Scientology Armageddon by Il Maestro

Fasten your safety belts.  This presentation captures the ethos and pathos of this moment in history like nothing else to date. Get this downloaded and secured in 100 countries.  I get the idea the C of M is gonna come after this with howitzers.  Il Maestro rocks the house.

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  1. This was definitely made in a brainwashing style. It is an exeggeration even if these are the experiences of someone. This does not lay down good seeds.

    Here are the wise words of a really wise man. Could be a message for both sides.

  2. Theo Sismanides

    Wow, Marty there we go! Il Maestro shows it ALL !!

  3. Easy to download using Just put the YouTube URL in the box there.


  4. Great video. DM can not denied the beatings. There are too many people saying the same thing over and over again.

  5. Thank you, Il Maestro.

    (Tommy Davis at 13:39 and again at 14:01)
    “It’s only true if you yourself observe it to be true. And that’s integrity.”

    (Marty Rathbun in his blog post yesterday)
    “… if you are going to make a decision to leave the grips of the monster, do it based on your own observations of what you witness. If you are in doubt, go look more deeply. Question authority…apply the Code of Honor and LRH’s definition of Personal Integrity. If you do so for real, I guarantee you’ll be in fat city (in a spiritual sense) from here on out.”

    Everyone must look for themselves. What do you see? What is your truth? Where is your integrity?

  6. Wow great video, really says it all.

  7. Editing is a bit over the top. But this gives a new dimension to “Greatest Hits” reels….. 😉

  8. Covers alot that’s happened in the last couple years. Sort of a highlight film.

  9. Hi Paul — any suggestions from you or others about downloading to a MAC — keepvid doesn’t work with a MAC.



  10. Overdriver — perhaps you should watch some of the videos made by “Save Tibet” — they too are very inflammatory and could be considered by some peaceful Chinese who now live (and have taken over Llhasa, for example) to be slanted and exaggerated.

    HH Dalai Lama is a very very vocal critique of the Red Chinese — watch Kundun (netflix).

    Non-violence MEANS to not HATE your abuser.

    It doesn’t mean stop pointing out the abuse.

    That is the message of non-violence and it’s a damn sight harder to do than it appears.

    Imagine someone you love with all your heart who STOPS talking to you and disappears from you, because of disconnection. See if your chest doesn’t tighten as you want to hate him. (if this is hard to imagine, then imagine someone you love, dying because of a drunk driver and see if you don’t instantly hate the drunk driver)

    Work with that feeling.

    But, would you stop exposing disconnection? (or drunk drivers?)

    Compassion can become “idiot compassion” AKA as enabling.

    Let’s not enable the abusers.


  11. I like the energy of it. The segment with the kids was strong.

  12. Whoa. This video is going viral, watch it happen.

  13. Watching Eyes

    Great Video.

    DM = As usual, psychotic
    Cruise = A lunatic
    Jason Bighe = God, you were funny.
    Marty = Keep it coming!

  14. FreeAndClearNow


  15. Overdriver,
    Yes, it is pretty hard to confront the montage video. It is sort of a 2.o (maybe slightly below, like into 1.5, but that zone anyway) depiction.

    I just read something in a Supplement to the PDC tape, 19 Jan 53, Spacation, that mentions this kind of thing.

    “Therefore you see the most confoundedly dull attacks on the subject of Dianetics or
    Scientology. You see the doggonedest things! I mean nobody could possibly think or believe those things: just nobody. There’s more
    rumors and more garbage thrown around on this line.

    “Well, the best reason is in this society today, possibly about the highest theta line that anybody is putting out rather consistently happens to be Dianetics and Scientology. It says you can have a chance to be free; it says you have a perfect right to your own sanity; it says you have a perfect right to your own life; it says you can help others to be free: it says lot of things, It says there’s some hope, there’s chance for us, and it says we might be able to do a lot of things with this. And it
    just says so consistently, and it isn’t saying anything else. By this theory, you would then expect and predict that it would just be machine-gunned from every quarter.”

    The ‘theory’ is from S.O.S. the ‘theta-MEST theory and that entheta seems to attack theta as covered in the tape: “There’s some weird attraction between entheta and theta. They seem to come together with a dull thump. Every time you put out a theta line, for some cockeyed reason below-2 will attack it madly, Either below-2 is trying to bail itself out on the strength of the entheta or thinks everything that is theta has to be entheta.”

    The lecture goes on to say:
    “Now, they say there is a method of getting around this. And that is to say, for every good fact you put out, put out a bad fact.
    That is to say, for every piece of good news, put out a piece of bad news. You know where you find yourself if you do that? You find yourself at 2.0 on the tone scale.

    “Who wants to be at 2.0? I don’t. Because those entheta facts are going to snarl up the theta facts. So can you go out on an overt line of attack against entheta and come off with clean hands? No, you can’t. What can you do with it? You ignore it. It won’t ignore you, but — what do you know — if you ignore it, it’ll disappear. And so it does. So it does. Where are the attackers of
    yesteryear? New crops come up. They go down. Too bad. It’s not serious.”

    I see the above in this video. I also see something else, rather I DON’T see something, the video is directed toward David Miscavige’s perversion of the actual tenets and truth of Dianetics and Scientology NOT LRH or Scientology.

    Unfortunately, DM has usurped the subject and daily his atrocities continue. Order must be put in on this man and his misguided supporters who themselves are led to his madness by omission and commission mutually with him. With that order going in, there will be disorder coming off.

    The thing to do is continue to put in order. You’ve added to that by reminding us of the senior data the Dalai Lama espouses. The idea is senior to force. However, to really deal with what faces us today with DM I’m afraid that one will have to have his confront up on some degree of force and the handling of energy by holding a position in space, the terminals apart and generate a flow towards the situation. All that, without losing sight of the fundamental truth that the purpose of the 3D process being run is a better 3D.

    The process began some time ago. It’s about to take a large leap forward coming next week. In that leap, it would be best to direct it to where it should go: DM.

