The Road We Must Travel

As of this writing the petition to the White House to investigate the Department of Justice’s cover up of the ongoing crimes of David Miscavige contains 3,702 signatures.   I haven’t campaigned actively on the issue even though I have periodically offered more evidence supporting the premises of the petition.

Some have commented, and even used as a motivation for more action, that Miscavige will take a big win if the number does not reach the 5,000 threshold requiring White House response.  I don’t want to dampen any effective arguments people are using to garner more support. At the same time I have something to say about this one in particular. If David Miscavige takes a win on somewhere on the order of 4,000 people taking the bold step of putting their John Hancock’s to a petition to investigate him, the times they are a changing.  Two years ago I would venture that less than a 1,000 people would be willing to make that move.

That 4,000 people of every different stripe – Independent Scientologists, ex-Scientologists, anti-Scientologists, Anonymous activists, Methodists, Mormans, Catholics, Episcopalians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, you name it – can come together on the issue of Corporate Scientology crime, and act in unison (many even leaving evidence of where they might be found),  the times they are a changing.

For every one of you who signed the petition, and especially to those of you who encouraged others to – regardless of how many more join you – you are heroes in my book.   You have stepped up to the plate and you have looked the beast in the eye and have said, “Down boy!”    Whether the Administration hears you or not, I’ll tell you one person who has heard you loud and clear – David Miscavige.  And whether he claims a “win” or a “lose” is meaningless; believe me, he hears your footsteps and in that wise you have helped tremendously in the process of slowly but surely de-fanging the monster.

This is not my petition.  I did publicize it and encourage people to sign it in a Sept 27 post in which I gave reasons why I thought it warranted support,

I noted in that post that,

Whether the 5000 target is met or not does not relieve the Administration from its duty to investigate and remedy the filth and corruption going on between our Department of Justice and America’s most dangerous cult. But, the more people who sign the more chance there is that justice might be done.

Well, so far you all have provided 3,702 more reasons for the White House to act.  Thank you to all 3,702 of you.

If the petition winds up with 4,321 signatures or 5,500 signatures that will be another 619 or 1,798 reasons why the Administration ought to do its job, and those many more reasons why the oppressor ought to watch its step.

To those continuing to work tirelessly toward the 5,000 threshold, every additional name is golden as are you.

From the irreppressible Steve Hall:

We DEFINITELY CAN MAKE THIS TARGET and I am going to tell exactly HOW to do it. Facts: We have 5 days left including today. We got 250 signatures just last night. We need 1,272 more that is 254 per day. We are no where near tapped out. MAKE A LIST OF 10 PEOPLE (or more — go through your cell phone numbers) and SEND EACH PERSON the following email which I wrote yesterday:


I have a favor to ask. For about two years the FBI was conducting an investigation into the Church of Scientology. It was a serious investigation into human trafficking and obstruction of justice. Many ex-members of the CoS spoke with Federal Agents. However the CoS paid some huge money and apparently got someone (the Attorney General?) in the Justice Department to spike the whole thing. The two lead agents were transferred. So we are fighting back and one of the solutions we discovered was that the White House said if we could get 5,000 signatures on a petition, the President would look into the matter and make a statement. So we have already more than 3,725 signatures. We have 5 days left and need about 1,275 more — only about 255 a day, which we can definitely do (we did 250 Tuesday night). Can you and your family members please sign the White House Petition immediately to investigate why the FBI investigation was spiked, who spiked it, and also to restart the investigation into Church of Scientology criminality?

1) It takes only about 20 seconds to register — just put in your name and email address.

2) They will send you an email, with a link. Click on the link in the email.

3) Click on “Sign the Petition” and you’re done. Your privacy is protected and no one can actually see your last name.

Here is the link:

Obviously we need as many people as possible to sign it immediately, so if you know anyone else that can sign it, please have at it.


I send the letter to 20 people myself last night — just going through my phone numbers in my phone.


Another reason to sign:

197 responses to “The Road We Must Travel

  1. Just so people know, I signed early on with my real name and city. Nothing bad has happened as a result. It is a safe thing to do.

  2. This signing has become a priority over here! My relatives from whatever state they live in have signed and more are signing. Heck there was a time not to long ago when noone would say anything against DM and look at where we have come!!!! WE have the right to have this so-called church investigated period. Non-profit’s are accountable in order to maintain their status and as a free thinking, tax paying citizen of this USofA I demand an investigtion!

  3. Martin Padfield

    Thanks for this Marty. I hadn’t considered it that way, but no doubt you’re quite right that just a couple of years ago this petition would have struggled to get 1000 signatures. Couple other quick points:

    I am quite certain that the target would have been met days ago if it wasn’t such a ballache to sign the bloody thing.

    No doubt some still shy away because of imagined danger from the cult. As ludicrous as this is, I’m sure some believe this. Even if OSA had the resources and the will, any resultant retaliation would be toothless and fatuous. In actual fact the mere fact of signing it is therapeutic since however small a step, one is DOING something rather than just whining about it.

    The rate of signing last 24 hours has been such that the target WILL BE MET if it is maintained. No time to ease up on the gas though. I will pledge here and now another 3 before Sunday.

  4. Those 3700 signers represent about 10 percent of the total number of active Scientologists who attend events according to numbers provided by Jeff Hawkins. A huge number in comparison and those are only the people who want an investigation done who are tech savy and on the internet.

    Miscavige has a huge PR problem which we all know. Scientology has been shrinking for years under his direction and will eventually run out of people at the rate he is going. Independents are the hope for the future.

  5. Vox Clamantis in Deserto

    As did I, however, not so early on.

  6. We DEFINITELY CAN MAKE THIS TARGET and I am going to tell exactly HOW to do it. Facts: We have 5 days left including today. We got 250 signatures just last night. We need 1,272 more that is 254 per day. We are no where near tapped out. MAKE A LIST OF 10 PEOPLE (or more — go through your cell phone numbers) and SEND EACH PERSON the following email which I wrote yesterday:


    I have a favor to ask. For about two years the FBI was conducting an investigation into the Church of Scientology. It was a serious investigation into human trafficking and obstruction of justice. Many ex-members of the CoS spoke with Federal Agents. However the CoS paid some huge money and apparently got someone (the Attorney General?) in the Justice Department to spike the whole thing. The two lead agents were transferred. So we are fighting back and one of the solutions we discovered was that the White House said if we could get 5,000 signatures on a petition, the President would look into the matter and make a statement. So we have already more than 3,725 signatures. We have 5 days left and need about 1,275 more — only about 255 a day, which we can definitely do (we did 250 Tuesday night). Can you and your family members please sign the White House Petition immediately to investigate why the FBI investigation was spiked, who spiked it, and also to restart the investigation into Church of Scientology criminality?

    1) It takes only about 20 seconds to register — just put in your name and email address.

    2) They will send you an email, with a link. Click on the link in the email.

    3) Click on “Sign the Petition” and you’re done. Your privacy is protected and no one can actually see your last name.

    Here is the link:

    Obviously we need as many people as possible to sign it immediately, so if you know anyone else that can sign it, please have at it.


    I send the letter to 20 people myself last night — just going through my phone numbers in my phone.

  7. The petition only displays a first name, last initial and city. We need every Indie to activate their FRIENDS and FAMILY. Go through your cell phone numbers and send at least 10 people the following sample email (see post below or get it on the home page of I sent it to 20 people myself last night in a few minutes.


