Miscavige’s “Streamlined” Grades

Miscavige talks in fits and starts as some of you all have caught on to. It is the oldest implant technique of them all.  It is covered, among other places, in Hubbard’s St Hill lecture Instant Reads Part One.  Basically, you bore someone to death with some monotony, then you slip in your hypnotic command, then carry on with the monotony.

We’ve broken down some Miscavige speeches on this blog in the past showing how he pulls this stunt at every event.  Well, here is a particularly nasty one he’s been laying in for several years now.

Over the past several years Miscavige keeps alluding to his having “cracked” the Grades and figured out how to “streamline” them like never before.  He never seems to get around to the big announcement and event release he keeps promising on that score.  Instead, he has in a nifty fashion gone ahead and implemented his “streamlined” grades over time.  But, another new release from Int (Miscavige’s words from the 2004 OT Ambassador secret briefing – read implant)  shows Miscavige laid this in on the field “Opinion Leaders” early on, clearly to condition the public in advance.   Miscavige talked to them of things he “can’t talk about in a public event, like money,…”

He let his captive audience know that his way to get people through Grades and New Era Dianetics in the time LRH recommended in Ron’s Journal From Clear to Eternity (Miscavige’s puts it at 150-200 hours) was to cross order Ron’s injunction that Objectives be done at Grade I of the grade chart, and instead send people into a course room with a single instructor to do up to, are you sitting down?, six hundred (600) hours of objective processing before they go near the Grades!  In this wise, the hundreds of hours of Objectives (which, again, LRH put on the Grades) get subtracted from the total hours on Grades.  Streamlining, indeed.

Too incredible to be believed?  Well, read his words below.  And now correlate that to the following facts:

a) Objectives co-audit is the biggest single service delivered at the Flag Service Organization in the year 2011.  Flag even promotes a TRs and Objectives accommodations package.  They need a package since those dumb enough to sign up will likely be on objectives for, well, 600 hours, which translates into months of accommodations.

b) in the year 2010 Flag and FSSO began programming OT VIIs and OT VIIIs wholesale for massive amounts of Objectives.

Without further ado, the king of squirrels, welding the doors onto and up the Bridge shut:

What is it, and now let’s get down to stuff I, words I can’t mention in a public event, like “money”, “economics”, “time”. There’s a certain point where you can hit the level where, you say, the guy, well it’s such an overwhelm, he’ll never make it.  And if you say it’s just nothing, then there’s no staff member in the world that could live on it, because he could never live if he could, if auditing was 5 cents an hour. It’s a problem okay.

Number one, the first answer to that question actually is these objectives. Because here is what it should be. Now mock this up. Guy comes in. He’s through his Purif. We really get him grooved into what an Objective is and we can run a co-audit on Objectives. That is going to be the completion of this long-term project. And specifically directed by LRH on when he was doing OT Levels. Because these guys are going to flounder all over on the Grades. Especially with Dianetics being moved later. That isn’t the bug. The Dianetics being moved later. You know, we often thought, well maybe it’s because this guy, Dianetics, he’s not getting this reality on the reactive mind. When he studies the book he gets it. But don’t forget. 1965 when the Grade Chart came out, look at it.  You won’t see Dianetics before the Grades. Do you see what I mean? 

So it’s not. But here is one.  These Objectives that people were doing. And he wanted every single objective process since the dawn of time put together in the gradient approach. And now here’s the real deal.  I get this done. Some are heavy druggies, some aren’t. Some are bad off, some aren’t.  But mock this up. The guy signs up for the TRs and Objectives Co-audit, he’s got all of them. And I don’t care how long he’s in that course room under a co-audit. At the cost of a TRs and Objectives Co-audit.

And what do I want him to do?  200, 300, 400, you want to do 600 hours, go for it bud.  Go and go and go and go and go and go and go. For the guy who really doesn’t need 600 hours. He’s going to be done.  For the guy who does, go and go and go and go because his case, and you guys can get it, will be locking in.

And now we’re ready for the Grades.  So step one is that. And in terms of an org delivery, you take it down from the amount of auditing with one-on-one pc and what a guy is going to have to pay for per hour of auditing. You get it down to a co-audit sup who just knows objectives so cold, it isn’t funny.  What do you need in terms of resource?  In other words it is, it handles that economic factor in terms of the org’s delivery. And for the public making it up the Bridge. 

I’ve got news for Miscavige and his minions. In addition to delivering another several hundred hours of auditing at all levels over the past couple years including dozens of Grades, I have audited two people from their first introductions to Scientology through all Grades and NED to Clear.  Both were done precisely as LRH finally advised in the Grades package he finally settled on as his best shot at the modern Grade Chart – including Objectives on Grade I.  And both Clears were right within the time expectancy prescribed by LRH in LRH ED From Clear to Eternity.

I’ve got more news.  Miscavige’s intentions and actions with respect to objectives has nothing to do with speeding anyone’s progress up the Bridge to Total Freedom. Quite the contrary, he is doing all in his power to weld the doors to application of Scientology shut.  He is mis-using Objectives to drive thetans’ anchor points right back into the physical universe for the purpose of making tractable, robotic,deployable cult members.

More evidence that the only place Scientology will be practiced and survive is outside the confines of David Miscavige’s implant factory.

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  1. Claudio Lugli

    Where do I have to sign up??
    I really feel I need another 600 maybe even 800 hours of objectives … Yes I think it was not the transcribers after all….. yes yes it was Objectives !!!!
    Yeahhhh I am ready!!

    Oh….. just one stupid question for DM: “Where are OT IX and X????”

  2. Yes I have a friend still in the COS. SHe is Class 4 auditor trained who just completed grade IV last year and was told prior to NED she had to do the 600 hours of objectives. She has been in the church since the 80’s and served on staff in Dallas. Here is the deal, I joined the church in 2002 and left in 2009, one of the things I noted is there were so many people who had been in Scientology for years as my referenced friend and they had not moved on the bridge. I remember telling her something does not seem right as I had passed her on the bridge after a few short years and she had been in for decades. What I do admire about her is she never went out ethics on the finance lines to the church to go up the bridge which I did until I woke up in 2009. I will tell my story some day soon…

    did at some point

  3. top of the vale

    It is being promoted that OT IX is the theory for OT X.

  4. To a non-Scientologist, the “lingo” is fairly impenetrable. It is nearly impossible (even after having followed this blog for nearly a year) to make sense of the 3 or 4 domain-specific terms that pop up in every darned sentence.

    adding a “Summary For Outsiders” for posts such as this would be appreciated.

  5. Thanks for post Marty,
    Very interesting that he is moving the Bridge to the “physical realm”.
    May all beings on endless objectives be well and happy!

  6. Just a bit of history:

    This Objectives implant showed up on the “rehabilitation” project force at the base in the late ’90s. This RPF was made up of Int, Gold and RTC staff. It was nominally supervised and administered by Gold, but overseen and tightly monitored by Davey’s RTC people.

    Things were going along fairly normally, when orders began coming in that “flattening Objectives” had to be added to various pcs’ programs. When there wasn’t any particular evidence they NEEDED flattening.

    Since the pcs and the people doing or supervising the auditing were “only RPFers,” any objection was dismissed out of hand. If a pc objected, hell – that was just “evidence” of how badly they needed their Objectives flattened!

    I saw several instances where a pc being subjected to this somehow (after hours and hours of painful slogging, protest, soaring TA, etc.) came up with a nice cognition, VGIs and F/N. Only to be sent back for MORE by someone senior to the RPF auditor and C/S. The EP was “just the pc’s non-confront” or “nice, but not a full EP.” The amount of BPC generated (and the time spent cleaning it up later) was outrageous.

    So why did the RPFers involved go along with this? Well, some didn’t, and left. (“Evidence” that they were suppressive, of course!!) As for the rest, well, Kool-aid is powerful stuff. But not so powerful that KSW should have been applied instead – since what was going on was anything but a Scientology activity.

  7. Felicitas Foster

    When you confront it – it is disgusting. How will people ever go free in the church? It is impossible.

  8. Well now that you mention it, I often came out of the mega-events wondering if anything important had been said. I’d try and remember what major achievements had been described and I’m come up with maybe 2 or 3. “This can’t be right,” I’d say to myself, “that event was nearly 3 hours long, there MUST have been a lot more than that. My memory must be going…”

    It is sickening to hear Miscavige say, “then there’s no staff member in the world that could live on it, because he could never live if he could, if auditing was 5 cents an hour.” Most staff CAN’T live on what they earn in the orgs – they have to have second jobs or someone to support them. But that doesn’t matter does it? Just as long as He can afford his handmade shoes, suits, luxury limos and snorkelling in the Caribbean.

    And, if OTVIIs and VIIIs NEED to have massive amounts of Objectives run, then they can’t be very OT, can they?


