DM has a PI agency out contacting my pcs and pre-OTs. The PIs want to know whether I practice Scientology.  I tried to call the fellows. When they did not answer, I left a message that I heard they were looking for me and of course received no return call.  Since you have apparently hired losers with your own cowardly traits, here in open letter form, I’ll answer your question DM: Yes, I minister Scientology to members of the faith who have been denied that right by you and your minions.  Denied that right by being ostracized, declared and disconnected from family and friends for questioning your counter policies. Denied that right by your implementing a shoddy and destructive substitute which is becoming widely known as Miscavology,  or Black Dianetics. Denied that right by your insistence on mis-using Scientology to enforce loyalty to you above the Source and Founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.  I specialize in helping mend the broken wings of people that you have mangled directly and indirectly. I try to re-acquaint people to L. Ron Hubbard and his philosophy and technology and use those in whatever way I can to help them get along better in life.  Any other questions?

246 responses to “Scientology

  1. Virgil Samms

    Mr. Miscaviage, I have not been audited by Mr. Ratyhbun, but I will attest that under his leadership I have experienced more Scientology than under your leadership.

    I stand firm with Marty.

  2. Well, I haven’t received on the meter ministerings from Marty, but was relieved when I found him and his blog because of the safety. I left the S.O. because I knew it was off the rails. I left even though I thought it was spiritual suicide. But lo and behold: here we are. Strong, thinking, like-minded, determined and ethical. LRH said Flourish and Prosper. And so we will. And yes, it will include spiritual healing in whatever form it takes.

  3. When will we be done with this absurd little man and his “friends” who have hijacked our Religion?

    Marty, the intention here is obvious and it should be circled in red.

    Their purpose is to prevent auditing and case gain. Just like any garden variety SP.

    Don’t be intimidated.

    You have the First Amendment of the Constitution, which by the way doesn’t mention anything about copyrights or trademarks.

    Plus you have me and other like minded individuals who will jump to your defense.

  4. Come on Marty! This is too funny, don’t you think? If they are contacting your PCs and Pre-OTs, then they KNOW you are delivering Scientology or some form of it. One thing I’m sure of is that you nor anyone you minister to would be in the least bit intimidated by someone coming around asking stupid questions..right?

  5. DM and minions,

    I’m Ronald Ramirez and I use and administer Scientology too! I’m exercising my freedom of religion as protected under the Constitution and as encouraged in the Creed of the Church of Scientology.

  6. Great post Marty, responding the little midget’s concern!

    Yes, little Dave, Marty is the best auditor, he has repaired all the damages you and your stupid made-up sec checks, missed F/N, etc… did on us (my family and my selectees). That is right, I am successfully pulling my selectees and friends out of your trap and finally getting them up the Bridge to Freedom exactly as LRH intended.
    Dave, soon you have to hire thousands of PIs to call thousands of those who are leaving your jail (church of Mestology). You will be broke, so don’t bother.

  7. Unlike dm and the pi’s he sends sniffing around, you, Marty, can operate openly and without the need to hide your actions or true intentions. You are a free man. You have true friends, purpose in life, the respect of those who know you, a wife who loves you, the ability to really help others, and your own integrity.

    david miscavige covets what you have.

  8. A Private Investigator is interrogating people about their spiritual practices and who is counseling them?

    In the U.S.A. (and anywhere in the free world) is this legal?

    My reply to anyone asking me such a thing would be:

    1) who wants to know?
    2) What’s your name/phone number?
    3) Can I help you find a decent job?
    4) cease and desist harassment and violating my rights

    and possibly 5) and what do you most enjoy, ice cream or nachos? 😉

    It would also be nice to have a photo as a souvenir.

    *I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that my welfare and that the welfare of people and the general public is NOT the foremost intention of the Managed Organizations calling themselves the Church of Scientology. *

    The antithesis of spiritual succor: spiritual sucker.

    Gorge-eous Orgs, you do not own my soul. I am MY business, not YOUR busine$$.

    There is a WHOLE WORLD to help out here, Church. from the looks of it you could use a lot of help getting the job done.

  9. lowprofileforthemoment

    Nice post and I really hope Tom Cruise has a chance to read it.

    Have been reading for days with many searches all over the web. Learned much.
    Is there an email to contact you directly or a phone number where I might give you a call?
    Clear, LII, and more. Teck is out, I agree. Last service, 2005….not good. Tried, unsuccessfully to get onto my upper levels but refused to run, uncharged items in my last auditing. Standard teck seem to be something impossible to find in the current auditing offerings at CoS. Very certain on my decision.

    As a professional sales person I was offended, disgusted and repulsed by the ridiculous hard sell that started with the congresses, GAT, the basics, etc. When the non-stop phone calls for the new “basics” hit, I literally got mad and knew something was wrong. Calls on my cell, my business line and at home. My thought, “On, my bridge now includes getting forced to purchase a product I don’t want, don’t agree with and don’t need, that invalidates every cog I have every had reading LRH? Realized something was wrong and discussed it with my FSM. Then, wondered? LRH’s death? Quentin’s death?
    Why did Jason Beigh blow? Did not make sense…saw him at CC and he was enthusiastic.
    Went into shock the first, second and third day of reading and now…getting wins, getting the truth. Returning SCN mail, refused. Made my statement tonight to the AOLA reg’s callin assistant that got me on the phone, just before I left work.
    I said, “I am done and do not intend to do further services at the CoS, please remove my name from CF, adressso, and my phone numbers from all callin lists and hung up. She was breathless, minimally.
    I would like to scream from the highest hills, but until I take care of a couple cycles, cannot hit that road quite yet. Fascinating, shocking, heartbreaking. My heart bleeds for the hardworking, dedicated, SO guys trapped at Gold, particularly for Heber and Gilda. I loved them from the old CC. I want to help them, now.
    DM needs to be crushed like a cockroach. Right from the PAB’s on the aberrated personality..if I remember correctly.
    I could use a review, but love what I do and have wins daily working…no case on post here but ultimately may need to take a trip to Texas and get all straight.
    Please send me an email, so that I may contact you, if you are so inclined.

  10. War and Peace

    Heading towards the eve of the CNN broadcast, and powerless to stop it, DM’s missed witholds are in full blown restimulation.

    What will CNN broadcast ? What will the audiences think ? What will Government agencies think ? What will Law Enforcement think ? What will the FBI and IRS think ?

    When DM’s missed witholds are restimulated, he lashes out with the wild animal reaction he is all too famous for ~~ with bullying, with intimidation, with threatening and scare tactics.

    But we are in 2010 and the internet broadcasts it all at the speed of light.

    DM has obsessive/compulsive disorder and Attention Fixation on Marty. There is a auditing process for that….

    Marty, you have so very many true friends. Only one small fraction actually post on this blog, but your friends are here to cover any situation.

    You are a Man of Destiny !

  11. Because of the internet, the legacy of David Miscavige will be a lesson for Scientologists the world over and throughout all future track, to never, ever, EVER make the mistake of letting an angry, violent man single-handedly run the religion again. We’ve all been pretty gullible but those days are over. In a way, David, you are guaranteeing that the true religion will re-establish, reform, get on the straight and narrow and HELP PEOPLE for the rest of time. So….thank you, sir!!! I’d love to see what would happen if you tried to punch Marty these days, you little twerp. Okay, so…I’m a man. What can I say. A little violence, properly directed…….well, never fear to hurt another in a just cause.

  12. Now, THAT is a stupid question.

    A much more better answer to: Is Marty delivering Scientology? would be:

    He is not.
    He is delivering a mix of Psychiatry and Yoga learned on his long daily free time as a long term Sea Org member.

    They should have asked me.
    I would rapidly tell them THE secret answer for a few hundred greens.

    Look what your donations buy!
    A thousand dollars stupid question.

  13. Well, somebody better be delivering Scientology these days!

    The Church of Miscavige has been delivering a corrupted version for the past 15 years and the stats bear that out.

    It is truly ironic that the once mighty C of S has to go to the field to see what correctly delivered Scientology can do.

    The only way they will ever see daylight is if they start working up from Confusion and do it on all dynamics. Their continued misapplication of conditions is going to screw them into the ground.

    There will be nothing left except a smoking hole in the dirt, with shouts and screams drifting up out of it.

  14. The spirit of all of this actually excites me. Tech trained people practicing Scientology completely under their own determinism without any outside ‘management’. That is kick ass! Go Marty!
    PS: I’m another ex-staffer.

  15. What is the fuckwit moron midget going to do?

    Declare you guilty of practicing Scientology?

    Isn’t that a *suppressive act* per Offenses and Penalties ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  16. CofM and specially David Miscarriage CREATES you, and we are happy for that.

    You shall know them by their overts and withholds=stupidity.

  17. Yor open letter applies to myself as well, just in case little David had any doubts. And boy does that work! Just like Clockwork!

  18. Fellow Traveller

    Oh, they are fishing for copyright or trademark violations. Violations of what we can only guess as we’d need a definition of terms here.

  19. Theo Sismanides

    To: David Miscavige:

    As TU Dir in the S.O. I was thrown off post and persecuted for insisting on the application of the Translations Series HCOBs which have never been cancelled, along with LRH EDs for EU.

    No one has provided me with any HCOBs cancelling those. Nevertheless I was persecuted for insisting on Standard Tech and for not applying your off Source Program on translations in the years 1999-2000. I hear that there is still no Class VI course translated and delivered not even in Italian and people have been stopped on training for years.

    Instead you spend the parishioners money on PI’s to do witch hunting. You should have spent that money on professional translators of the caliber of the United Nations as LRH says in those HCOBs. You should pay that money retaining such translators. That’s per uncancelled policy of LRH which you have been violating to the detriment of 3 non english speaking contintents across the planet. Europe, Asia, Africa with the hundreds of their languages.

    This is where the money should go, not to Ideal Orgs buildings and PI’s. It should go to having the correct technology in most of the languages of this planet. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and exactly as per what LRH says it should be done.

    You have, and still to PT, are committing a HUGE Crime against Humanity and non english speaking people by not releasing the tech after 30 or so years in their languages. How incompetent can you be?

    But now we know you are not incompetent, you simply want more money and power. You have your plans on how to go about things. Not necessarily the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, but who cares?

    Guess, what! We care.

    I am holding you responsible for the NO dissemination of Scientology because of lack of materials around the planet and for not applying the specific LRH policies on translations.

    This is a HUGE Crime.

    I have also witnessed coerced abortions on fellow Sea Org members. I have witnessed other off policy practices and programs under your auspicies, GAT, New Era of Mgmt, No Super Power in Saint Hills since the ’90s, as it should be, many, many, many.

    You declared me and my wife suppressives when we didn’t yield to your off practices and whims.

    10 years ago that this happened I was alone. I was screaming and shouting at the CLO EU for someone to listen.

    Well now I am not alone. So the “blind” can see, and guess what, they could always see what is what and are leaving YOU now.

    You think Scientology is your toy and that we would vanish? Well, we have the right to practice Scientology whenever and wherever we want. And we are many now. And you gave us that right since you apply your own stuff. Your impossible Ego and astounding stubborness and insistence on hunting down well intentioned people has become your trap. You cannot hold that position anymore because it is endangering Scientology.

    So we are bypassing you. It’s not just our right and privilege, it’s also our Dury by our Sea Org contracts, which say: to put ethics in on this planet and the Universe. It doesn’t say under the church of whatever or whoever.

    I am so relieved and had case gain since Marty Rathbun came along and said and did what he did. Under you I spinned and if it wasn’t for Marty I would have spinned more. I can attest that to court. You want us to go crazy but we have enough theta endowement, here.

    We are Unmockable.

    So, that’s it. Function monitors Stucture if you can ever, ever duplicate anything of the Basics, which you violate constantly and has made Scientology look so shallow and superficial as your fanfares at local events on planet Earth.

