Ten Gross Technical Errors from the Golden Age of Tech


The FNing Chair

by Glenn Samuels

From: Ex-Flag, LRH trained Auditor and CS Glenn Samuels

Since I announced my return to counseling I have mostly been working with clients who left Flag that have been messed up by extreme and malicious tech delivery from the current Church of Scientology. The odd title for this blog is from something a European client audited by a Golden Age Flag trained auditor told me*. A lot has been documented about FNs on your site and others; but this story beats them all. My poor client had to switch chairs to get an “FN!” True. As a joke we talked about having one chair for processing, one for assessments¸ one for FNs, and one special golden leather chair for the elusive Floating TA. How sad and abusive can the tech get? *Used by permission.

I wanted to share some of the main errors I have come across in the hopes that it will help those put through similar ordeals to gain understanding and perhaps get some relief:

  1. Thought stopping and filtering what one says due to fear of punishment from session data. Not being able to talk freely, cutting their own communication to the auditor which obliterates the basic reason auditing works.
  2. Similar to number one, but in some ways worse; collusion between pc and auditor to not say things or write things down in session for fear of reprisal from CS, leadership, or ethics.
  3. Meter abuse; FNs and Floating TAs not being called. Ignoring, refuting, and invalidating the pc by making the meter senior to their information.
  4. Heavy Overruns. Hand in glove with this, re-running the lower levels again on advanced cases for no reason other than greed.
  5. Political and financial reasons to invalidate the state of clear. No real or true understanding of the state.
  6. False responsibility run on cases; a pendulum swing away from identifying the source of a problem as advanced course material causing extreme confusion resulting in nearly impossible messes to repair.
  7. Sexual discrimination resulting in behavior modification rather than case gain.
  8. No or faulty meter training for auditors.
  9. Selling unnecessary rundowns that are not client centered with expectations and promises that have nothing to do with the intent of the rundown.
  10. Rote and executive programming that is not fashioned to the person’s needs nor addressed to their life; not using a complete and holistic approach for dynamic problems essential to the person, their family, business and goals. (Then auditing over it for no gains.) One obvious example is auditing over crippling debt.


The worst of these practices is number one on the list. Thought stopping is a key to cult-type control. Thought stopping occurs when a cult member thinks a critical or contrary thought about the leader or the group. Then feels guilty and stops it. He then looks inwardly to see what it was he has done wrong (i.e. for an overt) to cause the bad thought. The bad thought is replaced by a fancied sin or overt that could have caused the impurity. After the overt is spotted the person then replaces it with a pure thought and a recommitment to purity and loyalty to the leader or group. Thought stopping allows the group to exert control and undue influence when the person isn’t in organization environment. An example is thinking about checking the internet because a co-worker mentioned that there was an article in the paper about Scientology. It is natural and healthy to be curious. But the person stops the thought, feels guilt for having it because it is against the rules, then looks inwardly to see why he would even think that way. A false overt is found to replace the natural desire to know. Thought stopping is a continual source of introversion and charge as truth is incorrectly assigned. Critical thinking is fundamental to learning and mental health. Once critical thinking is driven out of a being you then have a robotic true believer; disastrous results can follow like Jonestown, the Applewhite led suicides, and the Tokyo bombings led by Asahara*. It leads to personality splitting and a dissociation of the mind which can cause severe psychological and spiritual damage. Scientology is by definition knowing how to know; creating a mind controlled environment is antipathetic to the subject itself. *See Robert J. Lifton’s lectures on the internet for more about mind control www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yDoPD5GeCE

The fact that thought stopping has permeated into sessions demonstrates the insidious and treacherous environment brought about by the current leadership of Scientology. I have had to literally say to my clients who were hesitant, “Go ahead; tell me what’s on your mind, it’s OK to tell me what you are really thinking…” They had been accustomed to replacing their true feeling and thoughts with acceptable communications, cutting their own comm thus creating charge session after session.

The relief that occurs by getting sessions in a safe space is threefold; one the gain in saying what they need or want to say, two the relief in knowing there is no threatening reprisal, and lastly, knowing that what we are doing is for them and no one else. Eventually we just get down to business and it is up to me to get results, but at first just the joy of being able to freely say what they want gets tremendous gain in its own right. Safety is essential to gains; thought stopping makes it nearly impossible for wins to occur.

The collusion between auditor and pc to withhold from the CS and not write things down in the worksheets is of great concern to me and is poisonous on many different levels. The reason for this is that the environment is dangerous for the pc and the auditor. It is normal for both pc and auditor to not want each other to get into trouble, so collusion and complicity occurs. There is an item on the Green Form repair list; “Engram matching present time dangers.” This question applies to the current C of Scn auditing environment. It is so unsafe for auditors and pcs alike that they withhold and/or lie to the CS. This environment is so treacherous that it actually can create engrams of a sort. Both auditors and pcs I have worked with were heavily over-restimulated from the environment alone (akin to war veterans with post traumatic stress syndrome; nightmares, flashback-type key ins etc). I am not just talking about those on sea org who were forced to work in toxins or were in the RPF; I’m talking about paying pcs who are getting auditing and the auditors trying to help them. For those on advanced courses it is of particular concern because these engrams can go undetected unless it is understood that the environmental stress in itself can cause them.

A lot has been said on this site and others about FNs and overruns, points 3 through 5. When I started auditing again I didn’t have a meter. The results were still excellent. (A friend of mine gave me one eventually because a meter is a useful diagnostic tool, but it only comprises 1/4th of end phenomena.) In the definition of auditing there is no mention of an E-meter. When LRH used to pull a distressed crew member into his Apollo office to audit them he hardly ever used a meter! The folder would come down the next morning into the auditor admin room with a red card clipped to the folder summary with his notes on the session. No meter!

This is an important point. He was there for the person, comforting them, listening and observing them; then he would ask a few questions and listen and send them on their way, happy. Are the auditors trained this way today? Are they trained to comfort, care and make people happy? Or is it something else?

I was trained on the meter by an old timer from LRH’s academy at Washington, DC. He trained us to asses a list without a meter and then tell him what was the person’s item was. After the non-metered assessment the item was verified on the meter. If our original non-metered assessment was wrong, we had to do TRs, obnosis drills, and work on up until we could get the item without a meter. He learned this from LRH. That’s the way it was done, that was the Golden Age of Tech*. *By the way what happened to word Standard?

Point #6 is important because of the question of responsibility and ownership. It gets overlooked due to the proliferation of overrun and the rerunning grade chart actions for profit. There is an inherent liability in claiming the source of behavior is from an engram or from an outside source, it can leave one’s own responsibility out of the frame. Internalized environmental sources like an engram can lead one to continue to look to an outside cause for one’s ills rather than pointing the finger at yourself and your own actions. When an outside source is the cause of something, then it is. When it’s not it’s not, it is as simple as that.

You can see the resultant irresponsible blame in today’s Scn leadership who has not embraced the true meaning of responsibility. Training and proper auditing can nurture responsibility in a case and overcome the human tendency to avoid responsibility in any given situation. There are different flows in anything that occurs in life. Cross influences do exist and victimization does occur with or without complicity. Due to executive CSing and meddling in the tech of Scientology there has been a pendulum swing making the pc responsible for most everything that occurs to him. This has cases traumatized. Advanced cases run en masse causes severe problems and takes precise and exacting repair to unfold the ball of wax that this new misapplication has caused. Volatile questions that ask for sources of evil on a case like the False Purpose Rundown can have disastrous results if the true genus of the evil is not found. Overrunning and meter abuse only serves to compound this error and runs evil into the case. This has caused nervous breakdowns, illness, and reportedly fatalities. The Scientlogy public does not hear about these cold hard facts.

Auditing and programming a case based on sexual bias and for political reasons is one of the worst kinds of discrimination and alteration of the intent to help that there is. It leads to behavior modification and “white knuckling” the evaluated problem instead of handling what is needed. It is an easy way out to not handle a person and shows the futility and insecurity tech personnel have in helping people who outwardly appear to be different. All cases are the same.

It is easy to say that all behavior is due to evilness and overts. But it is not the truth. Undermining the intent of good hearted auditors to help is the lack of love present in the C of Scn and its leadership. It runs across the boards but is missing completely and replaced with cruelty in terms of sexual and other bias. That bias and sexual slurs from leadership filters down into the way CSs look at a case and what auditors are ordered to run. The person is made to feel different, an outcast and is often CSed that way. The person’s mind is not paralled, but the CS runs what he or she thinks is wrong with the person. One case I CSed recently was simply just thrown out of his org due to sexual discrimination. To say that only certain people can receive help is malicious, in a non-church environment it is against federal law.

The mixing of church politics along with the leaders bullying tech personnel with SP declares and threats of expulsion have made it possible for the tech to be perverted. Senior tech personnel have been forced to give in and forego what they know is correct for cases as laid out when LRH was alive. Advanced cases are told they are not clear and have to redo the grade chart for impure motives. In all the years I worked under LRH he only cancelled a few clear certifications. But, it was evident in the person’s life and post. There was drunkenness, lewdness and criminal behavior in public, not only org rule violations. The action of pulling clear and OT certs was not done whimsically nor for political/organizational purposes, but for the person’s betterment. LRH usually followed up afterwards with a personal program to help the person get back on his feet. That is a far cry from what happens today. One case had clear and OT certs cancelled because the executive wanted to discredit her and break up a marriage. The person had a strong voice against injustice in the organization so was shut up and devaluated. Other cases that were clear were told they had to redo levels for no other reason than Flag needed money.

The understanding of Clear and what it is has been lost in the Golden Age of Tech. This example should demonstrate what real understanding of what the state is; a messenger was getting the run around on her Dianetic Clear attest. She insisted she was clear, but couldn’t prove it with a specific cognition from a session in this or a previous life. But she knew she was a Clear. She was on watch and was upset. LRH asked her what was wrong, so she told him about the clear check. He told her that she was Clear, her perception was far above that of a Clear…….. It was evident by demonstration to LRH so he sent down instructions in her folder and the attest went through.

On the other hand when the Dianetic Clear bulletins first came out there was a pendulum swing towards solving troublesome cases by saying that the problem was that clear went unacknowledged. A lot of people ended up at Flag with bypassed cases without the awareness or responsibility level of a Clear. That is a degradation of the state and invalidation as well. It serves as an injustice to the person because they are robbed of the rewards of the levels and their attainments. When someone is a Clear it is demonstrated in life; what they do, what they say, their dynamics and their perceptions. It should be plain as day to a wise CS in how the person processes Dianetics. When someone has gone Clear there is a definitive change. Understanding that and all the facets of the tech is the key. I don’t think that the depth of understanding and the ability to play all the notes on the piano keyboard is there for those who manufacture difficulty for pcs on something as apparent as a Clear state. When understanding is shallow or not there in the first place then roteness, case abuse, and invalidation flourishes.

One good thing about being in the independent field is that you can choose who you want to work with. But be sure to check out qualifications; when, where, and whom they were trained by. Some professing to know how to deliver the Ls and advanced levels do not have proper or complete training to do so. One example is an auditor who has a glossy website, but was only RPFd trained. He put a person on the OT levels who was not clear and didn’t even do the meter drills beforehand! One of my friends has pointed out that today’s RPF can take many years unlike its original intent. This perhaps makes it possible for the person to understand the tech on more than a read it, drill it, do it basis. However, the RPF is not designed to make a polished interned Class 5 or Class 8, nor an Ls auditor by definition. The question really is can the person deliver Standard Tech at the level the pc needs; Book One, Dianetics, grades? The upper levels and Ls by their nature can be volatile and if not done correctly can result in damage to the person and others. When this material is approached please ensure the person you entrust yourself to is qualified so you have a safe journey.


To summarize David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology has an agenda. The agenda is not for individual betterment. It has been said loudly and clearly that it is all about greed and schemes. When any organization takes it sights off each and every individual who walks in the door it will fail. When doctrine is more important than the individual to succeed then all is lost.

I wanted to mention these points in a precise technical manner for those of you who read this blog as well those you may know who are still in the church struggling with these and other serious errors. I can cite many more examples of case histories that have had these and other gross tech errors. But, I’d like to hear your stories. If you wish to write me about any questions or concerns about your auditing, field auditing, or if you are an auditor who has any tech queries feel free to write me: glennsamuels@gmail.com

With love,


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  1. martyrathbun09

    Brilliant article Glenn. I have run across all of the ten gross errors you have set forth in auditing outside the church. An important read for anyone (in or out of the church) who considers auditing a future possibility.

  2. Great article. I saw some of this happening to others. There was no way I was going to let them get at me. When they used to order me to get on my next action (their opinion), I refused. Told them for me to do something that didn’t indicate would be other-determined, wouldn’t it. And that would make me PTS, wouldn’t it. They had no answer. It worked every time. Then I quietly disappeared.

  3. Glenn, this is brilliantly composed. Your point about bullying tech staff really hit me hard. My ex-husband (who has now routed out of the Sea Org and is out) was a permanent Class VI, FPRD auditor, fully hatted Qual Sec,etc. He was made MISERABLE because he was so trained. He would constantly be threatened to have his certs pulled if he did go along with off policy or out-tech orders. He trained to Class 6 as a public person, for two years going to his Briefing Course every night and weekends while he held a full time job. He came trained into the SO. It broke my heart to see a man, who loved his tech so, and his pc’s, begroan to me: “I wish I were never trained, so that these guys would never have to hold my certs over my head.” He was as a result a very broken man -who wound up on the RPF for 5 years, until one day he realized he had enough. This is how the most valuable beings on earth are treated in the VE.

  4. I was forced to redo CLEAR, that was the beginning of the end for me with regards to sensing something was terribly wrong with the current Church of Scientology. It was about 1 thing and 1 thing only, to make more money from me. It just amazes me how stupid I was to buy into it and others are blindly following as well. Im not sure when the insanity will stop but it had lasting effect on me to do something I truly believed I did not need.

    EXPOSE EXPOSE EXPOSE is the only answer to stopping the greed of the Cult of Scientology. Time Magazine had it right in 1991.

  5. An amazing and loving assessment of the current state of affairs with Auditing in DM’s Scientology vs the way LRH would handle things. I don’t know about anyone else, but it blows charge for me. Thanks you Glenn for sharing these observations. You can tell from reading your write up how much you learned from LRH and what a truly caring person you are.

  6. Thanks Glenn. Very wise words.

  7. Glenn and Marty,

    Thank you for this enlightening and clarifying Tech Briefing. I conclude that the Church of Mestcavige can sadly, but accurately, be summarized in a word- Pathogenetic.

    True to an old Greek saying that a fish rots from the head down (i.e. the brain and eyes first) there can be no doubt that the church is dead. It died in DM’s hands and today is nothing but an institutionalized dramatization of that (D)amaged (M)ind.

    However, thanks to you both and others the Tech lives. You’ve kept a silver lining around those dark clouds. The sun still shines through.

    Again, thanks!

    Respectfully yours,

    Tom Gallagher

  8. Theo Sismanides

    Glenn thank you! Amazing article, amazing resources we have, people. Sorry Glen I didnt’ happen to know you but it looks like you are a hell of an auditor. I am from Greece and have given my soul for Standard Tech when in the SO. When I saw nothing was happening I left.

    I put here my story since Karen # 1 also asked for it and in case you or anyone else would like to read my write up from 2000.


    But, Glenn, I was amazed by the ease of your writing technical outnesses and pointing out the correct Tech. And I was amazed to see you being so knowledgeable in the area that Ron made his biggest breakthrough. The human mind and soul.

    I am so happy you wrote this for us. As you said whatever happened to the word “Standard”. I am fowarding it to the Greek free thinkers, independents-to-be Scientologists.

    We are all here once again.

  9. Wow. This article is a true gift. I experienced much relief in duplicating it.

    Thank you very very much, Mr. Samuels.