  9. top of the vale, I’d say DM is at such low confront that he would promote or have promoted any thing that might sound acceptable! I don’t think he even knows what theory means!


    Well you see, here’s this guy see. And, well, he’s not Sea Org, he’s an OT in the field. Now Sea Org members they can be, I can handle. It’s RPF with just a snap of the fingers. It’s easy. Sea Org member don’t toe the line, they’ve been asking for it you know, you get it? I snap my fingers. That RPF program it goes and goes and goes and goes. Five years, six years, seven years, eight years, you get it? You get what I mean? When that Sea Org member comes off , some don’t come off but, well, he toes the line, never hear criticism, he’s no longer critical. Have to have members not critical. And org staff, never have trouble there, they’re never much trouble, they got better things to do, tied up working on the Ideal Org program. That program its goes and goes and goes and goes. Three million dollars, four million, five million, six million, ten million dollars. You get it? But OTs, they’re different. Don’t always work on Ideal Org. You see, some have too much mind, that’s not a good thing, their not with the program, not all, but some. I can’t just, you get it? There’s no RPF there., no finger snapping. It took a while, we worked on it a long time, finally got it. You see? You get what I mean? Unflat objectives, trouble comes from unflat objectives, they are unflat, you know. Get what I mean? Put ‘em back on objectives. Those objectives they go and go and go and go. 300 hours, 400 hours, 500 hours, 600 hours …

  11. As a guy who’s done a lot of public speaking in my career, I gave a lengthy critique of DM’s bizarre formal presentation speaking style in the LRH 100th Birthday Celebration address, in the comments of this blog post of Marty’s. That highly scripted presentation was surreal enough. But these remarks to the OT Ambassador’s event are another world entirely.

    The transcript in this post is a tsunami of nonsense. Apparently, without his vaunted speechwriter, DM can’t even string a handful of words together to make a coherent sentence, and can’t string three sentences together to articulate a simple thought. I read the transcript four times and still have no idea what the guy was trying to say. This sort of “word salad” in a presentation may exceed some of Sarah Palin’s “finest” incoherent moments, moments that I had previously thought were the all-time low in public discourse.

    I don’t see how a confused mess of verbal vomit like this could contain an “implant.” If you watch hypnotists in action, or if you study extraordinarily effective public speakers (the recently deceased Steve Jobs is a stellar example), their words are highly structured, soothing, often repetitive, simple statements that follow logically from each other, lulling the mind into a sense of complacency and willing agreement, until the speaker plants the “hook” that breaks through any resistance in the audience’s mind.

    Success is the key to determining whether an “implant” exists — does it work? Do people actually change their behavior as a result of hearing it? Apple sold tens of millions of extremely expensive products to educated people, all of whom thought Steve Jobs spoke personally to them and won their hearts (they didn’t even see him reach for their wallets). That’s a much bigger achievement than a semi-literate guy like DM trying to tell a couple hundred captive drones (who were long ago beaten into submission) about yet another price hike. So it stands to reason that DM’s speech here is simple incompetence, not implants. It didn’t produce the broad-based results that the real geniuses of public speaking, who really understand delivering “implants,” do when they get even the most uninterested bystanders to change their behavior. What produced the result in this speech was the fact that the audience already had no choice but to suffer through the result if they wanted to stay engaged in DM’s organization.

    –John P.

  12. Claudio — Ssshhhh.

    This IS Miscavige OT IX and X!! It’s confidential — you have to sign a release and waiver and be sec checked for 100 hours before this truth can be revealed. Redoing your objectives is OT IX and X!

    Now, don’t tell anyone.

  13. I’ve also had a pc taken from nowhere on the bridge, all the way to Clear. The number of total hours was very close to 200.

  14. I was in the church of POB for many years and I can’t figure out much of what he is saying. Maybe it’s not you.

  15. I don’t know what kind of EP is being looked for on each of the objective processes, but I suspect that they are being missed and overrun. 600 hours? I like the co-auditing aspect of getting up the Bridge. It is how I did most of my Bridge. I never had the luxury of just paying for auditing and then sitting back and letting someone go at it. I liked the fact that I understood what was happening each step of the way. I think that there was some benefit in that.

    MONEY is the goal here. I suspect that people are being inappropriately C/S’d with money in mind. How could one know that it will take 600 hours. There are hidden costs. The course may be less expensive, but then you have to pay for accommodations, you are at Flag where you are repeatedly hounded for donations, and you are away from home/work so your income suffers. It has to be a strategy to earn money.

  16. Let’s try to do better.

  17. Marty,
    Thanks for the update of the “Mecca” and so called streamlining (quickie?). David Miscavige the POB sure makes it clear that his program and sole purpose in his reign is to drive people down the grade chart – that was the realization I had in 2001 and was gone the very next day after 23 years in the SO, and 25 in Scn.

    The grade chart when I started and did in the mid 70’s consisted of Life Repair, ARC straightwire, Objectives, and all Dianetics (Drug rundown & case completion) before doing the grades. Paid for a bit less than 400 hours for professional auditing at a Mission, completing Grade 0 and Dianetics auditor which was the highest level of training at the Mission.

    Standard Dianetics of those days didn’t produce Clears but that changed within months of NED, being released in summer ’78 – of which I was one while doing NED on and Int Rundown applied by my twin in the RPF. Completed the grades and up to New OT 4 in the SO with standard staff enhancement in ’84.

    My point is that I never got any more “Grade Chart” progress under POB’s reign (15 years) through out and despite all of his (out)Tech evolutions, GAT, GAK etc. Most ex-Int Staff were most likely have similar stories. I recall that in about ’79 after the Purif was released, LRH came up with Survival rundown, a program which staff and public could co-audit themselves through the CCHs and objectives as a next step. Other than the name stolen by “Survival Insurance”, it seemed to have fallen on the wayside, though quite a few old friends did benefit from doing it. POB the reversal specialist, is predictable!

    Congratulations and well done to you for restoring the grade chart outside and Independently! Moving on up a little higher is the name of the game.

  18. First of all, his comm is so confusing, I can’t follow it! I have never been able to listen to him, which has been a blessing in disguise, as before I simply refused to even go to the events, I would get up and wander around the back of the room…only to run into others who also could not understand his gobbledigoop.
    This Objectives marathon is just what you said…” He is mis-using Objectives to drive thetans’ anchor points right back into the physical universe for the purpose of making tractable, robotic,deployable cult members.”
    When I heard of my various friends, some OTs, being C/Sed to run objectives, and others who I know did their objectives in full…I cried.
    It is a crime for the C/Ses that buy this verbal tech. They are supposed to be the most trusted friend of the pc and C/S the case in front of them. Yet they have comprimised this trust.

  19. Hilarious Haydn. I wouldn’t think anybody could duplicate that, but you did. 🙂

  20. Russ,
    Very interesting data, wondered how these objectives fixation came and ended up as a blanket CS. In the RPF circa ’78, there were steps like 40 hours of Op Pro by Dup, but we were not forced to go beyond EP and code breaks!

  21. Yeah, and it makes sense because there was a girl on that course, and she did it. Then we all went back and did the course too, and that was it. But, so you see why we changed it? This is going to work! It’s going to be like, BAM! And then we’ll be able to talk abut things like money, and time and more money at public events. Because that is really want I want to talk about at public events. So, anyway, then we can just ask for money straight up and without beating around the bush. Because the objectives were the reason why Marty and Mike left the Sea Org. And because Haydn, well he really needs to do the objectives, more than the other guys because he is a good writer, and well we just don’t like English blokes, you know? So anyway, that’s it. And it’s all wrapped up, with a pretty bow, and I even have my dog doing 600 hours of objectives with her officer bars on too. Yeah, and I know, so anyway, good, no, ok.

  22. One question: Has Miscavige done his 600 hours of Objectives? Why not?


  23. I still can’t read DM’s (dumb missive speak) and understand wtf he is saying. Glad to know after doing LRH’s bridge ever so many years ago, I can still attest to sanity. Because whatever is quoted above is total looney tunes!

  24. This is the WORST yet of any David Miscavige transcripts that have been put up on your blog. His gobbledy-goop talk is completely incomprehensible. Just reading that is all you need to read. The guy is crazy, lost, his mind wanders and makes no sense whatsoever. He sounds like a type 3 lunatic. And he is the leader of a church?

    The alteration of the Bridge is just beyond sickening. I did the Grades the right way and they were BRILLIANT and PERFECT and I had mind blowing wins. LRH doesn’t need to be corrected by a guy who can’t even talk as well as my 4 year old. Shane makes more sense than this idiot.

  25. Whatever happened to Saint Hill Size???

    Not Ideal enough???

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  26. Hummmm….not one source reference given in his speeeech.

    Here’s a source reference, HCOPL Instruction and Examination Raising the Standard Of.

    “The basic reason students remain long on courses stems from inept criticism by instructors regarding what is required.”

