Miscavige’s Moral Bankruptcy

                                                                                   That there above is the prize bestowed upon Richie Acunto for having donated TEN MILLION DOLLARS to David Miscavige’s war chest.  The misuse of those funds has been well documented on this blog over the past two years.  For extended periods of time it included around the clock surveillance of the home of Tiziano Lugli, Jamie Sorrentini and their precious daughter Veda.  
In December 09  Tiziano and Jamie visited Mosey and I for a week.  As a result the church sent operatives literally into the homes of Jamie’s grandparents and Tiziano’s parents on the East Coast and in Italy to disrupt their family Christmas get togethers, beseeching their parents to disconnect from Jamie and Tiziano. 
 When Tiziano and Jamie returned from their families to LA in early January 2010, they sought out close friends to share with them truths they had learned about Miscavige and the treatment they had received in retaliation for even examining those irrefutable facts.       Jamie and Tiziano went to the home of Richie Acunto.  

Richie marrying Jamie and Tiziano '09

                                                                        Acunto would not answer their repeated knocking and calling of his name.  While they attempted to speak to Richie an IAS reg in suit and tie strode up behind them, asking where Richie was.  Then Tiziano received a cell phone call from Hollywood agent, and Kool Aid drinker, Joel Stevens.  Stevens called from within Acunto’s house to say, “Tiziano, Richie can’t see you now, can’t you see there are IAS reges all over the place.”   Now, people, realize that Acunto’s home was hopping with IAS reges, preventing his freely communicating with friends, MORE THAN A YEAR AFTER HE REACHED THE EXALTED STATUS OF PATRON DIAMOND MERITORIOUS FOR HAVING HANDED OVER A COOL TEN MILLION DOLLARS TO DAVID MISCAVIGE.  TEN MILLION DOLLARS THAT DAVID MISCAVIGE WAS ALREADY USING TO DESTROY THE TRUTH, ME PERSONALLY, AND RICHIE’S GOOD FRIENDS JAMIE AND TIZIANO.                                                             

Friends, August '09

 After Tiziano did finally see Richie in a last attempt to save him from the predicted ruin and suffering he is apparently now experiencing, Acunto wrote Jamie and Tiziano the following missive (no doubt edited by Tommy D and/or OSA).   I publish it in full as it is useful in understanding the midset of  a thought-stopping cult member.                                                                                                       

Hi guys,
Well I was highly disappointed to read your public disavowal of Management as well as seeing your postings on Rath-bones site. Especially as I spent hours with Tom Davis on your behalf that very evening.  You need to realize and understand the severity of events as they have transpired as well as the consequences of direction you have chosen.  You are not alone in the universe and the impact of actions taken by you guys do adversely effect others across the dynamics and create damage. You need to take responsibility for this fact which is occurring.  Of course you will be shunned by other members that do not hold your point of view.  We’re all bailing out the boat while your pouring water in, so to speak, and that won’t be appreciated by the observant.  Of course you can fool yourselves into believing it is being done based on a point of personal integrity, but that does not reduce or eliminate the damage done to yourself and others across the dynamics who are cross flowing this thing. No real “ friend” of yours will be happy with your decision who are members in good standing with this group and all would hope that you recognize,  confront and take full responsibility for your actions taken thus far as well as what is created by such actions.
Jaimee, as it has been explained this is NOT just a simple matter of a different point of view. You have aligned yourself to the known enemies of the group. Your act of allowing postings of you with overt agreement of that suppressive’s actions makes you 100% complicit and responsible  – and YOU are now pointing the gun metaphorically (not literally) back at all remaining as part of the Church of Scientology and taking pot shots.
Everything I am stating herein is simply as a member of the Church of Scientology who has NO involvement impact or control over the management of the group and as a person that has been a true friend of yours… here is how I see it plainly.
1.     Tiziano got upset with his bridge progress and how it was going and is in disagreement with the church’s position in regards to his clear attest as well as other actions to be taken.    
2.     ARC Broken, angry and upset Tiziano is opens himself up to all the entheta, negative and destructive communications to be found in regards to the Church which readily assessable on the internet and as written by people that have their own vested interest in being right and the destruction of the group. – whatever that is. The more Tiziano reads, the more he gets sucked down the rabbit hole and away from truth he goes, all in  the name of finding out the truth.  
3.     Tiziano now found himself in and declared himself to be in a “search or mission for truth”. With this he decides to “read everything” and this would include altered info of all kinds much of which the variety so subjective that it cannot be verified because it is basically hearsay, rumor and gossip and / or data not observed 1st hand, so there is no real way of knowing the “truth” of it all.  Then Tiziano made the decision as well to talk directly with folks that are sworn enemies of the group (very big step) and that have left the group on bad terms with anaxe to grind and of course that data will be taken as 100% accurate and correct, impartial, factual, honest and strictly analytical… although it is all from folks feeling wronged or hurt in some way they themselves take no responsibility for. Misery loves company. If I have observed anything – that one is for sure except possibly in the most high toned of individuals within a society.
4.     The next thing to occur is Tiziano taking the data he reads and/or hears and aligns to his own way of thinking, the way he wants to see it so as to be totally right and justified in regards to his actions, and “down the rabbit hole” he goes taking his wife with him by debriefing her on all the entheta found. This expands to others in the family and those others that were willing to listen. Down into the valley of death and it is death because NOW the actual truth has to beand is unacceptable , not to be observed or to be heard and a bed of lies is weaved with further realign of events to realties as perceived today.  
5.     Of course with this occurring,   speaking with scientologists active on the bridge that are winning and who have made the journey to OT to whatever degree successfully or whom have trained up on the tech side or to talk impartially with the many thousands of staff who are winning on their posts and love the game they are playing is something that can’t and won’t be done. Applying properly a real Doubt formula cannot now be done – because all these folks are “ entirely duped, in the dark,  or simply not in the know” . If this wasn’t so arrogantly stated Tiziano, it would simply be considered childish and utterly sophomoric.  
6.     Net end result the seeker of truth has sealed his eyes shut.  
Your connection to declared Suppressives who are actively attempting to attack and harm the forward progress of the group you were a part of, where you actually received your gains and knowledge and the group I love is reprehensible conduct that no true group member can or will accept.  You should now be aware that both of you have been officially labeled and declared as Suppressive by the Church.  I have seen and read the Declare.
Personally I would like to see you handle this at light speed.  I know that if you confront the A to E steps you can get back in good standing with this group quickly. Obviously I consider your decisions as “the Major decision and mistake” of each of your lives.  For those of us that have been on lines long term – we know this to be true and have no desire to be right or make either of you wrong, it is not about that at all.  I would do anything I could to help you confront and get through this cycle as I feel that strongly that it is in your own best interest as well as all those that you care about and care about you that are members of the group as well as the group itself.
If I can help you get on correct lines within the church to sort this out, at any time now or in the future, by all means I am there for you, just let me know. Other than this I appreciate the fun times we have had together.
My Best,
On a personal note, I find it amusing how macho these cult members can imagine themselves.  The putz smugly calls a guy whom he has never met names, me. He puts up ten million dollars to take me out.  Net result, I am ten times stronger than I was in January 2010 and David Miscavige is but the butt of jokes around the world as a has-been cult leader.   And Richie is a broken disgrace. 
     Now for the punch line.  In spite of these FACTS, I am going to see that Richie comes through this ok, because I know in my heart of hearts that in his heart of hearts Richie is basically good.  Richie, wake up pal, I am the best friend you’ve got right about now.   
   And for the others who attempt to dodge the likes of Tiziano Lugli and Jamie Sorrentini:

205 responses to “Miscavige’s Moral Bankruptcy

  1. I’ve never met Richie, ever. But I would be willing to bet (*insert large sum of money here*) that Richie did NOT write a WORD of any of that letter above.

    … not a word. All Tommy’s doing.
    So, is Richie homeless and on the streets yet? or is that his next step before he wakes up and reaches out for an I.S. hand?

  2. So sad and pathetic. So reminiscent of the letter my only sister wrote to me. How far over/under the line does DM have to go before these sheeple get jolted out of their hypnotic state to realize what is actually occurring? It truly reminds me of The Matrix. What will it take before these comatose energy supplying BATTREIS disconnect themselves from the evil machine they are plugged into? Sometime it feels as if no matter what the “church” puts forth, it will be interpreted as a justifiable action/viewpoint/behavior. What, I ask myself, will be obvious enough, heinous enough, for these sad souls to finally see? Does DM have to kill people? …Oh wait, he’s already done that with Lisa McPhearson… yeah… Ummm… Yikes…

  3. This entire message from Richie is so antithetical to the principles of ARC. Understanding requires some experience, rather than just theory. How do real friends act towards one another? What is the model?

    In personal experience, I can have such loud, violent arguments with my close friends that an outsider might judge us enemies. Ten minutes later, we’re rolling with laughter. What’s an idea? What’s a viewpoint?

    It’s what lies beneath that’s important. The integrity of the being. The integrity of the friendship. The creator of ideas. The being who can hold and change ideas with a magician’s ease.

    All pretty much summed up in caring. In knowing one another, in being responsible for one another no matter what the difficulty. It’s that willingness to reach beyond self to bring about the well-being of another. Regardless of the costs.

    Friendship is sort of like taking a wild ride on a raft through the rapids. If you have confidence and courage, you’ll take the risk, trust your ability to get through, and enjoy the thrills. Then, you’ll go sit on a ledge overlooking the gorge, watch the sun depart, feel the breeze and be glad there’s someone who is willing to stick with you through both the good times and bad. Such incredible peace.

    That this organization pretending to be a church demands fixated agreements as ransom for “friendship” is merely testament to how far from understanding the mechanics of friendship they are.

    A universe without friends isn’t worth having. Not because you need friends, but because friends enrich all of your experiences. Friends amplify the value of living.

    I feel this profound sadness for Richie.

    As I do for all those stuck in this dog-eat-dog pretense of a church. Talk about delusion.


    Profoundly sad.

  4. Richie says, “Everything I am stating herein is simply as a member of the Chuch of Scientology who has NO involvement impact or control over the management of the group…”
    That pretty much says it all…and is one of the reasons the Church is failing…it’s members are not allowed to be responsible for the group. It’s funny how he does not even see the outpoint of the statement as he is saying it.

  5. Free and Clear

    Reading this article gives an very complete understanding of Richie Acunto and who he is. It’s really interesting to see how closely Richie’s mindset approximates Daves- it shows through in the article. Looks to me that Richie’s life cycle may be a glimpse of the Dave’s as well. http://articles.latimes.com/1999/jun/18/business/fi-47694.

  6. Gosh, you would think that someone who had such an impressive trophy would be able to muster the courage to sit down with an old friend and discuss the upset, and the reasons for that upset, in person.
    Nope, gotta be protected by a half a dozen kool-aid drinking IAS regges to protect his virgin ears from all the horrible lies being perpetrated by the six billion evil beings on this planet who look at the internet and think for themselves.
    Man, the little 1984 world these poor folks live in reminds me of an implant station I once blew in an auditing session with a really great auditor who actually called my F/N.