  10. theystolemychurch

    The whole clear thing REALLY hit home with me… WOW! I tried and tried and tried to get my auditors and c/ses to understand and failed. Left “knowing” there was just something wrong with me… tried to continue on with Dianetics and couldn’t…

    Thanks for a GREAT article… helped a lot to blow some charge!

  11. Glenn and Marty,
    Thank you both for being here and communicating with us. It never ceases to amaze me how I can feel better, see clearer, come up-tone and feel more determined everyday just by reading this website and keeping up with people on-Source!

    Don’t stop doing what you do, both of you. Meter or not, you are both auditing on many dynamics and getting VGI’s and FN’s all over the place.

    PS: I can afford these ‘rates.’ LOL (free!)

  12. Glen, brilliant article. This should blow a lot of charge for those in and out.
    I for one saw this happening to others. Many reggs csing out in the field and cs’s agreeing, whether needed or not. Many unhappy looking pc’s justifying the whole thing and paying for it all.

    Thanks for writing this article.
    Love Carol

  13. Genn,
    Thank you so much for this evaluation of the gross out tech occuring in Miscaviges brave new church. I now have a much better understanding of what happened to my case. I have tears in my eyes. This has blown charge for me, especially the first point about thought stopping. Geez, I can’t believe I ever put myself in a position where I denied myself my own thoughts. It really puts one in a spin as it gets oneself into all kinds of ‘oh, well I didn’t really mean to think that’ and ‘I just had a thought but I don’t really believe it, it’s just something my bank was thinking. I’ll have some more auditing to get rid of it.’ And then one also gets scared of all the thoughts that might be in ones head that are yet undiscovered by even oneself as one has denied them so thoroughly and given so much justification to the actual obnosis one has witnissed and thereby the conclusion of the obnosis, which is the thought that one is denying. The stress that going in session put me under was ridiculous, (the constant ptp, the constant missed withold of nothing and then the thought stopping) and I paid damn good money for this!!! I’d handle something in session (once the ruds were out of the way) and I’d come out of session feeling happy that I handle that thing but….something feels wrong….but I should be happy, I just went in session….my win was great *smiles as thinks of cognition* but…..*sinking feeling*….something feels wrong, maybe it’s me? or the way my auditor asked that question…maybe it should have read….maybe that other question should not have read….what’s wrong with my auditing? It must be me because the tech and Scientology are always right. Maybe there is some out tech? Or maybe there is something wrong with Scientology??? Oh shit, did I really just think that??? Oh crud…*terror starting to set in* Must stop this thought process. *shakes head* turns all thoughts off, takes deep breath, straightens face into serenity and plasters large smile on face, repeats mantra ‘everything’s fine, everything’s fine, everything’s fine’ waves at IAS reg and makes note to donate more money because the SPs must be getting stronger as their black PR is somehow getting into my own head and thinking bad thoughts for me. *shakes head again to loosen any further thoughts* smiling brighter, what was I thinking? Oh yeah…the IAS are so nice…oooohhh chicken for lunch…yum…._____________________________(blank) no more thoughts.
    Warning…this is not a joke. This is a re-enactment, a reality and sadly this is the truth from my own head.
    When you can’t trust your own observations and make conclutions from them you are dead. I died. Thanks to this movement and the truth being put there I’m alive and I’m me again.

  14. Independent Scientologist

    Outstanding article!

    Thank you, Glenn, for writing it.

    On my recent eligibility cycle at AO I found myself on two different occasions simply putting the cans down in session, bent over in the chair and holding my head in my hands, fearful that I was in the middle of a psychotic break. This was nothing I had ever experienced before in an auditing session. I’m not glad it happened, but I am glad that I have direct personal experience about how screwed up the tech has gotten inside the church. To me, it’s not just hearsay.

    Ron Matlock

  15. What an amazing article, on so many different levels.

    Thanks especially for the examples of how LRH handled various situations. They are so enlightening. It’s too bad these very personal LRH anecdotes weren’t widely known before now. As far as I’m concerned, they stand right up there alongside HIS HCOBs and PLs as examples of what really constitutes “Standard Tech”.

    I intend to pass this article along to a few friends who are still “sitting on the fence”, especially those who remain on lines due primarily to familial or economic connections. AND who have been told they were not Clear. Perhaps some further case damage can be prevented.

    IMO, This is vital information for all Scientologists, in or out.


  16. Glenn, your article is tremendous. There is a logical flow of questions that follow:

    1. At what point does Scientology stop being Scientology and become a Cult? I think you summed it up exactly: “A false overt is found to replace the natural desire to know. Thought stopping is a continual source of introversion and charge as truth is incorrectly assigned. ” Thought stopping arrests all spiritual progress. Thought stopping is self-hypnosis, it is a prison inside of one’s own head. Scientology ceases to Scientology when thought stopping replaces Enlightenment. Because thought stopping can look or feel like Spiritual Obedience, it becomes a very subtle spiritual trap.

    2. What is Scientology? In its most basic and original design, Scientology was Communication. Specifically, Scientology was an auditor asking a pc questions. However, Scientology became all about the money. Enlightenment has never been about financial transactions. The very idea of a “Parishioner Statement” is completely flawed. Think about it this way: What is the Reactive Mind? It is a record of all transactions. What is a Parishioner Statement? It is record of all transactions and therefore the essence of a bank. A Parishioner Statement reinforces the individual’s bank and the group bank.

    3. What does Communication require? Communication requires Looking.

    4. What does Looking require? Looking requires the complete freedom to Look and then to freely Communicate what one sees. In CoS, neither auditors nor pc’s are allowed to simply Look. Therefore, it is the blind leading the blind.

    5. What is freedom in a spiritual sense? Freedom is liberation from spiritual bondage to mental objects, particularly from hard, fixed, false identities and beliefs to which one is bound with great force.

    6. Freedom from Spiritual Bondage has always been attained by looking, communicating, and erasing the chains of hard, fixed, false identities and beliefs.

    7. The Mind, or Ego, is a process that acts mechanistically to create hard, fixed, false identities and beliefs. In a larger spiritual context, once one has erased enough false identities and beliefs, they can clearly see the machinery and transcend the machinery itself. In classical terms, seeing the machinery and transcending it is when the jump is made: One is no longer the slave of the default mental machinery of the body-mind system.

    7A. CoS ultimately prevents Spiritual Liberation by giving people a hard, fixed identity and a false set of beliefs: One is an IAS Member. IAS Membership is the quicksand pit in CoS. Once one agrees to be IAS, they agree to become DM’s slave. IAS members are slaves and do not know it. IAS is DM’s theta trap.

    8. IAS preceded GAT. IMO, IAS is where CoS as an organization began an accelerated implosion.

    9. The Golden Age of Tech was IAS’ way of surreptitiously morphing auditing into a series of slave-making, thought stopping, identity-creating processes. The EP of GAT is 100% unquestioning obedience to DM and his program. How is that Scientology? And yet it all happened so subtly.

    10. Here is the paradox I bump up against frequently: As an organization, CoS is vicious and self-destructive. However, most Scientologists as individuals are good people.

    11. CoS in its present form is the Reactive Mind itself. DM is the major engram in CoS. Since true auditing is impossible in CoS, DM will persist. On this basis, Truth, Freedom, and Justice cannot exist inside of CoS. There will only be stimulus-response actions in CoS as DM cycles between his moments of pain and pleasure.


  17. Dear Glenn, thank you so much for this. When I left Scientology I was on the road to becoming a Class VI C/S, and wow do I have a ton of BPC on being blocked from achieving this. The lack of care for the tech and for training auditors at ASHO was hugely disappointing. G.

  18. martyrathbun09

    J Swift, you understand it better than most.

  19. Thank you, Glen for a brilliant briefing about the only thing that is really important in Scientology.
    What would a concert hall be without its orchestra and the music they perform? What would a museum of art be without artists and their paintings? What would an org be without auditors and standard tech?
    A big empty building!

  20. Yes, I had a very screwwy L12. The auditor questioned my answers and almost laughed at them. I had trouble and went for a repair on the L12 which didn’t come up with any wins and I did have trouble at the examiner. It was more due to the original out tech on L12 than the f/n swinging 3Xtimes. When I was on staff, I noticed that E Meter drill #19 “did you get an instant read?” was being run incorrectly ( I had a big win on this at AO and never forgot it). Somehow the supervisor and students didn’t get that you had to flunk for a comm lag. It got so bad that students were videoing their drill and the meter to see if it was an instant read or not. It was written up but never handled at the CLO. Thanks, Glen and Marty for your constant awareness and willingness to fight back.

  21. Me Again~You made that so clear. I feel ya. Jim Logan pointed out, rightfully so in a previous blog entry that this is gross out-list phenomena from constantly being given the wrong why, wrong item, etc. It SUCKS! All this out-list phenomena is now NORMAL in David Miscavige’s church.
    High-five to you too! I know exactly how you feel and how I felt once I realized what happened…the right why! Phew! The burden of all that think-think, figure-figure I had went POOF – GONE!
    It’s so nice to have you here!

  22. Thanks, Glenn.

    Points one and two are directly caused by the betrayal of trust the current regime has with case and session data. Telling that the auditor as well continues on with a wink and a nod. There is no session happening. The PC is not interested in case, and not willing to talk to the auditor.

    By the way, remember that a cause for ARC Breaks is No Auditing. This has also been overlooked. There is no auditing happening in the halls of Mr. David Miscavige.

    This treason has been going on since DM took over in the ’80s. I decided not to be a pro auditor, because I foresaw the abuses. One untrained SO flunky telling me I had overts because I made a session mistake cured me of my aspirations of trying to make a living at auditing. Not to say I am prescient: I certainly did not foresee this insanity.

    To the treason point: Current parishioners and staff are truly in a condition of confusion, since treason has not been handled. Find out where you are. Here’s a hint: When you walk into one of those “Ideal Orgs,” look around. Realize where you are not. You are not in a Church of Scientology. Find out where you really are.

  23. Tony DePhillips

    Dear Glen,
    That was an amazing article.
    I for one forsure blew charge on it. You can tell when a person knows what they are doing and talking about. I am so glad that you are getting back into auditing.
    Weren’t you one of the big mission holders that got crushed back in the early 80’s? It would be awesome to let your horse power out in a new unit of time in the Indy feild and rehab the other mission holders too and have us all let DM know what time it is,eh??

    I am grateful for your comm and wish you all the best.

  24. Glenn Samuels~Amazing, perfect! When I left mission staff in 1999 it was over #10, with all other parts creeping in rapidly. What I later realized through this blog is how this attack started with the highest trained people first being targeted. So there goes me! With me gone, it was easy to target everyone else with less training…into the total obliteration of LRH.

  25. Dear Glenn,
    I’m speechless…don’t know what to say.
    Just one thing:
    Thank you……………………
    There is lots of hope with you writing.

  26. scientology-cult.com is not working !
    What’s the matter ?

  27. Thank you for this article. The discussion on the state of Clear was particularly validating for me.

  28. Works for me, albeit a bit slow.

  29. I have the extremely good fortune of receiving the benefits of being audited by Glenn. My first point of relief was that F/N’s were alive and well outside the walls of c of s. I am the traveling chair Pre-OT direct from your mecca of the Golden Bull, I mean tech.
    I proofread the article for Glenn and he had referred to the ” Golden Age of Standard Tech”. When I informed him of the lack of “standard” in the PR line, it was a bit of a numbing experience for both of us. Another degrade of the original materials, particularly for someone who was there during the standardization of those materials.
    Several of the points that are made in the article I had experienced, particularly the improper procedure on upper materials resulting in troubles for myself and the case in general. It is actually simple and expeditious when done properly. And beneficial.
    But the most important point to me was the thought-stopping in session. To have your auditor with utmost care and ARC ask you gently to quit cutting your own comm is an eye-opening moment. Dirtying one’s own needle, what an ability. Not! ( I suggest reading Jeff Hawkins website called “Leaving Scientology- there are two very important articles on the subject of thought-stopping.)
    I think we would mostly agree that the majority of auditors have a common goal in mind of assisting others in their lives and pursuits. They are special beings and the shackles they are forced to wear in that pursuit and the overts they are forced to participate in the c of s are very harmful across the boards. Auditors can audit without restraints outside of c of s, in a standard rendition minus the Golden Bull.
    Relief is available- auditing should not be spiritually harmful or abusive. Duh!

  30. Older and Wiser

    9. The Golden Age of Tech was IAS’ way of surreptitiously morphing auditing into a series of slave-making, thought stopping, identity-creating processes. The EP of GAT is 100% unquestioning obedience to DM and his program. How is that Scientology? And yet it all happened so subtly.

    If by “IAS” you mean the midget-in-command, then you might be right. But, nobody who worked for IAS had anything to do with GAT. Maybe it was used later, I don’t know, but in ’96 they were not related.

  31. Tony, Search “Glenn Samuels” on Marty’s search button and you can read Glenn’s declaration of independence. You are thinking of Martin Samuels as far as the Mission Holder. You can see the start of dm’s purging of tech terminals in the declaration.

  32. Amen, Grasshopper!

    The treason has indeed been going on since 1981 or 1982. That was the time frame during which any incentive to be a pro auditor (or mission holder) vanished, only to be replaced by an increasing number of disincentives.

    (by “disincentives”, I really mean insanities).


  33. I just want the beatings to stop!

    Yeah, very nice article.

    For me, at Flag, as soon as I had a cog or win, the auditor would ask for a an ARCX, PTP OR WITHHOLD!!! This happened over and over and over.
    They were waiting for the DM F/N to occur. So asked over and over enough they’ll get the protest read on W/H. It went downhill from there!

    I told the D of P over and over and he said that that was proper and normal compared to the other PC’s in the FH HCG.


    Bottom line: FLAG IS A SQUIRREL GROUP!!


  34. I found this posting at Freezoneauditors.org that Glenn wrote about himself and his experiences. More great information and history of the CoM.

    Glenn Samuels:
    This is a brief story of my Scientology history. I am currently counseling and am open to talk to anyone who wants help recovering from Scientology abuses. I would like to commend you for leaving the Scientology Church. It takes courage to leave and take an independent stand against a vengeful and unrelenting force. I’m happy to see that there is a new independent movement.

    I left the Church of Scientology in May, 1982 after being held under guard. Two former COs of the CMO were also under guard at the same time, we would wink at each other as we passed in the hallway. I got my car keys from the not so bright guard and took off.

    I left behind all my belongings, my wife, my sister, all my friends, my group and my dream of a safe and sane planet. Most of you who are reading this know what I am talking about. It is a rough and courageous thing to do and I admire you for doing it.

    In the early 80s it was important to Miscavige and the Broekers to get rid of anyone who had his own voice in Scientology. The people who built Scn. up from tiny orgs run in some major cities in old homes in bad neighborhoods and ugly industrial buildings to having admirable structures in all the major cities in the world were selectively and systematically expelled. Top International Scientology Execs and Senior Messengers were kicked out or sent to “Happy Valley” where most of them were made to run around a tree for months, do menial work, and then got declared. On the tech side almost everyone who trained directly under LRH was targeted as well. It was important to the three in-charge to have no voice within the organization more popular, senior or convincing than their own. Also it was important for no one to have more power or knowledge in any area, such as the tech.

    R’s order was for Scientology to become a juggernaut, something that would run on its own after his death. The way that order was implemented was callously brutal with human rights violations. I left because of the human rights violations. I was on a CMO Mission that ordered people thrown out on the street in Clearwater. These people were my friends, good, sincere and hard working Sea Org members, not deserving of any of that nor being labeled “Suppressive Person.” It is a subject of debate because of the strangle hold that Miscavige and the Broekers had over the communications in and out to R what he knew or didn’t know at that time. But I know for a fact that LRH loved some of these people that were rounded up and cast aside. Miscavige wrestled control of Scientology from the Broekers and you have what is going on now.

