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The Fall of Debbie Cook – the final purges part 3

Debbie Cook was cross ordered into oblivion by Miscavige

 By early 07 Debbie was being ferociously cross ordered by DM with “hey you” orders. Already saddled with setting up the “FLB Folo satellite offices”, directly handling the outside architect design firm for FSO and Oak Cove renos and Super Power construction, IAS crush evolutions here and there, and all marketing for the “Basics” release, DM would regularly order her into other random areas. “Comps is flapping”, he’d scream into the phone; Debbie would have to drop all she’d already been assigned and rush into unfamiliar turf. On other occasions she was ordered into video editing because event videos were “flapping.”

To top it off, DM was interspersing all this with orders to Debbie to solve the “man up of Int.”  That is right, the same “man up of Int” I spoke of in my June 21 St Pete Times interviews that led to the infamous Musical Chairs in Feb 2004. 3 ½ years later, still not done, or I should say “not allowed to be done by DM.” It was this very “man up of Int” failure that DM used as an excuse to bust his own wife and assign her to purgatory (subject of yet another upcoming series).

Throughout Debbie’s Int experience, she heard endless natter from DM about his “berthing” and how all of Int was conspiring to sabotage the construction of a seperate house for him. Debbie was shown the plans that were bouncing between DM and the Int Landlord office for the DM berthing house. The price tag: One Million Dollars. 

Debbie was subjected to DM phone calls from ASI that would regularly go on for an hour or two. One of those calls required she run around the base to handle some other flap, and invariably before a handle could be gotten on it, she’d get yanked into another “COB call” for another hour on some totally disrelated cycle.

What seemed to rattle Debbie worst was, intersperesed between all this, being forced to engage in DM’s sick tortures.  She seemed visibly upset when, for example, she had to lead dozens of former Int Execs (Holees) to the lake and conduct dunking exercises.

 At this time, the entirety of International Management was in the Hole. There was NO Int to work with or through. The entire RTC building (the 70 million dollar palace) was throughout this time – and through June 21 2009, thoroughly empty but for COB’s wing; perhaps 1/15th the total floor space of the cavernous monster.  To make things worse – DM was spending more time frolicking in LA than in his palace himself.

Ok, for those DM apologists who live in the fantasy world insisting he is not stark staring mad, please consider this. Debbie’s promo was the only thing that made it for the originally planned release of the basics at the May 9th event. Because she was the only one, and there was no actual product to show, the release had to be postponed. Ultimately, DM “busted” Debbie because he said he didn’t like the Basics promo she directed production on. Yet, the very promo Debbie got busted for producing is the same promo the little lunatic used to promote his Basics.

On DM’s orders, Debbie was carted off to the Hole. That is International Management HQ offices of CMO INT and Exec Strata Int, specifically in the WDC conference room of the two double wide trailers that constituted Int HQ offices.  By the time Debbie got there, all the windows and all the doors were barred shut. It was a literal prison.