrathbun09

    What is your case level and training level?

  246. No, I can’t say I have.

    What comes after OT VIII? Are you saying that it’s Buddhism?

  247. “When LRH did his research in the 50-60′s, the existing translations of the Pali Canon from the late 1800′s were inadequate.”

    So what you are trying to say is that LRH spent 30-40 years researching and working on Diantetics & Scientology when all he should have done was get a adequate translation of Pali Canon and saved himself the time and effort?

    “There were religions similar to Scientology in existence at the time of the Buddha but you would hardly reconnize them because of cultural differences.”

    What religions are those? Can you give names and specifics?

    Are you trying to say that present day Scientology is nothing but a re-hash of some older religion from off the track that went out of fashion or went by the boards?

  248. George,

    Let me try to lay this to rest once and for all. In L. Ron Hubbard’s books and lectures on OT data, he clearly lays out the basic considerations and factors for which this universe & reality is built on.

    That basic core factor is the consideration itself. That is it, it doesn’t get any more basic that. The basic foundation of this universe and of reality is the consideration. You can’t go any higher or any more basic than that, it is impossible. Everything basically has a basic core of which it is based on and this universe is no exception.

    For example, the reason that you and I are on his planet is because you and I consider that we are and once you do the resulting phenomena comes to past. The wall that you see in front of you is there because you consider that it is there. It doesn’t have an existence or reality onto itself. Once you re-acquaint yourself with the basic core considerations of this universe you can’t go any higher than that, and those core considerations are found in Scientology.

    Much love,


  249. martyrathbun09

    I don’t think he’s saying that, but I think it is a Scientology Inc habit to reframe and define what somebody does say for purposes of having to win an argument. And starting arguments, where there wasn’t one in the first place.

  250. martyrathbun09

    No,but again you are continuing to apply Corporate Scientology by attempting redefine people’s words, and starting arguments when there is no need to.

  251. Marty,

    George stated: “There were religions similar to Scientology in existence at the time of the Buddha but you would hardly reconnize them because of cultural differences.”

    Marty is this true or false?

    Where there really religions similar to Scientology down the track like he states? Is this fact or a lie?

    When I asked him to give more specifics on what he was referring to, he refused to answer. Why would he refuse to answer and give specifics of what he states?

  252. martyrathbun09

    All depends on how you use the word “similar.” Do a little study on gnosticism and you might find some truth in his assertion (caveat, I did not go back and look at “his” assertion, and at the moment am not sure who “he” is you are talking about).

  253. Rice and beans for everybody !

  254. “Do a little study on gnosticism and you might find some truth in his assertion (caveat, I did not go back and look at “his” assertion, and at the moment am not sure who “he” is you are talking about).”

    Person I was referring to “George” but I’m sure you knew that.

    Why are you answering questions directed at him? He says he’s OT VIII, isn’t he a big enough boy to answer his own questions?

    Why so defensive of this guy, is it because he’s a friend of yours?

    You have accused me of being 1.1, running a service fac and taking shots at “George” the Buddhist. Then you ask me about my case. Is that any of your business?

    You are out of line pal and you are doing it to the wrong person. I’ll tell you my case level when you tell me your IQ, which I’m sure can be that high. Marty, you don’t strike me as a highly intelligent guy. I’m not saying that you don’t have a good intention with trying to get people out of the church, I’m just not so sure you have what it takes to win this battle. I’m not certain that you are smart enough and in control of yourself enough.

    Marty, I’m starting to have doubts about you. Let me help you by explaining to you some of your shortcomings. I doubt you have the balls to post it but I’ll say it anyway.

    1. Your reckless belligerent behavior.

    Alot of the problems you are having now is because you can’t seem control your temper. Cool off. Getting upset about someone looking at your women is high school shit. Marty, you are your worse enemy. Alot of the stuff DM is using against is from your own behavior. Also, going off to NO and doing what you did there was dumb and you know it. Would LRH do some dumb shit like that? Get off the booze. Don’t mess with something that makes you stupid, mess with something that makes you smarter.

    2. Inflated idea of your importance.

    Marty, you are an egotistical asshole. You need to look up the word “Narcissism” one day. Remember what LRH said about people as they go down scale, their sense of importance goes up. Isn’t that right Mr. “Top dog” as you refer to yourself? You are not the center of the universe Marty. The road you are walking on was built by those who came before you. You are no pioneer nor are you any “top dog”, except maybe in your mind.

  255. martyrathbun09

    Hell hath no fury like the withhold scorned – LRH SHSBC

  256. Pingback: The Best Legal Whore House In Texas | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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