    Inept: (From Websters New World)
    1. Without skill or aptitude for a particular task or assignment; maladroit.
    2. generally awkward or clumsy; haplessly incompetent.
    3. inappropriate; unsuitable; out of place.
    4. absurd or foolish.

    So here you have a failed auditor who cannot audit a pc or get a result, a basically untrained individual, pretending to be the senior C/S International and C/Sing the entire planet from objectives to the L’s.

    Extrapolating, one could assume: The basic reason very few, if any, are actually making it to OT stems from inept criticism by David Miscavige and his minions regarding what is required.

    Maybe I’m hallucinating, but I could have sworn I saw some bulletins written by LRH on Objectives. And I could have sworn that we used them and they worked just fine.

  27. Sinar — Boy, ain’t that the truth. I started NOTs in 1979 and didnt complete in 28 YEARS in the SO — all I got from 1981 was sec checks and more sec checks and FPRD and more FPRD. I only got onto OT VII AFTER leaving the SO thanks to Marty and Jim Logan. And I can assure you, the VAST majority of those sec checks were direct orders from POB. They were always backed up, the last one didnt finish before the new order would be issued. He is single handedly doing all he can to destroy the entirety of LRH’s legacy, while holding himself out as the “sole protector of LRH and the only one who is doing what he wants.” Barf.

  28. Tony DePhillips

    You sounded just like him Haydn. Kind of scary.
    This kind of ties in with the previous post about slavery.
    Some people volunteered and became slaves.
    As public, most never really volunteered to be slaves. But dm via the cult tried to convince us that to go free we had to become slaves. I never really bought into it whole heartedly but I did a bit. It was like, these Sea Org members are slaving away for freedom giving up their whole lives so I guess I need to sacrafice too. If I am not down with the program maybe I DO need to do 600 hours of objectives.
    That was before.
    Now I know that dm is a slave master and he wants to keep the slaves coralled up.
    I am a run away slave and loving it!!!

  29. Tom Gallagher

    The sad part of this story is that his implanted and anaten elite audience probably gave him a sustained standing ovation following this verbal puke. Ughhh…….

  30. Oh Pat. Come now. Don’t be so naive. He has graduated beyond the auditing required by the peons. He now grasps his copper rod.

  31. Tony DePhillips

    Dm’s gobbledeegook communication is getting old.
    Who can understand any of his bullshit?
    It’s like he talks in a non-duplicative way so he won’t be held responsible for what he said later when it doesn’t work out.
    Over the years as a Scientologist he has been saying this is the next thing that will handle things and that doesn’t and then another thing that is supposed to and then that doesn’t either.
    Hi stats tell the tale, failure after failure. Manage by statistics.
    Muddcabbage your FIRED!!!

  32. Tony DePhillips

  33. With Scotch and coffee enemas, in case the rods don’t work!

  34. Re: gobbledigook. Exactly.

    Now just imagine being trapped in “management” meetings with this fella for hours and hours on end, day after day and night after night. All while the vital functions L. Ron Hubbard laid out for your post went undone. And while literally hundreds of letters and messages went unanswered. Letters and messages from faithful, trusting staff and public, asking for guidance and solutions, just like Ron told them they should. A person could begin to feel just a wee bit treasonous. Some good people went down that particular hole. Happily, more and more of them are re-surfacing, out here in the wide-open indie spaces.

  35. Well Bryan, funny you mentioned this.

    SH Size is sort of a bummer because: a) you can’t BUY it and b) it means you have to provide auditors to move the staff through OT and c) it means the staff have to be paid a decent wage.

    Quaint old concepts that no longer have any place in the streamlined MEST world of RCS.

    But I did notice in the new Impact Mag that the ED of SFO Fdn Jim Fitzgerald was presented his Gold Meritorious trinket by POB at a special ceremony in Los Angeles (one of the few events he will come out of his bunker for it seems) and it notes he was “at the helm when it became an IDeal Org and then became Saint Hill size.” Funny, it just doesnt add up to those stats graphs that were leaked from the org recently. Or the reports about how much they are getting paid… And they sure aent making any Clears. So, I guess the SH Size thing sort of went by the boards….

    Wonder how long POB can keep up the pretense? Will be real interesting to see what London Org looks like next week. I drive by Tampa’s new place fairly regularly and never see ANYTHING happening there. Someone went in there a little while ago and said their Div 6 “displays” were completely empty. A reporter recently went into Pasadena and said the same thing there — NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN DIV 6.

    Maybe we should start a program of having people go into every Idle Org and “SH Size” org and report what they see just in Div 6. It’s easy to walk in. Some places they will even give you a tour of their “new building”. Maybe we could make a list of every “Ideal Org” and post the reports next to each one on Steve’s website… It would be very interesting and would give a REAL picture of the orgs, not the bs that is spouted at events.

  36. Tony,

    You nailed it: “It’s like he talks in a non-duplicative way so he won’t be held responsible for what he said later when it doesn’t work out.”

    And his other trick is to say something and then a bit later say the complete opposite. Then, no matter which way things go, he is right and you are wrong.
    Tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of hours have been wasted word clearing POB verbal diarrhea by people who were attempting to execute his orders. That would drive anyone nuts.

  37. Your humble servant

    Brilliant, Hayden.

  38. Off topic, but good for a smile.

    Ace reporter Jimmy Olsen Lynch has been unleashed to strike terror into the hearts of the Village Voice like he did the New Yorker and St Pete Times:


  39. I could never figure out why the staff weren’t going up the Bridge. I used to think, “If the Bridge is so great and it’s supposed to save the world, does somebody not believe it?” That was the only reason I could see why the staff would not be going up the Bridge.

  40. A little more history: LRH determined that after the biochemical handling (Purif) a pc needed a biophysical handling, which is basically get him in touch with his environment, i.e., Objectives. Hence, a TRs and Objectives Co-Audit. Of course in Radical Scientology that gets twisted around completely bassackwards and OT VIIIs are programmed for 600 hours of Objectives. For anyone past his or her introductory services including Purif and is going up the Grades, Objectives fit at Grade 1, just as Marty points out. Getting into PT is key to being able to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish. In 1965, LRH took everything that had been developed in the previous 15 years and put it into the first Grade Chart. The mid-1950s work on Objectives fit at Grade 1 so that is where they go. That doesn’t alter LRH’s later directions to have a TRs and Objectives Co-audit for those completing Purif. Like anything else in Scn it has be applied with the pc’s interest and his bank in mind, not his interest bearing accounts in his bank. I sometimes wonder if DM isn’t dramatizing his own problems on the OT levels on everyone in Scn with all these nutty blanket know-best C/Ses.

  41. oops…typo…last line should read “compromised”

  42. martyrathbun09

    If in fact he/she is a “biochemical” personality, the percentages of which were greatly exaggerated to LRH in my view.

  43. top of the vale

    The “gobbledy-goop talk” is merely his slurring through a mouth and throat lined with 18 year old LAPHROAIG SCOTCH WHISKEY. Some of the finest you can buy at $140.00($139.99) per bottle. It’s any wonder that the breath passing his distilled tongue and gums doesn’t completely inebriate the entire front row of Scn Dons and Ambassadors craning their silk wrapped necks to understand POB’s dribble.

  44. martyrathbun09

    Perfect duplication Christie.

  45. martyrathbun09

    Perfect duplication.

  46. top of the vale

    What ever happened to OTDT?

  47. The fact that a class four who has been blown off the bridge from otVll for decades is managing the tech lines in the Church is absolutely abhorrent.

  48. I drive by the Seattle Idle Borg several times per week.

    The staff parking lot is half as full as it was shortly after the Grand Opening. The lobby is clearly visible through the front door and is usually empty or damn near.

    All those fancy video screens serve one purpose. They keep the estates dude busy with Windex, a cloth and a duster.

  49. I wouldn’t go into a nail he salon he was managing for a pedicure.

  50. Tony,

    And you and me, we ain’t ever going back!!!

    Even for Sea Org members it came on gradually. So one signed up for slavery. Under DM the conditions just got worse and worse until, well, they were right out of Mr. Douglass’ book. Since then he’s been busy on the OTs too, as witnessed by this latest post. The out-tech are the shackles with which he binds them.

  51. Gosh Marty, thank goodness I didn’t get sucked in to the “latest objectives craze taking the church by storm”. I know of people that have gone Clear in under 100 hours of NED, can you imagine sitting in objectives processing for 48 full intensives? 🙂 Holy crow, I wouldn’t have a future ahead of me. 🙂

  52. Watchful Navigator

    Wow Russ –
    that is all the more insidious when you factor in that one purpose of the Sea Org is to confront MEST and the RPF is structured to do that in abundance. The RPF is already doing MEST work more than half the day – day in and day out – but we need them doing MORE Objectives???

