David Miscavige vs St Petersburg Times: “It’s WAR!”

As a lot of you know, in June 2009 the St Petersburg Times began publishing its earth shaking Truth Rundown series:


As those closely involved were aware, Miscavige – as is his wont – declared war not only on the Times, but upon the witnesses they interviewed for the series.  It was evident by his setting PI’s loose on Tom Tobin and Joe Childs, the Time’s writer and editor who investigated and wrote the series.  Miscavige also hired failed tabloid reporters – including one Jim “don’t call me a Scientology shill” Lynch to “investigate” the Times and publish a “white paper” criticizing their reporting.  Although it was intended to prevent Tobin and Childs and the Times from winning recognition, it did not stop them from earning awards for their reporting.  There was also the infamous, million dollar minimally, Freedom Magazine attack on the Times and its sources. And last but not least, the continual THREATS and PROMISES to sue.   By the by, the statute of limitations is long gone, and as has become his habit, the dog barked loud with no ensuing bite in sight.

Although it was evident Miscavige had started yet another in a long line of wars to suppress truth, you’d never catch the “church” admitting that.  Until now.

Shortly after the first installment of the series hit the news stands, Miscavige sent out a mission to attempt to handle the fall out from many on lines Scientologists – and off-lines ones still in good standing with the “church” – reading the St Pete Times.  Mission In Charge was one Mike Sutter, a long-term RTC (Religious Technology Center) staff member.   It turned out to be the longest failing mission operated in the history of the Sea Organization (church priesthood).  For background, see my post RTC IS DEAD, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/08/12/rtc-is-dead/

Well, thanks to the heads up work of David Lingenfelter, former Golden Era Productions Audio Technician genius, now San Antonio Texas Independent genius, we’ve got the real time arrogance and delusion of Miscavige, through the via of his missionaire Sutter, memorialized.  Please see the transcript excerpt below of Mike Sutter in action.
Mike Sutter (2010):
I don’t know if you ever heard of the St Petersburg Times. It is not a regular newspaper, from our perspective, from the church’s perspective.  Like it has been like since the mid 1970’s a mouthpiece to attack the church.  In other words, they quite uniquely, they have been a very willing purveyor of any type of entheta, whatever you want to call it. And they have especially over the last year, you know, put out several different articles that, you know, are outrageous on their face; but nonetheless, they do it and they’re negative toward the church.  Now, the good news is that they go to such lengths that their animosity is transparent.  Its, you know, very clear they have a vendetta. They’re not, you know, objective at all.  
The other thing that’s good news is that their articles are not picked up, other newspapers do not pick up their articles, ok?
It’s not like their a tabloid, literally a tabloid.  Do they have a tabloid mentality, yes they do.  And like many newspapers, they’re desperate. They are not doing well financially.  I’m sure you’re familiar with the newspapers.  They’re within like three years of folding right now.  Just financially speaking.  And maybe that’s one of the reasons why they are doing this.  It’s not assisting their circulation.  If that’s the reason, it is a wrong why.  It shows in their stats.
But my point is, they are a mouthpiece. It’s a known negative mouthpiece.   
And it’s in  a narrow area.  We’ve dealt with that. Like, we’ve put our own publications out in the area. And we have our own promotional campaign going. It’s not that we’re just going “poor us” or anything like that. 
Believe me…their like… it’s a war! 
You don’t screw around with us.  And you know, you know, turn the other cheek.  If you are going to do that then, good, you are going to hear from us.  And that is an ongoing thing which I don’t need to go into here.  It’s happening.
According to Miscavige’s agent the St Pete Times ought to be out of business by now. Let’s see who wins this latest war that Miscavige has declared, refusing to “turn the other cheek” and refusing to allow anyone to “screw around with us.”   While I think the result is already evident, I have a strong feeling that it will be made crystal clear to those still in doubt over the next few weeks.

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  1. Tony DePhillips

    If your book is half as interesting and suspensful as this blog you are going to have a bestseller on your hands.
    I can’t wait to see what is going to unfold!!!!!!!!

