Daily Archives: May 13, 2010

Idle orgs or implant stations?

Jonathan BurkeĀ spotted this gem from the 20th ACC lecture 16 – 23 July, 1958:

“Now, where aesthetics have turned against the preclear or he has become dependent on something else for his aesthetic quality and then it betrayed him, you have the neatest Rock you’ll ever have. Now, that’s a wonderful Rock. That’s thud!

This individual walked into the door of the most beautiful building he had ever seen, and they grabbed him and put him in the clink and held the body in duress and transported the soul elsewhere, you know. Fabulous situation. But he was attracted there by an aesthetic.

Well, this is the entrapment by aesthetics. And you’ll find aesthetics are a usual trap. That’s why you find, by the way, Dianetics and Scientology are not all trapped up with a whole bunch of horse-aesthetics. Get the idea? You’ll find a few of them around because they’re unavoidable. But it’s not that anybody’s against aesthetics, but we don’t want starry-eyed people wandering in the front door dramatizing for the hundred-thousandth time the lock where they see a beautiful building and walk in. Or the lock of where they hear beautiful music and walk in, where they hear a beautiful organ playing and a choir singing and they walk in the front door. See? Because all you do is collect a lot of nuts.”