    There may very well be some destruction before new construction takes place. Best to get to study and session and up one’s creative ability as what happens tomorrow, well, you and I make it.

    Stiff upper lip. No malice. Positive postulates.

    Il Maestro, in his way and at a tone that may very well be necessary to hit the Acceptance Level of the culture, is contributing to the rejection of the entheta of DM. Perhaps he’s gone too low on the Tone Scale, perhaps not. It will be up Scientologists to lift the 3D from whence DM has taken it when all this dust settles.

  16. Hey, which reminds me, where the hell IS David Miscavige? He’ll show his face at an Int event but won’t say word one outside of his shrinking bubble? Even Tiger Woods answered questions for five minutes.

  17. The Christians have a word for the time (7 years) prior to Armageddon: the Tribulation – a period of great suppression of “true believers” at the hands of the antichrist.

    At the (2004?) event that released the Ideal Org program dm said one thing that was, to me, the equivalent of an antichrist pronunciamento: “Everyone (on the planet) is on our org board – they just don’t know it yet.”

    There followed a great push to get all former staff recovered and the “fer us – agin us” (for us or against us) mentality started to really come out.

    This could well have been the start of our Scientology Tribulation period. We are coming close to the final confrontation (Armageddon) and that means the suppression and suffering level is going to be rachetted up to an incredible degree. Maybe not as much as the Christians expect to go through (after all, we do have more than one OT on our side), but lots of suppression.

    The key to winning the fight against evil is to be, to the greatest possible degree, the epitome of that which we are fighting for i.e. LRH.

    To that degree I’d have to say that this video is not one that LRH would approve. It is the out-of-context, sound bite edited stuff that speaks more of hatred and mutual out-ruds than the truth-ideal that LRH wanted us to achieve.

    To paraphrase Old Auditor from a recent blog, if we use our gained OT abilities in a negative or harmful way, we will lose them.

    We must stick to the high road, shine the light on the actual crimes (without embellishments), and constantly take responsibility for our own misdeeds as they occur so that we don’t slip back downwards on the spiral we’re striving so hard to climb.

    When acting or endorsing action, consider the question “What would LRH do?”

  18. Wow! perhaps this will be the only way those denying this “ever” happened will get it. It was put together with a lot of thought. I say get it all out there, it is time.

  19. And that sums it all up in a nutshell…..

    Great video.

  20. Wow!!! What is there left to say. Masterful editing job that goes to prove the datum that people accuse others of what they themselves in fact are doing. Seeing Tommy reedited in his own words claiming what you and 20+ others have been saying all along about the abuses and disconnection is quite the coup by whoever did this video.

    The icing on the cake was throwing in a few scenes at the very end from one of my favorite “out of bondage into freedom” themed flicks, the great “Shawshank Redemption”.

    Beyond all of the seeming “entheta” presented in this video, there lies a truer and deeper message that truth and freedom in the end, will always, always win out.

    So keep Hope alive! Thanks Marty for having the stones to post this on your blog. It saves you and all of us a lot of explaining.

  21. Kathy Braceland

    Whoa Nellie! That was AWESOME!

  22. Someone did a fantastic job making that video. I think all orgs and missions should play it in their lobbies and pc waiting areas.

  23. martyrathbun09

    2ndxmr, I suggest that if you use that standard day in and day to live your life, you are a slave and won’t ever realize what is attainable with Scientology.

  24. martyrathbun09

    Jim, Jason’s succinct statement of DM’s ACTUAL tone level makes the tone level appropriate IMHO.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Tom, Ask anyone who was there in 04 to pt and they’ll tell you the editing was understated.

  26. I’m no expert in cinematography but I’d call this a well deserved HOT LEAD ENEMA!

  27. In a lecture from State Of Man (I think?), LRH states that if somebody kills a baby in front of him, he would then kill that person with a blast pistol…..SLOWLY! And that’s from LRH. And he meant it. He also stated one time that there would be no limit to what he would do to a person trying to stop Scientology. (if anyone knows where that statement is, help me out here). So, you see, it’s a tough universe and only the tigers survive. And even they have a tough time of it. (paraphrasing). This video is only too steep a gradient for those who cannot stand up to true evil. Turning the other cheek will make you very sick, period. Per what me and my indie friends have experienced for decades….the video is appropriate. The only “danger” is that the church might mock up something similar against Marty, et al. But, I think we can all handle that.

  28. Jim, as usual, I feel you have the correct perception and communication on the vid, it’s message, LRH and SCN. Thank you

  29. Thought provoking

    The word that comes to mind when I saw the video was IMPACT even if the video was a little long. I loved the editing, found it creative and factual and easy to tell that it was done for emphasis.

    I think it is another example of a wake up call to those in the church.

    It hits at the tone level that many in the church have sunk to. If it doesn’t reach them it reaches their family and one way or another, it will reach them (with or without disconnection).

    I have had more communication from non-Scientology friends and family these past few weeks than I have had in the past ten years. It has been a great way to handle them and give them the correct data regarding the church vs. Scientology which keeps them from worrying, yet preserves the idea that Scientology is good.

    People are listening! Continuous use of low tone communication would be detrimental but using the tone scale to establish reality in a communication is an essential tool and is a good thing.

  30. I agree. It’s a very slick editing job and soundtrack, but as a dissem tool? Are you serious?

  31. Marty,
    I agree. Personally, I have no problem with the tone of the video as it’s apropos to the scene. I wouldn’t stand around postulating at somebody attacking physically my loved ones I’d recall all the martial arts I studiously learned all those years ago in the mountains of the east, and do what needed to be done. Bang. No hestitation.

    That’s the deal with DM. He’s an SP and daily is attacking the sanity and well being of my friends. Bang. No hesitation.

  32. Hillarious!! “You don’t know, I KNOW!!”

    I think that confirms the contagion of abberation theory!

    Nice work of art whoever created it!!


  33. Virgil Samms

    Joe, Tigers wife standing next to him weilding a 7-iron. Tigers mom standing behind him holding a hanmer. Tigers mother-in-law standing in the wings with 2 tickets to Sweden. Buick, Nike and the rest of his sponsors pulled the plug. All the above forced Tiger to get his ethics in, confess and go straight.