    You are accused of not being able to maintain the Sea Org 3 feet behind the Planet’s Head and for this you should step down.

    We are bypassing you and putting in Ethics on You, David Miscavige because obviously nobody else can do it for you. I wouldn’t expect that you would ever collaborate with those who would offer a helping hand, you have proven that and you remind me of that wounded animal which bites when someone extends a helping hand.

    And yes I am applying also Scientology and giving materials to people and telling them to go get them for free and get Scientology sessions here in Greece and talking to every person I know about what is happening in the church.

    Any problem with that?

  20. From the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, webbed here:

    “Article 18.
    Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. ”

    Case closed.

    Kim Baker

  21. Bravo Marty.

    dm practices only reverse Scientology and squirrel scientology, which is why so many people have washed up DEAD on the shores of his deserted islands of insanity. I was moving up the Bridge until I went to Int. Between 1984 and 1986 in the Sea Org I completed OT II, III and IV. Then I went uplines. Result: nothing happened for the next 16 years. In the last year or two before I left, came the icing on the cake: As a result of dm’s “executive C/Sing” (a serious crime per LRH) and “blanket C/Sing” (also totally in violation of LRH policy) I was start over at the bottom of the Bridge and repeat rundowns I’d already done with excellent results. I was forced to remain on the Purif for 6 months, 5 hours a day = out tech. Then forget the fact that I was Clear and had fantastic gains on the OT levels, which I did thoroughly, I was restarted on NED. Why? Because I would not follow DM’s off policy, out tech, and out ethics orders. His conclusions: I must have not “gotten” Scientology. Now he’s running the same wrong Whys on all of Scientology. I resigned from the Church due to being threatened with the physical violence, and as a result was declared as a “suppressive person.”
    I got all that cleaned up with Marty, got my Bridge sorted out, and got moving on OT V. As a result, I am flying. At Int, I was dying. DM: the contempt I feel for you is best described by LRH as the contempt individuals feel toward implanters who have implanted them.

    Hey, ex-Int base staff: Did you ever get the “silent treatment” from dm? Where he just glares at you hatefully and says nothing for a painful stretch? What was that? I’ll tell you: That was an implant of silence. DM was actually applying an HCOB… in reverse as per usual! Read the HCOB where LRH describes the various kinds of implants. The little _____ (fill in your favorite curse) dishes out implants to staff. He’s an implanter.

  22. My guess is that they were trying to find somebody who was practicing Scientology.

  23. Marty, you brought a smile to my face this morning.

  24. Dear Marty,
    I read your blog every day,
    but there are a few things I think I should say.
    We need to continue to follow the LRH way,
    until we can once again regain our spirit of play.
    So please listen to what I have to say,
    that eventually everything will be OK,
    so lets mock up our own reality, write our own blogs, put on our clogs,
    I will always speak what I have to say,
    I live by the bay,
    I’m happy and gay,
    I listen to the Fray,
    I ride in the back seat and occasionally enjoy a piece of hay,
    Though we’re all try find where to lay,
    Never underestimate the power of a,
    Hip Hip Hurray!
    One watched by night,
    One watched by day,
    If you get confused,
    Listen to the music play,
    So I can pray:

  25. Mr Miscavige……Your staff at every echelon are PTS and therefore unable to deliver Standard Tech. Please report to MOQ Jim Logan and minimally w/c M2 the HCOB that says:


    And as I am more technically qualified than you, please report back with a DONE with evidence attached stating that you have now cognited that you are:


    TM: 24 hours

  26. Marty

    My support is to YOU and all like-minded individuals and groups.

    Call it “Scientology” or call it other name, you are helping your fellow beings whether by auditing or by speaking out or by advice.

    You make a difference. You stand tall. Keep it up!

    P.S. I will give NO support to Miscavige and CoM in any way, shape or form.

  27. I am proud to call Marty my auditor. But he only became such AFTER I realized I was never going back to a church micro mis-managed, run into the ditch and turned into a sham by you Miscavige; AFTER I determined never to leave myself open to such abuse ever again; AFTER I concluded that Churches of Scientology no longer delivered Scientology, they give out something else entirely and at a cost, in terms of damage done, too high for anyone to pay.

    And for the record: Marty is good, oh so very good.

  28. Watching Eyes

    note to DM: Ever hear of the book by Malcolm Gladwell called The Tipping Point? No, you probably haven’t.

    The “tipping point” is a sociological term referring to the moment an idea, behavior or trend reaches the point of no return. It’s when the momentum has reached critical mass and spreads like a virus. In other words, it’s the point of no return.

    Guess what pal? That point has been reached. You can hire every PI in the world and it won’t make any difference. You can make threats, attempts at intimidation etc and it will no longer work. The tide has turned against the out-tech and abuses. Do you get it now? The tide has turned against you. You, the big bully with the big stick are being laughed at & rendered effect and you can’t stop it. Take that!

    The tipping point has been reached.

  29. Hmm. Maybe it’s not DM. Who would want to know if you are actually practicing Scientology?

    Perhaps some disgruntled celebs …

  30. I read this the other day:
    “Note: Processes and procedures can only be protected under patent laws and only for a limited number of years. This is to make it financially attractive to do research and develop new technology. Under patent law protection it is possible to get a reasonable return on inventions. Inventions, processes and procedures cannot, even under the stricter patent laws, be held proprietary forever. When the patent runs out they are fair game. But no such patents have ever been sought or existed for the present materials.”

    Those ‘materials’ are some of the materials of Scientology.

    So, what is DM going to do, sue for ‘practicing without a license’.

    It is far more likely that he’s going to put together another lame ‘expose’ of an Independent that returned to the fold. Full of balderdash and wotnasquibble (coined term for, well, read one of these things and you’ll get it).

    There is one fact that has come to be in all of this that is incontrovertible and irreversible; the cat is out of the bag. All those years of pushing out materials. What the hell did they think was going to happen?

    DM, the monopoly is broken. It’s over. The cure is widely disseminated and you are no longer needed for a license to survive. Your imprimatur on who does the Bridge only exists in your li’l fortress. Which fortress doesn’t offer protection from theta.

  31. Now that’s some damned important information they’re gathering up.

    Knock, knock…
    “We’re from the FBI and we have a few questions we’d like to ask you. ”

    “Ah, oh…okay.”

    “To your knowledge, did Mr. Rathbun practice Scientology on you?”

    “Well, I er…ah…well, yes, I believe he did. At least it feels like it…I feel pretty good.”

    “The facts, Mame, just the facts. Please only answer the question with a yes or a no–no comments.”


    “Was he breathing when he did this?”

    “Well, yes, yes, I believe he was. Say, what’s this all about?”

    “Thank you, Mame, that will be all for now.”

    What’s next? A cushy government job and the SEIU union for the PIs? Sounds like the same kind of “production” using other people’s money to me.
    (And damned scary too–no doubt, I’ll likely have nightmares over this tonight!)

  32. OK! Alright! I admit it! I’m practicing Scientology without a license!

    From the banal to the utter stupidity. Give me a freaking break!

    I’m thinking of taking up being a PI for a career. Seems like really easy money.

    DM – If you got questions (of ANY of us), grow a pair and ask yourself.

  33. DM I hope you’re reading this because I personally have had enough of your pathetic antics (not because they are particularly effective anymore but just because you’re childish behavior is Dev-T for those of us who are trying to get the show on the road – a cur dog yapping at our heels).
    Where are you? What noble bullshit justifications do you have for hiding behind a bunch of frightened ‘Sea Org Members’? (if one could call them that – the real crew members jumped ship for LRH a long time ago).
    I’m sure you have it all perfectly explained with your insane Delusions of Grandeur – the all important General who sits back while he sends his troops out onto the battle field to die for his petty cause?
    A bully is a bully by any other name. You are hiding behind those you have needled and whined into fighting your fights for you, a yellow bellied coward through and through. Those you control may be afraid of you but you know that we aren’t don’t you?
    BOO! did we scare you? We haven’t even gotten started yet.

  34. Marty,

    Thanks so much for your courage and persistence.

    Thanks to others who’ve posted above, including Sam, for your usual correct indications; Bob, for your poetry and pride in yourself; and lowprofileforthemoment – for your declaration of freedom, and doesn’t it feel good!

    Thanks to everyone working before and behind the curtain to bring these walls down. We don’t all agree here on all points all the time, but we are united that we will not tolerate the CoS status quo.

    Thank you for all for talking and listening with love to your friends and family.

    Thank you all for being free and showing those who aren’t how free people behave.

    Heeeeeere’s CHANGE!

    Just Me

  35. lowforthemoment: There are several of us from the old CC who loved Yvonne, Heber and Gelda.

    Some of us are openly independent … like the brave soul she always was — sherrymk — others like me, WH, are not yet open, although I’ve been out since 1993.

    Just wait — there will be other old timers showing up!!

    Soon we’ll have a CC party — old timers and newer ones – let’s keep that in mind for the summer!

    A trip to Texas to see Marty would be awesome! He’s the real deal.


  36. Oh, but of course he KNOWS you are practicing Scientology. Dev-T.

  37. Yes he is! Although it’s not a difficult equation really: about $5000 for intensive of DM-ordered sec checking vs. a few hundred bucks for standard scientology. Um… let me think now….. tricky…….

  38. Marty,
    I am a VERY happy PC in this WW Group DN Session you are running. I am having wins on all flows, cognitions innumerable, disseminate your blog like mad and meanwhile successfully, having wins on that lines, too, witness the wins others have while reading your blog and join and participate in that Group session….

    And to you, Mr. Miscavige,

    while having studied the respective reference over and over again, I can attest to receiving Standard Group Dianetics from Marty every day since three months in a row.

  39. I don’t really understand DM’s obsession with “Scientology”. It is clear from the record that he has no idea what it is, how it works, and what it’s goals and ideals truly are, either for individuals or for groups.

    His playbook is described in detail here:

    Read that short article. Then you will realize that 2 of the most overused “thought stopping cliches” in that totalitarian group are:

    “What are your crimes?” and
    “It’s your eternity…”

    Well, LRH made it clear that the point where a being goes mad is the point that they try to STOP things….. 🙂

    Flourish and Prosper.

  40. It’s very simple, Marty. They are trying to find people who actually know how to audit and train with the correct technology so they can stop scratching their heads.

  41. Lopro they already know who you are from the details you gave or they will soon. Put your name on the Indy 500 if you’ve gotten enough certainty that it’s the right thing to do, and only after that point of course, because we need the help right now, not big enough yet to make some major moves.

    I recommend Silvia’s radio interview on KSW radio, and Trey’s. Also and read this whole blog. OSA’s not messing with anyone except if you’re a big name. Hell they tried to make friends with me, and otherwise leave me alone. The crimes are too exposed and verified for them to openly outreach and have a rational conversation.

  42. PI’s are still nosing around here too. They offered to send someone out to talk to “the family” since I must be a lunatic.

  43. Rory Medford

    Great Post!!! Tx Marty

  44. How’s this for serendipitous study today:
    “And instead of sitting around and worrying about whether or not the HAS (Hubbard Association of Scientologists) is going by the boards or whether or not it’s legally executed or something of the sort, your group has something to do, and that’s get clear.”
    LRH lecture, 21 Jan 53, Supplement to the PDC, GITA (Give and Take, Step IV).

  45. Awesome lowprofile!!!


  46. Dear Tom,

    I mentioned this earlier — on a different thread.

    dm isn’t obsessed with ANYONE except Marty. Really, he’s not going to other pcs in the independent field who have different auditors.

    Just Marty.

    Leading me to wonder — hmmm — seems like “hell hath no rath like a woman scorned!!” —

    Could it be? — is it true? — dm is suffering from a broken heart as he’s always been SECRETLY IN LOVE with Marty.

    No WONDER he won’t get a session.

    Wow — I think I’ve figured it all out.

