This Afternoon At St. Hill

Some commenters wondered where Tommy was for the new BBC show. Well, as DM’s hand-picked public relations representative he was dutifully and accurately interpretting his master’s activities. Namely, HIDING.   In contrast, where was Mike today?  In East Grinstead directing a photo shoot of some lovely independents paying homage to the Founder at his home, St Hill.  Enjoy.

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  1. Impartial English Girl

    Nice pics. I did wonder whilst watching Panorama – L’il Tommy D was glaringly noticeable by his absence! Also – was that actually HIS voice on the “secret messages” sent back to MistSavage during the first Panorama programme – or an actor burdened with the misfortune of sounding like him?

  2. theo sismanides

    Hey, great Mike and company. You look so natural to this place. Feels like home!!

  3. Looks like Saint Hill has gone Independent. The barbed wire will be on order by the end of the day. How dare they.

  4. Beautiful! I really mean that.

  5. The Manor is nice too.

  6. Right Sarge. The place always reminds me of the best place at the St Hill Manor – the kitchen and of Afternoon Teas, scones with clotted cream, English breakfasts with eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans on toast, and Fish&Chips. Wonder why?

  7. Great Tactic! Putting anchor points right in the enemy camp. Very insouciant, great caper.

    Miscavige – “hoist by his own petard”.

    It’s nice to see that in Britain, a far more civil country than the USA, Miscavige cannot turn this beautiful gem into an armed camp.

  8. one of those who see

    Beautiful girls in a beautiful theta place. To LRH!

  9. LOVE!!!!

  10. Sam and Christie,
    I’m back from the river and WOW! Thanks for that. It’s beautiful, in every respect.

  11. Flight to London, about $750.

    Car rental for the day, about $50

    The look on Pint Sized Pope’s face when he sees the two beautiful “SP’s” on LRH’s front lawn, photographed by Mike Rinder, in broad daylight……PRICELESS.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis

  12. Nice to have you back, Jim. I just commented to Sam and Mike today that I was missing you. xoxo

  13. There was a time when you couldn’t stroll across the Saint Hill parking area without security staff checking if you were a car thief or something.

    But nowadays … where is security ?

    How telling – there is no security in a group with blind faith in a blind dictator …

  14. Cheeky!

  15. Ahh … good memories Sinar! And beautiful photos!

    One of my 1st stops was always Sainsbury’s for double-thick cream & a box of Sultana Flakes with raisins … man, that cream was excellent – straight out of the container.

    Then on breaks between sessions sitting under Ron’s favourite tree or on the hill … in those days, families (S.O., St.Hill staff & public) used to lunch on the hill – great activity it was.

    Thanks for the photos Mike – fond memories for me.

  16. Nice looking people, but the place looks like The Count lives there now.

  17. Marty,

    Thanks for dessert!


  18. Nice one! I bet heads are rolling at Saint Hill right now for this “gross out-security.” And if that wakes up at least one SH staff member to the abusive reality of the current “church” — then that would be a good thing.

  19. So pleased Christie is free and traveling! Awesome…

  20. Very nice!

    I guess some security people will be doing conditions or maybe even go on the RPF. Not that I feel sorry. Just saying.

  21. I disagree OTDT. It’s a magnificent old Manor Home — once owned by some royal maharaja — I think.

    In the spring time, the rose garden in front where Sam and Christie are standing is lovely. Of course I haven’t been there since 1983 but I was fortunate to have been invited to tea with Diana and her then husband John Ryan. Just behind those beautiful wooden doors was LRH’s dining room. Apparently he would sit with his back to the garden so that he could have his attention on Mary Sue and not be distracted by the scenery.

    I asked Diana if the children ate with their parents but she said no. It was his time with MSH. They would spend their family time after dinner and Mary Sue always read to Arthur before bedtime. On Saturday evenings, the family would gather in LRH’s study/office (which is off the dining room) to watch movies on his 16 mm projector.

    I’d be curious to know how much of the original home is left. And if dm is rude enough to take over the family home. The second floor was always off limits.