  2. They STILL haven’t realized the extent the internet is used by the entire rest of the population. The St Pete Times has a narrow audience? No – in fact, the WORLD was listening.

    I heard from people across the globe who read THE TRUTH RUNDOWN series by the Saint Petersburg Times. And it’s there on the internet for the rest of time.

  3. Free and Clear

    Mike Sutter is a sadistic coward. But this is not about Mike Sutter and Marion Pouw who are to this day still on the same failed mission to do “damage control” on the Independent juggernaut. This is about the Tiny Tot and his desire to squash the truth. The St Pete Times is well known in the journalistic community as one of the last bastions of free speech and investigative reporting. Yipping and yowling about suits that never happen can’t change that. The “SP” Times is one of the most respected journalistic publications in the US. Tiny Tot, through his walking talking sockpuppet, Tommy “Did I Really Say That?” Davis, is without a shadow of doubt completely rejected and reviled by government, media and the public at large. He holds power with a small group of Scientologists, and as the truth leaks out, that power is fading, fading, fading. Soon those around him will be forced to rise up and wash him away.

  4. top of the vale



  5. Impartial English Girl

    Blood and destruction shall be so in use
    And dreadful objects so familiar
    That mothers shall but smile when they behold
    Their infants quarter’d with the hands of war;
    All pity choked with custom of fell deeds:
    And Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge,
    With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
    Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice
    Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war;
    That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
    With carrion men, groaning for burial.

    Julius Caesar Act 3, scene 1 (by William Shakespeare)
    Bring it on, tiny David. General Patton-Rathbun and his mighty legions are more than ready for you.

  6. The Cof$ will eventually go belly up alltogether, and, at some point prior to that time, they will leave Clearwater. The occupation of Clearwater, Florida and how they treated the mayor is how this thing with the SP Times started in the first place. Anyways, my guess is that both the SP Times as well as Clearwater will be around long after the Cof$ folds up its tent and moves out of town. My guess is also that when the Cof$ folds up its operations in Clearwater there will be such an incredible party in that town to celebrate. They may even hire a fireworks display. There may even be a parade. If there is, I am counting on the SP Times to have a huge float if not the biggest in that parade.


  7. “All wars are fought for money”
    – Socrates

  8. I remember when the St. Pete Times wrote a very long and detailed story about Mr. Miscavige’s rise to leadership in Scientology. The article shed some very good light on Scientology.
    Now Mr. Miscavige beats up many, many people in the SO. So what do think Mr. Miscavige? They are reporters; they report on this type of thing.
    Besides breaking their trust in you, you caused the reputation of all of Scientology to go down the drain. Instead of attacking them, you might want to shamefully admit your mistake?

    Much loving-kindness,

  9. If the St Pete Times is so unimportant and insignificant then why all the squawking about going to war with them?
    Sounds to me like sum bunny’s whistling past the graveyard.

  10. True Story:

    I was speaking on the phone this morning with Paul Bradford, the DSA at Boston foundation, in regards to my refund. (which still btw has not been paid back after over a year of requests)

    I asked Paul about the petition on the White House website and his thoughts.

    His response:

    “Thats not really the white house website. God, Brian you need to stop believing the lies of these SP’s” (or something to the effect)

    I was speechless to say the least. This is the level of implanting and brainwashing going on in PT.

    Do you laugh at this? Cry?

    In any event- a truly shocking comm cycle.

  11. And Mike Sutter….
    Now you’ve finished trying to mess with my family (covertly like the yellow-bellied coward you are) perhaps you’d like to come and see me?
    I’ve got some payback with your name on it and plenty of time to wait.

  12. The pen is mightier than the sword but if the style of English in the quote is correct they’re pen is more akin to a metaphorical feather duster. That has to be one of the worst abuses of the English language I’ve ever seen.

  13. Hard to believe it’s now about 2 years since coming out on the St Pete Times with my story and that Sutter still barks the same lines that the POB(toothless dog with four bars on his shoulders) decreed and printed on Freedumb and 30 imitation sites.

