Daily Archives: May 17, 2010

Some thoughts about Independents

by Shelly Corrias (Britt)


As you know, I have been following your blog for a while now. And as you know, I do not consider myself a Scientologist, yet I have many dear friends who are. Some, sadly, are still “in”. Many others are now out and free to pursue their own freedom. Me? I am guilty of “cherry picking” what I find useful. After 23 years in the “church”, I am still figuring out my own spirituality. But make no mistake*, I firmly believe it is my right as a human being, even more, as a United States citizen, to pursue my own spiritual path so long as it does not harm others of good will. (*thanks Danny, you trained me well and I could not resist.)

Seriously though. Something struck me today regarding Independents. You all have amazing faith and courage.

When I left the Sea Org and the Int base after 18 some years, I thought I would pay off my freeloader bill and get back in good standing, progress up the Bridge and all that. After a few weeks outside, that changed. I knew I was done. I wanted nothing more to do with those people or the subject they represented. The subject itself was so twisted and perverted. Not to run my case on you, but I was declared “clear” in 1979. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I stated the clear cog and there was no way in hell I had seen any issues on what it was or anything like that. I said it and I remember it like yesterday. It wasn’t until five or six years later that I read the HCOB that gives the clear cog, at which point I went “wow, yep, I said that! No question about it!” Nonetheless, I was “undeclared” and I’ve now lost track of how many “DCSIs” and “CCRDs” I had going back and forth between clear and not clear, plus Dianetics and Objectives and Grades and two Purifs and a Running program and endless sec checks and FPRDs. The last action I had before I left was Grade 1!!! Huh? And people, I was Sea Org – I wasn’t being regged for any of this! So it’s not solely a money making scheme, although I do believe that’s an underlying motive for DM.

After twenty three years in Scientology I was basically at the same point I started, and had no use for Dianetics or any auditing of any sort. Especially FPRD and sec checks. PLEASE NOTE: I am not saying this to challenge anyone’s beliefs. I am just relaying what happened and how upside down the practice had become. I won’t even go into the downright cruel use of “study tech” that went on at the Int base, like being forced to M9 issues en masse and not leave the building to go to sleep until you “F/Ned”.

After I left, it still took me a year or so to be able to talk to close friends or family about what I had experienced at RTC and Gold. Even then it was slow going. More than three years later, I did my first interview with the LA Times, and shortly after, with Andrew Morton for his book on Tom Cruise. Looking back, that was so very mild compared to what is being revealed today. Like a bean bag shooter compared to an UZI? Nonetheless, it helped a few others feel a little safer about speaking up and so the story goes. Fast forward four years and we now not only have whistle-blowers all over the globe, more and more people have the courage to walk away and embrace the idea that “what is true for you is true for you”. Every day!

Which brings me to my point. Independents – I applaud your courage and faith. Each of you has mustered up an incredible measure of faith and cojones. (what a great combination – faith AND cojones.) For those who believe that LRH’s teachings contain the only route to spiritual freedom, you have declared your independence from those who claim to “control” your route to freedom, for lifetime after lifetime. To me, that is brave in the extreme. That was a roundabout way of explaining it, but I hope you get my point. We may not see eye to eye, but you got my respect!

That brings me to my second point. Who on the outside is knowledgeable in trademark and copyright law? Even though I was thoroughly indoctrinated in the concept throughout my 14 years in RTC and all my other years in the Sea Org, how can anyone “trademark” or “copyright” a belief or a procedure that involves two people talking to one another? I mean, is that even possible? I believe there is a major flaw in their entire corporate set up and legal “control” over the subject and its application. OK, so I don’t have the right to go reprint the Self Analysis book. But who can legally stop me from sitting down with someone, or myself, and asking those questions contained in the book? Or even the NOTs pack. If I somehow have access to it, who can stop me from sitting down with myself or others and discussing it (read: asking the questions and getting an answer)? “Trade secrets”? The very words suggest not a religion but a for-profit business. I suspect the whole setup is a house of cards that could fall at any moment.

I feel if this were explored, we may just break the dike for others who are too afraid to walk away. I don’t believe this can stand up in a court of law. But, I am not trained in that law and others are. I feel it’s worth exploring, especially if we could then do a white paper or some sort of printed handout, in addition to whatever is disseminated through the internet. I think it would encourage others to break free, knowing that their own spiritual freedom is not at risk by doing so.

Best, Shelly