  7. “Of course you can fool yourselves into believing it is being done based on a point of personal integrity, but that does not reduce or eliminate the damage done to yourself and others across the dynamics who are cross flowing this thing.”

    LOL – wut?

    MIght as well say, “Come join us kool-aid drinkers who have traded our own personal integrity for cold chrome bling “….or “hey, help us arrange the deck chairs on this sinking ship, it’s way more important than finding a life boat, and besides, it’s out-PR. The captain is sleeping,”

  8. Wow. A couple of comments:

    1. It is awful to see what was a strong friendship die. It is one thing to be a buddy, it is quite another to be the minister at your wedding.

    2. Acunto’s caption for the pic of his prize is 1/2 true. He did go well beyond the limits. His creditors funded the IAS, not him. Sure, he may have a corporate shield there, but that is what essentially happened. By that account, my sponsor status trumps his Diamond Driilatorous status, because I paid for mine without bankrupting anyone.

  9. I don’t know either of these people, but I do find logic lacking here. I find distasteful, the game that is being played. The whole notion of calling people “suppressive” because they have a personal, unique viewpoint and understanding, stifles all debate. The tech, and the application of it, should be able to stand on its own – be able to stand up to scrutiny. LRH was confident enough about it to challenge people to do exactly what Tiziano is doing. With DM, it is all personal. Any complaint or divergent belief = a personal attack.

    I also don’t like the measure of who is “stronger.” I know that this feels like a battle for some…most here, but is it really? A campaign, certainly, but not a war. This is DM’s game. I would say that the broader community, that Marty and others have joined when they left the SO, is busy administering justice. David Miscavige lives in such an insular world that he only sees the individuals that were once part of his tiny world. The challenge we have is to broaden his view.

  10. What a gaudy and ugly piece of junk.

  11. ‘No real “ friend” of yours will be happy with your decision who are members in good standing with this group’
    He got that bit right at least (particularly the use of quotation marks added to denote irony where the word “friend” is used).
    Jamie, Tiz and Veda – keep shining your beautiful light. It makes us smile.

  12. Thanks for the posting. Question why on earth some one would donate
    that extortion amount, One would have to understand a bit more to get the whole story, along with what the orginal inentions as to the commitment of this I think I am going to wait and see what else is said about this. It sounds madness.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Mona, good eye. That stood out for me too.

    I am aware that an old AAC Mayo “Squirrel” audited STANLEY CLARKE in the field for many years. THE REST would be banned from Scientology for life, but the two faced tech/policy of Miscavige and his barbarian clan do not follow PTS policy, do they? No special favors.
    Apparently Chic Corea got Stanley back in, that’s fine. I do not believe in reverse disconnection. And I hope all of you don’t either. But that is not the point. The point is there is no moral code. THE ONLY MORAL CODE IS THE CODE TO OPEN THE CASH REGISTER.

  15. + 1 🙂

  16. A tip: Those of you who are admirers of Hubbard might want to go take a peek at Acunto’s Wall Photos album on Facebook, which has what seem to be some very rare photos of LRH and Mary Sue. I’m guessing it’ll get shut down pretty soon,

  17. That stood out for me as well – “NO involvement impact”. Which is a BIG, BIG outpoint! Even $10 Million is “NO involvement impact” to a guy like Miscavige!

  18. George M. White

    Thanks for this posting. It gives a very good view of the inner workings of Miscavige’s COS.
    I don’t know any of these folks but it seems to me that they are caught up in an endless circle. LRH once gave a whole series of lectures on “The Power of Simplicity”. Perhaps Dr. Dave could find some time to listen to them?
    Maybe the solution is just too simple or the tapes have been cancelled.

    “May my life today be of benefit to all beings.”

  19. Tony DePhillips

    It sounds like a disclaimer..

  20. Mona,

    I too was struck by this line of the letter when I first read it. Thing is; if the letter was written by someone other than Richie, then this is a an acknowledgement from another perspective: which in and of itself is scary and sinister…

    “Everything I am stating herein is simply as a member of the Chuch of Scientology who has NO involvement impact or control over the management of the group…”

    According to the CofS; If you get fleeced for a cool 10MIL, you are still just a koolaide drinkin’ sheeple.

    Remember that people.

  21. They’re gone, from what I can/can’t see.

  22. Tony DePhillips

    Titziano, nice job trying to help your friend Richie.
    He is all in (using the poker term) and he couldn’t get away from the hand.
    I don’t know if Acunto is broke now or not?
    My only hope is that now with this bankruptcy that he can wake up and see what he has gotten himself into.

  23. The Miscavige slush fund/war chest/IAS is over flowing while the public and “churches” are being sucked dry – and still Miscavige continues to suck.

    While I was the Treasury Sec FSO in 2002 I had to call the Treasury of every Class V church and Sea Org church around the world on a weekly basis. I was shocked at how financially desperate these “churches” were.
    One for one they had little to no reserves. They had outstanding bills to non Scientology creditors that went back months, if not years. They had taken in and spent pre-payments for service equal to YEARS of their delivery. The staff were working their guts out for little to no pay and many times a staff member or public person was writing the check needed to keep the lights on.

    Flag, the cash cow of Scientology was no better off. It had almost no reserves and owed almost $500,000,000 of prepaid, undelivered service while it delivered about 1.3 million dollars worth of service per week. Do the math.

    It should also be noted that in 2002 Flag averaged about $150,000 in refunds per week. My guess is that this has at least doubled in the last 9 years.

    Has any one asked their local church for a refund lately? Chances are, you were flat out refused or sent chasing your tail. These churches are BROKE. Giving them huge buildings to maintain just makes them more BROKE.

    My friend at Flag told me (this week) that the place is a ghost town and the restaurants and hotels are empty. I’ve been the Captain Flag Crew and I know what that means. It means Flag is going to need outside money to keep the lights on. If the “Super Power” building is being renovated for PR purposes than it will need the air conditioning turned on to prevent mold.
    Their is no way that Flag Crew could pay for this, even in the best of times.
    My guess is that the direct donations paid to build the Super Power building will need to be used to pay the electric bill.

    If you are a public with money on account I suggest you work hard to get your money back now before the lights go out.

  24. Tony — You would make a good lawyer. You can spot that legal language a mile away! 🙂

  25. So sad…so sad, so sad!!!
    Richie was one of the most fun, compassionate and playful guy I knew.
    His favorite motto was “this universe surrenders to a spirit of play”. He loved the PDCs like I did!

    Our friendship was a real one, and one that I do know, goes beyond what he had to endure to be forced to disconnect from us.

    If it wasn’t for her wife being “on the level”…I think we might have been in a different situation by now. He had cross flowed all of the SP times articles and read them. He knew some major SHIT was going on, and his other “PTS buddy” Joel Stevens saw it too…but none of them had the balls to confront it.

    I remember at the time Joel asked us to see The Obama Deception video, and I told him, “you’re asking me to see that, and you don’t even have the decency to watch videos of testimonies of what goes on in your own church and on what you’ve believed and supported all your lives?”

    And Richie was always trying to find the LRH to justify NOT LOOKING…I recall his favorite was “you get what you put your attention on” as in entheta!!!

    Me and Jamie miss you Richie…I know you’ll come to your senses soon!

  26. Here is the Kool-Aide drinkers stupidity I find in common with them: “We’re all bailing out the boat while your pouring water in, so to speak, and that won’t be appreciated by the observant.”

    Three of our kids told us similar things: “Sure there is something wrong, but it is not your job to fix it” Yes, there are a lot of things wrong, but you aren’t going to fix it yourself” ” Yes, there is a problem, but why throw your eternity away to try to fix it.” That was from three of our kids.

    The fact is that the boat is swamped and you guys are pouring money into it in hopes the boat will get fixed, but after 30 years of downstats water keeps pouring in and you assholes are throwing money away for gold plated, diamond encrusted bailing pails. As Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting different results.”

    ML Tom

  27. I can’t name names but I know for a fact Acunto is broke. I know people who worked for him. It’s a very sad state of affairs. The guy gets my sympathy, however misguided he’s become.

  28. In this letter, has anything been asserted? 😉

  29. what a weird letter. Referring to your friend in the 3rd person in a letter to him? I gave up right around, ‘here’s how I see it plainly…’ and then gets complex.

    But all that aside, I used to live near Richie when Nicky Hopkins had a room in the back. Doing my homework listening to Nicky. Just googled Nicky and am gutted.

    The common theme though in the blog about Chris Guider and about Richie, is the church’s inability to take ANY responsibility for ANY of its actions. It’s the Gaddafi mode of, ‘they’re all dogs…’

  30. WOW OUaT,
    SO incredibly, beautifully stated. I couldn’t agree more. You are a poet. That beauty can and does emerge from such soul wrenching emotion is a true testimony to the power of spirit to survive, create and spread itself over evil to dissolve it with understanding and grace.
    Thank you.

  31. This whole thing reminds me of an incident I experienced just yesterday with a veteran koolaid who I believe is in the OT band somewhere. We didn’t know eachother well when I was in the church but we were always very civil to one another. Hadn’t seen him in over two years until yesterday. Here’s a report I sent to a few indie friends who know said koolaid well:


    I was just at Starbucks and as I left I saw Steve at the parking meter. I walked up and extended my hand. “Hey Steve”. He raised his eyebrows and began to smile…”Hey….” and then stopped himself cold, dropped his hand without shaking mine, smirked, chuckled and looked to the ground.

    Well…..my original intention had been to be cool to him but I admit, it pissed me off.

    “Oh. Not gonna shake my hand, eh?” I say.

    Steve walks over and puts the parking sticker on his windshield, then glares at me, smirking, with “TR O”.

    So, I decide to be an asshole.

    “You know…..all we’re trying to do is stop Miscavige from destroying the religion”.

    Smirk. Frozen “confront” on his part. I continue.

    “Do you know how many OT8’s have left and are on the internet calling for Miscavige’s removal?”

    Steve slowly shuts his car door and saunters up to me, putting his nose literally within two inches of my own.

    As there were several coffee drinkers right there at the outdoor tables, he quietly says “Get the FUCK out of my space.”

    I didn’t flinch, which I could tell upset him.

    He turns to go into Starbucks and I say “Good TRO Steve. Great two-way comm, buddy.”

    He pulls the door shut quickly behind him and I take off on foot.

    Admittedly, a few seconds later I had the little stomach upset one gets from the general effects of having just had a disagreement with a person.

    I could’ve handled it better myself but I knew I had precious few seconds as his intention was to blow from me, and so I nailed him with hard-hitting, out-gradient truth. All straight up and vertical like.

    Steve cannot look. He cannot know the truth. His whole life and family are centered around the church.

    Rather than two-way comm with me, he chooses to listen to 3rd party and judge me unworthy of basic civility. Kind of brought home to me in a new unit of time just how fucked-up these men and women (all good people), really are.

  32. Ha! I agree!

  33. mark mckinstry


    Richie’s comm to Tiziano is very telling. It is the company line that is driven down to the public to keep them from looking.

    DM is the cancer within the Church. Any attempt to confront/handle this disease is met with… “why are you attacking your own body”. Why? Because the disease is rapidly killing it.

