Daily Archives: May 8, 2010

How Dave and Tom spend your donations

Here is some video footage demonstrating how the contributions of Church of Scientology members are being spent by their dear leader David Miscavige and the fellow he shares a very unhealthy and unnatural relationship with, Tom Cruise.  I gave Tom the benefit of the doubt up to this day, even though I am in possession of information that suggests to colleagues of mine that I am overly “reasonable” for being so magnaminous.  My last post was intended to give Tom one last chance to demonstrate he is not continuing to actively support the suppression of Scientology and Scientologists with Dave.  Having seen no sign of that, I am preparing to put ethics in over the coming weeks. It will be chronicled on this blog. It is being done in consideration of the greatest good for the greatest number of dymanics, including ultimately the benefit of Tom (though it may be lifetimes before he recognizes that).

Guide to video: The first clip is across the street from a Mexican restaurant in Corpus Christi, 2nd and 3rd clips are from the Corpus Christi Airport, and final clip is at my home in Ingleside, Texas. It is in sequence and records the events of Tuesday this past week.

Boys, you don’t scare me and cannot. I am not afraid to die. I, apparently unlike yourselves, have complete certainty of my spiritual nature and believe it or not of your spiritual nature too.