Employment Discrimination – It is Unlawful

DM’s demons are running a counter offensive to TRUTH. He is having public – his newest cannon fodder – hustling about in phone and internet chains promoting that certain people who might support the TRUTH are “declared.”  Of course, we’ve yet to see any golden rod. I guess that would a) promote the quality of people that are finally saying “I ain’t standing for this anymore”, and b) set in to motion some pretty ugly comm evs (after all per the Suppressive Acts PL anyone declared is entitled to a comm ev).  What the Dear Leader’s minions don’t seem to get is that they are serving as agents in activity that in some cases is a clear violation of law. That occurs when the effects of such campaigns result in the loss of the target’s job.

DM knows it is unlawful, but he is so damn arrogant he thinks he can get his unthinking agents  doing his bidding and that will create some sort of buffer that will insulate him. By cultivating his brand of arrogance in “high-roller” public Scientologists he counts on them to be ruthless and “unreasonable” with their employees. He counts on them to do his dirty work.  And in this way he thinks he’ll make life tough for anyone who contemplates having an independent thought.  But, a change is coming. A new breed of cat is standing up for its rights.

Since employment discrimination is one of the big three levers of coercion and extortion employed by Miscavige’s church (along with family break up, and denial of “eternal salvation”) he isn’t about to take it out of his arsenal.  Therefore, it behooves those who are the potential effect of it to know their rights and remedies.

Creating secular employment conditions or terminating employment on the basis that an employee follow, or not,  dictates of a religious organization (especially its Dear Leader’s mandates) is unlawful and is a violation of the civil rights of the employee.  An entire Federal apparatus, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), exists to remedy such illicit employer conduct, http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/religion.cfm

If you find yourself experiencing any of the following, realize your rights are likely being violated:

a) being regged for church donations at your place of employment as arranged or condoned by your employer and objected to by yourself.

b) receiving any type of pressure from an employer – directly or indirect – to follow church mandates, “command intention”, or suggestions to increase one’s church related activity.

c) being casitagated or invalidated at your place of employment for expressing objections to demands or suggestions that you even listen to, let alone agree with, church propaganda or doctrine.

d) being referred to or even reported to the church for failure to agree with church doctrine or propaganda.

e)  Your rights are also being violated if you are treated differently because of the religious beliefs of a spouse or family member. This provides protection from inhumane wielding of the disconnect card, or threats for studying material you believe clarify and enhance your religious beliefs. See this from the EEOC web page:

Religious discrimination can also involve treating someone differently because that person is married to (or associated with) an individual of a particular religion or because of his or her connection with a religious organization or group.

If you have experienced any of the above, it is a good idea to start documenting every instance of it. You can write contemporaneous reports in protest and lodge them with your employer. You can demand a witness be present or to record it when a-e above are attempted.  You can save emails and memos that document it. Regardless of its effectiveness on the job, at the end of the day you will have the evidence you need to vindicate your rights.

If your religious thoughts or utterances put you in a lowered employment status or endanger your job, your employer is violating your civil rights. You can be the effect of it and succumb, or you can be vigilent and protect your rights. The choice is yours.

This is not an invitation to create some huge controversy at one’s place of employment. Quite the contrary, all it is intended to do is, in the words of LRH,  “MOVE THE PTS PERSON FROM EFFECT OVER TO SLIGHT GENTLE CAUSE.”

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  1. This is a good summary, and good advice too. One interesting aspect is that even Hubbard management tech may be considered religious. In this lawsuit, Diskeeper tried to get the judge to throw out the case on the grounds that it was separate and secular, but that didn’t fly.


    The case was settled in mid-2009. Obviously, Diskeeper was going to lose.


    The most important thing to take away from this transcript, however, is that Diskeeper effectively caved on its argument that Hubbard Management Tech was somehow non-religious when Diskeeper (and Scientology) attorney Timothy Bowles unequivocably stated: “The first place and the first context in which he created this HMT was a church context. That’s a given. That’s understood. That’s undisputed.”