    There appears to be no obnosis on the part of the group members that the “body” is dying. Or.. any ability to differentiate the tech/truth of Scientology from the actual intentions/actions of those running it. And, they are convinced that despite the fact that it is their Church, running on the donations that they provide, they have no say in how it is being run. It is all in good hands.. what an implant.

    Wouldn’t being imprisoned in your own home with IAS regges hounding you 24 hours a day give you some pause to review? Couldn’t one connect the dots from the past forward to see where it was heading? Apparently not.

    Anyone who attempts to make any meaningful change/correction/communication is positioned as being in the hands of the enemy and directly blocking the expansion of Scientology. You are making the lives of the hard working staff that much harder. Unbelievable

    I am sorry to hear that Richie and his company went under. Hopefully it acts as some kind of wake up call for others.

  34. This is a sad but recurring story in the Miscaviage Administration. Tiziano and Jamie, thank you for providing this poignant account.

    Interesting … one can actually donate $10 million to gain the elite status of being “a member of the Church of Scientology who has NO involvement impact or control over the management of the group….” Not even as a shareholder, or board member!

    In truth, the $10 million buys the right to submit, to betray and renounce dear friends, to forgo one’s ability to choose, look, and reason, to blind oneself to the absence of LRH in all of this, and to be a servant to “management”? All that and bankruptcy, too. Such a deal.

    I hope that Richie comes to his senses.

  35. Richie’s letter is an interesting study in how the Church keeps their members under control and keeps them from putting any attention on what it should be on – the incompetent and criminal management of their own Church. The “argument” goes something like this:

    1. Anyone criticizing, questioning, or challenging the management of the Church of Scientology is attacking Scientology itself.

    2. As Scientology, they believe, is “a force for good, mankind’s only hope, clearing the planet, etc.,” anyone questioning Church management is evil and is allying themselves with “enemies of mankind.”

    3. You are either for us or you are against us. There is only black and white. Therefore you either toe the line 100% and never question Church management, or you are my enemy.

    4. Therefore any attempted discussion of the incompetence or criminal actions of Church management gets instantly turned into “whose side are you on?” “Are you for us or against us.” People don’t notice that they CHANGED THE SUBJECT and deftly avoided any inspection or discussion of Management. And thus Church management gets away with anything. And Church members continue their misplaced child-like faith in the “perfection” of their Church management.

    It’s called thought-stopping.

  36. Marty,

    Thanks for posting this. It gives some interesting insight into the “C/Sed” handlings that are done using “public.” No different from the swarms that showed up at Michael Fairman’s door, or the efforts to handle Paul Haggis, or Michael Roberts and Michael Doven being despatched to “handle” you – all the way to the “Squirrelbusters.”

    When someone is important and “touchy” it’s POB’s MO to keep the church out of the picture so there can be no “blowback” (FAIL Dave – but that was the theory anyway). Tiz certainly qualified on the important and touchy count – and POB had reason to be worried. Not only are Tiz and Jamie Opinion Leaders in the LA CC field, Claudio and Renata were potential big problems too (Correct Dave – Claudio’s posts on this blog have been epic).

    So, can you tell this is a “C/Sed” handling. Well, after having received a dozen or so of these type letters from my family that say things they would NEVER say themselves, from my mother, children and even nephews I havent seen for 20 years, there are a bunch of telltales in this letter from Richie Rich.

    “… your public disavowal of Management…” Read here “COB” – but nobody DARE say that anyone has publicly disavowed COB, that is close to an expelling offense. Plus, he likes it better if it appears the complaint is with a generality of management (that doesn’t exist) so there are others to blame.

    “… Rath-bones site….” Straight out of Freedumb/Minerva.

    “… Especially as I spent hours with Tom Davis on your behalf that very evening…” You ungrateful pig, I put myself on the line for you, sacrificing myself at the altgar of Tommy for you. This is SO typical POB. He has ALWAYS done something heroic on your behalf before he punches you in the face (‘for your own good.”)

    “…but that does not reduce or eliminate the damage done to yourself and others across the dynamics who are cross flowing this thing….” Confirmation that this created some waves in the CC Int reflecting pool.

    “…Your act of allowing postings of you with overt agreement of that suppressive’s actions…” OMG, do not say Marty Rathbun’s name. We are only allowed to call him “That Suppressive” or “Kingpin” or something.

    “…Everything I am stating herein is simply as a member of the Church of Scientology who has NO involvement impact or control over the management of the group…” Legal disclaimer. Translation: If I say or do anything that pisses you off or causes you to speak to the media or put up another post, the church had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Just like the Squirrelbusters, I am acting completely alone and have no connection to the church. You can trust me. NO CONNECTION. OK?

    “…1. Tiziano got upset with his bridge progress and how it was going and is in disagreement with the church’s position in regards to his clear attest as well as other actions to be taken…. ” C/S “R” Factor… (Dave is not really a C/S, OK. It’s not bad for a first try…. Well, actually it sucks.)

    “…2. ARC Broken, angry and upset Tiziano is opens himself up…” Now writing to Tiz in the third person? Who writes to someone in the third person? This is dictation put into letter form.

    “… Then Tiziano made the decision as well to talk directly with folks that are sworn enemies of the group (very big step) and that have left the group on bad terms with anaxe to grind…” Now suddenly Richie who is not connected to anyone about anything is an expert on the people who have left the church “on bad terms with an axe to grind.” I guess this was before they refined their lines first to “he wants to take over the church” then to “he is being paid by BigPharma/Psychs/World Bank/German Government.”

    This whole letter is a transparent joke.

  37. So the Patronous Doofus Uglyoafus Maximus went belly up! The question is … in coming up with the 10 million dollars for that trophy that I doubt he could get 100 dollars for at a pawn shop … did he compromise the corporate veil of Survival Insurance? If so, he may have incurred a personal liability.


  38. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for sharing this Bryan. If more people did that, it would speed the de-fanging process many-fold.

  39. It is truly saddening and totally revolting to see the photo of over the top award from PoB which reads: “There are something worth going beyond the limits for…” being displayed so proudly, as if selling all your employees, friends and family down the river for PoB’s slush fund is the ultimate solution and best solution for life, moving up higher for no one except the PoB, contractors working on POBs buildings, PI’s and hired SQuiB paddle boaters and reg who got commissions. What a Vulture culture implant!

    I’m sure that those who worked for and depended on Survival insurance do not share the same views.

  40. WOW.

    Richie says: “Everything I am stating herein is simply as a member of the Chuch of Scientology who has NO involvement impact or control over the management of the group…”

    LRH says in Keeping Scientology Working Series 1:


    Dear Richie,
    You have just stated in print that you fully disagree with L Ron Hubbard and have chosen to obey David Miscavige rather than Ron.

    Wake up dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. My daughter in the SO simply stopped talking to me. No comm, no letter, no e-mail, nothing. So much for the ability to communicate.

    I guess independent thought and discovery of unflattering points about the Church is so toxic that they cannot be confronted by church members. Amazing that they swallow this BS so readily. A letter is such a non confront of the person. The S.O knows very well that a personal comm line with information unflattering to the suppressive known as DAVID MISCAVIGE is a very powerful tool in waking up those still in.. So naturally it must be stopped and corrupted. Surround the person with smiling self effacing dolts that wouldn’t know Scientology if it bit them in the butt and one or two out of valence PTS execs to run the show and there you have it. Dolts caringly telling you how unfortunate it is that YOUR FRIEND can no longer be trusted and certainly can’t be communicated with in person. His vile statements would be forever damaging to you. Your T/R’s and your ability to reason and sort through information are far too feeble so we are here to help and protect you from YOUR FRIEND.

    Richie is saying, Sorry Tiziano, I am not allowed to talk to you and here is my statement about that all written by another full of gibberish so that I don’t have to confront that horrible person known as my good friend with personal communication because I really couldn’t deal with it and these DM sycophants wouldn’t like it. Your friend Richie.

    How is that working for you now Richie? Wait until you need a small hand and see what you get as a response. Now that you’re broke DM won’t give 2 shits about you and your trophy can probably be auctioned on ebay for a few hundred bucks if you need a little extra cash.

    An watch out for Stoller. If you accidentally bump into him in the street he’ll log the hours.

    Sorry Tiziano. Maybe this situation will wake him up. Seems, Need of Change is around here someplace.

  42. Thanks F&C, hadn’t seen that. The company seems to be in a similar rip off condition of exchange with and flies in a flock with the vulture culture.

  43. Amen Marty.

  44. Good point Mona…it’s members are not allowed to be responsible for the group.
    Per Knowledge Reports HCOPL, LRH said “To live at all, one has to exert some control over his equals as well as his juniors and (believe it or not) his superiors.”
    But if anyone writes a KR on anybody like DM nowadays, it either gets ignored or the person writing the KR showing outpoints gets declared. Welcome to the C of M and the “Golden Age of Ethics”. LOL!

  45. What Tony said well.

  46. If I have observed anything – that one is for sure except possibly in the most high toned of individuals within a society.”

    Acunto’s obnosis sucks.

  47. Theo Sismanides

    What i see is that all this Rickie says and anything that comes from the Church are just generalities… why don’t they take a closer look? They cannot… Their viewpoint now is blurry and of no good definition…. we may be out here amidst a crazy world but we are confronting that as individuals and a group daily. Evidence how well the Indies are doing around the world in public relations and opening communication with the world.

    So my question to Rickie and everybody is why not face facts and specifics? I have one, the Translations HCBOs, now a Stable Datum in a Confusion which is being created by Miscavige deliberately. Why the Translations HCOBs? Because they are HCOBs not applied. Isn’t that something? No one is even caring about HCOBs not being applied. And the world is going down fast….now. No Ten MIllion dollars will save it…. the Tech can. But when HCOBs are NOT applied and all the churchies have to say is just generalities…. well we’ve gone below the Reasoning powers of at Thetan and gone down to Emotion now, trying to create “truths” and “facts” which are not there.


    I am sorry, this was a big generality and there is no specifics in that letter.

  48. Richie falls into the LTL valence, LTL- Larger Than Life as described by a good friend of mine. These are individuals who seem to have it all-the big personality, the MEST, the “right viewpoints”, the right connections and they are the real OTs. Many envy this type and are very charmed by them. It isn’t that this person doesn’t have competence, he is still in a valence. Where is HE? Who knows. When it comes to real confront and real personal integrity he falls shorter than any “peon” It’s like the theetie wheetie, who’s graph is across the top, has to bottom out and come back up, this time for real. With any luck-Richie will.

  49. Interesting. Especially Tiziano’s very heartfelt comment on this blog about how much Richie meant to him.

    I’ve had a had time with this whole Acunto thing as I’ve always thought of him as an arrogant, self-serving, egocentric yet rich nobody.

    WOW — how bias was/am I? Pretty biased. I like who I like, don’t like who I don’t like and have many who I’m neutral about.

    When those I don’t like, fail — it’s difficult not to say — oh good. Got what he deserved. And obviously when those I like, succeed, I’m delighted.

