18 Wheels of Affinity, Reality, and Communication

With all the chatter about L Ron Hubbard’s alleged shortcomings, it got me to thinking about what the effect of the unprecedented ad hominen attacks against the man were.  Hubbard was demonized by the Cold War establishment perhaps more than any other civilian figure.  One cummulative effect of it all was to to one degree or another de-humanize him in the public eye.  We see remnants of those effects to this day. Tony Ortega has even come to the conclusion that my mission – and that of many other Independents – is made hopeless by this historical landscape.  That landscape is not easy to contextualize given its long-lived nature and Miscavige’s daily efforts to make the myths into reality.  Providing context to the entire picture  is a longer term project that I never lose site of, but unfortunately I have not found the time to devote to it that it deserves.

So, in the interim I play the game of trying to provide morsels of food for thought from time to time that might ever so slightly shift a viewpoint or two.

Today, I address a propaganda line that developed some legs during the take-down-Hubbard Cold War.  That is, “Hubbard’s writings rarely mention the word ‘love.'”

For those who have studied and applied much Scientology, certainly for me personally, that one cut to the quick.  It was not readily put to rest by counting up the use of the word “love” in Hubbard’s works.  Because, fact of the matter is, you won’t find the word “love” aplenty in Hubbard’s books and lectures.  Does that fact mean the subject of Scientology has nothing to do with the concept of “love”?

Again to those who understand the subject through study and work with it,  the answer is “of course it does, in fact it is the heart and soul of the subject.”

The purpose of the subject is to free the spirit through achievement of ever-increasing Understanding.  Understanding is composed of Affinity, Reality and Communication (ARC).  ARC are the component parts of Theta (the spirit, the soul; a term coined by Hubbard so as not to confuse it with 3000 years of misconceptions accumulated in the subject of spirituality).   Theta is the highest concept of love.   Theta is life force, elan vital, the all-healing good that the opposite of love (hate, lies, evil) disappears in the presence of.

Nearly every book written (there were dozens) and every lecture spoken (there were thousands) by Hubbard were done in furtherance of forwarding the laws of Affinity, Reality and Communication (increasing them) so as to free Theta.

I once tried to explain to Lawrence Wright (Pulitzer prize winning author of the February New Yorker article) that for every fault he could dig up about Hubbard, I could trace it back to a virtue.  Yes, Hubbard could be a harsh task master. Yes, he could roll up his sleaves and fight fire with a firestorm.  Yes, his propensity to do so left indelible faults in the organizations he created ( e.g. the Guardian’s Office, and yes even Office of Special Affairs,  etc).  But, having studied the subject thoroughly and practiced it inside and outside the organization, studied the man thoroughly (warts and all), and even myself having  acted viciously over many years in the name of defending Scientology, I came to an understanding while being outside of the beast for three years. That is, notwithstanding the fact that a died in the wool sociopath subsequently used Hubbard’s propensity to fight back hard as a justification for systematically ruining lives, the Old Man cared (many say to a fault) about assuring people’s ability to benefit from his discoveries. His discoveries about the laws of Affinity, Reality and Communication, the component parts of Theta (the highest possible concept of love). That Hubbard’s solutions to antagonism during the height of the Cold War are reprehensibly dramatized by a madman and an anachronistic organization in the age of Communication does not cancel that truth.

I’ll leave you with that thought and a song that I posted several weeks ago.   I know it is lengthy and only a few people (Laura, Rachel and Christie, I think) acknowledged having made it all the way through it.  But, this song captures for me the spirit of Scientology.   When all hope is lost for Chester, something happens.  The lyrics don’t explicitly say what it is.  But the music and context of the lyrics communicates what happens.  Chester is saved by love (theta), and somehow Chester realizes his (theta’s) seniority over the mechanics of matter, energy, space and time…and I’ll be damned.

When push comes to shove, when bullshit’s had its say, when the critics and zealots are done beating the hell out of one another, whether you wind up believing Hubbard was a sinner, a saint, a vengeful dirty fighter, or whatever,  I’ll continue to think he would have been right in there pitching with Chester, doing his damnedest to coax him  on up to cause over the elements that were trying to take him out of the game.

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  1. Hi Marty;

    So true, ARC always meant love and affection, and it is woven throughout all his work.

  2. Hymn of Asia is entirely about love – it is the subject of the book, and the precise word “love” is used by LRH. It is the fundamental to living. People who criticize LRH are just nattering – understand that – don’t be fooled. Keep it simple.

  3. And if I see anyone saying that “What Is Greatness?” was written by LRH the Cynic, I am coming to beat you senseless with your keyboard and with no affinity whatsoever.

  4. Boy oh boy, if LOVE had been present and come down the pipeline from LRH, you wouldn’t be where you are now, in Tx battling the OSA maniacs. You would probably still be in the Church of Scientology and never learned to become the enforcer and how to beat people along with Miscavige. I don’t think its in your nature to have done that as I see you becoming softer, repentent, and more loving as you destimulate from the experience.

    But call a spade a spade. The lack of kindness, charity and love started with Hubbard, and is now copied and personified more cruelly by Miscavige, his former cadets, and his new zealots.

  5. LRH explained why he didn’t use the word “love” a lot in Chapter 8 of Science of Survival:
    “In view of the fact that the word “love” has at least two outstanding meanings in the English language, a misunderstanding could result if it were employed to represent this factor in theta.
    “Affinity” is a broad term and means simply a sympathy of feeling, an affection, the feeling of one person for another, as we use it in Dianetics. Affinity, in the theta sense, dianetically, might be compared to cohesion and adhesion in the physical universe, as applied to energy. There are degrees of affinity, according to our definition, as represented by the tone scale. These range from a feeling of well being along all the dynamics down the various stages of emotion to severance of feeling from any and all of the dynamics. Affinity broadly includes emotion.
    The tone scale of affinity, as represented on the chart, refers to the reaction of the individual at any particular time to just one or to a small number of people. But as affinity is suppressed repeatedly, the individual will begin to take on an habitual level on the affinity scale, an habitual reaction to almost all people. This is also true of the affinity scale of groups,
    and one can find on this scale the tone level of any nation or, indeed, of mankind for any given period, which would be the averaging out of the general reaction of mankind to mankind.
    At the top of the scale around tone four, the individual experiences love, strong and outgoing; he experiences friendliness, this is an extroversion of affinity. One commonly finds this in children, who when growing older and receiving rejections and rebuffs, first from one or two people and then from many, will gradually experience the blunting of their affinity.

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  7. Marty,
    ARC was studied, stressed and emphasized at the New York mission when I entered Scientology in 1973. It was used in the course rooms and we were encouraged to use it in the field.
    You keep raising it to higher levels. they would often say.
    In contrast, I remember going to Flag in 1996 with my wife and two small children with no appointment – like the old days. What a surprise.

    Anyway, we do not have an equivalent to ARC in Buddhism. We have
    what are called the illimitables. They are:

    sympathetic joy,

    I’m sure they can be fit into ARC and the tone scale, but I have not looked at it
    for 22 years in that way. By the way, to clarify a point, the Buddha was silent on the issue of whether the spirit exists outside of the body. He did this for a reason because he wanted a person to practice and find out for yourself.
    This silence on this and other issues was intentional. In Buddhism, it is all in your head.

    Much sympathetic joy,

  8. This post made me cry…… the goodness of the man is undeniable and those who have been touched by it will never confuse it with anything else.

  9. I don’t agree. The way i see it was Hubbard put the idea in all our heads that if you agree with me then we have “affinity”. If you do not, then no, I cannot have much, if any affinity for you, something is wrong with you, you are are at least PTS or worse suppressive. If Hubbard tried to make people understand those who did not agree and to “love” them regardless, it got lost in the barrage of other messages contained in KSW, and others that in essence said we have no time for you now, you are in the way to my eternal freedom, your 1.1, etc. I learned real, true love having left the “church”. This is in part why i choose to not call myself a Scientologist, to justify why I still beleive in the tech. I have no time or inclination to pick the raisins from the turd.

  10. WellDoneOnCOveringUpTheLisaMcPhersonDebacle

    Reality is something you know little about, Marty.

    Hubbard was a lying, abusive, racist little shit. Get over it.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Maybe you could fit them in. LRH posited that the entire physical and spiritual universes could be explained using the principles of ARC. I can see how that could be.

  12. martyrathbun09

    Don’t know what “dot” you wanted deleted, so come again.

  13. Michael Fairman

    Your comments reveal you understood nothing about what Marty wrote and less than nothing regarding Hubbard’s concepts of “love”. However, your comments reveal volumes about you.

  14. Michael Fairman


    The same goes for you.

  15. “Food for thought” is such an uderstatement, Marty. The conversation you have instigated is a veritable feast of thought and has been, for me, extremely enlightening.

    Conversations we used to carry on freely in the early 70’s but which have been suppressed to nothing gradually over the years.

    The workable technology is alive and well in the hands and hearts of thousands of people who know, understand and use ARC to engender understanding. All the carping criticism of those below 2.0 on the tone scale can’t stop that. Neither can those more sinister minds who have morphed the finer aspects of the tech into a mind-numbing cult. And to those who think there is no real workability here, I won’t hold your current negatives against you when you come to one of us for some help.

    I loved the song. Got all the way through it with interest and appreciation.

    If I had a clue how to insert a video I would do Jesse Colin Young, Get Together.

    Thanks for all you do.

  16. When on the Freewinds in ’04, I had a huge cog during a great auditing session….

    Moments later, as I gazed at a photo of LRH on the wall, for the first time in my then 15 years as a Scientologist I saw him in a whole different light.

    “He is my friend” is what I told the examiner, attempting to hide tears. I’d never looked at him that way before.

    I felt cared for and loved by the being who had created the piece of technology which I’d just experienced. It completely bypassed all rumors, gossip, facts, warts and all. It was deep-down knowingness that this man was a giant, with compassion and willingness to take a lot of heat to get the job done.

    Hopefully he collected himself up shortly after departing this world, learned from the experience, evaluated what he might improve upon, and is back at it full force.

  17. That would be an interesting adventure. I had the same thought a few years ago.

  18. Wow, you start talking about love and all of the HATERS come out and start howling. Sorry, you all feel that way. The rest of us will try to spread a little more in your direction…..

  19. Gary the Troll. Why try to bash LRH on this site? You’re not an Indie. You didn’t learn squat after you left the Church otherwise you wouldn’t try to bash LRH. You would use this “love” that you “learned”, Dolt.

    ML Tom

  20. Hey there WellDone…

    At least LRH didn’t hide behind a computer, using a fake name, spewing out generalities of uninformed hostility.

    You are a coward. You are communicating from your bank. You just proved it to all of us.

  21. Wow, the trolls and SPs are out in force today.

    Much Affinity, Tom

  22. martyrathbun09

    Jesse Colin Young – what a blast from the bast, and under appreciated maestro. One of my favorites right here, his tribute to Marvin Gaye:

  23. No problem I posted too fast, as was using the above for comments and mails.
    I’ll put the correct links below here:



  24. “People who criticize LRH are just nattering”.

    I see, so there is absolutely no legitimate cause for anyone to have any upset or grievance with Ron Hubbard about anything, ever, because he was such a perfect saint in everything he ever did or said ?

    I guess people who criticize the Co$ are “just nattering”, too ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  25. RH,
    Thanks for the reference.

    “At the top of the scale around tone four, the individual experiences love, strong and outgoing; he experiences friendliness, this is an extroversion of affinity.”

    So we can say that DM is not at 4.0. Where do you think he is? I might have missed your post on this.

    Much ARC,

  26. The problem to me is the type of black and white thinking that seems to be prevalent in today’s world. It has to be all one way or another. It can’t be anything else. Generally if someone doesn’t like enough of what someone else does or says, then they decide the whole person is bad or wrong. I’m not perfect. I’ve been guilty myself and it’s something I work on all the time. I thought it was church think but, it’s not. I see it in and out of the church.

    Short quote from LRH, “What is greatness” begin fair use

    “It requires real strength to love man. And to love him despite all invitations to do otherwise, all provocations and all reasons why one should not. Happiness and strength endure only in the absence of hate. To hate alone is the road to disaster. To love is the road to strength. To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in the universe.”

    I think most people could agree with this quote. But, if they have decided all of Scn or LRH is bad or wrong then they couldn’t ackowledge the goodness or usefulness of it.

    I personally feel if this quote was all I took away from Scn, it would be enough to change my life and others lives for the better.

    It is good though, to view the opposite viewpoints on a subject when searching for your truth. This forum helps immensely with that. 🙂

  27. In a lecture or a bulletin somewhere, he talks about clears and relates it somehow to budhism and something about the new clears are in an era of love or something like this !
    Somebody knows the reference ?
    He really talked about love and the fresh clears just see love all over the place !

    Much affinity ! 🙂

  28. I dont support any one that is critical towards LRH, There is just NO WAY also to Marthy in what he has done and remains trying to do and keep putting out there . Its injust and disrespectful

  29. Please stop talking…

  30. What I was getting at in the last paragraph is varying, multiple viewpoints help a person find his own truth. You don’t have to agree with everyone and you can pick out what makes sense or not.
    It’s the same with any subject or person for that matter. It’s not all black and white. 🙂

  31. WellDone – Your post actually made me laugh…a really good belly laugh. It is just so “out of the blue.” No response is expected. Sort of like a pie in the face.

  32. I think that “Love” is a personal determination and it is for me to measure and decide at what point when I love. Affinity is a sliding measure. I can have low affinity for something, but I can’t have low love. Love can be obsessive and lack affinity, reality and communication. So high ARC does not equate to Love. However, I do think that it is very healthy to form close, loving relationships with others who are supportive and non-abusive.

  33. Oh, and I liked the song.

  34. DM isn’t present as himself and isn’t therefore on the tone scale except as some sort of dramatization. As a being I’d say he moves up and down from – 8 to – 4 depending on what buttons got pushed that day.
    He has too many withholds to be able to go in session so isn’t even a Scientologist realistically.

  35. Totally agreed Christie!

    It is completely amazing how much reverse-Love is regurgitated today! Perhaps it shows what well intentioned, well meaning “samaritans” like LRH ran into some days!

    These cats seem to have a total M/U on LRH and what he stood for. If one stepped back and really looked at the sheer volume of LRH works inclusive of all red & green volumes, books and lectures produced; it seems he did so in order that Moving on up a little higher can occur for anyone willing to do so! That to me is a great amount of love or affinity for all dynamics. I have observed personally that his days were long and incredibly productive in order to make non optimum situations better.

    Pieces taken out of context could mean whatever you want it to mean, from a totally introverted and literal state viewpoint.

  36. top of the vale

    There’s an old saying that’s been used here before, “KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER.”

