1,000 Voices Heard, Now Let’s Make It 2,000

Reference: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/09/25/petition-the-president-of-the-united-states/

We’ve gone from 132 to over a 1,000 since Sunday night’s post.  If each of those thousand can reach just one more person we’ll soon be to 2,000.  This site has received more than 15,000 visits since Sunday evening – so there are plenty out there, who are tuned into here alone, who can make that move. It is easy to do something effective about David Miscavige and his most dangerous cult. Just click the following link and follow the instructions:


No big registration number needed. Just contact some friends whom you know are watching and are informed, and give ’em a little nudge.

Do it for Paul and Joe:

122 responses to “1,000 Voices Heard, Now Let’s Make It 2,000

  1. IP – Working on it. 🙂

  2. So we now know that at least 1,000 people want David Miscavige brought to justice.
    Inquiring minds want to know:
    Where did every penny of my IAS donation money go?
    Just how many people did miscavige beat up?
    How many people are still trapped in the hole?
    How much of my hundreds of thousands of dollars went to PI’s and lawyers in order to cover up miscavige’s criminal acts?
    How much money is currently being spent on attacking people who simply want to practice thier religion in peace?
    How much does miscavige owe in taxes because of underreporting his actual income and benefits?
    How much money was spent on the superpower building vs how much was collected?
    Is miscavige taking out loans against the buildings which were purchased by parishioners donations?

    Hey! Davey! We will find out. We’ll find out everything!

    tic toc tic toc

  3. I just sent a personal letter to over 75 of my friends asking them to please sign the petition. I included Karen’s easy instructions in case the site is still giving trouble.

    They all know my story and none of them are scientologists. I asked to at least read up on the abuses by googling.

    And if they don’t feel up to signing to please forward my email to friends who know friends who were in scn — etc.

    ALSO — big news http://www.belief.net just posted the petition on their website.

    This is a HUGE “religious – new age etc” website.


  4. Sorry — the website is http://www.beliefnet.com

    Scroll down the right hand side of the page of “recent posts” … after the jump the petition is about 5 posts down.


  5. Marty,
    Done #1022. I had to go to the Library. I tried for two days on two computers at home with FIOS – no luck. Frustration ended by a 3 mile drive to local library where it worked like slicing through soft butter.

  6. It’s all about a volume of voices, don’t be afraid anymore it is your right to get answers. If nothing happens atleast you are making a very important statement.

    Again if problems registering go here 1st:
    then back to the Petition:

    If the Sign button is grey and not green simply log out and log back in.

    Almost forgot,

  7. martyrathbun09


  8. martyrathbun09

    Thanks WH.

  9. Done – signed.

  10. Have to say it is pretty typical of the U.S. Government to make a simple act of signing a petition complex as hell. It took me several tries over the course of two days to finally sign. Sheesh. But that is small potatoes to what Joe Hill endured. And, man, what a set of pipes on Paul Robeson. Coming from the bottom of the ocean.

  11. Only US citizens, right? Boo. Good luck

    I feel sorry for that diminutive, perma-tanned, powerless, needy, desperate Chairman of Bollocks. Stop paying him any mind Marty – he lives to fan the flames of your discomfort. Imagine how he would feel if you were indifferent to him and going about your business untroubled.

  12. martyrathbun09

    Creepy comment – gossamer.

  13. Marty, my statement to Worthing Courts at hushmail, feel free to distribute!!

  14. I have to say there is something incredibly poignant going back on the site and seeing the names of some of my friends (non-scientologists) who signed the petition because they know my story and they too wish to end the abuses.

    So far, I have 4 friends who have signed who never thought they had a dog in this fight … now they do, because they love me.

    It’s a truly great moment. Don’t be shy. Ask your friends who you know well to please sign. Some will.


  15. Huh? And let Miscavige continue to beat people, confine people, tear apart families and bankrupt individuals and entire corporations with his criminality and corrupt organization?

    Maybe that’s fine for you, but not for the majority of people who have any clue about what’s going on.

  16. I am personally responsible for 6, that I am aware of. Directly.

    I have no doubt, this will reach the 5000, I can not understand why it didn’t take literally ONE Day to get there.

    Once, word gets out and people actually believe it will happen, they will get behind it.

    Yopu are done David and you know its coming.

