CNN AC 360- Part II

Thank you Tom Devocht, Steve Hall, Amy Scobee, and Jeff Hawkins for standing up and speaking TRUTH.

My only other comment on tonights broadcast is: where’s Dave?

Part II:

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  1. DM and Tommy Davis have been caught in a lie…. tsk, tsk, tsk.

    That installment was brilliant!

  2. Redneck Thetan

    I hope that at some point Tommy Davis and the attorneys realize that when the little red light is on atop the camera, that means that it’s filming and not merely playing cartoons for the cameraman behind it. Actually, no I’m not. Each night they give Anderson a golden opportunity to show they aren’t terribly smart.

    Oh, and what was with the whole “I know every inch of his body” line on repeat? TMI, ladies. Also sounds a bit coached.

    Since DM’s apparently so good at speaking for himself, I look forward to seeing him do it someday.

  3. Strike two for DM! Denial, denial, denial. Now he had the balls to have a lawyer send a letter denying an invitation was extended to DM!! I think it is very clear to the general public who has something to hide.

  4. I agree. DM is harder to find than Waldo!!! Or Tiger Woods!!!!

    Great report. Although much of it may not be news to us who have been involved or followed these stories over the past few months, the reach of this program is global and reaching literally millions of people.

    Was it me? (not) or did the wifes seem scripted? (Yes they were). Both of them repeated the line “every square inch of their bodies.”

    They looked tired and haggard and I feel sorry for them having to sit there and lie. But they took some unpleasant shots at their former husbands who loved and took care of them for years and years. Mike is the father of Cathy Rinder’s children and she makes these statements?

    Anderson Cooper did a great job pointing out that he had requested DM be interviewed last July using that clip. Tommy and the Attorney girl looked like they were acting out in “Glee” about how “beneath” DM it was to speak out and answer these serious charges.

    Could you imagine Tiger Woods doing the same thing after all the evidence against him? People would laugh at him and he would lose all credibility.

    Well if the shoe fits Dave, wear it. He reminds me of the old tone scale drawing for the tone level of “hiding”. The guy under the rock!

  5. Marty,

    Your former wife looks a lot like Monica Belluci.

    I loved the way the ex- wives both described having known “every inch” of their respective ex-spouses, as a way to descredit them. Sounded like a rehearsed patter.

    What matters now is that LRH tech gets broadly applied in the independent field.

    Centurion (every inch a man)

  6. Jeff Hawkin’s ex-wife’s commentary was so canned and disingenuous. She spoke right on cue on the “Wait a minute, his bad times? He didn’t have any bad times. Those were the best times of his life.” Please.

    It’s so hard to watch these people lie. It almost makes me feel like any one of them could have a heart attack at any moment given the true strain of conscience.

  7. Yes, thank you all (Marty included) for having the guts to do something about it.

    You are all really honorable people, to have put yourselves out there, to have been willing to take the challenges, the disruption to your lives and all the public scrutiny in order to blow the whistle on the crimes being committed.

  8. Marty, there’s no part II at that link just CNN videos.

  9. martyrathbun09

    It’s up there for when they get their act together. I gotta hit the hay soon.

  10. Fellow Traveller

    What foot?
    The ex wives — can you say Stepford Wives?
    My heart goes out to every one of you gentlemen. My compassion to those so firmly entrapped by the current scene.

    Thank you one and all.

    Bruce Pratt
    ps gotta go find that paypal button on Steve’s site now.

  11. Ok, that’s what I thought.

    “hit the hay” My older brother use to use the term all the time. 🙂

  12. War and Peace

    DM cannot give an interview whose terms he cannot control or dictate.
    DM cannot face the camera period.
    If he lied on “no beatings” this would conflict with depositions under perjury where he would have to admit to the beatings and violence or perjure himself. There is plenty of LEGAL ahead.
    Using ex-wives private intimate knowledge of spouse’s body in the privacy of a bedroom as a “document” to protect DM is a despicable act.
    All rehearsed “Every square inch of the spouse’s body” ….

    I like that prophetic saying …..
    The Chickens come home to Roost.

    BBC ‘s Panorama is next on the horizon…

  13. Fellow Traveller

    Oh yeah. Gotta do the indie 500 there too.

  14. martyrathbun09

    W and P, Yes. Not to mention Cathy probably saw Mike about five times in the last five years he was there; Tom probably saw Jenny as often; and I probably saw Anne as often…

  15. Nice job Bruce.

  16. To quote Lynn Irons, Executive Director of the Church of Scientology of Tampa(Letters to the Editor St. Pete Times June 27, 2009), “If you want to know the character of a man, don’t ask his ex-wife.”

  17. comments back opened again on the blog underneath the story. Who knows how long so show support and write in.

  18. Strike two for Cof M.

    The “every inch of their body” mantra was kind of weird coming from church representatives.

    Again, it will lower the church’s image.

    Axiom 30: The general rule of auditing is that anything which is unwanted and yet persists must be thoroughly viewed, at which time it will vanish.
    If only partially viewed, it’s intensity, at least, will decrease. ~~LRH


  19. Mike Rinder lied?
    As a public spokesperson for Scientology?

    Looks like his junior took up the hat.
    (Can someone tell me why PR Series 2 is NOT on that hat checksheet?)
    But you can tell by his eyes he is not comfortable in his skin.

    Thanks for coming clean Mike. I expect there is still some ‘splainin to do.
    But it does make the point that Church of Scientology representatives lie when the truth does not suit them.

    And the wives just come across as creepy.

    Thanks Tom, Steve, Amy, and Jeff!

  20. Hi Redneck,

    Too much information is right!! LOL!


  21. Jeff, Amy, Tom DV, Marty,
    Thank you for making known what you have about David Miscavige. This is a good thing. It’s been a long time comin’ but, change is in the offing. Well done to you all for that.

    The little man is done. There may be a comm lag on he and his PTS dupes becoming aware of it.

  22. Marty, Steve, Amy, Tom And Jeff,

    You are all heroes! Thank you for speaking out the truth on behalf of all us, ex-members.

    As scripted those ex-wives were on tonight’s show, they actually helped us all with their clear lies. It seemed as they purposely were helping millions of people internationally to really see that all the ex- executives are telling the TRUTH, by their fake defensive responses on David M.
    They couldn’t have done a better job. So thanks to them for making Marty and the rest of our guys more believable! 🙂

    DM, where are you? Are you scared of Anderson and millions of CNN viewer across the globe?

    I have been sending the CNN clip for each part to those countries that can not watch the show nor can have access to YouTube.

    Thanks for Anderson & CNN for getting Ethics in on DM. Can’t wait to see what is next!!! 🙂

  23. Oh yeah, you too Stevie!

  24. Another blow to DM and a win for those telling the truth.

    I loved the lawyer letter at the end. What a foot bullet for the CoM.

    Anderson, you rock!

  25. Now we’re really cooking. When Part 1 is combined with Part 2, a compelling story emerges. By the end of the series the world should have little doubt that DM is a savage scoundrel and that his groupies are all lying out of fear to protect him.

    All the Independents in both tonight’s and last night’s piece were wonderful. Clearly honeset, straight forward, forthcoming, with good TRs. I hope to see a lot more from the Indies in the coming nights.

  26. They played a tape that made it clear DM and his legal dogs are lying. Not to mention it showed TD foaming at the mouth with ridicule.

  27. Those really are some pathetic and desperate exwives. For some reason they bring to mind…Sex, Lies and Videotape.

    I have to say it is a bit odd watching this from an outside of the church viewpoint. When I first watched the ABC Nightline report when it aired back in October I was still in the dark about DM and what was happening. And, of course, I didn’t believe what these exscn high ranking execs were saying. My “scn programming” instantly kicked in to deflect and debunk. Okay. I can hardly believe I’m doing this but here is the email I sent to a good scn friend of mine on 1 Nov 09 after having watched the Nightline report:

    XXXX, thanks for all that theta news!!! Great to read about.

    I know that things have been ramping up as the amount of promo that I’m receiving from one org or another on a daily basis is like an avalanche. However, with such copious amounts of promo both from snail mail and email, there is no being who is actually stopping long enough to put in a live comm line. I have requests for donations from numerous branches of Scn but my money, right now is being allocated for materials i.e., books, CDs, DVDs, etc. And, when work slows down from Jan to Mar, I’m planning on getting through as many extension courses as I can. that being said, I do, though, plan to send Super Power a $250 donation. Not having a complete view of the big picture I am not sure which org or which project needs my money the most but, from what I do know, it is my thought that Super Power is something that needs to come online asap!

    Another indicator that the game for spiritual freedom is ramping up was that last week, after a long period of quiet (since the Tom Cruise mishap), did the media once again come on strong attacking Scn. Last week ABC’s Nightline did a two night (1 hr) attack. This time the target of their attack was COB. They pulled in ex SO Execs and they did their best to portray COB as a sociopath. Then at the end of their program they went for LRH by pulling in the Xenu story at which point the Scn spokesperson, Tommy Davis, to disconnect his mic and walk out of the interview. This, of course, thrilled the SP interviewer.

    Then, a couple of days later, there’s an article that comes out regarding a French court ruling against Scn and then proceeding from there to painting a picture that high profile members are defecting. Same ole, Same ole….SP trash.

    Now, to people stuck in fear these reports just give them something else to add to their list of things to be afraid of. But, to a veteran seasoned Scientologist as myself, I recognize these ridiculous reports as being good news. What these reports told me was Scn is on the move. It’s impinging! And the SPs are getting very desperate and they are terrified!

    to be continued…. 🙂


    Boy! The programming doth speak loudly! But, I did snap out of it! Here’s the email I sent the same friend on 29 Nov 09:

    XXXX, Remember a while back when I told you that I had watched this story on ABC’s Nightline wherein the focus was mainly on making David M. out to be a sociopath? Well, the other day I got curious about that and so began to look around on the internet. My personal certainty with Scn and LRH is so stable that I have no fear to look and investigate for myself (that once was not so much the case). In my 31 years as a scn I have seen and experienced much so I expected to see more of the same ole same ole. And, I did but one link led to another and I finally wound up on this particular site that was established by Scientologists and I came to an abrubt halt. This was different. Very different. I settled in and began to read the articles and the comments and then I went to other sites and blogs and read some more. Jeff, regardless of what you may think about this, it is something that you need to be aware of. That’s all I’m going to say about it. Here’s the url:


    Now, a little over four months later here I sit watching CNN and cheering on Anderson Cooper, Marty, Jeff, Steve, Tom and Amy. Damn! Life is wild!!

    p.s. my friend would have none of it. Gave OSA copies of my emails and cut the line.

  28. martyrathbun09

    Monte, Thanks a lot for sharing this. It is very revelatory and educational.

  29. I don’t know how to thank you all, Marty, Steve, Amy, Tom And Jeff, for standing up and speaking out in public.

    My heart goes out to you men, in particular.

    My first reaction was, What are those women thinking, degrading themselves like that???

    My second thought is, It is not them. It is David Miscavige revealing himself the Midget Pimp, essentially saying:

    “Look what I can do to those you loved! I can turn them into whores for me on National TV, feast your eyes and ears on them! Try and stop me somehow, I dare you!”

    This is the message I got from this second installment. If there ever was a Devil…..

    Courage guys.

    If this doesn’t harden the resolve of all of us to bring an end to him, what will?

  30. Thanks indeed. Your earlier letter reminded me of how I used to think some years back and how I finally came to face the facts.

  31. Wow, Tommy Davis needs to drill being “free and easy” some more. He looks like a freak whenever he tries to laugh about something.

    Love how DeVocht’s ex, Jennifer Lindson, says that in 20 years he never had a scratch, bruise or anything on any “inch” of his body… And she knows because she slept with him every night, for 20 years. Outrageous, far-reaching claims like this is how people (or suspects in an investigation) destroy their own credibility and often incriminate themselves to law enforcement–even when they aren’t guilty.

    This video is fascinating – a lecture on the 5th amendment, etc…a must watch in my opinion:

    On another note, wasn’t it weird how Rinder’s ex said “every time he broke his wrist” LOL not exactly a common injury… Odd statement to say the least…

    Awesome how Anderson Cooper keeps inviting DM onto the show. The whole world knows you’re a coward, DM…lol.

  32. Any light you can shed on why Rinder declines to go on camera? Though they say he confirms things, it would carry more weight if he was actually interviewed on camera. As the former public spokesperson it would seem easy for him.

  33. martyrathbun09

    Brendon, Mike has promised an exclusive first interview to another NW. You’ll be hearing of this very soon. Stay tuned.

  34. Monte,

    Obviously, you were aware enough to eventually see the TRUTH, apply your LRH Tech and spot the actual SP.

    Well done and welcome to your true group!!!

  35. Ah…super. Many thanks for the update,

  36. I just have to laugh at Tommy Davis. He is doing such a bad job lying through his teeth.The Church should seriously think about holding auditions soon for a new spokesmodel.

    And the ex-wives couldn’t get any creepier. They look like they just stepped out of Big Love (the TV show on HBO)- a bunch of sister wives straight off of the compound.

    I can’t wait for part 3.

  37. Hi Monte,

    Great transformation.

    It is the proverbial “layers of the onion”. I too have been in for over 30 years and also have had close friends cut comm with me.

    As you were one of the first to see the value of Scientology, so too are you one of the first to see the “truth” within.

    Think of us as a bunch of new friends that you haven’t met yet.


  38. Chilling description Valkov!! Very acurate.

    You made me think of when Sadam Hussein had the little American children sort of hijacked in Iraq and was parading them in front of the cameras in a not so veiled threat.

    I believe this is the kind of person we are dealing with.


  39. Splash on the gasoline!! I’m lovin it!!

  40. This part I enjoy it in front of the TV, can comment it on Facebook, etc. tons of liberties all those Staff members can’t, I just hope somebody touch this subject in the future.

    Thank you for doing this, congrats people we are getting national attention, just missed Christie Collbran.

  41. I have been wanting to say this all night. Sorry for being abrasive in an otherwise normally peaceful forum.

    To you ex-wives: you have become Mind Ho’ s. I see men and women on the streets selling their bodies every day. You are selling far more than your bodies. You have sold your minds, your souls. Your complete being. And for what? I pray that one day you might open your eyes and maybe even be grateful for men who provided for you and loved you, even though you’ve likely blown any chance of their future support.

    On top of that, I knew each of you. While we weren’t BFFs, if we crossed on the street under any other circumstances, we’d share at least a couple hours over coffee. Please – wake up before it’s too late.