    At least when the trolls come out we know who they are, what they call themselves and their ‘color'(as regards to wavelength). This way we don’t trip over them in the dark and can see them clearly. At least those of us who have been ‘in’ for awhile.

  37. Marty I think you had said that you do more to protect LRH name than anyone in the “church”. While that is true it shows the problem bare. No one in the church is allowed to look outside of the church. Why does it take an independent to look and comment on criticism? It shows the cultish nature of the current church and the “handle” the church does causes more upset and is not effective other than like you said making it look more cultish! In the battle of fixed ideas Ortega would rightly think that it should be coming from the church, and what ever you say any criticism of LRH is linked to how the church is and has been….

  38. RH,
    – 4.0 Needing bodies
    – 5.0 Worshipping bodies
    – 6.0 Sacrifice
    – 8.0 Hiding

    Good call, in my opinion.. Sacrifice – 6 I don’t know him well enough on that one. Elaborate?

  39. I admit I have more affinity for some people than for others. I’m sure you experience the same thing. The ARC triangle is simply a tool for increasing affinity, or “love”, should you choose to use it. Same with KRC. Please don’t talk about turds and raisins, because that is a generality and not helpful. Granted, in the church you do have to deal with that, because many people are not trained to properly evaluate data. Some data in Scientology is more important than other data. If you examined the senior data in Scientology, like the Creed, the Logics and Axioms, Auditor’s code, Code of Honor etc, you might find something you could use. Pardon me, but I look at all religion as a smorgasbord. Pick and choose what works for you. KSW only says to fix your misunderstanding before you alter a workable auditing procedure.

  40. LO,

    I remember hearing that tape too– I think on my B.C. It made the same impression on me as it sounds like it did on you.

    Sorry I don’t remember the name of the tape either, but if I run across it again, I’ll definitely let you know.

  41. Quite the post Marty. I dare say it will attract quite the harsh response by those who still feel hard done by. Can’t say I blame ’em as long as it’s done with some civility, many have had the high ARC associated with hope shattered within the confines of the Church. but that’s only one aspect.
    Personally, I think I’ve dug myself out of the mire pretty well and have come to accept the game associated with the attempt to tackle the subject of going free. I know it’s possible but there comes a point where one must stand on their own two feet and take charge of what has happened to them and give themselves a direction to go. One thing I know for sure is that if you just drift along in apathy or oppose for too long it’ll make a mess out of you, long term negative people are the pits.
    It is true for me that we are engaged in a war of sanity on this planet, to be starving, destitute, at war, unhappy, broke etc are all insane things given the potential the human spirit is capable of. If there is a way out of this mess it’s going to be a rocky road at best. I think that Hubbard, even with his faults so well magnified by some always left his legacy written down or spoken about so it could be examined and evaluated. It’s tougher now that it’s being altered somewhat but it’s still there if you look and being kept alive by some of us. To the negative people stuck in the cold war responses of the early days of Hubbard – ‘let it go’ spot who the enemy really is NOW and who continues to be an enemy.
    In an early tape before the PDCs LRH said “the goal of theta is to attain the potentialities of theta.” That’s quite the game with wonderful unknowns to explore and conquer. How could one seperate out a definitive definition of love for another – it’s a huge subject, as big as life itself. The varying degrees each of us express affinity, asthetics, reality etc depends a lot of ones abilityto grant beingness not only to others but most importantly to oneself.
    Love… splurge on it, and please keep the blame game in perspective, it is true, you make your own tomorrows.

  42. Marty, I was just thinking about this the other day (i.e. “Love” is encapsulated in all the aspects of “ARC”). And A, R & C are the underlying properties of life, of theta, and of living. With Affinity, Reality, and Communication being defined with such precision and clarity in the Scientology Axioms, Love is truly at the core of Scientology.

  43. “People who criticize LRH are just nattering – understand that – don’t be fooled.”

    Absolutist, extremist bullcrap. This is the sort of nonsense I’d expect from a DMbot.

  44. Hahahaha! Too funny!

  45. While LRH might have had his less pleasant aspects, as do we all, it seems to me that they have been emphasized out of any sane proportion by NCGs.
    I was on the Apollo when LRH was there. He had the love and admiration of the people around him because he was a truly great man who did care.
    The people who natter about LRH never knew him. Its observable that very few people who trained as auditors criticize LRH. Once you learn for yourself the results the tech can achieve when properly applied then nattering about LRH is about as sane as cutting off your head. It does require a fair bit of application to become a competent auditor. Each day seeing those whom one audits become greater and greater as beings is an ability that LRH gave us and for which he has at least a few dozen Kha-Khans due.
    Perhaps we can arrange a co-audit on ESMB running “From where could you communicate to a victim?” to full EP.

  46. C. James,
    Read R. Hilton’s post below. Then read New Slant on Life for understanding, as opposed to reading it for cannon fodder. Ease up! Let the concepts develop instead of criticizing them before they even enter your mind.
    Best regards.

  47. Michael-You are just poetic

  48. George and Marty,

    I have found greater understanding of ARC within the context of the relationships of the three kinds of energy- flows, ridges and dispersals and how they relate to one’s ascent or descent on the emotional tone scale in full. They play, together, like a full symphony orchestra. Then wrap that all that with the garland of KRC. You’re now the conductor.

    Nice neat packages of ‘threes’ that apply to one’s eight dynamics, i e, life.

  49. “You have no Power over me.”

  50. + 1 + 1 + 1 (and a little L O V E while we’re at it!!!)

  51. Hi GMW,
    Sacrifice – he calls forth an “offender” to be sacrificed. In front of the group their offenses are detailed in a fashion designed to humiliate. Details of personal sexual activities might be taken from their PC folders and used to humiliate them such as masturbation or homosexual impulses.
    DM is well experienced in sacrificing others to take the blame for his incompetence and evil purposes.
    I have to dig a bit to get the feeling of the tone level – its like an appeasement to unknown Gods – throw these unworthy creature as a sacrifice and perhaps I will be saved the Wrath of the Gods.
    It isn’t very workable as a survival mechanism as DM will discover before very long.

  52. Admit it, Marty:
    You are a hopeless romantic, dyed in the wool, lost to the ether, helplessly love-sick puppy of a guy
    … just like me.

    Ain’t we lucky? It comes from having Love in our lives, thanks to wonderful wives.

    Okay, one of us is a “little” more Cause than the other. I’ll let ya guess who wins that vote. :p

  53. Thanks for the reference Ralph.

  54. Hi LO,
    I doubt if this is the one you meant but it aligns. From Class 8 tape 1
    It is only because a person is out of dominant communication, or C, that you can have solo auditing at R6EW. He doesn’t any longer need a communication cycle. But he needs R. man and what he does is get heavy increases in R. And these increases in R move up, and if he has done all of his grades like a good boy, he will arrive at 3 with sufficient R to be able to flip over into A. And it’s uh, at 3 where it starts going into heavy affinity. Affinity is the dominant.
    You get into all sorts of conditions. You, when you get 3 you start finding yourself loving everybody, and so forth. So these, these are just some of the considerations as they go up along the line.”

  55. Guess they didn’t quite empty their venom sacks yesterday.

  56. Sue,
    Yes – as I posted earlier LRH refrained from talking about love a lot due to its ambiguity. Vampires who want to suck your blood will tell you how much they “love” you. There are many lower tone mimicries of love. Real love, as I understand it, is an outflow without any attached need or craving for inflow.
    Those who accuse LRH of not understanding love are usually charity cases looking for a handout or those who have been abused by DM’s regime and who have never experienced anything close to Scientology as practiced by LRH.

  57. jim cherkas,
    The “Church”, as it exists, does not resemble what LRH intended.
    The only people left to defend LRH are those who have detached themselves from it. The DM “Church” cannot stand up for LRH because it would make apparent that they violate his creation.

  58. And he is my friend too.

  59. Way back when there were all manner of amazing EP’s and abilities listed on the chart regarding the OT levels, such as OT VI, otherwise known as OTE for OT Exterior, which went on to imply if not state outright that the OT VI course/solo auditing would deliver that ability, including full perceptics exterior to the body. OT VII promised to deliver projection of intention as I recall. I doubt that the Church of DM delivers that. What about the independent field? Until such time that true OT abilities are being delivered … the subject by all rights should be on a research line, it is not a done deal, there is still much work to be done.

    As far as your choice of music … well, your choice is your choice, no accounting for taste. This one is a sentimental favorite of mine.


  60. Absolutely funny! Thank you, Dan. I offer some spare keyboards for that purpose – and some “no affinity whatsoever”, as well.

  61. Thank you Marty, this is what LRH was. And soon, he’ll be free of a monopoly again. I have had so many wins with the tech, I reached some state that I wouldn’t have thought possible. That was the reason for scientology to be : freedom, and this is why so many people are doing it.

  62. I come from the era of “Peace and Love”, which had it’s aesthetics-yes I remember the long flowing hair on both men and women. The love part often meant “free love.”
    In mankind there is a tremendous demand for love,but it can be hard to find because of the reactive mind. How many couples end up hating each other or cannot fulfill this demand for love? The marriage counselings I have done have handled about 90% of marriages, not only keeping them together,but actually loving each other-At the end, we(including myself) are all boo hooing and pulling out the hankies when they start proclaiming their love after years of not saying those “dirty little words.” I feel the other 10% should never have gotten married in the first place.Twas ARC that accomplished this miracle.
    Ron was never politically correct. Every era has it’s political correctness-every culture does. There can be love trends. Ron has given us the ability to really understand ourselves and others.

  63. Beautiful post Bryan!

    Many others including myself share your knowingness.

  64. I agree with you completely.

  65. I’ve always regarded this reference as a stable datum in many of the whirlwinds that tend to blow about. I believe it shows the spirit of the man, what he was about and what he was attempting to accomplish.


    When you hear people growling, when the lines are all awry, when the auditor has flubbed and the world of Scientology looks black, just remember that in the dozen years of sometimes despairing work and heart-breaking set-backs, the dream has yet come true. We have it now. We can and are clearing them all—and you.

    In Scientology just remember this when all looks dark:


    L. RON HUBBARD” (HCO Bulletin of 2 October AD12)

  66. If you’d google “love” you would understand in no time why LRH did not use this word more often.
    And even with the subject “affinity” there is a variable in the communication: The person reading about that will color it according his or her personal state and position on the tone scale. For instance, someone on the minus-scale will react by saying that there is no love and maybe that he he has “no time” to care about that. He cannot see love in another, as well. For him “love” is a kind of fraud.
    To realize that it is love out of which strength grows requires a much higher position.
    In my opinion it would take a moment of of trying out his boots. Just imagine you are out on a task to help a barbaric planet, just you on your own. How would you go about? How strong would you need to be to take it up with all the insane nonsense, stupidity, criminality and evil? With all the groups who overtly or covertly try to push conditions down? What magnitude of strength would be required from you?
    If you can answer that, then you have an idea, how much love this man was willing to create.

  67. An Incident occurred on the Flagship Apollo that had a profound effect on me.

    It reflected on LRH the character, LRH the man.

    It was on the Flag ship Apollo when LRH devised the 1st Introspection Rundown.

    There was an engineer on the ship called Bruce Welch and he went TYPE III. (Mental Breakdown) He had the power of madman crunching and bending metal with his own hands. He threatened to grab a carving knife from the Galley of the ship and stab LRH 133 times. He also wanted badly to stab Stuart Moreau the MAA.

    My dear Mike Rinder at the tender age of 17 years or so, had to bodyguard Bruce Welch from running down corridors stabbing others.
    He stood watch outside Bruce Welch’s cabin.

    Bruce was extremely explosive, screaming his threats in a rage and was put in a cabin for the safety of others. The only thing you can do on a ship is lock down someone intending to kill others. It is for protection of the crew. The execs of the ship wanted him immediately offloaded at the next port.

    But LRH said “NO NO NO! If we claim we have tools to the mind, then we can at least bring him back to sanity.”

    So LRH and Bruce Welch became penfriends ! They wrote to each multiple times a day. LRH found out in the comm cycles what precipitated his mental breakdown.

    We had to carefully study each nook and cranny of this Case History. This was the original “Introspection Rundown.” It electrified the Class XIIs.

    There was no chloral hydrate and no drugs. Bruce flipped right back to sanity with the 1st version of this rundown. I do not agree that this Rundown should ever have been exported given the result of subsequent results It came into existence because of an emergency on the high seas.

    But the point is that LRH who was the target of a loudly proclaimed and intended death threat, did not react as any human being might have. He was determined to HELP the pc.

    It was intensely emotional and highly educational for me to see how a potential assassin could be not only forgiven but so nurtured and cared for that he turned around and was made sane by the very target of his hatred and evil intentions.

    It gave me a private in-depth look at LRH, the man, and the Senior CS of the Apollo.

  68. Mike H., Did you stop reading before you got to this part of Marty’s post? –

    “Yes, Hubbard could be a harsh task master. Yes, he could roll up his sleaves and fight fire with a firestorm. Yes, his propensity to do so left indelible faults in the organizations he created ( e.g. the Guardian’s Office, and yes even Office of Special Affairs, etc)”

    The cartoon you posted isn’t even close to what Marty said……

  69. Scientology for someone who never availed themselves of it (training and auditing) or whose familiarity was post DM is somewhat confusing. Confounding, I believe is an excellent word.
    As to the mention (or lack of) the word love in Scientology…
    I have always been pretty much a “tough guy” to one extent or another. And not that I was, I just didn’t make the time for all the love that some crave or think they should see in others. No matter—it was how I was raised and it has served me.
    So I never went looking for love in Scientology.
    Surprisingly what I got from what I did do in Scientology was one heck of a lot more compassion, care, forgiveness and respect for my fellow man than I had prior to. I am a better father, friend, husband, co-worker and employer from my experience with the core philosophy of Scientology; a better citizen of the world.
    It has made me a bigger person than “what I had access to before”.
    If that’s not “love” than what is?
    And I only speak from my point of view—I see some pretty crazy stuff and behavior out there in the name of Scientology. I’ve experienced some of it too. I think Hubbard did some crazy things that I’m wishing he did not.
    I can’t control those things. I can only not support them and voice what I know to be true.
    Your Typical, Grouchy, Tough-Assed Cowboy

  70. Danke schön Ralph,

    It makes sense, but he explicitly uses a wording similar to “era of love” and new clears.
    In some years everything can be googled then !

  71. Great man, thanks in advance !
    Isn’t life beautiful ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  72. I agree. But I do think he does make it up to -3.0 (Owning Bodies).

    He certainly has been effective at keeping his kool aid drinkers at -6.0.

  73. A beauty. Text, and music!

  74. Thanks. Very nice.

  75. Gary, perceiving Reality does not necessarily mean agreement nor agreeing with the Reality.

    There are many Realities with which I do not agree, but because I can share their space (Affinity), I can Communicate with them, and therefore Understand them, whether or not it is my personal viewpoint.