    Sutter conveniently omits that because of the Truth Rd on the SP Times, other media coverage followed such as BBC, AC 360, ABC Nightline, Aussie TV networks, German government and media.

    Those threats of PoB such as eternity and things that go bump in the night have not materialized, but have emerged as really silly paddleboats and stupid music videos. The brunt being on Marty, Mosey, Mike, Amy, Tiz and Jason with their higher profiles using their high dollar but ineffective PIs & OTasses at the battle of IOB.

    Personally, since going public with my stories I’ve had more case gain than the 14 years under the POB’s thumb, with real LRH Tech being applied outside the Berlin like walls. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will bring, certainly the IAS Octoberfundfest will be interesting with what the UK Indies are planning to do.

  14. I hope Davey Boy keeps “handling” the SP Times like he “handled” Anonymous.

    With enemies like these, who needs friends?

  15. Mike Sutter and Marion Pouw have been as quiet as church mice in recent weeks. Are they even on the job ?
    Hansuili Stahli was sent to wash dishes in Big Blue having incurred the wrath of Miscavige.
    Sutter has had a long term dangerous adulation of Miscavige, his charismatic leader.

    Witness Marty’s write up and how deluded he sounds of the St. Pete Times. Written and spoken like a true misguided dupe living in the protective bubble of the Sea org. Divorced from reality and the acceptance of modern culture…or did he pronounce that for Miscavige?
    What audience was it for ?

    Please read more about Mike Sutter (exposed by former OSA INT staff member Dan Garvin)

  16. This reads exactly like the drivel Miscavige spews – and to think I listened to this crap at events for years. Thank God I had young kids at the time and sat near the exit to make a fast getaway at the first moment they started to fidget.

    This line had my eyes rolling: ” If that’s the reason, it is a wrong why. It shows in their stats. But my point is, they are a mouthpiece. It’s a known negative mouthpiece. ”

    Stats? Wrong why? Negative mouthpiece?

    Nothing like the pot calling the kettle black.

    One foot bullet after another.

  17. Okay Marty,

    I’ll take three signed copies of your book! One for me and one for each of my folks.


  18. Brian — that is a microcosm of the world of RCS. Sad.

  19. Of note as well is that the TRUTH RUNDOWN on St. Petersburg Times causes SUCH an earthquake that their servers crashed.
    Something like 250,000 visitors to their site in the first 24 hours.

    They did not have the band width.
    See what 250,000 readers read those 1st 24 hours ~~

  20. Has anyone ever seen Mike Sutter change tone levels?

  21. Just to verify I Googled the White House and got the link to the petitions, and the investigate Scn petition – almost 1900. Seems anyone with half-a-brain would be able to … Oh! OMG! … I forgot … Nevermind.

  22. I can’t say I have seen him change tone level, but I can report I did see his facial expression change one time.

    It was fleeting.

    He went from scowl to glower, but then realized he had gone out of valence and went right back to scowling again.

  23. “It’s a war”? Sounds to me like the dwarf and Sutter are stuck in the same incident, fighting a battle from long ago, replaying it over & over & over. Pity neither one of them ever found out about auditing.

    ps. note to dwarf & Sutter: The Crusades ended about 800 years ago. Get over it. Time to move on.

  24. Just for the record…..I asked Joe Childs what was the internet response to the Truth Rundown articles when he interviewed me in November 2009. He told me the St. Pete Times on line newpaper (Tampabay.com) received over 1 Million hits….

    Not bad for a “I don’t know if you ever heard of the St Petersburg Times. It is not a regular newspaper, from our perspective, from the church’s perspective.” as Mike Sutter states.

    Someone is stuck on STUPID.

  25. Impartial English Girl

    Tell him Sam!!
    All power to you sweetie.
    IEG xx

  26. I forgot to mention that the Tampa Bay area is around 3 Million. Could be 3 Million 2 thousand if you count the active Scientologists living in the area.

    Has the Church of Scientology ever had 1 million hits from anything anyone has printed in the last 50 years….


  27. Yup, whistling past the graveyard… correct.

    and sum bunny’s is just too funny.. you should be arrested by the British language police.