    So — hearing Tiziano genuinely say he found Richie to be fun and full of life, well — I’ve got to reassess.

    And come to the conclusion, that underneath all the stuff I saw beats a heart of basic goodness.

    And the most compassionate thing that can be done, is by whatever means – some pretty dramatic – point out to the person he is no longer recognizable by his friends. At some point, he won’t recognize himself either and when THAT happens, he will leave.

    Something WILL stop his mind. Not sure what, but he’s not dead yet and I never give up on people. Or at least I try not to.

    Even that complete sociopath dm. IF I did, how could I then say that I believe that man is basically good.


  50. Richie says: “Everything I am stating herein is simply as a member of the Chuch of Scientology who has NO involvement impact or control over the management of the group…”

    At best, Richie is very out-KSW.

    At best, a dupe and a very foolish man. Anyone who works with or in non-profits knows that it is expected for a donor of that magnitude to have some say in how the donation is used. To fail to provide him with that continues to punctuate the sham which is the IAS.

  51. Typical response. I can see there is a lot of inval and eval, wrong items and wrong indications, in the this note ,pretty easy to pull apart. It is “the group is all and the individual is nothing” swan song. I know this was sent from Richie but this is not Richie’s voice. I suspect he let his company fold to get the Church off his back. I don’t know how his company and private property came to be infested with Church beggars or why he is getting a divorce. Meanwhile, this idea that people that are not winning or are being abused are just going to have to remain a broken piece for the benefit of the rest of the planet is wholly reverse of any goal or purpose anyone needs to survive, and not flying in this millennium. That is dark ages drama. Richie has clearly been swept under some black magic spells. I hope he knows he still has many friends who are friends for better or worse, richer or poorer, important or not, on top of the game or under the flood waters, in “good standing” with certain corporations and C.E.O.’s, or camping with the out outlaws and illegal immigrants to the O.T. universe. That said, the most repelling part of the Church culture, to me, is that when someone is really down and out there, out tech on the their case, bankrupt, disillusioned, broken spirited, broken hearted, failed purposed out all over the place, overworked and underpaid and unrewarded, burdened with wrong items, wrong indications and injustice, and they finally had enough and have to shift to another place to view from to survive at all, that is when the Church comes in with the heavy guns and kicks the the man when he is really down.
    That is when the MAA comes in to take his family and friends and work next.
    It has always repelled me the way they kick the man when he his down. The lack of mercy in that group is it’s biggest cancer. As much as this information is very very important to see, what has become of Richie and his life and a result of being connected to R.T.C. corp, because when a man like that can be suppressed and unmocked by that group that is really, really scary. So, yes, this is very important and very sobering to me. But in the discussions about this bizarre twist of fate, remember that a man is down.

  52. Good luck, Tiziano and Jamie. I also hope Richie comes to his senses. However, I have no doubt he will eventually understand what is happening. When he starts confronting all this — that’s when he’s going to need some really good friends.

    Your old friends and mine — those still in — are going to be in a world of pain when they can’t take it anymore and start to look. Peeling off so many pairs of blinders is going to hurt.

    And if y’all haven’t already done so (I bet you have), send him some pix of that gorgeous new baby of yours.


  53. Yes, I focused on that too…what an obvious outpoint for anyone who is in valence and is even slightly aware! He may have penned this letter, but he certainly followed the prescribed outline as given by Davis/OSA.

    He is trying to hard to sound like “i’m just a guy who cares about my church”(what’s that song from Pink…”oh i’m just a girl”… I thought of playing that tune while reading the letter) and in doing so he speaks like an employee who is disassociated from management (the people paying him) with the “i just work here” attitude. Basically, he is “no responsibililty” while trying to mockup pandeterminism. By denying any cause/effect, he automatically places himself in a lower condition despite all the bucks he has given. In return, he gets to be admired for his contribution and his overts get washed away magically. I’m sure the guy thinks he is in Power…he should apply confusion.

    What about his friendship loyalty? Oh, he is not making Luigi and his wife “wrong”- he is just saying that they can’t be friends unless he assumes the “right’ viewpoint, and when they come to their senses, he will be waiting for them. Creepy. The idea that there is only one viewpoint is the glue to SP think. Who needs the factors when all you need is DM and Co.!

  54. Hummm…on the plus side, no one who was staying quite because they might lose their job at Survial Insurance has to worry about that bit stress anymore.

    Hummm…wonder if the IAS regges were hawking Richie so they could squeeze every last penny out of him before the bankruptcy court forced him to make good on unpaid debts?

  55. Sue,
    broadening DM’s view is impossible because he is statistically a rare find: a TRUE suppressive.

  56. I just realized something: Richie is now “free” of the David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology. He was imprisoned by Miscavige’s demands for more and more and neverending more money. He now no longer has any money.

    Interesting solution.


  57. Good one Tony.

  58. LOL!

  59. Equally thought-stopping are words or phrases like “entheta” and “read it on the Internet”. Just because something is “entheta” (bad news) doesn’t mean it’s not true. Just because something is “on the Internet” doesn’t mean it’s not true. This is what keeps cult members from examining data that would otherwise change their minds. And of course cult members get in severe trouble for even looking at “entheta web sites”. Of course the documented abuses and other criminal behavior are outside the realm of what cult members are allowed to look at or even talk about. Cults are all about Information Control, and the current “church” of scientology is a perfect example of that.

    “Disconnection” is another form of Information Control as one is not allowed to speak with “declared suppressives” – another though-stopping phrase, i.e. of course you can’t believe anything from a “declared suppressive”. In many cases one is only declared suppressive for being there and communicating with other “declared suppressives”. And this is the ultimate in thought-stopping – NO ALLOWED COMMUNICATION!

  60. I am VERY familiar with his written and verbal communication style. You are correct. That wasn’t written by Richard. Although, he no doubt read and approved it…

  61. P.S. And WHY I am in Marty’s camp:

    “Now for the punch line. In spite of these FACTS, I am going to see that Richie comes through this ok, because I know in my heart of hearts that in his heart of hearts Richie is basically good. Richie, wake up pal, I am the best friend you’ve got right about now. ”

    Mercy .

  62. I was reading through my vast library of Nostradamus and found an undiscovered Quatrain referring to Richie and his association with DM and the IAS. It was glued to the inside cover of the book. I reveal it all here for the first time. What timing!

    With high hopes the purveyor of securing mechanical conveyance reached to eternity.
    Many places he commands until associations with a little man bring forth collapse.
    Trembling hands reaching for guidance grasp trophies of gold.
    Thereafter only silence and betrayal are realized while coffers are barren.

  63. John Fennessey

    Tiziano, when he is thrown under the bus with his financial and legal troubles, that may be the moment when it all starts to make sense to him.
    It may be harder for him as he paid a lot for that forged rembrandt, more than most in financial terms. And if money is what he values, he has a real problem.
    But when you were being trashed, where was he. Fair weather friends are all too common. I am sure from what I have seen you do to help others that yours and Jamies friendship should not have been given up. If he is half the man and friend you think, that may be one of his greatest regrets down the road. Lets hope he gets there. Keep communicating.

  64. For anybody with a comm line to Richie, it’s very simple. You make a deal with him: You will read anything he (OSA) asks you to. In return, he agrees to read the website, FRIENDS OF LRH. All of it.

    Richie may not agree. Many don’t– they’re just too damn afraid. But in my experience with lots of die-hard Churchies, if you can get them to just LOOK at this website, they will come out of it with a shift in viewpoint.

    One selling point to people still in the Church is that this website contains nothing but provable stats and LRH quotes. Nothing off-policy about that, right?

    Another selling point is that it’s not written by a “declared SP”. As the people who wrote the website said in response to my letter to them about this, “None of us are declared. We have purposely kept it that way so that any Scientologist who wants to be in comm with us can legally do so”. Nothing off-policy about that either, right, Richie?

    For somebody as far gone as Richie, he’s probably not about to look at anything written by Marty– or by Dan, or Steve, or Hayden, or even, at this point, Jamie or Tiziano. These “apostates” have all been way too mud-slung and character-assassinated by the “Church”. You probably won’t even get anywhere with Save Scientology.com– the name itself just seems to scare many of them off.

    But a title as innocuous-sounding as Friends of LRH? If presented right, just maybe…

    Here’s the link:


  65. I can still see them. They’re nos. 16, 36, 153-154, and 156-161 in the Wall Photos gallery. There’s a lot of junk in there too, so I can see how they’d be hard to spot. A few of them are pretty familiar, but most of them I’ve never seen, and judging from the comments, neither had his FB friends either.

  66. What is terrible is to see how stupid they can be. They believe none will notice that this letter is not a real genuine one. It reminds the communists trials in Salin’s time. Actually Miscavigologists are of the same mind than communists in Germany before the fall of the wall.

  67. The itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie wannabe tough guy is a total failure and loser. Like Marty wrote, “David Miscavige is but the butt of jokes around the world as a has-been cult leader.”

    POB is a toxic and certified violent sociopath. Steer clear as he implodes. Couldn’t happen to a ‘nicer’ guy.

  68. Yup — theetie weetie with a Ducati

  69. I wouldn’t doubt that Richie wrote every word of that missive, because of its arrogant self righteous patronizing elitism.

    Catering to people like Richie Acunto is one of the key reasons why Scientology is in the mess it is in.

    Don’t worry Bozz.

    He’s filed under Chapter 11 which means he still gets to keep the home in BH and the trophy wife.

    The only ones who will suffer are those poor suckers who bought insurance from “Survival”, its employees who’ll be out of job in a depressed job market and of course his creditors.

    So I wouldn’t waste any time crying in my beer over poor Richie’s fate.

  70. +1

  71. Nice summation Mike.

  72. There’s a useful military saying for most matters;
    “Bullshit baffles minds.”
    That letter is disgusting. All I could think of while trying to fathom what it was trying to communicate was to fall back on some Level 2 training – every word of that letter was leading to a justifer for both the author and recipient.
    What exactly have YOU DONE? – SPECIFICALLY?
    Talk about reverse Scientology – geeze.

  73. That was 12 years ago. Now they’ve expanded as vertically as R/S & Co.

  74. from a total outsider ~ this letter is sad …just plain sad . No matter who wrote it …they are in pain. Heavy sigh

  75. +1
    Well said Ann.

    It pains me to know of your daughter’s condition. The wall will come down and our loved one will begin Moving On Up a Little Higher.

  76. I downloaded the photos and put them here. They are beautiful. I am always interested in photos of LRH — they help me feel like I understand him better as a person. 😀

  77. An old heads up from 2001.
    The transparency of the internet.

  78. More from 1996-1999


    If you have something to say please speak up now like others here, for your own piece of mind.

    The wall of silence from last year should come to an end.


  79. Tony takes no prisoners.

  80. Level II material – one just can wonder where to start if one were to help a guy in such a situation. Overt-motivator sequence, mutual out-ruds (shared with guys in the group he belongs to, so it’s ok file bankrupcy), criminal mind, critical, etc.

    Reversing the flow it makes a lot more sense. While “outies” have a definite advantage of having been “innies” before, thus can see both (unfortunately) opposite viewpoints in this game, “innies” know about some part of the game they’re in only. And can only project what they know about or know not about the game they’re in.

