David Miscavige Kills Survival (Insurance)

For those who don’t know, Survival Insurance made millions by catering to Scientologists. When they started they pretty much ripped off the short-lived, but then (eighties) popular Survival Rundown trademark.

Survival CEO Richie Acunto became one of the elite of the Miscavige elite public.  In 2007 he completed his rarified IAS status by paying TEN MILLION dollars to the IAS.

Is it any surprise that four years later Survival Insurance has filed for bankruptcy?

Here is the filing:

Survival Insurance Inc.

Folks this is not an exception you are witnessing; this has become the rule.  So much so that several people from around the country have reported to me that “church” representatives are actually encouraging hard up, once-high-rollers that they have fleeced to declare bankruptcy.

“Secret” IAS briefings have actually provided the public with far-out, lunatic fringe justifications for filing bankruptcy, telling the public it is “ethical” for them to do so.  I’ll tell you what  they are being told by the “church.” Are you sitting down?   “The bankers deserve it.  International Bankers created the international recession for the sole purpose of harming the IAS and the church of Scientology.”   I guess they are the same international bankers they are falsely alleging are paying me (’cause how on earth else could a guy create such big effects with just communication?).  The same international bankers that dance in the reactive mind of David Miscavige.  Are you getting the picture yet?  Mike and I are not joking when we say David Miscavige is the biggest self-made victim on planet earth.  He is a died in the wool suppressive person (sociopath) fighting martians at every turn.

If anyone knows creditors of Survival Insurance and Richie Acunto, I think it would be quite the ethical thing to do to provide them with the information about where their money went – David Miscavige’s IAS.  Note that the creditors listed could be paid off with just the damn commission on the TEN MILLION DOLLARS fraudulently obtained by IAS.    If these people make enough noise, Miscavige will be forced to order a check be delivered to Richie to make those creditors whole.

I suggest that this is the ethical resolution to this Ponzi scheme.   In my opinion, there is likely more than meets the eye here.  They’ve got Miscavige bot Michael Stoeller representing Survival.  My guess is the company, and Richie, are in a lot more trouble than they disclose here, and if Miscavige doesn’t bail them out with his ill gotten booty a lot of other people are going to get hurt too.

And to think, twenty months ago Richie Acunto wouldn’t give the time of day to his erstwhile friend Tiziano Lugli when Il Maestro attempted to warn him where this ship was headed.  Instead, he disconnected from his friend and remained connected to the SP (suppressive person, sociopath) he was warned about.

Wake Up Call, indeed.

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  1. Marty, this can be viewed as both a curse or a blessing. First, I regret that you were detained unnecessarily by the Police in Texas on charges that proved baseless. True, it is sad that church members are being milked of their money to bankrupcty but for what? To spend all these hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and get you arrested and have the charges dismissed by the people they tried to pay off to harm you? Too good be true. But, a very odd way to go about proving it! 🙂

  2. Wow…

    It would be interesting to do a poll of how frequent this situation is. Of all the Scientologists I’ve connected with since I routed out, there is one (1) who is actively on lines doing services. Everybody else are either inactive or working hard to paying off debts or doing their “conditions” to the Church, i.e. coming up with more $ to be able to be “upgraded”.

    If this is the case with me and my connections, how many other thousands are in the same boat? Factually, if you’re one of them in a similar position, please post a note here and let’s see what the magnitude actually is.

  3. Incredible.

    It should be noted that Sue Mithoff was a trusted Exec that helped start Survival Insurance. And as well, they used to have a corner office in the 80;s on the corner of Fountain Ave and Catalina Ave- a stone’s throw from the infamous “Horeshoe entrance” infront of the same entrance point the FBI raid occurred in Mar 1978.

    You are right shit is hitting left and right. And right now.

  4. Yup, I’ve said it before:
    It’s all fun and games until someone loses a testicle.

    I think this guy might have lost both!

  5. look at the liabilities. Between £ 1 – £10 million.

    What a coincidence.

  6. Over the last 20 years, I’ve known several people who have worked for Survival Insurance, including my now-disconnected brother-in-law.

    From the impressions I got, the owner of that company’s character could easily be summed up in the middle of his last name.

  7. International Bankers ruined the world’s economy just to take down Scientology? I have heard some zingers in my time, but that is a hoot.

    What a tragedy.

  8. George M. White

    Slick marketing of a common product. Another business over-leveraged to
    flow the money into the COS. This same pattern has been going on for over 25 years that I personally know of. It was gold, then penny stocks, and now insurance, etc. etc.
    Now I know how Mr. Miscavige gets a Villa in Italy. I suppose he will shift to wine from whiskey, and make movies with Tom Cruise as a pastime when he retires in luxury.


  9. Lawrence, you start with a claim that ‘this’ (the bankruptcy filing?) can be viewed as a blessing or a curse, but then the rest of your post wanders away and fails to back it up.

    It’s confusing.

  10. I guess he will be the new Beverly Sills then any day now, unless he takes a testosterone booster, if there is such a thing. 🙂 It is horrible to be ripped to pieces this way or “torn to shreds” by one’s own church, meaning religion. It is ghastly.

  11. Richie was warned by many and never listened. He became another robot in the crowd of robots. Well Richie you will be paying for your eternity now.
    The general concensus of opinion for as long as I can remember has been “screw the bankers, just claim bankruptcy. Nothing should get in your way of going free”!

    LRH’s finance policy was thrown out years ago. The accumulated debt has got to be way up there. This is a travesty.

    Hey Richie, hows this dono thing working for you? Note to DM, your house of cards is down buddy,
    you make Bernie look good

  12. Most of the creditors appear to be landlords and law firms.

  13. IMHO there are potential fraud issues both at the IAS end and the corporate end. Accordingly, some of these lawyer creditors might urge the bankruptcy trustee to try and ‘claw back’ the charitable donations to the IAS.

  14. Ted Bragen (not sure if I spelled his last name correctly), IAS reg, use to bragg to UK public that he had declared bankruptcy and that it was okay to blow your finances apart for the IAS.
    When my public questioned this out ethics I referred them to LRH finance policy (something IAS reg’s don’t want public to know or apply!)

  15. More than one issue here:

    1. Re: the money – glad this guy went bankrupt. Maybe he or someone else will learn a lesson about money and the COS. I decided a few years that this bunch ain’t gettin’ another cent from me. Each person has to make that decision on their own (if they ever make it).

    2. Re: the Int’l Banker justification – well, I’ve alluded to this before, but most of the folks bought the LRH death story. I got into Scientology in 1970 and almost everyone in the COS always bought the word from above. That’s just how it is, baby, when you buy into the whole “I’m in the one true church…and everything my church tells me is the truth.” thing. If LRH had said that he just discovered there actually IS one god who we all need to pray to………I would have bought it just on his word, being honest with you here. Again, each individual is gonna have to make the decision himself to THINK for himself. You can’t really STAY in a church and have dissenting opinions. When people do start to have dissenting opinions, they tend to leave and start different sects (as happened in Protestant Christianity and Conservative/Reform Judaism and all the other major religions as well). And is happening today with Scientology. It’s inevitable whenever a religion becomes corrupt and abusive.

  16. Staff did not get paid at Survival Insurance because the IAS regges walked in week after week like Mafia THUGS literally raping the funds.

    Some Survival Insurance staff left after no pay for weeks/Months. They had 40 offices at one time. They are down to one.

    Richard Acunto, the millionaire with a Beverly Hills home is now going around cap in hand to beg for $$$ so that his home does not go into foreclosure.

    He is also begging for $$$$ to pay for his forthcoming divorce. This information is corroborated by 3 separate sources.

    IAS got $10 million.

    Richard Acunto is down and out.

    This is the EP (End phenomena) of drinking the Kool Aid with the Cult of Miscavology.

  17. Didn’t Ron pinpoint the bankers as the bad dudes in Ron’s Journal 67? You know, the 12 or so guys who were running the world – including the Bank of England. Haven’t heard it in many years, but one is always justified in sticking it to the SPs, right? Because the SPs are trying to destroy Scientology’s efforts to save the planet/universe. This is how the vicious attacks on Marty and others are ultimately justified (whether now or back in the 70s with Paulette Cooper for example).

  18. Oh geeze, what a vacuum for trouble anything connected to DM has proved to be. That low tone miserable feeling in the gut when you’re broke, ripped off or out of work – terrible, terrible waste of so much potential.
    What a grand day it’ll be when that dwarf is put behind bars. I’ll drink to that!

  19. Letting someone else work out your own “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” is like driving without touching the steering wheel. You will crash, and I’ve certainly done it before. We probably all have done it — especially with the IAS. The church definition of OT is “makes millions of dollars”. I actually read that on Minerva’s anti-Marty blog. By that logic, Bill Gates must be the supreme OT.

  20. Dm really built a house of cards and they are coming down.

  21. So you’re saying POB only thinks of himself???

  22. My brother, Richie and I got into Scientology at the same time back in the early ’70s. Richie was a natural born salesman… cool, confident, and a world class schmoozer. In high school he was involved in pyramid sales with a cult-like soap company. Years later when I left the S.O. he had started in on this Insurance thing in Los Angeles. He made a lot of money with it. I just searched on youtube for some of the commercials he used to run (he’s a big ham and starred in all his own commercials) but couldn’t find any.
    Richie Acunto, from Rockville Centre, Long Island, NY. What a long strange trip it’s been.

