BBC One Panorama: Finally

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  1. Great that’s gonna be exciting!!!
    28 Sep at 9pm

  2. Oh ya finally, it looks worth the wait! Church getting busy destroying their own credibility if there was any. Being basically good they are really taking a beating from their own hand!

  3. Wonderful. Thank you for the promo. I look forward to the 29th.

  4. Yes! Ha! Go BBC! Boo Ya! All the way! Woo Hoooooooo!!!!!
    ♥ John Sweeney ♥

  5. Hysterical.

    Is this what passes for “PR” in the Church of Squirrelotology these days?????

    They obviously need Heber more than ever now.

  6. Try to look for a source to download this video or some tool to get it of of youtube(not skilled in it myself yet) It might dissapear. 😉

    Go Go Go Mr. Sweeny

  7. So this gives the dwarf about two weeks to threaten BBC with lawsuits, harass them and search for their “crimes”. But I think the days of the media outlets folding to DM’s mafia tactics are over.

    The game has changed. DM violated the Power condition in the worst ways imaginable. Now, the game is about getting him. How many people will bail while they still have a chance? Can’t wait till it airs.

  8. Personally I don’t trust Sweeny as far as I can throw him. I saw this “report” more than a year ago and was disgusted with his behaviour. As far as I’m concerned he’s a db – a match for DM. Knocking on a fire escape door and expect it to be opened? What a farce.
    I’ve seen a few of his “documentaries” and I’ve yet to see a good, unbiased article from him.
    Don’t, for all the gods sakes, sing “hallelujah” about this “report”, it is not worth it. And, finally, this report made no impact whatsoever. Anywhere.

  9. Kathy Braceland

    AWESOME!!! This little clip is a perfect trailer…boy do I want to see the show.

    John Sweeney is so willing to communicate and these guys aren’t. They need to re-train their comm course. Oh…and learn some manners.

  10. In a new unit of time, there are two items that I would like to mention, as this blog gets new readers and commenters each and every day :
    1) Marty:
    Thank you VERYmuch for being “psychotic” and “delusional” as described in the attached video. Coming from DMiscavology, those are High-Praising Compliments! The Shack looks awesome! I would LOVE to be audited & trained by YOU at The Shack Θ.

    2) Very HIGH Kudos and Very High Commendation to ALL of you who slaved tirelessly to build the museum facilities depicted in the video clip below. You did a State-of-the-Art job. One of my colleagues, Richard Crundal (AKA Foot), actually worked (slaved) at building some of those facilities, and was highly mistreated in the process.

    Thank you!

  11. No it doesn’t. It means a year of that is over. He failed. Sure, he probably had a great deal of influence on the final presentation. But, the threats period is done. All they accomplished is to bring the entire mess back into the news now when it could have been over months ago. A backfired strategy in my estimation.

  12. I love Mr. Sweeney’s reaction when the CO$ fellow wouldn’t shake his hand.
    ” Ok, well, carry on.”
    You’ve gotta love the English.

  13. So remember when you tell those little white lies
    that the night has a thousand eyes.

    What a great song choice.

  14. Fantastic! I can’t wait. Two weeks from now gives everyone plenty of time to tell their family, friends and even strangers. This should be good. Let’s shine the light on what is really going on behind David Miscavige’s Scientology. Promote, promote, promote.

  15. Thought Provoking

    Awesome! The truth is unkillable, even when given in small doses. I’m looking forward to the next dose of truth.

  16. I think its worth knowing what influence on the final
    presentation there was.

    Was connected to those who made the ” Beginners
    Guide to L Ron Hubbard.”

    The influence of COS was minimal.? Much legal threats were made to
    brit TV channel 4.
    Their strategy was in general to comply
    with legal threats and not get involved. Thus instead of being titled
    ” The beginners guide to Scientology” as were the programs on Hinduism and,… the hilarious “Islam” with Peaches Geldof, the title was changed. They decided to change the title after legal threats.

    Apparently attempts were made to steal the DVDs of the final program. Well there was an attempted break in.

    The broadcast time was altered!

    Those involved had visits from OSA if of periferal use.
    Me and friends included.

    Of course Panorama is of a greater magnitude of
    exposure. 🙂

    The channel 4 program is still helping those in COS to look
    towards the Freezone/independaent area.

  17. Tony DePhillips

    I will give it a half ack until it airs, because I know how much insanity the cult will level at the BBC.
    I hope they don’t back down and if it airs I will savor every minute of it!!

  18. John Sweeny is a far better man than David Miscavige could ever hope to be. John Sweeny had ops run on him from the moment he agreed to the first assignment; and I’ve got proof of it. That he behaved as he did is more understable in the light of that. John Sweeny has done this time around – at least investigation wise (I cannot vouch for the presentation as am not privy to it) – what EVERY US corporate media did not have the balls to do. “A match for DM” is an unfair and ill-informed assessement. In my opinion.

  19. To the Panorama contributors and producers:

    Thank you in advance for all that you and your lawyers did to tell this story. I hope its original contents were not too diluted by the CoS’s efforts to completely kill the program.

    There’s the law. And then there’s the skill and courage to make visible what some try to keep hidden. That is true journalism. My family and I all look forward to seeing your program and the truth you can tell.

    Just Me

  20. CD
    Try this link. I can copy, save and replay any video so far. It’s free.

  21. Thanks for the heads up, Marty!

    Just the trailer itself portrays Mestology as a sinister, forbidding, non-communicative, secretive, weird and nasty cult! Oops, I forgot to include Evil.

    Good Job CoBlack pr, Tommy TT, and OSA you’re getting better at black PRing yourselves – resulting directly from your direct application of reverse Scn, Mestology Tech!

  22. I loved the choice of song also. Marty did you think that up? Well done to
    you and Mike for making this happen. Can’t wait.

    Panorama is the longest-running current affairs documentary series in the world.[1] Launched on 11 November 1953 on the BBC Television Service, it focuses on investigative journalism.

    It is the “60 Minutes” of the United Kingdom.

    In order to build up anticipation of the new show, recommended viewing is the 2007 broadcast of DM’s cult.

  24. I have respect for John Sweeney. He is the only one who took this” little person” on mediawise.The media today is not what it used to be. When crap like “snookie” or Harry Reed tweeting with Lady Gaga gets news coverage one has to say what?

    This story is news worthy to all people. Loved the intro can’t wait to see the entire show.

  25. And I will add that John Sweeney did what Miscavige will never do. Admit that he was in the wrong (no matter how much he was provoked), apologized publicly, sucked up all the criticism that was leveled at him and got on with his job. Not only did he do what others didnt have the balls to do — he went back directly into the line of fire for a second round. Check around and see how many others have ever had the courage to do that — not Richard Behar, nor Sappell and Welkos or anyone else I can think of that has been the subject of the sort of pressure that was brought to bear on John Sweeney. And his Producer on the first program, also the subject of much pressure, also came back for another round. Say what you want about the Brits — they have no fear (these are the same people that defied Robert Mugabe’s orders to leave Zimbabwe, did undercover work on the IRA, Russian Mafia, reported on genocide in Chechnya and other stories that I doubt most people could confront).

  26. Marty, yes! Thanks for the heads-up. This two weeks can’t pass fast enough for me – with a whoop and a holler!

  27. Well, I’ve had the pleasure of actually meeting John Sweeney, and in addition to being courageous in the face of Church stalking, personal attacks and ungodly pressure, he’s a helluva nice guy. So the last BBC report had “no impact”? Then pray tell why was the Church so panicked and desperate to stop the second one? Oh, they have impact all right, and no one knows that better than the Church. Nice try, GDH.

  28. Sweeney in awesome…has great TR3, but also knows when to just give it a good Ack. —interesting to watch that…then compare with the solid no communication he gets in response. The no comm looks suspicious but then maybe its better than the blurp of Tommy D getting angry. Now…who needs to redo the comm course? Can’t they dig up anyone better than Tommy D. He should go do commericals or model suits or something, ’cause PR ain’t his thing no matter how many times he gets RPF’d, it won’t help.

  29. What did LRH say — “answer people’s questions, make friends”. Also, I would recommend the HCOPL “Manners”. On the other hand, he also said to never talk to the press, since he had really bad experiences with them. That rule seems to be less workable with instant video coverage. Correct evaluation of relative importances of data could sort this one out.

    Also, since DM has completely shut down the game of Scientology training, auditing and expansion within the church, the only game left is “getting DM”.

  30. Wonderful! I can’t wait to see the final piece! 🙂

  31. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Let’s see how many of the “exclusive 12” come running out high 5’ing this time!


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  33. I agree MR.

    The BBC at least has some balls.

    Unlike the FCM (Fawning Corporate Media) here with the exception of Weiner and Hersch which has no balls at all.

    Sweeney seems to be approaching the subject more like Michael Moore now which means that it should be entertaining and informative in your face journalism.

    I personally look forward to seeing the program.

    If this is what it takes to get the point that the Church is currently f**cked up then so be it.

    I’m gonna get some popcorn and a coke and have a good time 🙂

  34. Wow. The guys voice on this video is perfect for the new tone scale film. 100% 1.1.
    And, uh, just wondering if the reason they have absolutely no slaves shown in this super duper, oh-so-clever rebuttal flick, is so they don’t have to remake it when the next dozen or so “slaves” finally extract themselves from the “not-really-a-slave-camp” paradise?

  35. OMG!!!!!!! :)))))
    Can’t wait to see it! Thanks to BBC, John Sweeny and Mike Rinder!
    DM and his church are DEAD! 🙂

  36. 🙂 The teaser sure got me! I can’t wait to see it! As much as I hate the thong reference, me thinks the D-Man is gonna need a new one!

  37. Spot on, MR. And Hip-Hip to Mr. Sweeney.

  38. I second that. He is a hell of a nice guy, with a great sense of humor and very good grasp of the subject and individuals that he’s dealing with. It’s not every reporter that will put up with the kind of stuff that John Sweeney has.

  39. I just want the beatings to stop!

    The church videotaping everything is evidence enough that the Church is not interested in humanitarian pursuits. What church does that??!!

    Crazy, how was I ‘IN’ for so long!!! Hard to wrap myself around it.

  40. I just want the beatings to stop!

    By the way, the Church called me to ask me my address so that they can send me the reasons why I just got declared.

    I told her “It’s because all I want is for Heber to stop being beaten by David Miscavige, that’s all, I just want the beatings to stop!!”

    She said “We’re not going to get into that right now”



  41. Paul,

    There are some 400 Sea Org Members at INT BASE on Highway 79.
    DM rules with an iron hand ~~ totally and absolutely against LRH policy, Flag orders and other Sea Org issues~~

    ++++++The prisoners are never allowed to take a 3 week annual leave.
    ++++++They are never permitted to take a day off (known as Libs)
    ++++++They have not in recent years had a day off even for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s etc.
    ++++++ They are bunked on base under lockdown, and are not permitted cell phones (some cell phones are in “Office of COB” /RTC)
    +++++++These Sea Org members have no access to pay phone.
    +++++++ All mail to them inbound and outbound is read and “controlled” by security.
    +++++++They are virtual prisoners. Recently for PR puff reasons some relatives were permitted to visit the base. THEY WERE NEVER ALLOWED TO BE ALONE WITH THEIR RELATIVE, ALWAYS A GUARD WAS PRESENT TO HEAR EVERYTHING SAID, SO THAT NOTHING OUT OF THE PARTY LINE COULD BE SPOKEN.
    +++++++The SP Hole still exists. The inmates are super controlled.
    They march to MCI (Massacre Canyon Inn ~~ dining area) 2 in a line with a Security Guard in front, and a Security Guard at the back.
    ++++++++This is a virtual prison in Southern California in the year 2010.
    +++++++Heber Jentzsch has been in the SP hole for a very long time, only trotted out for PR reasons on RARE RARE occasions. He is 76 years old and is not permitted to have a cell phone. He has been “allowed” to see Alexander Jentzsch Once in 6 years for family time.

    Welcome to the Proud Honor of being a Declared SP. It is a badge of honor.
    Finally, we should CONGRATULATE the BBC for standing firm and airing this. The BBC likes feedback at all times
    CLICK Here

  42. Fer cryin’ out loud, the church, with the PIs and the silent cameramen, have added a lot more spice and interest to what might have been just another show about scientology. Hell, the whole trailer was about the church acting creepy and cult-like to this BBC reporter!! There needs to be more letters in the word F-A-I-L because the word is no longer enough to describe how the church keeps topping itself in the foot bullet dept…

  43. I just got this email about prime-time CoS TV ads also.

    I imagine this is a counter on US TV stations, to the BBC report.

    No doubt there will be heavy IAS reging going on and the BBC report will be used to encourage folks to donate ever more.

  44. It’s a sad day. Yes it is good the BBC is making air with their show and from what I’ve heard of Mr. Sweeny it should be a fair and truthful statement of conditions as he has witnessed them.

    But it is sad that what used to be my church has so clearly killed itself. The behavior over many years has been so unchurch like starting on a gradient and then continuing to be clearly psychotic for all the world to see and many of us to have experienced.

    It is important that the show airs and it will bring change for the good. I’m not sure why but I don’t feel like cheering right now. I suppose I’m concerned that it will attribute the SP qualities to the religion, not to DM and may not show that the church has been taken over and this behavior is not that of a Scientologist.

    I’m sure Mike made those points and we’ll all see how that will be conveyed in the program.

  45. Who’s the guy with the cam? One of the intimidation people?

  46. I think I finally understand why I can’t get Dave to send Mike Sutter, Hansuli or Marion out here to Chicago to handle me. As bad as I’ve been, with carniage predicted for the future, I still just don’t rate! Is it because I’m black?

  47. Check this out …

  48. IIRC, Ron Hubbard once said “Confront of Evil is the lowest confront their is” and that should tell you all you need to know about the spiritual condition of that caller.

    Michael A. Hobson

  49. Theo Sismanides

    This is great guys! Looking forward to that!

    By the way look at this:
    And look at the map of auditors around the world.
    We are many more than we thought.

  50. Tony DePhillips

  51. OTater/GaryLerner

    Me too! Pass the pop corn, this is going to be good!

    Gary (Butter-fingers OTater)

  52. The more glamour, the more disgust

    I worked in mid / late seventies some years for the Co$. After leaving, I worked some years to recover from making debts during staff time to just barely survive. The only difference to a slave was already then that I consciously agreed. I would have instantly disagreed if I had seen then such pure material brag as in the video “proof of no slavery” …
    With such experience, nothing could have been more proving to me of true slavery by betrayal than the poshed quarters in the film attacking Marty and the idea of slavery. The video is bringing to view the blood, sweat and tears of those driven to build and operate the premises – and nothing of it serving the aims they may do it for. Not unlike p.e. the pyramids. It’s so ridiculous in combination with the pretended spiritual aims that the laughter about the status oriented taste in it freezes.
    I seldom was so disgusted. Today’s S of the Cof$ is, obviously by this (and even bragging about!), gargantually expanding – expanding the sad materialism of this world to the most extreme perversion of spirit. “Normal” slave masters at least aren’t proud of their style, they take it for granted. That the slavedrivers of the church don’t approach a clue of this aspect of their video is telling how far their ideal scene has flourished and prospered – far from what it should be. In lambda organisms it’s called cancer.
    I’m not in favour of “hard treatment” of cancer, but in this case every treatment seems to be better than no treatment. Hope the broadcasting will have a strong effect and help stop each further flourishing and prospering, and even survival of this monster.
    It’s beginnings showed up already in the late seventies, but DM seems to have concentrated all his efforts on development of the ill side of the activity – today best this body can do is die and no longer occupy the space which he just dirts. I’m considering myself not even an independent Scientologist anymore, but I’m with you – wish you and the awaking slaves all the best!
    PS I would by very far prefer to be a guest in Marty’s home than to put, under whatever hat, a feet in the golden trap shown as incongruous with slavery.