    What are you going to do Davey?

    excuse me…. MR David Misacavagagge

  17. Just signed the petition. Worked with Opera but not firefox

  18. I used firefox but it was fussy. I think I had to log out and then log back in.

  19. martyrathbun09

    BMC, Thanks a heck of a lot. As you can see I edited your post. I really don’t have time to continue to do so. Can you please tone it down so I don’t have to. We’ve got to keep some level of decorum here or we’ll wind up driving people away.

  20. That’s awesome. Beliefnet has an Alexa ranking of 2,100 in the US and 7,269 globally. That should help.

  21. martyrathbun09

    170 California
    65 Florida
    59 Texas
    37 New York
    30 Ohio
    29 Washington
    28 Illinois
    24 Oregon
    23 Arizona
    18 Tied, are: Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee
    Cali is smoking.

  22. I have been a lurker on this site for over a year, ever since reading ‘Blown for Good’ and ‘Abuse at the Top’. I am not now, nor have I ever been, involved with Scientology, but you have my support. #1060.

  23. The ultimate Paul Robeson song:

  24. martyrathbun09

    Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada are way above their proportionate respective population rankings

  25. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot Lori.

  26. still trying to get on but i won’t give up ~ respect

  27. It is interesting that the locations with the largest polished church presence, CA and FL have the highest number of signed petitions. Being that Flag and LA are the most established areas you would think they would be “safe pointed” and in better control of their PR. Could you conclude that the more people see of the church the less the like what they are looking at?

  28. Go Washington State! (Ah, I repeat myself …)

  29. Yup, we’re becoming a “hub” here in Washington State.

  30. Washington State will keep on growing, as I just sent out emails to friends and family who know our plight. I urged them to go to Facebook and spread the word as well.

    I’ll repeat the action tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to let them know we really need the help.

  31. Can be signed by US-Citizens only ?

  32. Tim…

    NO! Anyone can sign. It will accept foreign signatures from international locations.

  33. Tim,
    Do you have any idea how the contagion of abberation has hit you? WISE is constantly setting new (criminal) standards in business for over 20 years; if other companies don’t compete with new vulture standards every time, they will lose to the competition. Now look at the ethics standards of American business, especially the finacial, medical and insurance industry and see how it has affected you. It’s only needed for the good guys to shut up to let the bad guys take over.

  34. there are also several other human rights petitions that could use help – as soon as i can get my head out of butt …i intend to sign several . hope everyone does the same

  35. Theo Sismanides

    Marty this makes per my count 555 votes from US. I was wondering how Europe is doing. I will go and check… but does it mean that most of the 500 remaining votes are from Europe or there are more States from the US?

    I will also go and see the votes where they coming from but if you have any data already please let us know.

  36. Theo Sismanides

    Fatfreddy, no, any citizen can sign of any nationality!

  37. Sent to all my contacts and posted it on my facebook page. Know of 10 confirmed signatures….

  38. Theo Sismanides

    11.15 am LA time… 1086.. so since we were at 987 at 6.15 am LA time in 5 hours we got about 100, which is 20 per hour again… it’s keeping there steady. At this pace we make around 500 a day and we can easily reach the target. The trend now is Normal.. we need to pour the coals on Promotion to take it to a new Higher Level (Affluence) and keep it there (Power), like 50 per hour. This will take some big push and no reasonableness.

  39. Hi Tim,
    I’m not a US citizen but I signed it.
    One interesting thing Abraham Lincoln said about the US Constitution was that it was for ALL lovers of liberty. Not just US citizens. Go ahead sign the thing.
    Injustices and suppression are a matter of concern to everyone, irrelevant to race, colour, creed etc. Putting boundries or lines to them simply supports its existence and people like DM take advantage of such ‘think’.
    Go ahead, grow a pair and sign the thing.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Hey Doc.

  41. Congratulations to everyone. We have just topped the 1,100 mark in 2 ½ days. This morning we have done 100 signatures in about five hours so the rate is increasing exponentially with the number of sign ups. Soon it will be time to add more layers of PR and communication of submissions before (if necessary) moving over to House and Senate Committees such as Justice and maybe Foreign Relations, Finance, Ways & Means. IMHO we have all made a great start and Marty’s active support has been a major contribution. If Tony Ortega would do a piece on it that would give it another big boost.

  42. Please Theo, many of us are not familiar with the scientology vernacular. I am pretty sure of what you are trying to say here, maybe next time use plane old “normal speak” . Thanks from a “wog”.