    If DM were in Tigers shoes, he would have: Sent his wife to the mountains in Idewild with 4 guards, beat the crap out of his mother, sent his mother-in-law back to Sweden with a note to immigration that she denounced the USA and has ties to Al-Qaeda and then would sue all of his sponsers, find the dirt on them and spend millions of dollars of the churches money attacking the sponsors until they go out of business.

    Tiger is a man who confronts his overts.

  34. Aristotle:

    “Anybody can become angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way, that is not within everybody’s power, that is not easy.”

  35. Then what DO we do?
    Is this video truly “shining a light” on the situation?

    This is the line I have trouble crossing. At what point are we doing more harm than good? Where do we stop and say,”This is pointing out DM’s suppresive personality traits, and this is where we are immulating some ourselves?

    I’m truly trying to understand.

  36. Sorry for the double post, I’d edit if I could.

    But my point goes to what was mentioned the other day, LRH in his dealing with SP’s seems to come from a position of getting SP’s off his lines. It was offensive (dead agenting) for the purpose of defending one’s self.

    The above video appears to be more offensive, for the sake of attacking an SP. Sounds like a problem to me. I understand getting the truth out, shinning light on a situation. But there’s a line being crossed here, and I’d agree with 2ndxmr, I’m not sure LRH would be down with that.

    Again, just trying to understand.

  37. Turns out to be pretty easy. Check this url:

  38. Marty,

    Although I’m sure we can agree to disagree, there is an important point I want to make fully clear.

    There are truths in the video – such as your interview clip, Amy’s, etc. – but the editing of Tommy into a fabrication making him apparently say (as a statement of truth that he was promoting) “David Miscavige beat, choked…” enters a lie into it (despite the reality of its truth, it was not what Tommy was promoting.) With that fabrication (lie) entered in, it becomes easy to discount the whole thing as ravings of liars. As a promo piece it then becomes ammunition for OSA instead of a mortar blast from us. IMHO.

  39. I watched this video aware from the start that I was watching a piece of propaganda, albeit a piece promoting a cause I support. Propaganda is nothing new. we all watch some version of it every day when we watch the news, see commercially supported t.v., see campaign ads, etc. Every scientologist has watched and read thousands of pieces of church propaganda over the years .

    And even though I knew that tommy’s words had been edited to (ironically) tell the truth about the violence and fraud within the upper management of the church, they are still impactful. Hearing tommy davis say that miscavige punched, kicked, slapped, etc., his
    junior, repeatedly, really impinged. But not as much as watching scenes from Raging Bull and Scarface, etc., inter-cut with his soundbites. Because it wasn’t until I watched the images of one man’s attempt to repeatedly overwhelm and brutalize the people around him that I started, after all this time, to get an idea of what you guys in upper management went through. My realization that I didn’t really know HOW brutal and HOW insane and HOW humiliating and painful it was for you, was a revelation.

    I thought I got it. Now I know I still don’t know how bad it was, but at least I know I don’t know.

    I hope this piece does go viral. I have no reservations anymore about it “not turning the other cheek.” If it gets only a handful more people to cognite on the reality of the situation I will consider it to be a successful piece of art.

  40. “When acting or endorsing action, consider the question “What would LRH do?”

    Objectively: he would make his own choiches. The man smoked, Is that something you would do ?

    Be free make your own choiches, be yourself and don’t be a copy.

  41. I agree maria,

    When I first heard of the violence being used against staff, I was in a state of extreme disbelief. However, when the stories were corroberated by ex high ranking execs, it was obvious that there was truth to it.

    All of us can agree that if such abuse were to happen in a private corporation, it would mean jail and civil damages. I hope the next SO member that gets a pounding from DM, 1) Hits him back, and 2) Goes legal on his ass.

    If they knew they could continue up the Bridge in the Independent Field, they would not be affraid to give up their “eternity” to do so.

    MestSavage has turned the Church into a joke and huge embarrasment. It’s time he was sent packing.


  42. Powerfully edited and presented. You can say it’s over the top or “downtone” or whatever, but, as someone who was at the Int Base up to 2005, this captures the vicious, abusive nature of the current Church of Scientology to a T. It strips away the veneer of slick PR and “expansion” and glossy events and flossy renovations and shows what’s really under the rock.

  43. Honors for this video (7)
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    I am angry
    ………. real angry…..

  44. The Honors are from YOUTUBE STATISTICS

  45. Marty,

    I’m mixed on the mash.

    Il Maestro’s video does have artistic impact, but does it really convey a message or is it just a confusing collection of sound bytes and memes?

    To me it’s the latter.

    Instead of well aimed shot directly at the target. To me it was more of a shot gun approach.

    Will OSA launch a counter attack and try to pull the video due to some contrived “copyright infringement”?

    You can pretty much count on it. Since they dramitize Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, which as we know is basically doing the same thing over again yet expecting a different result.

    However, to me this is the GPM approach, because it is reactive and as far as I’m concerned only obfuscates the message.

    Yours, Jeff’s and Steve’s blog, Amy and Marc’s books get the message across that a brutal psychopath is currently in charge of the Church of Scientology, which is the elementary *truth* that we all can agree on, with out getting into the other complexities of who or what is actually supporting him.

    To sum it up.

    I found the video entertaining and enjoyed watching it. However, I beg to differ from the posts I’ve seen regarding its general impact alone.

  46. martyrathbun09

    It is designed to get people to look and for that I think it is an A plus. Here is what we are faced with. Several DM lawyers and Tommy are harrassing the hell out of CNN aas we write. They got their \kook aid drinkers flooding CNN with emails accusing Cooper of all manner of crime AND THEY HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN WHAT HE IS PRESENTING. They buried this for seven months. Couthn them. We are no longer dealing with rational beings. We are dealing with kook aid drinking, potential Jonestownsers. This video is designed to wake their sorry heads up to get them to look. Nothing more, nothing less.

