Inner Core Meltdown in Miscavige’s Bunker

In the past year three, if not four, of Miscavige’s five closest aides have left not only his inner circle, not only the International Scientology Headquarters base, but also have left the Sea Organization.

Circa early 2011 Miscavige’s “org board”, if one could call his arbitrary chaos such, was manned as follows:

Chairman of the Board –  Miscavige

COB Hey You Enforcer (Jenny Linsen Devocht)

COB Project Ops/WDC for Idle Orgs (Angie Blankenship)

Int Landlord Building team   (I/C  Bob Wright,  2nd Laurance Barram)

Spokesman/Celeb Boy Friday, (Tommy  Davis)

For the past several years new buildings have been 90% of Miscavige’s and Int base’s focus.  That is why Blankenship, Wright and Barram were so cherished by Miscavige.

So important to and trusted by Miscavige were these building people, that beside his Communicator Laurisese Stuckenbrock, these five were the only people Miscavige communicated with daily consistently for any appreciable amount of time.   Realize, every one of the five are fourth stringers – but that is what he was down to in 2011.

So trusted was this handful of people that when John Brousseau escaped the Int base to my home in Texas in April 2010, Miscavige sent four of these five people in a private jet to recover him (Tommy Davis, Angie Blankenship,  Bob Wright and Laurance Barram).  As JB’s evidence unfolded on this blog for months, all four were driven into the ground by Miscavige for their epic failure of a mission.  Three of the four responded by going out 2D (sexual relations outside of marriage).

Angie Blankenship got pregnant by the step son of OT Ambassador (and IAS robot) Tony Falcaro, whom she finagled into a secret liaison while supervising heavy building extortion on public and outsourcing expensive building plans in Los Angeles.  Angie was routed out with her new beau and they were put up in Tony’s Santa Monica condo.

Bob Wright and Laurance went out 2D and were routed out into a comfortable little home just a few miles from the Flag Land Base in Clearwater Florida.  They have an over the top flood light system in the front yard and literally hid behind furniture like rats when a former Sea Org comrade paid a visit to see whether they could use a hand re-adjusting in the real world – then squealed to Miscavige for “help.”

Blankenship, Wright and Barram being of the weaker, out ethics stock that filled the vacuum around Miscavige when anybody who had any real life heavy lifting experience left (JB being the last of them) were all too anxious to be bought off with handsome “severance packages” for their continuing cooperation with Miscavige’s ongoing obstruction of justice.

All three witnessed Miscavige’s serial violence and human trafficking violations right up to this year.  Blankenship in fact was Miscavige’s number one enforcer during the early years of the Hole (prison and torture chamber at the International base). All three will never speak a word of it, because all three have been made materially comfortable for life by Miscavige. Miscavige has surrounded himself with out-ethics types who care for personal comfort and wealth above the rights and freedom of their fellows.  None of them know the first thing about what Scientology is nor do they have any familiarity with the gains it can deliver.

This is the level of ethics at the top  of the “church” of Scientology’s organizational structure.

Tommy Davis has been disappeared by Miscavige.  He is reportedly negotiating away his right to free speech and duty to report serial federal felonies in exchange for comfort and “protection” at this writing.

All Miscavige has left are two women whom he always had 2D designs on, his “Communicator” Laurisse Stuckenbrock and Jenny Linsen Devocht.   Both have been fashioned into back stabbing, cutthroat shrews by the hand of David Miscavige.  Jenny had a pscychotic break in the hole in 2004 after the treatment she got for nattering about Miscavige.  She has been an unquestioning attack dog for him since.  Once in 2010 when Jenny comm lagged on a Miscavige question Miscavige had Laurisse slap Jenny hard repeatedly across the face.  That is right, after Miscavige had 42 sworn declarations signed by Int base staff (including Jenny and Tommy Davis) swearing Miscavige had never visited violence upon a single soul, Miscavige ordered the woman (Jenny) who on national television told Anderson Cooper to his face that Miscavige had never initiated violence ever, be delivered a severe beating by Miscavige’s Communicator directly.

The Miscavige bunker walls are crumbling while Miscavige’s reach shrinks and he is reduced to obsessing over getting to people who know his crimes and buying them before they turn his sorry butt over to the authorities.

Meanwhile, the International headquarters of radical corporate Scientology  burns, figuratively.

As my earlier predictions of sociopath Miscavige’s self-implosion materialize, it is incumbent on us all to gear up to pick up the broken pieces, those thousands of gullible Scientologists who have remained under the dying dictator’s command.

The strategy is simple: Deliver, prepare to deliver more, then deliver more.

In my opinion, training is the key to the kingdom – as there is far too much grab-ass going on in the field being passed off as Scientology.

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  1. All the more reason to keep shouting from the rooftops: Confidentiality agreements can NOT legally apply to evidence of criminal activity, and they do not shield a signer from the responsibility to report a crime. Miscavige can negotiate all he wants, but if any of these people knows anything incriminating, they can take that info straight to law enforcement with no fear of violating any agreement. They wouldn’t even lose their payoff.

    And Marty, before you lose faith in the ability of people to make a change and come clean, remember that a lot of people once predicted that you and Mike Rinder would never talk. No one is incapable of redemption, though it may take time.

  2. Karma’s a bitch

  3. Wow…

    Now that was a shot across the bow. My hair is still burning from that one. Tommy D, in the “witless” protection program?? I had sensed that he was on the way out and getting ready to defect because of his prolonged absense. But, looks like he was tempted by the wares of DM and his payoff machine. Well, I was close. Guess the young lad gave into the dark side. Probably knew that if he defected, that cash pipeline from Mommy would dry up and no more BMW.

    Tony Falcaro…Now there is a name that I have not heard in years. He visited me once to reg for IAS money while I was a junior exec at a WISE slave cam,,,,ummm, I mean, a WISE company. When I told him I was only making $250 a week, he laughed at me…”Hahahahahahaha,,,,,$250 a week???? I make over 100K a year,,,,,hahahahahahah”, was his retort.

    Arrogant prick.

    As for the strategy you mentioned: I agree. Deliver, and go free in greater numbers. Damn I like that idea.

    I still sense another round of highly shocking defections coming. The kind that go all the way.

    Thanks for this great information.

    Miscavige: OT H8 Truth Concealed.

  4. Holy wow. This is it! See the emporer nekkid!

  5. The most ethical group on Planet Earth.

    And followed closely by the Russian Mafia, the Neo Nazis, and the New York Yankees.

    This is going to get ugly methinks.

    “But what if we fail?
    We fail? But screw your courage to the sticking place and we shall not fail.”

  6. Marty thanks for the update.

    I think their silence may change once they are confronted by Federal Agents and prosecutors investigating the criminality going on and DM tries to point the fingers at them (his fall guys and girls).

    Blood money is not protection. The truth will eventually win out.

  7. The church has become a real estate holding company. It is too expensive for the church to deliver services since POB has taken over the helm. and to correct the situation the church no longer delivers auditing or training. (Or at least that is the current trend) The focus is now on aquireing buildings, that the public pays for fixes them up at the publics expense and then since the buildings belong to the Sea Org rents them out to the public, at the going rate.
    The little people in the SO that have been cowed by COB are neither trained nor capable and that’s why COB “loves” them.

  8. David — POB despises those little SO people. They are not trained or capable because he makes sure they stay that way.

  9. The strategy is simple: Deliver, prepare to deliver more, then deliver more.

    In my opinion, training is the key to the kingdom – as there is far too much grab-ass going on in the field being passed off as Scientology.

    Good Advice.

  10. Yeah Marty,

    It’s the “D Team” left in the bunker.

    Angie went out 2D with Blake Mooney — his wife Chantal used to be the D/CO CMO PAC and was a sweet girl.

    Angie got sucked into the Falcaro/Mooney/Bayback clique in PAC. They are no doubt keeping an eye on her to ensure she doesn’t step out of line.

  11. WOW!

    Isn’t in SOS somewhere that LRH talks the 1.1 cell (covertly hostile group for non-Scientologists reading this blog) will eventually destroy and devour itself?

    Seems the “old man” got it right again!

    I don’t know Angie Blankenship, but this latest falling-out will somehow effect Angie’s siblings who I do know… I hope the best for them and hope than can see the truth that you post consistently on this blog.

    I have always said (since August 2010) “the hardest part about confronting Corporate Scientology is realizing that you were a part of it!”


  12. Oh, and as for Tommy. It’s probably a plus that he is no longer around to be the sockpuppet for POB as now there is deafening silence which seems to be less destructive than Tommy spouting POB lines and stuffing his Salvatore Ferragamos in his large mouth on a routine basis.

    But, as Tommy has blown before (in the middle of the BBC Panorama disaster), he is a very goos candidate to blow again. So, if he is still around, he is under very tight security watch.

  13. Well, this explains the OT Ass’es “Amateur Hours” for Idle Morgue fundraising…..the C&C structure is crumbling from the weight of the mass of dark matter DM call’s his “soul”….after all, he “IS” Scientology. As Marty says, after the denouement there will be much needed to triage the wreckage. For reasons that have become enormously clear to me recently, training is KEY: There essentially has been NO “self-determined to the point of ability to think with the subject” training since the GAT releases. That is one HUGE omission…of several….

  14. Michael Fairman

    The New York Yankees? I’d put the Republican and the Democratic Parties ahead of them, and a slew more.

    Marty, it seems that disintegration is well under way. The thousands will be welcomed with open arms, and we’ll all be watching the perp walk, or should I say the twerp walk.

  15. Yes, a real estate holding company. That’s a good thing because buildings can’t be moved off-shore and hidden. I picture the day when all those buildings are sold and people are paid back what they’re owed.

  16. I wonder if the FBI is interested in these “more recent” types of human rights abuses and Mafia-like payoffs in exchange for silence.

    Probably not. After all, that type of behavior is protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States isn’t it?

    I just have one question though. Who is being protected?

  17. Among the MANY thoughts I have reading this…it reminds me of one of my favorite movies…”Damn Yankees”…where Shoeless Joe and Lola sell their souls to the devil…”2 lost souls on the highway of life”…. only in this case there are more than 2.
    The ending is not pretty for those who compromise their integrity.
    Interesting post. Thank you.

  18. Marty,
    Thanks for the update. This is BIG news.
    Meanwhile, the Theravada Buddhist community continues to grow with new books, new translations, and many new members. We do not even promote.

    I believe, that without Mr. Miscavige during the last 30 years, Scientology would have grown to at least 10 million auditors in 2011.

    Ironically, the Buddha would have accepted Scientology while I was given a policy letter to read which stated that I, as a Buddhist, was “stuck in a GPM, a black hole”. Well, Mr. Miscavige this black hole sure is fun and it is much, much better than a bunker.

    Much loving-kindness,

  19. Marty,

    This also reminds me of another of POB’s closest brown-nosers. Bob Blabbo Keenan.

    At this time of year, its particularly poignant to remember Blabbo who would host POB in his suite at the Manor each year for the IAS Event, picking him up in a convoy of rented Range Rovers when he landed at Farnborough in his (well, TC’s) Gulfstream.

    Blabbo has retired to the country, offering up a similar shore story that was used for Debbie Cook (and others) that he is “handling a physical condition” (funny how the SO apparently doesnt take care of this??).