  28. The only chance the dwarf has at slowing down the exodus is to issue an amnesty and try and make peace with all of the people the Sutter and Pouw crews have been declaring. Then again that might not do the trick either.

  29. I am with you Sam!
    When you have finished with him there in the UK, send him back over to my house, in Oz. He is welcome to come and stay another 3 evenings — and this time I would like to discuss the many ways that he and Radical Scn have worked to create 3P between my former husband and I.
    Further, there is no need for him to continue to get Mitch to report up on what I am up to — nor any need to get Mitch to “inspect” the house each time he drops off the kids. Jim Logan arrives later this week, and the open house policy is cancelled. I got a new bouncer.
    If you want to know what I am up to Mike Sutter, stay tuned to the internet and Australian media…

  30. Tom Gallagher

    I’ll speak my peace: PoB is a sociopath.

  31. Floating Needle



  32. Floating Needle

    I like your style girl… just saying!


  33. Nothing more unattractive than scowling along with alot of “you knows” peppered in his speech.

  34. Floating Needle


  35. Floating Needle


  36. Floating Needle

    Love it! I am laughing so hard I’m Crying…. stop it Jack!

  37. Andrew Robertson

    Was Mike Sutter a ‘Valley Girl’ in a previous life? “you know”, “like” etc. permeates his prose.


  38. Guys like Sutter don’t know what they are up against with Marty-Just childs play for Marty-they picked the wrong war.

  39. They should be grateful to you. Looks like they missed the memo.

  40. Cof$ – flunk, flunk & FLUNK again.
    Even the most elementry knowledge of the Data Series would show up where the outpoints lie.
    Geeze, this is life you’re fooling with, and the flow has turned to getting you. To sit in your bunker and justify how bad your enemies are and declare war is folly.
    Get a grip and apply what will get you out of the mess your neck deep in – Scientology will help you with that – try it!

  41. Theo Sismanides

    The thing about the St. Pt times was the IT WAS REAL. For the first time something was said about the Church which was REAL. Marty was REAL. LRH has written it many times in PR series about being REAL.

    Miscavige to me has been a liar and Unreal. All that he does well is to keep ScientologiSTS working not ScientoloGY working though…

    Scientology has not been working under him to the extent it COULD!

    Thus we get the St. Pt times and the REALITY of now! The Indies!

    People have jumped in to KEEP SCIENTOLOGY WORKING!

  42. Martin Padfield

    From scowl to glower. That’s too funny. Reminds me of some one else…

  43. Martin Padfield

    The Truth Rundown was astounding; an earthquake greater than anything else before or since IMHO. It was definitely my personal “That’s it” moment. The acuracy and detail, together with the incredible calm and power of the interviewees was nothing short of heroic.

    At the same time possibly the saddest thing too, as it showed that the general public, “wogs”, were actually better Scientologists than those still in the “Church”, as by and large the public are better able to confront the truth. I have had many conversations with onlines public and fence-sitters in the last 2 years who having seen the Truth Rundown have either poured out a stream of justifications or simply put their hands over their ears and gone “la la la” – literally in one case. One notable case proudly told me he had just finished “The Basics”.

    Having apparently absorbed all that fundamental LRH data contained in the basic books this individual is still unable to determine that DM is an SP; that the interviewees could not possibly all be lying – even if they were oscar-winning actors, which they’re not; that the environment at Int level has as much resemblence to Scientology as Bloody Sunday had to a picnic.

    The next most significant event is in progress I believe. BTW, the petition is just under the 2000 mark; 60% still to go – don’t let go the reins…

  44. It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than that.

  45. You mean the article where he brags about how he took over the church (debunking the legend that he was personally appointed by LRH)?
    The same article that and lists Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder as his top officials of 20 years (debunking the lie that they are resentful no-bodies)?
    You mean the article where he brags about how he personally was responsible for taking out Mary Sue Hubbard?
    I’m sure Miscavige would like that article to disappear. So I’m posting a link to it for anyone who is curious – it’s a very interesting read.

  46. Ingrid,

    Yeah, he’s not a candidate for People Magazine’s most beautiful people list.

