Science of Certainty vs. Pedagogy of Vacillation

Tony Ortega did a write up on me at the Village Voice yesterday.

I appreciate the work Tony has done in investigating and working to understand me and what the independent movement is about.  I think he provides a fairly accurate picture.   One thing that Tony and I apparently don’t see eye to eye on is what our impact is on the future of Scientology.  While he takes pains to distinguish between Corporate Scientology and Independent Scientology in the article at issue, he continues to consider – by the relegation of his story to the top twenty five people “crippling Scientology” – that we are somehow hurting the public image of Scientology.  I couldn’t disagree more emphatically.  I post about signs of our objectives being attained – differentiating in the public mind between the practice of Scientology philosophy and the daily criminal activity of the “church” of Scientology – fairly often (ironically including Tony’s own coverage of Janet Reitman’s book, our recent trip to Germany, and religious scholar Hugh Urban’s book on Scientology).

Perhaps not coincidentally, the only other thing I take exception to in Tony’s article on me is his painting a picture that I am focused on getting people out of the church and even out of Scientology.  He misduplicated what happened with the three psychoanalyst referrals I received.  One of them returned to the Bridge is moving up it actively, one considers himself an Independent Scientologist but is not actively pursuing the Bridge, and one – who for twelve years considered herself not a Scientologist – continued not to consider herself a Scientologist but lost all of her considerable antagonism and victimhood feelings for the subject, and instead went off considering her experiences part of her continuing growth.

I just let him know that I don’t solicit, advertise or pressure anyone to pursue Scientology. What he omitted to report is that I considered that approach remarkably effective.  We just do our work and let the results speak for themselves. We are consistently booked solid four months in advance, and every week we have to refer people out because we just cannot handle the demand.

This week is a perfect example.  On top of delivering Grades to another pc, the amiable and delightful Bruce Pratt paid us a four day visit and he and I were able to chop some wood.  Here is what Bruce has to say about what we do here:

26 Sep 2011

I don’t really have a lot to say about Clear.  Not now.  🙂

I can say that the freedoms associated with the state allow some pretty wide open vistas.  One such vista near and dear to me — the vista of the rest of my existence beginning with further ascent along LRH’s Bridge.

Marty, thank you for helping me clear the way.  I still cannot believe how utterly simple it was.  Yeah, I had some dim cockamamie notion, but it don’t really count.  After all, we’re dealing with the science of certainty, not the pedagogy of vacillation.  Do I make myself clear?

LRH was a man for all time.   I am so grateful I have the time to follow in his wake.  May my ripples compliment that wake.

Casablanca de Tejas has been described by others more eloquently, so I’ll just say: “(expletives deleted) What a spiritual oasis/refuge/sanctuary!

I had an idea of what Scientology was about.  I got a damn good introduction back in 1987 or so.  Reality began to digress further and further from what my idea was.   I have tried to apply “The Road to Truth”, the inspiration for my blog handle Fellow Traveller.  The rewards for persisting along my road to truth are incalculable, precious and a whole string of similars.  Marty, in his inimitable fashion, bedrocked on LRH principles and technology, with Mosey as his cohort in cause and mischief, did not just reaffirm my idea of LRH’s Scientology, but made it conceivable and real that not only can the Aims of Scientology be achieved, but I can achieve them.  Someone queue up “To Sir with Love”, please.

Bruce Pratt

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  1. Bruce, Marty & Mosey – AWESOME! Congratulations Bruce! You deserved it. 🙂

  2. Warmest congratulations Bruce. You exemplify the spirit of play, and you are a true southern gentleman to boot. Quite a combination! Happy trails my friend on your continued journey on the road to truth.

  3. Tony DePhillips

    Here you go Bruce.

  4. Well that is one happy looking man! Well done to all involved.
    ps. Love the bright shirt.

  5. It is HARD fo someone who is not a scientologist, who has never been on staff or on SO or on an advanced level of training or processing to see what scientology really is.

    For them It´s hard to make a diferentiation on what is really intended by LRH and what is only a policy that can be taken apart by the superior policy of service and the superior target of “improved conditions” and “a world without insanity, without…”

    For us is simple to see what scientology is really about; but not for a reporter or an outsider.
    And I say this whit a total respect.
    They have not audited people, they have not lived the abuses; they have a diferent reality.

    After the internet Scientology is never gonna be the same again. The true data is here: the good, the bad and the ugly. The people is going to be harder and harder to be lied to.
    And not only in the Scientology subject; but in any subject.

    Truth is setting us free.
    All of us.

    And my dear Buce; congrats man.
    Is good to see you happy and doing fine. Best to you.

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

  6. Congratulations Bruce! The joy you radiate is infectious.
    Awesome job as usual by M&M at the theta capital of the known world – Casablanca!

  7. WOW…Bruce your smile is brighter than your Hawaiian shirt…CLEAR indeed.
    Congratulations…you have inspired me to get off my ass and get back on LRH’s bridge.
    All smiles from this sector.

  8. Brucie, my friend. You look fabulous, dahling! Would love to see you, dear. Whyn’ t you come up and see us a while. Autumn is beautiful here. Seriously, consider it. We’d love to have you hang out.


  9. Funny, Anons felt they should be higher on the list, you apparently don’t think you should be on it at all. At the very least, maybe you can tell Tony that you’d be willing to give them your spot?

  10. One of the things I’ve praised you for,there may be others but don’t let it go to your head, is you apparent acceptance that people will disagree and they have a right to.

    Right now your impact is mainly on the church of scientology and it’s detrimental to the organisation, which is fine by me.

    I can see Tony’s point that you may be harming the public image of scientology but if you are it’s only as the other half in a battle.

    I would not want to see the church of scientology rebuilt even with you at its head because you will succume to the same temptations Miscavige has. You’re much better running as a real charity, not building up billions of dollars and buying grandeous buildings around the world. You start living the high life and you forget your roots and previous intentions, suddenly it becomes all about the money and you become the very person you want removed, david miscavige; okay he also has a nasy pyschotic bent and I’d hope violence wouldn’t creep in but it isn’t just the violence. Miscavige never beat any of the people driven bankrupt by the reg’ing or those disconnected.

    I praise you now because I think you do good things even though I don’t believe what you believe.

  11. Michael Fairman


    It’s always delightful and informative to read your comments. Education with fun and wit attached. Congratulations, your face speaks volumes of what happened between you, Marty and LRH at Casablanca. May you continue down the primrose path, the yellow brick road, and the major expressway you are now on.

    All the best, Michael

  12. one of those who see

    Bruce, that was lovely!
    Marty wrote ” We just do our work and let the results speak for themselves.”
    And he can’t keep up with the demand. That to me says Standard Tech.
    What’s missing??!
    The enforced everything!!!!
    Casablanca, a safe space for thetans.

  13. Awesome Bruce, Marty and Mosey. I can’t wait for my turn. Four weeks in advance, eh? Wow. That speaks for itself.

  14. I second that. I’m known for a closet full of excessively loud Hawaiian shirts, but that eclipses anything in my collection. Hats off to Bruce!