    Given the situation he’s in, Richie Acunto actually writes: “… I need to realize and understand the severity of events as they have transpired as well as the consequences of direction I have chosen. I am not alone in the universe and the impact of actions taken by myself do adversely effect others across the dynamics and create damage. I need to take responsibility for this fact which is occurring. Of course I will be shunned by other members that do not hold my point of view. You’re all bailing out the boat while I’m pouring water in, so to speak, and that won’t be appreciated by the observant. Of course I can fool myself into believing it is being done based on a point of personal integrity, but that does not reduce or eliminate the damage done to myself and others across the dynamics who are cross flowing this thing. No real “ friend” of mine will be happy with my decision who are members in good standing with this group and all would hope that I recognize, confront and take full responsibility for my actions taken thus far as well as what is created by such actions.” Etc

    Richie’s whole text decoded ths way – as someone spitting out his own items – one could say he’s nearly confessing albeit it seems a bit above his reality level given the context.

    Hopefully it will all arrive at a happy end.

  81. The anecdote about The Obama Deception is amazing.

    These fools have truly been blinded by the Kool-Aid.

  82. See? THAT was the outpoint I saw. He donates a FORTUNE to the I.A.S., but says he has no involvement, impact or control.

    Huh? Well… sure! Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  83. No, no, no, no.

    Golden Age of Justice!

    That difference is part of the reason we are where we are these days. 😦

  84. Bozz, hate to be a nitpicker, but its actually the Golden Age of Goldenrod (GAG).

  85. Then perhaps bankruptcy might be actually greatest good for most!

  86. Just Me,

    Yeah, we all go through crap gaining our “credentials,” our understanding about life and love and all the rest. I like to say, “difficulty is the door to understanding.”

    Nice thing for those still in, there are more and more individuals out here who not only understand what they’ve gone through and will go through, but who are willing to help. People who will lend a hand and make it easier.

    Love yah, girlfriend.


  87. “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

    Puts a new spin on the phrase “The Road to Total Freedom,” doesn’t it?

  88. RJ, as soon as you come to this part of it “your postings on Rath-bones site” you automatically know it is written by a hazed nut. And this is how the church regards Marty in public, not his real name, their imagined one that “everybody is in on with them”. They are nuts I think or I probably wouldn’t say. So you would expect kooky missives from some people. I think that Marty is a lot more valuable than to call him names. 🙂

  89. Mat-it is so interesting to have the people who were actually there analyze the sit. I t seems it’s just a matter of not much time-does that mean dm has to part with some of his precious money to keep the facade going or do you think he will take the money and run?

  90. “Catering to people like Richie Acunto is one of the key reasons why Scientology is in the mess it is in.”

    Exactly. And the Church of POB has no time for those who work for such people. Once the IAS gets to skim off the bulk of the income, little is left for the staff who make it all possible. Then said staff get to see accolades heaped on the owner who gave all the money away. And of course the owner has the “home in BH and the trophy wife”.

    Then of course those underpaid staff get seminars on how to make more money so they can get their Bridge.

  91. Good one! I am living in the GAG. Nice to be able to put a correct name to it.


  92. Super Analysis and insight Mike

  93. Anne,
    + 1 and here’s to your daughter coming to her senses.

  94. It must suck to be him.

  95. invalidated?
    like not-ised? (duh!)

  96. You have to wonder what other trouble Richie is in that isn’t part of the bankruptcy & divorce. I’m assuming he also owes income tax, payroll tax, business & property tax, sales tax, etc., which are not covered by a bankruptcy. I’m guessing he’s in a world of hurt.

  97. He probably only donated $8M. This was about the time they were running an “offer” that for anyone who upgraded to a new status level, they got a 20% “discount”. Once again, phony stats and empty statuses. Lies, lies and more lies.

  98. Mat
    ~~ Very good insights on the financials.

    Richie Acunto DOUBT Formula ~~ sorry if it is a little biting, I am making a point.

    1. Inform oneself honestly of the actual balance in your personal bank account, subtract all payments to staff for their 60 hours weeks, because IAS regges are Top Priority. Let hardworking staff leave due to no payment til Survival dwindles down to inability to operate.
    2. Examine your monthly bills for demands of payments for spaces you have rented and not paid for, demands from all your creditors, and be willing to fraud all creditors because love and loyalty to DM is of supreme importance.
    3. Decide on the basis of “the greatest good for the greatest number of Dynamics” whether or not your creditors & staff members that worked weeks and months for zero pay, customers that were frauded for bogus fees, ($150 a year Annual Brokerage “FEE” to Survival ~~ a fraudulent bogus fee) and the IAS regges that sucked out the $10 million should be attacked, harmed or suppressed or helped. In order to DECIDE, you need to study both sides, read all you can on the web, watch all the videos, study how your $10 million has been used to DESTROY enemies and hire PIs and Lawyers to intimidate and harrass.
    4. Evaluate oneself or one’s bankruptcy attorney (Rogue lawyer Michael Stoller ~ currently disbarred) as to intentions and objectives. (Stoller merely replaced by someone in his “honorable” Law Office)
    5. Evaluate the $1 billion in “Church” reserves and Miscavige living like a Saudi King against your wife seeking divorce and your Bel air/Beverly Hills home going into foreclosure while Survival Insurance is a catastrophe and you are selling off all your toys, boats, cars, assets for immediate cash to survive the next few weeks.
    6. Join or remain in or befriend the group who has the fattest reserves and announce the fact publicly to both sides by loud betrayal to long duration friends such as Tiziano and continue to suck up to Miscavige, Church Criminality, and the “IAS”
    7. Suffer on up through the Conditions while continually facing the reality that you need to beg others for $$$$ for the impending loss of your home and wife.

    Do I read you loud and clear ?

    Wake Up Richie !
    Marty has offered you help.

  99. Mike, Richie said he “…saw the declare”(Tiziano’s)? I thought no one was getting any Goldenrods? I thought davey had been using up all of the paper stock to wipe his ass. Anybody here on the blog got a Goldenrod of Love from DM? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  100. +1000000…there are more of those “larger than life” ones !

  101. Also have him check this one out:


    This website has copies of the actual LRH-signed documents setting up the legal structures to be responsible for the management of Scientology after his departure. It has NEVER been run the way LRH intended. DM orchestrated a coup d’etat of the first magnitude, disregarded LRH intent completely, and set himself up as a dictator.

    One cannot read these documents without cogniting on how and why the Church went totally off the rails 30 years ago. And without realizing clearly who the “WHO” really is.

  102. Hey Ritchie!

    So, so you think you can tell
    Heaven from Hell,
    Blue skys from pain.
    Can you tell a green field
    From a cold steel rail?
    A smile from a veil?
    Do you think you can tell?

    And did they get you to trade
    Your heros for ghosts?
    Hot ashes for trees?
    Hot air for a cool breeze?
    Cold comfort for change?
    And did you exchange
    A walk on part in the war
    For a lead role in a cage?

    How I wish, how I wish you were here.
    We’re just two lost souls
    Swimming in a fish bowl,
    Year after year,
    Running over the same old ground.
    What have we found?
    The same old fears.
    Wish you were here.

    (Sober up, Ritchie… Sober up.)

  103. Tony DePhillips

    Aww shucks…kicking dust…blushing..

  104. Astute observation, Tom.

    The boat is definitely sinking. Yet Tiziano is pointing to where the holes are leaking water and demanding they be fixed, yet *he* is the enemy?!?

  105. Tony DePhillips

    “you get what you put your attention on” as in entheta!!!”

    Lame justifier. If that were true then he couldn’t look at any of the entheta put on his lines by the IAS either. Totally bogus.

  106. Tony DePhillips

    Bryan is a true warrior!!

  107. Tony DePhillips

    LOL!! Good one Jeff.

  108. Tony DePhillips

  109. Brings tears to my eyes. This is so true. I’ve seen it so many times.

  110. Big mistake dubbing Marty as Kingpin. Definition: The most important person or element in an enterprise or a system. He is that alright! And I personally am proud to say so. He may be the most important man in Scientology today (LRH not withstanding, of course).

    Let them name call all they want. People see the truth and that includes the courage and integrity of individuals like Marty, Mike, Mosey, Steve, Amy, Jeff, et al – you know the list.

  111. Tony DePhillips

    What a deal… 😦

  112. “I suspect he let his company fold to get the Church off his back.”

    I’m not so sure that Richie let his company go down the tubes in a way to get the Church off his back. Given the nature of the complaints made against his company in California that led to action taken against his license to sell insurance:


    …it sounds like the reason Richie’s company went down the tubes was because:

    1) the company was following WISE business practices with the same “crush-regging” of customers and poor customer service that I have observed at other WISE businesses

    2) the company was bled of cash reserves by IAS regging, as OT7 Rex Fowler’s company was (Thankfully, Richie didn’t kill anybody like Fowler did!)

    People talk about “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result,” and I see this in spades here.

    When you emulate the Cult of Scientology’s business practices, you should *expect* that the results are going to be less customers, complaints to governmental bodies, poor PR, a drain of cash reserves, and eventual demise.

    Davey Boy, you should be grateful you have tax exemption-without it your business model would have failed a long time ago. As it is, you’re still bleeding out-just more slowly than your star donors.

  113. Jeff
    Also the viewpoint within is that the “Church” have never
    made any errors, never done wrong, never committed an overt
    never over-regged, never did out tech, indeed David Miscavige
    is a blend of Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa !

  114. You made the list too! 🙂

  115. “We’re all bailing out the boat while your pouring water in, so to speak, and that won’t be appreciated by the observant.”

    Well at least Richie — and his ghost writer Tommy Davis — recognize that the Cult’s Flagship Titanic has hit an iceberg and is sinking. Bailing out the boat is foolish at this point as the ship has been overwhelmed by its collision with the Iceberg of Reality:


  116. I had to laugh when I saw that 10 mill trophy. If Acunto had donated that much to a university he would have gotten a building named after him. What does the dwarf give him? A cheesy trophy.
    Call me crude, but man, leave it to the dwarf to make a trophy out of two phalanx symbols on either side of a glass ball. What a class act.

  117. Joy,

    You’re welcome.

    And, in return, thank you because what you said made me see something else about friendship. There seems to be an underlying aesthetic to friendship. All of my friends, whether they’re crude and obnoxious or refined and elegant have this underlying aesthetic, a “vibration” we share. All this exuberant creativity manifesting in such a variety of ways, but always evoking the concept of ART. That quality of communication.

    From Gansta’ Rap to Bach, it’s all music, all an based in an aesthetic.

    I think we would all fare better if we viewed the underlying beauty, the underlying aesthetic of one another. If we would expand our range of what we considered beautiful and come to appreciate the ART others contribute to existence.

    I think we move towards a greater aesthetics in life. Even understanding seems to have an aesthetic wavelength, a pleasing quality that leaves us satisfied.

    Maybe, on a very high level, evil just stems from a disruption of our aesthetics. Maybe not. Just a thought.