  2. There have been some cases dealing with “forced Scientology” in the workplace:

    An extreme case from Chicago – http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/release/archive/1-13-09.html

    A less extreme case from Alabama – http://www.shortnews.com/start.cfm?id=71253

    Michael McClaughry – http://www.holysmoke.org/mm/mm19.htm

    Good luck to anyone in this position.

  3. I think its about time this Policy was implemented on a staff member known as Miscavige:
    “All staff personnel has a right to demand that any or all staff personnel be given a
    Joburg Security Check, WW Sec Form 3, by somebody who knows how to give one.”
    “All staff personnel has a right to demand practical and functional releasing and
    clearing 1. of staff 2. of executives and 3. of the public who buys our service.
    If we’re going to put a new world here, we better get going on the project. It isn’t
    as if we could fool people forever.”

    Hope that adds to the flow.

  4. martyrathbun09

    Maria posted this under BFG, I think she meant it to be posted here:
    Wikipedia has an excellent article on this subject and links to various court cases on matters to do with religious rights vs. civil rights vs. public interest:


  5. Oh and to make sure this never happens again, we just need a policy of having central orgs send a sec checker to Flag and sec check whoever becomes COB.
    Then upon return those sec checkers are put on the meter to ensure they did their job.
    The result is complete confidence in management.
    That was my cog for the day.

  6. this is happening within Scientology owned companies. I know of people who currently work for a Scientology company and who are completely unsettled by what is happening however won’t “come out” because they fear losing their jobs. They feal they are too old to look for jobs elsewhere.

    change in this area will only occur when one reports it and takes responsibility. You cannot hide forever. If anything the tech has contributed to being more independent not less.
    That being said the independence cannot be taken away from you.

  7. Thanks Marty, you are right about where I intended to post it!

  8. Good guidance in anticipation of possible forthcoming events for merely changing one’s mind about a belief system.

    One can add to their mix of documenting, the below section from the church-supported and church-touted UN Declaration of Human Rights. Employers need to be made aware of:

    “Article 18.

    * Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”
    Ref: http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/index.shtml#a18

  9. “You cannot hide forever”.

    Dear Casey; this statement goes for work only or in general?
    … as I didn´t notice who you are or when you become “public” like Mary Jo, Sherry and others.

    I don´t think I missed it.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Do wery well.

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

  10. Points A through E were commonly violated while I was working for David Singer Enterprises and Measurable Solutions.

    I am obviously no longer employed there and will never go back, but FLAG would regularly visit to give a “briefing”. David would pitch in money to help get you closed and onto a service. I do not know if this is still occurring but probably is so that David could get back in good graces with WISE and SCN because he didn’t pay royalties. At Measurable Solutions the FLAG reps would also regularly visit “briefing” on things such as that seamanship course on the Freewinds. I can’t remember the name of it now. The agreement was as you said, “command intention”. You were looked at as “not dedicated” if you didn’t sign up. I remember constantly being asked by the ESTO Stacy “what course are on you on?” or “what is your next action”.

    I can bet that they also visit AXIOM, but I cannot confirm. Anyone on here from AXIOM experience this? Greenbaum is a huge advocate for being on the bridge so I can see him allowing FLAG to visit.

    I am so glad to be outta there.

  11. While this is illegal, it’s a good thing. It’s waking Scientologists up so they can see that managmant is self destructive. Although I would never apply to work for a Scientologist had I a way to know ahead of time.
    I love watching the “Church” fall apart from their own actions. Keep fighting it DM. The world is watching!

  12. Very vital information Marty. I know of this exact thing taking place as I write. I hope the person who’s the target has the guts to stand up to it.

