David Miscavige branded “violent and toxic”

Chris Guider was my subordinate in his capacity as Inspector General’s MAA for some time.  Chris is one of the most honest, conscientious, and ethical people I had the pleasure of working with while in the Sea Organization (Corporate Scientology’s elite order).  Thanks for standing up and sounding off Chris.  You can watch Chris do so here, breaking news from Australia:


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  1. I wish Chris and Valeska nothing but success and happiness in building their post COS lives. Responsibility lives in many ways.

  2. Always a no nonsense guy. He was feared because he was DM’s enforcer, but not during the darkest time. Just before it got really grim. Chris Guider is not someone who would like to be on TV. He is telling it like it is.

  3. I have one thing to say: fucking Wiese! Pull your head out of your ass! We all did and are much the happier for it. For those who do not know Gary Wiese, he is an extremely capable individual, a 35 year S.O. vet, but, who, like his boss, DM, has a bully valence that he was not shy about dramatizing on other Gold staff members, particularly those smaller than himself, which was just about everybody. DM used to scream at meetings that if you looked up the word “criminal,” “CI,” “know best,” etc., you would find Gary’s picture. Gary was one of the staff that DM could not stand but needed because he could get stuff done, though those who worked with him in Editing might disagree strongly. For him to perjure himself in an affidavit like that means he is heavily dramatizing another valence too, the Stockholm Syndrome valence.
    Kudos to Chris for telling more truths about DM. Everything he says in that video is dead on.

  4. Great work Chris!

    And looking forward to Part 2 with Valeska!

    Props to Steve Cannane. He and Bryan Seymour set the standard for TV coverage of the RCS.

    You may note in his story that the ploy of sending perjured affidavits didnt fly because he called and asked to speak to the person that signed it. As Steve said to me: “Chris allows me to challenge anything he says, but the church refuses to allow me to challenge the statements of these people, how credible can they be?” This is a tactic the church has used to back media off for many years and finally their bluff has been called.

    The perjury in the affidavits that have been sent to the media will eventually be exposed and will be perhaps the last gasp of the RCS as the whole lying house of cards tumbles.

    Kudos to Chris for delivering the message in such a way that every viewer in Australia KNOWS he is telling the truth. Calm, unsensationalistic and above all, exiding honesty and integrity.

    And final kudos for going to the Fair Work Ombudsman. They are going to have a bunch of complaints and cure their problem of witnesses who were beyond the statute of limitations. Stay tuned. Things are not looking straight up and vertical for the RCS in Australia….

  5. You said it all, Mike. Spot on. Chris did a terrific job. I’m looking forward to Valeska’s story in due course.

    In the mean time, C & V, you enjoy life, because you deserve it. ❤

  6. Pope on a Box has become a Pig in a Box. Boy oh boy, that spotlight is bright…..

  7. Thanks Chris for speaking out. I didn’t know I was going to be in the piece but I can tell you that Chris is telling the truth about what happened to me. Marc Yager wasn’t even there. Ingber is lying. When you are getting attacked physically, it is hard to see everyone who is standing around witnessing it. So far verifying DM’s attack on me – Gary Jackson Morehead, Marc Headley, Andre Taboyoyan and now Chris Guider. Thank you all for speaking the truth.

  8. Good stuff Chris Guider!

  9. DM is a liar and a coward of the worst kind, what a loser he is making other take the blame. a real sign of a 1.1 coward whi is also very suppressive

  10. Mark,

    A few things to note here:

    a. I heard POB brag about “kicking Fisher’s ass” many times including him going into detail about how he pulled you off the ladder.

    b. The groveling, sniveling cowards (Yager and Ingber) who signed perjured declarations have been reduced to jellyfish without the hint of a backbone. I know EXACTLY how this went down. POB hears that this is going to air. He calls the usual suspects into a room and starts berating them about how he is under attack and he does everything and they do nothing and are just suppressing him and they dont come under attack and its all directed at him and what are they going to do about it? (Lot more profanity that I can’t be bothered typing yet again). They tell him “We will do whatever is needed to handle these SPs Sir.” Then ensues a brownnose writing contest to see who can come up with the best “affidavit.” Yager and Ingber win the prize (they get to eat leftovers instead of rice and beans today) and their garbage is sent off to the media.

    c. The timing of this probably has some bearing on why Ferris crawled out from under his slimy rock to try to discredit you. They knew they werent getting much traction in trying to discredit Chris. So they trot out that sleazeball to try and muddy the waters.

    d. Funny how Miscavige himself never responds to anything. He can’t. He cannot be caught lying to non-RCS people (of course events are fine) as he knows it will explode everywhere and he will end up being publicly disgraced and covered in shit. So, he has sycophants performing the impossible task of trying to defend his “honor.” But of course, no media can talk to the sycophants directly…. This media “handling” strategy is not working out so well in Australia. I wish other media would take a similar approach. Instead of allowing them to intimidate, call their bluff. Demand to interview the people that sign the false declarations and demand to interview POB. And make the results known.

    These perjured declarations signed under penalty of perjury are quite amazing — they are completely brazen. They will be the last gasp of the RCS when they come under scrutiny in a legal case.

  11. Great post Mike. I might add that the validity of Chris’s statements about DM are magnified somewhat by the fact that he was THE most senior MAA (“Master at Arms” aka, ethics officer) in the Church. My ex-wife was also an MAA at the Int base for 17 years and so worked under Chris the whole time. Through her I saw much of the inner workings of their activity and DM’s corruption. It is great that Chris is coming forward to blow the whistle on the violence and abuses of David Miscavige, today.

    It also tickles me that the Church says in their official statement “they do not understand why someone who spoke positively about Scientology in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald in 2008 can now be so negative about it.” Here’s the explanation for them: 1) Chris is not negative about Scientology; he’s negative about the Church which is a suppressive group. 2) You can’t understand it because you are yourself suppressive, degraded beings, robotic to David Miscavige. On the day you wake up and come to your senses, and stop contributing to, supporting and condoning (a “continuous overt act”) the ongoing suppression by David Miscavige, you too shall understand ye poster children of the Stockholm Syndrome.

    (Note: “Stockholm Syndrome” describes the behavior of victims of abuse who, over time, become sympathetic to their captors/abusers. The name derives from a 1973 hostage incident in Stockholm, Sweden. At the end of six days of captivity in a bank, several kidnap victims actually resisted rescue attempts, and afterward refused to testify against their captors. Those people were broken in six days. The crew at the Int base have been being victimized for decades and thus are so much more broken, they poop out affidavits like termite queens laying eggs.)

  12. Thanks Mike. I was amazed when it happened because I had been nothing but a loyal, productive assistant to him for almost 7 years. In fact, he couldn’t live without me. For about a year and a 1/2 after the RTC reorg, he let me go work for Yager in RTC but then had to pull me back on the “2 year rule” because he needed me. He underestimated my independence when he first attacked my wife covertly by sending her to the RPF and I did not respond like the loyal brownoser he expected and instead started to resist and question what was going on.

  13. Awesome Chris!! I’ve never had anything but respect for you and I’m glad you’re out and on our side. Having met Valeska and seeing you with your son I wish you all the best and glad that things have turned out as they have for you.

    POB’s always been one to brag about always having to handle everything and how incompetent everyone around him is. I’d like to see the Base emptied out with no one but him left since he doesn’t seem to need anyone and is already doing everything himself, but then he wouldn’t have anyone to take things out on for his pleasure moments and bragging rights. I’m sure he’d start turning on his own entourage in the end. And in the end….
    The love you take Is equal to the love you make.

  14. Looks good: 5 people say it did happen and 3 people saying it didn’t happen, one of which wasn’t there. On top of that it’s impossible to say something didn’t happen as it might have happened when they weren’t looking; QED.

  15. Heads up: I just checked my other email and Greta Alexander has been hacked with one of those “stuck in a foreign country please send money” scams. Just a note in case anyone else is on her email.

  16. Well done Chris. All the best to you and your family.

    Davey, your out ethics and sickness continues to drag down and destroy
    the group to which you belong.

    Flying monkeys, you are protecting and lying for a criminal that will destroy your group and goals. Wise up! That includes you Gary Wiese. I would love to meet with you and Carmen.

  17. George M. White

    In his only public interview on Nightline, Mr. Miscavige made the statement that “Scientology was a religion like Buddhism”. No doubt there are numerous references to the Buddha in LRH’s lectures etc.

    However, Mr. Miscavige, your “violent and toxic” behavior would be rooted out by even the most fundamental precepts against harming living beings.
    Therefore, please be advised that you should make no further statements which align your concept of religion with the teachings of the Buddha.
    You are going up against natural law, and the consequences to your survival are unwholesome. I am saying this to you out of compassion for your continued existence.
    I have stated before that you need only to promise my safety and I will be willing to explain to you the correct path that you should follow.
    Your past kamma placed you in a very disadvantaged position and you need only ‘Right View” to start the process of digging yourself out.
    Your success in ‘material wealth’ is actually a hinderance to your potential progress.

    Much loving-kindess,

  18. So accurate, so honest and so believable!!!!

    Chris calmly describes how members of RCS can not tell the truth!!! How counter to LRH policy is that!!!!

    Thank you Chris (and Valeska and Declan)!!!

  19. Well done Chris. So much truth exposed. So many lies diffused.
    Wouldn’t surprize me one bit if the little tyrant simply as-ised one day.

    This ombudsman action in Australia is very interesting. Since miscavige’s cult actually uses extortion to keep people on the RPF (lose your friends, lose your family, have a huge debt owed, lose your eternity etc.) the status of “volunteer” is negated utterly.

    Well done to all of those brave souls who are coming out and speaking the truth.

  20. Woohoo!! Good job Chris and Valeska! 🙂 Awesome story and you gave it to Miscavige right in the gut. I love all the rugby shots. 🙂 🙂

  21. Thanks Steve.

    I just watched this program again and noted a couple of other things:

    a. Steve Cannane used the clip from Anderson Cooper of the Witches of Eastwick to demonstrate that you can’t believe what the church sends you and that they have a tactic of using “ex-wives.” Perfect….

    b. In response to the claims that he was locked up in the RPF, the church offers that Dundas is “open to the street” (presumably so anyone can walk in and out). Would love to see someone with camera walk into that “easily accessible” facility and speak to anyone from the RPF. This was tried some time ago when Kevin Mackey (as I recall) and some others tried to deliver Christmas gifts to the RPFers and see if they could see Carol Miles another prisoner sent from the Ship. Didnt work out so well.

    The lies that are told to the media eventually get exposed and their credibility sinks even lower (if thats possible). At this point, I dont think there is anyone that believes anything the church says. Except the sheeple.

  22. I can confirm what Dan says about Wiese as I was responsible for designing, building and then keeping his production lines operational and he was very hard on them and those around him including Diana. I didn’t hear DM’s comments about Wiese.