    I agree with Marty Rathbun’s blog post. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of writings I’ve ever read about L. Ron Hubbard.

    Hubbard’s charting of what had been a vague miasma of multi-definitioned human emotions and attachments that parade as Love really is original, brilliant and axiomatic in its simplicity.

    The analysis of ARC-U (Affinity, Reality, Communication, Understanding) is one of the handiest tools in existence, the only real tool, that can unravel an “upset” in minutes by sorting order into the component parts of Relationships…be they with other people, self or things.

    Aggression, Hostility, Evaluation, all the zealots rabidly pretending to defend $cientology but in reality only serving their need for brownie points and approval are totally out of Communication with most of the world. They have no Understanding because they cannot even assume an opposing viewpoint (a different Reality) for fear it will negate, shake, or nullify their own. Hence they can’t occupy the space or be close with much of anything besides their own cloistered reality, which is more and more within the Cult Organizations controlled to be based on hearsay and evaluation — the diametric opposite of the definition of ARC and Scientology.

    At the end of the day, the man L. Ron Hubbard gave 100% of himself to sharing what he pioneered in the realm of thought and refining it into gradients so *all* could utilize it. The sheer volume of his work is admirable, his imagination is cosmic and the balanced pragmatism with which he employs it has produced, yes, a technology with repeatable results. But the underlying purpose of L. Ron Hubbard’s efforts are unquestionably evidenced by the fruit of this tree and what he thought about 24/7 — helping others. That is Love. Beyond human emotion.

    Any faults of Hubbard the man, or cultural details of place and time and environmental climates, they remain in the auditing room as something to address and shed (with the as-siness of total understanding) toward personal evolution. The same right that is yours regarding your own faults, errors, confusions and evolution. Otherwise, a whole lot of cliche’ name-calling could be slung between every single human being forever.

    THAT liberation is what L. Ron Hubbard unquestionably stood and lived for. That is what his life work is about. I know. Call it subjective opinion; sure, part of it is, based on experience and rapport, but it’s also empirical…because I can and do have ARCU for pretty much all Life, and a penchant for empirical observation.

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

  76. Marty !
    you got mail ! 🙂

  77. Marty,
    The first sentence you wrote, about LRH’s “shortcomings” made me think about something that LRH himself said many times. That he was just a man. A man with all the shortcomings that every one else has. No one can claim to be perfect and we all have our own “shortcomings”. It is what we do about them that makes us who we are. And the people who constantly talk about other people’s “shortcomings” usually are not wanting to look at their own. While I never joined the Church Of Scientology (I almost did until I read about the abuses of people, mandated by the head of the Church) that does not mean that I do not agree with what they believe in as a whole. And what you said about “Love”, Marty. Just because the actual word may not have been said or written by LRH alot does not mean it is not there. It is the action that demonstrates the meaning of the word Love. People say “I love you” all the time without meaning it. And to the ones who are always talking about what you used to be and what you used to do are the ones who refuse to see who you are today, and what you do to help so many. So, take what they say with a grain of salt and continue to do what you do.
    Lots of Love (truly)

  78. RH,
    Wow! Makes perfect sense. He is one low-toned person. I did not know he was into those type of activties. He sent me a series of CD’s and he was the star player. He talked for hours letting no one else utter a word. Then he blames others for his failure when there is no result.
    Thanks loads,


    Aristotle, Ethics, Book One, 6: “Good, then, would be used in two senses: good as an end in itself, and good as a means.” (With apologies. Aristotle engages his reader in systematic and rigorous logical analysis, and so is not really subject to “sound bytes”. This is in a discussion leading to conclusions about “happiness”.)

    I think there are broad misconceptions that Scientology is larger than life, when it is in fact an entirely consistent subset of life with the aim of enabling an individual to perceive life on his or her own terms. It could be said that both the ends and the means of Scientology are good, could it not?

    Why then, axiom 31? In auditing, goodness and badness are not evaluated. Dianetics and Scientology are at the core a set of technologies based on a data set based on life. To set one’s own purposes, to make one’s own evaluations and draw one’s own behaviors and conclusions about these, is personal (responsibility). There are opinions LRH inserted into Scientology, but it is, I imagine, a very thin line to tread, to keep God and the Eighth Dynamic out of Scientology, while at the same time managing to not ignore these critical considerations.

  80. During my 40 plus years involvement with Scientology, I had always assumed that a great amount of affinity WAS love in its truest sense. I was kinda suprised when this subject first came up a while ago (as some sort of criticism?). A lot of affection, caring, kindness …. these are all manifestations of much affinity. Yes, of course it helps to have a nice dose of reality and communication as well. And thus more theta relationships. I cognited during Conditions and Exchange – on the 8th Dynamic, infinity, no limits to time and space – that I had developed a great amount of affinity (and certainly communication as the receipt point on the comm formula) for artists who no longer had bodies – people like Mark Twain and Billie Holiday for example. You know, that there was NO LIMIT to affinity, reality and communication (and love). Yes, the potentialities of theta. Kind of silly really to “criticize” Ron or Scientology thought re: lack of the word “love” being mentioned enough. I attended a Christian Bible study last week and Proverbs in the Old Testament was the subject. Once again, kept hearing that “God is Love.” Well, Mr. God every now and then killed tons of people to make his point (one time killed EVERYONE except Noah’s family). Would that be tough love? (it was really for evreyone’s own good)

  81. Yawn. T/A. Zzzz. They may run out just with good acks.

  82. Sorry you feel that way Michael, I have read your posts and declarations and am glad you are out. I was in for 27 years, two stints in the SO, lots or training and less on the auditing, I was a Patron Meritorious. I give you these bonafides as I do have a little familiarlty with the tech. I simply did not get much of Hubbard espousing love. Call me a troll or whatever, i have friends who are indies, I have problem with what they want to believe. If you knew me IRL and the saw relationship i have developed with my wife since leaving the SO and the cult I beleive your comments would be different. I have had the chance to develop an incredible bond with this woman, soulmates doesn’t begin to describe what we have. So yes I can feel real love and I know that I never read or heard anything by Hubbard that came cloe to describing it in these terms. So when I read this article by Marty I felt compelled to comment. It takes alot for me to do on this forum and I rarely do.

  83. +1 The Co$ today tests one’s ability to refrain from hatred. Too bad they don’t heed.

  84. CJ….

    Ron had a case…big surprise. He made some organizational/policy mistakes and probably alot of personal 1 and 2 d mistakes as well (in my opinion). However, he wore many hats and he took on countless problems of magnitude. It all didn’t turn that well for him (or his own family). Yet, by giving the world Scientology, he has made it turn out more than fine for thousands of people; if they were able to apply it and if they were able to work with others who could apply it.

    Each hat he wore exemplified an aspect of who he was as a HUMAN BEING and when he was right…boy he was really right, and when he blew it…well, he could do that with flare as well.

    The important point to realize is that his INTENTIONS WERE TO HELP INCREASE THE TONE LEVEL OF EACH AND EVERY THETAN IN THIS SECTOR OF THE UNIVERSE…and that is no small goal. Despite any other reasons or intentions…FREEING THETANS FROM THEIR SPIRITUAL CHAINS IS WHAT KEPT HIM GOING. The Tech works to do just that…

    Also, ‘LOVE’ is a word that is a catch all phrase in the English language. But, if you define it by how he uses it in Scientology, then it is the highest form of admiration, and admiration is what will as-is entheta particles. Auditing and training place a thetan in a condtiion of creating admiration…thus making a high toned state of love possible.

    Is everyone running around creating admiration every minute of every day?…no, not enough… yet. But, is it possible to become higher toned and create more admiration particles than entheta particles with Scientology?…yes!

    Is DM concerned about creating admiration? Hell no.
    There is a distinct difference between the two beings…and the basic is INTENTION. SP intention is SP intention.

    Ron created a billion times more Good than anything “bad” or “mean” that he ever did. Like I always say…THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING, SIR.


  85. Just because someone is a rabid critic of LRH and/or Scn does not automatically mean s/he is an “SP”. This is a term that should not be bandied about willy nilly, imho.

  86. Ralph…so true…he isn’t even a Scientologist! I would write LOL, except it isn’t a haha funny. Also, he is a failed auditor, so if he isn’t an auditor he isn’t a Scientologist per Ron’s definition. He could be a Patron if he gave money…but he doesn’t give money…he just takes it!!

  87. Is this site not for differeing views? Thank you for the evaluation, but I have learned more about myself and others after leaving. I have learned that gays are not all 1.1, that some “psyche” drugs do help people and not others, I have learned that not everything Hubbard said was true and in effect he has been dead agented to me, and yes the character of a person who I am devoting my beliefs to does matter. I have learned what true love is though because it does not include a love for Hubbard I am a dolt?
    BTW do you always use ML in your replies? Do you know what it stands for? In the SO I really felt it was so insincere when it was used.


  88. Sorry, above should read I have no problem with what they beleive….

  89. Gary,
    Hmmm. I understand if you have upsets about the way you were treated in the Church. You probably didn’t receive much ARC. However, it appears you have a misunderstanding on the ARC triangle. Also, read…
    WHAT IS GREATNESS It got me through times when I wanted to really give up on someone and make them wrong for their actions. It is a great policy.

  90. he wasn’t little in any way…
    and , this is not the place to post that opinion if you are looking to change anyone’s mind…in case you haven’t noticed, the folks on this blog can forgive and believe that anyone can change and improve conditions. Ron did A LOT of GOOD. If you want to belittle him…go to exscientologists message board or some other pointless nattery website.

  91. Marty,
    RE: 18 Wheels

    I listened to it all the way through…very theta and very much to the point.
    I admit, tears swelled in my eyes.

  92. Tony DePhillips

    Nice song. I like people like the ones he sings about.

    I always thought that Scientology was really about people. People are usually messed up in different ways but they always have the gleaming light within that is never that hard to reach.

    The cult has become all about physical objects and the worship of the dictator and his money.

    He is not for people. I am not for him. I am not for the group of people who have lost sight of the good of others.
    I see hope for the philosophy of Scientology as long as there are still people that care about people. I see a lot of those types here.

  93. Tony DePhillips

    Gary, spoken like a true bot. As long as you think in black and white like that I think you will never understand Scientology.

  94. “[Elron was] …demonized by the Cold War establishment…”

    Einstein was demonized during his day. So was Isaac Newton. So was Joseph McCarthy. So was Richard Nixon. So was Bill Gates. So was George Washington.

    Whether other people argue with someone is irrelevant. Truth is verified. Truth is proved. Truth is not something that is agreed upon by a group of people. Truth is something that is provable.
    There is no proof that human souls are eternal. There is no proof that human souls inhabit different physical body forms over hundreds and thousands and “billion year contract” years.
    No one outside of the believers of scientology have found any truth of Elron’s theories. Why do you live believing the opinions of others? Why don’t you agree to a system of verification, and put these scientology theories to the test?

  95. This video has no relevance what so ever. It’s just a cool DBT song.

    (I love LRH, I know he loves me back.)

  96. Thought provoking post.

    Here’s my two cents.

    When you are kissing your lover, husband, wife etc. you are not talking about it.

    When you have finished, you don’t much talk about it.

    So a detractor might conclude that there isn’t much love in kissing your spouse.

    Who has ever seen a winning P/C recently out of session that did not exude love, or ARC if you prefer. They are beaming it all over the place. They aren’t talking about it either. They are it. It’s a beingness point.

    Those that might rail against the absense of the word in the materials are woefully ignorant of the clearly visible affects of the method.

    A blind man could see it.

    It is unnecessary in the written word because it is in the product in volume.

  97. In closing, LRH commonly used,
    “ML, (Much Love)

    Once I saw this,

    That says it all for me!

  98. An interesting read and thank you again for an insight in to your mind.

    A lot of people resent what they see as revisionism, such as the difference between hubbard’s official war record and what the church Of scientology portrays. Was his war record changed to cover up his true activities? We’ll probably never find an answer to that that will satisfy anyone just as there will never be a satisfactory answer for everyone regarding the UFO at area 51.

    Here’s the thing what really matters is what you do with scientology now. That’s really all. Think about we don’t know if Jesus existed or what he was really like. There’s no contemporary records. For all we know he could have been a snake oil salesman or even an implant. 😉 but what really matters today is what people do with the various religions based on what are supposed to be his teachings.

    I really wish peopLe didn’t need religion but sadly some do. The question is will this need be met in a positive way or not? You decide and what happens next depends on that choice.

  99. For the record I don’t think hubbard should have been in the list. Not because he was a saint or altruistic, he was neither but simply vecause he’s dead and so has no bearing on whether people believe in what he wrote or what they think of the church of scientology. Miscavige should be number one.

  100. martyrathbun09

    Gary, you’ve demonstrated you are chock full of mis U’s and/or false data. The two things you “learned”, implying you unlearned the reverse, are neither one Scientology.

  101. NO problem, We gonna do it. You want to help on it ?

  102. martyrathbun09

    Gary, if you really want to understand as you imply, you are in need of some word clearing. I don’t care how much you paid Miscavige’s war chest, you are demonstrating an abject ignorance on the subject. The answer to your not getting much “Hubbard espousing love” read my post – and clear up the misunderstood words. If you want to continue to make circular arguments, never acknowledging the points made, please go somewhere else for sympathy.

  103. Ingrid, that is an important observation. I have seen people in so called “love with each other” fist fight in front of their child. OK, that is not love that is an ARC break. So if all that case was out of the way, everything else would just fall into place and one discovers that with very high ARC, comes love. I have been in love with a lot of people for a long time, even people I haven’t yet thad the chance to get into ARC with! 🙂 So, anyway, love is a good thing and so is ARC.

  104. Tony DePhillips

    I don’t know if you are the same Gary that posted at the top of this thread but if so you are a troll as this post is almost an exact opposite of what you wrote above.

  105. Tony DePhillips

    I agree Laura Ann,
    I really loved LRH’s description of infinity valued logic. Not 2 valued logic as in RIGHT or WRONG.
    LRH said that no man was totally good or evil but that there is a gradient scale of goodness and evil with any man or woman.
    That is differentiation, sanity.

  106. martyrathbun09


  107. Brian Culkin


    This was a very insightful post. I absolutely agree there should be a research line in some capacity. Hopefully there will be one day.

  108. Joe Pendleton

    GREAT point Ingrid.