  53. I’d guess that Sweeny knows the Scn game now and won’t ever lose it under the BS of weasels like Tommy Davis again.

    How much editing did the BBC have to do on this upcoming show to hold off the DM sharks?

    We’ll have to wait and see.

    But, either way, a hearty THANKS to Mike Rinder and anyone else who contributed to this show!

  54. Scott Campbell

    The T/A’s gettin’ jacked! Wow. Can’t wait to see it.

    Off subject here, but need to say.

    Sorry for being somewhat out of comm lately with just the short pithy comments and whatnot. I’ve been really busy and back to work (I was on vacation for two weeks and then off work for about a month as my union was on strike). That’s why I was able to write and comment relatively frequently there for a while. Normally, I get up at 5am and get home from work at 5pm, five days a week, so don’t have a lot of time to comment on the blog.

    I’ve also been getting a lot of comm from old friends since speaking out on this blog and have been trying to keep in good comm on those lines, but I also need to keep up better with the blog and keep writing up the rest of my story for you guys.

    Anyone for a comprehensive taped interview that can be later transcribed? Barring that, I’ll write more as I create an economy of time in the coming weeks and months.

    Karry and I have also been getting in comm with our families, friends and employers (Karry’s family are still all in C of S) and telling them the bald factual details of our entire life histories, as well as Scn ethics, justice and PC folder data just so that there are no surprises from any OSA “briefings” they might receive.

    In doing this, I’ve gotta’ say that the amount of Black PR we’re hearing from Karry’s family that OSA is running on Marty in particular is astonishing. OH MY GOD. It’s even gotten to the point of some ridiculous word association on Marty’s name! Marty (martyr) Rath (wrath) bun (burn) and some association that he’s “burning in hell” now. I am not kidding. This is actually content from OSA briefings being given to on lines scientologists. Unbelievable.

    Black Magic anyone?

    Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you Cats and Kittens out there and that there’s plenty more to come from me on this subject. Just gotta’ TCB at home too ya’ know.

    Love you guys and keep up the good work.

    Also, for you S.O. members that are hoping that some Knight in Shining Armor from within your ranks will show up and save you…

    Ain’t gonna happen.

    The best thing that you can do to handle the problem is to LEAVE NOW. Get outside of the C of S – and it will die of it’s own accord. Nothing more than that is needed for this to occur. Sure there will be a lot of wailing and drama attendant to the miseries of it’s death, but that’s to be expected.

    To do this, you’ve just got to – FORGE THROUGH THE MIDDLE! And STAND IN THE GAP! (a little Baptist preacher humor for you there – for those who get such things)



  55. “As far as I’m concerned he’s a db” I can onley difnify this with an: NO U !

  56. I don’t mean to be a pain in the neck but as far as I remember, there is an LRH writing about having to film people who are filming the church.

    Either LRH made a mistake to put out such a directive or it may have worked in the circumstances at the time. Nowadays it just backfires. So silly, I mean, these guys pop up in sunglasses like agents from the Matrix with no communication skills. Sweeney loves them I think. They give him some material. So now he doesn’t just have a subject to interview but a nice background scene of alien-like agents filming him to illustrate the point. Splendid.

  57. What the hell is this? By what stretch of the imagination could this be considered a positive video for the church? Whose money is building this “state of the art” facility? Why is there a golf course, sand volleyball court, and all the rest? This is like a shrine to nowhere. With all respect for the craftsmen who put this together, what the hell is DM and the church doing wasting all this money? There is absolutely no justification for this level of extravagance.

    It is one thing to put together a nice hotel/quarters for people to come to, ala the Sandcastle and the Manor, because at least you can offset the cost by charging to have people stay there. But, this is a complete money sink.

    Unbelievable. This is what your fees buy!

  58. Thank you for the link Karen. It is a good idea to watch the earlier episode. I am anxiously awaiting the September 28th episode.

  59. absolutely love how this video is devoid of any life whatsoever other than the plant variety. MESTOLOGY indeed!

  60. yeah, hurray. this makes my day !!!!!!

  61. I really hope that the group shouting at Mike Rinder will be a part of that and
    will prove Co$ of lying in the matter of disconnection.

  62. Interesting “side point” – I don’t know how to insert a picture here but go to 3:07 minutes into the video.

    There is a front shot of the RTC Building and the title says “Management Headquarters”.

    Does this ring a bell of Contrary Facts?

    The PR (and defense line?) is that RTC is NOT even a part of management yet this video documents that RTC in fact IS management.

    Might be useful for those involved in suits or those thinking about filing a suit as with this David Miscavige labels himself the MP (Managing Pope) of Miscavology.

  63. I just watched the 2007 show – oh my God! Tommy Davis needs to be spanked. Who possibly could think that he is a good choice for Scn spokesman? “I am angry. Really angry.” FU, Tommy, so am I, only I have freedom of emotion.

    Why is DM and OSA coaching celebrities to look like they are dumbfounded when anyone asks them anything that may have anything to do with the upper levels? A much more appropriate and effective response would be “No comment. That is something I am not interested in talking about” said nicely, and politely. And, I mean on anything that sounds salacious and OT-ey. Like, say Sweeney said that “some people say that Scientologists believe that they are older than this planet, and come from outer space.” One could answer that with “Thanks for asking that, but people say a lot of things, and that is not something I want to discuss. One thing I will say is that people have been helped considerably by addressing areas of pain and distress from their past, and I have had benefits as well.”

    Instead, we have legal BS, Tommy acting like an Asshole, and, as Sweeney says “creepy” goings on.

    OSA and DM – you do realize that it does not matter whether Sweeney lies, Rinder and Rathbun lie, whether the “cultwatch kid” was a hooker or not?

    It does not matter.

    Because regardless of who and what they are, be they good or evil,the Church is being spiteful, rude, sneaky, and underhanded. The very representative of the church, Tommy Davis, is an asshole I would not want hanging around my children.

    In addition, church management shows its incompetence by the way it tries to deal with Sweeney, “Rathbone”, and other people. The PR “strategy” employed, and the tactics used to “dead agent” these people, are ineffective, stupid, transparent, and idiotic. My God, it is as if the PR strategy is being formulated and executed by unformed babies! No one is fooled. Because of that, the church is incompetent.

    Further, the church condones or even requires children to disconnect from their parents and other family members who have left the church. While it is true that adults can choose to communicate or not to whomever they want, it is rude, spiteful, self-centered, and chickenshit for a child to cut off their parents just because they disagree on religion. A child who will do that is weak and has zero confront. It is wrong. They should have their OWs pulled standardly so that they can confront people that they disagree with. But, no, the church and the kids choose the wimp, low-toned way out. The church, therefore, is wimpy and low-toned, with zero confront of people who disagree. Sweeney shows that, and their are other proofs all over YouTube.

    In addition, as the video above on the Hemet base proves, the church is wasting MILLIONS of hard-earned parishioner money on extravagant and non-essential facilities and quarters – for whom? – when it should be investing its beans in auditing and training people, per policy.

    So, Marty, Mike, Karen and the gang could all truly be a pack of liars, but, as I said, so what? The above points are still true, and the church is incompetent, corrupt, rude, and uncaring.

    Even worse, though, Mr. David Miscavige and you OSA-ites, Marty, Mike, Karen and the gang are not liars. And because of that, the harsh light of Time, Place, Form and Event (i.e TRUTH) will flush you the hell out.

    Looking forward to the show!

  64. Oh Freddy, sad to see you still in there – I have been Googling for you to see whether you might be out already.

    Freddy has an incredible memory on phone numbers. When I met him so many years ago I became a witness to what I had only heard before – he doesn’t keep or have to keep a phone book, he simply remembers the phone number (out of hundreds of people he spoke to) when he wants to call/reg a person. He “dummy dials” the number, playing with his fingers just above the number pad and the number comes back to him. Quite amazing.

    So, Freddy, with this truly awesome memory in this sector that most will not really believe is true, how many times have you touted the same line that you are now touting again:

    “The IAS is sponsoring the biggest Dissemination campaign in Scientology history.”


    Isn’t it getting a bit “trite”? And, if THIS truly was the “biggest” campaign ever (hell, it’s just some ads that run for free on the Internet), haven’t there been earlier campaigns (announced) that (if actually carried out) would have been MUCH bigger? (Plannetary Dissemination, Demolition Campaign, VM Campaigns etc. etc.)

    Just so that others know who haven’t met Freddy personally, I do remember him as a truly nice guy, really Swiss, with a dry and very funny humor who could “roll his eyes towards heaven” in a funny way when talking about the “targets” for donations to be made that week. Isn’t THAT the only thing that truly keeps going “straight up and vertical”, Freddy?

    Freddy, do you remember why you joined Scientology and the Sea Org?
    Do you remember the times when you have thought it was just a tad crazy what you have been ordered to achieve? How many times?

    Why don’t you “dummy dial” the number of a good friend or friends you trust you can openly talk to. He/she/they might be SP declared but you also might remember that they were actually good people.


  65. Well. It’s a long time since I heard anyone running around calling well-intentioned people ‘DB’s and promoting defeatism – not since I was still in the church…
    What’s your real name by the way? I’d just like to know who you really are so I can figure out why it is you think you are so far superior to a respected, hard working and successful journalist that you feel justified in labeling him as a DB.
    Heads up people, the trolls are going to be out in force on this one (not saying you are a troll G. du Houx! Of course not! But right now you sure are looking, walking and quacking like the proverbial duck and I don’t trust YOU!)

  66. Mike;
    “Say what you want about the Brits”
    Oi! Watch it! LOL

  67. DM – A reminder about the Brits;

    “We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields, and in the streets; we shall never surrender! and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the new world, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.” (Winston Churchill).

    The Brits are really really REALLY nice people. Until they find out that their goodness, kindness and trust has been betrayed.

    You are so screwed.

  68. Interesting points, these LRH references and Bryon’s comment:

    “On the other hand, he also said to never talk to the press, since he had really bad experiences with them. That rule seems to be less workable with instant video coverage. Correct evaluation of the relative importance of data could sort this one out.”

    Don’t have the reference handy, but does anybody remember (or have) it. It says something like “perpetuating an order” and notes it as an outpoint. Something that was correct at some past point in time may no longer be applicable today.

    Now, take a bunch of policies that once solved an actually existing problem (including press etc.), remove the problem as it then existed and continue with the same “unalterable, on-policy solution” and you have a mess and a truly crazy situation at your hand which that same “solution” now CREATES.

    Let’s take a simple and light subject as an example: Dispatches.

    There’s LRH policy on how to write them, make carbon copies, put them into the org’s comm system via the 3-basket system, move it through the org via a HCO Comm Runner and eventually file them so that you can go through a physical folder to retrieve the data when you need it again. And you should have an answer back on your dispatch within 24 hours (everybody on staff knows how many times THAT happens).

    Do you think this comm system is a story told about a long-gone past or do you think the Idle Orgs are still using it?

    Does FLO (ILO) still have two FULL TIME “Scanner Operators” that scan all the written dispatches and reports that come in daily from around the C of $ world so they can be fed into the “awesome” INCOMM computer system. Are they still using the 1980’s word processor?

    And all the while touting to have the “fastest comm lines in the world” (What Word????)

    What about Intranet, E-Mail, Internet, … truly fast comm lines with nearly instantaneous communication? Automatic filing, indexing, retrieval of data. Hell, any Google Search is faster collecting data from around the globe on any subject than even walking over to the filing cabinet to pick up a folder (and only god knows what actually has made it into that folder, in what sequence it has been filed if any etc.) Hardly any MEST involved (Science of Survival)

    Perpetuating an order!

    How many of us on this blog have been reprimanded and “corrected” for being “off policy” by trying to stay in present time and solve the problems that actually have existed and not those that “had to exist” because they were once mentioned in policy?

    Hell, LRH didn’t want robots that run on the same program forever.

  69. And a Churchill ack from our little island for Marty, Mosey, Mike, Christie, Haydn, Lucy, Mareka, Jeff, Amy, John Sweeney, the BBC producers and any others who were involved in this cycle ;

    “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”.
    (Winston Churchill).


  70. Thank you very much Pumpkin, Not onley I will benefit from your helpfull comment 😉

  71. Memo to the OSAbots

    This programme is a direct result of people following the CornCOB’s orders.

    Tommy D hassling John Sweeny was a part of it, alongside the other unethical and illegal acts that made you such a rioe target for investigation.

    All DM’s orderds.

    Do a true, honest Doubt fornula, and see if you can find the real Why

  72. There is something to be said for having a licence-fee funded broadcaster such as the BBC. The dabte here in the UK rumbles on and on about it – each UK TV owner has to pay £130 a year for the privelege, but it’s at times like these when that seems like a small price. The BBC is beholden to no one; no advertiser can twist their arm and they can do truly impartial investigations therefore. Panorama has its faults but they have tackled some mighty targets over the years. (Other BBC shows such as Watchdog mercilessly route out criminal companies and outfits).

    For sure there will be an OSA “Freedom mag/video etc” after this show, pointing out the supposed flaws in the show, but the public aren’t as stupid as screechy Tommy and his motley crew would like to think. I too would like to acknowledge the tenacity and fortitude of fellow-Brit Mr Sweeney to carry on in the face of pretty rabid and vile suppression. Many people have contributed to this show in various ways (thanks AOSH UK bookstore for the meter charger by the way). Looking forward to the finished product. (I know for a fact that previous Panoramas on Scientology had far-reaching effects for YEARS to come afterwards – this will be the most powerful by far as it hones right in on the source and truth of the issues).

  73. Disagree that the last Panorama made no impact whatsoever. I didn’t watch the program, but there was lots of news coverage here in the UK at the time. It made the prime time news and the major papers, Telegraph, Guardian and the Times all reported on it.

    The reason it was such a story is that John Sweeney broke the cardinal rule of being British: he allowed himself to get, ‘wound up.’

    My guess is that he will be ultra polite and terribly British.

    In any case, think it’s on right after ‘Holby City’ at 21:00.

  74. markthehungarian

    I am the only one who thinks how disturbing their behaviour is? The intimidation, constant videoing, and use of the silent-treatment… How does the CoS imagine that behaviour like this looks to someone who knows nothing about Scientology?

    Each time I see them act this way I am shocked. Shocked they are not investigated. Shocked they are not sued for harrassment. And shocked that they can continue to get away with it and think they’re in the right.

    And whatever happened to communication? Isn’t that a central tenet of Scientology? If the CoS is “all about communication,” how come their representatives can’t talk with anyone – I see a lot of talking-at, but no talking with.