    Just a terrible case — of heart break.

    And now that Marty has remarried a beautiful woman — that must make dm completely CRAZY. (err… crazier)

    Yup — I think the penny finally dropped. 🙂


  47. LowProfile,

    Well done on your journey so far – it’s something, huh? I got every word and felt the same. I can tell you, after just a 3 weeks after stepping off the high cliff with my very public announcement (here) I can hardly remember why I thought there might be any reason not to.

    Having to declare and put “independent” in front of Scientologist is odd, since an independent nature is what brings us to the subject, and seeking more independence is what keeps us coming for more of the philosophy and tech. I now realize I’ve always been an independent Scientologist and it’s that fact that helped me stay awake even as I struggled to “do the bridge” in current corporate CoS. You stayed away, too. So, you’re already an independent. Might as well just fess up, you’re with the best of the best.

  48. Idle Org,


  49. Marty, that does not work this way.
    He considers you to be an opposition terminal.
    The „game“ started as a GPM and playing the oppterm does not handle.
    Since start of that game many of us had been made to be in opposition.
    Every week since spring 84 many had been declared sp or sent to RPF if
    SO member or to DPF if normal staff. Not to mention the lower condition
    The HCO board had been full of all that Ethics Orders.
    Then I came in as Ethics Officer.
    I did not send a single staff to RPF or DPF. I did not issue one SP declare.
    I did not throw out a single staff.
    I had many orders from my seniors or SO mssns to do so, as soandso should
    be disaffected, connected to enemies, be duped and so on and so on.
    I did not follow that orders and had been able to stay on post until end of 1984.
    After that time early 1985 the name of the game was, that „we had applied too heavy ethics“ and
    things changed.
    This I could manage as a little Org ethics officer.
    Basically applying the GPM tech to the situation.
    The difficult part of that is that much energy might flow into your direction.
    But if you are strong enough you can blow the terminal.
    Usually that person goes off lines through getting sick, changing post or
    simply disappear.
    If you are not willing to do so you loose.
    The „here I am shoot me if you can“ is brave but does not handle the situation.
    Sorry to say, for whatever reason you started the game. Now you have to go trough to the win or loose. I did loose in 1985. I wish you that you win.

  50. To DM and his cronies,

    Your intimidation tactics (including the pathetic prank phone calls to myself in the middle of the night, or your unsuccessful attempts to smear my reputation to my friends) will not work on Marty, myself or the many others practicing LRH standard tech in the exponentially growing (think explosive expansion Tommy) field.

    Thanks to your brutal overruns, robotic training of auditors and invalidation of gains through mis-metering and plain villainy, there is an ever growing demand for real auditing that people got into Scientology for.

    Ironically, they have to leave the church to get it.

    John Nunez

  51. Theo,

    Or, to quote Jason Beghe, DM: “Get the f*ck outta here!”

  52. What a hoot! DM grow a pair? Woot!

  53. DM reminds me of the wife beater. When his wife gets fed up with the abuse, leaves. Then the wife beater says ” If I can’t have you nobody will!!” And the wife beater get violent with anyone associating with his ex-wife.. Same type of pattern.

    On another note, I think it is good pushing to the forefront the legality of applying Scientology outside the “official” church.

    Obviously a person can read DMSMH and audit someone and the CofM cannot say anything about that. Freedom of religion.

    So I also think you could apply the grades technology on the same basis.

    I don’t know if charging money for auditing outside the church would be illegal or not.
    Same with training.

    I would love it if the Independents could charge money for training and auditing legally. Maybe it IS legal. I just don’t know and getting it out into the open like this could be a great thing to get the independent movement out of the shadows.

    I don’t feel Marty is in the shadows. He is way too open to be in the shadows.

    But the freezone has seemed to me to be a bit in hiding. Why would that group have to hide if it wasn’t doing anything illegal?

    It is possible that they are not doing anything illegal but fear DM’s bullying tactics and suppression.

    Since there is freedom of religion in the USA, I wonder if we could start a “Reformed Church of Scientology”? I think that would be cool.

    How can you have freedom of religion if the word Scientology is copyrighted? Or if you say that nobody outside the CofM can call themselves a Scientologist?

    It is either a buisness or a free religion. You can’t have your cake and eat it too DM!! Why don’t YOU go defficate into a plastic bag.


  54. ROTFLMAO!!

  55. Well, too bad there aren’t any around David Miscavige any more.

    Michael A. Hobson

  56. DM says to the mirror: What does Marty have that I don’t have? I know, I’ll get PIs to find out….

    PIs to DM: Marty has Scientology.

    (dumb ass)

  57. Thanks, Marty, you’ve put the wind under my wings again today!

  58. Thank you Marty for this post!
    You have fully my support on this.

    You were the only one that truly helped me to start digging myself out from the reverse Scientology I got from Flag, CCint, Frank Zurn and my ex 2D.
    Thanks God we have you!!

  59. I can just see the judge’s face when the goons present him with a request for an injunction for a person to stop practicing their religion.
    Not only would that be bad for their tax exemption, it would also attract a huge amount of press which would just fuel the fire.
    Sounds like it’s more an effort to intimidate.

  60. Thank the gods there are people around the world who are Keeping Scientology Working! Auditing and training is our only hope.

    The Orgs we spent our entire lifetime building (I’ve been working at it for 41 years, personally) have been destroyed by DM.

    It is our DUTY to apply Scientology. If you are trained, and audited (I am OT VII and highly trained in admin) we can salvage this situation and Keep Scientology Working!

    Thank you Marty, and everyone else out there who is doing the job.

  61. Amen

  62. i just love it what’s happening here !
    great stuff, just continue all of you.
    My dreams that I’d as a youth (15 years old), are getting rehabilitated.
    I dare to dream again that we all can go back home, after all those trillions of years !
    Thanks guys !
    People are awakening
    Life is beautiful !

    Have a nice day


  63. WH, I was on the east coast, a little kid growing up in the mid-70s. And yet, getting CC and Advance mags (via parents) … I felt like I was part of the CC rennaisance that was going on under Yvonne and Heber across the country. My heart strings were pulled when we lost Yvonne. I had hopes for Heber taking the reigns in the 80s … but the Machiavelian microbrain had other plans ….

  64. PI’s…? Marty says right here on this site that he’s auditing people…say what?
    I guess this is an attempt to build some sort of case against Marty… does this have any validity? I mean, Marty CAN do this legally, right?

  65. They’ve apparently been looking inside the Church of Miscavige for the last 15 years without any luck. 🙂

  66. LOL. Maybe some of the high-roller CoM’ers are scouting around for those practicing real Scientology. They heard it might actually exist outside the CoM. 🙂

  67. Jim, My guess is that DM is trying to re-do what he sees as a “successful action” from the 80s. Problem is, the comm lines of the world have become wide open since then. And there is no turning back.

    Vaughn Young thought that the Internet was Scientology’s waterloo. I disagree. I don’t think he looked out far enough.

    The Internet is simply speeding up a process that took other religions several centuries to accomplish. With Scientology (and the Internet), a reform might only take years — a couple-few decades perhaps. And it started fifteen years ago.

  68. One more pair of broken wings on the mend. Makes me so happy 🙂

  69. DM to PIs: “Huh? you spoke to the PCs?… They’re saying that Scientology actually works?… What does that mean?… I’m confused!

  70. Hello Marty, I believe DM is committing another Finance irregularities by hiring this PI agency to do the job. I wandering under what status this money will be show on paper by the Church if the IRS would do an invest?

  71. Theo Sismanides

    Hi War and Peace, hi guys, I just have a question about CNN program. Is this going to be on computer or is this the normal program broadcast by CNN on TV as we do get CNN here in Greece for some years now. I would like to know if we just turn on the TV and watch it or it’s going to be broadcast on the internet as more and more TV channels do.

    Sorry, might be a stupid question but I wanted to clarify how we can watch it and what time is it going to be.

    Thanks a lot!

  72. A few observations …

    First, Marty was brilliant by bringing this whole thing to the Press as one of his first steps, as now, the Press is all over it. (This was not the case with Mayo 25 years ago [outside the CoS], and therefore, he did not receive broad non-Scn support — and was therefore more easily pushed into the sidelines.)

    Second, the fact that Marty and Mike were very visible (namely and respectively “audited celebrities/2nd in command” and “official Church spokesman”) makes their access to the Press and their credibility in the eyes of the Press much greater. This was something that DID exist 30 years ago to some degree; however today, the Press is actually listening (because of Scientology’s higher profile). And with the Internet, there is much broader and more visible support from the general public.

    Third, the more celebrities and OLs who join the Independent movement, the better. It was a celebrity (mostly Tom Cruise) who raised Scientology’s profile and frankly, put the word/religion “Scientology” on the map in the eyes of the Press. Therefore, having more OLs and celebrities join with the Independents, the more potential Press we receive.

    Fourth, Marty, Mike and many others who are now Independents, were on the other side of the table in the 80s — so they have the adantage of knowing how Miscavige (and lawyers) think and will likely attempt to play this out. It gives Marty and Mike an unprecedented advantage in strategy building.

    With all that said … I can’t wait for the CNN series next week (my tivo is locked and loaded), and I can’t wait to see how the rest of 2010 unfolds.

    p.s. I’ve started getting auditing in the Independent field recently, and it’s the first time I’ve actually felt comfortable as a PC since at least the early 80s.

  73. LRH says that fascism and socialism are down tone.

    As a parallel, DM says you will do it my way, and if you do not like it, you can either get more sec checks until we spin you, and if you dont like that, you can leave and never talk to your friends and family again. And if you go independent, we will harrass you and your auditors, etc. etc.

    The independent field says, come here, if you want, and we will give you LRH. If you don’t like it, hey, no problem. Go forth and we part as friends. In fact, go to the Church if you wish, and if you can, win at it. No problem.

    One approach is steeped in control, threats, intimidation, punishment, etc. Does that remind you of socialism? It should. For socialism says you MUST play and either pay, or you go to jail. And if you don’t come along quietly and resist too much, we will KILL you.

    The other approach says you have a right to do as you wish short of harming others. You can avail yourself of the tech of Scn with a practitioner of your choice. If you are winning, then you are most likely getting 100% Standard LRH. No force, no threats, a purely voluntary basis with willing parties. They can part at anytime without any repercusions.

    Now, I submit to you, which path would you chose?

    I think the choice is clear, unless you are unable or unwilling to think for yourself.

    Centurion (Give me liberty of give me death. I’ll come back anyway)

  74. Marty you are awesome! You have done more for mankind than the COM could ever do.

    DM take two midol and go to bed. You whiney little girl.


  75. RIGHT ON!

  76. Shame on you Marty! Practicing Scientology to actually make people better?? (This is just too funny….)

  77. I see the tactic here as simply an attempt by DM to put fear into pc’s and pre-OT’s looking for real help, which, for the most part is only available outside the actual church. The hope is probably that the pc’s and pre-OT’s, upon being confronted by PI’s or whomever DM has on the payroll (said payroll created by us!), will cave and repent or spread the word that it’s dangerous to seek out Marty or anybody operating in the independent zone. Every time Marty brings these things to our attention, it is an opportunity for us to have KRC for the situation and quickly spread the word. I hope we are all flowing power to Marty by doing so.

  78. After visiting with a FreeZone Class VIII trained by LRH, I had a good realization of where the CoM is at, and where it is headed.

    The new “basics” are so quickied, no one can “use” them to apply tech because they are not tech. I fear the same for the 9o’s versions of the OEC books and Tech Vols. This would explain why things have been steadily declining since they came out. And when the basics came out, for the ump-teenth time, people were able to see the alter-isness for themselves and are now RUNNING away.

    When I first found the site, I was hesitant to let fly all the bullets at CoS beacuse of damage done to the name of Scientology.

    I’m over it now.

