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Miscavige’s annihilation of Tom Cruise (part one)

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

In a letter to the St Petersburg Times dated 20 June, 2009 David Miscavige promised to deliver evidence that would cause the annihilation of Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Tom Devocht and I.  Nearly a year, and several million dollars  in investigator fees later, Mr. Miscavige has failed to deliver on that promise. Instead, he has been busily carrying on with the insidious, and devilishly effective, annihilation of his “friend” Tom Cruise.

First, some truths from a prominent and powerful man Miscavige has also been attempting to annihilate post-humously for a couple decades now:

Now let’s say you want to stop something You want to stop something — give it things. Give it lots of matter. And the more matter you give it, the slower it will operate. And you want to stop it dead in its tracks, just empty the dump trucks on it. It’ll stop. Just give it things. Give it things that it considers quite desirable — gold watches and … and Cadillacs and mink coats and … The more you give on this, why, the uh…more upsetting it is to this person. And they…they KNOW they want to have these things, they know that, because that’s right, it says right there on Agreement One: “I want to have the MEST universe.” And it…they say they want things — but the more they get of them, the unhappier they get.

And if you want to just get rid of somebody, just completely, start giving them a lot of presents. You’ll  just…you’ll just — bye-bye. You have to exaggerate it quite a bit, but if you were handy at making things so that every…every 15 or 20 minutes, why, they could receive another present, they…they would either run away utterly or die in their tracks.

That’s one of the biggest mistakes that..that women make — or men make — in interpersonal relationships. There’s good and adequate reason for that, by the way…

…And that’s completely contrary to the way the MEST universe is supposed to run. You’re told very carefully, “Now look: if you’re a success, you get an awful lot of stuff. And you have all these things. And you can have these big beautiful homes and you can have all this way, and you can have all that way, and you can be very happy then.”  And actually you can persist in that…you can persist in that delusion, because it’s a completely backwards modus operandi and it doesn’t fit and it won’t work out that way at all. You could persist in that to kid yourself in order to keep yourself in action. But the second you cease to know it’s a pretense, you get in the trap of it.

You actually have to be in a position like this sometimes to have a superfluidity of MEST to find out what it does to you. It’s just fabulous what a lot of MEST can do to you. It makes an awful “MEST” out of you.

Now, these things are then related. And where you see these things cropping up as manias, where you see havingness mounting up and the MEST stacking up all over the place and getting higher and higher and higher, and that is more or less your object and modus operandi, you’re going to get a stop, and where you get stops, you’re going to get destruction. And where you get destruction and stop and so forth, there’s going to be more matter there. 

– L. Ron Hubbard, PDC lecture “Cycles of Action”

Now, back to the photo that speaks a thousand words, the three motorcycles beautifully arrayed in front of Miscavige’s $70 million palace.  The Harley in the middle is Dave’s. The two bikes flanking it are Tom’s. What are they doing posing in front of Dave’s palace?

Well, Dave had Sea Org craftsmen and craftswomen spend fifty to seventy-five hours fully disassembling his own motorbike and giving it a custom paint job of a quality perhaps unattainable (and at least prohibitively expensive) by outside labor.  When Tom saw Dave’s bike he was so impressed it gave Dave a bright idea in forwarding his calculated plan to corrupt, stop and destroy Tom.  Dave summonsed his underpaid and over-worked Sea Org labor crew to put in another fifty to seventy-five hours on each of  Tom’s two bikes. 

One-hundred and fifty to two-hundred and twenty-five hours of skilled, albeit slave, labor later – voila, another in a series of untold MEST gifts heaped upon a man who once really did have everything, but who under Dave’s program, would soon have too much.

PS: in the event anyone doubts these are Tom’s bikes:

All that glitters is not gold

I intercepted this comment from Sarge today. It is too important not to be it’s own post in my view. Here it is:

Marty, Great to see you again buddy, but you just set ole Sarge off again. Jim you shine again! Gonna get sudden. I have never seen anything more disgusting to me than the way Pat Broeker and DM spent money that did not belong to them. Pat was the biggest’ hobby horser’ I ever saw and DM had his head up Pat’s ass. They were the bobsey twins with gold and diamond everything.

Just before I went to Creston Pat and DM ran a money thing on me. I was taken to Beverly Hills to a fancy restaurant, the valet parked the Van. Why? We had a very expensive meal. I was supposed to be impressed. Wasn’t. Then I was told to pull a twenty dollar bill out of my wallet and burn it in the ash tray. They both laughed at me because they said I was too frugal and needed to learn that money was not a problem and to buy nothing but the best. To me that was waste. I know if it were up to them I would not have been on those lines as I was too honest. Had it not been for LRH I would not have been at Creston.

 In contrast LRH had all the money in the world and wouldn’t spend a dime on himself unless his stats were up. Let me give you an example. While we were up at Creston, one day LRH said to me enthusiastically, “Sarge, my stats are up. I think it’s time we got some vehicles for the ranch.” I had been driving around the 160 acre property and to town in an old beat up Chevy pick up truck. It was called Kris Kringle because it was painted with green and red primer. LRH said he had done some research and found that the most reliable, and economical vehicles he could find were Subarus. He even researched out how to get the best price on them. He directed me to go out and purchase a Subaru station wagon for off-property business and a 4wd Subaru Brat for his use around the ranch. I found the best deal in Orange county Cal. I bought both vehicles and towed the Brat with the wagon back to Creston. The old man was overjoyed. He loved the Brat. It was black and the wagon was silver.And that was LRH’s fleet. And he drove around the ranch in that little Subaru and lived in his RV on that ranch till the day he died.