  47. You mean … a free ARCx session?? lol.

  48. Sam,
    That’s the one. Thanks for posting.
    Much loving-kindness,

  49. Karen#1,
    Thanks for posting. I did not know this about Mr. Sutter – a very dangerous being.

    May all being be well and happy,

  50. So – now we can do something about it.

    Instead of all the blablablabla.. get the Petition completed in 2 days.
    Whit all the horror stories how come the petition is not at 20,000 signs by now?

  51. Theo

    You mean those ‘straight up and vertical’ stats he spews forth on the big stage are not real? Could the Chairman of his Board be false reporting? Say it isn’t so!
    A knowledge report on DM = RPF. He has many people in fear and he lives for it. What a horrible existence to be at Int since his coup.


  52. That is true. That is the difference.
    I love the phrase “Keeping Scientologists Working” – That is classic, and so true. Keep them working to extract not only what money they may have, but also whatever money they may ever have, or that belong to their creditors.

    It is clear that Marty has coalesced a group of people who understand and appreciate the Tech and Ron, and has shown that not only is the Tech available outside the church, but that it is ONLY available outside the church.

  53. Can I join? I’ve gotten pretty good at martial arts and made some living bouncing, and I never say no to a good opportunity 🙂

  54. Inside skinny says they are currently recalled, or at least not on those lines for the last little bit. Maybe they’ll join Hansuili shortly…

  55. martyrathbun09


  56. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Brian, this vignette speaks volumes. To answer your question, what I do is half-smile, and remember the half-wistful, half-mirthful words of LRH’s voice over in the tech film, How To Set Up an E Meter and Auditing Session, “you’ve got learn to confront the world and the people in it.”

  57. martyrathbun09

    btw, it is all the more melancholy for me since I know Paul Bradford to be such a delightful fellow.

  58. In the first week, the Truth Rundown story received over 1 MILLION hits as compared to the usual 2,000 hits for a major Sunday article.

    That article is still shaking the foundation of radical Scientology.

  59. That is like, you know, such a gnarly accusation, I mean its totally not so, duh, its just way not so. I’ve said a gazillion times that I’m Alicia Silverstone’s body in pawn, so why don’t you like gag me with a spoon and come again!

    Love, MS

  60. He talks just like DM.

  61. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson


    Wow, Mike Sutter… What memories. Can you say Tom Rummelhart?

    I mention TR as it was during the Incomm Msn that I got to work with Mike intimatl

  62. I’d like to thank Miscavige and his flying monkeys for their latest brain fart.
    Ordering OTs to get “Loyalty Checks” is having outstanding results! Forcing these people to pay hundreds of dollars per hour to be interrogated as to what they think, say, read, etc and then trying to get them to report up on their family and friends has been the kick in the teeth that many of these people needed to open their eyes. Please keep up the “good work”.

    Oh ya – these public are reporting that they have no trouble lying despite being on the meter. I guess the interrogators were “trained” at Flag….

  63. War? Oh yeah, live by the sword, die by the sword…… I think Hubbard even repeated that somewhere right? Looks like we are near the end of this redundant play.

  64. Well, you know, sometimes the phrase you know, is a, you know, good filler, you know, while you think of, you know, the next word. You know?

  65. Maybe that is a possibility, but it would be suppressive and squirrel like all the other arbitrary “fixes” Miscavige has done over the years to draw people back in. But I’m sure everybody will clap at the event, even if only by enforced habit.

  66. I was like totally going to bring that up, but then I like saw your post.

    Funny how that movie added that junk to the language. It’s sort of a regional dialect I believe.

    It probably, you know, like, sounds silly to people from like other countries and stuff.

  67. Dude, totally awesome

  68. Mike Sutter is very misinformed. When I lived in Clearwater I used to pick up the Clearwater Sun every day and read it. There are just certain things in newspapers that cannot be found anywhere else, local events, obituaries, local retail and restaurant specials, hundreds of things that are still worthy to print. The Church of Scientology “declares” anyone that spreads one word of truth about their out-ethics and overts to anyone as suppressive, entheta, desperate, antagonistic. Hey Mike, 2 missions closed in New Jersey and the New York org is empty because they are social, theta, self-determined, loving people spreading the truth I suppose as opposed to the St. Petersburg Times? Hey Mike Sutter, get a thetan! 🙂

  69. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1!!