    Blabbo was POB’s “enforcer” in the UK and the one who “handled” the “IDeal Orgs” (though he was the LRH PPOR UK). He used to go out and collect thousands of pounds in cash from public Scientologists to fund his PI/media contacts.

    Blabbo now reportedly works for one of those contacts he had when he was in the SO.

    He refused to go to Int when POB tried to get him to go there to be posted. Though he was a good brownoser in the UK, he knew how long he would last if he went to Int. And so he fell into disfavor.

    BTW, I heard Miscavige moved the IAS event two weeks earlier than usual this year. Wonder why?

  20. You all know the saying; “birds of a feather flock together”. It is absolutely impossible for an ethical person to be close to DM. He would repel anyone decent. That’s just the way the universe works.

  21. I think you’re right Mark. I think you are very, very right.

  22. BTW, I heard Miscavige moved the IAS event two weeks earlier than usual this year. Wonder why?

    Maybe that’s the only date the actors had available. You know, the actors who fill their otherwise empty seats.

  23. “They are no doubt keeping an eye on her to ensure she doesn’t step out of line.”

    Sheesh, seems like an awful lot of spinning plates. I’d hate to have to keep track of it! Ah, living an honest life is just so much easier.

  24. Any news about the whereabouts or activities of Wilhere, Kurt Weiling or Starkey? I never heard their names associated with long term hole assignments and they appear to still be around and holding some sort of position within the cult. I’ve always been curious why they seemed to stay in relatively good graces with DM, either too much knowledge or just the most committed, brown nosing, sadistic robots on earth.

  25. Funny you say that, Pat. I actually had an “opportunity”, if you can call it that, at a private event, where I could have walked up to him and introduced myself. Instead, I chose to turn and quickly walk in the other direction hoping he would not see me…even tho he would not know who I was. I did not want to be on his comm line.
    When I look back at that…it’s funny…as, had it been LRH, I would have RUN right to him and shook his hand, given him a hug…
    You are right…he repels.

  26. Sunny. They were all in the Hole in 2006 through mid 2007 when I left.

    Starkey was in more trouble than anyone I know. POB let him out of the Hole to go to Italy to be the Minister of the wedding of TC and Katie Holmes. his alcohol

    Starkey has a problem with alcohol (which is why I refer to him as Captain Morgan Starkey). He got drunk at the after wedding party and made a pass at Brooke Shields. Her husband got upset and complained to Miscavige about the behavior of his hand picked “minister.” Starkey was sent back to the Hole in utter disagrace with orders that the others in the Hole were to physically assault him or they would get the same treatment (as everyone in the Hole had “let POB down” by “putting an SP on his lines”).

    Weiland was a broken man. Literally crying about how he was “an SP” and there was no hope for him.

    Wihere is also a broken man. He is so gaunt and sickly that he was assigned to sit outside in the sun for an hour a day. He is notorious for falling asleep in session (as the auditor).

    Nobody in the near vicinity of POB does well. Lots of cowed and ill associates around the Pope on his box.

  27. I used to work for his wife Isabelle Szuldiner Falcaro Parsons once. She re-married Randy Parsons {who died from Leukemia} after she divorced Tony. Tony Falcoro was also married to Wesley Howath {former NY DAY Div 6}. One day Tony and I were walking down the street in New York {this is after he had divorced Isabelle and he said to me “Now Lawrence, Isabelle, she’s more my speed!” and burst out laughing. I was only a comm course graduate at that time and Staff Status 0 on my Student Hat course but I wanted to say “Hey, how many times do you people have to get married to each other, before you realize your 2D is out”. I am glad you called him an arrogant prick.

  28. Isabelle was his ex-wife at the time. I should have said his ex-wife I worked for not his wife. They were already divorced.

  29. Thanks Marty! Wow, but predictable.

    Any news about Lisa Allen (Schroer)? As of 2008 she was in the Hole after a few rendezvous in and out and she was right up there with Jenny and Angie doing his bidding at the drop of a hat. Did she ever make it out?

  30. +1000000000

  31. Wow, I’d say this is just the tip of the fall out!

  32. L. Ron Hubbard – TWTH, Precept 2

    “…The problems of sexual misbehavior are not new. The powerful religion of Buddhism in India vanished from there in the seventh century. According to its own historians, the cause was sexual promiscuity in its monasteries. More modernly, when sexual promiscuity becomes prevalent in an organization, commercial or otherwise, the organization can be seen to fail. No matter how civilized their discussions about it, families shatter in the face of unfaithfulness.”

    Do we need another sign that POB is doomed?

    What happened to the purpose of: “To Put Ethics In in this Universe”? No matter if one follows “Do as I say, not as I do” or simply try to emulate POB’s daily actions, one still arrives at the same observation – the most heinous, asinine crimes are committed at the top with not a hint of decency, compassion and humanity in sight. How will such an outfit “handle” the planet, let alone a single individual? Well, of course unless “handling” has been redefined as “beating into submission.”

    If you are out there and reading this blog and still haven’t made up your mind, look at the obvious. It is black and white and no amount of (out)PR talk from Church robots can alter the fact that DM is a sociopath.

  33. martyrathbun09

    Similarities are not the same order of thing in this case. There are huge differences between Mike and I and them. Don’t fool yourself with false hopes.

  34. martyrathbun09

    She was held captive, pretty much solitary confinement during the years 2009 and 2010. JB and I drove to the base last June to, among other things, offer her an escape route. I made contact, but she flatly refused the hand.

  35. I believe Brian has a valid point. By your own writing you have admitted to many wrong doings while under the control of the COS and DM. Are these people unable to see the truth and come out of the darkness?

  36. martyrathbun09

    No, FBI DIrector Robert Mueller fully endorses them. Be sure to see Eastwood’s latest “J. Edgar” coming this Fall. The FBI put out a release trying to discredit the movie. Its the same ole same, like Ice Cube wrote:
    Im from the land of the gang bang
    since I was little ain’t a goddamn thang changed
    its the same ole same
    Bush doing shit
    like Saddam Hussein.

    If he wrote the song today, he could just as easily put Obama in for Bush.
    This is how business gets done in America. It is why not a single Wall Street crook who crashed the economy ever served a single day. It is why a decade after it was an accepted scientific fact that humankind is effecting the climate adversely we are now being conditioned by mainstream media to understand that man made climate change is a “theory.” I never relied upon the government to do a blessed thing about C of S; but I did my duty as a citizen and reported what needed to be, and then some. You see, Miscavige sold out the only institution that had much of a chance about doing anything truly effective about the greedy pigs ruining this planet. In the age of information, the only hope now of changing this downward spiral is a lot of diverse groups, championing a lot of serious issues; and educating more and more people.

  37. martyrathbun09

    On the walk, probably the latter. On the Yankees, that’s cause you are from New York and Brian is from Boston.

  38. Mike was being facetious. Miscavige moved the IAS event two weeks earlier than usual because Mike will be in the UK at the end of October, and of course Miscavige found this out through his illegal use of hacking into airline information. DM is terrified of being in the same town as Mike at the same time. Who knows what might happen? He could implode due to missed withhold phenomena without even seeing Mike, but just knowing that he is breathing the same air as him.

  39. martyrathbun09

    That is apparently because neither of you has read much of this blog. Here is one difference that even people who do not know us can see – and people who do know us know many, many even more major differences – THEY TOOK THE MONEY AND RAN.

  40. martyrathbun09

    He also doesn’t want his IAS high rollers in for their annual implant to catch wind that Mike is BYPASSING DM and his cult to represent Scientology in matters of great import.

  41. martyrathbun09

    ps: It really is a pain attempting to represent and defend Scientology with Miscavige’s minions sniping from all angles trying to prevent it with unlimited funds, ain’t it?

  42. Wilhere was allowed to go to South Africa in August, to be the guest speaker for their grand opening of their newly renovated Div 6 spaces (renovated for the 2nd time in the Idle Org strategy era). It was seriously bizarre that he was shipped out there for such an event.

  43. *Someone* had to go in order to maintain the pretense that there is some sort of “management” and that the “Idle Orgs” are important. It was a complete waste of money and a total “PR caper” as I am sure he told everyone he was “personally sent by COB.”

    There weren’t many choices. Couldn’t send Heber or “ED Int” as they have no wives to hold hostage… Wilhere does.

    He was also in Africa for the original “Idle Org” opening, so he is sort of known. The only other person that could have done it is Greg Hughes, as he was also there for the original “Idle Org” opening but he and Debbie are also out of the SO, having been paid off (though Debbie does have a legitimate medical situation and the failure to give her appropriate treatment when she was in the hole almost blinded and killed her). They are now living in Oklahoma City and Greg is back to being a “WISE Consultant.” To keep him happy even his son was routed out of the Sea Org and works with him in his new business (and just like Debbie, he is using the “Scientology comm lines” to be able to survive).

    More of the “inner circle” blown off but kept under wraps.

  44. I know that you’re very different, and I’ll take your word for it that they’re terrible people who will probably keep silent. I didn’t mean my comment as an insult. And I don’t expect anyone to come forward with the smoking gun that will save the day; I just wanted to say that people are capable of surprising us, that’s all.

    Anyway, what I really wanted to say was in the first paragraph. No harm intended.

  45. martyrathbun09

    I am not saying they’re terrible people. They are just for sale and are signed, sealed and delivered. I never will be. If you read some of the history on the blog I think you’ll understand that.

  46. I have read a great deal of the blog. I never meant to suggest that I thought you were for sale. I’m sorry if I implied that.

  47. The first time he was there in Nov 2003, Wilhere punched the ED JBGD (Albert) in the stomach. Albert, who is a long term Sea Org member on garrison mission in JBGD that was doing very well as the ED, was being told he would be replaced by a local OT from the field because those were the orders from Mgmt. All new Idle Orgs had to have OT’s from the field put on post as ED’s (of course so that Miscavige could have total control over them since the OT Ass’es kiss up to him). Albert was upset about this order but it was coming from INT (ie: blanket order from Miscavige on all orgs). Wilhere told Albert it was BS and he was going to stay on post but not before he punched him in the stomach regarding accepting this illegal order. Of course this is another time when Miscavige cross ordered himself and then blamed others for it. Apparently it wasn’t a brutal punch, but it was pretty hard and Albert was kind of shocked. It definitely had an impact on EVERYBODY that knew, because it sent a pretty clear message. Not one of kindness and compassion.

  48. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    “stuffing his Salvatore Ferragamos”
    That is very funny.

  49. I have read this blog from beginning to end. I will continue to do so. I’m not in any way invalidating what you are saying. My point was simply that people can change and make a difference. You are proof.

    I don’t know Brian. I interpreted his comment as that it never would have been predicted that you or Mike would speak out against the church and now you do. Giving a voice to those have yet to find theirs.

    My comment was not intended as a snarky remark, more of a basic belief that anyone is capable of changing, not that they will.

    Clearly, taking the money does not credit their morality or morality in the slightest.

    I admit I have never been a Scientologist but I am not uneducated on the subject. I have researched and read the teachings and while I don’t believe in them personally, I passionately believe in the right for you to do so without attacks from the COS.