  75. I must say I was quite impressed by Mr. Sweeny. After the first documentary I sent him a copy of the Reporter TRs which hopefully helped to see what was being used against him. Such a courageous man is not at all in the same field as those who lack even any concept of courage.

  76. Martin, and thank you for the charger and meter.

  77. You got it.

  78. Please, you can find an LRH writing to support virtually anything, ANYTHING. We are so far beyond that think it ain’t funny.

  79. Hi everyone, Richard Behar here. Sweeney, kudos — you had me spitting up in laughter. Let’s get together again when you’re not being chased. Mike [Rinder], for me it’s not a matter of having lacked courage, so much as not wanting to spend another 10 years in litigation, etc., unless I felt I could move the ball at least 30 yards down the field from where I left things. That’s what I always told people when asked if I’d do another piece. Too many of those years in litigation morphed me into a part-time reporter [read: less time for other exposes that I felt should be done.] That said, I may return to it in a book someday. All best to you. -Rich

  80. It’s your taste in music, dude! Sly and the Family Stone????!!!!

  81. martyrathbun09

    Sweet, Jesse.

  82. martyrathbun09

    Jesse, in a way, yes. Something we can talk about.

  83. martyrathbun09

    Great answer, huh Paul? They don’t even deny what goes on up there. They just attempt to destroy the purveyors of truth and put out PR. Keeps the sheep happy.

  84. martyrathbun09

    RJ, there is another exception whom you will be hearing from shortly.

  85. martyrathbun09

    Words of wisdom, Jackson, words of wisdom.

  86. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for weighing in. I’ve heard of some of the monsters you have tackled since. Having spent three years in indy media I, for one, appreciate your response.

  87. LOL – Jesse, the entire “training” seems to focus on smoothly delivering “white” lies (they do delivery lots of total crap too, but not smoothly) and with their spines so soft it would end up “black on white” if it ever came to a fight … unconfrontable – it probably requires 17 layers of highly paid criminal PI’s before they dare call you on the phone.

  88. I wrote to a non-scientology friend in the UK — he sent me a shorter version of this same documentary — I had never seen this. It’s the one with T. Davis yelling (yet again) —

    My friend promised to watch the new Panorama documentary coming up. He is known for years of the abuses — after all, we’ve been friends since 2000 and I tend not to be the silent type 🙂

    Oh — I also sent the time for the show to several non-scientology big hitters in Hollywood. Someday, one of them is going to feel comfortable in stepping up to make a movie. At this point — sadly — they are not willing to have their lives become an open book and full of harassment — but they aren’t fooled by scn celeb accolades. Just astonished anyone could be that controlled.

    They always ask me — HOW is it possible that TC and JT stay involved? HOW?

    Lots of answers to that one. 🙂

    Major kudos to John Sweeney and his crew.


  89. Hi the field,
    Rafael Madeira here from South Africa. Being a “newly independent Scientologist”, I still have some debate going on from the Church guys.
    In my last comm with the CO CLO AF (Ken Krige), I asked him what the case level, admin training level & the auditor training levels of the “COB”. I was rather bemused at his reaction, after the stunned silence, he replied, that’s private info, why do you want to know? to which I replied, What the $%^&* do you mean “Private” and as a Scientologist having spotted all the out-points I have, I need to know that the “Leader” of my church is qualified at least to be able to do his job as per LRH. To which he replied, here it comes. He must at least be OT 8, a Class XII auditor and at least FEBC trained. Where is this documented? I replied. I don’t know he replied. So not even you, the CO CLO AF know if your leader is on source or not, WOW I said. That’s the last time I had any comm with him.
    So, here is my request of anyone who may know as per something in writing somewhere, of the “COB”‘s qualifications.


  90. You guys, stop complaining and just do your next status.

    Do you not want the Planetary Salvage Award??

    What more do they have to do, give you a plaque? How aboud a nice certificate looking thingy that says you are personally responsible for saving the sector?

    Every dollar=an “impression” on starving children in Africa. We are dropping promo from airplanes in the South American jungles, setting up registration booths at natural disaster areas, touching billions of people with the promotional image of Scientology. Can’t you spare a few dollars (fifty thousand)?

  91. The “cult-watch” kid — so maligned by Davis on camera at the BBC Panorama 1st expose shouting his past — committed suicide sometime less than a year after the BBC show.

    Knowing OSA and other bots as I do — I don’t doubt they were high 5ing – at the news.

    I shook my head and said — there by the grace of god, go I.

    RIP Shawn Lonsdale.


  92. LOL That story needs to be told!!!
    Martin’s viewpoint on the church was already well known by OSA and Martin walks into Saint Hill, bold as brass and after a discussion with the DSA goes and buys a charger from the bookstore for Marty to use while he’s in town.
    Balls of steel Martin. Balls of steel.

  93. Marty, Hi and thanks!

    I actually prowled your blog a few months ago to see if you had some contact info. I wanted to chat with you about that old litigation. If you get the chance, you have my email. Cheers and all best, Rich

  94. Rich– thanks for your comment. I had no idea why you didn’t do another story, but I know that the pressure brought to bear (in whatever form) is a serious deterrent to anyone who steps up to the plate for one round. Very few come back for a second helping — my comment concerned the courage of Sweeney rather than lack of courage of anyone else. Mike

  95. Samuel,
    Data Series.

    Data Series 1 is one such reference on the A=A of ‘orders’ and ‘policy’.

  96. It’s amazing what changes in viewpoint a year living with the truth can bring.

    I used to loathe knowing a documentary or an article was coming out regarding the church.

    Now, knowing the truth (or at least more of it or open to other viewpoints) I welcome any and all looks into my “church”.

    Scientologist I am, but crimes coming from the church itself – nope, not on my watch. I cannot associate myself with such an organization.

    Those still in believing they must defend their church at any and all costs MUST not ASSUME all is well in the “church” because DM or other church reps say it is.


    Please, please PLEASE re-read the Creed of a Scientologist in a new unit of time.

  97. Quick question as I didn’t see this asked:

    Will the BBC broadcast be sent to the U.S.? BBC America perhaps?

  98. Where is Heber?
    I want to see Heber.

  99. Rafael,
    Ummm, I think the memo must have gotten lost, COB isn’t ‘qualified’, he is ordained. By COB.

  100. Jesse, I think its lake Michigan. Too much Theta for em’. No one comes to see me either but the good guys.

  101. Karen,
    I pass by the base on Gilman Springs often, and one of the oddest things is that there are seldom any persons visible. It makes me wonder if nearly everyone is locked down somewhere on the premises. Granted, I don’t slow down for the cameras, but really, driving by it looks almost uninhabited. Is it possible that many of the 400 have been moved to other places by now? Also, does anyone know if the project of mailing letters and post cards “over the wall” had any effect. I personally mailed scores of them and have always been curious about that.. It is my habit to offer prayers for those inside as often as I pass by or think of the place. I hope your family situation is resolved favorably very soon. Pax

  102. Hi Mike,

    Thanks. Certainly no offense taken. I was at a big awards dinner some years ago, and a journalist — just back from Iraq — took the mike and answered a question about whether he would ever return there for a second round. “Absolutely, probably, maybe,” he responded. LOL. Actually, the Scientology subject is too compelling and important to ever be finished with it. (Sadly, for a variety of reasons, I doubt that any major magazine would devote the resources and lengthy space to it today. I’d love to be wrong on that.) Cheers. -Rich

  103. So happy this is finally airing!

  104. Yes, and I third that. DM bots are the masters of intimidation: their ONLY real skill. The dirty needle drill, run in reverse. Chopping comm. Wrong indications. Wrong conditions. Bullbait, bullbait, bullbait — not to flatten a button properly as in the TRs, but to make the person explode.

    Little Tommy Dishrag was brought in specifically to make John get angry so he could be filmed on video “blowing up.” What you never saw was Tommy working his reverse Scientology on him.

    Thank god there is someone with the courage to expose the racket that DM is running. More power and tons of respect to John Sweeny and the BBC: hearts of oak.

  105. no advertiser can twist their arm and they can do truly impartial investigations therefore.

    Alas, that’s no guarantee for impartiality. In Germany, our public broadcasting service was modelled after the BBC, after 2nd world war. In the end it’s still possible that the persons in charge are influenced by third parties. We recently had a scandal in Germany, where a public broadcaster was thought to be unduely pressured by politics to replace the intendant of the programme.
    Or indidividuals botch up, like for instance that BBC guy who falsely claimed to have murdered several people to make his program more “appealing”. When I read this yesterday, I thought no doubt the Co$ will be trying to exploit this and smear the BBC. Fortunately, it is never going to work.
    So I’m really looking forward to this programme 🙂

  106. OMG! If it weren’t for absence of time travel I’d swear that LRH watched this clip in order to write the Glutz PR advice! ROFLMAO

  107. Looking forward to find who the other exception is 🙂

  108. martyrathbun09

    At this point I do not know; and do not think so. But, I suppose if there were enough of a demand, who knows?

  109. “Spatula” claims: “I don’t mean to be a pain in the neck but as far as I remember, there is an LRH writing about having to film people who are filming the church.”

    In all my study of Ron Hubbards materials, I don’t recall ever seeing such an issue or hearing him say such a thing on a tape. Exact citation please.

    Michael A. Hobson

  110. Last data from a person who was at (a few years ago) is that he is stalled for years on OT 7, non-interned Class IV and hasn’t even done OEC course. I doubt that has changed… The CO IS correct that in that it is private. If it were widely known it would be a HUGE embarrassment to Dear Leader.

  111. Yes, that is the irony… his outbreak allowed this story to get even more widespread covering and recognition. Word back then was that Tommy Davis spent time on the RPF for that flap. And punishment for it was the last straw getting Mr. Rinder to quit. But I guess only Mr. Rinder himself may comment on that.

  112. The 2007 Panorama program had no impact?


    Case closed.

  113. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if at the occasion of the BBC report someone would be able to present the full OSA “press handling kit”, the official as well as the confidential part, to the media at large? — Just a thought.

  114. “Tommy Davis needs to be spanked.”I am not into boys but Gary Scarff expressed a high intrest in Tommy. 😉

  115. It was a joke, I know I’m black and I’m happy for that. As a matter of fact
    I black and …..

  116. Looking good! I do hope the ‘strike back against the enemy’ is as much of a disaster as it was in 2007. Will Graeme Wilson of Freedom TV be sending out another DVD to every MP, lawyer and minister in the UK for them to throw away?
    I’d love to hear the story behind that. Why did DM blame Mike for everything and not anyone in the UK? Did a St Hill staff really post the Sweeney rant to Youtube without Issue Authority, setting off the Internet meme that eight months later created Anonymous? Whose bright idea was it to annoy Rupert Murdoch, who then gave his entire media empire the green light to attack Scientology?

  117. Hello Richard,
    I was talking with a ‘fact checker’ from a major magazine the other day. In the course of checking, inevitably it came up that the subject of Scientology is as you have pointed out “too compelling and important ” to be embraced in a one-off piece.

    The story at hand is the DM fiasco.

    What Scientology actually represents…well, that story is being played out in life. Big story, that.

    You, me, lots of others, as it postulates in DMSMH ‘may we never be the same’.

  118. Mark and Mike having a civil chat with Richar Behar; great to see. Another sign of what next gen Scientology could look like. Either that or it’s Bill Murry’s Ghostbuster prediction come true…”Cats and dogs sleeping together!”

    (For those who can’t place the name, Richard Behar was the author behind Time magazine’s 1991 cover story “Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power.”)

  119. martyrathbun09

    me too

  120. martyrathbun09

    emailed you – from – just in case OSA got a bright idea.

  121. “The night as a thousand eyes” My wolves?

    The Count

  122. I think to idea to tape record and take photos came from the FBI raid in LA …

    Wasn’t policy to my knowledge, just an idea that by those in the then GO — and became policy …

    One of those times that something was done and forever more, it was cemented in STONE.


  123. Finger of speech Sam. I am a dyed-in-the-wool anglophile in all thing except cricket…

  124. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    G. du Houx wrote …

    “And, finally, this report made no impact whatsoever. Anywhere.”

    You have amazing omnipotent power to know that. 🙄

  125. The Ashes are staying here, Mike!

  126. Dr Faust,

    Tommy Davis spent months under house arrest at the FLB on MEST work and being sec checked by Jessica (his future bride) after he BLEW in the middle of the BBC program “handling.” He had made a string of horrific blunders, but the worst was to inform John Sweeney that he reported directly to Miscavige (which he did, hourly — no “minutely”) which then put Miscavige in the position of actually knowing about the program and thus “avoiding” being interviewed rather than claiming it was so unimportant it never reached his lines.

    I had been taken out of the Hole by Miscavige to “lick Tommy’s asshole” (effectively be his gofer and report to Miscavige what he was doing). I was not to say or do anything other than be present and get Tommy coffee or pick lint off his Hugo Boss suits. Then Tommy screwed up for the last time and he took off. He drove his BMW M6 to Vegas where he holed up in the Wynn Hotel. I was left to “deal with” the BBC and was despatched to London forthwith.

    I spent weeks there trying to deal with the allegations that Miscavige was (in the words of John Sweeney) “the thumping Pope of Scientology”. I did everything I could to keep that claim out of the program. After the show aired, I was relieved as Miscavige was hardly mentioned. Miscavige of course then went on a tirade about how I had failed to handle it and “if he had been there, the show never would have aired.” I was ordered to report to St Hill to dig ditches, never to return to the US (that was Dear Leader’s country).

    I walked out the door of Fitzroy Street (the early site of HASI London, now preserved as an LRH museum) and instead of getting the train to East Grinstead I went to Leicester Square and have not looked back since.

    I am quite certain this program WILL mention Miscavige….

  127. Rich — Yeah, that’s a pretty good sum up. As for any major magazine devoting resources or space today — I think you may be in for a surprise. Best wishes to you. Mike

  128. Thank’s sarge and I think you are 100% right. That lake has some old indian mojo on it and does not take kindly to suspicious strangers stirring shit! : ) It seems like the Independent movement is about to set term limits for the leaders of Scn. That’s a good idea. DM may have his own set of term limits for his freedom once he panics and kills another person like Lisa McPherson. His term limits for his freedom my be set by a judge sooner than later.

  129. Marty-

    This BBC show should be fun to watch. Thanks for the heads-up.

    As an aside- What an interesting crowd you get here at your “playground”!


  130. GH,

    This video was originally posted on “Freedom” site. A full discussion of it is at :

    The golf course was built about 20 years ago by outside contractors consisting of a 9 hole course, clubhouse & cart barn for PR to locals. I had a separate entrance & parking lot without all the Security fencing and razor wire. I worked on it as quite of the few electrical jobs were botched and had to be fixed in the clubhouse and lake fountain. I was leased to a golf course management outside company for years, being shut down a few years ago. It’s a total LIE that it is facilities for staff!

    The exercise facilities- mostly a fitness trail (also known as a parcourse), volleyball, basketball, soccer & baseball field were built to comply with the LRH policy on daily exercise and included in the schedule for crew for a couple of years after it was finished. No one actually had time to exercise for the past decade at least to to insane production demands. The tennis courts are VIP facilities and Exercise building weight room for Dear Leader and a select few he approved.