    The tech works, and we can call it anything we want, it’s still the Tech. Scientology can crash and burn, and it will under DM’s spiril of doom. People just need to keep shining the light on the truth of what is going on.

    I’m serious, we’ve all been declared. What the hell else is he gonna do? Hire hitmen? For what, auditing people? talking smack about DM on the internet? making up stupid videos that poke every button DM has?

    Nah. I’m over him, CoS, drama and all of it. What I plan to do is get my own two feet on the bridge, ethics in, clear some words, and get the truth out to friends. Let the chips fall where they may.

  79. Whoaaaa, I felt that punch loud and clear!!! Yea up your arse DM and your changeling like minded PI’s!

  80. Marty, Ole Sarge is back. Anything you need
    from me just ask. I got your back. Not for money, but for Love. I love you man. Sargio

  81. beebercat,
    I think you are able to answer your own question but let me throw something out there to consider. Let’s say DM’s data says a person is practicing Scientology without HIS license. He gets his lawyers to write some letters threatening to sue. He follows up with a suit, which actually makes it to court. Imagine the scene presented when the person sued says something on the order of , ‘but Your Honor, DM isn’t practicing Scientology’ and lays out the whole deal of the corruption, violence, inurement to DM and all the departures from the ideal that exist.

    What happens when CST, the ones supposed to police DM, don’t jump in the fray? What happens when the court asks ‘who is CST and what are they supposed to be doing?’

    How does he manage to successfully carry out any suit under the present circumstances that doesn’t open the can of worms for any and all to see since he can’t very well hide a suit he started from the rest of the Scn public?

    Aside from all the above, it is well worn legal data that Scn is broadly published, the books have the processes, and it’s impossible to say now, ‘whoa, we meant to just have them dumped in the trash when we donated them to libraries, not that anybody could actually use the stuff as LRH intended’.

    As Mike Hobson pointed up, imagine DM suing someone for the practice of Standard Tech. How does he actually do this? Edith Vien’s case was yesteryear, different situation, different case, no precedent, no win for DM today.

    Imagine how many expert witnesses could give evidence of DM’s squirrelling of Scientology. Since it would be a ‘marks’ case, well, the Federal Trade Commission would be interested in the integrity of the marks too (which the Congress Clause in the Constitution provides an opening for their interest.)

    If you still need this SP’s license to survive, you aren’t there yet. Keep going, it’s a piece of freedom you’ll relish and want to pass on.

    Fuck DM. He’s got no power. Zero.

  82. martyrathbun09

    Sargio, I just emailed you my old partner and mentor. Please get back to me today on it.

  83. For the general edification on ‘trademark’ and religion:

    Download as well the article linked in the above and the encyclopdia reference.

  84. Just keep documenting and exposing. When a PI comes, ask him inside, excuse yourself for a moment and return with a camera and snap a few pictures or capture some video. Get records of all he says and does. Record him fleeing the premises–or call the cops when he assaults you to grab the recording. Serve the PI some cake and coffee and call someone over as a witness. Put them on the defensive. The more documentation gathered the easier thwarting the lies becomes. Document, document, document. Criminals hate exposure.

  85. Thought provoking

    Low Profile,

    Glad you have joined us! It is quite a theta group!

  86. Excellent Jim Logan.

    Jerome Nathanson:

    “We believe that an ethical faith need not, and indeed cannot, be grounded in any one way. It is not that we are indifferent to questions about the ultimate nature and meaning of things. Far from it. It is that we believe the universe far too vast to be comprehended in its inner-most core or in its totality by any one person or by all people together. It is that we believe there is room for a great many differing interpretations of everything that is, and still may be. It is that we believe the justification of any religious faith, including an ethical faith, is not to be found in its grounding (important as this is for each of us individually), but in its consequences.”

  87. Yeah!! LOL! Love it!! Right on!!

    ★ “You’re not giving me standard tech and now you want to fix it with more unstandard shit? Get the f*ck out of here!” -Jason Beghe ★

  88. War and Peace

    Theo ~~
    CNN International will be the station you will need to check for listings starting Monday 29th.
    If you miss seeing it live on TV, rest assured it will be up on YOU TUBE within hours.

    All the shows will be on You Tube and possibly Vimeo. I am sure this site (Marty’s Blog) will post the links.

  89. That was easy. Now the hard question:

    Is David Miscavige applying any Scientology?

  90. Things that seemed very solid and serious are suddenly hilarious; aches and pressures lift and the physical relief unsquashed face; being right there ☼ with not even the slightest via; peace and quiet in my space, no mind chatter; release of the true causes under physical manifestations; integrated more than ever with own and theta universe; joy; more of me to love and wonder; people bursting into smiles spontaneously within 100 ft. of my space (visibily) and more … I could go on.

    Thank you, Marty Rathbun!

    Thank you for giving me back Scientology. Thank you for applying ethics and Scientology to life and to your community, to our community. This Earth.

    I could talk about it in terms of saving my life and isn’t that what the activity is? We are not talking about a monopoly on Twinkies, for Theta’s sake, man – we are talking about offering relief and fixing the grief of eons!! There is no good reason, not one, not even half a reason to not have and deliver that RIGHT NOW.

    DM Gorge-eous Orgs are stopping, hindering, denigrating, twisting, putting unattainable hoops and obstacles to the very thing he purports to uphold.

    No despicable adjective describes the heinousness of this.

    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Do not mess with this, with Marty, with auditors, with good staff, with beings, with my friends … it is not a good idea to do so, DM or anyone. You missed the revolution. It’s over. It happened the minute of the cog in each respective person (the many many many people who left) that YOU, DM and Fancy Buildings, are not the TECH and you are not LRH.

  91. Speaking for girls everywhere, I take exception to that characterization.

  92. Theo Sismanides

    “Which fortress doesn’t offer protection from theta”.

    Quite something, Jim, quite something!!!

    Actually, you said it in an awesome way!


    · 36 Status Upgrades to Acknowledge

    · The Suzuki Swift

    · Great Entertainment and Skits by Sydney Staff and others

    · Fantastic Food

    · AND an absolutely fabulous presentation from uplines JUST FOR Sydney Staff and Field! It is so fantastic and secret that is all I can say, I don’t even know what it is but you have to be there for it!!!

    The Details:

    When: 7pm

    Where: Sydney Org

    Cost: $30 for food and entertainment.

    Dress: Come dressed as a builder,

    renovator or handyman

  94. Note: the should have been Commerce Clause, providing the authority of Congress.

  95. Theo Sismanides

    Jim, something else, too. If someone gets sued for practising Scientology (being attacked by the church) he can sue for fraud. Actually we have all been victims of fraud here, so we better get together and have that suit ready for DM.

    Fraud, promising Scientology and delivery Mestology.

    That’s fraud, not to mention all the losses we had and the gains we could have and lost for all those years, believing we were given Scientology, the way it ought to be.

  96. Good stuff and stop on regarding how management controls the SO and org staff. The thought-terminating cliches that always bothered me were “other fish to fry”, “off-purpose”, etc. Meaning that brought you happiness in your life that didn’t line up with what some CMO/Exec/Program/ETC was asking you do, was unacceptable and you could be in lower conditions/PTS/SP if you didn’t drop it. And no argument was possible.

  97. Nice post Margaret!


  98. Hi Jim, I’m not sure I worded my post correctly; the ” say what” was supposed to be a lighthearted joke, directed at Miscavige for being so stupid as to hire someone to find out what’s in writing on Marty’s site. I didn’t mean to imply anyone should be in fear. I’m here! I’m with you guys all the way!
    Your excellent analysis of the legal aspect of Independent Auditing, and the informative link are exactly what I was hoping to get posted here. Thanks very much.

  99. I just got this quote from one of the thousand CofM mailing lists I have tried unsuccessfully to unregister. It’s quite amusing and ironic, considering who sent it, whom it describes and whom it was intended to describe.

    “Most people go through life not only not recognizing their aberrations or their beingness, but thinking that everything they do is right and everything everybody else does is completely wrong.

    “Now, the one peculiar thing which distinguishes a Scientologist from people, the one little thing—the one little thing that distinguishes it—is frankly after somebody has studied Scientology, had some processing, and so forth, no matter how mad he gets, no matter how upset he gets, no matter how sick he gets, he never quite loses this little tiny bit of realization that he’s doing something peculiar and something a bit aberrated and that something is happening here that he has something to do with. You got it? He just never quite loses that point of cause.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard

    Excerpted from the lecture The Point Where the PC Begins to Get Clear delivered on 1 September 1962.

    As I read it, two questions answered themselves for the millionth time.

    Is DM a Scientologist?

    Is Marty a Scientologist?

    Me thinks the answers are crystal clear. You need to be blind not to see it.

    my $.02

  100. I just posted the following comment under Marty’s Post “I’m No Angel”. I’m pasting it here because it was a few days ago, and I think it’s relevant to this topic. Why? because at the coRE of this topic is ONE THING: The *betrayal* of the C o S leader toward his public and his staff by the constant campaign of actions, words, and accusations that We Are Evil and doing wrong.

    after all the mea culpa, mea culpa, mea massima culpa (Catholic prayer saying “My fault, my fault, my fault to the max…”) there just may be *another WHY* in the room.


    Marty posted “I’m no angel.” My comment:

    I disagree!! AUDITORS are ANGELS!

    Anyone who listens to and holds the anguished tears of humankind, without judgment only with knowing, is an Angel.

    Angels get a bad rap. They don’t sit around and strum harps all day (well, maybe a few do;)

    Angels are the only ones who dare to tread and dive into the most gruesome fires of hell — and they have known their own hells.

    Only Angels know holy wrath. Only angels have made mistakes so gruesome because they have DARED TO LIVE in all manner of universes.

    Only Angels cry over their own imperfections, and know their own wrongs.

    Only Angels know Duty — and carry on despite their own varying limitations.

    AND Devils….are usually angels in disguise;-)

    So….I’m here to save the reputation of Angels!! ANGELS ARE NO “GOODY TWO SHOES”!! 🙂

    The whole “be good” business is a little absurd. Why? Because to BE GOOD one has to postulate he/she was BAD in the first place.

    Oh how funny it all is sometimes.

    But I bet I’ve outdid anyone on being BAD! lol Anyone want to take that bet?;)


  101. P.S. That said, I dare anyone to inspect my ethics! xoxoxo!!! WOOOOO I love LIFE!

  102. martyrathbun09

    V, Thanks to LRH.

  103. It’s time for me to speak up.

    Why not? – Sooner or later OSA will get the data. The faster they get it the faster the wheel turns.

    Yes, I’m afraid. I’ve always been afraid of labels and names. Since childhood. Didn’t like it. Up to tears and running away to my mother to calm me down. Well, that’s me. Me who suffered through too much “scientific” labeling and diagnosing – to finally say NO MORE!

    Did you notice how many labels from scientology and scientologists one can get (and by that get inrtoverted)? – SP! PTS! DB! Withholdy! Nattery! 1.1! Abberated! Motivatorish! Crim! Glib! Disaffected??? (Psychotic?! NoCaseGain?! Missed Withhold? – they won’t tell you upfront but they think it to themselves and you FEEL something unkind about you is going on in their minds).
    Diagnoses, is that I call it – since medicos do the same sometimes – if they are not going to cure you. They just give you diagnosis. “Cancer!”

    Great thread to see more of the ways how scientologists label each other and those not happy with them is there:

    There are many “diagnoses ” (labels, names calling) scientologists resort to to get you “back on the rails”.

    Well, I’ve gone through too many “self-diagnoses” with and after being a Scientologist/SO member to have it in my mind any longer. I’m done!

    There’s NO power of “LRH’s sacred scriptures” and his followers “telling you the truth” over me. NO MORE!