  118. Well, I have some great news to help balance the above Acunto letter.

    Today, an old friend — who had heard I was “disaffected” a couple years ago (little did she know) — contacted me to catch up. When I finally coaxed her to tell me what was on her mind, she spilled the beans. Someone had been sending her emails anonymously with the various indie news and postings from Marty’s site … and it finally sunk in. We literally talked for hours and hours. And she’s decided to leave the CoS. She wants auditing and to finally get up the Bridge … and I’m setting her up with an indie auditor.

    So take a win! Another one has woken up. (And whoever is sending out that Indie emails anonymously … don’t stop! It’s having an affect. It’s impinging.)

    p.s. There’s a .001% chance that she’s gone OSA-spy … but if she actually goes through with the auditing, then I’m pretty positive she’s actually actually sincere, and has woken up and is out.

  119. What a wonderful find!

    I hope more relevant quatrains will turn up in your library.

  120. Thank you for posting that Pierrot.

    It’s an excellent observation that the letter reads far better – becomes truthful – when the flow is reversed like that.

  121. Wow Matt,

    Interesting data. I figured it was bad, but not that bad from A Treasury Div viewpoint.

  122. I have never been a scientologist, but unfortunately, I am all to familiar with the writing style of this letter. Whoever wrote it, it is the kind of language that all to many expect to see the name, Tommy Davis, signed after

  123. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for him, the wheels of justice continue to turn. The grand universe cares not if he and his family have $10 million reasons to turn a blind eye. There is no excuse for ignorance while you assert yourself to be on the road to truth. Harmony, balance and truth will always find their day of reckoning. That day will be very jarring for some.

  124. Gorgeous job, Komra. Very fittingly presented. Great to see photos of Ron with Mary Sue (which you would NEVER see published by the Cof$) as of course she is an unperson now (a la the book 1984), as will Richie no doubt be, now that he is out of cash.

  125. “Of course with this occurring, speaking with scientologists active on the bridge that are winning and who have made the journey to OT to whatever degree successfully or whom have trained up on the tech side or to talk impartially with the many thousands of staff who are winning on their posts and love the game they are playing is something that can’t and won’t be done.”

    The C of S would never allow any one of us to “talk impartially with the many thousands of staff” in the C of S, period.

  126. With a friend like David Miscavige who needs enemies?

  127. Definition of “entheta”

    ENTHETA, 1. means enturbulated theta (thought or life); especially refers to communications, which, based on lies and confusions, are slanderous, choppy or disteructive in an attempt to overwhelm or suppress a person or group. (Scn AD) 2. Theta which has been confused and chaotically mixed with the material universe and which will lie in this confusion until death or some other process disenturbulates it. Theta, below 2.0 on the tone scale, we call entheta. (SOS, p. 41) 3. Anger, sarcasm,despair,slyly destructive suggestions. (HTLTAE, p. 88)

    So, one may have pause to ask… “where is the real ENTHETA coming from?”
    ‘Nuff said.

    Eric S

  128. Oh God that was too funny! I got it.

  129. Perfect Mike 🙂 LOL!

  130. Thanks for sharing the good news Margaret. I pretty much gauge my trust on terminals by whom is getting auditing and moving up the bridge in the Independent movement. If she is getting auditing in the Freezone and doing well I doubt she is an OSA spy. I know a few people in the Freezone that have created a lot of conflict that have not picked up the cans for anyone in the Independent movement since they “left” the Church. And I am sure they never will.

  131. And I bet he’s on MAA lines at the Church and being handled as an ethics particle too.

  132. Dear Midget,
    I know you are reading this blog so take heed.
    I know you are basically good and WILL cave yourself in. Counting down….

  133. “For those of us that have been on lines long term – we know this to be true and have no desire to be right or make either of you wrong, it is not about that at all.” Well, it seems that this IS all it is about within the Cof$. And a comment to the author of the writing (who ever that may be): Expanded Grade IV and some thorough SerFac Handling will handle this even if you have 10 Million reasons why you have to be right in an insane manner…

  134. Yes…GAG is 100% right…thank you, Mike. 🙂
    And to you, Count…you got exactly what I meant on that point about responsibility.

  135. Bryan U, good job! Nothing wrong with stating the truth.

  136. well, well tic tock, tic tock

  137. Wouldn’t you think when someone gives 10 mill that the dwarf would have phoned Tiffany’s and forked over the money for at least a sterling bowl? Or maybe a nice piece of crystal? Oh no. That tasteless piece of junk looks like it came out of Fredrick’s of Hollywood. Some value!
    You couldn’t give it away at a yard sale.

  138. Agreed – excellent. The proof is in the pudding. The letter was really effective, wasn’t it? Another product of the incompetent Mr. David Miscavige.

  139. Miscavige has a new best friend!

  140. one of those who see

    Wow Tom! Floyd makes the blog. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. Richie, I wish you were here. I wish you would open your eyes, be brave and see. You have a lead role in a cage. Step outside and you can be free.

  141. Komra, nice job on downloading the photos. Thank you. I truly enjoyed seeing them.

  142. mrinder, well stated!

  143. “Skim” is a good word for it Simple,

    Like Mob bosses skimming the take to pay off the corrupt politicos and police which in this case happens to be the Church which turns a blind eye to their various crimes.

    From my own personal experience with these oh so ethical WISE companies they take the money out of operating expenses, overtime and bonuses for the staff while the owners keep all the profits.

    This is why Richie can keep his posh digs in Bel Aire or BH or where ever and the staff can’t even pay their rent.

    Not only are they criminals but they’re cheap criminals.

    ( I mean at least real Mobsters pay their staff well.

    Christ I was making two to three bills a night closing people to see a Time Share presentation for Meyer Lansky’s Resorts International.

    As a side note I was a dumb stupid kid back then and didn’t even know that RI was a Mob operation until I read about it in the news years later.)

    I betcha that not a dime of that 10 million came out of company profits and that most of it came out of staff bonuses or another week of no toilet paper in the rest rooms or having to bring your own pen and paper to work or no coffee for the coffee machine or no water in the water cooler etc….

    I could go on but suffice it to say that these WISEguys make the real wiseguys look like a better class of criminal.

  144. “Personally I would like to see you handle this at light speed. I know that if you confront the A to E steps you can get back in good standing with this group quickly.”

    NO, thanks. My stomach hurts just by reading these words.

  145. There are no such things as “friends” in the cult of Miscavige. There are only adherents. I never, never, turned on anyone because of some flap with the Church. My desk was the routing out place in the Sea Org for anyone wanting to blow and needing an airlines ticket and some cash. And when I left, that flow was returned to me 100 times over. Also when I was in, people, staff and public, could always have a “real” conversation with me, and I with them. When I was on staff, I had auditors at the base tell me in advance the session was “off the record”. The mercy! The sneaking to remain civil! I had public do interventions to get me to leave the Sea Org!
    Don’t mind this “straw friend”. He was never real to begin with. But I don’t like the bad rap a lot of Scientologists are getting about being robots. They are not! MOST SCIENTOLOGISTS ARE NOT ON LINES.

  146. And now that I think about it, my apartment was the halfway house for people leaving the Sea Org long before I went in the Sea Org. People kicked out or blowing were sent to my place by someone or the other. When I joined the Sea org I was prepared, because so many people landed on my doorstep over the years tossed out on the street or declared. What a mess! DM took over after Hubbard passed away and things in my life changed from people looking for a place to stay! Scientology is the biggest mercy ever extended to me. The people in Scientology are L. Ron Hubbard’s friends. THEY ARE NOT DAVID MISCAVIGE FRIENDS. Well, not when I was around anyway. I was glad to help the friends of Ron. The friend’s of Miscavige are a whole different lot. Miscavige is not a friend of L. Ron Hubbard’s. THAT is a major WHY.
    He also does not have any respect for the friend’s of Hubbard. That was a trust he burned in the front yard of INT right away.

  147. Tony DePhillips

    Great Margaret!!

  148. Tony DePhillips

    I always love your philosophical insights.

  149. Tony DePhillips


  150. Just to clarify what I meant… “Entheta” is being used by RCS for any information which portrays the current church management and/or DM in a bad light, even if it’s true. For a true believer, a statement like “Miscavige beats his staff” is considered “entheta” as it is supposedly a slanderous statement. However, people who really care to look can tell it must be true even if it wasn’t personally observed, because more than 30 ex-Int Base staff members have reported instances of Miscavige physically abusing staff, often describing the same exact incident, such as the Mark Fisher beating or the Jeff Hawkins’ beatings. Remember from the Data Series that people can be horribly reasonable, seeking to explain or reason away an illogical situation, instead of just confronting the situation for what it is.

    David Miscavige is the cancer; Marty Rathbun is the chemotherapy.

  151. Cheesy trophy is right… reminds me of a bowling trophy! Can I drink beer out of that thing, LOL?

  152. Karen, you nailed it COMPLETELY!

  153. He creates the trouble sources and then he profits with the cash.

  154. +1 Publius. You beat me to it.

    In particular, if you read the blog (there’s a link to it from the front page or you can send people the URl to take them directly to the blog) it gives a very thorough analysis from a legal perspective of David Miscavage’s complete corruption of LRH’s intent.

    Game’s up Davey boy. Tik Tok

    Oh – and BTW, I was just reading the LOGICS in a new unit of time, and thought that this one was written just for Miscavage:


  155. What a better place to plant the psychiatrist but at thead of the anti psychiatrist movement right? He has made zero progress right? Dr, Drew is mainstream and promoting the drugs, Hubbard found laid waste with the psych drugs, DM stinks of psychiatric indoctrination. That little mind fucker stinks of security from vested interested backers. Go fuck with someone else’s mind. MINE IS VERY CLEAR!

  156. “Hi Dave!” How’s that 10MIL holding our for you?

  157. Looks like somebody is having quite an impact on the Flag public; looks like they woke up. Good jobs job guys, keep it up!

  158. And lastly, David, Gandhi died a legend from good will and shifted culture across the globe with no tech beyond good will. He will be immortalized. With no tech whatsoever. You have shamed the church and L.R.H. into permanency ridicule with your self important kick backs. O.K. you had your audition onto the stage of Earth. You are getting feedback from the audience. You are not alone you have plenty of company.

  159. C James, are you saying Stanley is back in? He was out for many years & Chick is still in. Just curious.

    I worked as Div 3 Sec for Chick & Stanley for a number of years in the 70’s.

  160. It happens to be true; he puts his attention on IAS and gets more entheta.
    As soon as he’d put his attention on the Indy’s he’d get more theta.

  161. Dear kids,
    If there’s something wrong, you’d better fix it; it happens to be your responsibility as a Scientologist; it’s in KSW and all codes. If management fixes it by blaming and kicking out SP’s, what they’ve done by the bucketload, the problems should disappear but they only get worse. Meaning that they kicked out the wrong SP’s, the white hats, meaning that you’re supporting the wrong side. Now, how is supporting known SP’s and not confronting and not taking responsibility for problems good for your eternity? How is letting others do the fixing for you, good for your eternity? Once we made it, what will be your answer to the question: Did you help?

