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Tom Martiniano – Declaration of Independence


A lot of you know me. I have worked with Mike and Marty, Haydn and I worked hand-in-hand, Lucy, Tom DeVocht, Mariette and dozens of others who are on this blog.

I’ll give you a little of my history:

When LRH talked about the aims of Scientology – a world without war, without insanity, it really resonated with me. I was one of those 60’s hippies that were in the governments face regarding the illegal war in Vietnam. Much like today we tried to bring an end to that war that was wasting people by the thousands. The government finally figured out what to do with us war protesters; draft them – that was pretty ironic when you look back at it. So I got drafted and off I went to the killing fields. I spent an entire year in combat – Oct 68 to Oct 69. My company was finally wiped out from 110 men down to 33 left and the ones left were all wounded one way or another. On the third day of that battle (May 14 1969) I went down on my knees and made a deal with the “Big Man”: “Spare me and the rest of my friends and I will work endlessly to fix what ever causes man to be so evil to other men.”

The deal must have gone through because here I still am. When I found Scientology I knew I had found my miracle vessel for carrying out the deal. I was elated to say the least. So now I had to deliver on my deal. Off I went.

I worked endlessly just like most of you ex-Sea Org, and shoulder-to-shoulder with most of you. I loved having a new Band of Brothers (and Sisters) who gave their all, underwent harsher conditions than they haven’t experience for hundreds of lifetimes, yet remained dedicated to the task at hand – clearing the planet. It was a new war, but a real one and we were winning!

I trained up to be a Pro Word Clearer in1971 in Detroit org and I word cleared everything that didn’t move (upwards). I then became the Qual Sec and then the OES when LRH asked us to 5X the stats. We did. I believe we were St Hill Sized in 1974.

I was the OT III supervisor at AOLA 1977 to 1979. I joined the Sea Org in 1979 and was the Qual Sec AOLA. I lasted about one year because then I was sent on the Rollback Missions to USGO and GO WW. We found all sorts of squirreling going on and handled it. I then became C/S 5, which was an honor and I ended up at Flag. I was then sent on a RB mission into FLB where we found a plant or two and a whole lot of out ethics.

I then was sent on more missions to handle infiltration and then resurrection of management in the conts and it worked. We boomed EUS and then ANZO. I became the CO ANZO and rocked the place in 1984 with lots of affluences. I did about 100 missions between 1982 and 1996. Most of them were successful. Maybe one or two failed.

I was then posted at FCB as the DCO Production and then Sea Org Programs Chf where I tripled the size of that sector in 3 short years. Then I was the CO CEO, then CO ITO and then CO PAC RENOS. I was the project I/C for the Manor and the LRH Life Exhibition renovations. I was the mission I/C for the release of OT VIII and the original Maiden Voyage where Marty handed over the OT VIII materials and I turned them over to FSSO.

I then ended up at CMO Int as the Construction Management Ops CMOI. This is where I became up close and personal with DM. And I had a bad case of the heebie-jeebies during that whole time. He was Jeckel and Hyde. Some days he would be okay and other days he would be mad dog. When he was mad dog he would take it out on me.

In 1990 DM wrote the amnesty and allowed even the RPF a pardon. DM came to the Manor right after the event where he released the amnesty and found the RPF gone. “Where’s the RPF?” He asked. “You set them free” I answered. This pissed him off so much that he almost swung on me. He actually blamed me for the RPF being gone. Then he ordered me off of post right then and there. I actually stood up to him and told him I was SS IV and he cannot take me off of post without a committee of evidence. He had a hissy fit, stomped out and then had someone else from CMOI bust me a week later. This was the first time I really got a good glimpse of how crazy this dude is. But I also realized that when he is confronted he folds up like a card table.

My last day at Int was after I had a comm cycle with DM. He pissed me off more than anyone could. I blew Int directly after talking to him.

I ended up in PAC as the Cramming Officer. I left the Sea Org in 1997 after back-to-back heart attacks right in the middle of DMs “Heavy Ethics Mission” into PAC in 1996. I barely endured that mission with Jennifer DeVoct at the helm and DM running her but the thing that got me was when Jennifer warned: “You old timers – your days are numbered. We are going to replace you with young people.” I knew this was DM talking and I just went down hill from there. I knew LRH would never act this way towards us, so I decided I was out. I wrote a KR on the GAT, and the squirreling that was originated and perpetuated by RTC and on the New Era Management being implemented in a squirrel manner. Man I was busted in just a few short days.

I left the Sea Org in January 1997. It was horrible to leave. My dreams were dashed and the game of clearing the planet ended.

But now Marty has given us all hope. We have a lot of people who have joined Marty’s campaign. Some who want Scientology back, some who want the demise of Scientology, some who want reforms, others who want blood. But what most everyone wants, in my opinion, is that they want Scientology.

When I finished OT III I realized that I was free, out of jail. My next cognition was not so simple – I realized all of my brothers and sisters were still in jail and I needed to get them out. I actually felt that I had to go back into the prison and get them out while also looking like and going through the motions of being a prisoner. Then I had to remember that I was free and could walk out any time.

Now it’s the same; we have escaped suppression and entrapment by DM by getting out of the Sea Org and out here in the field, but we’re not all the way out until our brethrens are out. Remember, we made oaths to LRH and we are still the cream of the crop, the ones who cannot be sold a bill of goods to. We will get Scientology back and we will clear this planet. It’s RJ 67 folks and we are all part of the new game to defeat suppression, get ethics in and then clear this mud ball.

I’m happy to be connected with Mike, Marty, Haydn, Christie, Lucy, Sarge, Joe, Jim, Roberto and all the rest of you. It is my honor.

Tom Martiniano
Las Vegas, NV

Cruise’s confessional betrayal and John Sweeney

DM's attack dog Tommy Two Tone working on John Sweeney

The post of two nights ago regarding Miscavige betraying Tom Cruise’s confessions has gone viral.  News media have contacted me from several countries asking for interviews. I will tell you what I told them.  I am doing no interviews on the subject until the BBC Panorama investigation has aired.  It is BBC’s exclusive as far as I am concerned. The reason is that Panorama’s John Sweeney actually connected the dots on all this. Sweeney can investigate,  folks. Why do you think DM worked so hard utilizing reverse Scientology tactics to make him snap?  Do you realize the crux of  Sweeney’s 2007 investigation was evidence that Miscavige beat people on a regular basis?  The effort and money that Miscavige devotes to discrediting Sweeney is directly  proportional to the investigative skills and persistence of Sweeney.  Stayed tuned.