  15. Tony DePhillips

    Congratulations Bruce!
    It’s hard to believe that the cult is fighting someone practicing Scientology the way they want to. Religious freedom is protected in the United States and I am glad you are exercising your God given rights.

  16. martyrathbun09


  17. Oops. Months. I knew that, but my fingers typed “weeks”. 🙂

  18. Can I pay extra fee to expedite the


  19. Congrata Bruce. I already told you that your are exemplary of a Scientologists and I meant it. You will continue to grow as you go up the bridge. Good luck to you Sir.

    ML Tom

  20. Chad Braunersrither

    I posted something similar to this post a few weeks ago. I was posting it off my iphone and made several grammatical errors and it didn’t read real well. I thought I reiterate my thoughts again as I’m on a keyboard which is easier for me to navigate my thoughts onto the screen.
    I feel that to the general public that to the general public, Scientology is a joke and doesn’t have a very good reputation. Even when I first got involved in Scientology seriously in 1986 its reputation was down at the bottom of list of religions.
    I can understand that people who read this blog are serious about the Scientology and for the most part believe in the writings of LRH. Not only that, Marty seems to have a direction in delivering the technology of Scientology that is less intrusive as what a lot of us have experienced in the past. I watched Marty and Mike’s interview with John Sweeney and when Marty did the e-meter demonstration with John I was totally impressed with Marty and his comm cycle with John. As I watched it I couldn’t help but wonder if my life would’ve been different if I’d interacted with other Scientologist who duplicated a comm cycle like that. Would my auditing, both giving and receiving been different and a better experience? With that being said, others who’ve never been in Scientology and have only seen the press and shows such as South Park won’t ever get close to Scientology. Like psychology to a scientologist. Scientology has become a bad word that isn’t going to change in the public eye anytime soon. My experience is only 25 years old but I’m sure Scientology has had a bad name in the public sector for more than that.

    My suggestion is to coin another word for Scientology. This may be hard for “true believers” to swallow but the general public will continue to stay away as long as they think they are getting involved in Scientology. I would dare say that EST had a better reputation than Scientology in early 80’s than Scientology.

    Take a deep breath and let me know what do you think?

  21. martyrathbun09

    This ain’t your Daddy’s Scientology, kid.

  22. A big congratulations Bruce ~~ you big teddy bear !
    Super that you are having such good times with Marty and Mosey
    and resolving issues as well.
    Lots of of Bear huggggggggggggggggggggs

  23. Thank you, ‘mame. You are definitely a pillar in the support structure allowing this to occur.


  24. Damn right, sir (when it gets aligned and that is occurring). You lead by exemplary conduct. I do what I can. Thanks!

  25. Bruce, congratulations and you look fabulous! I wish you the very best on your road to TRUTH!!!

  26. Now why was your handsome mug the first thing I got after I wrote that?

  27. I thank y’all.

  28. Chad, I think Landmark and Forum (the two re-names for “est”) are basically unknown and forgotten. I do agree that Scientology’s reputation is in the toilet. But PR is a fickle thing. “Image” can change overnight.

    Imagine how the image of Scientology would change, for example, if a new leadership would somehow take over, do a Truth Commission of sorts and effectively admit to and make amends for the damage. And then take pro-active and transparent steps to reform. (I don’t think this scenario is likely, but for the sake of making the point, just think what kind of impact that would have on Scientology’s “image” at least for the ex-Scientologists and critics.) From there, a real and intelligent campaign could be done to improve the subject’s image.

    I don’t think re-naming is the solution. The solution is to simply own up to the damage done, reform, make up the damage, and then work on real public relations and image.

  29. You are a kindred soul, Roberto. Thank you for all you have done, all you do and all you’ll continue doing. I am honored to count you as a friend and on the roster of soldiers of light.


  30. Thanks, Sinar.

  31. Now Jack, if me and my shirt can do that, I am truly honored. I can add one really good axiom 10 to my belt. Thank you!

  32. JM — thanks! Marty had his hands full for a bit with sand blasters, scrapers, brushes initially. I’m pleased with his (our?) results! Thank you for the invitation. My universe has gotten busy, full and wonderful all of a sudden. I will give it serious, well, serious as possible under the circumstances, contemplation.

  33. Tony does have his own list. The Anons can exercised their input for the poll.

  34. Micheal — Thank YOU. You set the bar so high, yet apparently so effortlessly it is sometimes intimidating to realize I stand in a small part of where you once stood. I try to measure up without compromising or alloying myself. And thank God, Marty and LRH that is easier now.

  35. Why do I have to misspell *your* name of all names I could trash?

  36. That is exactly right! Good eye.

  37. Some folks have already done that. One guy started his own group entirely rewriting book one tech. Another guy did the “clearing technology” rendition.

    Both of these, in my view are pretty alright and helpful.

    Personally, I like the idea of just calling it what it is and using tons of ARC with truth when questions are asked. I find that on a one on one basis this works just fine.

    It is what it is, it’s been through what it’s been through. In the right hands, with the right intentions, with skill and honesty of application, it’s just fine with me.

    The nasty stigma of “scientology” (said with a sneer) will dissipate as real suppressives like miscavige and his close allies are eliminated from the equation. In the meantime, the stigma is easily dispelled with success stories like the one printed here by pcs who are audited by someone who really really listens:)

    The stigma will fade more quickly as the whole truth is revealed.

    So…please y’all, sign the petition.

  38. Thanks Tony! These days the cult o davie fights damn near anything that seems alive.

  39. Tom, you flatter me. Easier to take now. I too expect expanding horizons and recognize who has the largest role to play. When do you start? 🙂
    Thanks for everything, man. You are one incredible fella.

  40. I think you make interesting points, Chad. I also think that as Scientology includes the remedies for “bad” Scientology, that application of Scientology would handle the situation.


  41. Tony DePhillips

    You’ve been waiting for years and paying top dollar and still haven’t gotten any standard Scientology you friggin moron!!

  42. Tony DePhillips

    If you’re lucky maybe you can get your “standard tech” R-factor that you are not Clear… That’s “real special”!!

  43. Congratulations Bruce!

    Good to see your smilin’ face!

    It’s great to hear about your expanded vistas. That is what enables us to de-stimulate larger and larger areas. Well done and continue.


    Just this very evening one of my neighbors came to me and said he had been reading some quotes from LRH and told me how brilliant he thought LRH was. He particularly liked the Code of Honor. Additionally, I want to thank you for continuing to differentiate between the Church of Scientology and the subject of Scientology in this public forum. By doing this, you’re getting people to LOOK. At that point, a thetan’s ability to recognize TRUTH comes to the fore and the validity of the subject is confirmed. Keep up the good work buddy, and we’ll keep flowing you power.