    My name is Vadim Dolgov. I’m Russian. I am in Moscow, Russia and teach Russians English language.
    (I guess reading up to this point, OSA and IJC will hurry to find my affidavit in their files and make me pay to the church $50,000. Well, guys, I’ll tell you what! Eat shit and die! I won’t pay you a cent. Never! Sue me 🙂 )

    Back to the story:
    I was in SO from 1994 tilll 2003. In USA from June 1997. Last half a year in PAC RPF.
    Before RPF was MEAM I/C (who doesn’t know it’s Metropolitan Equipment Acquisition Mission set up by LRH to get equipment and supplies from Hollywood to Int base).
    On that post I replaced Cleve Carlson (I’m still looking up to him – he’s the greatest person I’ve met in my life) who was removed in, I think, 2000 when was asked by some executive about “How was the event?” and told honestly what he thought. For two months after that he was on OSA lines under pressure to confess in his “crimes”… At that tme I took over his post. He was to never come back to those lines (Jody Carlson, his wife, who was in CMO (RAV – Ron’s Audio-Visials Divison of CMO Gold)) “landed” in MEAM at some point near that time. She became my junior (after being my top senior, whom I had to say, “Yes, sir!” – and no other answer was expected).

    Well, here I am.

    I’m not even there – amongst you in US. I’m in Russia.
    But – I’d better be here alone than surrounded by those who don’t see any farther than “Hubbard says…”

    P.S. Sorry for my poor English is so. 😦

  104. Dear COB;

    I have not received any Scientology auditing from Marty Rathbun as of this writing.

    In the sprit of “no witholds”, I need to tell you Sir, I plan to fly to Texas and receive standard tech Scientology auditing from Marty Rathbun in the near future.

    I want you to know that your organization world wide does not provide standard tech auditing. This is why I need to go to Texas to visit Marty, who does offer what I need and want.

    Before I foget, I also want you to know I plan to go to Los Angeles so Trey Lotz can audit me on the L11, L10 & L12.

    You know my address and phone number, so please have your PI’s stop by so we can talk.
    If they call in advance I’ll have coffee and Krispy Cream doughnuts on the kitchen table.

    Welcome “Low Profile”. This is the place where your profile will expand and “Move on up a little Higher”.

    LP, Back in the day, I first walked into C.C. in 1969. Used to spend a lot of time with Yvonne in her office and party with Heber in Malibu.

    You have found your group.

    Damn, I love the feeling of freedom in the morning.

  105. Thought provoking

    Marty, you are setting such a good example for us all!

    You are a perfect example of applying the Code of Honor to life!


  106. Vadim, Your English is excellent! Welcome to the Independents!

  107. Jack,

    That’s some serious “field trips” and livin’ to do you’ve got planned there.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    Just Me

  108. Sheesh, can’t people be allowed to practice their faith without interference?

    This is like some of the stuff that went on in the late medieval era.

  109. Vadim
    You are very much here in spirit. Welcome.

  110. V,
    Boooo-yeeeeaaahhh!!!! That was spectacular.

  111. Jack,
    Were you at a party at a beach house in Malibu in ’69 with the staff of CC? I think the house was owned by a guy named Carl or Craig.

    We DID have fun at CC back then. Yvonne and Heber were great!


  112. First let me state I have never been a member of the CoS and been in the Freezone for about 6 months.

    Great Post Marty and I am very moved by the support and feeling of family here on this blog.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to be a new Scientologist and be a part of all you old-timers out there who have such a wealth of history and knowledge. Thank you for taking a stand against the controllers and being willing to stand up for truth.


  113. Вадим, приветствую! Юр Английский отличный! Welcome, Vadim. Your English is excellent.

    Calling people names is evaluation and invalidation, and it is gross out Tech, an arbitrary (Произвольные!) It hurts terribly, and the modus operandi that is used by current management to intentionally introvert people to control them is the exact opposite of Scientology purpose.

    Thank you for sharing your story. You made me laugh with your courage, and also heart break from what goes on. < / 3

  114. ♥ ✩LRH✩ ♥

  115. Awesome, Vadim! Welcome and thanks for speaking up. thanks for being there and being here with us. You are not alone.

  116. Hi JoAnna. The Controllers… oooohhhh, I like that.

    Welcome to the playground, this has certainly been a fun day to be here! Glad you joined us.

  117. Marta, This is an excellent point you make
    “Having to declare and put “independent” in front of Scientologist is odd, since an independent nature is what brings us to the subject, and seeking more independence is what keeps us coming for more of the philosophy and tech. “

  118. PlanetaryClearing

    Good job Marty

  119. Very Well Done! It’s starting to feel safe again.

  120. Sam, LOLOL!!! That is funny and probably true lol!!

  121. Good catch, Lunamoth! 🙂 Calling someone a girl is a compliment.

    a puffed up wimperschnickel (new word means just what it sounds like)

  122. Yes Deirdre, the next thing DM is going to try is “the rack”!! 🙂

  123. I said the exact same thing to myself when I saw that quote today. In fact I sent it to Marty by email and said – this quote proves DM is not a Scientologist.

  124. 🙂 !!

  125. lunamoth I do believe you are right DM could never live up to being a girl!


  126. Does blowing of mass and F/N vgi’s on the 3-D count as results of practicing Scn?

    Marty’s guilt of running my 3-D engrams!

    And without a C/S!

    MY GOD!!!!

  127. “The work was free keep it so.” LRH

  128. Three cheers!

  129. I am thinking about everyone here, seekers of truth everywhere, my friends, the roads we’ve traveled, what we’ve endured, all for experience, for a game, and it would all mean nothing without Love and camaraderie and being able to find our way back Home, so to my friends, to all true, to LRH… ♥ & thank you ∞

  130. Come on guys & gals.

    Miscavige is either a girl or a eunuch, since he doesn’t have any balls.

  131. Vadim,

    Welcome to your true group of friends. You are definitely not lonely. You have thousands of real people all around the world who love you and are with you in spirit.

    Thank you of being part of this evolution and revolution. We are winning with you in the group.

    Marty, you must be so proud of yourself for creating such an amazing space and freedom of speech for all of us. The numbers of people commenting on your blog are increasing daily.

    Thank you my theta friend for all your are doing for us, your group.

  132. RJ, a girl is not just “someone without balls.”

    Sheeeesh. Evolve already you old dinosaur.

  133. Connected,

    Miscavige works for the IRS as Chairman of the Church Tax Compliance Committee.

    In other words. He’s just another “Tax crud”.

  134. Margaret

    Thank you! (СПАСИБО! 🙂 )

    One of the reasons why I said about myself is that I don’t want to be like “member of Anonymous” … because I DO have identity and don’t want to hide it behind the creen of internet.
    In my 2 months reading and watching of “behind the scenes”, I’ve come to realise tw things:
    1) the Truth has never BELONGED to someone (it’s etiher in the air or none)
    2) I’d rather be among 5% of people who think for themselves than be in the crowd of 95% – sheeply “all-potent spiritual beings” who are told what to think “for themselves”.

    I like this song. It tells good words.

    Written by Black

    (begin fair use 😉 )

    “Here I go
    Out to sea again
    The sunshine fills my hair
    And dreams hang in the air
    Gulls in the sky
    And in my blue eye
    You know it feels unfair
    There’s magic everywhere

    Look at me standing
    Here on my own again
    Up straight in the sunshine

    No need to run and hide
    It’s a wonderful, wonderful life
    No need to laugh and cry
    It’s a wonderful, wonderful life

  135. Concerned Citizen

    For the record, there is a VAST VAST difference between imperfectly delivered Scientology and suppresively delivered Scientology.

    I could have easily gone through the whole grade chart with the imperfect student auditing of students and interns as i made great strides, though there were a fair amount of errors in C/Sing and auditing procedures. That auditing was for me, and it resulted in great great wins.

    When auditing began to be delivered suppressively thought, that was a whole different story, surprisingly even the technically correct procedure resulted in a debacle, and it has a lot to do with this gross misuse of the tech. So yeah kind of tricky isn’t it? Do I want to survive or do I want to remain in the church of suppression?

  136. Isn’t it interesting how much more afraid DM is of Marty than he is of all the anti-Scientologists put together?

  137. What a good point. The running of the 3D engram is one of the most powerful things going on around here. And by me, that’s Scientology. 🙂

  138. JoAnna,

    Welcome! You will have no trouble fitting into this group. A thirst for truth, freedom, personal expansion and the enhancement of mankind is all you need, and clearly you have that. It’s gratifying to have a Scientologist who originated in the Freezone join us.

    There’s also help here for any question you might have about the tech.

    So welcome to the party; we’re having a blast. 🙂

  139. The trial:

    Judge: “Marty Rathbun, you have been accused of applying standard Scientology, of helping others and willfully exposing the truth. How do you plead?”
    Marty “Guilty as charged Your Honour”.
    I was trying to think what this reminded me of, and of course it was;

    “Good morning, Worm your honor.
    The crown will plainly show
    The prisoner who now stands before you
    Was caught red-handed showing feelings
    Showing feelings of an almost human nature;
    This will not do.”

  140. While, this is a heartwarming and in parts heartbreaking thread, I want to weigh in a bit on getting too “over the moon” about the imminent fall of caligula’s rome.

    It’s going to take continued pressure, and a continued compassionate perspective to those still in and a constant alertness to OUR own dark sides so that those dark corners do not color our actions.

    There will be those who affirm that the violence didn’t begin with dm — and some of that is true. HOWEVER, those same people are willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    My own buddhist tradition had as its founder a rather wild, crazy and sadly drunk leader who died well before I became involved.

    Would I have gotten involved with him at the helm. Unlikely. Is his son like his father? Nope. Only in the brilliance of his teachings but NOT in the foibles of his father’s behavior.

    IF scientology is to survive beyond a third generation (of leadership) — then it HAS to evolve. The chaff needs to be throw out (disconnection, shouting down staff etc) and the wheat allowed to flourish.

    I believe this new independent movement is capable of reviving scientology — of helping mankind and of helping to create a world without war, peace and insanity.

    It just won’t happen overnight. So please don’t get too giddy —- yet.


  141. beebercat,
    No wuckers mate. On the ‘legal’ area, I’m not a lawyer but I can study the law and in this case, there is no leg to stand on for DM. The above are just some considerations of the area, not legal advice.

    Aside from that, it’s my opinion the PI’s are out and about to get ‘fodder’ for the lame smear articles that DM favors, not any trademark issues.

    So, if they are in your area you’ll maybe see that you are now involved in a 2D with, well…pick the most unlikely person you can think of and don’t be surprized if in the deep yellow tabloid style of the worst sort of tripe writing you are now involved in some kind of gender-swapping horror of ‘holding hands’ while grocery shopping. Yuck, how non-DMitan.

  142. JoAnna,
    Us ‘old timers’ got that way from hooking up to straight LRH, from the horse’s mouth. Accept no substitutes.

  143. The whole point of this PI thing is to attempt to get one to shrink back, to bring in their anchor points and along with that their attention units and awareness.

    If one does cut back then the cycle of the Tone Scale ensues and as the space is shrunk, the stuff in it gets more solid. You start to get antago. Cross over 2.0 and you’ll find yourself covert, fearful, sad and eventually ‘no space’ which is dead.

    An SP can shrink your space (points extended out to view giving dimension) by making the space too terrible to be in. Well, that’s easily handled in any number of ways. One, be willing to be or not at will, anything. Another, let the guy pass right on through. Another, keep extending out points to view and your attention out there viewing.

    Extend out points to view, be willing to be all that you see and SPs have nothing on you.

    They think they can take your space away. Push you out of space and take over what’s there. Well, you make it by simply extending out points to view. Make some more. Be. Do. Have. Flourish and prosper in creation, it’s a blast.

  144. Martin, good one!


  145. Vadim….it’s been 5 minutes and I’m still in howling with laughter after I read, “Well, guys, I’ll tell you what! Eat shit and die! I won’t pay you a cent. Never! Sue me”

    Vadim & JoAnna……….Welcome to this “Independent Group” I must warn you………… prepared to smile a lot.

