Daily Archives: May 1, 2010

To LRH he was JB


Our old friend, and your new friend, goes by the name of JB (John Brousseau). He is a thirty-three year Sea Org veteran. While the name won’t hold much significance for many of you since JB was never high profile, the very reasons for his non-public profile makes him worthy of twenty dmbots, countless PI’s, and several violations of federal law in DM’s mind.

JB’s value to the movement is manifold. Two of those values are most prominent. The first, DM is acutely aware of and is the justification for the foot bullets he is madly firing our (his) way. The second, DM is incapable of even conceiving.

Those of you who know JB and the numerous special projects he was involved in understand why DM has been blowing gaskets rather than candles on his birthday cake.

The second major future contribution of JB will manifest in him sharing his wealth of personal stories about his substantial time serving L. Ron Hubbard. He has already provided us with a number of bouts of goose flesh. And I’m sure he’ll do the same for you all.

In the meantime, please excuse us for a spell. We’re busy decompressing Texas style. You know, a little fishin’, a little BBQin’, and maybe even a bit of honky-tonkin’.