  44. Chad Braunersrither

    I’m not sure exactly how to make this point but without differentiating yourself from the current Scientology, down the road when there is an honest Scientology practioneer, what’s to differentiate yourself from an “old school” Scientologist from the DeMon cult. For the same reason LRH didn’t want to be confused with Psychologists I would think that a “independent scientologist” wouldn’t want to be confused as a scientologist. There will be a lot of wasted time explaining the divide. I’m not talking about someone who’s done a course before, I’m talking about someone who never done a service or read a book and googles Scientology. You’ll find out that many of them don’t show up and probably won’t give you a clear reason why as quite frankly they don’t want to be sold something that they feel they done their due diligence on.

  45. CB,
    For me, Marty is a refreshing return to the days in the 1970’s – early 80’s when Scientology was looking at the PC in front of the cans and helping that person – truly helping that person. I myself was an auditor at the Class IV level and I remember actually helping people. With Miscavige, it turned to money and invalidation. Even the literature I still get to this day in the mail shows a lot of smiling people, but I don’t see any who have been truly helped like in the early days. Most of the pictures appear to be cosmetically enhanced – in effect a cover up.
    The e-meter is a useful tool and in the right hands will lead to a good result. The independent movement will continue to grow because people skilled in the use of the meter are using it. As independents, they can break away from the silly rules still used by Miscavige too numerous to mention. I think the repair of Scientology by the independent movement could take decades, even longer
    Personally, I left Scientology in 1988 as a OT VIII and I practice meditation.
    I do not agree with the religious aspects of Scientology but I see that it does help people in a specific range of need. For that reason, I support the independent movement. You only need to read this blog to see the happy people who have advanced in well-being.
    Much loving-kindness,

  46. Bruce-You look radiant !! It looks like you got some of that stuff called Scientology. We just have to keep auditing-the bad PR will eventually as-is-it will take awhile. The SPs would like us to think permanent damage has been done-Their postulates certainly aren’t mine.
    I have a feeling the #one person crippling Scientology for Tony Ortega will be dm.

  47. Bruce – O,
    You look great.
    May all beings be well and happy,

  48. Watchful Navigator

    Happy that you finally made it out there, Bruce!

    Really, really glad to see it.

    Looking great, man!

  49. Bruce,

    It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance at the Indy Party. Glad to see you “Winning” in a way Charlie Sheen never could…;)

  50. This standard tech is awesome, ain’t it, you wonderful being you!
    That M&M&C&T is a really special bunch fur sure.

    Thanks for those hugs. Love them from you.

  51. Thank ya ‘mame!

  52. Scott — Thank you sir.

    That code of honor is key to my persistence anyhow along, on, over, around, near, under and back on the road to truth.

  53. Accept no shoddy substitutes! Hallelujah!

    Our postulates will reign supreme in the end because they are more survival, more clean, done way more causatively and really because they’re more fun.

    Thank you!

  54. Bruce,

    I congratulate you on such a monumental personal achievement. Of all the alumni from the little mission by the beach I have such fond memories of meeting and having fun clearing all those words together on the Student Hat.

    Those were the days of discovery and wondering about a new frontier ahead of us. You are well on your way to that frontier, and I look forward to hearing more about your continuing journey.

    Once again, well done !

  55. Chad Braunersrither

    I think on a small scale an indie movement will continue with people who can deliver a comm cycle like the one I witnessed with John Sweeney by Marty. The problem lies in the fact that it takes many years for someone to train up to a Class VI auditor or higher or they need to have the means to study full time. I’m sure the average age of Class VI and above is 55 and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was older. Alot of people trained up when they were in their college ages. Now, this is where the problem comes in. The age group of people who will be your future auditors and supervisors won’t even want to look at Scientology as they’re internet savvy and a simple google will scare them away from Scientology. How do you know whether you are going to get “good scientology” or “bad scientology”? New people won’t even care that there’s a Scientology and a “reformed Scientology”…it’s all Scientology to the uneducated, so stay away. That’s why I think a new name is a good reason as it differentiates independents from the bad (bad isn’t a strong enough word) PR. A couple of good auditing sessions isn’t going to change the PR because “old scientology” will still be around to deliver bad Scientology. I’m not sure how many good sessions will make 1 bad one go away but I’m sure it’s quite alot.

    If a new influx of students to deliver scientology is needed something needs be done just to get a decent number through the door and they ain’t coming in for Scientology, it would be totally ignoring all the information they’ve recieved on the net. It’s not just their parent telling them to be aware (my parents told me to be aware, but they also told me there was a Santa Claus and Joseph Smith was a Prophet) it’s lots of very well informed ex-scientologist with lots of scary stories out there that will keep the “masses” away. The access to information has totally changed since the days when the courserooms were filled and people travelled to LA or East Grinstead to train full time in droves.

  56. Congratulations! You look awesome! If you haven’t found that lucky lady yet, I’m sure she will be soon in your arms 😉


  57. 😀 Congratulations Bruce! You look mahvelous! I can feel the theta breeze flowing over! I’m so very happy for you!

  58. Marty, you are getting people back into Scientology the way LRH would have it. I certainly never thought for a second you had any desire or intention to do anything destructive to the subject – quite the opposite. I disconnected from the church in every way – completely. I figured I might catch it next time around if it still existed. That was definitely a better long-term survival option for myself and my children than the state of the church!
    So in my case, your honesty and truths revealed brought me back to LRH and opened the door for me to continue my spiritual quest and to get my children on their own spiritual quest too.
    That’s a big big BIG deal.

  59. I agree Margaret.

    I had a vision last year, of giant banners hanging on all the Orgs in the world, proclaiming:


  60. Chad, imagine signs saying

    CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY – UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT posted for as long as necessary.

    After 2,000 years, many of them brutally bloody, the basic principles of Christianity still survive, inspire people and do some good in the world.

    Eventually history will describe our times as “The Miscavige Incident”, nothing more.

  61. Looks like you seriously need to expand and hire some auditors.

  62. That the average person thinks the COS is the same as Scientology is just an indicator of how far off the rails things have gone and how much long term recovery work is ahead. Nevertheless, all current actions are the right ones and kudos for all the work done so far.

  63. +1. It’s all about truth and “keeping it real,” as the kids say. In the Internet Era if you’re not speaking truth and being legit, you will get called out fast. Truth – good, bad and ugly – is what survives.

  64. You look like one happy and contented being! Love your reference to the To Sir with Love music, I recalled it immediately and smiled. Theta is so catchy; you are in the right place…yea!

  65. For anyone around in the 80s or 90s, Landmark and Lifespring leave a bad taste in the mouth. My good friend’s son did Lifespring in the late 80s and it messed him up bad, to the point where he moved back in with his parents and was a total basket case for years. Just changing the name does nothing. In fact, it makes it look like you have something to hide.

    As an analogy, I have been involved in Libertarian Party politics for 30 years. Periodically someone says, hey, we should change the name because some people have bad connotations on it. In my opinion, what those people don’t like are the ideas, and the ideas aren’t going to change. It makes you look weak and like you’re running from your ideas if you change your name in midstream for marketing purposes. Raise the freak flag high and be what you are. Don’t run from it.