  8. In case this wasn’t clear, the target is to activate your FRIENDS and FAMILY. Anyone you’ve ever spoken to about the CoS is willing. People hate the brazen criminality of CoS and want to do something about it.

    The target is FRIENDS and FAMILY. The target is FRIENDS and FAMILY. The target is FRIENDS and FAMILY.

  9. The times are definitely changing. The anti social actions of Miscavige and his cult are backing them more and more into a corner. Miscavige is in hiding and in fear. Armored vehicles, armed guards, bullet proof glass,
    lead filled podiums….. The man is terrified.

    I was in Clearwater last week and I drove past its cash cow complex that I have known since the 70’s and it had an eerie feeling. A big steel gate
    preventing anyone from driving into the Fort Harrison garage, closed and guarded front doors, literally hundreds of cameras constantly viewing and recording the surrounding area, uniformed guards roaming the city on bikes, hired private security, etc. There were very few public to be seen and the staff were kept off the street and transported between buildings
    while being supervised by security. Internally you know that all communicate lines are being closely monitored. All mail is pre screened
    and opened in a “safe room” in case there is a bomb or poison. The public newspaper boxes that used to be around the Fort Harrison have been removed. There are demonstrators picketing Scientology on Fort Harrison Ave. In the middle of it all sits a HUGE, beautiful, new building that reaches right to the sidewalks of a city building, like it needed as much usable space as possible, and its been empty for over a decade.

    Miscavige and his cult are a constant dramatization of FEAR. They have conned and hurt so many individuals and families that they are going deeper and deeper into hiding. Yes – times are a changing. Tick tock, tick tock, ……

  10. Sorry – I meant “right to the sidewalks of a city BLOCK”

  11. Well, I am on a mission today to get additional signatures. Thanks, Thoughtful, for composing the sample email. I am not a former scientologist, but am extremely interested in the independent scientologist movement. DM must go ASAP. Good luck guys!

  12. Martin Padfield

    My dear wife is proud to be no. 3736

  13. Tom Gallagher


    Given my own experiences I can confirm your thought that a couple of years ago only a thousand or so souls would sign the petition.

    I made my first posting here on your blog on June 14, 2010. I signed with my initials, TEG, and frankly I was scared. In retrospect, scared of what? Retaliation from a diminutive coward? Ha.

    Now I’m free. I stand, not kneel. My name is Tom Gallagher. And I signed the petition.

    Honestly, it’s liberating. And it’s just the right thing to do.

  14. Felicitas Foster

    Hi Marty,
    thanks for the ack!

  15. Just forwarded Steve Hall’s letter to twelve friends in about three minutes!!!

    Let’s get this thing done, baby!!!

  16. Tony DePhillips

    Good going Carol!!

  17. It should also be pointed out that as part of Miscavige’s fear – he has had his own wife and many of the current top management staff of Scientology, locked up and silenced. The staff and public of Scientology are also interrogated routinely (using e-meters) to find out what they themselves and their friends and family read, think, say, etc that might threaten in some way the cult and its “leader”. There is a constant internal “witch hunt”.

  18. Tony DePhillips

  19. OnceUponaTiime

    The thing is, a lot of readers are probably scratching their heads and wondering, “WTF!” How can this be? The thousands of people protesting Scientology, the thousands who have left the church. Getting 5k signatures should have been a piece of cake.

    Well, clearing the planet should have been a piece of cake. Such a good idea. And smash!

    A lot of this is explicable by tone level. The lower one’s tone level, the less reach one has. The tone scale graphs a person’s perceived reach and influence. (This, of course, is modified by the person’s endownment of theta.)

    We aren’t dealing with a society operating at a high tone level. And former Scientologists aren’t necessarily high toned. Nor are the critics.

    Reason and the capacity to analyze characterize one’s rise in tone. Signing that petition would be reasonable. But, reason is not a strong suit in this pursuit. We’re dealing with an irrational government. An irrational RCS. An enturbulated and irrational field. Etc.

    Reason? When rationality meets irrationality, reason tends to enturbulate. Theta enturbulates in the presence of overwhelming entheta. And this foray into the irrational world might make a person step back and decide, “Ah, the hell with it. It just ain’t worth it.”

    But, that’s not what life is about. Life is about learning. Life is about understanding and meeting challenges. We are going to learn from this, one way or another. And we are going to take what is learned to formulate better solutions and approaches to the problem of the RCS.

    30 days is such an irrelevant arbitrary in all this. Shortened time intensifies impact. But, this whole thing covers much more than thirty days. And regardless of results, the fact remains that the Church has corrupted the Department of Justice, and has managed to cow its former members. These facts will persist into the future

    And the fact remains that several thousand people have come up tone enough to reach out and sign the petition. Life is a scale. Those who reach indicate a whole lot of others who are just at the cusp of reaching. So many, so close.

    Whether DM has a win or not is of no importance. If his pleasure brought the world up tone, all the better. But, unfortunately, he’s operating below 2.0 on the tone scale, so his “pleasure” stems from reducing survival in others. His goal is succumb.

    The point is to maintain and enhance reason, sanity, tone. In self and others. Always reaching out, trying to bring about increased insanity.

    What this petition points out is the increased need to bring about sanity.

  20. It’s indeed heartening to see the number of signatures over the past few days increase.

    I keep sending out to my address book different emails encouraging my friends to please sign.

    The most recent SHOCKING case of disconnection just surfaced over at Village Voice – Tony Ortega … which should speak volumes to your friends.

    I’ve included a link to that story as well as the short explanation from Steve Hall how to post in my emails today. I’m counting on another 10 signatures from friends today.

    I feel hopeful that the 5,000 signatures can be met but as Marty says — it’s almost immaterial. Who knows WHAT or IF the Obama administration will do anything. The important thing is that OCCUPY MISCAVIGE has indeed started, big time 🙂


  21. Tony that is one hell of a TR3!!!

  22. Michael Fairman

    The “Occupy” movement is showing that ordinary people are waking up all over the world. They no longer want to be oppressed and suppressed by governments and corporations. It is infectious and seems to be spreading at an exponential rate. Miscavige and his church are also in the path of this building tidal wave. Marty’s right. It’s no longer only the concern of Independents and ex-Scientologists, etc. Friends are telling friends, because rational people CAN see the evil. What’s theta and right is disenturbulating the entheta and the tone level rises and spreads. Good things are just down the road.

  23. Marty, it’s true that those who have signed represent a wide spectrum of individuals and a sign of changing attitudes towards the CofM. DM would be foolish to declare victory over this. But must say I’m disappointed that we haven’t reached 5000 and even beyond. Between all of us who have been following the slow demise of miscavige, this should have been done and over with. I signed early on and got another person to do so as well. Maybe I failed on my part by not pursueing this. Well, today I’m getting 3 more individuals to sign. We all need to get at least one more person. No, I don’t believe that this petition will necessarily bear fruit, but lets make the government go on record for not doing anything about the abuses of the church. It’s the least we can do for all who have suffered and continue til this day.

