Italian Independence

For all the Italians waking up and attempting to wake up others, you now have a wonderful new resource to assist you,

The cat who operates indipendologo is one informed, trained, and OT dude.  He has begun translating a lot of what is happening in the US for Italian speaking folk. His work is appreciated.

It just so happens that a huge portion of  the support we have received over the past several months (in terms of energy, validation, and creative thought) has come from Italians.

Go Italian Battalion!

49 responses to “Italian Independence

  1. Josef Urbanek

    Dear Mr. Rathbun,

    I am a newbie and might ask stupid questions. My apology…

    You have international connections, no doubt but I am confused about an Anonymous website about you. It says, “Immediately after Marty Rathbun arrived in the USA…”

    Arrived from where?

  2. ciao, chiunque tu sia l’onorevole Translator. E ‘absolutly benissimo di vedere che ogni scientologies sta usando la sua abilità per optinare nostra Freedoom.

    do you leave in the states – or in italy?

    Love Helmut

  3. sorry, forgot the english:
    hello,mr. translator. it is nice to see that scientologiests are using thier skills to achive what we all came in for : Freedoom!
    Love helmut

  4. Ciao tutti. I’m not surpried that the nation that gave us Leonardo da Vinci, The Renaissance, Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, Galileo Galilei, Brunelleschi, Puccini, Giuseppe Verdi, and so much innovation and beauty is on the forefront of this awakening and evolution.

    Grazie carissimi! Thank you dears) That’s amore. Auguri, coraggio e avanti. (Good wishes, Courage and Onward!)

  5. Viva Italy and those beautiful Italian souls. Freedom is in your hand, spread it around!!!

    Way to go my friend!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Forza Italia!!! Siamo nati liberi, restiamo tali!

    Go Italy! We’re born free, let’s keep it that way!

  7. I’ve audited someone at Flag with your name, including the wife, is this the same person? MD right?

  8. Even if it seems we’re still asleep, wait until the Italian Tsunami comes! Miscavige get ready… maybe the red cross will think you are a piece of floating S..t when they will see you, so don’t swear when they come to rescue the load of crap that you actually are dramatazing.

  9. He had some nice old pictures of LRH on his site.

  10. Bravo!

    (I’m not sure if that is Italian or French)

    But bravo, anyway.

    Welcome to the International Independence Movement.

  11. Can`t wait for the CNN bit starting tonight. My PVR is ready to tape all the shows.

  12. Although born and raised in America, I am of full Italian descent. All I have to say is watch out COB as the Italians are a true force to be reckoned with. They do not like to be taken advantage of (who does?) and stick together like no other group when it comes to justice. Grazie! and button your chinstraps as Freedom is coming!
    P.S. As a voice-over actor (who does Dean Martin) gotta tell you I just love Volare!

  13. Dear Veritas,

    I loved your slide show that went with Volare! Some of those pictures looked like Italy–were they? I lived in Italy for four years as a kid and it was one of the best times of my life — speak a little Italian, too. Took it while I went to an American school there. We lived in an Italian villa a few blocks from the beach — fantastic. The Italian people love life and are very passionate about things. Those I met at Flag were very passionate about Scientology!

    Thanks for the pleasure moments, Veritas, and the rehab of old pleasure moments!

  14. Contact me, I’d be happy to know you If we’ve not already met.

  15. Oh no! Italians?! Not that noisy bunch of trouble makers!

  16. I love the Italians! Whenever I was on the ship, they were the largest and most insoucient groups! All that enthusiasm and laughter…you just couldn’t miss their presence!

    Benvenuti a tutti gli italiani!

  17. Theo Sismanides


    Saluti dalla Grecia! Forza Italia!!

  18. Theo Sismanides

    Ha, ha, ha, Sam… these guys are mafiosi! Watch it, Dave!

  19. Theo Sismanides

    My hat is off to the Italians!! They always amaze me, that we are so close to each other but they are always ahead of the Greeks!

    This is wonderful news from Italy. Our auditor is Italian and we are so close and in ARC. It’s so good to see the European giant waking up!!