  42. Marty… big tease!!

    And the hits just keep on comin’!!

    Can I also ask you what you think the silent lawyer babe is doing there? Any idea who she is? What’s the strategy on seeing Tommy appear on his own previously as the spokesperson, and suddenly another person appears…what…for support??

  43. Elizabeth – I know. That hit me as way over the top. Some pre-planned and rehearsed statement “Best times of his life.” There is no question in my mind who authored that one. Just sayin’. 😀

    Thanks to all who contributed. So far so very good!

  44. Monte,

    In your first letter I recognized the programmed, party-line think I, and probably all of us, fell into and parroted during all our years in the C of S. Looking at it in your email, it seemed so insane. Isn’t it amazing that intelligent people like us bought into this?

    Now it’s hard to conceive of how I could have ever been in that space. I’m trying to peer back into that inverted viewpoint to get a better grasp on how to help pull others out of it.

    Anyhow, VWD on getting out of it so quickly once you started looking online!

  45. Oooooo — nice!

  46. Barney Rubble


    LFBDFN! That is nice to hear.

  47. Yee hah! 🙂

  48. It’s all good. You have Anderson Cooper doing a comm ev on CNN. You are amazing!

  49. You guys are my heros! You come accross so calm & believable.

    Here we go again with another lie that any Scientologist that has been around for a while can see right through: “I slept with Tom De Vocht for almost 20 yrs. I know every inch of his body. I never saw one scratch, I never saw one bruise…”.

    First of all most Scientologists know that SO member couples are very often apart. In addition who would believe that after working 14-16hrs/day, 7 days a week you would have enough time & energy to have such an intimate relationship with your spouse that you can honestly assert that they never had a bruise or scratch on any “inch” of their body. Give me a break!

    Also, sorry if I sound like a prude but I find it very inappropriate for representatives of a Church to boast about how they know every inch of their husband’s body. BTW, was that the Jenny that was reported that DM kept her awake for days to punish her? Sounds like she needs some “brain drying”

    Marty, Jeff, Tom, Steve & Amy you all did an incredible job!

  50. Pinche enano cobarde…

    Le faltan huevos para dar la cara y aceptar su condición.

    No se cansan de hacer el ridículo.

    Besides, is a shame to sit the ex wifes in an effort to defend the coward midget. It IS amazing what a being can do in the name of “the greatest good”.

    I´m far away from being a role model but not in such a low position neither. No way.

    Lucky, very lucky me for being out of that mad house called “Church of Scientology”

    Describe myself as an auditor on all dinamics works good for me.


  51. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, Jeff, Tom, Amy and Steve thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ten years ago I would have never thought this would have happened.

    So, I will not be in surprise with what comes next. After all we have all now put our attention on that one thing: changing the condition in Scientology.

    Again, a big thank you to all of you guys. We are brothers in arms again!!!

  52. Well, LRH says, being in the SO is not a walk in the park, hard work, low pay – something like that. I guess than, LRH is lying.

  53. Wow Monte, you rock! And thanks for validating Scn-cult.

  54. I’ve got it up on Youtube, on my channel.

    The feeling I got from the ex wives was that they were doing something they didn’t want to do.

    My theory is that DM had them do this like he had Mike Rinder say what he said in 2007 so in case one of them leaves in the future he can use what they are saying now against them to discredit them.

    Also, did you see how tired Marty’s ex looked? You could see the rings under her eyes under the makeup.

  55. I’ve been having a hard time watching these “exposés”. The ex-wifes have all obviously been broken and brainwashed by DM to the point of going on TV and defending their slave master. Wasn’t Jenny Linson herself made to stay up for week by DM and then humiliated by having to sleep in a bed in the CMO Int conference room while others watched her? Their responses have all been “billed and drilled” for days in advance, and they come across as phony and artificial. I would feel sorry for them if they weren’t lying sacks of sh*t. But they have the same fears that we all did while in the Sea Org – if we don’t do what we’re told, we’re going to be kicked out the Sea Org and Scientology, with no money, no job, no place to live, disconnected from all Scientology friends and family, SP declare and no future salvation. So, while I don’t like what they are doing, and don’t think it shows much personal integrity, at least I understand it.

    It’s great that Anderson Cooper and CNN caught Tommy Boy and DM in another lie. What I find interesting is that Tommy says DM is too busy to deal with these allegations, but the church can come up with the time and money to send Tommy, their legal team, and about 10 Sea Org Executives to talk to Anderson Cooper. So obviously DM is taking this very seriously. DM is either too scared or has been advised by his expensive lawyers to not do anything which could further incriminate himself. I personally would pay top dollar to see DM on the show, only to be confronted by his ex-victims face-to-face by “coincidentally” showing up in the CNN studio at the same time. Would love to see DM’s reaction.

  56. “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” ~Mark Twain

    Tommy Davis spends a lot of time slicking down his glossy hair and making up spin, true or not. But he isn’t keeping track.

    Miscavige and Davis were nailed and exposed by the juxtaposition of two things at the end of tonight’s CNN segmanet, Pt. 2:

    1) The show ends with a letter from David Miscavige today denying that he ever said he would not come in to the show himself, and ordering Anderson Cooper to quit saying that.

    2) Fast rewind to previous tape a couple of months ago, Tommy Davis ( David Miscavige’s spokesperson) snotty laughter and snide response to Anderson Cooper’s invitation: (paraphrase) Mr. Miscavige is (demonic laugh) way too busy to appear on this peon show. (more snide laughter) Miscavige declines and would never, would never appear.

    Ooopsss… inconsistency exposed. Woopsie, Mr. Davis & Mr. Miscavige.

    We see the official spokes on tape saying No Way, No, Never Coming In.

    CNN has a letter from Miscavige written today, denying that he refused to come in.

    Davis and Miscavige are lying so much they can’t keep it straight anymore.

    And getting dumber by the transgression against decency.

  57. What is with the Ex-Wives Club? How tacky was that for a supposed Church leader to scrape together four former wives and instruct them to kick below the belt as hard as they can while he cowers behind their skirts?

    “Yes, I saw every square inch of his body!”
    “I know that man, I know every bruise he had.”
    “I know that man, he’s a __offensive generality___”

    Well, uh, slapping someone around the head or face and pushing a person to the floor is not necessarily going to leave physical marks for one. Besides, beings tend to want to withhold and absorb humiliation and even evil of that nature.

    The really really sad part is how *little* any of those women are allowing themselves to *know* their families … former or otherwise.

  58. First, thanks to everyone for your kind words and validation.

    Early on in Scn-cult I was going to create the “CornCOB Awards” and tonight I think we should go ahead and institute the program. And the first winner is…

    Hold on… it’s a five-way tie!

    CornCOB Award #1 goes to Tommy “Goober” Davis who said tonight on national TV, “It’s not much of a stretch for them to all get together, corroborate their stories, and find some other people who left years ago… and come to the news media and attack…” and then he forgot to say, “…and fly to the moon on magic fairy wings made of Cheetos carefully sewn together by enchanted toads.”

    Okay, Goober… Gomer…. what about the 245 articles now on Scientology-cult all of which corroborate effortlessly in the most minute detail? That level of detail goes WAY beyond several mere IDIOTS getting together, learning their script under threat of expulsion and lying on TV. People that do that, look and act like… they look like… look like… look like you and your four Robo Women we saw tonight on CNN. Their TRs were out, they were mis-emotional, they cut comm, their manners were horrific and their attitude was inhuman.

    I think your statement cuts right to the heart of your own little plan. Thank you for exposing yourself on national TV. And while you and the Stepford Ex-wives possibly believe your own grand statements, the other 6,245,607,933 inhabitants of earth are going with a different theory: countless eyewitness stories from dozens of people corroborate because… hum… maybe they’re factual?

    CornCOB Award #2, 3, 4, and 5 go to the sex-starved divorcees bragging how they’ve slept with each man and so “know every inch of him.” I don’t know why a sequined Magenta didn’t join you along with Frank-N-Furter from the Church of Rocky Horror doing the Time Warp. Outraged but dutiful ex-wives? Or sex-starved maniacal Janets from another galaxy who can’t even dress appropriately?

    How is the world supposed to respond to that? This is the script you got from Dave who told you what to say? Here’s some feedback: Your private bedroom sojourns are not really fitting subject for nationwide television nor even becoming of a lady.

    Bottom line: when the shit was hitting the fan at Int (which for some of us was all the time) those of us on the front line were lucky to even see our spouses for weeks on end. You didn’t see anything because it’s DARK at 5 am FOUR DAYS LATER when they finally got home. You’d already been sleeping for hours, oblivious except for the juicy briefings you got from Dave at staff meeting. Three hours later you’re gone when your husband is buried in pain after not having slept for 40 + hours. By then, they’re hurting so badly from sleep deprivation who cares about a fat lip they got a week ago, which if they mention it, it’s guaranteed to earn them MANY more.

    But even that is a fairy tale, since the truth is if you get a beat down from Dave, you aren’t going to see the inside of your home for weeks or months. You are automatically and instantly declared a “security threat” and confined to the base by Dave’s own standing orders. So your husbands slept in their office floors or in the filthy trailer infested with spiders and crawling ants.

    Since you’re all so full of theories, here’s mine for you: Under the influence of your friend Dave you pathetic cretins forgot what the word “wife” meant and disowned your husbands in violation of every basic Scientology tenant because Dave told you to. You didn’t know what was going on because except for some physical familiarity which we don’t want to hear any more about ever again, you never knew your husbands at all.

    Dear Kathy, Jeff said you had a “heart of gold” and Anderson passed along the comment. What do you think the world was thinking when YOU cut off Anderson Cooper after he was gracious enough to have you on his show? How about “GNO!” That’s “gold no more.” (Maybe it was once gold, but now it’s just lead… and lead is toxic.)

    The rest of you have hearts of mud… all except Anne (Marty’s ex). Your heart pumps acid.

    You have done the amazing thing by winning a second CornCOB Award. I don’t know how it’s even possible to tie with yourself in the same contest, but somehow you’ve done it.

    How dare you grunt pig-like that you know Marty “better than anyone.” Oh yeah, dream on impostor, stewing in your noxious juices. You don’t know anyone.

    A real woman stands by Marty now and nothing could tear her away because she is strong, kind, and she knows what it means to

    Stand by your man
    And show the world you love him
    Keep giving all the love you can
    Stand by your man

    But that’s not all. Tonight in exchange for bragging about your sexual exploits, and every inch of your Freudian innuendos, you win not only your own CornCOB Award, but a lifetime supply of dick jokes courtesy of every comedian this side of the Red Curtain.

    Every time you guys open your mouth, you set a new standard for Scientology: lowest ever.

  59. Greg, Tommy Davis’s laugh is sinister.

    Yes, Anderson Cooper invites Miscavige to the show and he declined. Then today Anderson got a nasty letter from the Church denying that Miscavige declined and orderingCooper to quit saying that he declined.

    The show then cut to evidence that Miscavige indeed had declined … and it was on tape: Tommy Davis declining (with that sinister laugh) on behalf of Miscavige, saying he’s got way better things to do than come to the show. and the invite went out again.

  60. Jeff’s former wife looked sweet and I perceived a sincere and spontaneous response from her.

  61. The x-wife’s rally to the defense of the church will henceforth be know as “The Square Inch Manifesto.”

  62. “Where’s Dave?” Obviously very busy managing the explosive growth (er, decline?) of the Church!!

  63. And one more thing about the Stepford Wives on CNN tonight. Is it just me or wasn’t it quite inappropriate and kind of creepy for the ex-wives to talk about knowing “every inch of their husband”, given that they are all full-time employees of a church with high ethical standards and strict rules as regards sex? The sexual imagery of “knowing every inch” of their husbands is just Too Much Information.

    Also, next time (if there is a next time) these women should get a good nights sleep and get their hair and make-up done before appearing on national TV. They looked horrible. And their attitude was even worse, though I did learn at least one thing from watching them speak; I know what the tone level of No Sympathy looks like.

    Most importantly, these women showed no loyalty towards villianizing their ex-husbands and came across more like a low-budget version of The First Wives Club:

  64. Another interesting thing I noticed in part 1.

    Norman Starkey said: “there is a saying in Scientology called the overt doths speak loundly in accusation”.

    If that is true, didn’t David Misavige run around accusing people of being suppressive, SPs and evil?

  65. My opinion is that DM will never admit to the beatings, under oath or not.

    I think he’s in a frame of mind now where he falls back to one of his many ser facs “I am the only one who can handle this” or “Everyone else is incompetent and my enemy” and just may give a surprise CNN interview before the week is out.

    Just like Tiger was forced to accept media interviews to try to restore some PR, DM is in a situation now where he has nothing to lose by doing one. His attempts to handle this up to this point have been an utter failure. I’ve never seen so much Glutz PR in my life.

  66. Fantastic 2nd show.

    My last remaining friend still “in” watched the first show. I emailed her about it and was pleased when she phoned yesterday, before the 2nd show –

    She was appalled at the ex-wives. Incredulous that dm sends such terrible representatives (Linson) and saddened by the obvious deterioration of Starkey.

    Immeasurable thanks to Marty, Tom, Steve, Jeff, Amy and everyone else who speaks out or privately to others.

    It’s working.

    And boy oh boy — can’t WAIT to see Mike’s first interview.


  67. The ex-wives club:

    Sad, really sad. With the exception of Linson (who I don’t know at all) I’m betting that each one of the wives enjoyed a higher status, higher berthing, better food (eating with senior execs) BECAUSE of their husbands.

    Yes — each ex-wife was truly elevated in status due to the senior status of her respective husband. Even when he was gone from the base for long long extended missions, I doubt seriously that she lost her private berthing quarters. UNLIKE other couples.

    What we see are women who lost their status, are themselves broken and to me it’s incredibly sad.

    It shows on their faces — no space, almost lifeless. Kathy Rinder I knew and could almost not recognize her.

    I continue to do my own buddhist thing and pray that those trapped inside are able to be free — sooner rather than later.


  68. Freedom Fighter

    The way the Church is handling this is insane. “Every square inch of his body”? Seriously?!

    The tone level and attitude of the Church representatives is repulsive to say the least. Instead of caring enough about their members to actually listen to and honestly investigate their claims, these Church representatives attack them for bringing these horrific incidents to light and seek to nullify them. If people didn’t think the Church is a cult before, they most assuredly will now. Well done Tommy Boy and the Stepford Wives!

    Their attitude sickens me to the core. This is NOT Scientology, no way, shape, or form.