  66. Correct that Marty seems to be harming Scientology in the uninformed public eye whereas in fact he doing more to rehab Scientology than anyone ever in history. People reading, getting interested, become at least curious about what the controversy is all about and start differentiating. It’s so very easy for me to tell people that I’m fighting the Church while the philosophy is the greatest thing I ever studied; even media accept it instantly.

    I don’t believe in charity; it tends to build up debts and incapacitate flows. As a charity Marty will only serve a couple of 1000’s of pc’s TL and for the best auditor available that’s not an answer as no other auditor gets trained to that level.

    It’s not true that increasing responsibility will make an SP; LRH never became one. Actually very few become suppressive by increasing flows; SP’s increasing flows become more visible and so give the illusion that $$$ breed SP’s.

    Davey started out a somewhat aggressive Scientologist until his first PDH in 1980 and worked for the bank ever since, pun intended!

  67. Congratulations to auditor and pc!

  68. Hey, Bruce! Congratulations from Sweden!!!! I am really happy for you. Marty’s description of you is totally apt and you have proven to me the LRH datum that a person’s “remarks and mannerisms never change.” And I guess that also includes shirts! Love your shirts!!! Again, really great news.

  69. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    +10 ! Here is the difference, loud and clear. Very well done Marty

  70. Chad, I think you are looking at the marketing/dissemination/PR of Scientology from a Coca Cola viewpoint. Look at it more as one person passing it on to another person via word of mouth. The words of a relative, for example, or close friend are the way Scientology spreads. It also makes for more stable expansion. One person getting another person interested in Scientology over the course of an entire year and that sequence repeating over the course of about 30 years would find the entire world using Scientology.

  71. “But PR is a fickle thing. “Image” can change overnight.”

    This is usually true in a negative direction. Take, for example, BP or Tom Cruise. On the other hand, you have someone like Michael Vick. He’s spent YEARS trying to repair his image (including a stint in federal prison) and he will no doubt always be thought of as someone who abused animals.

  72. I meant to say that he will always be thought of by some as an animal abuser.

  73. Martin Padfield

    Wow, Bruce – this is great stuff fella. THIS is what it’s all about. And I have found your posts here thought provoking and full of guile.

    Feeling a bit prosaic this morning so let me say – Marty, you inspire many whether you like it or not. The relentless determination to carry on delivering “come what may” is a mark of greatness. Winston Churchill would be proud, and LRH certainly would.

    Incidentally, your tech delivery is officially and certifiably greater than the whole of San Francisco Org. Their stats here:

    Click to access 7291832.0.pdf

    Click to access 7291833.0.pdf

    Note particularly the 0 Clears made since Feb and 0 Cl V or Grad V auditors made. Oddly, for a completely insolvent Org, it manages to pay around $2000 a week to Flag.

  74. Bruce, Congratulations!
    You have been working toward this for a very long time.
    We look forward to seeing your future contributions to independent Scientology. The future is bright indeed!

    David and Gretchen St Lawrence

  75. I agree with Dean. I really admire the courage you’re having by standing up to the CofS and I do respect your beliefs. But the one thing I don’t get is this, if LRH created the Disconnection policy, if he himself used to throw people overboard the ship, if he himself said it was OK to operate outside the law as long as it was for a “good cause”… I mean, what the Squirrel Busters are doing to you is being ordered by DM/OSA, but the concept or way of thinking was created by LRH. Remember? “destroy your enemies”.

    If you truly believe in LRH, then you believe in all the bad he had. For God’s sakes, there’s FOOTAGE of people already complaining about disconnection back when LRH used to run Saint Hill Manor (search for “Secret Lives: L. Ron Hubbard”). I do not recall LRH ever saying “the Tech is what you should take seriously, but Management is not a big deal”, no. If you’re a real Scientologist you have to apply all the rules and we all know there’s a lot of evil rules in Scientology.

    I’ll finish comparing LRH to “God” as described by Al Pacino in ‘The Devils Advocate’:

    “He gives you this extraordinary gift and then, I swear to you — for his own amusement, his own private, cosmic gag reel, he sets the rules in opposition. It’s the goof of all time:
    ~Look but don’t touch. Touch but don’t taste. Taste but don’t swallow. ~
    And while you’re jumping from one foot to the other he’s laughing his sick fucking ass off!”

    That, translated to Scientology’s world, would be something like this:

    LRH gives you this extraordinary TECH and then, I swear to you — for his own amusement, his own private, cosmic gag reel, he sets the policies/teachings in opposition. It’s the goof of all time. “If it is true for you, it’s true. And if it’s not true for you, it still isn’t true. Not even if Ron told you is it true. It’s just not true, that’s all.” (from the 1960 lecture, ‘Differences Between Scientology & Other Philosophies’), however if you even voice any disagreement about the tech you’re “nattering” or have overts. Scientology wants to help a person who is having problems in life and is being suppressed by others, yet when you leave the SO or speak out, because you where being abused or suppressed by the Church then they come after you [and don’t say it’s Miscavige because Paulette Cooper was being hunted down by the Church in the 70s not after 1986]. Don’t use drugs, say no to Psychiatry, promote Narconon! Yet he himself used street drugs and psychiatric drugs to do some of his reserach. And plenty of people have testified to this, his son LRH Jr, his doctor Jim Dincalci, Robert V. Young, Jesse Prince, his physician Gene Denk, etc.

    For the next example I will quote Jason Beghe as I personally never did the Data Series:

    Jason Beghe:
    And there’s this whole big thing about learning how to think correctly. There’s this course called “The Data Series,” that basically you have to get all the data. They won’t give you any fucking data on certain things. And especially about this [Psychiatry]. There is nothing written in all the tomes of Scientology about psychiatry. Nothing other than “The psyches are responsible for all your sexual problems because they implanted you, as a Thetan, so many years ago. And I realized that in my research of OT10.” Oh, well, then it must be true, cause LRH says it’s so. You see how at a certain point you get conned? And I was saying, “Where’s the fucking data?” And nobody is allowed to tell you anything.

    It’s ok to picket Psychiatric activities, but you can’t picket at a Church of Scientology, it’s ok to infiltrate the FBI to defend the Church but if Anonymous makes a computer attack to one of their tiny websites they have to go to jail.

    If you’re a happy and smiley person while being a Scientologist, that’s because the tech works, but If you’re happy and smiley after leaving you’re being 1.1.

    I can go and on but I’ll just put it all ina a very small final statement:

  76. Interesting commentary Chad. The truth is that Scientology has had a bad name in the public eye for LONG time. It goes as far back as the 50’s after DMSMH was published and LRH was immediately attacked by Psychiatry who fed false data to the media that has run with it ever since. In fact, the media STILL runs morgue file data in articles in PT! (morgue file is where a reporter can go to dig up old articles). And it’s all basically the same shit over and over and over.

