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When Veritas speaks…

Obviously, when I came to see Marty months ago it was a leap of trust, one which I evaluated against data, observations, my personal integrity, loyalty to LRH, and the Auditor’s Code. (initially asking myself ‘what the f am I doing?) (and I did get an answer to that question:).

I had held out hope for years that the corruption I observed first hand in the “Church” (and wrote up and tried every possible green on white way to handle) would be resolved.

Well… it has been. Out here. In the field.

When I routed in to the “Church” years ago to continue up from OT 3, I also purchased all the growing list of required hoops, i.e. more “required” eligibility sec checking and FPRD. Personally, I enjoyed that and had fabulous wins.

But, again: I was there to move onto OT IV and up the Bridge. It can be argued I was “closer” because of abilities and insight and knowledge gained. However, even beyond the tens of thousands of dollars of expense while awaiting some hidden Lord of Freedom to yet *again* deem whether I was “eligible” for Eternity. (I had already been through this numerous times and also for OT 3)

My theme song for that could very well have been: “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” …

I also did a L. And that was *amazing*.

The L was so awesome, with observable sweeping shifts in existence, that I decided I might do my other Ls before finishing the bridge. Insofar as direct spiritual insight and results of Theta being senior to MEST, the L had some OT wins. Besides, every time one goes to make it through OT, there are more hoops stacked.

Anyway, point is, there is always something else one can do in Scientology.

But the question is: is it *vital* and necessary to achieving OT?

I’m grateful Marty didn’t Q&A with any of that.

It’s the diff between vertical or horizontal progress. I don’t regret any auditing I’ve done. In a round about embellishing way, it could be argued it is all harmonic of OT.

Only with the wins I’ve had with auditing the OT levels as intended and as is laid out on the Bridge did it become flagrantly obvious by comparison…nothing else is a substitute!

Beyond the enormous expense (waste) of money and precious time within the “Church” , the real crime is the driving motive, the WHY behind the curlycue route to OT in Idle Orgs.

The delays and parked cases are no accidental circumstances. They are attacks.

Even the most well-meaning staff are blind to it.

And there is no other explanation why the delays, the dev T, the parked cases, the many people off lines, or the “flat” sounding “success” stories at attestations within the Walls of the Corporate Compound of Miscavige.

As unpretty as it is, it’s as plain as a steaming dog turd on a white rug

(which btw is way prettier by comparison to what is going on)

The third dynamic intention of the “Church” was not to “get me up & through the top of the Bridge.” Sure, I heard those words, but observed the game of bonkers regging to squeeze every dollar possible along the way, and observed “care” and respect fluctuate depending on the balance of people’s a$$sets.

These are just outpoints. They are not the why.

The “why” is not even the “Game” played that people are less important than Scientology.

This justifies strengthening the “church” at the expense of its members, under the umbrella justification and gross misunderstood that doing so, or sacrificing one’s self is the “greatest good for the greatest #”.

Even those are just symptom of the core disease.

The disease is the intention operating the “Church.” Here it is: the third dynamic “church” modus operandi stops people from going up and Out.

The wolf dressed up as Bo Beep leading the sheep.

The Bridge is about one thing: Moving up and through OT

So…you know how I often say “Marty, thank you for giving me back Scientology?”

I can add to that “Thank you for letting me HAVE Scientology.”

Scientology is not something to be dangled out just out of one’s reach, with occasional little brushes up against outstretched fingers.

It is yours. It is ours. It is there, in our hands, firmly, securely for the grasping.

We don’t have all day. There is no reason to wait or delay.

So now I have it again. No smoke & mirrors incense. No hocus pocus. No fear. No significance. Just the straight stuff.

There it is.

If there was one thing LRH wanted, what is it? It is for us to *have* this tech.

I’m looking here at the photo of LRH sitting with an E meter, captioned “Self portrait” in The Book of Case Remedies.

And when you have cleared the pc, until he can stand unaided and get right answers in the existence he or she is living in, you can again go for broke…

he describes going for the state of OT.

I’m struck by his description “Stand up *unaided*” in reference to the attainment of Clear.

Compare that to OT 8s within the “church needing to “get permission” to speak to a brother, as with Mike Rinder’s brother Andrew?

I’m also struck by LRHs description *Go for broke* talking about attaining OT. I see that intention in all his writings. GO FOR IT, A to B.

LRH wrote to us as colleagues and equals. In countless HCOBs, he shares results or research, what he decided to change, to share, as he bids us well on the adventure.

I personally accepted the gift and the responsibility. It begins with knowing what it is I see, and knowing the intergrity of my observation and conclusions.

I am aware of this: What I experienced and addressed in taking my next step went right to the root of things that can be considered a negative aspect of the human condition.

The “symptoms” of case can be dilly dallied with in a number of ways. But the “root” of a matter is just that.

If one’s universe is a garden, it’s the difference between pruning a weed (release) or ripping it out by the roots. (achievement of a new state).

When weeds are removed by the roots, symptoms and manifestations of case are Gone. Done. Handled.

Yes, I was ready! Yes, I had been ready for years. Yes, I wanted it. Yes, I was there in the orgs giving it my all to do it, and bringing in lots of other people, too.

My bottom line about Scientology is to uphold the sanctity of a promise I made to someone — LRH — who gave me the greatest gift of eons.

I did not make that promise blind. I made it based upon my personal observations, knowledge, experience and empirical results as a recipient and minister (CL IV) of Scientology.

The purpose of ethics is one thing: to get in the tech.

The purpose of the Tech is one thing: to get you up and OUT.

I’ve been true to myself, and I have been true to LRH and to my auditor on the matter.

Thank you for listening and for sharing your experiences on this road.