  69. Where’s Dave? Didn’t you hear Tommy? This is all beneath him! You know, like… under his thumb. Or shoe. Or heal.

    Marty, my heart goes out to you, my friend. To hear those words coming from the mouth of the woman you once called wife. My God.

    I’m goning to try not to laugh when DM turns on her and she’ll have no one to turn to because she already refused to cry Wolf when she had the opportunity.

    They’re all in for a world of hurt. Days are numbered.

  70. Monte

    I went through the same experiences you described.
    Very funny now to watch myself having been “hard-line Scientologist” in ways I interacted with “wog world.”

    Now I have compassion to those who are still like I was – fixated and mind controlled.

    Is there a method to successfully revert a person from that? Or it cam only be done on self-help basis?

    Vadim Dolgov

  71. “in 20 years he NEVER had a scratch, bruise or ANYTHING on any “inch” of his body”

    Made me wonder how is it possible if Tom DeVocht worked in Constructions?

    “every time he broke his wrist” – that must have been from humongous amount of typing and writing he had to do for the church and against those darned SPs. 🙂 LOL

  72. One more big FLUNK to the church!

    Here is the video 2:

  73. If being in the SO was Jeff’s “best time of his life” why would he leave, or even want to leave? Come on ladies just a bit of crazy talking that makes no sense other than to cover up the real truth!

  74. what is NW? news….

  75. what does cowobowate mean?

  76. Jeff, Tom, Steve and Amy all I can say is WOW, you hit a homerun!

    The wives club was pretty silly. Their statements were pretty unbelieveable and cloned.

    TD laughed like a little girl when DM was invited to speak; it is something that DM does not have the “time” to do because is running a church and is beneath him. DM is in hiding. Who wants to guess what happened to TD after this aired?

    Then Anderson Cooper showing the clip after revealing the threat letter from the attorneys was absolutely hysterical. Who is lying now?

    Great piece and I look forward to tonight with Marty again.


  77. Monte,

    Thank you for sharing these two emails with us. I admire your desire to be transparent and authentic. You’re a good role model for those of us (me included) going through changes as we confront new info and work to sort things out. This can be tough work. Much appreciated!

    Just Me

  78. NW is Network

  79. That same point stuck in my mind every time TD said the word “Corroborate”! I think all the lies are finally tongue twisting him.

  80. Yes, and as a man I can tell you; that if I was to lie about another man I wouldn’t come up with a story on how he beat me up!

  81. VaD,
    All it is is the factors of ‘confusion and a stable datum’. The datum holds the confusion at bay. When you pull it, the confusion comes back and that’s uncomfortable. If one does get pulled, then another is sought. The next one may be just as firm as the first one so one fixed idea is substituted for another and it’s the same situation: intolerance of a confusion and unable to find fix, and UNFIX as new observation warrants, the stable data.

    This is all part of moving up dude. We all go through it, or should if we actually want to move up.

    You are looking at a body of knowledge that deals with what you called a ‘service computation’ or a service facsimile. I don’t know what you call it now, but whatever it is, it’s the same thing. It serves the being to handle areas of life. The degree it aligns with survival is the degree it is hidden from view. It seems ‘reasonable’ and was possibly at one time. It isn’t now and actually prevents new observation and a rearrangement of data so as to move forward and do and know new things.

    Is there a method to successfully handle these things? You betcha.

  82. LOL!

  83. Trey,
    I think there may be an issue coming out on this too. A new RTC issue calling for a drill: inspect every square inch of your spouse and attest there are no marks or bruising. Done every fortnight, signed off by Security.

  84. Wawfwower,
    It means to pwovide, cowwobowation. Sewiowouswy. It’s a method of bowstewing a stowy, so as not to seem to be pwevawicating. Is that cwearer to you now?

  85. Jeff might have a different take on that>


    This is the link to the video or you can use the search on the main page.

  87. I think he would actually have a meltdown, as he would not be on his stomping grounds, literally. And his former victims would be just that, former. That would be a sight- thanks for creating that image.

  88. From what I remember of staff experience there wasn’t a lot of time for hanky panky if you know what I mean, much less inspecting your spouses body every night, haha. What a strange thing for them to say.
    What next? Tommy saying how well hung Miscavige is? I mean really.

  89. CNN just showed last nights clips again on their morning news segment. At the end of it, they said Mike Rinder couldn’t appear on camera due to previous agreements with the BBC, which will be airing soon. So it looks like Europe and the rest of the world are going to get a big dose of truth soon!

  90. I knew I read that somewhere. I think a church rep in Australia said something similar.

  91. It’s didn’t seem to be beneath him to go on Nightline back in 92′.

  92. at the end of he day humor is what keeps us smiling!

  93. I know every inch of him… Really? Most of the times these attacks happened their men were restricted to the base! They were not sleeping with them to have a strange nightly body scan!! Hahahaha! So easy to debunk and yet such strange and bizzarre choice to even have the ex-wives there at all. I’ve been chewed out many times by Jenny to not have much pity for her, but they are there under duress… Like Lugliano says they looked frayed and tired like something out of the Big Love compound. I couldn’t agree more.

  94. Where’s Dave? He’s too busy! He has things to do! Scientologists don’t beat themselves, ya know!

  95. Wait….Didn’t Rinder’s ex-wife say she never saw a scratch on him?
    Didn’t Tommy earlier state that it was not DM who was doing the hitting on Rinder, it was Rathbun hitting Rinder?
    So how can ex-wife say she never saw any marks?

    Or is there a checksheet on how to lean on people without leaving marks?

    The wheels have fallen off of this bus…..

  96. Another random comment: To someone who has never been a Scientologist, it seems creepy weird for that every “Apostate,” the church has an Ex-Wife who’s still in.

    How weird is that?

    It’s almost as if…. there were some sort of disconnection policy or something.

  97. Thoughtful – really — this is just priceless. I actually laughed out loud a few times.

    And yes — the every inch bit was beyond the pale. Completely inappropriate.

    Too bad they all did indeed forget the meaning of the word, wife. Now they’ll never know.


  98. It’s actually becoming hysterically funny —

    if it weren’t such a tragedy.


  99. Monte,

    your experience is very fmailiar to me. In 2007 I was so incensed with the BBC Panorama on Scientology and the follow up media in a national newspaper I lodged a formal complaint with the PCC (press complaints commission). I took it right through to judgement. How times (and not a little truth) change things; 2.5 years later I find myself writing this to John Sweeney on his blog(Sept 21st 2009):

    “John, this may seem non-sequitur but it reminded me that a follow-up programme on scientology is overdue – and I know how much fun you had making the last one! But this time it should focus squarely on human rights abuses, as this is where the church is currently at its most vulnerable. Events have moved on apace since 2007, and there is now OVERWHELMING AND COMPELLING EVIDENCE of systematic abuse at the Int base near Hemet. The problem with your last report was that it tried to generalise the attack onto the whole subject of Scientology, which weakened your impact. You can’t attack a belief John, however strange you may find it. It would be like doing a programme on Jim Jones’ Jonestown and interlacing it with odd quotes from the Old Testament, making the bible seem “weird”. People should have the right to study and believe what they want – but nobody, including Miscavige, should have the right to:

    Regularly beat and attack his subordinates, including the highest level management staff
    Encourage others to do the same
    Subject staff to degrading and humiliating “group confessionals” whereby one individual must “confess his crimes” publicly to the other staff members while the others yell and berate him
    Demand money with menaces from parishioners
    Keep senior managers of Scientology locked up in inhuman conditions as punishment.

    THIS is the real story in scientology right now. Contact me and I will put you directly in touch with those who have the WHOLE story from the inside.”

    I don’t know if it hit home, but as is well known now, a follow-up program has been done and is due to air shortly.

  100. Thank you for your TW Tribute Steve! Yes indeed I will stand by my man!
    As you know I do not often post comments on the board (although I read them all) I feel that I needed to chime in here about the ex-wives. I too found it very difficult to understand how the ex-wives could bring themselves to make the outrageous statements of the past two nights. But Jeff Hawkins said something very important last night in his interview. It went something like this “When you are in (the SO) you just don’t do that. You do not speak about such things.” So the fact that these ladies have to return to the church and deal with the fallout of their actions on the show, explains it all to me. They are doing what they believe is in the best interest for their own survival. Do I think it is right? No! Do I like them lying on national television about him? Definitely NOT! But can I see why they would do such things? YES!
    Even though I have never been a member of the CoS, I have gotten to know several of you who have. Many SO staff have done the exact same thing, (including Mark & Mike), because at the time there was no other option.
    So I just ask that while we are discussing the ex-wives, we keep that in mind.
    I truly believe that if these women are as “evil” as they are being perceived, Mike, Mark, Jeff, and Tom would not have married them.
    Thank you everyone for listening….Now I will let you all get back to your discussions 🙂

  101. Now I undewstand. Thank you vewy much

  102. Thank you Mosey for your well articulated compassion.

    It’s a great reminder.

    Let’s all hope for everyone at Int that soon the gates will be open and they’ll have hundreds of independent people there to greet them and offer them a safe haven.


  103. ROFLMFAO, every square inch of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. DM’s world is crumbling beneath him. What started out (about a year ago) as an obvious crack in his world, has developed into a major chasm.
    What goes around comes around.
    It must be a LIVING HELL working near him today. And those who are, will have their own stories to tell of this time period, of what its like right now on the inside.
    Little Dave’s world is out of control and he’ll never be able to “keep a lid on it”.
    Thank you – Marty, Steve, Tom, Mike, Amy & Jeff
    And you too Jim Logan

  105. Yes, Tom, creepy. Like–dare I say–wives in a wacko extremist group. Women who have stopped taking care of themselves and tried to compensate overnight. Poor nutrition shows in their complexions. Unhealthy and dowdy. Rigid in response. Creepy.

  106. Mosey,

    I totally agree — totally, totally agree with your suggestion that we keep in mind the pressures last night’s “witnesses”are still under.

    Everyone who has escaped the CoS nightmare was once in that nightmare and behaved then as they now, probably, wish they had not. Here and elsewhere, they (and we) are now moving on up a little higher.

    Thinking about these issues, I just posted the following comment to Jeff’s Web site, although it has not been published there yet:

    * * *


    I too have read your Counterfeit Dreams book online. Like other readers, I know the depth of love and loyalty you and Catherine shared.

    Last night when I saw the AC360 program and Catherine’s sharp reaction I thought, as Mickey says above, “Yes, there’s a woman who once loved Jeff very much.”

    Anyone who has loved and lost, was once married and then divorced — even without the nearly unimaginable pressures Catherine is now experiencing — knows the forever-changing perspectives that cause that love and loyalty to disappear from view.

    The longer we live and the wiser we become, it becomes clear that all the love we once shared does not disappear. We may choose to remember it differently, to avoid the pain of its loss. But in the end, we will rediscover all the love we once created and treasure it for the great gift that it was.

    Jeff, I wish for you great joy and more — much more — love.

    * * *

    Friends, I also wish the same for all the members of our group who are moving on up a little higher without their old loves, but with new, higher loves.

  107. This was so perfect == still ROFLMFAO!!!!

    Thanks for the comic relief!

    It’s been a long time since I laughed this long and hard! Wow! The charge is blowing. 3rd Dynamic Engram is coming undone! Also, consider it an all 8-dynamic engram as it affects the future of all of us and everything; the suppression is being revealed. A bright shiny infinity, here we come! (back, again!)

  108. Tom (above), makes a good point.
    A friend of mine just made a similar point:
    On the CNN interviews these two datums have been presented:

    1) The affidavits swearing that Marty Rathbun beat Mike Rinder.

    2) Mike Rinder’s wife saying she never saw any sign of abuse on her husband’s body from anybody.

    Conclusion: these are conflicting data. If she never saw any sign of beatings by Rathbun that have been sworn to by affidavit, then how could she be expected to have seen the ones by Miscavage?

  109. Mosey you are completely correct! Most of us were put in a position where our eternity and expulsion was threatened; as Jeff had explained you did not say a word to anyone about any of it unless you were ready to face the consequences. Most of these ladies have family who are still active in the church and the thought of disconnection from them is a too gruesome to confront. Thank you for making this point.

  110. Black PR,

    Har-de-har. Good one!

  111. I am happy for the deterioration of Norman Starkey. He is a liar, and deserves bad treatment.
    Tom De Votch, If I were you, I would be happy to have separated from that wife of yours. She looks like a liar pitbull. She came across as a liar.
    Martin, you definetely has a better wife – Mosey. She is a sweet heart while your former one, is deluded, and a liar. Mr. Hawkins your wife was also lieing. I liked the ending of the show, because it showed DM lies. Mr.Rinder you have a better 2D now. Do not regret yesterday.

  112. lowprofileforthemoment

    Anderson Cooper. Ask your next representative of the CoS, “Where is Heber Jentz?”
    I personally would like to know.

  113. The show is going so well – Dave’s Church is looking more and more like the cult it has become. The independents and whistle blowers are looking like the sane, rational, authentic people they are. Thank you one and all for presenting your true selves for the world to see. Thank you AC for the terrific positioning (next to subversive militia and deadly bullies – anybody else notice that?) and for building on a story so well.

    A friend (non-scn) emailed me after seeing Part 1, not getting much of a picture of the scene, admittedly she has no history with the subject, EXCEPT she had a whole batch of questions about how DM got into power, how long he’s been with Scn, was there a struggle for power, etc. etc. In other words, How Did This Happen? I answered briefly and sent her to Scn-cult. And, I suspect this is not an isolated response.

    Well done, hats off; gear up, let’s roll!

  114. Freedom Fighter

    Excellent point!! The lies are starting to bite back. I love it!

  115. Mosey,
    Thanks for pointing this out. As I read the outrage about those trotted out to convey the Church’s message, I couldn’t help but feel mixed disgust and compassion for their damaged souls. Part of me wanted to smack them; part of me wanted to console them. Sure, they’re lying and protecting a suppressive. They’re PTS! But they are also pc’s in this third dynamic engram, and if we are serious about auditing out this bit of reactive mind, it would behoove all of us (including me) to keep our auditor’s code in place. I still think they came across as creepy, but I’ll take a flunk for letting my TR’s go out and not recognizing the basic goodness beneath the bank.
    Much love,

  116. Andy, I agree with. Around the world, there are cases and more cases, as the law suit of Maria Pia Gardini, Hamburg Symposium, Australia exposee…
    DM’s world is crumbling. He has 4 majors law suits against him-Cult in the US.
    He will be exposed for all his crimes against humanity. What goes around comes around. He created his enemies. There is no return point. No matter his army of lawyers, his defeat (showing the world what he really is) is in the horizon.