    And since we were and are still contemporaries, I’ll just say (and mean it):

    Peace and Love

  109. Tony DePhillips

    This made me think of something that I didn’t like within the cult.
    The GAT training DEMANDED that you be totally (absolutely) certain and perfect with the tech. I used to point out how LRH said that absolutes were unobtainable. This created lots of pain and suffering for me on my sec checks every 6 months. If I wasn’t totally perfect in all my actions and didn’t have TOTAL certainty of everything then now do I have an overt?? I would get things like this off as overts and would be swimming in BPC. Instead of using the tech on a gradient and making someone righter and righter. They seemed to use it as a weapon and make a person more and more wrong. Because the cult operates off of 2 valued logic. You are either for dm (1. good) or against him (2. evil SP). That is very abberated logic.

  110. Tony,
    Good one! I think I’ll look at that again. Thanks!

  111. Ralph Hilton

    And I’m quite close to Germany if you need auditing 🙂

  112. Thank you Marty for the song and the post.

    When I came into Scientology in the mid 80’s, it was this very point of affinity – reality – communication = theta, that attracted me. Learning about the communication cycle, the Tone Scale, how these relate to ARC and how these relate to love.

    I joined the SO in the late 80’s and loved it initially, despite many organizational faults and problems. I moved up the ranks and hit the Int Base (initially for training) in late 1991. I had trained as a Messenger (Commodores Messenger Org) and as such, trained on Messenger training routines (TRs), which all again, relate to affinity, reality, communication and the communication cycle. It all made sense to me and these were tools that I applied on a daily, hourly, minute-to-minute basis to live my life. I can say, without question, I had a vast group of friends who I really cared for, and that cared for me. I had family and my husband. I loved my work, and life was good.

    Enter David Miscavige. In 1994 I was promoted to the ranks of the Religious Technology Centre, and it was here that I saw, first hand, the basic destruction of the tenets of Scientology, from the emanating source – Pope on a Box — DM.

    There was an issue that he wrote and enforced in 1994 called the RTC Code of Conduct, which calls for RTC staff to be “almost cold” in their deadlings with anyone outside of the org. Gone was the use of the communication cycle to establish and build ARC and get things done. No — policy was enforced that there was to be no fraternization of any kind with anyone in a lower org. No discussion or talk of anything with someone posted in a lower org, whether that is chatting while getting a cup of coffee, or talking while off-duty after post time. Infact — if an RTC staff member showed affinity for any staff member that was in a lower org, it was an ethics offense — and there were many times when I was hauled into Ethics because I was too nice, I was fraternizing (by talking to or engaging in conversation with somone lower on the org) or literally for smiling at someone.

    The six years I spent in RTC were hell — and it was this very point — lack of direct enforcement to NOT use the LRH tools of affinity, reality and communication – that made the place so entheta (enturbulated theta). I was many times sent to do things in RTC that violated so many basic philosophies that I had trained on, and that violated the basic LRH foundations of the religion.An example was the day that I was sent to hand a golden rod issue cancelling the auditing certificates of Sandy Wilhere, a Class XII auditor, because she had backflashed or not responded correctly to DM on an inspection of the courseroom where she had been doing the Golden Age of Tech drills. I was handed an issue by my senior (Dianne Larsson) and given no explanation or background information on what had occurred or why this was being done. I was simply the messenger and sent to hand this golden rod issue to Sandy Wilhere (and another to John Eastment). I followed orders and went to CMO Int and called in the individuals concerned. I handed them the issues, with the correct “cold as chrome steel” personae and attitude — and they both promptly caved in and collapsed. I had taken their livelyhood and careers away in an instant. They were no longer permitted to audit anyone else — these two individuals who had spent the better part of their SO careers doing nothing but that. Sandy was beyond distraught. She could not stop crying and kept asking why this was being one — and being the robot that I was, I had no information to answer her questions. I told her to go to HCO Gold and I would meet her there. A part of me felt all of this was so wrong — so the least I could do was to talk to her in a quiet place and see if I could calm her down and get her to a point of cause where she could work out how she could take sort this situation out. I met her in HCO Gold and was talking to her for about 10 minutes when my pager went off. Sandy had been explaining to me how she the Golden Rod issue was wrong and she did not have disagreements with the Golden Age of Tech drills, so I told her to write it down and I would be back. I returned to RTC in answer to my page and DM had called a meeting of the entire org in the office where I worked. There were 30 + people crammed into this office and he was strutting up and down, ranting on about something that had really pissed him off. I entered, late, and the rant continued. Then about 5 minutes later the phone rang. The whole org looked at the phone and DM strode over and picked it up. Yes? What do you want Sandy? OMG! I nearly died on the spot. This was not going to be good — the writing was already on the wall. DM finished the phone call with Sandy Wilhere and turned to me and said that for Sandy to consider she could call me on my offce phone to report that she had a write-up completed on how she does not disagree with the Golden Age of Tech, then clearly I have been fraternizing and showing pity to her. I was removed from post on the spot and sent to dig ditches for the next week. My crime? I had been applying a little ARC.

    Skip forward a number of years, when the Int base imploded and the entire place was in a tone level of fear. I remember the exact point exactly when I realised that the organisation I was working for — the Sea Organisation and the Church of Scientology – no longer used, applied or followed those basic principles of ARC and communication. I remember thinking — this place has no resemblance to the religion I loved and joined so long ago. This is the complete reversal of LRH’s philosophies. My church is actually trying to destroy my religion.

    I am sorry for being so long winded – but you really hit a button for me. You see I think that ARC, communication, Tone scale, communication cycle, theta and so on — are the pillars that make Scientology work. Without them auditing cannot occur. Without them people cannot make gains. And they are lost in the current Radical Scientology.

    I am lucky, as an independent Scientologist — as I have a vast number of friends and family I again love and care for deeply. I have a new man in my life who I love and who shares my deep belief in the workability of LRH’s technologies and philosophies, and I am auditing every day and moving on Up a Little Higher, wih incredible wins and gains.

    I am experiencing today, what LRH’s Scientology is all about — and absolutely loving it. And for those still stuck in under the suppression and alteration and twisted-sister version in Radical Scientology, I truly hope you get to experience it too — as it is there. Do not become disallusioned that it is all bad. It is the man at the top (POB) who is working industriously to make Scientology NOT work, but once you are out from under his tendrils and influence, the secrets and wonders of L.RonHubbards work are as miraculous as the day he wrote them.

    Said with absolute love and a big smile.

  113. Barney Rubble

    As well, and that is a perfect analogy of what Hubbard is about. Yes he lied about his past accomplishments. But guess what? Many philosophers in the history of the world have had their shortcomings. And author’s as well (Hemingway for example).

    As a side note, I have to say the Data Series is LRH’s most brilliant product of all his policies. Absolutely incredible. Another lost technology in the now world of Corporate Dave.

  114. Barney Rubble

    No shit DF. As Marty pointed out to Tony O, Hubbard has been dead for 25 years.

  115. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 2.

  116. martyrathbun09

    Let’s not start adopting allegations as truth, “he lied about his past accomplishments.”

  117. martyrathbun09


  118. Valkov:
    Who did I quote? “Gary”.
    To whom was I addressing my reply, then? “Gary”.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  119. TG,
    I remember a lot about that from the PDC tapes. Brings back grand memories.
    Interesting simile in regard to a symphony orchestra. The Buddha used the simile of the Vena or ancient Sitar. Not too tight; not too loose. The middle way, of course.


  120. Tony DePhillips

    Nicely said Cowboy.

  121. Tony DePhillips

    I got this off the internet and read it awhile back and liked it. I thought that it was appropo to this topic.

    Technical Bulletins 1950-1952, Page 285
    (We hope that this is within “fair use” of copyrights as the whole Tech Volume is copyrighted and this story is only a minor part of it).

    ca. 1952
    Once upon a time there was a man, or perhaps he was not a man, who slept for a very long time.

    When he laid himself down to rest, the world was not too terrible. People were happy and their actions were productive and the green hills had flowers upon them.

    When he awakened, however, things had changed. He stood outside his cave and looked at the world. Yes, somehow it had changed. The hills were ugly and brown. Near at hand two women were quarreling. Far away a red cloud rose and when he looked more closely he saw that it was a battle. And so he walked down through the fields and towns trying to find what had happened.

    Men glowered at him. Children did not play. And there was little food and the haggard faces of all showed that each staggered under some heavy burden of grief. And the man, or perhaps he was not a man, saw that the world had come into trying times.

    He wandered about, understanding that here he faced a black enchantment, thickly laid upon the souls of men. Perhaps some sorcerer had done it to men, perhaps men had done it to themselves. But it did not matter. The world had gone mad. Somebody must do something.

    The man thought for many days. And then he made a golden ball and filled it with everything necessary to undo a black enchantment. It was a very pretty ball, on the end of an ivory stick. And it was very easy to use for one had but to hold it over the head of a human being and wish him well to break the thrall which held that being.

    And the man went forth and held it over the heads of dozens of people and did not tell them what it was and they suddenly smiled and became bright and the thrall was broken for them. And the man saw that this was good and so he showed many people how to use the golden ball and told them all that was necessary to break the black enchantment clear across the whole world.

    And some used it. But others said, “Isn’t it pretty! ” and began to play catch with it. And some said, “It isn’t really gold.” And some wanted to hide it for fear it would be stolen. And some said, “It’s GOLD!” and bought knives and pistols with it and fought. And some said cunningly, “With this POWER I can rule Earth.” And others simply ran about and said it wasn’t really a ball and that the man had stolen it from others and they clutched their black enchantment about them and whispered that the man had done it in the first place and that he planned to kill them all.

    But the man paid little heed. He tried to form companies to make the golden ball available to many. But the people in the companies said, “It’s mine!” ‘It’s power!” “It’s gold!” and “The man will kill us all!” and so they fought amongst themselves and threw dust over the golden ball and tried to dent it.

    And at last the man sat down in a desert place and sent his word about that anybody could use this ball that wanted it. And they sent officers and thieves and lawyers at him to say that nobody could use the ball.

    And they took the man’s captain and said they would imprison him for saying the golden ball was owned by everybody. And they made the government put guards around the man in case anybody sent him money to help ship the golden ball to everyone.

    And the man looked at these people and not one of them who hated the golden ball had ever used it in any way but only thrown dust on it and tried to dent it and he looked at the sly people who went up and down the roads saying, “It is not really gold!” “The man really stole it,” and then he looked and saw beyond these the haggard faces, the crippled children, the sorrowing women. And above all these he saw the red cloud of the battle.

    And the battle cloud grew taller. And it grew taller and taller as though it hung with fire up above an entire world.

    And the man, sitting in the desert place, looked at the golden ball.


  122. Oh come on-you’re just a little cuddly teddy bear.

  123. Well, I must admit, gettin older is the sh*ts.
    You start weeping at chick flicks and writin’ poetry.
    It’s all down hill from there!

  124. Karen, thanks for sharing this. A perfect story to add to the point Marty was making.

  125. +1. Exactly.

  126. +1

  127. Karen,
    Just reading the issues on the Introspection R/D while on the BC brought tears to my eyes at the love and care LRH had for each and every one of us, no matter what.
    Thanks for reminding me about that.

  128. I piggy back here with Bobo to say: Thanks Marty. Your posting here is excellent… “the concept of “love”….”it is the heart and soul of the subject.”

  129. And that’s the dance, isn’t it?

  130. Hey Bob, you should consider taking a flyin f**k at a rollln’ donut.
    Are you the new lab technition or what?
    No one has to prove anything to anyone.
    And you’ll be okay whichever way you elect to go in.
    Good luck to ya.

  131. Tony, that is a good point. I always thought there was something wrong people since I was born, but I could never quite put my finger on what it was so I never said anything about, Until Dianetics came along and then it was possible to speak from a more enlightened point of view. All people have a soul or a thetan that is not really that hard to reach or get in comm with if one really wants to, and Tony, I swear on my grave {which I haven’t laid down in yet} the only people on this Earth that ever complained about me trying to get in comm with them were members of the church! 🙂 Go figure! Even when they knew more about Dianetics and Scientology than I did at times! 🙂 Double figure.

  132. Dolphin Play

    Listened to 18 Wheels of Love, wow… the human spirit and love trump all.

    And Marty wrote about L Ron Hubbard: ” I’ll continue to think he would have been right in there pitching with Chester, doing his damnedest to coax him on up to cause over the elements that were trying to take him out of the game.”

    No question about it. And you do the same thing, Marty Rathbun.

    Cheers to Auditors and to the man who rose above the limiting sufferings of his humanity to give others tools to do the same.

    It. is. no. small. thing.

  133. Dolphin Play

    A Story, by L. Ron Hubbard. Exquisite. Prescient. And so full of heart.

  134. Thank you for sharing that.

  135. Hi Ralph;

    That is so true, what LRH said about how on OTIII your affinity level goes way up.

    I remember so often heading to ACR to drop off the folder and just how wonderful I felt, and it was so obvious to me that my A was gradually and steadily rising. I could really ‘feel’ it growing, and I knew exactly what it was, affinity, just as LRH said.

  136. Lana.

    What a great post. Thanks for filling in so much history. Sandy Wilhere and John Eastment and I shared much time track. DMs purge of the XIIs
    is quite something. Peter Buttery and David Gellie and Alain Kartunsuski were the fall guys of Miscavige’s personal interference of Lisa Mcpherson. They were just about slaughtered as well.
    Ray Mithofff has been declared SP for years in and out of SP Hole.
    Lots of trouble and problems in the current Class XII HGC.
    FSO is down to 8 of them
    Super Post Lana

  137. And then a bunch of guys and girls of good will saw the insanity, and started using the golden ball to heal people and make them happy, and the world grew happier. For the secret is … (to be continued).

  138. Yes, also very cool 18 wheels song. Hubbard would have been right there with Chester getting him to live. Hubbard was a great friend to mankind and I’ve known that for 40 years. I’ve never looked at Hubbard negatively based on any real or imagined imperfection some claim that he had. I know my own self well enough to know that I have done much worse things personally in my life than Hubbard has ever even been accused of doing in his. And to boot, to his credit he has helped many millions of people. I’m not a church member; I’m a fan of Ron Hubbard.

  139. Truth is, there were a lot of accomplishments he did not mention. We have a lot of looking to do before we realize the scope of the man. He gave it to us. Let’s make good on it. Axiom of Scn #28 is by itself a major work and if practised religiously would lead to marvels.

  140. Or how about this all time fav of Jesse for me.

  141. Joe-Peace and Love to you.

  142. And Gary, possibly some of the tech did enter your brain and helped you learn how to love? Maybe? Because to me, all of the tech is all about love. The application of weird ethics and weird admin because of a few idiots is not what Scientology was. You are A=A=A that because you ran into idiots who squirreled admin tech in the not-so-perfect church = LRH is bad. It really is A=A if you look at it.