    I only ran across Guider during the Building 36 pain and although his orders were crazy, he himself was fair and honest and treated me with respect. it is good to see he and his wife are doing fine.


  23. Very well said, Steve! “Stockholm Syndrome” make so much sense here! What an outrage it is for a “church” to publicly put out false “signed declarations of defense”: Shame on you “Church” of $$$!!! Take some responsibility, clean up your f…ing overts and come into PRESENT TIME!!!

  24. Miscavige also put out a directive to the whole Int base that said, “DEFINITION OF INCORRIGIBLE = GARY WEISE”. I’ve been in meetings where he just tore Gary apart. “Violent” and “toxic” is right. Yet, like Jason Bennick, they’re still kissing his ass with bullshit affidavits. Sick and sad.

    Congratulations Chris for exposing more truth. Your family is beautiful. Best of luck to you.


  25. I was trying to keep score but couldn’t keep up and lost count of the number of great points (tries) scored by Chris in this interview (for you Yanks, a try is a touch down; rugby has a similar scoring system to American Football).

    But at a rough count, it turned out to be:

    Chris Guider: 107 David Miscavige’s Team (Miscavige, Yager, Ingber et al): a big fat zero, zip, nil, nada, nothing.

    Well done Chris. Love to you and your family.


  26. Truth will out. Thanks, Chris! Well done.

    The idea that the RPF was referred to as a “religious retreat” had me laughing out loud! The RPF is a lot of things, but “Religious Retreat” ain’t one of them! There was a time in the history of the RPF that you could come or go, but that apparently was years and years ago. And the idea that anyone could be on the RPF for any period greater than, say, six months shows that the RPF as an institution is a failure – if DM’s goal is really rehabilitation. As a gulag, the RPF is right up there.

  27. Chris, Great job! I’ve added your name and statement to the list of individuals who witnessed and/or received — and have publicly and openly spoken out about — Miscavige’s physical violence.

    For any newcomers, I’m including the fully updated list of nearly two dozen individuals below, and you can also see it at the link behind my name above:


    Chris Guider (former Inspector General MAA [Ethics Officer] at International Management, late 1980s-1990s worked directly with Miscavige) said this on September 22, 2011 to Australian TV:
    “[David Miscavige] is a violent individual. … I’ve seen him physically beat one staff member, Mark Fisher, who was formerly an executive in RTC and worked very closely with Miscavige for a lot of years. And I witnessed [Miscavige] beating him. …”
    “[Miscavige] was standing behind a person, who was editing the [video]. And [Miscavige was] telling him how he was doing this wrong and that wrong, and screaming at him. In the Ethics Officer role, you have this little … “riding crop” [stick] … and it’s just meant to be a symbol of authority that the Ethics Officer has. Well anyway, Miscavige told me to BEAT the guy with the stick. I looked at him and I refused to do that. He took that very, very severely on me because I didn’t just do what he wanted me to do.”

    (Source: http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2011/s3323979.htm)

    Mark Fisher (former Corporate Liaison to Miscavige [supervising household and special assignments] circa 1980s-1990) made this comment:
    “Miscavige .. came racing across and grabbed me around my throat, and started choaking me, and I immediatly went down into a fetal position on the ground and covered up because I didn’t want to fight back or get hit. He was pulling on my hair and was punching at me and kicking at me. And this went on for two or three minutes. And when he finally stopped and calmed down, I stood up and I reached behind my head and my head was bleeding behind from him pulling my hair. And I pointed my finger at him and looked at him right in the eye, and I said ‘You notice I didn’t lay one finger on you’. And the reason I said that was because I wanted everybody else to notice that HE was the reason that this was going on, not me, I wasn’t the one that was doing anything physical or fighting back. … That had a profound impact on me as to why I wanted to leave because when you’re talking about the person who’s the head of the organization that you’ve dedicated your life to is actually physically attacking you … that’s not why I got involved in Scientology. I got involved in Scientology to help people.”
    (Source: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/)

    Marty Rathbun (former Inspector General of RTC, 2nd in command to Miscavige, 1984-2004) made the following statements in 2009 and 2010:
    “Working with Miscavige from 2000 forward was a continually deteriorating condition … regularly Miscavige would, in the middle of a conference, physically assault, punch open handed, tackle people.”
    “Mark Yager got beat up, kicked on, had large volumes thrown at him by Miscavige.”
    “Ray Mithoff got beat up by Miscavige.”
    “Mark Ingbar got beat up by Miscavige.”
    “Mike Rinder got it worse, [I saw him] get beatup at least a dozen times by Miscavige.”
    “Tom DeVocht got beatup by Miscavige a couple of times, and seeing that one time, caused me to leave.”

    (Sources: http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/ , http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/scientology/scientologists-level-accusations/story?id=8792417 , http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/03/30/scientology.violence/index.html , https://markrathbun.wordpress.com)

    Mike Rinder (former International Scientology Spokesman; Head of Office of Special Affairs for 25 years, 1981-2006) made the following statements in 2009 and 2010:
    “I was at the [receiving end] of repeated acts of random violence at the hands of Miscavige.”
    “I was physically assaulted some fifty times by David Miscavige.”
    “[His physical assaults on me] happened more than once. He’s a very volatile personality. He will lash out for uncalled-for reasons.”
    “There is no doubt that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of others who would tell the same stories of their experiences [with Miscavige] if they weren’t being coerced into silence either by threat of disconnection from their families, loss of job or legal action being brought against them.”
    “Where is Heber [Jentzsch]? … The answer is simple: Miscavige hates Heber. … Heber has not only witnessed Miscavige-brand physical and mental abuse, he has experienced it firsthand. … I have seen Miscavige strike Heber on at least 10 occasions.”
    “Having to lie to the BBC about Miscavige beating people was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I walked out while in London [in 2008].”

    (Sources: http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/scientology/scientologists-level-accusations/story?id=8792417 , http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/03/30/scientology.violence/index.html , Australian News interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOv0LtzXlx4 , https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/04/04/free-heber/ , https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/)

    Janela Webster (former head of AVC International, RTC, 1990 – 2007) made these comments in April 2010:
    “I am writing this to make it known my own personal experience with the physical and emotional abuse I either witnessed or experienced from David Miscavige. … Norman Starkey: how could you stand up [on CNN] and lie about David Miscavige not laying a hand on you? I was standing right there in the office when he just walked up to you and boxed you in the ears with no concern whatsoever. And you, a senior citizen in your ‘60s? … While I have my own personal experiences of being thrown in the lake; sleep deprivation; being incarcerated on the Int base and forced to sleep on a cot in my office for 7 months; starved on a diet of rice and beans for weeks; the most destructive and painful of all was the forced disconnection from my daughter in 2001.”
    (Source: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/)

    Amy Scobee (20 year Scientology International Base veteran, helped build Celebrity Centre network) made these statements in 2009 and 2010:
    “David Miscavige is an extremely abusive, tyranical leader.”
    “[David Miscavige] grabs Mike [Rinder] around the neck, swings around and is choking him, and he’s holding [Mike’s] neck. And Mike starts grabbing the side of his chair and struggling and not knowing what is going on. And his face is turning red, and his veins are popping out his neck, and I’m going ‘What in the hell is going on?'”
    “Miscavige jumps up on the conference table and jumped at Jeff Hawkins, tackling him to the ground.”
    “Miscavige jumps up on the table and lunges at Wendell Reynolds, knocking chair and Wendell back.”
    “Miscavige went straight after [Mark] Yager, grabbed his shirt and threw his whole body onto the ground.”

    (Sources: http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/ , http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/03/30/scientology.violence/index.html , Australian News Interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOv0LtzXlx4 , http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/ , http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/)

    Mike Lemeron (former Sea Org member for 21 years, worked with LRH in 1978, later worked at Gold at Int, doing lighting for International Events) made these comments in 2010:
    “I was no senior exec but I did have the privilege of being around LRH for about a year back in ’78. I know that he generally did 2 solo auditing sessions per day. During that time he wrote the scripts for and directed some tech training films and wrote the Battlefield Earth book. He was definitely not evil nor dictatorial to his crew although the production demand was very high. …As for DM, he is basically the anti-LRH.”
    “David Miscavige is a violent person and I have seen and experienced it for myself and I have subjective reality. I used to do lighting for the Int events and I personally saw David Miscavige be very rude, invalidating and condescending toward the other speakers. Years prior to that I was his table server at meals with other executives – long before he assumed his “COB” title. One day, during dinner, he followed me into the kitchen and pushed me up against a wall because he thought I was being rude. I have seen him being both physically [and] verbally abusive on different occasions during the nearly 21 years I was around him and his area. Anyone saying David Miscavige is not violent and has not committed violent acts on others is a complete liar or a dupe.”

    (Sources: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/clearwater-retrospection/#comment-19997 , https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/07/22/mike-rinder-on-todaytonight/#comment-39152)

    Marc Headley (former Senior Executive at Golden Era Productions in International Management, 1995-2000):
    “I myself on at least 10 different occasions have witnessed David Miscavige actually physically strike other staff members to the ground, strike staff members so many times or damage them physically that they actually needed medical attention or that a medical officer from the facility would have to come bandage them or treat them. In one instance, I myself was punched several times by David Miscavige in the face for basically arguing or talking back to him during a discussion that we were having.”
    (Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dk0NLEohgKo)

    Karen Pressley (former head of Celebrity Centre Network and former International Public Relations Officer, 1980s-1990s):
    “I’ve seen [David Miscavige] slam people against a wall, by the neck, by the shoulders. … Ray Mithoff, who was the Snr C/S International (his office was across from mine when I was the International Public Relations Officer; we were in the Del Sol Building) … was constantly under the gun with David Miscavige. And I was present once when he threw Ray Mithoff against the wall, and took his shirt and threw him up like this [gestures upward], and told him he was an SP and a piece of shit. And made him get on his hands and knees and just humiliated him. And right after that, Ray Mithoff was sleeping in a tent on a hillside and having to pee outdoors with no toilet facilities. And cleaning floors with toothbrushes. … Miscavige used every psychological tactic, physical abuse, verbal abuse, to dehumanize him.”
    (Source: http://vimeo.com/13073239)

    Jeff Hawkins (35 year Sea Org veteran [1969-2004], marketing manager who created the DMSMH marketing campaign which put DMSMH back on the NY Times Best Seller list in the 1980s) made these comments in 2009 and 2010:
    “I never saw [Rinder] abusing others, despite the abuse he received from Miscavige. Mike was, without question, THE most abused person at the Int Base. He was rarely allowed to sleep. He was physically beaten by Miscavige on many occasions. How he managed to carry on with his work and deal with media I do not know. He has great reserves of strength, which I hope are serving him well now that he is out.”
    ” CNN: ‘You’ve worked with Marty Rathbun. You’ve worked with Mike Rinder. The Church told us, that they were the ones leading this reign of terror, that Marty was the one responsible for these beatings.’
    “Jeff: ‘Absolutely not true. Absolutely not true. David Miscavige was the one leading this whole physical violence kick. And it was him who was beating people up. … [Miscavige once] jumped on the conference room table, with his feet right on the conference table, launched himself across the table at me — I was standing — battered my face and then shoved me down on the floor.’
    “Jeff: ‘Miscavige was always threats, bullying, haranguing people, verbal abuse, physical abuse. That was his game. He is a bully.'”