    The swimming pool was built originally as an LRH space as he had no pool in his simple house on the property. He had mentioned it could be used as a PR tool and public tours (open house for locals) included this facility – no one on the base used it except DM and his cronies normally.

    The shots of conference rooms, atrium, waterfall and English garden are of Dear Leader’s personal office building, LRH Mansion, and updated facilities built with “Idle Org shiny Mestology” style – over $100M from IAS funds. These are off limits to most staff at Int.

    You said it all: “what the hell is DM and the church doing wasting all this money? There is absolutely no justification for this level of extravagance.” Also as the earlier blog posts pointed out – he spent 7 weeks producing this video with lies, sparked by the AC 360 episodes. Perhaps he’s waste and burn more after the BBC show airs?

  131. Thank you for clearing this up for us, and me.

    and instead of getting the train to East Grinstead I went to Leicester Square and have not looked back since.

    Given the position a sea org member is in when he quits as described by Marc Headley, I imagine you’d have hell of a story to tell. I’m considering translating the BBC broadcast with German subtitles. I have a feeling the story by the SP Times did not find widespread recognition here because of the language barrier which keeps many people in the Scientology organisation who otherwise would quit if they knew what was going on.

  132. I would say Mike Rinder ‘escaped’ rather than BLEW. He had unfortunately been blowing smoke up Miscavige’s perverted ass for so long just to survive that ‘escapism’ is the proper parlance in this case. As we are no longer dealing with Standard LRH nomenclature, the term ‘blow’ no longer applies here. The Int Base is no longer a retreat for the Int Execs, it’s a gulag and escaping from the threat of being sent to a gulag is what that is exactly.
    What Mr. Rinder did was salvage what decency there was left in his existence so he could get out and report on it to the rest of us. As far as I am concerned he has been absolved of whatever crimes he may have committed while under the thumb of the VE. I was never at Int but I know what it was like being under the thumb of a senior exec and the pressure can be unbearable, especially when you have had a record of being upstat and still hit. With the truth that Mike Rinder is revealing to the world over and over and over again I think ‘Heather G’ should show a bit more respect than leveling accusations. What people seldom look at is the bald faced fact that it’s not just been Miscavige doing the beating but what would have happened to anyone who would have fought back would have been beaten to a pulp by Adolph’s minions. Make no mistake, defending oneself against being struck by the Miscaviget would be tantamount to committing suicide. Gotta admire his surviving the whole track incident!

  133. Hartley, I notice particular animosity to the church from The Times and Sun here in UK. How did they annoy Murdoch?

  134. I know the Div 6 courses are “based on the works” of LRH, but they are the first thing I studied in a Scientology courseroom. The very first idea I studied is that there is such a thing as senior data. That is, some data is more important than other data. I suspect that the Creed of Scientology, the Auditors Code, the Code of Honor, the Factors, and the Logics and Axioms would be senior to policy.

    I would appreciate your input on a suitable collection of senior data.

  135. Good idea Faust.

  136. Jesse,
    For those who have say, a pinker tone on the back side, there IS a ‘Soul Vaccination’ that the Tower of Power from my old neighborhood, Oakland Ca., has available.

    It will keep one from catching ‘honky pox’.

  137. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Indeed, Grasshopper … my thoughts exactly.

    Does CoS here really paint the correct picture of the extravagant, ostentatious, magnificent lives of upper church management while the the “drudges” live in cramped quarters, make slave wages, and sometimes even eat beans and rice?

    I’m sickened by this.

    Notice how the “church’s” focal point never focuses on THE issue … David Miscavage beating on Staff. They just ruthlessly focus on Marty and take his statement of “He treats them like slaves in a slave camp,” way out of context. That this is done, you know right there the “church” (DM and his valence) is lying to you.

    In their effort to character assassinate Marty, they footbullet themselves by exposing their own overts to all Scientologists, in their own video, by displaying their extravagant, over-the-top spending of Scientologists’ donations.

    That they, too, aimed at mocking Marty’s lifestyle is about as low as any supposed church can get.

    Perhaps this video will put the previous video in better context …

    Marty and Mike Rinder,

    I’m so sorry that you lived through such duress under COB. In my book, what you’re doing now totally makes up for any part you may have played in the past in contributing to David Miscavage’s suppression. Thank you.

    Now the “church” is experiencing backflash the likes of which David Miscavage never imagined.

  138. I agree – you can find R tech or policy or directives, or whatever to back up anything. I think the outness in this case is that people don’t think for themselves with the data, not necessarily with the person that wrote the data. When I was in the SO “we” could all find policies to support our actions (generally) – so, the higher-up on command channel is who “won”…
    Thought-thumpers can be heard elsewhere – not just in scientology.
    Ultimately it comes to personal responsibility for ones choices, IMO.

  139. Jim this is outragous! Thanks for the funk bro.

  140. “It’s even gotten to the point of some ridiculous word association on Marty’s name! Marty (martyr) Rath (wrath) bun (burn) and some association that he’s “burning in hell” now. I am not kidding.”

    I’ve seen this too.

    While on staff I observed an IAS reg during a “briefing” define the name “Stratera” to mean “strategy” (strat) for “earth” (terra). I take it he did his word clearing before the briefing. It may very well be true that there is an evil strategy for earth that involves psychiatric medications. But to hell with the cur dogs.

    IAS reg was using this “datum” as if a significance alone proved something. By attempting to use words and definitions to short circuit observation, are the IAS bots demonstrating that they know sheeple would rather not confront? I guess so.

    Another example: Corexit, a chemical used to disperse oil in the Gulf. I’ve read people saying the name is proof of… I think what they were saying is that “Core” + “exit” means that something horrible from the core of the earth was being released, or something. Okay, I don’t like that the dispersants were used, and I don’t f*cking like that the oil was spilled.

    I guess my point is that building fantastic realities out of significances looks crazy to me. I am wondering if going effect of symbols is some sort of implant technology.

  141. DFB,
    Very interesting – thanks for sharing. It never ceases to amaze me that the Mestology bizarre response to more truth revealed is:
    Donate! Donate! Donate!

    Perhaps response is an incorrect word – it should be react. Perhaps the remaining sheeple are conditioned like Pavlovian animals by Mestology.

  142. Nah, he’s just a show off. 😉

    Could have borrowed mine for nothing…


  143. Thought Provoking

    Will there be a link or something that we can go to to see the show after it airs?

  144. Pax,
    Thanks for the observation.

    It looks generally deserted perhaps because of these possibilities:
    1. Where they muster or meet is on the side of the buildings away from the road or inside the building in inclement weather so it’s not visible.
    2. Routes taken to travel between buildings are shielded by plants or are on the other side of the buildings away from the road
    3. 2 underground tunnels between the North and Southside of the property make it so people are not visible crossing the highway.
    4. Schedules – many “production” crunches cause schedules to be starting after lunch and working through until after breakfast.
    There usually “grounds” crews around and on Saturdays, most of the base is on ” Saturday renos” and maintaining buildings, grounds or building new facilities, based on LRH advices. However, perhaps this has changed too.

  145. Impartial English Girl

    I don’t think I can wait ten days to see this – that’s one evening I will DEFINITELY be staying in! How many times can CoM shoot itself in the foot before the whole leg falls off?! The chap who refuses to say anything reminds me of something I’ve seen before… in the school playground, when I was 7. John Sweeney is a very brave man. A wicked l’il part of me wonders what this clip would look like speeded up and accompanied by Benny Hill or Keystone Kops music… The scary stalkers are JUST as unintentionally hilarious… Until, of course, one remembers about the kind of twisted, psychotic, savagery that goes on behind the closed doors of Squirrel Mansion.

  146. Thanks Theo, Great to see the map!

  147. Good points to bring up Rafael with those still sipping the Kool Aid. It’s great to see you here, welcome to the Indies!

  148. It MAY be because you’re black, but you’re not saying it right: it’s “it is cos I is black?”see this at 1:20 THAT’s how you’ll know…

  149. I expect it will find its way onto YouTube. 🙂


  150. J,

  151. Looking back, showing up at IAS fundraiser “events” sort of feels like being compelled to report to an implant station or something. You know you don’t want to go, but you can’t refuse.

  152. Breathtaking story Mike.
    How you even lasted as long as you did with the Reptilian Predator is amazing.
    You were so close up to the insanity.
    Marty has commented more than once that you and Marc Yager were beaten, punched, slammed against walls, slammed to the ground more than anyone up at INT Base.
    There is a point of no return.
    Congratulations and many high fives for all you did to correct the previous scene with Panorama.
    You make us all proud of you.

  153. From the RTC PR machine site:
    “The Chairman of the Board is the most senior office in RTC, and one for which David Miscavige is uniquely qualified. An active Scientologist for most of his life, he first became a Church staff member in 1976 and has since been involved with nearly every aspect of the Church’s activities.

    As a young man, Mr. David Miscavige studied to become a Scientology minister and for several years he provided spiritual counseling to parishioners. He later worked closely with Mr. Hubbard, aiding in the production of instructional films and materials for Scientology ministers-in-training. A few years later, he progressed to international management, with responsibility for the worldwide activities of Church missionaries. In 1987, Mr. David Miscavige became the Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center. “

  154. Mike thank you for writing this up and exposing youself raw like this to the world. You are living testimony to the strenght of the human will, no matter the circumstaces. I know for me when I left in 1992, I to had to face the truth and start telling the truth for a change. We are all human and make mistakes but when a person can rise above the past and live the future with dignity than the test is completed and you pass. You have passed the test.

  155. Richard Behar,

    ~~~ I now believe you were simply AHEAD of your time.
    click here

    Your stories would be incredibly well received on this blog.
    Warm welcome.

  156. Mike,
    Thanks for the story, it really clears up some mysteries and blows charge. It’s amazing the tortures you survived in order to stay the course to further the original unaltered aims of Scn which most of us joined to achieve & back up of LRH. Highest kudos to you, my friend!

  157. Karen,

    Thanks for the link. I gave them feedback and asked if they were going to air the segment on BBC America, which is a cable channel I get.

  158. Richard ~~
    “Major Magazines devoting resources” see private Email to you

  159. Scott,

    You could possibly do what Jeff Hawkins did – a blog which he turned into his book currently out as a suggestion.

  160. Makes a lot of sense for that particular time, but sure looks completely unreal and out of the loop now, sending the wrong PR message!

  161. Bozz,
    I filled in a “feedback form” to BBC which Karen gave the link to and asked them if they were going to broadcast the segment on BBC America, haven’t gotten any response back.

    I also checked out Online TV sites such as:
    Searched for BBC Panorama and was able to see BBC one programming on this site as aired in the UK. So, it should air on the 28th at about 1PM PST. That is one possibility to view it “live”, IMHO. Not sure if there are other alternatives other than watching it later on YT.

  162. History is being made.

    These are truly exciting times.

    I am proud, and honoured, to be an Independent Scientologist! 🙂

    “Yes, the future is ours and never was it brighter, more real or more within our grasp than today. The galaxies are warned. Here we come!”
    — LRH, May 9th Message, 1984

    LRH. Remember him?

  163. Thank you for telling us this background information.
    Your humour is awesome.
    It is just absolute outrageous what happened there.
    I feel for you for everything you had to go through.


    The road from insanity to sanity is a road of recognition of the world around one, the future and consequences of one’s own actions” LRH from HCOB “Prediction and Consequences”

  164. “they don’t have to remake it”

    That is what I was thinking when I saw this. Especially after previous departures (Larry A., Jason B., etc.) and Tommy Douchebag very clearly stated how much it was going to cost them. This may be one of the smarter moves on their part to save money in the time they have left. I wonder how many blew after seeing this insanity. If it brought anyone in then they must have arrived on those special yellow busses.

    PS – I have a mentally/physically handicapped older sister, so if I am accused of making light of “yellow busses”, so be it.

  165. LRH HCOPL: “The following is now laid down as policy:
    “There is so much good in the worst of us,
    “And so much bad in the beat of us,
    “That it ill behooves any of us,
    “To talk about the rest of us”

    Name calling is a logical fallacy, but I can do it as well. How about that Inhuman Alliance with Satan? Or those Obviously Sick Assholes?

  166. I’m working on getting the BBC “response” linked to all the Indy websites I can get my hands on. Someone shared the link above and I’ve gotten started on it at John Nunez’s site Pro-LRH Tech. Not to mention I made the suggestion myself, using lots of big words and sung the praises of the BBC and the diligence they have shown. Maybe schmoozing will work? I dunno. Worth a shot!

    Who would have ever thought taking down COB would be a “good” thing? not to mention a much more fun game than he’s playing!!! LOL

  167. Interesting fact on Wiki is that: “Panorama is the longest-running current affairs documentary series in the world.[1] Launched on 11 November 1953 on the BBC Television Service, it focuses on investigative journalism. “…

    Under “Notable Episodes” and “Scientology,” Wiki also says:
    …”However, the 2007 Scientology episode was Panorama’s highest audience of the current series so far”…

    Here’s to the 2010 Scientology episode – may it surpass all records!!!

  168. Outstanding Sinar!
    Now that I know Karen linked it, I’ll be giving her credit. I was in a hurry earlier. I’m hopeful if enough of us drop them a line and encourage it, they just might do it, or at least broadcast it on BBC America at a later date. Thanks for the help and the info!

    You having fun? I’m having fun!

  169. I laugh so hard!! Hilarious… the last guy exiting the car it looks like is coming out from the matrix movie…

    They confusing TR’s with no emotion… or trying to show no emotions…

  170. Mike can you please tell me a bit of the story of how little Tommy was gotten back. Is he still the public face of Scn? You were, and as far as I’m concerned you are the true President and Public face for Scn. You wore that hat for years am I right? Just because little pecker head took that from you does not negate the truth. Just looking over this whole explosion of truth going on now someone, has to represent and that person is you. You are the offical President of Scn and you are going to have to take us home with this thing. You got alot of help. I’m about to pull out that mighty sword that I nearly cut DM’s head off with the last time. So assume your position and let’s get this thing rolling correctly. If you practice wrong you will play wrong. It’s you Mike and don’t let them convince you otherwise. You are the only one who on FILM can be seen on either side of the issues. You are the only truely exterior person on the scene because you can be seen in both places looking how you look now. I know this is a strange way to say you are in fact the last President Of Scn don’t let them say you were just a janitor. The world knows you as the President of Scn, remind them of that constantly least they forget.

  171. Finally the BBC show is going to air – good news indeed !

    I feel deep respect for the ever-persistent Mr. Sweeney, and I’m grateful to all who helped him in any way.

    As for “having no impact” :

    I expect this documentary to become a reference for Co$ harassment for the next decade or more.

  172. So Mike you’re saying that your escape to “Total Freedom” was totally attributable to Tommy Davis’ screwups thus forcing little dave to let you out of the Hole. Well I say let’s all raise our glass to Tommy Davis and thank the creator for giving us such a dumbass as he is probably responsible for creating more Indies and critics than the entirety of OSA combined. No wonder Anons joke that he is the true “leader” of Anonymous as all they have to do is report on his “fail”.
    Makes me wonder though how TD is still there. Resources must be slim pick’ins indeed! Oh wait…he is a celebrity’s kid. Never mind.