  50. These are my exact sentiments as well.

  51. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence


  52. Brian,

    These cats aren’t comparable to Mike and Marty at all, having worked and known all of them. It’s like comparing Little League to the Major League All Star players, with the minor leagues, College, High School categories in between. Similar differences on their personal integrity as well.

  53. M & M,

    Thanks very much for the updates on POB’s last “Loyalists”. It seems, along with the Idle Orgs that Dave’s personal personnel pools are also evaporating. Who’s he going to have to commiserate with while having that Scotch in the evenings other than Lou?

  54. Goerge – I think that when LRH was talking about the black hole that people engaging in meditation were stuck in then he was talking about the kool aid Buddhists.
    Mindlessaly chanting mantras does not produce any more enlightenment than paying for ones next patron level.
    A lot of people look for an effortless way to enlightenment.
    That is why every religion has its kool-aid drinkers.

  55. LRH wrote a policy about connection with suppressive organizations.
    The suppressive organization was to be totally destoyed before the person who had been part of it would be accepted for auditing.
    That policy has been misapplied somewhat but as far as I can concerned Wilhere is one to whom it should be fully applied.

  56. I hear you, and I meant no disrespect to Mike or Marty. I only meant to compare them in the broadest sense (and I would include myself in the comparison, and everyone else too), in that redemption is possible for any of us, even in cases when it may seem unlikely. Some people’s mistakes are more serious, and some people’s characters are such that they’ll have a harder time finding it in themselves to change. Many may never change. I just wanted to say that you can’t close the door completely, on anyone.

  57. Feels like Christmas! Based on what you are reporting looks like the guy is about to snap any minute now.

  58. I have to wonder what Flag’s actual training and delivery stats are currently?

  59. Theo Sismanides

    Marty this is an interesting topic by itself. The government and the ruining of economies and the planet. Here we have the EU now. European Union and all those “bureaucrats” running the country to a big deflation. It is very bad. No expansion, just shrinking.

    We have this chance to change this with a lot of work. I wanted to remind people of the petition because it is not moving fast.

  60. I’m right with there with you Marty and look forward to seeing that movie.

    Among the great things that you always do is expand your knowledge base and encourage others to do the same. I also do the same. It is the way to win and is one of the Three Valid Therapies.

    I also feel that we can turn this planet into the paradise that it has all the potential of being. We don’t necessarily (and shouldn’t) have to “escape from” or abandon it.

    The ARC and KRC triangles, baby! They are the keys to expending one’s sphere of influence.

    Once again, bro, thanks for a correct indication.

  61. I ran into Ann Mintz , one of the Flag regges, at a mall recently-she was all happy to see me-I told her I am still auditing, but I’m not in the Church-Her eyes opened wide and she uttered”you mean you went to the other side?’ Yup- She said”have a nice day” and walked away very quickly.
    I would be very interested in what the Flag reg stats are like these days.
    BTW,I also know that Tony Falcaro is truly an arrogant prick.

  62. Second to last sentence should say expanding for “expending”.

  63. Mike, I understood Marty’s comment about Tommy to be an indication that Tommy is routing out. Did I get that wrong?

  64. Dear Brian,
    I got what you said. Thanks.

  65. Good post Marty. I fully agree that training is the key right now. We old timers need to turn some hats over to the next generation: We who stood for hours on end Chinese Schooling KSW and other key references. Serious training needs to occur asap.

    ML Tom

  66. Mindlessly chanting mantras does not produce any more enlightenment than paying for ones next patron level.

    Too funny, and so true.

  67. Seriously,

    Has there ever been one instance of anyone actually physically fighting back from these assaults by these deranged, punch-happy Miscavige executives?

    Just curious.

  68. Thanks, and got it on Lisa. Wow you drove back – that must be a story worth hearing!

  69. So glad to hear Angie left. I was friends with her family when she joined and she was a teen, I think 15 or 16 years old. Her Mom, a great woman, Finished OT8 and abruptly died from cancer. O.K. so after two decades of slavery she fell in love and started a new life. Glad to hear she took the high road. I would consider that reason. The beginning of in ethics. It doesn’t bother me at all that she got laid after two decades in the Sea Org and the product is a child. She didn’t get an abortion. God knows the mother church is against her for such sinning as love and pro creation. Isn’t that enough of punishment?

  70. Marty, good for Lisa. She knows that what she did as DM’s prime attack dog for years warrants more years of misery in his fetid kingdom. One day she will allow herself to go back to being the decent Aussie she was as Receptionist CMO Int.

  71. Gern Gaschoen

    The FBI is not interested, because the Federal US government is, itself, involved in the destruction of the Church of Scientology. DM is a part of a clandestine operation to eradicate Scientology from the face of the Earth. JUST LOOK AT THE STATISTICS.

    In case you are interested, the INCOMM CCB (central computer bank) has all the evidence needed to back this up. Try as he might, DM has not destroyed CHUG – yet.

    The plant campaigns of the 80’s and 90’s *WERE* caught by tech terminals in the Church – but the efforts to remove these individuals and address the external influences was stifled by the criminal RTC. INCOMM is, itself, currently under the covert influence of plants from various CIA-run groups (the Mormon church, for example) and for this reason has not put DM’s head on a pike, as LRH intended. (Did you know that INCOMM is supposed to be senior to RTC? The computer systems LRH ordered be built were not delivered on time to prevent the *very* thing LRH predicted was going to happen: the rise of fascist, external influences, within the Church.)

    If you look at the long history of the Feds (along with their allies, the Mormon church, and so on) sending in plants and other operatives into the church you will see that in fact what DM is doing has been part of a long-term plan all along.

    The FBI won’t take this much seriously precisely *because* the destruction of the Church is going according to the plans, drawn up and executed during the tumultuous period around LRH’s death, for the destruction of Scientology in total.

    The same people who have been actively subverting the US’ judicial and political system for their own means, quite successfully, have been honing their psych-based techniques for control and destruction on groups like the Church of Scientology and the Mormons. The “terrorism” tactics, the torture and implanting being done by DM and others, are straight out of the psych textbook, and we who were witnessing this in the 80’s and 90’s within the Church have been very, very gullible about it. It should have been very clear that with the successes of OSA in the late 80’s and early 90’s, we were going to be targeted by much more nefarious means – and we did not prepare for it well enough.

    The only tech that can save the Church, and indeed Scientology, is auditing tech. Get trained, get in session. Get those around you who are not up the Bridge, up the Bridge. Learn to sec-check PER LRH, learn to dig deeper, keep your SO member hats on, keep your Data Series Evaluator hat *ON*, root out the moles and the plants, and undo the damage done by DM using the only effective 3rd Dynamic tool we have: AUDITING.

    Are you a Scientologist? Are you trained? Are you auditing?

    If the answer is not yes to all of those questions, then you’ve got work to do. Get organized. Form a course-room. Get the dictionaries out, collect *ALL* the materials you need, and get the training happening.

    If you’re on staff (I know for a fact that on-staff SO members and Class V org staff read this blog), then you’d better take the next step up the LEFT SIDE OF THE BRIDGE as fast as possible. The survival of Scientology depends on our training of Auditors. That is the *only* game you should be playing: no bullshit MEST games, no bullshit tyranny and fascism games. JUST GET YOUR AUDITOR HAT ON AND GET IN SESSION NOW.

    Marty, I hope we can soon see some big things happening with the re-organization and re-grouping we need to do to take back Scientology from the usurpers. I think the time has long since been due for a global meeting of independents to address this issue, and I would like to officially register my intent and interest to participate in such an effort, wearing the hats I have accepted from LRH, towards this goal.

  72. “Once in 2010 when Jenny comm lagged on a Miscavige question Miscavige had Laurisse slap Jenny hard repeatedly across the face.”

    I wish I could say that I was shocked to hear of this, but I’m all too familar with the stories of DM’s brutality. And Jenny’s probably as much a kool-aid drinker as ever.

  73. He ran away from me. I cornered him in a hallway. He couldn’t even look at me. Ray Mithoff stepped forward to ser fac on me on his behhalf. They are not street wise.

  74. “the hardest part about confronting Corporate Scientology is realizing that you were a part of it!”

    Brett For REAL!

  75. Randy Parsons {who died from Leukemia}

    Geeze, I did not know that and was looking for Randy lately. He was one of my best friends ever. I’m shocked and broken hearted at this news.

  76. Tony is arrogant, but when the the Sea Org tried to recruit his wife’s son he moved them from L.A. to Florida. He is not stupid. He really does have a heart. He just works very hard at being politically correct. If he is ever pushed up against a wall he will flip on the Church in heartbeat. He has his lines you cannot cross.

  77. Stunning Revelations.
    Thanks for this update.
    These inner 5 were not rank and file.
    They lived with emotional disturbance and violent agitation
    til it hit the threshold.
    But unlike honorable ex-Sea Org who left ahead of them and could not be bought, they took money $$$$$$$
    Jenny refusing to leave on the rescue attempt is unfathomable.
    Steve Hall wrote this horrifying incident that happened to her

    Jenny De Vocht the “Commanding Officer CMO Int” was forced to stay up for non-stop seven days… until her eyes were dark and hollow sockets. Even the CIA classifies shorter bouts of sleep deprivation as “torture.” When Jenny finally crawled into a bed, Miscavige had her hauled back to the CMOI conference room (“the Hole” a.k.a. “SP Hall”). Meanwhile, Miscavige also had a bed brought in and placed in the middle of the room. After humiliating and degrading Jenny as a “weakling who couldn’t go without sleep,” he ordered her to go to sleep in the bed while all CMO staff watched. After a week of no sleep, Jenny dozed for the next two days in a conference room full of people who were themselves not allowed to leave until she got out of bed.

    INT BASE Cruelty = One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

  78. Martin Padfield

    Yeah well, rest assured some of us will be sure to give Dave and his dwindling flock of sheeple a nice, polite British welcome! Don’t matter when the IAS event is, I never miss it!

  79. The one sure thing “the authorities” always do in a reactor core meltdown is to lie. The authorities lied about reactor core meltdowns as they were occurring at:

    1. Three Mile Island
    2. Chernobyl
    3. Fukushima

    The Cult of Scientology is lying about the Meltdown of Miscavige by trumpeting Ideal Orgs, expansion, blah, blah, blah. The fact is that the Cult has to spend money because it is tax exempt. Tax exempt groups must act for the public benefit and cannot endlessly amass cash. Thus, several things are happening simultaneously:

    1. The Cult must spend cash. It is doing so by having construction firms like Staubach manage construction of vacant Ideal Orgs,

    2. The non-Scientology “Shadowmen” are lavishly paid to desperately Keep Scientology Working to for their personal benefit and that of the Lunatic Antichrist of Hemet. KSW 2011 = Keeping the cash flowing for the benefit of DM’s circle of attorneys and PI’s.

    3. In DM’s latest version of musical chairs, the last people standing get huge sums of money to go away and shut up. These people are like a boxer who took some very nasty punches but still threw the fight in one of the late rounds in return for a big payday.