  117. Marty,

    Would you replace the link for CNN Part II report (last night) with this one:

    Thank you!

  118. David Miscavige may be right on a technicality.

    Was it Tommy Davis who said David Miscavie wouldn’t come on the show or David Miscavige himself?

    Technically, did David Miscavige * himself * say he wouldn’t come on the show or was it Tommy Davis saying it speaking for David Miscavige?

    I think he’s doing this to leave the option open in case he needs to come on the show as a last resort.

  119. Why not bring out Mrs. Miscaviage to swear she never saw any bruises on COB’s fists! Goodness, hitting someone equally traumatizes a fist under the law of equal and opposite reaction. But where is she? Maybe the aide de camp knows. Or is the aide too busy hatting on the check sheet “knowing every square inch?” The plot thickens. Is it micromanaging the fiasco or knowing every square inch that keeps the leader so busy? Or is it trying to coordinate the lawyers and Tommy to keep their stories straight?
    This all begs the ancient question: “If a bruise falls on a husband and no wife is there, was the husband injured?” Man, these questions are tough.

  120. I lOVE DM...


    I am really saddened by the lies and stories these ex-wives are coming up with. Of course they wont tell AC how most of them were never with their husbands.

    Jenny Debauchery-Lindsen, she spent more nights with Angle Blankenship-Quirino than with her own husband a FACT well known to everyone on the base that knew her at FLAG. It was known how the marriage ceased to exist for at least 10 years before it was over.

    Marty was at the base maybe twice from 1994-2004, barely ever did he make any appearance. We know Ann did not have much of a 2D relationship let alone to know every inch square of the body. I feel bad for Ann because she was an amazing woman and nothing like miss Debauchery but lord knows she was given too much Kool Aid to be able to see past her nose when it came to Miss-cabbagge. She is totally PTS (total effect under his “spell”)

    So yes Miss Debauchery probably knew every square inch of her “bestie” and fellow ball baster Angie Blankenship-Quirino but please spare us with your exaggerated lies about how you knew Tom — especially for the last 10 years of your “marriage” which is when the abuses occurred. Your stories are full of OUTPOINTS (things that dont make sense, they dont add up and are an alteration to reality.

    Dont worry AC is getting all the fact of the matter, so he is not blindsided by all the B.S that you are trying to feed.


  122. Mosey, I agree, they did what they did because they felt it was the best thing to do. It ultimately might not be, but at this time, they think it is.

    Just like in 2007 Mike Rinder thought it was the best thing AT THAT TIME to lie to the BBC that he was never hit by Miscavige.

  123. Absolutely, that’s a great observation. I hope Anderson nit picks a few of these points that are being brought up. ESPECIALLY about where IS Heber???

  124. Day 2

    Independants = 2
    Scn. Executives = 0

    SO Un-Professional. These are supposed to be our Leaders, the best of Scn.


    As Jason Beghe would say. “Are you F…… kidding me”.

  125. Marie, I sincerely believe that those ex wives were under ALOT OF PRESSURE to say the things they said.

  126. Maybe he’s doing an Elmer Fudd imitation. 🙂

  127. Like David Miscavige once said himself:

    Not only did we win, we knew we would win! 🙂

  128. It’s not for nothing your name is Veritas!

  129. Mockingbird6

    Excellent point! I’m still laughing!

  130. I’ve always given DM credit for being the worlds most successful pimp.

  131. When Anderson passed along Jeff’s comm, it definitely gave her pause before the conditioning kicked in. I bet she thought about it all the way home. There’s still someone home in there.

  132. Too funny Trey!

  133. because,
    I think that homo novis has taken on new meaning, in keeping with the complete reversal of Scientology under DM: the women have become Dave.

    Now, since Dave is such a li’l feller, again in keeping with the complete reversal of the subject, it takes four (well five, you gotta include the lawyer) of these new men to equal one of Dave.

    Alas, this may be ‘homo clone-is’ after all. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (for the Seinfeld fans).

  134. Marty, Jeff, Tom, Amy and Steve thank you so much for speaking out.
    Has anybody noticed that Anderson Cooper now graces the pages of the hate site, religiousfreedomwatch?

  135. Yes Tim, that’s right. And he had another habit: any time someone made a mistake, from being totally unhatted for their post lets say, because they were in the middle of KTL for a year and were blanket TIPed for KTL instead of getting hatted for their new post… DM would always make the point that it wasn’t a mistake, “It was INTENTIONAL!”

    That used to hang me up, since the obvious conclusion is what he’s doing is intentional.

  136. Victoria,

  137. P.S. for Wallfwower,
    That is ‘homo cwone-is’. Sowwy fow omitting that cwawafication.

  138. I think I posted this somewhere recently, but you are right on this. In the PDC lectures LRH talks about games — that there are players, pieces and broken pieces. These guys on staff are broken pieces.

  139. Mosey, Your communication is compassionate, correct and illustrates what a find you were for Marty- I am sure you have played a major role in Marty’s recovery, for lack of a better word, and with all the help for others that has come from his actions.
    I do not know these women personally, but I had my share of run ins with SO missionaires or execs who were very much like these wives and the wickedness and vitriol that rolled from their mouths and their actions were the stuff of hades.
    They are players, not pieces in this travesty.
    My favorite description of Scientology was from a Christmas card from ED Int 2003 from an LRH Lecture of 13 Feb 1958, ” The essence of all spiritual life is to assist those too weak to help themselves. Scientology helps people to help one another. This is the message of all prophets in all ages: Help one another. It is the formula for life that cannot fail. It is the message of Scientology.” I saved the card as this is what I wish for Scn to be. And I bet ED INT did too. And your words tell me you do too. But let’s not drop our guard. To plagiarize slightly from Forrest Gump: Evil is as evil does.
    And Marty, you are one lucky guy!

  140. Since both sides agree that there was a “Reign of Terror” over certain years and the only disagreement is on who was doing the beating (DM or Marty)… wouldn’t a simple solution to this conflict be for the church to show flight records of the “Reign of Terror” years in question? Wouldn’t that show who was at the Int Base doing this and who wasn’t?

    I’m sure Div 3 would have travel expense receipts, invoices and flight records to prove that while “Marty was creating his ‘Reign of Terror’ at Int Base”, DM was innocently saving the Universe in some other part of the world….

    If the Church had truth on its side, proving Marty & Co are liars would be very easy.

    Marty & Co only have stories and witnesses. If the COS were telling the truth, they would easily be able to produce the records to prove it.

    We’ve caught COS in numerous lies because they’ve contradicted themselves…

    All COS has to do is catch Marty & Co in one lie and they’ve won. They would have the “evidence” to do it and they’ve failed to use any of this…. sounds fishy to me.

  141. Hey Marty,

    On Anderson Cooper’s show, Tommy Davis accused you of whaling on Mike Rinder. You even admitted it on camera.

    And yet, Mike’s ex-wife says she never saw one injury on Rinder’s body.

    As Cooper said, “Somebody is lying here.” Or you were using mink boxing gloves…

  142. I would say that was an understatement of him.

  143. ALSO: from WhyWeProtest:

    @ 6m26s, Mike Rinder’s ex-wife says that she knows “every square inch of Mike Rinder’s body”, and that she know *all* that happened to Mike Rinder, implying, like Jennifer Linson, that she never saw a scratch on Mike Rinder, and we are supposed to conclude Mike Rinder was never beaten by David Miscavige. However, as per Tommy Davis, Mike Rinder *did* get beaten by Marty Rathbun.

  144. Abigail Van Buren:

    “The best index to a person’s character is (a) how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and (b) how he treats people who can’t fight back.”

  145. Oh, one of the best lines in the evening was when your ex called you “a liar”. My Data series training just started rolling: An ex-wife talking bad about high ranking ex Scn official ex husband? (assumed identities are not identical or same class of thing) Ex-wife being the authority on ex-hubby (wrong source;falsehoods??) etc etc etc … know when you look at it it’s a bit pathetic that ex-wives are being used to bad mouth their ex high ranking Scn officials husbands….. It’s so cheap….and desperate….but it made me chuckle…it really did…..

  146. It reminds me of that cult in Texas, I mean how the wives had to defend their leaders and men.

  147. Mockingbird6

    When Tommy Davis said, “It’s not much of a stretch for them to all get together and corroborate their stories,” my immediate thought was, “You just told people that you yourselves got together and made up stories and got them to match. You guys are all in the same place and the guys outside are scattered all over the place. Who has a better shot at ‘all getting together and coming up with a story to tell?'”

    And considering that I have seen a gash on my husband’s hand where he ran into a piece of machinery several days before and never mentioned it to me, how would these wives know about every bang up their husbands experienced when they didn’t even live with them much of the time?

    Also on night 1, when Tommy said COB was responsible for a renaissance of the church, I had to ask myself, how can you have a renaissance if you didn’t first have a decline? Right there was an admission that the church had declined, though it has never been admitted to us lowly parishioners!

    I have to think that a significant percentage of the non-scientologists watching this program are having reactions similar to mine.

  148. Mockingbird6

    And ask Anderson Cooper, Where IS Mrs. Miscavige?

  149. “And the SPs are getting very desperate and they are terrified!”

    The Sp’s actually had a lot of cake and hugs and had a rick ashley song playing.

    Glad you are out of the trap !

  150. ” And she knows because she slept with him every night, for 20 years. ”

    Wait a minute didn’t see her husband onley 5 times or so ?

  151. “the puppetmaster”

  152. Right! Good point.

    If Tommy Davis is telling the truth, why didn’t she see the marks put there by Marty Rathbun?

  153. Anonymous has given Tommy Davis the honorery, yet not existent Tittle of “Leader of Anonymous”

    Tommy brings us lots of lulz and epic footbullets.

    All Hail to Tommy Davis “Leader of Anonymous”!

  154. Darn, you lot surpass Anons in your mockery. Made my cola go through my nose laughing.

    Seriously it must be no joy to be so close to that man all the time.

  155. When she did the visual with her arms as she made that statement I couldn’t help but think that Tom DV could have a career in porn

  156. yes the slept every night with thing was a foot-bullet, people still in may go ….wait a minute that is not thruth in my expierience and start waking up.

  157. Fellow Traveller

    Sharon —
    I did not see mention of AC at Can you provide the link?

  158. Oh I don’t envy you. I saw you have met that persistant Amsterdam based youtube person.

  159. Marty,

    after all I wonder how the future of the church will look like. For many years we know that the members of the CSI, Sherman Lenske, Meade Emory, Leon Misterek are non-scientologists; only Lyman Spurlock is.

    The burning question I have, who or what is the owner of the church of Scientology? What if DM is boo’ed out of the church? Or sentenced? Who has the power to say who will be his replacement? I do not know of any democratic system in the church which would permit an election. So someone will decide that.

    Do you know anything about that? Would be worth an article.

    Max Hauri

  160. Mosey, If I knew Marty wouldn’t break my jaw
    I’d swoop down and plant one on your beak!

  161. Jeez and they say Anons are vicious lol. good show Sir.

  162. Makes me think of Sam.

  163. He is hiding in a bottle.

  164. I am sure if they get out people will be there to help them.

  165. “You just told people that you yourselves got together and made up stories and got them to match. You guys are all in the same place and the guys outside are scattered all over the place. Who has a better shot at ‘all getting together and coming up with a story to tell?’” ”

    You are so right in your observation

  166. I like to thank David Miscavige for the gift that keeps on giving: Tommy Davis “The Leader of Anonymous”

    With regards CD.

  167. Looking In,

    Here’s what Jeff’s take on that is … at his blog:


    Just Me

  168. Sarge,
    I don’t get it.
    What did Mosey say that you disagree with?
    And what’s with the threat of violence?

  169. Redneck Thetan

    Speaking of the Texas polygamous compound, here’s a little food for thought – Anderson interviewing one of the women inside a day or two after Texas authorities raided the ranch.

  170. old school for a smooch

  171. That is an obvious assumption. I don’t think she has seen Jeff Hawkins in years and she certainly has not been allowed any communication with him. How could she have any idea what his life has been like the past decade and what his quality of life has been compared to the time he was in the Sea Org?

  172. My favorite parts were:

    Shot of Marty at his desk with the E-Meter. That was perfect Marty!!

    The rebuttal clip of Tommy being the spokesperson for DM who refused to be interviewed from last year.

  173. Redneck Thetan

    It’s in the forum at Not posting a direct link because it doesn’t deserve the Google juice.

  174. Thanks!
    (English is not my first language)

  175. “You are a spiritual being. You look, you find out more about yourself, who you are, where you are, where you have been. A man who can look back and do that is a very courageous individual. A lot of that includes looking back on your own past and areas where you went astray. ” David Miscavige from Nightline

  176. Jim, I remember the RPF in 88 at Happy Valley
    (?). Lights out, mens dorm. Elmer Fudd was all
    we had and it made us happy.

  177. The burning question should be, how can we seperate out from the mother Church and still stand and practice? The missions wiped out and roads in are blocked. The Freezoners depend on fall offs from the Church to stay in business and anything you depend on you become the effect of. Until Freezoners can set up missions and practices and advertise overtly for new public the Church holds the power over this movement. The minute Freezoners are free to overtly practice and disseminate and advertise the Church will have some competition to worry about. Until that time we are all choked off and prevented from reaching and disseminating unless it is done in the shadows and alley ways. The burning question should be, what is the solution to this problem?

  178. Jim, I didn’t need eval on my or others’ cases (like “ser fac”).
    I DO have my stable data. It’s as simple as “I’m human and having my fun in life – without impeding other good peole their fun and helping them if I can”. How does it sound?
    I tell you what! NOTHING and NOBODY will shake it! You betcha!

  179. Momnom, I’m a bad man! Kiss, Kiss.

  180. WomanSetFree

    All I could be last night watching the 2nd installment, was astounded…. Never, never, never in a million years did I think all this would come out or that any of us would be in a position to freely communicate about the true situation at Co$ Int Base & elsewhere. This is a one of those divine instances in my view, where the God of the Universe steps into history to arrange events the way he sees fit.

    Thank you to Marty, Steve, Amy, Tom, Mike & Jeff!! If you look up integrity in any dictionary, your pictures will be there.

    As for Anderson he has increased in my estimation 1000% as a true journalist, bring out the players and let the truth speak for itself, Brilliant!!

