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Claire Reppen 1933 – 2001 – Fly in Peace


Claire Reppen

Many of you knew, or knew of, Claire Reppen. Some readers may have been audited by her. Some of you may have wondered whatever became of one of the FSO’s highest producing Class XII auditors in its history. Well, she passed away several years ago. As has become standard operating procedure within the C of M there was no rest nor fitting acknowledgment paid for the weary. As is becoming custom, we shall bypass in order to pay proper respects. The following is a eulogy written by Claire’s friend and pre-OT, OT VII Carol Kramer:

Any Scientologist that has been involved in the church for the period of the late 1960’s until 2000, was audited by or knew people who were audited by Claire. She audited upwards of 100,000 of WDAH. Her line-up included many artists and movers and shakers in their own rights. She started in Scientology in Toronto, Canada in the mid 60’s, when Fred Hare kick-started it as an old Guardian Office run “Franchise” as they called them back then. From there she went to Saint Hill, went Clear and did the SHSBC. Claire was also on the Royal Scottsman ship and did her OT levels in 1968 when the UK ban went into effect.

In the early 70’s Claire became a CL VIII Auditor at AOLA and joined the Sea Org. She also spent time on the Apollo while Ron was there. In the late 70’s she was a NOTS auditor at AOLA.
She went to FSO and became a CL XII Auditor and remained so until the release of the GAT. It was after this release that she was busted by RTC. What was her crime?Refusing to go along with DM’s new definition of an FN. You see, Claire was a true pillar of the tech and would not compromise standard tech in order to tow the line. She wouldn’t go along with DM’s altered version of an FN. Lucky PC’s! Unlucky Claire. At the age of 66 she was sent to the RPF to do hard labor.


While in the RPF Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer. She battled this for 2 years. Many people beat this disease but it helps to have a great support system. What kind of support did Claire get? You decide for yourself when you read the KR written on her by the woman in charge of the “care” of elderly FSO staff (click link at end of post to read). Just know, Claire’s integrity was so high she went to the RPF rather than deliver what she knew was out-tech. She wouldn’t compromise. Yes, Claire was a classy lady alright!

To know Claire Reppen was to know wisdom, strength, love, caring, selflessness, interest in all things, fun-loving: all the attributes that LRH would have ascribed to an ideal auditor. She was a Class XII of the highest caliber.

Claire worked endless hours in the L’s HGC. Her PC’s held her in the highest regard, the same way she felt toward them. Claire gave me a “New Life” and for that I’ll be eternally grateful.

Her standards were always high. Her watchful eyes could see. Her beautiful smile and laughter always brightened the day. I feel her presence and for that I am thankful. Claire, you’re always in my heart and are missed.What a classy lady!

– Carol Kramer

NOTE: Some of you may be turned off by the posting of the KR. I thought long and hard before posting it considering whether it would be disrespectful to Claire. However, I was reassured by several people who were very close with Claire that Claire herself would have insisted upon it. There is a another factor that tipped the scale toward posting it. After leaving the church I did several months of work assisting Mosey in her profession of helping elderly folks move out of nursing homes into private settings. We were both moved by the extraordinary pesonalities and wisdom that appeared once the heavy nursing home drugging regimen wore off. During that stint we did some research to present to the Texas Dept of Health in order to prevent discontinuation of funding for the program. Part of that presentation is appropriate here:

What did Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill and John F Kennedy have in common? An abiding, expressed belief that could be paraphrased thus: The health and vitality of an entire civilizaton can be determined by examining but one factor: how do they regard and care for their elderly?

I may have contributed to her fall from grace directly or indirectly.  For that, my sincere apology. Peace to you Claire and the other long-term veteran SO members who have been disregarded, disrespected, wharehoused out of sight and out of mind and left to pass on. All of our respect goes to all you all. You know where to find us.

KR link:

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