Daily Archives: January 17, 2010

Martin Luther King – paying our respects

Friday the 15th was the birthday of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King.  Monday is a national holiday celebrating his life. Some of DM’s henchmen on the anonymous fringes have had some rather hateful things to say about my repeated references to and respect for King. I am not sure whether everybody understands why I regularly quote him.  I think if you look at what we posted earlier this week about Friendship and the ensuing discussion we had about ARC and love, and compare it to the following short essay by Rev King you’ll begin to get the idea.  http://teachingamericanhistory.org/library/index.asp?document=1131

There is much to learn from the man and his work. There are many parallels between what he helped accomplish and what we are attempting to bring about .

On an emotional level, I think U2 captured King’s spirit very well in their song Pride (in the name of love):