  24. Update on petitions signed as of Wednesday, AM October 19th,
    as of signature #3,775

    The top ten states:
    1. 544 California
    2. 218 Florida
    3. 188 Texas
    4. 162 New York
    5. 118 Washington
    6. 97 Illinois
    7. 81 Ohio
    8. 77 Oregon
    9. 70 Pennsylvania
    10. 66 Arizona, Massachusetts

    Next in line:
    11. 63 New Jersey
    12. 61 Georgia
    13. 56 Virginia
    14. 52 Michigan
    15. 50 Missouri
    16. 49 Minnesota
    17. 47 North Carolina, Tennessee
    18. 44 Maryland
    19. 39 Colorado
    20. 38 Nevada

    Next in line:
    21. 37 Indiana
    22. 34 Louisiana
    23. 32 Utah
    24. 31 Kentucky
    25. 29 Kansas
    26. 27 Connecticut
    27. 23 New Mexico
    28. 22 Iowa
    29. 21 Wisconsin
    30. 20 Hawaii,

    signing with no location indicated.

    974 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    78 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  25. Terril Park has been working full time for weeks on the petition and yesterday addressed some lecture hall in London about it. I think he has signed onto some 80 forums posting the link.

  26. Felicitas Foster

    Post translated and posted on the German blog. 🙂 With referral to the earlier blog that has the exact procedure of signing the petition in German.
    Let’s see that we make it!!!!

  27. Sent out about 30 emails!

  28. Correct you are, Michael.

    But guess what Grant Cardone is saying:


    Occupy the same marketplace you are protesting
    I am busy admiring, and caressing

    The 1% you blame and claim you hate
    Inspire me to produce, create, to never compete but to dominate.

    Blaming Wall Street- Corporations and “the 1%”
    Won’t Improve your conditions or make you solvent

    America and Americans

    Knock off the blame, finger pointing and the talk of conspiracy.
    Get back to what our ancestors taught us about, responsibility.

    Protesting might bring awareness,
    but it won’t do anything to improve your effectiveness.

    Go into the marketplace, help us all create a new economy
    Approach success as your obligation and even your Duty.”

    Grant Cardone

  29. This “shocking case of disconnection” should be worth at least 5,000 votes!

  30. Your humble servant

    Thanks for taking up the cause, jsm. That’s great.

  31. Absolutely. Last week I spoke with one of the key executives involved in the buddhist community I am involved with.

    He previously had ZERO knowledge or interest in scientology and was absolutely flabbergasted to hear about the current abuses.

    And he was easily able to see the EVIL in corporate scientology.

    OCCUPY MISCAVIAGE — our own little part of OCCUPY WALL STREET


  32. Your humble servant

    Years ago orgs would sometimes open up private letters addressed to students in the academy just because the letters arrived at the org. A letter addressed to “Joe Jones c/o Scientology Academy” is still Joe Jones’s private letter, not org business. Opening such private letters by persons other than the addressee was never per policy, and I believe it was also illegal. Yet the org would sometimes, if not always, ignore such niceties and open any mail that arrived at the org.

    From what you are saying, I don’t doubt that now any letter addressed to “Joe Jones, student at Flag Land Base” will be reviewed before Jones gets it. That is surprising about the safe room too.

    The seeming paranoia at Flag was shocking to me when I visited a few years ago. Anyone just showing up to say hello was apparently then greeted with hostile suspicion bordering on antagonism until it was proven that they were “on board” and not an enemy.

    It must be worse now.

  33. Marty – 10 done; 5 more have gladly agreed to sign petition today ; 5 more to go.

  34. Right on Michael. We will break the “1,000 to go” mark this afternoon and then it will be down into the hundreds. There’s blood in the water! Get your shark on! I am finding friends and family very willing to sign on.

  35. theo Sismanides


    Marty and all, we are now at 3816 sign ups. 1184 remaining…

    The important thing is that AT THIS MOMENT 12.10 pm LA Times EVERY MINUTE ONE PERSON SIGNS UP THE PETITION.

    Talking about some speed of particle flow now…

  36. Expelled 4 Life

    Petition signed. 😉

  37. theo Sismanides

    Go Carol… a big, big thank you to the American people… I think they deserve a big applause as they have been doing the BIGGEST part in this petition. Europe has still to go but we are doing much better now. The whole day is ahead for the Americans to NUKE the target. At the pace of 26 or more per hour we can FINISH in 2 days…

  38. theo Sismanides

    And 7 minutes after the pace got up to 2 SIGN UPS PER MINUTE.!!!!!

  39. Tom Gallagher

    3834 signed as of 3:30 pm EST. This is turning into an avalanche.

    Move on up………………..

  40. What a dope he is.

  41. martyrathbun09

    df, you are amazing. We miss you.

  42. Thank you Feli! Perfect to send it out to friends! Sure we’ll make it!! 🙂

  43. martyrathbun09

    This is pure, suppressive Corporate Scientology – Miscavige brand.

  44. theo Sismanides

    Keeping the pace of 1 Sign up PER MINUTE.

    3840 at 12.40 pm LA time.

  45. The petition can and will make its target!!

    The circle of concern about the abuse of Scientology by the Miscavige business managing and corrupting the subject extends beyond Independents, Anons, former staff. The petition is buzzing through movements and groups. The world is watching. And lo and behold! People love the simplicity of truth and workable application when it helps them!!

    Lori Hodgson, we are with you!

  46. 1 that is where it is at. And 4,000 or 10,000 signed petitions the most important thing is we all should keep applying LRH & living Scio by sane example. Audit, study & apply.

  47. theo Sismanides

    3846 at 12.46 pm LA TIME. This is the pace to go… 1 per 1 minute! We get it done TODAAAAAAAYYYY!!! HOHOHO! Gonna watch this galloping now!

  48. Another “wog” buddy just confirmed his signature with me.

    Non-Scientologists duplicate me within seconds and want to assist.

    Tell your friends!!!

  49. theo Sismanides

    ‎3855! Keeping a pretty good pace now… close to 1 sign up per minute! We are down to 1145 left! Today we nail it and get to the last thousand… Everybody keep what you are doing and strengthen it! This is Now Affluence but we are still APPLYING EMERGENCY until we make sure… Keep it up guys!

  50. theo Sismanides

    3861! at 13.05 LA Time. Moving like an F1 Formula now! We keep the pace… amazing!

  51. Michael Fairman

    Same here, T, and in spades!

  52. Marty, thank you for your sentiments, so eloquently expressed.

    The Tom Morello ♫ video is perfect. I highly recommend all turn up the volume, blow it up to full screen. Morello’s SUBSTANCE (integrity) sings the universal truth about humanity, about human BEINGS. It resonated with so much harmony and passion, It gives me chills and overflowed as tears for the cause of the people of this world, and how I have lived my life on the road I must travel.

    Though we don’t always see the end, we do know what the next right step to take is. Thank you all for the courage it takes to do that. I also loved the set in the video, the portraits of greats who have stood up, all of whom we have to thank (along with ourselves, as we liberate ourselves) Thank you Marty Rathbun!!!!! Tom Morello is a truth wielder If you haven’t heard The Road I must Travel, give it a listen, look and TURN UP THE VOLUME! It speaks for the world.

  53. theo Sismanides

    3866! at 13.15 pm LA time. In the last 50 min. we have done 50!!! Karen de la Carriere has used a secret weapon today! LOL! I want to hear from her. Well done to all of YOU people who keep it at this pace now.

  54. and let’s not forget that it’s totally OK to send emails regarding the petition (attaching the link to an article is good to do, within that email)
    to your state congressmen, state senators, local talk show radio hosts, county sheriff’s office, local churches etc.
    It’s easy to find contact info online.
    I’ve done it.
    If they don’t promote it, they may sign, and if they don’t sign, at least they’ll know what’s possibly coming to town.