    And I’ve just become aware of two public Scientologists who sent around an email to the friends of a person I knew some time ago stating to the these friends that this person “is disaffected and no longer a real Scientologist” and stating that they “just want to make you aware of this so you can remove them from your friends list on FB”. The person who’s the subject of the smear happens to be one of the sweetest people you’d ever meet who never says an unkind word about anyone, is tolerant of any viewpoint or religious stance and is one of the most creative people I know. I, along with some other friends of mine actually got the smear email in our boxes..someone started it and it just went around like wildfire to this person’s friends. Because he’s “disaffected”??? Since when did that, even in Scientology, become something dangerous to make other Scientologists “aware of”? The arrogance astounds me. (It was interesting that a scientologist friend would sent one of these emails to me to “warn me” about this person…considering my own status!)

  13. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this. It is all too common. Since dismantling the justice lines in the early nineties the church has replaced justice with a new status. I call it “in limbo”. There is no ethics order to challenge it, there are no charges to defend, there is no recourse. One ultimately finds the only want back into good graces is through unthinking adoption of agenda of the Dear Leader. If one reads The Mechanisms of Miscavige by T Paine on Scientology-cult.com one will see how this ties in perfectly with the mind control being run on Church staff and now public.

  14. Marty, what you describe as “in limbo” is so true. I recall being at the Int Base, if you displeased Miscavige in any way (such as wearing the wrong facial expression at a meeting), then you became an instant pariah, and everyone had license to (and were encouraged to) dump on you. There was no ethics order, no charges, no recourse. Stats were of no account. The only way back from limbo was to do something, anything to please Der Fuhrer.

  15. I have seen discrimination in a Scn Co. where the Scn employees were made to make amends (for being in a “lower condition”) with after hours work and no overtime paid. Yet the Non-Scns always got paid overtime. Scn employees were screamed at, but not the nons, because they might go to the labor board. Scn contractors were delayed on payments on their contracts for months, nons were paid promptly because they might file a mechanic’s lien.

    Then one of them going in and complaining to the CoS about the abuses and being told the co owner was upstat, and they weren’t so they need to buy sec checking to get themselves cleaned up. Of course the Scn couldn’t do that because he was paid little better than min wage and the very thing being complained about was breaking labor law on overtime. And also, he got told that he was out ethics for not being on course 12 and half hours a week.

    For many years the co. I worked for serviced Scns, but finally stopped servicing them because it was an absolute pain to have to write knowledge reports on them per the demands of the C of S. Of course no one paid you to write the reports and of course then you got called into arbitration which of course you had to pay for and of course if the Scn turned out to need a comm ev and was broke then you had to pay for the comm ev on them and it went on and on. Adventures with WISE where they wanted 10% of the gross income of that company, and demands to come in and do inspections for fee of course. Or how about the Scn private school that had Sea Org recruiters showing up, only stopping because two very wealthy nons got pissed off and they were afraid that the nons would file a lawsuit.

    Or how about the ethics officer that told a battered wife that she pulled it in, that she was just low-toned and so had caused it and that if she called the cops if it happened again she would be declared for delivering up a Scn in good standing to the authorities. Of course, he refused to send out a couple of burly Scn security guards to make sure she didn’t get hurt again.

    It seems to me that the Scn justice codes become an excuse to reverse discriminate against Scn employees denying them the rights that nons employees automically enjoy.

    Sorry about the rant, but it really pisses me off to see the Church and Scns going on about supporting the UN declaration of human rights.

    Those ethics/justice codes need clean up or the C of S needs to start saying that they do not provide rights to Scns. Scns in good standing are fair game. Not the non-Scns. They are treated well.

  16. Marty, there is another aspect to employment discrimination that people should guard against. A well-versed employer will already know he cannot “get you” for religious reasons. Lawyers like Timothy Bowles give seminars on “safe” ways to terminate people. Instead of telling you he is unhappy with your religious choices, your employer will start to find faults in your on-the-job performance to stack up and prove why you should be terminated.

    So at the first hint that you are being chitted for things that were originally okay (such as eating lunch at your desk, filing your nails in the office, doing an assignment in the same manner that everyone else is allowed to do it, etc.) you MUST write a complaint of discrimination and send it to your personnel folder, stating that it was always okay to do it this way and no order has been sent around stating otherwise and no one else in the group is being made to comply. I don’t know whether it is good to say on the first time that you believe there is some religious discrimination going on, but it should be noted at some point. And if you get flack for complaining, or the “atmosphere” turns negative, that gets written up also.