  70. Theo,
    This is so well said:

    “All that he does well is to keep ScientologiSTS working not ScientoloGY working though… ”

    Just perfect!

  71. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    “The other thing that’s good news is that their articles are not picked up, other newspapers do not pick up their articles, ok?”

    Tsk! The Seattle Times has reprinted a number of St. Petersburg Times articles. More importantly, articles about Scientology in other papers frequently cite SPT articles (with links), especially major series like the Truth Rundown.

    Hopefully someone assigned to read this blog can pass this information on to DM so that he can correct this misstatement in his future speeches. 😛

  72. I wonder who told him that. The demon in his head!

  73. Of course they can lie while on the meter and get away with it. DM stopped making auditors a long time ago. His auditors can’t audit and they can’t read a meter which means his “loyalty checks” are only good for getting $$ in the door.
    note to DM: Keep pushing them out the door. The day will come when the only one left to pick up the cans is……….YOU. What will you do then?

  74. sara finning

    For sure!

  75. Of course people are interested to read about the cult. Because it’s creepy, scary and sometimes just funny to watch how grown up people dress in uniforms and think they are incredibly important.

    This Miscavige guy resembles “The Great Dictator”. Actually when I was at FSO in October 1982 while SO “Gestapo” OSA and “incredibly important” missions were entering. We used to meet at one of the emergency exits (to be able to speak free) and one of the publics was impersonating Chaplin’s dictator. It was so funny. We just couldn’t take anything of these strange people seriously.

  76. Lana ~~

    I have often wondered how low do they go.
    Getting the husband or ex-husband to spy on the wife !
    Standard Radical Scientology.
    They used my son Alexander Jentzsch to spy on me.
    Use the son to spy on their parent !
    Here’s something I wrote up earlier ~
    The Religious Technology Center (RTC) were given Police Powers, inflicting penalties, demotions and general invalidation and denigration on all staff with a cruelty that often bordered on sadism. (Instant Rehabilitation Project Force the “RPF”~~ the gulag of heavy manual labor where you are cut off from civilization, even other Sea Org members for YEARS, divorced from spouse, sleep deprivation, rice and beans diet.)

    Giddy with their new found power over the lives of Sea Org members, the David Miscavige THUGs known as “RTC” (“Religious Technology Center”) parade around in stern black uniforms and are taught to have a mood of “Cold Chrome Steel”. Read Scientology-cult.com for reports of escaped RTC members who report this further.

    You could almost state that their previous incarnation was the GESTAPO (Nazi Secret Police). In a policy letter of the the 22nd of July 1982 the RTC made it a “crime” (written largely composed by RTC staff), for any staff or public not to become a dedicated and ruthless informant.
    This was to be a “Knowledge Report” to the RTC. Husbands were to report on wives and vice versa, children were to report on their parents, parents on their own kids, the public on staff, staff on public, everyone was to rat on everyone else to RTC.

    +++++Then they went even further. You were an “accessory to the crime” for the slightest failure to report acts of commissions
    +++++Then they went further You were to “Knowledge report” acts of omissions as well.

    +++++Then they went further mere suspicions of commissions or omissions. Negative thoughts on management. Anything that did not toe the party line was to be Knowledge Reported to RTC in private secretive write up.

    ++++Then they went further, the RTC Policy went further by ordering identical penalties be applied to both the offender and anyone who had “failed to report” the person for his EVIL Enemy thoughts or words.

    ENEMY THOUGHT DEFINITION : Anything critical of David Miscavige or Management.

    ++++Draconian penalties and punishments without due hearings are implemented on its own staff and Sea Org Members.