  55. Impartial English Girl

    I would love to add my name (for what it’s worth), but I think only US Citizens can do it – one has to put a Zip Code in to register to sign – and the only zips I have are on my trousers…!

    Keep smiling.

    IEG xx

  56. That would be Occupy Scientology!

    the 2bit tyrant won’t be able to be there & perpetrate

    AWAKE LIFE is OCCUPYING the space!


  57. and ears just might ‘perk’ if they get more than one email regarding the same subject matter

  58. anyone can sign, from anywhere
    we have (at 3,775 signatures) 78 from out of the country

  59. Hello IEG

    Of course you can sign from Europe.
    If you want to leave your country,just write it on the “City line” like London,GB or Paris ,Fr.The name of the country does not appear otherwise….
    For the state,you go above Alabama and there is a blank.
    Go for it…


  60. You can leave that field blank and still sign it

  61. This is not over until it is over, so PUSH!! We need 5,000, not 4,999.

  62. IEG,

    Anyone can sign, the ZIP code is not required and it doesn’t have to be a valid USA one. It’s there so if you have a ZIP code where you live, you fill it in.

    I registered from South Africa and had no trouble at all.


  63. The latest video of anonymous promoting the petition:

    They are pushing it too, also ESMB. Unison in a common purpose !
    There’s lots of hope that this nighmare will be over soon. We are gaining more power every new day and by every new overt done by the people left in the C.O.S.

  64. +1 You might get a clear shot at the subject! Good auditing, good C/Sing, full checksheets and course packs, original unadulterated, minimum of hassle, all at very reasonable prices! Congrats!

  65. Amazed myself when I went through my Outlook. Found 20 email addresses to send the letter to.

    Took about 30 minutes because I personalized some of them. Felt great as the last email left my desktop. Tic Tock Tic Tock

  66. Tony DePhillips

    I got both of my sisters to sign the petition and my older sister put it on Facebook to get more signatures.
    My Mom told me years ago before she passed away while I was still drinking the Kool aide that dm had “little man’syndrome”. I wish I had listened to my Mom back then. Thanks Mom!!

  67. Yup it’s why I give him alot of respect as he “does”. The Co$ causes the issue, if they stopped harrassing good people, who only care for those still in then noone would spend 20 days or more on things like this.

    Quite a few work in the background and carry on doing what they do, hugs to all of them and their hard work.

    3,943 – 5,000 will be reached, even if this keyboard breaks.

  68. The times certainly are a changing.
    Gone is the GPM inspired madness of Miscavige to divide us.
    I would have posted earlier but I was busy asking my friends to sign the petition. EVERYONE I have asked has done so.
    We have the power now Miscavige.
    Power is NOT who will listen to you anymore.
    Power is ordinary people united for freedom, truth and love:
    Well done to all. This is just the beginning!

  69. Tony DePhillips

    My sister just signed the petition about 10 minutes ago and there have been 180 more signatures since then. Pretty good motion IMHO. I hope it keeps flowing like that so we don’t have the “thursday before 2:00 ” drama!! 🙂

  70. Steve,
    In helping a friend sign today, we also found that you don’t have to enter your zip code. If you don’t, it doesn’t even show where you are from. So anyone could be fairly anonymous if they like.

  71. I signed, a while ago, within moments of Karen De La Carriere notifying me the petition was on line. I signed it for a good reason, because I know from experience this organization that calls itself the Church of Scientology is not a church but a money making scheme profiting off of the so called disabliities people seek out Scientology in their life for help with. I wouldn’t have signed unless I was convinced I had a reason and that is my reason. It is not a church, it is a criminal organization. Whether that was the road I ever set out to travel, it is the road I wound up on and traveled and I am glad I did. Better the truth be known to all for eternity than to live with a pack of lies for a lifetime. Well said Marty. 🙂

  72. Interesting that what is playing out on Wall St., across the Arab world and in cities all across America and Europe is playing out in DM’s shrinking fiefdom, the Church of Scientology. I will bet anything that DM considers himself part of the 1%, not the 99% and therein lies his problem.

  73. Yesterday I took an exteriorizing walk through the wonderful canyons near my home.

    I had a congition of how small DM is. He is not Scientology. We are. Each and every one of us. The dedicated and well trained auditors in the independent field are some awesome people. They are getting some excellent products.

    We will attract those who want the tech. He will continue to repel them.

    Press on.

  74. Let your friends know too. It’s a good church gone bad.

  75. GO GO GO GO You beautiful people !

  76. By the way the enviroment will benefit too 😉

  77. There have been a couple of names of interest that I have seen on the signatures list:

    Shelly M
    Trementina, NM
    October 19, 2011
    Signature # 3,980

    Guillaume L
    San Jacinto, CA
    October 19, 2011
    Signature # 3,893

    Could this be who I think they are?

  78. Also… we are up to 3,995 Woo-Hoo!!! Nearly there 🙂

  79. Jack;

    Beautiful. We’re making phone calls to our non-scn family.

  80. Steve Hall’s letter worked for me. Sent 21 emails to friends and family at 5:30 PM EDT. Checked the site at 7:00 PM EDT to discover two of my names signed the petition.

  81. only 986 signatures left to go
    I am so proud of everyone!!!

  82. Tony,

    This small man, pob, reminds me of this:

    Miscavige is simply a sorry ass sociopath.

  83. We don’t need no stinking Hill Tens ………..

    We’re Independents.

  84. Cat Daddy,

    I’ve missed you.

  85. Wow! we are going to make it! Working on more………

  86. Dan,

    Sociopaths of a feather flock together.

  87. Just saw the IAS promo for the upcoming event. The tag line is “All Forces Unite!” Do you think the short one might be feeling something in the “theta universe”? Or are his bowels trying to tell him something?

    Link to garish poster image:

  88. LO====

    Thanks for posting this video.
    I am sending the petition and this video to 250,000 Government officials and Law Enforcement. Don’t ask me how I can do this 🙂
    They likely won’t sign the petition but the will GET IT on the Cover up of atrocities and thuggery of the CULT that Miscavige morphed the Church into.
    Miscavology will never be the same again.
    Even with his 1.5 billion in the IAS account.

  89. Just signed and sent out to friends!!!!

  90. Karry Campbell

    It’s at 4058!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!
    Love you all.
    Karry Campbell

  91. Update on petitions signed as of Wednesday, PM October 19th,
    as of signature #4,020

    The top ten states:
    1. 583 California
    2. 230 Florida
    3. 198 Texas
    4. 176 New York
    5. 123 Washington
    6. 100 Illinois
    7. 83 Ohio
    8. 79 Oregon
    9. 73 Pennsylvania
    10. 70 Massachusetts

    Next in line:
    11. 68 Arizona,
    12. 65 New Jersey
    13. 62 Georgia
    14. 57 Virginia
    15. 52 Michigan, Missouri
    16. 50 Minnesota
    17. 49 North Carolina,
    18. 48 Tennessee
    19. 46 Maryland
    20. 43 Colorado

    Next in line:
    21. 40 Nevada
    22. 39 Indiana
    23. 36 Louisiana
    24. 33 Utah
    25. 31 Kansas, Kentucky, Connecticut
    26. 26 New Mexico
    27. 24 Iowa
    28. 23 Wisconsin
    29. 22 Alabama
    30. 20 Alaska, Hawaii

    signing with no location indicated.