    (Sources: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/ , http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/03/30/scientology.violence/index.html)

    Tom De Vocht (former Church construction supervisor in Clearwater [1986-2000] and Int base construction [2000-2004]) made this comment in Apr 2010:
    “Dave asked me a question … and the next thing I knew, I’m being smacked in the face and knocked down on the ground, in front of all these people. This is the ‘Pope’ [Miscavige] you know, knocking me down on the ground.”
    (Source: http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/03/30/scientology.violence/index.html)

    Steve Hall (Worked at Int Base as writer from 1988-2004; came up with Church’s tag line “Know Yourself. Know Life.”) said the following:
    “The four assaults I witnessed where David Miscavige actually attacked someone were against Mike Rinder, Mark Yager, Guillaume Leserve and Ray Mithhoff (four of the highest-ranking officers of the Church of Scientology). In the case of Mike Rinder, he and I were standing shoulder to shoulder when Mike was attacked. Miscavige didn’t like a minor edit that Mike had made to a video we were working on. Suddenly Miscavige just went off: he lunged, grabbed Mike’s head with both hands and bashed his head into solid cherry-wood paneling three times putting his whole body into the effort. Mike has since departed from the Church. Violent physical abuse is just the tip of a dark iceberg.”
    (Source: http://www.scientology-cult.com/scientologys-dictator.html)

    Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch (LRH-trained Class XII C/S, former wife of Heber Jentzsch, President Church of Scientology International) made this comment on March 24, 2011:
    “Last night I went to dinner with an Ex SO [Sea Org] member that I had not seen for 30 years. It was a remarkable dinner. Here was a guy who worked like a dog in the Sea Org, had production 2nd to none, a household name in Sea Org circles and he told me the story of being locked in a room, waiting for HOURS with no food or water til David Miscavige entered the room with an entourage. This PUNK [Miscavige] always has a gang around him for protection. DM never engages in brutality one on one. He is always surrounded by numbers and a gang for his THUGGERY and ABUSE. He punched this SO member in the jaw with a heavy blow and then spat on him. There was no Committee of Evidence. There was no explanation on what the Sea Org member did or did not do. No charges were ever brought. There was just violence and ABUSE from the top command structure. …This veteran ex SO member has never told his story on the web. He took a Miscavige assault and suffered in silence.”
    (Source: http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/2011/03/23/the-anecdotal-fallacy/ as Karen#1)

    Gary “Jackson” Morehead (former Security chief at the California Int base from 1990 to 1997) had this comment:
    “Yes, Scientology has done good for mankind. I saw and see it. What I also WITNESED first hand was DAVID MISCAVIGE physically hit SCIENTOLOGY HIGH RANKING EXECUTIVES AND STAFF. I witnessed DAVID MISCAVAGE make 5 SCIENTOLOGY EXECUTIVES defecate into a clear plastic bag out in the broad open, make them shower by use of a garden hose in the broad open – male and female executives mind you.”
    (Source: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/03/25/suppression-of-truth-and-freedom-of-speech-and-the-press/)

    Eric Knutson (former CMOI and WDCI Executive, Department Head of Gold; worked at the Int Base from 1980-1990) had this to say on August 21, 2010:
    “While working on a construction project as a Department Head in Gold in the late 80’s, I was summonsed to the RTC office building at the Villas to answer some kind of question Miscavige had with regard to the project I was working on. For some reason I was called to the office where Mark Fisher and Jason Bennick worked directly under David Miscavige as his execution arms. Jason and I were the only ones in the room with DM. I had answered any questions Miscavige had and when I was finished he asked Jason a question about his post (I don’t remember the subject content). Jason replied and DM came flying across the office behind Jason’s desk where he was sitting. Screaming obscenities, Miscavige started punching Jason with body shots to the chest and ribcage with closed fists as Jason used his arms to protect himself from the thudding blows. I remember Jason’s eyes as big as saucers filled with terror in his disbelief as to what was happening. It ended almost as abruptly as it started. I remember DM looking at me with an expression that stated clearly ‘this is what will happen to you if you fuck up.’ ”
    (Source: http://rediscoverscientology.com/under-a-dark-cloud.html)

    Bruce Hines (former Senior C/S in Scientology from 1987-2003) said this:
    “[Miscavige] just walked up and hit me on the side of the head … with an open hand … It definitely hurt, and it definitely knocked me back.”
    (Source: ABC Nightline interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BddkM-qcLvo)

    John Peeler (Delphi School graduate; in SO from 1989-2000; worked at CC Int and then Int Base) said this:
    “I witnessed David Miscavige as well as other executives and staff at the base beat people up, slap others around, spit on people, overboard people, and a number of other punishments for either no reason at all or for disobeying orders or non-compliance. Even smaller things found out, such as masturbation, became huge issues blown up and read out at staff musters.”
    (Source: http://scnforum.org)

    Don Larson (Former Finance Executive, worked with David Miscavige in the early 1980s) said this:
    “There were about 15 of us … we took the Commanding Officer [of the SF Org] … and he was sec checked on the meter … and there was a whole row of people around the guy … this had nothing to do with religion anymore … this was ‘Where’s the money Jack!? I want the money, where did you put the money!?’ He said ‘I don’t know, I don’t have the money’. So David Miscavige comes up to him and grabs him by the tie and starts bashing him into the file cabinets.”
    (Source: http://www.whoisdavidmiscavige.com/category/videos/)

    Larry Brennan (helped create high level Church structure for LRH in late 70s and early 80s; personally worked with Miscavige during this period) said this:
    “In the lair of [Miscavige] I am sure that “status” means everything. From my years of working with him I found him at best to be a highly immature, spoiled and abusive status seeker. I’ve also found the types of things I’ve heard Marty [Rathbun], Mike [Rinder] and others say about his abusive and his need for a false “status” to be correct and in keeping with what I witnessed as well.”
    (Source: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/03/03/egoist-maximus/)

    Dan Koon (former Snr C/S International; worked with LRH on tech films in late 1970s, was “Joe” in TRs Film) made these comments in 2009:
    “I spent nearly 27 years at the Int bases in La Quinta and Hemet, when LRH himself worked there (and David Miscavige was the video cameraman on the first Cine shoot crew), and when LRH was off the lines, when he passed away and throughout the rise and reign of DOB RTC (Dictator of the Board). I saw these bases morph from incredibly alive, all-over-the-Tone Scale, mostly positive but always hopeful operations to the present state of affairs that is chronically below 2.0 and where Boredom let alone Mild Interest are unobtainable dreams. … I can personally attest to the observations that Mike [Rinder] has reported in this blog post. Many of you reading it may be in disbelief. If you could see the stats of Int Scientology and know that David Miscavige sits squarely atop the entire Scientology movement and is, thus, where the buck must ultimately stop, maybe your disbelief would at last be forced aside. Because we all know that the stats are the bottom line: auditors made and preclears well audited.”
    “When I first joined the Sea Org, LRH was there, he met with us. We made films together. … And life with him around was wonderful. … he went off the lines for good in 1986. … It certainly became a lot less fun as the years went on. By the time I left in 2003, it was very unfun. … A lot of the stuff you read on the blogs about experiences at the Int Base, I can attest that they’re all extremely accurate. I lived through them, I observed them. I know people, good friends of mine, who are now out, will attest to the same thing. It was just not the Scientology I joined in the 1970s and 1980s.”

    (Sources: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/ , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bhBXjB88ek)

    ————————–End of List————————-

  28. David Miscavige branded “violent and toxic”???? What a shock!!!!!! If I drank that much Scotch I wouldn’t be toxic, I’d be embalmed.

  29. It is funny. That Mr. David Miscaviage is never, and I mean ever, available for even 5 minutes.

    All of these people are liars.

    I can tell you this much guys.

    This guy uses the excuse that he is too busy, to conduct any interviews, as he is being the ecclesiastical leader of the Co$.

    Well, I don’t think there is a person in the entire world. No matter if they are CEO or Budweiser or McDonalds. No matter if they run a Bed Store in OKC.

    If people were telling people in print media or television media, that I was being violent towards people that work for me and it was not true.

    I, like most every other person would be screaming from the top of the tallest ladder and threatening to sue every one of the you mother f******s for libel and slander.

    If I were not guilty and they said about me what they have said about Mr David Miscrabbage. I wood not be relying on others to “swear affidavits” in my defense.

    I would be defending myself and screaming to anyone that would listen that I will sue everyone I see for the lies being spread about me and my good name.

    But, Davey boy is such a little vagina and he knows he is trapped now and won’t show his head, to spread lies himself.

    Because, say what you want and I don’t know how many people were sent to the RPF because Davey asked people to “tell him the truth, how did I really do on Nightline”. I would bet a dime to a dollar, that not only did people tell him how badly he donkey punched and set back corporate $cientology, but that he knew it as well, but sent them to the RPF anyway, for not preventing him from looking like a horses c*** on NAtional TV.

    But he did learn his lesson, that he looks as stable as Charlie Sheen on a fistful of Angel Dust and he will never stick his neck out from hiding ever again.

    If he does , he will get served so many times his tiny little head will spin.

    In a word, David Miscaviage: You suck !

  30. Margaret — Thanks very much. This is invaluable. Media are always asking for this — in fact, Steve Cannane asked me for a list two nights ago! Maybe Steve will put it somewhere on his site where it can be a reference that can always be accessed… Mike

  31. The cat is out of the bag for SCN and DM. The media, the people, the legal field and now the current members of SCN knows the real agenda and operating basis of SCN.

    To control, brainwash and extort as much money they can out of their members.

    Sounds like a cult to me.

  32. BMO(K)C:

    You nailed him.

    You are a valued contributor to this blog because you are so real. A down to earth guy who observes the obvious and tells it like it is. I am sure that your perspective on the circus that is RCS is shared by the VAST majority of people out in the world. What a bunch of jackasses….

    I would have written your last line slightly differently: David Miscaviage: It sucks to be you!

  33. Mike, yeah, when all this is going to get really interesting is when some issues start going to trial. I would like to see Yager and Ingber and some others addressing statements made in their affidavits in a court room. Ralph Kramden Redux: huhmanna, huhmanna, huhmanna . . .