    Much LOVE


  143. I just thought. People don’t like scientology because they haven’t had auditing really or are ARC X.
    From HCOB 4 reasons the PC blows, they are either “out list”, means being given wrong indic, false PTS item etc… and that create an horrandous BPC (LRH dixit) which lower their tone level.
    They have “Invalidation of case or gain” which mean release have been invalidated, like being denied EP of process or anything with 3 swings FNs for exemple, or bypassing a state or whatever.
    “No auditing” means I would say few intensives of “Im not auditing you”, having to redo NED when it’s not necessary, arbitrary set-up and so on.
    “Made to attest to something not attained”, like an incomplete review which doesn’t really free the BPC, still having a condition which is supposed to have been handled. (or being an “OTVIII” and still having amnesia on the whole track!)
    Well, those 4 reasons are daily occuring under DM, and they are no missions to handle ARC broken field. Just some SQB to worsen the condition!
    LRH, in the HCOB 4 reasons PCs blow says “people hate like hell to be denied Dianetics and Scientology”. Please, read this bulletin. It will blow BPC.
    To rekindle the church of scientology there would be just this two actions : offload DM, and do an all hands on applying this HCOB to the whole field.

  144. mark mckinstry


    Thanks for your post.

    Sandy was my last auditor.. she did my sec checks before routing out. I will always consider her a friend.

    She has more theta in her little finger than DM could muster in a lifetime. She has helped thousands of people and is a credit to the subject of Scientology.

  145. Martin Padfield

    Wow Lana, that’s a hell of a story. Have you written up your time at Int under POB somewhere? I for one would read every word. The way POB can so casually destroy another’s self-worth and willingness, not to mention ARC is still hard to comprehend. And for what? – all in the name of his own vanity and rightness. Extraordinary.

    The fact that you didn’t just make it out but now live such a fullfilling life, further enriched with the ACTUAL principles of ARC and Scientology is a wonderful testamant to YOU. I am sure you very proud of yourself and your family are proud of you. FWIW I am proud of you, and others who similarly escaped and rebuilt their lives. (Luckily for me my time at Int was short and long before the real madness kicked in).

  146. I appreciate your ability with the pen (keyboard).

    Some of Gary’s thoughts struck a chord within me, but each time I thought those thoughts over the years I also felt that something didn’t fit. It was, as Marty said, my MU’s. And as you said: “they have no Understanding because they cannot even assume an opposing viewpoint (a different Reality) for fear it will negate, shake, or nullify their own.”

    Reading this blog has given me more ARCU for the subject and for LRH because of the many varied viewpoints.

    And Marty, thank you for taking the time to put together what I consider to be one of your finest writings to date.


  147. I have said over and over Scientology is really about magic. There are harmonics of experience in this game enough for everyone. There are people who turn everything they come across into a tragedy, and Scientology falls in the path like so many other things to consider. It is not even about the tech, it is about the being and how they take it. I figured that out on HQS two weeks past sixteen. You can lay a hundred grand in front of of 100 different people and how they make that work will be different between all of them. Some will use it to bring more misery upon themselves. Some will turn it into an empire. It is really not about what was written or shared, it is about how the people used it. And that is on them. Just like all the rest of the offerings in this section of the universe.

  148. “The aim of Scientology is a new era of love instead of hate and a reign of sanity instead of chaos.”

    — LRH, from the article Why Feel Guilty?, 1969.

  149. Mark,
    I am sad to say I heard on the grapeine that Sandy Wilhere dropped her body in the last 12 months or so. She had been shipped of the Int base to PAC and had an unhandled medical condition.
    I had been wanting to track her down to apologize to her for the part I played in the cancellation of her auditing certificates — and was stunned to hear she had dropped her body.
    She was a wonderful being, full of ARC and with a tremedous love for her preclears.
    She will be back – – and she is welcome in my home anytime. As you point out — she has more theta in her than DM could muster in a lifetime. And I know there are many, many of us who feel that way about her and send their love.

  150. LO,
    I have researched almost all of the references that LRH made to Buddhism but the one you talk about has escaped me. Actually, if you find it, please post where I can see it.
    He does align the Clear with an enlightened being and he talks about the great legacy of Buddha Gotama and the desire for a civilized world.

    LRH by-passed the technology of original Buddhism and actually followed the Pudgala-Vadin Buddhist school. The Pudgala -Vadins believed in the exteriorization of the spirit and this view developed about 500 years after the Buddha’s death. LRH wanted a more survival oriented approach.
    You might want to start with the following reference, if you have not seen it:

    December, 1966, Dianetics, Scientology and Beyond.

    Much loving-kindness,

  151. Karen,
    Yes POB has been working since the late 80s to remove any tech terminal of worth and to assassinate the character of any respected, honest and dedicated tech exexcutives.
    What Ray Mithoff has been subjected to is beyond belief. From the early 90s to 2003 I saw things done to, and said to, and said about, Ray Mithoff that are hard to write down. It is in this way that POB has elevated himself to a position where no one will question him on technical lines, and it has enabled him to alter and change LRH technology for the sole purpose of being able to control, manipulate and blackmail people. It is sick,sick, sick.
    The good news is that what goes around, comes around. There is NO escaping the over-motivator sequence. POB will get what is due. And he knows it, deep down there, somewhere. Thus he is TERRIFIED of Marty and of Mike and the Indi’s.
    There is no escaping what is coming to you Dave. Your crimes are so horrific and of such magnitude, the motivator is going to be commensurate.

  152. Lana — Thank you for this.

    I love Sandy Wilhere. I hope she is well although I’ve heard she is suffering from MS.

    Reminding me we MUST continue the drive to get the White House petition signed …

    It’s slowed down the past 2 days considerably —


    Friends will sign it. They’ll do it for you and your friends still locked up.


  153. LO,
    Also, Hymn of Asia, as a poem, is close to the idea you are looking for.

  154. BTW for more personal insight into POB the man — check out the signifcant postings from Marty’s blog on the creep, his negation of ARC and creation of entheta.
    Link is:

  155. The Back End of a Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill:

    THIS is how a friend succinctly described HOW communication gets distorted.

    I was bemoaning how “wrongly” some people were interpreting and relaying the recent letters to our buddhist community from the current lineage holder.

    My friend said — “It’s as if his message begins as a cool breeze over a beautiful crystal clear pool of water in the Caribbean and then as it passes through the egos and (reactive) minds of people arrives at our center

    Wisdom teachings have always had to contend with the misinterpretations of ordinary people, filtering those teachings through their eyes and ears who cannot see or hear.

    Those of us who work hard to see and hear are tasked with using those very teachings to help others to see and hear. Then they too can stop suffering.


  156. I never had LRH up on a pedastel, so when I would find faults, that did not knock him off some idealized picture I may have had of him. He told me he was a man, and through all my dealings with him and his family, I found that to be true. He was a man. Most people who do something that leaves and impact have failings. You cannot put that much energy of your life into ONE thing and not have failings in other areas of your life.
    he was human. Yes, he used a lot of information from a lot of previous philosophers, but he never denied that. He simply compiled what he found to be the best of the best. He told me I can take what I find true for me and leave the rest behind.

    This in now way is meant to support the abuses of the Organization itself. There are plenty of Sociological Studies that show these abuses of the group are inherent in human nature. Doesn’t condone it, but it gives us a broader view to look at it.


  157. Amen!

  158. That is startling Lana, and quite well done your write up on it. My opinion, let DM and the “minions of the church” keep their almost cold as steel feelings with anyone. People are achieving and enjoying their freedom way above and beyond what the church is currently capable of every day, without one “Godenrod” or such being issued by the public to anyone or any kind of restriction being placed on a person for having ARC with another. There is something the matter with them Lana. It all boils down to DM, the evil dictator, and proof of his lack of ARC with people shows up every day, empty orgs, closed missions, bad PR, public protests, exiting members and lawsuits and petitions against the church. Excellent, Lana.

  159. +1

    I used that policy for my internal mental soothing when I lived and witnessed others around me living the personal bashing predicaments and Catch 22s of Sea Org and Scientology bureaucratic life.

    When I look back on Hubbard’s legacy of undoing a human being’s mental quagmire, it’s in the Case Supervision Series, that Hubbard shines and his love of mankind shines through the most, in my opinion.

    Improving the person’s case, one has to admit Hubbard has the person’s case improvement as almost sacrosanct.

    If there is a transference of LRH’s love for mankind, it comes across when you read his tech writings, and you envision the task of properly doing the tech to people.

    The tech, meaning the C/S Series, the Subject Volumes 1-4, particularly 3 and 4, where all the processes and rundowns are, that is the guts of Scientology, and if one is grade Hubbard, my beef with outside researchers has been to study, and see what is in those writings, which have been plainly in the public domain since 1977 when the first red volumes came out.

    I think in his tech writings, LRH is as his pan-determined best.

    And in arguing WHY are people still interested in Hubbard’s legacy, and WHY are even people who’ve left official Scientology, still interested in Hubbard’s legacy, I’d suggest you ALSO tell them to sit down and read through the C/S Series on a weekend!

    And urge them to peruse Subject volumes 1-4, in their entirety, for a few weekends, and NOT skimp on it.

  160. In a taped lecture by LRH, I once heard him say that he was taking control of people with auditing in order to help them attain independence. In fact, I think he even implied that in the end his control was temporary. I always connected this to high ARC and self-determinism.
    In my opinion, this is what Mr. Miscavige really lost. I don’t think he has even the slightest notion that anyone could exceed him in ARC. In actual fact, as discuused on this blog, he has really, really low ARC.
    In my opionion, just that little shift in viewpoint to the LRH attitude, would greatly increase the number of Scientologists.
    In actual fact, in Theravada Buddhism in our local community, we are experiencing an expansion. We don’t even promote. I have received over 10,000 mailers from Miscavige over the past ten years but no ARC.

    Much loving-kindness,

  161. I was put on the post of CO of a major org in 1972 by the 1st eval done of a Cl V (then IV) org. This eval established the Programs Bureau. I can’t remember who did the eval. It was approved by LRH. The first directive in the eval echoed a telex LRH had sent to me a couple of weeks earlier. Those words were “learn to care for people”. If anyone who worked with DM has heard him express those sentiments or any like them, I love to hear the anecdote and the circumstanes.

  162. PS: I put together “care packages” of books for serious university researchers. In the past 4 years I’ve relayed former members’ libraries, and in particular, the red vols and green vols sets, to 4 different universities where scholars ASKED for these materials. Anyone wanting to donate their red and green volumes, I’ll give you addresses to send them to, or send them to me. NO ONE has yet reviewed the C/S Series, for example, in academia, nor the full Subject Vols 1-4, and that is a huge omission, or it shows how young Scientology is to being even STUDIED for fricking real, by outsiders! How LRH writes in the guts of the Scientology subject, I’d argue is NOT understood let alone emphasized correctly, due to this lack of doing the dull reading and research in depth, of just reading and reviewing in detail, the Subject Volumes 1-4. A non superficial study of Hubbard’s tech legacy hasn’t been done.

  163. Great story, and history. Karen, I’ve so wished tech veterans would tell similar stories, of what they know, for every one of LRH’s important tech writings, as there are stories to every major idea he came up with.

    Priceless important history.

  164. Out of necessity there’s been a need to address adverse, contra-survival issues for some while now. Marty has and is doing a standup job and that’s putting it mildly.
    So it’s refreshing to have the opportunity to read his words regarding LRH, a 180 degree, diametrically opposed subject to…other subjects. No, more than refreshing. This post and subsequent comments are a microcosm of the Indie movement.
    Anyone who has trained in and applied Scientology tools knows exactly what’s going on. Anyone who had studied and understood Science of Survival is probably doing what I’m doing; reading these comments and reveling in how spot on LRH was in his observations.

    Nuff Said

  165. and what a video huh?

  166. sara finning

    Greek philosophers had sub categories of love: agape, philias and eros. One doesn’t necessarily exclude the other, and guess it’s like there being over a 100 eskimo words for the word snow as it’s more descriptive.

  167. That was a good one.

  168. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this. To answer you question – DM never uttered it, nor demonstrated any intention like that in the 26 years he was around me.

  169. Love does not exist in the thimble of words and logic. Love that needs words and explanation is not love at all. Love has no doubt or denigration, no confusion or conflict. Love rises as fog from lakes, and is as easily touched. Love cannot be held or placed in jars. Love cannot be counted in ledgers nor added or subtracted.

    Love is the essence of contradiction: to hold tightly while allowing complete freedom, to commit wholly to that which needs no commitment, to grasp so thoroughly that through which the hand passes without touching.

    No sonnet has ever been written as ship to carry forth love successfully if love did not exist upon that shore. Love cannot be shared where love does not exist in both.

    Words are but reminders of what is known already.

    To ponder the meaning of love, to ask the science and particulars of love, is the folly of those who find gods and chariots in the configurations of stars. Love is known.

    Or it is not.

    And cannot be known until known.

    Another of love’s contradictions.

    Love is neither found nor lost. A life shattered by a friend’s passing has not lost love, but merely become confused by sundered attachments. Love exists in every cell and molecule, in every feeling and idea. That love becomes mistaken does not mean the sun disappears when a man becomes blind.

    We do not need to create love, but merely clear the rubble and find what lies beneath.

    To see love’s sun, we need only open blind eyes. Not the eyes of flesh embedded in skulls, but the eyes of one’s soul, which have no form. From love, all things spring, for love is the source of all creation.

  170. I am not writing this to be rude or hurtful. Please do not misunderstand that.

    In our culture, it is perfectly acceptable to finely tear down those in the public eye. It is done to unseat the superior nature of the target, to fleece the lamb so to speak, so one can feel the nature of a man or woman celebrity as a normal person, not elevated in any way. Our culture, underneath, has a strong current of absolutism that all people, things, happenings and experiences must be sorted into absolute boxes as predefined by opinion, outdated values and ideals, and obsolete cultural norms.

    When someone is different, unique, or beyond absolute definition the culture has a tendency not to understand that person or identify with that person. Instead, there must always be reasons to discount them, tear them down, lay waste the superiority of one person for another. No man or woman has been without aspects of their persona that are “shiny, blameless, and perfect”. There is no one person that fits the stable cultural role model of “Jesus” or “perfect” beings that so many people expect from people of greatness. The human nature that is dark and sometimes ugly exists in all humans, no matter what wisdom they have imparted upon the world at large.

    Denial of LRH the Man equates to blind worship. Yes he lied about his past and yes he lied about other things and wove intricate stories of his life and adventures. He was, at base, a story-teller as he got his start in fictional literature. The only thing that this truth lays bare is that LRH was a human, with human faults, and human nature like many other people in the world. The absolutist box that many try to cram him into fits in someways, but in others it does not, though they feel the need to shoehorn him in there as best they can. They do this because our society encourages it, for all things must have definitions that are either positive or negative in nature.

    I do not hold all things LRH has said or written as an absolute truth or an absolute lie. I do not sort things into boxes of right or wrong, black or white, good or bad. I do take what is said and what is true for me is true for me. The smallest and tiniest passing phrase LRH ever said: what is true for you is true for you, gets overlooked by the absolutist because it dismisses absolute definition and dispels the nature of absolute judgement.