    1,076 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    79 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  92. Note the clay Thong.

  93. Sent heaps of emails, here’s hoping the tide finally turns and swamps ’em.

  94. Windhorse,

    I have seen and read a lot but that story is so blunt and in your face. Any decent being can see how suppressive the form of enforced disconnection be used is to life on earth. I do thank you for posting the link.

    I got 5 more signatures added and I see there is only 896 more needed at this time. I also agree that no matter the number we intent has already been accomplished.

    We have been on this trek for a search for spiritual freedom for a long time. Truth is the same no matter the faith or believe. I believe that all theta beings can feel and agree with the truth.

    The following video speaks quite well of how I currently feel about all of those who have stood and held the line. I thank them all. We are all friends on this road to truth.

  95. Robert Almblad

    Great Jack,

    Did similar emails myself.

  96. Robert Almblad

    Perfect Sam…
    Can’t agree more.
    Wish I could be with you guys this week… It’s like watching the ball in NYC on New Years Eve. I am sure you people will get to see the countdown to 0 together.

  97. Grant Cardone makes me want to vomit. Please don’t post his quotes ever again.

  98. I love that WH


    Brilliant my friend

  99. Scott Campbell

    Karry’s been workin’ over and TR-3ing our contacts and neighbors for weeks now.

    Her “Indie Scientologist” Facebook group has also been a major comm and information line regarding signing the petition since it’s inception.

    Good job Honey-Bear. I’m proud of you.

    Love, Scott

  100. martyrathbun09

    I would suggest that whoever is doing this knock it off and that nobody get any “bright” ideas from this. It will backfire.

  101. martyrathbun09

    Me too.

  102. At a few minutes to 10 pm EST we have 89 to go! WOW…the theta in this post has really cranked up the signatures. All that outflow is coming into fruition! Affluence attainment…we’re doing it…yahoo!!! Let’s keep it going!

  103. oops, that was 869 to go but soon it will be 89.

  104. Sent it to my email list. Already got some hate-mails back from current Cof$ members who are still on my email list…So, it feels good to see the number of signatures rocketing up…

  105. Signatures with the momentum building today should be reaching the
    goal by tomorrow and then we can coast to a much higher number by
    cut off time. Very rewarding in asking friends and relatives (who never
    signs or involves themselves in anything outside their own little spheres)
    – they sign immediately.
    Thanks Marty (you are really a force to recon with), Mike, Graham, Steve
    and all you other beautiful people here. This is working!
    And DM, you will have your day in court, but not the way you have treated
    me and thousands of others but with full federal, state, local and LRH justice
    As I am new here, let it be said I am honored to be part of this group.


  106. Robert Almblad

    Wouldn’t it be funny if at 2 PM tomorrow we hit 5,000?? Well, I am not predicting it, but it sure would be a hoot! 🙂

    Anyway, I too am sending emails to friends and family and continuing to poke the ones I sent earlier…

    You know I get the picture that thousands of people with pitchforks, cycles and torches are storming the RCS castle and DM is shuttering behind the ramparts and he is nervously talking to his well-paid DC lobbyists – lawyers and they are telling him that, while they might be able put a stake to the FBI investigation “behind the scenes”, they can’t stand up to public scrutiny.
    So, I predict the message DM is getting from these well paid law firms and lobbyists is: hey, you’re on your own, buddy. Go find a PR firm to represent you…

    Oh ya, I guess you can’t get a decent PR firm, you burned all those bridges with Mike Rinder, BBC and others. The only PR you have left is ahhh…Freedumb Magazine’s Jim Lynch, which by the way the Pinellas County Sheriff’s department is looking for to serve some papers on him… He seems to be in hiding… what’s that about?

    Mussolini had to face his public too when his magnificent PR machine ran out… ouch.

  107. top of the vale

    As of this evening there are 4,142 signatures with 858 to go. Not a bad road we are traveling I’d say!!!!

  108. one of those who see

    Melanie’s “Beautiful People”
    To Melanie: The Scientology you loved is out here.

  109. top of the vale

    I say we’ll make it!!!!

  110. Robert Almblad

    I agree. Carry on. Things are getting better.

  111. Robert Almblad

    Sandy, thanks so much for these stats…. can you make a New Years eve ball for the count down? A little hard to do on a weblog, but that’s what it feels like.

  112. Robert Almblad

    Of course, Times Square New Year’s eve ball…

  113. Good to see ya here!

  114. We’re gonna make it.

    And if the White House stonewalls us, we move on to Congress!


  115. Just received an email from a friend – non scientologist – who signed awhile ago during my first round of emails.

    He’s been checking the gov website to see how the progress was going and felt we probably weren’t going to make it.

    BUT tonight, he emailed congratulations!!! As it looked to him we WERE going to make it.

    Looks like the 99% are starting to cheer along with us!!

    Tick tock indeed


  116. Thanks to the great support, encouragement and efforts of Marty and all of you here we have had a great day at the White House petition site today with well over 400 signatures in one day. If we can keep up this pace we will make the 5,000 with time to spare and extra signatures for comfort.
    Congratulations and thanks to every one for an excellent result to date. I would especially like to mention the extraordinary efforts of my new good friend Karen De La Carriere, who has worked tirelessly on this from day one when she assisted me with the content of the petition itself. Since then she has been expending enormous energy on the project and encouraging so many others to do the same.
    A big thank you to everyone who pitched in.

  117. Lasse — Beautiful comment. We are honored to have you! L, Rachel

  118. Karry Campbell

    😀 Thank you both.

  119. Robert Almblad

    This is a great theme song for us Indies… Sometimes, we need to stop and smell the roses…and listen to a wonderful song. John Lennon’s life was cut short, but his thoughts and music will carry on through the ages… it is tone 20 in artistry and tone 40 in intention.

    Make sure all your guests get to hear this again… in a new unit of time…..I am sure, we can all Imagine.

    The world is changing before our eyes.


  120. 🙂 I hear ya!

  121. Great choice !

  122. Tom Gallagher

    Robert and Tony,

    A couple of family long distance calls have been instrumental. My sister-in-law, god bless her, is letting lose. Same with my 66 year old, oldest, sister.

    DM, You just don’t know what hornets nest you’ve stirred up.

    99.99% of us, the people, consider you a POS.

    Yeah. It’s a comin’.

  123. YHS,

    It was like that at Gold over 20 years ago. All mail was opened.


  124. Tom Gallagher

    At exactly 11:55 PM EST Wednesday there are only 800 more signatories needed.

    Shorty’s sweating his britches.

    That or he’s slapping around another underling.

  125. Very theta.

  126. Lars if you are the same Lars that audited in Burbank mission in the late 70s please drop me a line. Would love to be in touch.
    I am also sending out Thoughtful’s letter to contacts and hoping the push gets us over the top.

    tom Price

  127. Greebly,

    You have been incredible on this petition line. Thank you

  128. Once Upon a Time, also some people I know have no idea what signing a petition is or can do and view most anything that takes more than a simple click as potentially spam. Some people I sent it to on the back lines in Facebook replied with their 1st and last name back on my message, thinking they’d signed it. Then I had to send an explanation of exactly how to do it. I sent Steve’s write-up which explains it better than I had.

  129. Scott Campbell

    Great news Karen. Well done on posting this. You are one amazing woman.

    Congratulations Lori. Way to make it go right to see your son and let your family know that you are there for them.