    I got into Scientology in the mid 70’s and immediately started disseminating. And I was ASTOUNDED by how many people I ran into who had nothing but third party on Scienotology. I mean ASTOUNDED. So I started asking people, where are you getting your info from? Over 90% got it from the media. The rest got it from friends or family (who had never been near Scientology) and passed along what they had heard from the media via others (maybe 1% that I talked to knew someone who had been in Scientology for a short time and blew). Even my own family had 3P on Scientology from the MEDIA. But when I dead agented all the false data, I got them into Scientology.

    So the bottom line is that it is nothing NEW that Scientology (or LRH for that matter) doesn’t have a good reputation. That being said, there is no question that David Miscavige is making it worse with the advent of the IAS and physical abuse, etc. etc. As witnessed by this blog alone, we are seeing more and more leaving the “church”. And of course we still have reporters who cannot differentiate.

  77. Bruce,
    You look fabulous! What a beautiful soul you are! I’m very happy for you!

  78. The products of the tech of Scientology without all the chaos.

    The auditor and the audited.

    Moving on up a little higher.

    Way to go Bruce, Marty & Cohorts.

  79. I agree with LDW.

    Buddhism has had many times in its vast history when the essence of the buddhas teachings had disappeared but the truth always prevailed and that essence reappeared. (see Tibetan Buddhist history for one example)

    When it reappeared it was always AS buddhism. Not some other word that was more palpable.

    While it might take a few minutes or more to explain to something WHO HAS QUESTIONS about what is different from corporate scientology or an independents delivery – doesn’t matter. That’s what real scientologists do — they answer questions.

    Marty is a clear example (and I’m confident there are many others) who apply LRH’s philosophy TO THE PERSON in front of them. Not as a template but as a living breathing embodiment of the philosophy.

    OTHERWISE — how could Marty have offered to help 3 people who were referred by their psychologist/psychoanalyst?

    THIS alone shows an enormous understanding of LRHs core philosophy — TO HELP MANKIND.


  80. Marty, one of my considerations is the fact that you, more than most, have demonstrated that it is not safe to openly practice scientology. Your public attacks on Miscavige and the management of the organization have changed the focus of their institutional response from those who attacked the scientology as a subject to those who leave the church yet continue to practice outside its cloistered walls.

    Please do not take this as criticism. More than anything, your actions have demonstrated to the world that the organized church is nothing more than a blood sucking cult that cares nothing about the health or well being of its members and everything about the almighty dollar.

    Frankly, I am appalled that the executive branch of the United States Government has allowed the church to attack you in this manner.
    More than any other recognized religion, the church of scientology has publicly and transparently demonstrated that it is nothing more than a criminal organization. While the tax exemption provided by the United States government is not technically a subsidy, it certainly acts like one. It deprives the government of revenue and leaves the taxpayer (church) with untaxed dollars for its coffers. There is no legal or moral justification to such an exemption when these untaxed dollars are used to harass others that wish to practice outside of the organizational structure.

  81. John Fennessey

    Margaret, I agree with you. And I would like to see a lot of that IAS war chest become the L Ron Hubbard or Scientology Charitable Foundation and actually be put to good use as one step in the handling. One would be hard pressed to find a more selfish and self-serving religion in the history of the planet.

  82. martyrathbun09

    Thanks, but it is safer than ever to practice Scientology. I am aware of but one practitioner is who receiving much heat, and he’s got it under marvelous control. Unprecedented.

  83. martyrathbun09

    Read the Bible and try to apply it without saving the world by any means necessary.

  84. martyrathbun09

    By those with closed minds I suppose.

  85. martyrathbun09

    Those shirts, like Jack Lord with a thetan.

  86. martyrathbun09

    Ironically, Corporate Scientology is very much akin to Landmark and EST these days.

  87. martyrathbun09

    I have heard the “next time around” postulate a number of times over the past two years. Interesting, how in people’s heart of hearts they DIFFERENTIATED all along by that very postulate alone.

  88. martyrathbun09

    You hit on something key. “Auditing (and C/Sing for the matter) the pc in front of you” is one of the top five LOST TECHs in Corporate Scientology according to my observations so far, along with a) cancelling LRH’s definition of a floating needle, b) implementation of the Clear UNCertainty RD in place of the Clear Certainty Rundown, c) Implantation of Serv Facs in place of understanding, and the tech of erasing Serv Facs, d) Implanting other-determinism at all levels (and even in Scientologist children in “Scientology” schools) by deifying a certifiable sociopath as senior to Ron.

  89. martyrathbun09

    A wise man once said confusion blows off when order is put in.

  90. martyrathbun09

    What a great first stable datum for that person to recognize, the Code of Honor. If someone gets that early on, it could really protect him or or from Corporate Scientology implantation.

  91. martyrathbun09

    Well put. Cat gives a whole new meaning to the word “succinct.”

  92. Exactly.

    There is something not only magical but genuine when one person, who EMBODIES the teachings, offers to another — oh … well I practice scientology, or buddhism, or contemplative prayer etc

    THE important thing is that people feel inspired by someone — not a marketing ploy.

    This is what builds community, this is what I hope will continue within the independent movement of scientology. Always remember to have courage and patient when confronting the seemingly overwhelming ills of our world.

    We are entering into a different time. It’s a palpable time of uncertainty. People are losing their jobs, their 401Ks, their homes, their marriages.

    Life has always been uncertain — but now we can feel it in the air.

    Total certainty is ONLY total certainty of ourselves individually as beings without beginning and without end. Everything in between is the phenomenal world and of course subject to impermanence.

    The independent movement embracing the workable and evolved parts of LRHs philosophy offers to individuals a way to gain their personal certainty about their future AS themselves so that as a happy human being he can smile with true warmth at the stranger in front of himself.

    A sane planet is built one conversation at a time. May the conversations continue!! (not one billboard 🙂


  93. Dear Bruce,

    What a delight you are — how truly at peace and happy you look AND smashing in that wonderful Hawaiian shirt — I have a friend who would pay you big bucks for that unique shirt!!


  94. Bruce, Great to see you winning, beating the odds, and coming out on top. You’ve got the perfect mix of 50% sincerity and 50% insouciance. May the
    Great and Small Pedagogues of Vacillation hang their heads in confusion.

  95. WH,
    In the end “TO HELP MANKIND” will survive in Scientology whatever
    form or name it takes on.

    Much loving-kindness,

  96. Marty,
    I think Tony Ortega does have it wrong about you.
    You are fixing the “damage by Miscavige”.

    May all beings be well and happy!

  97. LRH created the disconnection policy but also a couple of thousands of others. He cancelled only a few like the disconnection policy because they were harmful, proving LRH to be human and analytical, making those upbraiding him for a policy he cancelled the real fouls.

    I think jumping overboard in the warm Caribbean, something I did quite a lot taking pretty girls along in my arms, is a very mild punishment; our wog captain had much more cruel punishments like firing you and putting you on the next plane home or confining you to your cabin for a whole cruise or…..