  23. Mother of Grendel

    I have have heard SciBots:
    – Curse out the credit card companies – after they ran up huge debts to make donations and then didn’t make their payments on time,
    – Blame the “international bankers” for all the ills of the world,
    – Refi their houses up the wazoo and then walk away from the payments (oh, and we know have an international banking crisis fueled by foreclosures),
    – Decry taxes – but “take advantage” of tax exempt donations,
    – Commit every type of financial irregularity,and then blame it on someone else.
    Yes, the IAS has educated them well.

  24. Dean. You certainly have a way with words. 🙂

  25. I noticed Richie is being represented by Michael T Stoller,

    Michael had his own problems with “Mortgage Assistance Solutions” a few years ago due to predatory lending and was sued in several states across the country

  26. When I started looking into Scientology back in 1998 I was a client of Survival. I remember walking up to the building and seeing a “Clear Body, Clear Mind” poster in the window and thinking to myself, “hoo boy.” I found a new company right away.

  27. Wow, I never dreamed anything could bring down Survival Insurance Brokers. It was a pretty solid organization. But I forgot all about IAS and trust me – WISE had a hand in it’s demise somehow, someway.

    ML Tom

  28. Good to hear from you Pete,

    I remember you making a comment on mymothers death on this blog around 2010.

  29. DM has lost his grip on his scammy empire that was and is built on sand

    any bets on when he will be removed from his throne?

    when will he be dethroned? defrocked?

  30. Mother of Grendel

    sorry – we NOW have an international banking crisis fueled by foreclosures.
    Yes, and the bankruptcies.
    Isn’t it Free Services to refi a house for Bridge and walk away? Or run up credit cards and then declare bankruptcy? Free Services… Tax donations for “donations” that were never actually paid for… the tax payers paying these bills. The IRS should be looking into all that!

  31. Ten years ago (Sacramento Business Journal), desperate practices at work? –>

    “Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush says Survival “has practiced the policy of luring innocent insurance consumers into their offices with false promises of the lowest rates guaranteed, then gouges those consumers with excessive and discriminatory fees, which Survival refuses to refund when they find cheaper coverage elsewhere.”

    “Investigators say they found one case in which a $1,000 broker fee was charged for a $260 policy. In another case, the brokerage supposedly charged someone $150 just for a change of address.

    Hundreds of complaints have been filed. Some say they’ve been harassed and threatened by Survival’s collection department; others had credit reports tarnished. ”


  32. Dms straight up and vertical, suppressive targets has created a monster that will eat him up. He created prices that only the rich can afford and even alot of them couldn’t come up with enough without committing financial overts. I would run into the peons who were madly writing up Os&Ws and doing endless conditions as they bought into the inval that they couldn’t pay for their Bridge as they were low life, outethics pieces of s**t. All the”pieces ” in this game are going to pieces.

  33. My wife worked for Survival back when they moved to Glendale and she used to call it the “Animal Farm”.

    Acunto and his crew of cretins took unethical business practices to all time lows.

    In fact just before my wife left that den of inequity they were selling insurance for carrier that no longer underwrote any of their policies.

    Accunto was also a personal friend of and had someone who did the books for Reed Slatkin.

    The money he paid to the IAS and to WISE was actually a bribe so that ethics would look the other way when they bilked Scientologists for over priced auto insurance that in many cases was *invalid*.

    Far from being a “victim” of Miscavige he was one of his biggest supporters for obvious reasons.

    Just like NSA’s pet contractors Digital Lightwave and ATG.

    (I mean we can’t have the Scientology public aware of the fact that two WISE businesses were catering to the “dark side”!)

    I mean if you look at some of Miscavige’s biggest contributors. You’ll find that they all have ethics lapses

    The story about stickin’ it to the world bankers is nothing but a cover story contrived for the gullible Scientology public still remaining.

    I doubt if even Miscavige is that stupid!

    The fact is that the Federal Reserve and the World Bank have every thing to do with the economic malaise we are currently in.

    See “Inside Job”:


    Though I doubt if it has anything to do with going after the Church of Scientology or Miscavige in particular.

    So there are the occasional facts with whatever fiction he blovaites.

    This does not mean we should dismiss the truth. Just because it comes from the mouth of a psychopathic lunatic.

  34. Felicitas Foster

    This is really sad – and happens way too often.

  35. Will Richie have to claim his Belleaire home, too?

    He’ll probably just sign it over to his daughter, Amy Acutno Walker, to avoid declaring it.

  36. My experiences with Richie have all been great. I have only known him as a really, really great person. I am shocked at this news because as I knew him he was involved in Scientology on his own terms and nobody, but nobody, could make Richie do anything he did not want to do. Also, nobody could stop him from doing what he wanted to do. He was wildly independent. Knowing him, and hearing this, I can only assume the Church had something on him and was using it. I never thought, I mean, I would have never even dreamed it, I would see the day Richie bankrupt and ten million of his hard earned cash (he worked very hard) in the Church’s coffers.
    I hope things turn around for him. Just awful! Especially looking at the fact he is donating to DM who is worth 50 million! Hey. send some of those Church Beggars on to DM! Has HE donated anything from his CEO executive salary to the I.A.S.? I WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH DM HAS DONATED TO THE I.A.S.? NOTHING? OH RIGHT, that would be like giving money to yourself.

  37. Man, it must really suck to be a parishioner in today’s Church of Scientology. Back in the day the wider economic environment wasn’t as loony as it is today and the church, under DM’s stewardship (if one can call it that), has paralleled the rest of society. Many people are waking up to the fact that money itself is a scam (witness the ongoing protests on Wall St.), just 1s and 0s on some computer screen in a bank somewhere. Imagine the added stress of IAS regges hounding you well into the night day after day. Hope there are no more Rex Fowlers out there. What these on-lines folks do not yet realize is that if they simply joined the many others leaving this sinking ship, things would sort out in a year or two. The way the world works, DM will probably get away with a boatload of dough and escape his well-deserved hard time. But the subject itself and the technology will survive even if the organization is torn to bits in the ensuing chaos. It will happen as soon as these mushroom Scientologists (kept in the dark on a diet of bullshit) decide that it is time to do something for their own personal survival.

  38. This is quite funny !
    Ias or c.o.s seems to be working with International bankers in Europe to buy Ideal Orgs and propably uses them to hide the flow of money donated for it so the sp’s don’t know when the next org will open in Europe.
    Strange isn’t it ? Intenational bankers are not cheap, they charge a lot for their services !
    Follow the money ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  39. Richard Acunto now in bankruptcy, about to lose his home and a divorce looming to boot is an OT VIII
    Freewinds, take a bow.

  40. I think that is the most misduplicated info yet. Of course there are people printing money and controlling currencies. The MAJORITY of those people are U.S. citizens. The money is flowing in the marketplace. The bankers, that is another business. It is an interesting business. I never got from what I read or heard that the main bankers were the ” planet’s SP’s.” In fact, I never read anything by Hubbard that labeled someone or one group the planetary SP. There was a bulletin called pain and sex issued after Hubbard’s death that said psychs were the total cause of decline. I still don’t believe Hubbard wrote it. There are not any psychs in Somalia and there is a real situation with a famine now. Hubbard encouraged every person to take responsibility for their own evolution and put the tools out for them to do just that. Decline or evolution was put in control of every Scientologist.

  41. Sue Mithoff McFarlane also has a talent agency where she represents a number of Scientologists. She was a minority owner of the company, not just an exec.

  42. It would appear he meant to post about Marty’s arrest. Wrong article.

  43. Clearwater is Awake

    Richie knew this was coming.

    Clouden and Mathers are next. The IAS wants everything from these guys and they are getting it.

    There are big problems in the Class XII HGC as well. Big problems.

  44. Tony DePhillips

    Yes,I agree with you Joe.
    Although, as you point out, we all have our own responsibility to make decisions and act on them. What is true for you is true.
    My truth is that you can cast aside any personalities and take the good from the tech and the stuff you don’t like, don’t use.
    I won’t disconnect from people unless I think they are truly suppressive to me, for example. I won’t allow myself to be pushed into crazy amounts of debt (any more). This Survival Insurance guy is reaping the benefits of his own lack of judgement and intelligence.
    This could be the start of the house of cards falling down.

  45. The bankers, the psyches, the Indies, the Germans, the media, the governments, the Anons, the FBI agents and the martians – they’re all out to get us!
    Dangerous Environment much?
    LRH gave us the tech to resolve conflict and put sanity into the world and yet Miscavige uses it to wage war on our 4th Dynamic instead.
    Dear Sheeple: Next time dear leader stands on a box at the podium and tells you to hand over your hard earned money because world is out to get Scientology you might want to ask the same introverting question that has been run constantly on you:
    ‘What did you do to pull it in’?

  46. There should be an FBI investigation of both the IAS and Superpower at Flag.

    I would be happy to testify.

    Marty- Can we organize a class action suit against the IAS?

  47. Incidentally if you have had this insidious listing question run on you out of session (‘What did you do to pull it in’?) please recognize it for what it is – illegal ‘auditing’

  48. Survival Insurance did not survive, this despite New OT VIII Richie Acunto being in charge of the company and having Scientologists work for him.

