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Declaration of Independence from a true friend of LRH

Anybody who has known Sarge for a while understands why I consider him a special friend.  He is the kind of person whom one just enjoys occupying the same space with. It is no wonder LRH considered him a true friend.

My name is Steve Pfauth. I’m known by many other names: Sarge, Rodney, Richard, Alan and Joe, and others. There were times when I wasn’t sure who I was. I did a lot of security/comm stuff for LRH. I am from Michigan. I was as you a seeker of truth and freedom. I went from Michigan to FCDC, where my life as a Scientologist began. I left FCDC for the SO in Nov. 75. I went to Clearwater and was a security guard for LRH at Duneden. When LRH went to California I followed and went to “W’ (winter head quarters). When that went south I went to ‘S’ (summer headquarters) Int. I then went to ‘X’ when Mike and Kima Douglas blew. LRH didn’t just like me, he trusted me. After ‘X’ closed I came back to ‘S’. It was difficult because I had to stay in comm with Pat Broeker for comm relay between Int and LRH. I suggested I leave and go anywhere that I could operate without any hassles. I then became a ‘Rover’.

I was controlled by LRH via Pat. I just had fun! Being directly on LRH’s lines was very hard but I always had fun. After lots of adventures Pat took me to the ranch at Creston. I got there in May of ’83’ to help set things up. I was those “other Scientologists” that Vaughn Young talked about. That was a way to protect me. I was at Creston when LRH dropped the bod. I signed the death cert and the last will. If you don’t believe it look it up on the web. I blew the RPF in Jan of 89. I blow good! Still blown after all these years.

My only problem was leaving my friends behind. I have never met so many wonderful people as the dedicated Scientologists I had the privilege to know. Well, here I am comming to old and new. I would like to support my friends in a mission of truth and freedom. I am not a crusader. I do have to support truth and freedom. Hell, Thats why I joined the church in the first place. I do not like all the LRH bashing. LRH was not perfect. Forget all the PR. The Tech was real and the Tech works. LRH was a genius. How did LRH audit every day without an auditor or CS? Could you do that? Please understand we need to save the Tech. Please discard all the black PR. I got so much case gain, there is no way I can bash source.

Marty and I go way back together. He is going to allow me to post stories on his site. I consider it a privilege. I am going to try to keep my ego out of it and just tell the truth, as difficult as it may be. I need to tell the truth about the last days. I am no longer connected in any way with the current Church of Scientology but I cannot abandon all of LRH’s efforts to help people and clear this planet. Till his death he lived Scientology.

Love, Sarge