  47. martyrathbun09

    Fishdadday, amen.

  48. martyrathbun09

    truly. See note to RJ and see Fishdaddy’s comment who was there.

  49. martyrathbun09

    Cowboy, most accurate, descriptive review yet.

  50. If onley one little tid bit of this video makes 1 person wake up it is worth it.

  51. A video like this has to do with art and so quality of communication – Art actually has nothing to do with the tone level meaning that is not art because is 3.5 – 4.0 or 20.0 , is art because it communicates to the audience – IMHO it does communicate a great deal and the message is strong, is maybe needs to be rated R ……… but that’s what it is and it takes CONFRONT and this video is raising the confront of the actual scene by visualizing in an artistic fashion the cruelty and the tragedy that are actually REAL and that actually happened – words written or spoken are one things , visual is another and goes deeper and THE REAL THING is even more and to be honest how many of us that did not witness the brutality and madness that went on at INT would have really CONFRONTED it , meaning the EVIL embedded in it – I think this video is doing this : is raising the confront of EVIL.

  52. Marty, I would assume CNN is going forward in spite of any harassment, but it would be supportive perhaps if many of us emailed CNN as either independents, in transition or on the fence as applicable and informed them that we want the show to go on so that we can be informed to make our decisions.

  53. The video is a medium of communication. And I salute Il Maestro’s creativity and support his right to communicate.

    The video is certain to speak to some audiences and not others. Whether it will do more good than harm in forwarding reform and/or eliminating the abuse & illegalities, will be seen. but, I think this elephant is big enough that we just gotta keep shining lights on it from all directions, all the time.

    Each person who sees the video can decide for themselves to selectively forward it to those they think may benefit from seeing it, and not to others, as each sees fit.

    Communication isn’t one-size-fits-all (don’t tell CoS, they’re still in the dark ages doing “standard” letter-reg letters).

  54. Joe,
    He’s the quiet one in the background 😀

  55. earth mother

    I love that Muse’s song was chosen for the ending. The first time I heard that song, I thought of C of M. It has been my anthem for some time now!

  56. While this video is not entirely my ‘cup of tea’ I do think it hits the correct tone level in terms of how society feels about the church.
    It’s all right to be ‘nice’ and ‘theta’ but that will not necessarily communicate and is going to go right over a lot heads and be unreal.
    This is basic dissemination tech – matching the tone level and raising ARC.
    On a purely pan determined viewpoint (with no personal bias) it’s brilliant.

  57. Sadly, dm didn’t have to beat the crap out of his mother – just neglect her and get her to buy in to the bs that smoking doesn’t kill — it did kill her.

    As for his mother-in-law, it’s rumored (on good authority) that she killed herself while at Int.

    His wife? Good question. She’s been missing for years.

    dm isn’t your average person with a few misdeeds. He
    is truly a man without a soul.

    Now THAT is really scary, isn’t it? No conscience. Therefore no self-reflection. No remorse.


  58. I am so interested and want to support CNN so MUCH for doing this expose, that I just upgraded my very very minimum cable service to include CNN.

    They are coming out tomorrow to set it up for me.

    I wouldn’t miss the expose for anything. It’s what I’ve been hoping for for YEARS.


  59. crashing upwards

    Who was the guy in the video that said “at these prices you couldnt clear Beverly Hills”.

    What a riot. But it drives the point home that clearing the planet is a lost cause by this institution.

    I still find it hard to believe that all that violence occurs. I can understand a shove or a dope slap or 2 people getting into a confrontation over something. But if this shit really, really has and is happening, its so over -the -fucking- top to be unbelievable that ANYONE who witnessed it would hang around. But I have come to believe it is true. Its probably the ONLY, ONLY, ONLY thing that could have driven folks like Mike Rinder out of the organization. And it needs to stop. If the video contributes to that motion, let it rip.

  60. I love Film making. And this video was the worst of the worst I ever saw. Not because of the critisism, enturbulation and suppression, that`s normal here. But the editing work is obviously the work of a stupid, mental retarderd, cheap Idiot. Just like other Entheta Videos on TV. You don`t even TRY to be any other Beingness as that of an Enemy. So stop saying you`re a Scientologist. You might think you are, but now and today, you are not, if you EVER was one. I don`t think so. I think, you was a “Fake Scientologist” as long as you lived, you only did as if you were one. You can stop pretending now.

  61. Titus Andronicus


    So, Best Short at this year’s “The Other Venice Film Festival”?

  62. Yes, that’s an issue of IMPACT, the IAS never would have conceived.
    (Did not like the Kirstie Alley bashing though, found it unnecessary and humiliating.)

    What I appreciate very much are positioning pictures to all the elaborate reports of the brutality. That’s mass going even more under the skin than plain descriptions.

  63. CD,

    I think you are missing the point.

    When a real Scientologist asks themselves “what would Ron do?”. They mean some aspect of policy or tech i.e. regarding auditing a PC or PreOT or whether the propose action or directive aligns with the orgs purpose.

    Not about personal choices.

    Also regarding smoking.

    Yeah, I quit every time I put one out.

    Ya got a problem with that?

    Also I started smoking long before I found out that the Ol’man smoked Kools.

    Not my choice but he seemed to like ’em.

  64. As with any PR action, whether an attack or a defensive motion, one must consider the public to which the message is addressed.

    There are several key questions one must ask when preparing:

    What is the intended effect?

    What public is it intended to affect?

    What is the current awareness characteristic of that public?

    What message and media will bring them UP the Awareness Characteristics?

    Personally, I don’t know anyone I’d forward this too, primarily because it’s a amateurish video mash-up that creates more disdain for the creator than for the subject matter, technically.

    By contrast, the very excellent Truth Rundown interviews posted on the SP Times site are the most useful tool I’ve seen so far.

    Also, the content of the FRIENDS OF LRH web site is very excellent. I have OT VIII friends on staff who have looked at this site and had lots of cognitions!

    Anyway, whatever we do, we can’t stop fighting back against suppression.