    Many of the Scientologists left Survival because IAS regges decided they were actually Sea Org members and were therefore not entitled to, say, $10,000,000 in paychecks they had earned. Of course, IAS did engage in exchange for this valuable consideration. Specifically, IAS gave a gaudy, gilded trophy to Richie Acunto in exchange for $10,000,000.

    New OT VIII Richie Acunto is facing a Trifecta of Ruin:

    1. Survival Insurance died.
    2. His wife is divorcing him.
    3. He has fellow cultist Michael Stoller as his bankruptcy attorney.

    Stoller spied on Joe Yanni for the misbegotten hell creature named David Miscavige. Stoller told DM that former IG RTC Vicki Aznaran had the hots for Joe Yanni. The fact that the IG was flirting with a hired lawyer was a high crime. Michael Stoller has had DM protection and has been a DM pet ever since he leaked this intel on Vicki Aznaran.

    Stoller’s spying suggests that he will happily write KR’s on his client Richie. Seriously, does “attorney-client privilege” mean anything to DM? No, except for when he is the client. Other than that, he uses spies to find out what attorneys would ordinarily only know.

    Richie Acunta should rejoice because he can now prove to the world that a New OT VIII can be Cause over Bankruptcy and Divorce.

    Go Richie!

    Freewinds needs more success stories like yours to ensure that people with money continue to reach for higher states of existence to be ensure their Survival.


  49. The most egoistic person on earth:

  50. Still In, Richie's friend

    First time poster.

    This is heartbreaking. This HAS to stop.

    I am in a problem on this post. I don’t like the fact that you, Marty, published this man’s personal business. It feels like a violation.

    Yet, we need to confront this once and for all.

    To the OSA individual(s) reading this:

    Handle this from within. Please. Confront this. Every one of you know my family and I. I am close as are others to speaking out against this tyrant.

    Please handle this. He has to go.

  51. Graham ~~

    Did you note that scoundrel and rogue attorney Michael Stoller ~~ he is the bankruptcy attorney ! (see attachment above)
    This is the same Michael Thomas Stoller who helped sue CAN.
    Cult Awareness Network for the “Church.”

    Good catch on claw back. Absolutely the Bankruptcy Trustee should be urged to claw back the vampire blood sucking of the $10 million “donation.”

    Donation indeed.

    +++++The principle Acunto losing his home and wife
    +++++Miscagive inspires Vampire blood sucking Reg cycles to extract this kind of $$$$$~~ he needs sums like this $10 million to pay off Monique Yingling and Gerald Feffer to use their Department of Justice comm lines to prevent JUSTICE against their atrocitites.
    +++++Take a peek at poor Richard Acunto

  52. Not making payroll is a common thing in the world of Scn businesses. I once worked for a company that owed me three months back-pay, and another that stiffed me for a whole job. Note: This is extremely illegal in California and is subject to some pretty extensive penalties.

  53. Sorry to ask, but what kind of Insurance did they sell? Health, life, car? Anyway, I wonder that they sold it to Scientologists. Maybe because they cannot get them to court. The upstats are protected by Ethics. I rob you, give some of the money I made from this theft to IAS, you having no money and thus you are downstat. Me being upstat and you cannot get me to court as then you are declared SP. And Ethics is protecting me.

  54. The bankruptcy line was being promoted as far back as 1991 when Vic Scelza and 2 other IAS regs stormed into my motel room in Clearwater demanding $20K which I didn’t have. No problem, get a loan and declare bankruptcy.

  55. I wonder if this means that another Richie Acunto/Sue McFarlane company named “InsureSuite” is also going to declare bankruptcy:


    Notice that all management are scientologists:


    Also, looks like Acunto had had a history of applying Radical Scientology management technology:


    “The state Department of Insurance is seeking to revoke the license of Survival Insurance Inc., one of the largest auto insurance brokerages in California, for alleged price-gouging and threats against customers.”

    “The violations that we found were so massive, so systematic, that we decided we had to pull their license,”

    “The move by the state is the second action taken against Survival’s chief executive, Richard J. Acunto. In 1996, Acunto was accused of placing policies without a proper license, Quackenbush said. He was fined $10,000 and forced to pay the department’s $55,000 bill for the investigation.”

  56. Sorry Karen,

    I can’t really find any sympathy for the devil.

    I’m more concerned with the staff, public and creditors he’s ripped off.

    As far as I’m concerned Survival Insurance deserves a special place in hell with ATG and that stupid Laundry Ball.

    They can also take that “Model of Admin” cert and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    Richey Acunto is not only a drinker of Koolaid but a Class A purveyor of that magic elixir.

    His shoddy shop even gave Insurance scam a bad name.

    I’d like to find anyone on this board who got nothing but screwed when dealing with Survival Insurance.

    I hope the Bankruptcy Trustee drives a stake through Survival’s evil heart.

  57. Also, I vividly recall IAS Reg Howard Becker encouraging someone who was on the verge of bankruptcy to go ahead and just do it. Howard was encouraging him to just do one thing first – make a large donation to the IAS on his credit card, and THEN declare BK.

    There’s just one problem with making a large payment or purchase before declaring bankruptcy. It’s what known in Bankruptcy Law as a “preferential payment”: “‘A payment made to a creditor in the 90-day period before a debtor files bankruptcy (or within one year if the creditor was an insider ) that gives the creditor more than the creditor would receive in a debtor’s Chapter 7 case.”

    Also, in the case of “luxury” or “non-essential” purchases, they are not dischargeable in certain cases: Consumer debts incurred within 90 days before filing, totaling more than $500, and owed to a single creditor for “luxury goods or services”, along with cash advances from a single creditor totaling more than $750 obtained within 70 days, are presumed [rebutable] to be nondischargeable (i.e. – they must be paid in full).

    However, if Richie Acunto made the 10 million donation to the IAS in 2007 and it is now four years later, I don’t see how a bankruptcy judge could force the church or IAS to give it back to the creditors, unless there is some part of bankruptcy law that deals with extremely large personal charitable contributions. However, this is a CORPORATE bankruptcy, not a PERSONAL bankruptcy. So I’m afraid the bankruptcy judge won’t be able to do anything to Acunto unless the judge determines that the corporation’s debt was incurred by fraud. My understanding is that Acunto made the donation from his personal bank account, not the corporate bank account, but I could be wrong. Does anyone have any evidence that IAS donations were being made directly from Survival Insurance’s corporate bank account?

  58. Yes Joe, LRH did mention the bankers in RJ 67 and he also talked about them in Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth. But he NEVER said a word about them wanting to destroy Scientology. Whoever came up with that is off the wall. And the IAS regges that are saying it are also off the wall. How incredibly stupid can they get? The International banksters (as I call them) have been controlling the planet long before Scientology even existed. (At least since 1913). And anyone who thinks they are out to get Scientology has not done their homework.

  59. A few years ago a Flag public (an OT VIII who has ‘done his entire Bridge 3 times’) told me he was selling his business. I asked why and he told me that the ‘they’ were coming after the church over the Reed Slatkin fiasco for all the money that had been paid to the IAS courtesy of the money that Slatkin had ripped off from people with his ponzi scheme.

    As a solution the church had rounded up every Scientologists who had given money to the IAS out of the proceeds they made from their own investments with Slatkin and demanded that THEY pay the same the money back to make up the damage for placing the church at risk.

    If this sounds confusing please don’t shoot the messenger – that’s how the information was given – perhaps there are others who have more data.

    Point of the matter is that this public was scammed into selling his own business so the church could keep the profits they had already made from Slatkin’s ponzi scheme.

    And as a side note: Based on this person’s blind obedience to Der Führer, I wouldn’t recommend doing ‘the entire Bridge three times’ let alone brag about it.

  60. Incidentally this same public told me that whenever Miscavige is at Flag he PERSONALLY goes through every NOTs public’s PC folders…
    Watcha looking for Davey?

  61. Toby
    Curse: “it is sad that church members are being milked of their money to bankruptcy”
    Blessing: “To spend all these hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and get you arrested and have the charges dismissed by the people they tried to pay off to harm you? Too good be true. But, a very odd way to go about proving it!”
    That’s how I understood it anyway. What Lawrence was saying made sense to me. Unless I’m mis-duplicating it.

  62. Ron said a lot of things. DM has used LRH liberally to justify his crimes.

  63. What a sick story , God help us.

  64. Hello Graham:)

    and this sorry but lol
    “The bankers deserve it. International Bankers created the international recession for the sole purpose of harming the IAS and the church of Scientology.”

    There are a few big chunks of $$$ worth pursuing yes.

  65. LRH did not make a name in the field of economics and banking (or in government). As for that ‘piece’ you refer to, anyone with a quarter-pounder for a brain can have a field day picking out unsubstantiated generalizations. Do a little interpolation about who may have actually written it, and where ‘conspiracies’ exist – I sincerely doubt LRH even read it. Whatever I choose to believe is irrelevant to the piece, which is 100% garbage.

  66. If that Beverly Hills house is coming on the foreclosure list, maybe we should sell shares at $25 each, and open up an Ideal Org of our own? (Joke! Just a joke.)

  67. Too bad. He sounds like a guy with tons of potential, just a bit misguided. If he was one of those who had to “snap terminals” with whatever was the Biz de Jour in order to get behind it, well, that won’t ever make it.
    It’s like a false goal or something.
    One has to keep his head about things or he’ll end up one of the broken pieces.

  68. I’ll be surprised if they don’t claw back the IAS donations. There is precedent for creditors getting money back from the cult, right?