    When a leader of a religion is unbalanced and receives lawsuits or a court summons, they tend to blame and purge anyone near them. The whimsy and commonness with which someone is called an SP these days is staggering. An SP is a very specific type person, they are not very common. Most of the top execs and auditors were Clear. By definition can a Clear be an SP? It is an important question to consider to anyone in or out of Scientology.

    Auditing is not centered and focused on the person, but now exists for ulterior motives and sundry purposes. There should be no reason to keep them at Clearwater with endless unnecessary rundowns or intensives of sec checking to be sure, nor did OT 7 cans cost $380.00! And the staff abuses are vulgar and cruel.

    In the 80s there was an independent movement which eventually failed due to harassment, endless litigation, and multi-million dollar pay offs from the church. However, Sarge Gerbode did stand up to the church successfully, but it cost him a lot of money. He developed what he calls TIR, traumatic incident reduction. He went toe to toe with Miscavige and won the right to deliver parts of the tech in the name of his new organization. He has done good work and has associations around the world, some funded by counties to help the abused. It is good to see that. And also I am glad that there is a new desire for people to get helped where it is all about the help and not about anything else.

    My focus is to help those families and Scientologist abused by cults. If anyone wishes to contact me and discuss getting getting helped I can be reached at glennsamuels-gmail.
    I travel world wide.
    (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). I will travel world wide to help others.

    Good luck,

    Posted by Glenn Samuels on 03/30 at 04:29 PM

  35. Awesome post.

    This guy is a true Scientologist: One of the ones for which we all joined in the first place.

  36. So what is the current deal with the C of S . What is the overall plan of things? Anyone know, Marty, Mike. I suppose their must be some tone arm action occuring in the churches is their. Or would you feel alot safer in my castle?

    The Count

  37. The most significant and hard-hitting article I’ve read in ten years of searching on the Internet for some truths of what happened. So clearly explained as only a trained insider (and “old-timer”) could.

    This commentary will put my wheels back on the road to truth in a big way. Rockets up.

    Charge blown (and without a meter)! Thank you!

  38. The negative consequences of a by-passed or unacked Clear state are of very great consequence to a Being, and cannot be overstated.

    A friend of mine, who was frankly as solid as a rock, full of evil and enjoying it, thought he was Clear. He had a significant amount of Dianetics, mostly DRD Dianetics, as did we all, thousands of hours of it. It wasn’t going well and hadn’t been for a while, repair, repair, etc., and of course he was screwed up.

    So, he decided to see if he could get the original ‘Clear Interview’, which some of you ‘old timers’ will remember preceeded the Dianetic Clear tech.

    His first interview ended up with a refusal to let him to attest to Clear. He was very upset about it. I remember walking with him and he was very bitter about it. “Something was wrong.”

    So, somehow, he arranged for a second interview. When he came out of that interview, he was beaming, he had attested to Clear.

    Never have I seen such a change of magnitude in a Being. He went literally in an hour, from a Being who was solid, who was not fun to be with at all, who had a real evil flow coming from him, to a Being so light, so clean, a gently wind could lift him up off the ground. The most dramatic change I’ve ever seen in anybody over any length of time, ever.

    And he stayed that way! All that other ‘stuff’ was completely and utterly gone. Evaporated in minutes! Literally, minutes!!! Unfucking believable!!

    Obviously he was a Clear, and had been for quite some time, and a ‘case’ built up around that missed Beingness that was solid as a rock. With the ack of his true Beingness, both by him and others … WOW …!!!

    Don’t ever misunderstand and underestimate the consequences of a missed Clear state. These Beings can really mock stuff up!!!!

  39. Dear Tara,
    Thank you for your response. You broke it down OH so well.
    I have a Mind Control program I am auditing on those affected by mental/spritual torment as you describe.
    Please write me directly at glennsamuels@gmail.com, there is an exercise I can give you to help.

  40. Who can add to that!

    “Official” Scientology is rapidly imploding into a black, dwarfish cinder.

    Anyone who is “sticking with Miscavige” at this point is on the w-r-o-n-g side of history. The sharp guys and gals with all the guts and logical acuity are over HERE.

    Miscavige & Co.? Piles of money sure can buy the SEMBLANCE of survival, right?

  41. Glenn Samuels is back. Superb. Brilliant. Sweet Jesus, Glenn Samuels is back.

    That’s the shit. That’s the level of understanding, judgment, and the mastery of the piano.

    And with this – the functional Senior C/S hat in the Association of Terminals is there.

    I don’t think I could hug Glenn enough to express my utter joy.

  42. Allen,
    Apparent theta- theta.

  43. Superb article, Glenn !

    What is wisdom ?

    Try this : “not using a complete and holistic approach for dynamic problems essential to the person, their family, business and goals.”

    Top notch auditor brilliant Glenn
    turns Flag’s dog PCs to men 🙂

  44. Fortuitous,
    Thank you for what you have accomplished. Simply wonderful.

    Here is an issue for auditors:

    Class VIII

    It was discovered in the Sea Organisation that proven high calibre good standard Class VIII auditors suddenly without any apparent reason ceased to be able to audit well, made gross goofs and backed off from auditing completely.

    Its source was traced back to INVALIDATION.

    The cases on whom it occurred were handled very speedily, very simply with ASTOUNDING RESULTS.

    The remedy was simply asking them in 2 way comm who had told them they couldn’t audit. No meter, no complications, just very simple 2 way comm.

    One of the cases was in fact handled in a room full of people. This case was black in the face and most adamantly refused to audit and ARC broken to the extent that she PHYSICALLY WALKED AWAY from the idea.

    The question was simply asked: “WHO told you you couldn’t audit?” or WHO told you that your auditing wasn’t any good?”

    Answer: “Nobody did”

    “OK. WHO told you your auditing wasn’t any good?”

    Answer with sudden misemotion: “You all did”

    OK WHO?

    (BRIGHTENS) ..says a name.

    OK … did somebody at some earlier stage tell you you couldn’t audit?

    No…but so and so told me that I wasn’t doing any good in such and such…ooooooh..line charge…my mother always told me that I couldn’t do…bla bla bla…

    Very bright now, still slightly hesitant..OK..

    When is ALWAYS? ;When I was 6 …BINGO.

    Back to auditing, and … getting WELL DONES , and pc’s WINNING, auditor getting STANDARD sessions and STANDARD results.

    And that is ALL there is to it. We are talking here about the Class VIII auditor giving this assist and the Class VIII auditor receiving it. Scientologists of this calibre and standard of training can be expected to have the awareness and ability to bring these results about.

    The length it took for these actions was from about 3 to 5 minutes.

    The Class VIII auditor is an outstanding target for invalidation. BEWARE!! The actions described above were done virtually off the cuff by a Class VIII auditor on other Class VIII’s, and were done when the INVALIDATION factor was isolated as the common denominator.


  45. Hi Tony,
    And thank you. As LookingIn said, Martin Samuels was the mission holder. Since we have the same last name people assumed we were related. Martin did get crushed along with the other top Mission holders at the time. And from what people tell me that network has never recovered since 1982-3.
    It was a calculated removal of anyone who was an “Opinion Leader” so that there would be no strong and knowledgable opposing voice to what they (Miscavige and the Broekers) wanted to do. The top execs along with the Msn holders were all removed. Martin Samuels in particular was targeted as he had two or three very successful mission, a school and a big ventures in Oregon. I assume they wanted the money for themselves. Unfortunaely his wife turned against him as well. It was a very sad thing to see….
    Those execs and Msn Holders took Scn from a little movement run in little funky houses and offices to owning edifices in most of the major cities of the world. They were cast aside and blown away so much chaff in the wind.
    Now I hear the new buildings are funded from donations, not real income from delivering auditing and training.
    Anyway, I was the Flag guy, Martin was the Mission guy.
    with love,

  46. RE comments from Me Again and Tara,
    To Me Again,
    I think I thought you were Tara, please write to me on my e mail if you have some interest in the exercise I mentioned.
    with love,

  47. one of those who see

    Almost in tears on this one. Thank you for the story. And to your husband- Thanks you for all your work and dedication. Please know that you are appreciated. I hope you will be auditing soon, on your own terms-standard like you want. I have refrained from using the word evil in my writings. But, This; “It broke my heart to see a man, who loved his tech so, and his pc’s, begroan to me: “I wish I were never trained, so that these guys would never have to hold my certs over my head.” He was as a result a very broken man -who wound up on the RPF for 5 years, until one day he realized he had enough. This is how the most valuable beings on earth are treated in the VE.”
    This Treatment is Evil. I guess my confront is coming up.

  48. This post goes to the very heart of why I became an activist against the church’s abuses. From the approach of simple brain mechanics, the tech affects and effects the formation of one’s neuron connections, how the brain is hard-wired – which is how dangerous thought-control is achieved. Miscavige has harnessed the “Golden” tech’s effectiveness at hard-wiring the brain in a certain way so that people are actually destroying themselves and the only thing golden is the inside of his tiny little pockets.

    I so appreciate Glenn’s warning to be [i]extremely[/i] selective about the person you entrust yourself to in the auditing process. Personally, I trust only myself and God when it comes to managing my thoughts, but if I [i]were[/i] ever to be audited I would make absolute certain that person had my very best interests in mind and that there was a genuine bond of love between us (which Glenn also advocated). And that is what I admire most about this Indy community. I believe you truly are invested in each other’s best interests and well-being, and there is a heartwarming abundance of love here.

    I’ve encountered a lot of DM Scientologists via my activism and for the most part it is apparent they are wonderful people at heart – but it’s cloaked behind the processing. I really like those handlers in LA and wish Patty Baber would take my offer to have lunch someday. She seems like she would be so much fun if that spell of Golden tech could be broken. I even enjoyed meeting with Kendrick Moxon and could see what an old friend of his described as “handsome, fun, and adventurous” still there behind his dark cloak (oh hai thar, Rick). The guards at HGB, Andy Knapp and Franck Paolo…good people and so tragically stuck in the mindset. I even think Tommy Davis is a good guy if he could ever break loose from the puppet strings. My goal was never to destroy a religion but to draw attention to what David Miscavige [b]is doing[/b] with that religion to the detriment of people lives. This post sums it up SO PERFECTLY and my fervent prayer is that the day will come when every DM Scientologist reads it and trusts their instincts telling them it’s true.

  49. Wow – almost makes me want to get audited again.

    Thanks, Glenn

  50. Thought Provoking


    It is good to see you auditing again! I get so excited when I hear auditors fully assuming the auditor beingness and helping the individual in front of them. Anyone who is trained and desires to audit has a great pool of trained tech and qual terminals to communicate to if they need any help or sort out before starting.

    Thank you for sharing your observations with us. As people who have left the church destimulate there will be more and more demand for auditing in the independent field.

    Even though I don’t have attention on my past auditing, I couldn’t help but note that some of the errors you wrote about did occur to me. For anyone who has attention of their past auditing this list is helpful in recognizing the different ways that tech can be perverted in the church and that it would behoove them to seek out a competent auditor to sort out the situation and get them winning again.

    Excellent post!

  51. Thanks Glen.
    I guess I was lucky, but it never seemed so at the time – I walked away from the Church & the Church run ‘Tech’ after the intro of GAT. They had all my money anyway but it never felt right to me and earlier I did the KTL/LOC Delivery in LA, it broke my heart that within months those courses were corrupted and fell by the wayside, along with their brillance.
    The very first point of “interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor” has been dealt a serve blow by DM, aided and abetted by what were and possibly still are people who should know a damn sight better. The term ‘in session’ has been suppressed within the Church.
    The first point of any recovery is a need and then a way for it to occur- your articile goes a long way to achieveing that – I hope it is widely read.

  52. Jean-François Genest

    Me Again,
    Thank you very much for your write-up. It really indicates to me. I went through the same thought process while in the Sea Org, through the years I’ve been out, up to today. WOW! Your comment, and this post, makes me realize that I really need a Review / Rehabilitation handling. Thank you!

  53. Thought Provoking

    WOW, your post reply to Glenn was like dessert after a very fine meal. That’s some great truth you are both bringing into the light!

  54. Thought Provoking


  55. J Swift,
    Beautifully clear and cogent post.

  56. Thought Provoking

    “It was a calculated removal of anyone who was an “Opinion Leader” so that there would be no strong and knowledgable opposing voice to what they (Miscavige and the Broekers) wanted to do. The top execs along with the Msn holders were all removed. ”

    WOW! That indicated!

  57. Glenn,
    A lovely write-up of your sharp and well intentioned observations.
    It does the heart good to know that people like you are out and practising on those around us.
    I hope your e-mail rings off the hook!

  58. Thought Provoking

    Thanks for being willing to share this data as it should prove extremely valuable to those who have gotten altered tech. So glad you came through things and now have pleasure moments associated with auditing once again.

  59. Thought Provoking

    Oops! That was meant for Fortuitous!

    Great reference, Jim! Really compliments Glenn’s comments about LRH’s unmetered style.

  60. “Top notch auditor brilliant Glenn
    turns Flag’s dog PCs to men ”

    Cowboy Up!!

  61. Hi Tower of Power Pat,
    Somewhat recent studies with Buddhist monks have made a fundamental paradigm shift in neuroscience and the concept of ‘hard-wired’ brains. It seems the reality is neuroplasticity and considerations taking rank over the mechanics.


  62. Jean-François Genest

    It indicated for me. F/N VGIs for me on that one.

  63. Wow.That is heart breaking. LRH would turn over his grave and shoot DM.
    This is what are church become. Thanks for telling the story. I feel like crying.

  64. I guess I’ll be skipping my next trip to Flag…

    “Gross” indeed!

    Great article, Glenn.

  65. Fortuitous, reading your success filled me with joy and the vindication of auditing’s purpose. I’m as happy for you as if it had happened to me. Celebrating you!

  66. And truth, like a laser in adept hands, once again slices through darkness as order and relief are sifted from the horror story. Wow.

    And what an horror story it is, with tragedy and evil so insidiously dressed up as “help” within the wall$ of the regime posing as the” Church of Scientology.”

    Excellent distillation and assessment, Glenn Samuels, and great work! Enormous destimulation factor. Your write up is inspiring, theta, and offers a solution.

    I ache for the travesties but rejoice at wins, and for the reality of what Auditing REALLY is, and what LRH really intended with his research and developments.

    Thank you, and thank you to all, who really keep it sacred. There is little more sacred than help.

    Thank you and fireworks salutes!

  67. Jean-François Genest

    *THERE*: adverb / used to introduce a clause stating that something exists, develops or can be seen.

    their: pronomial adjective / the possessive case of the pronom ‘they’

  68. Thank you so much Glenn.

  69. ✩✩✩✩✩ Fabulous! Seamless! That’s how it’s done when you know how and why. Thanks for posting this, Jim.

  70. Glenn,
    Thank you for the superb and well thought out article. It does blow charge for me and many others reading & posting here.

    I liked the idea of training of auditing and doing assessments without a meter, seems that it is ensuring that basics of auditing is learned without the added complexity.

  71. Jim,
    Bingo! That invalidation is exactly the direct result of GAT of many auditors and their prior training, IMHO.

  72. Jean-François Genest

    THANK YOU for this marvelous briefing. Very true. The 10 points surely indicate. I cognited that I have been guilty of thought-stopping. It made me as-is charge. I had to go take a walk. Θ

    Thank you for auditing again!

  73. Still the SO members need to be cared for. Those who cannot see. Those who cannot leave.

  74. Thought Provoking

    Thanks for posting this TEG.

    A lot has happenned since the 80s. For the organizations that were well down from the Int management level the gradual corruption of the church was easy to miss. It is only when one gets exterior to the church that they can see all of the red flags they had missed along the way.