  34. Dan — Right. I would really like to see POB being cross-examined on those insane affidavits. He CANNOT claim they are true because when they fell all over themselves to stick their noses in his enema funnel, they all went on at enormnous length about how He does Everything. Puts him in a bit of a tough spot with the IRS, and also as far as connecting liability to him for whatever abuses happen in the church. But, if he tries to say they were lying about those statements in their affidavits then he undermines everything they say to the media. He is in a real tough spot. It has only been avoided so far because there are no lawsuits where this is an issue. This is why the media are safe from libel suits (in addition to the fact that truth as an absolute defense against libel claims). He knows based on those idiotic perjured affidavits that he cannot be kept out of any suit that is filed. Again, the shortsightedness of their actions is astonishing.

  35. Impartial English Girl

    Brilliant! Sorry for what you’ve had to go through – and good luck to you and your lovely young family Mr. Fisher. xx

    Have to say I wasn’t TOO stunned by the headline – ‘ David Miscavige branded “violent and toxic” ‘… bit like saying ‘ Bear branded “wood defecator” ‘ or ‘Pope branded “Catholic” ‘… 😉

    Anyone seen Tommy Davies lately? I thought he was the one CoB trotted out to comment on such things? Or has he gone the way of Mrs. Miscavige, Mr. Jensch, etc. …?


    IEG xx

  36. NewsFlash:

    Following is the brilliant response from the Church:

    “Chris and his wife Valeska Guider, both former long-term religious ministers of the Church of Scientology, are currently engaged in an ongoing action against the Church of Scientology with the Fair work Ombudsman (FWO).

    “Their negative claims have only now surfaced since this FWO action was lodged, and are not backed up by statements from their contemporaries.

    “These allegations appear to have been made to bolster their claims for money to which they are not entitled.”

    Wow, that’s an all around 10! Their “negative statements” are “not backed up by statements from their contemporaries”? Say what? I thought there were a number of contemporaries on the program, including Mark Fisher and I know I saw a picture of myself and a few others. I guess we dont count as contemproraries as we are not under POB’s control.

    Oh, and that line about how reporting to a Government Agency (FWO) about abuses is obviously only to get money and the media attention is all a plot to steal the money they havent paid the staff — that is a really effective line too. Sounds like the thief complaining that the person reporting them to the police and then talking to the media about it could NOT be believed because after all, they are just trying to get “our” money (that we stole from you).

    By that standard, nobody could ever believe a word uttered by one of those people who spend their every waking minute trying to reg people for their money.

  37. Chris,
    You are a man of Integrity! Thank you! Love, Laura Ann Wilson

  38. My heart sank when I saw Catherine Fraser’s affidavit. Her name has been out of the limelight for a bit and I was secretly hoping she had escaped that hell pit in Hemet. I don’t know why but it’s harder for me to think about women in that environment than men. I don’t mean to be sexist; it just saddens me that the innate loving nature has been so beaten down in women like Fraser and the Anderson Cooper show ex-wives. I’ve encountered Catherine a few times in Riverside County for various reasons and I always feel so very, very sorry for her. I wish she could get away from that horrible place…

  39. Kudos to Chris Guider for speaking out. The more people that speak out, the more the Church’s categorical denial falls on deaf ears. Thanks also to Margaret for the compendium of people who have spoken out about Int Base violence.

    Interestingly, one of the people who filed a counter-affidavit was Gerald Duncan, long-term Master-at-Arms (MAA) at Gold. Gerald was ordered at one time by Miscavige to physically beat me. I could see he was visibly, morally conflicted about it – it was visibly tearing him up. He finally settled for slamming me against a wall. I hope that Gerald follows his true instincts and gets out of that hellhole.

    It looks like “incorrigible” Gary Weise finally became “corrigible” and is now serving as a Miscavige sock puppet.

    Ingber and Yager are no surprise – they long ago lost their backbones. Those who know Yager’s history know that he stood up to DM just once in his long history – and got sent to his own private RPF for it. He hasn’t raised his head since.

  40. Au contraire, Grasshopper: The RPF, like the Flag Land Base, IS a religious “retreat” in the fullest sense of that word!

  41. Big plus 1 Lucy

    Seeing the Guider family so happy together made my day. Congrats!

  42. Agree with Mike. This is a valuable document that we need also when asked by individuals working thru their own doubt. Great if Steve or Marty will store as an accessible document.

  43. Patricia, you would never know from Catherine’s public persona, particularly her CNN appearance, that she is actually a kind and caring person. Her original motivation for becoming Port Captain was to try to stem the tide of abusive behavior on the Base and get staff to treat each other with more humanity. She hated the kind of venom-filled, combative behavior that was becoming the norm at the Base. She never saw (or chose not to see) that it was emanating from Miscavige.

  44. DM is a spineless coward wgo hides behind his robots but just like the Wizard of Oz the curtain is being opened to reveal the true colrs of DM and the C of S

    alot more revedaling is on its way and it aint good for SCN or DM

  45. Patricia-Your comment leads me to ask if any women endured physical abuse, such as being hit or even gave it? I know they were very abused in the abortion area and I know mentally.

  46. Jeff — I agree with you 100% on this. I knew her for many years before she went to Int (first to the doomed position of “DM’s PR”).

  47. Great work Chris, outstanding confront.
    I met Chris way back in ’86 in ASHO ANZO. Nicest fella you’d ever meet, very A to B and knew exactly what he wanted; well loved by the Aussie public – still is. To call him a liar about all this is to cut off your nose to spite your own face.
    It’s incredible to try to wrap your wits around the somewhat simple fact that Miscavige is NOT Scientology, he has led the Church down the wrong path with gross violations of its own Policies and Directives, yet the people in it still can’t see that all the trouble and controversity leads directly back to HIS management.
    How he got and keeps his followers (getting fewer by the day, thank goodness) believing HE personally IS Scientology is one of the biggest cons and scams ever to grace a religious organisation. Stupid is what stupid does…

  48. Thank you so much.
    A list like this is priceless. The fact that the witnesses’ posts are listed leaves no doubt as to the accuracy of the reports.
    Could it be webbed where additions could be submitted?

  49. Good question IEG

    Where is Tommy?

    Its amazing how this song nails it. Nothin but net…..

  50. The Wholetrack Story of D Miscaviage:

    ML Tom

  51. Jeff, I love that you always speak so kindly of her. If she has had any effect in stemming the brutality out there then my admiration for her just increased tenfold. I’ll keep her in my prayers.

  52. I never saw a woman being hit, but there were two women who tried to emulate DM and who physically hit others, albeit not with much damaging force, but nonetheless hit junior staff. Ironically enough, one of those women was Jenny Lindsen, the same person swearing on TV that DM was the most lovely individual in the world. Jenny’s violence was minor though compared to Lisa Allen. Lisa used to be a great person until she got to work directly on DM’s line. Especially in 2004 – 2006 and while she was in the Hole she physically hit other male staff on multiple occasions.

  53. Raul — the other one is Lou. When POB was pissed at a girl, he would tell Lou to hit them. I have seen Lou hit Jenny, Angie and Karen Hollander. I also saw Barbara Ruiz when she was “Queen of the Roost” hit some girls in the Hole. Its a bitch-slap fest when you get around POB…

  54. It is ironical that of all the people on the Int Base there isn’t an individual who has received as much punishment and harassment by DM as Gary Wiese. For anyone who knows him and his history, it is Gong Show material to hear him describe DM as a compassionate and personal friend. I don’t know many people DM hated as much as Gary Wiese, and expressed so in at least 200 hundred dispatches. He was declared an SP (but still kept in the editing bay – go figure); he was addressed as “Voldemort” in DM’s personal dispatches to him; he had an issue called “Definition of incorrigible – Gary Wise”. Not many people beat that.

    Dan, I don’t agree with you when you state that Gary is an extremely capable guy. He is a loud bully but the amount of catastrophe caused by that guy is uncountable. DM only went to him because there was nobody else, but that changed after you left. Gary Wiese was nowhere in sight after 2004 and has had nothing to do with the main editing production since that time.

    If there ever was anyone who matched DM’s personal abuse it was Gary, and Gary, despite being heavily abused himself by DM, always seemed to dream, almost obsessively, to be recognized by DM. They are both bad news and neither apply a single virtue from TWTH, with the exception that Gary does take care of Carmen – more than can be said about DM and his wife.

  55. Chris, you speak 100% Truth in that calm Aussie way I knew you to do. Hopefully one day I have reason to visit your neck of the woods and we can meet up for a good down-under beer!

  56. You’re right. I forgot about ther. He even ordered her to hit male staff. Memory is a bit vague, but for sure she slapped Peter Schless right across the face once.

  57. Jenny Linson hit Craig Wilson (the then CO CMO UK) across the face. My ex-hushand, Chris Collbran (the then CO CMO AF) was a witness along with all of the other cont CO CMO’s. This occurred on the Ship in 2005 around the time of Maiden Voyage.

  58. There is something about Australia and the Aussies….

    Leading the way in the media, National TV.
    Leading the way to reform the corruption and slavery by Government intervention
    Leading the way by having a Senator (Xenophon) that REALLY listened to all the complaints and stood up in Parliament.

    Now why can’t the United States be like them ?

  59. Marty

    Emailed you disturbing letter from Worthing court recieved today re upcoming harrassment case 6 oct.

    Remeber this is alleged harrassment by text, never using threats or abusive language, with very odd police ‘ibvolvement!!

  60. Perfect song!

  61. Right on, Chris!

    By the way, Declan sure has turned into a handsome fella!

  62. Oh no!! God I hate hearing that. What a sweet man he is. He’s one of the people I worry about most out there.

  63. Even though numerous eye witness accounts on David Miscavige assault and batteries have appeared in Books (Counterfeit Dreams, Blown for Good, Abuse at the Top) (No law suit, no libel suit on any of the authors.)

    and literally thousands of Internet posts…..Miscavige continues to LIE about it.

    If you Google Miscavige Assault Search = 95,000 results
    If you Google David Miscavige Beatings = 32,900 results Search
    If you Google David Miscavige Assault = 51,500 results (0.22 seconds)

    Vary the wording for a lot more whistleblowing accounts…

    I can’t think of any worse image of a Church Leader the “POPE” than a violent abusive batterer. Distasteful, offensive and criminal.

  64. Amazing comments from everyone and amazing stuff from Chris. I don’t know how to get mainstream media in the US to cover this. Is there a way to email them as a group or something akin to that?

  65. Raul.

    You are totally correct. Wiese was put in the Hole in 2005 and was there when I left in 2007. And every event that was done after he was put in the Hole (along with Peter Schless) everyone in the Hole had to watch, along with a “briefing” about how easy the event had been and how popular it was and how wonderful the world had become since the SP Wiese and the SP Schless had been “gotten off COB’s lines.” Wiese was an asshole, no doubt about it. He was also a somewhat accompished person — a trained engineer and a pilot and he could use an Avid edit bay better than anyone on the Base (doesnt mean his artistic ability was better, but his technical skills far exceeded anyone else).