    1st amendment rights for bullying, overwhelming, thuggery, punishment, humiliation, domination TAX FREE !
    Please sign the petition to the White House. Do it this way…it will take 2 mins
    1)Click here to register
    2)THEN cut and paste this link
    3)THEN sign the petition.

  77. Lawrence ~~
    Are you saying that new OT VIII Karin Beatty ED of New York Org with her close and personal friendship with Miscavige and her oh so close lines with Freewinds and their sec checking cannot drum up some business for NEW YORK Org ?
    A City of 9 million !

  78. You are in Raul! My door is open for you!

  79. LOL – possibly.

  80. Karen, I am even saying that Karin Beatty could not call me on the phone if my phone number was published in 3 foot high neon light letters two feet in front of her all day. I apologize for not clarifying further at the time. 🙂

  81. He tried to get your husband to spy on you?
    Funny coincidence he tried to get my ex-husband to do that too.
    I don’t have Tigger here to protect me but I do have a really big baseball bat.

  82. I’ll tell you exactly how the script goes…
    “You have to do your A-E steps.
    You have refused to disconnect from an SP so you have to make up the damage by spying on the mother of your children or you will be declared too. Go and visit her. Report back on what she is doing and who she is talking to”
    Then there’s the ‘girlfriend’ who hacks into his Facebook and email and reports back on any discussions or arguments going on.
    And then there’s the woman put on his lines who pretends to be a close friend and a sympathetic ear and then reports back to you everything he tells her. (until she’s told not to bother anymore as he’s going to get declared anyway).
    Right Mikey?… I have my spies too 😉

  83. For the Sutter/Pouw mission, which the Major Target to be achieved is probably “people shut up, lied to and disconnected moving them back onto Kool Aid”, (not necessarily in that order) is so against the goal of Total Freedom that it’s simply bound to fail.

    Then again, I feel for them as perhaps they don’t have the “Missionaire’s rights” or choice that per LRH Mission Tech affords them to not accept the PoB’s nutty, out PR Mission Orders and that S/P Mission was set up to fail before they fired on it.

  84. Sinar, its either the failed mission or the Hole (or last I knew SUtter was loading trucks with CD packages). And POB doesnt have a lot of people he would trust to go out and get hit with constant “entheta” about him for fear they would turn and blow (doesnt say much for those two, but its reality in the world of POB).

  85. Thanks for the latest Mat!

    I guess those loyalty checks aren’t as profitable as those royalty checks in the long run!

  86. Sam,
    For the last 6 months my husband has done a walk-through inspection of my house when he picks up the kids. He found an old e-meter under my bed and came out of the bedroom with threats about how that meter had better not be being used, as the silver cert is 20 years out of date.
    He has threatened to call the police if friends that I invited to stay did not leave the house (note — he has not lived here since April). He commented on the fact that a set of Tech Volumes showed up in my office, reporting dutifully to OSA I am sure.
    It is interesting to note that this is the man who asks me continual questions about my activities (which I do not answer) and will never volunteer a single datum to me about where he is living and soon.
    My bouncer will be here in a few days. Who needs a baeball bat when you got a 6’2 bruiser standing in the doorway? 🙂

  87. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, that bruiser scares the hell out of me, and I’m fearless.

  88. You rock, Lana. 🙂

  89. The problem with David is that he thinks he is smarter than everyone and he will do anything to keep up that illusion. one of many Illusions. That is the magical Thinking part of the Narcisistic Personality or true SP if you will.

    “Have you ever met a true SP, a real monster”

    L Ron hubbard

    I am quoting from memory so it might be a bit off I beliebve he goes on that true SP’s are very rare. So David’s SP’s everywhere apraoch is of policy. Oh god stop me lol. 🙂

  90. Tory Christman

    Absolutely, AMY! It’s always funny to hear C of $ trying to put the Net
    down….a truly losing battle. I always says: “Don’t trust ME~Go on the Net,
    read, look, listen, compare the dots and make up your own mind. AND ask yourself this: Why is it *I* (and all others out of C of $) can say that, but those “In” Cannot? They ****Have*** to say “Don’t look!” They know (KNOW) IF people “in” Studied both sides…..they’d be on their way.

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