    “Objective Processes are not in themselves a total answer; a certain amount of Subjective Processes must be run to remove the reasons he is being called back into the past.

    “This tells you as well why “mest work” and exercise have a de-aberrating effect upon a person. They are a sort of Objective Process in themselves even though they do not replace Objectives.”.

  53. Watchful Navigator

    The other thing is that HCOB 12 NOV 81 RC gives a section on just this thing for a C/S under:
    “…the C/S should estimate the case and use or omit Objectives as indicated on an individual programming basis.”
    “…This means that C/Ses can either program the case for Objectives (optional) or straight onto Scn DRD (optional) or expanded Straight Wire (not optional) and lower grades (not optional) and NED.”

    Does that sound like LRH had “hundreds of hours of Objectives” in mind???

  54. Watchful Navigator

    Amen – now there is a simple truth.

  55. The dolt is making it up as he goes along. There are some psychos who need hundreds of hour of objectives, but it’s rare. RARE! God, I’m so freakin’ glad I’m not involved in Flag’s implant station. It’s so ridiculous, it’s not even funny.

  56. He also might fly his own ruds solo, when there are enough people around like Marty and Mike & the rest of us who are nasty to him. No one else can get him on the cans – heaven forbid what if his OWs and WH’s read?

  57. Watchful Navigator

    Great analysis but I still think Marty is spot-on making the point about lulling the person into boredom and then putting in the punch – it came off more easily spotted in his original posing on that recently. You are right – this one is so incoherent we wonder where and what the punch is, and without a voice to analyze, it may take some imagination – but I assure you it is there.

    Your analysis brought to mind a phenomenon that LRH described in his Essay on Authoritarianism – Jan 51:
    “EnMEST and entheta are effective in a group in the ratio that they are given altitude by a group. Hence, the aberrations of the leader of a group may be reflected all through the group.
    “…the effect of an individual on a group rises in proportion to his altitude in the group..”

    “…The highest level of authoritarianist is one who is almost but not quite insane and who yet can attach himself to ideals, rationale and ethic convincingly.”

    DM knows this is all he has to do.

  58. typo – MWH instead of WH. Also, he might be subjected to his own 3 swing F/N definition?

  59. The truth of the matter is that David Miscavige runs his case on planet earth.

    “Everyone” has quickie objectives — blanket orders for hundreds of hours of Objectives.

    “Everyone” is calling “false F/Ns” so issue a new definition.

    “Everyone” is “cheating” on their Solo Auditing, so implement extensive sec checking and cancel standard procedure on Solo NOTs to make sure “nobody cheats.”

    “Everyone” is dramatizing Evil Purposes — massive, blanket FPRD programs.

    “Everyone” is false attesting to CLear — make it impossible to ever attest.

    “Everyone” is really a piece of MEST — reiterate the Objectives order.

  60. Watchful Navigator

    should read “original posTING” above
    – then add this other gem from the same reference just cited which picks at the same place I left off:

    “He may convince even himself, but he can be easily singled out in any group, for he has a tendency to _own_ as MEST certain individuals and, depressing them, yet dangles MEST before them enough to form a clique. The authoritarianist is always _for_ a clique, not for the whole group. Further, the authoritarianist can be spotted by the number of orders he issues which have small reason behind them, are backed up by force or threatened force and which he will not explain. He can be further located by the suppression he places on the self-determinism of the various members of the group and on the self-determinism of the group itself as a group. Further, for the ideas and rationale of the group he supplants his own entheta.”

    Just to clarify who we’re talking about. LRH predicted DM 30 years before he appeared on the scene.

  61. Haydn
    You duplicated.

  62. Songbird, I am not a C/S so I am not expert on the matter either, but I have never heard of anybody that got 600 hours of objectives, I mean how objective can a person get, 600 hours? 🙂 I agree with you. He makes it up as he goes along. I am trying to get a statistic here on exactly how rare are cases that require almost 50 intensives of objectives. Real rare. 🙂 Extremely rare! 🙂 Probably, not even happened yet, but might! 🙂

  63. Don’t know about you C, but trying to write like, all I can say is: My brain hurts!

  64. Just wanted to update you on the petiton.
    need to hit 3000 tonight for a 50% chance of 5,000 on the 24th.
    Still not been picked up by other channels only some smaller sub Ytubers.
    So current basic projection is 4000 – 24th Oct.
    Another 1000 is needed from somewhere to make it.

    11 days left

    It’s all about a volume of voices, don’t be afraid anymore it is your right to get answers. Anyone can sign join those voices.

    If problems registering go here 1st:


    +back to the Petition:


    If the Sign button is grey and not green simply log out and log back in.


  65. “Maybe we should start a program of having people go into every Idle Org and “SH Size” org and report what they see just in Div 6.”
    Mike, this is a brilliant idea. I love this.

  66. Simple,
    THAT’S hilarious!! I can’t make heads or tails of this gibbering fool. Except for one thing – his absolutely wacked “600 hours” arbitrary. That much is discernable.

    What terms exactly don’t you understand? I’ll try and help with them, if they aren’t Miscavaspeak. Those I’m afraid are nonce words, with no meaning. They are the drone with the imlanted ideas/symbols/words at the end.

  67. plainoldthetan

    600 hours *might* be necessary if the thetan was “dead in ‘is ‘ead”, was a chronic druggie, and couldn’t find his penis with both hands in the light. 600 hours is what people were using to reach Clear, in the ’70s, the era of tuning in, turning on, and dropping out.

  68. plainoldthetan

    Sue: I gave LRH’s published EPs for Objective processes in my post at http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?p=1312. You should check it out. As a GAT criticism, auditors-in-training are *not* drilled in these EPs. They’re apparently supposed to guess at them.

  69. Bingo, WN. Spot on.

    And of course the good, hard mest work did have precisely the LRH-intended effect. Once the Objectives black op started, the poor pcs subjected to it REALLY needed the MEST work – to get out from under the overrun phenomena.

    Funny recollection about the mest work and RPF in general: Many’s the time my good friend and RPF twin would look up from whatever we were happily working on, to say, “Isn’t it terrible being punished??” We’d have a good laugh and carry on. There we were – in a lush southern California valley, doing extrovertive work with good, tangible products, eating decently, getting good rest nightly, co-auditing 5 hours every day. Just awful.

  70. Watchful Navigator

    David Miscavige:
    If you are reading this.
    2) FIND THE REPORT urgently and fervently written some years ago, about the verbal tech going around in my org, that “everybody has to re-do their Objectives now!” – complete with our criminal reg ED in total glee at the income she was going to make before she completely ARC broke her first public who refused to re-do his.
    3) I did cry – that lasted 5 seconds. In my finest moment of over a decade on staff I blew the whistle and I SHUT DOWN the verbal tech line and threatened everyone on up to the ED with gruesome penalties if this nonsense went one more inch forward. I DEMANDED written references.
    (I never got them – just some list of Objectives HCOBs – none of which even vaguely supported your squirreling). The C/S backed off and her next pc didn’t even get a review before going on to her next Grade. Interception!
    4) That’s when I wrote you (not knowing I was writing you – but at least I knew it would be close) ’cause I KNEW without a doubt that you were the HERO of KSW and you would be proud of your little clone.
    I didn’t know this was world-wide AT ALL. I thought I was saving Scientology in my area from a Flag squirrel – really I did – it dawned on me at that moment that we were losing everything we’d worked for, which for me amounted to over a dozen years. And every time I ran into the arbitrary after that – several times, it made me feel sicker and sicker and sicker. I didn’t want to know or to admit to myself it was Scientology-wide. The subject was being destroyed before my very eyes and I would never have recovered in fact, if not for people like Marty reporting the truth of the matter.
    5) Found the report? Good. Now you know who the “Watchful Navigator” is. Have fun teasing Samson out of the temple (get yourself a Bible if you didn’t understand that one). Samson’s strength was his integrity, by the way. And I am speaking in spiritual terms, not physical. A little girl like me ain’t going to impinge on any physical pillars, but don’t be too surprised if you find 80% of your best staff leaving and your loyal 20% not knowing what hit them.

  71. Plain Old Thetan, not even Grace Slick would qualify for that much objectives after 100 command performances at the Fillmore Auditorium. 🙂 My only conclusion on the matter is 1 candidate for the objectives, Timothy Leary. 🙂

  72. Watchful Navigator

    Gawd Mike. That blew my TA down a few divisions!

  73. And the only one who never got hold of the can in his all life I suppose.

  74. Tony DePhillips

    Looking forward to your story Kye.

  75. Tony DePhillips

    This is a great Idea Mike!

  76. Tony DePhillips

    I can’t imagine having to m-9 that craziness!! gag me… talk about torture!!

  77. Tony DePhillips

    He’s in hiding.

  78. Watchful Navigator

    Moderator – please feel free to edit or delete any of the last paragraph that could possibly be twisted to imply any kind of threat – that’s all I need, is to give anyone an excuse like that!