    4. DM continues to descend into further madness:


  80. Mike +1
    Love your little anecdotes on Babbles 😎

  81. Martin Padfield

    Is Laurence Barram son of Hanny and Mickey, UK OT VIIIs? I thought their kids were Ailon and Gali. Hanny is the nicest lady you could hope to meet – I really hope she and Mickey wake up. Hanny was my star auditor in the SHF HGC, together with Mandy Kember (trapped in HGB Big Blue) and Veronique Sybil (reportedly our with mental health issues). The trio were fondly known as Martin’s Angels and we frequently out-performed AOSH in 86/87.

  82. Martin Padfield

    PS. Sign the petition. Get at least 2 others to do it.

  83. I guess one must never lose sight of the game Scientology presents. The details of the suppressive nature of the Church takes quite the confront, it’s quite draining at times, kudos to you Marty, may a reprieve come your way soon.
    I’m truly hanging out for some good news to reverse the flow. Hey DM how about taking yourself for a long walk off a short pier. Sounds like fun…

  84. Ralph,
    Perhaps this is true as you seem closer to LRH. The policy which was given to me to read was very short – only a few sentences – and it was very specific in what it said. I can almost quote it. “Buddhists are caught in a GPM .” Actually, all beings are caught in Samsara which is the endless cycle of re-birth so this is accurate. But the policy linked the Buddhist religion with the GPM which make it objectionable. Also, the policy could have beeen forged but it did have the familiar signature block with no actual signature.
    My own personal opinion is that LRH was mostly in contact with secondary sources on Buddhism since the original Pali Canon was not
    a workable tool until recently. The Germans and British did a very good job with the Canon but major sections are still not translated. LRH came into contact with Mahayana forms of Buddhism in China. I have researched this in depth and I can trace the specific line of research that he used. LRH stated quite clearly that he did not think that Buddhism did much for mankind and this is one of the reasons he departed from it.
    No one would dispute his right on that issue.
    When the Buddhist monks performed a ceremony at Flag, they came from Japan which has its own flavor There are so many flavors that we could stay in Samsara for a long time just talking about them.
    Personally, I got over the issue a long time ago. I think that if LRH actually had the modern Canon translations he would enjoy them. The calls I get from Flag always contain extremely fundamental confusions on the subject of Buddhism. I don’t think Mr. Miscavige could untangle this tangle without
    serious help.

    Much loving-kindness,

  85. Marty et al

    Those Fireflys and Shooting Stars are about to be joined by the Aurora Borealis and the whole GD Milky Way!!!
    When you plant forests you go for Giant Redwoods!! 🙂

  86. dm: What about using Tommyboy as a spy/agent in the Independent Field?
    It would be fun….

  87. If Mike is in the UK , nice to touch base :0

  88. End of October?

  89. Heh, heh, heh! Thanks, Christie.

    Way to go, Mike. Your trip to the UK will be interesting to watch.


  90. Marty, Mike and others … do you know how well (or whether) David Miscavige is managing either to hide or to reposition (lie about) the church/cult’s current dire situation to Tom Cruise?

    I understand how hard it is for Cruise to confront the actual situation, given his own enormous sunk costs and overts in service to this cult. But at some point — as more and more Ideal Orgs are closed, shuttered, foreclosed on — it will become impossible to hide this from him.


  91. Michael- I was joking about the Yankees my friend. I’m from Boston man, can you blame me? 😉

  92. Ralph,
    Typo. The policy DID have the signature block but with no actual signature.

    You are correct about mindless chanting and I get this in spades from some of my personal Buddhist friends. Actually, I have been chanting in Pali for over 10 years and I really enjoy it. I have recorded monks and have translated the Pali to English. People come to our Vihara and some think that our chanting is a mindless, cult ritual. I have heard this many times. Actually, real chanting has a deeper meaning since the Pali words have special significance. They are also designed to make one mindfull.
    We get hundreds of college students who listen to our chanting. About 99% just see it as a ritual. Just to give you an example of the meaning.

    The public chants in Pali “By the power of this truth may the victory be mine!. The monks chant “By the power of this truth may the victory be yours!

    Pali words, especially the compund ones, are full of meaning. The melodious chanting is designed to create a bond to the teaching.
    Much loving-kindness,

  93. Free and Clear

    Wow, this really rocks the universe. For most Scientologists these names will probably not mean that much. But Angie has been the main ramrod for Ideal Orgs since the beginning, Bob was the Int Landlord and Laurance the core designer. They were the heart of the Ideal Orgs Team. It makes so much sense that they would disintegrate. With all of Int in the hole, Angie was (for a short while) the next golden girl. She was very much involved with the DMSMH bookselling push in NY which was to her credit but fell into disfavor pretty rapidly after that (wonder why?). DM has worked from the top down, destroying morale, caving people in and removing people from post. People like Norman Starkey he got started on early (LRH Trustee), then down into Exec Strata, CMU, down and down. Then he had to pull people from lower orgs up to have anyone at all- which is where Jenny, then Angie and finally Bob all came from- CMO FLB. They were 4th level for sure. Who the heck is left up there? The problem is that the chainsaw is picking up speed cutting through softer wood. Whereas it took many many years to completely break people like Norman, Heber and Ray, it was much quicker to break people like Jenny and Angie, and very quick for Bob Wright (who only started working on DM’s lines in the last few years). Now we will see DM move through the next tier very rapidly. Soon the CMO PAC Janitor will be up there as the new “golden boy”.

  94. I hope so too Mark.

  95. Martin,

    No, she was married to Danny Barram. Then she was married to John Stumbke (son of Peter). Her maiden name is french, something like Guneau.

  96. She is Swiss, French part. Jon Stumbke was immortalized in Marc Headley’s book for chasing the Cine execs around the property all night on motorcycles.

  97. F&C: You said: “Soon the CMO PAC Janitor will be up there as the new “golden boy”.”

    How prescient you are. The replacement for Angie as “WDC Ideal Orgs” is/was (she may have been busted by now, this was 3 months ago) Molly Hoertling — close enough to the janitor CMO PAC. She was a Pgms Ops CMO PAC who apparently had a nasty streak that DM liked. Reportedly she was on the Freewinds conducting a seminat on Ideal Orgs for the last Maiden Voyage. I bet that impressed the High Rollers…

  98. JM — its pretty easy to hide things from people who are willingly blind. Every possible outness is explained away “it’s just the media,” “its just the SPs,” “look over here at this video of our phenomenal expansion,” “this is just proof that we are winning, the SPs always attack when we are winning,” etc etc etc.

  99. 20th to 29th — isnt that the end of October?

  100. Well, that doesnt sound too smart — trying to avoid SO recruiters by moving from LA to Clearwater??? Out of hte frying pan into the fire….

  101. In other words, theta repelled her.

  102. Right, the FBI works for the banksters. They’re the very outfit that staged just about all terrorist attacks in America the CIA doing it abroad.

    FEMA is working for the banksters as well and set up mass concentration/extermination camps along railroad tracks and airplane strips in every State. They have mass graves and coffins for the many millions in storage. Fusion centres are established in every State and spy on anyone with a different opinion, openly admitting they don’t work for the government. Homeland Security is working for the banksters as well and installed 800 mega prisons and the military can be set up against the very citizen they’re supposed to defend.

    Indeed the only institution able to do something about it, would have been LRH’s Church in the 70’s and it was so effective, it took the banksters 2 decades to disrupt it. They will wage a war, using FBI, FEMA, POB, CIA, XE, ARMY, HS and other WMD’s like energy, drugs, vaccination, currency, etc, before giving up their position of power. Like Hitler, they will take down everything in their fall.

    There’re so many different groups that all shout something different, it’ll be very hard for them to directly educate the masses as the media, largely controlled by the banksters, shout louder. Personally, I think indirect education by a couple of smart guys might give an answer.

  103. Nurse Ratched? John Allender? Lablow?

  104. martyrathbun09

    And dumb as a rock.

  105. martyrathbun09

    Well, one indicator, Tom skipped the Celebrity Center Annual Gala this summer in favor of a Katy Perry “concert”.

  106. martyrathbun09

    The entire physical universe is composed of the gpm – the plus/minus attraction and repelling postulates. Anyone who does not recognize this unfortunately is caught in the gpm, whether Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or Scientologist. DM apparently is dramatizing a big clay demo of the phenomena for the world’s edification.

  107. DM will be forced to apply the Hitler Youth principle and appoint into his inner circle young people who grew up in his version of the SO and know nothing else — literally nothing else.

  108. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, I posted on it I am pretty sure last June.

  109. martyrathbun09

    And that is why he is so trusted by the Miscavige regime. John Allender (noted in the OSA spy list I posted here months ago as “I trust him with my life.”) I could go down the list, but I think you get the picture.

  110. martyrathbun09


  111. martyrathbun09

    They way I read what is going on is punishment for decades of attempted rationality – and some sort of concern for the greater good of the greater number – by EU governments. I hope you all can withstand this suppression.

  112. martyrathbun09

    Of course not. You’ll just never get some to the door by rewarding their lack of integrity.

  113. Expelled 4 Life

    Falcaro and the rest of the top full time regges long ago changed from mostly regging for AO & FSO to regging for the IAS, SuperPower and Idle Org extortions. The reason: The IAS, SuperPower and Idle Org extortions pay instant commissions. Also the top full-time FSMs don’t have to bother with that pesky policy letter entitled “FSM Series #1” which among other things does not allow a person on service to be ripped off my another FSM i.e the full time pro FSMs. FSM Series #1 clearly states it is the Cl IV Org that should select the public to the upper org but that’s never prevented the Falcaro’s of the world (Besio, Phillips, Kline, etc.) from stealing, yes stealing, FSM commissions directly away from the salary sum of Cl IV Org staff who barely have a pot to piss in as it is.

  114. EIS: Xactly. Molly Hoertling to a “T” — pure Miscavige Youth.

  115. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. What you might not appreciate is that I didn’t change all that much. I just recognized the SOURCE of suppression and irrespective of consequences am doing something about it.

  116. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this bit of history Christie. It is important.

  117. martyrathbun09

    More evidence Mike of what I’ve been saying for two years – he’s got nothing left but weakling sheeple.

  118. martyrathbun09

    Right, also take a look at my late 2009/early 2010(?) post on IAS commissions, documenting and demonstrating how this trend toward rewarding IAS fms over services fsms began in the early nineties.

  119. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot Mike. I highly recommend that post to any who missed it, having just read it again.

  120. Great post Marty. I watched that video J. Swift published. In it, Miscavige winds up declaring everyone in the CoS suppressive. I’m wondering if that isn’t so far fetched. POB is the king of blanket ethics orders and blanket everything. Is he insane enough to assign all public and all staff in the CoS a lower condition, to be followed by the inevitable SP declare?

    Funny, but that is the trademark POB pattern. Also ironic in that it would be a correct condition — but not for the reason POB thinks. He declares people for not following him. But their only guilt was in ever following him in the first place.


  121. “My point was simply that people can change and make a difference. You are proof.”

    I say so are you 😉

  122. do you think he has a copper rod at Saint Hill so that he could ground himself? 🙂

  123. Gern,
    Scientology has already been taken back from the usurpers.

    Miscavige and a dwindling number of his minions simply haven’t noticed that fact yet.

  124. Marty,
    Looks like the third dynamic engram is now being run out in real time by yourself and Mike and Steve et al.

    Those of us who are paying attention are confonting the engram as it rolls out.