    As I read more and more about the infamous mission holders meeting I began to understand why certain things happened at my mission (and many others too). Back then, I did not have the time track of what had been going on at the Int level to comprehend my mission holder, Sarge Gerbode’s deciding to leave the church. The only thing I duplicated was that he was disconnecting from LRH.

    Sarge had been fair about his decision, allowing us each to do our own doubt formulas and for those choosing to leave like myself, we were given our PC folders to take to our next delivery area. This was a big deal and must have been a very difficult decision for those mission holders who chose to leave the church. It tore apart my mission and I experienced my first mass disconnection from all of my closest friends. (These were the lifelong friends that LRH mentions people often establish in college.) I felt so alone at the time and have never been able to have the same connections in any group since then, or at least until I found this blog, (Thanks Marty and all the others who contribute to this.)

    When I finally allowed myself to really inspect Scientology and the church I did eventually end up finding out about Sarge’s work in TIR, which I read up on. In doing so I received a major shock. There was more LRH tech going on in Sarge’s group than at the church. Not only that, but the church was obviously contracting and TIR not only expanded but went international. I was dumbfounded and at a bit of a loss over the wasted friendships from the past.

    This realization has given me a new purpose of helping those in the independent field and supporting those who are working to apply the tech outside the church. I am confident that LRH would prefer to have the tech applied correctly, even if independent from the church rather than to have a corrupt tech within the church.

    And, to my friend, Sarge:

    Thank you for not giving up, for keeping your own code of honor and for helping those in need. I am sorry that I didn’t have your back during those tough times but I understand now and have no problem speaking up for the good work you do.


  75. Glenn you and I know each other from the past, being involved in technical activities. I am known for having a less than positive attitude towards the concept of auditing and I’ve expressed that broadly. That being said, reading (and I had to make myself do it) what you have written here has reminded me of something, and I would be a lier if I couldn’t admit it. Auditing works if it is administered correctly. You have gotten results, I have, Marty has and anyone can if they are just left alone to contemplate the materials. If you can read you can apply it and get a result. My revulsion against what is known as the “Tech” comes from what is done with the information freely and willing given by a person trying to benifit from Scn when the organization can nolonger handle an origination. Of course this is one of the very first principles learned in the communication course. You said it right! What happens in auditing or any therapy when the person receiving the service can not speak freely. After that everyone involved is just pretenting.

    A lecture given on 27 September 1968.
    “You are in the process of discovering Scientology. That’s right. Now let’s take it up from the beginning. What does the word Scientology mean? If there seems to be a little bitterness in that… Scio is the word for truth. And scio turns in to scien, in that form, which means truth. And ology is the study of.
    Truth, study of. Now if you’re studying truth how the hell can there be a
    Truth, by definition, is what is. There is a direct relationship to the amount of
    variable in a persons’ life, and complications which are untruths and his
    state of case.
    A wog lies by the words and music. Lying is a way of life. “How are you
    today?” “I feel fine.” “You look great Mabel.” “What a pretty hat you have,
    I’ve always liked it.” You listen to some of these birds, they’re so bad off
    because they’ve just been done in. But they aren’t, haven’t been done in,
    they have been doing something in. Don’t you see, that is a level of truth. So
    that an OT comes up the line toward a truth. And the more truths there is in
    him the higher his case level. By direct proportion.
    So a fellow comes in, he’s lying in his teeth. Lie, lie, lie, alters alter, alter,
    vary, vary, vary, quibble, quibble, quibble, nya nya nya, booboo dee dee,
    boo boo. You have a direct, immediate index of his case level. He’s nuts. And
    this goes down and expresses itself as delusion. The delusion of insanity. The
    delusion of a hop head. The delusion of a Callagan. Or a Robinson. “Oh my
    god the Scientologists are all after me!” Pffft. My contempt.”

    “So anyway, Scientology is well named. It is the road to truth. It is a study of
    the truth. And total truth is total power. And when the guy hasn’t got any lies
    left in him he’s OT.”

  77. Oops -typo corrected here: ” have his certs pulled if he did NOT go along with off policy or out-tech orders.”

  78. Tony DePhillips

    MOQ lives!!

  79. Bare with me Jim, Neuroplasticity is something Hubbard indeed seemed to promisse through Scientology. Independants can let this pass them by or partner up with those devils at Wisconsin University and this guy.

    Neuroplasticity. Wiring and rewiring of the brain can go both ways but you allready KNEW that. With this however I like moving to the sensible middle or the middle path because gays will be gay and epilepsie still requires other treathments. 😉 More to come, more to come.


  80. Oct. 1 1993, the war with the IRS is over. We have a “victory”.
    DM is a hero, but there is always a compromise. What did we give up?
    Three years later the Golden Age of Tech is released.
    Attacks from the government have stopped. Why?
    Are we no longer a threat to the suppressives?

    “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High
    Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

    What did you compromise Miscavige? Have you betrayed us?

  81. this is slightly off subject but in todays news. why does this look so familiar?
    ..Florida couple pleads guilty to abusing Filipino workers

    Justice Department –A Florida couple pleaded guilty to conspiring to hold 39 Filipino employees …
    WASHINGTON (AFP) – A Florida couple pleaded guilty to conspiring to hold 39 Filipino employees against their will working in country clubs and hotels, the US Justice Department said Friday.

    Sophia Manuel, 41, and Alfonso Baldonado Jr., 45, were owners of a labor contracting service based in the Florida city of Boca Raton.

    Manuel and Baldonado “conspired to obtain a cheap, compliant and readily available labor pool, by making false promises to entice the victims to incur debts,” read a Department of Justice statement, quoting court documents.

    “The defendants then compelled the victims’ labor and services through threats to have the workers arrested and deported, knowing the workers faced serious economic harm and possible incarceration for nonpayment of debts in the Philippines.”

    Once the workers arrived at Manuel and Baldonado’s Florida residence, the couple confiscated their passports, then “housed them in overcrowded, substandard conditions without adequate food or drinking water; put them to work at area country clubs and hotels for little or no pay; required them to remain in the defendants’ service, unpaid when there was insufficient work.”

    They ordered them not to leave the premises without permission and “threatened to have the workers arrested and deported for complaining about these terms and conditions,” the statement said.

    Manuel also pleaded guilty to lying in an application filed with the US Labor Department to obtain foreign labor certifications and visas under the federal H2B guest worker program.

    “These defendants victimized vulnerable individuals for profit,” said Thomas Perez, assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division.

    Agencies involved in investigating the case include Immigration and Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations, the FBI, and the US Department of Labor.


  82. Maybe Thomas Perez, and the rest should be notified?

  83. Veritas,
    Me too!

  84. v, spreading theta flitter. What magic.

  85. Off topic, but if anyone has a trove of old Scientology publications – like High Winds, KSW, ISN, Celebrity, etc – can you please let me know.

  86. Glenn,

    So right, I spent so much to handle the case I created for myself because I was always seeing outpoints that so many others did not or would not see. There must be something wrong with me I thought. After 800 hrs of lower bridge on the FPRD I realized I was justifiying my feelings, conditions and circumstances and blaming myself for real outpoint of the Church. Misassigned resonsibilitiy is right. So much wasted prior auditing. Well, better late than never. Now time to work on real case gain.

  87. Jim,

    Wow, awesome reference.

    Your one bad ass dude.


  88. Freedom Fighter

    I was trained on the meter by an old timer from LRH’s academy at Washington, DC. He trained us to assess a list without a meter and then tell him what was the person’s item was. After the non-metered assessment the item was verified on the meter. If our original non-metered assessment was wrong, we had to do TRs, obnosis drills, and work on up until we could get the item without a meter. He learned this from LRH. That’s the way it was done, that was the ‘Golden Age of Tech’.

    I knew this was possible!!! Perfect handling too!!

  89. Thanks so much for this Jim.
    We are fortunate to have two LRH trained (original) class VIIIs here for a couple of weeks running a TRs and Metering work shop. The amount of false data that comes up is amazing. The wins from the students (and me) are beyond what one would expect from proper training on real auditor basics.

    There are LOTs of great class VI and VIII auditors and C/Ss who are revving up to deliver right now. We have more and more folks coming in for training. I personally believe that by their own criminal actions, the Cof$ has totally destroyed any credibility they may have had and they have neutered their ability to stop good-hearted folks from setting others free with Standard Tech.


  90. Great reference. Thanks! I certainly was invalidated.

    Not to take anything away from this, because invalidation can be insidious, especially from a source you don’t expect it from (like your comrade-in-arms on staff), but an auditor should be confident enough in his own abilities to tell the invalidator to F off. However, in order to do that effectively inside the culture of DM, you need to know exactly what reference to apply and whip it out at a moment’s notice. And, when your reference is a taped lecture, especially a BC tape, it is very difficult to say “Your reference is minute 1:12 in the tape 6206C09 ‘The GPM'”

    One thing I like about being independent is that I can say F off. No one is holding anything over my head. The only feather in Mr. David Miscavige’s quiver is to take away the bridge, and he can’t do that anymore! Sure, as Glenn says, there is a bit of Caveat Emptor here – you need to vet your auditor and team – but I find that that is a small price to pay. The alternative is guaranteed squirrel technology from the CofM. Guaranteed.

    We are in a new era. One can call it “Open Source Scientology.” If you had asked me in 1995 about whether or not Linux, an open source operating system for computers, could be any good, I would have answered “absolutely not!” There is no real central control, and everyone who contributes to it is not paid, but does it for free, and it is free to use by anyone who wants to use it. Of course it is crap! The Open Source movement in software is the most improbable thing I have ever heard of – and yet it works. Linux is the standard operating system for powerful computer servers. You can get it for free, or you can pay money to a company that standardizes it and tests it, and will support it for you – your choice. But it is free. And it is free from serious corporate or government influence. And, there is not one “Linux”, but several – Red Hat, Ubuntu, a few others. It works.

    We are at the stage now where the only option for Scientology is open source. This is anathema to purists, and I know Ron would have issues with this, but Ron’s been dead for 25 years, and the top-down totalitarian method of keeping the tech in has not worked. Could it work? Perhaps, but that will happen after a total “reboot” : Miscavige gone, the pieces gleaned through (Cat – thinking of you there!), and a team of people that people respect could put together a self-regulating authority, with transparency and some form of oversight. In any event, we will never see the single-mode SO Nazi-style iron-hand again.

    Thank God!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the ball is in our court.

  91. Ursala Caberta has every publication you could possible want in the biggest Scn Library that I’ve ever seen, even in Scn.

  92. Glenn thank you so much for writing this… wonderful article full of great data…

  93. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Thank you Glenn Samuels.

    You clearly show authentic Scientology Standard Tech IN ACTION with the obviously deft ability to think clearly with the data to make a proper and appropriate evaluation which truly indicates.

    With many more exemplars of applying pristine LRH Standard Tech, real (non-abusive) Scientology will snowball and there will be no doubt left about who’s applying Standard Tech and who is not.

    GAT can go to hell and be used there.

    Thank you for making absolutely clear what pure Scientology Standard Tech IS, and its reverse of what it IS NOT. What you say indicates to me as pristine LRH Tech and the ideal scene in which auditing should be.

    Just reading your post blows charge for me.

    Again, thank you.

  94. Thanks for the write up Glenn. Every time one of you guys posts some truth it blows more of the lies away. This enables those of us who were deprived of accurate data an opportunity to as-is more charge and leaves us feeling pretty darn keyed out.

    If I may, I would like to pass on a cog that one of our students had yesterday which I think is relevant to this subject. It was from clearing the definition of “Games Condition”.

    “GAMES CONDITION, 1 . when you say games condition you mean that
    somebody’s power of choice has been subjugated against his will into a fixated activity from which he must not take his attention. (SH Spec 32, 6107C20) 2 . the word games condition is a derogatory actually. There is a technical thing goes along. When you say games condition you mean a package, and the package has to do with this: It means a fixated attention, an inability to escape coupled with an inability to attack, to the exclusion of other games. There is nothing wrong with having games. There is a lot wrong with being in a games condition because it is unknown, it is an aberrated activity, it is reactive, and one is performing it way outside of his power of choice and without his consent or will. (SH Spec 32, 6107C20)
    3 . have for self and can’t have for others; now that is a true games condition. (SH Spec 32, 6107C20) Abbr. G.C.”

    Miscavige is running the ultimate Games Condition on every parishoner of the Cof$. There is no freedom granted. With Miscavige there will never be any freedom granted. Miscavige is a MEST being with MEST goals and is an implanter…pure and simple.

    We had 45 auditors and auditors in training up here for a little convention last week. We had six class VI’s and VIII’s who were all trained by LRH personally. These guys are getting more and more active every day. Centers are opening up. Theta beings are uniting and are beginning to hold their position in space. Some of these guys have been operating for 10 years and longer, somewhat under the radar. More and more are becoming more open in their actions. It’s getting exciting again.

    I really want you to know, Glenn, Steve, Jeff, Jim L and Marty and Mike and all the others who are spilling the beans and exposing Miscavige’s crimes, that you are creating a safer and safer space for our delivery units to operate in. It is making a big difference. You may not hear about even a fraction of the effect that you are creating, but trust me, it is huge. Because of your actions, Miscavige is backing into a corner and will soon be totally impotent. The civil rights abuses and other crimes in his cult have left a gaping wound in his legal armor. He isn’t any less suppressive, but thanks to your actions and exposes, he will very soon be quite harmless except to the few PTSs who will defend him to the end.

    We thank you.

  95. Scott Campbell

    Jimmy, me Belter!

    I have a good friend who is a Buddhist (she also has a doctorate in psychology under Viktor Frankl) whom I have known for 41 years (I’m 48 now). Her son is my best buddy since grade school.

    She works directly with the Buddhist monks and neuroscientists of which you speak. She has told me of that phenomena, whereby the actual physical structure of the brain changes according to what type of meditation or stimulus it is subject to.

    Your summation of consideration being senior to mechanics is now being researched and verified in the scientific community.

    Who Knows, maybe they’ll even verify that spiritual beings actually do exist soon! Ha.

    BTW, she is fascinated with our group and wants to meet Marty. She’s also read a lot of LRH in the past and says he was “Absolutely brilliant” and considers him “One of the Prophets”.


  96. This is off topic but after reading Glenn’s article and then Me Again’s mind-numbing, head twisting, heartbreaking comment I decided ENOUGH ALREADY.

    For anyone wanting a repayment/refund here’s where you need to write. These are government agencies and WILL respond to you. Your complaint will not be ignored.

    For the IAS here’s the one to use. It’s in CA.
    You can plug in their EIN number, just above the “search” button to get the exact name they go by. It’s very hard to find the name otherwise.
    Put the EIN number in your complaint.
    It’s 521840679
    This complaint has to be printed out & mailed via the US Mail.

    For Flag or the Ship this is the one in FL. It’s under the Attorney Gen’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & Enforcement.
    Under Consumer Complaint Form click on “online form”. With this one you can submit it online and attach any docs.
    Note: when you fill in this form, under each question, every time you add in another line of info it shrinks the print. By the time you’re done anyone reading it will need a magnifying glass. The best thing is to do is write on the form referring them to your attached complaint.
    Also, the form asks when you paid. If it’s a real old date, the form won’t take it. Put today’s date and explain in your attachment.

  97. Jesse,
    Aside from loving this tune, I understand and appreciate the import of your post. Again, great havingness with you here.

  98. Scott Campbell


    It’s interesting to me that you speak of auditing without a meter.

    I’ve often considered that a meter could actually be a hindrance to long term gain. Here’s why.

    The definition of work could be generally stated as the effect of Force times Time. Using this datum. I would think that the force exerted by the e-meter (however small) in volts and amperes may be inappropriate to apply to a body over a long period of time. I know that the being has a tremendous capacity to accumulate and blow charge, but do you think that subjecting the body to an induced charge over a long period could have a detrimental effect?