  79. Ahhh, and don’t forget – “everyone” else is an SP.

    Or at least 97.5% are. I’d bet that if you counted up all the current and past Base staff he’s “spotted” as suppressives and summarily declared, that would be just about the percentage.

  80. If anyone could interpret that as a threat, then you are not safe reciting Mary had a little lamb…

  81. top of the vale

    There was a Flag public who had received 4 sets of Grades and now he is one of the most outspoken anti-LRH/Scientology antagonists in the field, altho he has been quiet as of late. The fact that he had agreed to do and pay for 4 sets of Grades is a bit mind boggling in of itself. Probably just another example of a koolaide drinker drinking deeper because he accepted the ration of horseshit he was being fed by the Reverse C/Sing & regging he was paying for.
    The end result is that this loving husband lost his wife, a loving father lost his children and a once true blue Scientologist who once had personal integrity lost that and his mind.
    Wonderful products of the Church of Miscavige!

  82. Xing. It’s really hard to decipher the ravings of a mad man but I will try:
    “I’m faking it. If I just drivel on inanely for a few hours without saying anything these stupid people will fall into a hypnotic trance and buy that I had a hidden data line (secret information) from LRH, even though LRH said that such lines did not exist – I can use that to explain away anything.
    I seriously don’t have a clue what LRH was talking about or how to clean up the mess that everyone else except me has made, but those mindless idiots will buy anything I can sell them… and I need the money because everyone’s out to get me…. oops I mean us.”

  83. top of the vale

    Anyone who agrees to re-do his objectives after he has already EP’d them earlier in his auditing has already lost his personal integrity and shouldn’t be allowed to be on the Bridge getting auditing. He should be in ethics getting his/her self out of confusion on at least one if not all their dynamics. Scientology is knowing how to know. If you invalidate that, your done and dead in the water….only you don’t know it yet and definitely can’t see it, hence confusion.

  84. “Everyone is out to get me so they must be SPs”

  85. Mine hurts reading it. OUCH! stop it both of you! LOL

  86. I read this post when it was first put up; there were zero comments at that time. I couldn’t understand the speech (Miscavige’s) in italics. I left this site to take care of some backlogged emails. I returned to this site, there were two comments. I tried to read the speech again but couldn’t understand it.

    Then something dawned on me and sort of a chain reaction took place. Hey, I used to audit objectives. Maybe I still have the black pamphlet called “Control and the Mechanics of SCS.” (SCS stands for Start Change Stop for any visiting folks.) Nope, couldn’t find it in my bookcase.

    Ah, but I have an “old, not used anymore” Technical Dictionary. I looked up “change” as a good point to start. One definition took me to SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008. (This is a book written and copyrighted — 1953 — by LRH for any visiting folks.) I have an “old, not used anymore” green volume published in 1974. The subsection is called “Be, Have and Do” and is part of a much larger chapter. I read this subsection and it had absolutely nothing to do with “Control and the Mechanics of SCS.”

    Yet it was Source data on a topic, a pure delight to read and I understood every word and concept. Today is a very good day as I had a win on something applicable to life and livingness. No substitutes. Rachel

  87. Christie: “LRH doesn’t need to be corrected by a guy who can’t even talk as well as my 4 year old. Shane makes more sense than this idiot.”

    LOL … my sentiments exactly, Christie! David Miscavige is a blithering fool.


  88. It seems that, since Arbitraries Cancelled, it has been nothing else but arbitraries: Basics Courses, Sec Checks, Purifs, Clear cancellations, re-trains, buildings, donations, video displays… But wait,
    “And now here’s the real deal.”

  89. DM can’t have the orgs go Saint Hill size. If he did the staff would go up the Bridge and he’d have to release OT IX and X as promised…. and unless he can sell his copper rod technology (along with a brand spanking new pair of Mark XII copper rods) then he’s all out of carrots.

  90. It’s amazing how oblivious CO$ has become to their ineffective and blatantly stupid investigative allusion Campaigns. These black PR Stunts may have worked a couple of decades ago before the information age, but I hate to point out … but … time has moved forward.

    Maybe it’s just bait for the few thousand still left nibbling on the IAS hook.

  91. TOTV
    Absolutely agreed on the condition – it can’t be anything else.
    However what DM does (to add to his evil) is to implant stable data after the confusion he creates. People then operate on this data and never make it out of the confusion – worse they now commit overts as they have a false datum in place (adopted during the confusion) and then withdraw further and further from any ability to confront the SP.
    It is the stuff of Hades. It is the creation of case.

  92. Marty that is so right on! When I was in the church of POB I stopped going to the events because I felt I was being implanted. Between the loud noise , the flashing images on the screen and his incessant gibberish, I had had enough. Thanks for being there doing what you are doing.

  93. Pat…

    DM has attested to OT H8/ Truth Concealed.

    His PC folders are at this very minute being etched into titanium plates.

  94. “And now here’s the real deal.”…
    …Auditing is an arbitrary!

  95. … can you imagine sitting in objectives processing for 48 full intensives? 🙂 Holy crow, I wouldn’t have a future ahead of me.

    You’ll become very successful and design the first House without walls … lol

  96. Tony Dephillips

    Lol!!! True.
    It should be “Arbitraries created and strengthened ” in the golden age of cults.

  97. And what do I want him to do? 200, 300, 400, you want to do 600 hours, go for it bud.

    Since when are Objectives being done based on how long anyone wants to do them?

    What’s wrong with the LRH prescribed EP?

  98. Tom Gallagher

    And the broad public have been Executive CSed by the most anti-Scientologist, sub-human being in this sector of the galaxy: POB.

    It’s no wonder I have whiplash from shaking my head.

    The little loser, POB, went Space Opera.

  99. Truely LOL LOL !!!!!

  100. Tom Gallagher

    Meant to say-

    The little loser, POB, IS Space Opera.

    He’s utterly sickening. A legendary sociopath.

  101. Not quite, at least when done with a co-audit sup. In 2005 at PAC if you had any doubt as an auditor, the sup had the HCOB right there to check. True we as auditor’s in training , didn’t drill the EPs, but we studied and demoed them very well.

  102. “This sort of “word salad” in a presentation may exceed some of Sarah Palin’s “finest” incoherent moments; moments that I had previously thought were the all-time low in public discourse.” “tsunami of nonsense”
    “a confused mess of verbal vomit like this”
    Fantastic descriptions and totally accurate. Nice post John P. Enjoyed!

    David Misgavige is not only evil to the core, he is completely insane, a raving lunatic and not even a Scientologist! He does not get auditing, he is not an auditor, he has no admin training and did everything he could possibly do, when LRH was alive to usurp his power and weaken his comm lines.
    His communication makes no sense and he says nothing. To read about his recent push for hundreds of hours of objectives, is horrifying. How can the current members of the Church of Scientology STAND FOR THIS? Are you guys drones? Gross out tech, disgusting ridiculous case evaluations and more wrong indications! Oh yes, lets give $500,000. to the IAS so DM can get a new bulletproof limo, private chef, personal traveling chiropractor and masseuse, manicurist, and fly all over the world while entertaining his celebrity friends! Wake up guys, the truth will set you free!
    DM’s goal in life is to prevent ANYONE, ANYWHERE from getting case gain or wins of any sort. He is the Antichrist. He is a thing of DEATH. Suppressive person, antisocial personality, sociopath, and more. If you are stupid enough to still be in the church, you need to wake up and READ.
    Online, offline, books, blogs, articles…GET THE TRUTH. Good luck.
    Out for over a year now and very happy!!!!

  103. Having been pummeled (mentally) as a New OT V in 2005, I can’t agree with you more. You said about the OT VIII audience DM was talking to:

    “What produced the result in this speech was the fact that the audience already had no choice but to suffer through the result if they wanted to stay engaged in DM’s organization. ”

    I think this 2004 DM salad (dressing) speech (as you put it) would have made a lot of sense to me at the time: listen, clap and obey (if you want to get onto OT VII & VIII).. total nonsense, but I would have “bought it.”

    If I had heard his speech in 2004, I would have been completely ready for the implant, as Marty pointed out. It is an implant of course, but it is delivered to beings that have been beaten down.

    It’s certainly not the quality of DM’s speaking abilities that creates an effect. He’s no Steve Jobs (God rest his soul). He’s a parasite on a toad’s back crossing the road at night with 18 wheeler going 70 mph right in front of him.. splat!

  104. 4 sets of Grades? You mean doing it 4 times?

    I know of a couple of guys sent to the ANZO RPF who were supposed to do the RPF 3 times. This indicates that the POB Tech doesn’t work the first time and has to be redone to be effective.

