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Marc Headley and I don’t see eye to eye much on LRH and Scientology.  He has his views and I have mine and they are often divergent. Nonetheless, Marc has produced a narrative of his life in the Sea Org that I consider an important read for anyone wanting to understand the current state of the church.  I wrote the Foreward for Marc’s book and he authorized me to publish it on my blog to raise interest in his work.  I believe the Foreward explains why I consider Marc’s book an important piece of the “how was Scientology hijacked?” mystery. For ordering info:


by Mark “Marty” Rathbun

After reading the first several chapters of Blown For Good, I made a mental note to write the author an email. I was going to suggest he have someone else write an alternate Foreword because he might not like what I have to say. While Marc Headley and I were stationed at the same international headquarters property of the Church of Scientology’s elite Sea Organization for nearly fifteen years, his views of some of Scientology founder Hubbard’s writings and my views differed greatly. I never had time to write or send the note because I could not put the manuscript down. I was  gripped by Marc’s personal story.

I came to find that while Marc’s opinions about occurrences we both experienced varied from mine, there was every reason they should. After all, Marc did not get into Scientology on his own volition. As a child his mother willed it upon him. I got in after two years of college entirely by my own choice. Marc was forced by circumstances to join the Sea Organization. I had willingly signed on in order to fulfill a purpose. Naturally the way we read material and viewed matters would disagree. Nonetheless, when it came to relating facts – without regard to view or opinion – Marc’s recollection and accuracy were remarkable.

Recognizing that Marc and I had utterly divergent reference points from which to view largely the same culture and experience, Marc’s account became that much more fascinating to me.  I began to wonder, how many people had I interacted with over twenty-seven years within the Church whose back story aligned more with Marc’s than mine? On reflection, I decided probably more members of the Sea Organization (some eighty-five hundred strong when I left in 2004) who constitute the management of Scientology internationally had a frame of reference closer to Marc’s than mine. After all, over the past thirty years Scientology’s numbers of new members had been dwindling. The Sea Organization had increasingly relied on recruiting the teenaged kids of long-term Scientologists in order to keep its ranks filled.

A great deal of that majority were people whose lives I affected for better or worse from on high in the church’s leading ecclesiastical body, Religious Technology Center.  As I read how progressively insane the dictates from my controlling organization became as they literally rolled down the hill at international headquarters in the foothills of the San Jacinto mountains in Southern California, and how negatively they affected people on the receiving end, a deep sense of remorse enveloped me. Sure, I had sought out people I had known that I had visited injustices upon individually, apologized and made things right. But Marc’s book recreated a culture I knew of and influenced, but did not live of. As I read of the pain Marc went through I remembered dozens of others similarly situated whom I knew during my Scientology experience but whose lives and feelings I was never afforded an opportunity to understand.

Marc alludes to others who will be telling their accounts from within the upper echelons of Scientology and how this will forward reform and healing. Such a scenario reflects Hubbard’s prescribed system of management. Hubbard called for a remote management body to draw upon a multitude of reports from various points within an organization being managed, then coolly evaluating the facts to get the most complete and accurate view of what it is really like on the ground. Only then could an organizational problem afar be sanely and effectively handled. The system was called the Multiple Viewpoint System of Management.

Hubbard eschewed the notion that someone in an ivory tower – no matter how intelligent – can receive one report and then arbitrarily dictate what is to be done several thousand miles away. What Hubbard condemns is precisely what Marc describes as current Supreme Leader Miscavige’s day to day operating basis. His description of Miscavige’s obsession with handling everything himself, while preventing thousands of others from handling anything is not only very accurate it is also what Hubbard described as the fastest way to destroy an organization. Add to the mix Marc’s factual description of Miscavige as “evil and enjoy[ing] watching other people suffer”, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

Ironically, Marc supplies the first comprehensive and largely accurate report on the monster Miscavige has created which may mark the beginning of the only thing that can save the subject from the avarice of Miscavige. The multiple viewpoint system applied from without. The Lord knows, and as Marc makes clear, it can never be applied from within. And it is ironic that this report comes from the very person Miscavige has been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to destroy for the past few years.

Marc’s account of the trials and tribulations one goes through in leaving it all behind captures the agony and ecstasy one inevitably experiences in following through with abiding by his or her conscience. It is not an easy barrier to break through. Before Marc’s book the only artistic expression that came close to expressing that passion for me was U2’s Walk On: and I know it aches, and your heart it breaks, but you can only take so much, Walk on… Marc has now provided a narrative that allows the reader to experience that treacherous ride for his or her self.

Finally, Marc deserves props for speaking out during a period when few with quality, inside information did. I know what he faced. I helped to create it. Hopefully this book will help to civilize it.

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  1. I’ve ordered the book and I already greatly looked forward to reading it. But having read your well-written intro, my interest has piqued tremendously.

  2. Marty,

    For what it was worth, yes, you were a dick at times and you definitely dramatized the person you were PTS to. I didn’t like you at all.

    However, what most of us are digging on is your remarkable and I do emphasize remarkable recovery; the ability to recognize that you were “under the spell” and then do something about it.

    None of us had fully woken up. You did and you are doing what you can to wake the rest of us up.

    I told my spouse two years ago that I thought DM was an SP. It took me years to be able to say that to one person. And I thought I had high confront. But my breath has been taken away by your confronting of evil.

    So – okay and good on the remorse, but more importantly thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and communicating because you may have just saved us all.

  3. wow! Good for Marc I am going to get it as I have heard it was quite a good read. It takes a lot of courage Marty to stand up and admit that you helped create it. I to agree this cannot be fixed from the inside as there has been so much damage done that those still in will carry this on to the end. Marc thank you for all you and your family went through and perhaps still are. I am sorry . This was certainly not intended to harm and distroy lives as it has. Marty thank you for stepping up.

  4. I was really impressed with your forward reading BFG and the fact that Marc asked you to write it and published it as is.

    I hope we will have a more extensive review here.

  5. This book is a must read. For quite a while I did not understand the hostility I would recieve posting a “pro-tech” viewpoint on ex-scn message boards. It was a painful enlightenment for me to come to realize that a lot of other people did not experience the “wins and gains” that I did. When I poked them for details, it became apparent to me that they did not even recieve the same TECH that I did, even though it went by the same name!