    At any rate, I agree that any auditor worth his salt should be able to get spectacular results without a meter.

    Any thoughts on this?


  99. Freedom Fighter

    Bobo, that’s quite a story and an all too familiar one at that. I can feel my TA dropping as I type this . . .

  100. martyrathbun09

    LDW, Thank you.

  101. Dear Glenn,

    Thank you so much for your great observation.
    You are currently auditing a very good friend of mine. He just sent me a message to tell me, how much happier he is since you have been auditing him.
    Thank you for being there and helping people.
    Love 🙂

  102. Count

    Hmmmm…And there I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. Ah well….
    Try again… Maybe there is still a modicum of hope for you yet.

    There are none so blind as those who will not look!


  103. Alex Bravermann

    Xlnt post.

  104. Jesse,
    Good statements. The church, especially Flag, treats auditing PCs like they’re a stat, a particle, instead of real live beings. If they just applied the basic com cycle and treated the person being audited as valuable, for the purpose of helping them, they would get rave accolades. Instead, so many people complain about Flag and they’re all legitimate complaints.

    All for a stat. What a ridiculous scene.

  105. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Oh man you are GOOD!!!!

    THAT’S LRH!! — One being comfortably confronting another with REAL ARC!!

    Gary 😀

  106. Jesse,

    You and I know one another quite well . I respect your take on auditing too. I have known Glenn for a long time, and his article today speaks many words.

    I’d like to talk to you about this. and other subjects.

    Am actually pleased you are back on the scene.

    Marty, can give you my email address. Or if you prefer, I can give you mine seperately.

  107. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Thank you! This “session” today has resulted in soooo much charge blown that I’m just …. wonderfully exterior!! 😀


  108. Did you ever donate to the IAS, Watching Eyes? I am asking this because donations done to the IAS are not refundable. It says so in big letters in the contract. Mine is of 1984, I believe and it never changed. IAS is not for SCN service and therefore not refundable. If they use it to get study tech and other tech to the poor folks in Africa, its fine with me. It’s like dropping coins in a sack that goes around at Christian church service. People have to make up their minds before they donate.

    These agencies will look at the IAS contracts and will notice that it says that the donations are not refundable and if you are unlucky, they will ask you to pay a fee for having taken up their time.

  109. I have a trove of Advance Mags – some probably to early 70s. Have Impacts (IAS), too, but I probably will throw those out. I may have a sampling of some of the others in the boxes.

  110. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    LDW, Cool! 🙂

  111. Hi Jesse my old friend,
    Thank you for your kind words. I have listened to your German symposium with Hana and also wanted to thank you for helping enlighten some of my friends who have left the C of Scn by telling the truth of what was seen and heard but no one would talk about…..
    And I do understand how you feel about the tech. I had to make to look into the tech once I could think critically and objectively to seek what was true and what was not and what worked and what did not, but the biggest decision was to help. As you said in the right hands and with the right heart it works. With the cult enviroment impinging into the sessions it was not a hard choice for to make. People are getting abused and I know how to get them through it and out of it using tools I have learned. So I do just that. Especially the Ls and NOTs rundowns, which by their nature can really damage people if run incorrectly as you well know. Once those levels are started it is very important to finish them and unfortunately the way they are being administered these days are very abusive and endless. Advanced level cases have been writing me and telling me the details of their horrific journeys and I feel compassion for them and want to help.
    Would love to catch up with you, send me an email.

  112. Thank you, your write up is equally important.

  113. Glen,
    Stunning and heartbreaking- the fact that over the last decades it has come to be that pcs can no longer talk to auditors safely! That’s the heart of the equation – pc+auditor is greater than the pcs bank. Thus, no case gain and only more slavery.
    I am grateful for this website and the Friends of LRH, too (whoever runs that…), where the stories can be told and the broken pieces of our once-upon-a-time dreams can be recognized and maybe put back together again.

    The sad thing is that if current public have not experienced real auditing – the great packages of emotional charge evaporating, the revelatory cognitions shared with a loved and trusted auditor, the rush of love for all humanity and for LRH after a particularly gripping session that ends with one seeing for “miles and miles” – then there is no understanding why we lament the loss of standard tech.

    Nevertheless, commentary such as this provide stepping stones back to hope for those who do dare take a glimpse.
    Thank you.

  114. Great comparison about the net, “Open source”
    thank you,

  115. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    I’ve cognited how truly dangerous, by the day (even practically by the hour and sometimes MINUTES!), your blog has become to the “Profit” of the CofM Regime.

    Glenn Samuel’s post may be the most “dangerous” and potent post yet, of all the great posts on this blog to date, to tumble David Miscavage’s suppressive House of Cards.

    I’m LMAO with happiness and hope.

    How can any DM Scientologist read through your blog without cogniting and becoming a true LRH Scientologist?

    If not, a DM Scientologist would have to be hebetudinous indeed to still support and defend DM’s vampire empire.

    Your blog is truly a way through and a route out from the suppression towards Freedom. I can’t thank you enough along with the other many fine contributors here.

  116. Well I am just thrilled and happy to stay right of this one. 🙂

    No comment.

    (I lov you guys!)

    Wait a minute…
    I got no stink’en ‘Stop-thought’.

    (some of you must of found the roast-myself funny in the above. Like; “Shut up kid!!” ya, anyways…)

    “The length it took for these actions was from about 3 to 5 minutes.”

    I wouldn’t say getting Scientology back on the rails would be that fast, once the dust finally settles, but you KNOW it’s going to blow your hair back. If you got any.

    Hay!? …


    “WHO told you you couldn’t be an EFFECTIVE SCIENTOLOGIST?”

    “Master Dave, Sir!”

    ya. 3-5 minutes.

  117. Thank you Karen,
    Please write me directly on my email if you will about Sarge and your Msn.
    It is a hard hard thing to lose your group and all and I am glad you are finding one here.

  118. Thank you Patricia,
    As you know I have been around a long time. I stayed with Kendrick Moxon when I was in DC auditing an old friend of LRHs in 1976. He was “Rick” then and was going to law school. He was one of the kindest and funniest people I knew at that time. I also knew DM before he becamse “DM, ” when he was Davey. He was just like any 13 yr old kid with typical hang ups, running around as kids do happy and smiling, but smarter and more agressive than most.
    Technically speaking from an Scn viewpoint they were overwhelmed and flipped into the winning valence(s) that they were around screamers and abusive people and were beaten down and abused themselves before they flipped and became what you see today. However there is a difference between them and others who aren’t occussed of wanton oppression. Underlying the learned and encysted environmental behavior is their own psyche with its inherent predisposition to do what they do today. It is the combination of the environmental influences acquired and their own spirit that you are an activist against. In Biblical terms, as you say you believe in God, they have certain gifts like anyone, but are sinners. Hopefullly one day they will repent, get on their knees before God and man and ask for forgiveness to those they have harmed. At that point maybe they can become Rick and Davey again….

  119. Oh Man Wayne,
    you made me lafffff, “GAT go to hell and stay there”
    Funny, thanks your kind words.

  120. thank you so much, you have my email, let me know when the next together happens.

  121. Thank you Scott,
    Re: Meter Question
    I am not an expert on ampers etc, you can contact Ralph Hilton who builds and designs meters and he will let you know technically if it creates harm.
    Subjectively, it doesn’t affect me personally. My point was the meter has become “KING” in the GAT rather than a tool which can be used or not to get gains.

  122. Dear Glenn,

    an excellent article, full of understanding and love for people with the obvious wish to help people so that they can better help themselves and other people.

    And look, what it does …. at which point I swing over to Jesse’s comment.

    Jesse, I second Jim Logan’s comment fully. It just shows that you really are a BFG (Big Friendly Giant).

    I’ve seen a similar “change of mind” in another person (please don’t think that I mean to say that this is “supposed to happen” – please, nothing could be further from what I feel). This person was really “done” with “tech” and then, out of a personal curiosity, started to read the first book and briefly into it, was completely amazed about how much emphasis LRH places on the IMPORTANCE of “having fun” (who teaches that in the current org environment?). From there it was a new (and genuine) interest in tech with a complete freedom to agree and disagree with it.

    I had a “change of mind” too but in the other direction, because of what YOU and others have said and written. Again, I do love LRH and his many technologies. But I am no longer “chained” to “having to accept everything he said”. And I can freely think up something without “having to have an LRH Quote” that supports it for it to be “correct” or “standard” or “on policy” to me. Because of that, my interest in ANY workable tech, including LRH tech, now is BIGGER than before. Thank YOU.

    Anyone following this blog for a while has seen what this free exchange of communication and ideas has caused in more than one instance – “opponents” from the past becoming friends, “church’ies” becoming “critics” and matters sorting out and improving.

    May we all never be the same again.

    Just a bit better than yesterday 🙂

  123. Jim {{{:-)}}}

  124. Jim,
    thanks! the right reference at the right point in time.

  125. Hi Theo,

    we had our “reunion” yesterday evening (after more than a decade of having lost sight of each other). It was a many-hour phone call which I have thoroughly enjoyed. We have a lot more to talk and do together in the future.

    I know that what you write here is what you feel and your passion for standard, free, honest-to-god application of LRH tech to HELP people is real (your linked write up is just more testimony to this).

    It’s is a bit more than just “great” to have you again!

    With Love, Samuel

  126. I have been pointing towards this a while (beating own drum, ego showing). Scott Campbell. This is excellent. “Putting the Science in”

    Everything connects with everything Marty here is your chanche and if you alow me to post what I posted on an earlier thread:

    Damn Marty my postulate of you meeting up with those guys may well become thruth.


    Everything connect with everything. whilr I do not see the founder as a phrophet I can see the line that comes from Freud to Young connecting up with Hubbard going towards todays 25 year study of neuroplasticity. Even Victor Frankl is on these lines.

    This is your chance. Cat Daddy, weird scientist by nature 😉

  127. transient electro neural stimulation.

  128. Do I detect the historian in Caberta,, the librarian, the democrat who does not believe in the days of bookburnings. Oh yes I do.

  129. Yes, and then when you see real outpoints and you start pointing them out somebody comes along and tells you you are nattering and/or criticizing or back flashing and you should clean up your overts and withholds – if you were not given a condition assignment right away.

    Guess that somebody had an MU on “natter” and/or “criticizing.” This also leads to the above mentioned “thought stopping”.

    It is disgusting and truely makes the church an unsafe space/a dangerous environment.


  130. Dear Glenn,
    your article is excellent – spot on. It is a perfect summation of all the outpoints that occurred in sessions in the church- and are still occurring. It goes along with inval and eval of the PC by the auditor.

    Thanks for the story regarding the Clear status. I always thought that it should be considered how people are doing in life.


  131. Glenn Samuels. Excellent and well written piece, I hope this gets posted on many websites so it will reach those who are still in or on the fence.

  132. Glenn – brilliant and beautiful friend of mankind. Thank you.

    The motto “Know before you go” has a new meaning in DMs cult. When Kathy True of OSA fame back in 2004 took me in for a “session”, she KNEW I had been PDH´d this lifetime. Her metering made me think she was looking actual moving pictures supposedly projected from my mind to it. She just knew the incident had happened and nothing I said or expressed made her think otherwise. And this went on and on…

    In DMs cult one does not need to be responsible for one´s case at all, no need to look. DM has made up his mind about you. He knows!

  133. Me Again,
    I hope you don’t mind my presumption, but from my MOQ hat, I’m giving you a nudge on the Routing Form: write an email to Glenn.

  134. Scotty,
    I’m going up to a Buddhist monestary tomorrow for a visit. Meet some of our ‘cousins’.

    Function monitors structure. Consideration takes rank over mechanics.

    And yes, ‘science’ is recognizing (inevitable if it is really ‘science’) the spiritual nature of life regulating the particles.

    Not a bad comm lag, all things considered 🙂

  135. CD,
    At this point in the ‘scientific’ community, and as mentioned by the fine gentleman in the video link you’ve provided, ‘DNA’ and its actual source of manipulation (theta) and all that ‘junk DNA’, is beginning to appear to them to be subject to thought. The Fundamentals of Thought (theta) is another book you might enjoy in that light.

    One of these fine days, Ol’ Doc Methuselah will lay it all out for them. I’m heartened by and have eternal hope springing in my breast for, the human spirit and its quest for truth.

  136. Les,
    I’m going to do my first training of sups and auditors stint in the fall. Little pockets, islands of sanity, and it all moves forward.

    You’re a pioneer. Thanks for your love and life.

  137. Hi Jesse,
    I used to not like you because of considerations like: wasn’t this the guy that missed some serious W/H on Davey boy, how did the takeover in the 80’s go, why is he against Tech, etc. But your reaction to this post of Glenn explains a lot to me. The amount of understanding that results from Marty’s 4D dePTS machine keeps amazing me.

  138. CD,
    You live on a magnet.

  139. Hebetudinous. That’s a new word for me. Had to look it up. Good word!

    # Lacking mental and physical alertness and activity: lethargic, sluggish, stupid, stuporous, torpid. Slang dopey.
    # Lacking in intelligence: blockheaded, dense, doltish, dumb, obtuse, stupid, thickheaded, thick-witted. Informal: thick. Slang: dimwitted, dopey.

  140. “The Most Comprehensive Web about the
    Electro-psychometer EVER!!”


  141. “the IMPORTANCE of “having fun” ” Yes Away with Homo Novis, that is old and done with ! Become Homo Ludens Instead.

    “Homo Ludens or “Man the Player” (alternatively, “Playing Man”) is a book written in 1938 by Dutch historian, cultural theorist and professor Johan Huizinga. It discusses the importance of the play element of culture and society. Huizinga uses the term “Play Theory” within the book to define the conceptual space in which play occurs. Huizinga suggests that play is primary to, and is a necessary (though not sufficient) condition of the generation of culture.”


  142. Wow! Wow! Wow! Glenn thank you!
    Thank you for the indication that what went wrong
    in my final couple of years there and the pent up BPC is
    the forced unsaids in my preps (endless FPRD). My thoughts
    towards the end after many just plain wierd DofPs with no acks
    were that my C/S must be an SP. OMG! Bury that thought deep!

    Also, I will never forget sitting in the Lemon Tree at a table of 4
    public who were strangers to me – all telling that they had just been
    given the R-Factor that they were not actually Clear.

    Thanks for your article!

  143. John,

    I would say two things are obvious here:

    1. YOU have never “donated” to the IAS
    2. You are a troll.

    “IAS is not for SCN service and therefore not refundable.” Oh my, out of the mouths of babes… Your are right, monies extorted out of innocent people by the IAS are NOT for service. It is what makes Dear Leader SOOOO excited. Dont have to deliver anything!! Total Condition 1 exchange (rip-off).

    “If they use it to get study tech and other tech to the poor folks in Africa, its fine with me.” I am sure it would be with all the fine people that turn over their hard earned cash to the IAS too! Pity they only do enough to be able to shoot it on video and then whatever project it was is abandoned. Why dont you look back at the old Impact magazines, or dust off a few of the Mandatory International Clapfest Reg Events feat. MC Hammer (otherwise known as Dear Leader) —
    – Has study tech “taken over” Ghana (after all, every government agency was using it back in 2005 and they reached millions, by now you would thinkg it would be ingrained into society),
    – Has Criminon now reformed the Mexican prison system and brought an end to drug crime in the prisons (won’t take you long to verify this one),
    – Has the WTH now permeated the African townships and brought hope to millions as it spread like wildfire through the communities (you probably have someone down there in OSA Joburg that could give you a field report, right on the ground),
    – Is Criminon still being used in every prison there (Same guy could pop into a few of the prisons and see if they are still singing songs like the staged one from the IAS winner video that is so famous),
    – Narconons taken over all Italian drug rehab?
    – Way to Happiness in every Buddhist temple in Taiwan?
    – Krygzstan now fully functioning on LRH Admin tech?
    – Venezuela resurgent with WTH and LRH Admin Tech throughout society?
    – Indonesian prison system fully Criminon program?
    – Tasmania now covered with Missions on every corner bursting at the seams (This was one of the most badly faked IAS winner videos — Wendy Honnor — the shot crew were there for 4 months trying to find something to shoot and they ended up putting her “groups” there for a video)?