    LRH was not beyond human fallacies. He was not beyond human nature. He was not perfect, as a matter of fact, he was less than perfect. This is easy for the non-absolutist to see and accept because preconceived notions of right and wrong, good and bad, black and white are not in a full spectrum of true understanding, friendship or familial relationships. The need for religious leaders to somehow be perfect (and not order Rentboys to shuttle their luggage) and blameless (therefore being without fault or imperfections) is akin to someone asking another to put away the human nature and live according to these absolutist rules that are impossible to follow (celibacy is absolutist and denies a human from procreating, thus suppressing the need to survive though pedophiles are inexcusable rightly). Not even Jesus, who supposedly wanted to die for all our sins, fits into the box of absolute perfection when he says “My father, my father, why hast thou forsaken me?” Imperfection at is best, glossed over by Christians everywhere.

    LRH was a man. Why is it so difficult for others to understand? Societal absolution. Once that expectation of perfection dissolves (some who have friends who have done bad things but you like them anyway) and becomes logically appropriate (I forgive my friends of the bad things they may have done in the past as they obviously live a different way now) I feel the majority of the people will understand that those with spiritual wisdom are not perfect nor are they exalted.

  171. This is an interesting point. Some people, who have never had to work in or around POB could mistakenly interpret some of his actions as “caring” for people. He certainly PRs his own deeds and actions as being done for the good of everyone. His broad sweeping evaluations and programs, his orders to get a select person who is in trouble sorted out and so on. But, he is classic 1.1. Look beyod the social veneer and there is no ARC or caring for anyone. He hates people — he uses people — he controls people — he blackmails people — he destroys people.

    I had an OSA troll write to me a year ago — a former SO member I used to work with in CMO International. She wrote to “remind” me that when I had a major accident in 1993, it was DM who looked after me and came to check on me every day. She told me that I should never forget this, and to not be swayed by “lies and Black PR” about Dear Leader. I responded by telling her that I remember the time period well. After 4 weeks of a nasty bullbaiting game DM had targetted me with personally (mis-pronouncing my name intentionally and pushing my anchor points in), I had a severe accident at Flag (I had been sent there as part of the Int Honour Guard for Sea Org Day) . I had fainted face-forward onto a cement floor in the Flag Auditorium, after standing at attention for over 2 hours (an order from DM) in front of the entire Flag crew. I cracked my chin, put my teeth through my lower lip, snapped off a whole section of my top jaw (with 3 teeth) and broke both jaws. I had to have oral surgery and was wired shut for 6 weeks, losing 25 pounds in the process. When I returned to post, DM came to visit me every day after lunch, searching me out, under the guise of caring. What he actually did was taunt me and crack jokes in an effort to get me to laugh, which was painful. He shortly after ordered that I be replaced and sent to RTC — and it did not take me long after that to see without the rose-coloured glasses that any idea that he was a caring man was completely false.
    No, he is a man incapable of caring for another. I saw him work methodically to cave people in, to unstabilize staff by constant post removals, to invalidate and evaluate others, and to drive people down scale.
    Years later, when I was offloaded from the Int base for something I did not do, I appealed to him for justice. I was still thinking that somehow he would care — but I was RPFed and I later found out through my husband that it was infact DM who had ordered me offloaded and RPFed.
    My story is mild compared with many many others who have been targeted by DM. My heart with the friends who are still locked up and subjected to his emotional and physical abuse.

  172. And I guess that’s Davie McSavage in a nutshell, eh?

    That poor soul has never learned to care for anyone.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  173. He isn’t the same Gary at the top of the thread – far from it. Just the same name. Made me wonder for a moment if it was deliberate.

  174. Yes I liked Sandy Wilhere is she still in?

  175. Ditto all above, and thank you Karen for this telling first person observation and story about the real LRH.

  176. “Truth is, there were a lot of accomplishments he did not mention.”


    I’m a firm believer in the 3 Storys philosophy: There’s Your Side, There is My Side, and there is the Truth.

    Also, Socrates,”I know that I do not know.”

    So whether or not LRH lied about anything, who’s truly to say? Apply “Look. Don’t Listen.” Apply the Tech. Report to Qual when you find something “doesn’t work.” And keep your eye on the mountian.


  177. I agree with your write up Karen , But I will add Not only just tech people , it also applied to adminstrative productive hard working staff also , Any one that was actual doing well , Power stats got hit . He also invalidated any written reward given staff by LRH eg awarded OT III
    and stay at Flag, invalidated the authonethicness of the reward by LRH and even supportive acknowledge from his daugther Diana who was backing it. thats when she was in DIV 6.

  178. I am very sad to here this about Sandy She was a love;ly person,full of arc, directness,a nd with kindness aswell Rest in Peace Sandy

  179. There are two ways to be fooled.
    One is to believe what isn’t true;
    the other is to refuse to accept what is true.

  180. Oh Lana, Sandy is gone? That’s just not okay. She didn’t die of MS, she died of Miscaviage. I had lots of talks with her on Saturday renos and she talked of DM then. She personally told me that DM made the love of her life divorce her (Greg). She said had been busted several times by DM over the years, he seemed always to be gunning for her. Then this time you were sent to bust her. She died because she loved LRH, loved the Sea Org, loved the tech and loved people and refused to leave the Sea Org even if it meant her demise.

    Sandy is good people. I miss her.

    Love, Tom

  181. Dear Lana,

    Sad story but beautiful insight to one of the people I always liked and admired – you.

    If you provide me with your email I’ll write you if alright with you. You know me for sure.

    Thanks, Raul

  182. I agree 🙂

  183. I’m with you on this Mike, there’s not much standing in this quote, “People who criticize LRH are just nattering.”

    Especially in view of the clearly well written and elaborate response Marty has provided as food for thought.

    Little scientological jabs such as these do a great injustice to the entire subject in my opinion.

  184. Great story Karen. It really exemplifies LRH. Mankind has never had a better friend 🙂

  185. And BTW, for those who don’t know, I’ve known Robin for 32 years. He was my course supervisor when I first got into Scientology in Dallas in 1979. Today, he is a Grad V auditor in the Indie field. He represents a hell of an opportunity to move up the Bridge. Go Robin!

    This post reminds me of something. I remember how, back in the day, when people got into Scientology, suddenly every good thing came their way. Scientology had that effect on people. That effect was lost entirely with the subversion of the CoS, but has been restored with the Indie movement and is restored for each individual who joins our ranks. That effect is the result of the power that exists in theta lines, the lines of understanding — affinity, reality and communication. Understanding conquers all and good things zoom into it’s realm.

  186. Tony DePhillips

    Interesting Lawrence.
    Have a nice weekend.

  187. I think love as a word had a lot of abberated baggage. I also think as with many things LRH truly defined and identified what real love actually is.

  188. For those of you who don’t know, the attacks on LRH were started by the Psych’s back in the 50’s shortly after DMSMH was published. Why? Because LRH refused to let them have the rights to Dianetics for the purpose of mind control. He made it very clear that his intention behind writing the book was to HELP people, not to “control” them. So the psych’s started feeding false data to the media about LRH and they have run with it ever since, right up to PT. It’s the same lies over and over and over. I have yet to see any reporter or media outlet come up with anything new about LRH in the 35 years I have been a Scientologist. LRH didn’t include them as illegal PC’s in A to J for no reason.
    Anyway, thank you Marty for your post. I found it heart warming 🙂

  189. Nice. I saw Jesse Colin Young perform at Winterland in S.F. back in the 1970’s. Pleasurable memory from my youth.

  190. Don’t be afraid of these people. They really have no power, except to maybe irritate the heck out of people. So they are critical, it is still an idea communicated. At least you know that they are readying what people are saying here. Isn’t that the point of a blog that is public? I publish anonymously, so I can’t criticize when other do too. It allows me to say things that I wouldn’t otherwise. Marty knows who I am and can reach me if he wishes. I think it is commendable that he allows different viewpoints to remain posted. It is healthy and what the Internet is about. LRH and Scientology should be able to stand up to scrutiny.

  191. Lana,
    Thank you very much for your story. It is so telling that PoB issued written policy against the use of ARC. It took a couple of stories like yours and my own observations of the effects downstream to realize that Mr. Miscavige is indeed an SP.
    A friend outed an SP once in a skillfully directed discussion which resulted in frogs popping (figuratively) out of the SP’s mouth, along the lines of “For me to live, everyone must die.” He also exhibited most of the anti-social characteristics.

  192. A most excellent post.
    Very Theta.

  193. Marty you outdid yourself on this one. It was to me a beautiful and wonderfully written work of art. A long time ago in San Francisco, we used to get telexes from LRH for various reasons, all theta and all signed “Love, Ron”. IMO all of Scientology training and processing is based on awareness of ARC and KRC. What’s not Love about that?

  194. It’s nearly impossible to run out without a good ack. The beauty of a widely read blog like this is that so many MU’s can be cleared by a single answer and so much charge can be indicated by a single old timer. To not answer critics correctly, is to leave them and those with similar charge hanging forever (R/S SOP).

  195. The way i see it was Hubbard put the idea in all our heads that if you agree with me then we have “affinity”.

    Since I only know Hubbard by his Writings, maybe you would be so kind and post some references where he wrote such a thing?

  196. And even trolls have to be cleard one day. And communication is a tool, whatever the tone level (preferably 0,5 higher).

  197. Very well stated.

  198. Hubbard was a lying, abusive, racist little shit. Get over it.

    * This post should be wiped. Nothing said … 100% pure ESMB Troll.

  199. Yes, so well put! Thank you!

  200. Another Layer

    Chuck – This is great work that you are doing. We spoke several weeks ago and I continue to work through the notes from our conversation. Thank you.

  201. 2hp: Thanks for posting here. Nice to have your voice added to the choir (though I know you have been a backup singer for a long time….)

    As for your question — caring for people was not POB’s strong suit. Much more on the other side of the equation — i.e. “if they can’t look after themselves it is only because they …” too weak/low toned/pathetic/DB… Don’t cater to downstats. If they need anything, its SEC CHECKING FPRD style.”

    Unless of course, there was something in it for him to appear compassionate (like being overly concerned and “moving mountains” to help a close family member of a celebrity).

    Now, I will tell you that the times I have seen him do something that would appear to be caring is when someone has been physically ill in his presence. He has called doctors and made sure they got medical attention.

    But as for the attitude of how Scientology organizations are to operate, caring for the public individual is abotu as far from the philosophy of POB as you can get. Caring for their bank balances would be about the only phrase that caring could fit into.

  202. Very, very nice.

  203. Lana — Love the art work you put together for this one!

  204. Great win.

  205. Lana — Yes, Ray was a favorite target of POB. He is one of the gentlest people I have ever met, and you are right, the things I have heard about him really could not be repeated…. But then again, as Raul noted, the 3P on that base about EVERYONE was astonishing.

  206. Very theta post.

  207. It’s great to get a visual of POB

  208. “The Psychs” this….. “The Psychs” that….

    Big fat generalities.

    Nothing but CCHR/IAS 3rd Party PR Lines used to extort money from Co$ members, amigo, too.

    You seem to have swallowed this hook, line and sinker.

    Michael A. Hobson

  209. Ralph

    If you really want to get a look at “sacrifice” from a relatively safe viewpoint, (beings as you are not actually experiencing the real situation in present time), perhaps look at it along these lines.

    Imagine yourself in this situation.
    Suppose that the bear that has been chasing you has you down on the ground and is still attacking you. You are well below terror. You have tried everything including “playing dead” and nothing has worked. The “suppressive” (the bear in this case) is still attacking, and you know it is getting worse, so you offer him your leg, in hopes that he will take it and leave you alone, or not treat you so badly and that the pain and being “out of your mind” with terror will ease up. Sacrifice isn’t really sacrifice unless you are giving something that you truly value.

    Have fun…

    Eric S

  210. Another Layer

    Thanks for embedding!

    And that brings another favorite song to the mix … okay, so it’s more about being in love … or having great wins (yes!!!).

  211. Lana,
    Stunning. Testimony such as yours, and Karen’s and others’ – formally published or just recorded on blogs such as this, help us all to see behind the painted curtain and know the real measure of the parasitic entity who would be emperor. It is not pretty.

    I am personally thankful to all who take time to write and document their experiences – story by story. In sum, these stories are validating as we know that our individual experiences and perceptions are not isolated. These stories actually rehab and validate states attained and knowledge gained. They increase our “love” and compassion (ARC) for one another.

  212. OT VII promised to deliver projection of intention as I recall. I doubt that the Church of DM delivers that. What about the independent field?

    I’m told they do when requested, or C/Sed for to handle something.

    Many people do the original OT Levels in The Freezone after Completion of Solo NOTs, and there are very well trained Auditors & C/Ses here to help anyone with that.

  213. Mike: I agree. Ray was a gentle soul AND a big fan of country music BEFORE anyone (that I knew of) had ever heard of it. Had a framed picture of Willie Nelson in his CS office.


  214. Another Layer

    ^^^ +1

  215. I cannot imagine the ability to get a pc to clear without love. You have to be willing to be there with the person and intend to assist him. I really don’t know how you could even start without love for people and a wish to make a better life for all the beings around you.

    If you did not love your fellow man you definitely would never believe that he was basically good.

  216. Lana,

    Thanks for telling that story. It is a true insight into DM’s character. He exemplifies the characteristics of a 1.1. Talks apparent theta but intent vicious.

    And he probably justified doing this to you for no better reason than that you are taller than him!

    I’m glad you’re out now and doing well.

    L, Scott

  217. Fantastic!!

    Love the line: “That love becomes mistaken does not mean the sun disappears when a man becomes blind”

    Love is theta. Love is buddhanature or tatagathagarbha, Christ-conciousness.

    Love by any other name or no name is still love


  218. What a neat story.

  219. Your humble servant

    Thank you, Lana. Such personal, first hand stories are extremely valuable.

  220. Another Layer

    Thank you so much, Lana.

  221. Speaking of love- a little Elvis-BTW great pictures

  222. Truth is verified. Truth is proved. Truth is not something that is agreed upon by a group of people. Truth is something that is provable.

    There is no proof that human souls are eternal. There is no proof that human souls inhabit different physical body forms over hundreds and thousands and “billion year contract” years.

    Oh, the Proof is there, just not by your false Standards.

    The Fact that every facet of my Life has improved should be invalidated because my attestation cannot be seen in your Petry Plate?

    Someone now smiling and causitive about life instead of being unhappy and the effect of it which can be easily noted by observers, would be immaterial because no change was found in blood tests?

    MEST Tech addresses MEST. Tech in other Universes operate on their particular laws.