  173. Darn why is that not under Mike’s comment on his escape?

  174. Jesse,

    Unfortunately, I don’t really know what transpired as I was on a plane to the UK. I believe he called in and Dear Leader made nice with him (he does this when he is trying to recover someone that has blown) and got him to agree to come back and that he wouldnt tell his mother or something…. (either that or he told him Marty Rathbun was responsible for the tirade that blew Tommy out of his head and right out the front door of CC Int).

    We will see how much is covered in the program. I have held off on a lot of details (and still am) as I told Panorama they could have it first. Once the show is done, there’s no holds barred.

    The media has certainly noted the outpoint of Dear Leader and Tommy repeatedly claiming “we booted him out after he had been removed from all positions of authority in 2002”. Its especially stupid to tell them that when I was the one that was the International Church Spokesperson who was dealing with them. Frankly, its also kind of silly to say it to Scientologgy publics as so many of them saw me at International Events all the way up to the end of 2006 but the “thought blockers”(see Jeff’s blog) kick in and the outpoints vanish. Literally if some of these people personally witnessed a person having their hand chopped off, they would swear it never happened if Dear Leader told them it was just an enemy line from an SP and in fact the SP was the one that tried to chop off his hand. Sadly, it is that unreal inside the dank, dark walls of the Vulture Culture.


  175. Oh I soooo can’t wait! I’m in the US, I hope someone airs it on YT immediately!!!???

    Thank you for telling part of you escape story, Mike. Really appreciate that! Looking forward to seeing the show, keep exposing and doing what you are doing! Now who’s going to ship the first package of adult diapers to DM? Something tells me he’s gonna need them when he sees the show AND extra inhalers and an extra O2 tank or two? 😛

  176. Thanks Sinar. I am proud to be a friend of yours as I know you were a real friend to LRH.

  177. This tech you are applying here – sending an email from another account to avoid OSA – this is what I have been talking about.

    Would you please write up your hat about what you know about OSA’s hacking capabilities in this area?

    It would be extremely valuable, Marty, to many people.


  178. It’s s full hour long – no Ad breaks on the BBC.

    The Secrets of ScientologyTuesday 28 September
    9:00pm – 10:00pm
    Reporter John Sweeney follows up on his initial investigation into the Church of Scientology, which resulted in an explosive confrontation with the religion’s officials. In this Panorama special he is joined by a member-turned-whistleblower, who offers to provide him with an insider’s view of the organisation, and helps him to reveal some of its more closely guarded secrets.
    VIDEO Plus+: 9157
    Subtitled, Widescreen

  179. Pingback: Top Posts —

  180. It’s really not rocket science Allen. Marty put that on his blog so the recipient would know that an email coming from that address was actually from him.

  181. Hey Jim, those TOP guys are friends of mine and they’ll get a kick out of hearing they have fans among you all. How fun is this?

    You got to funkifyyyyyy….

  182. Mike thank you so much. I am filled with Joy! I promis you my sword is much more than a metaphor. Carry on my Brother in Arms …

  183. Kudos to you sir. You’re one of the founders of our movement.

  184. Yeah, just wait till they get that super power operation cranked up and running.

  185. Thanks Sinar. I’ve considered that. Might go that way. –Scott

  186. Scott Campbell

    I agree Marty,

    I also feel that you are a strong fundamentalist Scientologist at heart. Tel me if I’m wrong but I sense that you are most conversant with and have the greatest conceptual understanding of and affinity for LRH’s early stuff (up to 1954). I also believe that anyone with this type of understanding can think for themselves. That is how LRH wanted it.

    As a corollary to this thought, I would also say that anyone with a true understanding of what LRH was trying to communicate could also extract many of the same profound truths from the Tao Te Ching.


  187. This guy obviously has an extraordinary muscle memory. Does he play an instrument?

  188. Be careful with that. Sender addresses are easily forged in emails. You must check the mail header if you want to be sure the mail really originates from yahoo.
    Best way to establish autenticity is via PGP. It also allows for encryption of Emails. See this link.

  189. martyrathbun09

    Well, if RIch is still tuned in I never received a response to the email I sent. My hushmail address is

  190. Now I got to admit, Mike (and Marty’s blog), that this is seriously valuable information. A lot of people will appreciate this. Seriously.

  191. Mike,

    Thanks very much for filling in some of the blanks.

    Question for you: Who was responsible for making the Church’s “response video” and leaking the video of Sweeney losing it on youtube?

    Embarassing as it is to admit now, I have to say that as a blindered Churchie at the time (2007), the “response video” did deflate the impact of the Panorama show at least for me here in the U.S.

  192. Jesse, great choice of song. So very appropriate.

    L. Carol

  193. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Crazy enough as it sounds, David Miscavage, you and your CofM Black PR video producers (from above) were “remiss” in mentioning the following information about the slave-like conditions in the Sea Org, as testimony is given here …

    Why didn’t you address this in your video? Do you really believe your video connected to non-Scientology public? Surely, as COB, you want to carefully apply actual Scientology to get all viewpoints so you’re not negligent with the truth, right?

  194. “Neologism” is an existing word about the creation of new words or new meanings for existing words. Hubbard coined new words in a constructive way for good reason, but….

    About the IAS reg and his “stratera”….

    From Wikipedia: In psychiatry, the term “neologism” is used to describe the use of words that only have meaning to the person who uses them, independent of their common meaning. This is considered normal in children, but a symptom of thought disorder (indicative of a psychotic mental illness, such as schizophrenia) in adults.

    Given the delusory nature of stated IAS strategies…… it’s either that, or a deliberate con.

  195. Murdoch’s mates Channel 7 in Australia are rivals to Channel 9, once owned by his old rivals the Packers. James Packer is a CoS member. Seven ran the 2007 Panorama program, Nine a ‘spoiler’ interview with OSA ANZO PR Virginia Stewart. Murdoch (not a nice man) made the CoS ‘fair game’ two days later.

  196. WH-

    Here’s a short video with Sweeney regarding Lonsdale.

  197. Margaret,

    The video of Sweeney losing it was arranged to be leaked by Bob Keenan. He was the LRH PPRO UK who was actually responsible for dealing with the BBC. While he was a DM favorite, he was afraid to do anything with the BBC directly and rode around the country collecting cash from various public in order to pay his “intelligence operatives”. It was one of those people that put up the Sweeney clip.

    As for the Church response video, I wrote most of that, though Dear Leader of course had to approve it and added various bits and p[ieces to it. It was edited at Gold by an NSO editor.

  198. I can’t believe that you and Mike are sucking up to John Sweeney and Richard Behar . Unreal.

    You pretend to be Scientologists and yet are now supporting a couple of the worst SP anti-Scientologists around. You are not the Scientologists you proclaim to be. This is about as anti-LRH as it comes.

    I know for a fact that John Sweeney despises LRH and Scientology tech and believes it is “brainwashing.” Sweeney is king of the suppressive generalities continually asking questions with the preface “Some people say…” or “People say…” “Scientology is a mind altering brainwashing cult,” without attributing it to anyone in particular. Then he pontificates negatively about LRH and the tech when he is off camera and doesn’t think anyone is listening.

    And let’s not forget that the story Behar wrote was full of slurs about LRH and the tech. He refered to LRH as “part flimflam man,” and quoted the insane LRH supeiror court judge who made a ruling without ever hearing from LRH that LRH was “a pathological liar.”

    Behar also printed altered upper level data in his story which he ridiculed and referred to Scientology as “Hubbard’s comic-book cosmology.”

    Behar’s attack on LRH inclued that, “High-level defectors accusing Hubbard of having stolen as much as S200 million from the church, the IRS was seeking an indictment of Hubbard for tax fraud.” This was prior to sorting out the situation with the IRS a couple of years later and the Church gaining tax exemption. So much for his bullshit.

    Behar’s article also quoted unnamed psychs belittling the tech with Behar proclaiming, “Psychiatrists say these sessions can produce a drugged-like, mind-controlled euphoria that keeps customers coming back for more.”

    Behar also went out of his way to invalidate the Purif by claiming, “Experts denounce the regime as quackery and potentially harmful.”

    Behar threw in the allegation, “the IRS conducted its own auditing sessions and proved that Hubbard was skimming millions of dollars from the church, laundering the money through dummy corporations in Panama and stashing it in Swiss bank accounts.”

    That you and Rinder are now sucking up to him and Sweeney merely shows the level they to which you have sunk – which seems to go lower by the minute.

    If you weren’t labeled as SPs before, I’d say this leaves no doubt about it.

  199. martyrathbun09

    And look who has gotten them to change their views. But, according to your Radical Scientology, people cannot really change. They are either inherently evil or not. And that is why you are at TOTAL, and I mean TOTAL, effect; because only one guy ultimately gets to make that determination and he is certifiably insane. Your attitude is dangerous.

  200. martyrathbun09

    Huh? Murdoch is playing footsie with Miscavige through Packer and Cruise. It is a full scale black out on all his media outlets in America.

  201. So, I guess this is you Tommy? You are the only person in the Church that I am aware of that has this personal experience with John Sweeney off camera… or are you just an OSA troll that made this up to sound like someone with intimate personal knowledge?

    I have a different experience with regards to John Sweeney and his thoughts about Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. And I HAVE spent considerable time discussing both subjects with him — both on and off camera. You can form your own opinion of him when you watch his show.

    As for Behar’s story, neither of us said we agreed with everything he wrote, though I must say, he was quite prescient about Dear Leader’s greed and lust for power.

    Now, as for people that suck up to SPs — when you pull your nose out of Dear Leader’s butt, take a look in the mirror.

  202. Wow! Today has elicited some of the most interesting posts from some of the most in-the-know folks I’ve heard from yet. Thanks to all who chimed in here today. If this is what some of you guys (especially Mike) have been willing to say BEFORE the upcoming Panorama program airs, I cannot wait to hear what will be aired on September 28.

    Just Me

  203. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"


    Regarding your concern for stopping long enough to be caught by the camera’s.. Don’t worry about that buddy. You could moonwalk through the joint or you could pass through at the speed of light and my…. excuse me…. their camera’s will capture both the front and rear plates on ANY vehicle passing through. That was 12 years ago and believe me, I had it perfected with redundancy. Technology has advanced and I am sure, so has David Miscavige’s orders and parishinoers money advanced for upgrades. But… my effort was to ensure I would never miss identifying a vehivle driven by a drive by shooter no matter how far under the counter Danny Dunnitagin might be. My intentions went to protecting and saving lives. Your guess as to what David Miscavig’s intentions are…!

    Humor yourself and stage a “mooning” at your camera of choice!

    — Jackson

  204. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    These low-confront guys may as well be wearing a banner on their shirts saying, “I’m PTS!” Clearly, they are being suppressed by CoM.

    David Miscavage,

    How come you don’t at least have “PR” people who are at least a Grade 0 Communications Release answering questions for public?

    Wouldn’t this be a positive application of Scientology?


    Communications Release: The ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject

  205. Wow Marty. I wish I had thought to say that….

  206. Hartley wrote: “I do hope the ‘strike back against the enemy’ is as much of a disaster as it was in 2007.”

    Not sure how things came across in the UK, but in the U.S., the media was relatively impressed with the CoM’s “response video” and leaking of the Sweeney shouting-match in May 2007. The general media opinion at the time seemed to be that the PR standoff between the BBC and the CoM was “a draw”. See this article, for example:

    Of course, that was all before the leaked Tom Cruise black turtleneck video, in early 2008 — and particularly, the CoM’s attempts to censor it. That was, imho, indeed a turning point and launched the whole Anonymous protest movement.

  207. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Mike,
    There are probably only a handful of people that could have and would be willing to confront what you have and are confronting. I look forward to watching your retribution towards the injustices you have witnessed.

  208. I love sharing, and I have been that way for awhile. I want to share this old dusty with my friends here now …

  209. Scott Campbell

    Friend of LRH,

    I would refer you to Roger Zelazny’s “Lord of Light” for the character of the Buddha in his quest to bring down the gods and bring freedom to all people.

    “part flimflam man?” Sure, if that’s what’s needed to accomplish an ethical end.

    “Do not tell harmful lies.

    Harmful lies are the product of fear, malice and envy. They can drive people to acts of desperation. They can ruin lives. They create a kind of trap into which the teller and the target can both fall. Interpersonal and social chaos can result. Many wars began because of harmful lies.

    One should learn to detect them and reject them.” –LRH

    There is none so blind as those who will not see. — John Heywood.

    Look, man. These are not SP’s. Neither was LRH.


  210. Hi Valkov, thanks for that. I just realized that my spelling of “Strattera” was wrong. Strattera is actually an ADHD med, so the IAS reg was not making up the word in it’s entirety. I just thought it odd that his dissection of the word was put forth as if it was proof of an evil conspiracy.

  211. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Friend of LRH wrote …

    “You pretend to be Scientologists and yet are now supporting a couple of the worst SP anti-Scientologists around.”

    Could this be? …

    You pretend to be a Scientologist and yet have been and are supporting THE worst SP the Church of Scientology and Scientologists have ever experienced in their history … David Miscavage.

    Personally, I don’t believe you are an SP. Deep down, I know you’re good being. But it’s clearly obvious to me you are severely PTS, just with a minimum look with obnosis.

    I suggest taking a harder look at the situation using obnosis.

    “WHYs are obtained by observing the obvious (obnosis) closely enough to find the biggest OUTPOINT that explains all the nearby outpoints” – HCO POLICY LETTER OF 10 MARCH 1972, Management Series 1

    The backflash that the CofS gets, PR-wise, clearly demonstrates that COB has not spotted the biggest outpoint or else it and many other lessor outpoints would as-is with the right handling.

    Of course, if he’s an SP (which I know he is), it will never get handled.

    Do you honestly believe your post here is doing any good and you’re causing the biggest outpoint in CofS to as-is?

    Regarding your attacks on Marty and Mike … apparently they’ve chosen to “handle” these alleged SP’s. Isn’t it possible that’s a GOOD thing? Could it possibly be even a better strategy than what the CoS is asininely doing?

    CoS’s (the COB’s) strategy of handling is completely embarassing to Scientologists, the name “Scientology”, the Church of Scientology, and is completely abusive.

    THAT is not Scientology.

  212. Mike wrote “I wrote most of that…”

    Well, kudos to you for that. Don’t know if you were watching the US media at the time (2007), but they were pretty impressed by that whole stunt. ABC News considered it “a draw” in the PR battle between CoS and BBC. See:

    To me, it seemed that the Church’s PR was actually recovering in 2007 after the earlier Cruise fiascos (2005-2006) and South Park episode (2005). But it was the Church’s attempts to suppress the leaked Tom Cruise video in Jan 2008 that sent the Church’s PR into a tailspin, from which it never recovered.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more details of that whole period from your insider perspective, particularly knowing now how … err … “controlling” Miscavige was/is. Must have been impossible conditions to work under.

  213. PAX :

    Thank you for this observation.
    I personally believe the tunnel under Highway 79 was constructed to prevent blows (Sea Org members fleeing).
    After all they could raise their hand to drive by cars to rescue them.
    When Sea Org members lived in Kirby Apartments or Vista Garden Apartments, they would routinely flee and never be seen again.
    As DM increased his sadism and his witholds of what goes on behind those guard gates, all SO members were brought to live ON the property under extreme lock down with no day off, no ability to leave the property unless under guard.