    That he continues in the nose up POB’s enema funnel competition is only a reflection of him having been beaten into submission after many, many years of abuse.

    All these people say these amazing things about him to try and get out of whatever trouble they are in today. It’s total propitiation and in their universe it is the single most important thing they can do for their “survival” — “make COB think well of me.” It’s a sad state of affairs…

  66. It never ceases to amaze me at all that NOBODY believes the Church of Scientology any more. Nobody! Every time the church is asked to be accountable for their actions EVERYONE involved in the dispute is a liar, even if it is 50 people, they are all liars EXCEPT the Church of Scientology. I even had this happen to me once. Two OT came to my house to try to force me to shut up about my experiences in Scientology. Even though they were FOUND on the property by the Police and asked to leave and made to sign an agreement not to come back in my presence in a court of law…they were there in front of witnesses for 20 minutes at my house…over 35 miles from where each of them live…but Lawrence is a liar, and this one is a liar and that one is a liar in spite of these facts. Hey Church of Scientology…GET A LIFE!

  67. Karen — You are the Poet Laureate of the “Tell It Like It Is And Dont Hold Back” school of advanced blog posting. Every time I read one of your comments I smile. You have more perfectly apt descriptions of evil/criminality than anyone I know. 🙂

  68. Haiku to David Miscavige
    OT H8
    Truth Concealed
    On the Ridge to Total Fleecedom
    Scareman of the Bored
    Religious Take-nology Centered
    Exec Status Flee
    Off course

  69. Lawrence,

    Interesting you mention this as it has been mentioned to me by 3 different media terminals in the last week. Each of them noted in one way or another that there are always shades of gray in every story. But that the church insists everything is black and white — they are right, truthful and angelic and anyone who criticizes them is wrong, a liar and the devil. NO criticism ever has even a shred of truth to it…. And from that, they conclude they cannot believe ANYTHING the church says because there is one thing they know for a fact is a lie, that the church is innocent, blameless and perfect in every regard. That’s not possible. So, being intelligent individuals they conclude EXACTLY like LRH says in How to Handle Black Propaganda PL — they are probably not telling the truth about anything else either. The church Dead Agents itself by its insistence that it never does ANYTHING wrong.

    It’s good the media are starting to see through the bs and the threats the church levels at them.

    Another tactic went by the wayside this week too. The over-the-top perjured brown nose affidavit. The ABC Reporter simply asked to speak to the person that signed the affidavit to ask them some questions. Now, despite being called into service to sign a declaration for a tv story on the other side of the world, they can’t come to the phone to speak to the reporter?? And that sends another message. They’re hiding something. And he was totally correct. They are.

  70. mrinder,

    Mike, you obviously have a few misunderstoods here. “…are not backed up by statements from their contemporaries.”

    I asked for clarification from a church spokesperson so we could better grasp their meaning. The following is their response. (I have left out quotations marks because putting them in appropriately is a pain in the brain.)

    Their response: First, “are” is simply a form of the verb “to be” which you are not. You don’t exist and neither does anyone else who is disconnected from the church, because, well, you just don’t. Because we say so. To “be” requires the creation of space and a viewpoint. You have no viewpoint that has any value, and we don’t recognize your right to occupy space.

    Furthermore, anyone our Dear Leader does not recognize, does not exist. Period.

    Ergo such a person is not capable of making “statements” because to make statements requires that one exists, which the church does not recognize. You are fallen trees in the forest where no one is. A bunch of enturbulation without sound. We do not perceive you, because you don’t exist.

    Furthermore, “contemporaries” comes from “con” meaning “with” and “temp” meaning “time”–or close enough, and to be a contemporary requires simultaneous tracking in space and time. Since the church has already established that you do not exist, that’s one strike against you. But, also, you all exist (if you even did exist) in another time than we do. (“We” being defined as those loyal to He-Who-Deserves-Our-Loyalty.) The church is moving forward in a blessed time-stream into which you are not invited.

    Thus, you are not, nor could you ever have, been traveling in OUR time track, thus neither you nor any of your ilk could be a “contemporary.” You are all obviously stuck in another time track.

    As for those non-entities such as Rinder and Rathbun, we have proven over and over again that they were never members of the church. Independent film crews, journalists and investigators have searched in vain for these mythological creatures who claim to have been part of our wonderful organization. We have applied enough force to not-is them completely out of existence over and over and over and over. COB has the stats to prove it.

    I suggest you take the courses offered in the Golden Age of Not-isness, starting with the basic three year course titled simply “Fingers in the Ears, Mouth Closed, Eyes Wide Shut.” It is a marvelous course in ridding oneself of all suppressive influences. The person who finished it wrote (or would have written had their fingers been available) how wonderful it was.

    But, because of the student’s finger difficulties, Course Supervisers Yaeger and Ingbar wrote the success stories for her, attesting to how much she had improved, even though they were no where near the room in which she took the course.

    That in itself attests to their OT abilities, gotten on the new OT objectives course, one result of which is “the ability to bear witness and write affidavits to events you didn’t attend.”

    Personally, I can’t wait.

    Should you require further clarification, we will send a team of investigators to prove that you do not exist either. Just a warning.

    Claire Wannabee
    Director of Informational Services
    Church of Scientology

  71. One thing that has been HUGELY frustrating for me on these shows is when people say, “Why didn’t you say something?” “Why didn’t you speak out?”
    And nobody ever seems to point out it is Church policy forbidding it. It is illegal in Church policy to contact an outside justice terminal or speak out. It is in the ethics book. I am HUGELY relieved to see this addressed FINALLY in an interview. He doesn’t point out Church scripture on not turning another Scientologist up to the police but he does point out the code about saying something negative. People out side who do not have this missing data can’t understand, so this was a huge step forward. It is an ENORMOUS , WHY.

  72. That is too witty!

    Scareman of the Board! That will stick!

  73. Michael 😉 😉 😉
    If it was not for Marty and you, I would still be drinking the Koolaid.
    I am forever grateful.

  74. They are indeed hiding more than something. They are hiding a lot. Listening to this church nearly cost me my life over 20 years ago and the church’s response to the whole was “We won’t talk about it anymore. I found an O/W. I’m glad we cleared that up.” And that Mike is my Flag terminals communication to me on the matter VERBATIM! That is OK for them to say because it was not their life that almost ended. My family was grief stricken and only recovered their happiness because of ME, not because of the church. They are a bad lot the church and that is all. End of discussion! 🙂

  75. Yet another example of how the church no longer practices the tech. The church is dead!

  76. That’s “….of the Bored”

    Not a typo.

    The Wind Blows
    The Mountain is Unmoved

  77. Margaret, THANK YOU! I was going to start putting my own list together and you saved me hours of work! I will put this to good use.

  78. Yvonne,
    I agree. It was the videos by Dan Koon that assured me their was Scientology outside the church. This a big concern with most people coming out who want to continue with the subject.

  79. Ditto, with gratitude. Responsibility lives in many ways.” Beautifully conveyed truth, Mike Laws.

  80. Chris Guider sums it up universally for the throngs leaving the sham “church” of purported-Scientology with his statement:

    I found out that the leader of the church right now, David Miscavige, is basically a very toxic person. It’s not about people’s lives and helping other people, of being a beneficial program for other people. It’s not about that. It’s about control and it’s about getting money. And that’s – I disagree with that. And that’s not what interested me in the first place, that’s not what got me to quit my football career.

    David Miscavige is the ultimate parasite who has fed on and tried to monopolize and dilute the work of a true pioneer of thought (Hubbard), and on the good will of the thousands who found value in the original, true purpose and results of Scientology as an application.

  81. Would it be worth bothering to sue the writers of the fake affidavits for libel? Their sworn statements falsely accuse named individuals of lying about being beaten by dear leader.

    It would be interesting to see how they would respond to being questioned under oath.

  82. I Googled this and came up with the following:

    From Vicki Aznaran, President and COB of RTC before Miscavige:
    (also http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Fishman/Declaration/aznaran.txt)

    33. In 1982, I witnessed David Miscavige (with a large
    male security guard staff member there to back him up) physically attack
    three people who were incarcerated at Gilman Hot Springs. Mr. Miscavige
    made them stand there while he hit them in the face.
    Mr. Miscavige told me on more than one occasion how he had
    physically attacked a female who was a fellow “Commodore’s
    Messenger” in 1981. He said he beat her up and threw her off
    post. On another occasion, Mr. Miscavige called me out of his
    office. He had a revolver in his hand, and stated he was very
    angry with the “Golden Era Musicians,” as they had not handled
    some of the music on an album properly. He had a copy of the
    album cover in his hand. He spread open the album cover to show
    the pictures of the musicians. He said he would like to be able
    to shoot the musicians, but could not. So instead he was going to
    put a bullet in their heads in the picture. He then proceeded to
    shoot the picture, of each of them in the head. On another
    occasion, Mr. Miscavige expressed fantasies about shooting Michael
    Flynn, an attorney who had claims against Scientology, with his

    34. The first time Mr. Miscavige told me he was going
    to “blow my head off,” I had walked into his office by mistake.
    This was at Gilman Hot Springs, where I had just arrived to become
    part of the staff of Religious Technology Center. I was very
    shocked and did not know how to take it. The second time he told
    me he was going to blow my head off was when he thought I had sent
    up an unfavorable report on his wife and upset her. The last time
    he made such a statement was when he sent me to the rehabilitation
    Project Force. Even though he was not aiming the gun at my head
    when he said it, from the prior incidents that I had witnessed and
    the prior statements that he had made, I felt he was capable of,
    and indeed obsessed with, committing acts of physical violence
    against others.

  83. A very heart-touching story from a very credible speaker. I’m happy to see Chris has such a beautiful family.

    Thank you, Chris, for going public with this and telling your story. May you have all the best as a result.

  84. Rinder,

    Coming from you, of all people. I will take that praise with a smile.

    As I have stated before. I have never even met a Co$ member that I am aware of. I do not have a dog in the fight. But, I hate to see scum bags, well wait a minute I shouldn’t say that. To call DM a scumbag is really unfair to bags filled with scum and a bag of scum has never done anything to anyone.

    Anyway, I hate it when so called men, like DM act this way.

    It make scientology a cult instead of anything else.

    What is crazy is that DM, has it made and instead of being a gentlemen he acts like a spilled dictator and a moron.

    He could be nice, he could pay people a decent wage and he could still use the slave labor of the Sea Org and could live well off. Very well of.

    But instead his ego wants more and more and to be in control, just like a cult leader does and now he has grown accustomed to the perks and he wants to act this way and act like he deserves it.