  69. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Re: “Michael Stoeller representing Survival”. I believe coincidentally lost his license shortly after this filing.

  70. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Of interest is the fact that anyone who knows Richie is aware that he is untrained. A complete clay pigeon to be shot. The other side of this situation is that trained, understanding and applying finance policy, management technology and some business sense could have prevented this. Instead, bending to IAS demands and believing “one can buy favor and status” was. Richie’s solution. Doesn’t work.

  71. It is a filing on the public record in Federal Court. If that “feels like a violation” try speaking your mind in public and find out what a real “violation” is, compliments of the group you say you are still “in”. If this is not a troll, man Miscavige really does have you people thoroughly divorced from reality.

  72. “claw back”
    So law firms are one of the sizable creditors?
    And landlords who typically can pay for lawyers is the bulk of the rest?

    Well, if they needed it, Marty’s post certainly lays out the program for them. I’m betting on a check being written by POB before it’s over. There will be so many lawyers petitioning the judge that he will feel the heat and HAVE TO. He doesn’t want the IAS books cracked open.
    So the creditor claims are at least a million? (Sorry I didn’t read the bankruptcy filing.) So POB is up ten and down one.
    Cake—no problem.

    But can I pay to be there and see the look on his face when he writes that check?

  73. It’s just so mini me Davey; use a crime as justification to commit that exact crime. True that the banksters worked diligently the past two decade extracting huge $$$ from the real economy to effect great unemployment, insurmountable deficits, bankruptcy galore, millions of foreclosures a year and thus a real estate devaluation – ghost town explosion spiral that rocked the planet.

    But then to use it as a justification to compound the felony by committing the very same crimes of extracting $$$$ from the real economy, not paying back, not taking responsibility, dumping it in the IAS 501c protected slush fund on the Bahama’s, and then filing bankruptcy to avoid ever paying back a single dime, is the very logic every criminal uses to justify his overts and it’s so Davey.

  74. CP, I probably screwed up. It is the only ethical thing to do; but since I said so, and only because I said so, COB probably won’t – and this thing will turn into a legal blood bath.

  75. Still In,

    If publishing someone’s personal business is an affront to you, would you do me a favor and protest vehemently the Church’s use of personal pc/ethics data in attacking those who have left? Just send a big note up to David himself. And another big note to those in charge of OSA.

    We need to find out what low ranking scum has been doing this despicable act.

    I think that would just be a great idea.

    And please give us the feedback you get from David and OSA. I’m sure both would be appalled at such a breach of trust. Appalled.

    Of course, you might just find your own personal data out on public display for having the effrontery to question COB. All your crimes. (Nothing like introverting the attention of anyone who questions the Great One’s authority.)

    Then you would really have a gripe. Bonafide. Genuine. Put it in your pocket and feel the pain type of gripe.

    Just let us know.

  76. Either way you end up on high ground.

  77. Not exactly, they managed to destroy Scientology to a large degree with their puppet Davey. They can’t stand free thought and free beings as those tend to be somewhat uncontrollable and speak up against injustice.

    The banksters and Davey work hand in hand in bankrupting their greatest fear; OT’s. Davey funnels the sec check funds (501c washed) to his banks who then loan it to OT’s for more sec checks and the same money revolves back to the bank for more loans.

    This money siphon control op gets OT’s in huge debts which works wonders in silencing them as to pay off they depend on a Scientology company. Speak up and lose your income! Protest sec checks or out tech and lose your income! Think bad thoughts or look at the internet……

    To get even more leverage on OT’s they have been made guilty of financial crimes and thus you find OT’s, with bizarre behaviour in a Davey valence, not speaking out in fear for Davey releasing the crimes he made them commit.

  78. I know you asked Marty the question but I’m going to weigh in with my two cents.
    I don’t think a class action suit is the way to go, on anything. The only ones who make any money are the lawyers and the first plaintiff on the complaint. The rest who join the suit end up with pennys.

    I still think the day will come when we all get our IAS money back. So far my requests have been denied but the day may come when that changes. That’s why I’ve encouraged people who want their IAS money back to get their request in, in writing so it’s on file. Same with org money; get your requests in and cc a gov agency.

  79. Hopefully, those dolts in the justice department will grow some balls and take on the monster that has become the church of scientology. This is just one of a growing number of such cases.


    In reality, these are the lucky ones. Stephen Brackett, a successful contractor who had donated millions to the church, killed himself over his financial troubles. Rex Fowler killed a business associate over money that he had wrongfully taken from his company to “donate” to scientology.

  80. re turning into a legal blood bath: Let it. Maybe then the rest of us will get our money back.

  81. We have a clue as to what the official response will be. When the bankruptcy trustee in Dr. Piedra’s matter (Florida dentist) alleged fraud, Tommy Davis stated that the scientology defendants “are innocent third parties drawn into a controversy they did not create,” church spokesman Tommy Davis said the church didn’t manage Piedra’s practice and isn’t responsible for how he handled his creditors.

    Well isn’t that precious?

  82. Why don’t you speak out against the tyrant now; holding your tongue for 20 years didn’t do you any good, did it? Handle from within, ha, for 20 years no handle, only worsening. When you’re going to speak out, are you going to withhold the truth, just to not violate…… read what LRH said about withholding truth.

  83. “A complete clay pigeon to be shot.”
    Pretty much descibes it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Now that’s a funny line!

  85. George,

    Not that kind of “insurance.” That’s silly. Such a misunderstood. It was, “let’s INSURE that we get as much from you as possible for as little exchange as possible. Just like the church. You believe in COB don’t you? Well, we’re modeling this business after His rendition of the Church of Scientology. You get power by giving away ALL of your power to the person in power. Now, sign here. And we’ll INSURE that your immortality is secure.”

    “Uh, what about my car…and house…and, say I die, what about life insurance?”

    “That’s just MEST. We’re a theta operation. We insure your immortality.”

    “Uh, how do you do that?”

    “Through OT powers. Only OT powers will provide immortality, and Mr. Acunto is an OT8, not to mention one of the highest levels of IAS participants, which is senior by far to any mere OT level obtained merely in session. It’s like the Lensmen on steroids. Like Loyal Officers times a billion.”


    “And you don’t want to be known as a doubter. Doubt is a very low condition. To doubt anything I tell you just proves you need our services to insure your immortality.”


    “A true OT never doubts anything. Never doubts anything he’s told by COB. Total certainty! A beautiful state of mind. Complete bliss. And by extension, anyone interested in his own good never doubts anything he’s told by COB’s OTs. Us, for example.”

    “Uh…” Totally confused. “Okay, I guess. I mean, I wouldn’t want to doubt COB.”

    “No. No way. COB supports this company one hundred percent.”

    “But, I can’t really afford this and courses or auditing too.”

    “Well, it’s settled then. Auditing and training can wait for later. We wouldn’t want you to lose your immortality, now would we? What if you got killed leaving the course room? What good would auditing and training do you then? Just sign here. And make the check out to…”

    “Ok. Hope I don’t regret this.”

    “Not a problem. For a few dollars more, we can insure you never regret it.”


    “Sure.” Pulling out another form. “Just sign this form that agrees you will never regret signing up for our service. The form insures that you will never let be known to self or any other person or publication or government official any regrets which might arise. It’s like being Clear, except instead of being free of mental image pictures, you’re free of regrets about this transaction. You can even attest to our examiner.”

    “Wow. You guys think of everything! I never realized Tech could be so wonderful!”

    “We sure like it.” Giving a big smile.

  86. DM,

    Here is a song for you for you to make your own private “Risky Business” dance scene. Please don’t post it to youtube….I don’t think the internets could handle it:

    “Ecclesiastical Leader” – lol.

  87. Ahh the Church of Scientology

    Again the manifestation of superior ability, intelligence, and compassion created for the world to see.

    But, alas, thank God for the Squirrel Busters {sigh} to put in ethics through the field.

    ‘Mark you this, Bassanio,
    The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
    An evil soul producing holy witness
    Is like a villain with a smiling cheek’

    -Act 1 Scene 3, The Merchant of Venice

    Leave to our friend from Stratford to call Miscavige exactly as he is.

  88. Marty,

    Interesting, there are a number of points here which may create future problems for them. It is also amazing how small a world it is.

    Survival became a home for many exso, I in fact almost signed on with them as an employee in the mid 90s, but didn’t after talking to a number of EXSO friends working there who described 80 hour plus weeks, good, not great money, but relentless pressure from IAS and other reges who were freely allowed on premises during work hours (of commission only/mainly commission employees). Also, they privately complained to me about the relentless pressure to meet quotas and up-sell in a way they felt was unethical. The worse the deal they gave their customers, the more money they made. The culture seemed to be built around a SOReg pressure cooker, which I did not need more of. I am sure Lisa Hamilton has stories of Survival being used as a “home” for ex SO who were to be monitored.

    I am quite certain with the SO culture that permiated survival 90s and later they have labor law violations. I have no idea if Richie was involved in this or not, nor if he supported/condoned it..I know one person personally who was terminated for medical conditions.

    Over the years Richie Acunto was hands on and hands off his business, we were facebook friends, and to his credit, it took about 3 waves of COS FB police to actually get him to disconnect. Of historical note, Sue Mithoff is/was the wife of Bob Mithoff, Ray’s brother who was a deep cover spy in Mayo’s ranks after having supposedly resigned from the COS in the 80s, He reported directly to RTC at that time. I don’t really know Richie, have nothing bad to say about him personally.