    L, Scott

  130. Robert I wish you could be here too, It’s shaping up to be a hot weekend in the UK 😀
    All eyes are going to be on that ball as we count down to the final few. Less than 800 signatures to go now.
    We’re going to have to add another party to the calendar to celebrate making the target.

  131. ♥♥♥♥Karry ♥♥♥♥
    You have been a tremendous Cheerleader.
    Thank you for all you have done on Peitition line.

  132. Ditto what Sue said.

  133. Tom Gallagher

    Then again, I guess this (in)Justice Department is about in the same boat.

    Burn your mid-night candles.

  134. On the progress of the WhiteHouse Petition….

    You beautiful bunch of beings who have taken the time to sign, and those who have also encouraged others to do so. The righting of wrongs is done through directed effective actions.

    We have already “won” more than the Church of David Miscavige’s Scientology ever had.

    I am so proud to be amongst you.

    Eric S

  135. Thoughtful

    “There’s blood in the water! Get your shark on!”

    You sure DO have a way with words.

    Eric S

  136. + 10 for power.

  137. I signed and got it out to some friends. Will get 12 more sigs tomorrow.

  138. The road is well-travelled.

    Justice is a comin’

  139. Tony Dephillips


  140. top of the vale

    Would it be all right to see this happen after all these years:

    SUPPRESSIVE PERSON DECLARE – DAVID MISCAVIGE..DAVID MISCAVIGE of Los Angeles is hereby declared a Suppressive Person.
    In June 1981, Miscavige – as Chairman of the All Clear Unit – forged a dispatch purporting to come from LRH. This dispatch removed Diane Voegerding, the then SO CMO Int and Miscavige’s senior, from post. This was an act of Mutiny.
    David Miscavige wiped clean the Board of the RTC and placed himself as its Chairman and was its only signatory of RTC on 1 January 1982. The “legal” documents transferring Scn Trademarks from LRH to RTC bear a forged signature, and in fact Miscavige notarized these documents although he was a party to one side of the “agreement.” Further, the forged LRH signature, according to two independent experts, John Swanson and Irmgard Wassard, Miscavige was a party to this forgery.
    RTC has engaged in the perversion of Scn practices such as the GAT. Miscavige has been personally involved and directed others in the gang Sec Checking of Jay Hurwitz, then CO LA Day, at Gilman Hot Springs in October 1982 and several execs in the San Francisco Bay Area in that same year. This violates HCOB 30 Nov 78 Confessional Procedure, which states: “If the PC is not in session, you won’t get the withholds… A wrong or challenging auditor attitude can throw the scene off as there is a destroyed comm cycle.” During October of 1982, Miscavige assaulted John Aczel and Roger Barnes at Gilman Hot Springs, according to testimony from Jay Hurwitz. On 17 Oct 82, Miscavige verbally declared top Mission Holder Martin Samuels. There is a photograph of him doing so in the Church publication “Sea Org Expansion News.” Kingsley Wimbush and Dean Stokes were also verbally declared at this meeting. This violates HCOPL 16 May 80 Ethics, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, which states: “All investigations must include confronting the accused with the accusation and where feasible the accuser, BEFORE any action is decided upon or taken.” It is worthy of note that Samuels and Wimbush were, at the time of their “declares,” the two most successful Mission Holders in the world, by actual stats. HCOPL 15 Aug 67 states “One of the ways an SP works to stop an activity or halt an affluence is to pick out key personnel and spread wild, false and alarming stories about them.” The “Running Program,” where senior executives were punished by being forced to run around a tree in desert heat for up to 12 hours a day, is another example of perverted tech authorized by Miscavige. This happened from December 1982 to the summer of 1983. Amongst those on the “program” were David and Merrill Mayo. David suffered an unhealthy loss of weight, physical debilitation and the loss of teeth, whilst on the program. At the San Francisco Mission Holders Conference on 17 October 1982, David Miscavige made scornful comments concerning Scientologists in good standing.
    For example, “These bribe days are over. These squirrel days are over.”(that’s like the pot calling the kettle black and the overt doth speak loudly in accusation) (See SO ED 2104 7Nov82.) Miscavige also threatened Mission Holders with criminal prosecution. This violates HCOPL 18Apr70 Ethics and Franchise, which states “It is not our policy to harshly handle Franchises… Almost without exception, Franchise Holders are fine, willing people and we trust them to do right.” Miscavige allowed publication of the SO ED of August 1983 Story of a Squirrel. This was an attempt to destroy the authority and reputation of one of the highest officers of Scn – the man chosen by LRH as his technical successor.
    Under Miscavige’s direction, civil suits have been brought against Scientologists Eddie Mace, Marian van der Linde, Bernard Wimbush, Don Hills, Lawrence West, Robin Scott, Ron Lawley and Morag Bellmaine and a whole host of others. According to HCOB 23Dec71R The No-Interference Area, “It is vitally, vitally important that one gets any person who has gone clear through his next required steps onto OT1 and through OT3 rapidly.” HCOPL 23Sep64 Policies: Dissemination and Programmes, states “One week’s process (25 hours) should cost an average month’s pay.” By violating this policy, the Bridge has become unobtainable and Scientologists have been placed at risk. Under Miscavige’s direction, almost 2000 SP declares have been issued, most of these without Comm Ev. Many senior executives had top auditors have been declared and removed -for example: Diane Voegerding, Gale Irwin and John Nelson, all ex-COs CMO – Bill Franks and Kerry Gleason, both exED INTs – Emille Gilbert, exCO Canada – Ron Hopkins, exCO UK -Murray Chopping, Leon Steinburg, Merrill Mayo, David Mayo, Alex Gerber, Brian Livingston, Mike Mauerer, Ron Shafran and Alex Sibersky, all Class XIIs.) David Miscavige has been found guilty of the following charges: HIGH CRIMES 1. Mutiny.2. Organizing a splinter group (RTC) which takes and perverts Scn materials or practices, in whole or in part, and calling it Scientology.3. Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened.4. Reporting Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientologists from practicing standard Scientology.5. Engaging in malicious rumor-mongering to destroy the authority and repute of higher officers and the leading names of Scientology.6. Spreading false tales to invalidate Clears (and OTs.)7. Spreading libelous statements about the alleged behavior of Clears (and OTs.)8. Splintering off an area of Scientology and denying it properly constituted authority to “save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology.”9. Willful misapplication.10. Bringing civil suit against Scientologists without first calling the matter to the attention of the Ethics Officer.11. Organizing a splinter group (RTC) to confuse people about the true beliefs and practices of Scientology and to deceive them into considering that they will be able to study part or all of Scientology and receive standard pastoral counseling from the splinter group.Insufficient evidence was found on the following charges: Receiving money, favors or encouragement to suppress Scientology or Scientologists. Pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of standard Scientology or of the practice of the religion of Scientology. Miscavige was found guilty of the following CRIMES:
    1. Placing Scientology and Scientologists at risk.
    2. Following illegal policies knowing them to be contrary to those issued by the International Board (and LRH.)
    3. Not reporting flagrant departures from the International Board (and LRH) policy.
    4. Permitting the organization to collapse.
    5. Condoning circumstances and offenses capable of bringing the organization to collapse.
    6. Neglect of responsibility resulting in catastrophe.
    7. Being a Potential Trouble Source without reporting it or taking action.
    8. Using Scientology harmfully.
    9. Using a local Scientology title to set aside policies from the International Board (and LRH.)
    10. Instigating a local power push against a senior.
    11. Spreading destructive rumors about senior Scientologists
    12. Falsifying a communication from a senior.
    13. Causing severe disturbances which have resulted in disrepute.
    14. Holding Scientology materials or policies up to ridicule.
    15. Condoning the suppression of the word Scientology in its use and practice. The Committee also found Miscavige guilty of the following additional charges:
    1. Forgery.
    2. Fraud.
    3. Assault.
    David Miscavige is assigned a condition of Confusion.
    All of his certificates and awards(which are almost non-existent) are cancelled.
    His is dismissed from all posts and titles in any Scientology organization. Any Scientologist supporting Miscavige’s usurpation of power is guilty of the High Crime of Mutiny.
    No auditor should give him auditing(not that he’ll accept any) until such time as he has successfully completed his Ethics conditions and made thorough amends for the damage he has caused.
    As the Independent Field does not practice disconnection, no restraint is made upon communication with Miscavige.
    However, it is recommended that he be referred to a competent Ethics terminal, as he has proved to be highly enturbulative. Reference should be made to HCOPL 16 May 80 Ethics, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, before dealing with David Miscavige.

