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Marc Yager and the IAS

Back in the eighties Marc Yager, as WDC Chairman and Inspector General for Admin in RTC, had an additional hat of running the IAS.  Once some serious bread began to be made under the guidance of President IASA Janet Light, DM took it over from Yager with force. I well remember DM browbeating and severely invalidating Yager as being “incompetent” and “incapable” of making money, “even though you are a fucking Jew”, he said.  And Miscavige continued to do that by pointing to HIS then-running of the IAS vs Yager’s running of management – while the former was cross ordering and bankrupting the latter.

By 96 DM had decided that Yager was his why and who.  The entire base was briefed on what a criminal Yager was and how he had intentions to harm DM dating back to his earliest days of the SO.  The briefing was one bizarre, paranoid exaggeration after another. I know. I was Yager’s sec checker.  What I reported bore no resemblance to what DM announced. Please see Gary “Jackson” Morehead’s videos on the Tampabay.com website wherein he talks about how Yager was treated by DM during his subsequent captivity in a self-made hut in a remote corner of the property. Regular beatings. Some severe.

I wound up getting Marc through a lot of FPRD, and kept tabs on him through his RPF program.  By the time Marc graduated, DM had killed off three CO CMO/WDC Chairmans. Despite Marc’s stated wish to stay off management lines (and clearly stay away from DM), DM grabbed Marc and put him right back into the frying pan as CO CMO/WDC Chairman.

It was not long before Yager was the recipient of regular beatings, and constant invalidation and hazing in front of all WDC members, all CMO INT, and Exec strata.  Recently, someone reminded me how it was that Yager had once again fallen out of grace so rapidly.

When Marc was fresh and clean off the RPF, he did an evaluation (perhaps the last one ever issued from Int) on international stats. He found as a why that IAS had severed orgs’ lines to their own publics, scavenging every last dollar the public had before they could be asked to donate for services. He noted that IAS was cross ordering management right down to org level.  Somehow, he got the eval out and into implementation – for perhaps a month or two. Several orgs reported “hallelujah!” and many orgs had their stats begin to rebound.

That was until Miscavige heard about it. Yager was severely rebuked in front of all of Int, his eval was cancelled, shortly after NO evals were allowed to be issued by Int (which is in effect to this day). Marc was treated like dirt by DM from that day forward.

So, I apologize to Marc Yager. I have called him a mouse with no spine on this blog. I take it back. Marc is an intelligent, caring guy. I did witness him being  turned into a mouse effectively by DM. However, he had something on the ball and he cared at one time.  I think with a few months of decompression down in these parts he could be rehabilitated into a very productive citizen one day.  Hell, with what he has been subjected to, he’s got a full year’s fishing and lodging pass waiting at the Shack.