  22. Wow…nice aesthetic chaser to the the Panorama show. Beautiful women, a beautiful setting.
    I wouldn’t expect much more than hiding from the Sub-Zero crowd, unless of course you have some bodies to control, or punish. But really, lets not go there…

  23. I remember staying behind the Manor in trailers set up for us “Reno Techs” who were paid Scientologist working on the St Hill Castle. It was a cake job in the beginning but by the end of the project I was working over 120 hours a week for 8 weeks. The local hourly guys loved it as they could milk a 100 hours a week and they got paid overtime on top of it.
    Marty, I remember when the Int Execs came for an inspection prior to the IAS event and it was raining. I had to handle some cycle for you guys and I did it faster than I guess was expected and got an attaboy. It was almost better than my paycheck. I was so happy when Bitty told me and my buddy that our punchlist item was done. We couldn’t pack quick enough and then we left through the stable area and walked to the pub and called a taxi. We couldn’t get to Paris fast enough. We were sure that we were going to get called back for more punchlist items. We kept watching our backs until we got on the boat crossing the channel.

  24. Yep! Shiny Happy people~priceless!

  25. We can go were we want and we can talk with anyone we want, we can read what we want and say what we want.

    Our lines aren’t cut.

    C of S’ers, sadly, live in quiet suppression when they should be shouting in freedom!

  26. Anonymous James Bond

    Why are there no other Scientologists? It’s beautiful but where is everybody? Not even security?

    It’s a photoshop, right?

  27. Very nice! And a great way to beard the lion!

  28. OT XV aka TEG

    Dear Mr. OT VIII,

    Fair warning’s been given. Watch it. Now you disparage the USA?

    What or who’s next?

    Suggestion: Go get a new nom de plume.

  29. Wonderful theta!

  30. Freedom Fighter


  31. Absolutely beautiful images. Magazine Cover Quality. !

  32. With reference to the Panorama show, Sweeney served up cake. Maybe not as nutritious as bread, but cake is always well received.

    These pics are definitely the icing – and that is one tasty bit of icing!

    Great caper.

  33. Very theta, Marty.

  34. Man, there really is no place like Saint Hill. Even though I was only there twice, it sure gets into a person’s head/mind/soul/being/wherever.

  35. one of those who see

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    In 1983 the kids bicycles were still by the door on the other side of the manor (this side not seen in the above photos). They were kept there, up to that point at least, just as they were left. I don’t know if they are still there.

  37. There is no statute of limitations on murder. At some point DM is going to have to account for his part in the final 48 hours of LRH’s life. He dramatizes his guilt every hour of every day.

  38. Mike and Company, Lord and Ladies of the Manor ;). By the way nice supportive autograph Mike 🙂

  39. Beautiful! Looking forward to more info about the security situation.

  40. The Maharaja of Jaipur (Man Singh II) was the last ruler of the city of Jaipur, India who saw the city’s transition from a princely state to a secular one.

    On March 14, 1931, the English Viceroy, Lord Irwin, invested him with the title, ‘His Highness Saradai – Rajaha – i – Hindustan Raj Rajendra Maharaj Dhiraj, Lieutenant – General Sir Sawai Man Singhji Bahadur the Second, Maharaja of Jaipur, the 39th and last ruler of the Kachhawaha Clan’

    Man Singh II ruled Jaipur until independence and was then made Rajpramukh of the new Rajasthan union. Later he served for seven years as India’s first Ambassador to Spain.

    During the 1950s, he lived at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead.

    Man Singh II was a fanatic polo player and his residence, the Ram Bagh Palace was distinguished as the only private residence in the world with it’s own polo grounds. It was while playing polo in England, in 1970, that he died.

    His third wife, Rajmata Maharani Gayatri Devi, who lived at Saint Hill Manor with the Maharaja, was once rated by Vogue as one of the world’s most beautiful women. Now 80 years old, she is deeply involved in the ‘Keep Jaipur Beautiful’ movement, in education and in reviving the art of blue pottery.

  41. There was no murder. This has been covered extensively. We have at least on person on this board who was there. McSavage has all manner of evil to answer for, so there is certainly no need to make up any that he actually had no part in.

    Michael A. Hobson

  42. Read the OP again. Mike Rinder was there and shot those photos.

    Michael A. Hobson

  43. Nice pictures! This is also a most definite security flop and someone is going to feel very sorry. I can also foresee that there will be hordes of security personnel in a very short order. The IAS event is about to happen and I can imagine COB will be scared.

  44. Love it !! 🙂

  45. Fond memories!

    Saint Hill was also a very safe and unrestricted playground for many children, including mine.

    And here is what SECURITY was like in the old days:

    Anybody remember Isla Pryde?