  162. That’s a pass on data eval.

  163. It’s a special breed; you find them at the top of the reversed Bridge aka GAG.

  164. Matt,

    I’m curious what checks and balances could possibly still exist to prevent the little scum bag from just liquidating church assets and playing more shell games with the funds, shunting more money into hidden accounts for himself.

    When this facade begins to seriously collapse (and that seems sooner than later), I doubt that he will just pay off debts. Madoff sure didn’t.

    So, the question is how is he going to steal the assets? And what measures can prevent or hinder this? He has all these international options.

  165. Love that one of all the crew with LRH. Speaks volumes about life at that period. One never sees the sun around DM. You would see it around LRH. That is the lesson DM has never learned.

  166. Tony DePhillips


  167. “Sure there is something wrong, but it is not your job to fix it?”
    “Yes. there are a lot of things wrong, but you aren’t going to fix it yourself?”
    “Yes, there is a problem, but why throw away your eternity to try to fix it?”

    First, I can see these words coming out of the mouths of people who are in. Which is sad. What is sadder still is that it sounds like BLS objection-handling rather than conversation. You have an objection to The Church, and no longer want to buy it. The answer to the objection is: “Hey, sure there are problems! Sure! But, somebody’s looking at it – it’s not your job to worry about it – all you need to do is get on your next course and get a set of The Basics. After all, isn’t applying LRH the best way along ALL the dynamics to handle outnesses? So, sign on the line which is dotted.”

    The real answer to this is KSW. The real answer to this is that this attitude got us to this point. The real answer to this is that whatever eternity you have is currently in the hands of those who HAVE the correct technology, KNOW the technology, KNOW it is correct, teach it correctly, and APPLY it. The people doing this now are independent of the Church. The church blows it on point ONE of KSW.

    Also realize that this argument flies DIRECTLY in the face of another great truth from this great PL:

    “It’s the Bank that says the group is all and the individual nothing. It’s the Bank that says we must fail.”

    And another (this would be violated by DM – Marty is his ogre):

    “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

    The future is here, and “possible” is what happened.

    The good news is that the tech survives, and the better news is that people are free, and I mean FREE to apply it.

  168. Ingrid – good question. It’s actually amazing how long these struggling churches can hang on. Part of it is due to the efforts of a few affluent staff and public who will put money on account “to help the church” or simply pay bills directly. You also have situations like the Freewinds that hasn’t been able to pay its own way for a couple of decades. It costs a lot of money for fuel, renovations, dock fees, yearly dry dock, promo, etc
    and they don’t make enough with the little service they provide. At first they tried unusual (criminal) solutions like selling millions of dollars worth of “OT 9 & 10” without even knowing what that might be. In the end they are supported with money from International Reserves. Int Reserves gets its money thru the FBO’s (Flag Banking Officers) it has posted in each church. Donations for services go directly into the FBO bank account. The FBO sends the cream to Int Reserves and then transfers the rest to the bank account of the local church. In reality the little stuggling churches are helping to pay for the mighty Freewinds that can’t be allowed to fail due to PR reasons, more than anything.

    If worse came to worse Int Reserves would bail out Flag Crew although it might not be done directly. Example the FSO (Flag Service Org) might have expenses added to their weekly FP (Financial Plan) that had been part of the Flag Crew FP. In order to do this the FBO for the FSO would send less to Int Reserves and give more to the FSO. Before this would happen things would “get bloody” and “heads would roll”. It’s gotten
    close to this in the past. There was a time when Flag Crew owed the food company Sysco over $600,000. The staff and public were literally
    eating food bought on credit and Sysco was freaking out. For a while there the FSO helped pay for the food = less money sent to Int Reserves.

    Realize that Int Reserves is seperate from the IAS account. Int Reserves probably has about $250,000,000. There is still plenty of money at the top and lots of ways to shuffle it around. The problem is, due to the HUGE liability of prepaid funds for service, like a big poncy scheme you need a lot more cash coming in than is going out in order to keep the game going. If people start paying in a lot less and ask for costly service and refunds – then the roof comes down.

    One way to slow the expense of delivering costly service is to make all the public do “Basic Courses” for a few years.

    To increase the flow of money coming in, you can have your limited affluent public do the same services over and over and over again.
    Better yet, get them to pay direct donations for which no exchange is expected.

    Do I think Miscavige will run? No, he doesn’t have or know any other life. He is addicted to his distorted “power” and he will hold on to it
    for as long as possible. Organized Scientology will continue to weaken and deteriorate and the host that feeds on its blood will feast to the very end.

  169. Mat-Thank you! Fascinating.

  170. John Fennessey

    Sindy, your comment made me reflect on personal development and character being areas each person is tested on and develops deeper and deeper insights upon as their lives progress.
    Its like someone with a persistent f/n and how they need more of what life throws at them in order to continue to progress. Or a 10 year old who attains a black belt and then at 30 finds that he neglected to continually develop and is no longer a black belt. Is it the same with OT?
    My point is that those who have gone up the processing side of the bridge have only a fraction of the benefits and understanding they can achieve. Life continually gives us what we need to reflect on and grow. The tools of scientology to use in this journey are valuable only if they are used. Thought-stopping limits use of those tools. So there is limited growth. Deeper understandings of life or oneself is restricted and controlled if you live in a bubble where information is controlled. That snow-globe as some have called it.
    Your point about the day of reckoning rings true. But that reckoning can be in fact growth. Not a vindictive reckoning. A positive opportunity which each can avail himself to, or not. There is a saying that all wisdom is painful. That is at least partly true. Some of lifes lessons surely are. We are learning one on the 3rd dynamic currently which should result in a lot of wisdom. But it does not always have to be painful. Either way, the reckoning you referred to can be a positive event and opportunity for growth. And thats what brought us all here in the first place.

  171. Please substitute “parasite” for “host” in my last sentence.

  172. huh? Did I miss a Dr. Drew / DM connection?

  173. This is along the line of the type of comm I get from my wife, brother in law and from the church (through them). It seems to have standard elements: A complete non-existence of confront of the issues at hand; Major evaluations (justifications?) of your case and “actual” reasons explaining (to them) what is really going on and why you really are doing what you are doing.

  174. “speaking with scientologists active on the bridge that are winning and who have made the journey to OT to whatever degree successfully or whom have trained up on the tech side”

    Where are these people? Maybe he took them all to lunch and spoke with them. I wonder who drove. It would totally have to be somebody with a van or SUV becaus there’s so many people training and rocketing up the bridge in orgs now days.

  175. RJ, WISE is totally absurd. One has to pay the church to remain “licensed” to practice Scientology with them and then got work and pay them again somewhere else because your business may benefit as well from LRH tech. Hey RJ, someone should ask these people “Has anybody in the Church of Scientology ever heard of trying to let people pay for their Grade Charts first as a priority instead of worrying about if their jobs are operating on LRH tech?”

  176. I don’t mean to second guess anyone or impart that I find this funny but is it any wonder why some of the church’s members kill themselves before finishing their services? Pay for your grade chart to the church = BANKRUPTCY. Go to work and take out another loan to pay WISE = DOUBLE BANKRUPTCY = people kill themselves. It is very sad. They feel like they did the greatest good for the greatest number and then they kill themselves.

  177. Doesn’t it have a 60W light bulb in it? Or maybe a lava lamp thing in blue and gold to symbolize the rise to OT? It looks like it’s genuine brass plating. I bet it plays a nice tinsel-tone “Hail to the Chief” when you jiggle the torches(?). And if you gaze into it long enough you see the future, and a hollogram image of your own face inside the goldfish bowl thing.

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

  178. Jethro

    I totally understand what you are saying and agree.

    My posting of the definition was to demonstrate how the definition of the word is being misused and applied for the purpose of “misdirecting and silencing any opposition,” as supported by your post. The very use of the word itself, by the people cited, falls under the definition of “entheta”.

    Although telling the truth may upset a person’s stable data, to some degree, because it IS the TRUTH, and is NOT being used to overwhelm or confuse, it does not qualify as “entheta” by definition. In actual fact, since communication, truth and understanding RESOLVE confusion and chaos, they are actually the very “stuff of theta”.

    It is just another example of how twisted things have become.

    Eric S

  179. Michael

    I remember, on a tape somewhere, (one of the Route to Infinity tapes perhaps?) where Ron says something to the effect of, “aesthetics is the only other thing that I have found that as-isses aberration. It just makes the case go frrriittt… just like that.”

    Something that I realized just recently, was that the processes where you find black areas and “turn it white” or spot the tone level of an affected area of the body and “bring it up the tone scale” are both techniques of “finding an area of coarse, jagged, chaotic waves (aberration, confusion, enturbulation, entheta, enmest, whatever) and refining the wavelengths toward the much finer aesthetic waves. (theta, love, understanding, admiration, etc).

    I would be so bold as to suggest that it is a very essential part of the EP (end phenomena) of auditing done properly. It is not addressed directly, in most cases, but I will pretty much guarantee that the “quality” of the PC’s wins are pretty much directly the result of this phenomenon. It appears to be a well used tool in the “theta mechanic’s” tool box.

    Ahhh… Just one more thing…. My attention went to Ron’s definition of ART. I have primarily been an artist this lifetime, and so I was very interested in duplication Ron’s definition.

    “ART: a word which summarizes the quality of communication. …..”

    To me “art” is not at all the “stuff” of the artistic expression. It is the “quality (theta, aesthetic) of the communication” received through experiencing the artist’s alignment of the “stuff” (MEST) of the delivery medium.

    It is what makes your “heart” soar.

    Eric S

  180. The product of DM’s rein, is a lot of people socked into “the past” and complaining what others have done to them. It is the same product of a psychiatrist. He’s got the same products as the psychs. Dr. Drew is just a television psych who is a strong advocate of psych drugs. He is very popular now and has a following. I just pointed that out to show who has control of the airwaves these days. The Church focused so much attention on psychs instead of just making Scientologists…well, how could they with the mission network gone?

  181. “One never sees the sun around DM. You would see it around LRH. That is the lesson DM has never learned.”

    Great observation, Dan, and what a great way of expressing it.

  182. ESMB is a psych ward. There are people over there working full time to unmock a man who has been dead already for almost three decades. Throwing insults at Corporate titles. I mean, fighting nobody but non existent entities. This is the product of the Church of Miscavige. An online looney bin.

  183. “Everything I am stating herein is simply as a member of the Chuch of Scientology who has NO involvement impact or control over the management of the group…”

    You will notice that this pretty much sums up the authoritarian fascist elitist think that pretty much has infected and pervaded the Church these days under the coup.

    All orders and directives must come from Rome or in this case Int.

    No multiple viewpoint system, horizontal fast flow, independent action or even independent thought is allowed.

    To public it basically comes down to just give us your money and shut up.

    To staff it is shut up and follow or obey our orders…you know ….’cause we are the SEA ORG!!!!!!

    Yeah whatever.

    My working theory on this was that it started when the SO “moved in” and took out the *Franchise* Network and turned them into actual Scn *Missions*.

    Before that they were Missions of Scientology in name only for PR purposes but under new management or as I now call it the coup they became actual MISSIONS.