    WestCoast…Not sure about the party you speak off. I remember more than one trip to Malibu. I think it is the same house….smack dab at the waters edge.

  146. WH,

    While I don’t disagree with you in any aspect of your post about our giddieness in this string, I want to weigh in as well.

    As we run this 3D engram and evolve as a new independent group, we’ll always need to enjoy the release points and FNs. Afterall, the troops need a play day once in awhile.

    We’re doing a good job, in my opinion, of keeping a balance – taking opportunities to view the horror show as the comic strip it also is.

    Comic relief is vital to our evolution away from the monolith Dave’s church has become.

    I doubt any of us think this is anywhere near over but, the humor and play help give perspective and keep the confront muscles fresh and lean, by doing different exercise.


  147. In regards to Marty creating this community – without taking away from Marty’s creativity and leadership (god knows he is creative and a leader), I pose; that where Marty is truly excelling, IMHO, is in having created the platform for us and, perhaps naturally, he is facilitating our development as a community.

    But, WE are creating it. Each of us, together in our interaction.

    I will not hand over that which I am creating (assign creation) to another. Even in my language. I will be attentive to the framework of my words. Thought, then words, then agreement, then is-ness.

    So, Marty, my heartfelt thanks for being there and continuing to communicate. For facilitating this platform and playground for us.

    And thank you, each of you who come to interact. To learn, to teach, to yell, to cry, to laugh, to play; with each other and me.

    I am grateful. Namaste.

  148. Beautiful, Veritas, beautiful.

  149. Thought provoking

    I don’t know about heartbreak,Windhorse. I think it is straight up envy.

    After all, Marty has managed to steal DM’s secret weapon. People are listening to him. DM no longer has the monopoly on getting people to listen.

    And, to add insult to injury…not only do they listen, they are communicating with him on this very blog.

    Marty is so dangerous…so very, very dangerous!

    DM has got to be going nuclear by now…I can’t help but laugh every time Marty comes up with a new post…I keep thinking back to the old roadrunner show with coyote trying to outsmart the road runner only to do himself in!

  150. Virgil Samms


    Don’t be disheartened.

    If you can understand this blog is the most important web site there is on the planet and some of the most import communication in the history of mankind is coming down here. This is the most serious activity since Nero burned down Rome.

    Each blogger on this site has been evolving from a position of “No hope for the future” back to hope and sanity. A lot of venting has gone on here because a lot of folks have woken up to the fact that DM and his game is the most suppression that this planet has seen since it became a prison planet. It is not a lite thing that you find out that the only solution to the next endless trillions of years has been hijacked and is being run by an SP. That is not an easy thing to swallow. So have a little patience for people here who start out bloody minded and are evolving into true Scientologists.

    Also understand that not one drop of LRH water is going to be thrown out with the DM baby. We are not going to decry DM for being a squirrel and then ourselves become squirrel.
    Scientology is going to be put back together with pure, standard LRH tech and admin; nothing else. You are invited to be part of the restructuring. Your opinions are great and they do count.

    But first things first.

    ML Virg

  151. Vadim,

    Welcome my friend! I completely get your comm and felt the same way myself when I outed myself.

    I love that song too!

    Karen (aka Thought provoking)

  152. Jim,

    This was wonderful! Thanks for keeping us hatted and extroverted! 🙂

  153. “I doubt any of us think this is anywhere near over but, the humor and play help give perspective and keep the confront muscles fresh and lean, by doing different exercise.”

    Very well expressed!

  154. I just want to double-down on this whole thread again and the comments by Vadim, Marta, Jack, Karen (hi, TP) and others.

    I’m quite grateful for this community. You all make me even happier every time I come here.

    Just Me

  155. I think it’s time for the OSA dudes that monitor the net to have their cog.
    DM must go.
    They should find all the evidence they can of his financial irregularities (and there are many), put them in an envelope and send them out to the authorities or to someone who will get them to the authorities.

  156. Nomnom, you are absolutely right!

    “DM MUST GO” now. Did you hear this OS?

    Otherwise we will soon kick him and you guys & all the PIs out too!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  157. That’s the way it is.

  158. Thank you, TRUTH!
    Knowing somebody listens to you, knows and cares helps a lot.

  159. Jack,
    Glad to have made you laugh. 🙂
    I like people in the good mood, laughing and smiling. I get kicks out of this. 🙂

  160. Virgil Samms, your post above is great! It validates all viewpoints and tells the truth in a very sane way. Being giddy, along with realistic about things, is far better than being cautious or serious. Let’s keep this thing at Games or Action, despite its serious nature. And in our own lives, let’s produce, flourish and prosper. Thanks!

  161. Thanks, Karen!

    Glad you can connect to the way I feel.
    Makes me feel even better! 🙂

    (just to make sure – pronounced [Vadim], NOT [Veidim] as many in US used to call me 😉

  162. What does Ron says?

    “And when you let go of this data concerning suppressives and potential trouble sources—if you let go of that technology, if that technology goes out of control and that technology is not understood—then you inevitably will have bad organizations and will eventually have an organization which will be no better than the best of the Earth governments, which is pretty bad.
    Now, the thing which makes a government bad, of course, is it gets a suppressive amongst it. And one suppressive breeds another suppressive. You’ll find out that a suppressive wants nothing around him but suppressives, and you eventually get your red—tab generals who are advocating wars of attrition.
    If you want to know the type of government with which you are dealing, look at the type of war it fights, and if it only fights wars of attrition—which is to say, grind away each other against each other—then you know that nobody’s—nobody wants any victory. Victory is not being envisioned. What they are looking for is simply a method of knocking off as many troops as possible. Now, once in a while you rail against a general, or something like this, you see, and say he’s not a good general. Well, actually what you’re objecting to is he normally doesn’t care whose troops he knocks off his or the enemy’s.
    I’ve been taught very harshly along this line, and the best military training is to do the most in the least time at the least expense and keep your own people from getting banged up. You severely outlaw the fact that you bang up your own people; your objective is to bang up the enemy. And what you—what you are—your objective is, is to win. That’s the objectives of war and a proper conduct of war. I haven’t stated it a la textbook, but that’s it.
    (…) You want to know what kind of government you’re dealing with, look at the kind of wars they fight. Tells you at once how many—direct index—how many suppressives are in that Government.
    (…) So these are the two extremes: where the individual is everything and the government is nothing, and where the body corporate is everything and the individual is nothing. Those are the two extremes of the pendulum, and as it swings between these two, we find, oddly enough, that both ends of it can be totally suppressive. When only the individual has any value and no corporate body or no organized body of any kind has any rights in the face of the individual, you find then that any bully, any bum, any suppressive is then totally at liberty to knock anybody in the head. There is no restraint of any kind against any individual suppression of any kind whatsoever. And on the other side you have the organized suppressives who are making very; very sure that their suppressive organization completely crushes the individual. ”


  163. Marta and Karen and others — Sorry, I didn’t give the right context to my post. I had just read a post from an “anti-LRH site” from a former old time SO member who was saying — throw the WHOLE thing out BECAUSE of XYZ that LRH did – dm isn’t completely to blame.

    I was speaking to THAT audience really. To those who want the WHOLE thing to disappear.

    My goof in not being clearer. THIS blog is fantastic.

    THIS blog is what has helped me and many others blow the 3dynamic engram called — my life as a Sea Org member —

    Many people have shared stories that are purely horrific both in and out of the SO.

    And the humor and lightness of being is wonderful here.
    As well as the clear view of our own personal responsibility for OUR lives.

    So — again — sorry I wasn’t more direct and clear.


  164. Virg,
    the order of magnitude of the assault is mindboggling and I am still struggling to get it. The dimension is definitely how you line it out. Boy, boy, boy..yes Boyd, that’s the way it is.

  165. What kind of people do I like?
    “What kind of people do I really like?
    I like bright people who know what word connects with what object. I like productive people because productive people are happy people.
    I like creative people, people who show us the joys and potentials of life, and who point out higher states of attainment.
    I like people who are themselves, and who allow others to be what they are.
    I like people who see the reactive complexities of their fellows. And who see right down to the basic goodness of all men, and who try to do their share to help Man escape the treadmill of other-determined behavior patterns.
    I like people who believe they have a chance to better themselves, and who take that chance.
    Man in his natural spiritual state is a very likable fellow!
    And I like them all.
    That is why I am here doing what I am doing.”
    LRH – Source Magazine 21

    This was used as an Ideal Org fundraising promo by Valley Org, Jan 09. I kept it because at the time I was feeling uncomfortable, wasn’t sure just why I felt it was false for them to use it, and because I treasure anything that shows the underlying love and respect LRH had for everyone.

  166. veritas,
    i just love your posts, i usually blow charge reading them and lmao, too. same wavelength.

  167. Vadim,
    I am so glad to know what happened to you, where you went. One of the things I most disliked was having people I liked disappear. Cleve is still being Cleve, just love that guy.
    He is in Las Vegas on project, doing the last bits of mest stuff on their lovely new empty org premises. Funny guy. He worked with me in 2003-2004 in FOLO Tours and when we launched the Cont VM Calvalcade, along with Becket Wells. There, I have painted myself red and made myself a clear target. You helped me with something that was not strictly your hat to do, but you wanted to help and are a nice guy, so you did. I never forget those who will help another staff member, just because they need it, even if it is inconvenient. It wasn’t a big deal, but it told me reams about who you are. I wish you well, my friend.

  168. veritas, et al
    thanks. that is a lovely vid and y’all are helping me find my way back home.

  169. wh
    you’re correct. however, i don’t think we’re being giddy, just enjoying the moments as they come.
    i do not underestimate what someone like dm would or could do and order to be done. it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. it is uncertain just what the future looks like, the canvas is in progress being painted; i am enjoying that when i can and will deal with the painful moments as they will come, too.

  170. Here’s a bit of comic relief, from today’s AP story on the Headley lawsuit:

    “Sea Org members happily receive room and board, medical and dental care, a $50 weekly personal allowance, three weeks of annual vacation and free auditing and religious instruction for their lifetime devotion, church officials said.

    Each day includes two hours of Scientology study and short meal breaks.”

  171. Great perspective Marta!!


  172. Dear Virgil,

    Thanks for that post.

  173. Marta and veritas, I think you guys have indeed put your finger on how and why the CoM today is different than the CoS of the 70s.

    True independence was respected, encouraged and sought after more widely by the leadership of the 70s CoS … and that, I think, was ultimately corrupted and/or lost sight of from the 80s and onward … as things morphed into the CoM.

  174. Hey Marty,

    Thank you for being there and practicing Scientology!

    I always knew when I left the church that I was still a Scientologist. I used the tools that I gained to help me tackle the real world and it helped tremendously! I made new friends and even found my soulmate proving to myself that I could win outside of the church.

    I was thrilled to find your blog after I went through my initial HE and R about all the new things I was learning. Even though I was doing well a part of me felt like I was a foreigner in another country. I truly missed talking to Scientologists, sharing that reality that is unique to having the tech.

    I went exterior today(still am) and realized that for the past three years I have been keeping myself small so as not to go out reality with the people around me. I felt the full presence of me again and I know now that there is no need to be small, I remember LRH talking about that.

    So, thank you again for putting up this blog and for all of the posters who exchange their viewpoints on it, sharing their truths and their theta!


  175. This is perfect for the mood I am currently in, thanks!

  176. Connected,

    “On paper” the hiring of the PIs is done by the CoM attorneys. For all intents and purposes (at least from what I’ve gotten from earlier responses by Marty), the PIs are run by the CoM. But on paper, the CoM pays the lawyers and the lawyers pay the PIs. So to the IRS, it would all fall under the CoM’s “legal defense spending”.

