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The final purges – Part One in a series

DM took out Cruise by making him in his own image

Miscavige pulled off three purges in the past couple years that included the annihilations of three critical Commanding Officers in the Scientology network: Captain Flag Service Organization Debbie Cook, President IAS Janet Light, and Commanding Officer Church of Spiritual Technology Russ Bellin. The depowering of those three terminals cleared the way for the entire Church of Scientology network to finally be converted into one, huge crush regging operation. This series begins with a little handi-work that DM performed to clear the way for his carnage. By 2004 Tom Cruise was on fire, in great case shape, and gung-ho about expanding Scientology’s reach. As such, he constituted a real threat to DM.

During mid-decade, Miscavige spent increasing amounts of time at ASI in Los Angeles. Ostensibly, it facilitated his paling around with Tom Cruise which indeed he did plenty of.  Unbeknownst to Tom, DM was very effectively taking TC out of the running too. Whether it was a warm up for the final purges or a separate objective undertaken to satisfy some other sick purpose, the fact is the techniques he used to nullify Cruise were  similar to those he used on executives internally (including Debbie Cook, Russ Bellin, and Janet Light).

Miscavige pandered to Cruise to the point of collapsing the latter’s bank by converting his Church (auditor) into his pc. Miscavige slavishly changed the Church’s entire direction on a whim in response to mere comments by Tom. Tom was concerned for having Churches around the world that were upstat enough he’d feel ok sending VIP friends to them. DM, in his inimitable Ralph Kramden evaluator-who-calls-the-first-outpoint-the situation style, abandoned the LRH St Hill size orgs strategy and diverted hundreds of millions to his new “Idle Orgs” strategy. If some remarkable event does not intervene this strategy alone will likely destroy the entire Church of Scientology network.

DM's Ralph Kramden style of evaluation sank the church

DM’s pandering turned into pimping during 04-05, literally. Miscavige directly ran missions to find a 2D for Cruise, again based on a mere comment from Tom that he’d like to have a 2D who was OT or at least a dedicated Scientologist. DM directed his missionaires Greg Wilhere and Tommy Davis to perform a series of Scientology High Crimes during those missions, acts that not only violate the most fundamental ethics principles of Scientology, but would be considered aborhent to the society at large. Those missions will be covered in a later series on this blog.  

What Miscavige did to Tom Cruise and his career was a well practiced pattern. It is an operating basis described by LRH in Science of Survival:

“From 2.0 down to 1.2, efforts to change people or dominate them are recognizable as such. From 1.2 down, all forthrightness vanishes and the most devious and insidious and complex methods are employed to nullify. The individual in this area of the Tone Scale very often has a complete belief in his or her superiority, which is a justification for using the methods he uses. Such people commonly fasten themselves on strong personalities well up the Tone Scale and then continue to assert their superiority (without ever giving, of course, any demonstration that the superiority exists) until the higher level becomes nullified. The individual in this area seeks death not only for himself and his own projects, but also for his entire environment. At this level we have murder, by slow erosion of individuals and the culture, and the actions are masked with voluminous “reasoning.” 

Miscavige nattered incessantly and viciously to Cruise about the then-leading figures in Scientology, including – but not limited to – Mike Rinder, Marc Yager, Guillaume Lesevre, Ray Mithoff, and Greg Wilhere. Miscavige did not limit his rantings to staff, he included such noteworthy public Scientologists as John Travolta and Paul Haggis (and a host of other celebrities). Miscavige inculcated Cruise with the bunker mentality that it was two big beings (DM and TC) against a world of degraded beings. While servicing every personal demand of Tom’s, DM implanted Tom with the idea that it was a matter of scientific fact that DBs automatically and reactively conspire to bring down big beings. Cruise snapped terminals with DM and became his mini-me. He began to treat his own staff much the same way Miscavige treated his.  

Cruise became power drunk, losing sight of his own goals and purposes. He explained to associates emphatically: “You don’t get it. First, there’s LRH. Then there’s COB. Then there’s me.”

His public antics were obvious dramatizations of DM’s valence.

Much like DM, he began directing manic actions with his own staff and professionals that severely undermined his credibility and power base. For example, he ordered his long-time personal assistant Michael Doven to assemble all the big shot agents at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). They were told they had to listen to a special briefing from Mike Rinder and do everything in their power (use every line they had) to help. Doven was shuddering on the way to CAA, receiving regular micro-managing calls from Cruise. Rinder briefed the CAA assembled on the South Park episode coming up and how important it was to spike it. I asked Rinder, “now let me guess Mike, all present looked at you as if you had just landed from another planet.”  Mike replied, “Mars, Marty, they looked at me like I was from freaking Mars.” 

The results of DM’s influence on Tom’s career and professional power were predictable and are now history. Once the most influential and on Source public Scientologist had been compromised and enervated, pulling off his last three purges were like child’s play for Davey.