    I mean, why not be a good guy?

    Instead he wants to say staff members can’t look TC in the eyes.

    What? WTF is that?

    I mean if that doesn’t put someone on a complete other level, i don’t know what does.

    How can you be a religion and be “for people” if you act that way.

    I will be even more frank.

    My belief is Scientology is NOT A religion, but made itself one to survive and to circumvent laws in the US, pertaining to Mind Analysis/Psychiatry.

    ALthough I am not a COS Member I DO think Scintology has true benefits.

    I think Disconnection is OK. In this way, if it is used the way it is supposed to be.

    If my friend hates my wife and she has done nothing wrong, and he is always antagonizing me about her, well he could pollute my thoughts and maybe he should be disconnected and cut off, so as to not “infect” me.

    Or if someone hates your religion, he does need to be disconnected or he could do the same to you and your mind and soul.

    Now FORCED DISCONNECTION is another thing and is ALL about control of someone. Which is fucking stupid and CULT like. PERIOD.

    I mean to think the way the current church does is crazy. To go to people like Michael Fairman, who appears very decent and try and declare him or threaten him with it. For people, to not even want to TRY and understand.

    Thats why i wish i could talk to the kooks at SQBs, Look guys I am just a normal guy, I think its ok for you to believe in whatever you want. But use some common sense. Look at these articles, use your own perception and put 2 and 2 together to make 4.

    too much shit is out of the horse and the internet has completey ****ed Scientology as a business, the way it is currently run.

    There is no way with the net, to do what it has been able to do for the past 50 years, unless you control people from looking at the Net.

    Now, please don’t be offended, this is MY opinion.

    I also think LRH, is a liar and embellished everything about himself. I believe that 100%. But, guess what. I have lied too,. We all have at some point. (And I do not have any real physical proof he is or not a liar and i don’t really care when it comes down to it)

    So i don’t hold it against him too much, because he was a good businessman and decent writer and he does have some thing written that are helpful for people,even if only a placebo effect, just like any other religion or faith.

    I think he does a great job at versions of “self help” and ill bet auditing DOES Work in a lot of ways on some people. Just like psychiatry helps some people.

    Psychiatry AND Dianetics, are in the same boat–they can be used at times to help and at other times they do absolutely nothing for someone.


    DM in effect being the CEO of Scientology, if he were ANY other CEO, would have been ousted by now. If the allegations that the church itself alleges are true. About Marty being the violent one along with others, then DM should be fired or resign, simply because these things happened on his watch.

    But as usual, common sense doesn’t make sense to them.

    The Current Church is done–it is on life support and i have zero doubt, that DM will fall very very soon.

    Im curious as to if he will go to jail? or kill himself?

    I am dead serious.

    No pun intended.

    This is still the best show out there right now and has been for some time now and I have my popcorn ready and waiting with a crown and 7 too.

    Ill keep checking back 15 times a day looking for new news.

    Marty, rock out with your **** out.

    Go ahead and hang out with your **** out.

    I have no doubt i will meet you in person one day.

    Maybe Rinder will be there too.

    Eagerly – and i mean EAGERLY awaiting the book i know you two are writing.

    BEd Man out, cheers beers and its ok to be queer


  85. I love summaries.
    note to self: Give Margaret some cheese scones.

  86. Centurian,

    Unmoved. Relatively. Earth’s rotational speed is about a 1,000 mph at the equator. So, a mountain at the equator is moving much faster than any wind to hit the planet recently. Not to mention mountains are constantly growing and shrinking due to tectonic plate shifts and erosion. The Rockies were once twice as tall.


    God, I love poetry and wisdom. Aphorisms and old sayings.

    Loved your haiku. Sums it up.

  87. Very good points, Mike.

    I was wondering why on earth, after all this time that the FK(ed) came out a couple of days ago and essentially achieved absolutely nothing on this blog. It makes sense now.

    Perhaps it’s time that M&M visit the land down under for interviews and exposure from that side of the planet and to turn up the heat, felt in building 50! (Not for the consumption of veg o mite).

    Steve Cannane is pretty sharp and noted the outpoint that PoB just simply does not come out himself on media – mentioned once in 25 years.

  88. Tough spot is not the half of it.
    He’s in a ‘damned if you do, damned if don’t’ situation.
    “When did you stop beating your staff?”
    He’s been using ‘End justifies the Means’ for so long and not achieved the End, or anything like it, that now, the means is recoiling back on him.
    All he’s got to show for it is a a lot of money in the bank, some handsome real estate portfolios, and a large mushroom farm.
    He’s not going to be able to justify it in court.

    You can see it now: DM facing vast numbers of people rising from the dead, all the declared, ARCXs, blown, dissaffected, begrudged, PTS’s, disconnected, squirrels, enemies, persona non grata, reporters, IRS, excluded, expelled, defrauded, refund-pending cases, bankrupts, divorcees, childless, parentless, separated’s, overworked, undernurished, uncared-for, unpaid, bereaved, pending-comm-ev, RPFers, on ethics lines, broken and crushed people, turning up at the court-house, waiting to hear what he has to say.

    Richard Kaminski

  89. And a cup of tea….

  90. BMOC – I agree with a lot of what you wrote, though disagree that Scientology is not a religion. And my view of LRH is based on his writings and lectures which I KNOW have helped me and I have used to help others. That is what is important to me. Not Tommy Davis’ inane assertions about his war record and if it wasnt true the whole of Dianetics and Scientology are a fraud. LRH could have been the biggest liar in history about his life — I don’t worship him as if we were Jesus or Buddha or MOhammed. I simply read and understand what he wrote and apply it. Makes no difference if he had red hair, 6 wives, 34 illegitimate children and false teeth.

    That you don’t agree with these views and are not a Scientologist doesnt make you less entitled to your views nor to have something valuable to offer here. I am pleased to know you, and would happily sit down for a beer with you and happily discuss whether Scientology is a religion and my thoughts about LRH. I think your take on things is instructive and every person who calls himself a Scientologist can learn from others and find ways to better integrate in society. It’s the fundamental reason why the RCS IS a cult. They have no ability to do this.

    Rinder out.

  91. The question is, “Say something to whom?” Who should Marty or Mike or Chris have told about this? These are internal matters, and the idea is that they should be written up as per Knowledge Reports, and sent to the appropriate terminals. There is/was also the SO1 line (letters to Ron).

    It is a High Crime to go to reporters/the media, or to go outside the church. The idea was to handle issues internally. I think most people assumed there would be growing pains and the occassional crazy person, so you deal with it, and correct it, and go on.

    The church created its own universe – not “above the law,” but in a completely different space than the law. To go to the law if someone assaults you at an org means that all other avenues are exhausted. It means that a write-up occurred, was acted upon, a B of I or Comm Ev happened, the perp was found guilty, and was expelled… THEN you can go to the law. I was once physically assaulted in a planned ambush by an ex-employer of mine – literally ambushed. He quoted the “6 foot high fence” as his justification (he accused me of stealing business, which I did not do). I did not go to the law. I tried to handle it internally.

    The same is true of civil matters -like not getting paid by some SOB. You can’t take it to ANY government agency, instead (per policy) it needs to go to the Chaplain first, and then was squirrelled to replace the Chaplain with the WISE Charter Committee to get “arbitration” at god-awful rates and zero legal understanding. The WCCLA never consulted the law, and issued findings that were in violation of the law. I stopped doing business of any kind with Scn companies for this reason. No recourse if the company screwed up. The result is: No business from me.

    I suppose all of these should have been clues – but, again, I love and loved the tech, and I knew that all the people I have been working with were at different levels of case, ethics, and training. I figured things would work out, and that bad apples would get corrected.

    Now, we are in our second and third generation of Scientologists, and now we see the results of the various actions. They did NOT get corrected. The bad apples are running the show. The result of heavy top-down command and control was corruption and individuation from everyone else on earth. If the church actually got the products that I KNOW the tech can produce, you would see NONE of this crap – because we would be getting saner and saner as a group, instead of crazier and crazier.

    People who really apply the technology of Scientology come up tone, and have higher tolerance and acceptance and love and ARC of other people and the world, and they realize that we are all beings that are basically good. They also realize that we are not being hunted 24×7 by the bogie man, and if so, we have enough theta-horsepower to confront it rather than cower with fear giving power to imaginary bad hats.

    The Scientology justice system was supposed to be superior to “Wog law” and in reality, it is NOT even close, when practiced by the church. The hope of justice was why abusers were not handed to the police. The betrayal of justice is what really happened and is continuing.

    (Note: WOG law is not all that great, either. Troy Davis was KILLED last night in Geogia. So, the hope of real justice coming from the church was a very real one, because we all know of injustice on this crazy orb, and we really hoped it would be better in our own church.)

  92. (This was meant to be in reply to theoracle)…

  93. The problem legally is people reach to the “Church of Scientology” as a terminal when seeking redress. They don’t reach to RTC. They go off target . The Church is separate legally from RTC and DM is head of RTC.
    So, you look at the structures and you see DM holds the Church out there as the whipping boy, when these legal issues hit the lines. But there are other people accountable at RTC legally. And if an employee of that structure (which is DM still technically) has created misdeeds that corporation is the one that needs to be reached to. I don’t know if the I.A.S. has legal obligations for RTC and technically , if they would be in the wrong using Church funds to protect it. For all of the people who have been physically abused by David Miscavige, a class action suit against RTC would be the correct action. PERSONAL law suits against DM are always possible. The attention needs to shift from the “Church of Scientology” because that is not a WHO.

  94. i think i love cheese scones. 🙂

  95. Nomnom, It’s been webbed at http://scientologymyths.com/ . For now, if you know of any additions, please send them to me at: info@scientologymyths.com .

    The only request I make is that the person’s actual name and former posts/positions also be mentioned.

    I know that there are a ton of anonymous reports out there as well. I’d be open to linking to a list of those (if one were created), but for now would like to keep the current list of named people only.

  96. Chris, I thank you for your integrity and for your honesty. This slime bag that calls himself a leader is nothing more than a low life scum bag. How anyone stays in this church is way beyond me. Wow, Wow, Wow.

  97. Thank you for all the kind words and support from all of you.
    We enpower each other, more to come…… 🙂

  98. Thanks everyone, we are very happy to have you as friends! The Church is so twisted and they don’t realize that they have created such a bad name for themselves and that no one is their right minds believes a word they say….. It would be good for them if they admitted to doing wrong but they just can’t do that and it just makes them look even worse and no one is perfect! A man told me that other Religions admit to wrong doings and try make it right if they have wronged another but not David Miscavige and his Church, he can’t admit to doing anything wrong and that is going to be his undoing, keep it up DM you are doing a better job than any of us at taking your pathetic self out and your cult along with you!