    Of course you keep a copy of each thing you submit to your personnel folder. You also have the right to examine your personnel folder and get copies of anything in it. You should write a report if you find your reports are not being filed in your personnel folder.

    At the first hint that you may be terminated, consult the nearest EEOC or whatever is the equivalent in your country and present your information. They will help advise you from that point. And YES, you DO have the same right as anyone else to call for help from the legal system of your country when someone is violating your rights, even if they are of the same religion as you. NO church can abrogate your legal rights.

  17. martyrathbun09

    Very good point. Don’t be a “clay pigeon” as I believe LRH termed it for those who do not protect themselves with ethics/justice.

  18. martyrathbun09

    Maria, that’s no rant. Those are relevant observations. I have a number of people – clearly social personalities – on my lines who have been subjected to years of personal abuse at the hands of 1.1s who have been protected by the church under the ethics/justice policies. Man, the freaking policies were designed to protect higher toned people against 1.1s. Another view of Reverse Scientology at work.

  19. martyrathbun09

    Yeah. Do you remember the freaking pie face op?

  20. I’m on a roll today. Let’s talk about ethics reports and being a clay pigeon. If a staff member gets an ethics report and is upstat the ethics officer is supposed to just rip it up. Staff are told that they shouldn’t be clay pigeons, the best guarantee being that they know their policy and they have their stat for their post.

    Not so the public Scn. Their stat at their job doesn’t count because it is not a C of S recognized stat, its “just a wog job, ” and therefore not worthy of anything. Public Scns are not hatted on the policies governing ethics reports so they don’t know how to request a false report be withdrawn. They are expected to apply staff report policies as if they are on staff, which they are not. This includes knowledge reports which do not have a public distribution. Check it out for yourself. That policy is not BPI nor does it mention public scns applying anywhere in it.

    They are not hatted on Orders, Query of or Defeating Verbal Tech or any other policy letters that would ensure that they had some means of handling off-policy or batty orders and actions.

    I have been accused many a time of being a “downstat” because I am not on course 12 and a half hours a week which is required by policy. Of course, my wog job, which I have to learn about doesn’t count. And it also doesn’t matter that the distribution of the policy letter on hours of study is staff only.

    Oh, but I forgot, according the OT Ambassador Program, everyone is on the org board now. WDC Int says so and there you go, you are now a staff member if you are a Scn. Of course, no one wants to provide the underlying policy that makes up this program, because there is no underlying policy to provide.

  21. Continuing… Please bear with me, it’s like some kind of torrent just broke loose.

    Then we have the amateur ethics officers of the world. “That’s suppressive!” “He’s just PTS!” “You are entheta. ” “What a downstat.” “She’s an SP.”

    Unbelievable. It took me months to study the entire ethics tech and these bozos run around making pronouncements about something they no next to nothing about. People who do this have only the slightest idea what an SP is. Never mind ethics gradients. Never mind what happens to someone given a wrong indication. Never mind the hostility that the recipient feels when they get a knowledge report that is pure embroidery of the most outrageous weave of opinion and speculation. Of course now you have one of these stupid reports you get called into ethics, have to handle it all, probably have to pay for sec checks because you obviously were doing something to pull it in. If you refuse or ignore it you aren’t a responsible Scn or you are disaffected and blah blah blah. Drives me nuts.

    Or how about just plain stupidity based on no or false evaluation of the existing scene. An ex SO staff member decided that he knew best in a town I lived in for a while. He was going to “help” the poor, befuddled people there by going in and getting them on policy. Of course, that meant stats and ethics conditions, because that’s all he seemed to know about. The “poor, befuddled” people they were “helping” were super upstat in their community, and had huge huge influence in that community and they didn’t take kindly to being treated like they were dimwits. It took other Scns months to undo the damage of their stupid, arrogant and completely out PR activities.