    This is particularly true of those in the SO. Quite often they have had NO auditing per se other than some off-beat version of “security checking” that Miscavige et al dreamed up to control people via fear and overwhelm.

    This book goes even further in helping to understand the group psychosis that has been installed into “Scientology”. Marc Headley deserves major kudos for writing this book. And I admit I was surprised both that Marty wrote the Forward, and that Marc published it, given their differing viewpoints. But that is what healing is all about. And this book ultimately does give me hope that healing for all can be allowed to take place.

  6. I couldn’t put the book down and am considering reading it again, if I can fight off the family members that also want to read it. We may need to buy several more copies.

    My heart broke for the Sea Org members that were deprived of food, sleep and basic human rights. It sickens me to think that these people who cared enough to dedicate their lives to helping others were abused so badly.

    It is also very interesting to see how crap rolls downhill and these types of abuses have permeated into Class 5 orgs and even into the treatment of the public. The difference is the public are walking away and I hope the staff will follow.

  7. Paul David Wellstone

    Everything Marc says in his three-part videos — subject matter he likely goes into better detail in his book — are all 100% true and are things that not only occurred at the international base, but are pervasive at lower echelon s o organizations around the planet.

  8. I am in the midst of reading Marc’s book. And yes Marty, given the fact you and Marc are divergent in views on LRH and Scientology as you say, I was wondering how you were going to pull off writing this intro. But, you were up front and honest (as you’ve been from the get-go) and so with discernment said what you said while allowing Marc to have his say as well. That’s what this new direction of the independent community is all about; differing but accepting another’s views which eliminates conflict, resulting in peace.

    I can say after being well into this book, it is worth the read as long as you realize what Marc shares here is HIS experience and not yours, the reader. It’s all part of the process.

    Kudos to Marc. The guy’s got guts and one whale of a memory for detail, a sense of humor and way of relaying some of his adventures that have made me roar with laughter. Marc, you need to get some better qualities undies in case unwelcome intruders ever happen upon you in that tight spot again! (Ref: Intruder Drill #2, pg 144)

  9. I just read over some of the ‘stories’ posted on Marc’s website. I’m struck by how many of them contain variations on a theme: much ado about nothing. The amount of stress, duress, upset, turmoil and destruction leveled at individuals over the most inane, pedestrian, everyday occurrences is…well, if it wasn’t so destructive, it would be ludicrous.

    There is a theme I see and that is the reverse of the Introspection Rundown. Individuals made to feel they have overts they actually don’t have, withholds they aren’t withholding, ARC breaks that are created all of which are used by others against their friends to embroil the lot of them in confusion and the lowest levels of human experience.

    The theme is introspection and wrong indication spread across all flows of interaction to get maximal enturbulation and minimal reach. What is that? That is suppression.

    I haven’t read Marc’s book, yet, but if it goes to clearing up the intentional wrong indications, the intentioal introverting of attention to non-existent overts, withholds, ARC breaks, problems, then whether he knows it or not, Marc is wearing his hat as a 3D auditor, in the realest sense. Kudos to him for his decency and native sense.

  10. martyrathbun09

    Jim that is a great technical sum up, particularly since you haven’t read his whole narrative. But, at the end of the day that is what it is all about.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, his memory is remarkable.

  12. Miss P….what you say here is prescient. If the stuff can roll downhill where it can go no further, then the only place to go from there is up.

    Once we learn what we don’t want (the abuse and crap), we can now change our minds, walk away, seek out and discover what we do want (this reformation movement). Now you have good smelling and better stuff rolling and going uphill!!

  13. Jim…this is funny….when I read this line “…but if it goes to clearing up the intentional wrong indications…”, I read it as “…but if it goes to clearing up the international wrong indications…”! (And was a bit let down when I read it correctly!)

    I thought, WOW! what you say here is so right on as these lies and consequent resurgences we are all experiencing after learning of them, truly are likely reverberating internationally!

    Well said on all you said.

  14. I visited Marc’s site and the Ex Scn Kids website about a month ago for the first time. I was completely horrified by what I read. Even as I write this now there are tears in my eyes when I even think of their plight.

    Had I known of this years ago, I would have been on the warpath, BIG TIME.

    I’ve always loved the staff members of the C of S and have always wished them well even when they were clearly in error. Never, ever did I wish for them to be treated so badly and so cruelly in the name of a new civilization.

    To take what is so precious and turn it into something so unkind and inhumane and use it against kids who have been brought up with its principles is unforgivable.

    If you are or ever have been a staff member, know that many, many of us love you very much and really care what happens to you.

  15. Marty,

    I have been reading all the stories contained on your site as well as all of those referenced on your site.

    As I read I keep thinking that there is a good argument for a tort case here. Granted, I do not have a vast amount of knowledge in the area but at a glance it certainly seems it may qualify.

  16. Casey – when you wrote, “I to agree this cannot be fixed from the inside as there has been so much damage done .” What sprung to mind from our beloved Declaration of Independence was this important section:
    “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

    Isn’t this what we are witness to now, a real declaration of independence? Amazing the parallels, even down to some of the verbiage of that document,

  17. Tom, You make an excellent point. Some of us at the upper levels of management were priviledged and able to get up the Bridge. We could get our OT Levels and study time. Not always, but more so than the staff lower on the org board.

    I was able to get from Grade 4 when I joined the Sea Org up to OT VII and would have completed that too if I hadn’t been put on non stop sec checking by DM for over a year while in the middle of that OT level.

    Most staff at the base however were under such stress and lack of sleep that many of them never got any auditing whatsoever and only sec checks. Therefore, they never got to experience the wins and the ablilities gained by doing their Grades for example.

    So it is not surprising that staff members w0rking at the same place but at different echelons would experience things differently and have much different viewpoints.

    In thinking back now, I think it was a mechanism of control by DM to make it impossible for staff to make any kind of case gain, because if they had moved up the Bridge, I think they would recognize much more easily the Off Source actions that Miscavige has been taking all these year.

  18. Marty,

    Thanks for writing the forward. I am happy to see that by reading others stories and listening to their experiences it is helping to open up your viewpoint on what we each experienced, but in much different ways.