  99. Grasshopper,

    Very, very well said. And all true, judging by what I have seen and experienced.

    Also what I have experienced is that Knowledge Reports and RTC reports generally don’t even garner a response, let alone any action.

  100. Nomnom, Unfortunatey, Vicki Aznaran ended up settling with Miscavige and the CoS and effectively retracted many/most of those statements in a followup Affidavit (including the paragraph 33 that you found). You can find the retraction here:

    Personally, now that I’m out and have read plenty of other eye-witness accounts, I believe every word of Aznaran’s original paragraph 33 describing Miscavige. But because of the retraction, I think it best not to include it in our list (unfortunately).

  101. You can.

  102. Great reply Mike, very thoughtful!

  103. Raul, Under the Nazis, some people remained true to their inner goodness as best they could. Others truly embraced the evil and became themselves overbearing and malignant. If a “greatest hits” list were put together of the most virulent personalities on the Int base, I would definitely vote for Gary Wiese to make the short list. And I fully agree with Mike, that Gary was technically proficient, but a dip-shit when it came to artistry, and a walking disaster when it came to representing Scientology.

  104. FYI, just to get this on the record, I’d like to mention that LRH described his war maladies-injuries in detail in a Dec. 5, 1950 cover story for LOOK magazine. And his description matches his Navy records (which I’ve studied in detail) exactly.

    Also, for those not familiar, saying something for a 1950 cover story for LOOK magazine, was the 1950 equivalent of getting onto the Oprah show and talking about your book that’s been on the best seller lists for several months.

    I don’t consider LRH perfect, but imho the whole “LRH lied about his war record” is bogus.

  105. Tony DePhillips

    Great news Mike!! Thanks!!

  106. Nice work Chris!
    Thank you for giving your witness testimony 🙂

  107. Mike,

    I do love a good honest truth telling rant!

    While I am always very interested in Marty’s excellent posts, I find nevertheless find myself racing down the comment threads for your insights. You have been through a lot (understatement) and reading your clear-headed commentary is always a must.

    As an outside observer (and sometimes anonymous civilian protester of all this), it is remarkable how much you sound like John Peeler (who I only knew as BTs2free). I don’t mean that in a pejorative way at all — rather as a kind of back-handled compliment (meaning that I also would not with to offend him!). I think it is the psychological insight of a person who has lived on all sides of the fence so-to-speak, and is here to tell it all in plain language. LIke, this is how it was, this is how it went down, these were the consequences, and this is how it is now.

    As an outside observer, what I find remarkable is how consistent the trajectory is for so many former Sea Org Executives: from true-believer, to complacency, to complicity, to cooperation, to co-option, to victim, to some sort of realization — and then most remarkably, is how many of you speak up with courage and conviction.

    I remember the first time I heard the name Chris Guider:

    For me, this was heartbreaking to watch, as have been reading the full account of Maureen Bolstead’s experience. But I don’t post this in an attempt to discredit Chris, who I believe has suffered every bit as much as Maureen (and though I don’t know Maureen and certainly can’t speak for her, I find it impossible to imagine that she does not agree). I post it to show the utter madness of the realm of a creature like DM, when people are driven to be simultaneously abusers and victims, and yet, when they are all finally out, like you and Marty and John Peeler and Maureen Bolstead, you turn out to be regular people, with incredible integrity who managed to not only extricate yourselves, but to continue to strive for freedom and truth.

    These kinds of situations are occurring all around the world, in large and small ways. My hope is that the airing of the Co$ dirty laundry will help people all over the world understand this mind-set, its consequences and most importantly how to fight and prevent it on a more global scale.

    BTW- I was one of the key people organizing the “Operation Over the Wall: Post Card’s from Paradise” to the Int Base. And I particularly loved writing and sending cards which said “Mike Rinder Blew and so can you!” In those days I never ever imagined that I would be able to speak or address you in any way and I gotta tell you it feels great!

  108. Jeff, this is a moving comment. I would like to believe that if others (way to many to be named, but so many of the comment here) who have done “worse” than sign (likely under horrific duress) bogus boiler plate affidavits, then there is hope she will get out. I hope that all of you who knew/know her have not given up on finagling ways to reach her, in spite of the draconian walls and security apparatus. She and others like her need to know, consistently, over time, that she is loved and that she would be cared for if she could get away.

  109. Oh Grasshopper (I love your handle)!

    Two things come to mind:

    Tory Christman’s description of life inside the church as akin to the Truman Show

    You are correct. The execution of Troy Davis is a horrible miscarage of justice–but at least those of us who fought for him (and I did) can at least continue to speak out about the horrible injustice that his execution was in an open way without fear. Unlike the church procedural blah blah.

  110. Mike, there’s a word for DM’s situation. “Checkmate.”

  111. martyrathbun09

    Can you send me a link, or a scan? howdoesitfeel@hushmail.com

  112. Yes, I also witnessed Miscavige order Lou to punch a man in the face. This was in the RTC Conference Room. DM said if the guy flinched, he was going to beat him himself. Lou never hit the guy, but faked a punch and the guy did flinch. She and DM just laughed, but it was of course not at all funny. I’ve also seen DM throw things like an ashtray and heavy folders at people (including me).

  113. It’s great Chris Guider came out with his story. I do remember he was on post as IG MAA for quite a long time. MAAs or Master at Arms at the Int base were required to carry swagger sticks http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swagger_stick as a symbol of authority similar to the military.

    It really is way over the top when there is the top trained Ethics/Justice handling person is there and DoB (dictator on board) has to handle it himself with blows with a swagger stick, totally broadcasting that ethics tech doesn’t work for him. Those sticks were wood and not flexible as a riding crop, from recall. Then again PoB’s continual insane actions to “handle” M&M doesn’t and will not work in the present and future.

    Proof of truth is the fact that the most litigious cult with gigantic moneybags won’t sue all those witnesses to violence and toxic abuse, when a scratch on a face is brought up to the Judge as charges. This truth from the other side of the world makes it very loud and clear in global surround sound: David Miscavige is Violent and Toxic!

  114. Gerald came to my office and shook with anger one day… I went on about my business and he kicked the base of the chair I was sitting in. I surmised by his actions that he had been ordered to hit me. But I was not ridging on him, so he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

    When I was routing out, Greg Wilhere told me several times one day in an auditing room that he “ought to get up and smash me in the face.” I just confronted him and maintained TR-0 and he did nothing. His threats were non-sequitur (since we were actually in comm and he was not even personally angry) so I surmised that DM ordered him to hit me, but he couldn’t bring himself to try it. Of course every auditing room at Int is bugged with live video feeds and mics. I figured DM was watching and had ordered him to do it.

  115. Chris,

    Well done! Thank you for speaking out. This will help end the abuses going on daily. Give my love to Valeska. Although I did not get to spend much time with her on the Freewinds, I remember her for always being uptone, alive and smiling.


  116. perfect

  117. Shorty is such a POS. Or is that Stubby?

  118. Margaret,

    Please don’t interpret my comment about LRH’s life as anything other than making a point by reducing the proposition to its absurdity.

    I have extensively studied the life of L. Ron Hubbard. And read a LOT of documents. I also spent time with the man. He is the greatest, most accomplished, interesting, intelligent, humorous, widely read, generous, polite, larger than life man I have ever had the leasure of meeting BY A COUNTRY MILE. His experiences and travels, his adventures and accomplishments were enough for 5 men — and I exclude anything that could be doubted or not verified. And he lived a very full life BEFORE he even wrote Original Thesis. And from 1950 to 1955 is perhaps the greatest philosophical output of any man in history. If you read everything he wrote and listen toe every lecture he delivered in that time it is an absolutely astonishing body of work.

    So, don’t think that I dont have the utmost respect for the man.

    But all that said, it would not have mattered to me had he lived on a bed of straw and worn a sheet all his life and been a celibate monk, because his life is not what is ultimately important. His work is.

    But boy, I am sure happy I had the chance to know him….

  119. Luis: Valeska hasnt changed one bit, except she is now more uptone, alive and smiling and is a glowing mother!

  120. Another thing that is very fishy is when the Church releases statements against the Headley’s and others for wanting financial exchange as if that is a crime. If it is a crime then why isn’t anyone pointing fingers at David Miscavige? He came in as a volunteer just the others and he asked for and took plenty of money and benefits from the Church. They don’t complain when he does it. You see, they too think he is entitled and nobody else is.
    That must be a very specific type of ptsness unlabeled. When only one is entitled. I think we should label that. Maybe PTS type V. (for victim)

  121. Awesome Chris! Your friends in Massachusetts!

  122. Thanks Margaret.
    I agree with your belief that, after the overwhelming first hand testimony of Miscavige’s violence, it is more than likely the events happened exactly as described.
    Interesting that Aznaran doesn’t directly deny the events, she just says, “I never gave authorization for Mr. Berry to add any of these things to my declaration.”
    By the way, she also mentioned in a different affidavit an incident where John Axel was struck – http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Fishman/Declaration/aznaran.txt.
    Lastly, I found a mention of the event that Don Larson spoke about.-
    Jesse Prince has a blurb at

  123. Good on ya’ Chris!

    If I’ve ever seen a Rugby player in my life, (and I have – I was on the C of S FSO’s Rugby team in 1985/86 in CW) you’ve got the look.

    Congratulations on getting out and well done for speaking out. I’ve heard good things about you and your wonderful wife Valeska too. My best wishes that you both flourish and prosper.

    L, Scott

  124. Marty, sent. Also, I found it curious that both Miller and Atack — who appear to be the original sources for this “Ron lied about his war-record” rumor — referenced this LOOK article in their books, but completely ignored LRH’s actual statements about his war injuries/maladies that he had made in it right from the get-go.

    Ron is also forthcoming in this article about not having ever received a college degree. Remember, this is like the 1950 equivalent of going on the Oprah show, and announcing this fact to the nation. There’s more too that I’ve researched about Ron and Sequoia University, where Ron has been criticized for accepting an “honorary PhD”. I’ll be happy to fill you in on what I’ve learned if you’re interested.

  125. Mike, I didn’t mean to give you the impression that I thought anything else of your view of Ron. My note was really more for bedmanokc’s (and others’) benefits. I know what you mean about LRH’s life — I’ve been studying it for 30 years. And I know exactly what you mean about 1950-1955. To me, those must have always been Ron’s most life-changing years. The time that I spent studying and duplicating his writings from those years, were certainly mine. You are one lucky guy to have met and worked with him.

    I long for the day when a really thorough, well-balanced book is written of LRH’s life. I had hopes at one time for Dan Sherman, but now it doesn’t look so promising.

  126. Thanks Margaret. Glad that is all straight…

    Yeah, Dan Sherman has become an animated clay demo hand made by POB himself. At the best of times he is quite significant and convoluted. These days he is significant and convoluted to the point of incomprehensibility. And he ONLY works on POB speeches these days.

