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Black designer T-shirts, clarification


I believe that you guys accusing me of playing low ground with DM missed the point entirely. I am calling him out on calling the kettle black. DM walks around in muscle shirts all the freaking time. Ask Jeff Hawkins and Steve Hall. He even has his black uniform shirt tailored to show off his biceps, goes down to Int, settles into his chair with all Int around a big conference table, puts his hands dramatically behind his head and flexes his biceps which his sleaves are tailored to squeeze to make look bigger. Then he routinely tears into hours long rants accusing International Executives of the most graphic homosexual activity. If they do not acknowledge his originations – such as a regular one like “why are you stuttering, what’s the matter, you got Guillaume’s jizz in your throat?” – with the affirmative, “yes, Sir”, you’ve got a 75/25 percent chance of being beaten to a pulp. Ask Mike Rinder, Jeff, Steve, Tom Devocht, Amy Scobee – or anyone who was there – whether I am making this stuff up.

Now on the other side of the coin; I want to tell you about Cooper’s “hissy fit” that DM’s freedom accuses him of. DM and his phalanxes of 800-1000 dollar an hour lawyers pummeled Anderson and his producer Ismael Estrada and their Executive Produce David Doss with several months of outright and despicable harassment. When Cooper opted not to be DM’s bitch, they went to Atlanta to CNN HQ. They brought the Hole with them. A dozen screaming mimi’s with 250 pages of perjured outright lying affidavits. They went to the Mother corporation Time Warner and played the “remember the 90’s suit when we cost you 7 million dollars and got your insurance coverage cancelled suit? Well, we’ll bankrupt your ass this time” card, while also playing the “look at the all the advertising bucks we bring to AOL, etc” (Time/Warner/AOL, etc. Anybody?).

Now DM had the entire process shut down. And Anderson Cooper, god bless his soul, rather than throwing a “hissy fit”, simply and in his inimitable, T.R.s-in style said “no!” And Estrada and Doss backed him up. Jobs were threatened. And they stood strong. Why? They had no dog in the fight. They had a nine month investigation that demonstrated lives were at risk. And they were damn right. And they were forced to compromise on the final product. But they would not be silenced.

And that is the “hissy fit” from the “male model.”  The same guy Dennis Clark, and other DM-bots, are being a lot more explicit about in email campaigns and in covert black propaganda ops being run by OSA.

Anderson Cooper is more of a man than David Miscavige could ever hope to be if he ever g0t up to the point of even hoping to be.  The same goes for Tom Cruise, whom DM routinely uses (including his most powerful talent Agency CAA) to put political and financial pressure on those who might muss a hair on Dave’s carefully coifed head.

Am I calling DM a “hissy fit” throwing creep who acts and lives like a diva male model?

You are goddamn right I am.

And if that results in ARC breaking a lot of folk and losing a lot of readership, so be it.

Ask Paul Haggis if I give a damn about somebody’s sexual preferences.

I do give a damn about a man on the verge of getting away with hundreds upon hundreds of aggravated felony assault and batteries, in the name of L Ron Hubbard no less.

And I will see that justice is done.

And tonight’s post was part of a larger, long term program that I believe will achieve it. I apologize for not providing more context earlier.

Thank you for letting me vent.

I’m out.

Black Designer T-shirts, for crying out loud!

Some of you may have seen the docudrama David Miscavige produced attacking Anderson Cooper, AC 360, CNN and a number of CNN producers and executives.  Miscavige has been working on that gem nearly full time for the past seven weeks.  Electronic remote-control helicopters and large cranes were hired to take those idyllic shots of what he calls a “workers paradise.”  The org formed by LRH to advance technical standards and promote Scientology, Golden Era Productions, has been on the project full time since the series aired too.

I have only one thing to say in response to this obscene waste of parishioner donations and hard-working staff time.  You will notice that the master implanter chose one anchor to keep coming back to throughout the piece. That was shots of Anderson Cooper in a black t-shirt, along with snide 1.1 voice overs commenting upon Cooper’s attire.

Those images all lead to the carefully orchastrated crescendo where the conclusion was posited that more than subtlely challenged Mr. Cooper’s manhood. To wit, the narrator gravely states that Mr Cooper had served to “blur the line between anchorman and male model.”  That loaded evaluation all based on an occasion where Mr Cooper chose to wear a black t-shirt during news coverage.

Now, let us take a look at who is calling the kettle black.

Please examine the the photo below of David Miscavige literally embraced by Tom Cruise, both wearing their omnipresent black designer silk muscle shirts.  It just so happens that Tom has that photo positioned in such a manner that he gets to look at it just about every day. You can enlarge it and look real close.

Now, if wearing a designer black t-shirt means all Miscavige implies it does about Mr. Cooper, what does it say about Miscavige himself?