    A final note on the ex-wives, Norman, TD et al. Do not forget all of these folks are out of valance in Stockholm syndrome mode, doing anything they think will spare them more pain. I am praying that this latest episode of being thrown under the bus by DM will cause a wake up call in their spirits.

  181. !!! Bingo!!!
    ✩✩✩If Tommy Davis is telling the truth, why didn’t she see the marks put there by Marty Rathbun?✩✩✩

  182. Max,
    I was just talking to my wife about this very thing, and I’d be very interested to hear a theory from Marty if you cares to post one.

    But, what I see going down is:

    1) Whether he is booted or not, DM must be removed by someone with the purpose of getting Standard Tech put truly in and disseminated. That means,

    2) The court system, most likely, will have to be proven that DM violated his own Trademark agreements by alter-ising the Tech. Another person would be appointed “C.o.B.” to run R.T.C. and reestablish it from the top down.

    3) Once RTC is re-established, the alterations can be corrected, works re-published, suppresives and squirrels be removed.

    4) The entire Sea Org would have to go through a total overhaul. I’m not sure the “Sea Org” would be as it was ever again.

    5) I’d see the Tech being made avaliable for VERY little, diseminated like crazy with the exception of things like the KTL/LOC courses a, testing for certifications, Qual, the things Class V orgs were intended to do in the first place.

    6) I can also see another and final “Amnesty” announcment whereby everyone has their slate wiped clean once and for all. Freeloader debts, SP declarations, all that stuff just wiped off the books. People like David Mayo would be back with a vengence, Class XII’s would be delivering the L’s in orgs again, and we’d have more than just 60 in the whole world.

    Super Power would finally be released, despite that damn building in Clearwater. Staff members would be done in accordance with Ron’s wishes and we’d see St. Hill size orgs popping up all over the place. OEC/FEBC execs would be trained up and fired to orgs strictly to bring order to the hussel/bussel of it all going on. They’d bring order to the busiest places on Earth.

    The gates to the Bridge would be thrown open wide, and instead of focusing on money, we’d be looking for more rooms to audit people, C/S’s to varify and classify PC’s literally running up the Bridge out in the field. Missions running people into the orgs faster than Div. 2 & 6 can route them. And people running off to FLAG for their next OT level, or to take their friends and family, and not break the bank doing it.

    And if they want to keep OT VIII being delivered at sea, that’s fine, but buy a bigger ship. Freewinds will soon be out grown if things go as I’ve layed out above.

    THINK BIG!!!

  183. Yes. This is a good idea.

  184. Wow. Thanks for that link.

    I just read it … she herself was slapped by a female captain!

    They didn’t spend a Christmas together in 5 years. (But the “Church” sure goes all out sponsoring big Christmas parades in Hollywood where they can $$$schill)

    They saw each other a few minutes in the morning.

    I was talking about the look that visibly flooded Jeff’s wife’s face when Anderson told her that Jeff said she had a heart of gold. The thetan responded to that warmth for a second like a flower to sunshine and rain. I watched the machinery drilled into her then shut it down.

    Also makes a very good point of what I know to be true on staff — spouses don’t spend that much time together, and are often on different missions with weeks of separation. How can the ex-wives “I never saw a scratch on him” be a valid “testimony” knowing well those those circumstances?

  185. Ditto that Woman Set Free!

  186. Oh, right, a loophole. Eventually one of them is going to be a noose.

    But isn’t Tommy Davis his pofficial spokesperson? Or would Tommy Davis then be booted out and blamed for having spoken out of his own arse without Miscavige Authority?

    After all, clearly different sounding trumpets;-)

    How spinny all that loopholes tango chess playing. 😛

  187. Too much time looking for siwwy wabbits — not enough delivery;-)

    David Miscavige’s pronunciation is morphing, this one is the valence of his hero wabbit hunter.

  188. Theo Sismanides

    Steve, actually I enjoyed your style of saying all this, that bitterness and irony and fury in your words.

    I mean, you nailed it, man: Stand by your man.

    And if those guys were just simple, run of the mill, ordinary guys, ok, don’t stand by them. But each one of them is a great person doing what they are doing to expose all the violations.

    I really loved that language as unfortunately sometimes it’s needed to wake up somebody but that will take some time before it sinks in.

  189. Theo Sismanides

    Veritas, yes I observed her smile, too. I mean that was the only theta I observed from them. All the rest is just machinery kicking in!

  190. Titus Andronicus

    Loved it! Tom was friendly guy you’d have a beer with; Amy was a good looking, credible woman; Tom Hall looked like the artsy/somewhat alternative guy next door; Jeff Hawkins completely hit it out of the park; and Marty as the anchor lap always makes a great finish.

    Nice job.

  191. Ha! yes, lets assume TD is right – I can picture this: 5 men having a meeting:

    “Guys, we need to come up with a story about Miscavige”, Bill says. “So that we can ruin his reputation and destroy his church.”

    “Let’s tell everyone that he’s been beating us up!” says Joe, raising his fist.

    “Great! What a good idea!” they all say.

    “I can pretend that he hit me to the ground”, says Bernhard.

    They all go: “That’s good man!”

    “Hey, I can say that he really beat me up, many, many times!” George says, smiling proudly.


    They make up this strategy and get to work.

  192. I have emphaty for the woman but that are deffinatly not her own words.

  193. Sarge,
    I remember that too. On the decks I started to Fudd work cycles, wike, ‘oooohhh, dat nasty naiw gun is veeewwwwy dangewous!’

    I had to take a wap for dat one! I waced awound MCI vewy qwikwy and wetuwned to my task with dat nasty naiw gun.

    Lisa Schroer shot a 3 inch nail through her shoe that day. Nailed herself to a 2X4 and we waughed and waughed!

  194. Want to throw in my realization after having watched 1st and 2nd part of “Scientology: History of Violence”

    I’m SO happy that I never went uplines while being very near and being glued with mystery of what is that secret location “19625 Gilman Hot Springs”? What’s there? Why is it secret? Why can’t I go there?

    I knew people, I knew address. I just didn’t have “clearances.”
    So glad now I didn’t get them!

    Now I see these people from this secret location talking to the press and making themselves look lke idiots.
    Did I want to be like them? – Hell, NO!

    MEAM in LA was a great place – to see them bright and happy and not see that other – ugly – side.

    So much joy I’m out of it!

    I saw their better side and didn’t see inner workings. It’s my luck while being involved in Sea Org any longer.

  195. Friend of Ron


    Thank you for your courage,
    your honest and truth.

    Thank you for being there, for communicating and letting the sunshine in.

    This song expresses it all so much better than what I could do with words.

  196. Fellow Traveller

    Ahh. Ameloriate the GJuice. Clever.

    Thanks for the clarification.

    I almost have the reaction to what Monte and Martin referred to on their initial exposure to the media reports, before they looked further. I find it strange to react with that righteous indignation type thing reading a bit of the slam on Anderson.

    What a wicked trap we are or were all in.

  197. Friend of Ron


  198. Nomnom, I would like to appologize to you and
    others on this site. Sometimes I use an economy
    of words and terms that may be unfamiliar to
    many. I’m an old cowboy and no not what I
    do. But I do mean well and I do grow on people.

  199. That is touching, i always prefered those toons over disney ones.

  200. Well done to all of you who are telling your story. It needed to be told and you are thanked by many. The C Of M is predictable. All I can say about the ex-wives club is WOW ! All of them are so out of valence and it really shows.

    Love Carol

  201. Nooooo! Not on the beak! :))

  202. Don’t change we just have to use our imagination more. I love your methaphorical language. It is genuine.

  203. Very funny, Stefan Tunedahl!

  204. Moving Forward

    Jeff was spot on when he said that you just don’t talk about that sort of thing when you’re in the Church. Anything that would shed a bad light on ‘Scientology’ is something you just had to keep quiet about and try to justify as something that is for the ‘greater good’. Talking about the bad things that are endemic in the organization is tantamount to ‘disaffection’. My husband didn’t tell me when someone from RTC, the highest organization in the Church, told him that I should get an abortion so that we could stay in the SO. And that person isn’t someone who is now long gone or declared, he’s still there. I would never have told anyone about it before because it ‘portrays Scientology in a bad light’. And yet there was no recourse for handling this internally, either, so one is just stuck trying to justify this terrible thing to themselves while trying to get on with the show. Well, lying, coercing abortion, physical abuse, these things are not justifiable in the name of ‘greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.’ This sort of thing is in fact a perversion of Scientology.

    The inconsistencies on the part of the Church keep piling up. When I watched the segment a second time, all I could think about when Tommy was talking about how the people speaking out ‘got together and corroborated their stories’ were the rehearsed and contradictory things being said by everyone representing the Church on the program: two of them using the line about ‘knowing every inch of his body’ and then the discrepancies between Anne saying Marty’s acts of violence were ‘isolated incidents’ when the affidavit said it was consistent, Jenny saying there was ‘no history of violence’ and then saying that it was all Marty; using the statement that they ‘never saw any marks’ as evidence is holds no water at all and belies another inconsistency. Both sides have agreed that Marty hit Mike and yet Cathy is claiming she never saw any signs of any abuse. Then I thought of the SP Times article where the church likened the ex-members to ex-wives, calling the latter the worst source to judge the character of someone. You can’t have it both ways.

  205. VaD,
    Eaaasssy big fella.

    No harm meant and glad to hear you are enjoying your life. Me too 🙂

  206. I just read this quote in a book I’m editing. Appropos of nothing, here it is:

    “People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway. If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway. If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; Be honest and frank anyway. What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway. The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may just never be enough; Give the world the best you have anyway. You see, in the final analysis, it’s all between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway.”
    – Mother Theresa

  207. Mosey
    I’m afraid that for the most part, what you have achieved here is to shine the light of truth, humanity and love all the more brightly, bringing more deeply into the shadows the darkness of those who would betray the men they once professed to love.
    Yes, we can be compassionate. Yes we can understand. But we will also undoubtedly compare your pure and honest love to theirs, and in so doing, frown all the more fiercely in outrage at their betrayal.
    There are no excuses.
    The only person that seemed uncomfortable in this role was Cathy (Mike Rinders ex-wife) who seemed (to me) to lack the viciousness displayed by the other ex-wives – perhaps there is hope for her yet.
    Thank you Mosey, beautiful being. Defending these women was a noble and honorable gesture.
    Assuredly both you and Marty have found your soul mate – if such a thing exists – and by your example it does 🙂

  208. Marty,

    I had a similar scenario and remember when Monte started on the blogs. The shift in viewpoint happens very quickly once you look.

    I found Friends of LRH (instant hat) and Scientology-Cult (Mini hat) to be the most enlightening for truth and FDSing purposes.

    Although I admit I did wait to check out Scientology-cult just because of the name. The word “cult” held me off but when I did look, I found it was VERY informative. Having links to other sites was key. I kept seeing it linked and finally decided to check it out.

    Your blog was fascinating. As a declared Scientologists, I was allowed to communicate to Scientologists in an intelligent and non entheta way. That was HUGE!

  209. I hadn’t heard about this new follow up story. Thant’s fantastic! Do you know when it’s going to air?

  210. Quite right Stefan. Davis would make a terrible public prosecutor. He seriously expects the public (obviously not us as we know the truth) to believe that at least 20 people have all conspired to tell lies about Miscavige and the best that they come up with is that he physically and verbally abused people?! Surely at the very least they’d come up with rape, incest, murder and perhaps a bit of bestiality?

    And what about the motive? That they appear in front of the media numerous times, expose themselves to attempted character assassinations from OSA, be harassed by PIs, all in order to publically embarrass DM? Come on Tommy, you’ll have to do better than that. What about saying that they want to take over control from the ‘church’ and use your ill-gotten millions (billions?) to engage in a life of luxury and privilege. Hmmm, perhaps not as you’d have to admit that you fleece your members for every penny and that Miscavige lives a life of privilege and luxury while thousands of ordinary staff members live in abject poverty.

    And here’s a tip for you Tommy. Don’t deny EVERTHING. No rational person will believe that Miscavige and the CoS are blameless. Everyone has SOME skeletons in the closet. Feed the media some BS about how Miscavige got arrested for public drunkenness or a speeding ticket, but that he’s learnt his lesson and is determined to make the world a better place etc, etc. Anything to make him look human.

    I’m tempted to say put him in front of the cameras as it looks as though he has something to hide by remaining out of sight. But once the world sees him in the flesh, there will be no hiding the fact that he is a maniac. I got a good look at him at the IAS event a few years ago. He doesn’t look well and I’d imagine he is chewing on the carpet now that his crimes are being exposed.

    I don’t envy you Tommy. Whatever you do is wrong. Why don’t you get out while you still can?

    But then again, maybe I’m not giving you enough credit. Perhaps you third-partied Mike Rinder to DM, so that he would get beaten up and so abused that he had no choice but to leave, so that you could take over as the public face of Scientology. Then, you orchestrated the incompetent response to the inevitable negative publicity in order to expose Miscavige?

    You aren’t an idiot, you’re a Machiavellian genius! You are deliberately messing up in order to get Miscavige busted. Then, you’ll step in as the saviour and take over!


  211. hai there Mark,
    I’m not a Scientologist, and the people that watched the show with me aren’t Scientologists either. They could tell the ex wives were rehearsed and sounded either very nervous or scared. They answered way too quick, like they were not even thinking.

    It was shameful the way Tommy acted, but I think it’s far more shameful for DM to put a young man in that spot. Him saying that DM wouldn’t respond is like saying ; “The Pope cannot be bothered with these child sex scandals, he’s busy, screw off.” It’s not really an acceptable or logical answer.

    It is not my intention to insult anyone by saying this, but doesn’t this situation remind anyone of Hitler? He let eveyone else take the heat because he wasn’t man enough to do it himself.

  212. Ooooooh! Nice catch Tom!

  213. Unless Marty hits like a girl?

  214. Moving Forward

    I loved the guys I knew in MEAM! They were so awesome, bright and theta. I always thought that’s what Gold must be like, but boy was I wrong!

  215. Moving Forward….what you described here is the end result of what lying does. You have to remember the lies so as not to contradict one of them with another future statement. It’s hard to try and stay focused and talking in the present moment and still try and juggle a past memory as it might relate to the current subject matter conversation. Eventually and inevitably the mechanism fouls up. It’s an impossible feat to do.

  216. Hi Jessica
    Nice to meet you.
    I am a Scientologist and I share exactly the same sentiments. Thank you so much for weighing in.