  105. Wow Les – you nailed it exactly!

    ‘Instruction & Examination Raising the Standard of’ is one of the most simple, direct writings the old man did for both sup’s & students. That one along with Tech Degrades (of which Miscavige is a MASTER of), the Service PL, Manners, and Senior Policy combine to take the arbitraries out of what Miscavige has managed to royally screw up.

    This guy couldn’t Sup himself out of a paper bag let alone C/S the planet.

    My Bridge was the same line-up as Sinar laid out above with a Scientology Drug R/D (also called the Class Vlll DRD) tossed in. At that time Dianetics came before Grades – hell, we just did it and like you – it simply worked.

    One confronts what he is aware of … best advice – Just continue on your next step of the LRH Bridge, keep your eye on the mountain, and all will come out in the wash.

  106. Kye, that is just outright disgusting and sad.

  107. Sam, that’s what I got out of that too. Much dribbledy doo doo about nothing.

  108. And the grand master plan…

  109. Haydn, I’m reading it now.
    “The out-tech are the shackles with which he binds them.”
    Exactly it!

  110. Sinar, no way he could fly his own ruds. I’d love to see him try. LMAO I’d imagine he’s got some mock up solo session going on with his copper rods. That’s how he can attest to OT 20bizillion. He’s got it all figured out.

  111. That’s a ball-peen hammer right between DM’s eyes.

  112. Christie, he is totally whack! I can’t even imagine having to M9 this fool’s gobbledy-goop either! That had to be absolute TORTURE!

  113. Yes Mike, great for a smile. And Village Voice also posted my all-time favorite video of Lynch trying to get “a press story” of you living in Florida and having a younger girlfriend. OMG!! A lot of men would love to get some “bad” press like that. ..HA. HA. I’ve been laughing about that for months. That’s the best he could do?! That video back in June of this year is Academy Award materiel. I wonder if Jim ever shined his shoes?

  114. Wow…. I know somebody who went for his CCRD and after nearly two months of not hearing anything from Flag was put back on purif and then instructed to co audit her objectives. The poor girl was already clear (her CL VIII auditor was also convinced of this) AND if not clear definitely very well in life. She should have done if anything XDN, etc.

    That shows me a few things.
    The amount of squirrel activity in the CoS.
    The ease with which a being can be invalidated in the “church”.
    The lack of cojones a church CL 8 can have.


    My advice for anyone in the CoS- Come out here and do it right. You will thank yourself later.

  115. Tony, that’s what I say too. M9ing that whack would make me a raving lunatic!

  116. From the heart of Philadelphia there’s a train that heads north to the Big Apple. It’s got many stops along the way and you can hop on anywhere along the line; all the signs clearly say the train goes directly to the Big Apple. Unfortunately, no matter where you get on board, the conductor habitually says you left something back in North Carolina. Or Miami. Or Tierra del Fuego. Or Antarctica. So you have to go back first.

    Some say there aren’t really any train tracks that lead north any more.

    But the landscape is littered with tracks looping back to the south.

    Luckily, you can still get where you want to go.

    But beware the POB Express.

  117. Tom, the executive C/Sing filters on down through the OTs who are mission holders and EDs this way too. It rolls downhill from the top.

  118. “And if you say it’s just nothing, then there’s no staff member in the world that could live on it, because he could never live if he could, if auditing was 5 cents an hour. It’s a problem okay.”
    😆 That right there is just fricken PRICELESS!! 😆

  119. Nope, sorry to report he hasnt. I saw him at the Trade Show in Miami (where Ed Bryan got arrested) and he had the same old shoes on. As it was a medical show they had some booths that sold shoes for people with “special needs” and I offered to take him there and get him a new pair of shoes. He seemed a bit insulted by my offer. Yeah, its a scandal alright, living in Florida with a younger 2D. That’s POB’s fixation. He is obsessed with the 2D, something I plan to cover in a future posting.

  120. Tony DePhillips


  121. Thanks Mike. That’s funny.
    I sure hope people realize that Jim Lynch is Miscavige’s representative….And that Jim Lynch is NOT representative of what a Scientologist is like. As a Scientologist myself for 40 years, my wish is that those not as familiar with the subject make the distinction that what Miscavige does and what Scientology does are two different things.
    And I look forward to the future posting you mentioned.

  122. “Yeah, its a scandal alright, living in Florida with a younger 2D. That’s POB’s fixation. He is obsessed with the 2D, something I plan to cover in a future posting.”

    Mike the reason for this fixation on differences in age is because DM thinks everyone is a body and hasn’t grasped the very essense of what LRH was teaching. That we are all spiritual beings and live forever.

    Hard to believe he missed out on this basic principle of Scientology and instead is so into his tanning beds, hair plugs, false teeth, shoe lifts and makeup.

  123. Mike, don’t forget that 99% of the Clears were un-declared Clear. …

    There is another overall pattern:
    “Suppressives cannot complete cycles of action. They either act in an altered way or they continue an action beyond any possibile expectancy. In either case they do not COMPLETE.” (HCO PL 23 Feb 1968, Ethics and Admin – Slow Admin)

    This extends to other flows and Dynamics: An SP cannot ACCEPT that a cycle is complete!
    “One of the reactions of suppressing are incomplete cycles of action and overrun on cycle of action.
    To handle the handled is also very suppressive. You got a floor all clean, somebody comes along, tells you to clean up the floor. A Suppressive cleans cleans. It’s one of the characteristics.
    It doesn’t make somebody who cleans a clean a suppressive, but he invariably does this. He’s got… the house is all painted, it’s all finished, just getting ready to put away the paint brushes, the suppressive comes along and says look at that, you’d better get to work on that, hasn’t been painted well enough, go on and paint the house. He’ll also come along with only one wall half painted and say you will have to rake the garden now. But different suppressives they are in the overrun or in the incomplete.
    So you’ve found a suppressive is overrunning something. Also you will find that the subject of this suppression is an overrun.”

    LRH had developed Study Tech. So DM had to “make it better” (GAT).
    LRH had developed a working route of gradients, the bridge. DM had to change the gradients of study (Basics). Instead of going from the easy to the difficult, DM changed it into “chronological”, starting with the most difficult. LRH had completed writing his books. DM cannot accept that and has others “correct” them all over.
    You finished you purif? Do it again.
    You finished your Objectives? Do them again.
    You have the state of Clear? Start from scratch. – 12 weeks of Purif, 600 hours of Objectives and in the middle of that do the L’s or at least a six month check with Sec Checks. etc. etc.
    Technically I see the mask of “not perfect enough” to be, 1) a symptom of criticalness, 2) inabilitty to complete a cycle of action, 3) an effort to stop, and therefore 4) dramatizations of his case.

  124. Has anyone checked out the guys from http://www.avaaz.org or contacted and explained the matter to them? They seem to do a good job.

  125. Some more examples come to mind:
    You are a trained auditor? Do the “Certainty” Courses. (And do not miss the element of criticism: Have you been uncertain?)
    You have worked hard for twenty or thirty years? Receive a “Wake-Up Call” from DM. (Have you slept?)
    My personal answer was to say “Not MY item!”

  126. Theo Sismanides

    greebly send me a message at thetamag@yahoo.gr about the petition.

    Guys here, sorry for the intrusion but greebly is right. The petition is not making it. we are not reaching 5.000 as we go. I have monitored the pace and is 2-3 per hour picking up to 6 or 7. And we now need about 11 per hour i think.

    So the handling is to gather 200 people who each are gonna get 10 people to sign up.

    Contact me at thetamag@yahoo.gr or on my FB Theo Sismanides. Thanks

  127. Theo Sismanides

    Sorry Simple, you are very simple, the POP is NOT!

  128. Theo Sismanides

    Dan, you are a tech terminal as far as i know. How the hell is DM a tech terminal? How does he get in there saying all those things without references? This is so much VERBAL and NONSEQUITUR DATA NOW, that even LRH wouldn’t have dreamed of that in his worst nightmares.

  129. “Hypnotism – a continuing inflow without an opportunity on the part of the subject to outflow.” (Dianetics 55!)
    I always had the feeling of “waking up” when an event of 3 or 3,5 hours was over. (Don’t remember any of such events having only 2 hours.)

  130. Don’t wonder about a speech only God himself and a registrar could understand.
    A misunderstood word can breed confused ideas.
    My guess is that it be many more than just one.

  131. plainoldthetan

    I’ll just reiterate. There is NO GAT DRILL to familiarize auditors-in-training or auditors-in-cramming with the Objectives EPs. If you drilled on one, please tell me the binder and page number.

    It sounds to me like you had a Supervisor who would have done the same thing pre-GAT as apparently he did post-GAT.

    Heresy. A supervisor referring to SOURCE.

  132. DAVID MISCAVIGE HAS CONVINCED SCIENTOLOGISTS THAT LRH CHOSE HIM OR LEFT HIM TO BE IN CHARGE – TO BE LRH’S RIGHTFUL HEIR. In respect of LRH, they interpret his illiterate speech as mystical inside knowledge.