    Theta is not MEST.

    Wrong tools.

    The Tech on “human souls” more accurately described as “Theta”, is the Technology of Scientology.

    Thus prove to me that that physical laws exist without making use of any Physical Law Technology, invalidating observation as well.

  223. Fantastic product! Great compilation of stories, and beautiful, too!
    Thankyou. (I hope you will keep adding chapters).

  224. Your humble servant

    While I do appreciate your perspective, I think you make a mistake in stating that Ron was giving to “lying” as though that were a known fact. Many people have been repeating that story as though it were proved to be true, and to my knowledge it has never been proved to be true. There are simply conflicting stories out there.

    One should never forget that there have been vicious campaigns to discredit Ron dating back to the 1950’s, just as The Count has described here below. Amidst a sea of disinformation perpetuated for years, one should be very reluctant to accept negative stories about Ron as unvarnished truth, even when it is claimed they are “documented.”

    Perhaps he did exaggerate or make up some things. I wouldn’t know and wouldn’t blame him if he did. However, in listening to hundreds of LRH lectures, and having studied hundreds of LRH bulletins and policy letters, Ron has always come across to me as honest, caring, and speaking from the heart. I have also heard Ron tell remarkable tales about his personal life repeated with little variation in the details in separate lectures given years apart. To me this lends a ring of truth to them. Moreover, he never insisted that people believe him, or believe in him, but on the contrary stated that people should question everything and investigate for themselves, as in the lecture Differences between Scientology and Other Studies

  225. Ingrid: POB POV 🙂

  226. Dear Lana,
    Again I want to thank you for the superlative post above. It really was informative, beautifully written and historical.
    I used to have such an upset with Ray Mithoff.
    It was a massive ARC break of Long Duration. As I watched the tech get perverted ~~ the Golden Age of Technical Bullshit, the 3 swings of the needle to call the FN, the extreme arrogance and misleading falsehood of “The Blind Leading the Blind” I used to think to myself “Where is Ray Mithoff?”
    “How does Ray Mithoff permit this ?”
    “Is Ray Mithoff asleep?….what is is doing?”

    Revelations like yours permit me and others to understand why Ray Mithoff was pulverized and made unable.
    Therefore I do request that you give as best you can a history of Ray Mithoff and why there is no Senior CS INT and a madman inventing technologies and causing the highest ever refunds of all time.
    Perhaps M and M will elaborate as well.

    I will mock “the Blind Leading the Blind.” On the Flagship Apollo there was not one SINGLE refund. On the Flag ship Apollo not one person returned to “repair” their Ls.
    Now it is Repair of Repair of Repair and Repair and most money is spent on repairing what Flag Service Org messed up in this first place !

    Miscavige has done everything to destroy LRH legacy while he screams about Marty and the Indies and their friends. No one person HATES LRH more than Miscavige.

  227. There’s an excellent piece of writing on CNN today that shares some facts that are parallel to these discussion, i.e. how zealots can go so far off the rails of the practices and creeds they profess, to the point of behaving in exactly opposite manner.

    Did you know, for example, that the head of the 9/11 attacks, a “muslim”, went to a bar and did shots prior to the attacks, and others visited strip joints? (Islam strictly forbids it).

    The excerpt lists in detail how leading al-Qaeda members frequented brothels and knew very little of the Quran, and how recruits were manipulated by “alterations” and “interpretations”, led to believe they were on a holy war.

    The excerpt is from the book “The Black Banners” by Ali Soufan, and it is brilliant, giving a true insight behind the wars that have plagues Earth between the 3 major religions.

    Soufan states, “What’s even more telling is how morally corrupt (in Islamic terms) some al-Qaeda members are. I was shocked when I first discovered that many top operatives did not live according to Islamic principles.”

    It’s a tragic irony that these terrorists—who claim to be joining al-Qaeda for the defense of their religion and because they believe in the hadith that say that the war of Armageddon is upon us—disregard the most basic tenets of their religion in the process. They’re in violation of the very Islamic law they’re fighting to impose.

    It’s time for some major differentiation and perception ability to take place with our civilization.


  228. Gary

    You may want to consider changing the name you post under for the sake of clarification. There are three unique postings under the name “Gary.”

  229. Wow, Wow and Wow!!
    Well done Marty!! You have drawn out all of my kind of people!! At one time I thought I was alone. Not anymore.

  230. I wanted to listen to the song before posting – really great song and story. I have known a lot of guys like Chester in my life – Bad-ass boys with hearts of gold.

    Corporate DM-ites have abandoned the subject. I had a very close relative die – Scientologist – who was in hospice for the last two months of his life. It was clear he was on his way out. Alas, he was unable to get back to his “18 wheeler” this lifetime. Other than immediate family, no one from the church of M. did ANYTHING to help lighten the load, to help out when this was going on. A couple of friends visited – once. Help came from non-Scn friends – people who would come over and relieve his wife for a while, and who would bring food over, supplies – you know, the things normal people do to help in these trying times. Flag sent out a end of life R-Factor, or something, and then tried to reg the wife.

    Even the hospital helped lighten the load by not billing for some of the services.

    This is what people who DON’T know the subject see when they look at Scientology. They see self-centered and greedy, “what have you done for me lately,” “sick and dying people are downstat and PTS,” assholes.

    The response Juliette Lewis gave to Mark Bunker at Kirsti Alley’s party (and I paraphrase) “It’s not happening to me, so why should I care?” is a classic response from the self-centered DM-Ites. They will throw EVERYONE under the bus, including their family, rather than spoil their little “eternity.” Dying people are downers – “entheta” – which will pollute their little seed-sized thetans. Dying people are not really dying anyway – he’ll come back, so what’s the fuss? (unreality, not-isness). This is a COMPLETE non-confront of life, the very thing Scientology is supposed to INCREASE.

    So, Marty, when you said that LRH would have stood by Chester, you and I KNOW that he would have been there, just he was there for all of us. Remember, whatever Ron wrote about Fair Game and other policies to deal with people who would make Scientology illegal or otherwise make it unavailable, he ALSO wrote that the door back in is ALWAYS open a crack – that there is NO FINAL WRITE-OFF OF ANYONE, NO MATTER HOW “EVIL.” DM missed this one by a mile.

    And while we KNOW LRH would have been there for Chester, I KNOW that virtually all corporate DM-Ites will not be, and have not been. They will be floating on the Freewinds or swanning at the AO while Chester is fighting for his life.

    Scientology will only survive because Independents have re-discovered the Love. It is not for nothing that I quote I Corinthians 13:

    1 If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. 3 If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

    4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    Scientology, true Scientology, in a nutshell.

  231. For any LRH failings, real or imagined, it seems next to impossible to come to a conclusion that he had no genuine compassion, or “love” for the people impacted by his work. The sheer volume of work between, books, tapes, R&D and Red Volumes are testament to his commitment to improve people collectively.

    Anyone studying the subject would have to notice the exhaustive detail put in each step of the bridge and its corresponding training requirements. An attempt at a “quick cash grab” would not have requires all these details. The subject was a “labor of love”!

    Some may argue the subjects’ workability but the evidence shows that LRH was a serious man driven by a deep desire to get it right.

  232. Tony, Captain Bill and I found this as a handwritten story stuffed back in some archives. That was the very same day that LRH’s Captain (MSH)
    Was placed in jail. His original intention for the Volunteer Ministers was that it was NOT to be connected to the 3D. It was meant to Freely give some of
    his Tech to the people of the world. And it was stopped by the GO at first and then DM published the book and the title says it all – it is now a 3D program not a free fourth dynamic program. He wanted people around to have bits of tech to improve their lives, he likened them to the “Barefoot Doctors” who worked in China.

    This Golden Balls poem or story has been altered, and the ending has been cut off.

    Towards the end of it LRH said (I’ve been searching for an unadulterated copy for a very long time)

    He went on to write that he was kept separate from his family and died alone with no friends or family present.

    It said that the people who had done this to the man, abused his family

    And probably a couple other things, but I clearly remember the above and the final section that says these people who took the Ball to only use on themselves, were finally overcome and the Ball was FREE Again.

    I so wish I had access to the original. The “editor” who cut out this part of the story, clearly knew what they were cutting out.

    But the ending of that Story was that the Ball was free for all. Just as he had wanted it.


  233. Most excellent Topic, very well written up and presented.

  234. I use what I use of Scientology. Today’s “Scientology” was never written by Hubbard. I am an OEC/FEBC PR Trained and an Evaluator, working on evals in the second and last time he took over the approval or rejection of Evals.

    I have been sitting in the balcony watching as DM has turned 180, every single thing of what HUBBARD had trained me on.

    Even down to those big gaudy orgs.

    The very last telex I ever saw from LRH was a rejection of an Eval which had come across his desk. He said ” When are you guys going to GET it, we are trying to build a religious movement here – NOT sell lawnmowers.” then he said that the FSO (it was an eval about FSO Income) just had a few millionaires in their pockets and just fed off of them.

    Sounds like that’s ALL that DM is doing.


  235. Another Layer

    Amen to that! I saw him at the Cellar Door in D.C. in late 60’s. What a gem!

  236. Watchful Navigator

    Both Ralph’s and your examples, have improved my understanding.

    So then how about this one?

    Sacrificing future longevity (continued possible acceptance of the organization based on years of efforts to safepoint it) for the short-term obsession with “destroying Marty”.

    And also: “sacrificing your own possible salvation” by destroying the whole subject and any remaining goodwill that would preserve it.

    We’re approaching the bottom of the dwindling spiral here. The reversal of love. The dark shadows of the decaying, reversed goal of some GPM. In other words – Hell.

  237. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, interesting how these party lines get implanted and carried forward

  238. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the perspective Nancy.

  239. Andrew Wilson


    That is a very interesting comment, and does provoke thought. One must take into context the writings and modern day, but I also think it creates a responsibility for Scientologists to adapt to the times as well. Hopefully faster than other religions.
    I must say from the outset that I am not nor have I ever been a Scientologist. I will never be audited, and my interest came about from by reading some of the terrible things posted on the internet about the official Church of Scientology.
    One of the things that I have never been able to figure out, and maybe you can clear it up for me is why Scientologists don’t remove certain writings and policies of Hubbard from practice. I know from reading “critic” and news sites that there is definately mixed feeling about you and what you are trying to achieve.
    Part of my finds this ironic, because when you were “in” many people said that should you and Mike Rinder ever escape that you would be welcomed with open arms, and that while your actions may have been wrong to the point of being criminmal, you like any other sea org member is trapped in a game and what is wrong is someone justified as being right. Now that you are out, some people are having a hard time practicing what they preached.
    But to my main point, have you and other independents ever made a list of writings and policies that should not be followed going forward, such as: fair game, disconnection, RPF, etc?
    As someone who never practiced Scientology I am not sure what it is that you find attractive about it, just as I am not sure what Muslims, Jews, Buddists, find attractive about their religions. But what I find so wrong with Scientology is the abuses that ex-members speak of, policies that break a part families, and attack critics. I think it would make me and other critics a lot more comfortable if it was made clear probably more often than necessary that Independent Scientologist belive that there are parts of L. Ron Hubbard’s creation that are to be followed and those that will not. And while you will not dictate how anyone acts, you will choose not to associate with those who act in a way that violates 2011 principles.

  240. Hi Eric,
    The word “sacrifice” has different meanings. Saner beings give up something they value to the benefit of those they love.
    The lower level sacrifice is such as the Aztecs sacrificing the hearts of the defeated on an altar.
    I disagree that the sacrifice has to be of value for those at the tone level of -6 .
    DM sits well below terror throwing his staff as sacrifices vainly hoping to detract from his guilt.
    At -6 on the tone scale the meaning of sacrifice is a casting to the “Gods”.
    At that tone level nothing is of value but the avoidance of oblivion for one’s dubiously immortal soul.
    The sacrifice of DM is one of frantically throwing anything to the wolves to save himself.
    As the crepuscule descends DM is feeling an end to his existence and seriously considering Lower Slobovia for his retirement to rot out the rest of this putrid incarnation.
    At that level on the tone scale value does not exist. It is a frantic masquerade thrown up in the last desparate retchings of a soul that is close to complete unknowingness.
    Being torn to pieces by a bear is just a personal experience.
    When one reaches the State of Clear personal first dynamic engrams become fairly insignificant.
    The things that matter to a renascient OT are on the higher dynamics.

  241. Ok. Perhaps he gets up to -3 when he sends his owned slaves to pander to the whims of his owned celebrities. But thats as high as I’m willing to concede.

  242. Interesting this had meaning to those attracted to Buddhism.

    “A chord plucked
    resonates where?”

    I will have to be less a dilettante in my studies.

    In curiosity, I pluck strings, listening to the dissonance, the euphony, the harmony. What vibrates in response. On every level of consciousness sounds unheard by ears are set in motion. A symphony of movement. Instruments in accord. One heart.

    Such a curious thing, life. When sight becomes melody. And heart becomes mind.

  243. Yes Nancy,
    Div 6 was so neglected in Scientology compared to Div 2.
    In 1981/82 the Golden Goose that layed the Golden Eggs was cooked. The mission networks had provided the vast majority of the people who went to Flag. The course rooms in the Fort Harrisson were full of students from missions who sent their good people to Flag for training.
    The attacks on and destruction of the mission network sealed the fate of the the regime but it has unfortunately taken a long time for the dying corpse to die sufficiently for the Phoenix to arise from its ashes.
    I remember you from our days at Flag and truly hope that you will carry on with us in creating a new Scientology.

  244. Raul — my email is lana@hushmail.com. You can write me anytime — would love to talk.

  245. Watchful Navigator

    I’ll second that, Chuck.

    One can take all of the worst of the worst written about the Old Man in biographies and accounts. And believe them – for a lot of it is believable. The vanities, calamities and insanities as the price of fully engaging in the human drama and attempting to put together a functioning organization of broken straws on the very same planet where has continually been organized the slaughtering of “different” peoples as a “solution” to human misunderstanding.

    One can – as I have found myself doing – focus on their own reality breaks and focus on his shortcomings, listening to the critical, strained attitudes as additives to the time-place-form-event, and in doing so miss the greater, more enduring picture of the legacy of a technology formulated to free beings from the bottom to the top, from the traps which keep them small-minded, failing and suffering.

    It is especially apparent in reviewing the work – the C/S series in particular, where LRH created a sacred space of trust and compassion for any being in any condition – just what LRH’s primary intention actually was. Underneath all the ups and downs in the drama of human organization was a covert, continuous, hidden or not, intention to HELP. This technology under his development for auditing of the individual person, is where LRH never permitted himself nor the rest of us, any “case on post” – guarding the door of the auditing room as the most sacred trust of all.