  43. Ok, I’ve signed.
    Linda McC

  44. Not to distract people from signing Graham’s petition, but I looked at some of the other open petitions and there are some really good ones that should be signed too, like Bernie Sanders bill to remove the cap on Social Security taxes and some odd ones like forbidding judges from making Neo/Paganism and Wiccan second class religions. There are definitely people all across the country with ideas to make a more perfect union. Right now we are trailing the petition to federally legalize raw milk! Time to ratchet it up another notch.

  45. martyrathbun09


  46. Come on Marty,
    Idaho is represented! More following soon.
    Of course, if you lumped us in with the Washington guys, that’s okay with me because I like them a lot.

  47. martyrathbun09

    I didn’t. Someone forwarded me the tally which that person did. Now, Idaho doesn’t need but a couple hundred to win the percent-compared-to-population game, and maybe the whole shootin’ match.

  48. Possibly there are more former members of the Chuch of POB in those two states than anywhere else.

    Petition signed.

  49. It takes 5,000 signatures before the WH will even read the petition.

    That should not be hard to do.

  50. To me, This is a turning point! When I was at the church, I would get briefed on how all is going to hell and I expected “management” to know what to do and make things go right for all of us. Now I am glad that it is up to me with the help of my friends, you, to make things go right! I want to help with what many of you have been doing so anyone who wants to practice or apply Scientology today, can do so in a sane and safe environment without the fear of threats, harassments or prosecution/execution. I want to help our fellow Scientologists who are left behind. I want to help the continue efforts of ensuring that the true enemies of Scientology – DM and his ilk’s are accountable for their actions.

    Tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah, the new year for the Jewish people. There are so many great lessons to be learned from what this holiday represents and it seems so suitable to what we are doing here!!! If you want to know more, here is a link to a crash lesson about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoV-0Div12U
    Happy Rosh Hashanah my friends!

  51. I’ve signed

  52. P.S. The orgs in those two states have been doing a bang-up job of driving off the public from what I have seen. I would think at least soem of those people would show up here.

  53. I get what you’re saying. I agree with the petition. I’ll sign it if I can as a UK citizen.

    What I mean is that, some of the posts in the blog are basically letting him know that his harrassment is getting to Marty.

  54. If he were indifferent to the childish theatre – and most of it is very childish: the filming, the namecalling, the silly drawings and magazine articles are like something from school when you pass notes to other kids – and instead were a happy, relaxed Independent Scientologist blogging, speaking freely and independently auditing without paying mind to the childish attempts at provocation then I think he would he would be more powerful.

    As long as they are getting a rise out of you and you push against them they still have something to gain from it.

  55. California leads the way on many fronts.

  56. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Tim. Look up the Black Panther mechanism. While you pretend there is not one, and presumably deliver loads of standard tech each week, I am making the world safe for you to do so. And as you shall see in the very near future making the public at large safe from some very widespread potential harm the cult is attempting to perform. Stay tuned big guy.

  57. martyrathbun09

    See my reply to your other post. Keep up the good fight Amy!

  58. martyrathbun09

    Great, thanks.

  59. Theo Sismanides

    I LOVE Games!!!! COme on GUYS!!! I love Americans… soooo UnFreakingSerious! Leading the game!

  60. This is one action ~~ the signing of the petition which goes straight to White House Servers that the “Church” cannot manipulate !

    +++OSA volunteers can’t fudge the stats of the petitioners
    ++++OSA volunteers cannot flood the petition with how there is total freedom to come and go from the RPF and that there is no ABUSE !
    ++++OSA volunteers cannot assert how Miscavige Never EVER beat anyone.
    +++=OSA volunteers can’t post SUCCESS stories of how wonderful it actually is
    So what will they do ?
    What will be the counter campaign ?
    You can absolutely bet they are sitting around a conference table planning a counter move.

    It is dirty to expose Government cover-ups.
    It is dirty to expose FBI shut down of proceeding on.
    It is dirty that Monique Yingling and Gerald Feffer, Washington DC “Insiders” have been on the payroll of Miscavige for extraordinary amounts of $$$$ for a very long time doing Lawyering and ……..

    So what is the Counter campaign ?
    What will it be ?

    Will the White House Secretary make an appointment for Cruise and Travolta to visit ?

    Or will she consider it bad taste given that there is an on going petition ?
    Will the “CHURCH” send in John Travolta and Tom Cruise to do a photo op with Obama’s kids while they ask for back door favors ?
    Have we successfully dead ended the corrupt visits of Tom Cruise to the White House and State Department by exposing it all ?
    Easy way to sign the petition ~~ takes 2 mins
    Click this link to sign up for White House account
    directly to this link to register, saves the layer script from slowing you down.