    THIS BELIEF IS THE LYNCH PIN THAT WHEN PULLED OUT, DEAD-AGENTED, OR FALSE DATA STRIPPED, WILL FREE MOST OF THE DUPED. When that lynch pin falls away, people will be willing to look, observe the glaring outpoints and make a more pro-survival personal decision. Many are doing so (St. Pete times was first revelation).

    I am sure that David Miscavige is shoring up his image as LRH’s boy as even we speak because he knows this is where he is vulnerable.

    PS. As for the incoherent, illogical, illiterate speech, it reveals the real reason he couldn’t understand those LRH books.

  133. Alex Castillo

    I think I just figured out what C/S means under Missavage:

    C/S= Court Sentence i.e the PoB Court sentences you to 1500 hours of Objectives in that room or chair. Comply or be damned forever.

  134. He doesn’t need auditing because every time he graps his rods he has a persistent F/N, a crazy, irregular savagely left-right slashing F/N, not just 3 times but all the time.

  135. In short; DM exemplifies the purest art form – of talking out his ass. Anyone that can sit and applaud such drivel deserves to sit in a hole that was assigned to them.


    POB + Verbal Diarrhea…

  137. Sorry, I meant: (=’s).

  138. PersonalJudas

    Really nice little vignette, Steve.

  139. PersonalJudas

    Get out, get your money back, get auditing, get a life, get in comm, get funky,get real, get training, get informed, get vocal, get down, get honest and straight, hell, get declared! But,

  140. scilonschools

    ” Quite the contrary, he is doing all in his power to weld the doors to application of Scientology shut. He is mis-using Objectives to drive thetans’ anchor points right back into the physical universe for the purpose of making tractable, robotic,deployable cult members.”

    Succintly impeccable analysis!!

  141. Hello Bruce 🙂

  142. Rachel,
    That is a good day. I got it totally. It happens routinely poppin’ open one of those old green books and finding something that applies to right here and now.

    Wonderful day!

  143. Update on petitions signed as of Friday, AM October 14th,
    as of signature #2,860

    The top ten states:
    1. 427 California
    2. 171 Florida
    3. 148 Texas
    4. 120 New York
    5. 93 Washington
    6. 77 Illinois
    7. 67 Ohio
    8. 66 Oregon
    9. 60 Massachusetts
    10. 58 Pennsylvania

    Next in line:
    11. 56 Arizona
    12. 46 Michigan
    13. 45 Missouri
    14. 44 Georgia
    15. 42 Virginia
    16. 41 North Carolina, New Jersey
    17. 40 Minnesota
    18. 39 Tennessee
    19. 38 Colorado
    20. 37 Maryland

    signing with no location indicated.

    634 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    62 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  144. Jim is a dentist. He is a very good guy but last I knew he was untrained both as an auditor and as an administrator. ED SF Day Jerry is also a very good guy but last I knew had no training as an auditor or administrator but was a full time FSM (reg) for years. I think it’s fair to say most of the newer EDs have as their major background reg training. It’s certainly true for the FSO (Harvey) and Tampa (Wayne and Lynn).

  145. Your right that it has not been picked up by enough channels. 99.999% of the population has not heard of the petition. A TampaBay Online article or mention with a link to the petition would have gotten 500+ by itself. The race to the deadline might make it a more newsworthy story.

  146. Short, sweet and to the point. Far better to jump aboard the Independent Express. Rachel

  147. OT H8; truth concealed. That is funny.

    Some months back I’d emailed a past friend who I hadn’t been in touch with in over 10 years. By now she’s been on OT 7 for about 15 years. I sent her Luis Garcia’s letter. Wouldn’t you know she was at Flag at the time I sent that email! She emailed back very quickly and if you can imagine receiving RAGE in an email, that’s what I got. It was shockingly hostile. After reading this current blog post I have to wonder if she’s been “Objectified” (and turning into MEST) or maybe she’s done her OT Hate.

  148. Martin Padfield

    A timely post. This evening the Pope will get up onto his little box and tell the assembled sheeple at this years IAS event that they are the future of Scientology.

    Yes, the weasel has landed. And is right now topping up his tan and having the hair gel meticulously applied in the freshly rennovated top floor suite in the Manor. His relentless quest to destroy not just the Church but the very legacy of LRH is going to take it’s next step tonight.

    The hyperbole is already cranked up to 4th gear before the event has even started: “The IAS is here to guarantee the future of Scientology for all time to come”… “Having all of our freedom fighters with us here allows us to work miracles….” “the importance to our futures, yours and all of your dynamics that this IAS event represents” etc. on and on.

    Recent info has revealed there are far more “under the radars” in the UK than I imagined. The juxtapostion between real Scientologists DOING something about the situation and the current apathetic inactivity from”OTs” that really should know better has never been in sharper focus.

    First they came for the Jews
    and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for the communists
    and I did not speak out – because I was not a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists
    and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for me –
    and by then there was no one left to speak out for me.

    The German anti-Nazi activist,
    Pastor Martin Niemöller

  149. Dan, thank you for the history. Very informative. I consider that when David Miscavige comes out with these blanket C/S’s, he is telling the world what he thinks he himself needs; he is case supervising himself. Would 600 hours of objectives get him out of being a dramatizing psychotic SP? He might have a cognition after this . . . who knows! Maybe that is what it would take for HIM to get to present time!

    For those of you trying to understand his drivel, just realize that he is in Confusion. If you try to make sense of it, my experience is, that you will go into a confusion. Just assign the condition and enforce it, so you don’t end up with the condition yourself. Recognize that you are trying to understand the insane blabber of a madman, and act accordingly. Unfortunately, those who HAVE TO LISTEN to him, drive themselves crazy trying to understand him. And the rest of corporate Scientology suffers from the Case Supervision that should be for HIM!

    My two cents.

  150. Who makes a slave to teach what freedom is? Impossible!

  151. dankoon,

    It was these blanket C/Ses that were a big factor in pushing me out the door. Not just on the processing side but, training as well. I finally gave up on doing what I really wanted to do, the runway became too long. I fought it at first but, then decided I must not know what I thought I knew. As soon as I comprimised on this and doubted myself, I became a blank slate for whatever came down the line. After all, the powers that be must know more than I did.

    I’m just thankful for my ship experience! Without it, I may have never woke up! LoL

  152. Marty,
    Thanks for posting this!
    The bridge and the tech need to be viewed as LRH did with, rearview mirrors otherwise, it can’t be fully viewed. This would include being highly trained with plenty of auditing experience with good results. I think the people still in probably think cob is OT 9 & 10 and uses Class XII trained personel for tech matters and that he is highly trained, too. I know I blindly assumed this. I was shocked to find out the truth!
    I’m not suprised now, to see what cob comes up with through his very literal “understanding” of the tech. You have to be there to think with the tech. I am convinced from my own experience he does not get OT at all. IMO, he has no clue!

  153. Is there really anyone left in the CofM that would know what PT is?

  154. Alex Castillo (a bit off topic)

    Marty and all:
    In the near future I am going to have the pleasure and the honour to meet the daughter- in- law of someone who has been one of my favourite people in life, close to my heart really. After seeing and experiencing what Scientology has become under the “leadership” of David Miscavige, she and her husband didn’t compromise their personal Integrity when it came to what the deluded, ignorant, semi-literate, psychopathic, criminally insane Miscavige attempted to do to them: First, distorting what they believed in and had had wins from (LRH’ original work), then attempting to rob them and then trying to destroy them because they left his hell hole. Not a pretty picture, but that is what he does, day in and day out.

    Today, under my sky, at what used to be the Heart and Soul of Scientology and Dianetics, our old and way back then cherished Saint Hill Manor, the greatest SP in the history of Scientology (old Otto Rooss, Marty and Mike have been done out of their first on the List), will be surrounded by his CoolAid addicts and actors and will be delivering his incomprehensible speech. Everything he says will be gobbleddygook but the KoolAid addicts will get the message: “I need money to save my ass and get rid of Marty, Mike and all of my worldwide enemies”. The actors, unless they are Kool-Aid addict Hollywood Celebrities backing up Miscavige and his Dangerous version of Scientology , will just have to stand and clap, hoping they will get paid!
    So, to celebrate such momentous day in the life of PoB, OSA and KoolAid addicts,here is my contribution:
    Someone may have to translate this. It’s all close to my heart.

    As some of you may know, I come from Mexico. Placido Domingo (his native country being Spain) was a very close friend of Mexico and one of the people who inspired me when I was an aspiring singer (before I joined the Sea Org!)
    Enjoy seeing David Miscavige shoot himself, hopefully not just in the foot!
    (I may have developed some ev purps on this guy, but they will go away once he’s out of the picture!)