    She must be over 200 years by now and every wrinkle in her face is another beauty feature, another story. She’s one of the original SHSBC students and her arrival is announced by LRH on a BC tape. She never failed to point out with a chuckle that she enrolled at the wrong time as the title of that tape has something to do with PTSness and organization.

    From her office located in the ground-floor/basement of the right-most turret seen on the typical picture of SH Castle, she got hundreds through OT I – III.

    Does anybody recall her playfully shouting:

    ” P-l-e-a-s-e h-o-l-d t-h-e F-o-r-t ! ”

    A typical hallmark of Isla.

    This was an invitation/command to literally ANYBODY hanging around (no matter the case level) to keep the place safe and to not let anybody take anything away from the open office while she was gone (to get a coffee or attend to other similarly important business).

    THAT place was SECURE! Because people LIKED it.

    And don’t forget the backup she had: there was Crampon, her cat, so named because she would playfully “cramp on” to almost anything in sight.

    People even hung around that place for a chat and a laugh or just to say Hi to Isla.

    Though I don’t want to spoil a theta story with bad news, I can’t help to think of how DM (Dumb Manager) even ruined “security” in the Tshurtsh (pronounced “church”).

    Nowadays, to merely get near OT materials, people practically get hard-wired before they can penetrate a multilayer “security” system: they are constantly video monitored and the additionally security-wired material is located inside an ID-card locked room that must be unplugged from yet another safe inside that room and replugged into a socket on the student’s table within a certain amount of seconds to not trigger an alarm!

    And, what do we have …. the OT Materials are all over the Internet!

    Because nobody likes the Tshurtsh anymore.

    And the poor SG (not “Sad Guys” but “Security Guards”) are the only ones allowed to and even obliged to read what is on the Internet and on this blog, see the light and leave …

    Isla, I think it’s time to bring back Crampon!

    You have served LRH for many a year. Why don’t you listen to that old BC tape again! Maybe that “PTS title” was not so bad, after all.

    And if you wish to leave that place (walled off by mest, not secured by hearts) and I find out, I promise you a place to stay for the rest of your life.

    And we’ll find a cat for you too.

    With Love,

  46. Fabulous images.

  47. Thank you, Cheese. Nice to see you here. Much Love to you.

  48. Jean-François Genest

    Thank you. Great pictures. Lovely setting. Wonderful things took place at buzzing yet peaceful Saint Hill.

  49. In that, you are not too incorrect. It is somewhat similar in aspects. You must have been out spying.

    The Count

  50. I guess DM will want to take the necessary precautions to ensure he doesn’t have any uninvited Int Speakers (or should I say “Indie” Speakers) at this year’s IAS Event. This time Mike Rinder would have some other juicy things to say besides the usual anti-psych rants.

  51. Yes, it is a wonderful place – an very pretty girls.

    I am as astonished as everybody else that there was no sign of security. Normally they are all over the place and that starts at the gate.


  52. I’m pretty sure L. Ron Hubbard would have been there taking pictures with you girls… Beautiful!!

    Silvia Kusada

  53. You Serve Caek On Hollywood Boulevard!

  54. Prediction: Photos of Mike and Christie in their rain gear! It’s hammering down here, but aren’t they in Germany now?

  55. nom de plum? I not quite comprehend, you mean recruit for fresh blood. Is that what you mean? I can see some fresh blood in the photograths!
    Nice Manor too! Any rats?

    The Count

  56. There is no security because the Manor is on a list of historic landmark sites in England and is regularly visited by tourists in tour buses. I visited it on a tour bus. No one checks who is on the tour buses and no one checks tourists visiting by car. It has the status of a national monument and the interior is a museum.

    You can’t enter the Manor without a tour guide and once in the building no photos are allowed. The interior is in mint condition, the closets actually contain some of LRH’s clothes, the rooms his belongings and the furnishings are pretty much as he left them. Downstairs there are a number of vintage e-meters on display and the room where the original lectures/courses were delivered.

    It is on the same grounds as the Saint Hill castle where auditing and training is delivered, but there is no public access to the castle without permission and there is security there. I tried to walk about the castle unescorted and I could, but I was met by security when I tried to enter the castle. They were not unfriendly, but made it very clear that unless I wanted a tour by Div 6 personnel, unescorted visiting within the castle was not allowed. I didn’t take them up on it as my bus was scheduled to leave within the hour.