    After all these SO members could become whistleblowers.
    Mail does not go through unless Security permits it to go through in spite of this violating Postal Statutes and laws of interfering with US mail.

    DM has tried hard over the years to get Highway 79 (an egress through the property) shut down.

    It ain’t ever going to happen.

  214. Bob Keenan it was then, he passed the rant video round to UK journalists with a crack team poised to out theta in the Comments when it hit the headlines. The media ignored it except for one obscure blogger on the Daily Telegraph who was hit by the full deluge of insanity, extracted on my web page on the subject:
    As I recall CoS staff John Alex Wood said on the blog he would post the video on Youtube on the blog, and so he did. He’s still in good standing, astonishingly:

  215. RIP Shawn. 😦

  216. Nice Digs! Clearly shows how MEST can be confronted by DM and he cannot confront Theta.

    If the past was any indication, you could count on one hand those that are allowed to use the facilities that were not production lines.

    Yes they are very pretty. Far more effort and funds into the appearance than even Hollywood editing facilities. Of course that excess money spent on them means the products are that much better, such as the video above. Opps. I just disproved the point.

  217. The writing does sound awfully similar to the way Tommy Davis speaks. Wouldn’t that be interesting …

  218. Marty … that was poetic …

  219. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Friend of LRH,

    Do you credulously buy into the SP transcriptionist hypothesis of David Miscavage announced at the Golden Age of Knowledge event in 2007?

    Do you really believe that Ron wasn’t aware of, observant enough to realize that his own books were altered, and that many, many, continued reprints of his works went on and on for years, and that he was oblivious to the alterations? That it took the awareness of David Miscavate to discover this?

    If you believe that, then what does that say of your thoughts about Ron’s awareness and ability to observe and create good products?

    Do you honestly believe that it was an SP transcriptionist that entered 19 (NINETEEN) extra chapters in New Slant on Life, that the CoS (after LRH died) completely DELETED in later versions?

    Personally, I can’t make myself gullable enough to buy into that shore story.

    So if your purpose posting here to open up a dialog with other fellow Scientologists here, I’d appreciate if you would answer these questions. Thank you.

  220. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Friend of LRH,

    I will give you my opinion on (which is based on fact), “What is the biggest outpoint in the Church of Scientology?”

    That David Miscavage is an SP who bullied his way to the top of the Church of Scientology through the use of suppression.

    The lessor outpoints in CoS will resolve once this is discovered.

    Guess what? Discovering this is easy. One just has to look at it honestly.

  221. And also the Admin scale, in a big way- as in priorities in terms of:
    Ideal Scenes
    Valuable final Products

    There is also a policy which states:
    LRH -HCO PL 2 Sept 1970 FIRST POLICY

    The correct policy to apply would be one that would align with your goals and purposes, to get your product. Those guys are applying or ordered to apply something which does not result in a product of “Good PR”. Perhaps it’s a project or program which Dear Leader has drawn up to handle BBC, but it seems eerily similar to the handling in ’07 where Sweeney is bullbaited on video as a successful action, to make him lose his cool.

    I get the impression that Sweeney has learned from the past.

  222. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Friend of LRH,

    In other words …

    David Miscavage IS the held-down 7 in the Church of Scientology.

    Look. Then ponder … “Could it be?”

  223. Good point, Jackson. I installed that camera by the G Units. It also has an infrared light next to it for nighttime shots. Been in operation for about 20 years with VCR tech recording in those days.

  224. I’ve seen the workers paradise video before and I keep hearing DM’s voice there 1.1 as it is. Does anyone know who is the voice on it? If not DM it is someone who is so in his valence!

    The video is standard dead agent tech. So at least he got that right or whoever C/Sed it did.

  225. FOR,

    You’re making Anderson Cooper, Bryan Seymour, Martin Bashir,
    Joe Childs and Tom Tobin really jealous in omitting those names!

  226. The most senior policy I know is First Policy (Laid down in ’49 or thereabouts) which pretty much says

    “Maintain friendly relations with the environment.” And there’s also “We always deliver what we promise”.

    This one is a beauty, it aligns all that policy is supposed to do:

    HCOPL 4 Dec 66, AKH Series 9, “EXPANSION, THEORY OF POLICY” – OEC 0 pg 124, 1991 edition

  227. Dear Dr. Faust,

    Have a look at
    We could connect up !

  228. David Miscavige deciding your future?
    THAT is SCARY!

  229. Mike~I can totally see you – you had to get out of that environment to get your hat back on. Jesse’s right. I can see it.

  230. IMO from Swampland, that is!

  231. Now Wayne, we’ve discussed this before, though I do admire your persistence on the matter – DM does NOT want anyone with any skills/abilities greater than his connected to him for any reason at any time. 😉
    That stable datum/truth alone blows so much confusion from the matter!

  232. Friend of LRH, your specious rant concerning the indefatigable Richard Behar omitted key facts:

    1. CoS sued Time Warner and Behar for libel and sought $416,000,000 in damages.

    2. OSA fair gamed Richard Behar.

    3. The lawsuit was extensive: The Church of Scientology exercised its legal right to sue and get its day in court. A Wiki summary states:

    “By July 1996, all counts of the libel suit had been dismissed. In the course of the litigation through 1996, Time Warner had spent $3.7 million in legal defense costs…

    “In January 2001, a United States Federal Appeals Court upheld the dismissal of the Church of Scientology International’s case against Time Warner. In its opinion, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that Time Warner had not published “The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power” with an actual intent of malice, a standard that must be met for libel cases involving individuals and public groups. On October 1, 2001, the Supreme Court of the United States refused to consider reinstating the church’s libel case Church of Scientology International v. Time Warner Inc., 00-1683.””

    4. The court found that neither Richard Behar nor Time Warner had libeled CoS. This was upheld by appellate courts and the US Supreme Court refused to consider reinstating the case.

    5. If CoS had behaved morally and ethically, the Time article by Mr. Behar would never have been written. As so many have observed, CoS creates its own enemies. What I have consistently seen in my decades of watching CoS is that it is inherently self-destructive as an organization, this although most Scientologists are very good people.

    6. Richard Behar and John Sweeney are held in very high esteem by their colleagues and the public.

    7. John Sweeney’s recent two part series “Useful Idiots” was staggeringly insightful and shows his reach and caliber as a journalist and thinker:

    Friend of LRH: You need to sharpen your online game. I suggest that upgrade from rants to substantive and well-researched criticism. This will require work on your part.


  233. Communication is what Scientology is really all about, right? Everything else builds on that – without comm you can’t have an auditing session.

    Comm is the DO part of ARC, right? And high ARC is the actual EP of The Bridge, right?

    The short comm-cycle above between M&M and Richard is very very significant – it’s actual real Scientology really being used. Three guys had a comm cycle and now there’s more ARC. Screw the past, to hell with the insane one-dimension “OMFG! He’s from the press!” think, and just have a comm-cycle.

    Well done guys (all three of you) and I really mean that – it’s these little everyday things that real respect is built from.


  234. And now there are two 🙂

    Hi Rafael, Welcome to Marty’s blog. It’s a real safe space and I hope you find friends here. I was starting to feel a bit lonely – for months I’ve been the only South African posting that I know of.

    My name is Alan McKinnon, I live in Joburg but Pretoria was my home org, officially out for about a year but largely disconnected from the church for the last 10. Your name is somehow familiar but I don’t think we ever met.

    I feel for Ken Krieger, I really do. I’ve known him for 24 years and he’s a really genuine guy. He truly cares about orgs, public, staff and The Bridge but like everyone else who’s “in” he must be in a really tight spot. The last comm cycle I had with him was two years ago when I bought my Basics. One of those Thursday 2pm things, he phoned me at about 1pm while I was trying to deliver a training course to paying customers, never mind that the day before I’d told Robert Bokelman and David Lipsitz to not do that.

    So I told him to fuck off and banged the phone down. Not a nice way to have a last comm after 24 years. At the time I thought “what the hell is the CO doing phoning a public to make sure the money is in the bank?”


  235. Dr Faust,

    The headers are just as easily forged as the envelope, and there’s no way to truly verify them. Just like the Sender, the headers are mere text strings in a mail. We tend to trust them as few people bother fiddling with them, but every mail server out there has the ability to change them at will. It must be so, the server has to add it’s own new entries at the top of the list.

    Like you said, keys are the way to protect sensitive mail. The downside is that keys really are rocket science and beyond the understanding of most people.

  236. I can’t remember when there was a general amnesty declared – I am sure it was before LRH moved on – but I would argue that the time will come for a general amnesty when Mr. David Miscavige is removed from post. Since I am sure that the command lines will be all awry, I think it should just be a general agreement among the independents that all is forgiven, and everyone has a clean slate. Let that day be soon!

  237. Bryon, Tech is senior to Policy. And, goals and purposes are senior to policy. If the policy gets in the way of the tech, dump it. If a policy gets in the way of purpose, get rid of it.

    Reference: The admin scale.

  238. How about 7 – Failure. Complete and utter.

  239. Well, actually, when you have an out-of-valence moron with shades acting like the Secret Service being the guy who does it, well, it sure does send the wrong message. On the other hand, having someone who is open and friendly, and even jocular doing it would send a totally different message. Just because the current set of jibronis totally screws this thing up does not mean that it is a bad idea to document someone documenting you. The media has been known to do hatchet jobs.

    I have a “Liberty” magazine from 1950 – October, I think – where the reporter reports on the Dianetics fad. It was a hatchet job, only months after the book was released.

  240. Bryon,
    On the senior data, it would be different for each area. Write to me and we’ll toss this around and see what we come up with.

  241. Concerned Citizen

    I will second that, and I think that those of us fell the program is a good product should make it a point to write BBC and Sweeny’s team and thank them.

  242. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    LOL. 🙂

  243. Just finished a rough draft of the post-Panorama Freedom mag which I’ll be submitting to COB for I/A. Summary highlights:

    Front cover: DM addressing the faithful, caption “Unprecedented expansion in the face of BBC trickery”.

    First 86 pages: DM healing the crippled and blind in all fours corners of the world (the pic on page 54 isn’t photoshopped – he really is walking on water. The pics of DM on pages 22 – 36 show him in various glorious situations with millions now recognising him as the only true source of goodness on the planet)

    Next 45 pages: DM building workers paradises in Brixton and Ethiopia.

    A page proving Sweeney is in the pockets of the psychs and big pharma, and a page showing the BBC is now in fact a subsidiary of Eli Lily.

    Next 102 pages: DM single-handedly saving the Goden Age tech of Scientology from criminals who dare to apply the “old” version.

    Inside back cover: small pic of LRH with the “signs of success” quote.

    Outside back cover: “Upgrade your status NOW!!! Special recognition awards for IAS members who take the next step to freedom by upgrading their status! Limited time offer!”

    (After the last Panorama show the church trotted out a predictable straw-clutching line about the psychs influencing it; it’s worth stating Panorama doesn’t have any psych agenda obviously, in fact since 2002, Panorama has made four hard-hitting programmes about the anti-depressant Seroxat: “The Secrets of Seroxat” (2002); “Seroxat: Emails from the Edge” (2003); “Taken on Trust” (2004) and “Secrets of the Drug Trials” (2007).

  244. Wow. Wander if Mike’s phone call will make it in there.

  245. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I can’t fathom how any Scientologist with personal integrity would not feel like vomiting from the shock of the true data on this blog, and then not be compelled by the impulse to immediately want to DO something about it.

    IMO, David Miscavage’s Church of Scientology is in the condition of TREASON with Scientologists, in the condition of ENEMY with aware non-Scientology public, and in the condition of DANGER on the 4th Dynamic (humankind). Or perhaps even worse.

    This is so stunningly and glaringly obvious to me now.

    Clearly, David Miscavage and his Church of Scientology management need to do the above conditions and move on up through each Condition Formula if they have the sincere intention for Scientology to flourish and prosper.

    Of course, as long as David Miscavage is at the helm of Reign of Terror (brutal suppression), exercising totalitarian power over well-meaning Scientologists, the CoS will continue to roll south and nobody will properly move up the Bridge it, and anybody’s wins from within will only be temporary because church Scientologists are Xtreme PTS.

    The very communication we’re having here, the obvious wrath of aware non-Scientology public, the bad PR of the press … transparently demonstrates to me that the CoS is obviously not applying the correct Condition Formulas or we or they would not “be a problem” for CofS.

    If CoS was correctly applying the proper Conditions, Scientologists’ and non-Scientologists’ concerns about abuse would be remedied and resolve quickly.

  246. Aghhh. Wonder….

  247. I possibly have thrown you a curve by mentioning/asking for the exact reference on “perpetuating an order”. By no means do I consider this as the “most senior datum” or something like this – I simply mentioned it because I found it a fitting reference to the point I wanted to make.

    In Dianetics, everything started with “Survive” which in Scientology become “Create” as an even senior datum to “survive”.

    Everything else (including all ethics, tech and admin) evaluates against these basics (Ref. is Theory of Policy).

    No wonder that everyone commenting here found ADDITIONAL angles and references that have been and are being violated.

    Howe else could it be?

    Logically, a CONTRA-survival action/order/plan etc. will HAVE TO violate “all” of ethics, tech and admin written specifically to achieve the opposite, i.e. “survival”.

    Remember LRH posing this question? “How wrong can you get?” – “Dead!” (the ultimate in non-survival). And that has been said on this blog before: “The church is dead”.

    Isn’t it plain obvious – without even quoting an LRH reference – that the sample I pictured above is stupid, backwards, hilarious, dumb and many other modifiers?

    My point was: the current C of M, “church”, “management” or whatever you call it, BLOCKS and ACTIVELY PREVENTS idiocies from being corrected by “being on-policy”.

    It’s so twisted and simply is nuts!
    (No LRH reference on that one)


  248. +1

  249. Not that I would know of

  250. Thanks Jesse — this was bone chilling.

    I knew John Nelson when he was Mission Preps … in the Lerner Building (now a big modern bank building) in Clearwater.

    A nicer person could not be found.

    Glad the PI called you. Glad this Ops ended. Sorry to hear about how you were framed. Seems like OSA doesn’t learn.

    Some people/groups just can’t learn. That’s the nature of evil.


  251. Friend of LRH

    You should be careful when bandying the term “SP” around. It was never meant to be used so lightly. Look, you cannot deny that DM and his Church of ME$T have engaged (and still do) in some horrendously abusive activities and these deserve to be exposed. Due to the nature of the reactive mind it is not surprising that some evenly equate such horrors with LRH and with Scientology itself, and go on an all-out attack killing 3 birds with 1 stone à la A=A=A. That does not mean they are an SP. C’mon man, you should know that.

    “His conduct in his environment and toward his fellows is the only method of detecting either the antisocial or the social personalities.

    “It is therefore even more important to identify the social personality than the antisocial personality. One then avoids shooting the innocent out of mere prejudice or dislike or because of some momentary misconduct.

    “The social personality can be defined most easily by comparison with his opposite, the antisocial personality.

    “This differentiation is easily done and no test should ever be constructed which isolates only the antisocial. On the same test must appear the upper as well as lower ranges of man’s actions.