    The other area that is a real potential time bomb is that Richie and others raised a lot of investment money almost exclusively for an intenet based insurance business in the 90s. Millions of dollars, I was at one point told 5-10 million was raised under the false premise that this would be the first internet insurance sales outfit on the net. As most Scientologists were conditioned not to use the net, they did not know that a dozen such other companies were already in that market place. Friends of mine “invested” their retirement and kids college funds with no return, pretty much a loss. They had no recourse because Survival was owned by Scientologists. I got hauled into ethics when people asked me about investing and I told them the market place had other players that were better established, the charge was forwarding an enemy line against a power Scientologist.
    I wonder how much of the ivnestment money went straight into the COS coffers.

    In part, I find the contrast in COS position and conduct fascinating between conduct towards Acunto and myself. Acunto gave the COS Millions, Way over 10 million and got spectacular air cover. I raised $100,000 from two close friends that I had known for 20 plus years, donated none of this to the COS because (fortunately, in hindsight) of an internal policy that the growth and survival of the company was paramount to profits, distributions, etc. Marty, I am sure you remember the second time you hauled me into Flag to address this issue on my friends/partners. Another investor later put in $50,000, Tow of the three were pressured to disconnect and received their capital plus 60-140% profit respectively. The remaining one received approx 300% cash back over 12 years and equity with appreciated value perhaps totaling 1,000%. The earlier ones, should they decide to leave the COS would probably have a law suit against them for torturous interference with business.

    There is a whole story here on how the COS interferes with businesses, mine is not an isolated story.

  89. Yeah Dan, I was just going to say that this same trademark David Miscavige policy of “Give MORE than you can afford to give” resulted in not just killing a company, but also killing many people. One of then was Rex Fowler. Another was my dear friend Greg Bashaw who took his own life after the Church forced him into debt way over his head, and also caused him to get fired from his advertising writer job with Chicago ad agency, Leo Burnett. There are MANY more examples, in fact any cursory investigation would reveal a field littered with corpses. The FBI needs to either pick up the pace or stop hiding and get on the stick and do the job they are being paid to do by tax money which is protect US citizens.

  90. martyrathbun09

    The EP of Miscavige’s IAS OTVIII reversal: freedom from conscience.

  91. top of the vale


    There are good very blind men in the Co$.

  92. +10000000000000000000

  93. George M. White

    -Sonnet 68, Shakespeare;

    “Thus is his cheek the map of days outworn,
    When beauty lived and died as flowers do now,
    Before the bastard signs of fair were born,
    Or durst inhabit on a living brow;”

    Much loving-kindness,

  94. Still In, how is it working for you to say nothing????? There is no handling from “within”. You need to “get out”!

  95. Of course not. Ya think CST, owned and run by attorneys, is that stupid….

  96. Lawrence doesn’t back up his initial claim about the blessing and curse, but the other ideas in his post are pretty generic and so it’s possible to devise some extra supporting sentences that would make a proper argument that would fit into this thread. However Harry is surely in the right when he points out that the post was probably intended for the previous thread.

    Sam and Harry, thanks for your help.

  97. Mother of Grendel


  98. Sorry to break the news Steve, but the FBI is paid to spy on citizen and install fear so the population can be controlled. The reason Wall Street gets away with its crimes is that Americans don’t have rights. Protest and you go to jail in the name of national security.

  99. Richie Acunto told many of his underpaid employees over the years that the company was going to go public and they would all get lots of money “any day now”.

    Richie Acunto also spent many months at Flag a few years ago getting FPRD and/or Sec Checks. POB apparently got the product he wanted out of that “auditing”.

  100. Freewinds EP; Freedom of spouse, kids, money, love, work, reputation, honesty, credibility, respect, reality, house, credit….. where can I sign up???

  101. Sue Mithoff started Survival Insurance WITH Richie. They were in it together equally for years. I believe her family staked the $$ needed in the early days. Not positive about that.

    Sue was married to Bob Mithoff (Ray’s brother). She was in the SO for years starting at CCLA as Sue Burnstein. She is now Sue McFarland.

    It was very difficult for her to get onto OTVII way back when having been a SO member and possibly uplines. So she towed the mark very tightly all these years and the party-line.


  102. Excellent observation.

  103. Look Bryan,

    Let’s put this in perspective, so we can be respective.

    I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

    How could He not think of Himself, when we are merely manifestations of His Mind? To think of you, Bryan, is God’s way of thinking of Himself. Just as God is thinking of Himself when he thinks of me, but in a different sort of way, sort of like, “what’s that smelly stuff under my toe nail?”

    The blasphemy is to think of self as separate from He-Who-Shines-Above-All-Else. To think of ourselves respectively. Instead of collectively. As part of His Will.

    So, I guess you now see how they run, like pigs from a gun…

    I’m crying.

    Man, you’ve been a naughty boy.

    And who is God? Without our own overts impeding our perception, we would all see the answer clearly.

    Goo goo g’joob.

  104. I sincerely believe LRH wrote it and it was true then as well as now. The international banksters still try to collapse the world economy like in 1932 so they can step in and buy every government at their price. That fight is still being fought very hard here in Europe; First Iceland, now Greece, than Portugal and so on. They already own the American government and that’s why the IRS and FBI don’t look into Davey; we at least try to fight back.

  105. Marty,

    Freedom from conscience? Hmmm. Sort of like an SP factory. Never met a sociopath yet with a conscience.

  106. Hi Still In, Richie’s friend,

    It IS heartbreaking, and has been for a VERY long while. (ARCX of LONG Duration). I can understand your feelings, but (and this is just my opinion) it is targeted at the wrong source. I agree that it needs to be confronted once and for all, but if you think it is capable of being handled “from within”, then I would ask you to re-evaluate that conclusion. What do you think we are trying to do here?

    We all must speak out, no matter the consequence, if we want to have any shred of a hope of making a saner future. I wish it were not this way, but…

    Thanks for speaking out.

  107. Just another WISE business helping the business world become ethical while pretending to use LRH financial policy and actually using DM extortion tactics. Oh what a tangled web they’ve wove.

  108. top of the vale

    BTW, Still In, Richie’s Friend,

    A some points to make here.
    1. The violation really was that you didn’t help your friend when he needed it most and now he’s facing a shit storm of massive proportions.
    2. The fact that you are still in and making it a public record to OSA won’t settle well with OSA, especially calling their “little leader” a tyrant.
    3. As soon as Richie, who is now ‘Poorie’ BTW, allowed IAS reges into his establishment during working hours of all things, his ship started sinking. He became the property of the IAS, just like a pimp and his girl.

    Being his friend, are you going to help him survive this disaster when he comes to you for money just to keep a roof over his aluminum roofed shack?

  109. +1 … for compassion in pulling your punches.

  110. ‘Monkey see, monkey do’:
    EP of POB’s bridge to total slavery.

  111. Here’s a classic Acunto commercial for ya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUd8MTsZqFY

  112. Has there been complaints to the insurance board about Survival Insurance not paying on claims? I would not be surprised to see that.
    If that’s the case, the insurance board has a lot of power over the principals of the company.
    Worth perusing if you know anything about that business.

  113. LOL. That’s his wife, not daughter. Even though there is like a 30 year gap. Which I don’t mind. Just funny.

  114. +1 Thanks for data.

  115. Minor point, but I notice that Richie’s otherwise barren Facebook page states that he’s a fan of “MV Agusta” motorcycles. This happens to be the motorcycle that DM is straddling in the famous Tom & Dave “motorcycle buddies” picture.
    Could that be Richie’s own motorcycle that DM borrowed?
    According to all the records I have searched, DM does not show up as the owner of any vehicle, boat, plane or real property.
    DM always takes everyone else’s stuff!

  116. Graham, you know a lot about the insurance business. I think this is a good one for you to pursue. If there’s any research I can help with, just point me in the right direction.

  117. Erwin,

    This makes for interesting discussion and perhaps some day we will have the opportunity to converse. For this thread, I just post links to two bio’s of J.P. Morgan (who put up the equivalent of billions of his own money to quell the stock market panic of 1907), and Amadeo Peter Giannini (who founded and built what became Bank of America on the philosophy imitated by a recent Nobel prize winner in Bangladesh – a bank for the common man).





    I don’t like some of today’s ‘banking’ activities, but I’m not sure I could find even one SP myself. The current near wipe-out is, I believe, attributable to a group of mathematicians who rolled out of (liberal) MIT with a probabilistic hypothesis of finance which “gave the world” hedge funds. This was not intentional suppression, but incredibly stupid hypothesis. My intent is not to make you wrong. I want to lay to rest the rumors that “a handful of suppressive bankers control the world”. Those rumors do no one any good and merely serve to further divorce the uninformed from reality. “One witch makes ten witches” sort of plague.

  118. Oracle, LRH wrote the pain and sex HCOB in 1982. Long before he dropped the body. So get your facts straight. Secondly, the international bankers print the money. They own the Federal Reserve that prints counterfeit money.

  119. Exactly Erwin.

  120. Perhaps this means IAS donations are diminishing as more people become aware?

  121. I thought the raid occurred in summer 1977 at the Manor (now CC). Not important except for historical accuracy I suppose.