    (If you don’t know what I’m writing about here just look up “Mission” and “Franchise” in your Funk and Wagnel.)

    After that they took out the GO.

    Yeah sure they were a bunch of fun loving criminals and all that which is a nice justification to eliminate an autonomous network that may cause trouble up the line in seizing TOTAL CONTROL.

    Only thing is they resurrected it and gave it the Orwellian name of Office of SPECIAL (You’ll notice that “Special” is a word often used by totalitarian governments and those heading in that direction to designate that oh so *special* branch of the National Security State designated to perform “special tasks” which means to suppress any dissent.) Affairs.

    I mean and while their at it why not get rid of any effective Ad Councils and those meddling bozos over at WW.

    It took ’em a while but they managed to get rid of any independent Field Auditors as well either by enticing to become regs or demanding that they become “FSMs” and if that didn’t work then illegally canceling their certs and forcing them to deliver the same “shoddy substitute” they forced all the lower orgs to deliver.

    Once you’ve done all that then its easy for a bunch of rich elitists to get management using money and influence to ****bribe**** management while claiming otherwise.

    In other words what Richie wrote here is nothing but a bald faced big fat lie!

    And only used to discourage “the masses” from actively participating.

    He doesn’t believe a single word of what he has written.

    For Christ sake the guy is a CONsummate scam artist!

    This is the same guy who sold the most expensive insurance policies in the industry while claiming to be the “cheapest”!

    I’ll let you in on a lil’ secret.

    Nobody who worked at Survival ever bought insurance through Survival.

    They got it from Wawanessa which wasn’t even one of their underwriters!

    It’s like the help at the dive greasy spoon who can’t even eat the inedible crap they serve.

    They order out or get take out!

    You think that Richie’s such a “victim” because the “poor” dear filed Chapter 11?

    Let me tell ya that he’s been trying to dump that brick and mortar albatross for over a decade and switch over a full internet brokerage where he doesn’t have to pay for on shore staff or overhead.

    Miscavige probably did one of his best cronies a favor. If he did indeed force Richie into bankruptcy which I doubt. Since 10 million is chump change compared to the millions he racked in from all the substandard and overpriced insurance he sold to unsuspecting Scientologists and the public in general.

    All with the blessing and support of Int Management along with the free advertising and cred they got in the Scientology community here when they handed that den of thieves the Model of Hubbard Admin Award.

    Not to mention how they subverted the IJC into brow beating or “discouraging” any Scientologist from filing a complaint with the insurance commission or labor board because they couldn’t get satisfaction through that inside joke known as “WISE arbitration”.

  184. Excellent John

    Eric S

  185. Eric,

    Interesting idea about art being the communication rather than the object. I guess, when you think about it, affinity, communication and reality comprise theta. Theta experiences, not MEST. It isn’t the object that causes the communication, just theta. No matter how elegant the arrangement of MEST, only theta can make it art via the communication of the experience.

    I can see what you’re saying about conversion of turbulent/jagged wavelengths into something more aesthetic. Experienced it many, many times. Found that you can pour an aesthetic wave into someone to lessen their enturbulation. Can make someone you can’t stand seem very tolerable by pouring understanding or aesthetics into them. You don’t even have to talk to them.

    As for EPs, I imagine most of us start out seeing cognitions as significance, increased understanding in the form of “ideas about.” Lots of linguistic conversion. But, at some point, I would guess the linguistic necessity fades into pure understanding–sort of a pure aesthetic wave. You just know. And that knowing has a “feeling,” a “substance,” a “wavelength” which accompanies the awareness.

  186. Bryan,

    Love stories like this. Makes it all so real.

  187. Jesus, Windhorse,

    You give me hope.

  188. John,

    I wonder if wisdom is actually pleasure. Maybe it’s just getting there barefooted that’s painful. Then, you wise up, put on better shoes and the journey becomes much easier.

    I also wonder how much personal growth one can have depending on the words, ideas and research of another. When does one decide to be the source of his own wisdom, rather than the agent of another’s wisdom?

  189. John Fennessey

    Michael, I like your barefoot example. I think we are all barefoot until we know better. I also think the words, research and wisdom of another are keys which are useful to helping one see that they are in a similar situation and thus a solution or relief is presented. More than once I have been lost in misery and anothers writings have helped me navigate my way out of it. That happens until one has mastered enough to stay out of trouble. That transmission of wisdom is part of our survival. I suppose one will be the source of his own wisdom once he has enough of it. I do not think its black and white and a truly wise man would probably never block out anothers viewpoint.
    I am not a particularly original thinker and struggle to make sense of things often enough. I am “barefoot” still in many areas. Whereas I suspect you have had boots on for quite a while, laced all the way up.
    But I do not think Wisdom is a cup thats ever full. To think so is to stunt growth and possibly worse. Witness the current state of the c of s.

  190. John

    I hope you do not mind me jumping into this comm. You guys are playing a game I love.

    You said: “I am not a particularly original thinker and struggle to make sense of things often enough. I am “barefoot” still in many areas.”

    And yet you have demonstrated in this very post that you possess a well founded wisdom.

    Consider for a moment, the next time you duplicate “someone else’s wisdom”, that a being cannot experience anything that he cannot create. The wisdom that you experience from ANY communication is in fact wisdom of your own creation. Place “cause” squarely where it belongs my friend.

    Eric S

  191. John Fennessey

    Eric, thanks for your kind words. Your pan-determinism and charity is another example of why I am so impressed with some of those who post here. There are some real giants, morally and intellectually, and its a pleasure and a priviledge to follow along. Even the greatest Yankee Baseball team did not have as strong a starting line up and bench depth that this blog has, in my opinion. Marty has created much more than a running commentary on current and past events. This blog has evolved into a unique and powerful entity, an agent for good, the likes of which one rarely sees. Fiat Lux.

  192. John,

    Actually, I seldom lace anything. I prefer Reef flip flops. I’m such a lazy, lazy soul.

    As for the rest, communication is what makes life so rewarding. Actual communication from one being to another. So, I really wasn’t advocating not listening to, reading or understanding what others have to say. I was merely cautioning that one keep one’s own awareness, keep one’s own viewpoint, keep one’s own integrity of thought.

    It’s an odd thing about communication that the medium of communication can become such a hinderance to communication. An idea, instead of being carried along a communication line, becomes a substitute for observation and awareness. An idea can even become a substitute for a being.

    Even worse, another’s ideas can become a substitute for one’s own thought, rather than a boost or benefit. You find individuals claiming that their idol said such and such and that’s the end of the discussion–how dare you think otherwise than what that particular guru said!

    Life just requires such a balance. We can learn from everything. Absolutely everything and everyone. Everyone, even little kids and fools, gives us an opportunity to see in a different way. And learn.

    Wisdom is so fluid. And to proclaim another wise, perhaps is a disservice. Wisdom is something to have rather than something to be. In a way, it’s like having to wear a tuxedo to the park–who wants to be saddled with that? It’s fun to wear shorts. It’s fun to be foolish. It’s fun to be dumb. And those expectations are just a hinderance to involvement in life.

    When others have too high of expectations for you, they often get ARC broken when you don’t meet those expectations. One of the best things Marty ever did for himself was to go out and get arrested for being drunk. Now, that was an act of wisdom that might seem completely incomprehensible, but was sheer genius.

    I was emailing a friend about her thoughts on me getting a Jag XK, and she wrote back that they lived at the end of a long gravel road which people didn’t like to travel. I thought the “long gravel road” was a great analogy to so many things. Including who to have as friends. Including attaining great insights. Those willing to travel the furthest will find what others do not. Those (the majority) who will travel only roads that are convenient will find what everyone else finds.

    Your “original thinker” comment just made me think of long gravel roads. It made me think of blazing trails. Of going where others find only inconvenience and fear. And then you find an orchid no one else has ever seen. What a rush. So, it’s not such a matter of originality as what path you choose to take and how much awareness you’re willing to apply on the trip.

    Whether in flip flops or boots, shorts or tuxedo.

    Or barefoot.

  193. Maids of Heaven

    Richie is a good guy, although he lacks humility. It’s interesting how so many OT’s can not keep a marriage going. Maybe it’s because $ci. does not teach compassion or love and that is what is needed to get through difficult times, not a formula or accusation of “what is your overt?” Richie definitely did not write that letter and anyone who knows him, knows that. He doesn’t speak like an attorney, he speaks like a self made street kid. He still has pictures up of him and Tiziano on his facebook page, if he was cutting all ties he would have deleted those pictures. The letter seems forced, my impression is he did not have a choice but to follow the company line. If it was really up to Richie and he wasn’t being brainwashed by the cult of Miscavology he would probably say “believe what you want to, this is what I believe. Let’s go for a ride.” His business partner from Survival Insurance, Susie has cancer, she’s OT 7 or 8. Joel Stevens ex-wife Patty had breast cancer but has recovered. Someone should discuss with Patty Stevens what happened to her at Flag (while she had breast cancer), being locked in a room and screamed at because she wanted to divorce her verbally abusive husband, Joel Stevens. Joel Stevens is one of the most un-OT folks on the planet. He’s a first class arrogant prick. I have known a lot of OT’s and many have gone quietly out the back door, trying to keep off the $ciopaths radars. Yes, OT’s with super powers are now scared shitless into quiet submission because they know the tactics of their “church” are more like the tactics of the mafia. Some are trying to get repayment. Others are taking off the blinders and researching for themselves what has been hidden and denied them for many years- real spiritual freedom and the ability to look for themselves at what it is they have really been supporting. Even the independents, you should research where LRH really got ALL of the tech. The basics are great, they are fundamental beliefs from many ancient religions. Research what 0T8 end phenomenon really was before it was changed. “Jesus does not exist. Lucifer will save the world.” Very spiritual indeed, if you are into devil worshipping like Aleistair Crowley was. Wake up people. It’s a cult. It’s evil. It’s corrupt.

  194. Another interesting outpoint that has not been brought up…Why is Richie even in comm with a “declared” SP? Duh. Was the letter approved by IJC??? LOL!

  195. Another 10 million flusghed throug Miscavige’s golden toilet bowl

  196. So now you are the psychiatrist dispensing the labels

    lol at you

  197. psych drugs is actallity the generality of all times. learn to differntiate.

  198. Michael Fairman

    Man is basically good, Ritchie Acunto, included. That’s what Hubbard writes. That also includes ISIS warriors who slaughter those who hold different beliefs, Germans, who aided, abetted, and turned a blind eye to Hitler, the Russians who helped murder 30 million people, and on and on.

    Then there is the destruction of careers, families, reputations, financial stability, and lives ruined, by the past and present management of the COS, and its abettors. All these targeted people devastated in the cause of “spiritual freedom”. All the perpetrators basically good. So what??? They are criminals and like all criminals, must be held accountable for their crimes.

    I’ve heard many who have left the church say about those who are still in. “love them, they are good people.”, they have been duped, hypnotized,and manipulated. Again, I say, “so what???” Not until they see what they have agreed with, and paid the price of truly understanding the lies told, the cruelty, and devastation caused by the leaders and their sycophants, should they ever be welcomed back.

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