    “A test that declares only antisocial personalities without also being able to identify the social personality would be itself a suppressive test.”

    — LRH, HCO PL 27 Sept 1966 The Antisocial Personality, The Anti-Scientologist (also issued as an HCOB, same date and title)

    “You should upgrade your idea of what an SP is. Man, meet one sometime! A real one! A real monster…. Well, in all the time we’ve been around here we only had one SP that I know of. One real SP that was on staff…. And I don’t know of another single SP that we’ve ever had on staff. Isn’t that interesting. You see all these SP orders and so on… Don’t throw it around carelessly, because this is a very exaggerated condition, SP.”

    — LRH, “About Rhodesia,” lecture, 19 July 1966, Saint Hill Special Briefing Course tape transcripts, Lecture Set 421-434, pp. 223-224

  252. I think we have a language gap here. To me “blew” is not an accusation. It’s a simple description that Mike left without authorisation. My personal comment would be – to his great credit!

    Sorry if I inadvertently sledged Mike. Not my intention.

  253. The headers are just as easily forged as the envelope, and there’s no way to truly verify them.

    Not completely true. The first line can usually be trusted. It is being added by the MTA on your side and gives the last relay before the mail arrived at your inbox. If the server is in china, or some other unexpected place you know there’s something amiss. The rest of the header indeed is forgeable.

  254. I’m Irish. The Irish are the blacks of Europe.

    I’m black and I’m proud.

    (Hat tip to The Commitments.)

  255. No apology needed Heather. I took no offense. I know you to be anything but a carping critic!

  256. Well, that is one way to look at it. The other way is to realize the at the end of the day, Behar and Sweeney are journalists with an exterior view to the church writing stuff about the church. There have been articles and TV shows on Scientology since DMSMH was published, and while a pain in the ass, the Church grew.

    We also have a few Ex-SO, Ex-Execs writing on their experiences with being executives in the church, giving up, for no material gain, their privacy, their security, their family, because they want to expose what they see are serious ethical and moral transgressions of the current regime. The church video makes hay with Marty’s home in Texas. Doesn’t look like he is getting rich doing this, so he must have some other motive. Rationally, if he didn’t give a damn, he would have just moved on, like others have done. But when you see a fire burning, you want to put it out, not just walk away. You want to pull people out of the flames.

    What we have now is a narcissist, MEST-oriented, squirrel leading the church, sucking money out of parishioners, condoning and encouraging abortion and divorce, etc., all of which is documented here and in other places. I ask you, who is the biggest SP? Who is actually actively destroying the church? Who actually accomplished the destruction of the church?

  257. Could you post this and give a reply why you did not post it in the first place. It is just to Clarify something to someone. I need this to be Communicated. Thank you Marty and Thank you Mike.

    “Well then, Mike Rinder uses hushmail.
    Why Mike? Don’t you think others should know why you use hushmail?
    Was it because you ran OSA for decades? What did you learn there? What should others know that you know from your days in OSA?
    Why aren’t you telling them?
    Or you, Marty?”

  258. Marty:
    How do you know that was really Richard Behar and not a marginally clever OSA Op to give T.D. the chance to paint you and Mike Rinder as “SP Behar Supporters” as per the “Friend of LRH” rant ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  259. martyrathbun09

    I don’t really care one way or the other.

  260. martyrathbun09

    Cat Daddy, you are more intelligent than that. Please don’t be a bitch for trouble makers.

  261. I agree with Marty. Notice BBC’s song selection for this ad, which begins… “They say that you’re a run-around lover”.

    Amongst other things, Scientology accused John Sweeney of having an affair with me. During a deposition a few months ago, their lead council handed me a photograph of us “kissing”. I took one look at the photo and burst out laughing. Then came a series of questions about how much time I spent alone with him and all the rest. The photo they took was during a hug good-bye after 2 days of shooting — we were a group of eleven people standing directly outside the Int base along the highway, and my husband was there too.

    The lawyer’s response? “We’ll see what the jury has to say about that!”

    WHATEVER! They are so obviously grasping for ANYTHING. I have my own video footage of what happened – and 10 other witnesses. Obviously such intimidation tactics didn’t prevent BBC from going forward with their program. And it hasn’t prevented me from speaking out on numerous channels and putting out my book to expose their abuse.


  262. martyrathbun09

    Amy, the 2D fixation is remarkable with this cat Miscavige.

  263. It is not that I did not know why it was rejected. It was a little trap. But he is not a troublemaker. Just a very hurt person looking for answers. Yes he makes trouble but I see it as part of a healing process.

    In the end It’s your blog and your right to reject posts.

  264. I can’t believe it’s you.

  265. martyrathbun09

    Art Series 8 for the new RTC and CMO units.

  266. Thank you for posting this

  267. Patrcia,
    It’s as fun as going down to Bump City 🙂

  268. Sinar,
    I cancelled Tom Tobin’s ‘Merchant of Chaos’ cert. Personally.

  269. Mike,
    Just out of curiosity, at any time prior to walking out had you considered punching Miscavige in the nose, hard?


  270. Aaaaaahhhhh….but what satisfaction of accomplishment that one nice punch to Miscavige’s nose would provide the deliverer! Mmmmmm! I think I would not have felt the blows from his minions. Oh! But to video such a thing! One can dream, can’t he?

  271. It’d be kinda hard to know for sure that it had no impact anyway, wouldn’t it? Unless you’ve been everywhere and surveyed everyone.

  272. Sweeney’s TR O and Bullbait looked pretty good to me, too. He didn’t seem to flinch on the roof of the garage when Davis got up in his face with those thick, opaque sunglasses. Man, those were the darkest glasses I’ve ever seen! What do you think they tinted with, asphalt? Black paint?

  273. OTDT,

    Too many times to count. But it seemed at the time to be signing my own death warrant…. Eventually I signed it anyway when I walked out the door.

    But in all honesty, a broken nose would only convince him more how right he is and how “everyone has evil purposes towards me” and he would use it to justify the next level of insanity he would implement. No point punching him in the nose if all it brings is momentary satisfaction — something far more effective is needed. An unstoppable force that is going to force him to stop comitting crimes against humanity by destroying that which can save it.

  274. Karen, thanks for the reply.
    That would sure throw a wrench in my commute! If they were able to do this, what a can of worms that would open. .. All those who regularly use that major artery would want to know all about the group that wrecked their personal travel arrangements. I agree, it’ll never happen. Pax tibi!

  275. Jesse,
    Yes, I think it probably is. You could join the Nation of Islam! Imagine DM’s face when he sees you on one of their videos, smiling with a wink just for him!

  276. FRIEND of LRH You are an Abuse-Enabler

  277. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Oops, “Friend” of LRH. My bad. I’m concluding you’re not really here to encourage dialog with fellow Scientologists using 2-way communication, and instead, just bomb and run.

    Though I hope you prove me wrong. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and give it more time. Perhaps you’re delayed because you’re so busy or are gathering up plenty of evidence to prove your point. I’ll be waiting. I anxiously anticipate your sane answers to my questions to you.

  278. Oh dear me! ROFL!!!!
    Martin, that is GENIUS!! Bwahahaaa!
    I hope it’s approved. I’d love to see that!! 😀

  279. I can’t wait to see the BBC broadcast.

  280. Friend of LRH,
    Oh yeah! That’s the spirit of true Scientology! Cut off communication with EVERYONE who disagrees or is critical or doesn’t tow the line! Exclude them from the elite, enlightened, superior Church of Scientology! No right to their own viewpoint! SPs! SPs! SPs! They are unworthy! Label them! Dispose of them!!!

    The church policies which you follow along these lines have gotten it nowhere, don’t work, are routinely misapplied with blind zeal and is one of the reasons the Church’s stats suck. I don’t care if Hubbard wrote to do it that way or not. It simply doesn’t work towards any good other than keeping the delusion alive for church followers that Scientology is expanding and succeeding and clearing the planet. It’s not.

    It’s only to the good credit of honest whistleblowers and independent SCNists that the subject even has a chance in hell of going forward into the future without completely devolving into a fascistic, totalitarian slave master with long run objectives no different than the batch of SPs already supposedly in power on the planet.

    By the way, you guys continually mislabel people as SPs. A Suppressive Person is an exact identifiable spiritual state of existence, not a demerit system for punishing people who wish to think for themselves.

    People are ultimately going to accept or engage in Scientology or not based on whether they have the ability to understand it and the desire to use it for benefit, not because of what a reporter or anyone says about it.

    It’s better for the public to initially be aware of the totalitarian side of the church right off the bat, honestly respecting their right to accept or reject what they see, rather than keep them blind for decades before waking up to it after years.

    Read the Factors and clay demo ’em and then word clear ’em and read ’em again. Consider how they might actually apply to people.

  281. Hey, my big brother — the Senior Computer Scientist NASA (and awesome musician) — is posting on Marty’s site! Welcome, Bro! Yes – this should be a very revealing program! Sis

  282. Solo-Ordination. Scar-face style.

  283. On the Scientology dot org site if you go to site navigation at the bottom of the page and click on L. Ron Hubbard, there is one page on him.

    If you click on David Miscavige, there are FIVE pages on HIM.

  284. Welcome James! We are honored to have you.

  285. Amy,
    Why do you say “…’Scientology’ accused John Sweeney of having an affair with me.”?
    Aside from being a VERY broad generality, “Scientology”, neither as a suject of study/body of knowledge, nor as a membership body has done anything to you; and being one in that body of membership, following its Code of Honor and general precepts, find your comment most offensive.

    I also find it an indicator.

    “Scientology” didn’t do that to you, a person or persons did.

    Who exactly did this to you?

  286. martyrathbun09

    That is why I continually suggest people to distinguish the church from the subject Scientology. To say “nor as a membership body” is probably going too far though. The church of Scientology, as a membership body, pays for and supports these tactics. WHo exactly did it? RTC and a number of members of CSI’s most highly funded branch. Names cannot be specified because virtually everyone and CSI and RTC are programmed to protect crimes at any cost.

  287. Here , here! And I’ll throw in the HCOPL “First Policy” to add to your recommeded, if I may.

  288. The more glamour, the more disgust

    Friend of LRH,
    I see how you can mean what you write. However I can’t dig it. Too much effort in it to hold up LRH as a saint, and Scientology as saint activity, and hence DM too, and thus A=A=A.
    As for me, I don’t look at those people my friends who let their admiration and devotion of me or others override everything else.

    There’s the question of the biggest outpoints. One of the biggest outpoints even before Miscavige was, that no critic of LRH AND OF HIS OUTLETS was allowed. LRH himself had his faults and supported it partly. But with him, this was one small aspect of his.
    Miscavige has taken over, occupied and cultivated this aspect heavily and made it so big that Scientology today manifests now the big monster it was always as a potential – not word by word, but in this sense LRH repeatedly told about this potential more than once.

    I don’t give a damn that DM changes LRH material. I do it myself for my use (Scientology is a dirty word anyway for me and my environment since 25 years and more, and has become much more and definitely so under DMs lead). But I don’t do it covertly, and I don’t do it for better fitting into enslaving those around me, and I don’t do new even worse fixation on the changes.

    Time won’t wait with changing things till you got your personal development over the fixations which you do in it. PT is the sum of all fixations in a flow, not yours and not LRHs and not mine.

    Trying to stop this is suppression. DM’s a master in it. Most of his “products” is delusion, measured on this flow and not on fixed ideas. Contributing to the flow with changes to the better is what is needed and wanted. I don’t see anything in the fixations with stopping character which you present which might do such contribution.

    You may hold yourself for a friend of LRH, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t see you as such – if he cares to look. You could probably become one by leaving your sticking to his efforts to drive home Scientology by fixating it. Which he would regret if he saw what great assist he did with them to Miscavige – and if he was the being to regret things.

    Okay, this last sentence is probably somewhat nuts. Take it as an effort to suck up to your views.

  289. Fucati,

    I don’t know that Amy needs my defense. She can defend herself and her comments just fine. But I’d still like to say a few words in her praise.

    I know you’ve gone through a lot lately at the hands of the Church of Scientology (I read your stories the other day). But you should give Amy a break. If you’ve read her book, you would understand what she went through as well.

    It was obvious to me from her post above that it is the Church of Scientology that’s hassling her with these hilarious, not to mention irrelevant, insinuations. The Church is the only Scientology group these days with legal counsel who’s hauling Amy into legal proceedings. That’s the same Church of Scientology that did you wrong. That’s the same Church of Scientology almost everyone else here has left and opposes.

    The only ‘indicator’ Amy has shown to me is behavior befitting a hero.

    Just Me

  290. Got it Mike. It just made me happy to know that you thought about punching him in the head. I understand your considerations and prediction of consequences of not punching him. I haven’t wanted to punch a lot of people, but he’d be high on my list.

  291. True, but you gotta let others catch up! What I’d like to know is, who was it in Int Management in the mid 1970’s, who started the campaign of saying, “Just do what Ron says”? Whoever it was, set the cultural philosophy and mores for SCNists in general to just robotically and unthinkingly do exactly that – blindly and unthinkingly literally apply every policy and quip and statement by LRH to the max.

    DM capitalizes on that.

  292. Ha ha ha ha! Good response!

  293. I can’t get away from the very excellent idea of punching DM in the head.

  294. Karen#1,
    The only people who would be anticipating anything that may resemble the video you just posted is an obvious SP.

    Why would you even bring such entheta shit to this site? WTF?

    Look, here is where I draw the line and get off the fucking bus. The video link you just posted was full of obvious SP’s attacking the tech, Ron and whole damn lot of us. TERRIBLE BAD PR!!! And you post this entheta crap? Who the fuck are you?

    I’m not opposed to the truth being revealed, but this, this is ….wow. Makes me question who you are, that you would post such crap.

    Marty, what’s up with you that you let this BS go up? I understand people having an open forum, but open to SP Tech smashing BS? What up, Marty?

    You know, I come here for data and theta; to find out that people are coming out of Miscavige’s twisted perversion of the tech BS and finding and getting Standard Tech, and to find out about the trained people who know the tech and are setting up shop to help those of us who really want to get the tech – NOT TO SEE ENTHETA SP BULLSHIT – there’s the Xenu asshole if I want that.

    I only recently started coming here, I didn’t think Marty was running a Bash the Tech, bash LRH, Bash Miscavige site here. I tought it was a bunch of THETA BEINGS (and a few SP’S – like always), who were bent on exposing the truth and preserving/forwarding the tech. It sure doesn’t look like it today.

    Alll you people that are on this site, hell bent on what seems to be your new game of “get Miscavige”, can’t you find better uses for your time? Like trainning others if you are trained, or getting trained if you are not? WTF are you old timers doing letting a video like this pass without comment about the obvious SP entheta?

    Marty, I really think you screwed up by letting this post go up. I don’t get it. WTF?

    Shame on you Karen#1 for posting this link, shame on you Marty for letting this go up and letting someone post that entheta, tech/Ron bashing crap, and shame on the rest of you for not responding with outrage at someone posting SP/tech bashing/Scientologist/Ron bashing crap!!!!


  295. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Good point, Fucati.