  141. +1 with verve!

  142. Thoughtful.
    Super work. Love that image of Obama.
    High fives on the site work

  143. Tony Dephillips

    Plus one.
    Karen D is an angel!!!
    I love Karen.

  144. Good to be optimistic, but we got a winning day from our comm and activity, so let’s keep it up until we actually have the win. In chess there’s a saying, “The hardest game to win is a won game.” Today I learned a friend I contacted a few days ago ALSO contacted his friends (without my asking, expecting nothing in return), so we need these contacts NOW!! We need 5,000, not 4,999. The last hundred yards of a close marathon are the hardest. No slack until the ribbon is broken! PUSH! A friendly follow up to make sure there’s no confusion – as some of us were confused initially.
    Great work so far – let’s make sure we do not waste it. Think hard and act well.

  145. Tony Dephillips

    Great observation Mr. Fairman.

  146. Tony DePhillips

    Hillarious Tom!!

  147. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Robert,
    That would be totally funny if we made the target by tomorrow (thursday) by 2:00pm. I am going to call it my postulate that it will happen by 2:00 pacific standard time.

  148. Tony DePhillips

    Great job Honey bear!! 🙂

  149. Going for 25.

  150. 4,278 signatures, as of 11:00PM west coast time. We’re closing in!

  151. DM’s game plan:

    He has made it harder and more heartbreaking to be a Scientologist and get up the bridge than it is to be a wog and live with your case.


  152. “Cause if I gotta spend another minute with you I don’t think I can barely survive”…

    Think again DM.

    That should be our matra!

  153. Could also be OSA agents putting a few in there to try and invalidate the speed of growth. If anyone were to do it more than twice, they should certainly have made sure they used proxies or VPNs so they didn’t have the same IP showing up more than once.

  154. Theo Sismanides

    Thanks a lot Steve,

    The letter worked perfectly. Many people said they used it on their emails with great results.

    Yesterday alone we did 550 a new Highest Ever!

    And Guess what as Caren de la Carriere told me

    There will be 5000 before Thursday 2pm tomorrow !!!!! LOLOLOL

  155. Hi Lars,
    Love seeing you here. Love from Tom Martiniano too.
    Linda McCarthy

  156. Theo Sismanides

    4281! at 11.39 pm LA time. After 8 hours and 24 minutes from the previous count we have made 315 votes. Around 40 votes per hour.

    The point is now not to relax at all. Now is the time for Europe to hold the line and do as much as possible. We have made a great Jump now thanks to the dedication of soooooooo many people here who REAAAAACHED OUT AND GOT NON SCIENTOLOGISTS INVOLVED.

    This is the power! All of the world and US Reaching those people. A big thank you and LET’S NOT RELAX.!!!!

  157. Well I sent out about 300 emails to 4 different groups Wednesday night, on my usual theory that if I throw enough stuff at the wall, some of it will stick…. I sent customized versions of the letter Steve wrote to the 4 different groups; hopefully this will contribute to the forward motion of the petition.

    Even if NONE of those people sign it, I included a link to the SPTimes Truth Rundown in the letter which should help spread the word and get some people educated about the situation with and in the CoS.

  158. I signed the petition. However the link in the email the government sent me didn’t work, buy I took the password they gave me and opened the account with the White House using that, and then signed the petition successfully.

  159. Typo above- it should read:
    “…but I took the password they gave me……..”

  160. My experience in signing that petition: Basically something went wrong or I did a klick on something I did not notice. First I registered and got a mail stating to klick that link to confirm my mail address and I did that. Suddenly a message popped up that I did sign that petition. I did not want that as I intended to first have a look around and see if it would be save for me to sign. (save in that my real name is not appearing on that page, or that I cannot be traced having signed that petition one way or the other.) But now I found out that I could be traced. First reaction had been a „fear flash“. I really had a fear flash that now I get some negative reaction from Corporate Scientology one way or the other. Then I tried to figure out some „excuses“ or explanations if I get a call and how to react to deny the fact that I did sign. (out of fear) Later that day I remebered the time of 1983/1984. I actively did fight the DM type of Scientology. Only difference to present time is that at that time I did not know that DM had been behind it. Could only trace it down to local OSA and some Commodores Messenger Mission in the org. In 1985 my fight has been lost and that loss is still with me today as if I had been better maybe the world would look different now. But the point is, signing that petition is at least something I could do to finally have a win.
    May I add: during the almost last 2 years I am on that blog I got little sparks of OT powers back. Sample: today before turning on my computer and reading this blog I did figure out this communication above. Looked at this blog to see if this text above would fit into the discussion. Bingo.

  161. Hi all
    Marty, I have never been a Scientologist, but the abuse within the cult must stop.
    I am now proud to be “Signature # 4,289”.

    Mattias, Stockholm, Sweden

  162. Hi Marty

    Here is a version people can post in their Facebook status. It’s short enough to post and as a non-scientologist with non-scientologist friends it makes sense coming from me…..

    Perhaps it’s an easy option for some people to cut and paste on to Facebook statuses and you may want to edit it as you see fit.

    As you know I have been actively campaigning against human trafficking over the past year (raising money and awareness). For about two years the FBI was conducting an investigation into the Church of Scientology. It was a serious investigation into human trafficking and obstruction of justice. Many ex-members of the CoS spoke with Federal Agents however for unknown reasons this investigation has stopped. One solution to re-open the investigation is through a White House Petition. 5,000 signatures would mean the President would look into the matter and make a statement. There are already more than 3,725 signatures with 5 days left and it still needs 1,275 more. If this resonates with you and you want to help stop this criminal and corrupt organisation from harming more people, please sign, it takes about 20 seconds and you don’t have to be a US citizen. Kudos to you. Here is the link:

  163. 4,318
    carry on

  164. Marty,

    I meant to tell you how much I loved the music. What it brought to mind was that it seems, we are all just trying to be.