    Need I continue? Believe me, I could go on and on and on.

    You know, you don’t even need to make a trip around the world…. May I introduce you to Google? Check and see if you can find evidence of these things anywhere on the internet…. Report back on what you find.

    But what is so sad is that with a billion dollars suckered out of people, those programs COULD be doing all this. Even if it cost a few million to FULLY implement study tech somewhere until it really got going…. Or 10 million to train and pay real teachers… But, they are not done for this reason (there are well-intentioned Scientologists who devote their time and effort to doing these things, and when the money runs out, they have to abandon the programs). These are video opportunities to keep the suckers turning over their cash.

    “These agencies will look at the IAS contracts and will notice that it says that the donations are not refundable and if you are unlucky, they will ask you to pay a fee for having taken up their time.” That remains to be seen John. Maybe they will look at this and say “Wow, this whole thing is a fraud, collecting money under false pretenses, and not only that, the Church told the IRS that membership in the IAS was NOT mandatory to receiving services…. but there are lots of people who seem to be telling us otherwise?”

    Where are you going to put your money? I know which one I am thinking.

    Makes me think a post on this exact subject might be in order….

  144. JOHN “been there donne that”. Obvious Scam is obvious and therefor in the end if you are persistent or “have enough push-through and follow through” IAS WILL refund. Shit was obvious in 2001 allready:
    “Just a few days ago, I noted that it appears that IAS refunds are going more quickly than usual. Then, within two days of each other, Tory Bezazian and Ed Hattaway also report virtually instant IAS refunds.

    This is all very interesting, as the cult continues to refuse to return moneys on account and moneys for services already rendered which are alleged to have been unsatisfactory. This is very odd. After all, moneys on account are just frankly legally required refunds and there’s no possible justification for not returning them. Moneys for unsatisfactory services usually involve fraud, another big no-no.

    However, this is the deal. IAS funds are just flat-out DONATIONS. They even for a while advertised IAS refunds as donations to the WAR CHEST. So donations by law are usually no-strings-attached, and it would be a difficult argument to make that the cult is required to refund them.

    So I find it quite suspicious that the cult is making IAS refunds without a fight, when they apparently don’t even have to do that, at least according to the law on its face. (Now fraud may be involved with IAS donations too, such as in the Gardini case where they claimed it was for orgs in Italy, but often, this is just an actual “donation,” not a “fixed donation” or a price actually for services or goods of a concrete value.) “

  145. That page your name links to is in dutch. Does that mean you are dutch like me or that it immediatly switches to the language of the country of the viewer? And alsoo: Hallo hoe gaat het ermee ?

  146. Great smack-down. You had me laughing. When you look at the timing of “John’s” comment (around 9 this morning) something tells me the first thing he did when he got on post was to check the blog. Maybe he’s dwarf’s official Blog Monitor.

    Now John, you mentioned “………they will ask you to pay a fee for having taken up their time.” You wouldn’t be trying to chill people from filing a complaint, would you? Nah, no way.

    How about this specter? Enough people file complaints and California & Florida set up special TASK FORCES to get to the bottom of this gigantic rip-off.

    Go write your report now John.

  147. Glenn, what a comm cycle!
    Beautiful and I F/N just from reading your comm.

  148. “You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.” – Brian Tracy

  149. Jim — Are you going to Gampo Abbey?

    Home of Pema Chodron (THE “rock star” nun 🙂

    It’s gorgeous there, never been myself but its the monastery started and continued by Shambhala …

    I donate every year to the “final lobster catch” – the abbey pays for the last catch of a fisherman and then they release the lobsters back to the sea.

    I do this as a blessing for my father who killed himself (while I was on staff) – giving back life to other sentient beings.


  150. Marty (and of course, Glenn too)

    What happened on this blog in the last week alone is incredible. It seems as if a new level of strength, theta and understanding has been reached.

    And a new resolve to end a tyranny!

    I know, many on this blog pad your back. Me to. Thank you.

    Love, Samuel

  151. Glenn — thank you. Having known you from afar at the FLB back in the day, it’s wonderful to see the generous and kind man you are today. Back then, you were a tad formidable to me 🙂

    Regarding #1 – thought stopping.

    Having had a prior psych history to scientology (no psych drugs though – just “talk therapy”) and joined the SO at CCLA then having gotten LRH’s permission (through Diana Hubbard) to join staff at Flag in 1977 — I found this psych history CONSTANTLY a thorn is somebody elses side.

    Not LRH’s though — as I had it in writing from him, I was welcome there.

    So what. At every new step on the bridge — OT VII, OT VIII, L’s, etc. it was an issue, once I had a LONG PDH rundown, endless it seemed. I would wonder — AM in going to get stopped NOW?

    Therefore — when I would have thoughts of depression, fleeting thoughts of suicide (not lingering “figure out how to do the deed” thoughts), anger outburst thoughts — I would stuff them deep inside.

    AND GUESS WHAT???? — many years AFTER OT VIII — with enough external pressure in my life, my marriage on the rocks, OT VIII confusion to the MAX – I imploded.

    Which took about 7 years to heal and I feel am still heeling from that implosion.

    In part largely because I could NEVER talk to my auditor. Never.


    I would lose my bridge.

    But — how funny — I lost it anyway.

    Damn — something about becoming what you resist 🙂

    Thanks again Glenn.


  152. martyrathbun09

    John wrote “If they use it to get study tech and other tech to the poor folks in Africa, its fine with me “. John, if they spent the money instead to hire poor folks in Africa, Mexico, China and Indonesia as extras to play-act that they are being helped (when nobody has lifted a single finger to extend any form of help), what then would you do?

  153. Glenn;
    Thank you for continuing to create your space and most important, holding your position in that created space.
    Indy’s don’t give no stinking awards, but in your case we should make an exception.

  154. Junk or redundant DNA is a historybook of Evolution provided by “Ol Doc Methuselah”himself if you mean “Father Time”by that ;).

    “Junk DNA may have handed us a gripping future”

    “A recently discovered bit of “junk” DNA found only in humans might have contributed to our astonishing manual dexterity, new research suggests.

    When genetically engineered into mice, the human DNA seems to activate genes in the budding wrist and thumb. Chimp and monkey versions, on the other hand, seem only capable of switching on genes in the developing shoulder.”

  155. WH,
    Not sure of the name, but it’s in Pleasant Bay. In fact I’m kinda late on getting on the road on my motorcycle so’s I best be a gittin’.

    My buddy was invited to the monastery. I invited myself. I’ll let you know if I get there on this trip. I will sooner or later.

    I’ll also say ‘hi’ for you 🙂

  156. CD,
    A real magnet. Like ‘electro-magnetic-gravitic’ type magnet. A BIG magnet. Mmmmmm. That’s the hum.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that’s a hummer 🙂

  157. Great post, Windhorse. I so enjoy your ‘tell it like it is’ communication. You’re the real deal.

    Just Me

  158. Freedom Fighter

    Very well stated, Lenore. Very well stated indeed.

  159. Freedom Fighter

    “Maybe they will look at this and say ‘Wow, this whole thing is a fraud, collecting money under false pretenses, and not only that, the Church told the IRS that membership in the IAS was NOT mandatory to receiving services…. but there are lots of people who seem to be telling us otherwise?'”

    This. Soooo this.

  160. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Glenn,

    I’m doing some research on this now. At the same time, I’m also getting metered auditing now. My trepidation on the subject is that (all other factors aside) there seems to be a correlation between the amount of metered auditing one has received and early death.

    There, I said it.

    I know, there could be many other factors involved. Squirreled tech, over consumption of dietary supplements, bad dietary or other health habits, etc. But I think that any true evaluation of this subject would be remiss in excluding the e-meter itself as a potential negative impact on one’s BODY health.

    BTW, thank you for saying that “subjectively” it doesn’t affect you personally. I got that.

    Yes, I would say that the PC plus Auditor is KING in this equation. Not the meter. As you say, it is merely a tool. Obnosis is a thetan’s best ally in any effort to help.


  161. Thought Provoking

    Now “having fun” is cloaked behind reg events for the IAS and Ideal Orgs in the form of talent shows and barbeques. When we had fun, we didn’t have to donate for anything, sometimes even the food expense was covered by the mission.

  162. Scott Campbell


    I may be the “magnetic monopole of moronic mass” here, but what the hell are you guys talking about?


  163. Jean-François Genest

    « a messenger was getting the run around on her Dianetic Clear attest. She insisted she was clear, but couldn’t prove it with a specific cognition from a session in this or a previous life. But she knew she was a Clear. She was on watch and was upset. LRH asked her what was wrong, so she told him about the clear check. He told her that she was Clear, her perception was far above that of a Clear…….. It was evident by demonstration to LRH so he sent down instructions in her folder and the attest went through. »
    End quote.

    Interesting that LRH himself helped her RESOLVE her issue.

    Just a note.

  164. Thanks Just Me — I really look forward to meeting you some day.

    I know we will either know each other from those ole LA days OR will have many mutual friends.


  165. Freedom to speak up is above all other things. If you are forced to toe the line and do and say exactly as the party line wants you to, it ends up blowing up in your face. Spot on POST.

    Power of Choice is senior to responsibility, remember that one little Davey. You little piece of sh*t.

  166. Scott Campbell

    Thank you for this post WH,

    I know where you’re coming from. Don’t worry, you didn’t lose anything of real importance anyway.

    In a past life, one time I was literally pounded down to the awareness level of a rock by others. Unconscious as a being.

    Yet here I am. Back at it again.

    And so are you. And that’s why…


  167. Dear Glenn,
    True, true, true, true true, true, true, true, true, true.

  168. John, wow hit a nerve ! The government will perceive this as “Elder abuse”. These are not 20 year and 30 year old people asking for refunds. They are in their 50’s on up and the government will act on this.

    you cannot harass older people into paying or stop them from refunding. The IAS has been and continues to be nothing more than a scam lining the pockets of the pr*ck.

    Best advice, pay up in order to keep the government off your backs.

  169. The original Scientology membership group was HASI = The Hubbard Association of Scientologists International. When Operation Snow White occurred, the Safe Environment Fund (SEF) was started as a legal defense fund. Following Op Snow White, DM caved in Mary Sue Hubbard and GO. A few things then happened in fairly quick order. IAS was started in October 1984 as a way to generate DM’s Ultimate Slush Fund. After LRH died, CST came into the ownership of all LRH copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and his total body of work.

    IAS became the sole membership group for Scientologists. CST became the s0le owner of the Tech. Why are Scientology copyrights and membership legally kept distinct and separate?

    What a CoS Clear or an OT gets is a certification of a claimed spiritual status. However, that status is copyrighted by CST, licensed by CST to RTC and thence to CSI, Flag, Class V Missions, etc. All spiritual states and rights in CoS are revocable at any time and are conditioned upon IAS membership in good standing.

    In other words, there is no actual spiritual enlightenment, freedom, or liberation in CoS. Rather, IAS is the sole membership group while CST is the sole copyright holders. CoS has no actual power and is only a licensee. Therefore, I ask you: Does CoS actually exist anywhere except on paper? What is a cert if it can be revoked on someone’s whim?

    There is a form of enlightenment that can be gained by Scientology processing. Yet DM wants to legally own it, control it, and take it away from Scientologists at his whim if 100% obedience is not given to him. DM and his thugs use KSW, Ethics, and Sec Checking to enforce obedience and slavery.

    What Independents are doing is keeping that which they have found to be true for themselves and leaving CoS. The secret DM does not want Scientologists to know is that Scientology does not need CoS, OSA, IAS, RTC, CST, ABLE, WISE or any of the other mindf*ck alphabet agencies that make CoS sound like the CIA.

    If Indies wanted to band together meaningfully, they should file a class action against IAS and allege a decades-long pattern of fraud. Per Mike Rinder’s post, IAS has never accomplished its claimed humanitarian objectives. What would an audit of IAS monies find?


  170. I copy this from Jesse as I’m sure he meant to insert is here for you Marty. Jesse says:

    Ursala Caberta has every publication you could possible want in the biggest Scn Library that I’ve ever seen, even in Scn.

  171. To Jim, Veritas and Thought Provoking, Thank you for your warm acknowledgments. Warmth and affinity are wonderful things, as opposed to the “cold hard steel” of the RTC.
    Another point I would like to add as one who fell prey to the “dm has saved SCN and the tech from the big bad wolves”. The way auditing is administered and/or CS’ed currently from my experiences is that due to altered techniques, an individual is plowed into so much charge that when you exit you are so grateful for the relief that you then would incorrectly assign credit to the alter-ising regime of dm. The relief is actually from the charge of the session, not the charge of the case per se. Very insidious.
    Blowing by inspection is not part of the accepted routine, particularly in the upper levels where it would logically be most likely. I have gotten this data from others as well. I can only assume that dm or others can’t blow things by inspection, and so the same is demanded of others. Suppression, anyone? Best to everyone!

  172. And a good note to make. thanks.

  173. Jean-François Genest

    Dear Watching Eyes,
    Does this apply to USA residents/citizens only?

    ► Can Italians, Greeks, Mexicans, British, Belgian, Japanese, etc (the world residents) file a complaint as well?

  174. Scott Campbell

    No problem Homeslasher!

    As you get to know me, you’ll discover that I’m one of those guys who “Knows everybody”.

    You need the hook up? I got it. Want to talk to a professor of neurobiology specializing in confabulation theory? No problem.

    An internationally recognized expert in medidtation techniques? You got it.

    Tell me your problem baby, a solution shall appear forthwith.

    BTW, I have nothing on seeking admiration, it’s what Thetan’s do. Of beings, only god doesn’t seek admiration. That is because god doesn’t have an individual identity or ego. It it merely a reflection of ourselves with the unlimited potential bring about the truth we create.

    Codes and other dubious rules of suspicious origin aside, I would say that to deny yourself that, (admiration) is to deny your own existence.


  175. Windhorse, I always enjoy and learn from your posts. You are an easy person to love. Thank you for being here! And I TOTALLY know of what you speak above; I am so glad you have found your own way and are willing to share it.

  176. Scott Campbell

    Good job Jimmy!

    I love this. We’re reaching out. Rubbing elbows with all kinds and types of men. Getting into the nooks and crannies of existence.

    That’s livin’ man. Not existing in some fearful, remote, 3rd dynamic who insist that the group is all and the individual nothing, covering up it’s craven covetousness with cheap “look at me” PR capers.

    Doesn’t wash with cats like us. No Sir.


  177. Perfect Mike.

    As if signing a fraudulent piece of paper (the “donation slip”) wasn’t fraud anymore and therefore “non refundable”.

    I read about these “acted videos” at first on Steve Hall’s site and then again and again on this site – boggles my mind at how audacious the fraud is being committed. Ruthless and cold blooded.

    John, here’s an easy one for you to verify – you hardly have to get up from your chair. Check (call) with Int Addresso whether the figure is correct. DM’s claim of “more than 8,500 church, missions bla bla bla” is all over the net and his speeches. A thorough search only find about 1,500 (of ANY kind, even including “double entries”). Leaves a cool 7,000 INVENTED “churches, missions bla bla bla” MISSING:

    Steve Hall aptly filed it under FRAUD on his website:


    Oh Mike, yes, that does deserve an extra post!