    I know for myself, my experience of being in the Sea Org and working in the upper echelons were much different from those of others who left the Sea Org. I know this from talking with former Sea Org members and friends.

    For instance, while many Sea Org Members were working for $17.20 a week when I was there, we were fortunate in RTC working for DM to sometimes make $1,000 to $2,000 or more a month in bonuses for basically working the same hours that other Sea Org members were doing. They just didn’t benefit from having a Bonus system let alone have a “Pay Card” to even get their $17.20. DM had to have his bonuses and there was no way at that time he could justify taking them unless the rest of RTC execs and staff could earn them. He still was in the infancy of establishing his control.

    Therefore when I left the Sea Org, I had some money saved up. While other I know had to take a long taxi ride to families homes in LA to get them to pay the $100 cab fare.

    The denegration of the staff at the Gold/Int Base by DM was more than I could stomach and after trying to lash out inside the organization to try and wake some people up, the only answer was to leave 19 years ago in order to save my own sanity.

    I am happy that more and more people are following Marc Headley’s lead and your lead in telling what happens behind the walls so that change can hopefully eventually occur.

    Shining the light of truth is the only way to wake people up to what is going on.

  19. One last point Marty.

    You bring up the importance of the “multiple viewpoint system” in order to manage an organization, particularly if you are far away from that organization.

    This definitely was a key management policy from LRH.

    It’s a shame in my opinion that LRH’s own failure to follow this policy in his later years led to the false reports that were sent up to him via one person – DM – that painted an entirely false picture to LRH about what was actually happening with Scientology and it’s expansion in the early 80’s. Based on those reports, LRH issued orders to take actions that turned out destructive in retrospect.

    (Sorry to everyone, but LRH was human and not always perfect).

    Without the false reports sent up by DM to LRH, there wouldn’t have been the wholesale destruction of the Mission Network and the declaration of major Mission Holders as SP’s virtually killing any feeder lines to the Scientology Orgs and eventually the Flag Service Org.

    Without the false reports, the whole David Mayo thing wouldn’t have happened and the wholesale leaving of LRH trained Class 12 auditors and C/S’s maybe wouldn’t have happened leaving us with off source tech actions ordered by DM.

    And without the false reports sent up regarding the management of the Church, there wouldn’t have been the wholesale removal of key experienced Management Executives who were actively working to expand Scientology.

    I know hind sight is 20/20, but looking at the stats and growth of Scientology, these things acted to put DM in a position where he controls everything and instead of rapid expansion, the real truth is hidden behind “smoke and mirrors”.

    DM systematically got rid of anyone who was close and trusted by LRH in the 70s and 80s or who had real experience in building and expanding orgs.

    It was always strange why an executive from a large and booming organization would arrive to be a member of the Exec Strata and would quickly fail. We know the reason now. They ran their orgs on LRH policy with no outside interference. Once they got to the Int Base, they were consistently bypassed by DM and then denegrated as an “idiot” who didn’t know what they were doing and quickly removed. The examples are numerous.

    Fact of the matter is, DM had no experience running an actual Scientology Organization, but acted like he knew it all.

    LRH’s situation required him at that time to be in hiding during those years due to the legal messes. It’s a shame that the one entrusted with relaying all information to LRH was the biggest SP of them all.

  20. Can’t wait to read it!

    On a similar note Marty, I saw a movie called “Mongol” and it is excellent and it made me think of you and what you are going through. I believe you are a very brave guy and I think you would really like this movie IMHO.

  21. DM did not seek Scientology on his own volition either. Daddy did SCN so Dave had to do it, correct?

    About Marc Headley and others: I’m tired of people who blame LRH on what others did. SCN was good and fun once and MH missed it.

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  23. Marty,
    It says a lot about your character, integrity and intentions for you to have written such a heartfelt and sincere forward to Marc’s book.

    There are many varying viewpoints on Scientology, the tech, LRH etc..probably as many varying viewpoints as there are people with them..I personally rejoice in that. But what is more, is the fact that we can speak freely, discuss freely, write freely about our disagreements and agreements without “fear of consequences” or “losing our eternity”.

    What your writing the foreword for Marc’s book ,despite your varying views, brings to light that there is one thing we all agree on, the one thing that we all form a united front on..and that is that Miscavige and everything he represents oppresive has got to be stopped, that the church needs to be reformed and that justice needs to be borne.

    For me, that is all that matters.

    Love, Sherry

  24. Probably the PL that DM uses most (and pushes his most devoted minions to use) is the famous Simon Bolivar PL, RESPONSIBILITIES OF LEADERS. It is a tremendous piece of writing. One of LRH’s best. In it, for those not familiar, LRH promotes the concept of subordinates “flowing power,” as he puts it to the person who has the power and who, by succeeding, will improve the lot of his or her followers. DM is fond of using that to harangue others into doing his bidding.

    However, there is another part of that PL where LRH points out that if the person with the power doesn’t let others play worthwhile roles in the game then the game becomes getting you. In LRH’s analysis this is what finally happened to Bolivar. He wouldn’t allow his many willing followers to play the game of a liberated South America so the game became getting him out of the picture so they could get on with their lives.

    I wonder if DM has read all the way down to that part of the PL.

    Game on!

  25. That statement does you a great deal of credit, Marty.

  26. Mickey I totally agree lets throw “King David”
    and his minions out!

  27. Headley and Rathbun are da men!

    For all those of you who acknowledge that LRH was not perfect, please remember that in 1974 (Way before DM’s reighn) a little sweetie named Paulette Cooper wrote “The Scandal of Scientology” and was almost utterly ruined by fair game.

    So please do more than reset the tech back to the 70s in your reformation.