  155. You are right. ROTFLMAO!!!!

    But what it does show, is that David Miscavige does have an awareness of staff members being able to LIVE on pay; this tells me that he is fully conscious of what he is doing to staff in terms of pay. He pays them so little (the SO) that they can’t leave, and he is aware that Class V Org staff can’t live on their pay, either. LRH says SP’s KNOW what they are doing to people, and to me this is proof of that.

  156. E4L — Yes, I don’t doubt that Jim is a good guy. I hold staff in Class 5 orgs in very high regard. They are there because they genuinely want to help people, and have to fight against the insanities perpetrated by POB to do so.

    Jim, Jerry, Wayne and Lynn are part of the POB campaign to move “OT’s” onto org ED posts — and they are “qualified” because they have a cert asserting a case state. Another idiocy of POB. Untrained, inexperienced people put on as the heads of his “Ideal Orgs” who don’t have a clue how to run an org — but are mere showpieces (“OT EDs”). Not that being “OT” makes you bad, incompetent or anything else. It just doesnt make you a competent org exec.

    My comment originally was a note that the IAS promotes that SFO Fdn is “SAint Hill Size” — I guess the editors of Impact Mag didnt get the memo… You will not hear POB talking about any org being “Saint Hill size”. They arent. That new IAS Mag also has a 4 page feature on how the IAS paid for the upgrade of the Div 6 displays for Madrid Org!!! It too mentions that this is a “Saint Hill Size Org” — bit of an outpoint that they couldn’t pay for the upgrade of their FART (Fully Automated Robot TV) Div 6 if they are a SH Size Org! Take a look at the Grand OPening of Madrid, the BIGGEST hype was about the FART Div 6. And the article also states that there were 600 people there for the grand opening from all over Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands. The shots show a maximum of 150 people. But even if it was 600 — that is ALL that a Saint Hill size org can muster? Let alone 3 orgs (Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona) and two countries? The hype just doesnt match the reality.

  157. Alex Castillo ( stilla bit off topic)

    Looking at the weather forecast today in Sussex, it looks like it will be a sunny and mild day at Saint Hill Manor. Shit!! I was hoping it would be cold and rainy.
    I am reminded or many years ago when I was on a Flag mission in the UK. After my first mission to London Foundation, I was called to FOLOUK
    ( Saint Hill Manor) for briefing for a string of missions I did in UK, a time when I found Captain Bill (fellow missionaire) was on mission to Saint Hill Day, when, before firing on my next mission and before my eyes, in a cold and rainy night, he took the entire crew out into the cold (he was attempting to get the GI up), made people stand in the rain and cold and, after about half an hour, when everyone was soaked and freezing he told them: this is what you will face if you don’t get the GI up!
    Then he took them all back into a warm place inside, let them all dry up and get warm and said: and this is what you should expect if you get the GI up!
    I reported this Pavlovian act to Flag as a very un-Scientologist action but I was ignored. I was ordered to continue with my missions. That happened in 1979. The missions I was doing were ordered by WDC. Any input on this?


  158. martyrathbun09

    His Mission Ops was DM.

  159. Alex Castillo ( stilla bit off topic)

    Ahh I rememeber now. when i questioned him about what he was doing, he said: it is a SEVERE REALITY ADJUSTMENT. SOUND FAMILIAR?


  160. Alex Castillo ( stilla bit off topic)

    Thanks a lot Marty, now it makes sense.

  161. What a bunch of gibberish. He doesn’t even have a decent comm cycle. ‘Yes sir, Step Right Up, only one thin Million and you can have my respect as my robot, opps I mean . . .. ‘


  162. ” Both were done precisely as LRH finally advised in the Grades package he finally settled on as his best shot at the modern Grade Chart …”

    As we progress and new readers are coming on board, please indicate what Grade Chart (year of release) or just list, from bottom to top.

    Here is another interesting change coming from Flag promo – Grade III is now Changes and not displayed as Freedom.

  163. Alex Castillo

    Marty, i don’t have a contact addy for you. is it ok to comm with you privately?
    I am at castalex2009@hotmail.com or helex_2000@yahoo.com.


  164. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, my email address is on the welcome page of this blog.

  165. Alex Castillo

    Repeat of previous post:

    I now remember that when I asked captain Bill why he was doing what he was doing, he said to me: It is a SRA (Severe reality Adjustment).
    Sound familiar?


  166. Alex Castillo

    Can’t find it but no matter, Mike will pass my comm when it’s relevant. Otherwise, you can say hello and I’ll know the addy. I’m right here at your side Marty. Count on that!


  167. The fact that DM thinks it’s OK to use LRH’s home sends shivers up my spine. Squatter.

  168. Alex Castillo

    Got it now. Have sent you a bit of humor :))


  169. top of the vale

    It is so fine to be able to sign in to this Blog and get some of the finest music and oratories of the finest talents in the world. Placido Domingo and Placido Domingo Jr Tenor and song writer on the same page….what more could you want!

  170. Miscavige wouldn’t know what sanity was even if it bit him on the butt. His ravings are fully centered on him evaluating for others, he never mentions personal wins. I’ve noticed over the years he never talks of completed cycles of anything, he simply can’t leave anything alone as a done within the realm of others. His scope and understanding of the actual Bridge of Scientology is zero.
    Geezes, to follow that twerp would sure satisfy the desire to do yourself in.
    Take a bow Davey, you’re as nutty as they come. One thing his followers have failed to notice is that he never does the things he commands them to do – can you image what it would be like to attempt to run objectives on DM or be his supervisor? Horrible dark thought!

  171. That’s the word I’m getting from the UK streets, Martin. The public have stepped away from the insanity and are staying away from the UK orgs in droves. There were not too many “droves” to begin with so they are truly empty now. The phenomena has been steadily increasing over time coincident with Marty’s blog and other such information available on the Internet.

  172. How does that work? In 1970 DM would have been 19 years old. He had joined the Sea Org just 3 years before.

    I have been trying to connect the dots of the events of the late 1970s – early 1980s into some semblance of order.

    If DM was the MissionOps and was already pushing the concept of the SRA in 1979, it seems likely that was a factor in Robertson’s leaving the CoS and launching the Freezone. He saw the writing on the wall.

    An SRA at St Hill in1979, but in early (March) 1984 Bill Robertson and the European OT Committee World Wide called for a Comm Ev of DM.

    It seems to me that Capt. Bill had a better confront of what was actually happening than most scientologists of the time, especially those in the USA.

  173. martyrathbun09

    In 1979 he was Bill Robertson’s Mission Ops.

  174. Lady Min

    Here’s one I just thought of.

    Let’s revisit the “ideal Org” program in this light.

    David Miscavige does not have to “regulate” outer org staff pay in any way if they have an “Ideal Org”. Because it really IS “ideal” for David Miscavige. The cost of “renting back” and maintaining those “mausoleums” by the local Org, takes care of everything. The cost will all come off the Gross Income first. Since the Orgs are not making enough money to even pay the “Int Landlord”, there will never be any available for “staff pay sum”.

    Pretty clever huh?

    Let’s see any org get out from under that one.

    Eric S

  175. Thanks, Marty.

    Am I understanding this correctly, that Miscavige was in charge of the mission and Robertson was following his orders?

    That is the assumption in my post above….

  176. I was thinking that putting the OTs onto ED posts was not directly idiocy. For DM that is real “smart” because those OTs are actually easier to control. Hatting = control, so he does not really want EDs to THEMSELVES control the orgs. He needs good yes-sir type of people who HE can control. Sure is easy these days to control those OTs, isn’t it, DM? You can threaten them EACH TIME they dare to hesitate, question you, non-comply, etc just order them to FSO immediately for sec-checks at GREAT cost to them ($$$) in time and money. Keeps em under your thumb. Much better to have those kind of EDs….. that’s how ya like em, isn’t it, DM?

  177. Watchful Navigator

    “Two cents” of solid gold. Good, concise statement of the matter, Lady Minn!

  178. Watchful Navigator

    I’m pretty sure that’s what he meant, Valkov.
    In 1995 I was on the phone with an old-timer in the Dallas field. I was a new kid and fascinated with her story which I will never forget. I didn’t know the characters at all but I eventually heard their names again and remembered the story. She stated as she began sobbing:
    “I was there with Captain Bill when he was coming home form his auditing with David Mayo – it was driving him insane! He was driven insane with that auditing! I watched it all happen right there!”
    Now I do not know what she meant by “coming home” – how their living arrangements were. But her sobbing was a real secondary terror engram coming off and I had no doubt I was talking to someone who had been there.
    Someone may put that into context, or correlate it with other data. Maybe not. But if DM was Captain Bill’s senior, then it’s not hard to imagine a little reverse Scientology playing a role in Bill’s long, drawn-out “recovery” during which an awful lot of para-scientology was done which went way beyond a lot of realities. Nevertheless, I have found at least some portion of his briefings very helpful.

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