  122. Still in,
    I know that this feels like a violation, but it is important that people are aware of what is going on. Richie is high profile. There are most likely many, many others who are not, but going through the same heart-breaking situation – bankruptcy, divorce, despair – after draining all of their assets to contribute to the CofS. Targeting big banks as the source of this evil is not correct. Maybe unethical practices in the banking industry allowed people to do what they did (refinance homes, etc.), but without high pressure techniques and demands, people would just not have donated to the Church as such unwise and unethical levels. The Church has been acting like a vampire – sucking people until there is no blood left and they (figuratively) die. It is not sustainable and it is off-policy. The situation that High-profile members, like Richie, are in serve as a warning to other members, that they need to steel themselves against these poor practices and demand accountability from the Church.

  123. What, they ran out of their last Cl XII who now sees the light as well?

  124. I’m with you, Carcha.”Intellectuals” rolling out “products” like Credit Default Swaps and “Collateralized Debt Obligations” along with incompetent governments that ignored a lawless worldwide “wild west” casino that resulted in leveraging real estate markets by at least 35:1 is what set up the system for collapse. It was the absence of a rational system of rules that collapsed the system, not some all-knowing evil SP “bankers”.

    Pointing to a hidden cabal of SPs as a way to explain global problems has always struck me as the stuff of paranoia and victimhood. WE are responsible for our condition, not a bunch of hidden SPs. (IMHO).

  125. Nice references; I agree that the bank founders might have had good intentions next to making money. Of course the international banksters don’t rule the world but they sure would if they could and keep trying.

    I can’t see a calculation mistake as source of a world wide crisis because a mistake can be corrected. It doesn’t explain why the greatest part of the total currency in existence is on offshore accounts where they sit tax free to extract interest $$$ from the real economy.

    It doesn’t explain why every year bonuses are paid equal to the total bank profits, nor where that money goes. It doesn’t explain why banks were bailed out by tax dollars to the tune of complete war budgets. It doesn’t explain why banks don’t pay taxes.

    These things are not a calculation mistake nor coincidence. Stats don’t just go down; someone is making them go down but hard. Someone is working his arse off to effect a global meltdown, exactly like in the 30’s, only now we’re educated and fight back and that’s why we still have something resembling an economy.

    Btw, they almost succeeded 2 years ago.

  126. Carcha, if by ”piece” you’re referring to RJ67 and you “sincerely doubt LRH even read it” it so happens that was a recorded lecture – I heard it a number of times when it was first released.

  127. Oh my God! “C-c-c-c-c-ounterfeit money?”

    I’ve been buying groceries with the stuff! I’m gonna starve!

    We need to return to gold, which has a constant value, except…

    Or wampum, which was so pretty, except for those damned Dutch. You can’t trust the Dutch.

    Or, or, or, an idea! A fixed idea! Now there’s something that doesn’t change and has a constant value. And since the value of money is only an idea, we could base our currency on the Golden Age of Money!

    Except, David’s ideas don’t have much value in cotton patches.

    Oh, pooh!

  128. This is an interesting, but long, award winning documentary on the subject of greenbacks:

  129. I agree with Grasshopper that owing employees back pay is a far larger issue than whether assets were looted to donate to IAS. I wonder why there are no back pay claims attached to this filing, but back pay claims may be addressed in some of the schedules that the filing says are deficient and must be addressed. That’s the one that could cause the state to come down hard on the management of the company.

  130. I am a strategy consultant with experience in venture capital and investments in private companies, among other things.

    I think a closer look at the investments in the internet insurance brokerage site would be more fruitful as a breeding ground for bad behavior than trying to make a big deal over what seems at a glance to be a relatively straightforward bankruptcy of a company that gives every appearance of having circled the drain for some time (the comment about going from 40 offices to one being most instructive, especially since only about 5-6 real estate firms are listed as creditors, implying that the contraction has been going on for a number of years).

    I was struck by parallels between the situation you describe here and the situation at the Church of Scientology. Both businesses are seeing/have seen their core business go down the drain, and both hatched a parallel enterprise of “investing” in something that is not likely to come to fruition. In Survival’s case, when the business of paying for insurance policies fell apart, the sideline was to get investors to pony up money that doesn’t correlate with tangible value received, to build an insurance web site which was years late to market against immense, well-funded competition. Such a venture would have extraordinary barriers to success, to put it mildly.

    In the case of IAS, it is quite similar — taking “donations” to build Ideal Orgs, buildings where the tangible value the donor receives does not correlate with the amount donated — a strategy begun since the original business of selling a specific “product” for a specific price seems to be on the edge of collapse.

    So Survival Insurance was trying to do much the same thing that DM is doing in the Church of Scientology to keep it going a little longer. There may be a possibility to claw back invested capital in the insurance scheme if any of that capital went to IAS (i.e., beyond investments directly supporting the success of the business). But alas, since the Church of Scientology is a religious organization, it is probably difficult to put together a case for clawing back individual donations to IAS, even if they’re fraudulently applied. I’m sure that the IAS donation agreement has all sorts of protections where donors give up such rights.

    This is simply an attempt to look at this from a legal/financial standpoint. I find it beyond the pale that any organization, especially a “religion,” would counsel its members to push the consequences of bad business decisions off into the public sector… This is just like that whack-job cult that thought the world would end on December 31, 1999, so it told its members to go out and set up new credit card accounts and run them up to the limit donating to the church, since they wouldn’t have to pay back the bank post-apocalypse… I recall a couple small rural banks failed as a result of all the bad debt.

    John P.

  131. If Survival Insurance were a brokerage firm, they just sell the policies, which are actually issued by a regular insurance company. The insurance company is the one that decides whether to pay the claim. The broker doesn’t have any control, and thus wouldn’t get in trouble for unpaid claims. The name Marsh & McLennan, a big insurance company, is listed as one of the creditors.

    But If Survival Insurance (or an affiliated company also owned by some of the same people) actually functioned as a small insurance company and not as a broker, then yes, there would be a lot more legal problems when claims are not paid.

    It’s not clear from the filing whether the insurance brokerage is the only company going bankrupt or whether there are other affiliated companies that are filing at the same time.

  132. Who’s paying the intellectuals?

  133. Thanks for posting these data JB,

    As far as I’m concerned there should be a special amendment to the HCOPL ‘Field Ethics’ to include Acunto and his operation.

    The irony was that they used to point to Survival Insurance as a model of WISE businesses when many of us knew the guy was nothing but an elitist scam artist.

    Oh well as they say….

    Another one bites the dust.

    Pretty soon the IAS regges are going to end up pan handling in MacArthur Park.

  134. There are many instances of $cientology companies donating directly to the IAS and becoming Patrons or some such. Read the IAS patron list.

  135. RJ !!!!

    I have no sympathy for DM toadie Richard Acunto.
    I was being sarcastic …get it ?

  136. BOOOO… HISSSSS…. (throwing rotten vegetables…)

  137. Hmmm… S.I.R., have you donated to the Idle Orgs, today?

    P.S., “Please handle this. He has to go.” Davey, is that you? Hi, Dave!

  138. Richie’s friend.
    You are in a group that continuously uses INFORMATION from pc confessionals.
    That is a huge BETRAYAL and VIOLATION.
    It is FAIR GAME.
    Publishing Public Record in a Court filing ~~ well it is public information.
    What a pc says in session is inviolate.
    Wake up !

  139. Ummm… “…freedom from conscience.” = I am, therefore I’m not! (my tater head is spinning…)

  140. Maurice.
    This is why so many of us have come to realize that the “Church” has morphed into a criminal entity.
    In the early 1990s another generation of regges were were forcing people to take out $40,000 for Patron status and declare bankruptcy.
    “The greatest good” was to fraud the Bankj.
    American Express was one the biggest victims of the FRAUD.
    I will testify with names on camera or in a court of law……..

    So the crookedness and criminality of the 1990s still plays out in 2011.
    Miscavology ~~ the Al Capone of Religions.

  141. More on Survival Insurance and Richard Acunto
    posted by Smurf on another site
    “I am a ex-employee of Survival Insurance Brokers in Hollywood. I worked for them in the sales department for more then 3 years. Survival Insurance actually promotes, encourages, & rewards their salespeople for taking advantage of people and overcharging them for insurance. Their insurance programs suck, and they actually recruit people from the street to sell their crap to the general public for outrageous prices. Also, they are strongly associated with the Church of Scientology. Most of the upper management and the owner Richard Acunto is a Scientologist.”
    “I also worked for Survival Insurance. When I wasn’t being dragged down to the Scientology Church I was tasked with billing customers their “annual brokerage fee”. a completely bogus bill created to get additional money from customers whose renewals were being billed directly from their insurance companies. These customer didn’t have to come in to the the Survival offices, so Survival had no way of getting additional fees out of them. So, they invented a way.

    Customers were sent an annual brokerage fee bill. ($150.00 at the time) A good number of people paid this bill out of fear that their insurance would be cancelled if it wasn’t paid. In fact, Survival could do nothing if the customer didn’t pay the bill. While I was in charge of this billing activity. Survival thought I was aggressively calling those who didn’t pay. Not only did I not call customers to collect this fee, but when customers called to complain about it I told them not to worry about it. I even returned checks to customers who told me they couldn’t afford it.

    When I was replaced in that department, I remember the girl who took my place coming to me to excitely tell me that she had beaten my record for collections. If she only knew I was handing the money back to the customers almost as fast as it was coming in.