  217. Spot on, The Oracle! That is exactly what is is. Awesome. He’s still on post!!

    ★It’s all good. You have Anderson Cooper doing a comm ev on CNN. You are amazing!★

  218. Thank you all who contributed to Elmer. I definately needed a lift by this point in the blog. Okay, There is more to read.

  219. Mosey,

    You are the Coolest and say the Coolest things!

    Knew Anne for decades as well as Jenny. Worked and went to parties, dinners, ball games, movies etc. together in the past. I knew Anne before she married Marty and audited/sec checked/FPRD me for tons of hours.

    I could not recognize them and they obviously were “acting” a role with “square inch” lines obviously crafted by DM. The hardness and harshness were obviously directed by one who endorsed the “Battlefield Earth” movie flop and Tom Cruise special video.

    It’s obvious that they’re playing roles for their own survivability, with their eternity as the stake.

  220. Joe….that lady was very wise and enlightened beyond her Catholic roots!

  221. Jamie,

    You are spot on. The Desperate Exwives are acting a role as directed by the guy who would not appear on the show and is in hiding.

    No self respecting lady in their own personae would give out the details involving too much information of their husbands in public.

  222. David from England

    Miscavige is in deep sh*t. He could get away with smacking people about when he knew that his victims might think their life would be over if they defended themselves. But he doesn’t have that security any more. The next time he hits someone, that someone is likely to hit back. The more the silence is broken, the sooner that day will come. People will see what happened to Marty and others and say – hey, they’re still around, they’re still uncowed and they’re still Scientologists – what have I really got to lose. It will only take one. Either way, the Church’s mad scramble for denial just reminds everyone who has witnessed the truth just how shaky DM’s power really is – he’s terrified of this coming out. The more loudly he denies this stuff, the weaker he’s going to appear. What sort of tough guy smacks people and then gets his victims’ wives on TV to deny it. What a tiny man he is.

  223. Apologies in advance but…

    “Tommy saying how well hung Miscavige is?”

    Ummm…I would guess “size” is proportional to height?

    And speaking of wives, WHERE IS SHELLY?

  224. One thing I found particularly chilling as well as striking is the vernacular of the ex-wives, especially the RTC reps, that cold stare and forceful voice saying things like “you don’t get it,” here is the thing….”, now, you have to understand….”, and such with completely unnatural TR’s and usually some hand or head mannerism to enforce the point. It’s seems to be the ‘go-to” valence the SO members use when they are trying to control a situation, usually a situation where they are lying or altering LRH policy.

  225. No need to apologize. It was my lack of familiarity with that saying. Plus your contributions are awesome anyways.

  226. Thank you all for your responses to my post. While reading the comments on this and other blogs about the ex-wives, it just saddened me so I decided to post.
    Something my dad always told me as a child, came back to me that I think applies here. He said “people are not bad, they may do bad things and make bad choices, but that does not make them bad.”
    Thank you Sinar for validating my dad’s words of wisdom.
    Sarge, I started to suggest you send that smooch via Mark, but I am not so sure he would not crack your jaw if you kissed him, even if it was meant for me 😉
    To borrow from Forest Gump…”that’s all I have to say about that” 🙂
    Lots of love

  227. theo Sismanides

    The whole of the Freezone deserves an answer on this.

    For many years we have been trying to figure out what is really CST.

    I have picked up this with Marty several times. Marty and Mike are convinced it’s only DM.

    Then how come CST own the copyrights and RTC is just a licensee?

    Does not make sense to me. Still.

    So, we should definitely have that open talk here.

    Marty, we are moving higher and you see there are unanswered questions from the past. And it doesn’t seem logical that DM is just by himself.

    This is a very serious matter, Max, is raising.

    On celebration of what goes on with CNN, on the note that we are all coming together as peer to peer, each one having done his own efforts to defend Scientology, I propose we open up those issues as soon as the series on CNN is over!

  228. I wonder if this BBC report is the one that Mike Rinder is interviewed in?

    That’d be cool.

  229. Bingo! I guessed right. BBC.

  230. A lot can happen in just a few hours! I just returned home from work, went to the computer and found almost 200 emails to read of which easily 98% were comments from this blog!! I think that’s a great indicator.

    I very much want to thank everyone who commented on my comment. Your input is appreciated. This is a topic that I believe could use some more discussion. Like Marty says, it is educational.

    Until last night I had not gone back to read this email of mine to my friend. I tell you, when I was reading it I was squirming in my chair. It can be difficult to confront one’s own insanity. Unfortunately, as I look this over, I can see signs that the programing is not contained to just scn. I have observed that it overflows into other areas, kicks in and effectively thwarts obnosis. Have I become some sort of low level Manchurian candidate?! I am interested and curious as to how this programing could be so instilled in one without pain and unconsciousness.

    After I emailed my friend regarding “something he should be aware of” he, of course, had a response. Funny, his response actually helped me to become even more intent in my research. I guess you could say that he was my mirror revealing my own insanity. Anyway, since I opened this can of worms might as well take it another step further. Here is my friends response to me after I suggested to him that he check out (you’ll see his programing kick in):


    I have a complete certainty that LRH tech works, I mention this not to imply that you may not, but that if your certainty in the tech is as real as mine is, I ask you to apply that LRH tech to address your concerns.

    I cannot handle your considerations, you alone can do that. All I can tell you is what tech I apply when I get wind of what I consider to be 3rd party against SCN church leadership.

    1. Look don’t listen. That’s the number one rule for me always.
    2. I apply the PTS/SP tech.
    3. This is not necessarily LRH tech, but I question the validity of anything I read on the internet. I want to expound on this because people all too easily accept what they read on the internet as truth. When in fact the internet is one of the easiest means to spread not only false data and third party, but more importantly can hide the source of that data. As an example anyone could create a website called Monte for Anarchy, and could put countless testimonials on that site from thousands of people, who in fact do not actually exist, all kinds of legal looking documents could be created and posted on the sight as proof. It is possible for one person acting alone to create such a web site, or any number of websites.

    There is probably more LRH tech that could be applied here, but this small amount of tech can possibly help you with your concerns.

    Before ending I will tell you my own personal viewpoint on all that is happening.

    For one, all I know is that the website you sent me could have been created by the KGB, CIA or even the APA. To research the validity of this site I would have to contact someone from this site, who no doubt have already been declared SP, which would put me in violation of ethics and justice codes I happen to agree with, but let’s as example say I did contact this site to find out the validity of its promoted materials. To actually find out the validity of the information on the site I would have to contact and interview several or many of the individuals on the site, as well I would have to do this on a e-meter so I could pull the withholds behind the critical statements being spread, whether they are true or not. Then to find the validity of legal documents posted I would have to visit the court houses where the supposed documents exist. Suppose I were to take the above actions, which would be actions I would have to take, before I would for myself, actually know if the data on that site was true or not. Suppose I were to take such actions, how much time and money would I spend to do so? And then if I spent all that time and money to do so and I found out the data was false, how much more time would be lost in ethics, and possibly sec-checks. What if I found out the data was true? Would I then join the ranks of those demanding that something be fixed that isn’t broken? I would not.

    And if I did the above, would I be moving on course? No. If I did the above would I be focusing on the solution – getting up the Bridge, and helping other to do so? No, I would not. If I did any of the above, would I be helping to improve conditons anywhere in the world? Again, no I would not. What would be the product of doing any of the above? The only product I see is wasted time, not getting the show on the road. Or as LRH said in RJ67 – I would be chasing cur dogs.

    Scientology is expanding, and the SPs are going to go mad, and things are likely to get a lot more interesting in the coming years. Devide and conquer is an expression that predates Scn. As far as I am concerned all the internet noise is an effort to divide, to spread entheta in the ranks of the public, and to put people into a doubt condition. Whether this is real to you or not I cannot say.

    I make no evaluations, but I recommend you look at the Ethics book, which was written by LRH. You will find a list of Suppressive acts in this book. I am going to list a few here that are pertinent to this situation.

    Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees duly convened.
    Engaging in malicious rumormongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology or to “safeguard” a position.

    The site you recommended to me is doing these very things, and the site is very possibly being run by SPs, I don’t mean those declared SP because of actions contrary to church policy, but by actual no case gain, want to ruin the world SPs. Whether you can see this as a very valid possibility I cannot say.

    I do not want to receive any more communications in regards to any anti-scientology websites. I reccommend that you get yourself to an Org and get whatever is in your universe straightened out with the proper HCO terminals. We have been friends a long time, but you are heading down a road that will leave me no choice but to sever that friendship.


  231. theo Sismanides

    And one other thing, I have never said here.

    If it wasn’t for Bill Robertson, I might not have left the church. The Freezone was started and created by him in the first place.

    When I was the Port Captain CLO EU I used to secretly go to public libraries and go into the Internet in 1999 and read stuff from the Freezone and Captain Bill.

    It was a great relief to me to see that what I saw in the Sea Org at that time, he had seen it from 1982 and that there was Scientology outside the C of M.

    So, as a tribute to him also we need to sit down and openly discuss all of those issues.

  232. theo Sismanides

    And to nail it down guys, without minimizing the suppressiveness of beating up people, it’s not the violence of DM that really matter.

    It’s his evilness which has screwed up people’s minds and the Tech of LRH.

    So the real issue is who is playing with our minds really? How come we cannot disseminate Scientology as we can. And would the vested interests who have already seen that Scientology is becoming weaker and weaker let anyone to take it to a new level on this planet, once again? I highly doubt it. They are quiet now since their plans are moving along. Scientology has become ineffective anyway.

    Does really Scientology have a chance here? And will it happen through the church if DM is gone?

  233. The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

    Player Queen:
    Both here and hence pursue me lasting strife,
    If once I be a widow, ever I be a wife!

    Player King:
    ‘Tis deeply sworn. Sweet, leave me here a while,
    My spirits grow dull, and fain I would beguile
    The tedious day with sleep.

    Player Queen:
    Sleep rock thy brain,
    And never come mischance between us twain!

    Madam, how like you this play?

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    Hamlet Act 3, scene 2, 222–230

    By “protest,” Gertrude doesn’t mean “object” or “deny”—these meanings postdate Hamlet. The principal meaning of “protest” in Shakespeare’s day was “vow” or “declare solemnly,” a meaning preserved in our use of “protestation.” When we smugly declare that “the lady doth protest too much,” we almost always mean that the lady objects so much as to lose credibility. Gertrude says that Player Queen affirms so much as to lose credibility. Her vows are too elaborate, too artful, too insistent. More cynically, the queen may also imply that such vows are silly in the first place, and thus may indirectly defend her own remarriage.

    This seemed appropriate somehow…:)

  234. Just Me, thanks for the link. One point that shows up consistently in the comm of those who have left is the understanding of those that are still there, in spite of what they may say or do.

  235. Having completed reading all the comments thus far, I have a renewed appreciation and admiration for all of the people who have contributed to making this public.

    It has been wonderful to know that there is Scientology beyond the church and to be able to communicate freely once again. But these reports are a reminder that there is still a situation actively going on in the church and until DM is terminatedly handled (removed) it will continue.

    I am grateful to all of you who have held your position despite the personal invasion of your privacy and lives. To all of you who have taken your personal experience, your pearls of wisdom gained from studying the tech and your courage to expose the atrocities inside the church, thank you.

  236. Here’s the thing; anybody who’s read Jeff’s
    Counterfeit Dreams apparently knows Jeff and his life better than Catherine would seem to, based on her comments to Cooper.

    Not frequenting the same websites that we do, she may be under the impression that most people don’t know what Jeff’s experience in the s.o. really was. It’s just another example of telling stupid lies because you believe the audience to be less intelligent or less well-informed than you are.

    This is the same mistake that dm and td make, time and time again. They continually underestimate the intelligence of everyone who is NOT THEM.

  237. I hadn’t even thought of that, but of course you’re right! The lie a guy would tell would be more like dm owes him money, cheated at poker, made a move on his girl – but not “he beat me up and I couldn’t fight back!” HA! Oh my god, no he wouldn’t!

  238. FriendsofLRH may peek his intrest ? (by the way RJ67 lol)

  239. Mosey, you’re beautiful.

  240. Kathy Braceland

    I find it hilarious that the ex-wives are on the show. Each are spitting venom against their ex-husband’s — i.e. the men we all love. Now girls…tsk, tsk.

    These women are EX wives. They are no longer married to our friends… they’re all still at Int…they didn’t leave with their husbands. Whatever happened to “Stand by Your Man?” That tells me something about each of them right there.

    Anne said that she knows Marty better than anyone. Oh really? If that statement were true, then she would still be married to Marty. Oh, this intelligent, loving, warm and caring man isn’t her type? AND she called him a liar? Then why did she stay married to him for so long?

    Jenny states that she slept with THAT man (our beloved Tom) for 20 years and never saw a mark on him. Hmmm…well first off, it’s a pretty classless thing to reveal your private life to millions of people on national television. Secondly, I don’t believe she did. She’s a yapper — an ankle biter. Poor choice for a spokeswoman defending Miscavige I’d say.

    I didn’t catch Jeff’s ex’s name — but Anderson repeated a really nice sentiment from Jeff about his ex and in turn, she got mad? Hmmmm….

    And Kathy, well…she couldn’t wait to put her little dig in.

    What a hen party!

    Anyway, both of these segments have been wonderful. I’m looking forward to round 3 tonight. I’m betting the towel will be thrown in — either in round 5 or when the BBC interviews air.

  241. Monte,

    I received a very similar email from a very dear friend after urging her to look for herself at the video interviews that Marty, Steve, Amy, Jeff, et al. did for the St. Pete Times.

    I was disappointed to say the least, but could not
    fault her logic and her steadfastness to her “code” from a scientological point of view. This only cemented my certainty that she really really need to look: something she called “scientology” was keeping her from being able to look at the truth. Not from being able to evaluate the information, but from being able to even LOOK. Yikes!

    There are two things your friend and mine did not take into consideration when weighing the immense amount of work and effort they estimated that it would take to “get to the bottom” of the issue: All the actions, including hauling out the emeter (oh, for heaven’s sake!) are vias to discovering the truth. Anyone, trained in scientology or not, but with the ability to be certain, does not need such vias; we are all capable of simply recognizing truth and knowing when something is true or not.

    Secondly, even if all that rig-a-ma-role was necessary in order to arrive at the truth, the TRUTH would be worth it – they can’t and won’t consider that what they’re hearing from us could be true, and that is the real reason for not being willing to look or listen. The mind is made up, out of fear most likely, but made up it is.