  178. Hello Glenn, my old friend. It makes me so happy so see you here and read your brilliant post.
    As you know and remember, Jack and I were out in ’73. I should fall on my knees in gratitude that I never experienced the evil, out tech that came to be in later years. When I read about it, I think that I was there during the ACTUAL Golden Age of Standard tech.
    I’ve actually gotten a phone call from the current CO$ people telling me that I’m not actually clear because the tech back then was faulty. Hah! the poor bastards have no clue.
    I believe that the first ill winds of change occurred when people like Bill Franks swooped down on the various Orgs. and Missions and wiped out good people like Jack and I. I remember our days on staff at AOLA as halcion, theta and just plain wonderful. So unlike ex-staff and SO who have had to escape in later years. Not that it was a breeze to be cast out of ones group and barred from further participation in SCN.
    I read now about what has and is currently been going on in the Church and I cry and get angry. It takes a lot of confront to read and accept as truth what Scn. has become. The other side of that…the part that gives me great joy and hope is that there are people like yourself out in the Indie world who have not only survived but thrive and are helping people once again.
    It’s a beautiful thing.
    Thank you Glenn. I send you my love, Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  179. Scott Campbell


    I also burst out laughing when I read your line:

    “GAT can go to hell and be used there.”

    Fuckin’ hilarious, man.

    Satan: “What’s this knew torture technique I’ve heard of?”

    Minion: “I don’t know, Sir. I’ve heard it’s very effective, though. It’s called ‘The Golden Age of Tech’.”

    Satan: “What the hell, let’s give it a shot.”


    Minion: “Satan! This GAT stuff is fantastic! Absolutely diabolical.”

    Satan: “Yes, I’ve seen the results. The tortures of the damned indeed. Who on earth is responsible for this?”

    Minion: “A man named David Miscavige, sir.”

    Satan: “Bring him to me…”

  180. Scott Campbell


    I only have one thing to say…

    Wha BOOM!

  181. Okay Jim why do I live on a magnet ?

  182. Maybe he means the earth itself Scott.

  183. Mike, you’ve got it SO right. I know for a fact that a FRACTION of what was originally raised for projects like Narconon in Chilocco were actually used for Chilocco. ABLE staff had to provide volumes of CSWs and pleas to get a pitance of what they HELPED to raise. Don’t know if it is the case today, but they were ordered under DM to cease regging any Scientologists for donations to their causes. They were flat out viewed as direct competition to the IAS, who used these campaigns to fill its coffers and would throw a few gratituous bones to these ABLE projects so that “an acceptable level of truth” could be maintained in regging Scientologists. I also know that the successes/stats were inflated -deliberately so that DM could look good giving all this news at the events.

  184. Okay getting back to the E-Meter. Some say that the small curents give you a sense of well being.

  185. Scott,
    You said “….there seems to be a correlation between the amount of metered auditing one has received and early death.”
    I can understand how you would think that. But remember, the dwarf has been messing with the tech for a good 20 years now. That’s a long time and has created a lot of messed up cases. The meter isn’t the issue; the out-tech is.
    The real correlation isn’t between metered auditing and early death BUT between out-tech auditing and all that results from that. Think of how long it’s been since anyone got Standard anything inside the walls of the CofS.

    If is perfectly safe to get auditing from an auditor who delivers Standard Tech. You won’t find that person in an idle org or any other CofS establishment though.

    Enjoy your auditing and please tell your auditor your concerns. 🙂

  186. Well the Nation of Islam members do get free food at DC Org.

  187. I agree with pretty much everything you said, except the idea that it happened subtly. The devolution of the church into the apparatus it’s become only appears to be subtle because of the nature of the not-isness that gets stronger and stronger as agreement with it continues.

    DM established himself in the general public’s eyes as a sort of organizational messiah with the announcement of “defeating” the IRS and built himself the false aura of competency. That was probably the only subtle part of his hidden plan.

    The next part was not so subtle, not when he stands up in front of his adoring fans and essentially announces, “You’re all blind, you were led by blind leaders, none of you understand what you studied or experienced in Scientology, you didn’t get it and can’t apply it and LRH was blind because the people he personally trained can’t apply the tech either!!!! But I, David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board, am not blind! I’m very, very special and I hope you recognize this. I am the only one who can apply the tech and I’m going to show you all how to do it properly!!! I’ve beaten my execs into submission so they will now not stand in your way! By the way, everyone’s certs are cancelled.”

    Next not so subtle part: “LRH books are all wrong. He must have missed that. I’ve corrected it. Here are the new ones!”

    Next not so subtle: “LRH trained people wrongly in the recognition of FNs. Everyone had it wrong. Here’s the proper new way to do it! How could you all have been so friggin’ stupid? Lucky you got ME!”

    Next: “Despite what LRH said, buildings are VERY VERY IMPORTANT! We will be focusing heavily on this so that people will fill these new magical shrines!” (Besides, I have to impress Tom Cruise)

    Next: “LRH didn’t understand that we need LOTS AND LOTS of outright donations with no exchange. He was wrong. We need to put huge pressure and duress and make wrong on anyone who may even think of opposing this. We can’t make money delivering service.” (especially now that I’ve watered it down into unworkability)

    Next: “LRH said don’t use lies in PR, but he didn’t know what he was talking about. Suppression is EVERYWHERE and is being dramatized by EVERYONE! (except me) We can not let THEM get us, so we have to LIE to protect ourselves.” (me)

    Evil is hard to confront. Confront goes down in these circumstances only through personal not-isness and agreement thereof. In hindsight it all looks so very subtle.

  188. Does this apply to USA residents/citizens only?
    Nope! Anyone can file a complaint. I think when I mentioned the complaints on the IAS having to be mailed to California through the US Mail (as opposed to submitting it online) that may have thrown people off. Sorry about that.

    If complaints start coming in from other countries that will only make it worse for the CofS. It’ll take on the color of “international fraud”. The government will really go for that one!

    Suggestion: If filing from another country it would be a good idea to cc someone in your country, perhaps your Ambassador to the US. And do send them a copy. That will help bring more attention to it.

  189. Hey Marcy,
    Our remembrances must seem ancient to those just leaving the C of Scn now. But your point about the random call about your Clear state jsut shows you how awful it is, and over the phone…. Boy oh b oy.
    HOW DARE THEY!! You did the actual Clearing course which this thing that called you probably never even heard of nor knows anything about.

    Anyway a good point about Bill Franks, but he had gone to Flag and was just copying what he saw, weren’t we all. He eventually became a nice guy and was humbled and compassionate in the end.
    I’m glad you read the blog and so happy to hear from you. Keep sending me pic on facebook et al.

    with love

  190. Goed, dank je.
    I’m Dutch too and my name links to my site; it’s not translated.

  191. Hey Scott, this can also go beyond brain “wiring” and into DNA. Deepak Chopra talks about how the consciousness can and does affect the DNA, to the point where while DNA from identical twins are identical at birth, by the time they are 70, the DNA has changed. Very interesting stuff, and I know that most Scientologists have done themselves a disservice by avoiding all things brain-related.

    And, speaking of brains, strokes are just plain weird. A very close friend had a stroke in which the person can no longer easily read. The letters no longer are easily recognized. The odd thing is, handwriting is not affected, and if the person traces the letter with a finger, the meaning of the letter is gained. Odd, odd stuff. The thing is, this is real, and a major center of the brain that has something to do with letter recognition has been knocked out.

    But, here’s the thing – over time, the reading has improved. Other pathways are being built to recognize letters. Not as good as previously, but far better than after the stroke. Who is doing that?

    There is a wealth of information here, deserving of exploration. I have been thinking about it a lot. Like: Why should you ever expect to perceive the world the same way you do with your body when you are exterior (or when the body dies)? How could you? Your body perceives only a subset of light available, hears a subset of sounds available, and fails to perceive a whole spectrum of waves. That is why I always was disoriented when I went exterior – until I figured it out.

    Do not fear to look, and speak. That is the one lesson we can learn from the debacle that is the CofM.

  192. Thanks for going public Glenn!

    First LRH talk I thought of, was the tape LRH says that when he used to walk around the org, people would sometimes almost pounce on LRH and quickly unload their current case problems, he’d acknowledge them, and they’d go away happy.

    I’m my book you’re in that class of “auditor of the year” type of natural auditor.

    I used to love Auditor’s Day events, just to hear our auditors of the year get up and speak with their heartfelt conviction of why they loved being auditors.

    thanks for what you’re doing.

    There’s a bunch of people like you Glenn!

    You’re a human treasure.

  193. Oh, and one more thing – these guys doing brain research and neuroscience are not the devil. They are not trying to find a new way to enslave the human race. Without getting all theety-weety here, virtually all researchers in medicine, including the psychiatric community, are legitimately trying to solve significant health problems. Rather than broad-brush them into the Nazi category, as the church has so unfortunately done, learn from it, and leverage the knowledge.

    Now, in saying this, I am not condoning the incredible over-medication of women and children, and the practices of some psychiatrists of just doling out “anti-depressants” to people with problems or giving them ECT, instead of helping them address their issues. But, pointing fingers and condemning with shrill voices and even building anti-Psychiatric shrines have not worked either, have they? It has been a waste of time.

    The answer is to learn from it and be effective. Show and be the better way.

  194. As a lot of you guys know, I was subjected to some horrific out tech in 1996 which I still have not fully recovered from. I’m lucky that I lived through it.
    But, in my case, it was due in large part to the years and years of good people ad good auditing I had received in the many years prior to that, as well as all my Administrative Tech, especially the data series that helped me come back from a hell that few do. “Black Dianetics” at it’s best.

    Since that time I have been in touch, often very under the radar, with many individuals who have received horrific tech. and endured a lot of personal suffering. But the worse was when I was in touch with someone in the mainstream Scientology Celebrity World. He was mentally “out”, but had to be very careful due to friends and family. When he got in touch with me to tell me that his last “session” was the auditor standing up over his head screaming at him. I told him NEVER pick up those cans again. Never, that is not standard and can lead to very bad results.
    If it’s out at the top — it’s out at the bottom. So if this is what they do to there most celebrities of celeibrities, what are they now doing at the lower orgs???
    I will never pick up the cans again, that’s just my situation, but that doesn’t mean I did not reeive wonderful wins and changes. Where they worth what I had to “Pay” for them????? Now that’s a whole other story. But I know that I survived because of all the Standard Tech with Caring Auditors I had had in the years coming up to it. I have not heard back from that individual, and I do fear for him, But if they will do it so someone like him, who is in the cocoon, I can only imagine what they are doing to Flag PC’s.
    We need safety again.
    We need to make it safe and not cost so much. The auditor should make a good living, but the PC should feel he can afford to get up the bridge this lifetime without committing huge crimes.

    For all the good people who helped me through my case – I thank you. All the good bits did help my survival through the storm.
    Now we just have to get rid of the storm……
    nancy many

  195. martyrathbun09

    Wonderful post Nancy.

  196. Hi Ron M,
    I too had a similar experience during my elig cycle. I didn’t put the cans down, but I was pushed into the lowest low I had ever experienced this lifetime. It was a fucking nightmare. I vowed at that point that once I got through this, I would NEVER allow myself to receive an elig cycle ever again (and to think I fucking paid major dollars for that! I’d rather be physically beaten). I did get through it, achieved my goal – more or less, and then left, knowing I’d never go back.

  197. Glenn,
    I’d be very interested in what you could say about who in DM’s early environment established the example for him of control and intimidation through screaming and overwhelm, if you feel so inclined. Thanks.

  198. crashingupwards

    I havent posted her in a while so I feel I should say something. Being I am sure one of the least technically trained people here, please feel free to be amused with what I am saying. Meters are not the only way to register a read. Someone once mentioned a system of putting a persons hand in water and note the vibrations. Personally never tried this, but the person who told me was quite a student of the spiritual sciences. He was not a scientologist but knew a lot of the material and appreciated it. Acknowledged LRH as a genius. I make no claim that this is a good alternative, but I am just pointing out there are ways to discern things. Fingers on a wrist vein while asking questions will tell you which question is a read or if a withhold has been missed. And as many here have noted, just being “in session” with good TR’s, arc and observation will tell you when things are amiss.
    And I enjoyed Glenn Samuals write up very much. Seems the church is marching forward into a STERILE FUTURE of shiny mest and 1984 type culture while the folks who knew Scientology at its best and purest and as it was intended to be are wisely headed back into the magical past.

  199. crashingupwards

    WH, your perspective is always real, rich and wise. There is a saying that all wisdom is painful. I dont know if that is true but your experiences have certainly left you floating high above the crowd. And I am delighted your there.

  200. Thank you Jim, I knew a drummer would understand and not pretend. They say a little drummer boy was there when enlightenment about the true nature of love and tolerance was born …

  201. “I know that most Scientologists have done themselves a disservice by avoiding all things brain-related.”


  202. You know I know you and love you still love youto this day.. Just hearing from you make my heart smile way big …

  203. Not onley learn but participate like the Dalai Lama has wisely done. Neuroplastyicity, the Cof$ will never touch that even if it was onley for the word.

    I get what Farrakhan wants for his people, For them to shape their brains to be better. Well he is full of shit about whithey but I have come to believe that little Eugene Louis Walcott has been denied a carreer in Classical Music wich I can SEE is his passion. somebody must have said “Boy, you better be a Callypsosinger. There is no need for black clasical musiscians but there is for black callypsosingers. Here is Eugene Louis Walcott. His play is good but he is suffering from a bad instrument me thinks. 😉

    “Blowing by inspection is not part of the accepted routine, particularly in the upper levels where it would logically be most likely. I have gotten this data from others as well.” from Fortutious.
    I have received many personal e-mails from advanced level Pre-OTs that Blowing by Inspection is not an acceptable means of discharging case. I.E. outlawed, despite it being in the Original Bulletins as the primary and most common way to blow charge. The Solo auditors are required to do the full steps of certain procedures for roteness sake and form rather than function. It negates the ever increasing ability of the Pre-OT to make things vanish just by looking at them. This ability should occur and be validated, instead it is nullified and considered out tech. It is another point that can be added to the TEN GROSS TECHNICAL ERRORS. And is in some ways the most devious. It personally made my stomach turn when I heard about it. It is another source of out tech resulting in Gross Invalidation.
    Thank you those who told me about it as it is very important.

    Glenn Samuels

  205. Gelnn , You are bringing it out for me, something that’s more than a mere repley I will give it to you in full . The metephoric sword will be revealed here soon. Thank you for standing tall …

  206. If I think of something I need , I will think of your offer Scott. By the way do all SO members fish ?


  207. martyrathbun09

    None of them do. All former ones I a familiar with do – or will by the time they pass through these parts.

  208. Turn the clock to zero …

  209. Watching Eyes,
    This dog hunts.
    Good for you!

  210. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


  211. Kathy Braceland

    VERY nicely stated Glenn!

  212. These poor folk in 3rd world countries would do a lot just for a “free lunch” for real!

  213. While others say that even more current will build your muscle mass! 🙂

    I do recall reading something about fears that the microwave radiation from cell phones (especially used so close to the brain), could potentially cause cancer and/or brain damage. But then a report came out recently saying that there was no scientific support for that theory. Here’s a wiki article on it:

  214. I did some fishing at see. But it were very lil fishies. Those flat ones. The sea is liberating bt you sure can get sunburned.

  215. Kirsi,
    Thank you for sharing. That’s very similar to many I’ve personally experienced throughout the years -“tailor-made” sec checks which with their questions invalidate and evaluate for you, run FPRD style. Ordered by those of NO tech training or experience, just higher on the food chain for some kind of a perceived “outpoint” in their universe or just simple domination & putting people in place.

    There definitely is no Standard Tech in Mestology tech as pointed out in this blog. Thought stopping is a defensive mechanism one creates to stay sane under this onslaught!