    THEN paste in this link and sign the petition


    Using Firefox and Internet explorer is best but I know several on AOL that got it done in 2 mins flat

  61. Tony DePhillips

    We want to be the first Cleared of dm State!!!

  62. Theo Sismanides

    Oh, sorry thetan-x, I didn’t know… well let me see which words i used:

    ok Promotion you get it of course

    The rest you get i guess.

    So all those terms come from what we call Statistics and measurement of production. In very simple terms and i hope i can explain a bit

    Normal means the trend is going up, maybe slightly but up, like we keep increasing the Production even by 1 per hour is Normal Condition. Then Affluence is a STEEP resurgence of the Production… Let’s say in an hour when we had 20 signing then the next hour you get 40 or even 30 this is AFFLUENCE, ok?

    And then Power which is the Highest COndition there is means that you make a HIGHER LEVEL, you reach a new PLATEAU of Production, let’s say 40 and you remain there STEADILY FROM THERE ON.

    I am sorry maybe I shouldn’t be explaining those terms here and in this manner but you can get more informed about CONDITIONS and STATISTICS on the book Scientology Ethics.

    I hope that was it and there was not much more.

  63. Theo Sismanides

    Oh and something else thetan-x. Wog is a derogatory term for people who wouldn’t want any change… So let me say you are just an non Scientologist. Wogs are just not interested in betterment or change… So obviously you are here to make changes. Not every non Scientologist is a wog… by far.. most people are great people on this planet.

  64. Felicitas Foster

    We have the Link now also on the German Blog with a brief explanation what it is about – and a longer description on how to make it to sign the petition even when things seem not to work – in German. It should be possible now for even someone is illiterate in Englisch to sign the petition – Feli

  65. 🙂

  66. Hey Dan,

    That’s a really valid point. I’m not from the US but I’m willing to put my signature to some bills just to see what the possible positive outcome would be. How cool would it be to let Pagans/Witches to know that they won’t be overlooked religiously? How cool would it be to have raw milk and as a result a larger selection of cheeses in the US? etc. etc.

    Imagine if every family looked on the WH site just to put their name to the bills they were interested in – change would happen swiftly in the US – for the better. Like bills would be all signed and ready to be looked at in a day! I like that thought.

  67. M&M,

    Could you update the current scene with the SQuiBs?

    Are these guys still around IOB and visiting every day since their pathetic attempt to get charges brought against you for their harassment?

    Perhaps Mark Collette would report on the petition and so give an alternative for the local folks to show their disagreements to the SQuib actions and to sign as well.

  68. Good going Karen. I wouldn’t doubt if the Church of Scientology did ALL of those things and then some. But for goodness sakes, don’t that have any class any more by thinking ot send in Tom Cruise or John Travolta? Even the Guardian Angels of New York if they were sent in to represent the church would probably set a better example of conduct.

  69. Sunshine Disinfects

    Long time lurker from the other side of the planet,,,,,,,,first time poster……managed to sign after nearly two days of trying……. this cult has to be stopped. If the Kool Aid drinkers cannot open their eyes, it is our responsibility to get them to see. And I have been doing my bit, very much under the radar which sadly needs to be the case for the time being. To all of you who are in the front line being attacked by the Dwarf and his minions, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love ALL you guys

  70. +1 for horsepower!

  71. I would happily sign this petition as would many of my friends, but, unless something has drastically changed in recent years, somehow I don’t think the US govt is interested in the views of non-Americans. Sometimes such well-intended support from foreigners ends up nullifying an otherwise powerful statement from “we the people” like they are trying to vote . Could someone, perhaps a lawyer or other well informed person, definitively confirm whether signatures of non-Americans help or hinder such petitions? I want it to succeed.


    The right to petition your government is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Throughout our history, Americans have used petitions to organize around issues they care about from ending slavery, to guaranteeing women’s right to vote, to the civil rights movement.

  72. I believe the idea is that if major abuse comes up overseas, the U.S. is open to look at it.

  73. WOW…That’s great!

  74. Aylesbury Wolf

    Can Aussies and folk in non US countries sign this petition as well?

  75. To be quite factual and honest would be to say that the Church of Scientology IS the FAIR GAME these days. It is hard to imagine and organization diagreeing with a policy that its very own founder wrote decades ago to insure that “Scientology Will Always Be Around”. The tech always works when its applied you know! 🙂

  76. ? You lost me. I’m not a Scientologist and I don’t have anything to do with any tech. I looked up the Black Panther mechanism and it was on Google Books for Dianetics which I have never read.