  242. Friend of Ron

    Thanks Jeff !

    Very theta and enlightening. It reminds of the time when I was stuck in Russia at an airport, just as Mother Theresa’s funeral took place. For hours dignitaries from allover the world paid her their respects. The power of what theta and the infouence one OT can have in full display. Just one OT , all by herself, having lived her code of honor all her life.

  243. Friend of Ron

    I meant to write THANKS JOE (not Jeff)

  244. p.s. to Monte:

    My emails also went to OSA! How did that turn out for you?

  245. Hi Jessica,

    Great to see you here. Yes, it does remind me of Hitler. DM does, that is. And like Hitler, DM has dominated, controlled, subverted and perverted the people under him — not to mention perverting the entire subject of Scientology.

    Interesting that it’s clear to you, a non-Scientologist. Now if we can only get the Scientologists in the church to realize this and throw the creep out!

  246. Miss Sunshine YOU are beautiful, through and through!!

  247. “A good indignation brings out all one’s powers.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

    I love a good holy wrath rant (well-penned, too)

    “Love, like the sun that it is, sets afire and melts everything. The indignation of a pious spirit, with its natural following of oppressed souls, will cast down (what greed and privilege build up over whole centuries) with a single shove.”

    – José Martí

  248. If I may, my personal take on Thougthful’s holy rant is Zero viciousness … that’s what makes it so stingingly powerful. No malice. Just rage.

    Cat Daddy you might understand –> “A cat’s rage is beautiful, burning with pure cat flame, all its hair standing up and crackling blue sparks, eyes blazing and sputtering.” – William S. Burroughs


  249. Cooper said that dm had declined “through his spokesman, tommy davis,” to come on the show.
    Anderson dots his “i’s” and crosses his “t’s.”

    By being aware of the story and participating with it by sending td and others to answer questions but not showing up himself in March when the he was invited to back in June, dm did in fact decline to be interviewed.

    No loophole, but that doesn’t mean no noose.

  250. Face the accused with the accusers per HCO PL “Justice”…… Obviuosly DM would’t co-operate but would love Anderson Cooper to put the ex-wives smack bang infront of Marty and Jeff and Tom… their TRs would go out even more and maybe one of them would crack and confess. My bet would be Jeff’s ex would crack first.

  251. Sometimes I think they come up these “strategies’ after a night of drinking.

    First, try to discredit whistle-blowers by equating their veracity to that of “ex-spouses.” Then (brilliant!) round up apparently bitter ad hostile ex-spouses to discredit the whistle-blowers!

    Then, decide that in order to (undeservedly) imbue dm with the (in)appropriate degree of
    stature and altitude, you will position him with the Pope in Rome. Now, wait until the real Pope is personally embroiled in a sex scandal regarding deaf children to use this clever positioning!

    Ok, maybe this idiocy masquerading as cleverness is just evidence that dm is still micro-managing everything himself. Sure looks like some heavy drinking was involved, though.

  252. Flur, that’s true. Good observation. Yikes.

    That is chillingly similar to Tom Cruise on Matt Lauer, pointing his finger at him, “You don’t know, Matt. I do. You’re glib. You don’t know. I do. You don’t understand. I do.”

    That is NOT Scientology.

  253. My Mother said to me once when I was just a little girl that lies were very hard to remember and that has proved to be true to me over the years.

    OSA PR lady Virginia Stewart for ANZO said publicly on telly over here that the worst person to get data from was an ex-spouse.

  254. Really, Stefan! And you certainly wouldn’t make up a story about how you were beet up by a midget!

  255. Geez, I can’t even type straight. That’s “beaten up,” not “beet up!’ I guess a story about being “beet up” would be even sillier — it would mean you’d been beaten up with beets!

  256. LOL

    Well, it’s a really good point.

    IF it was possible for Marty to hit others without leaving marks (and we now know THERE WERE NEVER ANY MARKS, PEOPLE, NONE!), then it would have been possible for dm to do so, too. Which makes the point about there never never never having been any (ANY) marks a moot point. If one can beat others without leaving marks, then no marks is not proof of no beatings.

    So what else you got there, tommy, as a response to the beating allegations? You just
    disqualified the “no marks” defense. What else you got?

  257. And what’s pitiful about it is that David Miscavige is dying of thirst in a beautiful lake of the purest water in the universe.

    With the tech of Scientology, a life can be turned around with one cog. Courage, honesty, it hurts WAY less than lying to one’s self. One cog … Just do the work that’s been researched and laid out, and it’s even in gradients!

    What ironic tragedy.

  258. Wow! My family and I watched the two episodes on CNN and are looking forward to the next one. We never knew that things were like that at Int. I found a link to an earlier time when DM got rid of someone.

  259. DM: Game over. You lied and you made others lie for you. You lost. The way out of this mess for you is the way out.

  260. what she said. 🙂

  261. Barney Rubble

    Kathy Re; Jebnny,

    I can attest as anyone who was in the SO for many years, Jenny DeVought ( now a member of the former wives club) was the worst bitch vampire of them all. I am shocked Tom DeVo was able to survive her for 20 years, he’s too kind.

    Truth be told, a major historical reference point was her famous Masterbation Mission into PAC in or around 1996 which BTW, her Msn Ops was DM himself. All of PAC was a bunch of chickens running up and down L. Ron Hubbard Way with their heads chopped off.

    Anyone who has been around will tell many, many more E/Ses.

  262. Was Amy Scobee WDC CC? CC Pgms Ops FB? I’ve never seen anything that said…

  263. Monte,

    We’re a group dedicated to true spiritual freedom. It was therefore a great pleasure to comment on your post from last night. We’ve got “true spiritual freedom,” and we’ve got DM’s inverted version (which I guess we can call “false spiritual freedom”). It’s a joy every time I see someone wake up to the difference between these things.

    I think we all fell for the false version because we had the true version first. The true version is close to the wavelength of a thetan. I think that’s why the false version stuck. It was held in place for us by axsociation with the true version, and the pretense that it is the true version.

    As for your friend, Monte, let’s see what he has to say if and when DM winds up in jail!

    Lunamoth: You made a great point about people who need vias to know the truth. That about says it.

    Maybe we should collect successful actions that people have used to de-PTS both themselves and others. It would be good to have a survey of what works.

  264. Lunamoth said: “Sometimes I think they come up these “strategies’ after a night of drinking.”

    LOL! You know, Lunamoth, I often think the same thing myself. They’re either hung over or have the sophistication of junior high schoolers.

    Plus they each seem to have had their sense of humor surgically removed. Makes it impossible for anyone in the real world to relate to them.

  265. True.

    From a totally “wog” point of view, using the ex to discredit someone…


    Like, what ex ANYWHERE has nothing but GOOD things to say about the ex?

    Like, can’t you get any better credible source than THATt???

  266. Cat Daddy – that’s an understatement. When you work around him it’s like going quietly insane in the midst of hundreds of people. “Everyone” adores him, so you turn inward, thinking that you’re the evil nut case who is doomed to hell. Since that’s wrong, it doesn’t solve anything and you just go a little more insane every time you try to figure it out. Until the day you finally reach the tipping point. Fortunately for me I reached that point before I went stark staring mad (at least I think I did, I’m sure the C of M would beg to differ.) 🙂 I’ve thought about writing a book or blog just to try and describe the mental anguish that can go on – quite apart from the physical deprivations and abuse. I don’t know that anyone would find it interesting, outside of sociologists and psychologists, but I’ll bet it would be hella therapeutic!

    Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on the ex-wives. I know they believe they have a lot to lose by breaking free. But ladies, one day you gotta wake up or you really will lose everything! What’s it gonna take?

  267. VERY TRUE.

  268. I am so proud to be a member of this ever expanding group.

    Thank you – Marty, Steve, Tom, Mike, Amy & Jeff
    All of you bring a smile to my face.

    A special thanks to Friend of Ron for posting, ” Here come the Sun…

    It is not 10:00 PM time to watch day three

  269. Mosey…I’m with Sarge…We will figure out a way to get around Marty for a kiss.

    You are one awesome Lady.

  270. And, I have to add, you are a really really really smart WIFE to have some understanding of what an EX-WIFE had to deal with.

    Speaking as a CURRENT wife and EX-WIFE.

    Men are…


    Thank god nature isn’t letting them have the kids. Species would have been gone a billion years ago.

    Just sayin’. 😀

  271. Linson is the bitch from hell.

    Believe me.

  272. Martin,

    Thank you for taking this responsibility. Excellent letter. I hope we hear more about the progream soon.

  273. Yeah. The ex-wife thing was really…


    You k now?

  274. What you said is perfect, Shelly. I hope those “Mind Ho’s” see your comment some day.

  275. The C of M is being comm ev’d on national TV. Of course!

  276. Wednesday night, Part III, Guillaume LeServe to Anderson Cooper “You don’ t understand.”

  277. Oh that’s an easy one Tim… Marty doesn’t have kara te’!!

    What the hell did DM get Karate lessons for??

  278. Mosey,

    You are a true definition of LOVE & SANITY!

    Marty must be an amazing being for pulling you in as a wife. I am so honored to have you in our group.

    We adore you!


  279. Good point!

    Why didn’t she?
    Who of THEM was lying?

  280. Bravo, Steve! I hope you and others pointed out to Anderson the lies and inconsistancies, not to mention the inhumanity, of the C of M jokers DM stuck in front of himself to hide behind.

  281. Veritas, I can never resist a good cat quote, addicted as I am to the beautiful creatures. This one is very fitting. 🙂

  282. Thoughtful,
    This is brilliant…rotfl!!

  283. Why does that forum read and feel like one person is posting all the messages?

  284. I’d believe the records if they actually came from the airlines themselves. Otherwise, I wouldn’t put it past Miscavige and Davis to simply fake the records.

  285. Moving Forward

    Great observations of inconsistencies!

    In fact, these can be taken up with success in conversations with hardline scientologists who watched these videos to get them to see them WHO keeps lying and who is consistent in statements.

  286. Too funny — every night every Int Exec gets a full body scan! I wonder if the wives get them too?

    No wonder the church is contracting — all the Int execs are spending their time getting nightly full body scans!

    Oh well, I get a cat scan every night. 🙂

  287. This is getting too ridiculous! We must be talking about OT beatings — they leave no marks! Ah, humor at last. 🙂

  288. LOL Obviously, knowing every square inch is a very big job, the most important job in Scientology. That’s why DM doesn’t have time for trivia like national TV exposes about himself!

  289. Monte,
    Another great post I had pleasure to read and can truly relate to.
    I had the same type of comms from devotees.

    I believe much of background reason of why they say what they say (with endless references to “LRH says..” and like they personally have nothing to add from themselves) is from Ethics book. That’s their fear of committing “High Crimes”.
    It’s clear that Ethics book is THE handbook of any scientologist. And it clearly lists there “High Crimes”. And it’s plainly states in this “Criminal Code” things you must be nuked for.

    I believe being stuck to and abiding by the list of “High Crimes” makes for mind control of individuals involved in the churсh.

    To answer to Tone 41:
    I believe that “to de-PTS both themselves and others” the person needs to say to himself: “To hell with that “Criminal Code of “High Crimes”! I’m not criminal for deciding for myself how to deal with my life, information and with people I like! The REAL High Crimes as being considered by society at large are not listed there”

    BTW, Who wrote this list of High Crimes?

  290. Because she probably is?

  291. The answer is obvious — it was an OT beating, of course!

  292. Jim, you’ve got me ROTFL! The idea of this chick nailing herself to a 2×4 and it being the height of entertainment in the Int RPF. l l Oh wow, what a sight!

  293. I agree, Oracle. We should have a grand discussion about this.

  294. VaD and Moving Forward — “what’s “MEAM”?

  295. We love you, Sarge. Don’t change a thing. 🙂

  296. lowprofile
    I just posted on AC360 asking him to ask TD “where is Heber Jentsch”?
    It may be too late as the shows have probably been taped already, but it was worth a shot. Personally, the last time I saw and spoke to Heber was at PAC in 2004 or 2005. I love and admire that man so much and I am really concerned about how he is being treated. He was so sweet to my mother. Although not a Scientologist, she thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread and would send him newspaper clippings “just to make sure he knows what’s going on out here”. She thought he ran Scientology. He was the minister at my wedding in 1981. He is dear to me and I miss seeing his face and hearing his funny harangues against psychs. I will cry now, so I’ll shut up.

  297. Very well put, David.

  298. The Masturbation Mission has just got to go in a movie. With Jenny marching around insisting she knows every inch of her ex’s body. 🙂

  299. Well, it isn’t Marty to say. But I’ll say it.

    The RTC will be dissolved, nessarily.

    The most Senior Post International, will be Executive Director International. Anything more would be redundent.

    Overseen with a Watch-Dog Committee Duly Elected. (Eldest and most Experienced Tech and Admin Terminals; Who will and can conduct their own Public and Transparent Com Evs.)

    ED Int. Martin Rathbun.


    I agree with you Theo. In time this must happen.

    CST is a factual Fraud. The “Contract” is in violation of The Constitution. Under Article detailing; “Separation of Religion and State”.

    The Contract is also utterly VOID Under Commercial Law. Failing Full Disclosure as require.

    Furthermore, the Tech is already in the Public domain. The Only thing the future Church of Scientology can hope to control, is their CREDIBILITY IN THE PURITY of the Tech.

    Which can only be proven with RESULTS and WORKABILITY.

    This, He said She said stupidity… This business of who is LYING?? Who will ultimately discredit who?

    Begs one to wonder…What is the MOTIVE?

    Let me guess? Marty and all his friend, are on AC360 because they don’t happen to like playing Crib? (A popular American Card Game)

    The future Scientologist; have never been on Church Lines. A Statistical fact.
    They are factually waiting for US. The Independent Field to emerge Triumphant.

    And we are winning.

    Like Clean water, in Clean hands. We have it!

    Dreadful, how steep and pitched the peeks and valleys are, as we climb.
    Our purpose, we know, and it is tied together with one another.

    As you often do Theo, you pull me up just a bit higher.

  300. Joe Howard
    Thank you! She was one wise and high integrity woman and the world is emptier without her.

  301. “I would guess “size” is proportional to height”

    Fortunately for Davey, height is not a factor.

  302. To Lunamoth:

    At the 5:00 point in the first part Anderson Cooper says: “David Miscavige has declined to speak for himself”.

    Go back to the video and listen to it.