  57. I trust the Anons were civil to you, Mike.

  58. I’d be inclined to concur. It would be much better in the dark.

    The Count

  59. Anonymous JB: We had the place all to ourselves. Not too many people there. I think the security guards must have been sitting with their feet up somewhere watching the telly or maybe catching up on some sleep because they didn’t show up we were well into our tour.

  60. Tigger!!!!!
    You’re back!!!!!
    We missed you!!!!!
    The statue is back up. Saw it with my own eyes (haven’t fully recoverd yet). It still hasn’t got… well, you know.

  61. Yes indeed I do remember Isle Pryde Samuel. Nice Times those days were at St Hill Tuesdays being the day LRH gave live Lectures and in the after noon St Hill came to a stand still . No one would miss it. Fridays were Graduation Day, and if you were lucky LRH some times appeared along side with Susie ( his wife) and Vickie her dog.vThose days were a joy to be there and work there .

  62. Great photos, Mike. Independents day at Saint Hill! Brings back memories of my 2 trips there in the early 80’s.

  63. V, You took the word out of my heart. Love

  64. Criminal, Villan, Traditore


  65. Look at the last pic – of Christie – behind her and between the gap in the hedge are clearly 3 people watching. I guess they didn’t want to “cause a flap”!

  66. These magnificent shots of St. Hill is psychological warfare at its best. Independents taking TURF in a brazen manner and taking back LRH’s home, psychologically if not otherwise. Mike is deliberately pushing DM’s personal buttons. Security is nowhere near as important an issue as what in the blipping hell is Mike Rinder doing in the UK? Didn’t we just finish the “coup” on Panorama and do successful damage control?
    To DM, I say to you in the name of DESTIMULATION and in the spirit of the Tao, just let this message board go. It is not as powerful as you think. Look it. Anderson Cooper came after you with blazing guns. Nothing happened. Sure, it was bad press but Scientology has always had bad press. Just concentrate on your internal PR because that is all you have really going for you anyway. The BBC show was supposed to take the Anderson Cooper allegations to a higher level. Once again, it was bad press but it was also successful damage control on your part,. Take a win! Sure, this board rakes you over the coals daily but so do thousands of YouTube videos which are far more satirical and damaging to your PR than this board. So what?
    All you need to do is worry about legal service. PR is mostly a waste of time. Legal service means business and, quite frankly, your funds make you quite an adversary in that department. You are hard to beat in the legal arena. Take a win! For PR, you should pump up all the good stuff that has actually been done in Haiti. You can your celebs to do capers with homeless shelters, tent cities and what not. It is far cheaper than all the PIs, too. That will shed GOOD LIGHT on your church. If TC and JT are feeding a bunch of tent city people, it is hard to argue with. Have them do obvious selfless stuff that no one will argue about. It works and will give the Church a semblance of good PR.
    As for Mike and Marty, just ignore them. I know that Mike has said he has stuff on you that you could be jailed for. But how do you REALLY know? You know what you did and so does he, but how do you know he has real evidence and is not just bluffing? Let him speak through the courts. Let Marty speak through the courts. You know they don’t have the funds you do. You also know that justice can be manipulated. Use that to your advantage. Marty and Mike have often said you are your own worst enemy. Don’t be.
    Another piece of advice is never fight with anyone named “Michael.” LRH said people often dramatize their names and people named Mike tend to act out Michael the Archangel who actually overcame Satan. Don’t mess with ANYONE named Mike, especially if you are evil. Declare an amnesty of sorts for your internal staff but don’t broadcast. Make them like you and let word get out on its own what a nice guy you can be. You are capable of that as you have always been a great chameleon. Get your staff some R&R and just pay attention to Legal, not PR save for your internal and believing public.
    In the event that you still feel threatened that you may have to someday abdicate, study Mikael Gorbacev (whoops, there’s another man named Mike!) and how he maneuvered out of a position of power and ended up becoming one of the most financially powerful men in the world. Sure, he no longer had the Soviet Union, but he ended up as a finance minister and expanded his power well beyond that. More importantly, he survived.

  67. THAT’s funny! I’d sign up for that!

  68. Ha! I knew I was right!

  69. Mike,
    First off I want to say that I’m no longer a Scientologist and the only time I want to pick up the cans is when there’s some Campbells soup in it. With that being said. I watched you in the BBC show and the emeter demonstration you did with John Sweeney. I thought the way you handled yourself and the demonstration was top notch. If I was ever to pick up the cans again I would want someone like you on the other side. I was totally impressed with the way you communicated and understood what John Sweeney was saying to you.