  65. I concur Lunamoth
    If get slapped in the face I sure ain’t gonna turn my cheek so I can get another one! Noooo I learn my lesson the first time – one good counter attack and take the bully out before he does anymore damage to my face!!!! LOL

  66. Martin, speaking of soundtrack…here’s one that I could pull from the mix:

  67. I LOVED it. That deserves an Academy Award. I’m off to make some popcorn and watch it again and again and again

  68. Marty,

    Why don’t you try and get on Cooper?

  69. It certainly has a lot of impact, but for someone still in the church looking for data I believe it’s too out gradient, and would be dismissed as “entheta”. There is a lot of entheta out there, people attacking LRH and the Tech. Before finding the truth, and this site I had to do a lot of sifting (very unpleasant process to say the least). I don’t think I would have watched more than a few seconds of this video, because at first view it’s kind of implanty and “in your face”. It also sort of comes accross as as attacking Scn, not just management. That said, I can see the possibility of this hitting the reality of some, but do we want those people on our side? (Think Anonomous)
    I would have liked to see a more clearly drawn line between Scn the Church, and Scn the philosophy. Also, I agree with 2ndxmr that the edititing of Tommy’s voice to change the original content could act to discredit the validity of the other, accurate information.
    I do think this would communicate to non-Scn public, who then might want to do something about the human rights situation from a legal point of view, but it wouldn’t make them into Scientologists, quite the opposite.
    Hey, but what the hell do I know? I hate heavy rock music but it sure does communicate to a lot of people, so maybe this will too….IMPACT.

  70. This video absolutely ROCK!
    Thank you for your spot on creativity.

    I LOVE this!!!!!!!

  71. Perfect quote, Cat Daddy. It’s all about right targets. And there’s no question that DM is the right target for anger.

  72. “kook aid” ha ha stet that if that’s a typo

    I think it’s effective to “Plaform & Spotlight” (kind of like “Shock & Awe”) the outpoints.

    The video does that with editing, with the juxtaposition and illustration of atrocities. The atrocities have been headliners and media sound bytes. But when seeing illustrative footage of what it means to kick, choke, strangle, beat, hit, slap a person…especially a member of one’s own team — it makes the point crystal 3D clear.

    The point, one would think, should be enough by the plaintive accounts of whistle blowers. But for various reasons, a desensitization has occurred about physical violence (due to crappy TV IMHO but that’s a different rant) and crime. Headlines desensitive and immunize and create an almost reasonableness about it in the society at large.

    “What part of it’s not okay to hit, slap, kick, punch, choke” do you not understand?

    How ludicrously heinous is it that the Management posing as El Leader of Dianetics — a cool technology that is about de-stimulating aberration caused by engrams (moments of pain, unconsciousness) — is doing management by physical pain , threat, etc?

    This video is an effective visual aid. It assists to fathom something that is by nature (evil) “incredible.” Very well done for that level and quality of communication! (art)

    That said, I would like to have seen more distinction between Scientology the subject, and the few in Management who have hijacked it and are twisting it for other agendas.

    Anyone who has experienced Scientology itself, and can differentiate between the tool know it’s just the management. We know it isn’t “Scientology”.

    There are a lot of people still with the Managed Corporate Organization who are helping others. They are part of the bait on the Management$$ hook$$.

    Also, a lot f the public that has received the fantastic gains from the subject itself has been duped into thinking it comes with all the other brainwashing crap and Meritorious Glutamus Maximus fabrications.

    How about doing a sequel? Part 2 using the same brilliant talents that put together this video to the end of illustrating the BEHEMOTH (polar opposite) difference between Scientology and the Management.

    This could be done by inter -cutting frames of the actual Scientology source, or even Code of a Scientologist, followed by frames and takes of the hypocrisy, the polar opposite behavior by management.

    The Miscavige sanctimonious spiels ..and the testimonies of his violence. etc.

    Tommy Davis “I’m angry” “well not at you directly maybe but” — you know he’s faking the Tone Level per that drill. Posing Poser! Tommy Davis gets the Sanctimonious Indingnatius Puppetucius trophy. Very sad.

  73. Very good video – it serves the purpose of raising the confront of the viewer and truly pointing out the correct target.

  74. holy shit.

    I thought it was great.

    Well done.

  75. I just looked at this video again.

    The sequence of close ups that focus on the arrogance and lunacy are brilliant. It is so obvious. Delusional arrogance. Same valence in the various personalities throughout, including the famous trump card (not) “celebrities” .

    The video also imparts a taste the acrid flavor of attitude smack down that drips from the noses of the leaders (because they are looking at the world down their noses).

    “You’re glib, Matt (Lauer)” – Tom Cruise

    The video successfully distills that sticky gooey attitude and insincerity … it’s beyond garden variety insincerity, it’s predatory dishonesty … that permeates the hijacked $quirrel Organization, an amalgam using Scientology Tech on a hook to lure people in.

    I personally know the tech works. It’s not a belief. It’smy personal observation and experience. I respect and admire LRH, and am grateful to him. I love Scientology. I am for 100% standard.

    why? Because I know my tools.

    Simple. I would not use a butter knife to drive in a nail. Why use hand pliers to take the lugs off a tire? That’s how I view the tech. That’s what Scientology is. It’s a tool. It’s the best tool for the job of reconciling predicaments of spiritual beings in this universe. I love it.

    All that other additive crapola is fabricated nonsense.

    One of the greatest favors that could be done for people and the civilization is this realization: the distinction between Scientology and the fabricated Theta Ears Club.

  76. Luis Agostini

    Is this video mostly a reactive, hate filled act with exaggerations and alterations to create the worst viewpoint possible about Scientology and its leaders? or more of a conscious, at cause, effort to accomplish a constructive and/or enlightening goal?

    I am of the viewpoint that its creator did a pretty good artistic and dramatic job of assembling and presenting the answers to the title.

    I just would have loved the music to be less loud.

  77. Jason Beghe you rule! ❤ JB!!!

    "You're not giving me standard tech and now you want to fix it with more unstandard shit? Get the fuck out of here." JB

    LOVE THAT and I LOL because that is the simplicity o fit and what it came down to for me.