    I think I’m wasting your time and/or antagonising you so I’ll bow out.

  77. Oh, good grief, I thought we already were! #107

  78. If every person that signed it just gets four more people to sign it that is very easy to do!

  79. Question With Boldness

    I signed this petition and sent it out to my email list. Glen Beck has been talking about the Petitions that are taking place for two days. I emailed him with our petition. Go Colorado!!!!!

  80. This is terrific!

    Here’s a video I made re the Petition, for my YT account, and FB.
    It’s rollin 🙂 Here ya go. I know it’s said here..but in my book, every person counts and the more, the merrier.

    Love you ALL 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  81. Theo, the only state missing is Rhode Island, as of 4:00PM PT.

  82. LOL. “Cleard of dm”. Love it! 🙂

  83. Theo
    Thank you my friend, trust me, I completely understand what it is you were explaining.
    You sound some what agitated by my request. I apologize as that was not my intention, I promise. Let me give you an example of why I feel the way I do, okay?
    (this is hypothetical, okaydoke,)
    You see if I said:
    ” Okay people at this rate, we will have enough signatures to complete our goal by Friday, BUT.. if you guys worked a little harder we will have our goal met by Wednesday, so LETS ROCK PEOPLE!!!”.

    I know Theo, it doesn’t have the approved “TechSpeek” but its precisely says the same thing as your “request” , except:
    EVERYONE (English speaking person) on the planet understands what i just said!!!
    Wow I get it, and I bet you get it too.
    What is it I’m trying to say Theo? well;
    if you really want to reach out and touch people with your message you don’t need a language that must be studied and learned before you can even begin the extremely expensive commitment of trying to attempt to reach your goal of spiritual enlightenment, or what-ever.
    My dad used to say(we have all heard it) “keep it simple stupid”, HE wasn’t calling ME stupid, he was making it clear that *complication* doesn’t necessarily make things *intelligent*.

    On a side note Theo, you definition of a “wog” is interesting. Its funny;
    $cietologists have used “wogs” for the benefit of the “Group” since the days of LRH….”ya need em, you don’t, ya need em ya don’t”.

    Come on theo, just because I’m not an OT or Clear, shit I haven’t even taken a course…
    But I have read enough to know that I need to,to look into this whole subject for a good long time. And that you can RELY ON!!

    And Theo,
    no one has to tell me to ignore ANYTHING, EVER,!!


  84. Marty, where is Mexico???? Don’t we have supporters there? Where is our friend Roberto Sanhez?????


  85. Sorry Tim, got defensive, I got the idea you were a old timer sniping.

  86. Will help as they are specifically concerned with the number 5000, not the addresses, and specifically allow folks from foreign countries to participate.

  87. hound of culann

    #1238 here. Pass it on!

  88. Karen, you are absolutely on fire.

    Great piece of writing.


    Vic K.

  89. Signed and sent to 34 of my friends…

  90. The way I read it, the petition is open to abuses overseas, which Americans may have some ability to ameliorate. But the Co$ is an international organization, with headquarters in the U.S. (I believe), so if it’s actions affect those overseas, it reflects, in a sense, American policy. So those affected in other countries have a venue, in this petition.

  91. +1 You’ve got a better grip on the subject than many Scns I know. Hip, hip. Carry on.

  92. I think I’m already in a cleared of DM state . Ha Ha SD only 600,000 pop or so but I think we have 2 on the petition so far. I’ll get some out of staters on it as well as a few more here. #147 here

  93. Well thank you Carcha!!

  94. Well done Tory.
    Thank you for all you do.

    Eric S

  95. I had the cognition a few weeks ago that Miscavige is the Mother of All WOGS! He is 100% WOG himself.

  96. OK Marty, I signed way early Monday morning, came in at around #300, and I live in MICHIGAN.

    Now working on getting some others to sign.

  97. I’d sign but don’t think a Brit is allowed to.

  98. Theo Sismanides

    thetan-x, thanks… i didn’t even know there are people here who are not Scientologists…. lol

    But you see one point here is that some terms are unique… there are no other words there which can be easily undestood… like thetan.. haha… try soul and you will see. So Scientology has new terms which are very very accurate and express concepts or phenomena which are not new but are newly discovered. For example those conditions i was talking about. i will try to keep it simple but sometimes i cannot sacrifice the accuracy of language for the sake of being simple. I will do my best. Not agitated though at all… i just didn’t know non Scientologists attend this blog.