    I know, I sound like a broken record … broken record … broken record …

  28. To Mark Fisher: your comments about the multiple reports system shows the flaw in the system. LRH may have thought he was getting reports from multiple areas but as long as those reports came via a single channel he was subject to manipulation by the terminal on the channel–namely, DM. A better solution would be to let each person on a report channel think he has the only channel, but have multiple people doing this. Then when one person perverted his channel with false reports it would show up in comparison to the reports coming in via the other channels.
    In the 80’s I used to wonder how LRH could have trusted David Mayo so much when they were so close, and that David “turned out to be so evil” (it took me several weeks of intensive destim reading to undo the original sliming of Mayo to where I could even think the name without adverse reaction) but now it turns out that the “evil DM” was the other one! It still makes one wonder how someone could seem so trustworthy and turn out to be so evil. Yes, I know the tech about this, but to have fooled LRH, the guy who wrote the tech??!!
    Maybe those guys are right who talk about Marcabians taking over a person in a place of power. Eeeuw!!! LOL M6

  29. Mark Fisher,
    You and I didn’t interact much at the base but I did want to say to you for your postings here on this thread, THANK YOU. Sincerely, for the honesty and confront in your writing.

    Well done my man, well done.

  30. Bunkai,
    We got it, we got it, we got it, we got it. WE GOT IT! Did I mention that we understood and that we got it?

  31. Marty, your intro to Marc’s book was very moving in many ways.

    We all had a different experience in Scientology and the Sea Org, and the value of your blog, and other similar blogs and forums, is that it gives us a chance to share those very different experiences. And we all have our own journey to sort out our experiences and decide what to take away from them. Being able to express and share these differing opinions is refreshing after the locked-down world of the SO where individual opinions were repressed.

    As one of those you sought out to apologize to, I was impressed by your humility and heart – even though that “abuse” was very slight. I value your friendship, even though we may not always agree.

    I am expecting my copy of Marc’s book any minute, and look forward to reading it.

  32. Thank you.

    End of session.

  33. Just to play Devil’s Advocate, that is also the PL used to justify some of the most egregious abuses in the Sea Org (probably why DM likes it so much and even had celebs study it). It is used to justify any means if they result in the desired end – “flowing power to power.” Who can forget the frequent use of the phrase “pink legs”? I believe, with Ghandi and others, that the means ARE the end – simply put, if you want to achieve the goals of Scientology, then you have to strive to live those goals every minute, with every person you meet. There is no justification for abuse, crime, fraud, blackmail, or violence in the name of “Clearing the Planet” – or “flowing power.”

    That said, DM perfectly fits LRH’s description of Bolivar as being “all theater.”

  34. I haven’t gotten a copy of Marc’s book yet but am going to asap. For those of us at the bottom of the food chain (on staff in Cl V orgs,) the insanity that bedevilled our efforts to “get the show on the road” crushed any true willingness to help our fellow beings and became an exercise in bare survival, spiritually and physically.

    To see kids as young as 12 being staff members when they should have been learning about the world around them and, in many cases just wanted to be doing that rather than working a job in the same place as their overworked and neglectful parents – that was heart-breaking. What sort of a civilized group would do that?

    What sort of a group would order staff to stay back night after night to watch event videos over and over – when they got no pay for even their forty plus hours of work, let alone the forced overtime?

    What sort of management would order orgs to pay for large,expensive venues to run events in when the org would be months paying off that bill because it was so expensive yet had to be done in order to appear “upstat?” And thus the pittance that occasionally came as “pay” was reduced even further.

    There was much that we on staff suffered in silence that was just as demeaning as what I’ve read happened at Int.

    There was much that happened at the local CLO and AOSH ANZO that was just as insane as DM’s rantings and evil acts of senseless torture.

    I too don’t buy that it’s all DM’s fault that the system of Scientology has turned into an all-corrupting monster, twisting and perverting people’s good purposes for the evil gratification of a demented fool at the top and his minions.

    But, as you said, maybe that’s just my experiences of life as a Scientologist showing through.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. The feelings are mutual. I learned a lot from your book too.

  36. Great comment Joe!

    I have had ethics handling’s at flag where they wanted me to read that PL and get the “cog” you mention. It left me cold and feeling like I could not have my own thoughts and opinions. To me a good leader would let others have their ideas too, especially if they were tried and true members.

    A friend of mine had an old saying that was passed down from the past generations. ” The higher up the flag pole you climb, the more others can see your ass.”

  37. “…you may have just saved us all”.

    You have no idea how much.

    I can´t imagine my 10 year old daughter on Int Base someday in the future.
    Grateful with life and my fellows to discover this on time.

    For one that has lived all this in a much much minor and far away fashion there´s a lot of uncertainty and self-invalidation ´cause we don´t see and live the full picture.
    So one tends to say: “Well, Im wrong. I must be a garbage”.

    The true final “wake up call” comes when you see a long time dedicated staff member as Jeff, Marty, Steve, Dan, et al; speak up.
    That´s the point you say: “Damn, I knew it in the bottom of my hearth; something WAS and IS very bad”.

    My hearth hopes that much more senior scientologists speak up for mankind´s sake. We have a very little time to salvage the subject, scientology, which is by now very muddied indeed for all this.

    We have a last chance.

    Tku PS for pointing this out.

    Roberto Sánchez

  38. fishdaddy,
    I think you’ve nailed it in the means are the end. It may have been Ghandi, but you’ve expressed it. Thank you for the clarity.

  39. I agree Fishdaddy!

    There is a quote from the Dalai Lama I really like.
    ” Be the change you you want to see in the world.”

  40. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    You know Joe, Hubbard also commented on a PTS SP course tape that in his study of the Roman Empire he found that all the benevolent type emperors were murdered and the truly vicious ones die peacefully in their sleep.

    Sounds like an endorsement for brutality for a guy like DM.

  41. “if you want to achieve the goals of Scientology, then you have to strive to live those goals every minute, with every person you meet”

    And THAT’S a new civilization!

  42. Can you confront some of LRH’s issues?

    Disconnection – LRH’s idea
    Fair Game – LRH’s idea
    Sec Checks – LRH’s idea
    Overboarding – LRH’s idea
    Heavy Ethics – LRH’s idea

    Just curious.

  43. martyrathbun09

    Read all my links. I’ve discussed them thoroughly. Apparently, you have no intention of confronting anything. Later.

  44. martyrathbun09

    If you specialize in lifting lines out of a massive amount of material, in order to play a ridiculous game of “gee, there’s no forest because this tree sucks.” Later.