    If you’re hunted by all the countries in the world for setting man free and you don’t want to break the law and don’t want to quit setting man free, you only can go to sea to be outside the law, not breaking it.

    I haven’t seen any evil rules in Scientology and if I’d see one, it wouldn’t be true for me and thus I don’t follow it. I haven’t seen any contrary policy or teaching, some seem to be but then you look at how they developed and the answer is easy, however, you need some understanding.

    Disagreement with the Tech should be sorted out within tech and with word clearing as Tech is based on laws like Newtons. Not many students disagree with gravity and if they do, they simply flunk high school. Disagreements with GAT or GAG or any Davey invention should ideally be handled with word clearing but the one who needs it most is Davey and he’s highly unlikely to benefit from it.

    In his days lots of psychiatrist and psychologist experimented with drugs for their research, only psychiatry never learned that it doesn’t work. LRH found out the destructive mechanism and designed a solution, something not many others have done.

    Jason Beghe is right; get all the data and apply the data series; gives wonderful results! Davey applying thought police is the opposite of Scientology. You can picket any Church of Davey but I don’t think it’s very workable. LRH’s churches had very little to none picketers.

    Per LRH policy any act contrary to law is not Scientology; Davey is the exact opposite. Being in Davey’s outfit you’ll get so much out tech that obnosis and differentiation between 1.1. and 4.0 is unavailable. LRH designed the way out and Davey turned it into a 180 degree lure and hook theta trap or implant station.

  98. Congratulations Bruce, and Marty!

  99. On the topic of Tony Ortega, and Janice Reitman (I do not mean to diminish the excellent and uplifting wins of Bruce Pratt), I think it is well to observe that neither of them are, even remotely, friends of “Scientology”.

    It is my opinion that both of them intend, with their ‘neutral’ ‘investigative’ journalism, to destroy scientology and bring such disrepute to scientology and dianetics that, for all practical purposes, the subject matter dies and becomes useless to those who would benefit from it.

    It is nice of them, of course, to advertise the evils committed by the Corporate Church of Scientology, and their advertising of such evils is, after all, why they are useful to those of us who want to see scientology preserved and rehabilitated, if you will.

    But, what is intensely interesting to me about the fact that so many Independent Scientologists seem to be willing to work with two people who’s fundamental intentions are (to me, obviously) not to help scientology even a little bit (Mr. Ortega and Ms. Reitman), and even to some extent support them, is that — as is sometimes said ‘politics makes for strange bedfellows’. David Miscavige’s regime is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo abhorently suppressive that we loyal scientologists feel it is better to ‘get into bed’ with the likes of Tony Ortega and Janice Reitman, than to just watch scientology disintegrate before our eyes into an irretreviably tangled mess.

    In other words, the fact that we Independent Scientologists feel comfortable in seeking (or perhaps feel compelled to seek) and use the aid and comfort of these notable members of the Press, shows, to me, how utterly suppressive the Church of Scientology has become. If it were operating even 5% on policy, there would be no need to enlist the aide of these people. The Church of Scientology, for all intents and purposes, is gone. We do not need it, and we are better off without having anything to do with it.

  100. martyrathbun09

    Dude”, you could use with some de-cultification. Your reads like something out of the Church of Scientology International press office. With “intend to destroy”, “getting in bed with”, “advertising such evils”, “”aid and comfort”, “enlist these people”, you sound like you are issuing from David Miscavige’s dictaphone. It is this op terming, labelling, and individuating from anybody who does walk lock step with you that makes you a cult. Wake up, evolve.

  101. Tony DePhillips

  102. Tony DePhillips

    LOL. Good one Marty.

  103. YES Valkov!

    This is the approach sought by the folks at Save Scientology ( Don’t unmock everything LRH spent his life building – SAVE it by putting in place the structure he intended to be implemented after his departure. Focus on removing the real WHO behind 30 years worth of damage and destruction (DM), clean up the mess left behind, and rebuild real Scientology from the ground up.

    Many do not agree that this can be accomplished. My opinion is that it can and should be. Those of us who had the good fortune to be highly trained in the subject pre-GAT know how powerful and liberating this technology is. We also know that Man has a long history of altering workable technology, inevitably diluting its effectiveness. We should not let that happen to this amazing technology. A strong central organization – one whose strength is built on a foundation of ethical, standard application of the subject, one that commands respect based on results, not force, is the only way to ensure the future of the subject. At least that’s how I see it.

  104. Deep in their heart they knew the truth !
    Also the members of COS know the truth deep in their heart.
    The only problem is that they can look at it safely.
    We are on our way to garantee it.

  105. Bingo Marty!

  106. While I don’t wish to invalidate your interesting opinions you state in your post, why don’t you acknowledge what those journalists, posters and all critics actually show : INTEREST !

    Like in INTEREST, 1. interest is more consideration than attention, and is therefore attention with intention. Interest, therefore, could be defined as this; attention with an intention to give or attract attention. (COHA, p. 103) 2. interest does not mean happiness and joy. Interest is only absorbed attention and a desire to talk about it. (HCOB 1 Jul 63)

    All those guys show interest in the subject of Scientology. They show interest and duplicate, well, what they can as related to their own experience and their past, etc. Same withe “ordinary people” – just burst their social bubble about Scienotlogy (“no, it’s not bad, it’s worse what you’re actually telling me here”) then guys show interest, talk and are even in session right there. I got psychologists coming for sessions and even sending me guys to audit too, like Marty writes in the opening post. There is no ridge, despite the church’s bad reputation.

    As an aside note, for those guys who are daily in front of their computers writing and commenting about Scientology – interest in Scientology is fine, but let’s have a look at the definiton of – “ATTENTION, 1. when interest becomes fixed, we have attention”. Right, take it easy, none wants anyone to be hypnotised by the subject…

  107. Well done Bruce!
    So good to see your happy shining face 😀

  108. Really good and valid points you make. I ran into this same phenomenon as early as 1969. LRH was attacked by the “establishment” from Day One. It was probably inevitable, given how far “out of the box” he was. But he was also One Tough Dude and I for one admired the hell out of his willingness to attack back hard against those he believed were out to harm or destroy a new technology offering the promise of improving conditions on this planet.

    However, what may be pro-survival policies and tactics in one set of situations can also be used to harm by those with poor judgment or worse, bad intentions.

    I have to agree with Dan and WH, that the best and maybe only way to (re)build the reputation of Scientology is to be as good an example of it as possible in the way one leads one’s life, and by using it effectively to help, one person at a time.

  109. MO
    It’s called communicating with your own 4th Dynamic. Try it. You may find some people are basically good 80

  110. Hmm – 80 was supposed to be a face! 8-0

  111. Tara, So glad to hear this. This is wonderful! Glad you didn’t wait!
    Love, Catherine Von Ach

  112. Yeah, and with #1 he buys and promotes the crap designed to ruin the philosophy. Someone here to correct the false data?