    Those who still have miscavige-colored glasses on will have some catching up to to.

  125. “None of them know the first thing about what Scientology is nor do they have any familiarity with the gains it can deliver.”
    These people have been absolutely ravaged by David Miscavige.
    Has anyone ever spoken out after they got paid off?

  126. Enlightening post.
    What I don’t understand is how the supposed power FSM’s can continue to encourage anyone to do any services at Flag or anywhere else? With the gross alterations of LRH tech, veteran SO members coming forward with true reports of violence at the Int base, how can these FSM’s possibly promote this crap with a clear conscience?
    The number of articles, web sites and declarations that are continuing to be published online are expanding daily and almost impossible to miss, even if you’re not looking for them.

  127. Marty,
    You sent me to the dictionary so I learned something today.

    “dramatization: – the acting out of an engram in its entirety or in part by an aberrated person in his current environment.”
    Then DM has a very grand engram indeed!

    May all trees be protected from David Miscavige.
    May all beings be well and happy!

  128. petition update, as of signature #2581

    The top ten states:
    1. 397 California
    2. 156 Florida
    3. 136 Texas
    4. 106 New York
    5. 86 Washington
    6. 68 Illinois
    7. 62 Ohio
    8. 57 Oregon
    9. 55 Pennsylvania
    10. 54 Arizona

    Any of the following states could easily move into the top ten:
    11. 52 Massachusetts
    12. 41 North Carolina
    13. 39 Missouri and Virginia
    14. 38 Georgia and Tennessee
    15. 37 Colorado and Minnesota
    16. 34 New Jersey

    many are signing/submitting, with no location indicated.

    558 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    and for those not in the U.S.

    54 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, with no state indicated

  129. Sounds like the the “D” team (as Mike R calls them) is in charge of putting the final nails in the CoS coffin.
    With that kind of talent, there’s no way they could destroy “man’s best hope” if they had to do it all over again.

  130. Thanks Mike,

    That was quite a story. Didn’t realize Lisa tried to blow and then was held captive. She must be a ruined wreck by now.

    If you or Marty ever plan on going by there again, let me know. I’m sure it would put some serious sputter on the putter for DM (outside of what Lou provides…)

    I could tell you how to enter the property unseen as well, but that would be a bit too fun and we have to stick to being business-like… too bad…

  131. Penny,
    “how can these FSM’s possibly promote this crap with a clear conscience?”
    Some of us aren’t.
    Ones like Falcaro, Kline, Snitzer & Etricks were always 1st dynamic (survival for self) centric. So it was easy for Tony (who I know very well) and others to switch to selling a no-exchange product when the FSMC’s (commissions) started drying up.

    Others are nice folks out to help people and mankind but don’t have the integrity to look. They’re invested financially but I think more than that, it’s just too terrible to contemplate the magnitude of the deceit. They’re lacking in courage but are decent basically and I will embrace them again when they eventually snap out of it.

  132. Barry Klein questioned the change in policy regarding FSM commissions for services not being paid until the service is started and got rewarded with a sec check for his trouble.

    Maybe he stopped asking questions after that.

  133. If Angie is being quiet and not speaking out about the abuses then I can’t see that she took the high road. Not at all. It looks to me like she took the easy road. If she’d speak up, she’d drive a pretty large stake in the black heart of dear leader.
    The “mother church” isn’t a church in any sense of the word.

  134. It wasn’t Clearwater he moved to. If he is living in CW now then he moved again.

  135. Your humble servant

    An amazing report. A besieged “leader” with almost no following. His top aides deserted or blown away. Even the treasonous “ideal org” program must now be grinding to a halt. All of the news and articles about the lying and evils of the management of our now faux Church are having their effect, like thousands of arrows striking their targets. Who wants to be a Super Contributor to something the whole world now knows is rotten to the core? All the good efforts of thousands of sincere and dedicated people twisted and wasted. The generous contributions of thousands of true believers completely misused or covertly squirreled away.

    The fundamentals of Scientology are so good and so powerful, so full of promise, and more than promise, for life and man, that the organization looms large even in its corrupted state. Yet, seemingly still powerful it cannot long continue, just as an engine with a rod knock will soon throw a rod and break the crankcase. How will this corrupt entity end? Will someone within announce that the evil dictator has been exposed and that he has blown with his stolen millions or been deposed? Will the people within try to confront the horrors that have been hidden from them and gamely try to reorganize? Will some orgs and missions simply shut their doors and cease operations?

  136. I have already signed 🙂

  137. Is this OSA?
    ANSWER: i DON’T KNOW, BUT I advise against clicking on the link unless you are investigating the source of it and know what you are doing. Marty

  138. Marty,

    I can only feel sorry for the three people you mention here by name.

    Like all (or at least most) of us here, at one point or another they were convinced that Scn is the way out, that ARC and KRC on all dynamics leads to higher spiritual awareness, happiness and freedom. They slaved away, got brainwashed like most of us and saw DM as a leader to be supported, like most of us.

    And now they are out. Why exactly we do not know. They are out, that is what we do know it seems. Did they get paid off? Well if they did I can only wish them well as every Sea Org member deserves it. Heck, that is why Hadley sued and we all cheered him for that.

    Now they are out, still carrying that belief somewhere deep down I’d think that Scn is all it promised to be.

    Now they are out hoping to find helping hands I’d think, just like most of us here did when we were out and confused walking through the valley of death.

    But there are no helping hands for them here on the blog. No. They are called the “D team”. They are labeled “dumb as a rock” and of all people by you who has a reputation for standard application of LRH.

    If we strive to do what LRH would want us to do, as I think, then do you really believe LRH would treat anyone with these kind of evaluations and invalidations when they see the light and leave DM’s tyranny, no matter the conditions they leave under?

    What would LRH do?

    Really, he would denigrate these newcomers to the outside like it is being done here today?

    Not the LRH that I know. He would be much more forgiving of their past, acknowledge their value as spiritual beings and reach out to them so all that they were implanted and brainwashed with could be undone.

    One or more of the three are probably starting to read this blog by now, but I doubt they will feel tempted to reach out to this group after all that was just said about them.

    Powerful people are posting here. They are being listened to and to that extent they are leaders and with that comes responsibility.
    Today is a sad day for standard tech.

    Today is a sad day for real Scn and religious freedom in general.

    May tomorrow be a better day!
    Andreas H

  139. Simon Bolivar

    This is what ecxatly LRH thought of Buddhism
    You could know
    Of yourselves
    All that
    Of which I speak
    And so
    Don’t argue or dispute
    When some come up to you
    And say another thing
    For if they knew all truly
    They would then
    Say what I say
    And what
    Lord Buddha said.
    Be attentive now.
    You have preserved
    Only a bit
    Of what
    Lord Buddha
    He said much more
    But then there came
    Men who said
    Other things
    And changed
    A piece of this
    A bit of that
    And so we strayed.
    Censor not free speech
    And censor not free thought
    But recall
    In all these
    Twenty-five centuries
    None came
    And spoke
    The Great Lessons Again
    Nor added to them
    Then to make
    You free.
    I speak then
    So you can agree.
    So speak and think
    Whatever you will
    But come again to these Lessons
    If you stray
    And become lost
    and slaves as you have been.
    With these
    And your agreement to
    We now can build
    The Eastern
    And the Western Worlds
    Into one great
    Brotherhood of Man.
    We can civilize
    the Barbarian
    We can make lawful the criminal
    We can make sane the insane
    We can ourselves be free.
    We can make just
    The ruler
    We can make
    Merciful the strong
    We can make well
    The sick
    We can make intelligent
    The dull person.
    We can make social
    The unsocial.
    We can make kind
    The cruel.
    We can reach
    Men’s minds
    And change them.
    By single persons
    Or large throngs
    We can do this.
    You can do this
    Or slowly
    And the time
    You take
    Will depend
    Entirely upon
    Your skill
    And understanding of
    The Great Lessons.
    These you will discuss
    About these you can argue
    But the wisest man
    And the one
    Who will do things best
    For others
    And reach most quickly
    Buddha for himself
    Will come at last
    To the Lessons themselves
    And their exact meaning
    And processes.
    This is a road
    This is a broad highway
    This is an easily seen
    And only those
    Obsessed to be different
    Will stray.
    The easy path
    Is the best path here.

  140. Tony DePhillips

    I just got a funny picture of dm as the “commodore” of the paddle boat hands on his hips and one knee up gazing into the distance, with John and Nurse Rachet doing the paddling.

  141. martyrathbun09

    Sweet sounding; read the entire comments section and you may want to revise it – or maybe not. If someone remains in the pay of Miscavige, he is still Miscavige’s agent whether inside or out.

  142. Marty and Mike:

    I have been in comm with a Boston OT recently whom is planning on having his/her public exit from the cult shortly.

    The Boston Ideal Org is in shambles. They have no one left to milk. They claim they are getting close but still over 1.5 million away from the “renovations.”
    But….. their current building was grossly overestimated by some genius at Int being worth over 10 million. It may be worth 7 on a good day.

    Meanwhile- the new building sits empty and in horrible condition. The city of Boston will not allow this for long. Then, they will send their “Top Gun” Gerard Renna to ‘handle’ it.

    That in itself is pure comedy.

    The mismanagement of the Boston Ideal Org is truly epic. They will never have their Ideal Org- my prediction.

  143. Gerry Armstrong is one.

  144. Expelled 4 Life

    That was probably a correct change as it makes the FSM more responsible for getting the selectee through services and not just arrived and onto one service but it did create a major change in the operating basis of the top FSMs as outlined above to the “benefit” of the IAS, SuperPower and later the Idle Orgs. LRH created FSM Series #1 to get NEW people onto the Bridge; not for the Besios, Falcaros and Klines of the world to get rich living off the backs of hardworking Cl IV Org & SO staff. Selecting public to upper Orgs by lower the lower orgs is suppose to be part of LRH’s FSM system to assist with staff pay. It is truly despicable what these “Top FSMs” have done to the detriment of Cl IV Org staff. Not to mention the neglect by these “Top FSMs” of getting new public onto the Bridge.

  145. Just to be specific — I said those that REMAIN are the D Team. Those that leave and accept money to be silent about the abuses they know — well, I guess they are the “P” team.

    And as for welcoming and seeking to assist those that leave, you are very mistaken. I have reached out to these and others and anyone who wants assistance I and others have sought to provide it. Just look at the stories of Danny M and JB to see what sort of assistance is given to those who are willing to walk away with a clear conscience.

  146. It may very well have been a correct change. The point is, all Barry had to do was to question the new policy and he was ordered to sec checks – at his own expense.

    I would think he didn’t ask any more questions after that.

  147. Michael Fairman

    I should have known. It makes perfect sense, and no I can’t blame you.
    Let’s both root for the Brewers.

  148. Wow, that is QUITE an indicator!!!

  149. Finally – without those incompetent, out-ethics, counter-intentioned suppressives off of the Pope’s lines, the CO$ is expanding like never before . . . . . . . . . .

  150. DM uses TORTURE to Keep Scientology Working.
    How could any ETHICAL being support this “church”?
    How could anyone with INTEGRITY not condemn this abuse?

    “Indifference to evil is more insidious than evil itself. It is a silent justification affording evil acceptability in society.” — Abraham Joshua Heschel.