  22. Continuing… There there are the “ethics offenses” that require lower conditions and degradation that have no basis other than a seriously out of date SO ED that says adultery is illegal.

    A fellow I know ended up in a world of pain over that. He was not allowed to step foot inside a C of S until he finished his conditions including sec checks. Why? Because he broke the law when he had intimate relations with a woman after he separated from his wife and before he got his final divorce decree.

    This went along with a smear campaign, contempt and derision because his order said he was an adulterer and adultery is illegal. It was intended to embarrass and introvert him and it did.

    This is so much BULLSHIT. Consenting sex between adults is not illegal ANYWHERE in the U.S. regardless of marital status. Only rape and child molestation is illegal.

    I really don’t give a damn if LRH said so — it’s false data and that SO ED needs to be updated.

    And BTW what happened to the policy on not interfering with the private lives of individuals?

  23. Okay, done for now. Thanks for your patience on all this Marty. Whew!

  24. Discovering the Law is on your side dear mister Rathbun. So WOG law isn’t that bad after all. Although I still think the US law system is Flawed and people with big Cash will always win in the US unless in Anon orange his Case and such big wrongs were done I salute you for ever broadening your mind. The teaching of knowingness is like “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” Albert Einstein.

  25. Thank you for providing facts and information that help so many be *truly unreasonable* about *any kind of abuse.*

    (Ab) Using the banner of “eternal salvation” as an excuse to perpetrate degradation on human beings is the most heinous justification of crime possible. Can there be a greater betrayal of trust? Can there be a greater betrayal of genuine human goodness that is dedicating their lives to help?

    The irony here is that *only the truly evil* never once wonder whether they have sinned or committed transgressions.

    This answers the question why so many put up with the abuse for so long…it is because of the basically good nature of *most* human beings, who are all too aware of our own shortcomings and wrongs. Once trust is established by experiencing some of the amazing wonders of the real tech (the dangling carrot), then — if Management is Evil — oppression and control begins by milking guilt and slamming the evil button fear.

    How is it possible to truly harm another being? ONLY ONE way: convincing him/her that he/she is a bad evil SP critter. The rest (EVIL KNOWS) becomes an inside job. Becuase a good being caves in on the thought.

    While true Evil arrogance gloats and rules, believing to be 100% in fallibly perfect an right.

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  27. Tim Ed Lurker


    Let me apologize for not directly commenting on yours above — mine is not meant to turn this into some kind of an Open Thread, but I wanted to say that I was surprised at not seeing the editorial from the St. Petersburg Times of today, Sunday, 11/8/09, “Scientology Investigation Overdue ” posted to your blog. That said, there were one or two related items I wanted to communicate, hereon.

    Here’s the link, as an aside:

    I was hunting it down just awhile ago, knowing something on the church would be in today’s Times, and I stumbled upon, in my search, an op-ed, for lack of better, to the Times’ editorial piece of today, posted to the Nationalist Coalition blog entitled, “St. Petersburg Times Condemns Religious Diversity.” http://ncoal.com/blog/?p=668.

    The dude writes:
    “The St. Petersburg Times doesn’t care about workers whether they work for the church of Scientology or anywhere else. If the paper did care they would start writing articles exposing how governments at every level are working against the American people. Instead though the paper writes these hate filled diversionary articles about the Scientologists and calling for the government to come in and investigate them.”

    I got curious about the cat who wrote it (John Udele) and who the Nationalist Coalition are and found some very interesting things. The Nationalist Coalition is a white supremacist, anti-semitic hate group whose fundamentals and doctrine notions like:

    “Until the middle of the twentieth century, our people were the masters of their own destiny. America and Europe were indisputably ours, reflecting White traditions, White culture, and White values. We ran our own media, our own educational institutions, and our own governments our way – and for this, we were unapologetic. We did not feel guilty for wanting our families to grow up in White neighborhoods and attend White schools; we did not feel it was “hateful” or shameful to cherish the traditions of our forefathers. But most of all, not only did we have pride in who we were and where we had come from, but we had hope for a bright future for our people. ”

    It goes on and if it were not so bizarre, it would simply be hilarious.