  113. Wow! I heard it too. Many times. Fascinating observation.

  114. Lots of different Anons Stan. They don’t all think the same just as the Indies don’t. The one’s I’ve met are individual thinkers each with their own unique perspective on things. It’s one of those diseases that can only be cured by a cult 😀

  115. Bruce, I am so happy for you. You look and sound (your words) refreshed and energized. And you were energetic before that! Congratulations on your State of Clear and all the attendant wins! It was so great to meet you at the Indie 4th of July event. You were a lot of fun then, and I can’t even imagine what your “spirit of play” is like now!! The next beer I drink will be a toast to you!
    Much Love,
    Catherine von Ach

  116. Congrats Bruce! Well done 🙂

  117. Lizzy,
    If you make this statement with such certainty then you must have detailed knowledge of exactly how this LRH’s’ theta trap’ is constructed. If you have such Knowledge about theta traps (and attribute LRH as the source) then you now possess the knowledge of how to get in or out of them by yourself at will and can teach others to do likewise…
    Excellent! Carry on!

  118. Maybe we can round up some of the Class IXs at Flag who are being mis-utilized as IAS reges and bust ’em out.
    Perfectly legal activity to get auditors back in the chair 😉

  119. +1
    And if you’re really lucky you’ll get the ‘R-Factor’ mid OT Levels

  120. We are so happy for you Bruce!

  121. Ingrid

    Nope, I do not think so… Look at the header of the VillageVoice page. It shows LRH as #1, and DM as #2. In the list he gives at the bottom of the post, he also has David Miscavige as #2.
    It is going to be an interesting post as Tony gives his reasons for LRH being #1. I truly hope his wisdom prevails and he doesn’t go down the road of full blown LRH smear.

    We shall see…

    Eric S

  122. I have been a field auditor for many years and have actually been out in the field alot with non-Scientologists-hardly any have a clue as to what is going on-they don’t get on the internet and study it. I’m referring to well educated business owners. I have several PCs who have never been in the center and are just happily receiving services from me. Most of them do not have time-they are busy! Investigating Scientology is at the bottom of their list. All of them, when I first met them had heard bad things about Scientology, but were easily handled. Some aren’t.
    People are staying away in droves from the Church, as they should.

  123. Al of them know Ron, none know little delusional ego-centric dm.

  124. Marty,

    Fighting off lunatic harassers, making Clears at the same time – Amazing.

    Cojones de Acero, Corazon de Oro

  125. My guess is, he’s going to name LRH himself as #1. Who else could it be? Hope to hell I’m wrong.

    Not one writer – Ortega, Rietman, et al – has ever gotten it right regarding LRH and (the subject of, not the church of) Scientology & probably never will. You have to experience it to understand it.

    This is the problem with being in comm with these people – they aren’t just against the abuses; they are out to destroy the subject.

  126. Marty I definitely understand what you are saying here. And I agree, it is no doubt better to communicate with someone who is antagonistic rather than opterm them.

    Still, it’s kind of natural to want to stand up for something one believes in when someone else is trying to tear it down. In that sense, I duplicate Magic Okra’s viewpoint. I don’t mind some writer getting all over DM’s case, but I have a visceral negative reaction when someone goes after LRH or invalidates the tech without really knowing anything about it.

    Oh well, it’s been a while since I did TR-0 or Bullbait & could probably use some.

  127. Bruce,

    It’s hard to believe that such a benign countenance hides a being wanted by nearly every civilized nation in the galaxy. But, are you worried? Nah! You swing in a hammock, lazy, lazy swings, enjoying the day, completely untroubled.

    A model for us all.

  128. Marty,

    I figured DM would be #1 on the list, not #2. Thought you would be 2. Hmmmmmmm. Guess we know where this is going.

  129. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, I didn’t think Tony would be so small minded

  130. Hey Bruce,

    Glad you got it sorted out.

    You really do look quite happy and that shirt should spawn a competition at the next Indie get-together… I’m in.

    Vic K.

  131. martyrathbun09

    My book will.

  132. martyrathbun09

    He did, and I’ll post on that fairly soon.

  133. Exactly, Flag and Clearwater would make perfect recruiting pools as auditors usually love to do what they’re trained for and hate to do what the Chairman Of Betrayal makes them do (implanting).

  134. Marty ~~

    I would like to add, that the whole of the current Bridge (Miscavology) is being Hobby horsed as a massive Grade II..

    Sec checks, O/Ws, crimes, overts, more Sec checks, more MAA visits, more Ethics, back to sec checks.

  135. I was surprised to see LRH as #1. I’m sure the folks at Anonymous are happy to see that.

  136. MagicOkra

    ~~~~~ Do you understand the phrase “Can’t see the wood for the trees?”

    Do you understand that journalists, authors like Janet Reitman and Tony Ortega would HAVE nothing to write about ifINTERNAL ABUSES and WILD off the CHART unbelievable scandalous conduct did not occur WITHIN ?

    You must understand the phrase “The earlier beginning”. Roll all this back to WHAT on earth is occurring INSIDE for such fall out.

    It only goes more SOLID when you are looking at the LATER part of the incident. Go back to the beginning of what sets off the Larry Wrights of this world to even take up such a subject as “Inside Scientology.”

    You will never get As -isness when you cannot spot the SOURCE of such stories and reports.

    Do you believe David Miscavige has nothing to do with current Public Outrage as to internal ABUSE and COVER UPS of the “Church of Scientology?

  137. While I am sure that it’s a huge disappointment and somewhat of an unexpected surprise that LRH was #1 on Tony’s blog — I don’t think anyone should despair or even feel shocked or disappointed.

    There are some really incredible Tibetan teachers who have brought Buddhism to the West who in their personal lives were shall we say – less than saintly. People attempt to attack buddhism because of this teacher or that — works a bit on some people. People who need an excuse not to try for themselves or look deeper.

    Moreover, Tony went on about LRH biographies. I was reminded about biographies of Tibetan buddhist masters who ONLY discuss their teachings, their accomplishments and NEVER discuss their day to day lives, who they might have argued with or how they made their bed.

    Those teachings of LRH which are true, will survive. Some others which were flawed (and might have been purged, who knows) will disappear.

    LRH the personality – the part that is larger than life – will remain because it has a sense of elegance to it. His shortcomings as a human being will be forgotten, eventually.

    My suggestion is to just continue to pour on the coals on getting that petition signed!! Be happy to be alive. Happy to live another day to help others and don’t worry about Tony. He’s not a bad guy, even if perhaps small minded in our opinion.

    He, just like me, wants to be happy.


  138. Can’t wait, Marty.

  139. Tony,
    One of my favorite all time movie scenes and songs! Perfect for Bruce!

  140. Awesome! 😀 Just the way it should be! No vias to LRH thank you!

  141. Good for you, Bruce!

    Marty and Mosey: The problem I experience with Tony Ortega is that I think he has some m/u difficulties, too. I agree he misduplicated what your goals are. We know what they are, but he has misunderstood them. It’s unfortunate.