  165. Update on petitions signed as of Thursday AM, October 20th,
    as of signature #4,324

    The top ten states:
    1. 643 California
    2. 249 Florida
    3. 207 Texas
    4. 193 New York
    5. 133 Washington
    6. 104 Illinois
    7. 87 Ohio
    8. 84 Oregon
    9. 74 Pennsylvania
    10. 73 Arizona, Massachusetts

    Next in line:
    11. 67 New Jersey
    12. 66 Georgia
    13. 58 Virginia
    14. 57 Minnesota
    15. 54 Michigan
    16. 53 Missouri
    17. 51 Tennessee
    18. 49 North Carolina
    19. 46 Colorado, Maryland
    20. 43 Nevada

    Next in line:
    21. 41 Indiana
    22. 39 Louisiana
    23. 35 Kansas
    24. 33 Connecticut, Utah
    25. 31 Kentucky,
    26. 28 New Mexico
    27. 27 Iowa
    28. 25 Wisconsin
    29. 24 Alabama
    30. 22 Alaska, Hawaii

    signing with no location indicated.

    1,158 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    92 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  166. I think this has been posted here before but wow — what an inspiration —

    Doesn’t it feel as if THIS is really how the world is evolving right now?

    “The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed … the hate of men will pass and dictators die … ”

    And we are part of this evolution. Exposing slavery and fighting for liberty!

    Only 664 names to reach the 5,000 names.

    Be one of those names or if you already are, find 5 more people to sign today.

    1) It takes only about 20 seconds to register — just put in your name and email address.

    2) They will send you an email, with a link. Click on the link in the email.

    3) Click on “Sign the Petition” and you’re done. Your privacy is protected and no one can actually see your last name.

    Here is the link:


  167. I signed it and 4 of my friends signed too.

  168. Grendel's Mother

    I love the simple truth of your statement. It is Tone 40 Be Do Have and Outcreate. I creates peace.
    Just wanted to let you know that.

  169. Grendel's Mother

    I love the simple truth of your statement. It is Tone 40 Be Do Have and Outcreate. I creates peace.
    Just wanted to let you know that.

  170. Hey, you reminded me — I seem to recall something about Melanie being a Scientologist at one point… what an incredible artist she still is.

  171. The IP Address is always captured. So whoever is doing this is traceable.

  172. Marty, I found your post on this subject to be quite enlightening. Any “victory” that DM might have been able to declare on this would have been pyrrhic at best (“what, they were only able to gather several thousand signatures on their petition? See, we’re doing it right!”).

    However, it appears that even that possibility is quickly fading in the tail lights (and special kudos to Karen, who managed to send me an email urging me to sign the petition, despite my never having talked to her before!).

    The result of this petition and the vast participation of many with regards to it (with Indies in particular deserving credit for moving it forward) promises to mark the beginning of a whole new phase in the ongoing struggle to bring the Church to account for it’s various and sundry unwholesome acts.

    Now is a good time to consider harnessing the collective power of the indie movement for the worthy causes that exist and will exist after the Church completes its total implosion.

  173. Please help us do about 520 signatures in the next 4 hours, so we can report a big upstat of 5,000 signatures to POB at 2 pm.

  174. Impartial English Girl

    Thanks guys! Have gone on and added my name now. Proud to sign alongside you all. xx

  175. Mattias

    Thanks for the help.

    Eric S

  176. We are not going to make 5,000 by 2 PM Los Angeles time but we may make it by 2 PM Hawaiian time.

  177. martyrathbun09

    Happy to have you with us.

  178. We are less than 446 signatures away from topping our immediate goal of 5,000.

    There was no particular reason for 2 PM PST. Why not any US time? Why not Guam time?

    Guam is the western most US territory and is 7 hours behind PST. It will not be 2 PM Thursday in Guam until 9 PM PST (Los Angeles Time).

    L. Ron Hubbard visited Guam between 1927 and 1929. Scientology Volunteer Service Ministers were on the island in 2008. Also in 2008, there was a Dianetics Seminar at the University of Guam. Apparently, the “church” of $cientology is represented on Guam through the Guam Life Improvement Center.

    So we have another 7 hours to obtain another 446 signatures to make our very own 2 PM stat day.

    We can do it.

  179. Your humble servant


    Thanks, that confirms it.

  180. martyrathbun09

    You gotta love this post. Thanks Graham.

  181. Top of the Vale.
    Previously, some very explicit SP declares have been written up on Miscavige.
    The whole reason the Church has morphed into a CULT is this SP Miscavige running the show.
    Scientology is unrecognizable
    Read these links ======
    He was nailed for this same stuff in 1996

    and way back in 1984

    DM is a person at war with the world. Hence the purges.
    Mission holders purged
    Class XIIs purged.
    Field Auditors purged. (Guestimate is less than 5 functioning in all of Los Angeles)
    CMO INT purged
    CMO gold purged
    Exec Strata purged
    IGs (Inspector Generals Marty Rathbun, Marc Yager, Ray Mithoff )purged ~~ and all declared SP !!!!

    and let us not forget wholesale slaughter of unborn babies for some 25 years as many as 5 a week when INT base had 1000 staff.

  182. Heey silky tongued man

  183. Tara,

    I know it took me two days of trying before Karen came out with her advice and Just Me walked me through it. Technology sometimes leaves me confused as it advances faster than I do.

    I’ve given a printout of how to do the petition to over thirty people and only five have actually done anything. These are smart, conscientious people who agreed they should, but just couldn’t muster the reach when so much else seems more important to them. They’re not Scientologists and feel they have no iron in that fire.

    I’ve printed up fifty more copies and will distribute them today to others I know. I have mixed feelings about putting effort into this. Whose problem is it?

    I’m amazed that all the former Scientologists haven’t bothered. That is the population which should act. Hell, even if they were afraid, they could have come up to covert hostility and talked a friend into signing it for them, someone the church supposedly wouldn’t come after.

    I even offered my daughter’s boyfriend $2 for every signature he could collect at college as he’s pretty popular and needs the money. Nothing. I guess the subject left him embarrassed. Which, I suppose it should.

    This whole thing with the RCS is a social embarrassment. But, this culture just seems to shrug off the rampant sexual slave trade which is a much bigger business than Scientology.

  184. Hey Theo, don’t bust the referesh button, I am doing the same thing over here! 🙂 You know what, this is really going to have an impact on the Church of Scientology because the “Church of Scientology” poses as that they are so “Pro Law Enforcement” and so behind “American Justice”. Really? Well pehaps this send a couple of staff at more than a couple of orgs scrambling for a window to climb out fast if all law enforcement is so cool as the church says! 🙂 Right on! 🙂

  185. one of those who see

    Yes! She performed at the Portland Crusade. Then eventually we didn’t hear about her. I figured she left the church. Anyone have any data on her?

  186. Karry Campbell

    We reached 5,000 signatures on the petition!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really want to say “Great Job to All” I mean all of the silent guys too. I know that not everyone who got this done was posting or were even speaking up. They just did it. Thank you ALL for working as a team to get this done. Makes my heart sing!!!

  187. OUT, 5 out of 30 is not a bad response at all! Good job.

    It is an accepted stat in sales and marketing that it takes contacting some people up to 7 times, before they are likely to take action.

  188. I believe the Resource Based economy guys helped. I asked them to. They dislike cults.


    I just got back from a client meeting, 30 minutes before the 9 PM deadline, expecting to see the ticker at about 4,940. OMG it was at 5112. I understand we topped 5,000 at around 7 PM PST. At 9 PM we had 5, 149 signatures. Now we’re rolling on towards ‘more than 9,000.’ Congratulations. You guys ROCK.

    Scramble the fighters!

  190. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Graham, for a brilliant idea in the first place and a very well worded, succinct petition.

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