    Big ditto! and I was given no choice but to say the same thing to nonstandrad Theta Ears $hamotology management.

    ★ ★ ★ "I'm outta here until you fucking wake up" ★ ★ ★

  78. I think lots of video’s would help. They’re not all going to be exactly on target, and I don’t think this one sends a pure message and there’s too much of an alignment with tabloid Scientology and it has a slight Anonymous type flavor to it. There’s only about 30% of the comments and articles and media that I feel put forward exactly what I’d like to see but but I can’t stop others and the only alternative is rejoining with miscavige on his death march.

    I can only continue to put forward what I consider is the needed message in different ways which is that Miscavige is destroying everything and we’ve got to get together and do something about this.

    But Marty if you’re main point is that it’s good to get the word out using all means available so Scientologists eventually get lead to the correct data enabling them to do a correct analysis, then you’re probably correct. It follows Quantity quality viability and we’re lacking on quantity at this time, relative to the goal, with just a few websites and some media actions. Maybe I’m wrong but I think that’s what you’re trying to get across to people here.

    If someone is computer minded I think a good video would be a graphic presentation with moving parts showing how the basics stop auditors with LRH quotes put in, and how orgs and TM’s are now centralized under DM with the applicable LRH quote on that, and at the end show the friendsoflrh bar graphs. Something along these lines would be great.

  79. There is a lot of therapy connected to this. I have watched this several times. I enjoyed every minute of it. Jason you were great.


  80. What a fantastic video! It certainly captured a lot of what’s going on.

  81. War and Peace


    Absolutely beautifully written

    You nailed it.

    In order to bring attention to the remaining 400-500 incarcerated up there at INT BASE,
    broadcasting this kind of message, even if it a jolt, is well warranted.

  82. martyrathbun09

    Even DM is weighing in!

  83. I wouldn’t be surprised

  84. martyrathbun09

    Platone, well stated. That video captures Int and calls out those empowering it. It is ugly, it is obscene and it is violent. It is reality. It isn’t “now here’s the kid in the Gucci suit to tell us the ‘real deal’ (‘not a single such incident ever occured and we are having explosive expansion under Il Dulce’.

  85. Il Maestro,

    Are we now going to out create, on negativity?

    It’s a bit too generalized viewpoint as public see it as the general conduct of Scn/ist as a whole.

    Just fodder for stirring negative emotions using words and phrases out of context. Seems familiar.

    It seems as a step in an attempt to dead agent Marty with “see we told you Marty was way out there”.

    Don’t fall for it Marty.

    Thats the way I see it.

  86. DM is talking about himself – yeah, he just admitted his fakeness, his enemy beingness, his never a Scientologist and of course his bad video skills.

  87. The bulk of the video is fantastic — but ultimately, it does cross the line.

    I’d give it a grade of a B+, if only because of its occasional disrespect for Scientology the philosophy (and LRH) — but other than that, it’s very close to what is needed, imho.

  88. Idle Org,

    The following quote:

    “This video is only too steep a gradient for those who cannot stand up to true evil.”

    Is complete and utter BS.

    Aside from being total inval and eval reminiscent Miscavige school of “SRA tech”.

  89. That was Hollywood star Jason Beghe. That was such a spot on statement.

  90. This video perfectly captures the evil insanity of DM and the utter idiocy of TD.

    In fact, I can imagine DM and Tom Cruise sitting around and watching it and DM will be sort of thrilled because he is juxtaposed with Pacino, DeNiro and Nicholson “Wow, I really am a film star now”.

    The violence won’t bother him — in his mind he will see this as complimentary, “Yeah, they got that right, I AM a tough guy”.

    If anyone reading this thinks this is a joke, I am sorry to tell you it isnt. I have been there. So has Marty.

  91. The most telling point made in all of the posts above (paraphrased) was that if you wern’t there to experience DM’s brutality, you really have no clue – none. It’s like trying to comprehend Nazi atrocity stories. Since I wasn’t there, then this video is what is. I guess a few years Int or on the rpf, or just watching, might give me the right to an opinion to the video. But in the meantime, to quote Delmar ( from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou) “I’m with you fellers”.

    Just for background, I’ve had my own DM-sponsored SRAs, sec cks, crush regging, $ethic$ handling, and those events caused me to disconnect months before I first read a word on these boards.

    PS I really hope that CNN doesn’t cave in. What they’re doing is just so bloody important. Maybe if we emailed them with words of encouragement.

  92. I don’t understand this reply. This post by 2ndxmr seems very sane,and makes sense to me; we shouldn’t fall into the trap of hating our enemies, those in our own group, and especially those we’re trying to help, the so called “cool aid” or recently, the “kook aid drinkers” (a bit too derogatory IMO) How is 2ndxmr being a slave?

  93. Hi, Mr. Miscavige (or whichever mouthpiece is posting on his behalf)!

    I, from the lowly org board position of SHSBC Course Administrator and Tech Films I/C ASHO Foundation spotted your unholy suppressive influence on the Sea Org back in mid-1994 (although I only narrowed the location to the SP to somewhere in RTC) and confirmed my analysis with Eunice Ford (God rest her soul).

    The moment I saw your ugly scowling hateful countenance as you toured PAC Base in early 1995, I knew *** YOU *** were the evil, rotten son-of-a-bitch making us dedicated hardworking people suffer for being loyal to Ron Hubbard and not you.

    So, “Snowhite”, if you are not DM himself, you be sure and relay my comm to your wicked midget master verbatim.

    Michael “TheSneakster” Hobson
    I am *not* anonymous. I *do* forgive.
    (I may even forgive you eventually, Miscavige)

  94. Marty,

    You may have a point per HCOPL Scientology Five, Press Policies.

    It definitely covers some of the points the Ol’man lists plus that sound track by Muse is pretty betchen’.