    Anyway, the point of the missive was, as the old saying goes, “by their friends ye shall know them,” which I know was a saying co-opted in a policy letter, but that doesn’t alter the ‘friends’ adage a single bit.

    Found it interesing and wanted to share.

  28. It’s McCarthism all over again. Instead of “Commies” they’re “SPs” or “disaffected.” What it basically equates to is a being blacklisted with a generality.

  29. Maria,
    To be technical, Policy takes precedence over an SO ED. The ED is obviously for the SO, and it has limited duration. ED’s expire after one year.

    What is being foisted off here isn’t Scientology. It’s not recognizable as such. It’s some sort of reactive mind commanded distortion. It seems odd, irrational and doofuss because IT IS.

  30. Well Maria the fact is that the SOED violates the HCOPL 2D Rules.

    However, you bring up a very valid point and that is Slappy tends to give orders and suggestions seniority. More accurately altered importance especially when they align with his suppressive little purposes.

    I know that Davey used this SOED to get Suzette and used it to get others either removed and/or assigned to the RPF,

    The funny thing is according to one of Marty’s blogs Miscavige is a total hypocrite and thinks nothing of violating it himself!

    Any way more to the topic at hand. I worked for a WISE company that had the staff take two different posts or jobs so that this company didn’t have to pay their staff overtime.

    They’d punch out at precisely 5:00 and start their “other” job on a new clock! Even though that according to California labor law this is totally illegal!

    Another WISE company that paid their staff hourly until it got busy then put them on salary so they didn’t have to pay overtime, which is again illegal!

    Of course when you pointed out these questionable practices WISE would defend these “upstat” patrons as pillars of the Scientology community and that there must be something very wrong with you bringing this up.

    Personally I think there is more hidden criminality occurring these days on the perimeter of and within the organization than there was during the bad ol’days of the GO!

    I think the only thing they frown on now is if the guy is selling drugs , illegal gambling or prostitution and I suspect the only reason is probably because Slappy doesn’t want to tick off the Mafia 🙂

  31. I really started to have a problem at my work a week or so after I was deadfiled.

    I could not prove it but it was Wally world. I eventually lost the job in this manner.

    Did the church have anything to do with it I don’t know but the timing was very odd so to speak.

  32. Or get told your are garbage by an 16 year old MAA to a 40 something year old lady.

    I stood up tall and proud and I said then there are a lot of us. He said Yeah he knew.

    Boy he missed my point totally. I was standing up for the people he looked down on that behaved better than he did.

  33. I am not him.
    But he does have a decent amount
    of awesomeness.
    I can see why you liked the vid.

  34. Yes, “pie-face.” George Orwell called it “facecrime” in 1984 – wearing the improper facial expression.

  35. There is additional references compiled on this page of the chanology research portal on wikileaks:


    Yes it wikileaks, however its not directky linked to actual “leaks” and confidential materials can be easily avoided (just dont click links that are labeled “Related Leak”)

  36. Maria,
    Do you think the Scientology “justice system” would be supportable even in the best circumstances? I don’t, at least as it is applied to public members. What it does, in effect, is subvert the “wog” justice system already in place. So… a Scientologist can’t even take another Scientologist to small claims court for non-payment, but must pay the org to arbitrate the matter. And it’s a pretty sure bet that the org is going to decide whatever seems best for Scientology.

    I think the whole damn system ought to be scrapped. What other church has anything like it? I can name only one.

  37. I wonder if harassing and firing someone (and thus depriving them of their livelihood) based on religious convictions can be pursued as a Hate Crime? Let’s say Catholic A worked for Catholic B and Catholic A tolerated his under-aged daughter having an abortion. Catholic B hears of this and publicly vilifies Catholic A as a “monster” to the rest of the company and fires him. And while he’s at it, Catholic B reports Catholic A to his local church and tells everyone to shun Catholic A. Catholic A becomes a nervous wreck and undergoes a long period of stressful unemployment. For the record I personally despise abortion, but does the above scenario sound like a hate crime?