    At one point I was promoted to “Quality Control.” It was my job to make sure the applications submitted actually met the underwriting criteria. Nice premise, but the office manager could overrule my decisions and ALWAYS did when it involved losing commission and broker fees. I was forced to willingly sign Richard Acunta’s name to insurance applications and submit them knowing full well they didn’t meet the insurance company’s underwriting requirements.”


  142. No. In Florida your home is protected, especially in bankruptcy. Please note the OJ Simpson Estate. In OJs case his Florida home and his NFL pension were protected.

    However, it doesn’t appear Richie is filing for personal bankruptcy at this time. So I don’t believe his home would be in question.

  143. 🙂

    Sometimes I’m too damn serious 🙂

    Yeah I got it….


  144. Same page. Publius, I’m sure you’ve read these but for reference:
    “When Genius Failed” (1998 crash of LTCM); “Traders, Guns, and Money” (post 2008 – very witty); and the “Financial Crisis Inquiry Report” (this year, one glance at the table of contents told what (you and) I already know.

  145. You do realize M. Stoeller (Richie’s attorney) lost his law license on 09/12/11 and Richie has a new attorney handling the Chapter 11.

  146. Maurice,

    I read what I believe is an extract from RJ ’67. and realized after posting that I was not sure Erwin and I were referring to the same piece. You are right, I am wrong, and I appreciate your clarifying that as tactfully as you did. If I am proven wrong in the future, then I’ll have to take back the rest of what I said.

    But I know what I know. “Rockefeller monopoly” is a justifiable allegation and I believe proven so when the government took apart Standard Oil. The guy was not a model of fair play, from what I’ve read. He made the wealthiest banker look like “… he wasn’t even a wealthy man.”

    In the Study Tapes or Student Hat tapes LRH made a point that he hoped students were able to distinguish between his opinions, and his data lectures on the tech. I listened to a lecture in which LRH took off on how horrible government is – well, I skipped over most of it. I do not hold the guy to any standard of perfection. If he wants to rant about rabbits and their evil ways, that’s fine with me (a little annoying, but it’s an interesting opinion). I want the tech part of it all.

    I’m not going to accept “bankers conspire to suppress mankind” nor “capitalism is the worst thing to happen to mankind since the bubonic plague” nor “the needle has to swing three times slowly to be called an F/N” nor “Freud was a psych nut-case”. However, I do not know diddly about growing grapes, so if anyone can explain that one, I’m all ears.


  147. Can you post a link which confirms this? Would like to send this to a friend but can’t find any confirmation on the web.

  148. OUCH! 1982? But when was it circulated? What year was that?

  149. That is what pretty much what I said.

  150. Sorry – found on CA State Bar site.

  151. It will not be handled from within. It has only been getting handled from without. People started bypassing normal habits and routines long ago R.F.
    The world outside is putting ethics in on the Sea Org.

  152. “Miscavology ~~ the Al Capone of Religions.” LOL!

    And how is your abuse working out for you now Dave? Was that an optimum solution? That was one serious red flag when the guy picks smacking as optimum solution.

  153. Graham !
    Rogue attorney Michael Stoller cannot practice Law !
    Michael Thomas Stoller – #120241
    Current Status: Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)
    See below for more details.
    Email me for actual Court document barring him for practicing law
    Profile Information
    The following information is from the official records of The State Bar of California.
    Bar Number:
    23945 Calabasas Rd Ste 104
    Calabasas, CA 91302
    (818) 226-4040
    Fax Number:
    (818) 226-4044
    Los Angeles
    Law School:
    Southwestern Univ SOL; Los Angeles CA

    Attorney Search

    Michael Thomas Stoller – #120241

    Current Status: Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)
    See below for more details.

    Profile Information
    The following information is from the official records of The State Bar of California.

    Bar Number:

    23945 Calabasas Rd Ste 104
    Calabasas, CA 91302
    Map it
    Phone Number:
    (818) 226-4040

    Fax Number:
    (818) 226-4044


    Los Angeles
    Undergraduate School:
    Boston Univ; Boston MA

    District 7

    Law School:
    Southwestern Univ SOL; Los Angeles CA

    Status History
    Effective Date
    Status Change

    Not Eligible To Practice Law

    Not Eligible To Practice Law

    Admitted to The State Bar of California

    Explanation of member status

    Actions Affecting Eligibility to Practice Law
    Effective Date
    Case Number
    Resulting Status

    Disciplinary and Related Actions

    Overview of the attorney discipline system.

    Actual Suspension Delayed
    Not Eligible To Practice Law

    Probation with conditions

    Stipulated disposition filed in SBCt

    Discipline, probation; no actual susp.

    Administrative Actions

    This member has no public record of administrative actions.

    Copies of official attorney discipline records are available upon request.

    State Bar Court Cases
    Effective Date
    Case Number

    Order Temp Stay [PDF]

    Stipulation [PDF]

    Order Temp Stay [PDF]

    Stipulation [PDF]

    California Bar Journal Discipline Summaries
    Summaries from the California Bar Journal are based on discipline orders but are not the official records. Not all discipline actions have associated CBJ summaries. Copies of official attorney discipline records are available upon request.

    February 21, 2010

    MICHAEL THOMAS STOLLER [#120241], 54, of Calabasas was suspended for two years, stayed, placed on probation for two years and was ordered to take the MPRE within one year. The order took effect Feb. 21, 2010.

    Stoller admitted that he did not practice law competently in five bankruptcy cases by failing to provide the required counseling prior to filing the bankruptcy petitions, filing an incomplete bankruptcy petition, failing to appear at a hearing for confirmation of the debtor’s Chapter 13 plan, causing the debtor’s bankruptcy case to be dismissed, and failing to properly supervise his office

  154. Some one should ask Richie if he seriouslt believes the IAS is being persecuted by International Bankers? Tell him that he’s undoubtedly a shrewd (by all accounts unethical but don’t say that ) business man but he’s been taken by a bigger one aka Miscavige. And the only reason Miscavige is okay with bankkruptcy is because chances are he will have a come back and be able to give him (the church of scientology) more money.

  155. Smart move. A company should focus on its business, not a religious philosophy. To do otherwise is like a mixed metaphore. I had a Mormon do my wallpaper once – good guy, great job, but I only found out he was a Mormon on a mission through conversation.

  156. Oracle, what are you talking about? It was BPI the same year. I remember reading it then. Where are you? And how long have you been in Scientology? Anybody who was around when LRH was alive knows that all his issues were distributed immediately after he wrote them. They were not “witheld” and then distributed later. Sounds like somebody has been feeding you some false data my friend.

  157. Chad Braunersrither

    A Mormon who went on a mission. A Mormon on a Mission is always with a companion and they are under too much scrutiny to be doing a wallpaper job while on a Mormon Mission.

    My 2 cents from An ex-mormon from a very devout Mormon family who lived in and among them most my life.

  158. John,

    Unfortunately i don’t have much or first hand information on the raising of money for this public.survival.insurance.com, but you are right, that area would be low bearing fruit with SEC regs, Sarbanes Oxley, etc. It is common in “church/friend groups” that requirements on accredited investors are either ignored or not met.

    This brings up a whole other aspect that while SO and COS members exist in an environment where reality is an optional extra. I believed, while in, that I was vastly superior than the facts and my performance in life following my departure might warrant. I have noticed, in myself and others, that I did not really understand the laws of the land, human rights, employee rights, civil rights, and all the rest. It took me 10 years to become fairly cognizant of the depth and subtitles and interaction. I had to re-learn management, maintaining employees in a competitive market place, where every hour is paid for, requires very different management techniques to managing people that signed a billion year contract, cost almost nothing to work, and realize if they take off will be assigned to the RPF or excommunicated and not be allowed to speak or see their family. My point is that I don’t know that many scientologists know what the law is, what their rights are.

    Almost 20 years ago I was in business with an OT VIII OT achievement award winner mission holder. I was the young naive ex so kid trying to make a name for himself selling investments. Both Larry and I got simultaneously conned by two first class con men, one in LA and another in New York and his partner in England. We lost nearly $200,000 of investor money, waiting literally for years, fatally believing it might still work out. We waited until the statutes of limitations passed. We never reported it to the police or the authorities, we didn’t know we could or should. I at least didn’t know what I could do. On a subconscious level I was embarrassed and wondered what I had done wrong, I had pulled it in. This is a common phenomena on exes, they feel bad things that happened to them were their own fault, they caused it, we are conditioned that way in the COS. It is deep and strong, almost elemental. It takes a lot of time to break out of. It is one of the greatest barriers in ending the abuse of the COS.

  159. O.K. calm down. Sorry to disappoint. Thank you for the correction. At that time I was not on Church lines only as a celebrity at C.C. between gigs. Nobody shared anything with me except ass kisses and auditing cans. They probably hid the bulletin from me so I would stick around. When I read it, it was after Hubbard had passed away, I don’t think I ever looked at the date. I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror long enough to pay attention to red tape. O.K. so thank you very kindly for the correction. I do feel better about that. Very much appreciated. I still don’t believe Hubbard wrote it. It contradicts way too many other writings. Besides, people in their 80’s are going to have different ideas about sex than when they were younger. If you read what is written in S.O.S. about attitudes in his early days he describes interest in sex as a healthy matter. By the time he’s in his 80’s it’s another matter. What the hell I’m on hormone replacement therapy myself now.