  95. Wow, someone needs KTL.

  96. Very in-your-face and well crafted but ultimately it preaches to the choir. A Scientologist beginning to question the church and Miscavige isn’t going to be won over by this; it’s far too out-gradient.

    If I were Miscavige, I’d position Independents with anarchistic muckrakers like Anon or the crazed bigots who hate Scientology not for what Miscavige has made the church but for the “theta line”, as described above by Jim.

    It behooves us to resist the Miscavige overt/motivator sequence that leads to the below 2.0 tone band.

    He gets home court advantage down there.

  97. Snowhite makes our point, and the film’s point.

    She (he?) believes that the definition of a Scientologist is “someone who forwards the lies of command intention and who shuns the truth.”

    That’s how grossly the C of M under Mestavige has perverted the philosophy of Scientology. People like this have no clue who is a real Scientologist and who isn’t. They have no grasp of the philosophy of Scientology.

  98. RJ regarding the Video. Taste differs thank god. I think of a a certain Album.

    You smoke that is YOUR personal choiche.

    “When a real Scientologist asks themselves “what would Ron do?”. They mean some aspect of policy or tech i.e. regarding auditing a PC or PreOT or whether the propose action or directive aligns with the orgs purpose.”

    This question Scientologists asked themsself pondering if Bleu Asbestos was Bad. It was decided it was not since Ron never mentioned the stuff.

    The orgs purpose. I thought this was a Blog. Somehow I do see the poetic nature of Marty’s Blog being a digital Org of sorts.


  99. CD,

    What does the fact that Ron never mentioned any thing about “Blue Asbestos” have to do with applying policy or tech?

    Your argument as Spook would say “is illogical”.

    He also never mentioned anything about going out and banging your head against a claymore mine or looking down the barrel of a fully loaded shot gun either.

    Where does it say that everything that *isn’t* written in policy, an HCOB or Directive *must* now be condoned, even if it defies common sense?

  100. Theo Sismanides

    This is satire! It has to be exaggerated otherwise it’s not satire, it’s a documentary, and it’s not a documentary.

    After all it’s one of the very few videos, if not the only one we have with quite some aesthetic which says something in a very impinging way:

    DM is suppressive and the church is in his hands.

  101. Theo Sismanides

    Snowhite you are not in a position to judge who is a Scientologist and who is not.

    You are not even in a positioin to face us and the world with your real name. How brave for a “Scientologist”!!!

    You are below Confusion and your condition is:

    “Find Out Who You Are Working For”

    Sorry you have to figure out the Formula.

  102. Snowhite! You’re back! Missed you so much!
    Hey guys, Snowhite’s back to take some pot shots – woo hoo!
    Duck season, Wabbit season, Duck season, Wabbit season 😀

  103. Sam ,

    …the one with the “Mona Lisa smile while everybody around goes up in smoke”?

    Well, the Mona Lisa smile is not quite that but for the rest even more so.

  104. Thank you Mike for weighing in. Couldn’t think of a better “authorization” if there would be the necessity for it at all.

    Thank you for your stand!!!

  105. The video was an interesting and pretty comprehensive compilation of videos that have popped up on youtube for the last 2 years.

    I wish that they hadn’t dubbed and edited the audio to have Tommy Davis saying things he didn’t actually say. That was a childish thing to do and very “Anonymous” in mentality and immaturity.

    I believe that it could have been as good or better without having done that.

  106. No hesitation. Agreed.

    The thing is, are we on Source? Well, we’re not crazy. Times must change. And change is coming!

    Those crazy fucks not changing, better wake up.

    The Tom Cruises movie ‘A Few Good Men’ was on TV again;

    Go recollect Tommy Boy.

    You lived this; You studied for it; You became a “Lawyer” preparing for the part of it!!

    If you don’t live up to this, one time advice here; I’m going to drag your ass into Court.

    Mr. Cruise. Your about to go down with the “Ship”.

    Mark my words. Tom Cruise is not with us, and Katie better alert Him. Because she is one hell of a Being!! That man has nothing on her, but a …. well, let say. A Heart for the best of us and every one.

    And so does he. Keep it straight.

    I can’t say, it’s Bank talk. You don’t talk “Bank” in the face of War.

    Save it to say; Your Duty. Tom Cruise has a public Trust. To make his name good.

    Well, let just save it to the Legal Department.

    The Man will be put on Post. Be sure of it.

    I love the Law.

    Get antiquated with it.

    Boy, sorry Marty, let many of us discover that link and get lost in that link, it will change Our World.

  107. Unity Mitford

    Point of contention. Jonestown used “Flavour-Aide” laced with cyanide, NOT kool-aid. Flavor-Aide was a kool-aid knock off popular in the UK/Europe and filtered down to their colonies.

    For people who got very up in arms about the cult label as it relates to Scientology for so long it surprises me how you throw around Jonestown references at times. I’d like to point out that most people did not willing “drink the kool-aid” – many were run down, stabbed with syringes full of the stuff, guns were held to people’s heads to force them to drink it. Then count the 287 children who died, or those held drugged in the infirmary – no choice there either. Jonestown certainly had some willing suicides – but far more murders than suicides. Many people just gave up when poison was forced down their children’s throats – they didn’t see the point in living without them so then they themselves stopped fighting and drank the poison. Jones had a method to his madness – he required the children be poisoned first – he knew that would break the will of the parents – and chain reactions followed.

    I know a few of you hear watched a few TV doc on Jonestown, but I truly urge to read the books out there that really tackle the subject. I assure you will find similarities between DM and Jones, but it will also make you think twice before throwing around some of the popular myths that surround Jonestown – just like it angered you when people threw around certain misconceptions about Scientology.

    Marty with your interest in Black History I would highly suggest you read the books that explore how Jones corrupted and used what he learned in the black churches – People’s Temple and Black Religion in America is particularly good. He basically developed his methods from Father Divine and then used them for nefarious purposes – specifically targeting the black population due to their status as a minority seeking equality and justice. Most of the victims at Jonestown were African-Americans, a fact that seem to escape a lot of people because the media will focus on the stories of a few attractive middle-class white kids .