    Forza Italia! David you better watch out now, because we are no kidding now. Italy rules!!

  20. Welcome to all Italians everywhere, whether citizens of Italy or immigrants or mutts!

    Unlike my polyglottal friends here, all I can say is “grazie” and “prego” and “vino”!

    And ciao!

    Just Me

  21. Ah haha indeed!
    I hope my old friend Lorenzo, who was the best man at my wedding at Flag is around. I miss him!

  22. I’ve only driven through the northern part of your beautiful country (moutainous and beautiful), and spent two days in Venice. Amazing!

    Viva Venezia!

  23. Now ya went and done it indipendologo!

    OSA is now going have to call on its ‘Tax Compliance’ section to do the math here 😉

  24. I fell in love with Italy when in film school we watched Fellini’s ROMA.

    I kept thinking, who are these wonderful, playful, crazy in a good way people in this film.

    In 2008-2009 I attented a few FLAG events where the Italians were on stage with their huge family and friends and the green, white and red flag being waved with such vigor and pride.

    Love the Italians…Good to hear you have an “Independent Movement”.

    Always ahead of the French I notice.

    Welcome to our group.

  25. Perfetto, magnifico! My ideal next liftime homeland – Italy, sweet Italy.

  26. Come possiamo essere al vostro servizio?

    (How may we be of service to you?)

    Ok, I’m using Google translator – hoping it’s working….

  27. Ok, Italians and well-intentioned, joyous people everywhere …

    There is always the possibility of slips ‘twixt the cup and the lip, but our family’s DirecTV satellite info bar describes tonight’s Anderson Cooper 360 as this:

    “Scientology: A History of Violence” (2010) Anderson Cooper. Examining the leadership of the worldwide Church of Scientology.”

    Even people who won’t see the show tonight will read this program description as they scroll past this evening’s offerings menu bar.

    We shall see what we shall see ….

    Just Me

  28. Accipicchia! (wow) Era proprio così (That is how it went down)

    Facism solved problems to a point but when it aligned with Nazis …

    Ma non siamo mica CRETINI!
    (Hey, whaddoya think we are? cretins? )

    Non abbiamo peli sulla lingua! (we don’t mince words)

    Noi viviamo per la verità, sapienza, bellezza, giustizia, amore … e anche il gelato;) Ma guai a oppressione. Ma guai a oppressione e traditori che fanno uso di trappole Theta a diminuire e controllare la popolazione.

    We live for truth, wisdom, beauty, justice, love … and sometimes even gelaot;) But woe to oppression and traitors who use theta-traps to diminish and control the population.

  29. E ‘stato sconfortante vedere David Miscavige e la Roma Gorge-ingous Org in Italia perche è una metafora di cattivo gusto, un misto di cliché italiani. Assomiglia più un casinò di Las Vegas che un luogo di saggezza e di aiuto. L’arredamento e spin pubblicità confonde Rinascimento (Firenze) e le rovine romane. Sembra Caesar’s Palace di Las Vegas!

    (It was disheartening to see David Miscavige’s Rome Gorge-ingous Org in Italy — it’s a tacky metaphor, a mixed conglomeration of Italian cliche that looks more like a Las Vegas Casino than a place of wisdom and help. The decor and publicity spin confuses Renaissance (Florentine) and Roman ruins.

    From what I saw from coverage, the Rome org looked like Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

  30. You are right…….. I am very Italian indeed!!!
    Go get ’em my paisanos.
    All the best,

  31. Dopo tutto non sorprende perché quando Miscavgae ha aperto la “chie$sa” a Las Vegas ha descritto la città di Las Vegas un “grande centro culturale.” 🙂

    Mi piace Vegas … è divertente, è glamour… ma a pensare che per Miscavage Las Vegas rappresenta “grande cultura” … spiega un sacco. Org Roma è stata progettata come Las Vegas ha progettato un Casino (gioco d’azzardo), il Colosseo Caesar’s Palace .