  99. Right on Karen. Speaking of Tom Cruise, I can’t help but laugh at the irony of his words on his freedom medal video. Starting at 0.58 seconds into the video he talks about “have you met an SP?” and then goes on to explain about the PTS/SP course and how to apply it. Well Tom, you have met an SP. His name is David Miscavige and he’s right under your nose! So much for “applying” the tech Tom.

  100. martyrathbun09

    There are many Theo.

  101. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Mr. V.

  102. martyrathbun09

    RE, Thanks; I think you are right; is that little town still for sale up there?

  103. hi Dean, Im a Brit and I signed. Took a few tries though because the site was playing up

  104. I am with ya 😉 i am a “wog” here as well ~

    “if you really want to reach out and touch people with your message you don’t need a language that must be studied and learned before you can even begin the extremely expensive commitment of trying to attempt to reach your goal of spiritual enlightenment, or what-ever.”

  105. Theo Sismanides

    hahaha, Valkov, comment of the Year! He is a WOG… i was always wondering how i could describe him… thanks, man.

  106. Theo Sismanides

    I see Marty, I didn’t know that! Is cool… I watch my vocabulary now…

  107. That’s ok. I’m not a Scientologist, just someone fascinated by your blog and its repercussions.

    Keep on keeping on and don’t let them get your attention while you go about your purpose!

  108. Theo Sismanides

    1446 and counting! I sent it to the Zeitgeist Movement and posting on Indie Scientologist blog on FB.

  109. I have spent hours over 2 days trying to sign this petition. I have created the account, signed in over and over and the “sign here” does not light up. It tells me to sign in but it also says “Hello Karen” and “sign out”. Any tips?

  110. Theo Sismanides

    1463! Not moving fast at all now!

  111. Karenpo6

    Thank you for persisting.
    Simple way to sign petition.
    Click this link to sign up for White House account

    THEN paste in this link and sign the petition http://wh.gov/4Os

    Use Firefox or Internet explorer. It shouldn’t take more than 2 mins.

    Email me at Karendelac@gmail.com if you need further coaching

  112. Hello,
    At the link to sign in/create account, use your mouse to right click. Select “open in a new tab”. This way you can go back and forth between the pages. It also helps if you refresh the page the petition is on once you have signed in on the other page. Hope this helps you…:)

  113. +1 Good one!

  114. Hi Karen. I had this problem too. You must log out and then log back in, then the button will light up. The button will be green.

    I just signed today as well (Michele K, Topton, PA) and had the same problem. I hope this helps.



  115. “windhorse | September 27, 2011 at 2:55 pm | Reply

    Sorry — the website is http://www.beliefnet.com

    Scroll down the right hand side of the page of “recent posts” … after the jump the petition is about 5 posts down.


    Can’t find from your brief description. Can you give a more accurate URL?

    Was a veteran of Beliefnet many years ago. many thought they had been got at by CO$. I didn’t as it happened until they refused to accept FZ
    success stories on the grounds of copyright infringement.

    They posted it this I take back some of my criticism. 🙂

  116. I think another petition could be started naming specifically an investigation be done on David Miscavige specifically. As regards his duties and trusts as COB RTC. After some of the conversations I have had over the last few days trying to get people to sign it I think it might go faster if “The Church of Scientology” was put aside on one petition and one was put up for DM specifically. I don’t know enough about his position with regards the corps to phrase the wording right for an appeal to a judicial terminal but someone knowledgeable in that arena would know what to request in the petition. It would pertain to duties and trusts in his position.

  117. P.S. Someone who worked on the save Scientology site would know what to petition for, they seem to have a big understanding of the outpoints legally. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to throw oatmeal against the wall and for DM to sit and count his enemies as the numbers rise.

  118. Terrill, try this

    Or use Beliefnet’s own search for > White House Petition <

  119. TO, I don’t think we should start another petition until this one is DONE.

  120. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Eric! It’s definitely a team effort…but man, things are
    starting to ROCK like never before…thanks to ALL involved 🙂 🙂

    Love to you, and ALL~~~

  121. Theo Sismanides

    Los Angeles time 3.50 am. We are at 1738! Europe is not cooking at all! we are moving at a rate of 3-5 per hour, max 10, this last day! Gotta change things!

  122. There are now 2035 signatures…Marty keep talking about this so people do not forget about the petition.

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