  108. Ponderously too.

  109. Sam,
    Umm, ‘cut’, it’s ‘Rabbit’. OK, take two, ‘action’.

  110. Wow, this is a great piece. It captures the shock value of what has been going on. It is raw, unexpected, gruesome. It is all those things that one experienced when it happened to them -either on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd flows.

  111. Okay I was off topic RJ

    “To that degree I’d have to say that this video is not one that LRH would approve. It is the out-of-context, sound bite edited stuff that speaks more of hatred and mutual out-ruds than the truth-ideal that LRH wanted us to achieve.”

    The video is an artists impression conveying a message of abuse.

    To ask in this case “what would LRH do” leaves you geussing and leads to nothing or at best an interpretation of what LRH might have done.

    You are yourself and you have your own creativity.

  112. Of all the videos out there this one really caught me eye immediately and Im so glad you posted it here Marty.

    PS “Snowwhite” is hilarious. Is he on loan from Religious Freedom Watch ?

  113. War and Peace


    You are an embarrassment.
    You embarrass yourself.


    How I can make a fool of myself.

  114. I totally agree with you CD!


  115. Freedom Fighter

    “You’re not giving me standard tech and now you want to fix it with more unstandard shit? Get the fuck out of here.” JB

    I know!! I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard that! LOVED IT!! Totally indicated to me. Wish I’d thought to say that on more than one occasion.

  116. Dear Jim
    Thank you for your detailed explanation.
    I do not want to invalidate anyone’s experiences. As an “artpiece” it is totally fine if it wants to express the situation and the state of mind of someone. Maybe the situation is that “far”. I do not know as I did not experience myself. I just want to point out that I was not able to watch it to the end cause it seemed so hypnotic I did not want to watch. When you deal with arts and want to express something which is really disgusting, you do not get into that so deeply as the art piece itself will be rejected by the audience. Although the art piece can be greatly constructed. This is just an advice and my viewpoint and thanks for Marty that he gets this viewpoint through into this blog 🙂 This is freedom of speech 🙂
    The other point is being correct and use appropriate methods.
    Once again. This is just a viewpoint and I do not necessary think there are not other factors involved in the above which I can’t see right now.

  117. Unity,
    I also have had a big disagreement with this “kool aid” term. I didn’t even realize it was referring to Jonestown until recently,I just thought it sounded too insulting to those friends of mine still in the church who are themselves not bad, but in their own misguided way think they are being loyal to LRH. When I realized recently that “kool aid” referred to Jonestown I was kind of shocked. At best it is even more insulting to those in the church we are trying to help, but even worse it positions our cause with a horrible and entheta incident. I wouldn’t want those in the church looking for answers to be thrown off of all the truth to be found here by an initial impression of they themselves being invalidated and linked to the horrible disaster of Jonestown.
    Although there are certainly horrible things happening in the chuch, I don’t think conjuring up the Jonestown images, or insulting those in the church who really are basically still “our group” is the way to do it. I think there is enough data now out on the net, and here on this site to convince anyone who’s really looking.

  118. Sure, it is hard to watch, it is revolting and disgusting in its violence. It is low-toned, it is a communication about acts at that level. How would that come across at 3.0? Not so bad. The first step you take in dealing with an SP is to confront the evil of that SP. Hitler and his minions incarcerated and killed millions of innocent men, women and children, he separated them first. It took the world an awfully long time to confront the evil of Hitler’s Regime, simply because it was too evil to confront so there could not be belief, there was rejection. I rejected that evilness for many years, justified its manifestations that were in my face on many occassions. And, I wasn’t even close to his sphere of influence except a handful of times, just a recipient of it down the lines for the most part. However, I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG. There are lots of indicators about the wrongnesses. It all comes down to confront of evil. Confront it and handle it or don’t confront it and become part of it. Those are the only choices open to a Scientologist today.
    That is a very hard and sad statement for me to make about my church, however, it is a fact. Confront the evil. It is the only way out of this mess.

    Thank you Marty for providing this venue to do that.


  119. Veritas
    That is a good idea to have a “counter” vid that would show the correct side of Scientology. I like that.

    I still am of the view that Il Maestro’s vid is necessary to up the confront of evil. It’s not perfect, but it is his “stepping up” to be counted and “Do Something About It”. Besides, it will make dm go nuts and cause some to reconsider. That’s the best part about it, IMHO… 🙂

  120. snowhite
    ACK! Do you still live in LaLa Land?
    Try the kool-aid, I hear it helps.
    If you want to know who I am, just ask.

  121. It’s a shame that we don’t have video or photos of the insane, sad, ugly, suppressive practices that have gone on behind “closed doors.”
    People being assaulted, running around trees in the desert heat, having nothing to eat but beans and rice for long periods of time, sleep deprived, over worked staff and, of course, what goes on in the RPF. I could go on but you get the picture. It wasn’t until the photos and video images were shown to the world that anyone had a clear idea of what happened in the concentration camps under Hitler. Only then was the world truly horrified. Only then……

  122. BC,

    Actually “kool-aid” can have a dual meaning.

    As in CIA approved LSD laced kool-aid distributed by Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters in the “Electric Kool-aid Acid Test”.

    Covered in Tom Wolfe’s book:

  123. I originally took it to mean, “something that appears to be colorful and tasty with no content (nutritional value) whatsoever”, but the church has come to be a lot worse than that; destructive in every sense. No one talks too much about the out tech, and what that can do…not only the sec checks, but messing with this Tech, which is so powerful it can free us, well on the other hand it can also spin one in horribly and create illness and death when misapplied. I’m still trying do dig myself out, spiritually yes, but mainly physically at this point. I don’t really know who’s gonna win right now, me or my case. If I lose I guess I’ll be checking back next L/T to see how ya’ll did while I was away. I think those on this site mean ‘kool aid” as in “death”. Not pretty. That’s the reality, but I’d still like to get a better term, something a bit more upbeat. I’ll see if I can think one up, and suggest it, but I have to admit, “kool aid drinkers” is pretty darn catchy.

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