Daily Archives: January 12, 2010


We may bend, but we can never be broken. This is no cliche as is relates to us. After weathering a month-long, intense effort to shut us down, I wondered how it was we survived stonger than ever.  It occurred to me that our resilience is inherent in our very nature. That is, we are a true group held together by an indestructible mortar called friendship. Almost a year ago I decided to post a single page website. The totality of its text is contained on the welcome page of this blog. I made the decison to do so based upon my experience of reconnecting with friends (first Mat Pesh and Amy Scobee, then Jason Beghe, then Mike Rinder and Tom Devocht, and then others). When the St Pete Times contacted me, my primary motivation for talking to them was to help friends whom I learned had suffered escalating abuses at the hands of Miscavige after my departure, Mike and Tom, and those who clearly were at the time still similarly situated. When the Times asked that I contact Mike and Tom to corroborate certain facts, I told them that for me to do so would violate our pure friendship relations – that I wasn’t so sure as a friend it would be pro-survival for them to speak to the Times – and suffer the consequences – at that time in their lives. A week later I received a call from Tom Devocht. He told me that the Times contacted him and wanted to corroborate my story. Tom told me he did so. I asked, “off the record?”  He replied, “are you kidding me Marty, ON the record.”  Mike Rinder was also located by the Times. He too cooperated to corroborate without even consulting me. Because of his particular circumstances, he initially did so off the record. But, when he learned of how unprincipled, false, and vicious DM’s response to the story was, Mike – on his own determinism – said, “I am now going ON the record.”   It has been those types of self-originated acts of care for others that have created this group. And so it has gone from the outset to the present, the entire movement has organically grown as bonds of friendship have been re-established and nurtured.

Each day we hear of selfless acts of kindness one of us does for another. Just last week when Chrissie Pearlman announced her intention to overcome suppression, instantaneously help was offered from friends in several countries.  Each step of the way it has been about theta re-uniting with theta. Remember, the components of theta are A, R and C.  ARC is love in its highest sense. What is friendship but love?  The objectives have been simple. To re-unite, rehabilitate one another, re-affirm common goals and purposes, lend a hand to re-discovered comrades, all to better accomplish the disenturbulation of theta into pure healing theta. Every time one friend does something, no matter how subtle and seemingly inconsequential, we grow and become stronger.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point contains a very interesting section on the power of horizontal organization. That is, the superior strength of bonds created amongst people who consider themselves equals as opposed to imposed, verticle bonds of hierarchcal organization structure enforcing the superiority of not necessarily superior beings.  

I think the laws of affinity explain that strength. There is a tendancy in the MEST universe for bodies to want to occupy the same space; but ultimately it is impossible for MEST to do so. Not so in the theta universe; only theta or life force can occupy the same space. It is much like  Lao Tzu’s and Sun Tzu’s descriptions of the power of water.  Much like water, theta can begin as a single body up high, effortlessly venture downward, splitting boulders, eroding land masses, dividing and conquering as it goes, then ultimately rejoining and once again settling or flowing together as in unity. One can try to divert it, capture it, alloy it and thus divide it. But, ultimately it evaporates, rises and begins the cycle anew.

 Don’t worry about disclosing a “secret.” An SP cannot even conceive of such phenomena being possible, let alone do anything effective to stop it.