  142. Hi Bruce, VVWD and congratulations.

  143. On another note, the petition just cleared 1,500 signatures at 6:00 pm EST.

  144. Well done Bruce!

    You are a true gentlemen and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer one.


  145. Agreed, that’s why he’s not carrying the petition the White House story even though Forbes did.

  146. Fantastic, Bruce!

    WOW…mass on VVVGI’s, you look great and that kind of indicator can only be found outside the church!

  147. Tony DePhillips

    dm seems to be running his own case on others.

  148. Tony DePhillips

    You will never be able to handle anyone’s antagonism to LRH or the tech if you cannot confront and be in comm with them about what their considerations are. Look at the dissem drill under the handle step.

  149. Tony DePhillips

    When you have heavy abuse coming from the cult it is very easy for me to understand why someone never having had wins with the tech to not want anything to do with the subject. We have to get these abuses stopped and then it will be much easier to handle people on the benefits of the tech.

  150. Well done Bruce, all around. Yes, very well done.


  151. Bruce,
    Plus a zillion to all the great congratulating comments above. We haven’t met, but I’d like to volunteer that you emanate sheer fun, fun, fun!!!

    Ortega, shmortega. You are the one getting it done! Congratulations!

  152. I guess David Miscavige came up with a new drill on handling ” Current Black PR Situation”, here is the e-mail to scientologists: 🙂

    Subject: Golden Opportunity!!
    Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 15:04:51 -0700
    Dear Friends,

    The Senior FSM I/C Flag and FSM I/C for the US are visiting in Southern
    California and will be here at OC Org to deliver a Dissemination Workshop this coming Friday night at 7:30 p.m. in the Seminar Room. They will be covering the exact LRH technology on dissemination! This seminar is designed to make anyone more able and confident in their dissemination of Dianetics and Scientology, and includes how to handle current Black PR situations. There will also be drilling on the key references. This is open to all Org public and staff as a free service.
    Let me know if you would like to reserve a seat by contacting me at (714) 483-8920 or returning this e-mail.
    Mary Adams
    FSC OC
    (714) 483-8920

  153. I think the Germany event proved beyond all remaining doubt that things are not as they seem or rather they are not as we were led to believe. Though I was in the church’s special affairs department for years and had a view as jaundiced as the next guy’s, I now think few, if any writers, are truly out to get Scientology or LRH. I think they simply lack context. And since many of us spent a hell of a lot of years gaining that context it’s perhaps a cheap shot to criticize others for lack of it. Even now, some of us have more context than others. The writers are simply going on what’s before them, what they see and hear.

    More context will do us all the world of good.

  154. GMW — you have my respect. It means much to receive your acknowledgements. Thank you.


  155. Me too! It is about the road, the obstacles and their overcoming.
    Thanks Watchful.


  156. Right back at cha, Tom!


  157. Damn, Sovereign Scientologist, those indeed were the days were they not? Fortunately we have the code of honor and know that we should not regret yesterday, that we create our tomorrows. Good advice I find now. Even better after that last set of obstacles.

    Thanks for the memories of that time and space. Big thank you for the ack here.


  158. Marie-Joe,
    Ah, mais non — pas de chance. Mais les tres grand freedoms. 🙂
    Merci beacoup.

    My French is atrocious. Clearly. Thank you very much, my comrade from the Silicon Forest region.


  159. Thanks! It’s part of what it’s all about, ain’t it?


  160. You got it!

  161. You Youtube yoda, you. 🙂

  162. ‘Merica ain’t the same w/o you Dan.
    Thanks for all your investment into making this possible, from a number of viewpoints on a number of dynamics.
    It’s an honor and privilege to take advantage of and produce these effects.
    The old man was on to something.


  163. Many thanks, Martin. Personal integrity is, well, personal. Each demonstrates it in his own way. You are no stranger to that which is why the mutual respect and admiration.

    Let each of us carry on.


  164. Aw, shucks, man. T’warn’t nutin’.
    Seriously, or more accurately, I had lots help, you 2 among them. We go way back and hope we go way forward.
    Thanks and thanks and thanks for everything.


  165. Admiration from you is food for my soul. Thank you!
    Say hi for me to that big fella that you let stay around.


  166. Wouldn’t have happened with out the cohorts! You know it.

  167. Ahhh, more nourishment for my soul. Thank you WH.
    I am grateful I don’t have to consider the offer of big bucks — being out of the cult o little davie low life, I have no counterintention to keeping it!
    It’s actually not Hawaiian. Would you believe it’s Key West Camouflage?


  168. T — Those pedagogues probably will have heads a spinning. But who want to pick nits over the small stuff? 🙂
    Thank you because without your immense contributions to this arena, we’d be in the brine. Well, I would.


  169. Thanks!

  170. Thanks, although, I would much rather look at yours than mine! Outflow is senior, more remunerative than inflow I think is the concept.
    And my wonderful Sam, thanks for the assist, the ear and the camaraderie; I’d not be here without your help as well.


  171. Right damn nice o you, Countess! Many many thanks.


  172. ‘Preciate that.

  173. The gang is big so that is a whole lotta happiness. I accept so that I can return it.


  174. Just missing something with some mint and ice. 🙂
    Would you keep it down, however. I am unsuccessfully attempting to remain low key.

    I tip my hat to a founding member of the Jedi Council.


  175. You’re on, Vic! It’s gotta be a competition that includes both attire and attitude.



  176. Thanks 🙂

    I see where you coming from on Tony.

  177. Good god, Hayden! You know some gentlemen!? 🙂

    Really really appreciate this. Thank you sir.


  178. 100% agreement with you on this point.

  179. Thanks!

  180. Dittos on this one too.

  181. Standard technology, the only kind really, will take one to heights previously unimagined. And you’re right, because the church is sinking, making those heights unfathomable.
    So glad it shows. Thanks, Ms Karen.


  182. (nod between brothers in arms)
    We be in touch.

  183. The playing of a better game, amen. They can be fun!

  184. Damn…

    OK. We will just have to keep on doing what we are known for;
    Revealing the truth, and applying sanity and intelligence to the situation. I doubt if it will even slow us down because we have become a powerful force of Theta and understanding, and we are armed with a technology that actually works. If you are well “anchored” in the tech of Scientology and are using it in your life, no one can strike you down.

    In Hymn of Asia L.Ron Hubbard wrote:

    “Appoint Amongst you
    Some small few
    To tell about me lies
    And invent wicked Things
    And spread out infamy
    Abroad and Within
    And to stand before
    Our alters
    And insult and
    Lie and tell
    Evil rumors about us all.

    For all is LIfe
    To Buddha.
    All is Life.”


    When the truth is in your heart, it is your shield and your sword. Move into battle confidently. for though they may stop your body, they will never conquer TRUTH.

    Eric S

  185. Bruce – congrats to you! What theta news!
    The picture of you tells a million words. I adore it.
    Love to you, your Auditor Marty and the rest of the org board, Mosey 🙂

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