    As I stated David Miscavige himself didn’t decline to speak for himself, that came from Tommy Davis.

    So again, technically he’s right.

  303. @lunamoth, I have no idea what happened when my emails were turned over to OSA. I feel certain, though, that if he did in fact turn them in and write a report, it would not have even made a noticeable splash. In the barrel of fish that OSA’s looking into, I’m barely a guppie. 🙂

    @tone 41, so much to discuss here! True version, false version, dePTSing and so much more. I dare not even get started on that now but later….for sure! But, about DM…I don’t think he will ever go to jail. I suspect he has an escape plan in place and a secret abode in Paraguay just waiting for the day. And I do think, the day is rapidly approaching. Hell, he may be packing his bags as I type.

    @VaD, the Ethics book, High Crimes…good points…I see what you mean but I need to ponder on that for a bit as it’s a new perspective for me. Like I said to tone 41, lot’s to discuss.

    In the meantime, here is what I’ve come up with:

    The best lie is the one accepted as the truth.

    The most effective prison is the one where all who are imprisoned truly believe they are free.

    The best form of brainwashing is where the subject, once started on the process, then takes up the reins, begins to self-brainwash and carries on.

    Finally, to paraphrase LRH, the easiest person for anyone to fool is themself.

    Man oh Man, I sure have much to learn and unlearn and having noted that, I must say that I am enjoying the journey enormously.

  304. Dear Bozz and Theo

    Yes, that are very elementary questions.

    The question we have to solve is “Who is the owner of the Church of Scientology?” I am afraid nobody can walk in the org and say: “Miscavige, your are dismissed! Leave now!”

    First of all, who owns the buildings? Int? Flag? Idle Orgs? The owner of the building as the power to determine who stay in the house and who not. So if CST is the owner and DM has a good comm line to them he can just give you punch into the face and say “F… off!” and that is the end of the story.

    Let’s suppose that CNN and Petersburg Times is harassing him to death, so he dies of heart attack. If it is him, who are the heirs?

    Or he goes to jail. If the building is his, he can – and a 1.5 will do – close the org and you have no possibility to do anything about it at all. Maybe the state will confiscate it because Miscavige is in the prison and has to pay debts (I don’t know, to be honest.)

    But if is the owner, none one of us has any possibility to do anything.

    What about his brother who is having real estate company? Is that true?

    If it is CST, then who is CST? Are those data still correct – Lenske, Spurlock, Emory, Misterek?

    All I know the “idle” org Berlin belongs to a accommodation address in Copenhagen. But that says nothing who is the owner.

    Marty, Mike and others who left – what do you know about ownership of the real estates?

    Max Hauri

    PS: I will now be off for at least two weeks and out of comm.

  305. David Miscavige may be liable for assault with a deadly weapon if he is any good at Karate

  306. say hello to patty baber for me

  307. I onley welcome a well written rant and cat qoutes of course

  308. Yea that Jenny Linson chick resembles a vampire in the Van Helsing movie, very creepy.

  309. Metroplotan Equipment Acquisition Mission in LA set up by LRH in LA to provide Gold with meterials and supplies from Hollywood.

  310. Some have wondered if maybe the leaders of the Church who we’ve been watching debate CNN’s Anderson Cooper were possibly not that evil and so not deserving of harsh words.

    With all due respect, most of you don’t know these individuals who are standing up for David Miscavige. You don’t know how vicious some of them have become.

    Viktor Frankl in his book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” talked insightfully about those people who ran the Nazi death camps. Prior to their role as Nazi soldiers and prison guards, they were ordinary students, bakers, accountants… the next thing they are murdering people by the millions. Some were brutal to their fellows. Others were secretly kind to the prisoners… smuggled in medicine to them at great personal risk.

    All beings are basically good and that is a fact as LRH discovered. If it weren’t true, people wouldn’t do themselves in when they go out ethics. And as we can see, every time Tommy, Jenny, any of these people open their mouths they are doing themselves in and actively hastening their demise. That is their basic goodness coming through, that is the part of them that DOES know what they are doing is wrong, and they are ACTIVELY working with us on that. That is a fact.

    However, you can’t just pat these people on the head, “Nice doggy.” They will bite your arm off up to the shoulder and then tear out your throat. So in my opinion, they do NOT deserve any sentimental treatment until they individually decide to stop being wild wolves.

    It all comes down to… and this was the point Viktor Frankl made in his book… it all comes down to how people decide to react to a bad situation.

    We can’t always control bad circumstances. Sometimes the situation was not even created by us. In the case of the Church, the situation was created by David Miscavige. What each individual CAN control however, what is utterly within their own control, is how to react to that bad situation.

    Would you become like them, a wild beast eating the innards of children? Or would you refuse to become a beast and eventually choose to escape?

    These people found themselves in a horrible situation and decided to become demonic themselves. Others, no matter how bad it gets, REFUSE to become a Death’s Deputy.

    These scorpions you see on CNN: Jenny Devocht, Anne whatever her name is, Kathy Rinder, Cathrine (Jeff’s ex), Norman Starkey, GL, Monique Yingling and especially, especially, especially Tommy Davis — everyone of these micro-mental midgets have decided to react to the bad situation by growing fangs, claws, stingers and transforming themselves into ruthless and vicious predatory wolves while pretending (only to themselves) that they are still nice people.

    The things they have done and condoned are vicious beyond imagination.

    If anyone ordered you to disown your husband, wife or child, would you do it? It reminds me of the Bible story where God ordered Abraham to murder his own son. Jackass Abraham who qualified as total scumb, took out a knife and was going to murder the child. To me, that’s not sane.

    That story does not illustrate “faith” — it’s a total perversion of the word. It illustrates madness. It illustrates one man’s willingness to become a monster.

    My own ex-wive gave me every provocation to disown her. I never did. She refused to come with me when I left… and I only left when my own destruction was looming like slow bolt of lightning half way down its stroke.

    So do have principles and here is what I believe in: integrity.

    These icy creatures have no integrity. Their only “truth” is whatever David Miscavige says at the moment. They have forsaken every grip they ever had on reality, forfeit themselves, their husbands, wives and daughters, they forfeit their pledge to help mankind… not for Scientology, not for any “greater good,” but to save their own skin from midget monster David Miscavige.

    I’m telling you Jenny Devocht was so vicious if I had to lie down next to her or a slavering rabid dog, I’d choose Old Yeller.

    Veritas, has it right. Rage is not necessarily vicious at all. I just know what these people have done: how they sold Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard down the river, how they knew Janela Webster’s daughter — just a child — wound up living on the street in Los Angeles and no one told Janela about it. What kind of human being abandons a child to live on the street in LA?

    People have died because of David Miscavige and those who support him. There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands of horror stories just as bad — and these are the craven scarecrows who did it.

    Personally, I draw the hard line. I never beat anyone. I never subscribed to DM’s pain drive theory, i.e., using ARC in REVERSE to fill people with fear so they will obey.

    They have done that. They are still doing it today and they refuse to stop.

    Sure, they weren’t like that when Marty, Mike, Tom and Jeff married them. They weren’t in the DM circumstance yet. But then they entered that bad situation and found themselves in the talons of David Miscavige.

    How they decided to react to that predicament was entirely up to them. They decided to throw away all of Scientology and become themselves demons in DM’s image. They went willingly into his thrall and they knowingly became vicious and evil.

    This sequence is really the anatomy of how a service facsimile is created — first cousin to an evil purpose. When faced with a threatening situation you can’t itsa (meaning it’s so complex and twisted you can’t just spot “Oh, it’s a _____!”), you have no choice but to invent a computation that will enable you to somehow survive. “To survive, you have to die” or whatever. Lots of people DO elect to die prematurely in Scientology and that’s why. This accounts for the high OT mortality rate. People move up the Bridge, come face to face with suppression from the Church, and bail out.

    These traitorous idiots like Jenny and Anne and Cathy and Tommy Boy made a different computation. They decided to the only way to survive was to become like DM and do whatever he does, treat people the way he says to treat them.

    In other words, surrounded by SPs, they decided to become SPs themselves.

    So today, we have a true battle of almost biblical-like proportions of good against evil.

    The Independent Scientologists are those who refused to become themselves a suppressive person.

    The Church of Scientology has been subverted and converted by David Miscavige into a factory that creates suppressive anti-social people.

    And if that is not hitting the nail on the head, nothing is.

    I have spoken. 🙂


  311. Moving Forward

    Was that the mission after the GAT event which put a bunch of new execs on post in CLO? I was there at the beginning of that, but clearly must have missed the fun…

  312. Mosey,

    now I’ve got it: YOU are the angel!
    Glad to know Marty in your hands and under your watch!
    ML, Fidelio

  313. Archer,
    Welcome, I do not recall seeing your name on the blog before. Thank you for weighing in. Good for you for getting out of that crazy enviornment.
    I agree with your explaination that “people are basically good” That is one of my stable data and something I try to remember when people do evil things to the ones I love or to myself.
    Because of this belief I do not feel they need us to rub their faces in it. As you stated they are “doing themselves in.” So I do think the name calling is neither productive nor necessary.
    Also on that point…… and someone correct me on this please….but isn’t one of the worse things you can do is make someone wrong for their overts?
    “Wolves?” “Eating childrens inards?” Those four? Are you kidding? I saw scared, introverted sheep in wolves clothing.
    I too agree with you about people make choices and yes they chose not to leave with their husbands. Yes it was their choice to stay and support the church, but so did every single person I have met that has left the church. They all at one point or another made the exact same choice. Yes the independents have refused to continue to support the church, but everyone came to that decision each in their own time. Some stayed 15 years, some 25, and some even longer. I do not believe there is a hard and fast timeframe of when someone hits their breaking point, so maybe their breaking point is just a little farther away than others.
    As you stated “it all comes down to how people react in a bad situation”
    This is a very bad situation. I have people accusing Mark of all this horrible behavior on national T.V. Saying the most ugly, vile things about a man that, although I have only known for 5 years, is the most humane, loving, considerate, brilliant, ethical person I know and there is nothing I can do to stop it. That my friend is a bad situation. However, my choice is not to attack his attackers, but rather extend love to them. I do not believe under a normal circumstances they would make the same choices but under their current situation, they are doing what they think they have to in order to survive (Serv Fac or not).
    So my choice is not to hate them, but to show love and understanding. And if one of them were to call here and say I need your help, our door would be open!
    That is just who I am. It may put me at risk and sound like I am being reasonable, but I enjoy life and am not walking around filled with anger and rage. I am no angel, I am just a person who believes that everyone has good in them and if they need help finding that goodness, then that’s what we should be doing.
    Thank you for input on this. This was fun.
    I am starting to like this blogging stuff 😉
    Lots of love

  314. Can someone enlighten me about this PAC Masturbation Mission? It sounds so engramic yet salacious.

  315. VaD,

    I agree. To not be PTS, a person has to be able and willing to think for him or herself, rather than to substitute the words or policies of anyone for his one perception. The next question is: How do you get someone to do this? It would be good to collect a list of successful actions that have worked.

  316. Monte,

    I love how much you’re enjoying the process. I agree, there is a great deal to talk about. So let’s make a date for some kind of deep, far-flung symposium of Independent Scientologists where we can really get into this stuff and plot the future of spiritual expansion in this universe!

    The only rule will be that no one can be made wrong for expressing an opinion, how’s that?

    And hey, if DM winds up in Paraguay instead of in jail, I’d still like to see your friend’s jaw drop open when he learns that that “the pope” of Scientology has fled!

  317. Shelly,

    I want to read your story — please write it and post it! It would be highly interesting. Such stories are the stories of suppression and recovery therefrom. I’m sure a great many would find that interesting. And certainly anyone studying what happened to the church would.

    As for the ex-wives — yes, if they don’t wake up they will lose themselves. Of course, they already have. But they still have a chance at redemption.

  318. Thanks!

  319. Barney Rubble

    Moving Forward,

    Yes the refered ” PAC Masterbation” Mission post Golden Age of tech era was the one you suspected all along. Bingo.

    PS: Bryon, did you hear?

  320. My God, Mosey. You are someone I look forward to meeting. Truly awesome post.

    Just Me

  321. Archer,
    thank you for your astute statements and
    thank you for your loving reply!
    We need both viewpoints desperately almost at the same time to move on up a little higher every day: the ruthless clarity with which evil needs to be confronted in all its order of magnitude and the endless greatness which realizes the same boat we are populating.
    I love the education I enjoy by yee both and am willing to stretch more and more to embrace and integrate your viewpoints into my own.
    ML, Fidelio

  322. tone 41, I’m submitting a request that you be upgraded to tone 42 post haste. I like your style! 🙂

    Re your symposium idea…I’m in! I am now looking forward to it. Also, I’m in complete agreement with your “only rule.”

    You know, I do postulate that my friend wakes up long before “the pope” of Scn has relocated to his bunker in Paraguay. After all, I did leave my stinger in him. Perhaps by now it is festering and he is being prompted to investigate the subject more closely without the need for all the vias.

  323. Moving Forward

    Mosey — This is in response to your post of April 2nd. Sorry if I am putting this in the wrong place, it’s a little rough to navigate all of the comments!

    Your post was so beautiful and full of theta and it made me smile. Thank you so much! I don’t think that approaching people with love instead of hate is weak or reasonable — in fact, I really do think it’s the other way around entirely. To love in spite of everything takes the greatest confront. Isn’t that the point of ‘What is Greatness’ by LRH?

    I find myself falling short of this sometimes, too… we all can, it’s normal. It can also be difficult to break free from the habit of surviving in the serious and hostile environment that the SO became.

  324. Thanks Tone 41. I have a couple of related projects to complete, then I will buckle down and see what I can put together in terms of a blog or book or both. While at the Int base, most everything I wrote had to be “approved” by DM. It will be nice to just write the truth.

  325. Monte,

    Gee, thanks for the upgrade! I’ve already told my husband that I’ve received this distinction. Watch out, world! 🙂

    We will certainly have to mock up this symposium. I see it as a way to promote a lot of real 2WC with real looking and thinking. But we’ll have to figure out a way that anyone who’s still underground for whatever reason (myself included) can feel safe attending. I think it can be done — maybe someone who’s ex-OSA or ex-GO can help figure out that part of it.

    You did plant the seed of sanity in your friend. Now let’s see how long his comm lag is 🙂

  326. Shelly,

    Let’s hear it for the truth! And for your freedom to say and write it with no one lookind over your shoulder and no approvals needed from anyone. Many of us will be very interested in what you have to say.

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