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DM’s standard tech – The Fowler case

I’ve been kept abreast of a curious murder case being investigated in Denver. I had no intent of doing anything with it particularly. Until I’d received a number of emails and calls from  friends complaining of the lies they have been told about me – both verbally by DM-bots, and on any one of the number of sites OSA has set up about me. DM-bots have recently taken to forging comments on my blog in the names of my friends (Dan Koon and Tom Felts) attempting to paste up the tripe they post on their own unread blogs.  The lies are so legion – and NONE by any named SOURCE –  it would be tantamount to entering an unproductive quagmire trying to disprove all of the negatives.  But, I’ve chosen one that ought to  be addressed because it doesn’t limit the attack to me, but seeks to degrade my pc’s and friends.

DM-bots have put in writing that three of my pcs have since auditing with me broken up with their long-term 2Ds.  In fact, the story of the only person whom I have audited that subsequently broke up with her 2D  sheds some light on just how depraved DM’s lies can be.  The woman came to me because her husband expressed his intention to join the ranks of Scientology haters.  On the one hand, she had already decided she’d never support DM’s horror story, and on the other she was not about to go after Scientology and LRH. Thus she came to me.  If you ask her I think you will find that she considers I lended a hand in her valient struggle to walk the LRH Code of Honor walk despite every invitation to do otherwise.  I am proud of every person who has ever had the strength and courage to hold the cans across the table from me after eschewing DM’s increasingly fascist regime.  Incidentally, I have probably saved the C of M a half dozen lawsuits from people who have sought help from me in walking on rather than walking in to DM’s GPM nightmare. In any event, I don’t use security bonds nor suggest, let alone threaten, anyone to not talk freely about their experience with me. If I commit a real overt, there is nothing preventing the victim to yell  about it from the highest hill.

I make it no secret that I audit, or help through other means, anybody who reaches. Anyone. I don’t sec check them to find out whether they are worthy of help, or may one day become a liability to me. I’ve audited  at least four extensive previous psycho-therapy/psychologist cases, at least one suicidal individual, and even some walking in with  fears in their minds whether it was safe to pick up the cans in any circumstances so deep was their anguish about their previous extensive intensives with the C of M.  I never had anyone sign a waiver, disclaimer, nor pay a single red cent  for the privilege of going in session. I’ve handled every one exactly per the statement of how I operate on the Welcome page of this blog.

It is also no secret by now that I have gotten a number of people ont0 the OT levels whom DM’s RTC has harrassed off of them through endless sec checking, security handlings, ethics handlings, and outright blackmail and extortion for never ending “donations.”  For the most part I have found they were people who just would not buckle to the machine’s bent on making people pledge allegiance to the little tyrant before being “invited” to the levels or being allowed to continue.

So, back to the curious case in Denver. Take a look at this recent article in the Denver Post detailing what is known so far about one of those people DM’s RTC has not only embraced for the levels, but who was actively auditing  OT VII under DM-bot C/Ses, http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_14251372.

 When I have stated in the past that DM’s Reverse Scientology machine is dedicated to making not only staff, but even public, in his image, I was not exaggerating or using hyperbole. Note the parallel between Mr. Fowler’s handling of his ex-employee and the way Tommy and DM handled Larry Anderson.  The guy needs to sign a gag order to get what is rightfully his?  And when he apparently objects, he is literally terminated?  Believe me, Mr. Fowler is not the only “OT” C of M public who has adopted DM’s ways in a big way.

Bottom line: My public are those who resist the DM implant. They are the ones who cannot get eligibility or who are constantly harrassed and stopped on their ways to OT. They are the ones DM’s RTC – who are  the ultimately adjudicators of who passses “go” and who goes to jail – find reprehensible. They are the rebels and artists.  Two of the three categories of beings LRH said were put on this beautiful prison planet.  The third category DM, you don’t have to worry about losing them.  They tend to steer clear of people like me,  I tend not to ask them to participate. Though, at the end of the day, if they did show up, I’d do everything in my power to help them.