  177. Great reference, Li Po!

  178. I love it Vadim! Very beautiful and uplifting.

  179. Oh so beautiful veritas … I love his voice …

  180. Lunamoth didn’t you know evolution is an Implant.

  181. Evelyn Cunningham:

    “Women are the only oppressed group in our society that lives in intimate association with their opressors.”

  182. Inside, some 400 Sea Org members live in hotel-like dorms modeled on Scottish highland architecture and eat in a log cabin-style cafeteria that features super-sized bottles of multivitamins on each table. The grounds include a golf course, a large lake and a network of paths.

    Where do I sign up for this country club living!!!

    Are there any ex So who got their 3 week annual vacation? If so where did you work?

  183. And one more thing….

    If any one ever got approval to go to the dentist, it was way to late for just a simple cavitiy, it had turned into a major toothache and dental situation. In fact the dentist that services pac base, is the master at extractions. That is pretty much all you get, no root canals, no replacement teeth, no nothing because it will cost money. So how is that for dental!! I know several people who are on PR lines, and auditors that have missing teeth and you can see them when you smile. What about all the auditors who sit in the chair for 12+ hrs a day who form clots in their legs and have major health issues after being in the SO for many years. Doesn’t the SO have to follow work comp laws, regardless if you are claiming that you are a religious order?

  184. Alsoo you can not loose your Eternity because it is yours and yours alone.

  185. WH,

    Thanks for the clarification, though not needed. No harm, no foul. You’re awesome!

  186. “under his leadership” i am afraid that is the onley wording of the matter that Slappy can understand. If you would have said “through his guidance” Slappy would be at a loss.

  187. 46 hours, 37 minutes till AC360 ….

  188. Fairytales, Lucy. Which is why reporters are herded like sheep through church properties, so they don’t get a chance to look but have to listen.

    I can just hear the glib Tommy and his Stepford wife on the tour: “And this is the golf course where staff are encouraged to play every Sunday … ”

    And your other point goes exactly to why I’m outraged at Miscavige. I’d be totally okay with conditions in the SO if that was the way it had to be. People do sign up for the higher purpose. But that little a/hole is sitting on a billion dollars and living like the Sultan of Brunei while thousands of good people live like dogs, eat slop and get no help when they need it.

    And if you’ve got to drop the body, well, a doctor’s not in the budget so see you next lifetime …

  189. Idle Org,

    Gotta love this energetic approach!

  190. Eileen

    Thank you for your comm very much!
    For remembering me, for update on Cleve, for being here and hearing!

    Please find me on the Facebook under my full name.

    Sincerely, Vadim

  191. I am so with you Virgil. Thank you.

  192. Good article Marty.

    Want to know how to spot OSA operatives?

  193. “I’d be totally okay with conditions in the SO if that was the way it had to be.”

    I still wouldn’t and who decides. You ?

  194. RJ spot on:


    N A T I O N A L







    More revelations are coming to light surrounding the formerly
    secret Closing Agreement between IRS and the current leaders of
    Scientology. Public Research Foundation (PRF) has recently
    discovered that Scientology organizations are being governed in
    accordance with a closely-guarded “Tax Compliance Manual.” That
    manual reveals previously unknown information about the new power
    structure of the organizations.

    The manual was created in 1993, the same year that the
    Closing Agreement was secretly signed by IRS and church
    officials. The Tax Compliance Manual is published by sanction of
    the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST)–the senior corporation
    which owns all the copyrights.

    The manual is significant in many respects, not the least of
    which is a sweeping relocation of power that was once vested in
    Scientology’s “Sea Organization” (Sea Org).

    The Sea Org was originally set up by Scientology founder L.
    Ron Hubbard to exercise supreme and absolute authority over all
    of Scientology. But buried in the language of the Tax Compliance
    Manual is clear evidence that the new corporations are in control
    now, that Sea Org members are merely employees of the
    corporations, and that Sea Org members can be summarily dismissed
    at the sole discretion of the Directors of the corporations.

    Although this massive shift of power has been in effect
    since at least 1993, it apparently has been fully known only by
    the architects of the corporations, and by the principals in the
    once-secret IRS/Scientology closing agreement.

    So suppressed was the information that Los Angeles Superior
    Court judge John P. Shook, as recently as October 29, 1997, in
    “Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology of California,” was led to

    “‘Sea Org’ is the unincorporated association which is the
    power center–(David) Miscavige is its highest ranking

    It is likely that if church officials had disclosed the
    content of their Tax Compliance Manual, such a ruling would have
    been all but impossible: although Miscavige, Chairman of the
    IRS-spawned “Church Tax Compliance Committee,” may arguably be
    the highest ranking member of the Sea Org, a careful reading of
    the Tax Compliance Manual strongly suggests that the position,
    legally, is meaningless, and that the Sea Org has been
    effectively negated as any kind of “power center.” The manual
    first establishes that:

    “All individuals in the Sea Organization are employees of
    the local organization (corporation) in which they work.
    The Sea Org is a religious order within the
    ecclesiastical structure of Scientology but is not an
    incorporated organization itself and has no staff or
    employees. The Sea Org contract is binding
    ecclesiastically but is not an employment contract. All
    Sea Org members sign standard employment contracts with
    the corporation at which they are currently working. If
    they are transferred to another organization, they will
    sign a new employment contract with that corporation for
    their period of employment.”

    Having established that the Sea Org is a religious order only,
    and that the “Sea Org Contract” is not binding legally (only
    ‘ecclesiastically’), the manual then provides corporate Bylaws,
    part of which state:

    “Section 3. Religious Orders. The Church may establish
    and maintain religious orders, the purposes of which shall
    be the carrying out of the religious and administrative
    activities of this Church AND CORPORATION.” (Emphasis

    Then the Tax Compliance Manual spells out where the final power
    and authority over the Sea Org lies:

    “Section 6. Discretion of Directors…. (M)embership in a
    Religious Order, ordination, or affiliation may be denied
    or revoked for cause deemed to be sufficient by the
    Directors in their sole discretion.”

    Given that corporate Directors (which would include “special
    dirctors,” as they are not excluded in the wording) can terminate
    Sea Org membership at any time “in their sole discretion,” and
    given that the only legally binding contract Sea Org members have
    is the employment contract with the corporation where they work,
    then the Sea Org–apart from its function as a religious
    fellowship–could be considered as little more than costumery for
    corporate employees. According to the Tax Compliance Manual, the
    power lies with corporate Directors.

    A recent PRF investigation disclosed that there are special
    Directors in the powerful ruling corporation–Church of Spiritual
    Technology–who are not even adherents of Scientology, much less
    members of the Sea Org.

    The Tax Compliance Manual will be explored more fully in
    this series. One issue is the apparent subjugation of church
    doctrine and scripture to conformity with IRS regulations,
    particularly those found at 501(c)(3). The manual bears evidence
    that at least some of Hubbard’s writings–identified as
    scripture–have been altered to ensure that the religion is in
    compliance with IRS codes.

    PRF’s series will also address the creation and
    establishment of “Tax Compliance Sections” in Scientology

    Another revelation from the Tax Compliance Manual that will
    be covered in this series is the critical role of the corporate
    Trustees, who hold power over the election of the Board of
    Directors in each corporation.

  195. Lucy – good question.

    We could get a survey out to all the families and friends that still have loved ones on staff and ask them how many times these staff took 3 weeks to go visit them – that would be a nice story to contradict the 3 week annual BS.

    I realize I’ve never written here – so I will add that a really do appreciate this website Marty and would love to jump in from time to time.

  196. Karen, I love your comment about no need to be small! This is no time to hold punches.

  197. obviously DM doesn’t have any Exec or management skills because what he misses is that it costs time and money to train people. Trained people are invaluable and are the backbone of his organization. Take care of them because at some point when the trained leave (blown or dead), and there aren’t any people who are getting trained his real auditor skills are going to have to shine! As so many people have repeatedly said, he doesn’t trust anyone, value anyone’s opinion or think that management (besides him) are necessary to run the church. Why do you think he loved GAT so much, since he thinks we are so incompetent, he has some fettish with demanding more study and drilling just so we can be perfect robots with no flubs no emotion. It sounds like hilter to me- trying to create the perfect race!

  198. martyrathbun09

    Janela, We would love to have you. Note, check out Janela’s story on

  199. It’s all part of an effort to make Scientology into something that only the Church can do right instead of its original idea, something than anyone can do, no matter how imperfect they are.

    Take the effort to make LRH into a saint. It is simply ludicrous. He was a never a saint, never wanted to be a saint and delighted in making outrageous statements, and acting in ways that placed him immediately and constantly outside the status quo. He was a rebel through and through, a pirate and a genius and a whole lot of contradictory behavior all rolled into one individual. And he was proud of all that change, both good and bad. He was trying toeffect dynamic change in behavior and by God didn’t he and everyone around him change up and down and bad and good and all over the place. This makes a terrible candidate for sainthood! There are saints in Scientology but they are seldom honored the way they should be — our auditors.

    The one thing LRH pushed on over time was that anyone could do the processes and anyone could decide for themselves. He did try to make the auditing processes standard so they could be easily taught and propagated and he was largely successful in doing that.

    Since the late 70s the C of S (actually the Sea Org) has been reinventing all this, even reclassifying his materials as “scripture,” which is utterly ridiculous. None of what LRH said or taught is holy writ, it wasn’t sprung full blown and perfect and LRH was no saint. This whole “Church” and “perfect scriptures” evolution is so far afield from the original writings that it has become completely absurd. I can only speculate that the current Church hopes to weather the storms as they refashion everything to a sanitized version and in a couple of hundred years the real history of Scientology will be as obscure as the real history of the early Christian Church. After that you can do anything you want as everything has been homogenized, evaluated, re-written and redone to be very “saintly” and “good.” Never mind that the truth has been suppressed, altered, messed with and so on. It’s for the “good of all” whatever that means.

    I think that the real problem is that this subject and group has no IRS, societal, or government “category” to fit into and that is because its intent is to assist an INDIVIDUAL to move along their own INDIVIDUAL path as the INDIVIDUAL sees fit. It was never a path laid down for “normal” (the mythical normal) people to use to “normalize” and “perfect” to “perfect” souls. It was for ANYONE to use at their discretion to arrive at their OWN perception of truth and reality. It backfires on anyone who tries to use it otherwise. We are watching it backfire on the C of S now — what a mess!

    The C of S will eventually learn the hard way that you can’t call something a religion and then trademark it using the methods intended for use by commercial entities. You cannot stand for freedom of speech as a tenet of your religion and then order people to shut up. You are violating their constitutional rights by doing that! You cannot teach something as a religious practice and then file lawsuits against people for practicing their religion outside of orthodoxy — these are positions that will never make it past the courts.

    Should be interesting to see where this goes in the courts because sure as hell one of these fine days an ex-Scn will have enough dinero to fight a lengthy court battle and take it all the way to the Supreme Court. And this whole crazy operating basis will be toast on the basis that they will have to shit or get off the pot. They are either a religion or they are a private enterprise. They cannot be both. Or perhaps we will see some changes in the way the law and society thinks about all this from a legal basis.

    The days when an individual had to belong to a “church” to exercise their religious rights are long gone and all of these big, top-down monolithic Churches are in the soup. And it will be the C of S that will slam the final nails in the coffin of the control mechanism call “Church.”

    May all of the zealots of control and power and greed that have continually messed with all of us rest in peace (the peace of oblivion) as they are relegated to a quiet and never forgotten grave laid to rest without sorrow.

    If we truly want a great civilization then this is inevitable. Are we auditing the 4th dynamic? Seems to me that the TA is MOVING!

    Well, that’s my two cents worth.

  200. Cat Daddy,

    Have you ever started a project, or a start-up or any endeavor from scratch? There are times in any group (or one-man endeavor) when conditions aren’t yet what they could be. In fact, in the beginning of most from-scratch-endeavors, one has to be frugal and careful with ones budget out of necessity.