    Completa con rovine faux! Faux rovine! LOL! Vedendo quei dettagli Faux Romano accanto al simbolo di Scientology è un giorno triste per l’eternità.

    Ma gli italiani non compreranno Faux Scientology …

    (That’s not surprising, because when Miscavgae opened the Gorge-ing Org in Las Vegas he called the city a “great cultural center”

    **( I enjoy Vegas…it’s amusing, has glamour, fun… but to think that Las Vegas is Miscavige’s idea of “great culture” explains a lot. The Rome Org is designed like Vegas designed the Coliseum in Caesar’s Palace gambling casino.

    Complete with faux ruins. Seeing those Faux Roman column details next to the Scientology symbols is a sad day in Eternity.

    But Italians will not buy Faux Scientology … Italians love the real thing … no fast food crapola, no snacky Scientology.

  32. Ciao Lady Minn, That’s amore;)

    Yes, those are photos of Italia (though I did not personally compile them).

    Thank you for sharing your Italian stay. Lovely.

  33. Viva l’ Italia

  34. P.S. Più importante però: non mi interessa così tanto il palazzo. Ciò che conta: lo standard LRH e la consegna di Scientology, un sacco di standard Scientology in corso. Purtroppo non è quello che sta facendo l’imperatore Miscavige

    **(Most important: I don’t care so much about the buildings. What matters is standard LRH and Scientology delivery, lots of standard Scientology. That is not what Emperor Miscavige is up to. )

  35. ~ MAMMA~

    Italiani … David Miscavige’s Regime of Abuse and Family Disconnection is a travesty against this.

    “Chi ha mamma non piange. ” (Who has a mother doesn’t cry)

    Famil is a sacred bond that should be HELPED and EDUCATED and LIBERATED. That is what Scientology stands for but the Corrupt “church” regime harms and manipulates for other agenda$).

  36. Bellissima TRUTH! ♥! perfectly wonderful video

    ♥ VIVA l’ITALIA♥

    L’Italia che non ha paura (Italy that is not afraid!)

    ☼ ♥☼ ♥☼♥☼ ♥☼

  37. Watching Anderson cooper: 2 big whopping lie by Scientology Management spokes Tommy Davis in first 60 seconds:

    1) all the people with complaints were booted out. NOT. I for one, was not. Other were chased down to bring them back when they escaped.

    2) Miscavige never never never never used physical violence.

    LIES. I’m really continually disappointed by the corruption.

  38. Ciao Italia! Ciao dal Canada!
    Bella Italia.
    Come forse sapete, CNN Anderson 360 dotate di aria sugli abusi di Scientology. Cosa molto grande qui in America. Non si può vedere, c’è … Ma ci porterà a voi attraverso questo sito e Youtube.

    Questo solo in persone;

    Non capisco la lingua parlata, ma mi hanno detto di risorse molto affidabile, questo è OSA spiegando via i loro creditability con il loro ottimo lavoro svolto in materia di diritti umani.

    Let’s a un ascolto …

    Hello Italy! hello from Canada!
    Beautiful Italy.
    As you may know, CNN Anderson 360 will Air Feature on Scientology Abuses. Very big thing here in America. You may not see it, there…But we will bring it to you via this site and Youtube.

    This just in folks;

    I do not understand the Language spoken, but I am told from very trusty resources, this is OSA explaining away their creditability with their good work in Human Rights.

    Let’s a have a listen…

  39. Norman Starkey is a Kool-aide drinker to the max!!

    The ex-wives looked like total “bots”.

    Marty was believable.

    DM is the “pope?” OMG!!

  40. That is a completely different person. Do some research.
    I’m not quite sure why this Marty chose to not post my comment on who the one is that you refer to. Was it the link to the other Marty that you found offensive, Mark?

  41. martyrathbun09

    I do not even know what it is referring to? Maybe i miised a comment.

  42. No problem Marty 🙂
    Josef found a website about some random guy with the same name as you, who is serving a life sentence in prison.

  43. To me, a Scientologist is one who has found the route to total freedom whereupon his primary intention becomes letting others know it exists. Anything else is just Q&A.

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