  45. Paul David Wellstone

    I haven’t gone so far as to order Mr. Headley’s book — have requested the county library system to obtain it and will see what becomes of that — but have spent some time his website today as found it absorbing.

    I recall one of the posts I came upon mentions the fact that the United States government has all but turned a blind eye basic human rights abuses committed by the church — and the abuses contained in the stories of those posted on Marc’s site are by no means isolated to the int management base as, I can assure anyone, as in this case, the ‘trickle-down theory’ appliesa and did work.

    Writing one’s congressman was also mentioned.

    At the risk of seeming completely obtuse, as the church is a church, is there jurisdictional relevance with respect to specifically, human rights abuses? More, is it no better than a pipe dream — even if Congress were to engage upon aq investigation, would they not be merely stonewalled by motions, lawyers, guns and money? I’ve gone out somewhere in left field, I realize, but curiosity is piqued.

  46. Living the goals every minute, with every person you meet – that’s true integrity. Anything else is dis-integration.

  47. Marty, that foreward is a credit to you.

  48. You speak sooth Mark.

    Also Miscavige headed MAC as well so he actually contributed to perpetuating and in some cases exacerbating the Organization’s and Ron’s legal difficulties as well, aside from being the false smokey prism that the Ol’man viewed the Scientology Organization through.

    I also suspect that many of these RA’s that Miscavige claimed so much power from were issued by him personally.

    We already know from the St. Petersburg Times article ‘The Man Behind Scientology’ that he blatantly lied to Mary Sue about Ron asking her to resign as The Controller. One wonders how many other incidents like this occurred on his way up.

  49. You are so right on Fish Daddy, which is why I enjoy reading your posts. If you read and understand the Bolivar policy obviously something Miscavige hasn’t done, Ron also explains the pitfalls of power and how as Joe points out the “game becomes getting you”, obviously something Miscavige went blank on.

    Also the ends may have justified the means way back when the Church was a target of Hoover’s COINTELPRO and CIA’s MH CHAOS but those days are long since gone!

    What that leaves us is an individual who is fighting long dead enemies of yesterday.

    An individual by the name of David Miscavige.

  50. Thanks Mockingbird 6. I agree with you.

    The problem at the time, which Marty knows as well as others, is that LRH was in hiding and his security at the time was of utmost importance to him. Therefore there was only one communication line via DM and Pat B who would meet in the middle of the night at some roadside diner and exchange bankers boxes of reports and information. All having been “checked” by DM first.

    Marty has written previously about DM keeping LRH PTS to his legal situation and utterly failing to get the “All Clear” that LRH wanted so that he could continue his research and other projects.

    I have talked with others who were with LRH when he was on the Apollo and the contact with LRH was direct on an almost daily basis due to his proximity. Management was right there with him. So were the Tech lines. Messengers would run messages back and forth between LRH and whoever was handling something.

    Once he got landbased and all the legal attacks started, he removed himself more and more from the communication lines. He then believed that the reports he was getting were accurate when in fact many times they were rewritten under DM’s orders to paint a far worse picture.

  51. Thanks Jim. I will try and add my views if I think them applicable to what is being discussed. For many years, I have had to post anonymously due to attacks from DM and OSA. We now know where those attacks were coming from and I am no longer under that threat.

  52. Hi bunkai,

    I usually enjoy reading your posts but I felt your comment couldn’t go by without a comment of my own.

    First of all Operation Freakout wasn’t anything conceived by Hubbard.

    The op was probably originated by the USGO’s Mike Meisner the same author of the infamous GO 1361 even though it doesn’t bear his signature. By the way all valid GO Directives or Orders are signed and approved by the Guardian’s Office WW. As you can see here in the actual doc the only person signing off is AGINY and at the bottom there is no approval by anyone nor any indication of from where the Op originated from!

    Meaning it could be either a false flag or a rogue operation.

    Secondly what happened to Paulette Cooper had nothing to do with “the tech” or even policy for that matter!

    Maybe I am being callous but if it wasn’t for the fame that Ms. Cooper achieved from Op Freakout, she’d probably still be an obscure Yale College Professor. Obscure for sure like what’s his name who wrote ‘I was a Scientology Superman’.

  53. Mickey, I found myself thinking the exact same thing (re the Declaration of Independence) a couple weeks ago.

  54. I just finished the write-up you did here Marty and it was excellent. You have a lot of pan-determinism and Mark Fisher I look forward to reading your story.

  55. sorry…I meant Mark Headley.

  56. I wrote Marc Headley a few days ago that I had already finished the book and I was blown away! I will post a review on Amazon if I can.
    Also, consider the number of books sold and multiply that by 2 or 4 or more to find its scope of influence, because people grab it from you as soon as you are finished and read it too.

  57. Marc Headley’s book is excellent. It shames me to have been a Scientologist thinking that all was well while so many SO members have suffered so much under completely false pretenses. All of the “targets” and pushes to get things done were completely arbitrary. This becomes even more obvious when you realize that RPFers were made to do work of ZERO value for punishment’s sake.

  58. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    Marty, is that what you really think?

    I mean you no offense and I don’t expect you to publish this reply, I write for you only.

    I did 3500 hr of OT VII and trained extensively in Scientology. My wife finished OTVII and is getting a melanoma cut out as we speak despite audited handlings for previously removed skin cancers. Our ‘bridge to freedom’ cost us well over $1mill. We are not any where we would possibly have expected in the light of what was promised us when we embarked upon the journey.

    Seeing you chose the forest analogy Ill say those trees don’t do what you might think they do. Also for every 50 trees that are providing basic and life giving truths, oxygen if you like, there are nearly 500 putting out corruptions and manipulations of that product.

    As it is with basic tech like OW, MWH, study and ethics tech. Upon each fundamental truth we find a myriad of manipulations.

    From the magic study tech we get “that all disagreements in study stem from MUs” from the MWH tech we get an effort to cripple all dissenting opinion. It goes on and on.

    Jason Beghe said, “show me a mf clear”. I concur. I have not seen one person achieve the promised result of clear as laid out by Hubbard yet we were to ‘clear the planet’ at all cost.

    I see you are doing a good job and I support every bit of it, but I find your mis-characterization of my remark pretty facile and glib (not the scientology def).

