Daily Archives: January 13, 2010

Latest OSA cyber terrorism backfires again

Thanks for the heads up to the dozens of people who forwarded me the email from an address “indychicago@hushmail.com“.  Your information in terms of routing confirmed my initial suspicions that the entire communication (the indychicago comm along with the attachment which seeks to position me with David Mayo and Bill Robertson and thus dismiss me as someone LRH would abhor) is a sloppy and glutz OSA intelligence op.  Based on a survey of a number of the addresses people received the communication at, OSA blew its cover.  Again, our lightening fast communication lines – and propensity for communicating whenever we perceive a doubt – unearthed yet another exhibit in the case of the people vs. David Miscavige. 

Several of you have asked whether I knew about the blog spot OSA constructed purportedly all about me that was linked in the indychicago message. Yes, I’ve seen it. It is fabulous advertisement for our forum. It is one of five active web sites the Church has put up about me or even purportedly by me. Since June many people have originated to me that the church has directed them to me; though not apparently intentionally.  An example, one gentleman who recently came down for auditing and brotherhood told me how he was pulled in to FSO based on a report that he had looked at “some enetheta” on the internet. After receiving a number of accusatory sec check questions about whether he’d looked at Marty Rathbun’s blog, the first thing he did  – once he was out of the clutches of the FSO  – was to search and peruse my blog. They did the same thing with the obnoxious Freedom magazine. Many people reported going to the St Pete Times site and then my blog in order to find out who Kingpin, Fact Checker, et al. were. Already today I reunited with a long lost friend who found me through the OSA Op email informing him of what a boar I am.

I think today’s lesson is, don’t be so anxious about spreading the word. DM’s minions are doing it for us. Let’s just carry on having fun.