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How the FSO was lost – the final purges part 2

To corrupt the Mecca DM had to take out its leader

By mid this decade, Miscavige had destroyed nearly every executive at Int, FLO, and CMO units. Meanwhile, Captain FSO Debbie Cook had gotten on DM’s good side. He had pulled her (and a number of other FSO execs and regges, including Harvey Jaques “to whip” the regges and FSMs) off of FSO production twice in order to organize two mass regging affairs (one at Maiden Voyage at Flag and another at the the main IAS event in UK) where her efforts netted over thirty million dollars in donations for IAS.

In late 05/early 06 Debbie was pulled to ASI by Miscavige. Miscavige briefed Debbie on what a bunch of incompetents and saboteurs all International base execs and staff allegedly were. Miscavige openly nattered viciously about Jenny Devocht, Angie Blankenship, Russ Bellin (those first three had pretty much been his most ‘trusted’ troika for a couple years running at that point) Guillaume Lesevre, Marc Yager, Mike Rinder and other Int and Gold execs. DM installed the Cruise everybody-is-a-db-and-out-to-get-me implant.

DM took Debbie to the Int base for the Maiden Voyage event preparations. Debbie was being touted as the new savoir of Int, shadowing him all day long on his event preparation rounds. This was an age-old Miscavige ploy for destroying people. He’d bring in outside people who were “untainted” and use their “products” to denigrate Int execs, then after a short meteoric rise, Miscavige would inevitably shoot them down in flames.

With event preps done, Miscavige then took Debbie to the ship with him and used her for a couple of his OT summit seminars. Mark Ginga Nelson was the CO CMO CW at the time and up to this point he accompanied Debbie on her DM mascot tours. But, then “he bit it” with DM; not giving him acceptable answers during his marathon hypothetical questions sessions. Poor Mark apparently did not agree with COB on a couple of things; and that was the end of him.

Debbie was sent back to the FLB to handle all building plans that Ginga Nelson allegedly sabotaged, Super Power building, Oak Cove, FH renos, etc. Before she went, for weeks DM expressed approval of everything Debbie proposed on the buildings, but not once did he officially approve anything, he never put his initials on a single csw. He ordered Debbie to become the Capt FLB. Miscavige put a tremendous amount of pressure on Debbie to find a replacement and get her Capt FSO hat turned over. Debbie started forming up an FLB org, sort of a “little satellite FOLO” is what Miscavige ordered.  Miscavige wanted Debbie on nothing but MEST upgrade; to the exclusion of FSO delivery.

Debbie became the terminal to handle the high-powered outside design firm, Gensler. Debbie chose the designer. Debbie’s plans were liked by DM. Instead of putting pedal to the metal to get them done; he did what he always does. He had a CGI special effects fly through done to show at an event to convince his public that he was really doing something.  Since Debbie was ‘doing well’ on DM’s lines, he started shoving more and more Int landlord problems (along with the ever present natter that Int staff were incapable of handling it) at her. 

DM nattered himself so far into the corner (running out of SO staff to natter about) that he set up for an outside corporation to act as project manager for the Idle Orgs program. That would be Roger Staubach’s (former Dallas Cowboy quarterback) company.  The arrangement was for Gensler to design each org and for Staubach to execute the construction and renovations.

The honeymoon started going south (as did every previous one DM ever had with a competent executive on Landlord lines – Sarah Blythe, Bitty Blythe Miscavige, Tom Devocht, et al, ad nauseum) when Debbie ran into the achilles heel of his micro-management. That is nobody could ever get any approvals from the one guy who had to approve anything. Angie Blankenship (who rose to COB project Ops early this decade) was powerless to get anything back to Debbie. She also ran into the “vaporization” problem on DM’s lines. Angie wound up vaporized, as did several Int Landlord staff during Debbie’s stint.

In early 07, Debbie went back to Int to give a tour of the Int HQ base to the Gensler people.  Debbie was just about to leave the base after having done her duty, when DM (who by then was hanging out in LA at ASI; the 70 million dollar palace on the base apparently was not good enough for him) told Debbie “wait, not so fast.”  Mr Musical Chairs issued yet a new cross order to Debbie – handle all the promo for “the basics” release.  Of course, Central Marketing had been working on it for nearly a decade and had never gotten a single approval.

When Debbie headed to CMU (Central Marketing Unit)  to pick up the pieces and save the day, she was horrified to find out DM had literally dismantled it. The promo unit she had at the FSO was a well oiled machine by comparison to what was left at Int. DM demanded images, posters, info packs, extension course packs, for every single book and lecture. The CMU, which a few short years earlier had over sixty well trained, creative and competent staff had been decimated by a series of DM purges, leaving a skeleton crew barely able to produce a single flier.

All the while Debbie was pulled into the patented DM push-pull implant. On the one hand she was being denigrated for not getting her CO FSO hat turned over, and then when she’d make any mention of progress on same, she would get blistered by DM scolding her that he never ordered her to turn her hat over. Finally, she was forced to adopt the only solution acceptable to DM; appoint thirty-year crim reg veteran Harvey Jaques to take over as CO FSO.

The die was cast. Progressively, more and more FSO staff were converted into Reges.  Executives reged. Ethics Officers reged. OSA staff reged. Ultimately, in a macabre version of reverse Scientology, Examiners reged pcs after sessions and the FSO was finally lost when Auditors, yes Auditors, began regularly reging their own pc’s.  Not for auditing, mind you, but reging their pcs for book packages for libraries and IAS slush fund donations.