    Even though I don’t expect you to post this as it clearly runs across your purpose I will ask you to remove the earlier two remarks if you see fit not to post my reply herein.

    As a note one part of the tech I’ve found useful is the doctrine of the confusion and the stable datum. Have you ever wondered how we’d all fair with the burden of our actions and sacrifices of our many years in the CofS without the stable datum “tech works”?

  59. Well in a world where people like to be told their facts “If it isn’t written it isn’t true” (tongue in cheek regarding some papers), this is a weapon. Maybe one day when Suri learns to read, she will pick it up and say “Daddy, why is Uncle David a p-s-y-o chote-ic”, “Honey its psychotic, and he isn’t he’s really on purpose… oh god, I can’t lie to you like I lie to myself…”, and then Emporer Miscavige walks in “If you wont turn to the Darkside Suri, you will die, muwhahahaha” and Tom, realising he was brainwashed picks him up and throws him down the garbage chute of the DeathStar at Gold. The End (enter happy ewoks, slightly suprised that they would have towered over the deminutive tyrant when they notice his Bob The Builder tiny tea table and chair set, with “Boss” written on it).
    Haha, oops, went into “dream sequence mode”

    Very Well Done Marc!!!

  60. It’s hard to write about Marc’s book because nearly any statement about it is an understatement. I’d say it is as vital as reading anything on or Marty’s blog. It is an important documentation of despicable suppression. People need to know what happened. The more people who read this book, the better able we will be to eradicate the cancer that is killing Scientology.

  61. Heather Grace

    A copy of a freakout document is posted at Mark Bunker’s site. The comment is:

    “13 April 1976 P.C. OP FREAKOUT

    The plan is expanded. Note that the approval on the first page and subsequent annotations are by L. Ron Hubbard himself (he signs himself as “R”).”

  62. He guys !

    I start to think that LRH exactly knew what was going on and let it happen on purpose as being tired about handling our problems, wanting to teach us a lesson, so we take responsibility for it ourselves, without needing him again to handle the whole matter.
    If such a take over , as by DM, would have happened in 300 years , the dammage would have been a catastrophe.
    Nowadays, we still can handle it and get it onto the right track and care for that it will never happen again in eternity.
    Around 1982 Lrh said he gives us the Tech as a legacy, as he will not always be here (to handle our problems – my comment)and that we should look for ourselves to get the right Tech and not accept anything else.
    It seems we all failed on it, but now have the chance to confront and handle it, as Lrh said it’s up to you now.
    Also if one reads “Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth” , one could come to above conclusion.
    Perhaps we just could say ” Ok, Sir we got the lesson and we will handle it”.
    I don’t think that he at all was just a fool as some people are trying to describe him.
    I rather think that at the end of his days his thought was “How will Ksw be implemented when I’m not anymore here ?”
    Comments… ????

  63. martyrathbun09

    Heather, that R is not LRH. That routing goes nowhere NEAR LRH. That these are the falsehoods spread and used for leaps of logic is indicative of just how badly some people want to attack LRH at any cost.

  64. martyrathbun09

    Kevin, I am sorry to hear you all had such a bad experience. I am glad you found at least one useful datum; not a bad one at that in terms of sorting out your own life philosophy.

  65. Marty, any idea who Randy and Puck are?

  66. Kevin

    You blew the charges. They are forever gone.
    Some weeks ago I was able to rehabilitate lots of wins of 30 years. I didn’t know what all I’d achieved, being in a constant evaluative and invaliditive environment that didn’t want that I use my powers to the fullest.
    You’re a free being, don’t confuse the rust of the broken chains with the chains !
    Have a good day.

  67. martyrathbun09

    Randy, I believe, is Randy Raymond. I think his wife – Cindy – was one of the DC Nine who ultimately did time in federal prison. Puck, I do not know.

  68. What you’re obviously implying is that LRH had no OT powers, or had lost them by the time he went into hiding.

    I guess it comes down to believing that Jane and Mary Sue concocted the Snow White espionage program in secret, and Miscavige engineered the Mission pillage & plunder campaign by himself. Ron simply didn’t have a clue, and was easy to bamboozle. He was victimized. Right?

  69. martyrathbun09

    Eldon, you’ve over simplified it, and by doing so perpetrated FIVE falsehoods, and by sarcasm denied the closest assertion of fact in your four sentences.

  70. I was still in the SO – my father had died tragically, my seniors told me, get over it – he’s a thetan. My brother knew I was unhappy in the SO – that Flag was a really bizarre place – I continued to support LRH and the tech BUT something was wrong.

    My brother suggested to me to read “Animal Farm” —

    Marty’s forward to MH book pointed out to me how our individual experiences within Scn are colored by the age we got involved, why, and where we might have been on staff.

    The remark that RTC staff got 2-3K monthly bonus’, reminded me of the Corvette Ron Norton drove thanks to his book bonuses. The GO staff of old were given the green light to moonlight and many had businesses set up in the orgs – ie vending machines … org regges and Flag regges made enormous bonus’ – something “regular” staff were not able to do.

    All animals are equal – some more than others —
    George Orwell … (not exact quote, I don’t think)

    My plan is to buy several copies of MH book and send them to the few people I know still in Scn. –
    it is less subtle than Animal Farm but these times call for some figurative hitting people up side da head.


  71. RJ, I know I’m a guest here. A status I try not to abuse. I really am here to provide some of that “external view” discussed earlier in this post.

    And from the external view, it is quite natural for someone to clear a religion’s founder of faults. If you wan’t proof, just try to convince someone that Jesus used cult dynamics and then start picking the feathers out of your fresh coat of tar:

    1. Did Jesus practice disconnection from families? Yes. He claims that forsaking family was actually paramount to being a follower.
    2. Did Jesus have “secret teachings?” Yes.
    3. Did Jesus do crazy things with staff? Yes. He called Peter Satan one day and the Rock of the whole church on another.
    4. Did Jesus require rich followers to give up all their money to follow him? Yes. And the holder of the funds for “the poor” was Judas. (Remember how upset followers got at Jesus’ foot anointing thing?)
    5. Did he send staff on journeys with NOTHING except the clothes on their backs? Yes.
    6. Did he endorse fasting/prayer exercises that are proven to create delusions? Yes.
    7. Did Jesus use divisive teachings to drive freeloaders away (people who have already given them all their money?) Yes. QUOTE: “You must drink my blood and eat my body … many left him after that.”
    8. Did Jesus practice cold reading? Yes. The woman at the well and Phillip’s introduction to Jesus worked just like a cold reading session.