  151. Boston peaked in the early 70’s at their rented location of 714 Beacon st. The public may know us by our MEST but that has nothing to do with delivery. How did the two get so mixed up.

  152. When they changed the way FSM commissions were paid it was NOT a correct thing to do. It isn’t the FSM’s hat to get a selectee through a service. The FSM’s job is to get them to arrive for service. That’s it.

    The change in the way they were paid made the FSM responsible for tech delivery, qual and ethics. That yanks the FSM’s attention away from the field (where it should be) and into the org (where it shouldn’t be).
    Remember, the “F” in FSM stands for “field”.

    l think it was back in the late ’90’s when this change went into effect. I can safely say that every FSM I talked to felt the same about why it was done: It was to cut down on how much money was paid out. Period.

    This policy alteration became a problem for the FSM’s. The solution: FSM with gusto for Idle orgs, IAS, Super Power and get paid now. Not that it wasn’t done before but after FSM Series 1 was altered, the FSM’s attention shifted majorly.

  153. Thanks, Marty. That is exactly the point of the whole story. Taking $ for not having integrity just deepens & sticks the condition of no integrity. Tough trough to dig out of.

  154. Expelled 4 Life

    “Golden Age of Ethics” tailored made sec question for Barry:

    “Is there ever a time you could have fully “booked” a selectee’s service account for “Basic” packages and didn’t?”

  155. “You’ve got your hands on something which lies billions multiple in the past but it doesn’t matter which side of this orange you start peeling because this RI is monitoring the present life.”

    Without knowledge & auditing, life is doomed to repeat itself, over and over till… I don’t like unconciousness as a solution

  156. David L. these people you speak of have zero confront of EVIL.

  157. Ooooo… Feelin’ Pie-Faced! (visions of golden thong scramblin’ my tater…eecchhh!)

  158. Your humble servant

    I suppose we should remember that they weren’t just offered money to keep quiet. In the same breath they were also threatened with horrible and unconfrontable consequences if they didn’t take the money and sign the confidentiality, non-disclosure agreements. Who can describe the state of mind they must have been in after all they had been through? But I imagine self-determinism had no part in it.

  159. Yes, it seemed to me it was to pay out less money. And it did encourage the FSMs (who mostly have tons of debt themselves) to reg for IAS, etc. so they could pay their bills.

    My first thought when I heard what happened to Barry was that it was done to make an example to keep everyone else in line.

    Such is the function of sec checks in the church of POB.

  160. Here whats in it:

    To: The United States Department of Justice
    We, the undersigned, demand that the United States Department of Justice, immediately and without delay, commence an investigation into the activities of the Church of Scientology.

    We, the undersigned, allege that the Church of Scientology, the RTC (Religious Technology Center) and their affiliate organizations are involved in a multitude of illegal activities, including, but not limited to, perjury, subornation of perjury, murder, harboring a fugitive, harrassment, treason, practicing medicine without a license, hate crimes, battery, assault, negligence, violations of international law and other crimes.

    We, the undersigned, demand that the Church of Scientology and it’s affiliated organizations tax exempt status be revoked.

    We, the undersigned, demand that the Church of Scientology and it’s affiliated organizations be forced to turn over Heber Jenztsch to the Spanish authorities for trial.

    We, the undersigned, demand an immediate investigation of the Church of Scientology and all of it’s affiliates activities in Clearwater, Florida.


    The Undersigned

    View Current Signatures

  161. one of those who see

    I am working on my confront of evil. What happened to Jenny is evil and needs to be confronted. Any new guys out there, starting to read. Please read this carefully.

  162. He died from Leukemia a long, long time ago. Like in the 1980’s.

  163. “In the age of information, the only hope now of changing this downward spiral is a lot of diverse groups, championing a lot of serious issues; and educating more and more people.”

    I love the idea of Buddhist monks co-auditing NOTs in the sanctity of their monestary.

    Catholic Priests co-auditing on the 2D FPRD form.

    Hundreds and hundreds of groups like yours and mine all over the country. Training with high ARC and certainty. Auditing FOR the PC. C/Sing FOR the PC. Helping people, not rooking them into a money motivated cult.

    Hare Krishna’s chanting the factors.

    Love the mock up.

  164. OMG, Marty, this kind of information just has a way of finding you. Very impressive. Keep it coming.

    Did whoever you got this information from have any sense of who are the next people (5th stringers) POB is buttering up to become his next enforcers/yes-people/minions – to have them dumped again at his earliest convenience?

    Just about every single second generation Scientologist I’ve ever met, whether they grew up inside or outside the SO, have had two things in common, they are arrogant and uneducated. Those two components are an absolute hindrance to competency. If the “second generation-ers” are next in line I predict an even faster decline.

    Mike, it absolutely breaks my heart to hear that Kurt Weiland is in the shape he’s in. Has he really convinced himself he’s an SP? I still cannot wrap my mind about the whole Hole thing even though I’ve had years to process it. Knowing that some of the people in it, like Kurt, are some of the best people I’ve ever known, makes it even harder to confront.

  165. Tara, don’t make me barf! 🙂 There is probably an ED somewhere that makes it a suppressive act to view DM in anything less than a Giorgio Armani suit.

  166. Martin Padfield

    It will be very interesting to see who IS NOT present in the front row of the Great Hall this year. Searching eyes will keep you posted…

  167. Marty, you evil, counter-intended espee you … you just don’t get what a TRUE OATEE like Dave Miscavige is all about. Dave doesn’t hit any one … you have confused hitting with DM’s advanced laying-on-of-hands tech, which is specifically designed to correct the reality of his immediate staff by assisting them in overcoming their reactive banks and/or abberated considerations. Furthermore, you have an aberated, WOG definition of truth, i.e., that which actually happened, as opposed to the Scientological definition, which is that story that forwards the interests of the Cof$. Anything short of the Scientological truth is simply entheta.

    Any real Scientologist can see that DM is the only REAL OATEE out there, and, what he is doing is simply culling out all the counter-intention from his organization to build a whole NEW reich er, oops, I meant organization of UBERMENCHEN er, oops, I mean TRUE OATEES. ZIECH HEIL … er, oops, I meant Hip Hip Hooray!


  168. Perhaps, but I’ll still be glad to be in comm again when they come to their senses.
    And let them resolve their own issues as to why they couldn’t confront it sooner.
    As we all have to.

  169. Andreas,
    The word to describe this distasteful activity by those in question is ‘venal’.

    Filthy lucre. Sold their souls for a mass of pottage.

    Spineless, jellyfish fuck wits. Inverted-brates. Reverse vectored MEST putzes.

    Still, IF they would make a self-determined effort to take responsibility for that condition then YES, a hand would be extended. Perhaps in a sterile glove, but extended and with actual help…not betrayal as they are familiar with and a party to.

  170. Sherb,
    No problem about the solution:
    Here is the exact quotation from Scientology 8-8008:
    “Thetans are individuals They do no merge with other individualities. They still have the power of becoming anything they wish .. There is evidently no Nirvana”. LRH

    This is perfectly OK as a viewpoint.

    Much loving-kindness,

  171. SB,
    Thanks for the quotation. I appreciate what LRH said. However, as I indicated, there are many different branches of Buddhism. In particular, what he says follows the Mahayana tradition. I follow the Theravada tradition or the “way of the elders”. We only use the Pali Canon as a source. LRH has a right to his viewpoint as we all do.
    Much loving-kindness,

  172. Can’t some belgian indite him at the brussel courts. It’s quirky but if you have a case you can deponate a complaint about human rights violations at the belgian courts about anyone anywhere as long as you have convincing claims.

  173. mrinder, I wondered what happened to Greg Hughes, Oklahoma City, wow. Well another sold out and bit the dust! A Wise consultant, please!!!

  174. Bodil

    You said: “Just about every single second generation Scientologist I’ve ever met, whether they grew up inside or outside the SO, have had two things in common, they are arrogant and uneducated.”

    Personally I have not found that to be so. Sure, some may be arrogant, and some may be uneducated, and some both, but my observations would definitely not support putting the majority under those headings. Some are the most loveable , caring, helpful beings you would care to meet, and others, all shades in between.

    Sounds like you may have had some really bad luck in this area, or perhaps I have had really good.

    Eric S

  175. top of the vale

    A contract entered into for an illegal act is void.

  176. P.S. I was referring to the “nice folks” group as being ones I’d like to see and be in-comm with again. Like Daphna Hernandez, Mitch Televi, Pat Parodi and others who have always focused on Bridge services.
    The ones like Falcaro, Klein, Wendy & Joanne, all the POS IAS reg’s and Ideal Morgue shills and while I’m at it I’ll throw in anybody else fraudulently scamming for Mecca’s or Library dono’s and a host of other crap being sold…I’ll let God sort them out.

  177. I agree Marty. These guys, like so many before them just sold out. They’ll be surfing in Hawaii while we carry on… I don’t hold out much hope for any change in their lives or attitudes… they sealed their fate by accepting money to shut up. Too bad… for them.

    On the positive side, my first salvation was Scientology. My second salvation was you and Mike not selling out. That’s why I am here. Can’t thank you guys enough for keeping your personal integrity against a tsunami of counter intention in family, career, love of LRH and so on.

  178. Oooooops an error above. It was Lisa Schroer that did not want to leave,
    when Marty and JB went to resuce. (not Jenny.)
    Stockholm Syndrome.
    And I agree with Marty and Mike sentiments 1000% on those paid to be muzzled and gagged. The point is they are aware of the atrocities and have chosen to stay silent. This is permissiveness to the continuity of those in SP hole and continuity of ongoing brutalities.

    One more point. In the earlier days of thuggery the “CHURCH” demanded HUGE sums of money for “FREELOADER BILL.” when one left.
    Outrageous sums.
    Meekly and with great tolerance many paid.
    Well, well we’ve come a long ways……
    They are now, in a 180 degree back flip PAYING leaving Sea Org members.
    Such are the secrets of misconduct inside.
    No Freeloader Bill for Tommy Davis !
    No Freeloader Bill for Angie Blankenship, Bob Wright and Laurence Barram !
    Hush money baby $$$$$$$$
    The question is will they be silent and mute forever ?

  179. Dude —
    [M]y first salvation was Scientology. My second salvation was you and Mike not selling out. That’s why I am here.

    That was a zinger of truth here as well. Got me all teary eyed again.



  180. Guenat I believe is the correct spelling. I knew her sister and brother casually when I was in the San Francisco Bay area.