  216. Kathy Braceland

    So John, in a span of almost 3 decades, how much money has the IAS spent on getting study tech and other tech to the poor folks in Africa…or anywhere else?

    I don’t know anything about the agencies that were mentioned but I do know that any lawyer or judge worth his salt, looks at the intent of a contract — the spirit in which the contract was written and signed, not just the content of words and signatures.

  217. Mike,
    Totally awesome when you get “Sudden”!

  218. No Lex, he would not. LRH would pull his overts with the lowest producing auditor he had to hand. May take 20 years but yes that is what LRH would do. When that was done (if possible) DM would get FPRD (after TRs, objectives and conditions – I’m not a C/S). Meanwhile the entire out of session time he would be writing apologies to the persons he harmed and scrubbing pots & floors. Would that not be wounderfull!!!

  219. Jesse, DJ is one of your talents – I love funk, Sting, Clapton, Dire Straits and those you posted. 😉

  220. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    J. Swift wrote, “What would an audit of IAS monies find?”

    I’ll have to add that to my 3rd Dynamic To-Do List;

    1) Audit the Federal Reserve

    2) Audit Fort Knox

    3) Audit the IRS

    4) Audit the IAS

    Ron Paul and friends are working hard on 1 and 2.

    I’m fairly certain that elements in government have been and are interested in DM’s Implant Technology for methods of controlling/blinding/nullifying others.

    I believe DM’s Implant Technology goes far, far beyond just inside the CoS.

    Eventually pulling strings as to the relationship between CST/RTC/CSI and a few alphabet government agencies would prove to be revealing, IMO.

    OK. I’ll say it … (for any anti-conspiracy nuts)

    If anybody doesn’t believe David Miscavage hasn’t been involved in conspiracy, I implore them to take a much harder look.

    conspiracy, n.

    Def. 1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.

    Def. 3. (Law) An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.

    – The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. (My favorite American dictionary)

    David Miscavage’s apparent mission on Earth is to nullify the planet further into a slave planet even more harmful than it already is. I see no other worse SP on planet Earth.

    Can anybody really wonder why DM is getting resisted by so many and suffering so much back-flash?

    (Of course, maybe I’m giving DM too much “credit” for “achieving” the status of “Supreme Earth SP”. Perhaps there are other SP’s vying for that position who are more “worthy” but are not in clear view as a next target.)

  221. Dear Glenn,

    Thank you for this outstanding and hard hitting Essay on current auditing, what is happening, what kind of messed up cases come on your lines and the root causes of all of these. I can confirm from private Emails received that this is what is occurring. This is why Marty declared the Church of Scientology DEAD.

    We are all doing a psychological AUTOPSY of what DM has morphed the Church into. It is quite sad.

    When you and I were auditing on the Flagship Apollo, even though our folders went directly to LRH many many times, it was unheard of and unreal that an auditor would be in FEAR of RPF assignments, CERTS cancelled, ordered of Tech lines forever,
    sent to the laundry room to room to fold sheets for years (Alain Kartunsuski) and other DRACHONIAN punishments DM perpetually threatens tech terminals with.

    John Nunez posted this after a training cycle at Flag ~~
    Concerning F/Ns, the amount of anxiety regarding calling F/Ns could be sliced with a knife.

    The rules were:

    1) Mis-call an F/N, you are automatically assigned Doubt. No exceptions.

    2) Second time you mis-call an F/N, you receve a Comm Ev.

    3) Third time you mis-call an F/N, you are RPFed/Declared.

    This is precisely WHY SUPER POWER is pie in the sky. From all reports, auditors cannot get through the training cycle. Outer org trainees are often were sent home, or simply blow. Yet these were supposed to be “perfect auditors” trained at the MECCA of Techincal perfection. The blame is put 100% on the auditoe, never the drills, never the tech being altered, no way. DM’s word is LAW.

    Glenn, I can’t tell you how I happy I am that I exited the Sea Org when I did. I could not have swallowed any of this for 5 minutes
    But the destruction of the legacy makes me sad. Hence the pathway of the Indies.

    Absolutely great essay Glenn.

  222. Glen
    Beautiful Tech Round up. Thank you.

  223. Marcy,
    …”telling me that I’m not actually clear because the tech back then was faulty.” …

    Seems to be a High Crime and thus suppressive act consisting of:
    “Spreading false tales to invalidate Clears or spreading libelous and slanderous statements about the alleged behavior of Clears. “

  224. one of those who see

    Glenn, thank you so much for writing. I am reading and rereading your post as there is so much there. There were so many outpoints in my last cycle at one of the advanced orgs-there was no way I was going back. Your #10 indicates to me as what was going on. It felt like no one was talking to me or C/Sing for me. Once I was gone, I decided to do Recovering students and pcs on myself. Answer NO AUDITING.
    I am so happy you are back in the chair and that your Pcs only need one chair – Wow! LOL

  225. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Watching Eyes,

    I would also highly recommend that since so many people that have been defrauded by the Cof$ and IA$ are not Americans, that they also contact INTERPOL.

    This is not some small crime being committed on just a few people, it is happening GLOBALLY! INTERPOL has an obligation to investigate INTERNATIONAL CRIMES when asked to do so.

    David Miscavige IS IN CHARGE OF THE IA$!!!!!!!! He’s the CRIMINAL doing FRAUDULENT transactions INTERNATIONALLY!!

    Do the math! Billions of dollars (and other currencies) taken in but NO WHERE NEAR THE AMOUNT INVESTED IN PROMISED CAMPAIGNS AND PROJECTS (ABLE, CRIMINON, NARCONON, WTH, etc…)!!!

    Gary (Just a villager wanting the crimes and beatings and rip offs to stop and to be refunded for the lies!)


  226. Thank you Glenn for your wonderful and extremely enlightening post. You covered many, many important subjects from thought stopping to sexual bias and politics involved in handling cases. And more that make it necessary for one to read and re-read your post many times.
    One day I will email you and we can communicate privately.

    I do have to say though that I would not audit or CS based on either someone’s personal opinions about Tech or anecdotes – even ones featuring Ron himself. That’s all verbal data and hidden data line. One has to use ALL the data for sure, but to handle cases with Standard Tech, one uses only recorded or written LRH data which can be specifically referred to. Not to do that opens the door to every wierd and unworkable squirrel practice one can think of. Ref: KSW, Safeguarding Technology, Hidden Data Line HCO PLs

  227. one of those who see

    Windhorse, you are just wonderful. This was so well written. I also went to a Psychotherapist when I was young. No drugs either. I remember thinking that if I wanted to do drugs – I would do my own drugs. LOL I was asserting my self determinism. I still get a kick out of that.
    It is a pain that the old therapy comes up again and again. I think the last time this came up at an org, i even said to them that it would be best to check my folders for the info as it has been so many years my original answers would be more accurate!
    I went to psychotherapy, read I’m Ok, your Ok, even did TM for a time.
    We were looking. We were aware. We wanted improvement. I listened to a David Mayo talk where he mentions his viewpoint regarding people who tried other practices before Scientology. I will find it and let you know where to find it. I loved his viewpoint on this. He also talks about the problem with the cut comm line regarding those practices.
    And of course you haven’t really lost your bridge. None of us have. As I need to stay under the radar for now, my auditing is on hold, but i am winning listening and reading LRH materials. If Auditors are auditing – there is still a bridge. Here’s to Marty, Glen, Trey, Chris and all other Auditors-truly the most valuable beings on the planet.

  228. one of those who see

    Excellent note.

  229. All fine a good. But don’t confuse data with thinking. If you forfeit your ability to think with data, you may as well not waste your effort assimilating data.

  230. one of those who see

    Here is the talk by David Mayo I wrote about. I believe this is from when he was running the AAC.
    Just go to You tube and type in: David Mayo: Illegal PCs, ‘Other Practices’, & Drugs
    I tried to copy and paste it here but it wouldn’t work. NOt sure why. I clicked on embed, right clicked on code, clicked copy and then paste here. Am I doing something wrong??

  231. Scott Campbell

    Check this out Grasshopper.

    ML, Scott

  232. Scott Campbell

    Watching Eyes,

    I meant only in the AMOUNT – i.e., number of hours spent on the cans.

    Obviously, much more hours of auditing under out tech and with your T/A jacked to the moon half the time would pass much more current through you.

    That is my concern regarding friends who have died early or are suffering severe health problems after a lifetime of thousands of hours of auditing on the meter.

    I will also tell my auditor of my concerns. He probably has already read this as well.

    Thanks for your concern for me.


  233. Scott Campbell

    I totally get that Nancy.

    Give me a call if you like and I can tell you about what it took for me to seek a cleanup.

    It’s been well worth it and has helped me tremendously in putting the “pieces of the puzzle” together.


  234. Scott Campbell

    Good point, Marty.

    I think that with a body of knowledge such as Scn and Auditing technology, if one is not sure he can easily slip from auditing into programming.

    A good auditor deals with the being directly. Not on a via.

  235. Thanks Mark, V Nice comment. Did that for me too. Yes, he (Glenn) is a very caring person. We are very very many and ‘We come Back!”

  236. YES! YES! YES!
    Open-Source turns into grass-roots.
    By no-money-involvement you have filtered out many kinds of lower motivation. I think, this is why open-source works.
    (Scale of motivation:
    Duty – highest
    Personal Conviction
    Personal gain
    Money – lowest
    HCO PL 11 Nov 69, II, Promotion and Motivation)

    Anyone who whishes the assistence of an Internet-Course-Supervisor, can write to me.
    I will do my best to get you trained. With a little initiative, any stop can be handled.

  237. Completely agree with you on that Marty. A person needs to make the data their own to think with it and develop judgement in its use. And LRH would agree with you as well (Study Lecture Training:Duplication re: the stages of learning)

  238. Miscalling an F/N was indeed assigned a lower condition and this resulted in at least 80% of the auditors in lowers, all the time. 80% of the upper tenth of the upper twentieth of intelligent beings, the very ones that cared enough and carried enough guts to do something about it, being treated as scum of the base. But that’s not all; if a smart auditor didn’t let them catch him on miscalling an F/N, he still got the condition because he let the pc finish the cognition before indicating. Some beautiful CLVIII reference was used on CL IV and V, making those auditors use “you needle floated briefly” to escape lower conditions. However, this introverted the pc, putting his attention on the needle: “why is my needle not floating anymore?” If the auditor started writing KR’s on outpoints and couldn’t immediately be caught miscalling F/N’s, his pc was taken from him because he finished his sentence while an F/N became a persistent F/N. Those were highly unwanted meter phenomena and such an auditor, being a treat to authoritarian control, had to be taken out of the chair while persistent F/Ning pc’s naturally needed some decent sec checking.

  239. Marty said “None of them do.”
    Nope Marty. Some do fish or get fished anyway you look at it they are fishing so yes, I disagree, SO members do fish.

    dis·a·gree ( d¹s”…-gr¶“) v. intr. dis·a·greed dis·a·gree·ing dis·a·grees 1. To fail to correspond: our figures disagree. See note at differ . 2. a. To have a differing opinion: She disagrees with him on everything. They say it will rain, but I disagree.

  240. Tara, Glenn, Jean and Jim,

    Thank you for your understanding. A large part of this trap is also thinking that you are the only one going through this. I will write Glenn 🙂

  241. Did that happen, Marty?

  242. martyrathbun09

    Absolutely. Ask Marc Headley, Chris Collburn, and others who witnessed it.

  243. Don’t use the “embed” code. Use the direct url.

  244. Glenn,
    Thank you very much for your article. That was the best one I read since leaving scientology. You are really a great consuellor.
    Your take on “advanced levels” being used to deny the pc responsibility it’s just great. Thank you for being back on the scene.
    There is hope for the tech! Actually there has always been but it was not applied.

  245. Thank you my dear friend Karen
    Yes, we were side to side in the Flagship auditor admin room studying the folders we sent to LRH and sharing the tech research lineage. I remember a folder that came down from LRH with a note about one of the musicians in the Apollo Troupe. His comment about this musician apply to what you and I are talking about with the auditors who live in terror. The note said that when this musician got stressed by the crowd (stage fright) that he introverted into his instrument and didn’t reach the audience.
    How this case note applies to today’s tech scene is due to the stress and threats of punishment in the Draconian DM culture auditors become very introverted and afraid. Firstly they introvert into themselves and then into the meter.

    Focus is no longer where it should be, on the pc, they don’t have the ability to look outwards. Add to that the ever present camera taping the sessions which adds the stage freight factor PLUS they are not trained on the meter correctly by the DM tech regime. You have a dangerous, not there auditor and an abandoned pc.

    Karen, you were always so clear on what you were doing and every folder or pc you touched had wins. You were top of the Class. The opinion leader among the Class XIIs. Only someone as devious and callous as DM could find fault with you. But that was the point wasn’t it? The finest people who actually knew what Scn was all about like you, an LRH trained Class 12, were rounded up and imprisoned at INT Base with DM style sec checking.

    Instead of wanting to learn from you and treasure your wisdom, you were invalidated. That is suppressive.
    I’m glad that you left too and that you are smiling again. The fact that you are now a super successful business woman shows how effective you are in anything you do.

  246. Woooo! What dictionary are you using? This is all my American Heritage had to say –
    heb·e·tude ( hµb“¹-t›d”, -ty ›d”) n. 1. Dullness of mind; mental lethargy. [Late Latin hebet¿d½ from Latin hebes hebet-dull] heb ”e·tu“di·nous ( -t›d“n-…s, -ty ›d“-) adj.
    Yes, good word Wayne.

  247. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Yeah, I like it.

    I believe Watching Eyes got those definitions from “Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus 3rd Edition”. It comes with the electronic “The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition”, which I have.

  248. Jim where’s it going to be?

  249. Please write me a personal e mail at glennsamuels@gmail.com.
    I want to hear more and help you directly if I can.


  250. No one says you are laughing about this, but in spite of that fact there really isn’t anything funny about that. I refer in particular to your statement of auditors saying: “Your needle floated briefly”.

    That is outrageous.

    An auditing glaring at a PC with a disdained look of 1.1 looking forward to the non-cogniting PC allegedly achieving and F/N!

    And then presumably when the unspeakable F/N takes place the auditor says “Now you’ve got it!’.

    That is really sad. And people pay for it. I mean I can’t believe it.

  251. Isn’t Karen one of the most beautiful women in the world and my always #1 ONLY favorite auditor {plus Pierre Ethier sometimes}.

    When I saw {met} Karen in New York for the first time, I was 18 and she was captivating. She was Auditor of the Year for delivering 65 hours of L’s a week consistently. Can you imagine? She should be a millionaire for life if she is not already.

    I saw her photos {the full color ones} and I couldn’t help but notice that with a string of pearls around her neck she is more glamorous than some of the women on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. She reminds me of my sister Helen. She is like that too, but she is never to been a Scientologist.

  252. Madora Pennington

    I spoke to Glenn recently, curious about his services, but not in great need of them, as I quit Scientology many years ago and am undergoing medical care, so I avoid stress and upsets, which I made VERY CLEAR to Glenn.

    What did Glenn do? He EVISCERATED me with the vicious Scientology hard sell. It happened so fast. Glenn nailed me with calm, cold, feelingless, laser-like precious. Nothing mattered to Glenn, except I need to show up and start paying him immediately. I was humiliated, invalidated and suddenly confused about the problems and priorities of my life. I was deeply embarrassed, as I’d told him very personal things. He had pretended to listen, then ran me over like a freight train. He gave me no option except START SEEING HIM IMMEDIATELY I got off the phone sobbing.

    When I confronted Glenn on his behavior, this was his response: Gee, I’d really misunderstood him! Annd more boasting his services. No apology from Glenn, no retraction. Just – I’m the dummy who can’t understand how great he is.

    Glenn claims to provide exit counseling for ex-Scientologists and members of other cults. He’s the last thing a cult victim needs.

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