Daily Archives: May 5, 2010

New OT IV (OT DRD) Ridge on the Bridge


In the early eighties LRH wrote to the then-Snr CS Int questioning why the church was monkeying around using 1968 OT III technology on the OT DRD (OT IV). LRH suggested a pilot  using NOTs (New OT V)  technology which he noted was far more precision and powerful than OT III technology on the OT DRD (New OT IV). Incidentally, as RTC’s go-to  VIP case debugger for several years, and for the past year deliverying from my humble shack in South Texas, I have observed his advice to be spot on. I’ve seen dozens of people parked between OT III and OT V because they were ground to an expensive halt on Old OT IV.   Ray never got around to complying because DM cross ordered him off of it to concentrate exclusively on converting FPRD breakthroughs into a mind control operation against OT VIIs and most every other level of church public and staff.

Well, the first parked OT III completion who came my way down here, I decided to take LRH’s advice on.  The pre-OT had been off the Bridge for 15 years because she took a stand against grotesque criminal regging that by the mid-nineties had become ramapant under DM’s guidance.  I did the complete OT IV rundown utilizing NOTS technology just like LRH advised. 

I gotta tell you I have audited complete NOTS levels and OT IV levels before, but I have never seen a person – with no exceptions – make the ride more smoothly through New OT IV and New OT V completion.  I’ve never seen more tone arm action per session, more cognitions on the woof and warp of the physical and spiritual universes.  I’ve never seen a person blossom and flourish and grow like this pre-OT did on these levels. I delivered it in four blocks spanning 5 months and kept in very close touch with the pre-OT watching her go from a baby OT to a full blown OT. 

Now, by way of comparison, this completion was done in the teeth of DM’s PI’s doing everything short of breaking the law (well, the jury is still out on that one) to prevent this from happening.  Fortunately, I had a couple of great E/O’s (Mike and JB) keeping the immediate environs relatively quiet.

Bottom line: LRH said to do this and DM said “no.”  We said “yes”, went ahead and did it and found out it resolves a major ridge on the Bridge and streamlines the route to OT.