  160. No offense or disparagement intended. It was a while ago. The guy was from Utah. I thought Mormon, and he did say he was on a mission. I didn’t ask any further because I felt it was none of my business.

  161. What’s interesting is that Survival itself is a Patron as of 2004 so it’s plausible the money came from the company…. http://www.truthaboutscientology.com/stats/impact/impact-109-patrons.html

  162. You are crying for a handling. You have to communicate this to a church terminal. You communicate via Independent to OSA. Thats a joke, an out- point called “Wrong Target”.

  163. Please do inspect, LRH wouldn’t have wanted you to accept anything without it. The bankers monopoly is relative as they fought for and lost it at least 6 times in recent history. Watch the wonderful award winning reference Sinar posted above. I could get you others as well but this one is excellent.

  164. True, but I don’t think they’d let companies file bankruptcy that can be directly related to the donations. And if so, it will be denied and litigation might be expensive and long.

  165. No problem Oracle. It may appear to contradict other writings by LRH, but he stated at the very beginning of the HCOB “(Note: This HCOB probably won’t increase my popularity but I would be very remiss if I did not pass on an important discovery.)” He also said further in the bulletin:
    “These are data which emerged from recent thorough research of the whole track. This is not theory or some strange opinion. It is provable electronic fact. The waves are just synthesized.”
    So basically if you follow LRH’s writings chronologically you will see a lot of changes over time as he made different discoveries. Anyway, I am taking the liberty to post the HCOB here, so you can read it all, so it makes more sense to you.



    (NOTE. This HCOB probably won’t increase my popularity but
    would be very remiss if I did not pass on an important discovery.)

    There are two items in this universe that cause more trouble
    than many others combined.

    One is PAIN. The other is SEX.
    One should know more about these things.
    They may have applications but they are used by destructive beings in great volume to cave others in.
    Despite the false data of Freud, psychologists, psychiatrists and other criminals, they are not native to a being. They are only artificial wave lengths. They have exact frequencies that can be manufactured. A being or a machine can synthesize either one.
    Pain becomes a lock on a being’s abhorrence for misalignment of his own electrical flows. It is a lock upon unconsciousness which shuts off knowingness.
    Sex is a lock on and perversion of the “joy of creation” which involves a whole being and expands him, but by using just one wave length, sex, this can be perverted and he contracts.
    When pain enters a scene a being withdraws, contracts and can go unconscious. When sex enters the scene a being fixates and loses power.
    Destructive creatures who do not want people big or reaching — since they are terrified of punishment due to their crimes — invented pain and sex to shrink people and cut their alertness, knowingness, power and reach.
    Thus you see people who are “experiencing” either pain or sex introverting and not producing much.
    Pain and sex were the INVENTED tools of degradation. Believe it or not, a being can be so overwhelmed by either, that he or she becomes an addict of it. Priests become flagellants and cut themselves to pieces with self-whipping. Torturers drool over pain. Lovers are very seldom happy. People do the most irrational things when overcharged with sex and prostitutes use it as a knowing stock-in-trade. Combined, pain and sex make up the insaneJack-The-Rippers (who killed only prostitutes) and the whole strange body of sex — murder freaks, including Hinckley, and the devotees of late night horror movies. Under the false data of the psychs (who have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe) both pain and sex are gaining ground in this society and, coupled with robbery which is a hooded companion of both, may very soon make the land a true jungle of crime.
    Go into an asylum or a prison and look at the increasing institutional population and know what you are looking at. In the main, there are pain and sex addicts, decadent and degraded and no longer capable. They were sent on that route down through the ages by the psychs and here they are still in the psych’s hands! And do they get well or go straight? Oh no. Whether in prisons or insane asylums they just get worse. And the psychs in both places rub their bloodied hands as they turn their products loose again upon the remainingpopulation! It’s no accident. And the stocks-in-trade of psychs are PAIN and SEX. They will even tell you it’s “natural” to steal!
    To compound their felony — if that is possible — they tell you it’s the body doing it. Another crashing big false datum on top of all their other lies.
    These are data which emerged from recent thorough research of the whole track. This is not theory or some strange opinion. It is provable electronic fact. The waves are just synthesized.
    They are the most used tools in the campaign against beings in furthering the general goal of those creatures whose sole ambition is destruction. The universe does not happen to be either destructive or chaotic except as such obsessed creeps make it. Statements it is otherwise are just more false data from the same suspect “authorities”. It fits their purposes to make seem natural what they make artificially. The universe only seems that way to a being because such loathsome psychotics make it seem so. They destroyed every great civilization to date and are hard at work on this one. The one thing they can’t stand is the light of truth so, despite their objections, one must turn it on them. Only in its glare do their lies wither. It is the potent weapon they can’t fend off.
    These facts may not be very palatable. But they could clean up some mysteries for you. For wherever there is a mystery (and both pain and sex have been these for Man) there are answers. As both pain and sex could have messed up your life, the above may be some answers you’ve been looking for.
    Copyright (c) 1982
    by L. Ron Hubbard

  166. ” twenty months ago Richie Acunto wouldn’t give the time of day to his erstwhile friend Tiziano Lugli when Il Maestro attempted to warn him where this ship was headed. ”

    Richie contacted me ~4 years ago. At the time I briefed him on the Church and the out ethics therein. He didn’t get back to me. He was only semi-literate and had gross MU’s on LRH tech & references. His understanding of the law was even worse.

    He & I had many knock down, drag out arguments at his BH villa about ethics & admin tech not being applied.

    N.B. to correct an earlier proffered misconception. Richie really tried to get Slatkin ethics handling and, a couple years before the blow up, declared by the church for criminal activity….

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  168. Anyone with information which they feel bears upon any one, or any entity’s bankruptcy is always welcome to contact the U. S. Trustee (information about which is available from the internet) in the Federal Judicial District in which the case is filed, and make that information known.

  169. It just depends on the bankruptcy law that involves corporate bankruptcies. If the 10 million came out of Richie Acunto’s personal bank accounts four years ago, there’s nothing that a corporate bankruptcy judge can do about it. If the donations came out of a corporate account, then the judge may be able to do something. However, there may be some time limits involved like there are for personal bankruptcies. It’s not illegal for corporations to give money to charities, and the IAS is (unfortunately) a legal charity, i.e. the IRS currently recognizes it as a charity.

  170. Nice find Mr Potter had not noticed that ty:)

  171. Great point, Cowboy Poet!!! Thank you.

    IF you’re lurking and see this…PLEASE do *not* give them one or both
    or your testicles OR ovaries for ladies. (Certainly NOT all your money!)

    Read, LOOK, listen: Learn *both* sides (ALL of it) and THEN make up
    your *own* minds. I know I say that a lot—but IF it helps one person (Which it already has)…it’s worth it to repeat. Don’t “believe” any of us: Do your own research. Doubt is *not* a crime…Disconnection is, imnsho. Happy Fall/Autumn to ALL 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  172. Chad Braunersrither

    No problem.

  173. Why is it that the flock comes to us for help? Looking at results it’s corroborated facts, right gradient, due importance and correct target. Just so you know; Davey is not authorized by no one; he can’t audit, doesn’t study, doesn’t get auditing and doesn’t use Scientology to help his fellow man, thus he doesn’t qualify as a Scientologist. Scientology was not supposed to have a leader and COB is an invented self serving post. Church management is in non existence and thus can’t be recognized as an authorized organisation; it’s not a professional Scientology organisation but an implant station for aware beings. The Indy’s are what most closely resemble Scientology. Keep in your codes, the Code of a Scientologist, the Auditor’s Code and the Code of Honor, despite all Davey’s attempts to make you do otherwise.

  174. The guy did a very good job, btw, nice guy, efficient, polite, obviously focused on the work which he appeared to genuinely enjoy doing right, and left the place spotlessly clean when he was done.

  175. Bully for you Mr. Berry and the Chief Trial Counsel of California. It took me 3 years to find someone(s) to here my plea to the fact that Mr. Stoller had a personal interest in my home that was seized by illegal means, And continued success in your quest for “REAL JUSTICE”. By the way I still hold the Original “Title Deed” a secured contract, that I never signed over to any entity. It is however bitter sweet because Mr. Stoller has my signature on a fraudulent contract that I also hold. My personal information and signature may compromise my identity in the future, it may be at that point already. I may be considered as fair game now but these so called professional legal people victimized a mailman who gave 15 years of devoted service to the Government. I stood by my oath, and as a result I became homeless anyway. Mr. Stoller has no honor or integrity I do. May God almighty keep you Mr. Berry.

  176. Well, just look at what happened with the Bowens and TRT. It’s not such a stretch you know ..

  177. “No survival for you !”

  178. I’m in great confusion as to: What is responsive? or Non responsive.Respectively! Seriously, I’ve worked for this country nearly 30 years and no one has any precise answers. Thank to God Almighty I’ve obtained a (GED) General Educations Diploma) rather than a degree of higher education. “America was 1st, and will ultimately be last”. A very sad truth. Just as the real Messiah said it would be. Oh Yeah! I’ve taken plenty oaths to America and it meant nothing!!!!!!!!! Signed “TRUE TO MYSELF”. THE MAILMAN. Keith

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  182. Thanks for sharing the superb post with us. Hope everyone reading this
    guide is benefited. Thanks for taking time once more.

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