    Now. I can go on … and on …

    But the point is that true Christians will NOT assign these faults to Jesus.

    So … may I suggest you find a cult or group you KNOW FOR SURE is false. Then talk to the true believers and show them their leader’s use of cult dynamics with tact. Watch them respond. Then audit yourself for the same responses.

    And then (and this is the important part), find the parts of their myths and teachings that help you and incorporate them in your life and love them unconditionally.

    Then you can be free to truly follow the power of your mythos. The power of story.

    So thank you Scientology for the Tone Scale, the ARC concept and other ideas. I have found them useful indeed.

  72. Wikipedia has an excellent article on this subject and links to various court cases on matters to do with religious rights vs. civil rights vs. public interest:

  73. BFG was a great book

    I just finished reading the book. Very well done! Very few books can reveal the most horrendous atrocities, yet still be funny and entertaining the way Blown for Good is.

    I applaud Marc and Claire for taking the tough road, standing up for what they know despite losing several family members to disconnection. It is a very difficult choice to make but one that has put them in a position of power to actually do something about it. I sincerely hope that one day (soon), you will be able to see them all again…on your terms and not on David Miscavige’s.

  74. I don’t get it. Eldon’s comment is over simplified, and blaming everything that went wrong in Scientology on DM isn’t?

    Why didn’t Hubbard prepare for a successor? How could Black Dianetics as practiced by one person, DM, steal the Church from the Source, Hubbard.

    No one prepared for Hubbard’s successor because everyone thought he would live forever, including Hubbard himself?

    Either Hubbard thought he was going to live forever, or he was very ill in his final years and lacked mental capacity to think clearly, or he completely misread DM’s capacity to manipulate and deceive him. Or, a combination of all those things.


  75. Marty, what IF it were true? What if LRH was as fake as Joseph Smith or Rael?

    It doesn’t diminish your mythos. In fact, it could actually make your methods more useful.

  76. What you’ve entered into “evidence” contradicts nothing I wrote.

    The person signing off name is Randy, probably Randy Baxter and the R is the first initial of his name!

    Also the handwriting on the doc doesn’t even compare to Ron’s handwriting.

    (see sample on the left hand side)

    Did you even bother doing a handwriting analysis before presenting this as “evidence”?

  77. martyrathbun09

    Yes, very much oversimplified. Your questions have been asked and answered on this blog and its links. The game isn’t over. Maybe – as another insightful commenter noted earlier on this thread – there is a reason for what we are engaged in and there is hope for the future.

  78. “bunkai // November 8, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    RJ, I know I’m a guest here. A status I try not to abuse. I really am here to provide some of that “external view” discussed earlier in this post.”

    I really don’t quite know how to respond, mainly ’cause I can’t find the reply button to your post 🙂

    But seriously I apologize if I caused any upset.

    However, I do find many of these docs presented as “evidence” by many critics to be of questionable provenance or displayed out of context and many cases apocrypha.

    I’ve researched the subject of espionage for many years because I’ve been writing a spy novel.

    The fact is that documents can be easily forged or altered. See the following:

    Now regarding Ron. I knew him personally as a friend and yes he wasn’t perfect. No one is.

    I do agree that you can view an individual, if you consider them a friend through rose tinted glasses and ignore their imperfections. Happens all the time!

    Parents in particular are notorious for this, especially mothers. I mean there’s Lil’ Johnny on the docket as a serial killer proven beyond a reasonable doubt and mommy can’t bring herself to the realization that her good little boy would do such a thing!

    Aside from that, however is the ability to view the good in people and ignore the bad and work towards bringing out that natural goodness which according to Scientology is inherent in every one of us.

    All auditing is based on the idea that “man (which includes women) is basically good”. However, and I think this is the mistake Miscavige makes that Ron never did. Scientology is not about making or forcing to be people good or more moral. It’s about auditing them or educating them to a point where they decide for themselves from observation what goodness is, or what is the right thing to do.

    True, there are some of us who thought we were doing the right thing which in fact turned out to be the wrong thing to do. I mean the activities of the GO are a perfect example!

    We were up against what we felt was an oppressive Government. So instead using “any legal means” to fight this oppression, some of us chose the more what were considered at the time more expeditious illegal means!

    I mean if the Government wasn’t going to fulfill your FOIA request legally “for reasons of National Security” then obviously to some the best way around this stone wall was to burrow under it!

    It seemed like a good idea at the time, until over 165 FBI agents showed up at the Horse Shoe at the Complex with sledge hammers and chain saws!

    You could say that it was a “learning experience” 🙂

    However, in my personal opinion David Miscavige learned the wrong lesson from all this when he established OSA and that was if you are going to go after anyone make sure he or she is a David instead of a Goliath!

    So that is about the longest post I have written in response to anyone and I hope whatever I wrote made some sense 🙂

    Also as I wrote before Bunkia I really enjoy reading your posts and I look forward to reading more of them.

    I’m also glad that you have found the Tone Scale and the ARC triangle useful, because I feel they are the most useful and important aspects of Scientology, that a lot of Scientologists including myself are remiss in applying, at times.

  79. Astrid where did you get the idea that there was supposed to be a “successor” to the post of Founder?

    As far as I know Hubbard is still the Founder of the subjects no matter how many perorations Miscavige and his claque give otherwise!

    Ron left behind an organizational structure as covered in the OEC volumes as his successor. Not some little fascist with delusions of grandeur!

  80. RJ, I suggest you look at a book titled “The Mormon Papers.” In it, the document trail of abuse and deception by the early Mormon church is laid bare.

    And like the Catholic Church, the Mormons are very good at “losing” and burying key documents and calling other documents “invalid.”

    In one case, a ancient Egyptian papyrus scroll that had Josephs Smith’s handwriting on it was hailed a “great find” and the original text that Joseph translated the Book of Abraham from. (He found it and bought it from an antiquities dealer.)