  38. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for that reference.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. The Church (and high roller public) have gone further and further right toward DM’s favorite system of all, Fascism.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Heaven, you have got what is going on precisely. So well put too. Thanks.

  41. IMO the entire body of work on ethics/justice needs a re-work before it will become usable again. There are elements of it that are valuable and necessary and those need to be kept. The rest is out of date and completely unworkable the way that it gets used.

  42. The problem the justice system was supposed to solve was that the court systems in the U.S. are very slow and attorneys are very expensive. It was a good idea, but it was based on LRH’s faith in the ability of people to sanely apply justice. I think the C of S has given an excellent demonstration of just how batty people get on this subject. It was also intended to keep the dirty laundry in-house. This is now a joke in the Internet age. You can’t keep the dirty laundry hidden any more. Might as well find good ways to handle it.

  43. The sad thing is that the perpetrators of ethics injustices, particularly those to do with barring people getting auditing, often have NO personal reality or certainty that they are indeed an immortal spiritual being. Since they don’t have any real personal certainty or awareness of who they really are, they also cannot comprehend that this is indeed an ultimate punishment that goes far beyond the most severe penalty of the human race, death by execution. It’s no big deal to someone who is just paying lip service or read it in a book.

  44. I agree. The MAA told me I was garbage and now they may be sorry for I am helping the freezone Independents expand using the net which they tend not to do. Now got a twitter, Facebook, MySpace and a Youtube Channel.

    Getting some attention now through Twitter too.

    The church system sucks and Maria is right the good stuff should stay.

  45. Thankyou HeavenKnows.
    I am still struggling with the supression from being under that influence and your observation
    is very soothing to me.
    Thanks for the session, it really is auditor plus pc
    overcoming case for me just reading the data that is true and validating to what I observed happening to me that got invalidated on-lines.
    I used to go into a spin after a heavy evaluation/ ethics cycle/reg cycle, that I would feel “not there” for days, even weeks, until I gradually found my own certainty again.
    The world needs more of what makes you, you!

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  47. What was the pie face op?

  48. Another point is that this cuts both ways. Try coming out as an Independent when you are an employer who employs on-lines Scientologists! If we were to do that, our company would be at extreme risk, as our key employees are all on lines. We have already, in past years, had two people quit because we weren’t on lines (which meant we were “disaffected”). Both became quite entheta, spreading harmful 3P about us in the community. I would love to come out as an Independent, to express my opinions openly about our suppressive Dear Leader, to throw my weight behind the kind of reform being discussed here. But any whiff of discontent with DM’s Third Reich would likely result in our key employees quitting and our business being severely damaged or destroyed. So we remain closet Independents!

    Even posting here without my real name is a little scary — I feel like I should have training in clandestine acivities! Yikes, I’m sure sick of having my comm lines cut! But something tells me the end of the Third Reich is approaching. 🙂

  49. I felt the same when I came out 9 years ago this month. I did not find the freezone till the spring after I was out. I was so scared in posting but it was of little worry. They know who I am now and I am small fish so I am not bothered.

    Hiding behind a name is fairly safe so it it is better to come and say things than say noting.

    I know a gentleman by the name of Roland who is Class 6 and owns a company. You may want to get ahold of him to discuss your situation. He is on IFAchat on yahoo lists and you can hide there for we have one nice anon there who everyone likes and is trusted. I know him and brought him to the list. You can come too and contact Mike of IFA to work out how you want to do this. It is safe anon as long as you don’t tell too many details like you kind of did here. Dont give data that can be tracked back to you. Like where the company is or what kind of company it is. Things like that or what org.

  50. hm, I didnt get hired by Axiom because I wasnt taking a service. I said to the women, why do you think I am trying to get a decent job? Very illegal per employment laws.

  51. Thank you for saying that! You get to the point where you think your the sp.

  52. Omg, this thread is giving me such a long fall blown down. I was not alone.

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