  70. Samuel~Sounds fab! What a great story.

  71. When you equate beautiful MEST to civility than you are a poor man indeed.

  72. The “Indie-go Girls” indeed enhance the beauty of the manor.

    But, the important part is just how upset DM will be to see that his security drones weren’t there to shoo them away.

    Grab those coppor wires, Davey boy!

  73. I remember getting a tour of the Manor in the late 90s, with a friend who was a child there in the mid-70s. The place was beautifully restored and the grounds and small lake were lovely.

  74. Sam Christie and Mike this one aplies to you all.

    “The best way to know any future is to cause one. And that’s why, you see, when you start consulting the oracle at Delphi, you’ve taken a step downhill. You have assigned cause for the future elsewhere…
    So one predicts the future as much as one is cause. The future isn’t a pattern laid out to abuse and bully you. The future is a beautiful playground that nobody happen to be combining.
    You talk about virgin territory – the most virgin territory there is, is the future. You can do anything you want with it.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  75. You Sir are a winrar 😉

  76. HILARIOUS. people click on the picture ;), maybe they will go independent too soon.

  77. That reminds me of the gap that exists in the history of it all. Something to remedy for sure.

  78. Jean-François Genest

    Thanks for the information Maria. I am glad the premises are well maintained and that public can visit the historic Manor.

  79. Correct me if I am wrong, but, was not Christie declared SP with her husband for exiting the church the way that they did?

    An SP declare has nothing and everything to do with my comment here.

    If Christie {or a declared} had gone to Flag and walked into the Fort Harrison it is a given that if she was declared she would have been almost instantly escorted out. The speed of particle flow is very fast there. And it does hold the title of the “Mecca Of Technical Perfection” in Scientology.

    But here in these photos {and these are spectacular photos] especially the lush green…it is clear there are 3 people watching what is going on from behind the bushes in the back…but this was the home of LRH!

    And anyone if they want can just walk right up to the front door and have a photo shoot with their family?

    This is not to say I disapprove, I don’t, but no security at the former home of LRH? Yet gold base is surrounded by NASA style surveillance?

    In my honest opinion, I think the people at Gold Base are more concerned about their expensive audio and video electronic equipment being stolen, hence all of the security features built into the base, never mind that Saint Hill is just the former home of LRH and no security of any kind is needed whatsover.

    I guess there are no SP in the UK! Great. I should move there! {LOL}

    Scientology is always curioser and curioser.

  80. Yes, I remember Isla well … she is still going strong.

    As you remember, Crampon had a basket on top of the file cabinet in the dungeon (now a folder tank room). Unfortunately just before one of the IAS events, the RTC/INT boys showed up and ordered Isla to get rid of her cat. This had ripples throughout the course rooms – we all loved that cat & Isla was in tears. I sat with her for quite a while – it really broke her up along with all the others present.

    Additionally at the same time, Chris Burton(OT 1-3 Crse Sup) had a 2 drawer file cabinet full of great HCOB’s & articles which were constantly used for references in answer to questions from the students. He came in one day devastated – his file cabinet & contents were being confiscated.

    This was important info for students and it simply disappeared.

    On the otherhand, the thrill of having a power outage in the dungeon and studying the materials, not only in winter coats but, under candlelight with the flames flickering on the Wall of Fire mural on the wall was an experience never to be forgotten

    Good times those were!

    … and so went the good times

  81. Heather. Very. They seemed to think I was some sort of celebrity! Couldnt have been nicer frankly. Mike

  82. Maria, I think if you go there tomorrow you will find some security at the gatehouse… Just a guess.

  83. SirArthurConanDoyle

    Fantastic Christie, Sam and Mike! Hats off!

    The most theta pictures I’ve seen of St Hill since the 70s! Very exciting!

    This could only “enturbulate” the crap out of one (very foul) person.

  84. There are cameras all around and security is in one of the turrets on the main castle.

    As mentioned, the Manor is a public attraction and security is really non existent there except for cameras & microphones.

  85. Sam,
    It’s October, fall fishing, leaves turning, cabin, woods, and I’ll be here and gone till the end of the month.

    So, the statue has mysteriously returned, and is still sans its…well, yes we know. Curious and grotesque. Apropos.