  127. Tony DePhillips

    bedman siad : “too much shit is out of the horse and the internet has completey ****ed Scientology as a business, the way it is currently run.”

    Bedman, I love your down home common sense and humor. I had to acknowledge this one above and now I will read the rest of your post…

  128. My cousin is a solicitor in Sydney and has never been in Scn.

    She knew I used to work for the PoB and happened to watch the program and in an email said:

    “Most aussies would believe that guy Chris Guider…….he sounds fair dinkum. That boss of yours Miscavage?…..sounds like a real asshole.”
    (Oz slang translation: Fair dinkum : true, genuine )

    Good job POB! Your self- black PR and footnuke stats are up! Movies on Friday and lots of Scotch as well as Sushi on Saturday with lots of Single Malt!

    Seems this news might be viral as it works it’s way to our time zones.

    Another Aussie media article:

    Village Voice- Scientology Overseas: More Bad News in Australia, Israel, and the UK

    Scientology denies beating claims
    Sydney Morning Herald – ‎3 hours ago‎
    The Church of Scientology has hit back at a former first grade rugby league player who accuses the head of the church of being violent towards members. Chris Guider, who played for St George in the mid-1980s, gave up his sporting career at the age of …

    Former league star slams ‘violent’ Scientology
    The Australian – Joe Kelly – ‎14 hours ago‎
    A FORMER rugby league star has attacked the head of the church of Scientology, David Miscavige, describing him as a “violent man” who sent him to a re-education camp for 2 1/2-years where he was paid as little as $2 a week and stripped of his passport. …
    Scientology leader branded ‘violent and toxic’

    Scientology head ‘violent’, ex-member says
    Sydney Morning Herald – ‎15 hours ago‎
    A former first grade rugby league player has accused the head of the Church of Scientology of being violent towards church members. Chris Guider, who played for St George in the mid-1980s, gave up his sporting career at the age of 24 to join the church …

  129. Mike, you have an amazing ability to pin point things EXACTLY as they are! Agree 100%. No wonder DM hates you so much 🙂

  130. Steve, couldn’t agree with you more. Add Steve Marlowe on that list and you’ll have your top 3!

  131. Thank you Chris for telling your story! I wish the best for you you and your family.

  132. Tony DePhillips

    Great job Chris!!
    Thanks for being a man.

  133. Something tells me Tommy can hear you 🙂

  134. Yeah, as I covered in my book SCIENTOLOGY – ABUSE AT THE TOP, Marc Yager was made to build his own cage, which he built out of tall bamboo shoots. He was made to live in that place for a very long time. Jackson can tell you about what McSavage would do to Yager to break him while living in that cage. Pretty sick shit. Yep, Yager is broken and defending his abuser.

  135. Patricia, Yes, Peter was a sweet man. He received more psychological invalidation and evaluation than almost anybody, at the level of Gary, except Peter reacted very differently than Gary. Peter started to believe it himself and he became one of the most downtone and “small” beings around. He went from a proud Freedom Medal Winner to a nobody and after 2005 he went into the Hole, not to emerge on real productions again, except for showing up for a photo shoot for pure PR reasons. Not many have gone through the enturbulation this man went through and hopefully he is not crushed to such an extent that he cannot rise back up and excel is what he truly is good at. I feel for you Peter and I hope you get out of there soon!

  136. Craig Wilson personally told me the same thing. Craig is now out of the SO and in very poor physical condition, as well as mentally beat to a pulp – thoroughly invalidated. He is someone who would be good to come forward and tell his story like it is.

  137. Margaret, I have the solution to the biography problem.
    Please get in touch – support@freeheber.com

  138. Oops! I missed that link.
    Regarding the Aznaran recant, I wonder if Mike R. could shed some light on this. (Mike, could you add to this if you can? – Thanks.)

  139. “Now why can’t the United States be like them ?”

    Because the Church is one of CIA’s best Intel Assets next to the Moonies Special K 😉

    But seriously after the catastrophe at Waco and the catastrophe that followed to the Murrah Federal Building as retaliation

    You can understand our Government’s trepidation with getting involved with anything involving the First Amendment Freedom of Religion.

    Personally I don’t blame ’em.

    Not to fear.

    The people over at the Save Scientology have worked out a plan to take down the lil’ tyrannical squirrel without having to get grand standing politicians involved.

  140. Re-posted here:

    You can edit and add to the list there.
    I’ll also give it some SEO juice for more exposure. ❤

  141. Yes, I have testimony of a woman, young woman, a teenager who was slapped along with severe mental abuse – but I won’t put it on this public board.
    If anyone ever wonders why I have such venom toward the Sea Organization, get in touch and I’ll tell you a story.

  142. Extract from letter

    “I have recieved an application from the Crown Prosecution Service …. They have also requesting a section 36/38 application for the court to appoint a Solicitor for the cross examination of the victims XXX and XXXX”

    Thai is the UK justice system, you or your legal representation are not allowed to cross examine the accusers, they will ‘do it for you’
    Is this Justice?

  143. Impartial English Girl

    Might just be my mind playing tricks, but Tommy D is EXTREMELY noticeable by his absence. Not a peep from the “Church’s Official Spokesman” in any of the recent press-releases/media comments. I wonder if he is with the other poor s*ds undergoing torture at RPF, trying to exist on a single haricot bean and numerous poundings per day…

    IEG xx

  144. T.O.,
    Isn’t that “Must be contributed to” on some scale in the Book of Scales?

  145. The story has now been covered by Channel 9, with Pat Jarvis and Virginia Stewart.

  146. Being an Australian and watching this I thought the same thing. Australians (mostly) are born with a high BS filter, we don’t take BS and we aren’t afraid to speak up, so I do believe that the continued media coverage in Australia about DM and the “church” will continue to play a big part in dismantling the sinking ship.

  147. Who is the Lombar Hisst ?

    Thanks Margaret, this list is very valuable for anyone who seeks really for the truth. Again, many thanks…….

  148. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I think you get it when I preach CONTEXT. Yeah, we’ll compare notes over the next few months.

  149. I don’t suppose this will be very popular but I believe the downfall of organized Scientology was the creation of the Sea Org. I believe the Sea Org created too many differences between non Sea Org Scientologists as well as the general public. I also believe it opened the door for someone like DM to do the damage he has done. I love and respect many SO members and their dedication but feel it was a strategic blunder. From my observation the most successful Orgs and Missions were headed by a strong local leader with little interference from any management body.

  150. martyrathbun09

    To call it a “strategic blunder” is easy from the cheap seats.

  151. plainoldthetan

    Gary Wiese tells us that his affidavit is horse hockey with the presence of this phrase: “5. … And more importantly, Mr. Miscavige would never issue such an order in the first place.”

    I can just see this “legal approach” applied across the board.

    It’s kind of like Hillary stating in an affidavit that “More importantly, Bill would never lie about any sexual liaison to the press.”

    Don’t Scientologists criticize psychiatrists for divining what’s in the mind of serial killers?

    How can it be consistent to encourage its own shills to divine the intentions of a psychotic?

  152. Perhaps I used the wrong words but I think Scientology would have done better without the Sea Org. Obviously a management arm was needed but I have always felt the Sea Org made Scientology “too different” from all not in the SO and created a top heavy management system with way too much power. I also feel the proportion pay system is and always was a failure. Over a 30 year career in Scientology I literally never met one staff member who made a living wage. Staff either always had to moonlight or were supported by a spouse or other relative. Anyway this all pales in comparison to what DM’s reign of terror which I truly hope is coming to an end.

  153. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Margaret,
    I wanted to say thank you for all the research that you do. I told you early on and now feel it even more so, that you are a tremendous asset and I am very glad to have here.

  154. Tony DePhillips

    This is true insanity.

  155. martyrathbun09

    Great observation, POT.

  156. I concur Jeff. I think Weise appearing “corrigible” is really the equivalent to the battered wife/spouse syndrome. Smacked up, invalidated and even mentally tortured on a regular basis, but just can’t seem to “leave him”.

  157. Thank you Chris Guider!

    Whoa, I must say that this blog is HOT, HOT, HOT. I am on the edge of my seat …

  158. Thanks Tony, I appreciate it.

  159. Mike… re: Karen Hollander…. This revelation that Karen was hit by Lou floored me. I personally worked with Karen a lot when she was head of the MAC unit in Portland, Oregon. She was an amazing beautiful, caring, professional and capable lady. I had nothing but respect for her. Now to hear she tolerated this kind of abuse from another woman brings me to wonder WTF happened to the Karen I knew. She was incredible during the whole Christopherson trial situation. Ask Marty as he was there day in and day out during that whole scene working along with Miscavige and the lawyers, which included Earl Cooley, Tim Bowles and yes the now infamous Moxon.

    If you or anyone else could let us know just what the hell happened to Karen after she was recruited to join the SO after the Portland “win”, I’d sure appreciate knowing the history. She was very visible for a time as an Int level PR person, then boom, gone! She sounds like she’s been beaten down and become a mere shadow of her former self, like many other very capable people who get involved with the toxic culture that surrounds DM, a picture so well painted by Chris in this show from Lateline in Australia.

  160. Gotta say that was a fantastic interview. Good on you, Chris. And Mark, your assessment of Chris’ character is demonstrated in his demeanour and through his words. Good show.

  161. Chris is definitely the very best person i ever met at AOSH ANZO and it was a lonely place without him – the smokers crowded around and blew smoke in my face because i was still an asthmatic – I routed out shortly after, then there is Ana Willoughby – a well-trained Int product officer of the f(w)irst kind. i am keeping my dynamics, tone scale, mus, and ARC up and leaving the building with Elvis!

  162. Great interview, Chris! Very believable, concise, and penetrating. That’s how I’ve always known you to be. The “church’s” efforts to counter are imbecilic.

  163. Do not take anything with the ingredient DM in it. It’s very bad for your overal well-being.

  164. Not violent? Not according to the best documentary about Scientology ever, with many witnesses, who once were high-rank officials within the ‘church’.

  165. Kurt Hubbard-beale

    Always interesting to hear the real experiences from the individuals who were certainly there. Good persistent luck to all those who dared to step outside of the Sea Organisation’s all-controlling bubble of existence. It’s necessary so thankyou. My own family suffered terrible consequences occurring directly from D.M’s inflammatory and insane systematic rule.
    We are free from that, but the scars both physical and mental seem to persist. Hopefully for many many good beings previously given insane orders of expulsion etc. etc. (the lists are long and make for worrying reading) then they too can glean some peace of mind when the little ‘dictator’ finally goes awol-insane, or indeed reaps the whirlwind karma of his incessant testimony of carnage down the years against the very beings who HELPED.
    Yours gratefully, sincerely,
    Kurt Adrian Hubbard-beale

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