  181. the tone here has just turned mean . i am a total outsider ..have followed this blog for over a year i think ( along with about 30 of my wog friends ) ..and have offered my support ,a comment here and there , donated just a little bit of $$ to a young man who escaped – and even though i am not emotionally invested in the free choices of another person ..i support their rights . when i first started reading this blog was supportive and encouraging of those who had left the “church” and its abusers . There does not seem to be any celebration of the fact that even more people in DM’s inner circle have left – yes they got $$ but it sounds like they deserved it – they must have gotten the crap kicked out of them ..not to mention the mind fuck that you all seem to have to go through in order to decompress …why hate them ? why expose their private sex lives and the pregnancy ?? is she supposed to feel dirty for having a new life inside of her ?? or ashamed for some reason ? maybe that new life is what gave her a new perspective …any woman here who can attest to that ? i know my life changed when i found out i was going to be a mother ..and it was amazing. how is it “ethical” so expose peoples private sex lives, what purpose does it serve , and how is that any different from something DM would do ?

    instead of support – now ..there is just venom – if you are supposed to be showing what “clean ” scientology looks like …you have fallen short . it is not up to us to look for the good in scientology …after Jason Beghes video , that Anderson Cooper series , the freaky Tom Cruise video , all the Tony Ortega articles and the South Park episode …it is amazing that there are still outsiders here on this blog who are willing to hear anything else ..anything good or constructive that might exist . i have come to the conclusion that there is not . i have lost my desire to root for you .

    oh …and the posting by Erwin is just sad – if he sat next to you on a bus and told you that story …would you lean in for more pearls of wisdom …or get up and move to another seat ?

  182. PS,
    Very, very funny.

  183. Question With Boldness

    I wonder if the LRH Host wrote a KR on TC for not attending the gala???? It is his responsibility as an OT and a Freedom Medal winner to attend the CC Int Gala!!!!!!!

  184. I too went and checked out that other petition. It seemed okay until I got to the part about wanting Heber released to be sent to Spain for trial. Huh? At that point I said, I’m outta here and clicked off.
    Whoever wrote that other petition obviously doesn’t get that Heber has basically been in prison for years……at Int with DM as his jailer. If he ever manages to get out, the last place he needs to go is Spain.

    My recommendation: anyone’s time is better spent getting sigs for this petition.

  185. WOW, WOW
    Thanks for this information, Karen#1.

    May all trees be protected from David Miscavige.

  186. Tom Gallagher

    Sinar, I had the same thought.,

  187. Raul,
    This is a correct observation by LRH. The sexual part did happen. However, there are other reasons which weakened the community: I say this out of
    compassion for the many thousands of monks who were slaughtered in the invasions and were virtuous.

    1. The White Hun Invasion wiped out a lot of communites in about 600-700 AD.
    2. Hinduism started a very strong revival about that time and people shifted.
    3. Communities of monks were also wiped out by the Muslim invation.
    4. Small communities of monks lasted until 1500 AD after which they were eliminated in India.

    In addition to slaughtering about 100,000 monks, the main libraries and universities were burned to the ground. It was really bloody.

    Much loving-kindness,

  188. Bruce. Correct. As usual.

  189. Tom Gallagher

    It’s always nice to see you, Jim, understating things. They, collectively, couldn’t possibly give a decent definition “Scientology’.

  190. No Kim No.
    By being silent for $$$$$$, they are permitting the untold cruelty to persist at Int Base.
    Law enforcement need a recent whistleblower.
    Not someone who comes forward after 5 years after decompressing.
    It is stale dated and even past statute of limitations in some cases.
    Any one of the 4 above could assist law enforcement to walk right in
    and arrest the batterers so remaining Sea Org members do not get whacked tomorrow.
    They choose to not speak up and they did take $$$$$.
    I am hoping one or more will have a change of heart and start talking.
    The witholding of crimes and criminal acts for $$$$ is in itself illegal.

  191. Kim,
    This has zip, zero, nothing to do with any two persons getting on with their lives and if that includes the wonderful experience of birth and raising bairns. Man, what a shift in meaning that is. I can appreciate that some terms may cause an associative thought process, but please, some restraint. Taking lucre to remain silent is the issue at hand.

    I give a rat’s arse about the Second Dynamic activities of any of these people. That they were venal and accepted money in exchange for their integrity, well, that’s an issue now in’it.

  192. Kim,
    I too have followed this blog for a while. But I was also inside the Sea Organization, although not recently. I don’t think anybody here is upset that she is pregnant or wanting to raise a family. But, please remember that up until that time she was over a program which was basically forcing people all over the world to donate and go in debt to donate for the purchase of buildings.

    I know people who now have nothing after being pushed to the brink and beyond for money. I have never met Angie. I have no personal upset with her. But her solution was to have a child and accept a sum of money to promise never to divulge evidence of criminality that she was a witness too. I don’t think those that were on the receiving side of the criminality think well of that.

    To become pregnant is not the issue. To be part of degrading others that want to have a family and then take money to keep your mouth shut is not the proper solution. She could have become pregnant and left without accepting money in exchange for a guarantee of silence. That is what many who post here consider a betrayal. I personally had senior SO staff attempt to get me to divorce my wife and give up custody of my children so they could be used at Int as staff. I said no way that was going to happen and left.

    When many were going public to attempt to stop the abuse some of those discussed in this particular post were willing to go onto national tv and lie to cover for the insane behavior of one, DM.

    Whether you decide to continue to follow this story or not is up to you. No upset from me either way. I, for one, have enjoyed your input from a total outside the box point of view. But I do ask you to read again the original post and realize that the discussion is about how those closest to DM are fleeing a sinking ship. Up until they flee, those closest have also been the main enforcers of the demands of a abnormal person. To flee or not is not the issue – to flee with impunity and money in hand, in order to facilitate and continue the coverup of criminal acts is the issue.

    As to individual comments I cannot say. Most of these people have their own story from their own perception and memory of what happened to them. When all data is out and known then all can continue moving up along the journey of life at this time.

    Whatever you decide after reading this I wish you well. You have good intentions. I appreciate that fact. The world needs more who can at least recognize evil and want it to be handled. Thank you for having traveled this journey with us. Namaste.

  193. Theo: I think it’s a bit too easy to put all of the blame for the sad state of Greece economy on corrupt EU officials.
    It’s undisputed that Greece gained access to the European currency through frivolous manipulation of economic data. The admittance to the Euro zone allowed for cheap loans that could never realistically be repaid and only served to keep an unsustainable system alive for a couple of more years. (pensions, public servants, you name it)

    I know many Greeks don’t particularly like the Germans right now. I probably won’t make it better with what I just said. But don’t worry. Ze Germans are gonna go down, too. Along with just about every other western country. The lessons from the last financial crisis have not been learned. There’s still no regulation against financial products that deal in imaginary goods. Add to this dangerous mix the words “peak oil” and “climate change” and I’d wager that in my lifetime there will be a crisis after which our way of life will never be again what it was.
    The same mechanisms that brought down Greece are already at work here.

  194. SA +1

  195. 😆 I know, I was feeling pretty sickly myself.

  196. martyrathbun09

    Facts reported that might shed light on why it is Miscavige has paid agents in front of my home talking about “sex toys” and have set up and passed around web links in the name of independents that in fact link to child pornography. There is ample policy on how loose second dynamic morals at the top of an organization is a sign of crumbling. Sorry that you were offended.

  197. Here is an old video that reminds me why some of us are still doing what we do.

  198. If Tommy has been disappeared with a parachute, it begs the question… did wife Jessica Feshbach parachute with him, or disconnect per orders?
    I can’t help but wonder; I’ve been fascinated with Jessica since she was appointed Katie’s minder during the disastrous TomKat World Love Tour.
    But you’re welcome to leave the question a rhetorical one.

  199. if their sex lives were not an issue than why post about it ? and if they accepted $$ in order to have a pot to piss in after they left …maybe the hush money guilt will get to them …maybe not – but i have seen the tide here turn . they are battered and brutalized people ..just like a lot of ppl here ….and to expect them to make a clear choice about the way out is just expecting too much . and to expect them to make choices that YOU see just judgmental . one would expect the abuses to them to have increased ..and their abuses to others may have increased as well but you are not coming across well – you do not look kind , forgiving , free , or even civil . you are out …you have your lives back …someone else’s karma is not your lake of “i told you so ” to swim in .

    Be grateful that the con is exposed and rejoice that you are no longer a part of it . enjoy your life and stop hoping to be a fly on the wall when someone “gets what coming to them ”

    in terms of accepting $$ in exchange for their integrity – there are ppl here who did it for nothing ..who is worse ?

    you have a teachable moment to those who have escaped …don’t waste it with petty anger ~ you are free …start acting like it


  200. David L.
    Knew Pat Parodi, nice man. Met Mitch once or twice, stand up guy. My former FSM, Ty Dillard was a lovely, very high ARC, being. When I first left the Church, May 2010, I called him and let him know. He tried to talk me out of it but my mind was made up. If I had known then, what I know now, after hundreds of hours of reading online, the conversation would have gone differently. Ty I miss a lot and hope he has enough smarts to start looking around and see what’s happening. He always had the genuine CARE factor going big time and when I was on the phone with him or in a conversation, I knew he was right there, with the intention to help.

  201. I emailed Michelle Blakenship who was my former senior at David Singer Enterprises regarding this post above. Two years ago She disconnected from me because Siouxie Bosshoff called her and told her that I was friends with Marty on Facebook.

    She called me to ask if this was true and I told her yes. I asked her if she knew who Marty was and she said no. she did say that th church declared him an SP and that she couldn’t be connected to me if I was friends with Marty.

    I told her I had a problem with people who wanted to stay connected with an SP who was wrecking the church. She didn’t listen or even try to understand, instead she only wanted to aly policy with no critical thought.

    It has been a couple of years so I emailed her regarding this post saying that I was sorry to hear about Angie – her sister in law going out 2 d and getting prego as well as getting discharged and that I hoped that she would finally come to her senses and LOOK.

    We will see what happens. I honestly would like to be her friend if this happens. She was a bad ass friend. I loved her husband Scott also. She will never read this. I bet Siouxie is though. Siouxie you won’t be able to pass this unaltered to her.

    I met Angie once, she was pretty intense. I can only imagine what her life was like these last miserable couple of years in that shitstorm.

  202. Hi George, it is very interesting to me, what you said about LRH basing some opinions on his contacts with Chinese Buddhism. I thought of Pure Land Buddhism in particular. Might that be close to what you found in your research?

    Up til now, I had assumed most of his information came second hand from Western sources and interpreters.

  203. Not possible. I was hanging out with him and Isabelle in 1993 last.

  204. Sorry to be a little dense, but could somebody illuminate me about this thing about DM grounding himself out with copper rods that I have seen in your comment here and in other comments on other posts? I also tried Google but didn’t find anything… Thanks.

  205. Tony was partners and best friends with Ed Mooney. They worked as FSMs in a partnership. Ed did OT8, came home, and promptly killed himself and others in car crash. The staff were even given a shore story that he dropped dead of a genetic brain defect that was hereditary. Tony then promptly dumped his wife Patty into the Sea Org (she signed on ) maybe she had wanted to for sometime I don’t know about that, and married his best friend’s wife. Who’s child is apparently living with Angie Blankenship, who’s mother also did OT8 and promptly died of cancer.
    All of that said, I knew them all and they were all great people. Just a drag
    the rug has been pulled out from under all of them and their lifetime investments by one abusive self centered man. I was very good friends with all of them. They are all decent people that would give you the shirt off their back. Such a shame . I still love them all.

  206. Perhaps there might be a misunderstanding on the “mean” part of this story, which might not be clearly laid out here, Kim.