    This one major ability the man had, to identify and isolate the common truths which applied, could improve our lots and offer hope for improvement and increased ability to truly enjoy an existence which can occasionally bring the best of us to grief, is what made the man great and in my opinion, worthy of any and all exoneration called for in relation to his mistakes. Not, on the basis of “the end justified the means,” but because the solutions he left us go so far beyond that, as to evoke the highest admiration and yes, “LOVE” – his for mankind.

    Here is LRH, in the early years of his lifelong quest to accomplish something that would at very minimum, make life more understandable and less onerous:

    “One of the most notably lacking qualities in the unsuccessful auditor is charity. I am reminded of a section in the New Testament which I misquote, because it sounds better, to the effect, ‘Though I speak with the tongues of angels or of men, though I have not charity, I am as sounding brass or the tinkling of the temple bell.’ An auditor who has no charity, who is continually critical of the preclear, who is trying to change the preclear because the preclear is so bad, seldom achieves very great results with the preclear because he’s out of ARC with the preclear. Mercy, charity, kindness are qualities which are not low scale. They are the highest and kingliest qualities there are. And an auditor should never forget them.”

    Ability 4 – STRAIGHTWIRE – A MANUAL OF OPERATION – July 1955

  246. Watchful Navigator

    Sounds right.

    Eric S

  247. Ralph Hilton

    Excellent response. Sounds like you “dug deep” on that one. I pretty much agree.
    After I posted that I was thinking that “sacrifice” has its harmonics up and down the tone scale. “Propitiation” is perhaps an obvious example. But I agree as well that at different tones it would have different aspects. In any situation where one may have to choose which is the most survival course, one may have to “sacrifice” to some degree. I am pretty sure it is not the sense that was meant in its use on the tone scale, but may be seen to fit the use of the word in some interpretations or understandings.

    And the “bear” thing was certainly not demonstrative of anything like the heights or depths that a Thetan can experience. I totally agree here too.
    It was just one simple example that could demonstrate what that kind of “sacrifice” could “feel like”.

    Eric S.

  248. Cindy Pinsonnault

    I agree with you, Laura. It seems we all, in general, have a tendency to label things black or white. You’re good or you’re bad; smart or dumb; an angel or a devil.

    Perhaps LRH was just a man, and as such he could screw things up now and then. Did he say and write some things in 1949 that are now politically incorrect? Yup. Was his viewpoint often that of someone raised in the early 20th Century? Absolutely. He would have gotten along great with my grandfather. Did he get some things wrong in the church? No question.

    But he also spent most of his life working on a philosophy and a technology that an awful lot of people feel helped them live better lives. If he helped just one person in this world, then he did something many of us will never be able to claim. And, from what I’ve read and experienced, he seemed also to be smart enough and unselfish enough that he worked to correct his errors.

    The church is a rotting heap of horse “fertilizer.” David Miscavige sits smiling on top of the pile, laughing as he helps it rot. It’s easy for us to lump all of the philosophy and all of what LRH was into this fetid mess, but I believe that’s not only wrong, it’s a lazy and cowardly way to look at things.

    If we want LRH to be a god and we find out he had a temper like everyone else, or did stupid or bad things, we tend to either decide that he could never do anything good, or we hide from it and pretend it’s not true. Either way, it’s a lot easier and safer to pick one extreme and stop looking. It’s hard and takes confront to look and see for yourself what is real, to face that LRH might not have been everything the church PR tries to confuse into reality. Yet, to believe without question is just as lazy and cowardly as to vilify without question.

    The truth lies in the gray area. It’s not black and white. There are good things here; things to believe and use for a better life. And there are things that are crap and better left alone. It’s up to each of us to look and figure it out.

    Finally, if “What is Greatness” isn’t an essay about altruistic love, I’m not sure I know what would be.

  249. Michael

    Quite lovely my friend.
    Love is not lost on those who see love in everything.

    Eric S

  250. I saw the Youngbloods at the New Orleans Pop in ’69. A bit of late afternoon wind had kicked up out of the West after this hot summer day, and the band played” Get Together”. All long hair blowing in the breeze. It was the most memorable moment for me of this entire Pop festival.

  251. “new lab technician” indeed. hahahah! good one.

  252. Mike Hobson, it is not CCHR/IAS 3P lines. It is info I got LONG before the IAS was ever formed. In fact, the data is in the LRH bio that DM is witholding. Anyway, believe whatever you want.

  253. Yes, Ralph I remember you well. And you are absolutely correct about the destruction of the mission network. There were very few people who ever had responsibility for the mission network, and could compare how they worked vs orgs. I was lucky to have been one of them. During the several years I worked in the Office of CS-6 I did several evals on Why the Missions do well, and the Orgs don’t. One of my hobby horses was Body Routing, which was one of the main differences. Missions, for the most part, were safe relaxing oasis of Scientology. Few staff, but they were all truly trained. Staff paid livable wages, as well as often being sent to Flag for training and auditing, paid for by the Mission.

    So the simplicity of it is that the Missions were much more stable and treating their staff well, as well as feeding Flag, while the Orgs floundered. These missions were sometimes very large, yet worked very well. Several of them operated on using their Value of Services Delivered for their money for the week, actually a brilliant shift, It takes an entire organization to deliver services, It only takes a couple of Reg’s and a few Millinaires to make money.

    My push (along with Diana H and others in her office) was to examine the Plus Points of the Missions and get some of those being done by the Orgs. I finally did get one eval (bookbuyer vs bodyrouting) approved by LRH and we were able to run a Pilot programme. The people that remained in Scn for years were bookbuyers and readers, not the people bodyrouted off the street.

    In any case the bottom line was that “Regular Management” had a fixed idea that the reason the Orgs were not doing well, was BECAUSE of the missions. Something that is unbelievable to me. And this was the first line of attack with the Finance Police, and I agree with you Ralph, that was the date coincidence of the destruction of all the good in the purposes of Scientology.

    Mainstream Scientology Management had some individuals in it that in my opinion were jealous of the Missions, and seeing Mission Holders lounging by the pool, while they were working 24/7. They were blind to the opportunity to use the positives in the Mission Network and place them in Organizations.

    I still can not get over that ridiculous fixed idea that was held, and led to the networks collapse. If you have two networks applying the exact same materials for management and delivery yet one is doing incredibly better than the other, wouldn’t you want to find out WHY.

    Hubbard always had a special place for Division Six, he considered us “a different sort of staff members” And he almost always backed up the office of CS-6, when attacks on missions would come from the GO or local orgs. Once LRH was off the direct lines, and only got information from DM, there was no wall of protection.

    I wonder how many people DM has sold books to? How many people has he sold basic courses to? How many FSM’s has he helped to gather in more people?

    Yes, Ralph, I have always felt that Mission Holders Meeting was the death knoll for the organization, it had been building into that direction for years.


    PS I see so many of the positives of the Mission Network in the Indie Field. There was no yelling in Missions. A difficult thing for a lot of Sea Org members to believe.

  254. martyrathbun09

    Ah, the great middle path.

  255. Tony DePhillips

    Amazing Nancy!! Thanks for posting this.

  256. CCHR has been around since 1969. So, you are now claiming to have a hidden data line. Right. Sure.

    I don’t believe anything I didn’t witness/experience first hand without strong supporting documentation – of which you obviously have none.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  257. You may not know me but I was around at that time knowing and working with the many Mission Holders throughout Europe , working in DIV 6 / Tours / and with the flag tours. I am well aware what you write and recall a lot of what you have described. It makes one think back the good times.

  258. Hymn of Asia I believe also has a poem that references a rose which makes me think of Hubbard’s likely Rosicrucian connections.

  259. Many of the people who ‘natter’ about LRH worked directly with him. This includes Dede Reisdorf, Hana Whitfield, John Mcmasters, Alan Walters and many more.

    I’ve had many wins and gains from LRH tech and was once a very successful auditor. I do not use to my gains and success with Scientology in order to dismiss dissent. It tooks critics of Scientology to put ethics in on T.Parks and P.Ethier.

    Maybe, Ralph you could run that co-audit on all these people who blame Miscavige for their downfall “From where could you communicate to a victim?” to full EP.

    This posters considerations are very real considering that Miscavige was found out considerably earlier than 2004 and whilst Marty and David were raiding Pat Broekers filing cabinet, a movement by David Mayo sprung up all over the world and thousands left or were declared by the Church. Bill Robertson’s movement is still the biggest Freezone movement. They train tons of people, completely green on Scientology and don’t rely on endless chatter about the Church in order to procur PC’s.

    David Mayo and many others paved the way for what Marty is doing now.

  260. Excellent post.

  261. Hello George,

    I would highly recommend L.Kins book ‘The Pied Pipers of Heavn; Who Calls The Tune?’ it covers a lot of comparitive spirituality with Scientology and is very well put together.

  262. martyrathbun09

    Hey, state your name if you are such a big shot.

  263. Hadley, I wouldn’t be surprised if we crossed paths during those years. Were you around for the growth of Italy from literally a few people doing TR’s sitting on a counter with their feet in the sink. It was very small, yet had that promise and hope that we often see from Mission Holders.
    Are you also beginning to see some of those Plus Points showing up in the Indie field?

  264. Cat Daddy. David Bowie will always be one of my favorite men. I have always wanted to sing a medley of Abba’s greatest hits with him, especially “Dancing Queen”, but I was in the church at the time, so maybe next time around. He may get his OT Drug Rundown by them, who knows. He’s great! 🙂 He even looks a little like Tina Turner here.

  265. I am a firm believer in Karen De La Carriere! I can attest to that even with Karen on the other side of the meter! 🙂 She’s so KRC.

  266. I love your thought, “a died in the wool sociopath subsequently used Hubbard’s propensity to fight back hard as a justification for systematically ruining lives, the Old Man cared.” that just nails it exactly. I know you and I don’t always see eye to eye. I still find that there will be a price to pay for using government and media to solve the DM problem. But thank you for this bit of wisdom. You must know that I will support you in the eventual outcome of your endeavors.

  267. Andrew Wilson

    Perhaps I can chime in here for a moment.

    Basically the issues that you have cited here, such as “fair game, disconnection, RPF, etc….” are POLICIES. Any person or organization who has an understanding or the use and value of “policy”, and wishes to increase their survival, will need to update, cancel, or use existing policies based on whether they assist the survival of said individual or organization. This is actually what “policy” is for.

    There may well end up being many variations on just what any one individual or group will adopt as their “policies”, in forwarding the basic purposes of their specific group. The ones that adopt very survival policies, and discard unworkable or destructive policies, will have the best chance of long term survival.

    The fiasco that is the current “church of scientology” is an example of wholesale misunderstanding of the use of policy, or, perhaps more accurately, “using policy” to cause harm and destruction, not only to the organization(s) of Scientology, but also to its staffs, its publics, and the general public. The result of using “bad policy” or misapplying even good policy, will end in lessened survival for the ones so doing. If they continue to do it long enough they will destroy themselves utterly. it is the way this universe is built.

    And because of the magnitude of the intentional destruction being perpetrated by David Miscavige upon everything he contacts, it will take a lot of work and sensible application of sensible and applicable policies, in order to “right” the situation.

    Thank you for your concern.
    Know that we are already well on the path of saving the technologies and Philosophies of L. Ron Hubbard, so that it will be available for future generations.

    Eric S

  268. Yes regards to Italy I was around then. In respect to Trs being done on counters, and feet in sinks. I have not witnessed that, but yes regards to Plus points, its nice to see hope coming through the dark times Indepts has been around for years and its not going away.

  269. Hi Bryan,
    I’m generally quite critical of Scientology, and LRH in general, and I think you’ve hit upon the crux of the issue: as a practitioner of the tech, you feel a personal relationship with LRH that is totally alien to non-scientologists. Meanwhile, those of us on the outside have only the historical record to shape our perceptions of the man.

    Despite being a critic of both the tech and the man, I can’t deny that many people find it helpful, rewarding, and generally beneficial, and I certainly don’t oppose that in any way. It’s clear that LRH found a way to affect you on a deeply spiritual level, and that you are extremely grateful for this. It’s understandable then that accusations of duplicity, cruelty and hypocrisy seem utterly incongruous. But the failings of an idea’s progenitor don’t necessarily invalidate the idea, and acknowledging that Hubbard’s accomplishments have been exaggerated doesn’t really have any material effect on the validity of the tech. If the tech really works, should it not stand on its own without the man?

    While I totally agree that DM is a nasty piece of work, I think rehabilitating Scientology as Marty is wont to do will eventually require a more objective view of LRH’s failings, because they’re at the root of fundamental structural problems in the church. It’s undeniable that DM has forged new frontiers in degradation and dehumanization, but the critical messages from former members today are variations on a theme dating back to LRH’s heyday. Technology has made contemporary stories of abuse and terror much more accessible, and much harder for the church to suppress, but anyone willing to dig a little deeper will find they stretch back decades. From outside Scientology, DM’s behavior was just business as usual, and the current exodus and decline seemed almost inevitable.

    If Scientology is to survive long-term, it’s going to have to select the proverbial wheat from the chaff, and that’s going to require being willing to reinterpret and modify the tech. Miscaviges’s tools were forged by Hubbard, and whether you agree or not that they are being used as intended, the fact that they can do such harm in the first place is a dangerous flaw. Without fundamental reform in the tech, Scientologists, even independent ones, will always be at risk of abuse through the organizational structure Hubbard designed. Getting rid of DM is a step in the right direction, but the issue was never just the man at the top.

  270. If the “psych’s” were so amoral as to want to use dianetics for mind control, and it was truly that effective, how would rights issues stop them?

  271. Love is a verb. To really understand love is to love others, even when – or perhaps more than ever when – they are not lovely.

  272. Bowie the metamorf

    I know where your mind went 😉

  273. Andrew,

    You and everyone else are just going to have to accept the Indie promised not to be abusive, destructive dickheads nor use any of Ron Hubbard’s policies to justify being abusive, destructive dickheads.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  274. Tory Christman

    Great story, Karen! Thank you. I’ve been totally against the Introspection Rundown since the day I heard of it, fearing it would be run on me, due to having Seizures when they took me off of my much needed medication (which totally controls it, and Top Executives apologized years later for what I’d been through, and the entire Flag Land Base Tech Team was crammed/corrected re medicine in 1989). Your story really helped me understand why it was ever created.

    Marty–I doubt you’ll like this, but hey…we can agree to disagree.
    LRH *did* lie. It isn’t an allegation. He said he was___when he was not. That’s a lie. (People can use Google to find the actual facts). Does that mean people cannot love him? No. But please, don’t try to water down what has been well proven as fact and made public for many years now. Those facts are not “allegations”.

    As far as “ARC”—I loved it, it’s one of the hooks that got me into
    Scientology, and probably kept me there so long, too. I think you help
    people understand the good sides of Scientology, and that I thank you for. Be well, Tory/Magoo

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