    I believe Huck’s point is “if [the conditions] HAD to be”.

    Big difference.

    Miscavige, on the other hand, has turned to the frugality-out-of-necessity of the early S.O. into a sick punishment ritual, allowing detractors to say “see, this is how LRH wanted it … Miscavige is just doing what LRH commanded”.

    This is perhaps what Marty means when he says that Miscavige is throwing LRH under the bus.

  201. Veritas, I think old Sarge just fell in love again.
    You are a very beautiful being.

  202. Yes the Sea Org as an apparatus walsed over many a person from day 1. The people who once were ridiculed have found their voice again or are heared again. The people that got hurt while the rebel was alive are entitled to the same recognition as the people that got hurt after he dropped the body.

  203. I totally agree with you Anon.

    This is why I gaged when management had this big move to go “mainstream”.

    I said to myself “RU kidding!!!!!”

    Scientology could never be “mainstream” because it originally bucked the concept of “collectivism” aka “group think” or “bank agreement” known as the “mainstream”.

    Besides real Scientology is directed towards the individual not the group!

  204. Great post! I agree, the seldom honored saints inScn are the auditors. You make many good points here.

  205. Point taken.

    My point is that when one is responsible for people under your care : you, Huck, Marty or LRH for that matter, one does not overstep the bounderies of human descency. No abuse of power or privilige.

    That is all that expect in this matter.

  206. CD … what Margaret said.

  207. Anonomous, I have to agree with you. The time
    I spent with LRH I never saw him walk on water.
    I never saw him move mest with a wave of the hand or walk through walls. Was he the hardest
    worker I’ve ever seen? Yes. Did he live Scientology. Yes, every day til he died. Was he
    a genous? Yes. Was he always right? Don’t know. He sure tried. Did he lose his temper?. Oh Yes! Did he complain a lot? Yes. Was he warm, understanding and compationate? Yes. Was he the most incredibable being I ever met and my friend. Oh, YES! Was he perfect? As you and I.

  208. Theo Sismanides

    Anonymous, great post! That was really good to read! A great viewpoint on Scientology, LRH and the auditors. Thanks.

  209. Hi all. I am a new poster.

    Just a thought.

    Could it be that if a case of Independents practicing Scientology outside the “church of Scientology” comes to trial the court might just decide in favor of the Independent(s) involved and award them the copyrights and trademarks, having had it demonstrated that the CofM is in violation of these same marks and copyrights. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

    Thank you all for being here.

    Will formally introduce myself soon.


  210. Sarge, my feet aren’t touching the ground right now because of your communication. Not that beings have feet (lol) 😉

    That was one of the loveliest hellos ever … mostly because it came from You.
    ♥ ∞

  211. Super post, Anonymous. That’s how I see it, too. Damn good written expression! Thanks for posting it.

  212. Hi windwalker – welcome. I like your thought here.

    Looking forward to your formal introduction – can’t be too soon for me! come on out and play…

  213. Hello Janela, I read your post, every word. What a difficult labyrinth that was!! and I’m so glad you and your daughter got through it.

    I read your ordeal, all those tricks run on you, appealing to duty. It stumped some of the best of us when corrupt Management used theta and Tech to hook.

    The bait is sure fantastic … I mean THETA and SCIENTOLOGY!? … but ultimately we couldn’t swallow the hook. Now we see it, and thanks to our ultimate integrity and honor, and the work of Marty and others … the hook is exposed.

    What an immense relief and restored hope for our dearest dreams for ourselves and others that the tech (and we!) are off what was probably one of the best mousetraps ever.

    Except you can’t hold a good thetan down with Velveeta CHEESE for long 😉 ;P

    Welcome Janela!!

  214. Very well said Annoymous!


  215. Karen,
    Thank you too!

  216. Glad you chimed in…great viewpoint!

  217. Hi Veritas – thanks and so true. DM used to always tell us that the “carrot” for staff was their bridge and eternity. Though that is per LRH ED 339R, he obviously had his own other purposes in using it and now it looks like he’s losing that carrot!

  218. Actually Jim, your post about extending viewpoints and Veritas’ exuberantly theta posts had a lot to do with my win. Seems to me we all ought to just keep doin’ what we’re doin’. 🙂

  219. Agreed CD.

  220. It seems too that the time frame of the “materialistic 80s” also had an impact — as though “worship of mest” was retained in the group engram as a frozen postulate and consideration (or at least in DM).

  221. Excellent post Anonymous.

  222. “I specialize in helping mend the broken wings of people that you have mangled directly and indirectly.” Thank you for helping us, if it wasn’t for you and our 2 other fav sites, we would still be mangled, with no hope on horizon, now we are flying again with a lot more flying to do. Thank all of you for being beyond courageous!

  223. ‘Truth Seeker’ posted faqs like this quite often on ARS.

    To me OSA Operatives were pretty easy to spot.

    They were the one’s who were always critical about practically every aspect of Scientology and Ron.

    But they’d never criticize Miscavige which I always thought was a strange omission.

    In fact in many cases they’d rabidly defend the little weasel which I thought was rather odd behavior for a bona fide “critic”.

  224. Very good points, Anonymous, and I agree!

  225. Very well said, Anonymous.

    The scriptures… right. Potificatus Magnitroium Putrifactum. What’s next? putting bottles and ashtrays in a tabernacle. lol

    I saw PEWS in one of the buildings in a news report on the opening of a new building. What process are pews for? (Maybe so the congregation will look shorter to zealots of control and power for a while?) :-O

    Well, I remember loving my first Holy Communion as a child because I imagined communing with God…that was truly an awesome concept. But when it came to my Confirmation, I refused to kiss the Bishop’s ring. Maybe it was the way he stuck his hand out pompously and swooshed his gold embroidered robes. I just shook my little head and looked away. (Germs and humans are no substitute for 8th dynamics after all;)

    Anyway, great post Anonymous — excellent points, truth, and very well written! Thanks.

  226. … and thank the heavens they haven’t painted a HALO over LRHs head. But really, what’s quite hideous is that the incense and pomposity is a charade to, control, squash and intimidate …and get the natives to bring you everything they can in way of offering.

    It’s an old game, really. Meanwhile desecrating what truly IS sacred and divine.

    (Setting up shop as a god on a planet can be fat city until the natives are on to you and realize it’s their own powers being held for ransom 😉

  227. Margaret, you say you don’t think VY looked out far enough…maybe yes maybe no but I certainly doubt that he saw “this” coming….

    “this” =

    This is incredible software that can be downloaded for free. I have a feeling that this tech can be added to our tool box to help those who are just leaving the church as well as being, in some way, help in bringing a halt to DM’s reign. I encourage you to look at the some of the brains.

  228. Barney Rubble


    Likewise I appreciate you input- because you are real.
    Your postings are a breath of fresh air. Keep em comin, please.

  229. So, Mr. mismanage is out to get all the traders who deliver LRH.
    As Trey said, maybe he is just rounding up all the good auditors and OEC’s because he has a ethics change?
    Well – maybe not.
    Mr. Mismanage, I will be delivering any and all tech I know to as many people I know – while never forgetting to tell them that they should stay away from the official church.
    I promised that I will use whatever skill I had to bring thousandths into the church to get more of them out.
    The game has begun.
    My wife Hellen Chen OT VIII has had supper highest ever sales (5 X) for coaching people on Scientology in Taiwan.
    Ron says clearly that we own the data! “make it your own he says” “I am source of the data “he says “you are cause”
    It is amazing what happens if you unleash 100 scientologists – by unleash I mean unsuppresse!!
    My wife has also gotten some of the very best auditing on L11 and L12.
    She attested to “CLEAR OT” she loves her auditor.
    We, my wife and I will be delivering the whole bridge within a year or two.
    Me , I will continue to deliver the best of the ADMIN Tech as I have for two decades.
    It was so easy to show your robotic WISE INT team that I do not deliver LRH , while yet delivering it over a decade ago!
    (You really should put them on some admin training & perhaps some auditor training so they grow up and can handle chaps like me) I could make time (for a fee respectable fee of course)
    Now, what are you going to do about this?
    Beat a few of your execs for letting it happen?
    I am no lawyer, but will beat any of yours in court any time. Why?
    I am OT stupid.
    There is no law to prevent religious freedom, nor does any law prevent people from reading materials they bought, such as the LRH books.
    Oh, by the way Mr. Mismanage, I never thanked you for the 200 some hrs of totally off HCOB “gang seck check” my wife and I each received for free from OSA & RTC because I was so upstate in India.
    You see your incompetent auditors have been weak enough so that my wife and I still got OUR case gains while telling the auditors to fuck them self with their out tech.
    Anyhow, for the rest of the readers might this be a testimony to the workability of LRH , and to the LRH data that low tone people and robots, never get their target.
    So, do not worry what Mr. Mismanage might do. He and his robots cannot ever active anything they set out!!

  230. You speak out of my heart !


  231. Here’s an interesting datum of comparable magnitude about another church that truly does have a membership that numbers in the millions (hundreds of millions, actually)

  232. Mr. mismanage. Months and months of thinking up new names and we all missed that one? unbelievable!

  233. Helmut and Hellen, ALL the power to you guy!

    Keep it up!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  234. There we go. Tell him, Helmut! We’re all with you on this.

  235. Beautiful, Anonymous. I didn’t have time to read your whole post, but I did anyway. And I’m going to save it in a file of posts to remember.

  236. Thanks to Marty my grandchildren will have Scientology. They will get to know LRH as we did.

  237. Very well said! Thank you!
    Turning to “saving the planet” from helping an individual has never been the best move, after all… and now we can see madness going on within. Unreal target.

    For the lulz
    George Carlin on “Saving the Planet”:

  238. Helmut

    Strong words, Great viewpoint!
    Glad to have such people around!

    You are the man!


  239. How about another installment of your stories?
    Sure look forward to them!

  240. Freedom Fighter

    windwalker (love the name!),

    This would be justice given the squirreling that has gone on inside the Church for so long.

    Looking forward to reading your introduction.

  241. Boyd, great catch and great call. Mr. Mismanage! Way to go, Helmut!

  242. lowprofileforthemoment

    Jack Airey, thank you for such a theta comm. Also, thank you to all for your duplication and ARC.
    I love this blog and feel much ARC for many beings here.

    Marty, you are my hero. Thank you, again for your courage and help.

    I have now logged on over 100 hours of reading online. I have done many searches and been to all linked sites. Love the “Little Dickie” series and was particularly moved by the Italian model/actor/translator. A very able being and spot on.

    As noted in my last post, no doubt here.
    Before I dove in, I had to ask myself…are you willing to risk your eternity for the truth. This was what I have lived with for the last 5 years and finally, said…well, I know for sure I am immortal and with my wins from L11, I will probably be OK as many guys I have seen doing the current “OT” levels, with all the wrong indications included, had not gotten what I had…

    My future.
    I have not gone public as of yet but I am interested in getting my “on account funds” returned. At this point, it would almost be a honor to be declared, considering the current state of the Cof S. This is almost $25,000. and I have done some searches and gotten some info. I have read the policy on advanced payments but wondering if there is any person in this group that can help me with my letter requesting a refund or an attorney anyone can recommend.

    I have had tremendous wins with auditing and training, it seem more than some, but in the last decade and even before that…it was not to be had.

  243. LowProfile,

    I have been helping others get back their money on account for several months now and will send you an information package if you wish.

    It is NOT necessary to follow the routing form they send you. 🙂

    The correct signed Release and Waiver with a good cover letter is all you need to get things rolling.

    Different orgs are handling their repayments in different ways and they vary in their degree of professionalism in repaying money.

    I have been able to help on five repayment cycles so far and am willing to help with others. It accomplished two things: Gets money back into the hands of those who need the money and it cuts off the supply of church income.

    My email is

    David St Lawrence

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