    In defense of the subject of Scientology, I constantly delt with this blurring of terminology even back in 1999 on the ARS newsgroup all the time and kept on trying to clarify that …

    Scientology does NOT = Church of Scientology

    I also had to distinguish an authentic LRH Scientologist from a church Scientologist, which today I’m starting to prefer the term “DM Scientologist” to make that distinction even clearer from most of the (authentic) Scientologists here.

    We are NOT them.

    It used to press my button when people would say or write “Scientology Kills” because anybody who understands authentic Scientology knows that’s not true. It was as if this blurring of meaning was from the reactive bank, or else the slant was intentional.

    Amy, I’m sure you must understand this distinction. There are many highly alert eyes here (such as Fucati) and the blurring and fuzzying up of terms here won’t go by this blog unnoticed.

    I haven’t read your book yet, but I plan to. I do hope you made the above distinctions in it or else it will appear like slanted writing to those who know better.

    So which DM Scientologist(s) accused John Sweeney of having an affair with you?

  296. Marty,
    See here is where I begin to have a problem with you or anyone else, when they begin to use broad generalities.

    “as a membership body” is not going to far on my end because that is a very broad generality for her to use. I am a part of that membership body, and I never did know of these things and therefor did not by my own volition participate in any of this. I don’t appreciate being included in that generality of being the “Scientology” Karen#1 speaks of. I did not do it to her.

    O.K., if the answer is “a number of members” specific members, how many? What is a “number of members”? 6? 3? 18? 49? It is not the membership body as a whole. And it is not ok to say it is. Not fair. Not theta.

    Marty, I appreciate you chimming in about this- but I think it’s wrong to use or defend broad generalitites if your purpose is to tell the truth and defend, preserve and protect the Tech. To use such broad generalities is definately out-tech. Strictly SP stuff. I know you don’t want that out PR, Marty. And is is out PR.

    I believe you are not an SP Marty. Don’t make the mistake of appearing as if you might be. It isn’t good for your cause.

    Very broad generality. Let’s not play in that sandlot. I thought we were “Moving on up a little higher”

  297. Sorry, Jessie. Sutter couldn’t come becausse he’s been busy breaking up my marriage. Get a wife, get her to express interest in joinning the cult staff, and he’ll be right over, jeeesh!
    It’s not becasue your black, it’s ’cause your an impatient son of a gun – wait your fucking turn!:-)

  298. Jesse, your many accounts (tape transcripts and other bits I found on the net including now this) helped me a lot to understand (pieces of a bigger puzzle) what happened in the early 80’s.

    This one was new and the absolute bottom of evil. It’s a Gestapo mentality. You truly save somebody’s life!

    Wouldn’t it be time for your own book?

    Or a “What is Scientology REALLY” – co-authored by all the guys now out but formerly in high places that would KNOW from personal experience what actually happened.

    Thanks for continuing to reveal more and more and more …. that’s Auditing a lot of people. It is to me.

  299. Shawn our /b/rother, may you always be remembered well.

  300. Damn we Dutch are only “The Chinese of Europe”

  301. martyrathbun09

    I’m trying to bring you two closer together. If you consider that SP, so be it.

  302. martyrathbun09

    Fucati, welcome to the real world. It is out there. It is the earlier beginning to the current BBC investigation. It is an integral part to understanding what is to come. I woud suggest you get your TR’s in.

  303. Just me,
    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I need to take up the first few lines of my post back to you to clear up a few points, then I will address your very appreciated post.

    Firts, in my post above I inadvertantly called Amy “Karen#1” in one of my later paragraphs, sorry for the mistake and confusion on that.

    Secondly, I wanted to reply back to Marty’s reply but the reply button was missing. So , I would like to first address his post here. Thanks Marty, for replying. I appreciate that you are trying to bring us together, that is the point of Scientology, ARC. Well done on that, but that is not what I am upset about. I am going on the assumption that Amy is a true Scientologist who has made her mistakes and is now trying to make up the damage, if that is correct, why muddy the waters? It’s just bad PR for our cause here to say such broad generalities, and THAT is what I was saying is SP stuff, not you trying to bring us closer together, let’s not confuse the issues. It IS DEFINATELY SP STUFF to say “SCIENTOLOGY accused me…” If you stay clean in your communication, you can better stay clean in your universe. I posted a comment to her hoping she would come on and say “oops!, my bad let me correct that…what I meant to say was…” so far no response, but I still want to hear from her. If she has gone through bad stuff I can understand that, but comments such as the one above only make HER look bad. I don’t want others to think bad of her if she is a true Scientologist, as she is then my friend, and I don’t want my friends to look bad in the public eye. I also don’t want our cause to be besmirched – that’s all. Thank you Marty, for the help.

    Now, Just Me, Thank you for your response, I’m sure you are right that Amy can defend herself, but I don’t see she really needs to, she only needs to clarify her comments, which she hasn’t done yet, I will give it more time.

    I will give her all the break in the world, but I won’t get reasonable, especially if a “hero” as you call her is doing something that hurts herself, and the rest of us as well. Remember I am not attacking her – I only asked the question “why do you say ‘Scientology accused…'”

    If she is the hero you say she is, (and I’m pretty sure she is) then it was a simple mistake and she will correct it – we will all learn and go on, and be better for it.
    Also, I wanted to thank you for acking my situation, I appreciate that ack.
    Thanks again,

  304. Safe,
    Wow. Beautiful response. Better said I think than I stated it. You definately got my comm and I appreciate that. That is definately what is sticking in my universe – not making the distinction. It just serves us all better to be clean and clear on our comm – something you do very well, I see.

    I don’t know Amy and I am assuming the best about her at this point, so I don’t want to see her go down a long wrong road (or dwindling spiral) that started with such a silly little mistake. That’s all – just giving her the chance to clarify and clear this up. I hope (and believe) you would all do the same for me.

  305. Okay. Okay Okay I’ll wait my turn! I’m loving this …

  306. Safe,
    P.S. Thanks for the TR3 on the Q.

  307. Alex Bravermann

    …aim low.

  308. martyrathbun09

    Ok Fucati. One note, you wrote: ‘I don’t want others to think bad of her if she is a true Scientologist, as she is then my friend…’ I say, integrate or disintegrate.

  309. Your right Marty, my bad. I apologize. reading my post in a new unit of time today, I agree, totally out TR’s. I was pissed, and rightfully so. I don’t like people attacking Ron, the Tech and the rest of us. – Not ok.

    However, I stand behind the basic message, and just because it is out there, doesn’t mean you have to post it. Makes you look bad.

    That kind of stuff is dev-t and, as stated in the above posts, it just makes us all look bad. That is all. We are on a very high purpose here and LRH said we only have a brief window of opportunity. I don’t want us to have to handle out PR all the time, like the Church. It’s dev-t. Let’s just bring them in and service them. We can’t do that if we scare them away with entheta Tech and Ron bashing.

    So, again, without the out screaming tirade, I want to say, you old timers should be trainning others, even the Bible got that one right, saying it is for the elders to teach and train the young ones.

    And the ones like me (19 years in Scientology and never got any trainning or auditing other than my marrige counselling which ended in Sutter and Miscavige breaking us up) should be demanding service from those capable of delivering it, until we get it.

    Does everyone know that you have a job postings place on this site? They can go to work – people are hiring – and delivery can occur. Forget the curb dogs – let’s get to work.

    I have an auditor, but he is in a far northern state and has little time. We will be working on some projects to get delivery down here, but in the meantime, I prowl all the sites I can find to see what may be out there in the way of service, service providers and/or what I can learn just from listening to really theta beings telling the truth.

    Thank you Marty, for putting up this site, but for Ron’s sake man, safepoint yourself, be ever vigilant, and don’t go down that dark road you were on before.

  310. If you want to catch a rat, you’ve got to have the CHEESE!!!!

    Find a nice 1.1 girl and tell her the church means everything to you, go to a an org where there is a recruiting mission from RTC going on – Sutter or one of the other minions will be there – then insist on standard tech, now – sit back and wait for the attack to begin. Simple.



  311. Hi Wayne, good to see you back, and I still say it on ARS. Sadly for various reasons it is not ‘convenient’ for most people to accept the reality that whether a person is or is not a Scientologist (or a Christian, Jew or Muslim) is not something DM (or the Pope, the Chief Rabbis or the Ayatollahs) has the power to decide. ‘Scientologist’ as a ‘collective Trade Mark’ would be laughed out of court if it were ever tested.

    My position is that it’s usually obvious whether the organisation or the beliefs are meant by ‘Scientology’, but when both senses are used in the same document confusion results. Yes, a ‘Misunderstood Word’.

  312. Once again Merty says something and then removes the reply button. What is that about? Marty, What did your comment mean “integrate or disintegrate? I don’t understand it in context to my comment that a true Scientologist is my friend. Can you clarify what you mean?

  313. martyrathbun09

    Fucati, sorry, it is plain as I can be.

  314. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    Thank you. I do clearly understand your viewpoint on making clear differentiation so there is absolutely no chance for reader confusion. MU’s aren’t always the problem. The writer must write clearly and accurately for the reader.

    Though I can come up with some whopping spelling errors, missed words, or grammar issues (that’s what editors are for), I am a copywriter. The first basic rule of copywriting (or any writing for that matter) is the …

    Clarity Commandment

    “Clarity is paramount. Don’t let any other component of the communications mix interfere with it.”

    – Herschell Gordon Lewis of “Power Copywriting” (My crackerjack mentor in this skill)

  315. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Fucati wrote, “Once again Marty says something and then removes the reply button.”

    I see the frustration.

    I’m sure Marty didn’t intentionally remove the reply button to inhibit ease of communication. If one wants to, one just needs to go into their WordPress administration and enable the option to add another “layer/level” (or two) of depth for comments to be replied to. It takes about 2 seconds to do.

    As it’s set currently, I believe there are only 3 or 4 levels for replies. But it may be better to have 5 or even 6 levels here, IMO. Again, this is all easily adjusted in one’s WordPress admin area.

  316. I didn’t remove anything. I have it set at six at your suggestion Wayne.

  317. And if someone wants to keep it going, just start a new comment.

  318. Marty,
    Thank you for the reply, in regards to your statement “I’ve been as plain as I can be.”
    It seems vague, confusing and suppressive. I am only trying to get answers here and I am feeling a very “ridgy” vibe from you that I don’t understand. Why don’t you just answer the question instead of intentionally trying to stir contention? I don’t understand why you would do that to someone who is trying to communicate and understand your communication. I have been giving you the benefit of the doubt, but so far neither you or Amy are answering the very simple questions I have posed. Can you just plainly and clearly answer my questions?

  319. martyrathbun09

    No, Fucati. I answered the best I can. If you consider that suppressive, I consider you need more destim from the c of m.

  320. Something here stirred a question…maybe more of an observation and frustration I had while IN the CofM.
    The “Marriage Counseling” is totally squirrel of the 2D Co-Audit as written by LRH.
    Unless there is some other LRH reference that has an auditor do this between the couple? Is there?

  321. Well we Canadians are America’s hat! Or as we say toque! Eh!

  322. martyrathbun09

    The simplicity of the tech is contained in the lecture Marriage found in the State of Man series.

  323. It’s not too broad a generality to say “the Church” or “the Church of Scientology International” if CSI is a party to the litigation and the lawyer is the authorised representative of CSI.

  324. “The identification or labeling of an anti-social personality cannot be done honestly and accurately unless one also, in the same examination of the person, reviews the positive side of his life.
    All persons under stress can react with momentary flashes of anti-social conduct. This does not make them anti-social personalities.
    The true anti-social person has a majority of anti-social characteristics.
    The social personality has a majority of social characteristics.
    Thus one must examine the good with the bad before one can truly label the anti-social or the social.
    In reviewing such matters, very broad testimony and evidence are best. One or two isolated instances determine nothing. One should search all twelve social and all twelve anti-social characteristics and decide on the basis of actual evidence, not opinion.”


  325. She didn’t say “the Church” or CSI, she said “Scientology accused…” Read her post again

  326. I also never labeled anyone as an Sp I said making a braod generality like “Scientology accused…” is strictly SP stuff — and it is. You should pay attention to what the posts actually say.

  327. martyrathbun09

    The forest, look at the forest.

  328. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Thanks Marty, for some reason I’m not seeing the reply option on level 5 and 6.

  329. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Nevermind now. When I just posted a new reply, the option on level 5 and 6 showed up. Must be a WordPress bug. So you can delete my last post about this and also this one too if you wish.

  330. I was referring to you taking issue with “as a membership body”. Nobody thinks you, Fucati, did this. But unless I’ve misunderstood, the authorised agents of the Church of Scientology Inc did.

  331. I thought you’re use of the expression “SP stuff” – which I don’t see in any of the Scientology dictionaries – was itself an unacceptable generalisation. You are too quick to use the label “SP”, in my opinion.

  332. I upped it to the max – which I believe is ten.

  333. Hi All!
    Have been offline for a month or so and started to get caught up by reading this blog and postings.
    Wow. My, how things have changed, for the best. So glad to know that Sweeney’s show will air 9/28, wouldn’t miss it for anything. To see who is posting here and what is being said blows a lot of charge. I think that could be traced to the optimum use of a standard communication cycle. As I recall from my earlier training, that is the Univeral Solvent and this blog is a classic example of standard tech applied. It is interesting to view it after such a long time of being away.
    It’s good to be back in touch with y’all.

    Love, Eileen

  334. I don’t understand why anybody here is cheering on the BBC. It’s one of the most suppressive and controlled media outlets on the planet. Also,did anyone notice the url at the bottom left of the video? Come on.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am all for keeping the tech standard and backing up LRH and exposing DM if what I have read so far is in fact true. However, any trained Scientologist knows that going to the media is not a good idea. I haven’t seen the show that was mentioned in the above video, but I can almost guarantee it’s gonna be embellished. I would also like to add that Bruce Hines (who was on another show with Marty) is a member of anonymous. I find it very outpointy that him and Marty were on the same show. Can you explain Marty?

  335. martyrathbun09

    Gary, you are a bigot; in the truest sense of the word.

  336. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    Perhaps some of the information, at this point, may be out-R for you right now. Also, I understand how you may possibly be fearful that some of the information on this blog may be true. Could that be?

    Just keep looking and you’ll find the Truth.

    Is it possible, too, you may be a little out of PT regarding what’s really going?

    Take a look at the next new post on “Ten Gross Technical Errors from the Golden Age of Tech”, and it should leave no doubt in your mind that David Miscavage is not only a squirrel, but a suppressive one.

    When you wrote, “I don’t understand why anybody here is cheering on the BBC. It’s one of the most suppressive and controlled media outlets on the planet. ”

    This could well be said by those who are in PT on what’s really going on regarding the Church of Scientology …

    “I don’t understand why anybody here is cheering on the CofS. It’s one of the most suppressive and controlled churches on the planet.”

    Though I’m not in agreement in the way Marty reacted to you, perhaps it’s something to reflect on why you got that reaction.

    Are you intolerant of those who may differ from your viewpoint?

    Perhaps a better question is, are you willing to expand your viewpoint?

    big·ot (bĭg ət)

    One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

  337. Para los que hablan español (for those who speak Spanish):

    Someone over on WWP (Petete) has just posted a Spanish translation of the Panorama videos at

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