    In the SO, as it is a religious order, there is a stricter set of rules as regard sex and relationships – one has to be married, similar to many other religions. David Miscavige destroyed marriage, and thus sex with his nutty and psychotic actions dictating which couples could be married or whatever. He would keep married couples apart for years, sending one to the other side of the continent as an example and someone in RTC like Angie could only marry someone else in RTC. But, there aren’t many single guys left there only the guy she was working with for a length of time in CMO Pac. And with the other couple being together 24/7 and traveling away most of the time from their spouses. Thus with that much suppression by the psychotic in that area of life, there is bound to be and explosion and this blog posting just shows it happening at the top, right in the vicinity of the Pope on a Box as a result of HIS actions!

    No insult to those mentioned above, other than contempt at being bought out and paid to withhold information, supposedly giving their 1st amendment rights to the devil!

  207. Gern Gaschoen

    Until we get Standard LRH Tech back in the Orgs, Scientology is *not* taken back from the usurpers.

  208. Gern Gaschoen


    P’shaw to your yawn!

  209. I’m confused Karen, you left the SO well over a decade ago and the cult itself some time ago. Marty took about 4 years to decompress and begin speaking out, Mike took a about 2 years too. It seems par for the course for many exes here to require time to decompress before being willing to break their silence. Don’t these people get the same opportunity at decompression time without being subjected to attack? Sure they may have taken money but that doesn’t mean that they wont wake up in a year or two and realize DM can’t buy silence on criminality and abuse. Maybe their conscience will drive them to try and right some of the actions of their past or at least try to help rescue those still inside the walls of INT from more abuse. Many people have accepted bribes for silence only to reject it later after having time to reflect.

    I also have noticed a trend that almost all exes need differing amounts of time to digest their abusive experiences in the cult. It seems when many first leave they actually believe it’s their fault or they are SPs. Few months of freedom they begin to reflect and question. The questioning leads to reading truth on the net and find inspiration at the fact many others are others speaking out and their are various active communities of exes out there for support. From there they make their first anonymous post, and how far it will go from there is anyone’s guess… but it seems like time to decompress free from attack is something most exes were able to enjoy and it’s something even DM attack dogs deserve too. (though in all honesty I’m sure DM isn’t exactly allowing them ample freedom to decompress and they still feel very much under his power and live in fear of his displeasure.)

  210. Kim,
    You don’t like my data so I guess you don’t like to hear the truth. If I lied about anything, please give me the facts. If you can’t easily find any, please keep looking. If you still can’t find any, you might reconsider the status of America. And oh, I was still being nice; At the moment the American government is run by the banksters as well!

  211. martyrathbun09

    What orgs?

  212. Wow. I heard that Ed Mooney died of a heart attack or stroke, something like that.

  213. plainoldthetan

    I did a Google search with “miscavige copper wire” just now and found a half-dozen references on this site alone. Once you look at those hits, the keyword list immediately was richer: “miscavige copper discharge”, etc.

  214. Congress even admits it:

  215. Dear Mr. Thetan,

    Thanks for the pointer; your suggestions worked fine. I don’t know what happened on my earlier search attempt — I’m usually quite competent when it comes to finding stuff with Google. Perhaps it was senility, maybe lack of caffeine. Who knows? Again, thanks for the suggestion. Clearly, the copper rods don’t actually deliver the intended benefits.

  216. Wow! Molly was recruited by me into CMO PAC at the age of 14. She grew up in the Cadet org and came into the SO, having to go to school each weekend so that she could get her GED.

    Molly was a Pgms Ops and when I left CMO PAC to go uplines in 1993, she was Pgms Dir. At some point in the late 90’s she was made CO CMO PAC — and to hear that she is now the replacement for Angie as “WDC Ideal Orgs” is incredible but at the same time so believeable.

    This is a person who has NO reality or understanding on life outside of the SO. This is someone who has never moved up the Bridge and has really little to no understanding of what Scientology actually is. This is someone who has been run under a management system (mid 90’s to now) which was sabotaged by DM and has been a Hey You and Bypass Everyone system. That is what Molly knows. That is how she has been run for years.

    Back in the early 90’s when she was first a Pgms Ops in the CMO she was one of the Messengers that would service DM when he came to PAC for the New Years Event at the Shrine — learning from the early age of 14 to worship the floor that DM walks on, to provide him the best of possible food and service, the cleanest of spaces and the fastest possible compliance on any order that he utters, regardless of how off-policy or crazy.

    Molly is the perfect candidate for DMs next attack dog. She does have a mean streak in her, and she has been programmed by him well.

    Sick, sick, sick.

  217. Kim

    Have you considered that what you are looking at here is an attempt at an “ethics/justice” gradient?

    Do you consider that a communication of “good for you, right on.” would be an appropriate communication if the person, at some level, considers they may have committed an overt? Would that comm help them to confront what they have done?

    Do you consider that someone will respect you if you allow them to get away with things that at some level they consider overts however well justified? Is that something that you have ever found to be true in your own case?

    I understand that you do not feel that some of the communications directed at these people is appropriate. I understand that you feel that these people deserve a “gentler touch”. Maybe so, maybe not.

    You appear to consider it “judgmental” to confront people with the actions that they have taken, and yet you appear to be doing that very thing with your posts here, on this thread.

    Is YOUR very post perhaps an attempt at an ethics/justice gradient?

    I have come to the conclusion that it is. Is it “judgmental?” By your own use of the word earlier, I would have to say “yes”. Is it “kind and gentle? Not so much. Is it valid? Yes, to the degree that it is a “correct indication” and not one iota beyond that.

    I don’t believe any being really wants to be “forgiven” for their faults or their transgressions. It is a statement by the “forgiver” that you are weak or unable on some level. It is an invalidation of your beingness. It can be tough to face the truth, but would you, personally, really want it any other way?

    Eric S

  218. Floating Needle

    Heh Rob,

    I knew “Miesh” too while I was working at David Singer Enterprises before I got fired for attending the first Independent Scientologist BBQ at Mike and Christie’s place in 2010.

    Michelle is cool as well as her husband Scott. My wishes are exactly as yours and hope they can confront the truth. Let’s face it… it’s not easy to understand that you have been a part of something that can be soul-destroying while you thought you were helping to “save the planet.”

    It’s a lot to take in no matter who you are. And the closer you connected, it’s probably even harder I’m sure.

    But Miesh and Scott are smart people, and I think they already realize what’s going on, it’s just a matter of hanging to jobs (Michelle is still at David Singer Enterprises and Scoot still does jobs for Scientologists) and staying connected to family.

    I have found 80% of people who rely on their wherewithal from a company owned by a Scientologist have a hard time confronting this information.

    And 100% of people who have family connected within Scientology have even a harder time of “looking” (which is really what Ron was trying to get us to do.)

    So if your friend or family member is involved with the “Church” of Scientology, you should consider a different approach to help them as shoving “anti” Scientology material in front of them will only strengthen their resolve to prove you wrong.

    Instead, try invoking their curiosity through questioning. In other words, instead of saying “The Star reported that David Miscavige is sociopath.”

    Try saying, “The Star reported that David Miscavige beats his staff… I’m certain that can’t be true….what’s your take on this..?”

    This opens the door and will get the person talking and IMMEDIATELY AGREEING with you. (THAT DM DOESN’T DO THAT SHIZNIT).

    Then, simply using good ARC start directing to facts in the story. (The truth is a 16 plate armor,,,, and it will set you free), and start sowing the seeds of truth and asking “Well if that’s true, how did Joe Schmoe confirm his story while living 2500 miles away from him?”

    The whole idea is to just ask questions and let him/her answer (kinda like auditing)… as soon as you find a question that he/she can’t answer, you have then thinking “outside of the bubble” and on their way to freedom.

    I believe this a “process” we all went through ourselves internally… and is the way out.



  219. Guess you got the “shore story”? This is when I figured the execs in the Sea Org lie to their own staff. “Betrayal after trust” is real cut and dry real black and white. When all of OT8’s were contacted and told “Yo, Thanks for the ship, we fucked up your bridge in exchange,” After several of them died or committed suicide, the Sea Org staff were told it was all David Mayo’s fault. He had been off lines for over seven years. Right there Int Management went into TREASON with the public and staff. You look at AWARENESS CHARACTERISTICS on the grade chart. WHERE IS CLEAR? CONDITIONS. I am supposed to apologize for being clear? YOU are supposed to apologize for being clear? THE CLEARS are supposed to be able to see the treason condition!

  220. And you think about WHY YOU can see the conditions and others do not.
    YOU MADE IT! That is a pluspoint!

  221. Now, when the first OT8was delivered, there was a list of deaths and suicides. Ellie Blankenship, Ed Mooney, Ruth Valko, Elias Agami ended up on psych drugs for panic attacks to stay alive, the guy in Canada who committed suicide by driving into an oncoming truck, Massimo Cavadenti who died in a traffic accident, etc etc. They recalled all of the OT8’s once they figured out they were killing people off. If that is not treason and breach of contract I don’t know what is.

  222. Not one Sea Org staff member saw one piece of golden rod about this.
    This was a group engram in itself.

  223. Just brushed over as meaningless Dev T by DM. More money right? Does anyone know any of the stats of blow offs from this? Because I know of at least 100 OT8’s who NEVER came back!

  224. In all fairness, Angie was recruited in the Sea Org when she 15 or 16 years old. She was pimped for over two decades. Have a little mercy why not?

  225. If anyone I know “obsessed to be different” it was L.R.H. “Disagree and go free”!

  226. Yes. I got comm eved for it.

  227. She did more time than I did in the Sea Org. I am not up to being able to judge her. How much time did you put in in the Sea org?

  228. Gern Gaschoen

    *ANY* Orgs, or in other words, *any* group of people who want to deliver Standard Tech, should have it. I don’t believe we should abandon the existing worldwide network of Orgs just because the usurper has them on a tight chain – we need to recover the orgs that are out there, or else we – and Scientology – are doomed.

    There are plenty of examples of Orgs that have made good progress over the decades – these are now suffering under the suppression of Miscavige and his handlers.

    These Orgs need recovery. The upstate days of many of these Orgs can be re-attained: we need Standard Tech, not DM bullshit, not Squirrel crap – STANDARD LRH TECH – being delivered in these places.

  229. Not meant for Mike who did more time than both of us.

  230. I hate to admit it, but knowing someone slapped Jenny blows charge for me. I can move on from her abuse. Thank you for telling me.

  231. They belong together.

  232. And we belong together.

  233. Ron Paul for President !

  234. Fn, do we know each other? Thank you for the direction! I really hope they come around and definitely understand what they would have to go through to be Indy. Feel free to find me on Facebook under my name. I have a stock chart as my photo and please mention you are fn from Marty’s blog.


  235. By the way, I’d like to know who the hell is qualified at Int to mock up new tech and new rundowns and WHO is in charge of it. If it is that class four who is blown off the bridge for years named David Miscavige that is one hell of a WHY!

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  239. Great post. I will be experiencing a few of these issues as well..

  240. Some things never change, Tony Falcaro a prick? I knew him at the New York Org in the late 70’s and he was a prick then too. He used to try his prick routine on me and I used to tell him to go fuck himself – and he would threaten me with ethics, what an asshole. He was always cheating on his wives – Isabel Szuldiner, then I forget her name after Isabel. He is the poster child for the Scientology con: talking the ethics game while being a total out ethics con man – I bet they loved him when he showed up in LA – now this is a total prick we can use…….

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