    They gave it to a Mormon Egyptologist. He translated it into ONE PARAGRAPH and it had nothing to do with the “Book of Abraham.” He left the church over it and was horribly shunned.

    Afterward, the church called both the document and Professor Dee Nelson a “fraud.”

  81. And also to acknowledge your point RJ, LRH didn’t sign this document.

  82. Kevin, There was no way for me to reply after your last email to Marty so I’m doing it here. I know you from ESMB and have read your story in full. It was one of the first ones I read when I started lurking on that board. I know from reading your story what you and your wife have had to go through. I was greatly touched by your integrity to stand up and speak out and to use your real name despite all the repercussions it has had for your family. And I have kept up with what has been happening in Australia with all the OTs leaving, many of them because of you. Certainly, you have my admiration Kev.

    What you have had to go through when your son was so ill, trying to keep on going on Vll, all the BS fed to you by the C of S, no one should have to endure that.

    I just wanted to let you know that I duplicate fully where you are coming from. I don’t think Marty is familiar enough with you to fully understand. Things can get a little heated round these parts, as you can see.

    Jus’ sayin’,


  83. I believe the reason there is no evidence that Hubbard was involved in or knew about Operation Freakout was because LRH and the GO were very careful to insure LRH was protected from any connection to Covert Ops.

    The GO actually had a program called Operation Bulldozer.

    “FBI item 1454 from the raid on U.S. Scientology headquarters in California was dated July 21, 1976, and defined Bulldozer’s major targets as:

    “To effectively spread the rumor that will lead Government, media, and individual SPs (for suppressive persons, meaning critics) to conclude that LRH has no control of the C of S and no legal liability for Church activity.”

    In this link below you will find a 1980 Toronto Star article that gives more of this data.

  84. Fish, My point exactly.

  85. All covert ops are run with an eye towards deniability or at least plausible denial. The truth is that Ron was directly involved in Scientology intelligence activities in the late ’60’s and had given several lectures on the subject to the newly formed GO on the subject on the Flag Ship Apollo and also wrote various, policies, directives and advices which were also quoted in GO Directives issued through Guardian’s Office WW.

    However, the key objective of the Snow White program was to obtain the information by “legal means” using the expanded FOIA which the Church of Scientology and other groups had lobbied through Congress.

    We can both argue forever about the possibility of the Ol’man being directly involved or not however the fact is that the Grand Jury was unable to indict him.

    If it was true that Ron was directly involved yet they achieved almost total deniability through ‘Operation Bull Dozer’ than it was probably one of the most successful counterintelligence operations in the history of Espionage!

  86. bunkai // November 9, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    RJ, I suggest you look at a book titled “The Mormon Papers.” In it, the document trail of abuse and deception by the early Mormon church is laid bare.

    And like the Catholic Church, the Mormons are very good at “losing” and burying key documents and calling other documents “invalid.”…..

    bunkai I bow to your superior religious scholarship!

    I of course studied the tenets of different religions when I did the Scientology Minister’s Course but never studied the them in depth.

    I’d say theology is one of my weaker points, so you’ve really got me on the ropes here.

    In fact the only thing I can write in response to this information is “gee I didn’t know that” 🙂

    I’ll add the references you recommend to my already creaking book shelf!

    However, the only point I was trying to make here is that any information or intelligence can be slanted by an individual or entity with an agenda as occurred in the events leading up to the war in Iraq.

    A perfect example is the Yellow Cake Forgeries:

  87. I did covert ops for the c of s for many years. I don’t remember if it was LRH that said it or if was just in the hatting materials, but I remember reading that the best covert ops were the ones that no one ever finds out about.

  88. Let me add to my reply that I did covert ops for the c of s for many years and it’s absolutely NOTHING I am proud of.

    I have written up and webbed most of my activities for all to see and made apologies to those that were harmed by my actions. I’ve been speaking out against C of S abuses for 9 years. I consider it my amends for being a blind robot with a severe lack of integrity for so many years.

  89. Marty,
    I resisted saying this, but I can’t any longer.

    Your foreword is the worst part of the book.

  90. Lest we forget Patty. The GO wasn’t only about black listing individuals and dirty tricks or black bag jobs ala Nixon’s CREEP and Plumbers.

    It was also about exposing Government perfidy, such as Paper Clip Nazis running INTERPOL, the SA Government use of slave labor in their Diamond mining operations, the US Military doing chemical, biological and radiological testing on its own unwitting citizens, CIA’s involvement with mind control, Hoover’s COINTELPRO and WFMH’s plans for ‘A Brave New World’!

    Unlike OSA whose only activity seems to be playing dirty tricks!

  91. martyrathbun09

    Good point RJ.

  92. Eldon, you seem to be here solely to spew vitriol.

    Do you care to contribute something meaningful to the discussions here or is that simply beyond your capabilities?

    Michael A. Hobson

  93. Marty, I’m curious as to what your take is on one particular assertion made in the book; that DM directed 30,000 new emeters to be built, enough for “every Scientologist.” Figuring that everyone should have two, one being a backup, that comes out to 15,000 active Scientologists worldwide. Headley clarified further in an intereview with the Village Voice that 10,000 of these would actually be for various orgs, so the number of emeters needed for active Scientologists would be closer to 10,000.

    Does this jibe with your knowledge of the number of church members? I would expect that you would have access to stats to be able to confirm this.

    Obviously if true, it’s huge and potentially one of the most accurate metrics to date available.

  94. I meant to say that the number of active Scientologists is 10,000.

  95. Sherry, as you can probably guess, I’m not an avid supporter of Scientology. But for me you hit the nail on the head: “There are many varying viewpoints on Scientology, the tech, LRH etc..probably as many varying viewpoints as there are people with them..I personally rejoice in that. But what is more, is the fact that we can speak freely, discuss freely, write freely about our disagreements and agreements without “fear of consequences” or “losing our eternity””

    Intellectual integrity, personal integrity and the freedom and courage to communicate openly and honestly about the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny, the sad, the crazy and so much more…the truth in a nutshell.

    As long as respect is involved, this is what will save us all.

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