  86. Christie,

  87. And dm does not know there are spies everywhere.
    In every Org.

  88. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Thank you, Samuel, for the very theta memories! A little LRH “whole track” story is always welcome and loved. 🙂


  89. Fellow Traveller

    Saint Hill possibly never ever looked so good. It may have had as much theta and life in the early – mid ’60s.

    Bruce Pratt

  90. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Wonderful Pics and of course gorgeous lady thetans!

    Mike, Very Well Done! You and Marty and your theta-mates have done an impossible job with just the lightest touch. So many people here admire you all (myself included), for being what LRH inspired us to be – Just Thetans having fun and kicking ass!


  91. Quicksilver and Samuel,
    You bring back tender memories.
    Isla Pryde took me through the old OT levels to VII and Chris Burton was my supervisor…remember his little privacy room to watch the LRH GPM movies ?~~ it only had a curtain to seperate from the main courseroon!

    Bob Bolger was Tech Sec….an Aussie, Isla, I believe was a New Zealander. Crampon cat was the Mascot of the Solo Area.

    Main courseroom was PACKED. Chris was one of the best Sups I ever had…… I would love to be in touch with those of that era.

  92. Great pictures!

    Another way to really get up Mischief-ology’s nose…………….follow the advice in this article…………

    There is a very interesting article and advice over at regarding:

    “Have you checked your CofS account balance lately?”

    If you have had money embezzled out of your account by CofS, then there is recourse, and you can remain anonymous. This type of crime falls under US Mail Fraud – and you are a victim of US Mail Fraud – a federal offense. It is a “go to jail” card with mega monetary penalties. Stand up for your rights. Here is the website for those interested:

  93. This advice is like telling someone to just paint over the rust.
    Why would you want to prolong the abuses?

  94. No they just do things differently in England. It’s there but it’s hidden because the libel laws gag us, and the police are their friends. They’re just more circumspect.

  95. UAU! Beautiful pictures Christie!
    It´s amassing to see and know you all there. It is so natural.
    You look so easigoing and lordly like the new and actual Princess of the Manor and just shooing your friends the landscape, the surroundings.
    I´m happy for you doing so well at HOME. ;-))
    If the tee party last any longer, I will come too, if I may.

  96. DM had the bikes put into the RPF.

  97. DM probably had the cat put in the RPF.

  98. Great story windhorse.
    I´m happy for you, you had the privilege to meet the family.
    I have no idea to whom the Manor belongs to now, but I am quite sure, not the family. DM do you have any ideas to this?
    But let me tell you something here and now: the two points I am fighting for are, as earlier stated by Marty:
    1. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected.
    2. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated. Including all belongings given back.
    So, let´s do it!

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  100. that back lawn area looks like a good beginner slope for snow skiing, to me. Get a chair lift or flat escalator and it’d be good to go as a beginner ski slope.

    I’m glad they let you take the photos and didn’t make a big deal.

    That’s just as much independent Scientologists’ home today, as any Scientologists!

    I say ignore their “SP” declare attitude. What do they know!

    ARCU demonstrated with good C with lots of affinity erodes the false SP declare mentality falsely applied by official Scientologists.

    Miscavige STILL needs to be Comm Ev’d.

    Ever see this great photo by an ex at the Pasadena Ideal Org opening?


    In the church video of the event, taken over DM’s shoulder, one can faintly see this sign poking above the fence on the left side of DM’s field of view.

  101. The security seems lax over there, LOL. But good going anyway, everything always looks more “Green” in England for some reason. Nice pictures; interesting posts.

  102. WH
    DM lives at the manor during the IAS events. He should be arriving quite soon.

  103. DFB aka Dfb99

    Why don’t you guys go shoot some hoops or something if you want a game.

  104. The article stated: “There has been a long history of electrodermal activity research, most of it dealing with spontaneous fluctuations. Most investigators accept the phenomenon without understanding exactly what it means (Hume, ‘ 76).” [Emphasis mine.]

    and … “GSR has been used as an index for those who need some measurable parameter of a person’s internal “state”. As in EEG, there is not a clear understanding of what the measures reflect.

    And this really is where Hubbard’s discoveries may ultimately shine, imho.

    Please see “Understanding the E-Meter” for a high-level narrative of how LRH saw the e-meter responses vis-a-vis a “person’s internal ‘state'”.

