Daily Archives: January 28, 2010

Bennetta Slaughter

A number of comments about Bennetta have been made in response to the Final Purges Part 3 post.  There are a couple of truths and near truths touched on that I can shed some light on:

a)  Lisa McPherson did wind up on DM’s lines  because of the political clout Bennetta exercised on FSO lines. Precisely how she executed that I do not know.  Tom Devocht, Don Jason, and Debbie Cook might be able to fill those details in.  But, the result was that the Mother of all Squirrels put into motion the spin Lisa never recovered from  and was prevented from recovering from (covered in posts on this blog and St Pete Times interview videos at Tampabay.com).

b)  Bennetta resisted having Lisa stay at her home for her Introspection RD. However, she did not have to fight it ultimately because the decision to bring Lisa to the FH was made by FLB RTC Reps Rikki Jensen and Angie Trent.  One factor that lead to that decision was that they were concerned Lisa was PTS to Bennetta. Another factor was that Angie wanted to closely control the cycle. Since she had been reporting on Lisa’s auditing directly to DM for several months, she knew that if she did not handle and then report DM would have had her head upon news Lisa had gone type 3.

c)  Someone noted Bennetta is probably reporting to DM on Debbie Cook and her husband by virtue of being engaged in business dealings with them. I would say that is a virtual certainty since I am privy to strong evidence that Bennetta was attempting to befriend and spy on an even higher level former SO exec than Debbie just a few short months ago.

This is all further evidence of  the frailty of DM’s crumbling kingdom. For some time it has been largely held together by mutual out ruds covering for his continuous overts.