  105. Hey now. To DM, everyone’s a spy. An enemy. A criminal. A “provisional SP”. He’s surrounded by them. ( his own mind at least.)

  106. How did they manage to get on the grounds of St. Hill being that they are part of the “enemy group”?

  107. And even more to be paranoid of, the “borderline SPs” abound as well!

  108. It is meticulously maintained.
    I would not actually call it a castle though some people do.
    More like a mansion or estate or even villa perhaps.
    Like an Italian villa…

    …but, when are they {the Church of Scientology} going to bring Saint Hill to Rome?

    Think of all the fanfare? Saint Hill officially moves to Rome, Italy!

    That would be something.

  109. I knew Bob bolger very well he was my father in-law. A super nice guy, even though by the time he was at FLAG he had been busted down to a minor tech terminal. Bronwyn and I were very much in Love. She was my first love. The Bolger family were part of the old school and fantastic beings.

  110. I agree that’s why I see possibilities for coöperation in various fields. Freezone did an honest page on the history of the E-meter.
    Coöperation otherwise L ron Hubbard will never be mentioned in the future, see this example.

  111. Lawrence — there is a castle on the other side which you cannot see in these photos. It is in this castle that auditing and training are (cough) delivered.

    Saint Hill Manor was the home of LRH, MSH and their children. It is an historic landmark recognized by the Historic Trust (I guess) of England and as such cannot have tons of security guards around.

    Also, it would no doubt violate the covenants of getting this prestigious acknowledgement IF some people were denied entrance BECAUSE of their prior affiliation with scientology.

    (I think)


  112. Chuck,

    DM has been Comm Eved at least once before:

    In March 1984 the OT Committee World Wide apparently called for a Comm Ev on David Miscavige by publishing an Ethics Order #1, with quite a long list of charges specified. You can read that here at this link:

    This Committee of Evidence was held about 3 months later. The results were published and David Miscavige was Declared a Suppressive Person by this Comm Ev. Here is the link to that:

    These documents clearly had him spotted as an SP back then; they very accurately describe all the same actions and apparent intentions we have seen described here on this blog and other sites too, by many witnesses, in great detail.

  113. From a comment on the next thread, here’s more about Repayments and Refunds:

    “Here you go folks:
    For anyone wanting a repayment/refund here’s where you need to write. These are government agencies and WILL respond to you. Your complaint will not be ignored.

    For the IAS here’s the one to use. It’s in CA.
    You can plug in their EIN number, just above the “search” button to get the exact name they go by. It’s very hard to find the name otherwise.
    Put the EIN number in your complaint.
    It’s 521840679
    This complaint has to be printed out & mailed via the US Mail.

    For Flag or the Ship this is the one in FL. It’s under the Attorney Gen’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & Enforcement.
    Under Consumer Complaint Form click on “online form”. With this one you can submit it online and attach any docs.
    Note: when you fill in this form, under each question, every time you add in another line of info it shrinks the print. By the time you’re done anyone reading it will need a magnifying glass. The best thing is to do is write on the form referring them to your attached complaint.
    Also, the form asks when you paid. If it’s a real old date, the form might not take it. Put today’s date and explain in your attachment.

    Go for it. If enough of these show up on their desks, the CofM risks an all out gov investigation. Remember, most of the people asking for repayment/refunds are NOT in their 20′s & 30′s. Most are 50 and older. Think “elder abuse”. Gov doesn’t like that.”

  114. Valkov~Whoa! I got in CofS this time around in 1987! That kinda blows my mind that he was already declared SP!

  115. InB4 this ends up on RFW 😉

  116. You’re right Mike. There were 3 security guards at the main entrance and another couple by the South Lodge today.

    Seems a bit pointless. I mean, what are they going to do? Stop all the public who turn up and ask them if they are ‘independents’?

    They’ve probably posted photos of you and the girls at the gatehouse with “do not admit” instructions, but what about all the other ones they don’t know about?

    Incidentally, I saw a couple of Sea Orgers at the local DIY store purchasing paint and cleaning equipment. I guess that they have to get things looking spick and span for the arrival of Dear Leader later in the month for the IAS mega event. But I wonder if he has enough confront to face the inevitable protestors?

    Somehow I doubt it. David Miscavige is a coward and cannot face anyone he can’t bully into submission.


  117. Oh! thanks for the info, someday I want to go there.

  118. Oh wow, thanks for the data

  119. Beautiful pictures of St Hill, thank you!

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